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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 9, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." leaders on both sides of the aisle in congress, in the media, in our intelligence services and virtually every overfunded think tank in washington have suddenly aligned tonight on a single point of agreement. america must go to war in syria immediately. bashar al assad cannot continue to lead that country. he must be overthrown. assad is an evil man, they tell us, his latest crime is a chlorine gas attack carried out over the weekendr by his forces against a rebel held suburb of damascus. his poison gas suffocated children. pictures of the aftermath of that are all over the internet and they are assad is a monster. that's the official story. almost everyone in power
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claims to believe it. the push to war in syria, by the way, has united politicians from both sides. lindsey graham and howard dean typically agree on very little. not much at all. but today they are both calling for war in syria. graham is demanding massive attacks on the syrian military, dean is going even further than that. on twitter, he called the president "a wimp" for merely sending thousands of troops and launching tons of bombs at syria. that's not enough for howard dean, who you may remember once ran for president as the peace candidate. tonight he wants total war in syria. television pundits, of course, strongly agree. this morning, the foreign policy team over on msnbc explained that it's far more important for american troops to fight in syria than it is to secure our ownyr border here in america. watch. >> there is no question that now, all these years later, is donald trump's challenge. >> he has to take action. he has spoken to macron. what he ought to do is a
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coordinated action. there has to be a coordinated response. >> as trump leaves to fight his imaginary border wall. he is leaving the real war where we could make a difference and turning it over to assad and to iran and to isis. this is something that barack obama wouldn't even do if confronted with these set of facts. >> tucker: "trump has to take action in syria." everyone nods sagely.. that ought to make you nervous. universal bipartisanvo agreement on anything is usually the first sign that something deeply unwise is about to happen. i if only because there is nobody left to ask skeptical questions. and we should be skepticalpt of this. starting with the poison gas attack itself. all the geniuses tell us that assad killed those children, but do they really know that? of course they don't really know that. they are making it up. they have no real idea what happened. actually, both sides in the syrian civil war possess chemical weapons. how would it benefit assad
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using chlorine gas last weekend? well, it wouldn't.we assad's forces have been winning the war in syria. the administration just announced its plans to pull american troops out ofla syria, having vanquished isis. that's good news for assad. and about the only thing he could do to reverse it and hurt himself would be to use poison gas against children. well, he did it anyway, they tell us. he is that evil.l. please. keep in mind this is the same story they told us last april. do you remember that? y it was almost exactly a year ago. the new administration announced it was no longer seeking to depose assad from power. regime change was no longer our policy. the usual war chorus in washington starting yelping and days later, he used sarin gas. there was video. we bombed a syrian air base in response to that. at the time, this show asked the obvious question, are we really sure assad did that? it seems weirdly timed and counter productive to him.
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shut up, they explained, of course we are sure. what an unpatriotic question. but, of course, they were lying. two months ago the secretary of defense admitted that actually we still have no proof that assad use sarin gas. the story it turns out was propaganda. it was designed to manipulate americans, just like so much of what they say. we have seen this movie before and know how it ends. for the sake of argument, let's assume they are not lying this time. let's assume assad did just use sarin gas against kids. he is perfectly capable of that, i'm not defending his moral character. if he did do that, would that be worth starting a war over? chaos, many thousands would die. in fact mike likely see the genocide of one of the last remaining christian communities in the middle east and we ought to care about that. some of the dead, of course, would be american servicemen. a new war would cost us tens of billions of dollars. maybe hundreds of billions. would it make america safer?e would it make the region more stable? let's see, how exactly did
