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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 29, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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hosting. i want to say one thing, i said a british spy, he was a russian double agent. you can find me on twitter, facebook, instagram. i hope you have a great night. now, laura, who i think is sitting there, pretty in pink. are you there? >> laura: hey, judge jeanine, great show tonight. >> judge jeanine: i am looking forward to yours tonight. we all watch it. >> laura: thank you, judge jeanine. i am laura ingraham ongl "the ingraham angle." we got you covered with newsti breaking on multiple fronts. we have exclusive reports of exactly why jeff sessions firedr former fbi director andrew mccabe, that is coming up in our next block, and there are reports that young girls, get this, are flooding the accused parkland shooter with fan mail. what is that all about?re we are going to have analysis. and president trump reportedly pressing the military to pay for the border wall. good idea? is it even possible? we are going to assess that. but first, our top story, law enforcement demanding a border
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wall. on tuesday's show, i laid out several examples of crimes recently committed by illegal aliens, an illegal immigrant deported 17 times, arrested ford a hit-and-run in san diego. a machete-wielding man near new orleans who attempted to kidnap children at a walmart. and a possible serial killer of the elderly in dallas. well, now there is this in las vegas. >> suspects involved in these crimes are extremely violent. t >> ten murders in 12 months, las vegas police say all were committed by the gang ms-13. >> at least six of the ten victims were kidnapped beforeco they were killed and their bodies were dumped in the mountain area. >> two victims belonged to the gang, known for zero tolerance for snitching. >> all victims were shot or stabbed numerous times. >> laura: the department of justice announced that four illegal immigrants from
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el salvador are charged with federal crimes related to the mayhem.ra and here is how a local pastor who has been trying to reform gang members described the problem. >> we are literally seeing the type of third world violence right here in what we are calling a civilized society. we are seeing younger and younger people committing more violent crime, including murder, and so, yeah, that's concerning. >> laura: it's a nightmare. this is third world violence happening in america. you bet it's concerning. so how do we stop this? well, on monday, 380 sheriffs representing 40 states announced that they had sent a letter to every member of congress calling for legislation that includes president trump's border wall. joining us for reaction is the sheriff who spearheaded that letter, bristol county, massachusetts, sheriff tom hodgson, and also a former deputy press secretaryol
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for the dnc in miami. jose, i thought you were goinghe to be here in studio with me, now you are in miami.u it's good to see both of you. let's talk about this issue, it is a sticky issue, a controversial issue, sheriff, let's start with you. 380 sheriffs -- there are a lot of sheriffs across the country, but that is not an insignificant number, saying the border wall is necessary. we have got congressmen and senators in washington who say sensors and partial double fencing and other technology, drones, that will be enough, along with additional manpower to secure this border. >> first of all, these are people who spend their time, little idea of what the terrain is and so forth. it's going to be -- there are going to be some cyber things, t there will be some, you know, visual posts. the wall is absolutely critical
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to keep people from getting into this country as easily as they are coming in now, and they keep flooding in by the thousands, as you know. >> laura: i want to go to you on this. a columnist for "the new york post" wrote a piece listing the illegal aliens who were caught at the border, and this is back in the year 2015, and we are not talking about mexicans or guatemalans or salvadorans. we are talking about people from countries that were labeled by president obama as terror havens. this is what they found in 2015. border patrol detained, from iran, 154, sudan, 81, syria, 57, and from cuba, then designated a terrorist country, 2,281, and then countries of interest included afghanistan, algeria, iraq, lebanon, nigeria, pakistan, saudi arabia, 276.
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somalia, 131. yemen, 71. this is a national security issue, is it not, at the border? >> it's a national security issue, laura, but we have to be clear of something, and it is this. the only way that we are actually going to solve it, the only way were actually going to get the real criminals, let me g be clear, anybody in this country who is undocumented and has committed serious crimes, they have to be deported. the way we do that is by passing comprehensive immigration reform. that's actually get the undocumented immigrants who are good people, let's get them out of the shadows, let's move them towards the system, that would allow people like the sheriff to actually go after the bad guys. >> laura: so it -- >> that's what we've got to do. >> laura: you are saying the l people who are illegal immigrants in the united states are in the shadows? because i see them at rallies, i see them at protests, i see them at congressman's offices, i sawe them at the state of the union.
