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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 3, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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you spent your monday evening with us we will see you back here tomorrow night 11:00 p.m. eastern. >> donald trump throwing a democrat for what he insisted lack of action on daca. >> democrats of really let them down. >> white house officials it was a caravan of central american migrants entering the united states. >> officially found out i cannot go on a ship. they needed ar 15s to escort us out. >> we witnessed in this tournament tonight.
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>> another national championship. ♪ >> good morning. congratulations on the big game last night and we have a winner, live look at the streets of new york city, we certainly appreciate you starting your day with "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. let's begin with donald trump whipping mexican leaders over week immigration policies is a caravan of illegals inches closer to the us overnight. give jenkins joins us with a
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new response from that caravan. >> reporter: the president is frustrated with the current status of the immigration policy tweeting as ridiculous as it sounds the laws of our country to not allow us to send those crossing our southern border back where they came from. mexico and canada have to have immigration laws where's hours are an obama joke. as the department of justice announces they will begin imposing quotas on federal immigration judges in an attempt to speed up deportations and the president continued to limit the future of daca blaming democrats again at the white house easter egg roll. >> democrats of really them down, really let them down, had a great opportunity, democrats of really let them down. it is a shame. >> reporter: democrat sen. dianne feinstein saying americans want to >> caller: fix, democrats were
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ready to fix it but up -- the president refused to solve it. >> we certainly understand the concern that donald trump has had people of the united states have about immigration. we are trying to work with the united states and central america. >> the caravan group, people without borders responded to our request for comment saying close us president opportunistically invoked refugee caravans as a pretext for threatening people already in the country, specifically daca recipients, trying to turn simple american refugees and other immigrant communities against each other as a bargaining chip with mexico. the time and place of arrival is yet to be determined and we are hearing the administration is looking at possible congressional fixes to address the loopholes the presidencies in our policies. heather: nice to have you with
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us as always. donald trump is blasting mexico for what he sees as delivery of illegal immigrants to america app store step without concern for national security. the center for immigration studies is the caravan's arrival will be a major test for the administration. >> a group of 1000 or so illegal immigrants mostly from honduras organized by us-based organization that is basically an anti-borders group so what we are seeing here is a kind of test or challenge of the administration's willingness to enforce the law. the administration needs to make clear these people will not get past the border or if they get in they will not get into the interior of the country. we need the law to change so
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anyone who passes through a country that has its own asylum system like mexico doesn't get to apply. >> according to the un refugee agency there are no international laws saying the refugees have to seek asylum in the first so-called safe country they reach. donald calling out the department of justice for being too slow tweeting, quote, so said the department of justice and fbi are slow walking or not giving the unredacted documents requested by congress. and embarrassment to our country. the president for into subpoenas issued by conservative lawmakers requesting documents related to the fbi's alleged surveillance abuses during the 2016 election. the agency double its staff to speed up the request. former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe no longer accepting online donations for his legal defense fund but he does plan to use the $500,000 yearly raised as his wife responds to criticism over
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campaign donations. i want people to know that all story everything is based on is false and utterly absurd please remember the former state senate candidate received a significant donation from terry mccullough, a hillary clinton supporter and some suggested it was an attempt to sway the fbi investigation into clinton's private email server. two planes crash into each other killing two firefighters. the faa say they were preparing to take off in a single-engine cessna when it collided with another jet landing at an indiana airport, clipped the smaller plane, flipping it over before bursting into flames. the pilot of the cessna and his passenger both died in the crash. no one in the other plane was injured. a young boy is safe at home following a frantic 12 hour search across los angeles.
