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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 30, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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enjoy your weekend and have a very happy easter this sunday. jillian: happy good friday today. "fox & friends" starts right now. rob: see you later. >> the attorney general says there will be no second special counsel to look into alleged bias at the justice department and the fbi. >> i don't know why the attorney general keeps postponing. this everyone in town knows we need a second special counsel to get to the bottom of this. >> russians are retaliating. moscow is now booth out 60 american diplomats. >> this is a president that has been strong against russia, which is in contrast to the obama administration. >> yowe starting building our wall i'm so proud of it. starting setting 28th it goes further. do you think it's easy? >> the dow soaring 2554 points. jobless claims fell to lowest in over 40 years. >> the election was pretty traumatic. i took a lot of long walks in the woods. [laughter] drank my share of chardonnay. i did what i could
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[applause] ♪ ♪ we're coming to your city ♪ going to play our guitar ♪ and sing you country song ♪ ainsley: good morning, guys. pete: good morning, ainsley. ainsley: it's great to have you guys on the curvey couch. pete: steve and brian are out but we have tv todd piro. todd: remember the first time you bought me a coffee had had all sugar. we landed from iowa i got two hours of sleep but i'm ready to go. we had an awesome time. wait until you see the stories we did in iowa. ainsley: when will we see them? todd: one tomorrow with the field of dreams and one that makes the plates that go in armor. amazing guys and amazing story. they were recognized by trump one of the made in america top 50.
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meet them in a few weeks. ainsley: the president was in ohio yesterday yesterday speaking to a grouch union builders. here is a clip if you missed it. >> i love the smell of a construction site, right? there is something about it my administration is fighting every day to protect and defend and grow american jobs. we are keeping our promise us and the results are in. 3 million new jobs since election day. >> we are knocking the hell out of ice sis coming out of syria very soon. >> did you see roseanne's ratings? mark how big were they? they were unbelievable. over 18 million people. and it was about us. >> america is a nation of pioneers, a nation that accepts no limits, no hardship and never ever gives up. >> anything we can dream, you can build.
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pete: that was as usual president trump in usual form. it felt almost like -- it was infrastructure rally felt like a campaign rally as well. very, very well received. this is a guy that can go from 3 million jobs to roseanne. ainsley: i know. he talked about jobs. he talked about building. how building is his strength. he said better than being a president i was always really good at building. he talked about roseanne barr and the ratings. >> this is his element. it's a campaign tile rally. he loves it. the crowd loves it one thing i want to mention it's all with the wall when it comes down to it we go to the diners and talk to the people. what's their number one focus we ask them about jobs and the economy. they say we need the wall. he does need to deliver that. that's why you heard him talking about his big beautiful wall. pete: defoe can you say on it and put out tweets this week showing the beginning of his portion of the construction of it and even saying the defense department could be part of
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funds it congress has not gone the way on building the wall. thetics tent i stays focused on talking about tax cuts and jobs and bringing them back and staying laser focused on that will be the key to translating with voters. ainsley: he talked but the wall yesterday and said we have already started building the wall. do you like campaign style rallies? do you wish he would do more of those? pete: we started the top of the show with that. his ability to talk about what happened throughout the week. i'm guessing if you are looking at another channel they are probably talking more and more about investigations. probably not this side of the investigation u of course, the first part of the year was all about russia, russia, russia. now we are getting information that jeff sessions, the attorney general, will be appointing a -- todd, you kind of described a special counsel light. >> diet special counsel. pete: he got a letter from senator grassley and goodlatte and gowdy a month ago have you done enough to look into investigating the
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investigators, the fisa abuse? and he finally came back with a response yesterday. and this is the attorney general's response. he appoints -- he is appoint ago man by the name of u.s. attorney general john huber. this is the statement. he said mr. huber is conducting his work from outside the washington, d.c. area. in cooperation with the inspector general. and upon the conclusion of his review, will receive his recommendation as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be open, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources or whether any matters merit the appointment of a special counsel. ainsley: people wanted a special counsel because the ig investigating the doj saying livin' this guy might be a great guy is he fair? we need somebody outside of the doj or outside of the fbi to investigate. they were investigating hillary clinton was the first investigation. the second one is this fisa abuse. so republicans were asking for a special counsel to do this. so the attorney general has
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said no, no special counsel, there is this guy who you trust, who is going to be an outside source or outside individual who is very fair, who was appointed by obama but has worked for both administrations and for from what we have heard, he seems like a solid guy. todd: solid guy, right. ainsley: many republicans are still complaining because they are saying we still need a special counsel and this is missing the mark. congressman mark meadows was on with laura last night. listen to. this we need to have the special counsel, i disagree with the attorney general. i can tell you tonight. i went through and reviewed some redacted things that were given to our committee. and on seven pages, there were 12 material facts, material facts. not just names, material facts that were omitted by the department of justice. it's time they come clean and give congress what they need. todd: one of the situations where the republican party is split shocker. people like peter king agree
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with what sessions said. mark meadows disagrees with it and the i couldn't know lying premise of what the meadow's camp is saying. huber's boss is rod rosenstein. pete: that's a big concern. they look at the fake russian collusion narrative that drove entire special counsel still going on with bob mueller. then you look at all the things that have happened from andy mccabe and lisa strzok and bruce o'er and james comey: we have more evidence we will show new a second. that doesn't merit the special counsel. that seems like inside fbi and doj at the top not rank and file and you are going to investigate yourself? still feels like folks are going to clamor for more. looks like a half measurable from the attorney general not going to satisfactory people. ainsley: imagine if this happened at your place the work. if you had to investigate your boss. would you be fair and could do you that? you want to believe you could but that's tough. pete: you are poking around whether your boss was doing things the wrong way.
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ainsley: whether or not you get paid or not getting food on the table and paying for your kids' college it would be important. would it be hard to investigate the agency where you work i think it would be. pete: it would be. yeah u another guy is representative jim jordan. he came out last night with an exclusive set of information that he knows based on what he has seen that andrew andy mccabe actually lied four times in talking about his leaking to the press. listen to what jim jordan says. >> well, we don't know what will come out of that we do know about andrew mccabe he didn't lie just once. he lied four times. he lied to james comey. he lied to the office of professional responsibility, and he lied twice under oath to the inspector general and, remember, this is andrew mccabe, deputy director of the fbi. this is andrew mccabe the text messages between peter strzok and lisa page and insurance policy against donald trump being president
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of the united states i it wasn't once or twice or three times, it was four times leaking information to the "wall street journal" about the fbi. ainsley: if that's true, he lied four times and now he is begging you for money. because, remember, he got fired a few days before he was retired. well, his spokesperson, i don't know anyone who has a spokesperson that doesn't have a job. his spoke spokesperson on social media has said go to his go fund me page and give him money to pay for attorney fees. todd: i saw pete earlier on the website donating. pete: fake news. todd: fake news. pete: 340,000 already raised. ed to odd if you believe mr. jim jordan mr. mccabe is accused of bad stuff. pete: he is a cause celeb of the left. james comey feel like they are part of saving the nation just like bob mueller. that's where this support is
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coming from. but, you look at a guy like jim jordan saying that. you don't say those things lightly and saying that because he has seen things that people need to see. the inspector general can't ask james comey and andy mccabe questions. is he looking internally. huber doing special counsel light. how much power pull information out of people making decisions at that time and do it under oath? that's what matters and will actually get us to the bottom of whether or not the trump campaign was spied on by political opponents. todd: someone no longer with the campaign. who can do what and when. let's go over to jillian mele with the headlines. jillian: happy good friday to you guys and to you at home as well. let's get you caught up on some of the stories starting with a fox news alert. coalition troops hurt and five others hurt after a roadside bomb explodes in syria. no word on exactly where this happened but it came shortly after a roadside bomb exploded in the town of
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man bij. it came hours after president trump said this in ohio. >> by the way, we are new yorking the hell out of isis. we will be coming out of syria like very soon. let the other people take care of it now. very soon. jillian: there are about 2,000 troops fighting isis in syria. to another fox news alert now a massive manhunt for a cop killer combing to an end overnight in tennessee. officers shooting and killing james in clarksville north of nashville. police say he shot off duty kentucky officer 38-year-old philip meacham. see him right there after initiating a fake traffic stop and pretending to be a cop. >> officers are never off duty. i don't know what i'm supposed to say. i just ask for everybody's support. we're here. and we will get through it that's what we do. jillian: meacham leaves behind a wife and two kids. a plane's landing burst into flames plane speeds down a
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runway to land. see the fire and smoke coming from the delta jet heartsville airport. flight from ecuador forced to turn back due to electrical issue. going up in flames. all 19 people on board got off safely. first lady melania trump making a surprise visit to a florida children's hospital spreading easter cheer ahead of the holiday. meeting with patients at st. mary's medical center at west palm beach and handing out easter baskets filled with toys. also spent time speaking with parents and thanking the nurses and doctors on staff. that's a look at your headlines. don't you love seeing that? ainsley: could you imagine being down on your luck and in the hospital and -- todd: very cool. russia retaliates after president trump kicked out its diplomats. what happens now? are removing closer to war with the kremlin? ainsley: pulled off incredible nose down landing
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russia is further isolating itself following the brazen chemical attack. russia should not be acting like a victim. the only victims in this situation are the two victims in the hospital in the u.k. right now. pete: russian foreign minister sergei lavrov announced yesterday that russia with a woo expel 60 u.s. diplomats from russia for the expulsion of 60 russian diplomats this week. does it mean we are in a cold war standoff with vladimir putin? we turn to retired colonel jim reese. thanks for joining us this morning. what does it mean about the escalation about our confrontation with russia? >> well, pete, good morning. what this really means is we are starting to get in this tat for tat political arena that starts to happen when these issues go to bear. from the u.s. side, what i find very interesting, really in the last year with president trump, all four
3:18 am
elements of national power, the diplomatic, the informational, military, and economic wings of our national power are all working together on this issue. it's really the first time all four elements are working together. but for me, at the end of the day, as this thing starts to move down the road, if we get more and more tension, i do believe that the at the end of the day the relationship between president trump and president putin will figure this thing out for both sides. pete: the accusation of this president has been that he has been soft on putin and soft on russia. maybe even co-including with them what you are saying the last year renewed focus on pushing back. >> it has. i think what president trump is looking at, just like all good commander-in-chiefs do. they take input from their staff. this is the state department. it's treasury, it's the military, dod. it's the cia, everyone is coming to the president saying here's what we need to do. the president is being a good commander-in-chief and
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sitting back, agreeing, pushing those forces out. pushing those issues out. making, literally putting the pressure on russia. so, again, the -- our government is really working all together for this russian piece. it's a good piece for us. pete: certainly indeed. you mentioned military as one of the lines in operation in this. in syria we have diversification interests than vladimir putin does. any concern this eventually leads to an aspect of a shooting war or shooting conflict. >> well, i think we also don't -- yes, there is syria and i have been over there a few times and you know, we have got folks over there working to try to put the syrian people back in their cities. so we see these i. but we still have the ukrainian issue where we have forces and other kinds of with the syrians. syria will still continue to be this tinderbox we have to watch. at the end of the day, the
3:20 am
russians and syria are really adults at the table that will make sure this thing continues to go down the road that we don't have conflict. but it is -- there is a lot of tension and especially with the turks up there. russian also keep things in set. pete: we are seeing consequences of it now. hopefully the stare off pays off in the end. thank you for your time. >> yes, sir. pete: you got it a middle school class assigned to lobby congress to change gun laws. does that sound right to you? well, an outraged parent joins us live coming up next. and, hillary clinton just doesn't understand why people want her to go back to the woods. >> i was really struck by how people said that to me, go away, go away. they never said that to any man who was not elected.
