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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 2, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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like our facebook page. you can also catch me on siriusxm 24/7. >> president trump unleashing a series of fiery tweets, no more daca deal, then threatened to walk away from the north america free trade agreement. >> méxico has to help us at the border. >> chinese space station entering the atmosphere in early hours of monday morning. ♪ ♪ heather: considering that
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chinese space station crashed off the coast of, i think, it was tahiti, good morning to you, you made it through weekend, it's a brand-new week, you're watching "fox & friends first" on the monday morning and we certainly appreciate it. i'm heather childers, well, president trump will begin here, standing firm on immigration signaling a potential end of any hope of a daca deal this as a caravan of immigrants reportedly made way to u.s.-méxico border. griff jenkins in washington after what turned out to be a busy easter sunday, imagine that, griff. >> it did, shortly after wishing the nation happy easter, president trump announced the future of the program to protect those dreamers may be in
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jeopardy, that, of course, known as daca, he tweeted border control agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the border because of ridiculous liberal-democrat laws like catch and release, getting more dangerous, caravans coming, republicans must go to "nuclear option" to pass tough laws now, no more daca deal. the daca caravan mostly from honduras planning to illegally cross and seek asylum. the president called for méxico to stop the flow across the border while placing blame on democrats for failing on daca. >> méxico has got to help us at the border and a lot of people are coming in because they want to take advantage of daca and we are going to have to really see, they had a great chance, the democrats blew it. >> meanwhile democrats like dnc deputy chair keith ellison says the president never intended to save it. >> he never had a plan for
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trying to fix daca and he turned down several bipartisan deals, it was always a game, it was all a trick, he was never arguing in good faith. >> the president also threatened to pull out of nafta if the flow cannot be stopped, again urged construction of the wall, méxico defending the two countries cooperation at the border claiming reports suggesting otherwise were inaccurate and upholding human dignity and rights are not at odds with the rule of law, heather. heather: interesting, last i read, they were trying to get on board this train on top of it called the beast and they hadn't been able to do that yet, so we will see what happens. thank you very much, griff, hope you had a great easter as well. >> happy easter. heather: instead of building the wall, the president is hitting one with democrats, a wall that is with some vowing to fight at every step, democratic senator from louisiana doug jones says the voters are just as fed up
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and he has this advice to his colleagues on the left. >> it's not just talk, you have to listen, that's been one of the biggest problems that the democrats have had over the years, there's a perception that we don't hear, we do the things that we want to do and we don't hear and we don't listen, i think the combination of having those dialogues that we talked about so much in my campaign rather than just monologue is very important going forward in the 2018, but at the end of the day they want to see people working together and get things done, that's the only way they can progress and only way we can get serious-minded legislation going to congress. heather: another big story happening overnight, fears of trade war growing as china hammers the u.s. with brand-new tariffs, beijing going tit for tat with the u.s. in wake of president trump's high on steel and aluminum import, kelly wright is live for us in washington, d.c. as well with what it means for you, good morning, kelly. kelly: heather, good morning to you as well, china announcing that it's raising tariffs on 128
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u.s. products as being viewed as retaliating against president trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum. so starting today, china is raising its import duties by 15 to 25% on u.s. pork, fruit, wine, aluminum and other products, 128 goods in all as i mentioned. the move as fears of possible trade war that could damage the global economy, now china's finance ministry issued a statement on why it is imposing tariffs in response to the trump administration tariffs. check out the statement, the u.s. tariff hike has seriously damaged our interest, our country advocates and supports the multilateral trading system, the tariff increase is a proper measure adopted by our country using world-trade organization rules to protect our interest. so u.s. farmers to spend nearly $20 billion of goods to china in the last year, 1.1 billion in pork products, china is the
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number three market for u.s. pork, farmers along with wine industry now face $3 billion in tariffs in china, so far the white house has not responded but in march president trump explained why the u.s. raised tariffs. >> i have tremendous respect for president xi, but we have a trade deficit, it is the largest deficit of any country in the history of our world, it's out of control. just use the word reciprocal. if they charge us, we charge them the same thing. that's the way it's got to be. that's not the way it is, for many, many years, for many decades it has not been that way. kelly: bottom line with china raising tariffs on u.s. products, asia financial markets were higher today as trade sessions appear to be heating up even more, heather. heather: kelly wright live for
