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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 9, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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gone up to a certain extend. might be people are trying to come into our good economy. but we're putting the national guard and military at the border. we're beefing up the border patrol who have done a fantastic job. ice has done a fantastic job. we will take care of that situation. we need a well. whether you're a republican or a democrat, we need a wall. it will stop your drug flow and knock a lot of people out that we don't want in this country this are coming into this country. right now we're putting the military and the national guard and we're going to have strong borders now. we have strong borders now but they'll be much stronger. with that, the cabinet meeting will begin. we're going to discuss a lot of different elements of what's going on. the country is doing very well.
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we've created three million jobs since the election. 700,000 jobs in the last number of months. the numbers are starting to come out from companies, corporations. they're doing incredibly well. it's very solid. our country is on very solid footing. when we do a deal with china, which probably we will, if we don't, they'll have to pay high taxes to do business with our country. it's a possibility. but if we do a deal with china, if during the course of a negotiation they want to hit the farmers because they think that hits me, i wouldn't say that's nice but i tell you, our formers are great patriots. they understand that they're doing this for the country. we'll make it up to them. in the end, they'll be stronger than they are now. don't forget, farmers have been trending downward over an eight-year period. their numbers have trended
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downward. some cases significantly. so between nafta and china and all of the things we're doing, we're going to make them much better than they have ever been. but during this period of time, sonny purdue is here, he understands what i'm saying. there will be little work to be done. the farmers will be better off than they were. it will take awhile to get there. but it could be very quick actually. it's not nice when they hit the farmers specifically because they think that hits me. we're doing great on trade deals. we're going to make deals with a lot of countries that have taken advantage of us. we will be reporting back to everybody. we'll start our cabinet meeting. thank you all, media, press. thanks for being here. thank you.
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>> mr. president, you still want to get out of syria? >> we'll will be making a decision on that by the end of the day. we cannot allow atrocities. >> [question inaudible] >> if he does, it will be very tough. >> [question inaudible] >> he will pay a price, everybody will. >> the u.s. military action, is the off the table? >> nothing is off the table. >> is there some belief who is responsible? >> to me, there's not much of a doubt. the generals will figure it out. thank you, everybody. thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. >> [question inaudible] >> no, the markets are up today. our country will be stronger when this is finished.
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these trade deals are horrible. our country will be much stronger when this is finished. okay? that's very important. thank you. >> a look inside the white house a few moments ago. the president holding his cabinet meeting, weighing in on the latest developments in syria calling this most recent chemical attack a heinous, horrible attack. promising major decisions in the next one to two days. the president said we'll be making some major decisions in the next 24 to 48 hours. talking about the options we have as a country as a response. nothing is off the table, this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here's harris faulkner, we have jessica tarlov, and joining us on the couch, lee seldon. he's an army veteran that still
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serves in the reserves and he's outnumbered. you join us as we listen to the president's comments. we await the white house response. he promised they will pay a big price. >> i'm sure. there will be a bold decisive action. it's important for there to be punishment for what had taken place. the president has articulated a desire that many americans want to bring our troops here. we have assets in syria. a limited targeted air strike is something i can't guarantee because the decision has not been made, i don't think but i'd predict there will be a response. >> is there a correlation between the president's announcement that he would like to see american troops come home from syria and the chemical weapons attack we saw over the weekend? >> i don't think so. it would make sense for the syrians not to engage in the chemical attack if they believe that the president is on the
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verge of pulling the troops out, he wants the president to follow-through? what we've seen as a strategy in the middle east is for countries and for terrorist groups and individuals, they lay low at that point. >> so what are they doing? >> they've been doing it a long time. that's the thing that a lot of americans, we're reflecting on years of how they have crossed the redline multiple times. there were no consequences in the pass. syria has top cover with the russians, top cover with the iranians, the turks have more of a presence there. they feel like they'll get away with it. >> the first time this happened in trump's presidency, it was a waffling situation where he had indicated that he did not want to be as aggressive. then there was a chemical weapons attack and he went forward with the air strikes which everybody was completely supportive of. there's a correlation, a piece in "the washington post" about that, about what happens when you say we want to lay back with
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people who are as horrific as assad and vladimir putin and the iranians. they say oh, if you're are going to pull back, we're going show you that we can keep doing this to our people over and over again and that's why this happened. >> i'm not going to push back because i don't think we know. >> no. >> but what is the difference between this chemical weapons attack and chlorine gas? we've seen several attacks the last few months. you know, it's hard to verify any of it. we don't have -- we can see the images and the symptoms and those sorts of things. the doctors study the tapes. intel people can study the tapes and verify what is going on this. is a situation where the line is moving on what they think they can get away with do we trust syria to have given up their chemical weapons? >> not only do we not trust see i can't, we know they have not gotten rid of their weapons.
