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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 2, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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horrific california cliff crash that killed 6 adopted children, disturbing evidence that that might not have been accident at all. >> méxico has to help us at the border and a lot of people are coming in because they want to take advantage of daca. >> urging republicans to go nuclear, live in washington with what this can mean for dreamers and the border wall. >> control, alt, delete, you hear that, google snubbing easter, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: so many years in
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younger years i had great time in concert. rob: so sad to see him go so young. great music maker from state of florida p. jillian: good morning. thank you for joining us for "fox & friends first". i'm jillian mele. rob: i'm rob schmitt, president trump signaling end to any hope to daca deal this as caravan of immigrants reportedly makes its way to the u.s.-méxico border. jillian: griff jenkins in washington on what turned out to be a busy easter sunday, good morning, griff. >> yes, the president after wishing the nation a happy easter over twitter announced the future of daca, the program to protect dreamers was in
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jeopardy, border patrol agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the border because of ridiculous liberal-democrat laws like catch and release, getting more dangerous, republicans must go to "nuclear option" to pass law. caravan is 1200 migrants mostly from honduras currently headed through méxico, this calling the president for méxico to do more and stop flow across the border while placing blame on democrats for failing on daca. >> méxico has got to help us at the border and a lot of people are coming in because they want to take advantage of daca and we are going to have to really see, they had a great chance, the democrats blew it. >> democrats says the president never intended to save daca. >> he never had a plan for trying to fix daca and he turned down several bipartisan deals,
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it was always a game, it was always a trick, he was never arguing in good faith. as for méxico minister took to twitter claiming reports suggested otherwise were inaccurate and upholding human dignity are not at odds with rule of law and president threatened to pull out of nafta if the flow cannot be stopped and urged construction to have wall. rob: not even the weekend are safe, so much news we don't know what to do. griff, thank you so much. jillian: fears of a trade war growing as china hammer it is u.s. with brand-new tariffs, beijing retaliating by raising import duties on 128 american products including fruit and wine. it comes in the wake of president trump's hike on steel and aluminum import. china claiming it has seriously damaged their interest, president trump has repeatedly accused beijing of untrade practices and intellectual
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property theft. rob: senator lindsey graham calling for another special counsel after attorney general jeff sessions named john hubert to conduct investigation in fbi and doj on how they handled hillary clinton investigations. >> i want a special counsel with same determination and resources to look at abuses of fisa process, were the conflicts of interest in the special department, same resources and the same determination to look at those issues as is mueller is looking at the trump campaign and i don't see that yet. rob: all right, as for the hubert investigation, graham says the jury is still out. jillian: david shulkin on whether he left or not, shulkin claims he was fired. >> there would be in reason for
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me to resign, i made a commitment, took an oath and i was here to fight for veterans. >> why would the white house said technically you resign, did you submit a letter of resignation? >> no, i was not. jillian: received a call from general john kelly shortly after president trump tweeted that jackson would take over the va. rob: all right, car crash that killed two women and their six adopted children may have been intentional. jillian: police say car accelerated moments before going off the cliff. rob: toddi pirro. >> pure acceleration all the way. that's how the highway patrol described the final act of driver following days of investigation. >> preliminary investigation indicates that this incident may have been intentional act and not the result of a traffic
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collision. >> pinned at 90 miles per hour when it was his covered crushed along the rocks of the shoreline of pacific coast highway. washington state couple jennifer and sarah both 38 died with three of six children and the other three missing and feared dead, authorities obtained warrant and neighbors called child protective services because one kid had been coming over asking for food claiming parents were punishing the kids by withholding food. >> this is a very, very complex investigation and has numerous agencies that are assisting and responsible for investigating that this will take several weeks for us to have a clear understanding as to possibly if there is a definitive answer what occurred. >> now you'll recall one of the children drew national attention when he was photographed hugging
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a police officer during protest in portland, oregon over deadly police shooting in ferguson, missouri, the child was holding a free hugs sign, so a lot of layers to this but all of it very sad. jillian: so sad, thank you. rob: while you were sleeping a rogue chinese space station came crashing down to earth in a fiery blaze of glory, tiang won splashing right off the coast of tahiti, the school-size spacecraft with some pieces to have survived. the space station has been empty since 2013, speculation that it might crash in the united states but luckily it moved to the west and now in water. jillian: turning now to extreme weather and say it ain't snow, made that one up, i bet you never heard it. storm set to head the northeast
