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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 28, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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called the dilly dog. jillian: i no longer fear hell because i have seen this dilly dog. rob: you put relish on hot dog what's wrong with this? see you later. [chanting trump] >> orange county board of supervisors voted to join the lawsuit against the state sanctuary state laws. >> it's about individuals who have committed violent crimes. >> chinese and north korean state media finally confirming kim jong un was in china meeting with president xi ping. >> whether it's the terrorists or ongoing pressure campaign showing president trump's leadership is working. >> what the trump administration is trying to do is weaponize the census. >> this is a question that's been included in every census since 1965 with the exception of 2010. >> we demand that politicians do the job and in this case the job includes the impeachment of this president. >> one of the supreme
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court's leading liberal voices for 35 years is urging a repeal of the second amendment. >> your words and your ultimate wish list is a disgrace to america and the values that we all hold dear. ♪ ♪ [th ♪ the trumpets they go ♪ and the trumpets they go ainsley: i love, love, love that song. puts new a great mood. i downloaded it after you played it a few weeks ago. steve: the trumpets he is talking about are the instruments. brian: i got a bugle. hardest thing in the world they gave me a book to learn it. steve: what third grader three keys. brian: have you no keys.
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they used to wake you up with a bugle. my dad -- i told my dad i remember as a kid i wanted a sand box so he gave me a shovel. right below the earth's crust is sand. ainsley: i lo your dad. brian: this is the type of upbringing i had. growing up. i got a bugle and shovel, that was my youth steve: thank goodness he is not bitter. what would orange county the o.c. out in california do regarding sb-54 which limits the cooperation between local officials and ice? as it turns out last night a 4-0 vote the county board of supervisors said we are going to join the department of justice lawsuit against the state of california because it's unconstitutional. ainsley: they don't want to be a part of it they want to create a database that shows you when anyone who is put
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in jail, whenever they are released they want to put a time and date on the computer screen so that if someone has abused you or someone has been arrested because they have hurt you, can you go on there and find out when they are going to be released. steve: handy for ice. brian: list people what they're getting out and what they did before they get out so we know how dangerous it's going to be in southern california and around the entire state. i don't know why the governor thought he could speak for a state that big about something that substantial. and when you become a sanctuary state you also become a magnet for future illegals, orange county sheriff sandra hutchins last night. >> i'm doing what i think is important for my constituents. it's a public safety issue to me. it's not about immigration at all. it's about individuals who have committed violent crimes. i don't think i could sleep at night knowing that i had let somebody go and they go out and commit another crime. if he is going to arrest me, then he better have some
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good charges because i'm going to get an attorney and i will fight it but, i would be very surprised if mr mr. becerra decides to make a move like that and arrest a sitting sheriff for following the law just because he doesn't like what i'm doing. steve: mr. basara is the attorney general of california and he made it clear if you go against this you are going against the law. does that mean you are going to arrest the sheriff, her? he said i just answered that question. ainsley: that database is called who's in jail? some of these offenders are child abusers, they are rapists. you want to know if someone has abused your child. i want to know if they are in prison, when they're coming out so that i can protect my child and my family. brian: here is the other thing. we are not saying that illegals nor is orange county saying illegals are criminals. trying to say yeah, there are criminals here that are
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legitimate citizens. why bring in other criminals into our country. they are not our problem. and should at least make sure they don't. michelle steele, the orange county supervisor will be live in 10 minutes joining us. meanwhile, that wasn't the only outrageous thing happening in california and around the country yesterday according to some. steve: as we look forward to the year 2020. we know that the department of justice and also the federal government would like to include there on the u.s. census form the question: check here if you are a u.s. citizen. brian: let the outrage begin. steve: apparently they stopped doing it about 7 years ago. i was reading about it in the "wall street journal" today. it's interesting. they stopped asking it because there were so few noncitizens in the united states of america and they probably wanted to make room for more questions. they have been asking that question every year on a survey that goes out not to as many houses. this has caused an outrage on the left. ainsley: watch this. this is the mainstream media. >> let's be realistic about this. do we think this is about
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getting an accurate view of the census and protecting voting rights or is it to, in fact, suppress minority voting. this is an administration that has consistently tried to suppress voting rights. >> civil rights groups slamming the move sayin saying t could fearful of deportation. adding the question could scare off undocumented immigrants from participating, potentially throw hing off federal funding. >> about intimidating immigrants and result in population under count and loss of congressional seats. >> what do you say to critics that argue that ultimately this is a way to target immigrants. brian: illegal immigrants and a way of knowing who is here. getting a clear number. they think it's 11 million. t. who knows, it might be double or triple that you have a green card in this country you don't knowed. like to vote, here illegally. not necessarily a citizen. a bunch of different statuses why are people so
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against count organize categorizing people here illegally. ainsley: counting people here so we can allocate federal funds and figure out legislative districts. brian: or not allocating funds for people who don't belong here and a population is artificially increased. ainsley: good point. steve: sarah huckabee sanders was asked about this yesterday in the briefing room. did you miss it? we have got it right here. >> this is a question that's been included in every census since 1965 with the exception of 2010 when it was removed. -- we have contained this question that's provided data that's necessary for the department of justice to protect voters. and specifically, to help us better comply with the voting rights act which is something that is important and a part of this process. and, again, this is something that has been part of the census for decades and something that the department of commerce felt strongly to be included again. brian: i will just add to this. illegal immigrants should not be treated like legal
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immigrants here. they should be in a separate category and put against other people who are on a long line to get into this country legally, paying all the fees, checking all the boxes, trying to convert their green card to citizenship. they belong with status above the people here who came here illegally or refused to leave when they should. steve: this is such a political, you know, has so incited the left. there are a bunch of attorney generals from various states they are already suing the federal government. they say you cannot ask that question. ainsley: we reported on the march for our lives rallies. there is a former supreme court justice says those folks are not going far enough. he wants to take away your right to bear arms. wants to repeal the second amendment. brian: this is the 97-year-old former supreme court justice john paul stephens. this underlines every fear of people that care about the second amendment have that somehow there is going to be a way that people are
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going to come take your guns. this isn't just anybody writing an editorial. this is one of the most powerful people in this country for many years. steve: well, but he has been on the losing side of big gun battles in the past. he wrote the dissenting minority view when it came to d.c. vs. heller back in the day. he wrote on the op-ed pages of the "new york times," he said: that support, he is referring to the march is, a clear sign to lawmakers to enact legislation prohibiting civilian ownership of semiautomatic weapons, increasing the minimum age to buy a gun from 18 to 21 years old. establishing more comprehensive background checks on all purchasers of firearms. the demonstrators should seek more effective and more lasting reform. they should demansd an repeal of the second amendment. if they did that it would weaken the nra and it would be simple. it would not be simple it would require a constitutional amendment which means a super majority of 60 votes in the senate,
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and then it has he to be approved by three quarters of the states. good luck. ainsley: ratified by 38 states the president said no. way this will ever happen. the second amendment will neverrable repealed. as much as democrats would like to see this happen and despite the words yesterday of former supreme court justice stephens no way. we need more republicans in 2018 and must always hold the supreme court. brian: as chris stirewalt pointed out last night perhaps cynically. listen, if republicans wanted something to motivate them to give to their would be congressional leader, they now have it. steve: they have a spokesman just put his words up. the president tweeted that out 12 minutes ago. what do you think? email us tweet us or facebook us. we discovered yesterday facebook is fine on smart phone. brian: everything else monitored or listened to. steve: when you wanted the sand box did you also want a bull horn.
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brian: probably. disappointed i got a cone. steve: just do this. that's all you got to do. brian: i had a very frustrating childhood. jillian: between that noise and my dress everybody is awake this morning. let's start off with a fox news alert. illegal immigrant is on the run after escaping from ice agents at the airport. hopping in a taxi and driving away. this happening overnight at jfk airport in new york. agents say he made a run for it after they took off his hand cuffs to go through security. it's unclear where they were deporting him to. according to reports the man was previously arrested on an weapons charge. crashing a sacramento city hall meeting over the shooting death of stephon clark. [chanting] ainsley: that's his brother jumping on the podium right in front of the sacramento mayor. demonstrators want the two cops who shot 20 rounds at clark fired and charged.
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the officers were responding to a man breaking car windows. they came he had a gun. only a phone was found. both officers on leave. thousands of mourners flooded. the 15 year veteran remembered as a hero and leader who came from a family of firefighters. his brother giving a final goodbye. >> when he joined the fdny michael became a hero of the people of new york city. but, to me, michael has been my hero my entire life. jillian: take a look at your screen that heart breaking photo showing the wife and four young children davidson leaves behind. a go fund me page is now raising money for that family. back to you. ainsley: so sad but i will say it was a beautiful scene to see so many people out there in support yesterday. jillian: very moving.
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ainsley: on fifth avenue they closed down the entire street in front of the cathedral. fire trucks there. so many men and women in blue out there to support him and show his family love. they had big screens out there. you couldn't make it inside you could watch it from outside. so many tourists stopping on the sidewalk. jillian: and taking pictures and watching. steve: very moving. all right, jillian, thank you very much. meanwhile on this wednesday a state trooper stops to help a stranded driver when an out of control car comes flying at him. what happens next? we'll show new a minute. ainsley: lawmakers in one california -- one of california's largest counties takes a stand against sanctuary state policies and next guest is legal immigrant and had a key role in that decision ♪ i fought the law and the law won ♪ i fought the law and the law won poor mouth breather.
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hello. let's go for a ride on a peloton. let's go grab a couple thousand friends and chase each other up a hill. let's go make a personal best, then beat it with your personal better than best. let's go bring the world's best
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instructors right to you. better yet, let's go bring the entire new york studio - live. let's go anytime, anywhere, with anyone who's willing. and let's go do it all right here. ready to go? peloton. brian: glad you are up. hope you are dressed. one of the largest counties in california taking a stand voting unanimously to join the trump administration's lawsuit against the governors, yes the governor jerry brown state sanctuary laws which he passed unilaterally. orange county supervisor michelle steele herself legal immigrant, first generation from south korea voted in support of this move and she joins us right now. the vote was 3-0. not necessarily a surprise. why was it necessary to take this step against your state? michelle? >> okay. actually, it was a 4-0. so it's unanimously. we have one member was
3:18 am
traveling. it is very important because in orange county, that since january 1st, 20 march 19t march 19th, we released criminal aliens about 172 people on the street. so this comes down to public safety. so we really have to fight for against this bad law. that's why this was very important. and not just that. this is really important because we want other counties to join us and then we are going to fight against this bad law. brian: your state attorney general did not rule out arresting the sheriff for not implementing a state law. who is going to win this show down? >> you know what? it's going to be really interesting. i want him to actually try to arrest our sheriff. sheriff is doing a great job. she cannot work with federal government because the state
3:19 am
law, so she just tried to release all the names of the, you know, illegal aliens. so she is doing the right thing, and she read the law. she knows what she's doing. so it's just threat. brian: you know what? michelle, too, i understand you had a first yesterday. you were called a racist. isn't that interesting as a new immigrant to this country. you were actually called a racist. >> you know what? this is the first time i was called racist. it's really interesting because i have an accent. i speak, you know, korean as my first language and japanese my second and english my third. i was never, never called racist. but it was not just racist. they called me racist with a big b. i have been called all different names. in asia when you get called all different names? guess what, you will live longer. i will have a long life. brian: you will live to 101.