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pete: quick headlines for you, starting with a fox news alert. u.s. air strikes killing four al qaeda dirt bags overnight in yemen. it's the seventh strike against the radical islamist group in a country this month. certainly good news. second story is an extreme vetting story. the government will soon begin to vet social media accounts for most immigrants and tourists entering our country. according to a state department notice, visa applicants will need to submit five years of social media handels along with phone numbers and email addresses. they will also be asked about potential family connections to terrorists. anxiously, over to you. ainsley: thank you, pete. georgia middle school teacher is under fire after assigning students to write letters to congress advocating for stricter gun laws. according to a blue lives matter report. todd: the assignment saying
3:25 am
quote you are trying to persuade lawmakers to have stricter gun laws to help prevent another school shooting from taking place. ainsley: school district now telling fox news that they don't condone this, teacher's actions, promising it will never happen again. todd: here is william leah police officer and parent of a student at hampton middle school who received the assignment. mr. lee, thank you so much for being with us. like any good parent, you asked your child what do you have for homework tonight? your child said i have to write this paper. when you saw what the assignment was, what were you thinking? >> my biggest concern was what was the intent of the assignment. i find out it didn't have anything to do with what they were supposed to be learning in that social studies class. so that was my biggest concern is what was the intent. it only gave them one perspective from which to write. and that in itself i didn't think was appropriate. but my concern was were
3:26 am
those letters actually going up to someone. ainsley: i was shocked this was happening in the state of georgia. but, good for you for telling that teacher my child will not be participating. what was the teacher's reaction? >> he said it was okay. that my son would not receive any negative grade. ainsley: you know, in this day and age, they are kicking god out of schools. some schools now want the pledge of allegiance out of schools. they are indoctrinating our kids to think a certain way. do you think teachers have a right to force our students to think politically the way that they do? >> no man. thano, ma'am.that was the one ti have an issue with. i didn't think it was appropriate for the teacher to be forcing that kind of opinion on the children and using them to try to persuade lawmakers to enact stricter gun laws. todd: the school district did respond to our request for a statement. they said, quote: the lesson topic was not a part of an approved curriculum. we would never approve of a
3:27 am
politically biased assignment or directive given by a teach. we do not condone the actions that transpired. it has been handled appropriately with the teach tore ensure they know this is not acceptable and won't happen again. what's your spoons to that? >> yes, sir. again, my whole issue if i hadn't brought attention to it, how long would it have gone on or would it have happened prior to that the school is not aware of. that was just my biggest concern do they realize what's going on in the schools. because there was another incidents prior to this one that involved some inappropriate comments by a teacher at the same school. so that was something that me and this parent started communicating about. ainsley: as a police officer, you know, this teacher is asking your child to write a letter to congress or to our lawmakers
3:28 am
asking them to pass tighter gun restrictions. what would have you liked the assignment to be as a police officer? >> well, again, if he was given the opportunity to write from another perspective, then that would have been okay. i just didn't feel it was appropriate just to have the one stance represented. ainsley: one sided. todd: mr. lee, last question from me. do you have any message to parents out there? >> just be vigilant with what your kids are doing in school and what they are being taught and told. because this was, like i said, the first thing i have seen anything like this. i have heard other stories. this is the first time i have seen anything like this. if i wouldn't have asked i would have never known. ainsley: you seem like a very nice polite individual i know you were probably
3:29 am
concerned about going to the teacher. i know the district handled it well and the teacher hopefully will not assign this type of an assignment again. thank you for speaking out and more importantly. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you for being such an amazing individual and keeping our community safe. god bless you. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. a police officer shot inside a barbershop. the insane body camera footage just released that's coming up next. todd: hillary clinton just doesn't understand why people want her to go back there, to the woods. >> i was really struck by how people said that to me, go away, go away. they never said that to any man who was not elected. todd: well maybe diamond and silk can explain. they join us live next. ainsley: make sure to catch legends and lies this week's episode corse the early union set backs on the battlefield. shear a little clip for you. >> mr. president, i'm happy
3:30 am
to -- >> -- general, it's been nearly a year with no battle undertaken at your commands. and now rumors fly that you're a confederate. >> i built this army single handedly out of drunken rabble. i have been chosen to save this union. not to destroy it, not to change it. to preserve it. >> we must have action now. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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>> the election was pretty traumatic. [laughter] i think there were a lot of people i don't want to have to think about it. i don't want to have hear about it totally that's how i felt. i took a lot of long walks in the woods. [laughter] drank my share of chardonnay. i did what i could.
3:34 am
[laughter] >> well, so we have heard about the long walks in the woods and the chardonnay there was more. here to react we are going to bring in diamond and silk social media stars and trump supporters. good morning to you both. thank you for being here. before we get your response, didn't stop there hillary clinton went on to talk about how part of the reason she lost the elections and the way she has been treated after the election is because of sexism. listen. >> i was really struck by how people said that to me, go away, go away. they never said that to any man who was not elected. al gore didn't stop talking about climate change. i'm really glad that john kerry went to the senate and became an excellent secretary of state. and i'm really glad john mccain kept speaking out and standing up and saying what he had to say for heaven's sake mitt romney is running for the senate.
3:35 am
i'm really committed to speaking out and doing what i can to have a voice in the debate about where our country is going. pete: ladies, when you say it's time to go away, it turns out you are sexist. >> here's the deal i think and we think that hillary clinton real mind us of a nasty sore that's rotten to the core that really won't go away. >> that's right. >> listen, i think it's time for her to go somewhere and be quiet. if she is going to be on the national platform or her little platform. she needs to talk about her dirty deeds. >> that's right. >> how she paid for that fake dossier to try to undermine president trump during the election. >> that's right. >> how she sold 20% of the uranium to russia and now russia have nuclear weapons. and you know that uranium is bomb-making material. >> that's right. >> back in the day, hillary clinton told black men to go somewhere and heel. maybe she needs to go somewhere and sit down and heel from this election u. >> that's right. ainsley: all right, ladies. we have been talking a lot this week about roseanne, the show that has made extraordinary come back,
3:36 am
more than 18 million people watched it this week. the president was -- he ended up calling roseanne barr to tell her what a wonderful job. she tweeted about it saying she likes this president and he supported her. well, sandra burnhard is on the show. she is not conservative. not at all. and she was wondering, she is asking how women, how the two of you could ever support this administration. listen to what she says and then we will get your reaction. >> a lot of women have compromised, given, in you know, gotten married, raised their kids and not had the luxury of being able to think for themselves, don't know where it comes from. i think it's a couple of issues. it's being either under the thumb of your husband or it's the election that was being so offended by hillary clinton and bill clinton's legacy that you turned on her. or feeling inadequate. feeling like how can somebody be so educated. that's threatening to a lot of women.