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today. rob: goody. blasting parts of midwest, snow in places in the midwest, yesterday, here you can see car sliding into a ditch in nebraska from that weather. jillian: state trooper rush to go carry little girl and family to safety. rob: meanwhile snow in north dakota making the easter eggs a lot easier to see actually. jillian: okay, meteorologist adam klatz. >> we were looking at the m -- system that you're talking, borderline of rain and snow, i do think that it turns into all snow, the problem so far, notice the temperatures inland colder, right along the coast, philadelphia 35 in new york, cutting it close whether or not you can see a whole lot of snow, we are sitting along that rain snow line but as we see future
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radar we will be seeing this turn into more snow in the next several hours, pay attention to all the temperatures in the afternoon running back up closer to 40-degrees and that means even if we see some snow here in early morning hours by this afternoon, guys, i think it's going to have a chance to melt away. jillian: let's hope so, get out of here, not you but the snow. rob: this better be the last? >> i'm just the messenger. rob: we are not going the shoot you. memorial exhibit in massachusetts marking fifth anniversary of the deadly bombing, already been five years, also feature paintings and sculptors including giant wing-foot, three people killed, 260 people injured when two bombs exploded right near the finish line back in 2013. jillian: so crazy it was five years ago, seemed like yesterday. march madness spilling over to
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april. notre dame women claiming second championship in dramatic fashion. >> for the win. [cheers and applause] >> national championship for notre dame. jillian: that's the way to do it. rob: wow. jillian: this one shot of a lifetime securing a 61-58 win over mississippi state, tonight's men's championship is 3 seed michigan taking number one villanova. rob: it'll be tough to beat that finish. that's so cool. ten minutes after the hour, first they called the president allowser and now new york magazine is depicting donald trump as a pig. the controversial cover that's making headlines this morning. jillian: midterms are just months away, can democrats really run on being antitrump or will they have to come up with a real platform, we debate it next
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>> no country on earth has this use of gun that is we do. the time has come to do something about it, to eliminate them. >> the bonus that corporate america receives versus the crumbs that they are giving is so pathetic. >> democrats will continue to fight as hard as ever for the dreamers. rob: all right, march to the midterms, we are closing in, elections just months away, democrats ramping up their antitrump agendas including in some cases open borders, repealing the second amendment and raising your taxes, but does
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the left have a platform problem here as we move towards november, here to debate that conservative radio talk show host dr. jina and kathy, thank you for getting up early today. i want to start with a question i will pose to both of you and i will start with you, kathy, i think there's a conversation being had amongst democrats i would assume about what direction to go here, do they want to come back towards the middle or do they wanting to dead left betting that trump is to unpopular they can win that way, how do you think they will try to win in november? >> i don't know, i think they will copy laamb from pennsylvania, the race wasn't supposed to be so close, in trump country a democrat did win, he went to the left, he was to the left, he was not in the middle necessarily, he was antitrump, he brought in biden and won the election, so everyone thought that would be a huge upset for trump and a sign
2:16 am
of what 2018 would look like for democrats, i think they will follow his lead and go with the immigration, with daca, what we just heard from schumer and ploosy, i think they will go with those angles and they are going to win. rob: we will get to lamb in a second as far as where the democrats are going to go, jina, what do you say? >> well, the democrats don't have either have a lot of optionsment plan a is to run candidates like lamb who ran on america first protrump agenda, pro-life agenda which doesn't reflect where the money is coming from at all in the democrat party, the money is coming from the extreme left radical socialist arm of the democrat party coming out of nancy pelosi in california. the only other option they have is import voters from foreign countries because americans don't want to vote for them
2:17 am
anymore. rob: you said he went left, i don't feel he was a traditional democratic candidate, i honestly thought that the president should have embraced him and gone party lines because i thought they had similar points, seemed a lot of like? >> not at all. people were saying that lamb couldn't possibly win this. he was antitrump, he was a democrat and trump -- rob: he never criticized trump outwardly. >> he had a d behind his name. i think it's going to be a big year for the democrats. trump's approval rating 42%. rob: gena respond to that. >> connor lamb won on president's coat tails. america is catching on the fact that the president is delivering on campaign promises, more jobs, better national security, better foreign relation than we had in
