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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 30, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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depositions rejecting a republican request for a special prosecutor to look at alleged bias but leaving the door open for possible action later. >> you think that is easy? has he given up? never give up. jillian: back on the road and getting the white house back on message donald trump unveiling his infrastructure plan rallying the crowd in ohio. rob: a brand-new gig, "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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♪ friday night ♪ feeling right ♪ shaking all around ♪ off the jam ♪ getting down ♪ >> payday for many people, also friday. how are you feeling? just go with it. >> i am still here. i didn't leave. >> you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: the atty. gen. ordering a federal prosecutor to evaluate the fbi, clinton foundation and the uranium one scandal. >> jeff sessions just short of a special counsel. best wit reaction.
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>> jeff sessions says he is not naming a special counsel saying that would only be used in the most extraordinary circumstances, john hubert of utah looking at potential misconduct, the fbi and justice department in 2016-17 and michael horowitz looking into it. and they went to a 22 judge to spy on carter page, hubert has been been investigating, tying to the russian nuclear energy agency, sessions has been under pressure by republican lawmakers to hire someone from the outside. >> in a fair and inappropriate for the atty. gen. and rod rosenstein to ask him and put him in a position to investigate his boss. what situation would you do that in? you wouldn't do that at is a part of justice but they do it.
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>> the combination is a pretty potent force right now. >> democratic congressman jerry nadler says it is a shame the inspector general has to devote resources to investigate a conspiracy theory as fact free and debunked as the so-called fisa abuse. rob: dangerous cop killer no longer a threat as a manhunt comes to a end, officers shooting and killing james in clarksville, tennessee, hopkinsville police say he has an extensive criminal history, shot an off-duty police officer after initiating a fake traffic stop and pretending to be a police officer. the slain officers identified as
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philip meacham. >> officers are never off-duty. just ask for everybody's support, we are here. we will get through it. that is what we do. >> leaves behind a wife and two kids. >> fox news alert, two coalition troops and 5 others hurt after a roadside bomb explodes in syria, the nationality remains unknown, this after donald trump said he would be pulling us troops out of syria very soon. airstrikes, in yemen, the seventh against the extremist group and dealing with the civil war. the us in yemen joining in the fight against al qaeda. and future civilians injured in
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the overnight ambush. >> a landing gear bursting into flames as a jet speeds down the runway to land from this delta jet. the flight to ecuador are turned back and land for mechanical issues after touching down and wheels and brakes going up in flames, 199 people on that plane got off safely. >> without retaliation against russia after the kremlin expelled us diplomat, the white house defending the decision to kick russian diplomats out over the poison attack on a former spy. more on the rising tensions between the two nations. >> moscow declaring dozens of american diplomats in russia as persona non grata kicking them out just days after the us told russian diplomats to pack up.
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>> russia is not interested in having good relations with other countries and that is evident by actions they have taken. >> staffers in st. petersburg order to clear out by saturday. in total 60 americans kicked out, 58 employees of the us embassy in moscow and two more at the consulate. they have until april 5th to leave. the white house reacting with a statement, the press secretary saying in part russia's action marks a further deterioration in the united states russia relationship and russia's response was not unanticipated and the united states will deal with it after the trump administration told 60 russians to get out monday, closing russia's consulate in seattle, russia is accused of using a nerve agent on a former spy and
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us citizen on uk soil but the kremlin has denied wrongdoing. >> they don't need to act like a victim, russia should not be acting like a victim. the only victims are the two victims in the hospital, in the uk. >> russia's\is not limited to the us, 150 diplomats from 2 dozen countries have been told to pack up. >> the us views the st. petersburg consulate is the most prestigious, the most votes in a twitter poll from the russian embassy in dc asking which american office russia should close. jillian: russian provocations continue to grow. fox news contributor lt. col. allen west says donald trump's administration is stacked and ready to reverse week stands on russia. >> when vladimir was asked the greatest disappointment of the 20century he said was the collapse of the soviet union. what you see is someone trying
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to reestablish the region - russian hegemonic dominance, latvia, lithuania and estonia, we talked about the threats with crimea and the ukraine. he has done that because he is not seen with a strong policy, you see that strong policy with the announcement john bolton will be national security advisor, you will not get the same week advice susan rice was giving to pres. obama. rob: donald trump laying out his infrastructure overhaul making a very campaign style speech in ohio. >> anything we can dream you can build. you will create the new highways, the new dams and skyscrapers that will become lasting monuments to american strength and continued
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greatness. >> trying to drum up support the president says the $1.5 trillion infrastructure rehaul will come after the midterm election including $200 million in federal funds and is expected to add thousands of new jobs. try to get the wall in that as well. >> is a private to the florida children's hospital spreading easter cheer at of the holiday, the first lady meeting with brave patients staying at st. mary's medical center in west palm beach and handing out easter baskets filled with toys. rob: spending time with parents and thanking the hard-working nurses and doctors on staff. 9 minutes after the hour, just fired veterans affairs sec. david shelton, and obama holdover, not going quietly. >> i don't think the president should be happy with where we were. rob: blasting the ugliness of washington on his way out the door.