3:37 am
ainsley: ladies, what's your reaction? we stay at home, we raise our kids and then we vote for someone like this because we are so out of touch? >> first of all, we didn't need anyone feeding us us a narrative we know how to think for ourselves. we went to the polls and put on our thinking cap. we voted for entrepreneurship because we wanted to vote for him. we didn't do it after the fact and put on wit with wussy p and start marchy. for her to say that that's very offensive. i'm not a married woman. i am a sing goal woman, okay? i was not going to vote for no crooked hillary, okay? nobody was going to make me feel guilty. nobody was going to push me in to voting for somebody that we choose not to vote for. >> that's right. >> hillary clinton was a career politician. we didn't want another career fake crooked politician running nothing around here. >> that's right. >> that's why we voted for the businessman. >> congratulations to rose o'donnell. but congratulations to
3:38 am
roseanne. we absolutely enjoyed the show. she can cast diamond and silk as next door neighbors. two black kooks down with politics. todd: why do you think that roseanne is resonating with so much of our country. president calling up roseanne and saying your ratings are out of control. it's awesome. why do you think it's resonating so much. >> there are so many conservatives out there that want that point of view and we want to see our country united. we want to be able to agree to disagree. throw that political correctness stuff out the window. that's what we are ready to do. and she is doing it? >> and balanced. >> that's right. it's not just one-sided not just leaning left. it is balanced. where we see everything and we are learning how to agree to disagree and we love it i think the ratings is going to keep going up and up. >> that's right. >> these executives better take notice. >> they better surely take notice. let me also say don't forget to go to diamond and to get your
3:39 am
chitchat tour. we want to see your face in the place. todd: you want a starring role on the show. you deserve it come on. >> that's right. next door neighbors two black chicks down with politics. todd: i love it. pete: diamond and silk. ainsley: if they were on that show, the ratings would go up. pete: that would be something to see. ainsley: i know. pete: what do you think about that. jillian: never fair i have to follow them. who can follow diamond and silk? pete: sitting here thinking don't each try. jillian: serious news we are following starting with. this police body cam video just released showing an officer getting shot in the leg inside a barbershop. see the officer falling to the floor in san francisco after confronting the gunman. an employee begging the suspect to spare his life for the sake of his children, as the officer struggles on the ground. [shouting]
3:40 am
>> people running for their lives as officers shoot the gunman who later died. in total, five people hurt in the shootout. the police officer is in stable condition. one school district is send ago bold message to would be intruders. this sign you see it right there outside tombstone high school in arizona warning that some staff may be armed and will, quote, use whatever force necessary to protect our students. it's unclear how many teachers or staff members may be carrying guns. a pilot so grateful to be alive that he gets down on his knees and kisses the tarmac. the flight teacher celebrating after a dramatic landing near fort lauderdale. the small plane's nose gear collapsing on the runway with two men on board. officials say the front wheel would not lock in place. look at that neither one of the pilots is seriously hurt. incredible. defense secretary james mattis caught cracking a joke continue to coming
3:41 am
security advisor john bolton during first ever meeting outside of the pentagon. >> dr. bolton, can you take a question? ambassador? jillian: officially replace h.r. mcmaster on april 9th. a look at your headlines. nice to see sarcasm humor there. ainsley: thank you, jillian. pete: excited to have a partner there that he knows wants to advance the president's agenda. good stuff. president trump spreading his message to american workers. get ready for more jobs, jobs, jobs. >> unemployment claims are at their lowest level in 45 years. lowest level. 45 years. [applause] pete: and the markets reacted. what's it mean for your wallet? charles payne up next. todd: plus, sara carter, kellyanne conway, sebastian gorka and newt gingrich all live coming up. ♪ ♪
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ainsley: here are quick headlines for you starting with a fox news alert. a mega data breech of my fitness pal. under armor says it's activisting 150. stolen email addresses and passwords. not credit cards or social security information. starbucks and other major companies must now put a cancer warning label on coffee that is sold in california. a judge ruling the threat from the chemical come pound produced in the coffee roasting process is significant enough. the coffee industry claims the chemical was present at harmless levels pete president trump in ohio yesterday with a message to american workers, get ready for more jobs, jobs, jobs. >> we're keeping our
3:46 am
promises and the results are in 3 million new jobs since election day. unemployment claims are at their lowest level in 45 years, lowest level. 45 years. [applause] ainsley: that is incredible. what does this mean for the economy and for your wallet? todd: joining us to weigh, in host of making money on fox business network charles payne. what do these numbers tell you? >> they tell me we are in an economy that is resurgent and it's an economy that hearkens back to sort of the old american d.n.a. where that can doism is infectious and starting to spread. right now we have a record amount of job openings. we have never had this many job openings ever in the history of this country. what i love is yesterday we had update on michigan sentiment survey. right now three components of it, one they ask how do you feel right now current conditions? they set an all-time high. and all-time high. by the way, it was driven by
3:47 am
the top bottom one 30 of income households. in other words, these are the folks who always feel like they are being left behind. these are the folks who never feel like this is the best of times. and they are the most optimistic ones out there. those are the people that by the way that have been overlooked for so long by so many. those are the people that propelled president trump into the white house. pete: forgotten mental and women are feeling like they are being remembered and optimistic about that. pete: any concern talks of terrors and trade is that dampening that perception. >> dampening for top one third who love the status quo and don't want the president to rock the boat. this is what i will say. the sort of narrative. i say this every time. every country at this very moment in the world uses tariffs. and by the way, the strongest hottest economies in the world, have the biggest tariffs in the world. china, india, south korea, so we saw this week we were able to rewrite our deal with south korea. we doubled the amount of cars that we can send there. they will cut down on the amount of steel that they
3:48 am
export to us. we keep our tariff by the way of 25% pickup trucks. so people have to understanding if we don't push back now, the economic momentum in these countries is so powerful that at some point in a not too distant future, china will have a stronger economy than america. if you don't think we have leverage now when we do have leverage, imagine if we wait until then and start to have to beg for better fair trade. ainsley: that's going to bring more and more jobs. because all those industries are going to start coming back to america. >> listen, we want global prosperity. we'll want the world to do very well. this week we saw the first chinese solar company say hey we are going to open up a plant in america. how did this happen? president trump put a 30% tariff on solar panels. ainsley: the president was speaking with the plan to boost infrastructure in ohio. how are the stocks responding. >> stock market great run. toughest month for it in a long time. a lot of this is headline stuff. hey, the president's attorney is out. that's a constitutional
3:49 am
crisis. or, you know, listen, what happened is, optimism and success is self-fulfilling but also infectious. so is negativity. and the media is tamping tamping down or trying to tamp down other great stuff happening in this country. pete: sure are. todd: like they don't have 401(k)s. pete: except on not on making money. >> we promote optimism and see the good things. ainsley: thanks, charles. pete: have a great friday. ainsley: david shulkin making the media rounds with his side of the story. >> there were political appointees within my administration who didn't see it that way and really wanted us to take a much harder stance towards privatization. ainsley: was that really the reasonable he was let go? pete: we will talk about that. and there is no hell. did the pope really say that? the vatican trying to set the record straight on this good friday. father jonathan morris is here to explain with his take next.
3:50 am
♪ yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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3:53 am
pete: in a recent interview, pope francis said hell does not exist. saying, quote, they are not punished, those who repent obtain the forgiveness of god and enter the forgiveness. those who do not repent and cannot therefore be forgiven. disappear. there is no hell. there is the disappearance of sinful souls. ainsley: doesn't this fly in the face of everything the catholic church has taught for 2,000 years? here to make sense of it is fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris. what in the world?
3:54 am
>> we have got some bad news and good news. let's start with the bad news. pete. the bad news, they are laughing because the bad news is that hell still exists and, no priest, no pastor, no pope, no journalist can change that we know that from the bible. that's the bad news. i texted last night is it true it's not real? >> are we good now? are there no consequences to actions. >> that's the bad news. hell still exists and pope francis believes that the good news is not everything that we have been taught and learned for 2,000 years has been changed. in fact, nobody can change that. it either is or it isn't. and what we see in the bible is very clear about hell. the vatican has since said this reporter, who is 93 years old, who is a professed atheist and who has very publicly said when he does interviews he takes no notes and records nothing.
3:55 am
ainsley: what he perceives the pope to say when he doesn't even understanding the religion. how do we expect him to write a piece that's fair? >> it's interesting why pope francis is meeting with this atheist journalist who is very well known in italy, it's because he is trying to work with him. and my guess is when they talked about hell, he said, you know, hell is not a place where the big bad god throws bad people. people who sin. no, hell is a place where we decide to go by saying i don't want the forgiveness of god. that has always been the teaching of christianity. hell is not a place where god throws people or sends people we send ourselves by saying i don't want to live in the presence of god. todd: father, i don't want to get to good friday. today is good friday. i find a lot of times non-christians don't understanding the significance of good friday and easter. they think the biggest day on our calendar is christmas when the religion calendar says it really have good friday and holy saturday and easter. >> it's confusing, why is it good friday? it's the worst day of the year in many ways?
3:56 am
we see god, the innocent one being crucified by us, by our sin. it's good because of that terrible, terrible tragedy of our sin that we have the possibility to accept god's forgiveness in our lives and to have eternal life. that's why it's so good. that is why it is so good. [speaking foreign language] >> a very famous hymn. oh happy fault gained for us. happy fault that our sin can actually become something that is a reason for great celebration because god is bigger than sin and death. >> it's good because it saves us from the pit of hell which does still exist which you confirmed. >> yes. and that's bad news for you, peter. pete: he said it thank you, father, appreciate it love having you. attorney general jeff sessions not appointing a second special counsel, but he does name a federal
3:57 am
prosecutor looking into alleged finn and doj wrongdoing. sara carter is here to react next hour. todd: still ahead, kellyanne conway, sebastian gorka and newt gingrich don't go anywhere, another big two hours coming up every table tells a story, we're happy to have a seat at yours. sargento. we're real cheese people.
3:58 am
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been doing it for years. i'm calling geico right now. good idea! get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. >> i love the smell of a construction site. something about it. on september 28th going further and getting that sucker built. do you think that's easy? >> laura: former v.a. secretary david shulkin not going quietedly. >> i have been running this department trying to work with both sides of the aisle. >> there were some political appointees who didn't see it that way. >> the attorney general says there will be no second special counsel to look into alleged bias at the justice department and the fbi. >> i don't know why the attorney general keeps postponing this. everyone in town knows we need a second special counsel to get to the bottom of this. >> sergei lavrov announced yesterday that russia would expel 60 u.s. diplomats. >> i do believe relationship between president trump and
4:01 am
president putin will figure this thing out. >> people said that to me, go away, go away. they never said that to any man who was elected. >> hillary clinton was a career politician. we didn't want another career fake crooked politician running nothing around here. ♪ ♪ pete: welcom todd: welcome in on "fox & friends" on a good friday morning. before i begin, it's not just this pete but big pete's birthday. that's my dad. happy birthday big pete. ainsley: happy birthday, dad. what are y'all going to do? todd: i don't know. i'm going to be with my in-laws this weekend. pete: ainsley, he just he announced it on the air. ainsley: happy birthday and say happy birthday dad by spending time with the in-laws. pete: ainsley positioning you for a gift. ainsley: dad, come spend easter with us. we will show you lots of
4:02 am
love. todd: sorry, dad. pete: weekday edition here. ainsley: y'all, it's so good to have y'all. it's good friday. you know, it's easter weekend. it's holy week. today is good friday. father jonathan is wonderful. if you are just waking up, he was on with us and had a beautiful message for easter. we are so happy that y'all are here. and we are happy that you are joining us, thank you so much. we can smell the weekend. we can smell easter. and the president was in ohio yesterday. and he says his favorite smell is a construction site. listen. >> i the smell of a construction site, right? there is just something about it. we are keeping our promises and the results are in. 3 million new jobs since election day. 3 million. and by the way, we are knock the hell out of isis. we will be coming out of syria very soon. let the other people take care of now. very soon. did you see roseanne's ratings? i said mark, how big were
4:03 am
they? they were unbelievable. over 18 million people. and it was about us. they haven't figured it out. the fake news hasn't quite figured it out yet. anything we can do dream, can you build. >> we will do it all with those beautiful american hands, powerful hands, powerful heart. and powerful american pride. todd: just a quick clarification. he wasn't in new brunswick, new jersey, that was the one who he defeated was in new brunswick, new jersey. pete: we make mistakes every once in a while but we correct them as soon as we can. the president was in ohio talking about jobs. about 3 million jobs created. jobless numbers at their lowest since 1973. if he sticks on jobs and sticks on energy and sticks on fair trade deals, things like that, he is in a pretty strong spot. he also gets the chance to talk about culture, chiming in on roseanne, a little bit of fake news, talking about
4:04 am
judges, even hillary clinton. it was a pretty classic president trump speech yesterday. ainsley: he said, look at the ratings for roseanne. you know, i mean more of the mainstream media needs to talk about his agenda and what he is doing because look at these ratings. clearly there is a market for it. and i thought that -- i think that the network was very smart to air that show. pete: absolutely. very smart. ainsley: by the ratings. pete: common sense, they learned their lesson by getting rid of last man standing. ainsley: why they got rid of it, i don't know. todd: bring it back. roseanne seeing huge numbers. at an event like this. if you have ever attended an event tv does not do him justice. love him or hate him, when he gets in a crowd like, this there is nobody that captivates an audience. ainsley: like those rallies on the campaign trail. pete: i'm guessing a lot of this information when people hear it is new to them. if you are watching cnn, it's like stormy daniels tv. they are not hearing about numbers and what's happening.
