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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 9, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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over the weekend. president trump weighing a response as the world vows to take action against assad. >> today is the day millions of facebook users will find out if their information was compromised in that massive data breach plaguing the social media site. are you one of them in -- them? >> we have 250, we are planning to raise that number on a weekly basis until we're either told that's enough or to continue to bring troops on. >> more troops getting ready to secure the southern border. we are live with the national guard as president trump's plan takes shape. "fox & friends" first continues right now. ♪ ♪
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>> good monday morning, everybody. you're watching "fox & friends" first here to begin your week, i'm todd in for schmitt. >> good way to start this monday morning. i'm gillian mele, thank you for starting your day with us. fox news alert, israel blamed for a series of airstrikes against syria. todd: hours after one of the worst chemical attacks in history left dozens of innocent people dead. jillian: doug luzader is live in washington d.c. >> reporter: good morning. still some mystery this morning as to who launch thissed this missile attack overnight, both syria and russia are blaming israel, the pentagon says it was not the united states, but there is a lot of pressure for the u.s. to respond. and it was those images of what appears to be a chemical weapons attack just outside of syria's
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capital that really got the president's attention over the weekend, showing even children as victims. the president quickly took to twitter saying this: >> r eporter: there is a real push now for the u.s. to take action. >> these people are butchers. this happened just about exactly a year ago, and president trump responded with a limited military strike against those syrian military units that carried out those attacks. and it's been better over the last year. there have been fewer attacks and small scale. there's only one language that these people understand. >> i wouldn't take anything off the table. these are horrible photos. we're looking into the attack at this point. >> reporter: yeah, nothing is off the table, so we'll see what
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the u.s. response will be here. the u.n. security council is going to meet later today in an emergency session to discuss this, and, todd and jillian, just like a year ago, it seems to be the images of children that really got the president's attention here. jillian: absolutely. images that are definitely hard to watch. doug, we'll keep a close eye on this. kim jong un is ready to discuss denuclearization on the korean peninsula. north korea contacting the u.s. directly for the first time on the matter, increasing the likelihood of a summit between president trump and the rogue leader. the white house expects the meetings to take place by the end of may but no date or location has yet been set. todd: two soldiers killed in a helicopter training flight at fort campbell have been identified. 28-year-old warrant officer james casad a ana and 37-year-old ryan connolly losing their lives in the apache crash on friday night. their deaths mark the third deadly crash for the military in just one week. seven service members killed in
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all. jillian: this story is heartbreaking. thousands of mourners packing a canadian hockey arena in honor of those killed in a horrific bus crash. prime minister justin trudeau and nhl players among those at a vigil in saws saskatchewan aftea junior hockey team's bus collided with a semi on the way to a playoff game. most of the victims between the ages of 16 and 21. thirteen others were injured. a gofundme page for the victims and their families has now raised more than $4.5 million. todd: just awful. president trump is predicting an end to an escalating trade dispute with china as washington ups the ante. the president calling for another $100 billion worth of new tariffs after china threatened to target another $50 billion in american goods. president trump tweeting:
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today: -- todd chinese officials have said negotiations are unlikely. michael needham, ceo of heritage action for america, says the president could tone down the rhetoric but praises this white house for finally standing up to abusive practices. >> tariffs aren't the right way to go. at the same time, i think the strongest fact the president has going for him is he's always been look out for american interests, looking out for american security. and for 20 years, liberal elites have promised us if we just integrate china into the global trade network, they will start acting responsibly. they haven't, and it's been a lie, and the president is right to take the threat seriously. american companies give up their intellectual property and the vast irresponsibility of chinese government around the world.