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regime change work in iraq and libya? doesn't matter. say our moral leaders on cnn and everywhere else. atrocities like this cannot be tolerated. okay. but let's be real, we do tolerate atrocities like this all theik time. for example, there is a devastating famine killing children in yemen right now. the saudis are causing that famine.. should we drop tomahawks on riyadh in response? when you conduct foreign policy via viral video, pictures are essential. in real life, syria is a highly complicated place.n with assad gone, who would run it exactly? do we have another strongd man in place to install? or is it our hope that he a stable democracy will magically appear in the wake of this protracted civil area? who exactly are these moderate rebels you hear about? the ones we are supporting with your tax dollars?l a lot of them turn out to be islamist crazies. the city with a chemical b attack just occurred is
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mostly controlled by the army of islam. a radical group called for establishing an islamic state under sharia law in syria. that group's founder called for exterminating all shia muslims and aloites from the country. we are supposed to wage a new war on this group's behalf. why is that exactly? back in 2013, when the syrian civil war was still in its early days, one onlooker weighed in on here is part of what he wrote. "we should stay the hell out of syria. the rebels are just as bad as the current regime. what will we get for our lives and billions of dollars? zero."ar in another tweet he said this. "let the arab league take care ofuc syria. why rich arab countries not paying for such a tremendous cost of such an attack. another tweet he said, "this what will we get for bombing syria besides more debt and conflict." you know who wrote that, donald trump. he was right. that's one of the reasons he got elected president. now the same people who brought you a dying american
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middle class, undefended american borders, and endless pointless wars in countries you could not find on a map are telling the president he has got to depose assad for reasons that are both unclear and demonstrably dishonest. by the way, it may happen. but, before it does,. congress ought to consider a brand new constitutionals, amendment.on let's call it the lindsey graham amendment. and here's what it would say. congress shall topple no n government until it finishes rebuilding the last government it toppled. and furthermore, talk show to personally visit the battlefield of every war they advocate for. end of amendment. that would have an immediate and positive effect. let's hope it passes. senator roger wicker is a republican representing the state of mississippi. he joins us tonight. senator, thanks for coming on.. >> thank you. >> tucker: what is the american national security interest that would bere served by regime change in syria? >> well, if you care about israel, you have to be interested at least inin what's going on in syria. we're fighting isis there. iran is seeking to dominate the whole region.
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i think we have national interests in syria.av but let me say this about what candidate trump may have said or what he said before he was a candidate. you know, there is information you receive when you are president of the united states that you really don't have as are candidate. and i appreciate the president putting a team around him that i have a confidence in. secretary mattis and general dunford, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, i think, are going to give the president good advice. john bolton starting today and i think -- >> tucker: there are smart and decent people around him. >> tell him what he needs to hear. >> tucker: there is certainly a lot of those people are smart. but i just want to get back to the core question that i think a lot of voters have which is what the american national security that is served. you say you care about israel. i do care about israel.. what's the american national security interest that would
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be changed by regime change? you can think of downsides, death, cost, et cetera. how would this country become safer by overthrowing assad?s >> i'm not sure regimeme change is still our goal there. it was the goal ofas barack obama and hasn't really been our stated goal during this trump administration. but, defeating isis in iraq and in syria is still our goal. and i think that is in the national interest. >> tucker: but wasn't defeating isis one of the goals of the assad government? of course, isis was a radical sunni group. assad is allied with the shiites. he was fighting isis as well. why wouldn't we, if we believe isis is the main enemy, functionally find ourselves on the side of assad? >> well, you're correct in this sense. and you are correct in many ways. it's complicated in syria. there is no question about it.
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i mean, the -- there is not a bunch of white hats and a bunch of black hats. >> tucker: right. >> i will give you that. we are -- and we're not in the business of regime change. so i would challenge that. but it is within our national interest to make sure isis is defeated and we are -- we have almost got the job done. i just think it would be a mistake to pull away at this point. i'm very interested in the questions you are asking about whether there is somert sort of a hoax or whether this poison gas attack really didn't happen, was done by someone >> tucker: i'm not suggesting that. >> that's a question that mr. putin is asking and he has a right to ask it and so do you. i find myself on the other side of the issue. >> tucker: i'm not sure i understand that implication. >> that's the question he asking.
