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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 5, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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ouch. went to the hospital but he leads the masters. >> greg: he learned a listen. >> kimberly: greg loves golf. >> greg: i hate golf. >> kimberly: i know. [laughter] never miss an episode of "the five" ." "special report" up next. hi, bret. bret is a great golfer. >> bret: president trump has a caravan of central american migrants bound for the u.s. has largely broken up, as national guard troops had to the border. more complications for the president's embattled epa chief as the white house says it is reviewing the situation, and more deaths in what some see as a deepening crisis for u.s. military aviation. this is a "special report." ♪ good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president trump's getting a shout out to mexico tonight. he's crediting officials with breaking up a caravan of central americans aiming to cross into the u.s. at the mexican border. this comes as the president's
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plan to put national guard troops on the border is scrutinized, both technically and politically. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off tonight. good evening, john. >> good evening to you, bret. plenty of criticism for the president's plan to put national guard troops on the border. people thinking it's a necessary and way too expensive. but there are also plenty of people who are applauding the president's decision. >> and west virginia to promote his tax cut, president trump turned his eyes southward, explaining why he's calling oute the border. >> we are working out systems now and we called out the national guard. we are doing a real job. i'll tell you what, the laws of this country have to be strengthened and toughened up. >> customs and border protection is working up recommendations to the department of defense for a trip to parliament. the dod will approach governors from four born the mike border states to see if they can fulfill the mission with their own troops. if not, the pentagon will likely approach other states to fill in the blanks.
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texas, new mexico, arizona welcomed the idea. unclear at this point is whether california governor jerry brown will agree to send his dates trip to the border. certainly, his relationship with president trump on immigration is trouble. >> governor brown has done a very poor job earning california. >> dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen says talks with brown continue. >> he has seen this happen before. he has seen it happen well. the border patrol can do border patrol work. i am hopeful, i will continue to talk to him and see what we can work out. >> what bring this issues to the fort mike forefront was reports of a caravan of more than 1,000 central american migrants headed for the u.s. border. president trump today praised mexico for as he claimed breaking of the caravan. the numbers were overinflated. >> mexico has been pretty good. they were very good to us yesterday because, you know, they have a caravan of thousands of people coming up from
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honduras. thousands of people. and we have very weak laws because of the democrats. >> it was the president's fourth visit to west virginia, a state he won mike by nearly 40 points and a promise to bring back jobs. he found a friendly audience for his tough stance against china and has proposed tariffs on $60 billion worth of chinese goods. >> you have to go after the people that aren't treating you right. it had many respects, i think we are going to have a fantastic relationship come a long term with china. but we have to get that straightened out, we have to have some balance. >> many industries are hyperventilating at the prospect of retaliatory tariffs announced yesterday by china against u.s. goods and whether it could set off a debilitating trade war. so the u.s. again today dispatched the u.s. chief economic advisor to tell american producers to just exhale. >> both countries have just proposed tariffs with nothing enacted. let's not jump to worst-case scenario.
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the intent of the president is to grow the american economy, not hurt it. >> president trump is using the economic argument against west virginia and senator joe manchin come up for election in november. the president today blaming him for everything but the weather. >> joe, you voted against -- it was bad. i thought it would be helpful but he votes against everything and he voted against tax cuts. he also voted against medical health and health care. and he does other things that i don't like, i'll be honest with you. >> the plan for deploying troops to the border is still being finalized, president trump on air force one on the way back from west virginia this afternoon said he would like to put between two and 4,000 troops on the border and he would like a substantial number of those troops to stay there until the wall is built. bret? >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. john, thank you. president trump told reporters today that he did not know about a $130,000 payment's personal attorney made to an adult film
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actress, stormy daniels, who alleged they had an affair. the president spoke to reporters today aboard air force one. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment? why did michael cohen make that payment? >> you'll have to ask my attorney. >> bret: daniels said she had a sexual encounter with mr. trump in 2006 and was paid as part of a nondisclosure agreement. she is seeking to invalidate it. the white house and sending mixed signals tonight as epa administrator scott pruitt is facing new obstacles in his effort to keep his job. the agency lawyer who originally approved pruett's sweetheart condo deal with the landlord went to a lobbyist now says he did not have all the facts. chief national correspondent ed henry, who talked exclusively with pruitt yesterday, has tonight update.