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us this morning, great to have you was. another story we are following, rescuers working overnight trying to find a boy who fell into a ditch near iconic hollywood sign, 13-year-old jesse hernández, friends say he plunged down into a drainage pipe playing inside abandoned building, that pipe feeds to the los angeles river, more than 100 firefighters searching for the child with special cameras. another search for teenager swept under current, levone trying to save mother and stepfather from downing. he has not been seen since last sunday, volunteers joining rescuers with boats, divers to try and recover his body. to louisiana, sheriff's deputy
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shot and rushed to the hospital minutes before the end of his shift. justin responding to chase, north of new orleans, the suspect shot dead deputy neil now recovering in intensive care after being hit in the stomach, he's expected to survive so that's the good news. tens of thousands of teachers will walk out of classrooms and protest today, kentucky and oklahoma just the latest states to demand higher wages and better classroom resources. the movement despite the oklahoma governor approving a 6,100-dollar raise last week, that's the largest in the state, in state history actually. the state ranks among the worst teacher pay and education funding. the legislation comes less than a month after nine-day teacher strike in west virginia and days after massive teacher rally in arizona. and while you were sleeping, a
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rogue chinese space station came crashing down to earth in a fiery blaze of glory, you can say, splashing down at 17,000 miles per hour off the coast of tahiti, mostly burned up on reentry, some pieces may have actually survived, the space station has been empty since 2013 and speculation that it might crash in the u.s. but it did not, that's a good thing. march madness is spilling into april, notre dame women claiming second national championship in dramatic fashion. >> for the win. [cheers and applause] >> national championship for notre dame. heather: love it, she hit the game-winning shot in final 2. this one shot of a lifetime
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securing a win over mississippi state and it was a big weekend of basketball tonight's men championship will get underway and it is 3 seed michigan taking number one villanova. great games over the weekend. well, the time now is about ten minutes after the top of the hour and a isis plot uncovered, is the terrorist targeting the world cup and brand-new details about family killed when pickup plunged off the cliff, six adopted children dead, evidence that this may not have been an accident after all. president trump says he's done trying to negotiate a deal for dreamers so is he right? is enough really enough? we debate up next.
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", take the dreamer deal off the table, those words from president trump as he calls for a tougher stance on immigration, all of this is coming after a report that a, quote, caravan of illegals is making its way through central america. so is the president right to say enough is enough on illegal immigration? here now to debate is democratic
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strategists mustafa, and conservative millennial, thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. >> good morning. heather: i will start with you, you probably heard the president's tweet from over the weekend, what did you think? >> i absolutely agree with this, i mean, the overflow of illegal immigrants coming through méxico into our country has got to come to an end, either politicians have to become finalists or méxico has to become less apathetic, it is a legitimate idea to negotiate terribles of nafta to make sure that we are getting a good end of the deal as well. maybe that's negotiating the terms so that méxico has to do something to help us with illegal immigration but something has to change. heather: mustafa, there's about a thousand, 80% are from honduras, traveling through méxico, people without borders
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actually transporting them safely, that's what their group does, méxico doing nothing to stop it, let's take a look at some of the tweets that trump also had -- president trump also said while mustafai will get to respond, méxico is doing very little, if not nothing at stopping people from flowing into méxico through southern border and then into the u.s., they laugh at dumb immigration laws, i will stop their cash cow, nafta need wall. that's a whole another issue. >> the american people will be better served if president trump read his presidential daily brief every day than watch capable news sometimes, look, this so-called caravan is religious marchs that happen every year around easter, it is to basically advocate for immigrant rights, refugee rights and that's who those are about and the president instead of understanding that the making --
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>> but they are coming into the country illegally. that's the goal. >> annual march, it happens every year, if there are some people that come, we should strengthen border security and deal with it but to dangle that and try to negotiate through dreamers on nafta, nafta in texas, i'm from texas, $90 billion of texas exports go to méxico, number one trading partner, so president trump is trying to use this broad brush to really effect trade in a way that it will hurt americans rather than help americans. >> well, we are talking about renegotiating the deal in the way that will benefit us. we are not talking about the end of free trade in america. this caravan was reported by buzzfeed first, i don't think he was necessarily watching capable news to get this information, but the goal is for some of these people to come clue illegally, that's what they reported. they hope that border patrol won't be there. this is not religious march.