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>> tucker: that's not relevant. slow down, senator. that's not relevant to why i asked the question. i hope you are not trying to impugn my motive tying me to putin as so many on the left do. let me ask again, we were told a year ago that the sarin gas attack in syria was committed by assad's regime. we learned two months ago that we don't really knowat that, that we were lied to about that.o i would think as a u.s. senator, you would have an interest in getting to the truth because the truth matters, doesn't it? i >> i think it's perfectly fine for someone in a position like you to ask that question. >> tucker: why aren't you asking the question? >> well, i have been listening to a lot over the last year. and for my purposes, i'm convinced that bashar assad was very much involved in the attack a year ago. the united nations security council -- >> tucker: what makes you think that? >> based on information i have heard.. i think ---- >> tucker: can you characterize it for us because the secretary of
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defense -- i'm sorry, i wouldn't typically interruptre you. you suggested i was somehow allied with putin. i think i can press you on this question. secretary of defense -- >> you asked the same question that he asked. >> tucker: so i must be a russian agent. i get it? >> i'm not saying that at all. i'm not saying that at all. >> tucker: it's an obvious question actually. the secretary of defense said we didn't have proof but you apparently have proof that the secretary of defense doesn't have. could you characterize it for us? >> no. >> tucker: why? >> i'm not going to get into that further.d >> tucker: okay. so are you satisfied that we know for a fact that the assad regime acting against its own strategic interest was behind the chlorine gas attack this weekend? >> and as i was about to say, tucker, the u.n. security council is looking at that very issue right now. the president of the united states has concluded that, in fact, bashar assad was involved in this. and was responsible for it.hi >> tucker: okay. >> i assume he is making
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that statement based on thess best facts he can get from the secretary of defenseet and from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and his incoming national security advisor. >> tucker: okay. well, i guess putin and i. would like a little more detail on that before we launch a new war on the basis of it. do you think that's a fair question to ask? >> i think you are asking interesting questions and they need to be asked. >> tucker: okay. >> where i come down is that we have a strategic interest there. and it doesn't make senseeg for us to leave without getting the job done. i would be results-based in syria rather than timeline- based.d. >> tucker: okay. well, that was revealing. thank you, senator, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: steve patnos knows a lot about syria. he's a journalist. spent two years as the hostage and he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. one of the many questions here
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is who is behind the chemical attack of the weekend, the chlorine gas attack? i think we all assumed, we saw pictures, so something p happen. one of the first questions is the assad regime the only group in the region that possesses these weapons? >> of course not. we have videos. and i have been inon conversation with these people. i lived with them for two years. i know what their goals are in life. they are interested in carrying out an ex -- a war of extermination against their enemies, particularly the against the syrian -- against the syrian government, they are more than willing to use any weapon whatsoever. anything it takes to rid themselves of their enemies. i'm quite persuaded their goal is annihilation of the enemy. they talked to me about their ambitions of exterminating the enemy. i have no doubt this is
9:15 pm
something that they desire. it's their dream. they believe they own this land, that god gave it to them, and that they should kick the other people out. kill them. >> tucker: so, since you spent years as a captive and are familiar with some of these groups, characterize for us, if you will, some ofof the rebel groups that the united states appears to be supporting and that we hope will take the place of the assad regime once they are deposed. >> i mean, i can give you this characterization. i can tell you that the people that we believe we're supporting, as soon as we give, you know, a nickel to these people, it goes in ten different directions. they divide every asset that's fungible up among themselves. we don't know who we are giving our guns and our money to. we just don't. even though we clear them, we vet them, and we them, we don't know what happens once they go into the country and it's just --haeb it's unexplored emptiness, those places that the rebels control.wh the reason we cannot investigate and figure out who actually committed these chemical attacks is because
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every time, any outsidet person that goes into these areas, is either disappeared or ends up in a cage or tortured or will havear his head cut off. it's really quite impossible to explore the origin of these crimes. it's true that there are a number of possible culprits. but, before we go starting any wars, we shouldbu investigate properly and we can't do that now because we cannot access the scene of the crime. >> tucker: thank you for reminding us how complex this all is and you of course have firsthand experience with it. theo padnos, i appreciate it. >> you bet. i >> tucker: you have been hearing it every day on the other channels, defending america's own borders is immoral while intervening in syria is a real one and imperative.ea does anyone believe that? why are people saying that exactly? colonel doug mcgregor is author of the "book margin of victory." people make the case against
