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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 4, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> police received 911 calls warning of an active shooter. >> donald from revealed he wants the us military guarding the southern border. >> we will be doing things military until we can have a wall and proper security. >> war can happen, putting freedom at risk, our values.
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♪ heather: a little rainy in new york city this morning but i suppose it is a beautiful morning the matter where you are if you wake up and join "fox and friends first". some severe weather to tell you about in some areas of the country. thank you for joining us. donald trump vowing to deploy the military to secure the border until the wall is billed as mexico claims it will disband the caravan of illegal ignorance marching towards the us but it turns out it may be helping them
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instead. >> reporter: organizers say there are 1000 migrants that make their way to the united states despite mexican immigration authorities intercepting the group and that is because those authorities granted the migrants temporary legal permits giving them 20 days to leave the country and organizers say most migrants plan to use those 20 days to continue traveling north to the us. the caravan of migrants has drawn the ire of donald trump who has criticized mexico for allowing the group to travel to the us, but they will not be dissuaded from their journey by the president. >> migrants should not be abandoned by tweeds and political hatred. is characteristic of donald from to govern via tweet. >> guarding the southern border, after failing to secure funding for border wall donald trump announced he plans to send the national guard south to help.
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>> and so we can have a wall and proper security we will be guarding our border with the military. that is a big step. we haven't done that before. otherwise i won't do the nafta deal. >> president bush and obama authorize the national guard to secure the border, mexico as former president is taking particular exception to donald trump tweeting to militarize the same in order to provoke more distance even furthers our nation. syllabus has to accented to him. he elevated his hate toward mexico causing a greater conflict. the pentagon is working on plans to present to the president the one area we are told the military should contribute immediately is there force's barry goldwater range which is a 35 mile border with mexico and southern arizona.
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>> thank you. fox news alert. four marines presumed dead in another tragic us marine corps helicopter crash. the ch 53 super stallion chopper went down in southern california during a routine training mission and the names of those killed have not been released. it is unclear what went wrong. this is the deadliest crash for the marine corps since a cargo plane went down in mississippi last july killing all 16 on board. a massive search is planned during low tide today to hopefully find three children missing since their family's car plunged off a cliff in california. police not ruling out the possibility the children may not have been in the car. their mother and three other children, siblings, were killed. rescuers searching the root the family took from their home in washington state for any sign of the missing children. officials hope this photo of the mother, jennifer hart, in a store in california a day before the accident could provide more
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clues. now to another fox news alert, police identifying the youtube shooter as an activist with a vendetta against the company, three people were shot before she turned the gun on herself. >> a female in a white shirt in the center. >> is the suspect. >> that is what we were told, about 20 feet. >> police trying to piece together more of the motive, her family tried to sound the alarm. jonathan hunt is live in san bruno, california with breaking developments. >> reporter: there were according to the father of the suspected shooter clear red flags. that shooter identified by police as animal-rights activists who posted scores of
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videos on youto decrying what she considered the cruel treatment of animals and told her family she was furious that youtube changed their advertising policies meaning she was no longer paid for her videos. she described it as censorship. her father says she left her home in southern california and at 2:00 am was discovered by police sleeping in her car about 30 minutes south of youtube absent quarters which her family claimed when the police said th
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was a reason to do that. so she has gone. and started something. >> reporter: 10 hours after she was found asleep in the car by police she turned up at y youtube's headquarters choosing her victims randomly as workers scattered in terror and at last report a 36-year-old man remains critically ill, in serious and fair condition. >> a lot of developments. thank you, jonathan. donald trump speaking with benjamin netanyahu as tensions continue to boil in the middle east, the president reiterating the united states, israel security, and continue close coordination to destabilize a
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ran. violent protests around the gaza israel border, 17 people are dead. outrage over the trump administration citizenship question to the 20/20 census growing by the day. 7 cities filing a federal lawsuit claiming questions would be unconstitutional that deiters immigrant communities from participating, the justice department says the question needs to be included to enforce the voting rights act. robert mueller does not consider the president of criminal target in his russia probe. the washington post reporting looking at donald trump's actions and possible objection of justice, instead of a possible criminal, he is a possible subject. that is part of the conduct under investigation. and dutch lawyer, to be
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sentenced in the russia probe, 30 days in prison, $30,000 relying to the fbi. china announcing new tariffs worth $50 billion against the us after the trump administration imposes new targets, and electronics, medical equipment, worth $50 billion. to punish china for other trade practices and theft. the china tariffs target soybeans and aircraft. violent storms leaving a path of destruction across the midwest, these funnel clouds barreling across ohio pounding hale and strong winds slamming the dayton area destroying this barn knocking down trees and flash flooding tearing the road apart. taking aim at the east coast with more snow expected later
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this week. at nasa they are planning to build a quiet supersonic plane that could pave the way for commercial travel. the agency awarding a quarter billion dollar contract to lockheed martin to experiment with this, the global -- the x-play will fly 940 mph, reduce the loud sonic boom to a gentle thump like the sound of a car door closing. and 10 minutes, securing the southern border, this is the plan floated by donald trump. is the best solution? first, street signs, and the taxpayers dime.