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jillian: donald trump promising to big the border wall and hundreds have his back, sheriffs in 40 states demanding congress take action. the man leading the movement live next. >> ambassador? >> the hysterical wave defense secretary james mattis broke the ice with national security advisor john bolton. ♪ i have type 2 diabetes. i'm trying to manage my a1c, and then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar
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so now i use this. crest gum detoxify. introducing new crest gum detoxify... it works below the gum line and is clinically proven to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. new gum detoxify, from crest. gums are good. so is my check up! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. heather: donald trump rallying the crowd in ohio promising to build his big border wall. >> i am so proud of it, started, $1.6 billion and already
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started. and you think that is easy? people said has he given up on the wall? i never give up. >> 380 sheriffs in 40 states are joining the president to demand congress act to get the wall built and end illegal immigration. >> the man leading the effort, thomas hodgson of massachusetts, thanks for coming on this morning. we have been analyzing the resurgence of ms 13. tell us why you think it is important to get a barrier up between our nation and central america. >> if we don't build a barrier the problems continue to escalate, the drug trafficking, sex trafficking, human trafficking out of control in this country and the ms 13
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problem is growing and it is a serious problem. these people are vicious murderers and vicious gang members and we need to get a hold of this thing. until we seal the border we will not be able to get any immigration reform or protect our communities. the 20 were you surprised how many are against building a wall? >> i am and it makes no sense for people to suggest we don't need a barrier. you need only look at the moms and dads who lost loved ones, people being killed by criminal illegal aliens, all kinds of crimes going on that are not even in poor -- reported. the sheriffs in this country made a promise and commitment to do everything we could to use every resource available to keep us safe. we have elected officials trying
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to break the partnerships, to keep us from working with one another and he can't keep our communities safe. god bless donald trump for pushing this thing forward, 150%. >> bipartisan effort for most years, securing the border, making sure we know who is coming into the country, do you think the president did a disservice with all the rhetoric around mexico and the things he said? did he make it harder to get the job done and push the democrats and left even further left on this issue trying to get away from his message? >> no i don't. i think what is happening is a transformation going on in this country where the american people are standing up and saying enough is enough, 20 years playing with this issue, you used it as a political football and most people are
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glad the president is saying we are going to move forward and do it and he is more interested, the only thing congress listens to are the voters because they're worried whether they keep their jobs so i think the president is doing what should be done and that is why you see momentum across the country from california across the nation. jillian: wind you hope to hear back from the letter you sent to congress? >> we know bills down there, the goodlatte bill, we hope to hear back from them soon but you will see sheriffs all over the country saying enough is enough. >> a big number going, thanks for coming on this morning. >> 17 minutes after the hour, begging for food, disturbing details painting a horrifying picture days before family was
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killed plunging over a cliff. >> i was concerned at their welfare, not being taken care of. >> key piece of evidence authorities hope will provide answers. >> second amendment under attack, democrats joined john paul stevens and the national debate over gun control. my name is jeff sheldon,
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>> the chairwoman of a fake democratic party suggesting repeal of the second amendment, karen carter peterson of
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louisiana who serves as vice chair of the dnc reporting the new york times op-ed by john paul stevens the got a lot of attention this week in the bluntly titled peace repeal the second amendment, the initial purpose, today that concern is a relic of the 18th century. jillian: a magazine at the university of california berkeley blaming gun violence on white men, the editor of greater good magazine asserting conservatively need guns to boost their masculinity writing for many white blue guns are a source of meaning and purpose in writing gun sales are linked to racial fears. the school and for other racial issues is not commented. rob: one of the most highly anticipated films of the year hitting theaters today. jillian: ready player one expected to dominate the box office, here with his review fox news contributor kevin mccarthy so is it going to dominate? >> yes.
