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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 29, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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nothing to laugh about. "fox and friends first" continues right now. i will see you here tomorrow. goodbye. jillian: thursday, march 29th. too close for comfort, shocking text messages show possible coordination among the fbi and the cia and top democrats in the trump russia probe. a brand-new investigation just launched a. rob: white house shakeup part 3. the person who made headlines for touting the president's health. >> the opportunity to get to know him and examine him, tabloid psychiatry. >> he could be getting a big promotion is another member of the president's cabinet is fired. >> how could you have voted for him? >> he talked about jobs, said he would shake things up. >> have you looked at the news, now things are worse. >> not on the real news.
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jillian: donald trump drinking cup rosanne to congratulate him on great ratings on the reboot. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ rob: still dark out there. in midtown this morning, we have stories on that. we will talk about other things. it is 5 am on the east coast. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. the fbi and doj under
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investigation for alleged pfizer abuses in the russia probe. >> text messages between peter stzrok and lisa page suggest coordination between the intel community and the obama administration. >> reporter: doj inspector general michael horowitz is reviewing what the justice department and fbi knew when they asked the federal court to let them spy on carter page's communications. page was an advisor to donald trump. republicans on the house intelligence committee say when federal investigators went to the pfizer court they didn't tell the court the dossier used to help make their case was financed in part by democrats. >> they were penalized to some degree the intelligence services. by using foreign intelligence surveillance apparatus in this country to go and target the
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opposition campaign is totally unacceptable. >> fbi and doj officials to disclose the dossier with a political document and caused a distraction. jerry says this subpoena is intended to speed that production to pivot the discussion to hillary clinton and diver attention from the chaos around the trump administration's allegations around the trump campaign. now to those texts, congressional investigators tell fox news newly uncovered text messages between peter stzrok and lisa page suggest coordination between officials of the obama white house, cia, fbi, justice department, and democratic leadership in the russia collusion investigation. here is an example, quote, make sure you can lawfully protect what you sign, thinking about congress etc. you know better than me. and fbi director james comey
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said that harry reid called him and told him we would be sending a letter. those point out the cia and fbi are supposed to be nonpolitical independent agencies, they want an independent investigator. >> this is a big development, a big story. donald trump has long railed against what he calls partisanship at the fbi. molly hemingway at the federalist said that is the reason the doj is slow to give congress required documents in this case. >> not sure people understand how bad the department of justice and fbi have been complying with document requests in the house and senate and not just that they failed to turn over documents but when they do they reject material materially relevant information and slow walking everything.
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it is serious problem congress should be taking more seriously. holding hearings to humiliate public officials who are not complying with constitutional oversight, flashing budgets to get people's attention. this inspector general is a good first and small step toward regaining credibility for federal law enforcement. >> congress waiting on 1 million documents from the inspector general 2016 election probe. big changes courtesy of donald trump, the commander-in-chief firing the secretary and nominating white house physician ronnie jackson to replace him. a loan obama holdover in the cabinet in hot water for overseas trips as americans recognize vietnam war veterans day today was the president of the last year. the leadership shuffle at the va is the third change in donald from's cabinet all of which said the media into a frenzy. byron york, chief political correspondent at the washington examiner says the president
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should be praised, aligned with his promise to fight for our veterans. >> this is one of those non-surprises but you have to view it in the context of a particular issue. fixing the va was one of the big campaign promises and it had a sacred obligation feel to it in the sense that these were people who serve the country and being forced to wait for months for treatments, dying before they can get treatment. and obama holdover, they make some progress and make it easier to fire poor performing employees but on the other hand some trouble over this trip to europe, taxpayer paid, involved a lot of sightseeing and growing conflicts between conservative trump appointees who disagree with them over a number of issues like having climate care for veterans and things like that so it simply didn't work out and this is one of the president's most important
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campaign promises. jillian: this follows the firing of rex tillotson as secretary of state and the replacement of hr mcmaster is the national security advisor. rob: brand-new pictures of what is done to secure the southern border. these photos showing progress on a replacement border wall in calexico, california. it has been planned since 2009 during the obama administration, not part of the president's promised border wall. the white house senior advisor double down on the approved $1.6 billion budget. >> a down payment ensuring we have border wall fencing and new construction is critical, you're talking 10% increase in ice funding to ensure our national security is taken care of and that the wall is being built, that is a promise the president