3:20 am
fantastic. other cities i understand feel like yours does. fresno, this is a huge state. who would think that everybody wants to make it a magnet for illegal immigrants? so do you think that you need some company in this effort now? do you think you led the way? >> you know what? i think we led the way. so, you know, we are going to have more counties to joining us. we have like newport beach, los alamitos, industry of fresno will passed it. they are, all together, you know what? we are going to fight for this bad law. brian: i was just out there and addressed a group. i could not believe the homeless and i couldn't believe these major cities. i used to live in california. time to stand up and make the citizens first and illegals second. thanks so much for your time. >> thank you very much. brian: all right. meanwhile a mueller honoring
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♪ steve: we are back with a fox news alert. moments ago president trump tweeted something very interesting where he is responding to north korean dictator kim jong un's apparent meeting with the chinese president. the commander-in-chief tweeting, quote: for years and through many administrations, everyone said that peace to end denuclearization of the korean peninsula was not even a small possibility. now there's a good chance that kim jong un will do what's right for his people and for humanity. look forward to our meeting. then it continues received message last night of xi
3:25 am
ping of china that his meeting with kim jong un went very well and that kim look forward to his meeting with me. in the meantime, and unfortunately, maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all costs. the rogue regime has vowed to there is news they could be firing up a reactor. meantime, the doctor is in. ainsley: thank you, steve, he is not talking about me. could it be the flu round 2. the cdc overall flu cases are dropping. cases of b are on the rise. that strain affects children more severely than the a does. what do you need to know and how do you stay healthy? radiologist dr. nicole saphier is here to explain. good to see you. >> good morning, ainsley. thanks for having me. ainsley: thanks for having me. influenza a was the one everyone was talking about this year. that was the one fatal to so many children.
3:26 am
b is on the rise and even more dangerous for kids? >> it is true the peak of the flu season has come and gone in february and we are on the decline. not out of the woods yesterday. last week 17 states still reported widespread flu activity and five more children died last week from the flu. ainsley: oh my gosh. >> we are seeing more influenza b. now we are talking about a different strain influenza b tends to be more severe when it comes to small children. that has people on a little bit of a heightened alert. not so uncommon but we want to make sure people are aware flu season is not over. you still need to remain vigilant when it comes to healthy behavior habits. and by the way the good news about this strain is it's more effective when it comes to the vaccine. if you got the vaccine or the flu shot, you are likely to be more protected from influenza b than you were from a. ainsley: that's good news.
3:27 am
>> it's not too late to get the flu shot. while flu is still going on. if you haven't had your flu shot and want to get one, you can still get one. ainsley: when will would he be out of the woods when warmer weather comes around. >> as soon as we stop seeing more cases we will be in a better place. it's still there increase in the b strain so we need to make sure we are healthy behavior, hand washing, if you are thought public. if you try not to touch your face, your mouth, your eyes, your ears, kids love to do that. encourage them not to do that. clean surfaces if possible. ainsley: what if you feel yourself getting sick. you don't know if it's the flu yet. can you still kiss your babies? that's hard not to do if you are a parent. >> feeling i will ill, still cod be the flu. try to limit some of your physical contact when the small children or elderly and if you do feel sick don't go to work. kind of stay home, take care of yourself. ainsley: thank you so much, dr. saphier. good to see you. >> thank you. ainsley: if democrats can't grab your guns they are
3:28 am
going to ban bullets. the new plan from debbie wasserman schultz. tomi lahren's thoughts on it when she joins us live coming up next. stunning admission from the fbi on the clinton email investigation. that's next. >> we're waking up america and telling them what's going on in the world. that's awesome responsibility but it's fun. we are tell you what's going on. >> get the facts straight. ainsley: tell the folks at home this is important to you. this is why you need to listen. we have a great honest conversation about what's happening in the news. brian: when people see us and meet us they feel like they know us because guess what? they do. the only way to be successful on fox is to be yourself. steve: you know what? we do that every day. well, like most of you, i just bought a house. -oh! -very nice. now i'm turning into my dad. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief. this hat was free. what am i supposed to do, not wear it? next thing you know, i'm telling strangers defense wins championships. -well, it does. -right? why is the door open?
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♪ all right now ♪ baby it's all right now ♪ brian: that's some great
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lighting. ainsley: can you believe you live there? steve: that's mother nature. you are looking up the avenue of the americas towards central park in the distance. it's a little rainy. ainsley: see the trees. >> new york city is jogging right now because it's 55 degrees. ainsley: what movie was that jogging. steve: anchorman. ainsley: silence. brian: i thought that was a documentary. steve: go from the east coast to the west coast. tomi lahren joins us from out west. ainsley: tomi, sorry. do you remember that movie? >> good morning, guys. steve: stay class, california. ainsley: san diego. brian: you did the same thing. you went out to the people of california what they think of being sanctuary cities, sanctuary state. what was your proven. >> approach? >> we wanted to get a feel for what orange county felt it is different from l.a. county as can you imagine.
3:33 am
the footage we got speaks for itself. i think you would be surprised as your previous guest said just how many conservatives and americans live in california that want the laws to be enforced and want to be safe in their own backyard. ainsley: the sheriff in orange county is publish hog is in jail. it's a list that's going to be online, it's a database tell you at home which inmates are being released that day and what time they are going to be released. you actually hit the street to ask people about the sheriff. let's listen to this and then get your reaction. >> enforcement of law and i want to see that happen. that's an important thing to our community. >> it's a bad idea. i think being a sanctuary city, you know, we're supposed to protect, you know, each other and we're supposed to build bridges. i believe in building bridges and not walls. >> i think we should be paying our immigration officers to do probably more to go ahead and do their job better. >> most californians do not want california to be a lawless sanctuary state. they want to be protected. they want the laws enforced.
3:34 am
steve: if that's true, tomi, if a majority of people in california don't want to be a sanctuary state, why is it a sanctuary state? >> well, you've got l.a. county which is a major problem. there are a lot of areas here that, of course, believe in shielding illegal immigrants. but there are many californians that do not believe in that. now out battle that's going on, the sheriff's department in orange county has it exactly right. they are protecting americans first. that shoul should logic and reason. i hope others follow suit. they it would be emboldened to do so. others will stand up and be heard. go against the labels and name-calling and make sure their families are safe in california. ainsley: do you feel safe living in that county? i remember when we interviewed kate steinle's county they said they didn't realize they were living in a sanctuary area until their lives were affected. >> of course, i mean, that's the risk that you have run living in california brian,
3:35 am
as you mentioned we have a large problem here with many other things including the homeless population, other issues in the state of california. so, there are many things we have to tackle here. but i will tell you that californians, they are not all crazy. they don't all believe in lawlessness and illegal immigrants first. a lot of californians here want to see americans first and we are going to do that. i'm confident. brian: about being a citizen and not the member of the party. only thing growing there are tent sales. every time i go more and more tent cities sprouting up. it's embarrassment. congressman debbie wasserman schultz thinks she has the answer and it's about bullets. listen. >> you do not have the right to bear bullets. i really think it's important to underscore that without bullets a gun is just a hunk of useless metal and a would-be killer lacks the means to actually kill or maim. steve: so there you have got debbie wasserman schultz, she is referring to the march last week across the country and her suggestion
3:36 am
is -- of course we heard from the former justice of the supreme court repeal the second amendment yesterday. her suggestion is have a background check to buy bullets. >> i got a good idea for debbie there. if a gun is just a hunk of gun. wouldn't that referring to if there weren't a terrorist on the other end of that gun? that makes no sense and contradicting herself. going along with what we are saying, a gun is a tool. and furthermore, i wonder if debbie realizes that people can make their own ammunition and bullets. i'm sure she is probably not aware ever that imagine f. this if you will. imagine if the left, if democrats wanted to regulate our borders, even half as much as they want to regulate our guns, americans would be a lot safer. steve: good point. brian: sean penn up late last night mourning the death of hugo chavez, a good friend of his.
3:37 am
he has a good idea what should happen to the president of the united states. >> i think we owe it to ourselves to get it back and the only way we do that is show we know how to stop fighting with each other and really listen to each other and really demand that our politicians do the job and in this case the job includes by any historical parallel, the impeachment of this president. brian: okay. good. that's a good listen. is there another side to that that you want to weigh in, tomi? >> really, if he was listening to the american people if he listened, speaking to each other, he would understand president trump won the election and the american people have spoken. the fact he wants to throw out there we should arbitrarily impeach donald trump. i would like to hear his reason behind that again making late night talk show circuit and the man doesn't make sense on most of these shows. i don't think i will be taking my political advice
3:38 am
from the likes of sean penn when you look at who his role models are. steve: generally when you impeach somebody you do need a reason. brian: a reason to open up and bring people together. fantastic. steve: tomi lahren joins us today from the west coast. thank you for getting up so early for us. brian: and working the streets for us and sean. steve: getting man on the street interview us. ainsley: that's okay. we knew what you meant. jillian has some more headlines for us. jillian: i was thinking maybe you should rephrase that. get you caught up on the other story we are following. starting with this the fbi admitting of being too slow to provide thousands of documents, hello, relating to the hillary clinton email and russia investigation. director christopher wray says he will double the number of staff reviewing reports requested by the house judiciary committee. a doj insider tells fox news, quote: the attorney general is angry with how slow the process has moved when it comes to requests from congress to the fbi. a trooper is slammed by a
3:39 am
car and sent flying into the air and take a look. this was caught on dash cam. will whoa, okay, that's utah sergeant cade -- who was trying to happy stranded driver. the father of four somehow survived with broken bones. >> i have watched the video a couple of times and i truly believe miracles do happen. jillian: wow, the trooper forgives the woman who hit him. that is frightening. that car was sliding. a mueller honoring police officers massacred in ambush attack is torn down, the city of dallas says someone complained that the 36-foot mueller violates code and is a safety hazard. the artwork pays tribute to the five officers killed in 2016 at a black lives matter rally. family of those slain officers hope the mueller
3:40 am
will find a new home. the city unveiled their own mueller last yeefer. did you see this the pro-trump rose san is finally here and packed with politics. >> how could have you voted for him, roseanne? >> he talked about jobs, jackie. >> he said he would shake things up. >> have you looked at the news because now things are worse. >> not on the real news. jillian: it appears roseanne's character voted for donald trump a decision that's caused friction with sister jackie played once again by lori met calf. the executive producer says the show aims to get polarized families talking again. that's a look at your headlines. steve: all right. i watched it last night. it was good. at the end she and lori had a hug. they hugged it out. lori admitted that roseanne was right. brian: can they have a little bit of success? all i have are these people struggling in life. they need to make some progress. i feel depressed as a sitcom. no one has a job. no one has a bright future. can someone get a promotion?
