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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 10, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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at 11:00 eastern, most-watched, trusted and grateful you spent the evening with us. >> the united states is determined to see the monster who dropped chemical weapons on the syrian people held to account. >> russia, syria, a ran, all of them together, we will figure it out. >> reporter: the president showing outrage the fbi raided the apartment, hotel and office of attorney michael cohan. >> the american people will see through this. >> loaded up with narcotics. >> harder to get over, harder to get through, harder to get underneath.
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♪ heather: you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning, we had a busy night overnight, a lot of news breaking beginning with this fox news alert, donald trump with a response to syria's deadly chemical attacks. 's decision on how to retaliate to the massacre that killed dozens could come any moment. >> reporter: things are moving quickly, u.s. navy destroyer, the donald cook left cyprus putting it in position in
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theory. targets in syria what the order is. donald trump met with members of his senior military leadership talking about a whole range of options and suggested some response may be imminent and plenty of blame to go around. >> if it is russia, syria, air ran, all of them together, we will figure it out. looking at that strongly and seriously. he may. if he does it is going to be very tough. everybody is going to pay a price, you will, everybody will. >> reporter: russia says there is no evidence of a chemical attack and the us is trying to maintain presence in syria. >> these parties primarily members of the american coalition and the americanness
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are not aiming at syria but to settle for a long time. >> reporter: nikki haley will have her work cut out at the un for an international response. >> reporter: beyond showing pictures of dead babies, your beyond appeals to conscience. the united states is determined to see the monster who dropped chemical weapons on the syrian people held to account. the united states will respond. >> reporter: the pentagon has been working on options for the president. the secretary of defense is no options are off the table, stay tuned. heather: thank you, appreciate it. an attack on our country. donald trump ripping into the fbi for rating his lawyer's office once again calling the special counsel investigation a witchhunt, kelly right with new
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questions. >> the special counsel had to get permission from the justice department to issue the referral, and told foxnews's john roberts the raid was out of control and was a demonstration of bad faith. the surprise fbi raid happened before don monday, the fbi searched a home, office and temporary hotel room of donald trump's longtime attorney michael cohan and confiscated various documents including those detailing $130,000 in hush money paid to stormy daniels right before the 2016 election. a decade before we receive payment. and is outraged by the fbi raid. >> the real disgrace, an attack on our country and what we all
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stand for. >> cohan is investigated for bank fraud campaign-finance violations as well. >> one of the most significant most seismic events in the trump russia investigation. >> one thing donald needs to be assured of, the american people will see through this. if he did work with the russians he is in trouble and i have seen no evidence he did. does not relate to russia, i wouldn't worry about it. >> donald trump says this case is a witchhunt and has no merit, he is asked if he's going to fire robert mueller, he said he will see what happens stressing he thinks the
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case is a disgrace. heather: we will talk about that as well. the fbi raid on michael cohan raising concerns about attorney-client privilege and whether the seizure of documents was constitutional. harvard law professor emeritus alan dershowitz says it is dangerously close. >> of a dangerous day today for lawyer client relations which i deal with clients all the time, i tell them on word of honor that what you tell me is sacrosanct and now based on probable cause, they can burst into the office, grab all the computers and give it to another fbi agent, we want you to read all these confidential communications, tell us which ones we can get and which ones we can't get. the deafening silence of the aclu, and the client
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confidentiality is really appalling. heather: its rates have been done on a clinton attorney, much more severe. the meeting between donald trump and kim jong un next month or early june. the commander-in-chief hoping for the political breakthrough with the north korean leader. >> there will be great respect by both parties, and we will be able to make a deal on north korea. this should have been done by other presidents, they couldn't have done it. heather: the first direct talks between us in us prisons and any north korean leader. breaking overnight china taking the first step to avoid a trade war with the us speaking at a
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business conference, pres. xi jinping made no mention of donald trump, a promise to open the country's markets and lower tariffs on things like auto parts. he also warned against having a cold war mentality. a counterattack of donald trump follows through with his threat to impose tariffs of $150 billion in chinese goods. forcing hundreds of schools to close and in the uk at dozens in 46 us states including several in california, and in san francisco bay area, and hoax generated out of the darren and overseas online gaming community, the most in the uk and usa. that school is reopening today. we know exactly what national guard troops will do it the southern border. they will provide air support with drones and helicopters in addition to maintaining roads
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and other infrastructure and operating surveillance systems, the troops will not arrest immigrants or carry armed patrols. the captain of migrants moving to mexico showing no signs of stopping, a group of travelers telling cnn they will seek asylum in the us. >> who will stay in mexico? these are the people who say they will be going to the united states. heather: 600 will be remaining, 1500 migrants have made their way to mexico city in the nearly two week journey. 200 of those migrants plan to march to america. mark zuckerberg in the hot seat on capitol hill expected to apologize for his company's role in a data privacy scandal,
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foreign interference in the 2016 election was while testifying before lawmakers in the senate, prepared remarks released monday zuckerberg says i don't want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy. 9 minutes after the top of the our fox news alert responding with donald troubling with investigators endowing quick action to the horrific chemical attack in syria. richard newton has firsthand knowledge of what takes place in the high-stakes meeting and joins us with what the us should do next. >> they are going back to give more. heather: in their first air mission to secure the border. the black lives better facebook page, this camera taking in donation.
