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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 5, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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facebook it wasn't keen on being breath tested on the -- why would they want to breath test a shark? >> arthel: i don't know. we are out of time. we are back tomorrow. home you can join us. >> sandra: president trump heading to west virginia this hour to tout the benefits of the g.o.p. tax law ahead of the midterm elections. this comes ever one day after the commander-in-chief signed a proclamation ordering the deployment of the national guard to the nation's southern border immediately. he says the situation at the border has reached a point of crisis. this is outnumbered. i'm soon dr. smith. here today harris faulkner. town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich. former deputy spokesperson for the state department fox news analyst maria hamp and joining us today the great governor of arkansas mike huckabee. you are outnumbered. >> outnumbered, outclassed
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and outfoxed. >> harris: that's cute. i like that. >> i am jealous. >> harris: cowboy boots. >> katie: of course i caught that. >> sandra: good to have you here. >> thank you, great to be back. >> sandra: president trump gearing one governors to deploy troops to the border mexico. in an attempt to crack down on illegal immigration until his long-promised border wall is constructed. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen weighing in just this morning. >> we have a variety of recommendations that we have made. we have started the negotiations. i have spoken with all the governors. i will speak with them again today. but this is not -- out idea here is for this to be effective and productive and supportive of our mission. so, we are interested in what the governors think the answer is. those on the ground, certainly not agents and officials. and, of course, the guard bureau. we are working on that negotiation as we speak. >> sandra: former secretary of homeland security under president obama jeh johnson
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says he foresees failure for the move. >> this idea of putting the military on the border is problematic for several reasons. if you deploy the guard to the border, they can do no more than support. and though illegal migration is a fraction of what it used to be, the demographic is totally changed. putting more national guard on the southern border, i feel like i have seen this movie before. >> sandra: do you have a problem with it, governor huckabee? >> mike: the movie he saw before was during his administration of his former boss president obama and also president bush. i don't know what's amazing by this move by president trump. it's been done before. it was done primarily to allow for the training of additional border patrol agents. the guard cannot legally arrest and do police duty. so they have got to be restricted to monitoring and surveillance and things that they can do. but that free's up the border patrol to do the job
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that only they can do. >> sandra: it is our understanding that this is quite a process. you know, this isn't something that happens overnight, this could potentially take two months to send our national guard down to the border. >> harris: different to send national guard in to houston for a hurricane. it's orchestrated because it becomes part of the apparatus down there as that we know as the wall system. i had on one of the busiest crossings is south of tucson. and i had on the lead agent with that group yesterday. and he said this is needed, sandra, but not in the sense that democrats are talking about it. it's not going to roll out like that. it's going to be an extra set of eyes. we already know what the jobs are going to be because it has been done before. it's not like they are going down there to, you know, be the military at the border. they are going down there as part of the apparatus to shore our guys up. we need it particularly at that crossing. >> katie: looks like most of those border states are on board with this with the exception of governor jerry
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brown. >> mike: i'm shocked. >> sandra: told by the white house a short time ago that they are making progress in talking with him. so he is undecided at the moment. >> katie: putting the national guard on the border is different than the sanctuary city status, right? so maybe jerry brown will be willing to negotiate a little bit on the border security aspect of this rather that be, you know, ice coming in to different cities. but, i do want to take on this issue of the left and democrats criticizing the president and saying that he is militarizing the border. he is not. the national guard is not going to be sitting on the south border with mexico, with snipers. they are not going to be arresting anybody. and the truth is that border patrol needs a lot of help. they are losing more agents now than they can replace. and if you talk to the guys on the ground as have you, harris, on your show. they say that they need this. and the administration is working with local governors, local border sector chiefs. and they are listening to the guys on the ground who are asking for these resources so that they cannot only address the criminal element of this but also the family units that are coming across.