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>> did not work. it is against the law because your generation made everything so pc. >> roseann after reboot does it again taking aim at politically correct parenting rules and the viewers are loving it.
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heather: busy newsday, donald trump floating a new idea to secure the southern border standing in the national guard. troops have been used several times to assist the border control, is this the solution from donald trump? kristen tate, straight -- great to have you here. good idea? >> good idea. we have a crisis at our southern border, no doubt about it and using the troops is a good first step but they will be really
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limited as to what they can do it the border. they cannot apprehend illegal immigrants, they can just help surveying. trump needs to take bolder steps to stop this crisis, that will mean defunding sanctuary cities, building the wall and renegotiating nafta perhaps, putting economic pressure on mexico to stop this flow of immigrants that are border which is bringing in crimes and gang problems, it is a good first step. heather: what do you think? >> i was just in texas and draw your attention to my brand-new cowboy hat. there is no process on the southern border, a 13 year low
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along the southern border. what donald trump wants to do is what we are doing right now, draw up a stereo on the southern border, he has a problem motivating his base in a midterm election, people are worried about it. immigration inflow is at all-time low, has to do with donald trump, people are scared to come because of his rhetoric. this is a made up thing that we should not be using our military and wasting their time. >> every year our government accepts 1.1 million illegal immigrants into this country. a lot of people see that as a problem, large number of illegal immigrants every year. the problem with these catch and release policies, the spending bill signed a few weeks ago actually expanded catch and release. another issue that needs attention here. heather: that is one of the issues i want to talk about, these illegal immigrants place 1 foot on the border they have no other alternative than to arrest
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them, waiting for their court date, to be declared and official, seek asylum if they say they are afraid to do that. >> i want america to be as safe as possible, people come on an airplane or stay past their visa and have nothing to do with the southern border. people overstay their visa should deal with that and immigration system so broken you want "as on that coming here. refugee status - heather: it hurts those people with statistics that come out from the dea, 90% of our heroine comes across the southern border. >> make sure the small amount whether it is a small amount or a big about, and you have to
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separate those issues. heather: nobody wants an unsecured border. the question is why is this happening? how do we secure the border? how do we get there? by not turning anybody away, by just rounding up hordes of people at the border and sending them into the heartland do you really think that is going to encourage fewer people every year to come? of course not. >> even though it is at a low it still costs taxpayers $115 billion a year in benefits and services. >> it says wrangler. heather: very fitting. thanks for joining us. the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour, hillary clinton on her soapbox taking aim at donald trump.
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>> from now - we have not seen this. heather: the failed presidential candidate just can't let go. 50 years later the message of martin luther king jr. joins us live next to talk about his private influence still present in our country today. whoooo.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. heather: the confederate cleansing continues, a florida city removing and replacing street signs named after confederate generals.
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nathan bedford fourth, robert e lee and jonathan bell hood, freedom, hope and liberty will take their places. the issue is a hotly contested one with protesters accusing the 3 of trying to erase history. more outrage against facebook over deleted video, the social media site apologizing after was caught keeping copies of private videos users recorded but never posted. they say a bug in the system created copies and claim all the videos have since been removed. facebook is already dealing with a private data collection scandal involving 50 million users. 50 years after his assassination the message of martin luther king jr. lives on. >> i have looked over and i have seen the promised land. i may not get you with it.