9:17 pm
using force to protect our f southern borders but in favor of using force to protect the territorial integrity of syria. what do you think? >> well, i think it's lunancy, to be perfectly blunt. it's a crazy idea. first of all, the united states armed forces, at least as far as the constitution is concerned, exists principally, primarily to defend the united states. that includes its borders against foreign penetration and for 150 years we have tried to defend those borders, for 100 of those years we had the united states army on the border. from 1867 onward, we built forts. we had thousands of troops down there. all the generals that t commanded our forces during the second world war served on the mexican border. we have been dealing with criminality, corruption, forms of terrorism for decades. and this is not a new problem. people need to understanding mexico is america's soft underbelly. before world war ii and the
9:18 pm
rainbow plans, we recognize that mexico presented a, threat because mexico also sides with our enemies. mexico sided with germany during world war i against us. mexico was the principle platform for the kgb in western hemisphere all through the world war. mexico is hostile to us. and for the last 40 or 50an years, anyone heading north in mexico who said they wanted to go to the united states got to ride on public transportation for nothing. now, add to that the drug trafficking, which is now capitalized on corruption on a scale never before seen in the history of that country, and then the millions and millions and millions of people that have penetrated our border, then look at the nexus of terrorism and criminality in the caribbean basin where we interceptal every day thousands of communications in farsi, in arabic, in russian, in f chinese. it doesn't take a genius to figure out we have a real conflict in mexico and we
9:19 pm
ignore it at great peril. we are already spending billions to deal with the consequences of illegal immigration and the criminality here. we have criminals in our jails. costs us hundreds of billions of dollars every year. this has got to stop. donald trump said he would control the border. it's time to put the military on the border. the national guard is nice. but the national guard is not experienced in this. the regular army is. we have thousands of people with experience. >> tucker: yes. >> we need to put them on the border and we need to secure it, then we can rotate the national guard through. >> tucker: thank you for that plain explanation, colonel. i appreciateth it. >> okay. >> tucker: remember that caravan of migrants coming up from central america? the media said they were dispersed in mexico. but most migrants in one van say they are coming here anyway. and if they get to california, they will find a state in civil war over sanctuary cities so they will get to stay.
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9:24 pm
law. an attorney running for the d.a. of san francisco. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: so, i guess the bigger question here is there are seven countries in central america. about 47 million people. why wouldn't all of them come to california? and why don't they have a right to? >> well, let's -- this caravan of people, these are asylum seekers, right. this is really a multinationall problem. a lot of like what is happening out in syria, where the many governments have to deal with these people. >> tucker: yeah, it is. >> as you know this isry something that happens every year. over the years we have seen that a majority people end up in mexico and end up staying in mexico.ex this is really the mexican problem. this is not a problem here in the united states. the sanctuary city thing is an entirely different issue. >> tucker: no, no. >> that's related to daca.uc >> tucker: before you make policy, you have to agree onha
9:25 pm
what's true. and who has rights and what are they? and so my question is, every country in central americari and i have been to six out of seven, is less good to live in than the united states. so, all the population of central america could plausibly claim asylum here. do we have a right to say no?? and how many -- >> absolutely. >> tucker: can we say no to? if we have that right, then why is no one in statewide office in california invoking that right?in why are they saying, we don't actually have a righthe to keep people out? >> no.o. what they are saying in california is that california is not obligatedif to enforce its federal immigration law. that's always been true. we can agree on that. that's not what these sanctuary city policies are really about. sanctuary city originally, if you look back at 20, 30 was enacted to protect the daca type p people. and 70% of americans believe
9:26 pm
that we need to deal with daca. even our president believes that. if the president would do that, it would make it a lot harder for us here in california to defend our sanctuary city policy. there is no question t about it. >> tucker: let me ask you this, let's say you had 5 million migrants from central america show up in california tomorrow, claim asylum, allf of them were admitted. would the state get poorer or richer? >> i don't know. that's a good question. depends how they get assimilated in our state.. once they are in our state, they could go to any state. they could go to your state, mexico, nevada, and elsewhere. i can tell you for san francisco it would be difficult because they would end up living on the street because it's so expensive here. >> tucker: that's true, 44% of all households in california don't speak english at home. that's a foreign culture living within the larger culture. is that a problem? >> me, by way of example, my father was an immigrant. my first language was italian. i have assimilated pretty well in the united states. that's the american dream, right? >> tucker: no, no.