3:41 am
ainsley: they have a quilt. the same brown couch. steve: it was really funny. brian: dad drinking alone in the garage? steve: you got a problem with that? ainsley: that's real america, brian. brian: hit home for steve. steve: it's my quiet place. brian: okay, final. steve: we have got to move those cars. all right, coming up, this story had so many of you talking, a school district arming students to protect themselves with a budget of rock. >> if an armed intruder attempts to gain entrance to any of our classrooms they will face a graham of students full of rocks and they will be stoned. steve: will that work? this morning we have a big update. brian: worked for sampson. ainsley: "the washington post" slams the pope newses. brian: happy birthday to todd piro. he is 61 today. [laughter]
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♪ brian: i have been selected to read the mini news. please stand by. the school district that thought students could protect themselves from shooters with rocks now beefing up their security. armed guards will protect the blue mountain school district in pennsylvania. the superintendent says the negative social media post misrepresented their actual plan response to armed intruders. the rocks were meant to be a last resort. and a seventh grader drawing a stick figure with a gun is outraged father says his son loves to hunt and that his north korea school has gone too far. two os in the two. the district is trying to be extra village lent following the parkland school shooting. where do you stand on that?
3:46 am
write us. steve: wild day on wall street after record gain on monday. the stock market took a tumble yesterday. the dow following more than 300 poings points. dragged down by big tech. ainsley: will we see a rebound and what does it mean for you and your wallet? stuart varny the host of varney and company on the fox business network is here to break it all down. >> good morning, all. ainsley: what does this mean for us. >> this is about b. big name technology company dominate the economy and that part of everybody's lives. those big name tech companies round this straight market straight up. they were wonderful performers. got a mountain of cash. they dominate people's lives and the market until now. suddenly, they are in trouble. because they are so big, so powerful, so intrusive, that politicians want to get a grip on them. and reign them. in if they reign them in and governments do, too. you reign those big tech companies in and the stock price goes down. that's what we are seeing at
3:47 am
the moment. steve: because it has been revealed unless you read the user contract, that you click yes, i agree to. they can pretty much do anything with all the information we give them and we give them a lot. they sell it. >> their business model is they take your information and sell it at enormous profit. is that business model going to be changed or restricted in the future? it sure looks like it. especially in the case of facebook. if that happens, you restrict their business model. you restrict that high flying stock, and you send it down. facebook hit $195 a share earlier, either early this year or late last year. it's now at 150. brian: european governments looking to break up google and regulate google a little bit. >> they don't like amazon either. brian: zucker coming to washington. we don't know what amazon is going to look like either. >> amazon huge. online selling. people would like to break it up. including the president. they are under attack.
3:48 am
case closed. steve: indeed. so, did you see this headline from "the washington post? wall street average bonus in 2017 three times what most u.s. households made all year. >> look, the economy is doing very well. the stock market is doing very well. so you can expect executives and n. financial companies to get very nice bonuses. the left hates that the left hates wall street. they hate capital. frankly it, reminds me of living in socialist england. an element of jealousy here. whoa, you are doing so well, what about me you? have got it, i want it. i'm taking it. the victim mentality. it's all wrong. it's so negative. come on, we have got a great economy. a terrific stock market until the past couple of months. come on. we're all doing well. why is this endless complaining about people are doing well? ainsley: i don't think people realize until you live in new york city how family depend on those bonuses. they might not make a lot during the year and get that big bonus at the end of the year based on the work they did over the last year.
3:49 am
work harder you get a bigger bonus. >> bonuses are the big part of the overall pay of financial executives. it's incentive program. work hard perform you get better bonus. brian: only one valedictorian. sometimes it takes 40 years to become a big ceo. that's a program we want to get on. ainsley: capitalism. brian: that's the train we want to board. >> climb that food chain, bright brains drive talent, ability. climb up there. succeed. what's wrong with that? we're not europe. we're not a socialist society. where everybody is jealous of success. brian: you are not jealous of neil cavuto even though he is much more famous. that doesn't bother you. >> the sting is in the tail. steve: all right, stuart, we will be watching your show starts at 9:00 eastern. brian: 9 to noon. >> yes, sir. ainsley: debate is raging over whether a citizenship question should be on the 2020 census. michelle malkin has an
3:50 am
enping opinion and she joins us with that in the next hour. brian: now i'm going to read this voiceover. heineken selling this voice ad lighter is better. some say this is racist. what do you think? ♪ ♪ withwhat sore back?sk... what bum knee? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪
3:51 am
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3:53 am
steve: a new heineken beer ad has been pulled after some called it racist. you watch. ♪ steve: we had a little problem right there. but chance the rapper among the critics of the commercial tweeting i have got to say that sometimes
3:54 am
lighter is better heineken commercials terribly racist, omg. joining us right now with his reaction is kevin jackson. he is the executive director of the black sphere, a fox news contributor as well. kevin, sorry we had that little problem with the video there the criticism was the beer passes several men and women of color before reaching a woman at the end and then the statement sometimes lighter is better appears. and chance the rapper felt that was racist. >> yeah, chance seems to be looking for racism all over the place. this guy has got this racism bug it's so sad to see, steve, he has done so well in america. and he looks at a commercial like that as we have probably other people have talked about but it's a bar that's not allowing -- that allows everybody in there it's passing people of color so it's not segregated. in the idea that lighter is better, if it was a weight loss commercial, lighter can
3:55 am
be better. these people like chance are making the country so polarized and we talk about these issues. i think americans are just kind of rolling their eyes saying yet again we have got to deal with racism in a place where it doesn't exist. steve: you say this commercial is not racist. we are now going to air it again. we believe we have got a copy that's not going to do that thing again. take a look at this. and, folks, you decide. ♪ ♪ steve: so there is the commercial. heineken took the heat. they felt like online and they released this statement. while we feel the ad is referencing our heineken light beer, we missed the
3:56 am
mark. are taking the feedback to heart and use this to influence future campaigns. they pulled the ad. >> yeah. it bugs me. if they set it up to where the last person who waste going to get the heineken light was black, would it have been okay? when people have to do these types of things in order to do their advertising just to please some -- a group of people who are going to always look for racism in something, i find it disgusting. let heineken do what it does and not have to worry about this. when did we stop being people and have to worry about well, what's the color of the person, the beer is passing and who ultimately needs to get the beer? this is ridiculous. and i think most of america sees it that way. steve: all right. we would like to hear from folks. do you think that commercial is racist? do you think that heineken should have pulled it? you know how to get ahold of us. kevin, thank you very much for joining us on this wednesday. >> thanks, steve. steve: mean whameanwhile, come , illegal immigrants smirking
3:57 am
and clapping in court as the jury hands him a death sentence for killing two sheriff deputies. the aunt joins us with exclusive interview in the next hour. how can you make your hair even stronger? use pantene shampoo together with 3 minute miracle daily conditioner. their pro-v formula is like a multi-vitamin. making your hair 2x stronger see the difference when you add 3 minute miracle daily conditioner.
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4:00 am
the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. steve: last night a 4-0 vote okay county said we are going to join the department of justice lawsuit against the state of california. >> this comes down to safety. brian: you were called a racist. >> it was not just racist. they called me racist with a big b. >> the census will ask are you a u.s. citizen. that's it. >> this is intimidation tactic. steve: received xi jinping kim looks forward to meeting with me. >> killed two california jeff deputies the jury now recommending the death penalty for his handwriting news crime. >> a former supreme court justice says those folks are not going far enough.
4:01 am
he wants to take away your right to bear arms. >> your words and ultimate wish list is a disgrace to america and the values that we all hold dear. ♪ i don't want to work ♪ i want to bang on the drum a. all day ♪ i don't want to play ♪ i just want to banging on the drum all day. steve: good morning, folks. live for the second hour of "fox & friends," the world's number one cable morning news show as you know, thanks to you. ainsley: i hope you are waking up in a really good mood no. matter your circumstances say today is going to be a great day. don't let anyone get you down. brian: please get dressed. ainsley: good to wear clothes to work. brian: my suggestion but not a demand. ainsley: depends on where you work. steve: thank you very much for joining us. we have a fox news alert. the president has been up and he has been tweeting already this morning.
4:02 am
speaking out after historic meeting between kim jong un of north korea and the chinese president xi. ainsley: this ahead of his own summit with the north korean dictator. brian: then i think the president was briefed on that whole meeting. this will be interesting to see what this means. griff jenkins is live with more on the president's response. the first thing the north koreaible leader is going to do is meet with south korea. then we assume it could be president trump in may, right, griff? >> the south korean meeting would be in april. this played out in realtime this remarkable story. first state run media out of china reported on this historic meeting. the first time the dictator had gotten out of the hermit kingdom and talked about kim wanted the denuclearization of the korean peninsula but the president is wide awake, confirming things and tweeting about it first in the last hour tweeting for years and through many administrations everyone said that peace and the denuclearization of the korean peninsula was not even a small possibility. now there is a good chance that kim jong un will do what is right for his people and for humanity. look forward to our meeting.
4:03 am
then he continued minutes later received message last night from xi jinping from china that his meeting with kim jong un went very well and kim looks forward to meeting with me. maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all cost. yesterday sarah sanders saying those sanctions are what brought kim to the negotiating table in the first place. heather nauert at the state department is confirming that plans for this meeting are proceeding and, brian, to your question, she says that they are trying to stay on that time line which is the end of may but we will find out. clearly remarkable developments here in the last 24 hours. brian: we saw a couple things, gordon cheng say it's a bad thing. i think it's a logical thing, good thing. if you are this 31-year-old leader. have a big meeting with south korea and with us. and going to hopefully come to the table with big moves. and if they don't have the backing of china or dare i say the advice of china. i think it's a logical move.