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heather: the niece of martin luther king jr. joins us, a pleasure to have you this morning, thank you. wanted to talk about some of the lessons learned from your uncle. i will go through these and you can explain. one blood, one human race, nonviolence and god. >> as we consider, martin luther king jr. talked about we must learn from this together as brothers and i will add as sisters or parents together. one of the scriptures, my granddaddy, 1726, to live together on the face of the earth and so if we are going to be one human race, one blood, we
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can live together as brothers and sisters and stop all of the violence. heather: a lesson we could lose today, nonviolence as well. >> yes and love. nonviolence, our hearts go out to those who were shot in the youtube incident. we are praying for everyone and there will be a lot of talk about gun control. martin luther king jr. was assassinated with a gunshot and so we know guns hurt people and so does poison control, choking control, whatever. if a heart once to kill someone, that heart will find a weapon. and so we are calling for nonviolence. that is the theme of the observance of the assassination of martin luther king jr..
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we want to be nonviolent and love each other with god's love. heather: it does take a change of heart for sure. finally and most importantly. >> donald trump says we don't worship government, we worship god and i want people to remember martin luther king jr. was a man of god. and imperfect man who served a perfect god and i believe if he was here today he would call us together remembering god, remembering love and bringing america together and around the world with god's love. heather: if he were here today he would certainly be proud of you. thank you so much for taking the time to join us, very important messages today for all of us. the time is almost half past the top of the error, he wants our troops out of syria but the
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mission to take out isis isn't over yet. live report on the next steps in the war on terror. >> you could pick a reporter, a baltic reporter ideally. real news, not fake news. heather: donald trump getting the last laugh on fake news.
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heather: donald trump will decide very quickly whether to pool american troops out of syria. top military advisors and kurd officials warn the mission to defeat isis is not over yet. todd pyro joins us with a possible next step. >> reporter: the president pulling no punches what you think of us involvement in the war-torn nation. >> i want to get out, bring our
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troops home, start rebuilding our nation. we will have as of 3 months ago $7 trillion in the middle east over the last 17 years. we have nothing, nothing except death and destruction, a horrible thing. >> reporter: donald trump proclaiming the primary mission in syria was to defeat isis and we have almost completed that task but the decision to withdraw would conflict with top advisers which according to official donald trump absent fire national security team including cia chief mike pompeo, the next victoria state calmly advised against hasty withdrawal from syria and senior searing kurdish official, heavy withdrawal would clear the way for total chaos in syria endangering areas newly liberated from isis and empowering turkey to move in. a premature us withdrawal would see the country to iran and russia but the president remains
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steadfast he is not giving in to vladimir. >> nobody has been tougher on russia. it would be a good thing, not a bad thing. everybody agrees to that except very stupid people. >> the president has saudi arabia to contribute $4 billion for reconstruction in syria, the us isn't always on the hook. we are still waiting to hear back from the saudis. heather: delaying the summit coming up this spring as relates to tensions going on. >> always accommodated region but you hear about getting saudi arabia to pay for things. one of the reasons he won, stop spending our money elsewhere. of the 20 thank you very much. winning in syria may not be enough, gen. jack keane morning
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donald trump should take note of the disaster created from donald trump - pres. obama's abrupt withdrawal from your rack. >> winning the conflict, that is what obama walked away from. bush won the war in iraq, obama lost peace, same in libya, we opposed qaddafi, wanted some help to deal with radicals. we lost our embassy and it is a failed state. you got to be willing to look at peace after the conflict. heather: fox news alert police identifying the youtube she resin armed and all rights activist with a vendetta against the company. nasim aghdam shooting three people at random before turning the gun on herself. she posted videos decrying cruel treatment of animals and told her family she was furious
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youtube was no longer describing -- paying for videos describing a censorship. she might be on her way to youtube to do some harm. a man remains and can critical condition and two women listed a serious and fair. another fox news alert, four crewmembers that in another tragic us marine corps helicopter crash. the ch 53 super stallion shopper went down in southern california during a routine training mission. the names of the victims of not been released. the cause of the crash is under investigation. this is the deadliest crash since the cargo plane went down in mississippi last july killing all 16 on board. rod rosenstein choosing a veteran prosecutor as his right hand at the justice department. callahan will assist him in overseeing the major probes
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underway including oversight of special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. donald trump wrapping up his attacks on the media, telling the latvian counterpart to steer clear of american journalists. >> you could pick a reporter. a baltic reporter ideally. real news, not fake news. >> audience laughing at the comments, only called on one american reporter at the conference. rosanne ratings going through the roof as episode 2 tackles the differences of parenting then and now. >> people parent differently than they did in your they. a lot what you did did not work and some was against the law. >> it is against the law because your generation made everything so pc.