9:27 pm
but 44% of all of households. a lot of these are not people that arrived yesterday, last year, 10 years they arrived a long time ago. and still speaking foreign language at home. that's a problem notng assimilated its immigrants. >> that's the sanctuary city policies that are protecting people from certain incursions. there is no question about it that we are accepting people here in california. we build bridges, not walls. that being said, the federalui government does have a right to enforce federal immigration policies. >> tucker: i'm not sure iim even understanding your answer. here, let me ask you one last question. the outflow from california middle class native born californians is overwhelming. it's all over the news in your state. i know have you seen it. politicians are spending majority of their time talking about how to help people here illegally. do you worry that you are
9:28 pm
not paying enough attention to your own people, to your own middle class and they're leaving? >> oh, every day, all day long. we are spending more and more money, just by way of example here in california, our city budget used to be. $3 billion not 15 years ago. now it's $10 billion and we have people running for mayor that want to add, you know, billion-dollar bonds. there is no question it's getting more expensive. some of the liberal policies are very expensive.ue we need to look inward instead of outward to make sure our own are taken care of. we're at a tipping point on that. >> tucker: you are the first person seeking office in california on the left who has said that thank you. joe, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> tucker: first it was guns they were going to take them away. now they are going further in london, which is a city and kind of a country now. the mayor is going after knives. how long until the left comes after your buck knife? plus bill de blasio's regime is pretty tough on guns. guess what one of his top aides was just caught with? illegal gun? t we will tell you when we come back.
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9:33 pm
russia and iran have military -- >> we're going to brake away from nikki haley's testimony before the u.n. security council. we have breaking news just in. the "new york times" just reported that the fbi today raided the offices of president trump's long-time attorney michael cohen. >> tucker: well, that raid reportedly is connected to the stormy daniels story. cnn covered wall-to-wall and of course stormy daniels way more important than any war with syria. that's cnn's position. is it mark steyn's position? he joins us tonight. author and columnist. [laughs] mark, the priorities become really clear. you cut from the u.n, we may go to war, stormy daniels news breaking. did you see that? >> yeah. i saw this new film "chappaquiddick" over the weekend. and after ted kennedy has his car accident, his dad, joe kennedy, calls in all the old kennedy fixes. and they are thrilled
9:34 pm
because chappaquiddick happened at the time thataq man was about to set foot on the moon. they thought this is great. if man sets foot on the moon for the first time ever, this will bury ted's car accident and we'll be okay. you can bet that if man set foot on the moon for the first time and they raided trump's lawyer's office, that trump's lawyer's office would absolutely crush one giant step for mankind, would bury it. it would be on the foot of page 37 and no one wouldou ever know man had landed on the moon. that's the priorities over on cnn. >> tucker: not if you have stormy daniels pictures to accompany it. >> as i said to you last time, it's a perfectly good sex scandal, and now $130,000 campaign finance infraction
9:35 pm
that robert mueller and the fbi are going to pursue to the ends of the earth if necessary. they don't care how many dollars they spent nailing some guy on a $130,000 campaign infraction. i like my scandals to be about sex, not campaign finance. >> tucker: i agree. way less appealing when it becomes campaign finance. the mayor of london is vowing a crack downy on knives. cutting implements following a crime wave there. there is never a reason to carry a knife and vowing to punish all who do. meanwhile in new york, ins related news, bill de blasio aide was arrested after caught with illegal handgun in her car. what do these add up to other than like the end of western civilization? >> it's interesting to me in britain, because i believe the national cutlery
9:36 pm
association has come out strongly against background checks for people who want to own knives. you know, they are thinking that, you know, if you outlaw knives, only outlaws will have knives. and i use the term cutlery seriously because people use what's to hand. i was in a french village, two summers ago, and a lady and two of her daughters were felt to be -- were in their bathing suits and the mohammed next to them went full "allahu akbar" and stabbed them with a fork, the fork he was having breakfast with and a helicopter had to fly in and helicopter, the wounded to a hospital. people use what's to hand. the reality in london as katie hopkins said on your show a couple of nights ago, is that 85% of last month's stabbings, both perpetrators and
9:37 pm
victims are basically the result of modern immigration policies. to tie what you were talking about with the general about the border, that's the issue. if you don't have a border, if you don't have a security perimeter at the border, your wind up having to have security perimeters over everything else. >> tucker: that's exactly right. >> including cutlery displays in london supermarkets. >> tucker: when you have a population that can't control itself, you can't have rights, is the problem. >> no. >> tucker: de blasio's aide gets caught with illegal handgun, is this like peta running a butcher shop? is there anything more hypocritical than this? >> basically this is his advisor on criminal justice matters. and she is in a car that's filled with marijuana smoke with a handgun on which all the identifying marks have been rubbed off. and i think, again, this gets to a point we come back