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decades, no wonder lamb ran on the protrump agenda. rob: he seemed very moderate. >> yes, at the very least. >> the passion is what's going to win. rob: i don't think connor was one way or the other. are they connecting, are the democrats going to connect with the radicalized version of the agenda, do they think most people want a system where we not only embrace illegal immigration but protect people who are here illegally and also committing crimes? >> i think that we are protecting our neighbors, we are protecting productive citizens, well, productive people in our society, so, no, this is not about illegal immigrants and the horrible terms that are being used, these are undocumented members of our society. >> these are not horrible terms, kathy. you're either legal or illegal. rob: ladies, thank you so much. i knew this was going get heated
2:19 am
at some point. >> neighbors fine, keep them in their house. rob: ladies, thank you so much. jillian: sounds good, still to come up on "fox & friends" first, thousands of teachers set to walk off the job today, some of them got a 6,000-dollar raise, so what do they want? tuition going up for college students in one state but illegals are exempt, we will tell you about it.
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with the federal government? >> we need comprehensive immigration reform. until we get it, we will be pulling our society apart. chris: sir, you're not answering my question. >> california has sued the trump administration 29 times and we haven't lost once. chris: you're not answering my question. >> i will. chris: we are almost done, sir. jillian: fox news sunday chris wallace pressing representative brad sherman, the state of california is suing the trump administration for adding citizenship question to the 2020 census. rob: college tuition going up from some out of state students but the illegal immigrants can still pay rate. but undocumented residents with california high school diplomas are still considered in-state students. there you have it. all right, fox business alert now happening right now, thousands of teachers getting ready for statewide walkout in
2:24 am
oklahoma. jillian: tracee carrasco from sister network fox business here with their demands, what's this about, tracee? tracee: thousands of teachers in oklahoma will be walking out of their job today after receiving a 6,000-dollar raise, organizers say that the bump in pay wasn't enough, that this was rushed through, state legislature, there have been issues in several other states around the country dealing with pay issues as well, now the statement from the oklahoma education association, they say this package does not overcome a shortfall that's caused overcrowd in classrooms, deprives kids from one-on-one attention they need. rob: totally change gears here. let's talk about candy. what do we have here. new m&m's? >> we have new m&m's, you can pie crunchy expresso and raspberry, limited edition
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release. so you try them out, vote for your favorite one and the winner will be sticking around in store shelves for a year and a half. we have them here today. >> quietly open them. we have a poll right now to ask you guys what your favorite flavor would be. mint is in the lead. rob: mint is winning. that's pretty good, jillian. jillian: mint is really good. >> i like raspberry. rob: expresso is winning this thing. try one of those, those are delicious. carley: did you think they were different? [laughter] rob: more about taste buds than anything. in our poll raspberry is dead
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last. jillian: 25 minutes after the hour, first the president put tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum. >> if they charge us, we charge them the same thing. jillian: now china hits back, brand new retaliation next. rob: it wasn't from a bunny, nypd cop delivers a baby right on the streets of new york, wow. jillian: first the white house easter egg roll is today and abby huntsman is live, we heard she's going quiz us, i'm getting nervous, that's coming up. stay tune. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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wi'm really grateful that usaaq. was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today. rob: okay, welcome back, fear of trade war is growing as china slams u.s. with tariffs. jillian: excuse me, hike on
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steel and aluminum import. kelly wright live from washington, d.c. on what it means to you. good morning, kelly. kelly: china announcing that it's raising tariffs on 128 products is being viewed as retaliating, china is raising import duties 15 to 25% on u.s. pork, fruit, wine, aluminum and other products. as i mentioned, 128 goods in all, the move is heightening fears of a possible trade war that could damage the global economy, china's finance ministry issued a statement on why it is imposing tariffs in response to the trump's administration tariffs, the hike has damaged our industry and our country supports multilateral trading system but tariff increase is a proper measure adopted by our country using world trade organization rules to protect our interest. now, u.s. farmers sent nearly
2:31 am
$20 billion of goods to china last year, 1.1 billion in pork products, china is the number 3 market by the way for u.s. pork and farmers along with the u.s. wine industry will face $3 billion in tariffs of china. so far the white house has not responded but in march president trump explained why the u.s. raised tariffs. >> i have tremendous respect for president xi but we have a trade deficit, it is the largest deficit of any country in the history of our world. it's out of control. just use the word reciprocal. if they charge us, we charge them the same thing. that's the way it's got to be. that's not the way it is, for many, many years, for many decades it has not been that way. >> so here we are and as the trade tensions between the u.s. and china appear to be heating up even more.