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we know the russians are providing the top cover. there's been reported iranian militants just killed over the course of the last several hours as a result of a strike. i do believe -- >> from the u.s. or israel? >> the united states said it wasn't us. the israelis haven't confirmed it was them. but they have not denied it either. so i don't know who else it could have been if it wasn't israel. >> the president was tweeting about this, saying president putin, russia and iran are backing animal assad, big price to pay. sick. if president obama had crossed his stated red line in the sand, the syrian disaster would have ended long ago. animal assad would have been history. we also heard from senator graham this morning. he was weighing in on how we should be targeting assad. listen. >> i think now he's a legitimate war criminal in the eyes of the
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international community. assad and his inner circle should be war criminals. if you have the opportunity to take him out, you should. you should ground his air force, destroy his air force. the world is watching the president. iran is watching the president, russia is washing the president and north korea is watching the president. this president is do the opposite of obama. there's a new sheriff in town and america is back. >> few thoughts. one is that the united states, we can't do this by ourselves. we don't want the cost and lives, limbs, financially. there's wealthy nations in that region. i want to see saudi arabia, the qataris, uae showing a more leadership row. assad needs to go but can't get replaced by another assad. another important point is just thinking long-term, we should never send our troops into war
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unless they're sent to win. send them or don't send them at all. >> that's the problem. we're still in afghanistan. that's the big worry. a lot of people would like to see a massive punishing blow to syria so they knock this off and stop killing their own people, innocent civilians and blame it on islamists. let's say we get involved. you have people more hawkish like john bolton that starts today as the president's national security adviser. let's say we go in. what does that mean long-term? >> what does victory look like? >> look where we still are in afghanistan. >> notice ambassador bolton was over the president's left shoulder sitting in front of the window. so he's there. they're perched to take over this mission. what is the end game, kennedy? i don't know. do we want to own parts of syria? that seems complicated. they had this meeting. we weren't invited with the people that you listed that have more real estate, if you will, political real estate. iran, russia, turkey.
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why weren't we invited? >> we should have been. there's a vacuum that has been creat created. it's been filled by the russians, the iranians and the turks. we don't want to own this problem. we can't afford it. we're concerned it's getsing worse than better. the good news is, isis almost destroyed in syria. the bad news is you have this assad problem and there's no easy solution. >> we'll keep watching. the president promising some sort of announcement in the next one to two days on how we'll respond. we're watching the dow. so is the president. he just mentioned it at that cabinet meeting. sold off friday over fears of a trade war with china. more on the impacts on the u.s. economy. and mark zuckerberg meading with lawmakers one day before he's set to testify on capitol hill over the growing data debacle. we expect to hear from senator bill nelson this hour after meeting one-on-one with
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg set to testify tomorrow on capitol hill among growing outrage over the privacy
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scandal impacting millions. he's meeting with some senators today. bill nelson will speak later about their meeting later this hour. mark zuckerberg says it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm and also said that facebook's profitability will take a hit because of a major investment the firm will make in security. this as cambridge analytica whistle-blowers said more than 87 million users data could have been compromised. also had this to say. >> i think there's a genuine risk that this data has been accessed by quite a few people and that it could be stored in various parts of the world, including russia given the fact that, you know, the professor that was managing the data harvesting process was going backwards and forwards between the u.k. and russia. >> john kennedy that sits on the
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judiciary committee says he's worried that facebook's problems are too big to fix. >> is it fair for me to give up all of my personal data to facebook and apparently everybody else in the western hemisphere in exchange for me being able to see what some of my high school buddies had for dinner saturday night? who owns my data? do i own it or does facebook own it? the service agreement with facebook is written in swahili. nobody understands it. should i have the right to opt in as opposed to opt out? should i have the right to erase my data? should i have the right to demand that facebook get my permission before it sells that data? >> just moments ago, facebook began notifying users whose personal information was accessed by cambridge analytica
9:18 am