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jesse hernandez falling through a wooden plank at a park near the iconic hollywood sign plummeting into the city app store system. rescuers were able to find it interesting handprint in the sewer seen on the left, captured by camera, lowered into the pipe. >> thought i was going to die. >> he was then rushed to a hospital and shortly afterwards released. definitely some lucky news. retired air force sgt. is now suing the u.s. air force after being ousted from a retirement ceremony two years ago. oscar rodriguez claims it is because he used the word god. kelly right joins us from washington dc with a fox news exclusive. >> reporter: what would motivate anyone to forcibly remove a decorated 33 year air force veteran while
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participating in a retirement ceremony for a fellow air force member? oscar rodriguez claims it was the fear he would mention god. watch this. >> a new constellation represents once in the state. >> rodriguez being forcibly removed by active-duty members of the air force. rodriguez was invited to recite the traditional passage honoring the flag during the ceremony for senior sergeant, rodriguez claims the squadron commander at travis air force base in california told noncommissioned officers to remove him if he tried to speak. >> they grabbed me and pulled me and assaulted me and the flag is open because idea to mention god. >> the incident happened two years ago. on monday rodriguez sued the
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air force demanding an apology and admission of wrongdoing for violating his first amendment rights. >> the tragic irony here is the flag holding speech talks about how the flag stands for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience. >> the air force declined to comment or released a statement last year following an inquiry that found no evidence that the ncos were motivated to impair mr. rodriguez's constitutional rights of freedom of speech or religion but retiring charles roberson invited rodriguez because he appreciated his passion for the flag, god and country, he regrets the actions of your for stating i wanted the ceremony to reflect the american values i spent my career defending, respect for god, family and country. rodriguez's attorney argues the air force did not have the right to ban him from the base or from speaking about god. >> kelly right live this
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morning, thank you. easter break is getting longer for some students in kentucky and oklahoma as teachers prepare to strike for a second day. ♪ >> tens of thousands of teachers demanding higher wages and better classroom resources and the double demonstration on the heels of similar walkouts in west virginia and arizona. and villanova wildcats, national champions once again. >> bronson steps up, oh my goodness, another national championship! >> villanova beating michigan 79-62. wildcats earning their second
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title in 3 seasons. fans celebrating in philadelphia starting a bonfire in the middle of the street, some students taking things to new heights climbing light poles, no reports of injuries or arrests. now it is on to the masters. big week for sports. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. doubling down lawmakers intensifying the fight against alleged if the idea saying a federal prosecutor isn't good enough. tom fitton agrees and joins us live next to explain what needs to happen now. >> they needed ar 15s when we needed no weapons, we had been through security. >> what was supposed to be a magical vacation turned into a nightmare. disney is under fire for kicking a pregnant woman off of its cruiseship. dreams come trueblood icicle student getting a full ride to
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all 20 top colleges he applied to. his viral reaction to the perfect tweet. ♪
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heather: russia showing off its military might with an initial test, the so-called satellite killer. russia claims it can obliterate
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nato spies in orbit and shoot down planes and warheads. it comes hours after the criminal revealed donald trump invited vitamin c to washington during a phone call last month. the white house says is exploring venues, dc meetings would be where the naps first since 2005 when george w. bush was president. donald trump fouling to fight back as stocks tumble amid some big tech losses and trade concerns with china. monday's drop marking the first quarter of negative return since 2015. white house officials doubling down on trade disputes after china places tariffs on 100 us products from wine to frozen pork. >> american workers being taken advantage of, or intellectual property being taken in this is a present stuff, going to stand up and fight for the american worker. >> the trump administration is
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expected to slam china with $50 billion in technology tariffs. another big story we are following, jeff sessions says appointed a federal prosecutor is enough to get to the bottom of alleged fisa abuses but some lawmakers are refusing to let up the pressure on the second special counsel. >> i want a special counsel to be appointed with the same resources and same determination to look at those issues as mueller is looking at the trump campaign. >> there should be an investigation outside the bottom justice altogether, that is why we continue to call for a special counsel. >> should this be handed off to a second door independent counsel? here to weigh in is president of judicial watch, thank you for joining us this morning, jeff sessions handed this to you time-lapse top federal
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prosecutor. is that enough? >> don't think it is enough. if you were designated to be the prosecutor, special or otherwise, looking at these abuses people would be happy but he will be advising general sessions whether to further investigate these issues, investigating whether to investigate. is not been hired to investigate anything per se. i think the justice department's concern is they recognize the dossier, pfizer court process runs into the mueller investigation and it is king mueller at the justice department, has more resources than any federal investigation going and was appointed because of this dossier, questions whether he benefited from these applications and is still using this linton dnc dossier and any special counsel prosecutor is going to run into this and if they were serious they would