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>> asked today if he still has confidence in scott pruitt, his embattled administrator of the epa, president trump suggested he does. >> i think that scott has done a fantastic job. i think he's a fantastic person. >> >> white house officials privately note this president has previously voiced support for other cabinet chiefs only to push them out for you cnn is reporting the president saw. with interview with fox and is not happy. >> is draining the swap renting an apartment from the wife of washington lobbyist? >> i don't think that is even remotely fair to ask that question. >> white house officials have spread where they told pruitt not to do the interview but he forged ahead anyway. "cbs news" is reporting that pruitt wanted to use sirens on his official car to get their washington traffic and when a member of a security detail said it was against the rules, that person was reassigned. while a new memo from an epa ethics lawyer suggests he only okayed to the apartment
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arrangement based on federal gift rules, but did not have all the facts to determine whether it presented a conflict of interest. as "the daily beast" reported, the lobbyist who rented the apartment to pruitt had represented a company involved in a $104 million superfund cleanup litigation against the epa. >> i can't speak to the future of scott pruitt come i can just talk about where we are now. >> in addition to the soft white house back king, the third white house republican called on him to go. "the upstate new york lawmaker believes "it is in the best interest of the epa for mr. pruitt to resign." though supporters of pruitt are rallying to his defense. senator rand paul tweeting, "scott pruitt is likely the bravest and most conservative member of trump's cabinets. we need him to help donald trump drain the regulatory swamp." kim strawser, a columnist for "the wall street journal" has noted that then president barack obama's epa chief, lisa jackson, spent nearly twice as much money on an
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official trip to china then was spent on a trip to italy by pruitt, who told fox he believes the media largely gave obama a pass. >> do you think if an obama cabinet official rented an apartment here from the wife of a washington lobbyist, you don't think donald trump -- >> you know what i think about it? they weren't carrying about those issues back then. >> "the new york times" reporting at least five epa officials were reassigned, plus the fact that pruitt wanted an expanded 20% protective detail, very large and expensive but he did tell me in that interview that because of his effectiveness in overturning regulations, the left is very angry at him and he's gotten a lot of death threats. bret? >> bret: security concern. thank you. we are getting a first look tonight at new documents republicans say show justice department and fbi bias against the trump presidential campaign. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here with the breaking details. good evening, catherine.
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>> fox news has learned through an investigative source, mccabe was fired in march for three violations of the fbi's ethics code first uncovered by the justice department inspector general and then affirmed by the fbi's office of professional responsibility. they include lack of candor under oath, lack of candor not under oath, as well as improper disclosure of nonpublic information to the media. the existence of the fbi clinton foundation investigation. in october, 2016, after "the wall street journal" reported a possible conflict because mccabe's wife took sizable campaign donations from democrats for a state senate race, mccabe wanted to set the record straight. he instructed fbi lawyer lisa page and fbi public affairs chief michael korten to work with a reporter. it was mccabe's lack of candor about the media contact that led to his termination. the investigative source says the testimony of lisa page to it investigators was critical because it contradicted andrew mccabe. then director james comey said he never authorized the leak. in a separate development, text
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messages between fbi agent peter strzok and fbi lawyer lisa page indicate that peter strzok traveled to london in early august, 2016, to interview a key witness. just days after the fbi opened an investigation into alleged contact between russian officials on the trump campaign. the two fbi officials appear to debate amongst themselves about what they will share with their superiors at the justice department wins peter strzok returns to d.c. he writes, "i think we need to consider the lines of what we just disclosed to doj, for example, we will not disclose." less than a week later, the texts suggest a series of high-profile briefings begin on the the hill end of the white house, there was no immediate response from mccabe's lawyer or the bureau, bret. >> bret: thank you. it's been another tragic week for u.s. military aviation. five service members have died and the accidents are continuing. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with the fallout. >> good evening, bret. late today, the air force identified the pilot killed in
