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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 30, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that's it, markets are closed today because it's good friday. happy easter to you and yours. have a great weekend. we'll see you back here in less breaking news of changes everything on fox news channel. >> not taking no for an answer. no calls this morning by a growing number of republicans for a second special counsel despite attorney general jeff sessions saying is not necessary at this time. all his allegations of fbi misconduct amount. i am trish regan in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." we're going to talk to one of those lawmakers in just a moment but first go to what is just heating up. because the attorney general jeff sessions called on one of his u.s. attorneys to look intoe alleged abuses at the fbi but your point, some republicans would still like to see them do more. i'll give you an example of mark meadows and the house of representatives along with jim jordan, both have gone on the
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record in the past 24 hours of saying that they would still like to see that appointment of a special counsel. the chairman of the house judiciary committee was more supportive of sessions, but it does appear that support came because he did not rule out going a step further. because he's left the door open for a second special counsel and i continue to believe that that is necessary. >> it's for the white house at least for now, the move that sessions did make turning to a federal prosecutor, that appears to be good enough. >> we know there's an inspector general's report coming soon and we know that everybody's been able to read these texts, there were people at at the top involved in the investigation who obviously have political points of view that they were not shy about expressing and frankly acting upon it seems. so having this prosecutor take a fresh look at everything that we know and could no is a very positive development.
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because the u.s. attorney from the state of utah, was been askd by sessions to look into the matter and investigate what was described as republican driven accusations. about the surveillance of carter page. also, hillary clinton's ties to a russian nuclear energy agency. down the line, it'll be his recommendation that are used to decide if the second special counsel does need to be appointed. as for the president on this issue, we were told by the white house last month that his attorneys were indeed in favor but that came in before the move by sessions. now, the white house is characterizing that sessions move by the way he's handled the situation as a positive development. >> trish: thank you so much. bob goodlatte will be a special guest tomorrow. you can catch it every single saturday from 10:00 a.m. to noon. my next guest has said that if jeff sessions doesn't appoint a
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second special counsel than we need a new attorney general. does he still feel that way? lets ask for the republican congressman. good to see you. i know how much he wanted to see a second prosecutor here. we didn't get one, at least not yet. does that mean you want sessions to resign? >> i think the attorney general needs to do his job and what we've seen in the latest developments as a positive step, but it still highlights the outrageous hypocrisy that exists at the department of justice when you have bob miller find out that he wasn't going to come back and lead the fbi again. rod rosenstein appointed him to go after the president within 24 hours with no evidence of collusion. here, we have evidence of wrongdoing in the department of justice, they think that one of their own employees can investigate it. no reasonable american believe that someone can investigate their own boss. mr. rosenstein's conduct as indicated here, we need someone from outside the chain of command in the department of justice and i still think there's a lot of work to be
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done. this is a positive step but not nearly enough. >> trish: we are going to see what is in the report, we are going to have a lawyer look at that. we will determine whether there's a special prosecutor down the road. bringing a special prosecutor and anything is a big deal so do they want to make sure they're doubting their eyes an end crossing their teams here? >> you're right that it's a big deal. you have to fire the deputy director of the fbi because he lives four times, twice under oath. it's also a big deal we have to reassign people off the mueller probe, when you've got cash that is convertible into a warrant to spy on american citizens. it's a huge deal when you have people of the department of justice and fbi making fundamental misrepresentations to the pfizer court. we already know all of that. we don't need to expect or general's reports. those are facts that really exist in the record. when the attorney general says