4:04 am
ainsley: i do, too. steve: griff? >> gordon chang also saying that it was all kept secret because he would have to fear a coo in his country. steve: what we got from the two tweets the president united states actually confirmed something we presume which is he made the trip the president said yeah he made the trip and brought me a message so cool. ainsley: thank you, griff. out in al saito, california, backlash that state is a sanctuary state. brian has been saying all these months. you talked to people out there. they are not for this. they want more regulations. more laws when it comes toil legal immigration because the state is saying they don't want ice to be able to come in and make sure that state is safe. steve: that's right. so last night, a final vote 4-0, the o.c., the orange county board of supervisors voted to go ahead and join
4:05 am
the u.s. department of justice in suing the state of california because they have got three state laws that essentially say don't cooperate with ice. they say those are unconstitutional. one of the supervisors who spoke to brian just a little while ago said look, the reason we are voting to join the federal government is because it comes down to safety. the folks have got to be safe. >> orange county that since january 1st to march 19th. we released criminal aliens about 172 people on the street. so this comes down to public safety. so we really have to fight for against this bad law. i think we led the way. we will have more counties joining us. all together, you know what? we are going to fight for this bad law. brian: she brought up newport is right on the heels.
4:06 am
newport is in orange county technically but police force. fresno area, fresno county. look at the size of california. how do you possibly think that every one of those californians believe that it should be a sanctuary state, a magnet, a magnet for illegals while the taxes are going through the roof and the only thing growing are tent cities in the major cities like the people of pennsylvania. they feel hostage many times through the philadelphia major density. dense city not saying they are not smart. ainsley: sarah says not about immigration at all like the supervisor you interviewed it's all about safety. that's why she is coming up with this database who's in jail. a list tell you when the inmates are released the day and the time. steve: that was the problem with the kate steinle case, that guy who ultimately killed her on that pier when he grabbed that gun, they
4:07 am
didn't tell ice we're going to let this guy out at that time. now they are eliminating that. meanwhile tomi lahren was on with us half an hour ago. she says citizens will now make their voices heard because, once again, just like our previous sound bite. it's all about safety. >> there are a lot of areas here that, of course, believe in shielding illegal immigrants. there are many californians that do not believe in that now the battle that's going on, the sheriff's department in orange county has it exactly right. they are protecting americans first. that should be logic and reason. i hope other places follow suit. i think now they will be emboldened to do. so i think citizens are going to stand up and make their voices heard. i think they will go against all the labels and name-calling and make sure that their families are safe in california. brian: but in the short-term is the sheriff in trouble in the attorney general was asked yesterday are you going to go arrest the sheriff? he says the state law is the state law. we want to make sure every jurisdiction including orange county understands that then he said are you going to arrest the sheriff? his answer was i just
4:08 am
answered that are they going to make a sensationalistic arrest? ainsley: what if she is following federal laws though? steve: she is. ultimately this is going to go to court. ultimately we pi put up on the screen the anti-sanctuary cities in california. if you are in the country illegally, are you going to go to those towns? there is a map right there, if you are planning on going to the country illegally, you are not going to go to loslos alamitos. the. brian: what is the clarification on the wall depends on what it is with concrete. in san diego in particular the wall -- you cannot challenge. this it's been very effective. you can make a concrete wall in san diego that will begin. ainsley: with that 1.6. brian: part of the 1.6.
4:09 am
really 650. steve: recreation of the wall has got to be something before the prototypes. they can build any kind of fencing or wall if you want to call it that as long as it's not one of the 8 new ones that the president wants. ainsley: that is protecting the border and our schools. that's obviously been a big topic. that's why you had a lot of young folks. lots of agents. lots of young folks marching in those rallies over the weekend. the march for our lives rallies. there is a former supreme court justice john paul stephens who said they didn't go far enough, banning semiautomatics, increase the minimum age to buy guns. that's not enough. he wants to repeal the second amendment. steve: that's right. he says it would be simple and it would weaken the nra. however, it's not that simple really it would require two thirds of congress to say okay, and three quarters of the states in the united states. one of the spokes people for the nra said justice
4:10 am
stephens, you have been a supreme court justice and i may be a small voice for freedom, but you sure, sir, should be ashamed of yourself. brian: so the president tweeted he has a twitter account now. he said this: the second amendment will never be repealed as much as democrats would like to see that happen and despite the words yesterday of supreme court justice stephens. no way. we need more republicans in 2018 and must always hold the supreme court. by the way as chris starlight pointed out andy last hour, too. this is going to be a huge fundraising moment for republicans. this will be something to rally on not theoretical. supreme court justice '97 out of power. 200,000 people go to washington and various other cities there is a real threat for republicans. that's an action point. ainsley: i would love to hear what you think about it and debbie wasserman schultz' comments about you have to be a certain age. steve: background checks. ainsley: background checks to buy bullets. steve: 7:11 in new york city. jillian joins us with
4:11 am
headlines. jillian: let's begin with fox news alert. illegal immigrant on the run after escaping from ice agents at the airport, hopping in a taxi and driving away. this happening overnight at jfk airport in new york. agents say he made a run for it after they took off his hand cuffs to go through security. unclear where they were deporting him to. the man was previously arrested on a weapons charge. we will keep you posted. a man with a history of sending harassing letters to the government is behind bars. accused of sending suspicious packages to military bases. we telling you about that yesterday. police say say he sent packages to more than five locations including the white house and cia mail facilities. more packages could still be out there. at least one contained black powder and a fuse. none of them exploded. the 911 dispatch system in the city of baltimore was hacked for over 17 hours. according to the mayor, someone manipulated the messaging functions within the computer aided dispatch over the weekend. critical services were not impacted during that time.
4:12 am
the fbi is assisting in the investigation. the system has been fully restored. that's a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. steve: all right, jillian, thank you very much. brian: coming up right now. remember the illegal immigrant who laughed in court about killing two california sheriff deputies? [bleep] brian: here he is clapping as the jury hands him a death sentence. the aunt of one of those fallen heroes joins us with an exclusive reaction next. ainsley: plus michelle malkin is live on that sentence controversy new trouble for planned parenthood ♪
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: remember that illegal immigrant laughing in court about killing two california sheriff deputies in the jury now recommending luis get the death penalty for heinous crimes. steve: even as the verdict was being read he showed no sign of remorse even clapping toward the family
4:17 am
of the sheriff deputy. >> the aunt of victim detective michael davis jr. she is also a retired law enforcement official. she joins us from rhino, nevada. pam, thank you very much for joining us. your family has been through so much. do you feel like you're getting some justice now that he has been sentenced to death? >> yes. we are so thankful to the sacramento -- the people of sacramento county and the judge there for the verdict that came through. ainsley: pam, your nephew, michael jr. was the one that was killed by that man that we just saw in court. your older brother or your brother michael senior died 26 years before his son did doing the same thing. giving up his life for our country, for service to this country. tell us about these two men. >> they were both really wonderful people. my brother was -- he wanted to be a cop from the day he could talk. and his life was law
4:18 am
enforcement. and he was working narcotics task force on the border. fighting illegal drugs coming in when he was killed. and then two out of three of his sons got into law enforcement and it came to northern california where my husband and i both worked for placer county. michael jr. we got him a job with placer county and that's where he was killed 26 years to the day that his father was killed. steve: oh my goodness. this has been such an ordeal for your family. i mean, just the fact that this guy had that kind of demeanor in the courtroom how did your family put up with that? >> i will tell you, it was very, very hard. the things that you think and what you want to do, it's been really horrible. and i feel so bad for michael's two girls and my sister-in-law having to watch all of this with this
4:19 am
monster. he is not even an animal. sea monster. i do have to laugh. he talked about the officer in sacramento who retreated from the gunfire as being a coward. talk about a coward when the cops had him surrounded after he murdered my nephew in cold blood, he ran out giving up crying like a baby. that's a coward. ainsley: for the folks at home not familiar to what he did to your nephew and the other deputy danny oliver. can you tell us what happened on that day? >> danny oliver made a stop on him in sacramento on a suspicious vehicle. and when danny approached the car, he shot him just in cold blood. and then started shooting at his partner. he then -- he and his wife then carjacked another man, shot him in the head, carjacked, took his car. his wife, who was also convicted got a life sentence for these crimes, fled to placer county, which is west up interstate 80,
4:20 am
and placer county officers were notified and waiting. my nephew was one of the ones, he was working detectives at the time. and my understanding is in placer county he stole a police car and he was in a police car when my nephew responded, he thought he was going toward a police car and actually it was the suspect who then shot him in cold blood. steve: oh my goodness and now california is a sanctuary state. >> yeah. yeah. i'm sorry all of these officials, the governor on down have blood on their hands. that's all i can say. it's horrible. i'm just grateful to the people of sacramento. i was so afraid that we would be like kate steinle's family what they must be going through, at least we did get some justifiable. ainsley: pam, our thoughts and prayers are with your
4:21 am
family. i'm sorry you have had to go through so much loss. god bless you. >> thank you. thank you so much for everything you are doing keeping this story alive. we are trying and hoping that the davis oliver bill passes. steve: indeed. >> that's currently in the congress. and we want to keep this going. steve: okay. pam davis, thank you. real cheese people get it. that craving. that post lunch, post dinner, i need something sweet, just a little something craving. sargento sweet balanced breaks are that sweet something. perfectly balanced with natural cheese on one side, dried fruit and sweetness, like dark chocolate, on the other. so next time your sweet tooth calls, go right ahead and answer. now you can indulge your sweet craving without apologizing for it. sargento sweet balanced breaks, find it in our cheese section.
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4:25 am
much ice the u.s. navy broke through using a submarine. the uss hartford one of the two subs taking part in the training drill test readiness in the artic region. finally $502 million. that's the new mega millions jackpot that no one won last night. your odds of winning are just one of three. if you get a ticket most likely going to win. no just kidding. 1 in 258 million. next drawing next friday. hope you scratch off and are successful. steve: it is a good friday. gun debate rages across the country, another weekend of deadly gun violence in chicago. one man killed and 18 wounded. and in 2017 alone, the city of chicago had nearly 3,000 shooting incidents. ainsley: the city has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. so, is this just further proof that they don't work? brian: well, maybe, or they blame it on indiana a
4:26 am
chicago native giano. they had two different people talk about the shootings in chicago separate from broward county. do you think this is a gun issue. >> no. i really don't. this is an issue of criminals who are going to continue their criminality no matter what you say and do. you have to have people who can secure themselves. certainly when you have an environment where people don't know if you have a gun or not, there are people who will think twice about that. ainsley: interesting some of the states that have the strictest gun laws have the biggest problem fatalities because of guns. >> you just mentioned the stats in chicago u. ainsley: why is that? because illegal guns are being bought and traded? >> i mean, i don't know any criminals that obey the law. if you guys do just point them out. ainsley: right. >> that's where this narrative is so false and is so incorrect. i just don't understand the insanity of those, especially the democrat legislators in illinois and
4:27 am
the city of chicago that believe if you have the most comprehensive gun control laws on the books that that there prevent this gun violence that continues to occur. if you think back to older gentleman, he was african-american or rather african-american democrat on the south side of chicago his name last name is mr. mcdonald, he sued the city of chicago because he could not protect himself. there was a ban on handguns. that changed the landscape for this entire debate across the country where cities could not overregulate people's use of guns or prevent them from having them. and i tell you, someone like that who experienced people breaking into his house, being threatened, this was a guy who really took the bull by the horns and said hey, i'm not going to take it anymore. and that made a difference u. steve: absolutely. i mean, if somebody wants to kill somebody. >> yeah. steve: go back one week ago today, i was in austin, texas, where somebody was trying to kill people with bombs, not with guns. >> right. steve: the gun issue is very personal to you. >> it is. steve: have you told the story before for the folks who have missed it, tell us about your brother.