be accessing a see how it acts you link. and we will see about the testimony that zuckerberg is going to provide. is zuckerberg being asked to step aside? he's looking at investor phone calls and questions from major investors that might think he needs to step aside. >> i don't think we're quite at that point yet. i do think a lot of facebook's competitors are delighted. it's interesting. people are pretending like facebook is the only social media company on the planet. that's not true by a long shot. it's also a generational question. you have basic users over 40 that are horrified that all of their contacts, whether e-mail or phone numbers are essentially taken from them. it's not really without their knowledge but it's true. these user agreements are meant to be so long and complicated
9:19 am
that you don't read them. when is the last time you read one of those long screens before you click "i agree." is a millennials and younger users in their late teens, they know that privacy does not exist. >> congressman, what do you want to know from mark zuckerberg? what questions should he be asked? >> the american public wants to know how much of a data breach took place, what other potential threats exist for their data to get to other people, what specifically of their data is getting out publicly. being used commercially. the american public i think understands that when we walk around with our smart phones, we have all sorts of apps that are following us around. when we're on the computers and they're placing cookies, a lot of people are following this. >> senator bill nelson, a live
9:20 am
look it side his office on capitol hill. >> he's having a private one-on-one discussion with mark zuckerberg ahead of this testimony this week. we're going to take his comments. he's expected to comment on this meeting when he steps out. we'll take a live when it begins. harris, what a moment for so many that yes, we know we're giving up our privacy. >> well, the promises have been prone. the privacy has never been there. doesn't matter how long you get into the agreement. you're online. it's like a work server. don't e-mail. don't put stuff out there that you don't want other people to see. that aside, i'm calling a pile of cow patties. zuckerberg says we're going to lose money. no, it's your business man. now you can't doop us and sell
9:21 am
our stuff. that's what's happening here. if he would call it what it is, it would might further the cause. what he's saying right now, we were too slow to spot russian interference. it's time to be a force for good for democracy and everywhere. that's what i want for facebook. really? what about the other part that we give you so much because you tell us it's in exchange for being connected to 2.2 billion. come real with this. >> that is a live shot there outside of senator nelson's office. mark zuckerberg is there at the moment. we know that because cameras saw him entering the office. we'll take you live comments when he steps out. president trump levelling new criticism at the justice department after a delay of turning over documents to the justice department for the hillary clinton e-mail probe. and loretta lynch speaking out ahead of james comey's new book. denying comey raised any
9:22 am
objections to the handling of the clinton problem. details ahead. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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9:27 am
doj and the fbi have to hide? why aren't they giving the strongly requested documents unredacted to the house judiciary committee? stalling. but for what reason? not looking good! meanwhile, justice department spokesperson sarah flores says the doj will hand over more than 300,000 pages today to the house judiciary committee. she also said this. >> these 1.2 million pages are what the inspector general who is within the department of justice took from the department to look through. they could include grand jury material, classified material or something about ongoing investigations that are totally unrelated to hillary clinton. so it's really important that we have to get they redactions right. that could take time. >> congressman, i like a good slow dance at a wedding. i don't like it in my federal documents. what is happening? >> the doj and the fbi at the highest levels were engaged in
9:28 am
miss conduct to the fisa abuse, with regards to how and why the hillary clinton probe ended, how and why the trump probe began and it's going to -- it has been going to make more of the justice department and the fbi look bad as more information comes to light. what is so important to note, almost all of the fbi and doj have amazing best of the best americans. they do it for the right reasons and they do an amazing job. they do it because they love our country and they're exceptional at it. these are historic important legendary agencies that have good work to do in the future. in order to move forward with this mission, there needs to be more accountability and transparency. these documents need to be provided. >> and it already looks bad. you're looking for 1.2 million with a 300,000 with a you out to be thankful you're getting this much. you mentioned fisa.
9:29 am
today, carter page, the fisa argument has been around him. was it okay that he was spied on looking for anything let alone collusion, and he says yeah, i want my fisa application out there. >> and carter page, maybe he did something bad, talking to people he shouldn't have. i don't know. i don't care. if he's the means by which we get to see the fisa application, redact it. i understand it. most people understand that. but we deserve to see what is on that application. we deserve to see side by side the people charged in the mueller investigation and the people that weren't charged in the hillary clinton e-mail server investigation. if they did the exact same thing and if so far there's a discrepancy. >> jessica, why do you think there's a stall?