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is giving. rob: 380 sheriffs sent a letter demanding funding for the wall and a end to sanctuary policies. breaking overnight north and south korean leaders setting a date for a historic summit, the two sides will meet on april 27th, the first time since 2007 as brand-new photos show what it is like a board kim jong un's armored train he took into beijing to meet with the chinese president earlier this week promising to denuclearize ahead of the meeting with donald trump. the commander-in-chief has total faith that kim will denuclearize before the meeting which does not yet have a date. jillian: teresa may thinking donald trump are standing with the uk against russia and expelling 60 diplomats from the us, russia is fighting back, the
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former spy and his daughter who were poisoned at the front door. jillian turner has the latest development. >> we know the russians did it, the united states administration knows the russians did it. >> reporter: despite what the british ambassador calls overwhelming evidence russia continues to deny poisoning of force by living in the uk. the kremlin is turning the story on its life and accusing the british government of carrying out the attack themselves pointing the blame at british intelligence services, quote, convincing evidence to the contrary, not presented to the russian side. we will consider we are dealing with the attempt on the lives of our citizens as a result of a massive political provocation. in a fox news exclusive the bridge ambassador insists these russian accusations aren't worthy of response. >> we put out everything we need to demonstrate our conviction. >> reporter: the state department agrees with british
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intelligence. >> russia denies responsibility for its behavior but we have proof. >> reporter: 25 nations from across the globe followed the us lead and for status and implement in a show of solidarity. the support and friendship of the us and donald trump means the most to britain. >> a great demonstration, we are enormously appreciative of what the president has done, the decisiveness he showed. >> reporter: the bridge ambassador insists the drama will strengthen the relationship between britain and the united states going forward. donaldson will need all the support he can muster should he agreed to a meeting with vladimir putin in the spring which the kremlin wants to pursue. rob: donald trump is taking his infrastructure pitch to ohio to push the much-needed overhaul, expected to address a crowd of
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heavy machine operators and industrial engineers. the trump administration passing a $1.5 trillion rebuilding package that can add thousands of jobs, the president once to speed up the environmental review process to get those projects done faster. jillian: you know what today is? the wait is over for baseball fans, opening-day is finally here. the first time every single major league team play on opening day since 1968 but not going to happen. the matchup is postponed due to the weather and also marks the earliest opening-day ever. the marlins play the day's first game for a pitch at 12:30 eastern. that means spring and warm weather and beer and fun. rob: we had beer all winter. 11 minutes after the hour. the hunt for a violent escaped illegal immigrant intensifying. how he managed to slip away as
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he was being taken out of the country. jillian: savage ms 13 gang finding sanctuary in a liberal state. our next guest, a former lieutenant is playing catch-up is costing lives. rob: the whole adult thing too much for millennials? they can try their eyes, brand-new class teaching them how to grow up. ♪ breathe freely fast with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! i can breathe again! vicks sinex... breathe on.
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jillian: tucker carlson getting into a heated debate with former hillary clinton campaign director of the democratic party platform. >> democrats are in the mainstream of youth when it comes to guns and immigration
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and abortion. >> do you think the government should take guns from law-abiding people? >> there should be an assault weapons ban. >> everyone watching liberals and conservatives acknowledge it's only fair question, why is it not a fair question? because you don't want to answer it? >> reporter: claim tucker was not being sincere and his questions were designed to set her up. hawaii could be home to a statue honoring barack obama. is calling for an art advisory committee to be formed to select a location, reviewed the lines and select an artist, not known how the statue would be funded. he was born in honolulu in 1961, the state capital. rob: the return of roseann racking up major ratings and getting approval from the president. >> jackie, would you like to take a knee? thank you for making america
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great again. rob: new york times reporting donald trump called the star thanking her for making the character a trump supporter, a novel idea in hollywood these days and congratulating her on the revival's success but roseann may be eyeing the president's job telling -- the president to run is not off the table. she ran his green party candidate in 2012. with the award show and celebrities so outwardly political today and mostly against the president and his administration arkansas governor mike oka be says this show is a breath of fresh air. >> they really want to go to the diversity let them do a show in which real trump voters are portrayed. i'm talking evangelical voters who are pro-life, pro-biblical marriage, people who are very family oriented but this was refreshing to see somebody who
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wasn't portrayed as a complete nutcase who was sick and tired of getting run over by coastal elites and about to be a wake-up call to the entertainment industry but i doubt they will still get it. rob: the white house weighing and codirector of social media tweeting his congratulations writing so awesome. jillian: jim carrey added again. rob: a painting of eric and donald trump junior who are big game hunters. jillian: marking the president and his family. he also made these images of donald trump and sarah sanders. rob: we asked what you thought of the comedian's work, nick tweet platini's mental health, hasn't started in movies in 2014 it is struggling, if he doesn't like it here he can go back to canada. jillian: just like david letterman, jim carrey is no