9:38 pm
to time and again, increasingly we live in a land where the laws don'ton apply to certain people. you know, he will pull some strings. she'll skate. and if you're connected, if you are part of a governor's or a mayor's detail, you will be fine. if you work for someone important, you are fine. and if you are just some guy living in some subdivision, you don't need a gun. you don't need nothing. >> tucker: exactly right. >> it's that division. >> tucker: america's class system. it's awful. >> that's american. >> tucker: an an economy to match. wish we had more time. see you in two days.s. millions of americans meanwhile addicted to opioids. could the phone in your pocket be as addictive asd narcotics? possible. talked to a doctor studying that question. he joins us next. ♪ ex these birds once affected by oil
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>> tucker: millions of americans are addicted to opioids. tens of thousands die from them every year. this is the worst drug crisis in american history by far. there is another addiction crisis going on that gets no coverage at all. tens of millions of measures are hopelessly addicted to their electronic devices. specifically to their smart phones, online video games and lots of other things that big tech has gotten rich on. it'sme a big deal. dr. david hill is chair of the american academy of pediatrics council on communications in media. he says that smart phone addiction is a crisis for our dr. hill joins us tonight. doctor, thanks for coming on. when you say it's an addiction, in what sense do you mean that? clearly an addiction thatt the average person checks their phone 70 times a day. in the clinical sense, is it addictive? >> i don't think anybody would say it's addictive, tucker. in fact, the dsm 5, the current manual that
9:44 pm
psychiatrists use specifically carve out that there is not really a diagnosis called tech addiction. now there are a couple of diagnoses that they think are worth investigating. t and those are problematic internet use and internet gaming disorder. those sorts of problems are thought to affect up to maybe the numbers differ from 4% to about 9% or 10% of american youth. but, whether that's an addiction in the same way opioid is an addiction, you are looking at 116 americans killed every day on average by opioids. nobody would say that cell phones are killing 116 people a day. >> tucker: of course not. but are they degrading our society? are they making it difficult for people to continue linear thoughts, to read books, to concentrate and i know dsm definitions changee over time, would you say it's a compulsion? it certainly seems to meet that threshold. >> you know, anything that gives us instant pleasure is something that we can become dependent on. at the point that we are
9:45 pm
ignoring the other needs weoi have in our lives to pay attention to these things and get that sort of pleasure, then it becomes a problem. we deal with children and the biggest problems that we see in children related to smart phone use or screen use are particularly sleep, there are some concerns about attention. nobody has proven that smart phones cause adhd. that's a popular theory. but the science is not out there to really draw that line. there has been a lot of concern about rising rates of depression and anxiety. that are coming along at the same time as rising>> rates. there is an author, jean twin, she has worked on that, and her argument is that the phones came first and then the psychiatric so maybe the phones caused the psychiatric problems. but i think more conservative researchers would stop at least one step short of that. and you are aware of this distinction between correlation and causality. most people see a very strong correlation but i don't know that most experts in the field are quite ready
9:46 pm
to jump to causality. >> tucker: i know a lot about the correlation between a lack of research and not really knowing what the truth is.ea i don't think there has been a lot of research on this thing, which is ubiquitous in our society and wasn't 10 years ago. i mean, i don't know why we don't know more, i guess is the question. we are almost out of time. do you have a thought on that?n. >> many of my friends and co-workers are working on this issue right now. the research is burgeoning. it takes a while to do a good study. the technology is moving fast. so once you get a study the in bag, the technology has moved away. i would support more money dedicated towards research because this is huge.or >> tucker: it's changed everything and we haven't paused to think about how. >> exactly. >> tucker: i don't thinknk we will. doctor, thank you. good to see you.. >> thank you. >> tucker: the ceo of facebook, mark zuckerberg, is testifying on capitol hill tomorrow. fox, of course, will bebo covering that testimony live tomorrow afternoon. we hope you will watch. we will be. well, the boston marathon,
9:47 pm
probably the most famous marathon in the world, says that biological males will now be allowed to compete as women in this year's race. what does that mean? what are the requirements to considered female and is this arrangement fair to women? that story is next. ♪ more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance. more sounds great. gotta love more... right, honey? yeah! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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♪ >> tucker: the boston marathon, which is the most elite running event in the world, just announced that trans gender women in general, biological males who identify as allowed to race in the women's part of this year's race. this year at least five transgender runners will be competing in the women's division. despite the advantages that they may have due to higher testosterone levels.