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just one more point. jay johnson is right about one thing. it used to be as dhs secretary nielsen said yesterday, single young men coming across the border. now it is family units. congress does have an obligation to take that on. it's a total react. they come here. they get to stay and then liberals complain when ice goes out to try to find them. they get to stay no matter what. >> maria, what do you think? we will see where jerry brown goes. as far as states speaking out on the availability of national guard. utah's governor said we haven't been asked directly yet. but she said obviously thought a fan of the president. she said we will not accommodate this request with our national guard. >> maria: right, i think you are going to see governors ask a couple questions. first, receipts source strain on them. the national guard has been used for a lot of natural disasters in the past year. there has been some strain on them. and how much it will cost. which is a taxpayers i think something we all care about. but, to katie's point, i agree, we are also going to be asking how this fits into a larger strategy. this is not a fix for immigration problems.
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legal and illegal challenges. congress really has not stepped up, either party, to try to fix some of this. >> sandra: address what governor huckabee just said though. why is this time so much different? why the outrage over the president, president trump wanting to do this when we saw previous administrations both democrat and republican do the same? >> maria: i think the more democrats learn about what he is doing is militarizing the border some of the outrage will go away. i also candidly think it's hard not to put this in the context of some of his rhetoric that has been different how george w. bush. >> sandra: i will let governor huckabee answer that. >> maria: maybe that's fair or not, that's democrats putting it in the context of calling mexican rapists saying bad hombres coming across the border. >> katie: well, there are. >> maria: hard to put it in that political context fair or unfair. >> mike: it's unfair. it's about the function that they do. militarization is nonsense. that's like saying when they help to a disaster they are militarizing a tornado. that's utter nonsense.
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they are thought going to be carrying guns. >> harris: actually actually really one-on-one match comparison that you just gave. because that's what this is like. this is them going -- it is in a hurricane. it isn't a tornado, obviously. it's our guard doing what it is supposed to do. that is to shore up operations operations keep us safe whether it be for the weather or anything else. that's what they do. >> mike: let me be quick to say, the guard is far more appropriately used in this than they and going in long deployments in iraq and afghanistan. and i will be the first to say i think the bush administration made a huge mistake rather than calling up full-time duty and getting more people in the military, they overused our guard and wore them out. >> that's a good point. >> harris: can i ask a question? i heard what you said, well, as soon as democrats figure out what's really going to go on. why have democrats jumped to the conclusion that the president wouldn't do what the previous presidents have done? he hasn't said anything. and the department of
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defense at the pentagon has said they want to look at this issue before they speak on it as well. i'm a little confused why you jump the shark, not you personally. >> maria: right, right. >> harris: people in your party jump the shark on this. is it just that it's political meat? >> maria: no, i mean. donald trump doesn't behave in the way any other president has behaved. >> harris: yeah. this is the national guard. >> maria: i think his supporters like that. i'm not saying that necessarily as a criticism. when he has talked about border issues. he has taken a more militaristic, a harder line and when he sort of talks off the cuff, sometimes he doesn't speak as clearly now that we know some more of the details. as he should. >> katie: i know there is outrage about the border being supposedly militarized. it's not being. but what would be wrong with that? it's an international border? sovereign country. >> harris: getting congress to act. >> katie: the point is would democrats allow that ever? the point is it's an international border. it's a place where national security is of concern and this idea that we could never militarize the border
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is ridiculous considering it's an international space that we have to protect. >> harris: katie, can you talk about that border crossing though? because you and i have been down there. it's very porous, guys. >> yeah. >> harris: there is place for a wall or wall apparatus or wall system there. particularly in nogales. it's hard to watch that happening with people who live close down there and want to feel protected and not have this -- the extra forces, if you will, for the border patrol. >> katie: the interesting thing about the timing of george w. bush extend sending the national guard in 2006 that came a couple months before democrats and republicans voted for the 2006 secure fence act. when you look at arizona and the border of the huma sector was the biggest problem during that period of time. they built a wall so to speak and the crossings went down bile 98%. it works and nogales as you said is very porous. other parts of the state where the reservation combings up right to the freeway that they are going to have to deal with. it's a territory is different in each of these places. including inside these