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i don't see them -- they're outside of walmart, they are getting jobs, they are working, some are daca members. s there are a lot of people whore are not in the shadows any longer. most of them, i don't think are afraid of being deported. >> they are certainly in the shadow of the economy, even though they pay taxes, right? >> laura: not everybody pay >> a lot of them do though. you know that a lot of them do. a lot of them do. >> laura: jose, you and i would agree that a lot of employers are abusing these immigrants. they are taking advantage of them. >> by paying them very little money, absolutely. >> laura: they are endangering the lives of illegal immigrants because they think they can get a job. that is endangering their lives. let me go back to the sheriff. we'll go back in one second. sheriff, you heard what jose said, what we need is comprehensive reform. this wall is a waste of money, people climb over any wall.
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your reaction?n? >> you will not have comprehensive reform until you deal with security, not going to happen. this idea of people coming out of the shadows and you need them to report crime, that is a false narrative. more to the point is, you have people who are pro-sanctuary state saying, get them out of the shadows, give them a protective bubble so no one can identify who they are, at the same time, you've got becerra in california saying, you law-abiding citizens, you business owners, if you dare to cooperate with i.c.e. -- and work with law enforcement to keep your communities andou businesses safe, we will prosecute you. we want you to go into the shadows and not report anything. it is outrageous and completely un-american and undermines the sheriffs and all of the law enforcement community who are trying to keep this country safe. >> laura: i think one thing americans can't get their minds wrapped around, california is such a beautiful state, i took
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the california bar years ago, wanted to live there, loved the state. but it is an odd thing, is it t not, when business owners, paying a lot of taxes, they are actually made out to be the bad guys when they cooperate with a i.c.e. or they simply report to i.c.e. or they allow i.c.e. to come in and examine their workplace. they are the bad guys, and then the illegal immigrants who are released back into society, they are coddled, they are protected, and sometimes to go and maim or kill or rape or commit other crimes again. that is the dynamic. i think people are thinking, wait a second, are they on our sides or are they on illegal immigrants' sides? >> i understand the debate, but you don't think that by building a wall -- that's a waste off money. let me say something on the wall. let me speak, sheriff. with all due respect.
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something that you said, under president barack obama, we put more boots on the ground than any other prior precedent in the history of this country, so we o have been trying to do this, wes have been trying to secure the border, and republicans, time and time again, they don't keep their -- they don't keep their -- >> laura: i would like to play d a sound bite, this is from the border patrol council who was on our show last week. let's watch.un >> i just finished my shift ard couple of hours ago patrolling the border. i speak with hundreds of agents, and all of those agents are telling me, we need walls in strategic locations, and we're going to prove that we need those walls. >> laura: uh, that is a guy with the boots on the ground. and he said, there are literally parts of the border you can walk across right near the rio grande. just walk right across, no barrier, just a bunch of tumbleweeds, i guess, no barrier.
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just walk right across and they do it. it is a national security issue and an economic issue and a humanitarian issue all wrapped into one. >> i agree, and there are better ways to do it. with drones, with people on the ground, we don't need to waste money -- let me say one more thing on the wall really quickly. instead of building a physical wall with mexico. i have an idea. why don't we build a wall with russia? that's a real threat, not mexico. let's look to the other side. >> laura: i love the fact, jose, i'm going to salute you for getting the russia reference in. that's like a camel sit spin and a triple lutz all combined. sheriff, last word quickly. >> while we are talking about different parts of the world, look at israel. they have a combination of cyber stuff, they have balloons in the air, they have things, but we have to have a wall. it's not going to stop people.