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trump saw that. he's frustrated and trying to think of solutions. heather: did you read the article that came out in buzzfeed, because they interviewed several who are part of this caravan who said specifically that their goal is to come into the united states not as part of religious march? >> there may be some people that have said that, but, again, that's why we have the border patrol. >> i don't think if it's annual or every day, it's still wrong. >> look, not illegal immigration has declined over the years and president trump takes credit for that, on the one hand you're saying it's decline and on the other hand it's the up rise, what is it, the president has to stick to facts? >> i don't think he said he was on the up rise. >> he keeps claiming that -- heather: okay, you get the last
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word. >> well, he's claiming that it's a problem because illegal immigration is a problem, we don't need to put words in the president's mouth that aren't there, the fact of the matter is that we need to think of solutions, they keep touting the cruelty of not allowing illegal immigrants into our country and i think he's trying to solve the problem. heather: the president did give congress six months to solve the daca issue and they were not able to do that, thank you so much for joining us, we really appreciate it. have a good day. >> thank you. heather: time now is 20 minutes after the top of the hour, could your cell phone give you cancer? the disturbing results of a new study just in. plus, take a look, those are elementary school kids kneeling during the singing of our national anthem. the brand-new outage about what happened before a major league baseball game calling all robots, bad boys, dragons
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and eat take-out for 7 days straight? i will be there waiting. get ready to binge with xfinity on demand or the xfinity stream app. xfinity watchathon week starts april 16th. heather: welcome back, college in our nation's capital offering free training session on christian privilege, that is according to george washington university website, the workshop will teach students and faculty how christians, quote, receive unmerited perks from institutions and systems all across the country and have participants ways to quote on secular identities on equal playing field and then there's this, two elementary school students take a knee while performing the national anthem. the political statement happening at the seattle mariners game, watch.
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heather: it's unclear exactly how old the kids are but we do know that they are elementary school age and i don't think any of the baseball players have taken a knee, so there's that. well, the brother of a parkland student victim getting chance to finally speak this weekend after he was denied a speaking slot at the march for our lives rally. >> but because we the school and we the community and we as society, we as state and we as a nation fail today -- failed to protect, my baby is no longer part of this what we call life. carley shimkus fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115. carley: david hogg says a miscommunication, logistic led
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hunter not to speak in march for our lives event but he tweeted the video that you just saw in i -- intro. i would like for you to hear it now. hunter pollock saying it's not true. hunter and his father andrew have been vocal supporters of school safety as opposed to just straight up gun control. social media now weighing in on this debacle, ruth, i'm glad david is putting it out there now but it's a bit late, it's rather clear he and others want to silence those that don't fit into antigun agenda and todd says, you speak the truth, hunter, thank you for all you do, prayers, thoughts are with you, let us know what we can do to help. another student, heather says that hunter was invite today speak but he just did not show
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up. a lot of differing stories. heather: i did post hunter's speech the one he wasn't able to give on my twitter feed and if people haven't listened to what he had to say, you should certainly do that. nbc, they are being slammed toward attack on christian faith? >> on easter. nbc tweeted an opinion piece claiming that christians used christianity to defend white supremacy and now here is a little bit of it, the article says we who believe in love and justice in america this easter must reclaim redemption from those who would use it to prop up white nationalism and bigotry to fail to do so is to reject the life and witness the resurrected jesus that christians worship today. this tweet -- this article garnering thousands of responses as people were very upset that they tweeted it out on one of the holiest days.