9:52 pm
what are the rules exactly? a psychotherapist joins us tonight. my point isn't to make the case against transgenders. i strongly think biology is real and we shouldn't ignore itio that's not really the point i want to make. i want to ask sincere questions about what qualifies you as a biological man to compete as a woman, because there is an actual fairness question here to women. what does that mean exactly for the purposes of the boston marathon? >> so what the boston marathon, it seems like to me, has done and i have been reporting on transgendered athletes for a long time now. and i think what they did was they adopted the policy that was set forth by the u.s. track and field committee, which followed what the international -- i'm sorry, the international olympic committee also set forth as to what to do with transgendered athletes. so they have -- if you identify -- let's say you are born a man but identify
9:53 pm
as a woman and you qualifye as a woman and you are able to compete as a woman on the day of the race, but you have to qualify and compete in the gender in which you qualified for, if that makes sense. >> tucker: it doesn't make sense, because it doesn't answer the basic question which is, what are the criteria for qualifying as a woman? men have physical advantages that are inborn, biological. it puts them at sort of a great advantage over the women against whom they are competing. how do i qualify as transgender female athlete? why couldn't any man say i identify as a woman now and beat a lot of women unfairly?id >> theoretically they could. it's not as if these athletic committees are asking for a full history of these athletes. if a man decided to compete as a woman and ran all those qualifying races as a woman,
9:54 pm
then on game day, they are allowed to compete as a woman. now, the interesting fact here -- >> tucker: but what are the criteria? but what are the criteria? how do we determine if someone is a woman for the purposes of competing in the women's event? like how do we, other than a person's word for it? >> historically, you took a blood test. >> well, so here's the issue. what they do is they ask fors you to present a government i.d. so, it's what you identify as.ha not necessarily what you areec born as. and where this issue gets a little bit more complicated and will get more complicated as time goes on, is that states now are starting to say that people have the choice of being considered nonbinary and checking that off on their government ids. so, if you have 1.4 million people now in this country identifying ass transgender, and transgender is an umbrella term for many things that fall under it. and then you start
9:55 pm
issuing -- states are issuing government ids -- >> tucker: i get it. so there are no rules. we are just making it up as we go along. it's fine if the purpose iss to make people feel good. i get it. i'm not attacking anybody. if there are actual prizeski at stake or jobsre or marathons, it might be nice to have some rules. we are out of time.av nell, thank you. >> good to see you. >> tucker: are pandas in fact sex crazed killing machines? a new study says they are, despite appearances, and of course we will have details on that.e stay tuned. ♪ [ engine revs ] arcade game: fist pump! your real bike's all fixed. man, you guys are good! well, we are the number-one motorcycle insurer in the country. -wait. you have a real motorcycle? and real insurance, with 24-hour customer support. arcade game: wipeout! oh! well... i retire as champion. game hog! champion.
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>> tucker: you know the official story about pandas >> tucker: you know the official story about pandas quite adorably helpless. which is why they are almost extinct. that's a lie according to the "wall street journal." "the real panda is a secret stud with a thirst for flesh. panda could easily kill you if they felt like it.
10:00 pm
thank god they don't. they are not against sex either. they hate unsexy zoo. when they are in the wild male pandas engage. he has 40 times in a single afternoon. good things pandas are so distracted by human lives or humans would be the endangered species. something else to be grateful for. that's it for us tonight. jimmy kimmel is in for sean. >> sean: really? [laughs] really? that's a great line. all right. tucker, great show. thank you. and this is a fox news alert. president trump's long-time personal attorney, michael cohen, just had his office, his home, and his hotel that he was staying in raided by the fbi today in an early morning raid. now, what that means is mueller's witch-hunt investigation is now a run away train that is clearly careening off the tracks. plus, a u.s. led response to syria could happen any moment. we are watching throughout the hour. and president trump is currently weighing options against the assad regime, following a devastating apparent gas attack against innocent men, women, and children in the eastern suburbs of damascus. and also tonight, the former attorney general loretta lynch, she is speaking out


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