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longer funny, quite lame and pathetic to boot. greg wright i would like to see his self reflection. i'm sure that would be messy. >> 18 minutes after the hour. families of nonelected and -- 9/11 victims closer to justice, opens the way for saudi arabia's government to be held accountable for the attacks. jillian: susan rice is getting a new gig, netflix just in time to join her former boss, social media sounding off about this one. ♪
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rob: donald trump taking to twitter to defend the second amendment one day after john paul stevens called for its repeal. is that even a possibility? jillian: philip of the washington examiner, thank you for joining us. is it possible? >> i think john paul stevens is secretly a gop plant. his suggestion to repeal the second amendment to undo the right to keep and bear arms is not going to happen. there is not enough support to get this off the ground. in fact his suggestion makes so-called common sense gun control laws even less likely because what this does, it stirs up the conservative base and gives gunowners a reason to go to the polls this november and a reason to vote republican. rob: vindicates the nra position they are trying to take
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everybody's guns. look how hard this would be to get done if somebody decided to go for the moon and try to get rid of guns altogether. option a would be the congressional amendment route and that would take both chambers and a 2 thirds majority. that in itself would be nearly impossible. the second step would be 3 fourths of state legislatures to ratify the amendment. option b, the state legislature route, a constitutional convention and 3 fourths of state legislatures ratify any proposed amendment. those are very aggressive. the idea of getting that done would be tough. >>'s eighth grade civics shows this isn't possible. assume for a moment every single democrat in the house and senate lined up behind the proposed constitutional amendment to undo
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the second amendment you would still need 97 house, 19 senate republicans to switch sides. that is not going to happen and you would need 2 thirds of state legislatures to sign off on that. assuming all 20 of the blue states that went for hillary clinton line up behind a proposed amendment, still need 18 red states. no matter how you cut this dumbass doesn't work. jillian: a hypothetical, i see this conversation being different 5 or 10 years down the road, kids want their voices heard, they are marching, experiencing a lot of things in schools nowadays that we haven't. what do you think this conversation will be like? >> you hit the nail on the head because that is what john paul stevens was saying in this
2:26 am
op-ed. maybe he was trying to help republicans keep the majority but he is talking to those kids who showed up on saturday and those kids are going to grow up to be lawyers, politicals, grassroots and community activists. he's planting a germ saying we need to be straightforward. the way to do away with gun violence is getting away with the second amendment and that could grow into a movement executive two from now and this would be a serious conversation that we have later. >> called a relic of the 18th-century. we will see how this develops. thank you for coming on this morning. >> 26 minutes after the hour, a bombshell in the postma club massacre, disney world, chilling details just revealed about what made him change his mind. rob: students could be forced to
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to grow your business with us in new york state, visit rob: the hunt for this violent immigrant intensifying, police identifying the deportees as being from senegal. he broke ice custody in new york tuesday and sped away in a taxicab, i spent 90 minutes looking for him. he has been arrested 10 times in the united states on charges including abduction and sexual abuse. in exchange student accused of threatening to shoot up his high school. police in pennsylvania stopping him after another student tipped off school officials. he said he was joking but when
2:31 am
officers searched his home they found a military ballistic vest, crossbow, ammunition in school he should ipad showing searches for ak-47s and ar 15s. he is charged with making terrorist threats. jillian: jurors to liberate the fate of paul's quite like them shooter for the second day after prosecutors reveal omar mateen wanted to open fire at disney world, he was spooked by police officers and targeted the orlando club instead. he is charged with obstruction of justice and supporting a terrorist organization. doors asked to review her confession with her defense argues was coerced. families of september 11th victims closer to justice, a judge rejecting saudi arabia's bid to dismiss lawsuits claiming it helped plan a terrorist attack, plaintiffs include business owners, insurers and
2:32 am
victim seeking billions in damages arguing the government is liable for two saudi citizens who help two attackers acclimate in the us. rob: new orleans mayor receiving the john f. kennedy profile encourage award for moving confederate statues, one removed in the dead of night. president kennedy as grandson saying the move is an opportunity to recommit ourselves to founding principles of equality and justice. all four are removed despite fierce legal challenges. >> big changes courtesy of donald trump after the firing of david schalk and. >> the president's physician is ready to assume the mantle and give our military the care they deserve. lauren blanchard has more on that. >> another member of that from administration freshening up their resume. this time it is the secretary of
2:33 am
veterans affairs david schalk and who is out. another shuffle at the white house, the president we'ding rear admiral ronnie jackson is his nominee to be the new secretary of its formative veterans affairs, jackson far-off questions about the president's physical and mental health. >> assessments about the president, get the opportunity to know him and examine him and not tabloid psychiatry. >> reporter: the man shown the door, david schalk and, the only obama administration holdover and donald trump's cabinet found himself in hot water on spending over trips overseas. from on capitol hill hope to block jackson's confirmation. the simple truth is sultan was fired because he opposed donald trump have extreme privatization agenda. is ulster adds to a growing list of officials rooted from the trump white house.