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paul tweets, they've gone off the deep end and i'm not religious and i find this ridiculous. this was an opinion but people didn't like the day that it was tweeted. heather: some people trying to stir controversy over sister gene, loyola chicago left early? carley: received criticism on twitter because she did leave the game a few minutes early and then they wound up losing that game, people thought that she was being a sore support but she absolutely was not, sister jean went to the tunnel to greet the team as they exited the floor, come on, she did not leave the game, she left post watching the game to take up her post to hug the guys as they left the floor which she does at the every game win or lose. she was just there to support the team and people thought that
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she was doing something bad, come on. heather: she's been the greatest thing about the entire tournament. carley: thanks so much. heather: time now half past the hour, russia ramping up revenge but which is the bigger threat to our world, our next guest says you'll be surprised. >> big applause. heather: what dad did at major league baseball game that could land him in big league trouble
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", a car crash that killed two women and six adopted children may have been intentional. police in california now say that the car accelerated moments before plunging off of the
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cliff. todd pirro with more on the disturbing new evidence, good morning, todd. >> good morning, this is just horrible. pure acceleration all the way overnight that's how the california highway patrol described the final hour following investigation. >> this incident may have been intentional act and not the result of a traffic collision. >> pinned at 90 miles per hour when discovered crush along the rocks in shoreline of pacific coast highway. the washington state couple both 38 year's old died with three of six children confirmed dead, the other three missing and feared dead, authorities are reportedly obtained a warrant to better look possibility of suicide and neighbors of the family said they called child protective services because one of the kids had been coming over often asking for food, claiming parents were punishing the kids by withholding food. >> this is a very, very complex
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investigation. it has numerous agencies that are assisting and responsible for investigating that this will take several weeks for us to have clear understanding as to possibly if there is definitive answer what occurred. >> now, one of the children you'll recall through national attention when he was hugging a police officer during protest in portland, oregon, over deadly police shooting in ferguson, missouri, the child was holding a free hugs sign. at the end of the day, just so horrible that so many lives lost. heather: i know they reported that they did not see skid marks or brake marks. >> seems like it's getting piece together and not in a good way. heather: appreciate it. well, fox news alert for you, isis could be plotting to attack soccer's world cup using armed drones, propaganda shown online shows preparations for the
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attacks on sands in players, extremists with pictures like this showing the soccer star cristiano ronaldo kneeling in front of terrorist. >> congressional investigations leak like the gossip girls. i mean, they are terrible and i would be telling that if i were staying in congress, they are just not serious, serious investigations don't leak, serious investigations don't make up their mind first and then go and search of the evidence to validate your previously held conviction. heather: leak like the gossip girls, the republican retiring hopes ongoing probe for russian meddling in the u.s. election is more objective. we are taking live look right now at the white house where in just a few hours 30,000 people
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will arrive for the annual easter egg roll, now the president and first lady will greet children and families at 140th annual event in addition to rolling eggs across the lawn, kids can make cards for troops, decorate eggs or listen to the first lady read to them and abby huntsman, she's there and give us preview live at the white house in the next hour and the trump administration is starting the week faced with two major foreign policy issues, the first is russia, ramping up revenge with plans to expel more than 50 british diplomats and workers as the un approves a fresh round of sanctions against north korea, but which is the the bigger threat? joining me now senior fellow james, thank you so much for joining us this morning, really appreciate it. >> good to be with you. heather: so let's begin with what senator lindsey graham had to say in reference to what he believes president trump should do in troarches russia and north
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korea, listen. >> if i were trump i would like at reagan play book and isolate russia. the problem is that russia is running wild, the maximum pressure campaign against north korea launched by the trump administration for the world is beginning to follow has paid off, here is the goal in negotiations, to make sure that north korea gives up nuclear program. >> maximum pressure until north korea is no longer a nuclear threat to u.s. and allies, that's missile defense, nuclear deterrence, convention deterrence, heavy sanctioning, keep it in place, exactly the right strategy regardless of how talks turn out. in russia, the problem is we are not going back to cold war, we won't have distinction between russia and the west, russian economic connections even despite the sanctions, they are