4:28 am
>> it is a very deeply emotional story for me. last year during memorial day weekend my younger brother was in a car with two of his friends on the south side of chicago when two individuals walked up to the car and riddled it with 25 bullets. really emotional. steve: your brother is lucky to be alive. >> he is blessed to be alive 100 percent. we thank god for it every day. we had to move him out of the city immediately after. ainsley: why, because you were fearing for his life afterwards, retaliation. >> it's chicago, yes. the city needs a lot of help. and the fact that the mayor of chicago refuses to really address this issue, he talks about the city sanctuary city. ainsley: how does he keep getting reelected? >> i don't know. i'm hoping that won't happen again u. steve: what's your brother's one regret about that night? >> he is a legal gun owner and he wish he had his gun so he could protect his friend, his best friend who died in his arm arms.
4:29 am
brian: gianno, new york city was the wild west, the bronx zoo. it stopped. crime is ridiculously low and it's fantastic news. in baltimore and chicago, same thing, the cops backed out and the gangs moved in. >> um-huh. brian: do you want the president to do more like he promised to do when he was going to get elected? do you think it's time to send the national guard in there. >> you know, that's a really good question because after that situation occurred with my little brother, i went to the white house the very next week and i told them that it's time to keep his commitment. he said if chicago doesn't stop the carnage, i will send the feds. and i think it was maybe a couple weeks later a smaller group but there is definitely time to do more. and he needs to call the mayor of chicago out every elected are a -- he doesn't care. brian: he thought that would
4:30 am
be a better perch. i don't think that's going to happen. >> no, i don't think so either. i think people see how awful he is. hopefully the citizens of chicago will vote someone else, because having another term of rahm emanuel is deadly. brian: put the national guard in there. >> thank you. steve: thank you so much for telling us your story. brian: 30 minutes before the top of the hour. debate is still raging over whether a citizenship question should be on the 2020 census like are you a citizen? michelle malkin has an epic opinion. she joins us next. ainsley: new facebook bombshell. is the social media site listening to you now? what a whistleblower just said ♪ baby you're a firework ♪ go on and show them what your worth ♪ make them go oh, oh, oh ♪ and we shoot across the sky,
4:31 am
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4:34 am
accuracy should always be the north star. this is designed to make the census less accurate so they can pursue a partisan agenda. that is wrong. the plain language of the constitution an enumeration requirement you are to count the number of citizens in the united states every year. it does not say count the number of u.s. citizens. they want to count the number of u.s. citizens so they can engage in very not subtle voter suppression. steve: big question is with a whole bunch of states now suing the federal government saying can't do that will they? let's bring in michelle malkin most of michelle malkin investigates on crtv. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning, everyone. steve: the question is will there be a citizenship question on the 2020 census will you check the box are you a u.s. citizen? apparently they started leaving it off in 1950 because they probably wanted more room for other questions because there were so few people in this country who were
4:35 am
noncitizens. >> well, as i have said, only in america does a country get sued for asking who is in it. it is complete insanity. and, you know, when you have illegal alien activists like tom perez, whose entire history has been one of shilling for amnesty in maryland and now for the dnc. only in america do you have sworn politicians who have taken an oath of office to uphold the laws and constitution of this country out there, lambasting the trump administration for asking a very simple question. what this is about is about power. i did plenty of reporting on this under the obama administration. this is a power grab under the obama administration. they tried to turn the census bureau into a massive community organizing experiment. because what is at stake?
4:36 am
electoral power. the census is used to abortion congressional seats. more people, more seats. and if you can count illegal aliens as part of that it's no illegal alien left behind. that's what we're really talking here. brian: more medicaid money here on top of that have to find out who is here. there are a lot of great people here that have green cards. a lot of people here on student visas? why don't we know them? categorize them? it's a difference. it matters. >> yes. that's exactly right. the other thing i want to point out, of course all of these special interest groups on the left who have used the census bureau as a jobs program and it's exploded. through the clinton administration, the bush administration, through obama are now locked out of that power. you will remember it was groups like acorn and the seiu that were the foot soldiers, administering these census questionnaires out there. they will not have that. that's why people like tom
4:37 am
perez have turned into hysterical minis about it omni budget bill increased the budget to $3 billion. i think the good news is though hopefully it will not be used as a plundering slush fund for left wing groups who oppose this administration at every step. ainsley: i want to ask you too about the planned parenthood afill yacht in pennsylvania that put out a tweet saying we need a disney princess that has an abortion. we need a disney princess that is pro-choice. we need a disney princess who is undocumented immigrant. we need disney princess actually a union worker. we need a disney princess who is trans. they deleted that tweet. what's your reaction? >> i had to do a double-check and sa make sure this wasn't fake news onion parody. that's what the planned parenthood goals have become. we need a disney princess to tell young girls and women the truth about the death
4:38 am
lobby. about people like margaret sanger the god mother of planned parenthood who advocate eugenics. who thought that the mission of abortionists should be, quote: to stop the multiplication of the unfit and specifically they meant black people and people with congenital conditions and defects. people who they considered unwanted life in this country. the other sort of basic point about this is can we leave the disney princesses alone? does everything have to be the realm of political correctness? can't we have a safe space from that pc insanity? ainsley: can you imagine explaining that to your daughters playing with that disney princess daughter? can we let them be innocent for as long as we can, please? steve: i saw one tweet regarding this from somebody who was really offended. they said planned parenthood has murdered 3 million disney princesses in the last 10 years.
4:39 am
>> yeah. that's a wonderful point about the abortion lobby's support and in particular planned parenthood for sex selection abortion. that specifically targets girls. and, again, i have to go to the omni bust budget bill because, of course, that increased the budget for taxpayer subsidies for abortion as well. brian: planned parenthood said melissa reed wrote today we joined ongoing twitter conversation about the kinds of princess people. want to see an attempt to make a point about the importance of telling stories that change stigma and champions stories that too often don't get told. upon reflection, we decided the seriousness of the point we were trying to make was not appropriate for the subject matter or content and we removed the tweet. >> they should do more than delete the tweet. as the people goe meme goes in a delete your account. steve: thank you for joining us from chicago.
4:40 am
always a pleasure. ainsley: please write in and tell us what you think of that planned parenthood story: hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: reverend al sharpton's half-brother charged in a deadly shooting one day after participating in an antigun rally. authorities arresting kenneth glasco and jamie townes in the death of an alabama woman. they thought the woman stole towns' car so they chased her down. towns allegedly firing several shots killing her. officers believe glasco, sharpton's brother was the one driving when it happened. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg agreeing to testify before congress. it comes amid growing pressure over the misuse of data up to 50 million users by the cambridge analytica. this as we learned social media giant is also guessing users' political leanings and the app. may be listening to you. a whistleblower telling u.k. the facebook app. listens to users in order to target advertisements. facebook denies that to
4:41 am
sleep or not sleep with the top sheet. that is the important question. a great debate raining online about the importance of the top sheet. the store owner in new york city says she has seen sales declining for the past five years. "u.s.a. today" twitter poll shows 70% are in favor of keeping it on. ditching the top sheet though allows for more germs to get on your comforter. where do you guys stand in this very important debate. ainsley: at a hotel i use the top sheet. i'm not touching that comforter. no way. brian: beekeeper outfit in hotels. steve: the comforter is too hot. sometimes you only need the top sheet. jillian: agree with you. steve: i never sleep without the top sheet. jillian: i kick off the comforter it's too hot. the top sheet is the perfect temperature. brian: debate that at home. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. steve: president trump scoring a significant trade deal with south korea in the
4:42 am
last day. what does it mean for upcoming nuclear talks? we'll talk to the white house national trade counsel director that guy peter navarro, he is next. brian: go ahead, parents, let your toddlers play outside without you. one state has made free range parent legal. good job. hey, kids, just go to school on your own. we are not driving you anymore. ♪ ♪
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4:45 am
liberty mutual insurance. steve: less than an hour ago president trump reacting to kim jong un's secret meeting with china in the last 48 hours. in a tweet he writes for years and through many administrations everybody said that peace and denuclearization of the korean peninsula was not even a small possibility. now there's a good chance that kim will do what's right for his people and for humanity. look toward to ou forward tour e
4:46 am
don't know when or where but we know it's coming. ainsley: on the heels of first major trade decan with south korea. here to break it down is director of the national trade council peter navarro. thank you for joining us. >> good morning one and all. ainsley: president has secured a trade deal with north korea aheasouth korea ahee nuclear talks. >> one of three trade deals in american history only behind nafta and china's entry into the wto. the fact that this innovative president could get a deal like, this what it means boots on the ground as the people who make light trucks and places like detroit can breathe a lot easier because those light trucks from korea aren't going to be dumped into the market. folks who make autos in michigan and the related states can also breathe easier because we're going to be able to sell a lot more cars to korea.
4:47 am
they have lifted some of their nontariff barriers. silicon valley in san diego where a lot of pharmaceuticals get made there is a key provision for innovative drugs that we can sell for medicinal purposes. and two other things really of note. one is that for the first time we have got a really solid subagreement that the treasury department has negotiated on currency. as you know, under valued currencies are used as very effective weapon to penetrate our markets. finally we put to rest any notion that the president is going to be letting any countries out of the steel and aluminum tariffs because the koreans have agreed to a very strict 70% quota on steel and agreed to the 10% tariffs on aluminum. so folks in places like granite city, illinois where we have steel factories reopening can breathe easier as well. this is historic. more jobs for men and women
4:48 am
in this country to make stuff with their hands. steve: i'm confused, peter, because i have been watching some of the channels, they said what is donald trump doing? he shouldn't be tangling in trade and tariffs. that's going to be a road of woe, but as it turns out now you are doing deals with people that people said you would never be able to do deals with. >> it is ironic that this is working out beautifully. i mean, we have had 30 years of globalization, which have destroyed the middle class, driven down wages along comes the president with the courage and vision to actually do something about it, guess what? he is actually doing something about it when the history books get written, this particular day, even though some of the papers buried this story on the back pages, this will be marked as a key day in american trade history because that korean deal. that went into effect in 2012. it was negotiated by obama and clinton. and we saw our trade deficit double. we didn't sell a single dollar's worth more of exports.
