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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 11, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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third party during that testimony in congress today. >> we await a decision in syria and the president's next move. thank for joining us. "happening now" starts now. >> a fox news alert on two big stories out of capitol hill. facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg back in the hot seat. this time he faces a fresh round of questions before the house energy and commerce committee. yesterday's questioning raising the possibility of new regulations to rein in the social network's power. we'll monitor that and bring you the highlights as they happen. >> this as fox news confirms house speaker paul ryan won't be seeking re-election in november. the announcement sending shock waves across the capitol. the move could shift the political landscape as democrats focus on regaining control of the house. ryan says serving as house speaker was one of the greatest
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honors of his life. >> i think we have achieved a heck of a lot. you all know that i did not seek this job. i took it reluctantly. but i have given this job everything that i have. i have no regrets whatsoever for having accepted this responsibility. this has been one of the two greatest honors of my life. >> president trump praising ryan tweeting "speaker paul ryan is a truly good man and while he will not be seeking re-election, he will leave a legacy of achievement that nobody can question. we're with you, paul." more on those stories straight ahead. >> and breaking news out of the white house. president trump targeting russia and promising a response to the deadly chemicals attack in syria. good morning i'm jon scott. >> and i'm julie banderas.
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president trump sends a strong warning to the kremlin threatening missiles are coming in syria after the apparent chemical attack that killed at least 40 civilians here. here's the white house press secretary. >> the president has been clear. we're working with our partners and allies and national security team to look at all options. as we said, all options are on the table. >> john roberts starts the hour off for us standing by on the north lawn. hey, john. >> good morning. the president making up for all the criticism that he's not tough enough on russia sending out a strong tweet aimed at russia and syria. the president said russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at syria. get ready, russia. they'll be coming, nice and new and smart. you shouldn't be partners with a gas-killing animal that enjoys killing him people.
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that getting a strong response from russia. they said smart missiles must go to terrorists, not a legitimate government that is fighting terrorism for several years. the u.s. and its allies still waiting for confirmation that the attack over the weekend was perpetrated by banned chemical weapons. yesterday sarah huckabee sanders says the u.s. is confident in the claims they have made so far. listen here. >> i can't get into specific classified information, but i can tell you we feel confident in the comments we made up until this point. >> a year and three days ago, the president ordered a strike against syria in the last chemical attack. they fired 59 cruise missiles from a base. russia has been said to keep assad from using chemical weapons. the president said russia has to change course. our relationship with russia is worse than its ever been and
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that includes the cold war. there's no reason for this. russia needs to help us with their economy, something that would be easy to do and we need all nations to work together. stop the arms race. a lot of saber rattling going on. ron johnson hoping the tough negotiation made avoid the need for military action. listen to what he said. >> the president takes the negotiating position into a number of things. i'm hoping this is a stronger negotiating position to get vladimir putin to think twice before he continues to do this. his second tweet is right. if russia were to behave better in the world, it would be better for the russian economy and the russian people. >> it's not clear how a military strike could be avoided. the president's posture at the moment leading to a strike. we don't know when it could happen but he cancelled his plans to travel to peru and columbia over the weekend. secretary of defense james mattis cancelling travel plans. before the top of the hour, we
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saw the satellite photos that the russians are moving their ships out of port in syria. that could be because they have a strong indication that missiles could be flying in the very area. julia? >> thanks, john. jon? >> there's new political fallout from the fbi raid targeting the president's personal attorney which was sparked by the russia investigation. mr. trump blasting that move, even saying some people are suggesting that he fire special counsel robert mueller. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are weighing in. >> raid on michael cohen's office is like a nuclear strike with a number of warheads. his home, his office, his hotel room. >> i don't believe he will fire mueller. he will be replaced by somebody else that will continue to work. >> joining us, kimberly
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strassel, a fox news contributor. thanks for being here. the president says people are telling him he should fire robert mueller. should he? >> the president is frustrated. nobody knows what's going on in special counsel robert mueller's head, it's very clear that we have gone far afield from the original allegations of russian collusion here. we're now not talking about adult film actresses and raids on his private attorney. so frustration understandable. but i think the question that has to be asked, would it be helpful rather than counter productive to fire anybody in this train. i cannot see in any situation where that would be the case. if you fire jeff sessions, you still have rod rosenstein. he's been very critical. causing rosenstein would cause an uproar in the senate and