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we need to be tough. we just need to be smart about how we're being tough. we need to be targeted, and i think some of what the president's laid out have not been targeted and smart. todd: the trump administration imposed tariffs against some chinese products, china responded with tariffs on 128 american products including fruit and pork. jillian: feeling the heat from president president trump, attorney general jeff sessions naming a federal prosecutor to help speed up the response to republican demands for documents. john lawyer will supervise the handing over of materials to congress on the surveillance of former adviser carter page, the firing of andrew mccabe from the fbi and the investigation into hillary clinton's privacy e-mail server. the move comes after the president tweeted this, writing, quote:
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todd: facebook's data scandal front ad center, today the social media giant is expected to notify millions of affected users. jillian: this coming a day before mark zuckerberg prepares to face lawmakers. kelly wright with what we can expect. kelly: good morning. facebook will post details messages to its news feeds of 87 million people to let them know their privacy was breached. now, the members will receive a notice titled protecting your information with a link to see what apps they use and what information they have shared with those apps. compounding facebook's dilemma now, it suspended cube you, that's a company that was gathering information about facebook users through quizzes that were labeled as nonprofit academic research which was misleading. all of this comes ahead of facebook founder mark zuckerberg meeting later today with u.s. lawmakers before formal hearings tomorrow and wednesday. chief operating officer sheryl sandberg tells fox news that zuckerberg is prepared.
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>> mark be's happy to go to congress -- mark's happy to go to congress because mark wants to answer every question people have about the service we offer. you know, we really believe in social experiences, and we were really focused on that, and we weren't focused enough on being proactive enough. kelly: republican senator john kennedy hinted that some lawmakers may want to regulate facebook. >> i don't want to hurt facebook. my biggest or worry many all of this, and i have many, many questions for mr. zuckerberg. but my biggest worry with all this is that the privacy issue and what i called the propagandist issue are both too big for facebook to fix. kelly: cambridge analytica reportedly misused the data from the millions of profiles. the firm allegedly improperly accessed users' information to build profiles on voters that were later supposedly used to help elect president trump in 2016. meanwhile, christopher wiley, the cambridge analytica
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whistleblower, says he can't confirm if the trump campaign ever used that data. he's also cooperating with the justice department. todd: lots of questions. jillian: thank you very much, kelly. did you see this yesterday? american golfer patrick reed is the masters champion. [laughter] >> yes, it will. captain america captures awe bus that. [cheers and applause] jillian: oh, so exciting. todd: a lot of people in america watched that, the 27-year-old claiming his first major title holding off rickie fowler and jordan spieth. jillian: president trump congratulating reed on twitter writing, quote:
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jillian: i literally didn't move from my couch, i watched it all day. it was amazing. todd: a lot of people consider him the bad boy of golf. we'll see if any good boys win the masters anytime soon. time now 5:10 here on the east coast. what happened on the tarmac? loretta lynch set to speak out about that infamous meeting with bill clinton. president of judicial watch tom fenton has been on the case since 2016, so what does he want to hear today? find out when he joins us live next. >> what is not the job of the president of the united states is to go on a jihad. that is the kind of thing that happened in mousse lipny's -- mussolini's italy. jillian: and apparently president trump's attacks on amazon are as bad as a murderous dictator? the outray journaling comments. -- outrageous comments. todd: a woman arrested for a drug conviction, they belong to
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mother nature. the most outrageous excuse you may have ever heard in your life when "fox & friends" on a monday -- "fox & friends" first, that's the name of this show -- returns on a monday. jillian: welcome. [laughter] ♪ ♪
