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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 3, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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patents that would use the smart speakers to track audio and visual signals, they suggest the devices could better understand someone's mood or medical condition, for ad targeting and product recommendations. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, see you later. >> democrats of really let him down. democrats have really let them down. it is a shame. heather: tuesday, april 3rd, going to war with democrats donald trump talking and emigration as a caravan closes in on the us, the new legislation push to secure the border. rob: a meeting with lata amir
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putin. donald trump's home turf. what the white house has to say about this. jillian: police ransacking the home of the california couple coming through travel documents and bank records. and whether a felony was committed. rob: a live look outside, the shortest lived snowstorm ever. that snow was noted - it was gone by yesterday afternoon and now it will dump rain and april
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showers and may flowers. jillian: a little later on that. >> watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning. donald trump ripping mexican leaders over weak immigration policies as a caravan of illegals it is closer to the us overnight. rob: the new response from organizers of the caravan. >> reporter: they are responding to the president frustrated with the current immigration policies as ridiculous as it sounds, they do not allow us to cross the southern border, tough immigration laws whereas ours are an obama joke, announcing they will begin imposing quotas on federal immigration judges to speed up deportations and the caravan group, from
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tariffs, people without borders responding issuing this statement that the us president opportunistically invokes refugee caravans as a pretext for threatening immigrants. trump is trying to turn the immigrant communities. and the president's criticism. >> donald trump, people in the united states here have about immigration. we work with the united states and central america. >> reporter: the president blaming democrats on daca at the white house easter eggroll. >> democrats have let them down. really let us down. they had a great opportunity, democrats have really let them down. people taking advantage of
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daca. >> sen. feinstein -- when the president is. >> closing in on the us border, if they claim to be seeking asylum legally they must be allowed in until their case can be heard. heather: mark stein asking what is the point of a border in the first place. >> on orange alert, law-abiding persons go to an american airport, be advised the security coding for today is such and such and at the same time 1100 people 11 ounce they are going to just walk into the country and the united states government throws up its hands and says there is nothing we can do to stop it. what is the point of orange alert? why are 300 billion law-abiding
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americans shoveling shoeless through their airports like a bovine heard if any of the 6 billion people around the planet and just walk across the rio grande ortega flat bottomed boat and walk into the country? rob: russia showing off its military might with a satellite killer. the russians claim this, but arete nato spies in orbit and shootdown planes and even warheads, this comes hours after the criminal reveals donald trump invited vladimir putin to washington. the white house says it is exploring venues, vladimir
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putin's first since 2005, since george w. bush was president. jillian: donald trump calling up at the part of justice tweeting so said the department of justice and fbi are slow walking or even not given the rejected documents requested by congress. and embarrassment to our country, the present referring to subpoenas requesting documents related to the fbi's alleged surveillance abuses during the 2015 election. deputy director andrew mccabe no longer accepting online donations for his legal defense fund but plans to use the 500,000 raids since he was fired as his wife response to criticism over campaign donations saying i want people to know story everything is based on is false and utterly absurd. senate candidate received a secondary donation from virginia governor terry mccullough, a clinton supporter. some jesus said it was an attempt to get into clinton's
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email server. >> three of the 6 adopted kids adopted as a felony. it is 90 miles an hour, in leading investigators to believe it was intentional. deputies searching washington state home for motives and defined the three children still unaccounted for. a retired air force sgt. is suing the us air force after being, two years ago. >> oscar rodriguez used the word god. kelly wright joins a fox news exclusive. >> no room to remove a decorated 33 air force veteran, a fellow air force member, oscar rodriguez claims it was the fear that he would mention
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god. watch this. >> represents once in the criminal state. >> reporter: you are looking at rodriguez being forcibly removed by active-duty members of the air force was he was invited to recite a traditional passage honoring the flag during the retirement ceremony for a fellow senior master sergeant charles robertson. rodriguez claims a squadron commander at travis air force base in california told noncommissioned officers to remove him if he tried to speak. >> i started my speech and they pulled me, assaulted me and the flag was open. because i dared to mention god. >> the incident happened two years ago. on monday rodriguez sued beer force demanding an apology and admission of wrongdoing for violating first amendment rights. >> the tragic irony is a flag
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holding speech talks about the fact that it stands for freedom of religion, freedom of conscience. >> the air force declined to comment and release a statement following an inspector general report. an inquiry that found no evidence the in cos were motivated to repair his constitutional right to freedom of speech or religion but retiring charles roberson invited rodriguez because he appreciated his passion for the flag, god and country regret the actions of the air force stating i want to determine to reflect the american values i spent my career defending, respect for god, family and country. the first amendment of the constitution provides free speech and freedom of religion, attorneys for rodriguez claim the air force violated those rights. >> villanova wildcats national
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champions once again. >> steps up, a national championship. >> a good team, villanova beating michigan, 79-62. wildcats earning their second title in three seasons. >> fan celebrating in philadelphia starting a bonfire in the middle of the street, somewhat of a tradition. climbing light poles is something they've been known to do in philadelphia. >> space glotx launching its fn 9 rocket blue
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>> left off, the falcon 9 rocket and dragon spacecraft. rob: taking off from cape canaveral florida carrying the dragon capsule into orbit headed to the international space station to drop off supplies and science experiments. jillian: it will return in may carrying precious cargo back to earth included a robot that has been in space since 2011. >> we need some good news in the whether department. it has been lacking. >> i would need to there were down for good news because there are still folks dealing with winter like weather. the northern plains temperatures in the teens, in some cases feel like single digits. moisture in that area, talking about snow happening once again. these snowstorms lingering today into the overnight hours. we look at future forecast and put this into motion.