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yesterday's f-16 coat, crashed outside las vegas. he flew for the elite thunderbirds, had more than 3500 flying hours and 30 different types of planes. he was very experienced, yet has spidered jet crashed during a routine training flight. it marks the third crash for the thunderbirds in less than two years, and the third military aircraft to crash in the past two days. on tuesday, a marine core super stallion helicopter crashed in southern california, killing four marines. earlier that day, in the east african nation of djibouti, a marine carrier jet crashed on takeoff. the pilot ejected and was released from the hospital but today, the djibouti government grounded all u.s. military flights including drones from the largest american base in africa, hindering counterterrorism operations. there have been five noncombat aviation crashes this year alone, killing nine service members. 37 were killed in air crashes last year. nearly double the number killed
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in 2016. but a top general at the pentagon would not call it a crisis. >> i would reject it's a crisis. those are mishaps that occurred. we will look at each one in turn. each one is tragic. we regret each one. we will look at them carefully. i'm not prepared to say it's a wave of mishaps or some form of crisis. >> the house armed services chairman warned the white house not to rob the military's readiness money to fund the national guard at the border. president george w. bush sent a 6,000 troops to the mexico border, it cost $415 million, money that was stripped from the air force and navy's operations and maintenance budget. the pentagon just received $700 billion, a sizable portion of that. it is supposed to help fix aircraft and approve pilot training. bret? jennifer griffin of the pentagon. thank you. the daughter of a former come on spike who was poisoned along with her father last month in ee
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recovering tonight. the russians continue to deny involvement and demand to be part of that investigation. correspondent benjamin hall has the latest and i from london. >> coming in from a cold, 60 u.s. diplomats now alleviate the expulsion from russia following the poison of a russian spy in the u.k. now that russian government has made it clear, and assure that russia produced a deadly nerve agent that was used in the attack. >> we know that the russians designed it and we know that the russians are the only people to make it and stop pilot. >> in london, the russian ambassador sought to undermine the russians british case. >> we shut down the chemical problems in 1992. in that time, we started eliminating all the chemical weapons. and finished the whole story. last september. >> russian officials have called for a security council meeting,
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after the international chemical watchdog rejected their call for a joint investigation. the foreign minister says it's conspiracy. >> translator: this so-called case has become a pretext, and a imaginary or stage one, and expulsion of russian diplomats. >> there has been positive news from the u.k., as the daughter continued her remarkable recovery. today, she released a statement from her hospital bed, saying, "i woke up a week ago now and i am glad to say my strength is growing daily. the entire episode is somewhat disorientating." russia said that's a conspiracy, too. thursday, state television released a recording of what it because adcock claims was a phone call between her and her cousin in russia. according to the recording, she says he and her father are both recovering at and in normal he. her father is sleeping on his health has not been damaged. but the hospital where he has been treated has another story, saying only that he remains in
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critical but stable condition. this has been a case of accusation and counter accusation, twists and turns. most analysts now feel that russia has been repeatedly trying to muddy the waters and lay blame elsewhere. the international consensus points the finger firmly at them. bret? >> bret: benjamin hall in london. thank you. up next, president trump's attack on amazon over its use of the postal service to deliver your packages. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 5 in san diego, as the escondido city council votes to support the trump administration's lawsuit against california's sanctuary laws. escondido is the first city in san diego county to join the fight against the measures aimed at protecting undocumented immigrants. fox 8 in cleveland, as changes to state gun laws are proposed, one authorizes restraining orders against people showing signs of violence. the legislation includes all of the changes embraced by
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republican governor john kasich. he has recommended six measures including prohibiting those under domestic violence protection orders from buying or possessing firearms. and this is a live look at philadelphia from our affiliate, fox 29. the big story there tonight, the victory parade for ncaa basketball champion villanova, the wildcats of course won their second title in three years monday. this is phillies second parade in three months. you may remember the eagles won the super bowl in february. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special "special report." will be right back. we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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♪ >> bret: the u.s. trade deficit rose for the sixth straight month in february. the commerce department says the gap widened to $57.6 billion.