9:30 am
did politics play a role? >> i think politics play a role in everything goes on. something that we can't escape. partisans are more likely to give the benefit of the doubt. to kennedy's point, if carter page wants the warrant out there, that's fine. but the mueller investigation kicked off because of papadopoulos, not because of the carter page fisa warrant. for the slow rolling, there's a lot of redactions to be made for national security reasons. i believe they'll get them out here. >> and there's an excuse -- >> people are not giving up at this point. >> and people want to be there for decades -- >> there was an fbi agent that said you want to be redacted? you want to do that? you can do that with an emoji of
9:31 am
a smiley face. >> is there an emoji for redact something. >> there's an emoji for delight. >> there's one thick to have a redaction on the carter page fisa warrant. another reason to redact because it might make you look bad. there's a memo -- >> turn over all of it. >> it's not about carter page and george papadopoulos. >> you think voters care about this? >> yes. people want to know if we're going to get to the bottom of it if there's transparency and accountability. u.s. attorney john lausch has a big job to do. the american people deeply care about this and are following it. >> doj, fbi? interesting. kennedy? >> my, oh, my. former obama attorney general loretta lynch is speaking out ahead of the release of fired fbi director james comey's book,
9:32 am
a little damage control perhaps. this amid growing questions over the justice department's handling of the hillary clinton investigation. is there were concerns about where lynch was told to refer to it as a matter. >> i want to know if she going to authorize us to call it an investigation. she said yes, don't call it an investigation. call it a matter. i said why would i do that? she said just call it a matter. we had an investigation open at the time. that gave me a queezy feeling. >> comey did not raise any objection. >> the issue that we had in the early fall of 2015 is whether or not we were ready as a department to confirm an investigation going on. >> comey said you wanted to call it the clinton matter.
9:33 am
he wants to call it the investigation. to the extent that he noted it, did he go to you and question your credibility with regard to the clinton case? >> i can tell you that it was a meeting like any other that we had had. we talked about the issues. we had a full and open discussion about it. >> he didn't raise any concerns? >> and concerns were not raised. >> does he have tendonitis from throwing the softs? why not ask her for why she wanted to call it a matter? they quote talked about innocuous things. that's curious, congressman. talks about innocuous things but didn't disclose that. it wasn't until a reporter looked at the trade war with china tail numbers and realized one is for lynch and one is for former president clinton and they were sitting there talking about grandkids and golf. >> i just don't believe that it was all small talk on that
9:34 am
plane. it's no coincidence that right after that meeting takes place on the plane, the investigation ends. that the report that was going to be ending the investigation gets written and finalized before he even interviewed hillary clinton and other top level officials. the whole time line doesn't make loretta lynch look good or james comey or all the people around these people at the highest levels of the doj and fbi. that's why there needs to be a special counsel appointed. the i.g. has the ability to be able to look into some of what we've been discussing -- >> what about the federal prosecutor that attorney general sessions has -- >> and from utah. >> and it's hard to expect the doj and fbi to investigate themselves. >> aren't they set up to do that, right? >> this is one that -- you can't even compare it to anything else in the history of these agencies. right now -- >> that we know about. >> you have a special counsel investigating the president for winning the election without any
9:35 am
evidence and any crime -- >> congressman, it's a little more than just now. he's looking into financial issues. >> right. >> we get it. >> collusion and -- it's a three-prong scope. financial, collusion and obstruction of justice. that's what's doing on here. i'm not just investigating the president for winning. >> it's a fair question this is not aired in its entirety. that will happen tonight. we'll see if mr. holt actually gets to that. >> and i really hope he asks her some pointed questions. you know, there are times when she has not answered satisfactorily. she will crumble. we want the truth. she's no longer the attorney general. give us the truth. you can say, you know what? yeah, i like hillary clinton. i thought it was going to help my career. sure. bill clinton and i talked about a deal. say something and stop trying to pro tend like you're a
9:36 am
benevolent public servant. >> i want to pick up on that. the underlying notion is entitlement. that's why i push back who we look to investigate. i don't trust any of it. i don't know that the american public can look at this and say that they have seen enough and that it's been transparent enough for them. what we know over a year they looked at a president and if they looked at the rest of us like that, as citizens, we would be trying to hire everybody we could. there's no evidence. even ruin our lice because we don't live in the white house. this comes down to entitlement. do we have enough people that don't feel entitled to get to the truth? >> the american public has the ability to give them the information, they will form their own judgment as to what took place. they need help with that. there needs to be more information provided and with regards to what loretta lynch talked about. >> where are comey's notes on the tarmac meet something why didn't they disclose the meeting after it happened?