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i've been on the border threee times, i have watched the surveillance, i saw a guy take the yellow raft, halfway across, hears the plane, scurries back over, and he was going to be back over that border as soon as we left. >> laura: i thought you were going to say, sheriff, he looked up and waved, "hi." >> he did, but he didn't use his whole hand when he waved. >> laura: i gotcha. have a great easter weekend. president trump showed no signs of backing down on his promise to build a border rally at a rally in richmond, ohio, today. >> drugs are flowing across borders. we need walls. we start building our wall, i'm so proud of it. we already started, you saw the pictures today, i said what a thing of beauty, and onlr september 28th, we go further, and we get that sucker built. you think that's easy?
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people say, has he given up on that wall?ls i never give up. >> laura: there are even reports that the president is considering having the military pay for the wall through the military budget. joining me for reaction, lieutenant colonel michael waltz. colonel waltz, this is a wild situation now. the president said that today, i think it was "the washington post," might have been "the new york times," tonight said that that is not true, nothing is underway, i don't know what he is talkingas about.w meanwhile the american peopleg are wondering, what is going onw with national security, with p humanitarian problems, with the economic problem, with the strain on our budget? you see what is going on in california, the homelessness. why can't we enforce our border? is there no will to do it? i think the president has the will but congress doesn't seem to. >> first, the president is absolutely right. border security is a national security issue.
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look, a pipeline that can move immigrants and can move drugs can also move wmds,, terrorists, and can move weapons. and we know that hezbollah is all over south-central america, is working with mexican drug gangs, hezbollah operative was convicted in 2011 for working with a mexican drug gang in order to smuggle explosives in and assassinate a saudi ambassador, so he is absolutely right. in fact, the department of defense and military, both national guard and active-duty, are supporting i.c.e., are supporting law enforcement all up and down our borders. the issue here is paying for it, and in order to reprogram funds, you have to go back to congress. you can move relatively small amounts, but in order to move billions, like what is estimated to build the wall, you're going have to go back to congress.
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it's unclear brother he'll have the support. it should have been negotiated in the current bill. >> laura: it is infuriating on multiple levels that that was not an absolute must in the omnibus. but we know, colonel, that paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, many others in the leadership and other mainstream republicans, they don't want a wall. they didn't want a wall, they are happy with sensors or drones. fences fixed here and there. they do not want a wall. they don't like the imagery of the wall. they think it makes us look like, you know, east germany. they don't want it. they never wanted it. trump ran on it and won in part on that wall, in large part on that wall, and i think, come hell or high water, he started to make sure that is built for his political future. and for the country's safety more importantly. >> you know, laura, there is this interesting question of, can he declare a national emergency of what is going on on our border. h much like what happens in a
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hurricane or another natural disaster or a riot, and federalize troops, federalize the national guard, and use them in this case? again, what happens in those c cases is, there is a quick conversation with congress and the president moves forward under his executive authority, and then they appropriate at later. there is a lot of discussion on whether he can declare this a national emergency and do it. >> laura: you think it will tie him up in the courts? they are going to try to sue the administration, a preliminary injunction, an injunctive release, stop him from doing that, it's going to get all tied up. >> at the end of the day, itself make your absolutely right, it should have been negotiated in the bill. >> laura: you know mattis, i i can't imagine mattis is wild about this. they talked about apparently, the spokesman confirmed, that they were discussed. they are running it past the general counsel. i think that is window dressing to placate the president. mattis doesn't want the wall. donald trump is one of the few
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people left in the entire gen p administration that really wants a wall, and his instinct about o this is always right. he has the best political instinct on most of the substance, congress hasn't caught up with him. p >> dod can go back and reprograh these funds. they can tell general mattis are going to do it, go back, and they can refight this in congress. >> laura: i think they should. >> there is a notion he won't have to go back to congress, and to my knowledge, you have to. >> laura: colonel waltz, congress has said they won't do anything for the rest of the year until, i guess, the next budget fight comes around in the fall. they're not going to do a anything.oi be on vacation for two weeks, do a little naming of someyt libraries. they are not going to do much. why not do that, take the substantive fight to congress, i think that is a great fight for trump to take. i think his instinct is great.