1:37 am
there. but the united states needs to do is what the administration is actually doing, if you look at u.s. policy, the last two years it's actually the toughest we have been on russia in over a decade. heather: do you think that there needs to be greater economic sanctions against russia? we can put the screen for you, russia has expelled diplomats from 24 different countries, those countries that stood beside great britain, is there more that we can do? >> well, there is, the law passed by congress gives the administration tools to do that and they started doing that just recently. i think rather than the sanctions particularly in the case of russia and places like iran, targeted sanctions against individuals, particularly on assets in the west where a lot of the russian oligarchs hide money and their worth, that's worth going after and the administration has been sophisticated and disciplined in
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doing that. heather: i want to go back to what you were saying about north korea and we can pull this up as we continue to talk about it, the un sanctions on north korea, 13 oil tankers, two other north korean vessels have been hit with global asset freeze, 21 shipping companies, 12 north korean firms blacklisted along with the they wane's baseman. now, this is different because it's un sanctions. the u.s. has had sanctions against north korea previously, right? >> yeah, so let me tell you what's important about this, people often say that north korea is the most heavily sanctioned country on the planet that was always true on paper but not in practice because there are a lot of loopholes that the u.s. didn't push people to close simply because we didn't want to antagonize china. what this administration has done is started closing closinge loopholes so the north koreans really feel the pressure.
1:39 am
that's totally different that has not been in over a decade. heather: got it. i know that you also said that the big question for you and others is what happens next in the middle east? >> i think that's right. i think we have a strategy for russia and china and it's solid and just plays out over time, what people are looking at is administration -- is identifying the right threats, the great destabilizing threats isis and al-qaeda, the next step is what are we going to do about iran and syria as an extension of uranium problem and there's a lot of questions about that. heather: whether or not we could pull out of syria and says could be the single worst decision that the president makes, a lot to talk about, james carafano thanks for breaking it down. >> thanks very having me. heather: could the cancer give you cancer?
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massive data breach at retailers, 5 million people impacted, could your personal information be up for sale? >> daddy. heather: and a soldier surprise like you've never seen. the story is definitely going to make your day.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", your cell phone could be killing you. two brand-new studies now show exposure to phone radiation could cause tumors, there's some evidence of brain tumors, next step is what it means for humans exactly. you can might be miez risk by holding phones away from your body and keeping them out of your pocket.
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fox business alert happening for you, china retaliating against president trump's trade tariffs and now all eyes are on the markets as they start to light up all around the world. tracee carrasco from sister network fox business. >> markets are reacting, we are looking at futures right now, we are seeing red across the board, dow futures down about 93 points but in europe we are seeing the markets up, so it will be interesting to see how the rest to have day plays out but china is striking back against the trump administration, imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum, we will see 25% tariff on pork and some other products, so there have been talks between the two countries but neither side is backing down. heather: people will be watching the markets for sure. the hackers have stolen credit card information from saks and
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lord&taylor. >> this is a pretty big one, 5 million customers, their credit card, their debit card information stolen, if you have shopped at saks fifth avenue, lord&taylor stores, they are selling credit card information on the dark web, the company say that is your social security, driver's license number, none of that information was stolen although your personal credit card information may have been compromised, so they are investigating right now and will offer any assist anticipates to people who have been affected, but this is pretty major. i don't know if they are going to let people know. i did go on the saks website, there's a message at the top of the website, but if you have shopped in the store, this all started back in may 2017, so it's best to keep an eye on your credit card statements, all of that just in case they don't let
1:46 am
people know. heather: i know that you should always do that anyway. appreciate it. well, this super dad turns a foul into a grand slam moment, the fan making an incredible catch with his glove in his left hand and his daughter in the other. >> i wonder for all the big applause. >> that's a heck of a catch. wife probably not thrilled about that. heather: mariners won 5 to 4. the little girl is just fine. well, the time now is about ten minutes until the top of the hour and liberals are pushing gun control while staying silent on high-profile murderers including the palm sunday killer walked free. why the double standard? our next guest is fighting for some answers