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is this moisture moves through wisconsin, michigan, that is happening overnight tonight, this becomes a really heavy snowstorm, we are talking about areas with winter storm watches and warnings stretching all the way from montana into portions of michigan and the same system on the southern edge will produce severe weather. this is one we will be watching through the rest of today. so far not very springlike. jillian: thank you, forgive you. rob: baby bumps, a pregnant woman has her disney dreams dashed, exported off of a disney cruise by an armed officer. >> cannot go on the ship so we are leaving and trying to find flights for tomorrow and guys with ar 15s when my dad was talking about not being able to
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get on. rob: what disney is doing to make this right. jillian: donald trump will fight back as china hits back on tariffs, brian brent berg says they don't call him the negotiator in chief for nothing. he is live with panic about a possible trade war. rob: the epic moment patriots star makes hard-core fan's dream come true.
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rob: the market closed from monday. it was a lot worse before it came back before the close. trade concerns, tech stock years sparking a selloff. we will talk about the concern of a trade war and all this
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talk about china and retaliatory tariffs on 100 products for steel and aluminum. here is the chair of the business and finance program in new york, brian, thanks for coming on this morning. frozen pork, we sell a lot of@and there's a tariff on that. this is a retaliatory tariffs from china. i can't figure out, it was never an even playing field to begin with, china always had advantage. we were trying to level the training field and they retaliate. >> more protectionist measures than we have. if we are going to raise tariffs you know they will respond. that is part of the negotiation. they didn't go after the biggest product. if they wanted to inflict harm they could have gone after soybeans, aircraft, aerospace,
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they didn't do that. they levied $3 billion which tells me they are not interested in a trade war. they are not interested in a trade war so they are holding back to create space for a deal. rob: they understand it is not fair and we are trying to level it off, you can't just walk all over us. >> we talked for years about china's bad trade practices in doing something about it. the president is doing something, going after china saying we want to change, put our money where our mouth is, we want to negotiate, the president is leaving room for a deal. it is clear he doesn't want to trade war. he wants china to come to the table and get some movement on things like intellectual property. rob: most people in politics care about getting reelected, you saw the market drop 700 points, this is a tough thing
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to do if you are a politician because you will get hit hard. is the president doing something that is needed to be done for a long time which is correct the disparities between us and other countries? >> especially on intellectual property because that is the backbone of our economy. china is an abuser of those properties. the president decided to go after that but in the short term there will be pain because so much of china's economies built on getting that intellectual property. he has been willing to deal with that because he was touting stock market gains, can't do that this year. he can get the negotiations on quickly and we can get back on the glide path tax cuts had a son. to be tough but get the negotiation done so businesses can do the things they want to do. rob: thank you for coming on.