4:05 am
ainsley: they are not talking about the jobless claim numbers. lowest level since 1975. pete: renegotiating trade deals. the amount of judges that have been confirmed. the stuff is he able to tick off on all these moments. they get ticked off they have to cover it. ainsley: there was president obama holdover, david shulkin who was over the v.a. and he resigned or the president said you're fired, basically. and he was on a lot of the other shows yesterday, you know, saying this. trying to explain what happened. listen. >> i have been running this department trying to work with both sides of the aisle. but there were some political appointees within my administration that didn't see it that way. and really wanted us to take a much harder stance towards privatization. >> it would be a mistake to conclude that we do not need the v.a. and that we have to dismantle the v.a. we have to improve the v.a. while at the same time working with the private sector in an integrated way to meet the needs of our veterans. pete: ever since he was fired, secretary shulkin has
4:06 am
been spinning a tale. spinning a tale that he was there to save the world from president trump because president trump is going to privatize the v.a. and try shut it all down and push the vets out to the private sector. that is not true. even the "new york times" this morning quotes -- talks about my former organization that i ran concerned veterans for america saying our goal was to privatize the v.a. fake news, not true. what the political appointees inside the v.a. were trying to do with shulkin was make sure that secretary shulkin was actually true to what this president said he would do on the campaign trail. which is simply this. which is not privatization. veterans get a choice. either go to the v.a. because it's giving you quality care or can you choose because you are smart enough to choose for yourself to go to a private provider if you feel like you are going to get better care there and the dollars follow you in either direction. there are cost effective ways to give a veteran private choice, which is not privatization. so the secretary is trying to -- he wrote a op-ed in the "new york times." he has been all over tv talking about it he was trying to fighter political appointees trying to stay
4:07 am
true to the president's cause. and, instead, he was the one that got fired and ritefully so he. ronny jackson the new pick over there, he has a great opportunity to rebuild those relationships. todd: shulkin 100 to none. some political movement going on. there is a reason democrats liked him. pete: he passed 100 to none. threatening to nobody. started to go in and defend the status quo at the v.a. he made his own mistakes like wimbledon tickets and travel he shouldn't have taken. never about that. he was trying to stop the president. the president has an agenda. ronny jackson will get an opportunity to advance it. ainsley: love the idea of choice. that's so important. a lot of v.a. hospitals are great. i remember the v.a. hospital when everything was coming to light. did i some stories out in arizona, i believe, where so many people were on the list waiting for appointments. and they were dying in the process. pete: of course. ainsley: taking months to go see a doctor. by the time they saw the
4:08 am
doctor the cancer had spread. too late. having choice is great. todd: had you a choice nut 2016 presidential election. you elected president donald j. trump. hillary clinton doesn't seem to be able to get over that. and she had an interesting take on why. take a listen. >> the election was pretty traumatic. [laughter] a lot of angst and second-guessing and finger pointing. oh my god, did you see how shill she was. i took a lot of long walks in the woods. [laughter] you know, drank my share of chardonnay. i was really struck by how people said that to me. go away, go away. they never said that to any man who was not elected. i am really committed to speaking out and doing what i can to have a voice in the debate about where our country is going. pete: you know, we are going to host the weekend show on saturday and sunday. we have to pull some tape.
4:09 am
i'm pretty sure people said al-gore, your time is up. hey, mitt romney. your time suspect. plenty of folks who have run for office. folks have said it's time to turn the page. you had all the clinton years and run for president twice and lose twice, it might be time for the democrats to turn the page. and that doesn't make anyone sexist. ainsley: she is saying i want to talk about the direction of this country. talk about the direction of the country. don't be the victim. every time she speaks it's about what happened wrong and blaming someone else. okay. move past that. the election -- the people spoke, you are not the president. so, modify on and talk about something else. todd: the men she mentioned are actually referring to policy. to your point, all she is doing is complaining. this isn't a man/woman thing. ainsley: victim mentality. todd: she is talking about i lost becaus. pete: because it was going to be the clinton foundation, we know what happened to that doocy. they were using it for all the wrong reasons, making a bunch of deals. nothing to fall back on. went on a book tour and didn't sell many books.
4:10 am
email us friend producer just got in our ear. ainsley: snooki got paid more than she did to speak at rutgers. snooki. todd: lost to trump and to snooki. ainsley: from jersey shore. todd: we want to know what you think mostly snooki. jillian: snooki still a thing? todd: still a think, absolutely. jillian: i never saw a single episode of that show. todd: you are better for it. jillian: get you caught up on the news because we have a fox news alert. two coalition troops dead and five others hurt after a roadside bomb explodes in syria. the nationalities of the two killed remain unknown at this point and no word exactly on where this happened. but it came shortly after a roadside bomb exploded in the town of manbij not far from the turkish border. it also came after president trump said this in ohio. >> by the way, we are knocking the hell out of isis. we will be coming out of syria very soon. let the other people take
4:11 am
care of it now. very soon. very soon. we are coming out. jillian: there are about 2,000 u.s. troops currently fighting isis in syria. also breaking right now, a massive manhunt for a cop killer coming to an end overnight in tennessee. officers shooting and killing james in clarksville north of nashville. police say he shot off duty kentucky officer 38-year-old philip meacham after initiating a fake traffic stop and pretending to be a cop. >> officers are never off duty. i don't know what i'm supposed to say. just ask for everybody's support. we're here. and we will get through it. that's what we do. >> meacham leaves behind a wife and two kids. the violent ice detainee who escaped from federal agents at new york's jfk airport got away during a meal break. mbacke made a run for it when officers took off his handcuffs, got something to eat and turned their black
4:12 am
backs for a split second. he was being deported to senegal. last seen getting into a attackteaxinto ataxi tuesday ni. raising $1,200. he used the money to buy 63 easter baskets for his students at school in tampa. he wasn't sure if all of his students would have gotten an easter basket at home. todd: that's commitment right there. jillian: making the holiday special. ainsley: sent a letter to the president asking for help for his sick dad. you saw that yesterday. guess what happened next. >> just got a letter from donald trump. that's pretty cool. ainsley: that is really cool. that little boy and his father are going to join us live coming up. todd: attorney general jeff sessions stopped short of naming a federal prosecutor to look into alleged fbi and doj wrongdoing. he didn't appoint a special counsel. but should he?
4:13 am
pete: sara carter reacts live next. plus kellyanne conway and newt gingrich all coming up in the next hour. ♪ walk you through the dark side of the morning ♪ma it ain't me ♪ r. as the world leader in unmanned aerial systems, we're attracting the world's best talent to central new york. and turning the airport into a first-class transportation hub. all while growing urban areas into vibrant places to live and work. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit ♪ to grow your business with us in new york state, ♪
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4:17 am
ainsley: attorney general jeff sessions naming a federal prosecutor to look into possible surveillances abuses by the fbi and doj. but he is stopping short of appointing a second special counsel. pete: here with her reaction investigative reporter and fox news contributor sara carter who has been covering all angles of this story from the very beginning. thank you for being here. >> thank you. pete: what do you make of this move by the attorney general not moving toward a special counsel yet but talking about this u.s. attorney huber doing his own investigation? >> i think this was expected. when i look at this, and did you go back to the fall, remember when he made the first announcement, he had already assigned john huber. so huber has been investigating this since the fall. and according to my sources at the doj, he has already been making recommendations. so now that he has been making those recommendations, we have also the ig, michael horowitz making his own recommendations. and what i have been told, as of yesterday, is that the ig has already made criminal referrals. so you know this is very
4:18 am
serious. i believe it's going to be right after the ig report comes out that we're going -- that the attorney general, jeff sessions is going to make a recommendation whether or not to assign a special counsel, special prosecutor. pete: sarah, you say the ig has already made criminal referrals. is that on the hillary clinton email server investigation or looking into fisa abuses? >> it's looking into fisa abuses is what i have been told. this is what huber is looking at as well. huber is not just looking at the fisa abuses. he is also looking at the hillary clinton foundation as well as the uranium one issue. and he is going to be making recommendations on all of these. ainsley: okay. democrats are feeling sorry for andrew mccabe. they are setting up a go fund me page. he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for his attorney fees. they put a cute little picture of there of andrew mccabe with his pretty family say you would feel sorry for him because he was fired a few days before he was able to retire and get that pension. will you please explain to our viewers why he was fired exactly, how he was caught
4:19 am
lying four times? is that right under oath? >> yeah, he was caught lying four times under oath. twice directly to the inspector general. and then he came back and said well, he misstood. he tried to call back. he tried to clarify. look, they are not buying this. there is a lot more here than just the lies. the attorney general isn't going to make and the inspector general isn't going to make any kind of recommendations or investigations based on just an accidental slip of the tongue. there is a lot more evidence here. they are looking at it very carefully and mccabe is not the only one. there are other people within the fbi that they are taking a hard look at. a lot of people have asked me why are peter strzok and lisa page still at the fbi? considering everything that's out there? well, have yo you have to assume that they may be giving information to the inspector general as well as to the doj. pete: sarah, it's speculation. we don't know names at this point. but someone like andrew mccabe could be one of those criminal referrals from the ig hingtsly? >> hypothetically, absolutely, yes. ainsley: what are your
4:20 am
sources telling you? are they saying that lisa page and strzok, what's his first name? >> peter strzok. >> are you hearing -- are your sources telling you that they are giving information to the ig? >> i am hearing that's a definite possibility. ainsley: interesting. pete: very interesting. that ig report unearthed so much so far when it comes out could be a game changer. we know you are all over it sara carter thank you so much. ainsley: thank you, sarah. you are doing a great job. >> thank you, ainsley. pete: protesters demanding chicago strip police of millions of dollars dollars. [chanting] pete: they don't need money for cops with the problems they have in chicago. where these teens want the money to go coming up. ainsley: 8-year-old writes emotional plea to his sick father. he just heard back. that brave da guy and his dad are going to be with us next. there they are
4:21 am
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and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. todd: time now for news by the numbers. first, 24. that's how many alleged members of the dangerous ms-13 gang are now off the streets. ice agents making the bust in new york. bringing the total arrest under operation matador to 475. wow. next, five years. that's how long convicted felon crystal mason will spend behind bars for illegally voting. the dallas woman who was previously convicted of fraud charges claims she didn't know she wasn't allowed to vote until finishing her sentence. she was on supervised release when she cast her ballot in the 2016 election. finally, 150 million bucks. that's how much money mcdonald's is setting aside to expand its tuition assistance benefit for
4:25 am
employees who want a college degree. it's all thanks to president trump's new tax law. and from one awesome story to another, here's ainsley. ainsley: thank you so much, todd. an 8-year-old boy from north carolina you see him there is determined to get his father a kidney transplant that he desperately needs. the fourth grader reached out to the president for help and was surprised when he got a response this week addressed from the white house. ford putnam is his name and his father trey they join us now. thank you so much for being with us. they join us. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: ford, can you read us the original letter you? sent this letter at christmas time to the president, to ivanka and to santa claus. what does that original letter say? >> it says dear mr. president, my name is ford. i'm 8 years old. my dad has been sick for a long time. he has to have -- to get a kidney to live.