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there has to be extraordinary circumstances to appoint a special counsel, i'm wondering what in the world is jeff sessions waiting for? we have all of the facts necessary to justify the appointment of a special counsel and we sure have more of a factual basis now than there ever was to appoint a special counsel to investigate the president. >> trish: what is he waiting for? what do you think is the reason why jeff sessions did not appoint a special prosecutor? >> i don't even think jeff sessions made the decision. i think jeff sessions has become an employee of the department of justice and the rod rosenstein is calling all the shots. rosenstein knows his own conduct is implicated because he signed one of the renewals of the fisa warrants to spy on an american using as the basis of political dirt that came from the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc. this reminds me of the scene from the departed were matt damon is essentially tasked to find a leak and he is a leak. the problem is that the department of justice, so we
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need need to someone from outside the department of justice to do the investigation. it is basic due process and we have failed the american people by not having a special counsel appointed to look at what people within the deep state were involved in going after and spying on americans with improper basis. >> trish: so you're saying you want sessions to do his job and in your view, he's not doing his job because he hasn't appointed a special counsel so therefore, must he resign in your estimation? >> i always want to hold out hope that at any given moment, the attorney general a step up and do his job. i'm not going to get to the hr of hiring and firing in the trump administration. it would be a full-time job to comment on but my belief is what we really need to do is hold hearings and judiciary committee to highlight the double standard is at play here. there was clearly a different set of circumstances for the hiring of the special counsel to go after the president then we've got now, and it's clear that people at the department of justice who are engaged in
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wrongdoing what one of their own employees investigating them. that is not fair. that is not uphold the goal of all in this country. >> trish: 's or do you chairman goodlatte to do that, hold these additional inquiries, and is he willing? will that happen? >> we will find out. i'm glad that chairman goodlatte is going to be on the show in the near future to be able to discuss that. i suspect what are the criteria for a special counsel and of those criteria were met to hire a special counsel to go after president trump, clearly they are met when you have a politicized fbi and department of justice with all the facts of the american people have already seen, with the facts that were outlined in the devin nunes memo and even more that has come to life in the report from the office of professional responsibility in andrew mccabe. we've got a lot of evidence here that there was wrongdoing and we cannot have the department of justice investigate themselves. that is ludicrous.
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>> trish: you are fired up over this. we will see what the next steps are looking to see some hearings there at the committee. thank you so much, representative matt gates, good to see you. now russia conducting a second set of what is believed to be its new satan to train intercontinental ballistic missile. president vladimir putin claims it is in invincible. how the u.s. is responding to this. >> u.s. officials are now telling us that this is not really a traditional icbm test. it has never entered space. u.s. officials say is not even a prototype yet, this weapon and called an engine on a tube right now. if the reporting from a pentagon tame on this. this missile that the russians have rolled out. it is one of the weapons that president vladimir putin detailed earlier this month in his state of the nation address. that presentation also included video simulations of these new weapons easily traveling the
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globe they have called a video irresponsible and even cheesy. has also been a referenced of u.s. power on this. they have faced a threat for intercontinental ballistic missiles for generations and so have the russians. it's worth pointing out that just days before this test launch, the u.s. navy testfired off the coast of southern california, and icbm from the uss nebraska, ballistic missile submarine. this is earlier today, the russian government announced they had called an ambassador from 23 countries and top diplomats from those countries to inform them that they were kicking out diplomats from russia from their country. these are the same 23 countries that joined the united states and the united kingdom and kicking russian diplomats out all in response to that u.k. nerve agent attack. the relationship between russia and the west continues to deteriorate. >> trish: thank you very much. from russian rockets to go into
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a chinese space-age and crashing down. we'll get it all covered here. we know when it's going to happen this weekend but where is it going to happen and why aren't officials more concerned? they're saying don't worry, we have the latest on this coming up. but first, a shocking verdict in the pulse nightclub terror attack. the wife of omar mateen found not guilty. i? and hillary clinton says no one ever told a man to shut up and go away, yet they told her that. she is blasting critics in the press. but how did this go over with some her own party? >> when does hillary clinton ride off into the sunset? what's the answer? >> not soon enough. and four kids, we're busy. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life.