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the highest level since october of 2008. it comes amid fears a trade dispute with china could lead to a major drain on the u.s. economy. stocks are positive today, positive territory ahead of tomorrow's march jobs report. the dow gained 241. the s&p 500 finished ahead 18. the nasdaq was up 34. amazon is under increasing scrutiny from president trump as we have been saying. he accuses the online retailer of bilking americans by abusing the u.s. postal service. tonight, correspondent gillian turner tells us he could be getting close to a change in that arrangement. >> the post office is losing billions of dollars and the taxpayers are paying for that money because it delivers packages for amazon ads are very below cost. >> the much-maligned deal between usps and amazon has been in place for five years and it's set to expire in october. now tech insiders tell fox news that new leaders appointed by
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the president himself may soon take the reins at the struggling agency and determine the deal's fate. president trump's nominated three people to the usps board of governors. the executive body that oversees all its major decisions. they are calvin tucker, chairman of the philadelphia black republican council. robert duncan, chairman of the president's commission on white house fellowship. and david williams, former inspector general for usps. if these nominees are confirmed by the senate later this month, president trump's views on amazon will be front and center. >> they would be three people appointed by trump in a position of authority and power to say to the sales department, hey, we want you to take a more strategic look at this amazon contract. >> experts caution that a better deal with amazon won't fix the postal service's larger problems. >> the postal service has been in a crisis since about 1995. they've been losing money for
3:22 pm
years and years. >> the couple to have the crisis? the rise of the internet. americans preference for communicating by email. in just a decade, between 2002 and 2012, first class letter delivery in the u.s. dropped by almost 30%. from 102.4 billion pieces of mail which only 73.5 billion. and in the first quarter of this year alone, letter volume dropped a further 5%. but despite this dismal picture, express identify one bright spot on the horizon, packages. >> the growing part of the post office business is personal delivery. and the shrinking part continuing to shrink of the post office as businesses first class mail. >> even if packages continue to pick up, usps basis of other financial burdens, courtesy of congress. 2006 2006 requires a locked on y postal service to prefund health benefits for the retired employees. a bird and that costs
3:23 pm
$5.5 billion per year, bret. >> bret: thank you. facebook shares were up after mark zuckerberg subbed the privacy data scandal has had no meaningful impact on usage or ad sales. ceo mark zuckerberg is about to come to capitol hill to explain himself. tonight chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel sets the stage and explores what congressional regulation the facebook might look like. >> ahead of his appearance in front of key congressional committees of the house and senate next week, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has already started his apology tour. >> we need to focus enough on seeing how people can use these tools for arm, fake news, hate speech. in addition to developers and data privacy. we did not take a broader nephew of what our responsibilities and that was a mistake. it was my mistake. it's because a company's chief operating officer is telegraphing what congress
3:24 pm
might hear. >> we are fundamentally shifting the way we think about this. we are no longer just trying to build the social experiences. we always were concerned about privacy but not enough. we are also taking more proactive steps to get ahead of a possible misuse. >> facebook is in hot water after allegations cambridge endo attica misused data of 87 million users. the figure is roughly the combined populations of new york, texas, and california. and amy klobuchar both have a chance to question sub or don mark zuckerberg signaled her approach. "i expect to ask him what he is doing to protect the privacy of americans and how he will addresses significant breaches of privacy and trust that have occurred over the last year." chuck grassley says users deserve to know how their information is shared and
3:25 pm
secured. senate commerce chairman republican john thune says the revelations have generated significant concern about facebook's role in our democrac democracy. congressional sources say these hearings will be the first step toward increased scrutiny over the tax industry, with a particular focus on my data and online advertising business model. bret? >> bret: mike, thanks. up next, the g.o.p. tries to flip a democratic senate seat in ohio. as the incumbent tries to appeal to republicans. keep it here. ♪ wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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3:29 pm