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heather: donald trump could decide on whether to respond to a chemical attack. what is the right move for donald trump to take n lieuten richard newton. >> what is the next step. >> the president mentioned yesterday and various reports, the source of these chemical attacks point toward the asad regime, curiosity attacks, i believe the president is meeting with national security team and us combatant commanders meeting with the president on a prearranged session, determining what the
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next steps will be which could involve supposedly a strike against the asad regime. heather: look at these pictures, they were killed, 1000 people, women and children, families suffocated in their homes, in syria, the president mentioned vladimir by name, russia and he ran in terms of our relationships with russia and a ran how much responsibility do they hold? >> they have supported the asad regime. it is a multidimensional chess game from an international standpoint with a ran implicated as well and
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supporting the asad regime. a year ago on april 4th when asad conducted a chemical attack, three days later the president authorized a strike, tomahawk land attack missiles airfields, another red line and need to act forcibly. >> going back to the response to your ago, the uss donald cook has left cyprus in striking distance of syria. >> and gen. dunford. and into specific details, a
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very see based attack. and the number of means, if i were advising the president, act diligently and forcibly. that is the reaction to this recent attack, the commander of us central command, us forces in the middle east making remarks in washington dc, that hard part is in front of us. long-term challenges and implications, we help lead, and make sure all us instruments, diplomatic, and financial and military to address the situation. heather: richard newton, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. fox news alert, there will be
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more attacks, a chilling new warning from isys fighters who are already behind bars. >> freedom of speech. heather: facebook equivalent of the community and they are having a change of heart about diamond and silk. carly shimkus is here with the about-face from facebook. ♪ we will we will rock you ♪ we will we will rock you
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heather: thousands of dreamers have to pay full price for education is the result supreme court ruling daca recipients don't qualify for benefits like in-state tuition.
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more than 2000 dreamers are paying in-state rates at arizona community college and universities, their tuition expected to triple in the fall. a california democrat wants to kill free speech, richard pan introducing a new bill that would require anyone who posts news on the internet to verify their information with fact checks. the goal is to combat the spread of fake news online and require warnings for stories containing false information. it is unclear who would appoint the fact checkers. that would be important. first facebook declared them unsafe to the community censoring their post and the social media site is having a change of heart. >> what about our freedom of speech? heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 has reaction to the about-face from facebook.
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>> when originally reached by fox news, frequent "fox and friends" guests were labeled unsafe to the community because they had concerns over online rhetoric but now facebook has had a change of heart saying we have communicated directly about this issue and received last week inaccurate and not reflective of the way we communicate with our community and the people who run pages on our platform. that statement after the trump supporting sisters appeared on fox news to talk about their concerns with facebook and supporters weighing in on twitter, just means you are doing something right, keep up the great work, ladies, facebook is more dangerous than diamond silk, many don't want discovered, give them hell, ladies and this coming after
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mark zuckerberg is said to have several and uncomfortable days testifying in front of congress. heather: harvard flagging some classes because of micro-aggression. >> the harvard crimson has reported administrators have placed classes under review after several students facing verbal or nonverbal slights or insults also known as micro-aggression. 85 students at the experienced micro-aggression based on things like age, gender, immigration, status, race and political views. jeff on twitter, will they do the same to professors who go after conservative students? you wonder if their concerns are fair across the board depending what students believe.