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>> not picking on the attorney general, loretta lynch -- who i like very much or or -- or but her meeting with president clinton on that airplane was the capper for me. and i then said, you know what? the department not by itself credibly end this. jillian: it was enough to raise suspicion for then-fbi director james comey, and now former attorney general loretta lynch is ready to address what happened during that 2016 tarmac meeting. todd: judicial watch has been on the case from the beginning, so what does its president expect lynch to say? tom fenton join us now, and this is not under oath, this is under
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the auspices of nbc news and lester holt. with that as the baseline, what do you expect to hear? >> well, she already said the meeting cast a cloud on the investigation, but she never recused herself from the investigation. remember, the meeting took place just shortly before hillary clinton went through that ridiculous interview with the fbi where he said she couldn't remember things because she hit her head and other silly statements like that. and james comey thought it was something that impacted the credibility of the justice department. so you have both comey and lynch agreeing it impacted the credibility of the justice department, and i'm sure she's going to say that it impacts her decision making. but this is why you have independent investigations. we asked for an inspector general investigation of this two years ago, still no answers. still getting cover-ups from the fbi and justice department on documents about this meeting. so this nbc news interview will be interesting, but i think she's positioning herself in front of the media now because she knows james comey's coming
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out with this book and will be expanding on his concerns about the justice department credibility. it's interesting, comey didn't have much in the way of credibility because of his politicization of the fbi, but hers in terms of bending over backwards to protect hillary clinton was too much even for him. jillian: well, tom, you just touched on it, but i want to get it into it a little bit more. you mentioned the timing of this being a little we peculiar, the fact that she's coming out to speak about this before the release of the book. what do you make of the timing? >> well, comey is bringing this all back up as a result of this big book he has coming out, and ital comes in the midst of -- it also comes in the midst of questions about the way the justice department was handling in terms of donald trump. you had loretta lynch telling james comey by all accounts don't call the clinton investigation an investigation, call it a matter. while at the same time donald trump is being targeted with
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clinton dnc dossier information it looks like. so i think mrs. lynch has a lot to answer for, and she has -- she's skated through with not much in the way of questions either on the abuse of the fisa courts, the misuse of the dossier and the general illicit targeting of not only donald trump, then his team and then, of course, all the leaks that may have come out of her justice department and her fbi for which she was responsible for after the election in 2017. ms. lynch has a lot to answer for. todd: and, tom, just to review, what documents has the doj and fbi turned over regarding text messages on that meeting on the tarmac? >> well, the fbi first told us they had no documents. then they told us after they found out, well, maybe we do have documents, and they gave us documents showing us they were more concerned about leaks from the meeting. and then we found out thanks to
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the strzock/page e-mails that they were talking about the tarmac meeting. what about these text messages? they basically told us to jump in a lake. it's a modified, limited hangout when it comes to this justice department and this fbi about corruption going back into the obama administration. and i, frankly, the president is right to be upset that the justice department and fbi are not following the rule of law on transparency with regard to congressional inquiries and the freedom of information act on every scandal under the sun. jillian: tom, we appreciate your time this morning. >> you're welcome. todd: all right, a fox news alert. i shot my mother and a friend. a 23-year-old on the run this morning after posting a chilling murder confession on facebook. the urgent multi-state manhunt happening right now to find him. jillian: and securing the south. the national guard moving in along the border with even more
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troops expected to deploy this week. our own griff jenkins is right there with them. griff? >> reporter: they were the first to respond, to answer the call. now the texas army national guard is mission status active as we speak working on the border. we are at the headquarters in austin, texas. we'll bring that to you coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ we came with big appetites. with expedia, you could book a flight, hotel, car, and activity all in one place. ♪ this scientist doesn't believe in luck. she believes in research.