2:34 am
rex tillotson and hr mcmaster, wednesday communications director hope hicks's last full day at the white house. >> trump is picking a cabinet he wants, when he was elected, put into office did his best job putting together a cabinet but now that he's been there a while he wants to pick people he works well with. >> reporter: until jackson can be confirmed robert wilkie will serve as acting secretary of the va. lauren blanchard, fox news. rob: donald trump promising to take out the savage ms 13 game since the beginning. >> we are going to destroy the criminal cartel ms 13. to any member of ms 13 listening i have a message for you. we will find you, we will arrest you, we will jail you. rob: this got so much talk on
2:35 am
the campaign trail but despite efforts to eradicate this violent gang members are finding safe havens in liberal cities that have adopted sanctuary policies and become hostile towards immigration and custom enforcement. here to weigh in on this is former lieutenant with the las vegas metro police, thank you for joining us, you're an important person to talk to because we just had a number of arrests in las vegas for murders happening there as it appears this game is trying to settle into your city. should people in cities like las vegas where the gang is showing up should they be worried and how worried should they be? >> this is a valuable lesson because unfortunately every major city has a gang unit because every major city has gang infestation. ms 13 is a particularly violent street gang a.
2:36 am
they do not have a major presence in las vegas but what happens was the incoming sheriff for some reason when he took office disbanded the gang unit of the metropolitan police department. this is a valuable lesson because other cities need to take note of this. if there is not apportionment policy and police agencies then what happens is ms 13 like other street gangs is organized crime. they know where there is weakness and will exploit it. it is happening in los angeles because the lapd had a major blow from the aclu because they had an active gang enforcement section and an injunction for the way they were tracking gang members which was very
2:37 am
effective. this is because of liberal policies. heather: there are no rules, they don't follow any rules, doesn't matter what you have to do you have to do. numbers from 2017 up from 2016, 83% increase in arrests, you can see there has been an influx, they are working harder to remove this gang from the streets of this country but as you said they are opportunists, it will take any advantage they can when they see a liberal policy, what do you say to people saying ice is in the wrong, doing damage to this country by removing illegal immigrants who are just doing things like committing dui and other small crimes and being deported forward, does this vindicate ice's existence, this gang and the increase in activity? >> ice does and excellent job.
2:38 am
this is frustrating as a career law enforcement officer who worked well with federal authorities. law enforcement should be a team sport. everybody has to play their role. when you are looking at liberal policies like in california and other areas adopting the sanctuary city nonsense if a violent street gang member from ms 13 or any street gang that is an illegal alien is not being turned over to ice they are going back into the same cities framed on the victims, this is why this is so frustrating to see sheriffs and some police agencies who are not cooperating with ice based on this political insanity in sanctuary cities or
2:39 am
sanctuary states and you get what has happened in orange county, california, a light at the end of the tunnel because the sheriff, even though it is illegal for her because of state law, she has decided to publicly put up a notice of - >> the atty. gen. in california, trying to get away from sanctuary policy. thank you for coming on, we appreciate it, tried to make that look good with skype but it is tough. jillian: she lied about benghazi over and over again, the former national security advisor is getting a job alongside her former boss. >> comedian sounding off, carly is here with outrage online.