9:37 am
>> what about comey's notes when he meets with the president, incoming president of the united states? he said it's filled with classified information. then you provide it to the media? isn't that a crime to be leaking classified information? the whole time line going back to during the timeline -- by the way, the point about the trump russian probe and everywhere it's expanded to. the probe opened up because of the election. now you're -- >> we would love to continue this discussion. we have to table it. for the moment, we're going to talk about the president out thing his friendship with china saying beijing will take down trade barriers. will the economy pull back? we'll discuss. stay here. there's little rest for a single dad.
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> mark zuckerberg is behind closed doors right now with the top democrat on the senate committee before which he will be testifying tomorrow. he will be testifying before a house committee on wednesday. we're expecting comments from senator bill nelson when he steps out of that meeting. we'll bring those to you live. not zuckerberg, but we expect some comments from senator nelson. one key passage that we've gotten from mark zuckerberg's house testimony on wednesday is i directed our teams to look at security and other investments that it will affect our profitability going forward. i want to be clear about protecting our community is more important than maximizing our
9:43 am
profits. a live look outside of senator nelson's office on capitol hill. mark zuckerberg is meeting with the senator. later today, he's expected to meet with john thune, the senate commerce committee chair. mark zuckerberg will be answer ago lot of questions sitting on the hot seat the next two days. we'll go to senator bill nelson when he's done. >> we have a very good relationship with china and maintain that relationship. i'm very good friends with president xi that. >> that was was trump talking about china. the dow is up triple digits after a friday sell off after concerns of a trade war. president trump asking his administration to consider $1 billion in new fair representatives on chinese products following threat of
9:44 am
retaliation by beijing. larry kudlow plays down the fears. >> i know there's some jitters out there. i don't think there's any trade war in sight. just technically, we have taken no actions. you understand that? it's a long process. several months here. we put out papers, we take public comments. we review the public comments. and then decisions will be made. so far no tariffs and no action has been enacted. >> democratic congressman joe crowley of new york is concerned. >> i do recognize there's a role for tariffs in our economy. what has been created is a great deal more chaos. people don't know what the president's plan over what mr. kudlow's plan is as we lates to china and the trade war that has begun or initial start of that has begun. i think that's left a lot of americans with uncertainty.
9:45 am
>> there's a lot of uncertainty. fair to say. as a market watcher most of my adult life, markets don't like uncertainty. there's a lot of it out there which causes the big swings and big volatility in the markets today. >> and today we're seeing it go up and it's gone up a lot since president trump came to office. this is not something that he woke up one day and decided to increase tariffs. go back a decade. donald trump then just a businessman that is making observations to the trade deficits that exist and are in place in the world -- >> this isn't just president trump. it's not just candidate trump, right, kennedy? this was donald trump the business man that vowed that we will get tougher on china when the time is right. here he is following through on that promise. >> yeah. some of his political views are very fluid. this is quite static. it is part of his basic world
9:46 am
view. he feels that there's a great trade imbalance in this country. are there people that have differing opinions on this? absolutely. there's many people that feel that all trade decisions should be made by individuals and corporations, not by governments. when the president talks about lowering trade barriers with china, how great would that be? if china really isn't slapping a 25% tariff on u.s. cars and the chinese consumers can purchase with their new buying power whatever they feel the best car is? >> larry kudlow made an interesting point. ever since he's been put in his position as the chief economic adviser, there's been a calm in the markets. the point he made there, nothing is in place yet. there's no trade war, no certainty involved in this yet. so markets are enjoying some calm today. >> larry kudlow is an excellent communicator. like even removing his market watching and investing career,
9:47 am
this is someone who has been on television nor decades and knows how to talk. he can do an interview. he did when he was with chris wallace yesterday and "fox news sunday" run into trouble with a comment that he made on friday. he said there's a number of nations on board. chris wallace asked him to name the nations. he couldn't do that. that's part of the problem that president trump creates for his team. it's on the fly that it comes out. in a infrastructure rally. we're going to take people out of syria. what does that have to do with infrastructure? talk with john bolton or general mcmast or before you say that. that's where the issue comes for the markets. >> he replaced mcmaster. >> well mcmaster was still there last week. we go? >> yes. >> always an interesting moment on the couch. new reports of republicans
9:48 am
sounding the alarm that democrats will try to impeach president trump if they win back the house in november. so will that strategy help republicans in the mid-terms? we will certainly debate based on that. we'll have a debate.