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firing bob mueller as senator rubio said would result in another special counsel who would finish the work. >> the republicans in the senate primarily have suggested that the president not fire robert mueller, but they also haven't done anything to protect mueller legislatively. why not? >> they don't need to. nor should they. this is right now an issue between the white house and the special counsel. the republicans have a mid-term election they're running in. they don't need to insert themselves in the middle of this. special counsel shouldn't need protection from the president. again, if the president were to take steps to try to get rid of him, there are already procedures in place that would allow for another special counsel, this is an executive branch issue. the president wants to be doing something. he should in fact be working on getting a legal team to respond more aggressively and directly
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to the special counsel and put him a little bit on his back foot. let him know the white house is not just going to be beat around by him on a daily basis. >> the democrats on capitol hill have been reacting to this as well. here's senator chris kuehnes. >> the way he's dismissed the investigation as a witch hunt has many in congress concerned that the president may abruptly fire either rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general or try to fire robert mueller correctly which would cripple his presidency. we're trying to take action. i'm going to be urging judiciary chairman grassley and majority leader mcconnell to take this bill up promptly. >> so you're suggesting the bill is not needed if democrats want it. is that simply for the political value of passing some kind of mueller protective legislation? >> look, every minute the democrats get to continue talking about the special
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counsel and talking about donald trump and russia is the minute that they don't have to talk about their agenda for -- in terms of what it is, if there is anything, for the mid-terms. they want this discussion to happen. the president ought to think about this. every time he puts out a tweet, every time he pushes back, he's allowing the media to turn this into the talking point rather than how great the economy is doing, the successes that the republicans have brought in terms of deregulation and tax reform and the thing that his party needs to push as an agenda. there's no need for this bill. . >> paul ryan announces this morning he's not going to be seeking re-election. that means no more speaker ryan certainly. what does it do to republicans chances to hold the house do you think? >> look, it's partly going to
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depend on who puts their hands up to go and take that position. a lot of people are talking about mccarthy, steve scalise. we'll see if anybody steps forward from the freedom caucus side. they have complaints about leadership. will they put someone forward in an attempt to change the direction of the caucus. but in terms of straight-out opportunity for republicans in the fall, this is going to matter more not only paul ryan as leader. people don't necessarily elect him as leader. they're going to be looking at republican successes, what it means for the economy, how they feel about their own pocketbook. that gets back to whether or not this entire mid-term election is a discussion about russia or becomes a discussion about policy and people's daily lives. >> kimberly strassel from the "wall street journal," good to have you on. >> thank you. >> fox news alert on the
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markets. the dow down 200 points. this is amid concerns about u.s. and russia tensions and the syria crisis. the u.s. stock market has been sliding as china retaliates against the president's trade war with china. steve mnuchin tried to quell the fears saying he does not expect a trade war. >> right now the attorney general, jeff sessions, is in new mexico to reinforce his firm stance on immigration. he will speak in front of a group of southwest border sheriffs in a city about an hour north of the border. last week he ordered a zero tolerance policy requiring more criminal prosecutions for illegal border crossings. meanwhile in president trump's latest immigration crackdown, thousands of national guard troops are deploying to the mexico border to help fight illegal immigration and drug trafficking.
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>> a family missing since last week. now what could be a new clue in their disappearance and how police found out about it. plus, the raid on the president's personal attorney now raising concerns about the russia investigation and what would happen if president trump fired special counsel robert mueller. how lawmakers are reacting next. >> president trump is dealing with a lot of stuff. that is absolutely off the rails. all we want is justice to be equal.
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>> julie: breaking now on the russia investigation. washington bursting with expectations it could spark action by the president. that he's considering firing attorney general jeff sessions who the president blames for recusing himself from the russian investigation in the first place.
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also sessions deputy rod rosenstein who personally approved the recent raid. joining us now, thanks for talking to us. >> sure. >> julie: i need to point out that neither richard nixon's attorney or bill clinton's legal counsel in the starr investigation faced similar treatment from investigators. what does it tell you that monday's fbi raid on michael cohen's office, home and hotel room is the first search of a president's personal lawyer in modern history? >> tells you about the kind of person that robert mueller is. when eric holder in an interview said no, he knows mueller well and he's sure he will get something on trump, he does know mueller. in fact, though he was appointed by bush, mueller not only
8:17 am
finished serving his term as fbi director under obama and eric holder, but they extended him two years. i don't know of anybody else that was as crushed as i was. i knew how much damage this man did to the fbi. i submit he did more damage to the fbi than all the other fbi directors put together since j. edgar hoover. he's been a disaster. while he was fbi director, william jefferson was being investigated. i read the affidavit in support of the search warrant that they got into bust into a congressional office. unprecedented in over 200 years the way you handle a conflict of interest with a congressional privilege being even higher than attorney client. you always would go to the ethics attorneys here at capitol hill and they would take all the things from the congressman's