2:32 am
rob and jillian. jillian: all right, kelly, thank you. rob: fox news alert, isis could be plot to go attack soccer's world cup using armed drones, propaganda reportedly shared online shows preparations on the attacks on fans an players and russia this summer extremist started circulating pictures like this one showing real madrid super star cristiano ronaldo sit -- kneeling in front of a terrorist. jillian: crews work to go clean up the entrance way in west palm beach, florida, less than 5 miles from the president's mar-a-lago estate where he spent easter weekend. rob: two elementary school students take a knee while performing the national anthem. political statement happening at the seattle mariners game at seico field, take a look.
2:33 am
rob: there it is. we are not sure how old the kids are but that's what happened. jillian: ad for upcoming elections. >> nancy pelosi and chuck schumer instead of us. rob: they are going after pelosi again, carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 here with reaction online, hey, carley. carley: hey, good morning, guys, the republican party turning up the heat toward nancy pelosi. 34% of gop attacks have featured pelosi in them. to put that in perspective she was featured in 9% attack ads in 2016. corey, head of gop super pac was not shy about the strategy, he says we are going spend millions and millions of dollars reminding voters across the country why nancy pelosi is bad
2:34 am
for the country, nancy pelosi is the most toxic unpopular politician in american politics period, end of discussion, social media now weighing in on the strategy as well. dan says, i think she's mentally lost it, dems keeping her is a bonus for republicans and another twitter user says, even quite a few democrats are critical of her leadership. it's time for her to pass the torch. nancy pelosi spoke person says that the only reason republicans are doing this is because they don't have anything else to talk about. jillian: so if you were on google yesterday you may not have noticed anything and that's the problem, right? carley: you know the fun little google doodles that they have on google to celebrate certain holidays, there was no one to celebrate easter and some christians are upset about it, into wars editor joseph watson pointed it out, google has a doodle for every woke person or event imaginable but nothing for
2:35 am
easter, matthew then chimed in saying, speaks volumes on how google sees christianity and joe says, so glad i don't use google. the company say that is they don't use any religious imagery on any of the google doodle so not just easter and they did tweet about easter and that's how they celebrated the holiday. jillian: don't they use for christmas? carley: i think they use santa claus. rob: who is this person? there's different ones. this is crazy, this is another show of nypd being the best cops. carley: speaking of easter, easter miracle because two police officers delivered a baby on easter sunday in new york city. the nypd 19th precinct tweeted it wasn't an april fool's joke, great job by officer who helped
2:36 am
a dad deliver his baby girl in their car, we are happy to report both mom and baby are doing well, what a special easter sunday. so a very, very good news and like i said at the top, kind of easter miracle. jillian: yeah. rob: thank you so much. 36 minutes after the hour. first they called the president a loser, now new york magazine depicting president trump as a pig. the controversial cover coming up. jillian: baseball classic now the field of dreams is a vacation destination. so we sent todd pirro to get a behind the scenes look and he will tell us all about it. little things can be a big deal.
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rob: all right, new york magazine taking a major dig at president trump in news cover. you can see right there, the headline roading, -- reading, not collusion, it's the corruption, stupid. targeted president trump in october 2016 preelection cover with the word loser across his face and a couple of weeks later he went onto win the election, so there you have it. jillian: using east the other attack the president's christian supporters, the peace titled democrats are christians too refers to the election when president trump received 80% of the white evangelical vote, the writer say that is because of fear mongering 80% of evan general -- evangelicals would vote if he ran as a democrat.