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2:23 am
it's over a 200% increase, and we're talking about apprehending over 50,000 people attempting to cross our border in one month. jillian: our griff jenkins joins us live at camp mayberry in austin as even more troops are expected to deploy. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the national guard has been active on the texas border in a smaller role since 2014, but now the 250 that are called up are armored up and in action, eyes on the sky, eyes on the ground. here at camp maybely, we talked to tracy norris, the commanding officer of the texas army national guard, about how big this mission is going to get. take a listen. >> i see it as an evolving mission, and we're still identifying exactly the requirements. we have some, we're expecting to have more coming from the border. and if for some reason with our rotation and that we get to a full capacity, we also have the ability if we immediate to to
2:24 am
call on other state toss assist us. we have 250 either on the border, enroute to the border or preparing to go to the border. so they are on duty right now. we are planning for that number to grow. we are planning to raise that number on a weekly basis until we're either told that's enough or to continue to bring troops on. >> reporter: so the mission will grow, and it's also going to be spreading to other states. arizona also having answered the call to deploy. if you look at this map here, you can see that other states that are willing to send -- new mexico, ohio, iowa and south carolina. states not willing to answer the call, oregon, montana and nevada. and, of course, california, the national guard there saying they're willing to do what they need to do, but the governor there not yet taking action. you know, i talked to general norris also about what role they will play. they're called up under title 3
2:25 am
2k. they have law enforcement duties, be they've traditionally not done that, they've just supported law enforcement. i asked about this mission. here's what she had to say. >> here when we're under our governor in a title 32, we're in a support role to law enforcement or any other federal agency and, or any other state agency. but we are always in support of first responders or law enforcement. >> reporter: or a quick note, the last time this group was called up was hurricane harvey where they provided a remarkable role in the helicopters, and they're doing it now on the border, and we are going to go up in one of those helicopters on the border later today, guys. we'll bring that to you tomorrow. jillian: griff, do you know if there's a timeline as to how long they anticipate being at the border? >> reporter: so that's a fantastic question. she said there is no timeline as of right now. they are targeting just the first phase to be to september, but that certainly could extend depending on the conditions as required by cbp.
2:26 am
so we'll find out as we go along, but it looks like it's going to grow. todd: and, obviously, looking forward to your report seeing what the scene is there on the bottom. griff, thank you very much. jillian: hitting the ground running, ambassador john bolton starting the job as martial security adviser -- national security adviser with a full plate, now another chemical attack in syria. why our next guest says he is the man to take on assad. rebecca hine ricks is live. >> ask lots of questions about this and that. [laughter] >> about this and that. todd: jimmy kimmel giving a backhanded apology after mocking melania's accent but not enough. the growing petition to boycott his show when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ doorbell rings ] janice, mom told me you bought a house. okay.
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jillian: good morning and welcome back. a fox news alert, an urgent multistate manhunt intensifying to a man who confessed to killing his mother and friend on facebook. casey james lawhorn shot them, then wrote online that he felt nothing adding, quote: nothing anyone has or hasn't done to me caused this. police found his abandoned car in the mississippi and warn lawhorn is armed and dangerous. forget gun control, london's mayor is now going after knives responding to an upswing in standings that pushed the city's murder rate past new york's for the first time in the modern history. he said, quote: there is never a reason to carry a knife adding that anyone caught with one will feel the full force of the law. london has already seen 50 homicide this year mostly by stabbing. todd: president trump slamming "the washington post" over a scathing report on john kelly. the president tweeting, quote:
2:31 am
todd: the post reported kelly was threatening to resign and was losing credibility in the white house. the son of outgoing arizona senator jeff flake wants a new trial a flake, joe arpaio. they lost a lawsuit against the former phoenix sheriff last year, the pair claimed arpaio pursued an animal cruelty case against them to embarrass jeff flake and gain publicity. arpaio was pardoned by president trump last year after being found guilty of racial profiling. jillian: turning now to extreme weather, heavy snow and wind causing a plane to slide off the runway as it landed in south dakota. todd: none of the 155 passengers onboard the plane are hurt, that's the good news, but janice
2:32 am