4:26 am
and he needs to get a job again so he can play. my mom just left, so if my dad gets better, she might come back. sometimes my dad cries. it makes me sad and my dad's name is trey. thanks. my dad says you do a lot of stuff for our country. my dad and my grandma. please help. that's all i want for christmas. maybe one toy. please give my daddy a kidney. ainsley: trey, have you raised an incredible son. how does that make you feel? >> really makes me feel proud of him. i was really shocked, you know, by the letter. but he really does seem to care more about others than he does himself. ainsley: it appears that way. and then that was sent to the president christmas time. and you just heard back from the president this week. will you read that letter
4:27 am
for us? >> yeah. [laughter] >> dear ford, thank you for sharing your story with me. i'm so sorry to hear that your dad is going through a difficult time. it is clear you care so much for him. i have shared your letter with my staff and they are working to see what help they can provide. i can tell you that you are a brave young man with a big heart. i admire your determination to make sure your dad has the support and resources he needs to feel better. i hope you know how much joy and encouragement you already bring to him. mrs. trump and i will keep you and your dad in our thoughts and prayers. ainsley: that's beautiful. ford, you are not only a great kid. you are a great reader, too. what was your reaction when
4:28 am
you got a letter from the white house? >> i was impressed, and i was like wow. it was cool. and i was like really happy. because my dad might actually get a kidney. ainsley: yeah, i know. trey, it seems like the president is working behind the scenes trying, i guess, to connect with doctors and get you on more lists or get you that kidney. how does it make you feel knowing that? >> i truly feel blessed. it's really the only way to say it. it's been a prayer answered, that's for sure. and a prayer by many people. i know there has been a lot of people pulling for me and i have had a lot of support since this letter. and, you know, it's basically made me go from feeling helpless to like i actually got a chance to get a kidney. and it's really made me smile again. ainsley: you have been on the kidney transplant list for three years? five hour dialysis every other day? >> yeah.
4:29 am
and actually i did at home dialysis for a year. and i was doing it for up to 10 hours a day. and it was every day through the week. and i switched to peritoneal dialysis at the clinic. so i go to clinic three times a week for four and a half hours on the machine which, you know, keeps me out for about five hours. but luckily, you know, i have a really good clinic and guy in morganton and those girls there are unbelievable. ainsley: i know you are a single parent and ford needs his dad. so we will all be praying for you. please keep us up to date. hopefully the president can intervene and get you that kidney. we do want to announce that there is a go fund me page if people would like to donate to you and your family. it is just go depen fund
4:30 am
trae. thank you trae and ford for being with us. god bless you. >> thank you, i appreciate it. ainsley: thank you. >> have a good day. ainsley: you too, honey. thank you. an explosive memo just leaked from facebook. the social media giant is doing damage control. jeff sessions stopped short of naming a second special counsel fbi and doj wrongdoing. should he do that? kellyanne conway is going to weigh in on that straight ahead. he just went through a breakup. then he hit the jackpot literally. you have got it hear this story. ♪ girl i love you ♪ i'm like forget you ♪
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
>> ambassador? [laughter] >> james mattis meeting john bolton for the first time. is he taking his place. so he meets him and he says
4:34 am
mr. bolton, i heard you are the devil incarnate. nice to meet you or something like that. pete: i have a theory about that. james mattis has been hunting the devil to kill him for a long time. you heard that john bolton might be the devil, had to meet him, confirmed not the devil. so john bolton survived. todd: how cool is mattis? all joking aside. this is why people love mattis. so open and honest. he can also have fun with people. you think he is doing a great job. pete: i do. building a great team between those two and mike pompeo. our adversaries looking at us saying this is a serious group. i don't want to mess with them. i like it. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: get you caught up starting with this. protesters storming chicago city hall demanding the city strip police of millions of dollars. students staging a die-in and chanting anti-cop chants for hours. [chanting]
4:35 am
>> protesters want $95 million for proposed police and fire training center to go to community resources instead. they are filing a lawsuit against the mayor for withholding emails regarding its construction. a school worker arrested after threatening a killing spree and stomping on the american flag. students at bridgeport, connecticut's harding high school reporting in school suspension supervisor karl lemon to school officials. in a letter one student writes mr. lemon talks about shooting whites a lot. is he waiting for panthers to tell him to execute. he steps on the american flag and disrespects us. police found a large kitchen knife inside his desk. facebook even deeper damage control after a leaked memo from 2016 is published. buzzfeed reporting andrew bosworth said then of the company, quote: maybe it cost a life by exposing bullies, maybe somebody
4:36 am
conducts terrorist attack on our tools, facebook scrutin scrutiny. facebook never believes the end justify the means. newly single but now $13 million richer, too. unemployed englishman paul long winning the lottery just weeks after breaking up with his girlfriend. there is apparently no bad blood. long says he might take her on vacation and buy her dinner when british media asked the ex where weather she was happy for him she reportedly shrugged and said i suppose so. ainsley: they are not broken up for long. if you are the girl you are like oh -- right? jillian: sorry, guys. you guys are sitting there like no comment. pete: quick phone call to make can would he be friends again? jillian: it's funny. pete: good stuff. todd: let's bring in kellyanne conway. we are not going to ask you about that stuff. ask you about big issues ever the day.
4:37 am
stocks are rallying as the president announces his plan to boost infrastructure. my question for you is it seems infrastructure is something that benefits the whole country. why do dems continue to play politics and not root for the u.s.a. it seems in this regard? >> well, it's an excellent question why infrastructure can't being done more easily. you would think it's the most nonpartisan issue one can imagine. the air traffic control system built for a time when we had about 100,000 passengers annually. we're now close to 1 billion airline passengers annually. and we all know what it's like for those tarmac waits. the fact that you see many improvements can be made to security, to timeliness, less hassle for the passengers. also, think about 50,000 bridges or so that are in disrepair. the 40,000 or so water breaks we have every year. the list goes on and on. people see it as a tangible problem in their community. what is this president doing about it? he is asking the democrats
4:38 am
to come to the table. and in the omnibus last week, there was $21 billion toward infrastructure spending. that's a good start. many administrative actions and fixes this president can take and looking at very closely. acting on two or three major points to his infrastructure vision, which we think every republican and democrat should get behind. one is his $1.5 trillion in spending. and it's meant to incentivize also pieces that are mentioned incentivize local communities and private actors, organizations to come and give money as well. number two, it's reducing this crazy permitting process we have. sometimes 8, 10 years. incessant amounts of public comment period and then get it down to one or two years. the president is a builder. he is accustomed to as we know the trumpian way of on time and under budget to deliver major projects. so, we certainly hope democrats will come to the
4:39 am
table. this should be a nonpartisan issue. there are many things this president will do. his speech yesterday really showed what a job creator infrastructure is as well. and we coming hot on the heels of his massive tax cut, historic tax cuts, his workforce development, skills education, initiatives. all of this blends together. and it means at the time for infrastructure improvements are here. we certainly hope people won't just look at this through the political lens and will listen to their constituents who are saying the potholes, the bridges in disrepair. the traffic hassles. all of that this president wants to tackle it even though we know the local communities know best how to fix it in their areas. pete: you mentioned how infrastructure should be nonpartisan. other thing nonpartisan our justice system. we have seen abuses in the fisa process under the observed. a lot of the calls from members of congress to potentially appoint a second special counsel while a response to a letter yesterday from the attorney general says he will not be appointing a second special counsel to investigate fisa
4:40 am
abuses. instead nominating an attorney john huber to look at it from the outside and work with the ig. is that enough for the white house, the outside john huber to work with the ig? or would you like to see a second special counsel? >> well, based on everything that we see publicly, including on this network on a daily basis. there is no question that more information needs to come forward. there is an inspector general's report come soon. everybody read these texts. there were people at the top involved in an investigation who obviously had political points of view that they were not shy about expressing and, frankly, acting pop it seems. so, having this prosecutor take a fresh look at everything that we know and could know is a very positive development. i respect the attorney general's decision. i have also noted that you have had people like sara carter, congressman meadows, congressman jordan last night on a different program on your network. i believe laura ingraham's
4:41 am
program coming forth and giving us more information. the question for america remains. if we are in investigation mode in washington, d.c., this one seems like quite a right one. ainsley: why was john huber selected? he is a guy that list out in utah. what's the significance? >> you have to ask the attorney general that. ainsley: it seems bizarre. ains. >> i read the attorney general's letter last night. four or five pages long. it's a public document. your viewers can take a look at it and understand the attorney general's reasoning. i have faith this will be handled in a way that more information will be forthcoming. we respect the 25,000 or so rank and file men and women in the fbi. but there is very little doubt now shah shenanigans and untoward conduct was being had a way that rise to the level of continued investigation. pete: certainly seems like the evidence is found even more so on that abuse than ever was russian collusion that justified an entire special counsel. we will stay on it for sure.
4:42 am
another aspect of all of this is hillary clinton. and she has not gone away, as you know. she, yesterday, had some words to say about why she lost the election and shouldn't go away. listen. >> i was really struck by how people said that to me. you know, go away. go away. they never said that to any man who was not elected. i am really committed to speaking out and doing what i can to have a voice in the debate about where our country is going. pete: so why still those types of explanations? >> well, let me just say, you brought her up. i didn't. topic today. she is wrong comparing herself to those male candidates, republican, democratic, who lost presidential elections as well. they were much more gracious about it and as for wanting to be part of the conversation, the only conversation she is having these days is about her. and the 2016 election when you have got democrats wanting to move forward off
4:43 am
of her. look at her public comments and in to 2018. so this whole oh, whoa is me, i'm a victim of sexism and tha that misoggism. the fact is that hillary clinton is still talking about her and an election that happened a year and a half ago ahead of the next election. i also took note that it was publicly reported she got about $25,000 for that speech, woo! she needs to get 10 times that, folks. 10 times that. she was giving speeches before she lost her second presidential election. 5,000 -- $5 a person. and so i think if she wants to be part of the national conversation, she should infrastructure, opioids, taxes. many conversations to be had. i don't see her out there talking about anything beyond herself.
4:44 am
pete: kellyanne conway we have got to go thank you very much. pete: thank you very much. todd: more "fox & friends" coming up after this break. are finding themselves morin a chevroletple for the first time. trying something new can be exciting. empowering. downright exhilarating. see for yourself why chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand, the last four years overall. switch into a new chevy now. current qualified competitive owners and lessees
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can get this 2018 chevy equinox for around $199 a month. chevrolet. find new roads.