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states. and the national guard is going to be able to allow the border patrol to go to the front lines so that they can do their job while they are doing other things that maybe they shouldn't be. >> mike: one quick observation when everybody talks about how militarized it is, have you traveled overseas? go to any country in the world, what are you met with when you get off the airplane. >> katie: the military. >> mike: you are met with the military. >> harris: is he gull airport in paris. >> mike: no kidding. this is nonsense. >> sandra: over 50,000 were stopped at the mexican border last month. that was up 203% from the same month last year. >> katie: that's what happens when you start talking about amnesty in washington, d.c. people start coming over. >> sandra: there you go. >> katie: every time. >> sandra: the trump administration set to slap more sanctions on russia as robert mueller's team is using some very aggressive tactics. what this may mean for the russia probe. plus, house intel chair devin nunes threatening to
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enforce a subpoena if the fbi is not forthcoming about exactly what sparked the investigation into the trump campaign and russia. why the fbi seems to be pushing back and where all of this may lead. we shall debate. ♪ ♪
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>> harris: a fox news alert. the trump administration is preparing to slap new sanctions on russian oligarchs with close ties to vladimir putin over election meddling. those penalties could be announced at any moment, today or tomorrow, we don't know. we are ready this as cnn reports that robert mueller's team has taken the unusual step of questioning some of those oligarchs who traveled into the united states. stopping at least one and searching his electronic devices when his private jet landed at new york area airport. according to multiple sources. these tactics suggest the special counsel is trying to determine whether wealthy russians illegally funneled cash donations directly or indirectly into now president trump's campaign and inauguration. democrat congressman hakim jeffries who sits on the house judiciary committee how says what he makes of the latest turn in mueller's investigation. watch. >> from what we learn, the worst it gets for donald
9:16 am
trump and for all of the president's men. that's clear and bob mueller is running a thorough comprehensive investigation. he is going to get to the bottom of what happened on behalf of the american people. what we know is that you have got potential money laundering that may have occurred prior to the campaign with donald trump as a private citizen, so-called businessman. >> harris: so interesting that mr. jeffries has so much more information than anybody else. is any of it provable fact? evidence? what do we know? >> mike: i tell you we are missing a gold medalists in the olympics his high jumping is incredible. what a jump to go from oligarchs in russia that's tied to money laundering to donald trump before the man ran for president. i'm amazed these kind of connections people make. even the very week that mueller says that donald trump is not a criminal target. how do you put all that together except this is partisan clap trap. >> harris: you know, sandra,
9:17 am
when we look at this and look back at the day on the other side of the political aisle ken starr? is this dangerous territory? wide ranging. >> sandra: i think that is the conversation. a lot of people are having a hard time wrapping their minds around how much time and the resources and the money and the people. looking right at you, maria, this is not a leading question, but i do wonder how we begin to finally to rationalize this ongoing. >> maria: well, we rationalize it because it's important for the american people to know what happened in the 2016 election. there have been serious allegations, if any of those are true. and looking to the question of obstruction of justice. this is why the special counsel was set up. none of us know what will come from this. not all of us can speculate. robert mueller is doing the job that he was given to do. and he will take his time and i think what we will sees a it gets towards the end is donald trump sitting down with him in some way. we have talked about whether that will be written.
9:18 am
i think he won't legally be able to avoid doing it in person. but that will be a key. i would not say that nothing has been found. we found a lot of new information throughout this investigation about trump campaign associate contacts with russians. about them lying to it. >> katie: if there is no criminal investigation of donald trump by robert mueller, there is no reason why he would sit down with robert mueller to answer any questions. >> maria: he may get subpoenaed. >> katie: everything in this case so far has been about lying to the fbi so to speak. i think that we have speculated a lot about this entire process. >> harris: for a year. >> katie: there is a time that we do not know about the special counsel, what is he looking for, what he is looking for. who he is going after. we have gone from collusion which has never come to fruition to object destruction of justice. now we are going to russian oligarchs flying into new york city on their private planes and trying to find out whether they were funneling money?