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heather: welcome back, democrats have latched onto gun control in the wake of deadly mass shootings yet they keep letting high-profile murderer get out of jail. the man convicted of murdering ten including many children in deadly palm sunday massacre was quietly freed months ago and new york state assemblyman has been on the issue of paroling criminals for years and joins us now with more, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> good morning, great to be with you, heather. heather: you're practicing attorney, criminal law is one of your practice areas, what are your thoughts on this? >> well, it's very interesting that in the case of the palm sunday killer, he killed 10 people including 7 children, gets out of jail in january, we only found about it because obscure news article in late
1:51 am
march meanwhile our governor, governor cuomo who is potential presidential candidate, he's involved in gun control marchs, he was involved involved in diee he layed in the street and one of the biggest mass shooters of new york history walked out of jail and he hasn't said a word about it. i shows you on the left they are hard on law abiding lawyers and soft on actual criminals. heather: not only that, the ten people that were killed, eight children, one survivor, infant little girl that was in her mother's lap at the time of the shooting, her mom shot and killed right there, and she didn't even know that he was being let out. >> you're right. this is criminal justice reform in 2018 mopping those on the left, we had a situation two years ago a gentleman terry killed and raped a grandmother was sentence today life in prison, he was paroled also without the family being told
1:52 am
about the fact that he was going to be paroled, so we have a broken justice system, policymakers in every state in particularly in new york should be out there calling for changes to our laws when we have somebody who killed ten people, convicted of taking ten lives and that person is out of jail in 30-something years, something is wrong there. we have all the calls for new gun control laws on top of other gun control laws but i don't hear too many people talking about ways to keep hardened killers in prison. heather: on top of that you had jerry brown granting preeaster pardons for five immigrants facing possible deportations, here is what the president had to say about that. governor jerry moon brown, pardoned five criminal illegal aliens whose crime include kidnapping, robbery, badly beating wife and threatening crime with intent to terrorize, dealing drugs, is this really what the people of california want? >> it's amazing, so on the one
1:53 am
hand you have gun control is big ideological issue on the left and obviously in the eye offense the left illegal immigrants are more important than public safety, more important than preserving justice in our system and you are seeing that unfortunately on both coasts. heather: so what should people's response should be? >> we should call out our governors, are you serious of punishing people who take lives because doesn't seem like they are right now. heather: the reason they aren't calling them is because they don't know what's going on, because it's not getting reported? >> it's amazing that the palm sunday killer he got out of jail and no one said anything, that is absolutely incredible to me and we found out about this way on friday, my office will start this morning when we go back to work trying to get answers how that happened in new york. heather: good to hear it. let us know how it happened, appreciate it as always.
1:54 am
>> that you think, take care. heather: time now is eight minutes until the top of the hour, battling a blaze, firefighters race in to a burning building. >> daddy. [crying] >> soldier surprise like you've never seen, this is going to make your day vo: gopi's found a way to keep her receipts tidy, even when nothing else is. brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. quickbooks. backing you.
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heather: incredible body camera footage, firefighters battling a blaze inside a california home. [inaudible] >> san bernardino firefighters knocking the flames in five minutes, one child was treated for smoke inhilation. >> you didn't start the fire? >> no, we didn't. >> a firearm wants to talk to y'all. >> daddy!
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heather: surprise, sergeant first-class terry of ohio arriving in a fire truck to surprise his girls, they say that they want to be firefighters when they grow up. police officers finally help rescued nuns running late for easter sunday mass, new york city help prop open doors with hangers after one of the sisters locked the key inside. aaa eventually got the door open after services and apparently god was on their side because they didn't even get a ticket for leaving the car in a no-parking zone. imagine that. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first" at 4:00 a.m., hopefully you had a great easter weekend, bye bye. rob: all right, it is monday april 2nd and driven to the edge, brand-new details in this his or
2:00 am
horrific california cliff crash that killed 6 adopted children, disturbing evidence that that might not have been accident at all. >> méxico has to help us at the border and a lot of people are coming in because they want to take advantage of daca. >> urging republicans to go nuclear, live in washington with what this can mean for dreamers and the border wall. >> control, alt, delete, you hear that, google snubbing easter, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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