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todd: welcome back house up for sale in california. but, buyer beware, there is a big catch. the seller wants to block trump supporters from buying it. is this even legal? let's bring in fox news legal analyst bob massi also the host of the property man. and, bob, when studying real estate constituencies in law school voting for trump contingency. this could be legal, right? >> under federal law it's legal, yes california, todd, has a specific law, civil rights law that, in fact, this could be a violation. the federal law, i actually be candid with you i emailed judge napolitano because is he so brilliant in this area to make sure what i was
4:48 am
seeing i was seeing. apparently no doubt under the california law there could be a problem for this woman because they basically have set this up that you cannot do something like that. so we will see what happens. todd: what's interesting about that who fights these battles, imagine the aclu trump voter who wants to buy a house? >> what's the over and under on that, todd? it's going to be interesting to see where they discriminate against, isn't it in another administration or something else, they would be all over the place i was surprised about that how quiet it's been on that issue. i think, you know, the other comenel tear, todd, it's remarkable to me how much disdain people have. what's wonderful about our country can you do these kinds of things but at the same time it's remarkable that somebody has that much disdain that they say, you know what? i'm not selling to somebody who supports trump. under california law, there could be a problem.
4:49 am
todd: bob, what's so fascinating about that. if you know california, sacramento area is in the central valley. value valley of california is one of the few areas where you are going to find republicans. what she is basically doing here, she is slashing her buying base. >> oh, she narrowed down her market. there's no question about it that whatever it was has been narrowed down. that's something that i always find interesting about this is whenever all these different issues come up, it's like nobody voted for trump. he is the president, guys. and even in california, in this area, i think, todd, it was like 31% of the votes there. i mean, he did very, very well. todd: 35%. >> as a result, yeah, she lowered the marketplace for herself and that's too bad. what's going to be interesting though is to see if california does anything. i don't think so. todd: bob, what's your final take away on this? >> well, first of all, i did read a legal expert yesterday said it may be a gray area and freedom of
4:50 am
speech. i think we have to understand that we are living in a time where people get to that point where they are seeing i'm not selling because of political preference. in most states, that's going to be legal. but in some states like california, there's a consequence. todd: the gray area is why lawyers get rich litigating the gray area. bob massi. >> oh, come on, man. come on, todd, it's easter. todd: tune in to the property man 8:30 tonight on the fox business network. bob massi as always, a pleasure. have a great easter weekend. >> happy easter. todd: state department demand touristst social media history before letting them in to the u.s. dr. sebastian goo gorka. bentley suv. the price tag? you won't believe it ♪ life in the price lane ♪ life in the fast lane
4:51 am
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♪ ainsley: it is the new york international auto show. it kicks off today. and to celebrate we have brought out some of the show's largest and greatest cars to our plaza. here with us to show us the best of the best for your family is fox news transportation expert mr. mike caudill. >> good morning. ainsley: nice to see you. i love the pickup truck. >> we brought 25 cars to you this week. ainsley: this is one of your favorites. >> this is one of my favorite. all new ford ranger. it debuted in detroit this year. now bringing it to the plaza under the hood 3.2 ecoboost motor. bigger brother is one of america's best selling trucks. where that sports package on the rear this is all about
4:55 am
off road. can you take this thing off road and beat it out on the dirt. ainsley: they make trucks so fancy. they even have the heated seats in a pickup truck. >> if you want to step it up and put the family inside. todd: fancy, ainsley. this is the toyota ford runner trd package which is off road edition. can you take it off road. it has a suspension lift on it great for off roading with the family toyota safety sense in as it well. packed with technology. blue tooth and all those great features inside. todd: i love. this. >> are you ready, pete? >> 6.2-liter v-8. fire breathing red dragon. pete: republican red. >> mid 20's. toyota 4 runner. this one $82,000. pete: when you leave i'm
4:56 am
going to tune in "fox & friends" in the car. >> this is a maserati. we are moving into the luxury category. 4 door sedan. look at the interior. jillian: gorgeous. >> starting price less than the jeep. this is going to start at $71,000. luxury vehicle. jillian: seems cheap in comparison to this. beautiful. >> let's get everybody inside. who is driving? pete's driving. of course pete is driving. this is the bentley. starts at $195,000. we always end the week with luxury. this is easter purple. hand built. horsepower, 600-horsepower under the hood. ainsley: most beautiful vehicle i have ever been in. i'm not leaving. ainsley: thank you for coming. so popular. i see these on the road all the time maybe because this is a fancy city. who can afford a bentley? these are so expensive. jillian: makes a dream. >> they will sell out of these vehicles and that's the best part of it they sell out of it. pete: the american dream
4:57 am
right here. ainsley: i'm not leaving. >> jillian is not getting out. she is done. todd: more "fox & friends" after this. >> pulling on the knob and pushing things. ainsley: hey, mom, are we there yet? ♪ . . . .
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>> i love the smell of a construction site, right? there is something about it. sent 28th, we to further and get that sucker built. you think that is easy? >> the president is accustomed to the trumpian way of on time and under budget. >> former secretary david shulkin is not going quietly. >> attorney general jeff seconds naming a federal prosecutor to look into surveillance abuses. >> he is looking at the hillary clinton foundation as the uranium one issue. you know this is serious. >> russia would expel 60 u.s.
5:01 am
diplomats. >> the election was pretty traumatic. i took a long walk in the woods. >> hillary clinton told black men to go somewhere to heal. maybe she need to sit down and heal from the election. >> that's right. ♪ pete: somebody play this for todd. to the birthday fiasco, further proof ainsley is the america's sweetheart. i'm not spending easter with my dad. ainsley accepted. ainsley: he said he would spend time with in-laws. todd: ainsley invited my dad. ainsley: everyone is welcome to my easter table. todd: i believe that. i believe a lot of people are
5:02 am
welcome but everybody? todd, could good to have you here today. holy week. easter on sunday. pete: we still have sebastian gorka and newt gingrich. i still have a little bit of chicken downstairs. lawrence jones is cooking with friends. it doesn't sound good but it will taste good. ainsley: for our jewish friends, happy passover. sean our producer down there. pete: we love him. most of the time. a big week of news as always. there is no such thing as slow "newsweek" during this administration for sure. president was in richfield, ohio, talking infrastructure and talking a lot more than that as he always does. here is a look back what he said. >> i love the smell of a construction site. there is something about it. we're keeping the promises. results are in.
5:03 am
three million new jobs since election day. three million. [applause] by the way we're knocking the hell out of isis. we'll be coming out of syria like very soon. let the other people take care of it now. very soon. [applause] did you see "roseanne"'s ratings. mark, how big were they? unbelievable, over 18 million people. and it was about us! they haven't figured it out. the fake news hasn't quite figured it out yet. anything we can dream you can build. we'll do it all with those beautiful american hands, powerful hands, powerful heart and powerful american pride. pete: classic trump there. giving hope to people. ainsley: he loves the smell after construction site. todd: certain smells for him as builder. you can imagine that is sawdust, stuff like that.
5:04 am
ainsley: i like a new car smell. pete: we had charles payne, about 3 million jobs, lowest unemployment since 1973. talked about the optimism index. lower third of out economic ladder are the most optimistic they have been in years and years. those are the forgotten men and women who feel like the jobs are gone and opportunity ares gone, the fact he is is lifting those boats, he is laser focused about that. that is why he is talking about trade. he is talking about manufacturing jobs, the things they have been looking for, steel tariffs, some in the elites may not like. the people love the fact he is responding why they sent him. ainsley: brings more industry back to america. more jobs for the blue-collar workers that need the work. pete: that is the idea for sure. if you make things here, there is no national security issue. if you make steel in other countries -- places likes china
5:05 am
are eating our lunch and getting involved in our industries that could hurt us in the future. important remind earns the president is focused on. ainsley: it wouldn't be a day if we don't talk about the doj or the fbi. andy mccabe was fired days before he retired and lost his pension. democrats are forked up about that. they put a gofundme page. picture of his beautiful family. congressman jim jordan was on with laura ingraham. there is the gofundme page. he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. he broke news about how many times mccabe lied. listen. >> we don't know what will come out of that, we do know about andrew mccabe, he didn't lie just once, he lied four types. four times he lied to james comey. he lied to the office of professional responsibility. he lied twice under oath to the inspector general. remember this is andrew mccabe, deputy director of the fbi. this is andrew mccabe the text
5:06 am
messages between peter strzok and lisa page talk about andy's office and insurance policy in case donald trump is actually president of the united states. that is why this is significant. it wasn't once, it wasn't twice, it wasn't even three times. four times he lied about leaking information to the wsy about the fbi. todd: this is significant. this is the first time we heard that number. you have an ongoing ig investigation. we heard from sara carter earlier on the program her sources are saying there have been criminal referrals from the ig. we don't know if andy mccabe is one of them. he could be. you have lisa page and bruce ohr. you look at gofundme page why do people are donating to that. andy mccabe is cause of the left. part of the resistance. james comey. bob mueller. they are praying they can find russian collusion, think can't imagine the boomerang is against
5:07 am
them. now we're investigate the investigators. we heard attorney general sessions is not appointing a second counsels looking even more. when you lie four times you could be in serious trouble. ainsley: there are consequences with their actions. amazing all of america doesn't have a problem what he did. it was wrong no matter what side of politics you're on. >> if it was apolitical at top of fbi and d-ej. one thing the administration can do to restore the faith. todd: talking about these kinds of stories, talk about mccabe, the upper echelons, this is not the rank and fail. when i was on scene in austin last week, fbi all over the place, in concert with austin pd did unbelievable saves lives from idiot. thanks for doing your job. thanks for helping out so much. they couldn't have been nicer. they couldn't have been more
5:08 am
gracious. we understand what their job is committed to do it. we need to distinguish. pete: they saw it that it was to save america from donald trump. they're spinning their own narrative i that i think will boomerang back at them. ainsley: part of our jobs are to find the sound bites that are the most interesting and this one maybe takes the cake. pete: here we go. ainsley: hillary clinton speaking at rutgers, talking to the individuals she needs to disappear, go back to the woods. listen to what she said. >> the election was pretty traumatic. [laughter]. a lot of angst and second-guessing and fingerpointing. oh, my god, did you see how shrill she was. i took a lot of long walks in the woods. drank my share of chardonnay. i was really struck by about how people said that to me.