2:41 am
rob: can you not cry at the end of that movie? any way not to? the house of field of dreams is becoming vacation destination. jillian: our own todd pirro. >> i watched it before the shoot. jillian: you may have been crying about your birthday. >> because i turned 40. i spent my 40th birthday taking a behind the looks, the house not only opening for tours but can be rented out as well. >> is this heaven? >> no. it's iowa. >> welcome to the field of dreams farmhouse. >> i want to go inside, i want to get a tour of the outside, a
2:42 am
lot of history on the porch. >> we built the whole wrap-around porch. >> the scene could not be more american. you tell me kevin costner original. >> original bleachers built in the movie. we maintain this corner up here because kevin himself carved that in there. welcome to the farmhouse. >> you did an amazing job recreating. >> a whole summer and the intern worked with us frame by frame to look at the chairs, exactly what was hanging in the kitchen. >> you've decide today share the dream, punt intended. >> the house has been mystery for a decade. finally someone said, you know, we should go ahead and open up the house for people to sleep
2:43 am
in, why don't we do that, would you like to see where they can sleep, come on up. >> if you rent it, they will come. if you build it, he will come. so what do i get if you decide to rent. >> if you and your wife would like to come for overnight, not only sweet that no one has ever gotten to see, the ball field, the light. >> you mentioned the field, i have the glove and the bat, can we go now? >> let's go play. >> why did they choose the house and location? >> because sunset on the ball field and on the home. >> one more question, denise, want to have a catch? >> i'd like that. >> denise, i'm not going to do the eye wink thing because my
2:44 am
wife my get mad if i wink at another lady. >> i understand. don't we need a catcher? >> not if it's near the plate, we don't. that's how you hit a baseball. note ♪ ♪ obviously we had a ton of fun shooting that. props to producers. jillian: what was the huge part of all this? >> hitting a baseball. we don't get a chance to play too much baseball. watch the magical catch. it was awesome. if you get a chance go out there. rob: go back in the summer when the grass the green. jillian: thanks for sharing.
2:45 am
16 minutes until the top of the hour, president trump says he's done trying to negotiate a deal for dreamers, so what happens now, we dig in next. rob: plus easter egg roll today and abbey huntsman is at the white house, abby. >> we are still celebrating easter at the white house. we are waking up here, we have a lot of fun guests throughout the show on "fox & friends" and coming up next, i will give you guys a quiz on the history of the easter egg roll. [laughter] mom you called?
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jillian: all right, good morning, welcome back, 12 minutes until the top of the hour and we are going live to washington, d.c. where abby huntsman is at the 140th easter
2:49 am
egg roll? >> yeah, 140th year, i got a bacon. rob: you can see the windows. >> 140th year, today full of thousands of people mainly for their kids. this is a classic american tradition, the monday after easter, started in 1878 and ford or hays was president and kids asked to roll out eggs and that was south land and the beginning of the easter egg roll at the white house. the president comes out at 10:30 a.m. this morning. i will give you guys a quick quiz. have you had enough coffee? rob: sure, i could fail a quiz any time. >> what was the original location to have easter egg roll, was it the white house here, capitol hill or was it the
2:50 am
national mall? jillian: you're pointing to me, why do i get the first one? >> come on, jillian, i got faith in you. jillian: b. >> exactly right. true or false, angry lawmakers passed congress to ban easter egg roll? rob: has to be true. >> rob, you are exactly right. who was the first president to host the white house easter egg roll, i kind of gave you that? >> hayes. rob: we knew we were going to get one. jillian: we are so smart. [laughter] >> unfortunately it's pretty cold and rainy, but we will make the most. we have a group of great guests, hogan, mercedes schlapp and eric trump and laura and maybe if we
2:51 am
are lucky they will bring their son luke, i hope you guys join us all morning. rob: did you really just have a kid in? >> i did. really good lighting here. >> no, you have beautiful, thank you, abby. the dreamer deal is dead, president trump threatening the "nuclear option" when passing immigration laws. >> méxico has got to help us tat border and a lot of people are coming in because they want to take advantage of daca. jillian: here to weigh in director of policy studies at the center for immigration study, jessica vaughn, we appreciate it, what do you think about what you heard of the threat of the "nuclear option"? >> well, congress has been completely dysfunctional on the immigration issue and unable to pass these really urgent reforms that are needed for border security, immigration