decision. >> apprehensions on the southwest border up 37% last month, up 200% over last year. it's because there's a lot of intensity around making sure we can try to trim and ab the flow of these numbers. >> the surge has eight governors on the hot seat, as president trump orders national guard troops to the border. the question is, that do the governors agree to deploy their guard to refuse? governor doug ducey of arizona, new mexico, and texas backed the president. >> to strengthen and secure our borders, thus strengthening and securing texans and texans, it is a great win for our state. >> california jerry brown remains undecided, while governor kate brown said if the president asked her to deploy troops from oregon, she'd refuse. speak with the military's going to the border but all they can really serve as a support for the border patrol. >> while putting troops on the
3:30 pm
border under presidents bush and obama had bipartisan support, this time it is blitz along party lines. >> attends a bold message to congress quite frankly at a critical time for us to act on border security and immigration. >> what exactly the guard will do, where and who will pay is undecided. sources say each sector has different needs. additional air support is a priority. other duties, repair vehicles, monitor video surveillance for better intel, repair the fence, improve roads. guard men's will not come according to homeland security, arrest anyone. >> it wouldn't be actual enforcement. >> correct, as of now. >> the white house is concerned with the current surge of central americans. in 2009, 90% of those arrested were mexican. today, more than half are from el salvador, honduras, and guatemala. in 2011, 90% of illegal immigrants were young men. today, 40% are women and children. >> most people are coming in as
3:31 pm
children are part of family units and are really hampering our ability to be on the border. >> that is the goal. rather than burn time transporting and processing central american, by using the national guard, the administration hopes more agents can spend time enforcing the law and departing those who break it. >> bret: william, thank you. tonight we continue our reports from states in which republicans are trying to flip u.s. senate seats in the fall midterms coming up. this evening, correspondent peter doocy is in ohio as the g.o.p. candidates try to align their political careers with those of an outsider president. >> just a few blocks away from the arena where a businessman with no political experience officially accepted the presidential nomination two years ago, a businessman with no political experience is trying to end or republican nomination for senator. >> he's going to blaze the trail and will be very effective and he's accomplished an awful lot for the good of america. i'd like to follow and thus with
3:32 pm
stops. >> if investment major mike gibbons is going to unseat democratic senator sherrod brown, he's got to get his name out there. >> we put 65,000 miles on our car. >> the other republican, congressman jim renacci, said president trump is the reason he's running, too. >> it was a call from the white house. >> he was initially running for governor but when a high-profile republican dropped out of the senate race for family reasons, the president nudged him toward this contest. >> i've said all along. a poor kid from pennsylvania gets asked by the president and white house to help, i will do it. >> the president has been supportive of renacci, an early endorser. >> we'll be back. jim, get in there and fight. get in there and fight. we need you. >> trump beat clinton by eight points here. the progressive democratic senator brown says he agrees with the republican president one major issue in the state. >> my support of the president's move on steel tariffs, i think it's time we draw a line on chinese misbehavior and chinese
3:33 pm
gaming the system. >> renacci delta democratic senator is in fear. >> the one thing about senator brown, it's political. he will hide with the president is much as he can. you can only hug him on what she do that is tariffs. >> brown insists not everything has to be partisan. >> voters don't look at liberals, conservatives, any kind of spectrum. they look at each of us. you fight for our pensions, higher wages? do you fight for trade agreements that mean jobs in united states? >> then, there are the voters like mike gibbons, who looked at those choices undecided a name is missing. >> i decided to do something about the fact that i was throwing things in my television set for the last 25 years. >> will name you didn't hear just now, that of the republican won the last big statewide primary in ohio, john kasich. he is still the governor but is making moves towards a 20d presidential run and is not someone these candidates are clamoring to have joined them on the campaign trail. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live in
3:34 pm