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>> trish: of florida jerry clearing the wife of pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen of all accounts including obstruction and providing support to a terrorist organization. reaction to that ruling right
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now. speak of the defense for the shooter's widow basically argued that she was a captive of her husband and not a partner in his crime and apparently, the jury agreed with the defense. noor salman was released just a short while ago when we just obtained this picture which shows her with her attorneys after the verdict. one of the attorneys was smiling ear to ear and heard saying while back in the hallways according to one of my reporters. during the reading of the verdict, noor salman was frantically crying and sobbing looking back at her family. her family huddled in one row of the courtroom arms around each other. salman did confess to seeing her husband to purchase a gun and watched isis recruitment videos and wrote that she wish he had told someone. she was coerced into that confession. return to claims during the trial, all of the prosecution's evidence was proven wrong and there was never a moment he felt he had lost the case. after the verdict, the family spokesman said most important on
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his good friday, the widow's family asari to the 49 families and friends of the shooting victims. because so grateful for their verdict today. she can go home now to her son zach. speak of the shooting happened in orange county here in florida. a short while after the verdict, they released a statement saying he's disappointed with the verdict. the pulse nightclub owner also released a statement saying in part that she has to trust the judicial process. >> trish: thank you so much. let's get reaction right now from former d.c. police detective and attorney ted williams. good to see you. i was little surprised. but you're innocent until proven guilty and certainly, the jury did not think that she was guilty. >> the first thought that came to my mind when i heard the verdict was not guilty was wild. i was out there for fox covering the shooting of those 49 people in the pulse nightclub.
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i also was at the house of noor salman. and i was able to see in that house, and i felt that when she had left that house in a hurry and that there was some evidence of her planning and helping omar mateen, her husband to purchase ammo and did go by the pulse nightclub that they weren't going to have too much of a problem getting a guilty verdict. but the defense shot holes completely through the prosecution's case. they were able to show the piece vis-a-vis gps that she was not by the nightclub. they also showed they believe that the confession that she gave to the fbi was under duress. the defense was able to show this in the jury came back and said government, you did not prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> trish: what is your hunch here then? the government did a poor job in
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his prosecution of her or that in fact investigators did a very poor job soliciting a false confession if you would? >> i don't think it was either one. i think the government went with when it had to go with. i think when you have 49 people killed in this circumstance that they had to prosecute. they had only circumstantial evidence to present to a jury. i think law enforcement as well as the prosecutors gave as much as they could, but the defense was able to counter that successfully. >> trish: if he had known that her husband might have had this tendency, might have had some very serious demons within him and was a supporter of isis, should she not have come to authorities earlier? >> and she was considered a wife and even if she knew that he had
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these demons, if he had not done anything to act on these demons, then she would not have had any duty to report it to authoritie authorities. the only time she would've had a duty to report is when she acted in conformity with her husband like going and buying ammo for going past the pulse nightclub or scouting it out. those are the kind of things that they would've looked at. so law enforcement as well as the prosecutors gave as much as they could under the circumstances. >> trish: thank you very much. hillary clinton out there blasting her critics saying no one ever told a man who lost an election to shut up and go away. she's blaming the press. but what about members of her own party that were telling her that? in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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>> people saying get off the public stage and shut up is something we are hearing all the time. i was really struck by how people said that to me. mostly people in the press. for whatever reason. go away. and i had one of people who works for me to go back into a bit of research. they never said that to any man who is not elected. >> trish: so that's the reason. once again, coming back to sexism as her theme, hillary clinton says it's the press is telling her to go away after a series of comments that offended many trauma voters but there are people in her own para few hints as well. listen. >> when does hillary clinton ride off into the sunset?
1:23 pm
>> i don't know. not soon enough. >> this is bad. i can't sugarcoat it. she was wrong, and clearly it was not helpful. the democrats going into the midterms and certainly not going into 2020. >> for those of us that are in states that trump won, we would really appreciate if she would be more careful and show respect to every american voter and not just the ones who voted for her. >> trish: maybe she just missed those comments. let's get to the bottom of it right now with political commentator. i'm going to start with you because you were there. she said in her research to this work, nobody had said this to any male candidate. if it they said it to her. and she's blaming the media for it. do you think there's a little bit more blame to throw around?