8:18 am
office and sort through. mueller wanted to send a message that you yahoos on capitol hill, we'll threaten you any time we want to. very clear -- julia, if he finds something's in cohen's possession that indicates during the attorney client -- during their relationship -- >> julie: attorney client privilege. >> i know trump that never said this but would. let's say he said i'm guilty as sin. it wouldn't be admissible in court. the supreme court would never allow that. >> julie: for the doj to approve this search warrant to be executed, the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, they wouldn't go to a magistrate for a search warrant
8:19 am
but they had evidence. >> i used to think that way. >> julie: why not subpoena the evidence? >> i used to think that. after we saw the wikileaks stuff that the justice department got to get all of verizon records -- the constitution requires specificity. you have to describe with particularity the thing to be searched, the things to be obtained. you have to have probable cause. evidence in the sworn testimony to show a crime is committed and that will have evidence to show it. it was a bubble buster for me. it showed that mueller and the fbi and the doj, they don't care about probable cause. they can always find a judge to give them a warrant. this is all about trying to get something on cohen so they can say you're looking at a lie for 1,000 years. i've seen them do it before. you just need to tell us true or not, trump did a crime and you
8:20 am
won't be in a prison system. they will do it. mueller is corrupt enough and people have to come to the realization that mueller is not an honest man. he's out to get his people. >> julie: yes. >> that he doesn't like and he will do anything to bring them down. that's what this is about. >> julie: i have to ask you about what to do with mueller. yesterday the president tweeted early, first thing in the morning. attorney client privilege is dead. then he talked about the witch hunt that he referred to. let me ask you, if there was ever a time that president trump was going to fire robert mueller, the special counsel in this special investigation, it would be now. there's many that would say that would be an utter disaster if he did that right now. what do you think he should do about mueller? >> there's nobody in america that needs firing more than mueller. he needs not only to be fired, he need to be investigated for his party in helping the clinton foundation make $145 million from the sale of uranium when
8:21 am
nobody knew more than mueller did about the investigation, about the russian efforts to get our uranium. he participated. he needs to be the target, not investigating. so nobody deserves to be fired more than he does. but from a political standpoint, when you have people like lindsey graham and other republicans say if he fires mueller, we're going to have to impeach him. he can't do it politically. >> julie: we have to go. >> rosenstein has to go and we need the appointment of a second counsel to investigate comey, his leaks, mueller and rosenstein, all of them need to be investigated. it will take a second counsel to do that. >> julie: that is still possible. we'll have to wait and see. texas congressman louis gomert, thanks very much. >> jon: the united nations in dead lock.
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that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> jon: president trump warns russia that missiles are coming to syria after the apparent chemical attack that killed 40 civilians. this response comes a day after russia vetoes a resolution to invest great responsibility for the attack leaving the united nations in dead lock. eric shawn joins us live from the united nations in new york city. eric? >> good morning, jon. there's a new warning from russia on the possibility of missile strikes. they have the security council this morning here at the united nations on edge. just the prospect is being criticized by diplomats after
8:26 am
yesterday russia vetoed the u.s.-backed resolution that called for an independent investigation of the alleged chemical strike. russia's investigation because russian called to pick the inspectors to investigation that. the russian ambassador said there could be serious consequences if the u.s. and the allies launched an attack. he said there's no evidence of a chemical weapons attack and blamed the u.s. calling it a fabrication and said it shouldn't be used as an excuse for any strikes. >> we could find ourselves on the threshold of some very sad and serious events. i would ask once again to refrain from the plans that you're currently developing for syria. >> u.s. ambassador to the united
8:27 am
nations nikki haley slammed russia and al-assad saying if the world does not stand up against chemical weapons, the use will spread. their use is a crime against humanity and the security council must draw a line that they can never be accepted. >> the assad regime forced a moment of reckoning on all of us by gassing the people of douma. the united states and the countries that joined us today could not allow this attack to go unanswered. >> the security council admits that their mission so far has failed. they even went so far to ask for the victim's forgiveness. the swedish ambassador said that the world must take a stand against chemical weapons, but that any military action he said must be in line with international law. jon, back to you. >> jon: hard to believe the russians could veto that. eric shawn, thank you. >> julie: paul ryan announcing
8:28 am
his plans to retire from congress after this year. so who will the gavel go to upon his departure? how will this affect the party's push to remain in power? plus, facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg returns to capitol hill for a second day of testimony today. what we're now learning about the massive breach that has engulfed his company in controversy. >> there were other questions that didn't get answered yesterday which hopefully they will shed light on in the future that is how widespread this problem was. sounds like it's not just cambridge analytica.