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>> carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction online. >> far fewer political jokes and last late episode of roseann but tackled something a lot of viewers can relate to, parenting. how do parents in today's politically correct environment, what everyone wants to know. and the secret to roseann's massive ratings is it celebrates people with huge political differences who are able to laugh and love together as they passionately disagree. maryland tweets loved tonight's episode. we have run out of tv, i can watch without throwing issue at the screen. not a lot of shoes being thrown in the season premiere of roseann. it received 25 million viewers.
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heather: more will tune in. john case it possible 2021. >> he is considering challenging donald trump in the 2020 primary. listen to what he said to fox news in his trip to new hampshire yesterday. >> great to come back, you get anybody writing i don't know what i am doing. i don't know. heather: greg on twitter says out of touch with the american people, during the primary campaign, and bill says famous chances in 2016, one state and not even right now. >> he knows what he is doing. have you seen this man? that is what police in england one to to know.
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take a look at the digital sketch of a suspected burglar, police say they are not jumping around with that. we can confirm this is real and anticipated the attention. i am almost 100% sure i have seen him on the muppets. >> they will find him. thank you so much. beware before you binge drink. the beer that could be mixed with glass. could marijuana curb the opioid epidemic? according to new medical studies answer is yes but is legal weed the solution? dr. mark siegel joins us prescribing part only masks the problem. >> fox news tries for impeachment. somebody needs to tell them. >> it has been 512 days since
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hillary clinton lost the election but she can't let it go. the online outrage to her latest post election rant.
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>> we could march until now. you don't elect people who agree with you, nothing will change. >> larry clinton is at it again. the presidential nominee taking direct aim at our commander-in-chief and even fox news, hoping democrats - jackie about his with the latest on her latest post election rant was are we surprised? 512 days since hillary clinton was defeated by donald trump yet she is speaking her mind about
1:43 am
how she believes america got it all wrong and in manhattan clinton not holding anything back about donald trump's time in office. >> it is very unfortunate to contemplate but more can happen. we are in a really bad spot. i don't understand exactly how -- what it means for the future. >> she takes it a step further by criticizing fox news and voters who wanted her locked up during the campaign. >> fox news is trying to impeach me. somebody needs to tell them. heather: she had to play the women's card calling out bladder me your pruden for his treatment of her when she was secretary of state.
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>> i had other issues for four years, a world-class misogynists. heather: this rant can be added to her list of 16 other occasions in the last year where she took digs at donald trump and we asked on our social media pages what your reaction to hillary's latest comments are. nick says keep talking, the president's approval rating at 50% and growing, she is hoping that cause. go back in the woods and scott says she cannot see the future plans of our presidents, i can in the united states of america and donald trump, hillary had been elected, the best and brightest working with other countries instead of usa. keep giving us your comments on that. people have a lot to say. heather: great to have you back.
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foxbusiness alert. before you binge drink that could be glass in your beer. here with the recall hitting liquor stores nationwide. >> voluntarily recalling 11.2 ounce bottles of beer because glass could break off and fall into your beer but the bottles were packaged at a third-party manufacturing plant, a voluntary recall, 18, 24 packs. the best of belgium, and the company has set up a website to get more information. those production codes to see if any bottles at home have been affected. of the 20 from beer to taco bell they go to better. >> adding more items taco bell has added four new items to its
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dollar menu. triple melt burrito, crispy chicken taco at select locations as well. they are halfway to 20 items they said they would be adding to the dollar menu. they have 10 now. this as mcdonald's has revamped their menus so we will see these heating up. heather: the tao, people to see what will do after china announcing $50 billion worth of tariffs at the top of the show. it has been a roller coaster. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the. 115 million americans die every day from an opioid overdose, legalizing weed helps stop the epidemic. dr. mark siegel breaking down pros and cons. fixing one problem can just ignite another. the weather across the country today.