1:24 pm
because she was calling out something that existed. people came out in the media and said i don't want to hear from you anymore, just shut up. there is an issue. there's an issue with sexism in the republican party and the democratic party and its truth. we are here, going into midterms and nobody wants to touch upon this issue. and she is saying i'm allowed to speak as to what i think happened in the election about issues that she saw. >> telling her to go away, we heard from some women. >> directed by men to say. it's something you don't have to think about. >> trish: so then you believe it is somehow a woman is controlled by a man. so somehow being told by amanda saying hillary clinton, go away? >> i'm not saying that's what her situation is. what i'm saying is i think when 70 comes out of an election and
1:25 pm
as stated yesterday, we didn't hear anybody telling romney, mccain, carrie, shut up, we don't want to hear from you anymore. >> trish: quite as much as she was? does it help her cause when she says frankly exactly what you just said, that somehow women are most influenced by their husbands or by other men and that's why she didn't win the election. frankly just said to me and to our viewers and i say do you not like women, did she not like women? why would you think for two seconds that a woman is being controlled by a man and therefore being told to say these things? these are established politicians that have come out saying these things. >> exactly as they may feel that way. i'm not saying that they don't. what i am saying is, we need to look at sexism in every political party. i ran for office in a 2009 as a woman and a latina woman.
1:26 pm
>> trish: i do have a problem. with people assuming that women do what men tell them to do. whether it's who to vote for or what to say about mcclinton because to me, that suggests we don't have a whole lot of faith in women. so why should women have any faith in you? >> i think it's pretty disrespectful to be quite honest as a woman myself. i understand sexism is very real and i'm sure many other women watching the show today have gone through situations where they've experienced this. at the same time, hillary clinton, he doesn't people have to like what she says including people in her own party and including whoever decides they're sick of hearing from her. have the right to say that. so to imply that women like heidi heitkamp and others can't make decisions for themselves and what they say or think of against hillary clinton, that's ridiculous. because that's not what i'm saying. i don't think amanda is telling her to say that. because that's what you said. why don't you realize later and
1:27 pm
take a look at it. >> i know what i said. >> trish: a lot of these women are being told by men what to say. if that's the message. >> i'm not trying to win anybody over. i'm talking about a culture that exists in politics, in the media, you would know, wouldn't you? that there is an issue of sexism that needs to be spoken about. >> trish: i don't see this as an issue of sexism. i see this as an issue of a poor candidate. in other words, if you had put a woman who had some wants to her, who had some spontaneity to her, who had some humor to her. because she had all of those things. >> trish: can you in good conscience actually tell me that if you had hillary clinton up there versus i don't know, any
1:28 pm
other woman frankly that has a little bit of humor and self-deprecation and all those things you kind of need, that hillary clinton is really truly your best choice as a candidate? take that one. to me, she was a flawed candidate. they might've won of they put joe biden or a female joe biden up. >> many democrats would agree with you on that front. why am mrs. clinton's research team couldn't find any male candidates who was never told to shut up before because no losing candidate has ever acted this way before. march 31st marks the 200th days since what happened came out, the book that said 50 reasons why she lost the election. and now, people have started tuning out because that at rutgers university yesterday, only got paid $25,000 for it. let's put it in context. jersey shore got $7,000 more. we remember her. she is also the owner of a
1:29 pm
business which includes an ultra dark skin affirming tanning bed lotion. the point is, people aren't paying to listen to her anymore. we were at 200 days of talking about this. we don't want to hear the therapy session in broad daylight anymore. >> trish: do you really think there's anything to help your party at this point? going on your tour, saying this is why i didn't win. it's a men's fault that i didn't when and how does that possibly healthy for 18 or 2020? because i think you bring up a good point, she didn't say that's why she didn't win. which he spoke about yesterday is a double standard that exists in politics and the exists in the media and it exists in other sectors. for example, she said something like you did before, she stated as not having a personality, not being friendly. there are men in politics and in other sectors were not for elaine, who did not have personality and we don't point
1:30 pm
that out. >> trish: and why he won in pennsylvania, because he had personality. but you need it. >> you had a message. because she was talking about postelection and the fact that she is allowed to speak her truth and to give her opinion as to what happened at the election and she should not have to hear from people in her party or from others shut up, go away because other men who were similar situated were able. >> do that have the same first amendment right to say what they feel about anybody including hillary clinton? >> why is it directed at her? 's because they don't like what she's saying. it doesn't matter whether she's a man or woman. [all talking at once] >> this is all i want you to
1:31 pm
picture now in a parallel universe. picture for over 500 days since the election, donald trump going out and doing interview after interview talking about why he lost and why it wasn't his fault and picture the media reaction around that. it would be scorned and ridiculed. we see this from anchors. donald trump will not get that treatment, that i can guarantee you. >> you wouldn't be able to call sexism. >> i have a question, do you think a female candidate like trump would've won? >> trish: an interesting contrast. sarah palin had a tremendous amount of appeal. tremendous. why is that? she's a woman, but she had some personality. so again, i think that that ultimately matters and when you're picking a candidate, you want one that's got some fire paid and she just didn't have enough of it. because she didn't have a message either.