dean has more on that snowmaker moving across the country. >> reporter: it's true, sometimes it snows in april. 32 in new york, it is cold across the midwest, currently snowing in chicago, des moines and 24 in minneapolis. so it's cold. we're going to get a bit of a warmup across the midwest, the central u.s. and the northeast this week and then back to cooler than average temperatures, and i mean, it is snowing. it's snowing across the ohio valley, parts of the midwest in towards the mid-atlantic. it is going to bring some nuisance snow throughout the cay. we're also going to see the potential for rain across southeast. things will get quiet as we head into tomorrow, but we have a new system across the west that's going to bring the potential for flooding rainfall and some mountain snow. i wish i had better news. right? spring will happen at some point. jillian: yeah. i have faith that it'll happen at some point. sooner rather than later would be nice. todd: we've got baseball games being canceled for snow, look at the players all bundled up. >> reporter: you know what's going to happen, it's going to
2:33 am
be cold and then all of a sudden it's summertime. todd: no spring. jillian: welcome back. >> reporter: thank you. nice to see you, friends. todd: ambassador john bolton takes over the role of national security adviser, he is joining the white house today with a long list of policy priorities including, here we go, north korea, russia, china and now another gas attack in syria. jillian: so how should the u.s. respond? here now to weigh in is senior fellow at the hudson institute rebeccah heinrichs, thank you for joining us this morning. what do you think? what would you like the response to be? >> overwhelming, punishing force used against assad. you know, it's been a year since the united states responded with military force after the last major chemical weapons attack, but assad has been using chemical weapons since then too. this is not the first time he has used them since then. he's been using them at a much smaller scale, and you use chemical weapons as terror weapons. they're meant to break the will and the morale of your enemy, in this case the rebel forces
2:34 am
embedded there, because this causes agonizing and painful death against women and children specifically. the united states cannot tolerate this. so last night i was saying on social media suit up john bolton, put him in, because he's the guy to do it. todd: what's interesting is the president calling out vladimir putin on twitter over the weekend. you know that john bolton is way more of a hard-liner than anybody else we've ever seen in this role including h.r. mcmaster. dueck the president's willingness -- do you think the president's willingness to call out vladimir putin is a sign that bolton is showing influence? >> i think president trump has been losing patient with putin. even some of the leaks that have come out with some of his private conversations with putin have indicated that it's a mixed bag of positives but also being very pointed and clear with putin. so i think president trump has already, his patience has been wearing out. i think h.r. mcmaster did a great job as national security
2:35 am
adviser, butword boll toon's -- ambassador bolton's going to have this great rapport with president trump. he is the first america firster, very clear about what america's interests are and what is necessary to protect the united states. and so i think he really is the perfect man to get in there at this point in time. jillian: what would you like to see from him right off the bat? >> what we need today, i hope there's going to be a strong, coordinated effort between the united states and the french at least against assad. there's some indication that it was the israelis that were already attacking assad's forces last night. so right off the bat we've got to have this because you can't allow chemical weapons to continue being used. so i hope there's going to be an overwhelming force. and understanding that the president is becoming impatient with staying in syria, we have to come up with a short-term plan to punish assad and his use of chemical weapons and then also a longer term plan to prevent iran from developing and finishing that shia crescent all
2:36 am
the way down to lebanon and also preventing russia from getting that stronghold and having and establishing military bases in syria. that has got to be handled, you know, in the next year or two, and then also north korea, of course, major going into talks with kim jong un. ambassador bolton's going to be a great force for claire i in helping president trump to hold the line and not take a deal that doesn't actually denuclearize the korean peninsula. todd: he's got a lot on his plate as he takes over this job. in fact, he came into the office on saturday to get a head start even though today is his first official day. thank you very much for the insight on john bolton. jillian: president trump slamming the fbi and doj over a missed document deadline, so what does it have to hide? we debate it next. in are,
2:37 am
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2:41 am
stevens with a loaded handgun. her government job is to keep teens out of jail. gunfire came from the vehicle stevens was in, she has been suspended and is charged with criminal possession of a weapon. her lawyer says she didn't know the gun was in the car. jillian: the department of justice now under fire for what president trump is calling slow walking the investigation into fisa abuses. but after being called out, the department now making moves speeding things up and appointing u.s. attorney john lausch to oversee the pace of the documents' release. here now to debate it is liberal commentator wendy -- and new york city councilman joe borelli. wendy, do you think there's slow walking going on? >> no, i don't think there's slow walking. they requested millions of documents, so it's just going to take time, and there's bureaucratic red tape that comes with that. what i think is really important that ray came out and said on