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heather: this is interesting. the largest black lives better facebook page turned out to be fake. >> trouble for facebook and the organization whose supporters recently chanted. ♪ [chanting] >> cnn reporting the largest pro-black lives better facebook page is actually a scam with ties to an australian man, that facebook page has 700,000 facebook followers, more than half the original black lives better facebook page does. one twitter users as this is a shock and another tweet, this is crazy and hilarious. the people who don't agree with black lives better find humor in this and the organizers of black lives matter certainly do
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not. heather: no way to track down all the fake pages on facebook. time now is 25 minutes after the hour and attack on our country, donald trump blasting the fbi for rating his attorney's office, a former prosecutor says the judge who signed the warrant should be the one feeling the heat. >> 107 ° outside. i told someone on the plane to say hello. >> turn them around. >> loretta lynch breaking her silence, what really happened during the infamous tarmac meeting with former pres. bill clinton. ♪
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heather: a fox news alert, there will be more attacks. that chilling terror warning to
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europe from two members of the isys beheading group called the beatles. the terrorists from west linden telling sky news they do not regret joining the terror group and did not condemn attacks in london, manchester, paris and brussels. both were captured by us backed syrian forces early this year. a threatening warning to the us in the wake of recent sentience, flammable nap spokesman calling this outrageous from the standpoint of legality and violates anything and everything adding a large variety of options are on the table after donald trump announced the us would take a sharper stance against the country which has seen its stock tumbles and sanctions against russian business leaders linked to the kremlin. republicans looking for ways to rein in spending as analyst project the budget deficit will top $1 trillion by 2020. a senior editor for the federalists as gop lawmakers
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will need to work with donald trump to cut down on the spending bill. >> there is an option we need a simple majority in congress and the senate to rescind the bloated budget and leaders in the house and senate can just suggest to donald trump what he suggests they rescind and get votes through would not be as good for the fiscal health of the country but absolutely important for a base that is wondering why they are not going to govern as they claim. >> the house will vote on a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. florida governor rick scott making a bid for a new office on capitol hill as the gop battles to keep the majority of the chamber. >> with my wife on my side i'm announcing i'm running for u.s. senate of the great state of florida. heather: scott is campaign with a focus on job growth, donald trump informally endorsing him for the position last year, he will face off against bill
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nelson who has criticized him for not enacting more gun control. governor scott will join "fox and friends" later this morning. donald trump railing against the fbi raids targeting his attorney michael cohen calling them disgraceful and an attack on our country. was the president justified in his frustration? to witness for prosecutor and comeau defense attorney, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. when this transpired yesterday what were your thoughts? >> i'm surprised this hasn't happened earlier. michael cohen is a public figure, in the national consciousness. there are things that raise eyebrows. the issue with stormy daniels that he paid his own money, this is ripe for lawyer jokes with what lawyer pays out of his own pocket to help a client? heather: in terms of robert
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mueller and his investigation how do we get to stormy daniels from russia collusion? >> that is one thing, the russia collusion parts. comey said he spoke about the trump tower deal in moscow with candidate trump in 2016. that is part of it. by using the us attorney's office what mueller is doing is protecting attorney-client privilege, politically incorrect but used by all prosecutors which is a chinese wall. keep the chinese wall between the prosecutors in dc and prosecutors in new york to make a privileged attorney-client privileged communications don't lose out. heather: this will give them access to that. >> he won't have access and prosecutors are here to shield. heather: anything prosecutors discover when going through
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information will they then be obligated to share it with robert mueller? >> they have to justify that. they have procedures in place to make sure this doesn't leak. here is the danger because ultimately they have to get approval. my understanding is they have a judge overlooking this. the judge who signed the warrant and this we can turn over and this we can't because the crime and fraud exception. michael cohan and candidate trump were involved in things that constitute crimes the attorney-client privilege - heather: was this the way to get around any of you people are taking that this is a witchhunt, expanding until he finds something? by saying it is not my fault, it is the judge. >> i don't think - they are
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not. they went and presented the evidence and in most cases. heather: if he is ultimately given information from this search, he can say i just got it because this judge does that. >> we gathered the information and it was so strong that a judge gave approval for it. it is not a question of shifting the blame, following evidence where it leads us. heather: it seems the evidence is leading in different directions and it is never-ending. >> there are a lot of tentacles which michael cohen was involved in russia, stormy daniels. heather: what should donald trump do? should he fire mueller? >> no. that would lead to the same situation, a constitutional
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crisis. sessions has recused himself, the basis of that. heather: we have a lot more to develop on this today. 35 minutes from the top of the, accused of killing an officer in the line of duty, magazine is giving him a voice to share his life story. how the police union is responding, griff jenkins with an exclusive look at donald trump's border security. >> reporter: one of the first missions, in texas, we have a firsthand look in hot pursuit.