9:49 am
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>> maxine waters, a very low i.q. individual, ever see her? you ever seen her? we will impeach him! we will impeach the president. but he hasn't done anything wrong. it doesn't matter. we will impeach him. >> president trump last month warning supporters that democratic congress woman maxine waters ames to impeach him. now they're seizing on impeachment as a mid-term strategy to help republicans keep their majority. the reports saying "to those voters in the political center that may be uneasy with or exhausted by his administration." the mere thought of impeachment could energize trump supporters.
9:53 am
last week ted cruz used his kickoff rally to show that chuck schumer announced the start of the president's impeachment trial. i'll lay it out there. i'm not an impeachment fan. mike pence is more scarier than trump. so i'm putting that out there. what do you think of this as a strategy? can't you run on tax reform? >> it's a reality. while the president's hand on the bible, people were calling for his impeachment already. there's a militant opposition out there, angry, intollerant. they talk about intollerance. there's a better way for them to react. the reality is, if nancy pelosi
9:54 am
was the speaker of the house, if the democrats take control, they would talk about impeachment. maxine waters is worried about the financial industry? if you give gavels to these people, they will do everything in their power, everything and anything to bring this president down. >> maxine waters is a little outlier on this issue than saying this is what the whole party is. it would be a discussion moment. there's an argument to be made for the grass roots left this may be appealing but there's a lot of people that need to get elected that voted for vice president and many people think the tax bill works. so i'm not sure if it's the crusading strategy. >> maxine waters isn't maxine waters if the democrats gain the house majority. it's chair woman waters. >> what i will say about impeachment, a great economy
9:55 am
doesn't create voters. democrats are passionate right now. republicans, if they're feeling good, they may not rush out to what the republican party is doing so creating an inflection point. >> okay. maybe i'm missing a cue here. we're looking at senator bill nelson and mark zuckerberg, chairman and ceo of facebook. just had a meeting with the top democratic on the senate committee that will be holding a hearing for mark zuckerberg and facebook tomorrow. bill nelson is expected to step out of his office and make comments in front of the camera. we've been keeping an eye on the camera. we want the comments live. so mark zuckerberg in a suit. >> i know. >> a lot of questions what he would be wearing. just left senator bill nelson's office. we'll see if mr. nelson shares the information.
9:56 am
we'll leave it there. more "outnumbered" back in just a moment. >> senator bill nelson is speaking following that meeting, let's listen. >> our countries institutions, but particularly i think the mey
9:57 am
to him, if we don't rein in the misuse of social media, none of us are going to have any privacy anymore. we've seen that enormously affected already as a result of this. we openly talked about the russians, and of their of social media in the last election. i tried to convey to him what could be done using social media in the future but i've also tried to point out to him that adversaries such as vladimir putin can't beat us militarily but they can beat us through cyber.
9:58 am
and on a going forward basis, i would some of our meeting by saying if we don't watch out for social media and platforms like facebook and the mistakes they made in the past, no american is going to have any privacy. >> we talked about the questions on privacy and the statements he submitted to the house, talked about how they are putting in security positions at financial risk. at the end of the day this doesn't have anything to do with facebook. this can't be reined back in. >> we talked about that but the fact is we have to ensure the privacy of the people. ultimately as i said to him, your business model that allows
9:59 am
advertisers to get information and then directly utilize and tailor that advertiser, there is question of privacy there. and that's going to have to be decided at some point in the future. i gave him an example. if i am on facebook and communicating with friends that i like chocolate, do they know of a good chocolate shop? suddenly i have an advertisement pop-up on chocolates. is that an invasion of my privacy? i think that's a real question. but of course -- and that's their business model. but the question for me today is our overall -- >> sandra: that is the top democrat on the commerce committee addressing the press after a closed-door one on
10:00 am
meeting with mark zuckerberg ahead of testifying on the hill tomorrow before the senate committee, the house committee on wednesday. you heard bill nelson talking about reining in and speaking out on the misuse of social media. thanks to congressman lee selden for joining us on the couch today, we are back tomorrow live at noon eastern, here's harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert, president trump says nothing is off the table amid questions over how the u.s. will respond to a deadly attack in syria. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. president trump says some major decisions will be coming in the next 24-48 hours. this as the united nations is holding a emergency meeting today. dozens of people including women and children were killed in a chemical attack outside damascus,syria, yesterday, that's the capital. president trump condemned the attack and suggested a united states military response could be imminent, watch. >> it was


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