2:42 am
march 27th -- wray said he's going to assign more agents to produce the documents needed. what is not a good thing is for trump to continuously use twitter as a means to attack his own department of justice. it's just absurd for us to continue to attack our own government. their doing the best they can -- they're doing the best they can, and those documents will be released today. so to be late only three days does not warrant an attack on twitter. jillian: speaking of using twitter, let's pull out this tweet from saturday: =jl joe, who do you agree with, weny or president trump and his tweet? >> well, it's not looking good. look, there's a reason our founders put the congress in article i of the constitution and the executive branch in article ii. the fbi and doj are subject to -- not above finish the laws of the house of representatives and the senate. and when you see an agency potentially with bad actors stonewalling an investigation by
2:43 am
the people, we the people have sent to washington for this purpose. the president and, frankly, we all should be right to question this. every time we peel back a layer of the onion that is the fbi and doj, we seem to uncover more bias whether it's the strock e-mails, the new loretta lynch documents, comey perjuring himself, it's a marching band of red mags at this -- red flags at this point. jillian: and, wendy, if something seems to be taking a long time, isn't it fair to be getting something done about it? >> it is fair and, again, that's why i think it's really important that the department of justice came on and said they think the procedural red tape for documents is relatively slow, and they're going to work on addressing that. but again, we are talking about three days late, right? if they end up releasing these documents today. it's one thing to stonewall and never produce the documents, one thing to impede, but just to be tardy, again, does not warrant
2:44 am
us to have the type of conversations that make it seem like the entire department is or corrupt when that is not the case. jillian: joe, wendy pointed out the fact that, okay, or it's a couple days late, but do you think we would be having this conversation about the documents supposedly being released at some point soon -- possibly today -- if it weren't for the appointment of john lausch? >> no, and just look at the past precedent of what the nbi has been willing to disclose to -- fbi has been willing to disclose. every time there's a question of the fbi's actors, no, it is not the entire fbi or the doj, but when it's at the top levels who are political appointees, we see time and time again there is some implicit bias. just look at the way they handled the clinton investigation where they exonerated her versus how they look at dorn trump where there's -- donald trump where there's this hypothesizing that isn't even a crime on the books. jillian: wendy, final word. >> the individuals who were
2:45 am
under attack were under a different administration. what we're talking about here are people that were appointed by president trump, so let's make sure we are not attacking an entire department and saying they are bad actors when they are not. these are hard working men and women who serve our country and have served our country honorably, and we need to continue to put that at the forefront of this discussion. jillian: wendy and joe, thank you for joining us. todd: backlash building, thousands threatening a boycott of jimmy kimmel for making jokes about melania trump's accent. >> ask lots of questions about this and that. [laughter] >> about this and that. todd: now he's caving to the pressure, but some conservatives are not buying it. but first, let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up to on "fox & friends". happy monday to you, sir. steve: good morning to you. you know, last week the president of the united states made it very clear to secure our southern border he's going to order up the national guard. texas is already ready to send
2:46 am
folks, and the governor from that great state, governor abbott, will be joining us live here on the couch to talk about that. also senator lindsey graham, senate armed service committee, on the syria chemical attack and the airstrike in the early morning hours over there. meanwhile, diamond and silk say they're being censored by facebook because they are unsafe to the community. how are they unsafe? we're going to ask them right here on "fox & friends." kicks off 14 minutes from right now right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. we will be back with todd and jillian in about three minutes. ♪ here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing.
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[laughter] jillian: not necessarily. [laughter] that's okay, we're just trend setters here. that is a live look at penn's landing in philadelphia. president trump's attacks on amazon compared to italian dictator benito mussolini. former treasury secretary larry summers, who served in the clinton administration, suggests the president is going after the company since jeff bezos owns "the washington post." >> what is not the job of a president of the united states is to go on a jihad against a company because he does not like the activities of a newspaper that is privately owned by its ceo. that is the kind of thing that happened in mussolini's it lille. -- italy.