1:32 pm
because she had too much fire and people were uncomfortable with it. i think the public was uncomfortable with that. >> one candidate had a message, one doesn't. >> trish: already under fire for how it handles users information. now a leaked memo is making matters even worse. what's in it and why are facebook employees more concerned with who leaked it and actually was in this thing? it is not good. cancer warnings on cigarettes are one thing, but coffee? are you about is the warning labels on your next cup of joe? i need to end my coffee habit? t. he also loves swiping picnic baskets. hee, hee, hee yoooogiiiiiii!! but when it comes to mortgages, he's less confident. here, yogi. thank you boo boo. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage
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tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. >> trish: you were raised for facebook, an internal memo by busby and citing the company's growth quoting an executive as saying, pretty unbelievable. maybe it cost a life by exposing someone to bullying, maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools. adding the ugly truth is that we believe in connecting people so deeply that anything that allows us to connect more people more
1:37 pm
often is defective good. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg quickly disavowing the memo. meanwhile, thousands of facebook employees are reportedly slamming the leaker as a traitor. they are not upset with what was actually said which was horrific, they are basically saying the growth that they see in connecting people somehow justifies the horrible stuff that can come along with it. whether that means connecting terrorists or allowing children to be bullied to the point where they might even die. that somehow is just fine with this facebook executive. with me right now, cyber security privacy attorney. i'll start with you. it seems to me that a company should have a little bit of obligation here and how can they see themselves as justified or connecting terrorists were out to harm us, the very country that is providing them with his
1:38 pm
opportunity for growth in the first place? >> it should be something you're at least a little concerned about. if you know that your platform has become a tool where this is happening, you should do a little better than this happens, but we do a lot of good stuff. you need to look into how to stop it from happening. you get bigger and bigger and more greedy and you stop caring about other people. >> trish: i question what this is going to mean for facebook from here on out. if i'm the administration, i'm saying i don't know about this company. they have gotten far too big and they clearly see no sense of responsibility whether it be their fake newsfeed, whether it be collecting data on people without them knowing so or whether it be the absolute lack of caring as to whether or not they are connecting with the bad people who are going to do really bad things. >> exactly, so many great points. they are calling this the ugly memo. this is hideous for facebook. it just keeps piling on for them and hopefully it will lead to
1:39 pm
some transformative moment when we realize we need better regulation for these companies. when you look at 2.2 billion users of facebook, how many are you connecting in the thoughtlessness that looks like is behind some of these platform issues with the bullying, with terrorism and is memo is so problematic because it makes me think is it just the tip of the iceberg for what we are seeing? in him employees are really outraged that it's been leaked. what else is going on that they know about. >> trish: i know you come from a libertarian perspective so you don't want a ton of regulation on some of these companies, but can they at least include some form of self-regulation. apparently they can't do that because mark zuckerberg never fired the guy who wrote this thing in the first place and now employees are saying gosh, it got leaked. that's what they're upset about. they go i don't understand why this is hard. i thought we were all concerned about terrorists and all of us don't want terrorists to be able to connect with each other and create terrorist attacks. i don't know why this is so
1:40 pm
difficult for them to just fire this this guy and announces rather than focusing on the lake. the leak is not the problem. the problem is facebook. >> trish: so maybe mark zuckerberg needs to go. maybe other executives need to go. it makes it very, very difficult to say take a hike, but do you think the government is going to get involved in this one is going to start to say enough? because the ftc is already getting involved and we see multiple lawsuits come to fruition of the last couple of years where plaintiffs are saying facebook has really helped propel terrorism, become a communication platform for terrorists. the losses have not been successful mostly because of the communications decency act which as any social media platform is not responsible for what its participants are saying, but there are ways that the harassment policies can be better utilized on facebook, instagram, twitter, and they are really not doing the right thin thing. >> trish: the libertarian philosophy on this, and you can elaborate on this. if you regulate facebook and you