9:19 am
>> maria: which is illegal. >> katie: legitimate but has nothing to do with the original intention of the investigation. the collusion. >> mike: i want to concede there has been real strong evidence of obstruction of justice by peter strzok, lisa page, by jim comey, by andrew mccabe and by a host of people who appeared to have lied. so if we want to talk about what happens when you lie to the fbi? i want to know what happens when the fbi lies to us? >> harris: so, governor, when you look at kind of the total picture of where we are in this investigation and you hear somebody, like a special counsel say i'm ready to issue my report but i need to talk to the president, and then he says it's not a criminal target, the president, or the white house, it's interesting because legal experts have said that's an indication that, a, he either doesn't have the power to prosecute or charge, doesn't have the evidence to do that, and he needs one last thing to check off his list. this might be the best thing for the president to do, to sit down, if they can come up with some agreement, ty
9:20 am
cobb and jay sekulow his counsel on this. maybe it's just the two hours and you sit down and you check that off the list and you move on. >> mike: it is a trap. and. >> harris: you think it is? >> mike: donald trump shoots from the hip. let's all recognize it. he is not a man that goes by the script. and if he says something in that interview that in any way differs from something he has said in public, whether under oath or not, then they can say he lied to the fbi when he was being interviewed, then he is in real trouble. that's why his lawyers don't want him to do it. >> harris: am i polyanish to think that the leader of the most powerful person free world can't handle a two hour interview? >> mike: i think he can handle it. the question is can anybody go through that fbi process? because when they want to get you, they will find a way to get to. >> maria: as long as he tells the truth though, it's not a trap. only if he walks into it. >> mike: the truth can be told exactly the truth. if it's the truth with a few different words, then it can be deemed as untruth. that's the trap. that is the trap.
9:21 am
>> sandra: meantime, fox news has obtained a letter house intelligence chairman devin nunes sent to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and fbi chief christopher wray. based on the letter, the fbi has taken the unusual step of refusing to provide the committee with an unredacted copy of the july 2016 memo. that kick started this whole russia probe. fox news has told the memo was likely drafted by or with input from controversial fbi agent peter strzok, whom the governor just mentioned. nunes writing in part, quote: committee investigators were given access to a still heavily redacted version of the fbi memo which, as i informed director wray was unsatisfactory. the document in question is not highly classified. and law enforcement sources have apparently not been shy about leaking to the press information that the department and bureau refuse to share with congress. if the memo is not provided by april 11th, nunes is threatening to enforce
9:22 am
subpoenas issued last august. earlier on "america's newsroom," oversight chair trey gowdy told me why this request is so very important. >> most of what i have read is already in the public domain. i really want to know what information did you view credible enough to launch a pretty serious counter intelligence investigation? when did you learn it? how did you vet it? how did you determine whether or not it was reliable or not? all of that is in a paragraph that i can't read. >> sandra: so why not just turn this document over, governor? >> mike: there is no reason. i think that the members of the fbi should be held in contempt of congress. this is a serious thing. and nobody can say there is stuff in there they shouldn't see. devin nunes has the highest classification of security because of his position. he can see anything anybody in the entire u.s. government can see for them to pretend it's got to somehow be redacted. it's utter nonsense. they are hiding something and time for us to find out what they're hiding.
9:23 am
>> sandra: april 11th is the deadline and then it's subpoena time. >> maria: i think the fbi probably will turn this over. again there is a lot of speculation what's in it. none of us have seen it there is indication there is counter intelligence information there are intercepts. there are intelligent sources and methods in there which i'm sure is part of what is driving the fbi and we all should know why this was started. and get rid of some of the speculation. because, really easy to speculate when none of us have seen it. >> katie: the fbi also made the claim that they had to protect national security information and court intelligence methods when they wanted to not allow the house intelligence committee to release the memo with president trump's permission. we all remember that. but, my question is, if devin nunes is serious about getting this memo unredacted, why is he not enforcing subpoenas that were already issued in august. >> harris: great question. >> katie: this idea that they are continuing to wait to enforce those doesn't make a lot of sense. i think judicial watch is probably paying attention and they will be issuing some court foye a lawsuits
9:24 am
soon. they will get it first. >> maria: big difference between. [talking at the same time. >> harris: i'm surprised, too, when you talk about being serious about it and you have the ability to legally go after the information, i'm surprised it hasn't leaked. everything else from that part of the hill, i mean, we know the house intelligence basically had a faucet running for a little while there. and some of it felt very political. so, yeah, i ask the question too, now back in nunes' hands, why not subpoena for this? do you have any thoughts on that, governor? >> mike: the only thing that seems to leak out are the things negative towards the president. if you think about it, how many things support the president leak out? >> maria: do they exist? wasn't actually trying to make a joke. >> mike: the joke son us to think that the government agencies are playing straight up and playing by the same rules they would impose upon us. >> maria: an agency saying no to a republican in congress is led by republican us. it's not even democrats that are saying though.