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close it out. >> no, and he absolutely can do that, he can order the dod to do that, he can order dhs to do it. under his executive authority. i want to emphasize, theer military is already out there supporting this effort and doing a fantastic job, but you can't decide you want less planes andd more ships and move funds. but stick it back on congress and make them do their job. >> laura: all right, thank you so much. and we've got exclusive new info. you're not going to want to miss this.ra stay right there. about the firing of the fbi deputy director andrew mccabe,re and jim jordan and mark meadows join us exclusively to discuss it next. it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, more than a thousand workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets
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♪ >> laura: big news out of the department of justice tonight. attorney general jeff sessions announcing that he will not bes appointing a second special counsel to review the fbi'san handling of the russia and hillary clinton probe. in a letter to three congressional leaders, sessions noted that special counsels are only appointed in extraordinary circumstances. and that, instead, he has assigned john huber in utah to conduct a review of the most high-profile cases.
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but first, an "ingraham angle" exclusive, earlier this month, firing andrew mccabe of the fbi just days before the retirement, citing an ig report, that he lied under oath. the public still hasn't seenep that report, but joining me now are two men whose offices have a copy of the inspector general's findings. let's bring in, from columbus, ohio, congressman jim jordan, and with me here in the studio, north carolina congressman, mark meadows, also republican. let's start with you, congressman jordan, what is the headline that is going to come out of this inspector general report? >> well, we don't know what will come out of that, but we know about andrew mccabe, he didn't lie just once, he lied four times, four times, to james comey, to the office of fiscal responsibility, and lied under oath to the inspector general. remember, this is andrew mccabe, deputy director of the fbi, andrew mccabe, the text messages between peterw strzok and lisa page, talking about the insurance policy in
11:22 pm
case donald trump was actually president of the united states, so that is why this is significant, it wasn't once, twice, four times he lied about leaking information to "the wall street journal" about the fbi. >> laura: congressman meadows, he was adamant in the op-ed that his career speaks for itself, that he was authorized to speak as he did to the press, and yet you guys are saying he lied four times. >> i think it's not our words, it's actually the independent investigation was done by his colleagues. when you read it, it's not about politics. you broke the news, actually, you broke the news right here a little over a week ago now, and what we are finding, everybody saying, this is political in nature, when you read the report, you see it is notot political, because under oath, certainly with the investigation, a real crime. here is why it is critical.
11:23 pm
attorney general sessions, just talk about extraordinary circumstances, how much moreey extraordinary will you be, you fire the central player in the investigation, that is one critical component. we need to have the special counsel. i disagree with the attorney general, i can tell you tonight, i went through and reviewed some redacted things that were given to our committee, and on seven pages,te there were 12 material facts -- material facts, not just names -- material facts that were materha ial facts onlyited by the department of discuss. it is time to they come clean and give congress what we need. 12 material facts. the news broke about the meeting that happened with dennis mcdunnaa and the white house. >> laura: the former white house chief of staff for barack obama. >> that wasas redacted. it didn't stop there. when we look at the multiple
11:24 pm
redactions taking place this department of justice is not complying with the subpeona and the oversight with congress. for the attorney general to suggest there is not enough there is extremely disappointing. >> laura: congressman jordan, it sounds like your colleague congressman meadows is saying there is a reason to redact certain information, because whether it is a reference to friendship with judge contreras or perhaps information related to mcdunna. it doesn't make him look good. >> that's right this. very been trying to hide information. >> to go to the justice department and have our staff look at the information and come back and tell us. it is ridiculous. mark is exactly right. when the attorney general writes congress and says only extraordinary circumstances do we appoint the specially council. james comey has been fired. deputy director mccape has been
11:25 pm
fired. and the former fbi council of the fbi has been reassigned. the peter stroud. the counter aintelligence has been demoted and reassign and if those aren't extraordinary circumstances warranting a second special council, i don't know what the heck is. i don't know why the attorney general keeps postponing this. everyone in town knows we need a second special council to get to the bottom of this. he is probably a great lawyer. i don't know much about him from utah how can he investigate his boss. rosen stein. i hope he this is what one of your chief critic on another network said under questioning. is there a strong case for a special council? >> most of the accusations are
11:26 pm
lunatic conspiracy theories. just not grounded in anything. and i think that the attorney general did an appropriate thing here. >> laura: congressman meadows? >> we now know that within seven days a department of justice meeting where the white house says it is leading us. >> laura: everyone has to understand that. i think a. lot of folks miss tht had, when this happened the other day. that the white house is leading. >> well, that was in that meeting with have text messages that suggest that. within seven t days. we have a meeting at the white house with the chief of staff and president obama saying we can't draw a conclusion.