2:51 am
jillian: trump has a accused amazon of ripping off the postal service. todd: jimmy kimmel apologizing for his attacks on sean hannity, but he remains seemingly un apologetic for his mean-spirited dig at melanne that trump. >> about this and that. [laughter] >> about this and that. [laughter] you realize what this means, you could be first lady of the united states. todd: kim el's new statement reading in part, quote: todd: gina loudon joined us earlier, d she's not buying it. >> his apology is backhanded and very small, and it sounds precisely like the words of somebody who knows they are losing yet again. todd: a petition to boycott kimmel's show over his comments now has over 151,000 signatures.
2:52 am
jillian: a fox business alert, planning a road trip this summer? you better start saving. gas prices are about to soar. todd: seems like it happens every year. tracee carrasco from fox business here with what you need to know. >> reporter: good morning, yes. within the last two weeks we have seen gas prices go up at least eight cents, so the national average about 2.74. that's about 30 cents more than it was this time last year, and we could see the highest prices of this summer since the summer of 2014. so as you said, if you are planning a road trip, you're going to have to pay a little bit more. this is largely because of the rising crude oil and the reduced output with opec and russia. todd: and that summer blend -- jillian: speaking of summer blend. [laughter] todd: i thank the producers to feed me and give me beverage as well, and this is a perfect story for it. anheuser-busch debuting a new summer beer -- jillian: there's no taste test?
2:53 am
>> reporter: i'm sorry, there's no taste test, but this is a twist on america's best selling beer, bud light. they've got bud light orange. as you said, this is just in time for summer to kick things off to celebrate. it is available only for a limited time, but it's already on store shelves, and people on social media are saying. of you know, bud light has their bud light lime -- jillian: that was good. >> reporter: yeah, so this might be a good option. todd: off camera i will sample it. jillian: we expect a full report in an hour. todd: i will. my duty. thank you. a luxurious getaway to outer space is one step closer to becoming a reality, but it's going to cost you. jillian: the world's first space hotel set to launch in 2022 for just $10 million guests will spend 12 nights floating through space aboard the aurora station. todd: the company already accepting deposits of $80,000, so i ask you, would you ever go? jillian: nah, not for that much
2:54 am
money. todd: the reason i wouldn't go has nothing to do with space, i don't do anything unless i can get points for it. jillian: i wonder if you get points for that? todd: let's research that. jillian: a runaway school bus. the brand new dash cam video showing a teen taking police for a wild ride. todd: not good. jillian: no. todd: it must have been a windy day for a woman arrested for cocaine possession. apparently, she says the drugs weren't hers, they belong to mother nature. the most outrageous arrest excuse you may have ever heard in your life. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ kick it to the front. rob: the producers are baiting me. last time they played this viral clip every time i have been on air even for serious stuff. jillian, i want to review. last month you said that was philly? you got a point. that's washington, d.c., the white house. i get a point. jillian: can you get another point if you dance. rob: let's do the good first. jillian: time for the good, the bad and the ugly.
2:59 am
a puppy rescued after getting its head stuck in the wheel of a car. firefighters in texas first tried to free the dog with oil and before eventually trysting him out safely. unclear how he got caught in the first place. todd: nexted bad. police going on a wild chase in a school bus 15-year-old crashing and coming to a stop. it all happened in texas. he stole that bus from a church. jillian: the story that todd couldn't wait to get to this morning. this is the you will. a woman busted with cocaine in her car, blame it on a windy day. telling florida police officers the drugs flew through the window into her purse, sorry. the cops didn't buy it though. todd: instead of her having
3:00 am
a pocket full of poseys, she had a purse full of coke and thank mother nature. jillian: thank you for starting your week off with us. we will see you back here tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now. todd: bi. bye. >> world reacts in horror to the latest chemical attack in syria. >> president trump made it clear who he believes is responsible tweeting in part big price to pay. >> if he doesn't follow through and live up to that tweet, he is going to look weak in the eyes of russia and iran. this is a defining moment, mr. president. >> they are on the border. they are the first to respond. >> we have a leaking boat on our border. the president has been clear enough is enough. fix the actual problem and fix that leak. >> fox news now confirming north korea has told the u.s. that kim jong un is ready to discuss denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> and now


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