cleveland. peter, thank you. president trump thanks mexico for itself as he sends troops to the southern border. we'll get reaction from the panel when we come back. ♪ urs. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ >> were going to have our wall and we are going to get a very strongly. the military is going to be building some of it. so we are working out systems now and we called out the national guard but i will tell you what, the laws of this country have to be strengthened and toughened up. we have the more normalized drug problem and a lot of that comes through the southern border and that is one of the other reasons we are being very strong with the national guard and with the wall. we have the worst flaws. you think catch and release, which we are terminating very quickly. we are doing it in pieces. we are working very hard on nafta. we get it done right, we'll terminate it. >> bret: president trump president trump in west virginia touting his tax law but also
3:38 pm
talking about immigration, the wall, and what he's doing along the border. this is the border state governors, four of them, greg abbott in texas, martin is in new mexico, doug ducey in arizona, jerry brown in california. three of those four very keen on most moves, one of those not so far. governor of oregon, kate brown, tweeting out, "if the president asked me to deploy organ troops to the border, i would say no. i am deeply troubled by trump's plan to militarize our border. so far, no request for oregon national guard members. let's bring our panel. jonathan spohn, national political reporter. mara liasson, national political correspondent at national public radio and karl rove, former senior advisor and deputy chief staff to president george w. bush. >> bret: karl, welcome to the panel. you've dealt with this project you would border issue. your thoughts in the national guard talked, the moves, and what lies ahead for
3:39 pm
this president. >> took up residence have deployed the guard, president trump dead, -- president obama did it with about 1200. president trump is facing a situation. if you talk to the border patrol people, they are worried about the trend this year versus last. essentially, there have been a doubling of the number of people that they have intercepted at the border, and versus last yea year. >> bret: i think we have that, southwest border migration, total apprehensions and inadmissible scum on march 2017e numbers. 50,000 plus. >> they want to have some additional support of the border. let's be clear, we use in the gorge of guard to the border, they cannot protect the guard to the border. they can't arrest people. they are logistical. the free people inside the border patrol to actually go and if you will stand on the border and intercept people.
3:40 pm
they provide air assets. they do some of the backroom operation in terms of detention. they literally -- we've had people in 2006-'08 who were the dog handlers. those dogs of the checkpoints, they were the people in in the backroom dealing with the dogs so that there could be more border patrol men who could actually arrest people. under law, literally, laws going back to 1807, the insurrection act of 1807, the 1980 national guard eczema national guardsmen cannot arrest people. so they will be support, logistics aviation, construction, but they will not be the people intercepting and arresting. >> bret: mara? >> it's interesting. other presidents have used the guard in the way karl have described. president trump said he will send the military to the border, he made it sound dramatic, as if they will be doing those functions. it is something that as president, i don't think it is a huge deal, 2-4,000 is with the
3:41 pm
president said aboard air force one. he's on shakier ground when he said he will change all these laws that lead to the catch an early situation, unlikely he will get that. he can tell his supporters that he is now doing something about the border. >> bret: politically, that is what this is about, it's not so much firing at the base but talking about an issue that he campaigned on. >> sure. it's also about the piece. i just can't emphasize enough, talking to people in the white house and people talking to trump about how much that omnibus spending bill freaked him out. the reaction to it. i don't think he was prepared for it. >> bret: the conservative blowback. >> oh, yeah. he is watching this network and seeing people that he usually sees things very nice things about him, turning on him, some of the shows. it really freaked him out. so that was one part of it. the other part of it is the way he sees it and this has been described to me come he just wrote james mattis at the dod a
3:42 pm