9:25 am
>> mike: they are protecting the institution. this is not about politics. >> maria: this is interesting. >> mike: with protecting the institution. >> katie: person protect it today is rod rosenstein. you could say he can't. >> maria: he is recused. >> katie: people at the higher up in the department of justice who could call for it to be released to congress unredacted. they are not doing it. >> sandra: want to know if anybody is going to be ever held accountable for any wrongdoing anywhere. back to your point peter strzok. >> mike: if i had a client charged with a federal crime i would have a large body of reasons to say don't charge him because you don't hold the people elected to hold public trust accountable. >> sandra: democrats can't seem to shake hillary clinton. she is speaking out on presidential election loss. >> harris: what happened? >> sandra: again. who she is blaming this time around. and whether this ultimately hurts her party. plus, facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg will testify before congress next week amid a massive data scandal that control pro-mizeecompromised millions or
9:26 am
profiles. whether the company is doing enough to right the ship next. >> we didn't take a broad enough view of what our responsibility is and that was a huge mistake. it was my mistake. ♪ ♪
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>> harris: the hot seat is about to be really hot. facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg speaking out among the cambridge analytica data mining scandal which compromised the personal information of millions of facebook users. he says he takes full responsibility for the incident but refuses to step down. watch. >> it's clear now that we didn't do enough. we didn't focus enough on preventing abuse and thinking through how people could use these tools to do harm as well. we didn't take a broad
9:31 am
enough view of what our responsibility is. and that was a huge mistake. it was my mistake. at the end of the day, this is my responsibility. i'm going to do the best job helping to run it going forward, but i'm not looking to throw anyone else under the bus for mistakes that we have made here. >> harris: is there any room under the bus? zuckerberg also revealing million more users were compromised than initially thought and it's possible the profile of every one of its 2 billion users was scraped for data. >> the 87 million is the maximum number people we could calculate could be accessed. we don't actually know how many people -- how many people's information co-began actually got. we don't know what he sold cambridge analytica. we don't know today what they have in their system. >> harris: three we don't knows. meanwhile, congress is
9:32 am
announcing that zuckerberg has committed to testify before the senate and house committees on the issue next week. two times with zuckerberg. so how does this all work, sandra, just in terms of where he is now as a ceo? over at fox business, i know have you talked to ceos and we all do at some degree. but, is he the best person to be out there p.r. along with also testifying? >> sandra: he should have been out there more to your point saying i don't knows, that's okay for a crow ceo to sy that started this country 19 years old dorm room at harvard. grown since. lost about $80 billion. >> harris: that was last tuesday. >> sandra: the market value hit has been enormous. i was looking down when i was looking at this. it's a big number. the amount of money this company has lost in the wake of this scandal. so they are paying the price. we don't knows should have have been more proactive. he should have said this before. before you signed on and had
9:33 am
a certain level of privacy. i don't know what the future of mark zuckerberg is going to be, open hearings next week tuesday and wednesday are going to be a big deal for a guy who has been so private during the lifetime of this company. >> harris: governor, it would seem that everybody wants a little bit of zuckerberg on this issue because this is how they were doing business. i mean, they can sugar coat this any kind of way they want to sugar coat it who really thought they had a lot of privacy online to begin with? when you look at some of his old text messages, he knew what he was scooping up and givings away there was a price on it. it was a business model. >> mike: how did they make the money, they made the money by scraping data off they sold to people. mark zuckerberg needs to take a picture of himself before he walks in that hearing. is he never going to look the same. they are going to strip the skin off of him, democrats and republicans. >> sandra: or the hoodie. >> mike: great tv for them and makes him look good. everybody wants a piece of him for this. republicans, because they feel like he has manipulated