11:27 pm
we can look at the facts. they speak to further investigation. >> laura: why can't you bring mcdunnati in? >> i think that would be the appropriate thing to do, but it is not just there. some of the redactions that the department of justice have. they keep the names so, we don't know who to bring in. we just learn these. >> laura: this is from another text that we're talking about tonight. august 8, 2016. to page. internal joint cyberintel team for director comey. seen center for mcdunna brief. trainer directed all cyberinfo be pulled hammered it would be best for d, comey to have it before wednesday white house session. >> that wednesday meeting was august 10. we know that. you can go to the white house logs and look itou up.
11:28 pm
jonathan movea was there. signed in and did that. that was on august 8, 2016. we know that two days later there was a meeting at the white house. you know, we're putting the pieces of the puzzle together. but the doj are keeping some of the pieces from us. >> congressman jordan, i want to ask you about a letter that was sent today. congressman downey and goodlatte. they seems to heap some praise op to the u.s. attorney, who will be looking into these questions. >> while we continue to believe the second of the council is necessary. we expect the u.s. attorney huber given his i reputation wil conduct an independent and thorough investigation. what reason do you have? i guess he was an obama appointee. imagine if an obama appointee concluded there was perhaps even criminalnc wrongdoing here.
11:29 pm
that would be pretty significant. for an unending special council. >> my guess is he is a great lawyer who will do a fine job. it iso not a special council and john huber has to report to rod rosenstein. >> laura: signed the application. >> of course, hee did. so that's the problem. the simple fact remains these are extraordinary circumstances. those top five people at the fbi, they were involve, we should every forget this. they are the ones that put the dossier and dressed it up like legitimate intelligence and then didn't tell the court the whole truth who paid for the dossier and the fbi terminated their relationship with christopher steele, the author of the dossier and didn't disclose that to the court. those are all key facts. that's why a second special council is certainly warranted under these extraordinary circumstances. >> laura: for cases this big and
11:30 pm
monumental. youta can't onlyit material fac. and have to disclose conflicts. it all has to be disclosed. otherwise, no one understand legal matters and many in the public will not have a lot of faith in the investigation. that's how it works. that's how it works in legal-- it is crazy. >> it is supposed to be the truth, the whole truth. not part of it. not redactions. >> when you go to court, when you go to court you have to give them the whole truth. they did not do it at the fisa court. two w fired, three demoted. we don't think that's extraordinary circumstances warranting a second special council. tell me some that would, mr. sessions. >> laura: the last word for you congressman meadows. why do you think jeff sessions is so resistent? >> i think he is being poorly served when i had conversations with him and the deputy attorney
11:31 pm
general the facts don't support those talking points. i suggest both of them need to look at the fine detail. whenk they do, they will come o the same conclusion that jim and i havee come to. it is time for special. >> rod roseep stein wants a specialon council. what is good for the goose is good for the gappedder. thank you so much for joining us. it is a fascinating story that gets more twisted we invited andrew mccape attorney. he declined sighting nondiscloser not to discuss the content of the report. what's c next for andrew mccape? we'll have expert analysis after this.