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pause the mueller investigation as relates to the dossier and these 5 awards to figure out what's going on. >> i talked to judge and napolitano about this and he said one of his concerns is it was his impression hoover would have to move to washington dc in order to accomplish what he needs to get done. >> i don't think he will be going a grand jury. he is general sessions. his position was announced in november. fox news broke, nothing has changed since then. they have been looking at this and looking at it, circling the issue rather than acting directly and getting a prosecutor going. heather: do we know how much money mueller has spent so far? you have talked about that are asking for. >> annual budgets produced after the fact. we have asked for his proposed budget he set out when he was first appointed, the justice
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department refused to give us his proposed budget. heather: i know one thing he said he will tackle is the emperor 22 abuse but hoover will do that with the clinton email and uranium one. >> if there are investigations going on we should be told about them. sessions announced he is looking at what is being done whether there are additional resources that need to be applied and whether to initiate new investigations was this is not a prosecution. this is a review. heather: much more to be done. we appreciate it as always. 20 minutes after the top of the are, grave injustice, fresh outrage over affluenza teen ethan couch, walks free was
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what we learned about the conditions of his release, pres. obama has not been quiet since leaving office but apparently he is glad to be off the job. correlation curse here with online reaction pouring in on this one.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends first," the white house turning blue for world autism point, donald trump tweeting this picture with the hashtag light it up. several other landmarks joining in as part of a campaign aimed at spreading understanding and acceptance of people with autism. this is cnn, the network's chief white house correspondent jim acosta getting blasted on twitter for some calling
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inflammatory questions to donald trump in front of children. correlation curse with serious xm 115 is here with the outrage developing online. >> the white house easter egg roll is usually all about kids, candy and fun, jim acosta shouted an immigration question at the president. >> what about the daca kids? should they worry about what happens? are you going to kill daca? >> the president responded democrats are the ones who let daca recipients down. bread did not take kindly to the outburst, maybe it is time for him to get a suspension for breaking protocol. he continues to embarrass himself and cnn. pool his credentials for each incident. acosta fired back just doing my
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job which is protected by the first amendment of the constitution. you might want to give it a read. former arkansas governor mike huckabee added his $0.02 tweeting for once jim acosta is correct. he can exercise his first amendment rights and in doing so prove that yelling questions of the president during a children's event is what we expect from the south end of a northbound you'll. always a way with words. former pres. obama is relieved to no longer be president but he has been very vocal. >> former white house press secretary josh earnest gave us insight into that telling the hill, quote, it is obvious to most people watching that he is relieved to no longer be bearing the burden of the presidency. he unintentionally gave conservative a softball because wes like this are pouring in, went to the user writing so is
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the rest of america and another tweet says obama is relieved not to be president any longer, millions of others, i do my happy dance over that fact frequently. to be fair i'm sure democrats miss him. >> someone else is doing a happy dance, the family and student, to 20 top colleges. >> you are about to hear the pure joy as a high school student from texas found out he received an acceptance letter from his dream school, stanford university. [screaming] >> he received, michael brown received 20 acceptance letters. what an amazing story. >> great for him.
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excellent. he had a 4.68 gpa and a lot of extra curricular activity, that gets you in. thank you so much. the time is half past the top of the hour the trump administration taking action to speed up deportations by imposing quotas on federal immigration judges. will work? the president of the national border patrol council knows better than anyone and joins us live with what needs to happen now.
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>> remember when donald from called out pakistan? >> we can no longer be silent about pakistan safe havens for terrorist organizations. >> now it appears the country may be changing its ways, pakistan's army chief approving the death penalty for 10 terrorist, militant accused of killing 62 people and attacking security forces. and aspiring passenger who
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stabbed his wife 123 times was assessed with american psycho and talked to friends about killing someone. matthew phelps is charged with murdering his wife lauren in north carolina home after telling police he took too much cough medicine. the change i turned on the lights and she was dead on the floor. i had blood all over me and a knife on the bed and i think i did it. >> we told you this story before. the new parties friends are telling investigators the pair argued frequently and lauren expressed plans to end their marriage. the affluenza teenager who claimed he was too rich to know right from wrong walking free after two years behind bars. even couch will serve the remaining 6 years of his sentence under community supervision which includes frequent drug and alcohol tests and wearing a gps monitor.