4:49 am
and every billion dollars that we lose in trade deficits. that 6,000 jobs that go offshore. and that's what donald trump is trying to turn around. and this deal is really a marker and will help us going forward with things like nafta and other negotiations. brian: it's a deal with an ally with a very liberal leader and he was willing to deal and the president got in there the next big challenge is china. can you characterize the chinese talks as progressing positively? >> well, let me say this about the korean relationship. what's beautiful about this deal is it strengthens our relationship with south korea both on the economic front as well as the national security front. so we're going to be presenting a united front. president trump is the commander-in-chief guiding the korean negotiations. with respect to china, it's just a fact that they stihl steal our intellectual property. when companies go to china they have to surrender that intellectual property.
4:50 am
this country is outraged about that. we are in negotiations but that's not my lane. that's ambassador robert lighthizer, the toughest, smartest guy i met in washington u. brian: peter, we hope to have you back here to announce a china trade deal. >> hopefully a great day. brian: peter navarro, thanks so much. ainsley: thanks, peter. steve: all right. coming up, the new york auto show shifts into high gear. we have a sneak peek live from the javits center coming up next. ♪ ♪ that's why my owner gives me k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. mosquitoes too? yep. kills all three through contact - no biting required. wish my owner knew about k9 advantix ii. ow! well...could be worse. -ooh. glorious.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
steve: all right. the new york international auto show set to kick off in two days. brian: and joining us right
4:54 am
now with a sneak peek from the javits center in new york is a man that will only be introduced by ainsley. ainsley: our friend mike caudill who knows everything about cars: that was my drum roll. good morning, mike. >> good morning. baseball kicks off tomorrow. today we are at javits center. last month 66% of all vehicles sold on the road were light trucks and suvs according to nada guides. so i really want to get to this vehicle right here. it's the all new lexus usf sport. and they launched the ux. this is a sport version. i love the exterior design of this vehicle. look for the pricing north of $30,000. this is kind of of that subcrossover utility market. but it's the interior that really sets this vehicle apart. you will get apple car play android auto and all those great tech features that you want inside your car. oof course they will be
4:55 am
packed with safety and technology as well. the next vehicle we are going to talk about is ready for this? the lincoln navigator? no, it's the aviator. just launched on monday here i went to the preview. this thing is beautiful. they are targeting the range recovery market with this exterior look of this vehicle. the interior is packed with comfort. true third row, ainsley. i know you love your suvs. this thing is a stunner. big aggressive wheels on it as well. i think this vehicle will be in that $40,000 category range. they haven't said it but i will put my number right in that area. g.m.c. launching the all new at 4 here. all about off road vehicles and trucks. this is their sierra. offroad vehicle come with 6.8 three liter va. they are looking to create offroad vehicle work hard to fight against the raptor that's in the marketplace. rapto suspension. interior provided things users are looking for.
4:56 am
click on lock button and lock those tires in for off-roading. toyota corolla hatch back is back. this is their new version, this is a hatch back low to the ground sporty stance. 2.0-liter motor under the hood. a nice touch screen and, of course, it's a toyota so it will be packed with a variety of safety features as well. kia showcasing their all new k 9 luxury sedan. making a bold statement saying hey guys we want to compete in the luxury statement. new front grill, new exterior describe interior get a variety of luxury features that make this vehicle a standup. i will close it out with one vehicle right here 3.26-million-dollar buoy gatti sport. this thing is a fire breathing dragon. 16 liters under the hood. this thing is awesome. a lot of stuff to see here in new york, you guys. steve: no kidding. what a car. mike caudill at the new york auto show. thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, mike.
4:57 am
a stunning admission from the fbi on the clinton email investigation. steve: plus you know her as state department spokesman used to be here on the program. heather nauert is going to be joining us in the next half hour or so ♪ the clock is ticking ♪ so stay . . when people ask me for whiter teeth, i always tell them the thicker the enamel,
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5:00 am
steve: the president has been speak out after an historic meeting between kim jong-un and the chinese president xi. >> meeting with kim jong-un went very well and he is looking forward to his meeting with me. >> one of the largest counties in california taking a stand, voting unanimously to join the trump administration lawsuit against the state's sanctuary laws. >> protecting americans first. that should be logic and reason. i hope other places follow suit. >> the census will ask if you're u.s. citizen. >> they're trying to scare people. this is and intimidation tactic. >> planned parenthood says quote, we need a disney princess who had an abortion.
5:01 am
>> you know what? we need a disney princess to tell young girls about the truth about the death lobby. >> you may have been a supreme court justice, and i may be just a small voice for freedom but you, sir, should be ashamed of yourself. ♪ ainsley: it is time to plan a summer vacation, go to a concert. easter in a few days. steve: do something fun. ainsley: i want to do something fun. summer is in the air. brian: what is the matter? have you not gone out in a while? ainsley: no. i'm a mom. i'm tying. steve: we have concert every friday during the summer on this program. ainsley: i know. brian: if florida georgia line watching we would like them to
5:02 am
appear. steve: they have been on the program. they premiered that particular song on this show. ainsley: sean hannity place that song on his radio show every day. steve: in the last hour or so president trump actually confirmed that kim jong-un did go to china. you see the picture right there. he is meeting with president xi. mr. xi apparently told mr. trump that the meeting went very well. ainsley: that is what is interesting too. leaves to go meet in china. he doesn't tell his people because he doesn't want to be a coup or uprising because they know he is not in the country this is wonderful of living in america. our president will to to other countries and we know his agenda. brian: we know sean penn would like to impeach the president. steve: if you like to look to
5:03 am
sean penn for advice. brian: although madonna did they were a couple together. try not to get me on track. kim jong-un hop ad train to china. why is this important. since 2011 he has not left the country. it fueled thoughts they were not getting along too well. think about it, kim jong un has two of the biggest meetings in his life. he has the south korean leader and president trump in may. why not meet with kim jong-un and president xi to maybe get the parameters. this is a question. if i get rid of my nuclear weapons, hypothetically, will you watch my back? how do i go back doing this? what should i ask for from the americans which i asked for from the south koreans? their objective is the same. china wants a north korea. we would like to see a unified peninsula but we don't necessarily need to have that. steve: right. brian: we just need a non-threat in north korea.
5:04 am
steve: what is interesting, there is news cording it tour spy agencies, north korea is firing up a reactor they're h they have been working on for years. mr. kim apparently buried the hatchet and went to china. the president tweeted this an hour ago. received message last night from xi in china. this meeting with kim jong-un went very well. kim is looking forward to meet with me. unfortunately maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all price. maximum pressure put on north korea in form of sanctions that to the us to this stage. everybody said that is what happened. it looks like. brian: no high fives, because ambassador bolton would tell us when he was a contributor, he had 401(k) we were matching his contribution, they promised to denuclearize before and they haven't. i think set perfect person to be there. i would love this from the north
5:05 am
koreans if they're watching right now. i don't know if they have cable. ainsley: they're not allowed. steve: they don't have electricity first you want a gesture, we'll not send jimmy carter or bill clinton if you want a gesture that is sincere let the people go? what are you doing with them to begin with? ainsley: after you hear the interview with otto warmbier's parents. you don't know what is happening. meantime go out to california because california as you know is sanctuary state. the sheriff in orange county says we don't want to be a part of that we want to follow federal laws. so she is joining the president. she is suing. they say that they don't want their county to have sanctuary status. steve: orange county board of supervisors voted 4-0 to join the department of justice suit against the state of california.
5:06 am
the attorney general says really? the sheriff will follow the law. they have to follow the state law, not the local law. will there be an arrest of the sheriff by the attorney general? the orange county sheriff kind of thinking that could happen. >> i'm doing what i think is important for my constituents. it is a public safety issue to me. it is not about immigration at all. >> right. >> it is about individuals who have committed violent crimes. i don't think i could sleep at night knowing that i had let somebody go and they go out to commit another crime. if he is going to arrest me, he better have some good charges, i'm going to get an attorney and i will fight it but i would be very surprised if mr. becerra decides to make a move like that and arrest a sitting sheriff for following the law just because he doesn't like what i'm doing? brian: between building the wall and reinforcing our border. between the sanctuary status and
5:07 am
california's insistence being different from the rest of the country, and now two other states will be supporting this move. the president wants to on urgings of the commerce department, to add on the census form which constitutionally has to be handed out every 10 years a box that says, check here if you're a citizen. why? it affects how much representatives, representation you get in washington, number one. how much medicaid money you get from the government. how much contributions you should get. i should know if there are students and green cards and if you're illegal. ainsley: what is the big deal. check yes or no, if you don't want to answer the question, you will not get caught if you don't want to answer it. what is the big deal? we want to know, you're a tax-paying citizen to pay taxes so everyone in this country can have roads, hospitals, whatever it is. steve: schools. ainsley: what is the big deal? how many forms do you fill out on yearly basis where it says
5:08 am
are you a citizen? do i all the time. brian: how many do illegals fill out? none. here is the media react to that. they see something sinister in that request. >> let's be realistic about this. do we think this is about getting an accurate view of the census and protecting voting rights? or is it to, in fact suppress minority voting. >> this is an administration that consistently tried to suppress voting rights. >> civil rights groups slamming the move saying it could significantly reduce responses fromp immigrants fearing deportation. >> answering the question could potentially throwing off federal funding. >> critics say this is about intimidating immigrants. potentially undercount and could cause a loss of congressional seats. >> what do you say to critics that say this is a way to ultimately target immigrants?
5:09 am
steve: as the media loses their senses, that is funny banner. apparently in the year 2000, on long form census bureau form they actually asked are you a citizen, check that. that was in 2000. michelle malkin who was on with us about 90 minutes ago had this pertinent observation what is going on. >> only in america does a country get sued for asking who is is in it. it is complete insanity. only in america do you have sworn politicians who have taken an oath of office to uphold the laws and constitution of this country out there lambasting the trump administration for asking a very sim is pell question. what this is about is about power. more people, more seats. if you can count illegal aliens as part of that it is no illegal alien left behind. that is what we're really talking about here. brian: california has a huge
5:10 am
problem for illegals. they're going to push back on the census. they got about 20 to 25, 25 states will suing the government to get rid of that question on the census. ainsley: if they all want the criminal illegals to live in their communities you were pointing out earlier, look at the map, several counties are pulling away from it. theism legals will not go there anymore. maybe they're getting their wish. all those criminal illegals will go to their areas because they will not get caught. brian: talk about illegal, jill mele is here legally. jillian: i will not confirm or deny. steve: we did a criminal background check. you belong here. jillian: good morning to you. get you caught up starting with the fox news alert. an illegal immigrant son the run after escaping from i.c.e. agents at the airport, hopping in a taxi, driving away. this happened overnight at jfk airport in new york.