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i'm honored to talk about the most anticipated film of 2018. i read the book 3 years ago. i'm obsessed with this book, the idea of spielberg bringing this movie to the big screen was the only person i can imagine being able to pull this off. a character named wade played by thai sheridan, takes place in 2045 in columbus, ohio and people want to be in the virtual-reality world versus the real world, the virtual-reality world was created by james halladay played by mark rally and after he passes away before he passes away you left a message saying there are three contests in the oasis of the first person to finish all 3 will gain control of the oasis itself which is half $1 trillion so you own the world if you win the contest. this movie really lends itself to amazing technology. spielberg has always been in the
2:24 am
forefront of technology with and jurassic park, minority report, the cool thing about this film is anything happening in the oasis is done through motion capture meaning actors themselves perform these scenes in suits with dots on their body so the animated characters are real-life performances. the other thing they were able to do is since the oasis is fully digital they gave spielberg and the actors the our glasses before they shot the scene, to know what this world looked like in their vision so they could shoot the scene and know where they were. the movie itself is extremely fun, has a lot to say about society, social media and the time we spend on phones and computers. it is extremely fun, action-packed, beautiful to watch. >> we got such a nice summation, what is your review? what is the number? >> 5 out of 5.
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there is literally a scene where a t rex is chasing a delorean. that is all you need in your life, 5 out of 5, i have seen it 3 times, one of my favorite spielberg films to come out in a long time. alan silvestri's score is brilliant, i will see it for a fourth time. rob: convicted killer turned podcast times, spending half his life behind bars, the story of said reeling in millions of listeners on the crime podcast in the 1999 murder of his high school sweetheart. maryland's second chance at freedom, prosecutors have time
2:26 am
to repeal this. jillian: nfl superstar taking in a big personality to the big screen, patriots sites neagle scored a role in a new action film alongside mel gibson about a special courses veteran, his career goals include winning dancing with the stars, the 20y hasn't announced if he is playing next year. whatever he decides he will be just fine. >> 26 after the hour, banning benefits for illegal immigrants, the trump administration making moves to punish immigrants who have been cashing in on tax dollars. your comments boring and honest. heather: behavior that is bad for america. shopping on amazon all afternoon donald trump was going hard after the online retail giants. that may not be a good move for america.
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heather: new questions about the family that plunged to their death. >> children were abused and starved. >> reporter: authorities descend on the home of the washington family after their suv plunged off a cliff in northern california. jennifer and sarah hart had 6 adopted children, one is dante hart. and during a protest -- >> it is devastating. >> it turned off of highway one towards the overlook. there are no skidmarks. investigators looking at the
2:31 am
family itself. according to former neighbors, current neighbors say that is not the people they knew. >> it is not a picture of what we saw here. >> reporter: they didn't even know the hearts had kids until 3 months after the family moved in. one of the 6 told them they were being starved. and acclaimed physical abuse. >> i was concerned that their welfare is not being taken care of. >> they called child services who visited 3 days before monday's suv crash. authorities asking the public to fill in some links. >> in the bay area if anyone recognizes this family, eating in a restaurant. >> officials hope the blackbox will provide information. jillian: the fate of the pulse
2:32 am
gunmen's widows in the pulse of the jury, delivering for a third straight day prosecutors claim noor salman did nothing to stop omar mateen from murdering 49 people at an orlando nightclub, she is charged with aiding and abetting, obstruction of justice and life in prison if convicted. the autopsy of an unarmed black man shot and killed by police will be released this morning, hundreds attending the funeral of devon clark in sacramento. rev. al sharpton demanding the public take action. >> we will bring these 2 washington to trump's doorstep. >> 100 protesters gathering in downtown sacramento following the funeral, investigating clark's death, shot by police officers who thought he was ours. david shelton is not going
2:33 am
quietly, agreeing with donald from saying he wasn't happy with the speed that veterans were taken care of. >> i don't think the president should be happy with where we were. we have to figure out how to move this bureaucracy faster, this needs to be pushed. many bureaucratic elements need to be restructured. i started that process. i hope dr. jackson will continue the process because it needs to be done. >> reporter: he was pushed out by people who wanted to privatize the department. rosanne getting the presidential stamp of approval, commander-in-chief praising the show's ratings during a speech in ohio. >> look at rosanne. i call her yesterday, look at her ratings. they were unbelievable. 18 million people. it was about us. jillian: rosanne revealing details tweet it was surreal to
2:34 am