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he was sentenced to rehab and probation after killing four people driving drunk at 16 years old in 2013. but he was thrown in jail after violating that probation and running away to mexico with his mom. donald trump hosting three foreign leaders at the white house today celebrating 100 years of their independence. the president says estonia, latvia and lithuania will meet in the oval office expected to discuss trade, energy and strengthening defense in the baltic region. the tweeter countries are concerned about russia after the annexation of crimea in 2014. the trump administration taking action to speed up deportation by imposing quotas on federal immigration judges as the president goes to war with democrats declaring a deal on 15 dead urging republicans to go nuclear. how will the border wall get done without a deal? here is president of the national council, thank you for
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joining us, appreciate it. tell us about this latest plan where there are rules being put in place, quote ups for immigration judges. how will that help or hurt? >> it is going to help, a step in the right direction, going to alleviate the back load we have, court systems so backloaded with so many people, by putting a quote on them it will allow us to get more people through the system but that is just one piece of the puzzle. the other piece is we have to get republicans to get behind the president and there are great many republicans that are behind the president such as sen. to cruise, sen. grassley but not to get all the republicans behind him because we can get the border wall done as long as we have the republicans behind it. heather: in case they don't
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know judges will be required to complete 700 cases here and see fewer than 50% of the decision sent back by higher court. the last 5 years the average judge has completed 678 cases year but it varies depending where the immigration judge is located as to how many cases they are dealing with. >> and again, if you look at all the immigration judges we have which we do have an awful lot of them. if they increase their workload by 22 per year it will decrease that backlog we have but that is just one step but that is one of the steps the president himself can in fact take and that is the business experience he brings to the oval office and the american public expected to see from him. >> when you talk about
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republicans working with the president they don't have 60 votes in the senate, they talked about using a nuclear option, is that what they need to do? >> it is. they absolutely need to do that. the fear is what if republicans don't have the senate and democrats taking control of the senate, democrats can use that option? democrats can always use that option if they take control of the senate that this is one of those issues the american public has spoken loud and clear about, they want order security and if the democrats are not going to work with him to get border security the republicans need to step up and say fine, we will do it ourselves but because that is what the american public once the republicans have to understand that is going to help them in terms and if they don't do it is going to hurt them in the midterms and we could lose the senate anyway. >> i want to ask about this,
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very quickly if you can, a lot of democrats on this issue the past couple days always bring up the fact that democrats offered the president $25 billion in border security spending including $18 billion for walls or fences but rejected it because it's and go far enough in terms of limiting family-based immigration and ending the diversity visa program, do you think that was a mistake or the right thing for the president to do? >> that was absolutely the right thing to do so he needs to stand by that. >> thank you for joining us, appreciate it. your insight is invaluable for sure. 20 minutes until the top of the orb's office building rock in the dead of night when a laptop explodes. a simple mistake you could be making that could cause the same thing to happen. >> and ar 15, two security guards. >> i was crying because -- >> disney dream vacation turning into a nightmare. pregnant woman who says the cruise line and the airport
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when too far.
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heather: a family's dream vacation thrown overboard. a mom was denied entry a disney cruise because she was too pregnant and they were escorted off by a guard armed with an ar 15. todd pyro is here with all sides of the story. >> it wasn't the happiest place on earth with a pregnant st. louis woman and her family. >> two security guards. >> i was crying, guys with ar 15s, my dad was talking to the desk about not being able to get on and asked can we hurry
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up? >> emily jackson, 25 weeks pregnant with her third child flew with her family to miami to board, she claims she was not allowed on the ship because she missed the pregnancy, half of 24 weeks project and said she was more upset by the treatment of her family claiming an armed officer was called in to escort her entire party including multiple children out of the port while their loved ones were removed from the ship. >> i'm mad because of how they treated me and my children, they made by two babies wait outside with no water in the heat. i'm mad about those things, they felt they needed ar 15's to escort us when they knew we had no weapons because we had been through security. >> in a statement disney told foxnews we understand the disappointment with not being able to board the ship for health and safety reasons our policy does not allow women who
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have reached the 24th week of pregnancy to travel. which is consistent with other cruise lines and is noted on our website and in travel documents which are guests -- miami-dade police department is responsible for security at the port and handled the situation as they felt appropriate given the guest abstractions. disney has offered to refund the cost of the cruise. >> but not their airline tickets to get their. >> they are out-of-pocket for a little bit. not a magical experience. heather: thank you, appreciate it. the golden state fight reach messaging new heights, suing california over a law aimed at giving the state power to override federal lands. the justice department says it is delaying land sales and decreasing its value. democrats in the state like the atty. gen. defending the law saying they will do what it
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takes to protect their resources and values. our very own martha maccallum battling an illegal immigrant over her accusation that donald trump failed to come up with a daca fix, this even though donald drove offered to make a deal with democrat several times. >> you blame him but you don't blame democrats for turning down the offer. >> they were put in a difficult position because we are getting 1.8 million undocumented dreamers path to citizenship and giving money for the wall. >> reporter: a former dreamer claims she climbed the ladder on wall street using falsified documents. another foxbusiness alert, all you levers of mexican food check your freezer. the massive recall that is hitting store shelves. good morning. >> more than 7000 pounds of raw
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beef, day steak and preseason beef being recalled because it was not properly inspected by the federal inspector according to the usda. the meat was shipped between 9 states, alabama, arkansas, indiana, louisiana, mississippi, missouri, oklahoma, texas and wisconsin. so far no one has gotten sick which is good but if you have any of this meet you with a mark on it from the usda, 34715, throw it out or kick it back to the store, donated to be safe. heather: dunkin' donuts rolling out heat for breakfast deals. >> rolling out their own value member, you won't see any donuts or coffee on the menu, it is mainly sandwiches, two egg and cheese wake up racks for $2 and request sandwiches on an english muffin for $3 and
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two egg and cheese bacon sandwiches on a croissant for $5, you need to get two sandwiches to get the deal. >> one for yourself and one for a friend? >> there you go. >> 15 minutes until the top of the hour, multiple red flags missed, the brand-new bombshell revealing 50 democrats wait background checks on the man who gains unauthorized access to sensitive data. our next guest. the lid off the report calling in a cover-up more severe than the dnc breach. the shocking assault caught on camera. ♪ been jimmy's longest.