9:34 am
the content of facebook. over half the people in america get their news from social media. democrats and republicans alike i think because of the civil liberties concerns. >> harris: you remind us and, maria, we have talked about this on the couch many times of why he was in the news a few months ago. it had to do with his algorithms and how they were saying you don't want to read news clips about conservatives. you only want to look -- that hurts everybody. >> maria: exactly. and starting pretty much after the 2016 election, facebook started getting criticized from a bunch of different places and mark zuckerberg was slow to respond if he did at all. that's what sandra was saying. at various time he laughed off criticism. he said it wasn't true. he gave facts and figures that later turned out to be wildly inaccurate. again, to sandra's point, if he had just said we don't know, that sounds so much more honest and open. they have not handled this publicly from a good place. they have played catch up. they thought they were too big to fail. these hearings are going to
9:35 am
be fascinating. >> harris: you mean the social media network didn't handle it socially very well? >> maria: for a communications company it is sort of shocking. >> katie: i have a different perspective on this. i think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. i think that facebook has done conservatives not a good thing. however, when you sign up for facebook, at least in the old days, it actually asks you what your political affiliation is. very liberal, very conservative. >> maria: that's true. >> katie: and you know, at least you should know that when you are using a service online for free, you are the product. and i guess that's something that i just understand and accept. that's why i don't have an alexa or google home in my home. >> maria: i do. >> katie: i am concerned about facebook's responsibility with that memo that was leaked out and published by buzzfeed a couple weeks ago of the executives saying someone might get killed as a result of terrorism and people connecting on our network. and that's simply just a cost of us doing business that we're going to have to endure the ends justify out means so to speak. that's what i'm concerned about. i think the idea that people
9:36 am
are outraged over their personal information. >> harris: i don't know who thinks they have privacy online anyway. i don't care what the app. says. you are right. when it's free, even when it's not free. >> katie: on your list of questions. i assume that they are collecting that information. >> harris: only way with that wall the commercial with the older lady put your up on the wall that's not how it works. it's not the wall in your house. that's the only way you know have you privacy in this case. when you go back to capitol hill you say he is never going to look the same mark zuckerberg. what does that mean for everybody else? because there are plenty of companies out there who are mining data and selling it. >> mike: and they are scared to death right now for two things. if he gets excoriated like i expect that he will be, at love people are going to unfriend him in a very big way. and a lot of other companies are going to start saying what do we have to do to keep from having to be trotted. and the other big fear is that government will decide they will regulate and that they should regulate and that, i believe, will be as big, if not bigger of a
9:37 am
disaster than the wild, wild west. >> harris: why is zuckerberg saying he can possibly agree to that? >> mike: what else is he going to say? deep down do you think he wants to say regulate me? come on. like saying to a surgeon cut me open but don't use any anesthesia. just let it rip. >> sandra: fair enough. he might want a scapegoat. he might want some sort of rules and regs. >> mike: he won't when he gets them. >> harris: hillary clinton is playing blame game for 2016 election loss. maria? >> maria: i'm ready. >> harris: she wrote a book called what happened. she still doesn't know. she is pointing from everything to sexism to russia. james comey, fake news, the nra, whether hillary clinton is helping or hurting her political party ahead of the mid terms. >> some of this was very clearly sexist and misogynistic. the vitriol, th that was
9:38 am
directed toward me. he's playno, with us. he's trying to tell us something. let's see what forensics thinks. sorry i'm late. what did i miss? wanna get away?