get a congratulatory phone call from the president of the united states, the fifth president i have received support from. what a life. the succumb reboot scored the highest rating for any networks or comments we 4 years. rob: donald from taking aim at amazon going after the online giant. a point here is it time to impose an internet tax to stop amazon from eviscerating the competition. in new york city, this is a tough one to figure out. you see this company, not going to brick and mortar down as fast as it can. >> amazon changing our lives and it is legitimate for people to be concerned about concentration
2:35 am
of power. only 5% of retail sales, 40% of online, 10% of the total. for this in the context, amazon is big, changing their lives but not totally revolutionizing the retail space. calling them a monopoly is going too far. >> are they as big as walmart? >> that is the big competition. a lot of big competitors in the state. you have huge guys playing against them. it is a competitive space. >> they don't pay sales tax at amazon, they do pay sales tax or charge a sales tax and pay it on amazon goods. >> they collect sales tax. any state that has sales tax they are collecting sales tax on
2:36 am
their own products. they are not doing it for third-party sellers that sell on amazon marketplace. will the government require those third-party retailers to collect sales tax? that will not hurt amazon when it comes to its own products and will probably make amazon products look cheaper because it is interesting, amazon tax, the truth is it will hit other retailers probably more than it will hit amazon. >> people out there saying we need to save our storefronts, brick and mortar businesses, is this just the result of evolution, free-market capitalism doing what it does? >> we have seen this play out time and again, questions when it comes to microsoft, walmart 25 years ago, you see the economy change and adapt, amazon has a lot of big competitors, talk about mom and pop shops,
2:37 am
not just brick and mortar, the mom and pop shops are online retailers. be careful about hurting them because those companies thrive as well. think about the internet sales tax, look at what it means for small online retailers and consumers, $34 billion a year if they have to add the new internet sales tax. i don't know a lot of people want to pay that much more money, they like the prices online. >> you are just not going to see storefronts as often. there will always be storefronts but will it be a diminishing thing? >> storefronts will not be people competing on price but on experience. amazon beats the guys that compete on price but stores that offer experience offer something different. amazon can't give you the pampered experience of walking in, talking to a knowledgeable
2:38 am
sales rep. >> people get the information they need and go to amazon. >> we are going to have our own shop and cordon off our products but this is how the marketplace evils. people of amazon enough to volunteer, we have to reckon with the fact that we made amazon who it is, nobody else. >> the evolution of the beast. happy friday. 38 minutes after the hour. working to make america safe again the trump administration cracking down on anybody entering the us. extreme vetting is a tactic to roll out. a controversial curriculum, school assignments that require students to write to lawmakers asking for stricter gun control. forget the cream and sugar. how about a side of cancer with
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packing to the last minute. guys, i have a couple of things to wash we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide rob: the government will that
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social media accounts for immigrants and tourists entering the country. according to state department notice lisa applicants will submit 5 years of social media handles along with phone numbers and email addresses and asked about potential family connections to terrorism. the policies will take effect later this year. jillian: a crackdown against the ms 13 gain, ice agents busting 24 alleged members in new york bringing total arrests to 4755. a student at the high school on long island, you may remember hearing the names during donald trump's state of the union address, the two best friends were murdered by members of the vicious gang in 2016. rob: the white house reviewing a plan that would penalize immigrants if they use government programs. according to a draft proposal obtained by the washington post of an immigrant except any form of welfare in this country they
2:44 am
could be denied legal us residency. we asked viewers of this is a good idea, overwhelming amount of people think that it is. ron says if you came to america legally you should be giving to america, not taking. deb on facebook says they shouldn't be here if all they want is handouts which marty says if they came to this country illegally they have no business getting our benefits. we are $21 trillion in debt and can't afford it. we are talking illegal immigrants. jillian: james mattis cracking a joke to john bolton in their first meeting outside the pentagon. >> ambassador? rob: what a great sense of humor, great speculation of these two and their ability to work well together. bolton will replace hr mcmaster.
2:45 am
this is hysterical was a man gets an unexpected visit from a little kid looking for help in the bathroom. >> what is your name? >> andrew. >> wash my hands. >> i think your mom is outside. jillian: crawling under the bathroom stall at a chick-fil-a, the now fire a video online, his father saying that is my boy, terribly sorry for the intrusion, very friendly, sometimes too much. >> the get walks out of the stall - that is a good one for
2:46 am
friday. forget honoring our heroes. students in one state may have to go to school on memorial day. jillian: a veteran slamming the decision calling it deliberate, she says it is no different than taking any during the national anthem. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it.