really big check from a really, really big check. $700 billion. can't you spare 25 for the wall? obviously, there are statutes that stop that and this is when the problem gets in. in his mind, can't they just pay some of this money for the wall? >> there is also, though, a very real problem. if you talk to people in i.c.e. on the border patrol, there's a very real problem with the law. in 2000, there is a think on the trafficking victims protection act and reauthorized her several times, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2013. 2008, there was some language inserted in there. it took the coyotes who bring these people from central america, there is a weakness in the law that allows, let's say we have a family with children. the family and the children both show off the border. the family separates itself, comes across the border, gets picked up. they are called otms, other than mexicans. immigration lingo is really bizarre. the ot ands get swept up. the child comes across, they are an unaccompanied minor, they get
3:43 pm
swept up. then the family gets released because of certain defects in the law. then the child can be released in their custody and they are all here in the united states. the coyotes have figured out how to monetize this for people to pay them to bring them up, bring them across the border and this is a problem that does need to be solved. >> bret: not only that, the trial situation on the judges, 700 days. >> they have to let them go, sometimes they don't come back for the court date, i've seen complaints. partly it's the anger about the omnibus. the first time president trump ever did anything that ingrid has base like that. also, he goes back to immigration like a touchstone. today in that event in west virginia, he reminded everyone what he said when he came down the escalator when he announced his campaign, he talked about rapists then and today, he will return to it. >> bret: is it a winner? >> he thinks it is with his base. i'm not sure it's a winner with the whole population. mara is right. he spent 24 minutes before he
3:44 pm
set i'm discarding my remarks. i counted 11 different subjects, five of which had to do with immigration. >> bret: i want to turn subjects. this is the president on the future of the epa administrator. >> i can speak to the future of scott pruitt. i can just talk about where we are now. at the white house is aware of these reports. >> i think that scott has done a fantastic job. he's a fantastic person. they love scott pruitt. >> bret: they are two sides. first of all, sending mixed messages both publicly and privately. the two sides, he has from their point of view, policy wise, been an effective advocate for the president's agenda. but two, is a signal space and privately, all the headlines have really gotten to them. >> in the last hour i've been told not to read too much into
3:45 pm
that statement by the president prayed more than anything, he is deferring action. he's in a bit of a box here. unlike rex tillerson, unlike david shulkin at the v.a., who the conservatives had no love for, conservatives love scott pruitt. you saw there. trump knows that. his allies are calling and then he's been very aggressive on the deregulatory agenda. the other thing they are saying to him, don't apply to the left have the victory. don't give them the scalp because they'll never stop. that is what they are telling trump. that resonates with trump. however, knowing the white house believes this is the left's fault. they believe that scott pruitt is to blame for these stories, very frustrated with him and pruitt, i'm told, has assured john kelly there is no more ethical missteps to come. i believe that there is major staff to come. it is untethered. >> bret: not taste best interview with ed henry. >> the white house officials thinks there are more to come about as personal behavior.
3:46 pm
they were on a tear yesterday communicating privately that he was on really thin ice. the box that jonathan talked about, yes, he is supported by the conservatives, although anyone who was president trump's epa director would carry out his agenda. on the other hand, trumps brand as able drain the swamp. pruitt is tarnishing matt. >> bret: last word, quickly. >> can you imagine a summer and fall with a confirmation battle for the secretary of state, at director of the veterans administration, and the epa. a bloodbath. [laughter] that would be relief to them. >> bret: plus elections coming up. what congressional regulation of facebook might look like. ♪ for my constipation,
3:47 pm
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>> is clear now that we did not do enough. we didn't focus enough on preventing abuse and thinking through how people could use these tools to do harm as well. that goes for fake news, foreign interference in elections, hate speech. in addition to developers and data privacy. we didn't take a broader than a few of what our responsibility is and that was a huge mistake. it was my mistake. >> bret: mark zuckerberg today on a bit of an apology to her about facebook ahead of his congressional testimony next week. today, the stock took a bit of a bump up after that interview and news that perhaps ad sales had not really been affected that much. but what about this? what does it mean big picture for regulation? we are back with the panel. mara, what do you think of this hearing? >> i think members of congress are starting to look at facebook is a giant unregulated utility.