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heather: could have easier access to marijuana report the opioid crisis. researchers found 15%, and allowed medical marijuana. is legal weed the solution? here to talk about it is dr. mark siegel. we love having you with us. what do you think of this study? >> two studies published in the journal of the american medical association, 100 georgia, one
1:51 am
out of kentucky and if we prescribe marijuana for pain in the nerves, pain from other diseases, the chances that i would reach for the pen and describe opioids is less, the chances of prescribing opioids is less. heather: where it is legal. >> 20 million states and the district of columbia. we 20 pool this up i think. >> not the same as mainstream media drawing a message from this, let's legalize it and recreational use. the problem with recreational use is 3 times more likely to end up on heroin according to the centers for disease control. we 20 it can be a gateway drug. let's pull affected by the numbers because it is a fact what dr. mark siegel is talking about. 64,000 americans killed by drug overdoses in 2016, 21.5% spike
1:52 am
in overdose deaths in 2016, but according to the cdc, 3.7 fewer daily doses of opioids with pot dispensaries where it is legal. >> i also want doctors, what am i prescribing it for? what isn't chronic pain, what is the problem. why do you have back pain? is it muscle spasm? a muscle relaxant, physical therapy, heat, acupuncture, a lot of things we could use before you turn to marijuana for chronic pain, marijuana has a role. i believe in that. heather: recreational uses the issue. >> marijuana has long-term side effects. we talked about pregnant women using it which is horrendous for fetuses. figure out why you're using it as a doctor, recreational use is a gateway drug for heroin.
1:53 am
and specific types of opioids decrease, if i prescribe marijuana for pain i'm less likely to provide vicodin or sentinel. fentanyl is a big-ticket item. and very powerful, leading to the overdoses. that is a bad one out there. the 20 can't just look at the headline of the city, you have to take a look at what is in it. >> doctors can prescribe it for pain instead of opioids, recreational use leads to heroin use. heather: nicely said. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour and the dominoes keep falling in california and other cities fighting back against the sanctuary law, how the fence could get more allies. >> fettuccine alfredo. heather: pasta just got a party.
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>> another california city could turn on its own state fighting
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at sanctuary law. to file a legal brief supporting the trump administration lawsuit against california. san diego county's board of supervisors will talk about the same movement later this month, when county in 3 cities have taken action against california sanctuary policies which limits police cooperation with ice. donald from escalating his war against amazon again claiming the company is ripping off the postal service. >> the post office is losing billions of dollars and taxpayers paid for that money because it delivers packages below costs, not fair to the united states, not fair to taxpayers and amazon as the money to pay the fair rate. >> the president had dinner with an executive at oracle and one of the top competitors, they are both up for a multibillion dollar contract with the pentagon. peter teal also at that dinner.
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nightmare, rare antibiotic resistant gene is spreading across the us, the cdc detected the untreatable bacteria in 27 states so far. most founding people in hospitals and nursing homes with ivs and the tubes, they killed 23,000 americans a year. let's smeal a good note was pasta got pardoned critics who claim it makes you gain weight. >> fettuccine alfredo. heather: new study revealed eating pasta will not make you fat. a little more than 3 servings every week, actually lost weight but say more studies need to be
2:00 am
done. eat some pasta for breakfast. "fox and friends first" continues. i will see you for america's newsroom. >> she had a problem with youtube. there is a reason she was unable to do that. rob: it is wednesday, april 4th. warning signs missed. the woman who opened fire at youtube absent court is just identified that her motives, her own father may have tiptop police before. >> and so we can have a wall and proper security we will be guarding our border with the military. a big step. jillian: no wall, no problem. donald trump have new


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