5:09 am
go away. go away. they never said that to any man that was not elected. i am really committed to speaking out and doing what i can to have a voice in the debate about where our country's going. pete: we can play the tape and we will hopefully over this weekend of other presidential candidates that members of their own party pleaded with them to go away. nonetheless, you have got her who has been in the public eye for decades and decades with her husband as fist lady. senator. secretary of state. runs twice for president. most of the time folks within her own party are asking her to move ton to turn the page. somehow that was sexist. ainsley: there are plenty of men who ran before. pete: of course. mitt romney. todd: two women spoke about a hillary clinton in class, form. "diamond & silk." check this out. >> hillary clinton remind us of
5:10 am
a something nasty to the core that won't go away. time for here to go somewhere to be quiet. if she is on a national platform, her little platform, she needs to talk about her dirty deeds. >> that's right. >> paid for the fake dossier to undermined president trump during the election. >> that's right. >> during the day hillary clinton told black men to go somewhere to heal and maybe she need to go somewhere and sit down to heal in that election. pete: we need that person in our lives, silk to. ainsley: what every man should say to the wife. that's right, honey. whatever you want, honey. right, jillian? jillian: i love pete, not going there. pete: not touching that one. ainsley: talked to elderly couple, how did you all stay married 40 years? i said yes. yes dear. jillian: we do have serious news to get to. breaking news and fox news alert. brand new video just released by the russian government showing the test launch of a
5:11 am
intercontinental ballistic missile, that nato calls satan ii. the rocket is reportedly able to carry as many as 15 nuclear warheads while flying at supersonic speed. it is one of several missiles promoted by vladmir putin during his state of the nation address earlier this month. another fox news alert, two coalition troops dead, five others hurt after roadside bomb explodes in syria. nationalities of the two killed remain unknown. no word exactly where it happened. it came shortly after a roadside bomb exploded in a town of manbij near the turkish border. it came hours after president trump said this in ohio. >> by the way we're knocking the hell out of isis. we'll be coming out of syria like very soon. let the other people take care of it now. very soon. very soon we're coming out.
5:12 am
jillian: there are 2,000 troops currently fighting isis in syria. the holy grill of shipwrecks. that is what researchers calling this incredible discovery. just look, washed ashore on ponte verde beach in florida. 48 feet long with, roman numerals and copper tacks sill in place. nor now arc rollists leaving it on the beach for further inspections. that is incredible. ainsley: thank you, jillian. pete: state department implementing new form of extreme vetting. what is it and will it work? dr. sebastian gorka joins us next. todd: there is no hell, did the vatican really say that? we're trying to set the record straight. newt gingrich's wife is ambassador to the vatican. he will talk about that and other stories. ♪
5:13 am
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♪ >> establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we don't want them here. todd: that was president trump in 2017 promising extreme
5:17 am
vetting. now the state department publishing a set of proposals would require social media history from tourists and immigrants trying to enter the u.s. here to discuss fox news national security strategist dr. sebastian gorka. let me put up a couple of the aspects of what this extreme vetting proposal is. get your reaction. folks coming here would need to provide five years of social media history, previous telephone numbers and email addresses, prior immigrations violations of any family, of that and any family history involvement in terror activities. you've been calling for extreme vetting for a long time. is this the right approach? >> absolutely. in comparison to the last eight years, pete, think about it, if you applied to be somebody's dog walker they check your social media. this is public information. under the obama administration they said that you're not allowed for privacy reasons state department officials can not look at somebody's facebook
5:18 am
page if they're applying for a visa. that's insanity. some of these people put their idealogical proclivities online. you can tell if they're sympathetic with isis or al qaeda. it happened with the san bernardino killers. this is common sense finally returning to government. pete: sure it does. a lot of people will say possible lickly what they really believe. look what they say publicly and privately will help do it. >> it's a massive indicator. look, if you are a person who is spouting the kinds of idealogical messages that we see in inspire the al qaeda magazine, even if you haven't committed any crimes, that is a massive red flag to the to the people who are going to say look, we'll not let you into this country. we're here to protect our citizens, our fellow americans. the president promised this.
5:19 am
now the president is delivering. pete: indeed. you mentioned some red flags. some huge red flags have gone off for people inside of media and establishment types about the appointment of mike pompeo and john bolton. look at "politico" headline we found. it said bolton and pompeo might unleeb trump on radical islam. the article goes on to talk about that is a bad thing. now unleashing on radical islam is a bad thing. >> pete, you may be a little younger than i am, i will quote a great tv show from the 1980s. i love it when a plan comes together. pete: i know the a-team. george pep pardon. what a great actor. mike going over to foggy bottom one of the most deep state agencies out there. john bolton who was nikki haley before nikki haley was at the u.n. coming over to the national
5:20 am
security council this is superb. this is what the president promised on the campaign trail. in front of congress when he did with the state of the union. radical islamic terrorism must be crushed. unleashed the military. you're a vet. what we've done with isis. physical caliphate is practically destroyed. we have to finish the job. no two better people to bring into the administration. great time to be in america. i'm so excited. pete: absolutely. our enemies are the ones that happen next. when you get actual opportunities. >> pete, when i was in the white house i said to my colleagues, look, if "politico," if "the washington post," if cnn, if "new york times," if buzzfeed ever says anything nice about me, every trump voter should ask for their money back. so when "politico"'s worried, guess what, bay greening is worr beijing is worried, russia is worried. jihadists are worried. it is a great, great metric.
5:21 am
pete: dr. gorka, have a great weekend. don't worry, "politico" still doesn't like you. canada's love affair with justin trudeau just ended. 400 sheriffs across the nation are demanding congress build that wall. ♪ the non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat... ...stuffy head, no sick days medicine. wgreat tasting, heart-healthys the california walnuts.ever? so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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note ♪. todd: quick headlines on your good friday. chairwoman of the louisiana democratic party suggesting a repeal of second amendment. karen peterson, a vice-chair for the dnc tweeting this "new york times" op-ed by former supreme court justice john paul stevens says the initial purpose of the amendment is a quote, relic of the 18th century. look as like canada's love after freire with justin trudeau may be over. for the first time ever the conservative party is slightly
5:25 am
ahead, 38% rating in a recent poll. experts blame the prime minister's recent trip to india where he was harshly criticized inviting a convicted terrorist to an official dinner. ainsley? jo thank you so much. president trump making absolutely clear what the status of the border wall is. listen to this. >> we're building our wall. i'm so proud of it. we started, we have 1.6 billion. and we've already started. we're getting that sucker built. you think that is easy? people said oh, has given up? i never give up. ainsley: this come as the 380 sheriffs across the country signing a letter demanding congress help president trump secure the border. joining me the sheriff of jackson county which is in texas, ajlauderbac. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: what did you say in the letter? >> you know, we're a nation of laws. and texas sheriffs and sheriffs across this country are here to support that anyway possible
5:26 am
that we can on a very critical issue in our country, immigration. ainsley: and you, you teamed up with 380 sheriffs. why is that? >> it is the right thing to do. there are many of my cohorts across this nation, here in texas, who feel strongly that we must maintain the, our nation of laws and our constitutional form of government here and quite frankly, we're under attack. brazen, lawless type of activity going on in states here in this union and we felt very strongly that it is time to stand up and declare exactly what this country is about. ainsley: so it's a major problem, especially for texas. your state is on the border. what is happening down there that the rest of america might not know about? >> i wish more was reported accurately on the actual problems that we face in texas.
5:27 am
texas sheriffs, our border sheriffs have been under assault, been penetrated for years with untold numbers of different things. i sit on the corridor to houston, texas, along with 16 other sheriffs who are federal partners in response to the human trafficking, drug trafficking, that regularly comes through texas. so we've known for a long time and have stood firm and applaud the efforts of this administration to have a balanced of the border wall along with technology and manpower and the difficult things that this administration has attempted to do. in order to stop this flow. in order to protect our nation, protect texas, and protect american citizens. ainsley:is you support the wall. the wall will work? >> portions of the wall, i do support the wall. all of our sheriffs, majority of
5:28 am
our sheriffs in this country support a balanced measure. some parts, a wall may not be the best in certain areas but a balance approach. let's take a wall, a wall works good here for three miles. the next three miles a wall may not be a perfect solution. let's look at all the options. let's secure the border by the best means. it is doable. ainsley: thanks for coming on "fox & friends" and all the deputies that work under you and we appreciate what you do in your service. god bless you. >> thank you very much. ainsley: a middle school class lobbied congress to change gun laws? does that sound right to you? here from an outraged parent. attorney general jeff sessions comes short of naming a second session counsel tell to look in doj and fbi wrongdoing, but should he? newt gingrich is coming up on that. ♪ note. the morning walk was so peaceful.
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>> ambassador bolton, secretary. >> good to see you. >> thanks for coming, mr. secretary. good to meet you. [inaudible] pete: that was exchange yesterday outside of the pentagon as secretary mattis greeted new national security advisor john bolton. they're walking right by the cameras, mr. speaker. is secretary mattis sending a bit of a message there? >> i saw john at the white house on tuesday. i aid something similar about the caricatures. bolton has been such a strong, vivid person on fox news, that it is easy to forget that he was
5:33 am
also in the justice department. he was in the state department. he was an ambassador to the united nations. he will do he have, very well he will be a very good national security advisor. he understands, with people as strong as secretary mattis and second is tear designate pompeo he ain't going to run over anybody but work intelligent with the others. he was so aggresive on fox news for so many years it gives him a little bit after caricature. all of us that know him very well pull his chain a little bit. ainsley: what do you make of the news jeff sessions is not going to appoint the second special counsel many republicans asked him to do? instead assigning a u.s. attorney outside of d.c., who lives in utah, i don't know hubert, to investigate? >> look i'm willing to give attorney general sessions the benefit of the doubt. i think the burden is now on the
5:34 am
attorney from utah, who is a u.s. attorney, to prove that we don't need a special counsel by doing his job. if he does his job really well and really aggressively people will relax. if he doesn't do his job you will see a whole new demand for a second independent counsel. i do think it is possible he can operate with regular order. back when i was speak he oppose special counsels. i think they are dangerous and create work and threaten innocent people. i'm not automatically in favor of one, but the burden is on attorney general sessions and his choice in utah to actually get the job done. todd: definitely a split in the republican party whether they want this special counsel or not. also gop senators want more action on trump nominees. democrats have been slow rolling this for a while now. do you think we ultimately see action on the trump nominees or is this just going to continue on and on? >> no, look, i think we're at an historic turning point. we have tolerated schumer
5:35 am
behaving as though he is the majority leader well over a year. this is an unprecedented assault on american representation in terms of ambassadors, in terms of filling slots in the government. it is totally unacceptable. i think the burden is at senate republicans to either dramatically, radically shorten the tools of the minority, or, to force schumer to voluntarily go along. i think it is a disgrace that the u.s. senate has tolerated this and everywhere you look around the world, whether it is in berlin, or luxembourg, ambassadorships, whether it is in jobs in terms of the executive branch. this is a grave disservice. the burden son the senate republicans to either get the democrats to cave, or, to change the rules decisively, maybe get down to a point where you get up with hour debate, that is it. then you vote up or down. pete: mr. speaker, we'll get our opinion on a bunch of topics this morning.