5:11 am
agents say he made a run for it after they took off his handcuffs as they were going through security. the man was previously arrested on a weapons charge. breaking overnight, protesters crashing a sacramento city hall meetings overshooting death of stefon clark. [shouting] >> that is his brother jumping on podium in front of the san francisco mayor. they want him charged and fired and charged. a man breaking car windows. they claim he had a gun. but only a phone was found. both officers are on leave. closing arguments expected in the trial of the pulse terrorist widow. her attorney's claim she was an innocent victim, not an accomplice. prosecutors say she knewher husband's deadly plans and did
5:12 am
nothing to stop it. the mateen killed 49 people in his isis inspired attack in june of 2015. saloman faces up to life in prison. she sent the men's ncaa tournament on fire. now she is lighting up the sports merchandise world. the 98-year-old bobblehead is not out yet but the best-seller at hall of fame bobblehead store. this is rendering. loyola chicago made bobbleheads in 2011. they are being sold for 300 bucks on ebay. they face michigan saturday in the final four. 300 bucks. >> she was asked regarding basketball. you know what i gave up for lent? losing? that is why they're in the finals. so far it is working. ainsley: she is the chaplain, right? jillian: 98 years old. amazing. steve: thank you very much, jillian. the video is insane.
5:13 am
state trooper stops for a drive, a out of control car sends him flying into another car. he survived and lived to tell the story. you will hear that coming up. brian: facebook rocked by a scandal. now a critic of the company. ♪ definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how. every great why and i'm mike tryon. and this is our sears hometown store.
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♪ steve: facebook founder mark zuckerberg caving to pressure to testify before congress as lawmakers demand answers about the social network's privacy scandal and the misuse of data for up to 50 million users. that number could actually be bigger than that early facebook investor and mark zuckerberg mentor roger mcnamee joins us from silicon valley. roger, good morning to you. >> pleasure to be here. steve: facebook is in big trouble. >> well, steve, the problem we've got here that they have a business model of advertising and in order to get advertising to work you have to have people's attention and facebook has figured out this really clever way. they have 2.1 billion individual channels, one for each user, and they figured out how to
5:18 am
manipulate people's emotions to make the ads more valuable. the problem was they collected every piece of data from everybody. they were not honest what they were collecting or what they were doing with it. that is what the whole battle is about. it is not just the cambridge analytica stuff. the news broke this past weekend that if you have facebook ton an android phone, all of your facebook, sorry, all of your android data is now in facebook. that is half of all adult americans. that's a really, really huge problem. and zuckerberg needs to testify, he needs to tell us all the things that people have, because there are probably tens of thousands of applications that may have done that kind of harvesting the same way cambridge did. steve: right. >> they need to get out there to tell us how they will prevent this in the future and how they will protect us from the things of consequences in the past? >> absolutely. roger, there are stories that maybe your facebook app is listening to you through your
5:19 am
smartphone. you have to be wary of that. if you have a lawyer that download as apps, you read the terms of service agreement we would know facebook is essentially entitled to all of our stuff on there, people are in a hurry, yeah, i will do that. now we know the peril! >> steve, they signed a consent decree with the federal trade commission because this is not the first time this came up. in 2011 they were told they had to have what is known in the legal trade was informed consent. they had to make it really obvious. they did not do that the reality you shouldn't have to read 20 pages of boilerplate what you're signing up for. that part is not honest. what i've been begging them to do since 2016 to recognize they have an obligation at the scale they're at, they have so much power they have to wield it appropriately. and that -- we had a breakdown in that. what i would have encourage everybody to do is go into your settings, see what they know about you, but also be really
5:20 am
careful about what you're doing on social media because at the moment these companies, it is not just facebook. issues -- steve: google. >> google, twitter, other places they have to be more careful because these companies right now are doing a terrible job of self-regulation. steve: no kidding. here is personal question, roger, do you have facebook? >> yes. in fact here's the thing. i love facebook as an application, steve. this whole thing really bothers me because i've spent 35 years helping tech companies grow. i was so proud of facebook. i love the app. everybody does. it is a really cool thing. it frustrates me enormously that my friends have gotten off track and they aren't taking responsibility for something that they alone can fix. steve: exactly. with great power comes great responsibility. they forgot about that. roger mcthat me who has been a mentor to mark zuckerberg.
5:21 am
>> thanks for having me. steve: one former supreme court justice calling for repeal of the second amendment. the president is up and tweeting about that. crtv rant nation host, army combat vet grant allen is next. and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
ainsley: we're back with some quick headlines. people in west virginia will soon be required to work if they want food stamps. the bill signed into law by republican governor jim justice, it goes into effect on october 1st. the residents will have to work or volunteer for at least 20 hours a week. people with disabilities, parents with dependent children, pregnant women and veterans will being exempt from that. >> kids out in utah can play in a park and walk to school without parental supervision. it is all part of the new free
5:25 am
range kids. it's a law that redefines neglect so that children can be unsupervised in certain situations without their parents being charged. it is meant to teach kids self-reliance and problem solving. brian you love that story. brian: i want to talk about that because a lot of people think the kids are, too many helicopter parents. let's change gears. retired supreme court justice, john paul stevens, three names, one man, 97 years old, weighing back into politics, calling for repeal of the second amendment. the president firing back the second amendment will be repealed as much as democrats like to see that happen and despite the words yesterday of supreme court justice stevens, no way. we need more republicans in 2018 and must always hold the supreme court. steve: our next guest fired up about that. grant allen. host of rant nation on crtv. good morning to you, grant. >> thanks for having me, guys. steve: back in the day the
5:26 am
founding fathers could never forecast the advancement of technology in weapons. you see a parallel, don't you? >> you're trying to get me, get me upset already. that is one of my favorite things to hear people say, oh, graham, the founding fathers couldn't imagine we have automatic weapons or some people call full semiautomatic, made up term in the first place. that is slippery slope. if you believe the founding fathers were not intelligent enough to believe, hundreds of years in technology we wouldn't have advances in weaponry as well you're not paying attention. if you go down that road, what about the first amendment? surely the founding fathers didn't know we would have newspapers, internet, blogs, blogs, twitter, facebook, mass distributions of technology, so maybe your first amendment rights should be talked about as well? it is very dangerous thing that we're doing right now, very dangerous. ainsley: yeah, so, this is ludicrous, isn't it? it is not going to happen.
5:27 am
2/3 of congress would have to agree and ratified by 38 states. >> biggest thing that needs to be said right now to americans, because it is something i don't hear enough, it bothers me the most, that our rights and our freedoms as americans are not up for debate. they're just not. those are our rights, our freedoms. estimated 1.3 million veterans lost their lives defending those rights and freedoms. the second we go into discussions of, maybe we should, maybe we should take those away? maybe it is too much. brian: people say like this, for example, when you get out of a car, there is buzzer that says check the rear seat. so many well-meaning parents left their kids in the car. when you go to with airbags, when you drive a car you might be able to survive. if there are things could be done with the second amendment to make it safer, are you for that? >> adding an expanding on a
5:28 am
freedom is completely different than having conversation that reduce as right and a freedom. i don't think anyone is against having conversations of, how can we expand or improve or add to freedoms that we already have. when you start having discussions that take away, that is when you're going down the wrong path. ainsley: whether it comes to gun control what are you for? >> i believe that there is a problem in the system of background checks. i believe that we should be having discussions on improving that. but, again, that is not the nra's fault. that is not law-abiding gun owners fault. i think it is 38% of states only report 80% of their felonies into the system in the first place. we wonder how the people passing background checks. steve: correct. >> it is entire system problem. steve: graham, you agree with the president, solution regarding what happened with parkland is harden the schools? >> yes. i can't even go to an airport
5:29 am
with a tootsie roll in my pocket without somebody having questions but yet these, these people that have these ill intentions to harm others can just get into a school, walk around like they still are in the school, with weapons on them in the first place. i don't think anyone is arguing the fact, how can we protect our children better. how can we protect our churches better. hospitals better. no one is arguing that. ainsley: everyone is for that. >> absolutely. brian: the president is for raising the age on rifles. he was open to that. he got big pushback on rifles like handguns going to 21? >> that is very dangerous slope. if you're old enough to fight in the military fight in a war with higher power capacity weapons. brian: exemptions for people in the military? >> no. it is a very dangerous slope. if 18 is too young to own a rifle, how long before conversations, maybe 18 is too young to vote?
5:30 am
too young to drink. steve: a lot of them. graham, thank you very much for joining us. ainsley: thank you, graham. steve: that is pretty good rant as rants go. >> appreciate it very much. steve: we're switching gears. the video is insane. look at this. state trooper stops to help a stranded driver. a car hits him and he did survive. you will hear from him coming up. ainsley: plus our president gave a big update on kim jong-un, his meeting in china, what happens now. the state department's act undersecretary of state and public diplomacy and public affairs, heather nauert our friend, will join us next. ♪ for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. stimulant laxatives make your body go
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5:34 am
white house. let's bring someone who is near there. heather nauert, acting undersecretary of state for diplomacy and affairs. she was a "fox & friends" anchor. welcome back. ainsley: don't you miss his humor? >> i miss you guys every morning and brian making me laugh at 3:00 a.m. brian: we had very similar personalities. heather, congratulations on elevation. hopefully we get rid of the acting and get it full time. >> thank you. brian: it is historic. even if you were here you noticed that for kim jong-un to hop on a train and go to beijing, can you give us an idea what the briefing was like that the president got yesterday? >> let me start off saying what unprecedented, really historic step this is. this is indication that the president's maximum pressure campaign is working, a lot of countries around the world coming together and recognizing the destablizing threat north korea poses not just on the region but on the entire
5:35 am
world. we think without this maximum pressure campaign this kind of thing wouldn't be happening. tremendously pleased to see president xi of china reaching out to president trump yesterday. telling north korea reaffirmed to denuclearization of korea. united states looks to have a talk with kim jong-un about the future of his country, better future for his people. ainsley: interesting kim jong-un got on his train. he is the dictator. get on a train to go to china to go to that territory. what does that say about the power? >> the power of, the power china? china holds an incredible amount of leverage over north korea as the central trading partner. so getting on the train, going over there, is certainly a step in the right direction, an unprecedented step. this is the fist time that he has been out of north korea since he was elevated to this position of leader. that is since 2011. that is pretty incredible. steve: that is incredible.