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heather: right now and
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exclusive look inside military operations at the southern border, griff jenkins the first reporter to fly border patrol mission since donald trump ordered 4000 sets of boots on the ground, he joins us with more. >> reporter: that is the pedestrian bridge to mexico behind me and governor abbott of texas announcing a radio interview that he will raise the number of guard troops along this border in texas alone to more than 1000. we did go on a mission, the national guard -- within minutes in hot pursuit. take a look. >> baggage cargo. >> 2992. >> we have body traffic to the south. we will be going directly to the river. it was a matter of minutes,
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seconds. >> already on it, loaded up with narcotics or body traffic. the truck pulled into this neighborhood on the right. >> within seconds of taking off, they crossed and we were not able to get them. this is why 24 hour surveillance when it comes to air operations needs to happen. >> the most stunning thing to see from this perspective if you look out this window, the rio grande river, if you see this road they tell us this is one of the most trafficked areas for narcotics you can see. you come across ankle-deep water and your honor rd. - whatever they run over they are going back for more. >> it is a hunt and they can lay up, get under rocks, trees
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and wait it out for hours. >> 171 article miles in a river. how much of this? >> in this sector, big shut down real quick when an aircraft gets here. >> an incredibly porous border and as you saw in less than 5 hours that extreme sees bundles of narcotics in that area. that amounted to 362 pounds of narcotics. heather: the people going across the river, traffickers, smugglers, what happens from your standpoint in the helicopter? you radioed to someone below. >> it is fascinating because you have the cvp riding in the helicopter coordinating with troops on the ground, trying to
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interdict whether it looks like human smuggling or drug smuggling and they use their assets and the river behind me later today, i will go on a boat and bring you tomorrow how they coordinate the boats to get to it as fast as they can with a heavy narcotics operation like it was yesterday. heather: thank you very much. uber electrifying your commute. good morning. >> reporter: uber is said to be buying jump bikes, the jobless electric bike service in san francisco and washington. users will be able to take one of these, dock it anywhere in the city and go through the air when and they will find these bikes. the ceo says they want to bring together multiple modes of transportation in the uber
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apps. heather: us airlines getting better and a lot of things but not one. >> reporter: one very big important one. a new analysis from transportation department numbers improving a lot of ways except getting you to your destination on time. this year 80% of flights arrived in 14 minutes of their scheduled arrival time. the number in 2016 was claiming better, 2017 not doing so well. something they are improving on, not doing as much, complaints are down. yesterday marked the anniversary of the passenger who was dragged off the plane, that was one year. airlines are learning not to do that. heather: appreciate it. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour.
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back to work in the midwest, untold stories of economic revival under donald trump. are next guest says it has to do with basic human dignity and outlines what they are doing right and the rest of america can be next. ♪
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heather: for the first time since leaving office loretta lynch is speaking about about her infamous tarmac meeting during the email investigation telling nbc former fbi director james comey had no issues calling the clinton probe a matter instead of an investigation. >> it was a meeting like any other we talked about the issues, we had full and open
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discussion about it. >> didn't raise any concerns? >> concerns were not raised. >> reporter: comey remember that everything lynch confused and concerned him after the infamous pre-election tarmac meeting with bill clinton, lynch says it was harmless. >> it was 107 ° outside. i was told he wanted to come on the plane and say hello. >> did you have a moment you said this is probably not appropriate or this will look bad? >> i will say in the course of the conversation, hello, how are you and move on and would continue. heather: the meeting drew complaints and to came days before the fbi decided it would not recommend committal charges against hillary clinton. it is over at least for now. sean hannity accepting jimmy kimmel's apology for marking the first lady saying it is time to move on.