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>> laura: we continue with reaction about the firing of deputy fbi director andrew mccabe. joining us is harmit dillon an attorney and member of california republican national committee. from palm springs, california. bobbie jackman a retired special fbi agent and here in washington julia epistein former council to the house judiciary committee. jillien. you watch this exchange. they are adamant that an u.s. attorney cannot investigate.
11:35 pm
>> let's talk about the politics. 20 years ago you and i remembered debating about the ken star. >> laura: wasn't that fun? >> i was part of the an effort to discredit the special council, because he overstepped his boundaries and made a lot of mistakes. he won the debate. 70% of the public agreed with us. and thought starr. >> it ended with a t blue dress. >> and they thought starr mismanaged and overplayed his hand and done improper things. this ishe about the fourth attet to discredit the investigation and attempts to discredit steele. none have worked. i don't think this will work. 60 or 70% of the public believe the investigation should continue. what we're talking about is how mccabe described his
11:36 pm
conversation with his employees who spoke to the wall street journal. whether he was accurate. he was authorized. he was legitimate to have. >> laura: you think the office of professional responsibility staffed with career professionals that, they have a political vendetta against andrew mccabe? he didn't really lie under oath? >> i don't think we have that investigation. >> laura: they did an investigation with the inspector general report. >> and the inspector general report hasn't been issued. there was k an enormous amount f pressure from the president. >> the office of professional responsibility. >> the attorney general is getting an enormous amount of pressure to fire mccabe. the reason he was mccabe was fired, laura, was because he
11:37 pm
agreed with comey on obstruction of justice. that trump was trying to get him to stand down. >> laura: right. mccabe didn't have any unclean hands or appearance of a conflict of interest. was fired.hy he >> laura: harmid. you heard what julian said. tempist in a teapot nog here. your reaction? >> there's a lot there. what the congressman said earlier be doesn't surprise me at all. the fact that there are 2004 separate lies gives more creediance it is a nonpolitical firing and an extraordinary circumstance. so andrew mccabe is under investigation and scrutiny since october 2016. so some of the things that your viewers may not remember is that starting only three days after the inauguration from mccabe office sent general anyone up for the percentagery the incident where he said everyone
11:38 pm
at the fbi thinks this russian investigation story is bs and then a couple of days later. cnn leaks to the white house for that. his fingers in this pie in many regards. the fact that he i will to comey as congressman michael jordannan and meadows just said. it is indicative of the fact that there is corruption and shocking behaveior at the top of fbi that stems from the. >> how do you know he i will? >> that's what he said. >> that's what andrew just said. >> that's a lie. >> laura: the congressman just read the report. >> none of us have seen the report. >> laura: so the congressman i will? >> young the members of the congress shall. >> laura: the office of professional responsibility. these are not political appointees julian. they're career professionals bobbie i want to get you in on this. jeff sessions said this when he decided not to appoint a special council. in high profile circumstances involving other politically
11:39 pm
sensitive matters it has been more common to make specially arrangements within the department to make sure actually or apparent conflicts can be avoided while prosecutors conduct an efficient and appropriate investigation. i can actually see that argument in his part. that the congressman are like no way. the u.s. attorney cannot do that investigation. >> i'm not a big fan of having the second special prosecutor. it is more form over function. the fbi agents that will stamp that investigation will be the same no matter what. the same working for bob muller. they're fbior agents whether they're working for prosecutors for a special council or inside the justice department. they will do their job. noww hopefully we have the element that was there before cleaned out. ient to really see the need. i think the men and women of the fbi will be able to investigate that case and bring their evidence to the justice department. as long asth the justice department handles it in the way that wen see muller handling it,
11:40 pm
ratherer than the way comby handled by padding the grand jury. i don't necessarily see the dire need for a special council. if they have onene fine. if they o don't, i think theey investigation will go forward by very competent people. >> laura: here's my problem with special council. they never end it just goes on and on and on. seemingly a limitless budget. very little oversight. very little and julian we were right. it starts off with well there's not really a crime, but maybe there's something with russia. collusion and then it goods out the window. now a business deal? or stormy daniels. and it is bizarre. >> why jeff tubein and sessions thinks this is a whacko theory. it doesn't even involve the russian investigation. it involved mccabe alleged discussions about the clinton
11:41 pm
e-mail investigation, which is closed and over. >> laura: maybe it shouldn't be closed and over. that's the point. >> let's get. >> laura: closed and over is the whole point julian. >> we can debate that. i don't think there was a case there. it is an issue whether he characterized accurately his staff's discussion with the newspaper. let's get some more perspective. four of the people that are running the russian investigation. sessions, rosenstein, comey previously, ray, head of the fbi. muller. they're all republicans. >> laura: the republicans. >> the republicans are running the. >> most of the republicans were against trump. >> they're running this investigation. >> laura: they hated trump. >> four people,. >> laura: they were all ridiculing trump. >> the russian investigation is getting worse. >> it is getting worse for obstruction of justice. >> laura: all right, all right.