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>> a middle school teacher asks students to enact strict gun-control laws was apparent
2:50 am
was a police officer in georgia refusing to let his son complete the assignment, the teacher backed down saying nothing would be taken away. the parent will be live on "fox and friends" with reaction to this school assignment. refusing to cancel a friend of the nra fundraising event despite pressure from anti-gun advocates, in new york posting we don't discriminate against any individual group, we do not adopt, share or promote the use of individuals or groups that stay or meet at our hotel. owners say they will donate proceeds from next month's events that do good in their community. >> students in one state may have to go to school on memorial day but a school district plan to make up for school days on the holiday meant for paying tribute to men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.
2:51 am
veterans sounding off, radio talkshow host kathy barnett joins me live. when you first heard about this what was your reaction? >> many people look at this and think this is harmless. this school is positioning that this is a clerical matter, an administrative issue, a way to resolve a snow day but in my assessment i believe it is no different than taking a knee during the national and attorney are back on the american flag, in a different form but disrespectful. >> what does it mean that this isn't a proposal to begin with. >> why do we have memorial day, 40 years ago, and we decided in
2:52 am
our culture, alien little bit earlier you mentioned the ultimate sacrifice. why is it the ultimate sacrifice? i have absolutely nothing else to offer you. i remember my own life getting ready to graduate from boot camp and being overcome with the idea that i could be called to lay down my life and what i do it? myself and so many others who didn't come to the decision with great deliberation. this is another form of disrespect, subtle sneaky attack on who it is we call ourselves. we are americans, what does that mean? jillian: the school district hasn't decided, they will have a meeting on tuesday. i posted the story on twitter
2:53 am
and still getting responses. people are outraged by this. a lot of people say if the school district chose to do this i wouldn't send my kid to school that day. >> it is much bigger than that. i will post it, make a big deal about it, do what fox is doing and talking about it. we need to analyze the intent and logic or illogic in this case behind the rhetoric. it sounds innocuous, just a way to make up snow days but it is not. it is another form of disrespect and we need to be angry about it. we are living in a topsy-turvy world, left his right, up is down, border walls are racist, better to take into consideration the needs of illegal aliens than american citizens, everything is upside down. people are constantly trying to redefine what it means to be an american. >> something needs to be untouchable. >> this is one of them, these people lay down their lives and we need to acknowledge what they
2:54 am
have done for us. we need to point it out to the next generation so we are raising another generation of people who understand the ultimate sacrifice, appreciative of that. jillian: 53 minutes after the hour. dozens will have an amazing easter this weekend thanks to one special teacher. are you listening? new rocky mountain high beer, 2-for-1 deal. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ i just want your love tonight ♪ i don't want to lose your love tonight ♪ jillian: good morning to you philly. that was penn's landing. rob: show nice play your kind of music. jillian: thank you. rob: happy friday. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. a teacher goes beyond raising 1200 bucks in just hours asking for donations on facebook and used all that money to buy 63 easter
2:59 am
baskets for students at his school. he wasn't sure if all of the students would have gotten one at home. we love that. jillian: that's so nice. next the bad. coffee must now come with a cancer warning in california. a judge ruling starbucks and other sellers must alert customers to potentially harmful chemicals in their drinks. rob: that's not good. finally the ugly. the inadventure of blue moon beer will soon release a line of marijuana infused beer in the state of colorado. the drinks don't contain alcohol. no alcohol in it. the company says it will get you drunk. jillian: how? rob: high without the headache. it's infused with pot apparently. drink beer and i assume get high from it but not drunk so you won't get the hangover and this is all going to happen in colorado where you can do anything you want with pot. it's all recreationally legal there. see if that expands out to anywhere else. jillian: very interesting. happy friday. thank you for joining us for "fox & friends first."
3:00 am
rob: that's right. enjoy your weekend and have a very happy easter this sunday. jillian: happy good friday today. "fox & friends" starts right now. rob: see you later. >> the attorney general says there will be no second special counsel to look into alleged bias at the justice department and the fbi. >> i don't know why the attorney general keeps postponing. this everyone in town knows we need a second special counsel to get to the bottom of this. >> russians are retaliating. moscow is now booth out 60 american diplomats. >> this is a president that has been strong against russia, which is in contrast to the obama administration. >> yowe starting building our wall i'm so proud of it. starting setting 28th it goes further. do you think it's easy? >> the dow soaring 2554 points. jobless claims fell to lowest in over 40 years. >> the election was pretty traumatic. i took a lot of long walks in the woods. [laughter] drank my share of chardonnay. i did what


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