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jillian: donald trump blasting democrats for obstructing his cabinet nominations tweet stitching 39% of my nominations including diplomats to foreign lands have not been confirmed due to democrat obstruction and delay. at this rate it will take 7 years before i'm allowed to have these great people start working, never happened before, disgraceful. former deputy chief of staff karl rove says democrats are doing it to gain an advantage. >> the senate is going to be taken up with 3 nominations. you think they will be able to approve a secretary of state, cia director quickly? democrats are going to make the administration - rob: there are 130 nominations awaiting confirmation. the golden state fight reaches new heights, the trumpet ministration suing california over a law that aims to give power to override the federal
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>> easter break getting longer in kentucky and oklahoma as teachers prepare to strike for a second day. ♪ we are not going to take it ♪ no we are not going to take it ♪ rob: and singing too, demanding higher wages and better classroom resources. the demonstrations on the heels of similar walkouts in west virginia and arizona. jillian: students at one
2:25 am
college and credit for attending a white privilege conference. the online course called intersections of privilege requires students to attend the annual conference in michigan this year. university of colorado professor not only teaching the course but a coordinator of the event. she is widely recognized as leading scholar of the far right. >> two major retailers as a major restaurant. jillian: here with what the latest companies suffering from a massive data breach, what company is this? >> reporter: panera bread, they have fixed the website security flaw that exposed personal data of thousands of customers who may have signed in or set up an account, they fixed that and it was less than 10,000 customers but a cyber security blog said
2:26 am
it could be around 7 million people, their personal data exposed, names, email addresses and phone numbers, the last 4 digits of their credit card numbers so this is pretty big. we will see if anything happens. panera says the data wasn't accessed by anyone but it was out there for anyone to see. another day another data breach. >> they put the soup into the bread bowl which i think is just as important a story. let's talk about wi-fi on school buses. >> google says they will offer free wi-fi on school buses for rural school district, 70 buses and 16 districts across the country in alabama, georgia, kansas, minnesota, new mexico, oregon, pennsylvania, so they will be giving these kids access to the chrome books to do homework on the school bus. a lot of them don't have access to high-speed internet at home.
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rob: 26 minutes after the hour. a hiker plunging to his death on a tourist trail. the new warning to this vacation hotspot. species we are going to win so much you might get tired of winning and you will say please, please, too much winning the. rob: donald trump putting money back in your pocket and americans are loving it, new numbers how he beat out former pres. obama. ♪ don't let me down ♪
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jillian: welcome back to "fox and friends first". we now know a us soldier killed in syria was on a kill or capture mission. the pentagon revealing jonathan dunbar was trying to take out a known ice member when he was killed in a roadside bomb attack last week was the decorated soldier is the first
2:31 am
us service and to die in action in syria this year. the attack killed a british soldier, injuring five others. safari your abs crown prince shifting his kingdom's position on israel. he says i believe the palestinians and israelis have the right to have their own land but we have to have a peace agreement to ensure stability for everyone. this shows dramatic improvement in applied between the two countries who cern is the biggest threat and the us as a key ally. rob: a man plunges to his death hiking a dangerous trail, he was reaching for his hat when he lost his footing and fell 400 feet below the popular trail in hawaii. this is the fourth death linked to the trail since 2011. it is a 41/2 mile rocky path, they worry people are risking their lives to get social media
2:32 am
were the snapshots. florida bridge collapse survivor telling his emotional story as he files a lawsuit against the company involved in its construction. they were in their car when florida international university's pedestrian bridge came crashing down on top of them. >> i heard it hit the roof of the car and buckle in and it pushed me down. i looked back at alexa and she wasn't saying anything. i had her blood on me and i didn't know what to do, she wasn't moving the. >> reporter: he plans on suing fiu and the state of florida. >> the team who was too which to know right from wrong walking free, he will serve the last few years of his sentence under community supervision, couch was sentenced to rehab,
2:33 am
killed four people after driving drunk at 16 years old in 2013. he was thrown in jail after violating and running away to mexico with mom. >> students at marjorie stoneman douglas high school returning to class. this time carrying mandatory clear backpacks. they were donated to the florida school's 3200 students free of charge to strengthen security, smuggling weapons on campus. the massacre killed 17 people. rob: amazon stocks plummeting as donald trump up his attacks on the retail giant. the president weing fools are were saying our money losing post office make money with amazon, this will be changed. .