5:36 am
heather, i know president xi told president trump the meeting went very well. did president xi have a personal message for the president from kim jong-un? >> well, china is an important strategic partner nor the united states. we've done a lot of work with china. not to say that we agree on everything. we certainly have our areas of disagreement but on this one china has backed the united states at the united nations and in sanctions as well. we look forward to working with china and getting a more fulsome readout what happened in the meeting yesterday. we'll see. we'll learn more as the days come. steve: fair enough. brian: let's change gears. we talked about russia, expects retaliation. their foreign minister lavrov yesterday after even nato joined in late yesterday. they're throwing out some diplomats. so the retaliation for the nerve gas attack, what is the, what do you guys brace for? >> well look, i'm not going to get ahead of what russia might end up doing.
5:37 am
what russia needs to do, i can say this, russia needs to stop this kind of behavior. we've seen it in the uk. we've seen them responsible for killing thousands and thousands of innocent civilians in syria. we've seen what russia has done in ukraine as well. so russia needs to stop its actions. these are again unprecedented steps, kicking out 60 diplomats out of the united states. more than 150 -- pardon me. i called them diplomats. they are spies. they operated under false diplomatic cover using the generosity of the united states and other countries around the world. 150 spies have kicked out many allies countries that will make the world safer. hopefully we won't see anymore action like they have taken in the uk. steve: we kicked out 60 spies. >> yeah. steve: the world kicked out 100. could there be another round? russia says, we didn't do that stuff!
5:38 am
>> that is what russia always does. russia always denies responsibility for its behavior but we have proof. the brits have proof. we have proof what they are doing in syria, of tens of thousands of people they are responsible for killing. we see their planes. we see their forces. we see their weapons. we know what they are up to. they can deny it all they want but we know exactly what they are up to. we have their number. steve: got the goods. ainsley: many say the iran deal is on life-support. president has not been in favor of it. former secretary of state john kerry is warning against leaving the iran deal speaking to world affairs council in villanova university. quote, if we pull back what they have done, it will be 30 years before another president will sit down with the iranians to negotiate. then we will be back on track if something goes wrong with confrontation. what is your reaction? >> i guess i would ask what has the iran deal exactly gotten us? we've seen iran is responsible for arming the houthi rebels in
5:39 am
yemen. they by the way shooting off ballistic missiles at our strategic partner, saudi arabia, making them unsafe. we've seen iran's destablizing actions in syria, just like russia, responsible for tens of thousands of innocent civilians being killed. wee have seen their horrific actions around the world. that iran nuclear deal did not make the world safer in that regard. it did not stop iran from all the horrible actions. this president decided to look at iran through the totality of its bad behavior. not through the lens of a nuclear deal. he looks at destablizing activities of iran. we'll see what ends up happening. president has until may the 12th to decide what he wants to do. i can tell you from the state department we have lots of talks with our allies overseas, the french, germans, brits, you name it. they understand too that iran is responsible for terrible behavior. they also share our concerns about that. brian: so you might have new boss at state department if
5:40 am
confirmation goes correct, it will be mike pompeo. can you bring us inside of his visit yesterday? >> director pompeo has been spending time over here at the state department in preparation for his confirmation hearings. this is what is typically done when somebody is a secretary-designate. he came in the building yesterday. i was pleased to see him. i had a chance to chat with him. he says he is not looking back if he becomes the secretary of state. i don't want to get ahead of the senate. he is looking forward to sit down with my colleagues at the state department so to see what is important to them. he recognizes professionalism and patriotism of people in this building. he looks forward to putting a public face on the state department, explaining u.s. diplomacy not just here in the united states but overseas as well. we look forward to having him. hopefully the senate will confirm him. brian: heather, how heavy is the binder that you take to the podium? looks like every course i took in high school. how heavies it?
5:41 am
>> it is unwieldy. it is about 10 pounds. janice dean was visiting me when you were in washington. she picked it up. we'll see if we pare it down. steve: how many times have we said heather nauert with the news. ainsley: we're proud of. >> thank you. we're praying for janice dean and watching her what she is going through. wanted to extend our prayers and thoughts with janice and your whole family up there. steve: that is so nice to you. we hope to have janice back in the next day or two. i think she is taking off next week on vacation anyway. >> yes, i might be seeing her. steve: there you go. thanks very much, heather. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: good morning to guys, to you at home as well. fbi admitting being too slow providing thousands of documents related to the hillary clinton email and russian
5:42 am
investigations. director christopher wray will double staff reviewing records addressed by the house judiciary committee. the attorney general is angry how slow the process has moved when it comes to requests from congress to the fbi. look at this. a trooper is slammed by a car and sent flying into the air. the terrifying moments all caught on dash-cam. whoa, that is, utah sergeant cade branch trying to help a stranded driver. the father of foursome how survived with broken bones. >> i watched the video. i watched it a couple times. i truly believe miracles do happen. >> the trooper says he forgives the woman who hit him. in the name of the father, the son and holy -- i will explain. the suspect doing the sign of the cross before breaking into a store in new york. he use as brick to smash the
5:43 am
glass door and snatches clothes and runs away. police hope the surveillance video will help them catch the allegedly religious criminal. those are your headlines. steve: he did the father, son and holy ghost before he went in? ainsley: he knew what he was doing is wrong. jillian: regardless. breaking in because he was stealing. steve: maybe he was praying he doesn't get caught. ainsley: maybe he will ask for forgiveness. steve: thank you, jillian. ainsley: planned parenthood has a suggestion for disney. they should get a princess who gets an abortion. brian: do you dread hearing from your boss after work hours? meet the lawmaker who wants to make unplugging the law of the land. you could get fined or she could get fined for emailing you after work. how is that? ♪
5:44 am
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♪ steve: here is an interesting story a lot of people are talking about this morning. an affiliate of planned parenthood from pennsylvania, they on their social media, on their twitter, they came up with a tweet yesterday they have since taken down. but nonetheless they were trying to change the backstory for the typical disney princess to kind of tell their story. brian: i like the one where the princess meets their prince charming and they live happily ever after. is there an amendment to that? ainsley: they want there to be. this is what they would like. they say we need a disney princess that has an abortion. brian: oh. ainsley: we need a disney princess that is pro-choice. brian: oh. ainsley: we need a disney princess who is undocumented immigrant. brian: on the run? ainsley: we need a disney princess who is union worker. brian: hard-hat. ainsley: we need a disney princess who's trans. brian: no comment. steve: after that they thought better of it because they did get some blow back.
5:48 am
brian: wonder why? >> planned parenthood in this statement, we understand the seriousness of the point we were trying to make was not appropriate for the subject matter and the context. we removed the tweet. brian: michelle malkin has a opinion on this. hit play. >> that is what the planned parenthood goals have become. you know what? we need a disney princess to tell young girls and women the truth about the death lobby, about people like margaret sanger, who was the godmother of planned parenthood who advocated eugenics. the other basic point about this, can we leave disney princesses alone? does everything have to be the realm of political correctness? steve: exactly right. i was looking online. i saw that somebody tweeted back at them, planned parenthood, planned parenthood has murdered three million disney princesses in the last 10 years. what do you think? you can email us or tweet us or facebook us. we read it all day long. ainsley: disney, we reached out to them. they did not send a comment back.
5:49 am
brian: lines are too long. steve: still ahead on this wednesday, do you dread hearing from your boss after work hours? meet the new york lawmaker who wants to make unplugging the law of the land here in new york. brian: bill hemmer, if you write him at he will not return your email. he shuts down. see you on radio later. >> see you then and hear you then too, 24/7. good morning. is the north korean summit one step closer? latest on the white house coming up on that. a fair question on a national census after all. plus the fbi is told to get a move on giving congress answers. have you changed your facebook habits this week? alan dershowitz on the real legal issues facing the president. he will analyze them all so you can understand them as of today. come join sondra and me. ten minutes, guys, see you at top of the hour.
5:50 am
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♪ >> i'm sorry. i have to take this. hello, mir rapped today? >> my flight has been canceled. some absurd weather problem. i need to get home tonight. the twins have recital tomorrow morning at school. >> what? >> at school. >> absolutely. let me see what i can do. brian: good. do you ever wish your boss wouldn't bother you with emails especially in movies, when they call you're off the clock? there is proposed law here in new york that would make it illegal to do so. steve: we have the new york city councilmember behind the right to disconnect bill. he joins us live. rafael, good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. steve: what are you suggesting? >> i'm suggesting you as an
5:54 am
employee have the right to decide whether or not you want to take on a call from the boss or from the office after the you leave the office. we are busy new yorkers. we know we work around the clock but we also have to take time to spend time with our families, decompress and studies have shown, if you give your employee time to take a break, they will perform better when they go to work the next day. steve: okay. brian: in the devil wore prada, that is issue, that is a movie, in real life, you're trying to say have a balance but can you legislate a balance? there is 250-dollars fine if a boss calls you afterward. you have democratic support. how do you legislate balance? >> it is about holding the employer accountable. the bill says, if the employ hear ass, requires or retaliates against the employee, then the employee can make a complaint to the city. the city will investigate to see whether it is valid.
5:55 am
steve: once or twice is no big deal but if they keep doing it? >> can't call, you text, you email. it is about you having the right to say no. ainsley: i don't know how i feel about it, we need to put our phones down, spend more time with our kids but at same time if they're putting food on the table allowing us to feed our kids, don't they have the right to hear from us? don't we should pick up the phone? >> we spend a lot of hours in the office. if there are pressing matters they can be taken during that point. because of technology, digital age is encroaching into our personal lives. ainsley: what made you want to do this? was someone complain. steve: something happened. >> maybe my girlfriend couldn't spend much time because she was on the phone no. i'm concerned for families and people that can't read a book to them because they are on the phone. steve: doing some work at the next day, you can do it night before. >> that is your decision.
5:56 am
steve: your decision, if you decide to do it, you're okay? >> you're okay. brian: chance much it passing? >> i can't say right now. with support of my colleagues and overall support of people overwhelming support of this we have good chances. brian: it is whether the government should do it. maybe an agreement with your boss? steve: rafael, thank you very much for explaining the law. >> thank you. steve: we'll step aside. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. ♪ you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray relieves 6 symptoms... claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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>>ancely >> tomorrow we're celebrating opening day for baseball. >> baseball! >> bill: breaking news and kim jong-un meeting with the chinese president in his first foreign trip as a north korean leader and pyongyang may be ready to talk about giving up nukes. i'm bill hemmer live "america's newsroom." what does the american president say in return. >> sandra: good morning to you, bill. i'm sandra smith. we have new reaction from the white house in regards to the meeting. kim jung's outreach comes ahead of a planned summit between the north korean leader and president trump in may. the commander-in-chief saying he re


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