2:52 am
enforcement, fixing our broken asylum system and the catch and release policies at the border and giving relief from the huge numbers of immigration to american communities, so something has got to be done, we cannot continue with this dysfunction, so he's right to call for some kind of reform or change in the way congress is approaching this issue because what they are doing is definitely not working. >> that's what i was going to say, we've had this conversation multiple times now about trying to reach a deal and it's just not working, you can't keep doing the same thing over and over again. the president was tweeting about this yesterday, let's take a look at this. méxico is doing very little if nothing at all at stopping people from flowing into méxico through their southern border and then into the u.s., they laugh at our dumb immigration laws, they must stop the big drug and people flows or i will stop their cash cow, nafta, need wall. all of this was sparked because there was a report of this group
2:53 am
people without borders, essentially bringing a caravan of about 1200 people, most of them honduras folks who were trying to get basically to the border into the united states and then once here seek asylum, what are your thoughts? >> yeah, well, yeah, this is concerning particularly méxico's approach to it, méxico is not enforcing their own immigration laws because they know that these people are headed to the united states, this is typical of how they've handled these situations in the past, is they just kind of wave them through méxico thinking this is not our problem, it's problems of the united states and we have not been -- we have not been assertive enough in our relationship with méxico to get them to enforce their own laws, you know, and i think right now we need to send the signal to méxico that they need to deal with this, that we are not going to be just accepting anybody who shows up on our doorstep, under
2:54 am
international laws people are seeking asylum, safe haven, they are supposed to go first state country they come to, in this case would be guatemala and méxico, they should live up to international obligations and -- and, you know, deal with this, if necessary we can go into méxico and start, you know, sending the signal that we are not going to just let these people show up on our doorstep. as much as we are sympathetic to conditions in home country, we are willing to work with them on that, but, you know, there's no way that we are just going do what angela merkel did in europe and say, come on in to the united states, that's just not going to happen, we are not going to repeat the failed policies of the obama administration either where people show up and get released. jillian: we are running out of time. i want your opinion on where the conversation goes from here? >> well, the democrats have been very resistant to any deal on
2:55 am
immigration, so i think the president has to continue what he's been doing and make the case for more border security, more immigration enforcement, allow immigration agents and officials to do their job and enforce our laws and send the signal internationally that, you know, certify simply not going to look at the other way on illegal immigration. jillian: thank you very much for your time, appreciate it. >> thank you. rob: all right, 55 minutes after the hour, from mug shots to ivy league, is lindsey lohan headed to harvard? jillian: the coolest cop of the block just did a dance-off with the easter bunny. you have to see this. nothing says spring like fresh flowers, so let's promote our spring travel deal on like this. (sneeze) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or, badda book. badda boom.
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jillian: good morning. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. busting dance move at easter celebration. the chattanooga showing off skills with easter bunny and crowd of kids. rob: that's good. lindsey lohan heading to lohan. >> harvard asked me to speak at graduation ceremony. i'm really really honored. rob: yesterday was april fools day. my bet it's a prank. we will see.
3:00 am
jillian: motorcycle crash caught on a go pro-camera. whoa. how did that happen? wow, okay. a car running a red light slamming into that black suv and sending the motorcycle driver flying off the bike in texas. rob: we're out of time. have a good monday; see you later. >> no more daca deal, the latest word from president trump blaming democrats. >> democrats by mr. it mexico has to help us at the border. >> caravan coming. must go to nuclear option to pass laws now. >> appoint ago federal prosecutor to investigate alleged fisa abuse. is it enough? >> we have republican truth and democrat truth. we need to get to the nonpartisan truth. i think a special counsel is still going to be needed. >> a state trooper giving a final radio call


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