2:34 am
since donald trump started sweeting about them. >> dream vacation thrown overboard, mom denied entry in the disney cruise line because she was too pregnant. >> reporter: the family was escorted off by an armed guard, todd pyro with all sides of the story. >> it wasn't the happiest place on earth for pregnant st. louis woman and her family. >> two security guards. >> crying, guys with ar 15s when my dad was talking to the desk about not being able to get on and all he said is can we hurry up? >> reporter: emily jackson, 25 weeks pregnant, went to miami
2:35 am
for the cruise on the disney magic but upon arriving jackson claims she was not allowed on the ship because she missed the pregnancy cut off of 24 weeks, she was more upset by the treatment of her family claiming an armed officer escorted her entire party which included multiple children, and removed from that ship. >> i'm mad because of how they treated me and my children, in the water and heat. they felt they needed ar 15s to escort us out when they knew we had no weapons because we had been through security. >> reporter: disney told foxnews, quote, we understand the guest disappointment, not being able to board the ship for health and safety reasons our policy allows women who reach the 24 weeks of pregnancy to travel consistent with other cruise lines and is noted on our website and travel documents received before
2:36 am
sailing. miami-dade police department responsible for security at the port and handling the situation they felt appropriate given the guest's actions. disney refunded the cost of the cruise. not a lot of magic in this one. jillian: 35 minutes after the hour, patriotism under attack was an american hero who fought for our freedom overseas in a brand-new fight at home. the battle over his right to fly an american flag. >> have you looked at the news? now things are worse. >> not on the real news. rob: rosanne's ratings keep climbing, then record the reboot broke. jillian: she thought it was funny to hold up the severed head of donald trump and now she is attacking the first family, carly shimkus with the backlash to carly griffin's latest, when "fox and friends" news continues. ♪
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holding a severed head of donald from calling it art. >> correlation kiss here with reaction online. >> almost a year since kathy griffin's infamous trump photo shoot almost ended her career and she's trying to make a come back by going on tour which she is notably calling her lap your head off to a. with a name like that you know she's not done talking about the president and the first family, she told the new york daily news i sent a tweet the other day, i didn't know what my future was with disbelief coming after me and the family with a grown son, eric and don junior are all psychos. them on social media sounding off, you are the one holding the head, are the psychos, cramer says kathy griffin blaming trump for letting her career whatever career she had she ruined on her own, she
2:42 am
tries to become relevant and failing miserably. the career is not over for tour dates in new york and san francisco. >> she is going to be fine, still makes money off of this. everybody needs to be nice to each other. let's talk about the white house easter bunny softening things up. >> reporter: the man in the white bunny suit revealed in an appearance, u.s. navy commander, when we talk about the white house easter bunny we always think of sean spicer because he wore the suit in 2008 and has fond memories of that. he responded to somebody on twitter who said i don't care what you say, sean spicer was the best easter bunny with the largest crowd. spicer said thanks, appreciate
2:43 am
it is for the kids who are watching the easter bunny is real, this is just a helper. >> at 27-year-old massachusetts residents awaiting a second heart transplant, she has one wish, to meet ron grahncowski. >> if he has a meet and greet with me anytime he wants because i have nothing to talk about. hopefully i can make my dream come true. >> i love the confidence she has. he made her dream come true. check out this picture of him, lauren and his brother together, she posted the pictures to facebook saying he made my wish come true, brought a bunch of patriots teddy bears, side footballs, clearly they had a lot of fun. he didn't post anything because he wants to keep these things under the radar but he didn't want any credit for it.
2:44 am
>> the positive power of popcorn is incredible. rob: thank you so much. having easier access to marijuana. the nationwide opioid prices, a new study by the american medical association researchers found a 14% reduction in opioid prescriptions that allow medical marijuana. they suggest while marijuana medical marijuana with the reduction, recreational laws have a greater effect. jillian: taking a break from social media could be the key to living a stress free life. >> you were texting at the time. >> how dare you? the transcript of your twitter page following the crash. >> 918, going to pass this lady, that is what i hit, sorry. jillian: new research from the university says those who stopped using facebook for five
2:45 am
days reduced stress hormone levels, people admitted to feeling more and satisfied with their life and were looking forward to resuming their facebook activity. rob: 44 minutes after the era, outrage over elementary school students while performing the international -- the national anthem. politics, 5-year-olds should be engaged in, next guest is an army officer who says it is a dangerous thing for the future of our nation. jillian: let's check with steve for what is coming up on "fox and friends". do you have a voice today? >> i have a better voice even though i was screaming last night. he finally got his win. i'm sure he will be good today. flatter me a pruden and the president will get together. we will talk to daniel hoffman, station chief, and judge andrew napolitano, sen. rand paul and
2:46 am
in huntington beach california they were voting on whether to fight against the state sanctuary laws. what happened and we will find out. we got a busy 3 hours kicking off 15 minutes from right now on the channel you trust for your morning news. back in two or three minutes. rob: be right back. i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended... ...prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed.