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jimmy (shouting): james! he's survived record rain and a supplier that went belly up. so while he's proud to have helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own. brand vo: get the most out of your money, whether you're using quickbooks smart invoicing to get paid twice as fast or automatically tracking your mileage. smarter business tools for the world's hardest workers. quickbooks. backing you.
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>> driving on a suspended license. 6 lawsuits. the list goes on. all these red flags ignored by every single one of the 44 house democrats including debbie wasserman schultz who decided not to run background checks on ideas who were later accused of hacking congressional data. the investigator behind these joins me now to talk about this. i have been wanting to get you in here to talk about this. this is a markable information you got covered. some of the worst things you found, how were you able to discover this? >> through public records. these would have been caught on a background check, involved in so many lawsuits, accused of fraud, they have businesses
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with cryptic names like cia and new dawn 2001. the bankruptcy itself is one of the new deals and people are denied security clearances and other access to sensitive information. if you have $1 million in debt with debtors coming after you and in this terrible financial position and have access to email her sensitive information, there is pressure to monetize that and that is what the inspector general found happening when the deal was flowing off the network. logging into some members after they fired them and trying to cover their tracks. >> and open them up to blackmail as well. i asked how you were able to discover this because the house background check processing and of itself should have had some of this information come out.
1:52 am
some of the things that are supposed to happen maybe didn't happen. >> members of congress shall do background checks unprivileged users. server administrators can log into any staffer's email accounts and things like that. there is a loophole that allows another member to vouch for them so in this case these guys worked for dozens of members of congress and everyone said someone else pouched weather without saying who or what basis. if another guided a capital background check we don't need to necessarily run it again although the policy says these guys are supposed to undergo periodically, there are serious holes in this policy but every
1:53 am
single one of the 44 employers elected not to run the process, they are pakistani citizens with access to all this data. if you don't run it on some who do they ever? >> despite a personal relationship with debbie wasserman schultz and representative -- marcia fudge in new york, talked about that cia company that was a car dealership and the dealership they took money from. and direct government official who is a fugitive from us authorities. absolutely amazing. >> frightening stuff. there is the potential for blackmail when you consider members of congress refused to speak about this incident. this is a big deal, they hacked congress and by all accounts are bad bad guys. you see that they have a penchant for allegedly extortion like behavior. put 2 and 2 together wire
1:54 am
members of congress not crying that they are act the way they talk about russia. of one issue matters the other does too. they haven't prioritized cybersecurity at all. >> thank you for doing this investigation and i look forward to what else you uncover. it is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. from your mood to your medical conditions amazon and google want to watch your every move. the spy system coming to a home near you. intruder alert? how about a laptop explosion. and office building is burned down by a charging computer while it's hopeless owner just watches. ♪
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heather: a woman brutally attacked for supporting the president. police releasing surveillance video showing two people who allegedly assaulted trump supporter in a dc restaurant. she says the fight broke out after she overheard them talking politics and decided to jump invoicing her support for our president. >> trump supporter, i stood by - they called me a racist and started attacking me. of the 20 she suffered bruises and fractures in the attack but is expected to be okay.
1:59 am
a shocking crash between a freight train as a tractor-trailer, the moment of impact, and camera. the big rig sitting at the crossing in georgia, when the train plows through the semi. the driver getting out in time, no one was seriously injured in that. shocking moment as a laptop left charging explodes, burning down an office building, the building owner getting an intruder alarm when his computable up at his desk. 's office filled with flames. some of those lithium-ion batteries are prone to overheating and this laptop may have been a recalled multiple owners warning others not to leave similar batteries charging too long. google and amazon devices consume be eavesdropping on every move. the companies are selling
2:00 am
patents that would use the smart speakers to track audio and visual signals, they suggest the devices could better understand someone's mood or medical condition, for ad targeting and product recommendations. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, see you later. >> democrats of really let him down. democrats have really let them down. it is a shame. heather: tuesday, april 3rd, going to war with democrats donald trump talking and emigration as a caravan closes in on the us, the new legislation push to secure the border. rob: a meeting


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