5:36 am
this one about va. people don't know how active you're fighting for reform in veterans affairs. secretary shulkin is making media rounds he is preventing privatization, that is what president trump wants to shut down the va and privatize is. what do you say about reform efforts and how they're characterized? into i'm a little bit disappointed in dr. shulkin's public campaign. i was very strongly in favor of them. i think in some areas he was very, very good but the president, as you know, you've been a real leader on this, the president has a position that those veterans who want to go to their their own doctor should be allowed to do so. they should not be trapped in a bureaucracy, particularly one with some of the tragic consequences of some of the hospitals around the country. i'm really surprised how much shulkin has come down in favor of the old order he knows perfectly well how much corruption and inefficiency there was there. i hope the president's new
5:37 am
nominee was going to have a very, very strong deputy and i hope they're going to continue to move toward -- very simple model. the va has to got to actually serve veterans and those veterans who find themselves in an unacceptable situation ought to have the right to get the best care they can get without being trapped by the bureaucracy. very straightforward principle. pete: well-said. ainsley: we all agree with that. what did you make of roseanne doing so well in the ratings. >> every once in a while hollywood makes a movie appeals to middle america. it is amazingly well, they won't make a second movie, abuse that is not how you get oscars. you get oscars, being anti-american, left-wing and cynical. so the culture of hollywood is always surprised. great she is doing so well. i think it is frankly funny she is pro-trump, openly so. she is being successful. i think there is a message there. for those people that think
5:38 am
trump will be easy to beat in 2000. they ought to sit down and chat with roseanne i don't she doesn't care. she is tweeting about it how she likes him personally. >> she is a pretty strong personality too. you can imagine the two of them. talking about two really strong personalities. pete: nobody told roseanne how to vote. todd: mr. speaker, have a very good good friday. happy easter. ainsley: you and your wife. anticipate easter. jillian is over there have the headlines. jillian: there was a group of people down here and couple kids keep waving at us. hey, guys. whoo while you say hi to them i get you caught up on headlines. brand new video just into the newsroom. bill cosby walking into the second day of hearings before jury selection begins next week for his retrial of essential
5:39 am
wall assault charges. the 80-year-old is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home back in 2004. mother of six children who died when the family went off a cliff. she pleaded guilty to second degree misdemeanor assault when her child showed up with bruises telling the teacher her mom hurt her. one of the other children in the viral photo told neighbors he was being starved to death. california investigators have no reason to believe the incident was intentional. outrage after a middle school teacher asks students to write letters to congress for stricter gun control laws. a parent who is police officer in georgia, refusing to let his son complete the assignment. earlier he explained why. >> my biggest concern what was the intent of the assignment? i just didn't think it was appropriate for the teacher to be forcing that kind of opinion on the children and using them to try to persuade lawmakers to
5:40 am
enact stricter gun laws. jillian: the teacher backed down and didn't penalize the students. pilots rushing out of a small plane celebrating being alive after an emergency landing near fort lauderdale. look at this. one of them, a flight teacher is so grateful after he gets out of the plane, he actually gets down on his knees and kisses the tarmac. there you go. the small plane's nose gear collapsing on the runway with the two men on board. officials say the front wheel would not lock in place. that is such a scary situation. pete: words you don't want to hear as passenger. wheels won't unlock. todd: thank you, jillian. explosive new memo leaked from facebook. the company defending its strategy even if it means someone gets killed? ainsley: look at this adorable mother and son duo.
5:41 am
that adorable boy was lawrence jones. he brought his mom in today and they will be cooking with friend s. hey, mom. ♪ liberty mutual saved us almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. >>hey. oh, that's my robe. >>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance
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withdrawal, on bupropion, opioids, maois, allergy to the ingredients, or pregnant. may cause nausea, constipation, headache, and vomiting. reduce hunger, help control cravings with contrave. now you an talk to a doctor online and get free shipping at todd: welcome back. couple quick headlines. massive data breach of under armour nutrition app called my fitness pal. hackers are believed to have stolen email addresses and passwords from as many as 150 million accounts. change that password. facebook is in even deeper damage control after leaked memo from 2016 published. buzzfeed reporting that executive andrew boss worth said of the company, maybe it cost as life by exposing someone to bullies. maybe someone dice by a terrorist attack coordinated on
5:45 am
our tools. the ugly truth that we believe connect people so deeply anything that allows us to connect with more people often is defacto good. facebook is facing scrutiny over disclosing personal information of 50 million users. not good comments. they're saying we're a platform and people use it for negative nair just things sometimes as well. -- nefarious. ainsley: fox news alert. russian government releasing a video of a missile test launch known as satan ii. pete: benjamin hall joins us live from london with the details on the latest show of force. benjamin? reporter: with everything going on at the moment, with russian use of a nerve agent in the uk, with expulsions and tit-for-tat response there this is provocative to say the least.
5:46 am
this comes at a time when there is military buildup across the russian periphery. this is the new liquid fuel intercontinental ba list missile that putin proudly said could reach anywhere in the world. they say the test went perfectly. on top of this, russia made announcement it plans to test fire more missiles into baltic sea between latvia and sweden. that is a flash point as well. this comes amid growing tensions in the region. days after the u.s. tested its own icbm off the western coast of the u.s. it comes day after poland agreed to buy $4.7 billion of patriot missiles from the u.s. and two days after the european union announced a plan to enable military to move more quickly across the continent, which is something nato sees as vital if there ever were to be a con fleck with russia. this could continue to escalate.
5:47 am
u.s. officials hinted at further moves of their own possibly against russian assets, something russians warned would have quote the gravest consequences for global stability. nevertheless the kremlin says president putin is still very keen toe have a summit with president trump. the ball is in the court with the u.s. if you read the russian media, this is the most tense time since the '80s, this is now a full-blown cold war. very intense around europe and the russian periphery at the moment. guys? todd: benjamin hall in london. people think they are colluding with the russians. these guys are not our friends. how much more evidence do you need that the trump administration is not working with the russians. ainsley: 47 minutes after the top of the hour. pete: exposing liberal bias on college campuses to showing off his cooking skills on "cooking with friends." you know him, lawrence jones and his mom join us to whip up his favorite dish. ainsley: first check with
5:48 am
bill hemmer for what is coming up at top of the hour. >> happy passover, we're all getting together on our spiritual side. good morning. 9/11 families have the green light to press saudi arabia on alleged ties to 9/11. where does it lead? they have been pushing it 15 years. does hell exist, does your morning coffee cause cancer? stories to ponder this friday. join sandra and me at top of the hour in ten minutes.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
♪ ainsley: take a look at that mom and son duo. this mom making sure her son knows how to cook. pete: the little boy grew up to be editor-in-chief of campus that is lawrence jones.
5:52 am
he joins us with his mom to whip up their favorite dish, chicken spaghetti. lawrence good to see you, but mom, good and better to see you. we'll talk cooking in a second. what is the secret to raising a great young son like our man here, lawrence? >> the secret is discipline. [laughter]. pete: i like that. ainsley: did you have to discipline him a lot? >> no. he was a pretty good kid. pete: one thing you tell us about lawrence that nobody else knows? >> you pretty much know everything about lawrence. >> i'm an open book. >> he is open. ainsley: do you have a message for your mom? >> i love my mom. she taught me how to cook because she never wanted the girls to use it against me. she taught me how to cook and other things. when i was in 8th grade, she was diagnose lupus. sometimes like our friend janice
5:53 am
dean who is diagnosed with ms. sometimes your joints hurt. i was able to activate from brothers and sisters, from my dad, and take care of my mom. it all worked out for the good. pete: you moved to d.c. mom drove you there 23 hours. >> on "fox & friends," my mom is still up. she unpacked everything and organized all that. this is why men love their moms. todd: true. one of the dishes you made first, is chicken spa -- spaghetti. >> you add cream and mushroom soup and mom, get the peppers right there. some people choose to saute those peppers if they want to. ainsley: green and red peppers. you want onions in there. >> onions in there. a little bit more.
5:54 am
mix that up. pete has been eating the finished product. pete: have three of these before we start the day. >> i like seasoning. i like cajun seasoning. >> he likes the kick. >> you have to have the kick. ainsley: salt and pepper. and the cheese. >> a little of that. ainsley: mom, what was lawrence like as a child? >> he was busy, always busy. organizing things. wanting to lead things. wanting -- >> she made me give speeches in church because my mom is minister. out of all the kids i had to recite the scripture. >> he had to read. he was my prayer warrior. ainsley: oh. >> mom, do i have to pray in front of all these people? all these people, it is just us. [laughter]. >> because we didn't grow up with a lot -- pete: learned to do that with a lot of people? >> we didn't grow up with a lot of money. my mom loved the thrift store,
5:55 am
because i've been always so tall, how to hem my own pants. todd: you can hem? >> yeah, yeah. ainsley: what about your political beliefs, are you on the same page? >> my mom is one of those people, you pray for everybody. she can't tell who is blue or red. she is unfriended sometimes for sharing my videos on fox. ainsley: because you're very conservative. >> because i'm very conservative. as audience knows i started off on the left. i worked for obama on his campaign. i had this enlightenment period, i thought what was best for me and my family. ainsley: what led to that? into reading. i think discovering that that the democrat party wasn't helping my community. some people on the right don't do it as well. i'm mind set holding more accountable. i'm more libertarian leading. i want my best for the community. i don't care what party can get it done, get it done. i feel like the free market system where everyone has a shot
5:56 am
at the american dream is best for me and my family. todd: mom. he is in d.c. not with you in dallas. what is that like? >> he is the oldest. he always set the standard high. what we like about that is that we all get to travel a little bit more. you know. ainsley: i know you're going to miss him. i know you're so proud of him. >> i'm so proud of him. he is in his element. this is his family. ainsley: so successful you had him very young. >> 16. ainsley: that was stressful. you did such a great job. >> we worked really hard. >> she put the fear of god in me. >> that is a good thing. ainsley: they were so tall. i needed, i'm the mama. you're the child. todd: thank you so much. more "fox & friends" just moments away. >> i like that.
5:57 am
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>> ainsley: another day of living, good friday. happy passover. we love spending or holy week with you. thank you so much for joining u us. have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful easter. >> bill: good morning. breaking news from overnight, the highest level of your government, a federal prosecutor will investigate allegations of abuse of the fbi. however and for now, there will not be a second special counsel. easter weekend. good morning to you, welcome to friday. i am bill hemmer inside of "america's newsroom." how are you doing? speak to the easter bunny is alive in our household. good morning to you, bill. i am sandra smith. >> sandra: sessions telling them he takes his concerns with the fbi seriously and to that end, the u.s. attorney for utah, john huber will look into them


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