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>> donald trump's approval rating climbing higher than his predecessor, approval rating had 50% putting them four points higher than barack
2:50 am
obama's approval rating. the poll shows 33% of americans approve of the president's leadership. all eyes on the third episode of rosanne tonight as the show's ratings keep on climbing. >> have you looked at the news? now things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> oh please! rob: the back-to-back premier totaling 25 million viewers up from 19 million viewers with more people watching the episode on dvrs and streaming, the biggest delay viewing pusan record. everyone's recording things these days, the show has been picked up for another season as well. jillian: elementary school students kneeling for the national anthem at a seattle mariners baseball game. ♪ ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ jillian: the type of politics
2:51 am
we want to teach our kids as young as 5 years old. u.s. army officer and opinion writer jeremy hunt. photos sent over the internet, and kids kneeling during the and some, at one point whether you believe in what they are doing, and what point is they too young to know the meaning of their actions? >> exactly. children are being taught a political agenda before they can learn basic american history. incredible how teachers, something that used to bind us together as americans now tears us apart. so incredible seeing how this story shows a cultural divide, in some parts of the country, where they came from.
2:52 am
others - it is important to be where we are come from, pass that on to the next generation and teach the importance of patriotism to the next generation, something is enough as you go forward. jillian: a statement from a spokeswoman for seattle's public schools that says obviously the school district respects the first amendment rights of our students, an individual act by students. kids being taught enough about patriotism. >> we earn it. they are looking back in the past and talking the sins of our country, and it is so
2:53 am
important, frederick douglass said they repair broken pooh-pooh. they do know the truth about the country but share it. a share of mistakes in this country, but we have to believe in the heart of our country is just. that is something that must be passed to the next generation as we move forward. jillian: what is your thought that it was two years ago that hajj started doing this, most of the time removed himself from the situation and you see things like this popping up all over the country. >> seems to be a trend in the nfl and now children mimicking a lot of this now. we don't know how long it sticks around, very poor form. and there is a different way to
2:54 am
do that, the national anthem of our country. jillian: what would you say to kids? >> we live in the greatest country on earth. we -- the dna of our country is goodness so important we remember that and safeguard our democracy, it must be passed down, not something we can fabricate or make up ourselves and understand at an early age. jillian: thank you for joining us. >> one life down, 8 to go. casper came back from the dead. thank the firefighters, a cat
2:55 am
named cupcake. >> made the sound with a taser. >> forget coffee. the mother who gave her son a morning jolt by using a taser. ♪ . .
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here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. jillian: welcome back. it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. should we start with the good as always? rob: we should flip it one of these days. jillian: a cat saving lives for another day. cupcake in need of extra care after being pulled from a burning home in florida.
2:59 am
firefighters gave it oxygen and water. cupcake's owners making it out of the home okay. rob: cute little kitten there. a dad fighting homeowner's association to keep his american flag outside the home. >> i feel it's an attack on everybody's patriotism. love of their country. rob: before the flag was put up. wayne merchant's wife got permission from the homeowner's association. the person who owned it no longer there. he has no intention of taking it down. >> 16-year-old son says she used a taser to wake him up for church on easter morning. the mom tells a different story. >> i had the taser in my hand and i made the noise with the taser. he's like i'm calling the police. did you touch him at all with the taser? >> no, i didn't touch him at all. >> police say the teen had two small bumps from the taser. his mother was released
3:00 am
after appearing in court on child abuse charges that's one of those we are going to tell you the story but tell you don't try this at home. rob: cold water might work easier. "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> the president comes out of the easter weekend swinging. >> the democrats have really let them down. it's a shame. and now people are taking advantage of daca that. >> president trump rips mexico for allowing an immigrant caravan to approach the southern border. >> mexico is doing very little if nothing stopping people. >> president trump, his approval ratings are climbing. >> a lot of the americans give him a lot of credit what they saw with tax reform. >> california governor jerry brown granted a series of pardons for five exconducts facing deportation. >> recently gotten out of jail. they are a threat to the community. >> a list of counties and cities that may opt out of california sanctuary laws is about to get longer. >> russia showing


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