1:41 pm
prevent people from connecting, they're just going to go somewhere else. it's going to happen somewhere someplace. but i still keep coming back to this as a matter of national security, a matter of pure decency when it comes to the bullying efforts, and the lack of willingness. i've seen even myself when i had someone impersonate me on facebook, to get the company to do anything is really difficult. they don't care about that stuf stuff. >> exactly. that's what it keeps coming back to, they just don't care. that is memo was so flippant saying we connect a lot of people, you can see what your high school friend had for dinner, and you can see who got engaged that you haven't seen in ten years. that good does not outweigh the bad of terrorism. they need to care. i would like if they admit we don't know what to do about this, this is a problem. they're not even saying that. they are saying it matter because we do so much good connecting people, it doesn't matter if people get hurt along the way. and i'll tell you, the means
1:42 pm
don't justify the ends on this one. it's so good to see you guys. thank you for your perspective. facebook just open the book for more regulation, by the fallout from this could affect much more than just facebook. that is tomorrow live 10:00 a.m. make sure you turn in. plus, new evidence as those tax cuts keep percolating. workers from walmart and mcdonald's getting some good news is weak. but republicans failing to tap into this good news ahead of november. ♪ and we'll beat the birds down to acapulco bay ♪ ♪ it's perfect for a flying honeymoon they say ♪ ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly, let's fly away ♪ ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly, let's fly away ♪
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>> trish: tax cuts bringing more good news for workers and for businesses. walgreens announcing it will boost employees hourly wages by a total of $100 million per year for mcdonald's is offering a total of 150 million for school scholarships and expecting profits to jump to the highest level in seven years next week, all of this happening thanks to what? the g.o.p. tax bill paid by
1:46 pm
republicans having a hard time selling it? fox news political analyst. why isn't this fascinating? why is it hard to sell? 's because there's an inconsistency to the message. i'm sure that's not any reflection on anybody that's there. the president is a dominant player, whatever he says is what everybody pays attention to so he has to get very disciplined. he has to start talking about these things and he has to go out and take human people who benefited from these things and not make it piece of character. this is a person in walmart, is how this life is better. and if he does that in a sustained way and makes everybody in his administration talk about the same thing, then promises that, and at the end of the day, i need you to elect a republican to congress and keep the democrats away because they want to undo this stuff. >> trish: is a stock market getting in his way at all?
1:47 pm
i should point out some of the losses we've seen in the stock market are tied to i would say inflated and some rather outsized concerns that investors have about a potential so-called trade war, and they actually like tax cuts quite a bit but the market has sold off. he badly of the month of march. i wonder, is that playing into the inability to sell the tax cuts at all? >> we saw the market definitely responded well when it came to the tax cuts. we saw the market responded well when it came to many companies giving bonuses across the spectrum to their employees, and that has been very positive. i'm going to agree with ed on this point. if you do need to bring out real people and you need to allow those real people to tell a story. the problem that we have is truly a messaging problem and president trump is in part to blame for some of this. the media obviously is on a very daily basis looking for opportunities to say that the
1:48 pm
trump administration and republicans in general are bad people and are not doing anything to benefit the american people. we have the midterms coming up, democrats still don't have a message, but the headlines that continue to come up and resonate is making the success of the g.o.p. which is really good success, the tax reform, almost invisible. in addition to that, we have a budget that was recently passed that wasn't a really good conservative budget so my concern with midget terms coming up, we have something to sell tr systems celebrated mitch mcconnell, number of others in regular people. because the party has been challenged with ever since donald trump took that escalator down the stairs at trump tower. figure the taxes were his plan, got it through, would not have gone through without him. at the end of the day, talking about his infrastructure program which democrats aren't.