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>> maria: hillary clinton not giving up on points the finger over why she lost to president trump. in a recent appearance before a women's group. clinton naming everything from fake news driven by russia to what she sees as sexist attacks by mr. trump's supporters. along with former fbi director james comey's decision to reopen the email probe days before the election. watch. >> every day that goes by, more evidence, more proof about, you know, fake news and the russians, and cambridge analytica and, you know, my soj any and sexism. i mean, it's hard. it's very hard. you know, i have taken on the nra for years. and they have spent more money against me than they have ever spent against
9:43 am
anybody. we'll find out whether any of that was russian money. so between comey and wikileaks, other messages on the, you know, facebook and other places, you know, they turned off enough people. >> maria: as the resident democrat on the couch, i have said often that i understand why hillary clinton wants to explain what happened. i sympathize. i respect her. for the sake of the party i think she needs to take a lower profile. you probably hope she stays in the news forever, right? >> mike: when i hear people say hillary, get off the stage i'm thinking no, no. stay on the stage. please, the best shot we have for the mid terms is to get her out there as often as possible. i think the republican party should sponsor a network special a full hour on prime time and let the world hear the excuses. it's the best thing we have going for us. >> maria: i hope she is watching you right now and it convinces her to take my advice. >> harris: i don't think
9:44 am
that's necessary. i think that movie is already playing. that movie is already playing in her head. >> maria: do you think that she will, her comments will actually impact voters or they are looking at the candidates on the ballot and deciding on that? >> harris: that depends how long candidates who are running let the faucet drip. like if they cut her off now, maybe they won't have to spend some of their communications money trying to clean up what she might say before she flies in for an event to squall help people. if she keeps talking about, you know, deplorables or whatever her new language is going after certain voters, i mean, look at clair mccaskill. senator clair mccaskill in missouri says she ♪ talking about the voters on n. this state. rrnghts you all on the same page? no, they are not. >> katie: interesting thing about that, too, senator dick durbin not in a red state, he is not up for re-election. he is not going to be worrying about getting his seat taken away, he is telling hillary clinton it's time to stop because you are hurting the party.
9:45 am
>> maria: right. >> katie: in terms of her she is never going to step off the stage because hillary clinton cares about one thing and that's hillary clinton. she is going to continue to say things and she also accuses people who say she needs to move on for the sake of the party of being sexist and misogynist. in terms of the political implications here i think in local house raises it does not have much of an effect. we saw that in pennsylvania. with the democrats in red state it's a big problem heavily involved in the 2016 campaign. they endorsed her. they backed her. and they have to explain now why they -- their values align with someone who continues to insult the people who they are supposed to represent. >> harris: especially women like mccaskill. >> sandra: spent a lot of time on how president trump's campaign was so backwards looking. the way she is now, she is not looking forward for her party. and i think it's probably about time that that happened. >> maria: absolutely. i have also said she is not the future of the party. and i don't think
9:46 am
politicians like her the future of the party. if you look at candidates we have running not just conor lamb but across the country, it's different i think that's the future she needs to allow that future to step up. >> harris: you know, governor, you are the only one on the couch looked down the road and said i'm going to do something different other than politics. what is it going to take for hillary clinton? you have it in his your history. >> mike: some people can't let go. it's just that simple. having hillary clinton come in and campaign for you, if you are a democrat candidate is like having jeffrey dahmer do the ribbon cutting at a restaurant opening. i mean, come on. >> harris: oh my goodness. >> mike: you just don't want her there because it is so backward looking, what sandra said is true. i'm getting some really nasty looks fro looks from dr.. i'dr. -- from sandra. foone of the most difficult thing to say is my political time has come to an end. let's do something else. >> maria: let's see if she
9:47 am
is able to do that. we will keep talking about it. republicans facing new concerns of their own. what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying now and what he is telling the g.o.p. it needs to do ahead of the mid terms. details ahead. stay close. ♪ e that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you. you wouldn't accept from any one else.
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>> sandra: more outnumbered in just a moment. first touch base with harris what's coming up on outnumbered overtime. >> harris: the president is on the move. president trump on air force one expected to touch down in west virginia in the next hour to hold a round table discussion. he has invited americans who have benefited from the administration's tax reform and job creation. we'll also be watching closely for any comments the president might make about his decision to take action at the border, to send u.s. troops to the national guard, to our border with mexico. we'll get reaction from top law enforcement in texas well as from the acting deputy commissioner of the u.s. customs and border protection. where do things stand with the wall? overtime top the hour. back to you. >> sandra: stay tuned. thank you. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sounding a warning now ahead of this year's high stake mid terms amid growing questions whether republicans will be able to hold on to their majorities in the senate and especially in the house. mcconnell telling kentucky today, quote: this is going
9:52 am
to be a challenging election year. we know the wind is going to be in our face. we don't know whether it's going to be a category 3, 4, or 5. i'm hoping we can hold the senate. and the principle reason for that, even if we were to lose the house and be stymied legislatively, we could still approve appointments which is a huge part of what we do. but, this comes as democrats lead on the generic ballot has been shrinking and republicans are within the margin of error. and some other polls show president trump's popularity rising in recent weeks. obviously it always depends on where you are looking for that number. there does appear to be a trend on that front. so what do you think about all of this? what are the risks? >> mike: i think the president's numbers are going to continue to go up. i think congress' numbers are going to continue to go down. that's on mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. republicans, especially donald trump space are lived over the budget bill. not just the amount of it but there were a couple of things that were important. getting rid of funding for planned parenthood. that was sacred to people who supported donald trump.