3:51 pm
the biggest publisher on the planet who hasn't taken responsibility for what they publish and you heard zuckerberg saying that he is going to do that now. they also, members of congress see it as a consumer surveillance tool and a pipeline for russian propaganda. i don't know what they will end up with as regulation. but clearly, facebook is ready to be regulated and wants to shape those regulations as best as they can. >> bret: jonathan? >> they are in a terrible spot politically because they come with been slow to react. the left hates them because they cost hillary clinton the election and the russians and all that. the right see it as a place that it's bias against conservatives, that suppresses conservative news. i've had conversations with very hard right conservatives senators and very hard left liberal senators and their comments about facebook had the same intensity of viciousness. that is a really scary place for a tech ceo to be. he's coming to capitol hill, and
3:52 pm
effort on this before. what they are doing this week is actually unprecedented. they don't do this, the media blitz. this is something we've never seen. >> bret: perhaps getting ready. >> totally. >> bret: karl, what does the regulation look like? is much as there is energy on attacking on the left and right facebook, there's also some some concern about what regulations look like when you start down the slippery slope. >> regulations likely to include limitations on access outsider access to personal data. but it was interesting to me, that is the business model of facebook. facebook, by taking that data and providing it to outside advertisers, that is what they like. slice and dice so they can narrow their message to the exact kind of people who will buy their product or accept their arguments. and regulation will be tough to do because first of all, this is technology that is changing so rapidly. how do you write a lot today that will govern something that will be so dramatically different in two or three years?
3:53 pm
think about snapchat. in a period of three or four years, it went from a new start up to being the primary way in which millennials communicated with each other. technology is going to keep doing that. first, facebook is trying to solve this problem, get ahead of it by saying, we will allow users to define what personal information other people can't have access to. because it's built into their business model, there will be a tendency to bend that process towards let more people have more access to more data. >> bret: this was supposed to happen the first time and then it was the friends and the friends of friends and i kept on going. >> every facebook user already has their data scrapped already. that data isn't coming back. >> bret: does regulation happen? >> i think facebook actually now knows that it's coming. they are trying to shape it, get ahead of it. i think it's coming in one shape or form. the other thing we haven't talked about his fines. there could be really big fines, millions and millions millions of dollars. potentially billions of dollars from the ftc. facebook, no amount of a friendly mark zuckerberg
3:54 pm
interviews is going to stop that. >> bret: fascinating to watch next week. panel, thank you very much. when we come back, a master's moment of moments. ♪ because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, i want each of the reason i was off after day. and special moment. this is masters week, one of the golfers who loves this week. this year i was fortunate enough to take my whole family to the practice round at augusta national specifically to see the nine-hole part three tournament. my boys are big rickie fowler, tiger woods, jason day fans. we tried to hunt them down. i told the boys for the par-3, would be following a legendary threesome. jack nicholson, tom watson, and gary player. there they are.
3:58 pm
78, 68, and 80 years young. they were lighting it up. bertie after bertie. coming to the ninth hole, he was six under in the weeds for the par-3 tournament. nicholas was for under ant player was to under. we were walking with barbara nicholas. we've gotten to know jack and barbara through their amazing work for a children's national here in d.c. we talked about how excited their 15-year-old grandson was to hit a shot on number nine. you may have seen the rest. [cheers and applause]
3:59 pm
there was not a dry eye in the place including right there, you can see his grandfather who later tweeted "with all due respect to the masters, allow me to put my six green jackets in the closet for a moment and say that i don't know if i have ever had a more stressful day on the golf course. to have your grandson make his first hole-in-one on this stage, wow. #family #memoryofalifetime "tom watson ended up winning the par-3 tournament. you look closely at my son's flakes there, they got tom watson to sign them and they got jack nicholson to sign those flags. the surprise in the corner, gt nicholas, the 15-year-old grandson who stole the show with his first-ever hole-in-one in the biggest stage and golf and we will never forget it. this is masters week, it's special. that's it for this
4:00 pm
"special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. "the story" starts right now. there was nothing like it. >> martha: i've never seen you as happy right there as i did right now. those are great pictures. thank you. breaking tonight, president trump calling 4,000 members of our national guard to the border to help keep the peace along that southern line. he is also extending a bit of an olive branch to mexican leaders offering some concessions on nafta, but a fierce ultimatum is delivered with it. if mexico wants to keep that lucrative trade deal intact, the united states will build the wall with some help from our military and he would like the help of mexico as well. as you know, the president also hearkens back to his first campaign statement today and basically doubled down. he is now facing the threat of losing nafta.