11:42 pm
>> we are out of time, but it would be lovely if the democrats would one day debated something like the economy. or trade. they agree with trump with a lot of the trade. >> i don't. >> laura: well. . >> but that's-- . >> laura: it is interesting with all of this information comes out redacted information, material information kept from investigators, if there's no there, there then don't redact the information. let's find out what dennis mcdunnaa and susan rice and the president what the e-mail susan rice wrote on january 20th to herself, how everything was above board. don't redact stuff that doesn't need. >> we would agree. you know what it is. both parties are guilty of be talking about theci and the disappearing middle class. p >> laura: that's why trump won bus he's speaking to the
11:43 pm
forgotten men and woman. >> next, why are so many of these women obsessed and enfattated with serial killers even behind bars. what is being sent to nicholas cruz in prison the parkland mass shooter. oyments in iraq. i'm really grateful that usaa was able to take care of my family about ey always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today.
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>> laura: a bizarre new development to the high school massacre. flooding the shooter everything from fan mail to donations to sexual pictures. sadly historic precedence of this behaveior with other mass killers like mansion and ted bundy. and the forensic psychologist the author of "bad boys why we love them. why we love them and when to
11:47 pm
leave them." it is good to see both of you. all right, mr. martineli, let's start with you what is goingst on. i thought this has to be a joke. first i hate that we have to say alleged shooter with nicholas cruz. but we" technically have to say that what gives with these women? what issues-- it is mind boggling. >> well, a big word i would say theyy are enamored with people who people who do outrageous things to other people. these are clearly women that are off balance. as a matter of fact they probablyt share some of the behaveior characterristics of people like nicholas cruz. they tend to be become infatuated with people that do horriblepl things. rapists, serial killers, bank robbers. and because these people are in prison, it gives the women who enfatuated some distance from
11:48 pm
these people. because there's an emotional and a physical distance between themselves and the people that they're ennammorred with. i guess if i use a college word i would say they are train wrecks. >> laura: dr. lieberman you wrote a become about the bizarre phenomenon and studied this case, in particular. the list of the bags of fan mail he's getting donations. sexually explicit photos. what is this all about? >> well nicholas cruz, i talk about 12 different types of bad boys. he's the bad, bad what i call the lethal lover. the women attracted have had the most dysfunctional relationships of all with their fathers. they made them feel unlovable. so they don't really believe a regular man outside of prison would find them appealing
11:49 pm
enough. they need a man who is incarcerated. who is sort of desperate and who will depend upon them. they don't feel like they would deserve, also like a prince, a really a good man. that's part off it. nicholas is like the perfect combination of both danger. the sexy danger. the allure, the erotic allure of danger. we know all of the people that he killed. the massacre he created. at the same time, he electric like a little, lost puppy. and that brings out the desire for women to rescue him. it is a combination of the sexy allow and also the need. he looks. we know his sad story. >> laura: it is a freak show. it is a freak show. i'm sorry. it is. it is so twisted. i think people watching going. it is so sad on so many levels you're right, the level of gradation of what is bad to the actually l evil. you a i say evil of all bad
11:50 pm
boys. play two things for our viewers and for both of you. this was charles mansion's girlfriend and then we have ted bundy from proposing to his girlfriend. >> let's watch. >> he's one that knows what's going on. he's the one that-- that in the truth whenever no one else is charlie always tells the truth, no matter what. >> will you marry me? i'm going to marry you? >> yes. >> laura: we have no time left. reaction both of you, just 10 or 15 seconds? >> well, it is very classic. it is sort of the the bonnie falling in love with collide. i agree with the doctor they are socially isolated they don't have any support systems. >> laura: these ladies need help. dr. lieberman. we'll have you on radio.