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jillian: forget honoring our heroes. some students may be forced to go to class on memorial day. rob: carly shimkus is here with a lot of outrage to this idea. >> schools in stamford, connecticut had a grand total of 7 snow days so one suggestion was to hold a half day of classes on memorial day to make up for lost time but local veterans in the community are speaking out. when is archie who says memorial day is for the memories of those folks, i have been signed by side with these people who -- memorial day is not what a lot
2:44 am
of folks think. marco, said that is a slap in the face while military members that served, the sacrifice died for us. another tweet says absolutely not. my kids would be absent memorial day is remembering those who sacrificed so we can live. they will be talking about what to do next week. jillian: i'm still getting angry fired up responses right now. rob:'s former national security, netflix board of directors after it was announced her old boss former pres. obama is in talks to create a new show.
2:45 am
social media sounding off. dana loesch wes the perfect place for forest everywhere the terror attack on a short film released before said attack took place. and benghazi and unmasking issue joins its board of directors, rice is excited about the opportunity saying i'm thrilled to be joining the board of directors of netflix. >> are we over the avocado? >> gains under fire for saying this. >> and avocado. >> unbelievable how many people have tweeted about that.
2:46 am
ellen says love avocado. and what do you think? >> it is such -- >> bacon on avocado. fantastic. >> has been around forever. >> a new fad that may become everlasting food. >> would you let your kid walk or bike to and from school, play outside by themselves or stay home alone at any age? that is the law about to take place in one state. we debate coming up. >> avocado toast later. utah is the one doing it. european countries raise themselves.
2:47 am
we have other topics including judge andrew napolitano talking about the examination into the fisa process. jason chaffetz on oversight with text messages, what this means for the investigation, geraldo rivera has another tomb coming out about his time at fox. will i have to review it in any way? and authorized or unauthorized biography. dana loesch will be here unarmed, talking about the nra. it will be an exciting show. you guys got to come out. opening day, bernie williams will be here. now retired but could still play. kids are in our betting cage getting ready for opening day. stick around.
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jillian: welcome back to "fox and friends first". let your kid walk or bike to and from school, play outside by themselves and stay home alone, that is the law about to take place in utah, the state legalized free range parenting. and prosecutor, both parents, thank you for joining us. >> some parents are not going to use the judgment or have correct discretion to say my child is
2:52 am
not mature enough. and have children go outside, there should be some parameters in place, at a certain age your children should not be unsupervised. >> you agree with the parameters? >> initially i was against it until i started reading about this was refreshing step back from draconian laws. it is not any age, mature enough to take care of themselves. as opposed to the state to tell you what age do you have to have supervision? this is unanimous in both chambers of utah state government signed by the governor and social science behind this to support independence and growing of children. >> parents to be the ones, how
2:53 am
to raise their children. when they are school-aged, the parenting at the home your kid is going to. >> not every parent is a good parent. ideal with the state of new jersey, child protective services, a lot of cases and the collect where parents allow children to be unsupervised whether they hurt themselves or sexually abused, we can't put it -- allow parents to have the discussion. >> asking people's responses. and this is how i grew up in the 60s in 70s was we are reverting to a time when we were kids.
2:54 am
>> i don't see a difference between saying there is a certain age a child has to be supervised versus a standard, and the fact of the matter is, very bad examples of parents prosecuted, may not be deserved. taking discretion out of the states, hopefully it works out. >> it is a different day, what is going on in schools, look at the conversations we have been having across the country over the last several months and years did that change the game? >> we did play outside but there are more mental health issues going on, more sex offenders because of laws like megan's law, we see how many sexual
2:55 am
predators are in the neighborhood and we thought we were unsupervised and mrs. such and such down the street watching and it was different especially in suburban areas. the houses in my development are so far apart, no one supervised my child if i said go outside and play. >> we will see how this plays out. thank you for being here. >> 55 minutes after the hour, a slippery surprise increasing surveillance video, a snake slithering into a home. something your favorite socialist would love, don't be so quick to get of coupon books, free cash rolling out. ♪
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3:00 am
luckily that's not venomous snake. jillian: having trouble becoming an adult? don't worry the university of south florida is offering a workshop for move forward teaches stressed out milnes how to handle life after moving out of mom and dad's house. have a good day. rob: we will see you later. >> doj inspector general michael horowitz is now going to open an investigation into fisa abuses. >> this is about how the obama administration may have subverted justice. everyone should be concerned about this. >> president trump has fired his veterans affairs secretary. he is replacing david shulkin. >> trump is picking a cabinet that he wants. >> trump administration is starting to build this wall. they have already replaced more than two miles of a tiny barrier with a 30-foot high bollard style wall. >> the president is taking aim at amazon. he believes amazon pays too little tax and putting mom and pop retailers out of business. >> ratings came in today


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