1:49 pm
going to go along at this point in time. unfortunately, you run into a lot of other things. he needs to be every day take people that are benefiting and wall street is great. people that are benefiting on wall street know how to play it and they'll all come out well. the little person out there who is basically benefiting and getting 100 bucks for a month by tax cuts. >> trish: i talked to a lot of everyday americans and i was just on vacation and did some traveling and talked to a lot of different people in different places. i get the sense that people do feel it. maybe that's not translating into the right kind of polling numbers right now, but i think people are feeling more optimistic about this economy than i have frankly seen in years. >> as they should. the thing about polling numbers as its use to reinforce the message. if you tell it over and over and over again and you make those people out there who are basically benefiting from this stand up and tell their neighbors. this is pretty good, i feel
1:50 pm
pretty good about trump, i think trump has done a great job. do not be afraid to say it. >> trish: that's a big problem for a lot of people throughout the country. nobody thought he would win because people were too afraid to tell the pollsters that they liked them. >> that's very true. and of course, the polling data was a lot different because i didn't pull people who didn't vote beyond two years. that's how the polling data generally works. with this, i think we have a really good case to make here. the g.o.p. did deliver, president donald trump to deliver, and you can see in your paycheck. we just had to keep the consistency of the message and president trump as candidate trump was very consistent with his messaging and i think that needs to continue. >> trish: has a lot of work to do very quickly. does need a new director of communications. any idea who it should be? >> just have to pick someone to run the show. there's people in every agency that go out there and do things for the cabinet. just has to be consistent across the government message. >> trish: thank you so much. bracing for impact, pieces of
1:51 pm
the chinese space station could come crashing down this weekend. scary stuff, but no one can actually predict where it's going to land. why are official don't worry? i'm worried. here you go little guy. a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah. not getting in today. terminix. defenders of home.
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
this holiday weekend, this is scary stuff. there is a tiny space station set to crash back to earth. yes. jonathan hunt is on the case in los angeles with the latest. nobody knowes where it is supposed to crash. that's nerve racking. >> it's not that tiny. it's 9 tons.
1:55 pm
experts say don't panic. it will re-enter the atmosphere from tomorrow morning to late sunday night. agencies are leading to the latter half of that period. the chinese lost control of the space station in 2016. it's being dragged back to the earth's atmosphere. it will re-enter at 16.5 thousand miles per hour. much of burn up, but pieces will rain down and hurt if you are standing underneath them. the big question is where? 43 degrees north to 43 degrees south. this is a lot of ocean it could crash into but that include most of the united states and the middle east and all of africa. australia and asia.
1:56 pm
bottom line, if you are watching in canada or the u.k. or finland, sleep easy this weekend. the rest of you keep an eye on the sky. happy easter. >> [laughing]. yikes. more after this. it was my very first car accident.
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life.
1:59 pm
>> all right, everyone. tune in tomorrow for cavuto live 10 a.m. eastern to noon. despite claims of misconduct by the fbi, attorney general jeff sessions says it looks as though he went put forward any kind of second prosecutor, at least not yet. the question is, where do we go from here. house judiciary chairman requests for a second council is front and center. he will be on the show. you can hear what he says on
2:00 pm
cavutolive. i will be back in for neil cavuto on monday. have a wonderful easter and passover. enjoy your time with your family. see you monday. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i am jesse waters with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is the "the five." it just won't go away. a year and a half since losing the election, hillary clinton is still complaining. giving a speech at rutgers university, she griped about getting trounced by trump. >> the election was pretty traumatic. >> [laughing]. >> because of what had been expected to happen in the election which obviously did


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