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>> i read the apology carefully. a couple things are clear to me. on the surface it is a forced disney corporate apology. i want to extend an invitation. you want to come on the show, no name-calling, no anger, and a rehashing of the twitter fight. if you want to start up again i promise i will punch back even harder. heather: this comes one day after kimmel apologized on twitter calling his dig at milania at accent harmless and silly. more untold stories of the economic revival under donald trump. nebraska and indiana towns seeing less people on food stamps thanks to their calculus friendly environment. what are they doing right and what can the rest of america learn them? thank you for joining us, peter
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morici. let's look at the numbers, nebraska specifically, 30% drop in the breast the workers collecting unemployment, 14 million saying by reducing the number of handouts and indiana where you look at the unemployment figures, in 2012, 13.2% all the way to 2017, 3.8%. indiana and nebraska doing right the rest of us can learn from? >> nebraska sending a basic message, work has dignity and is necessary to have dignity and being on entitlements is not good for you is when you become unemployed, they are connect you to new job opportunities and condition access to entitlements for able-bodied people like food stamps, looking for work, getting training and so forth, you can't sit at home if you are middle-aged guy, eat fritos and watch espn all day. you got to get out and hustle. that is an important message. heather: wages, weekly wages up
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6.3% in the third 1:45,017 as well. >> there is a strong -- recreational initiative which is import proof because those things are custom-built. a lot of specialized options and so forth. they have that advantage but throughout the middle west, different tivos, work is good for you. you don't hear nebraska politicians talking about guaranteed annual income the way you do liberal politicians and academics in the northeast. you don't see nebraska students complaining about micro-aggression and talking about entitled to this or that and so forth. that is not the message you get in a midwestern university. in the northeast little because you are an american you don't want to work the government will give you a check.
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heather: this is not just a fluke you are talking about, the mentality of hard work, that unemployment rate 34 consecutive months, something that seems to continue. >> if you go up on capitol hill and start talking about this stuff to democratic politicians they will look at you like you are from another planet or you are a late arrival from the 18th century and probably they would prefer your university fire you. that is the basic mindset, america has to get back to the mindset that work is good. if we don't behave more like nebraska and less like new york soon we are going to end up speaking chinese and waiting on their tables. heather: peter moricci with some strong words. have a good day.
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the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. no one died, they were just deported. that mrs. one community hopes to send by holding a vigil for illegal immigrants. lavish dinner parties on your dime, how liberal leaders think eating together can save the us. you ok there, kurt? we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance? been doing it for years. i'm calling geico right now. good idea! get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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heather: hundreds of people packing a telemetry school gym for a vigil for the 100 immigrants swept up during a raid, giving >> and singing songs to show their support for the 97 illegal immigrants nabbed at a tennessee meatpacking plant. pastors in knoxville holding vigils, 10 of the illegals costs are expected this friday. the chicago police department is outraged over an article highlighting the life of suspected cop killer telling chicago magazine he isn't guilty of murdering police commander paul bauer saying, quote, they are trying to paint a picture of somebody i'm really not. chicago police superintendent responding, quote, his killer is a nameless coward who represents everything i stand against.
1:59 am
this the of los angeles think spending half $1 million on dinner parties will save the usa. a labor union and activist group partnering with the city, embrace la. residents share meals with strangers to discuss race, ethnicity and inclusion in their communities. organizers hope to foster understanding, healing and growth. it is unclear how much if any taxpayer money will go toward the winter. seemingly never-ending winter strikes again, mother nature shutting baseball out on chicago avenue side, making the most of their white out, their snowball fight could be the only competition at wrigley field where the home opener, oddly enough, white sox did play on the city's outside. the opener set for this afternoon. look at that snow. that would be a massive snowball fight. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". i will see you tomorrow, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> tuesday, april 10th, donald
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trump expected to take action at any moment in response to the deadly chemical attack in syria. military force not off the table, a push to expose the monsters responsible. >> i have this witch hunt constantly going on for over 12 months. it is a disgrace. it is a real disgrace. jillian: the president unloading on the fbi after they ransacked the office of his attorney. what it means for the mueller probe. rob: a deadly plane crash on a golf course, the investigation happening into how the plane went down. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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