9:53 am
they just kept it in there. there is no excuse for that they did not have a hardline of negotiation. they went in there from a standpoint of weakness. they surrendered to essentially surrendered to chuck schumer. and as a result, people are angry and a lot of republicans just don't care if they get beat. >> sandra: do you have a forecast for how things turn out? >> mike: there is a good chance nancy pelosi will be speaker and i think republican also lose some of their numbers and i pray they don't lose the senate. but i fear they might. >> maria: i think the governor is absolutely right. the challenge for republicans, particularly the base, is that they stay home. because they are angry. they are frustrated. and they blame congress. you see that in congress' poll numbers. that's why have you seen what is it now over 30 republican incumbents not running for re-election because they see the head winds coming at them. i also though do not think democrats should be overconfident. i think that would be a mistake and this can't be anti-trump vote. i don't think that's the campaigns we are running. we need to be careful not to fall in that trap run on
9:54 am
issues and run on candidates. >> sandra: what's the as of now? >> maria: depends on the district. we are running district by district. look what conor lamb ran on. cultural message resonated with his district. we have very good candidates around the country. i'm not counting my chickens before they're hatched here but it looks good right now for democrats if we keep up -- >> mike: what happens to the conor lambs of the world if they getting elected and can't do anything because their party shuns them. >> maria: i think the party is changing in the house particularly. if democrats take the house nancy pelosi is not going to be speaker. i think it's going to be someone like joe crowley. there are a lot of younger members in the party who don't owe their seats to nancy pelosi. although she has been a great historic leader for the party at many times. and i think that the party is changing. i really believe that, that it's not going to be what it was 10 years ago. >> katie: i'm more optimistic. i think it's a toss-up. i think president trump's numbers will go up and down throughout the year. i do think that tax reform has impacted a lot of
9:55 am
people. as they continue throughout the year they are going to maybe see that and vote in favor. i think that republicans have a better chance in democrat-held senate seats than they do with the house. i think they could stand to pick up some seats there. but, in terms of the enthusiasm, absolutely right. republicans or democrats in midterm elections always have a problem with turnout. we're looking at that now. and if you look at the previous elections, 2010, for example, the republican wave, there was an enormous groundswell of tea party support. and i remember people going to each other's house us knocking on doors. i know the rnc is doing a lot of that. it doesn't have the same apparatus as it did in 2010. >> sandra: just a short time ago the president took off from the white house landed joint base andrews. heading to west virginia. he will be focusing primarily on tax cuts and the jobs act. that is going to be held at the white sulfur springs civic center in west virginia. the president has landed
9:56 am
joint base andrews on his way to west virginia. we are going to stay and cover the president's visit there. his fourth since becoming president by the way. more outnumbered in just a moment. it's ok that everyone ignores me while i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. but he's got work to do. with a sore back. so he took aleve this morning.
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>> sandra: many thanks to governor mike huckabee. always a pleasure to have you on the couch. any parting words? >> mike: i look forward to have matt coming back. no snarky words. >> sandra: we are back tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: the president is in the air on air force one. two significant events we are following, this is "outnumbered: overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the president just boarded air force one. center left of your screen, he's about to take off on his way to west virginia for one of his roundtable discussions, as we have seen it happen time and time again. he will be meeting with the group of american citizens. what may come it's his decision to send the national guard to mexico. it's also developing, awaiting a briefing at the pentagon where we can actually hear more details about that plan to toughen americans


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