11:51 pm
unfortunately out of time. fantasticna analysis by you. it is the one sue sure fire way to get a pass from liberals and the media in the age of trump. details next. ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
>> laura: in the trump area
11:54 pm
liberals and the media enablers seemli to have one steadfast ru. it doesn't matter who you are or how checkered your record. so long as you take shots at president trump. you do that, you basically walk on water. case in point. the now former va secretary his tenure was not the smoothest it. was obvious where things were headed from the get-go. >> we're having a meeting tonight at, what we call the white house. it seems to be the most convenient location. everyone wants to go to the-- you're going to be at that meeting. that would be great. >> laura: not going to be at that meeting. hey, it went downhill. he was the only obama era-official to serve in the trump cabinet. he's a holdover. that ended up being a big
11:55 pm
mistake. a scathing inspector general slammed the management and patient care s at a major veters hospital in washington. and the agency blew tens of millionses of taxpayers dollars due to poor accounting practices and he mess used taxpayer funds and violated ethics rules. splurging on a lavish trip to europe. enclear why that was needed. that is quite a track record. butck he is not going quietly io that goods night. in fact, he appeared on no fewer than three cape netanyahu works. including our own. cable networks with the shot at the president in "the new york times" hee wrote the following. the environment in washington has turned so toxic, chaotic, disrespectful, and subversive that it became impossible to accomplish the important work that our veterans need and deserve. it should not be this hard to serve your country."
11:56 pm
disrespectful in? europe? >> this evening he alleges a conspiracycy within his own agey against him. >> i've been running this department. trying too work with both sides of the aisle, but there were some political appointees within my administration that didn't see it that way. >> you think it is trump appointees within the va? >> yes, i do. >> laura: okay. well, the trump-hating press, of course all day long were lapping this all up. >> playing off of the tag line from "apprentice" never used those words you'ree fired. >> the blisterrerring op ed saying how difficult it was to do his job in this administration. >> this is a white house in crisis. and crisis might work in chaos might work when it comes to campaigns. when it comes to government, not so much.
11:57 pm
>> laura: while parking barbing the president it was the way he executed his office. confidency and transparency that's what we needed and our veterans deserve. we'll be right back.
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
>> laura: i know you are so sad. that's all the time we have for tonight. tomorrow night, culture wars in the age of drop. we want to read your tweets.
12:00 am
tweet me, keep it nice. keep it grammatical, i don't know. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team are up next with a fantastic show as always. shannon, take it away it away. >> shannon: thank you so much, laura. we jump into high gear when we got that letter from attorney general jeff sessions to congress. republican peter king and so is former congressman jason chaffetz. he talked with the u.s. attorney sessions, appointed in lieu of the special counsel. so much news tonight. let's get you up to speed. attorney general jeff sessions says he will not immediately appointed as special counsel. to investigate alleged bias against the trump administration at the fbi and justice department. despite intense pressure from congressional republicans, clarifying a movie you heard about here first. sessions is directing a senior federal prosecutor, utah's u.s. attorney john uber, to evaluate certain issues including whether such an appointment is even necessary. his review is ongoing and sessions as he


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