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experience amazing, at your lexus dealer. >> jon: a fox news alert. the president has just signed h.r. 1865, allows states and victims to fight online sex trafficking act. designed to do just what it says, fight human trafficking. the president has signed it. he took no questions when it was over. >> julie: a fox news alert. paul ryan announces he will not run for re-election. ryan revealing his decision this morning at a closed-door meeting of house republicans. this comes at a crucial time for his party as they try to hold on to the majority in both chambers in the upcoming mid-term elections. >> paul has done an incredible job and breaking records as
8:33 am
speaker and even with a young family. in the end, we have to focus on keeping the majority because we're doing the things we elected to do to get our economy back on track. working with president trump. i've enjoyed working with president trump. we've gotten a lot done. but there's more we need to get done. >> julie: mike emanuel is live from capitol hill with more. mike, will ryan remain the house speaker through the upcoming election? >> that is his intention. some have suggested that jockeying to replace him could become too much. i asked paul ryan if he worries his announcement could hurt his fellow republicans in the 2018 mid-terms. >> i really do not believe whether i stay or go in 2019 will affect a person's individual race for congress. i don't think a person's race for congress is going to hinge on whether paul ryan is speaker or not. i don't think it affects it. if we do our jobs, which we are, we'll be fine as a majority.
8:34 am
>> nancy pelosi offered this tribute to ryan saying "the speaker has been an avid advocate for his point of view and the people of his district." she went on to say "my colleagues and i wish paul the best in the next chapter of his career." a political earthquake on the house side this morning. >> julie: also, mark zuckerberg is back on the hot seat. what is the latest there? >> on the house side of the capitol, a big hearing. mark zuckerberg is saying that he believes there will be some regulation at some point of internet firms. zuckerberg has taken some heat also. >> what is the difference between facebook's methodology and the methodology of the american political pariah, j. edgar hoover? >> this is an important question because i think people often ask what the difference is between surveillance and what we do.
8:35 am
the difference is extremely clear. on facebook, you have control over your information. >> last night's hearing went about five hours on the senate side. looks like another marathon session on the house side. julie? >> julie: thanks, mike. >> jon: president trump says the white house is not in chaos mode despite mainstream media accounts to the contrary following new developments to robert mueller's russia investigation. the president today tweeting so much fake news about what is going on in the white house. very calm and calculated with a big focus on open and fair trade to chuck schumer. he's also senior vice president for policy and co-founder for third way. and michael singleton is a republican political consultant that worked on the gingrich, romney and carson campaign. jim, you have to hand it to this
8:36 am
white house despite what may look to the outside like chaos or trouble, they do have a lot of balls in the air. this meeting with north korea is something that i think a few months ago nobody would have ever said was going to happen. >> everything is calm. don't worry. everything is calm over there. look, bill clinton when he was in trouble with impeachment, he said i'm going to focus on the job and improved his popularity by 78%. so this is what they have to do. i think trumps problems are deeper than clinton's where. his scandal is unfolding. it takes a lot of discipline to not just go on a tweet tantrum and bring people back to the russia investigation. i think the foreign leaders know that he's weak right now. i think this is a win for kim as opposed to donald trump. we'll see how this unfolds. foreign leaders know the president is weak right now and
8:37 am
heness a headline and they're giving him just enough to get those headlines. >> jon: michael, how do you see it? jim says the president is weak right now. >> i don't agree with that. there's some differences between bill clinton and president trump. number 1, president trump hasn't done anything that we know of illegally since he's been in office. bill clinton did. number 2, bill clinton also lied about the act that he committed in office. number 2, i don't think it's a win for kim. i think it's a win for president trump. even madeline albright, the former secretary of state under bill clinton, the highest official to meade with the north koreans said she believes this is a win for the. and the united states. she isn't someone that i would consider conservative. by and large when you look at the economy, you look at our foreign policy, the president is doing a pretty good job. i think the president should tweet more about the successes of his administration and focus less on the mueller investigation because the things that impact the american people
8:38 am
such as how much money they're bringing home at the end of the day matters more than what's going on with robert mueller. >> jon: jim, you have president xi of china saying he will boost imports, reduce tariffs on american cars and that kind of thing. there are some successes to talk about at this white house right now. >> that's true. i also think that is an example of how foreign leaders realize that the president is weak. we've heard this type of language from xi before. the biggest problem in china, they have tariffs but they also have nontariff barriers that keep american products out there. china is playing a long game on in. they have -- they're conducting trade agreements with asian partners that we just abandon. they just started a national bank that is attracting asian foreign investments. they've been a reserve currency in the international monetary fund. they're playing the long game.
8:39 am
they'll give a couple scraps to trump and get some headlines, but i think china is winning this battle. >> jon: meantime, you have this russia investigation going on. you have the president's personal attorney, a guy that represented him for years before he even ran for office, his offices, his home, raided by the fbi. we don't exactly know what it is about. the suggested topics don't have anything to do with russian election meddling. do you get the sense why the president is frustrated? >> i mean, i would understand and i think any individual would likely be frustrated by this. but look, i think the president cannot allow himself to be boggled down by any of these investigations. if he does, he's playing into the hands of democrats. that's exactly what they want so that they can go to their base and see, look, this guy is engulfed with scandal. they're not doing anything. they don't have a strategy to
8:40 am
the american people about what they'll do to the economy, what they'll do to improve transportation and education and to improve our standing in the world. the president, whether you like it or not, has had some successes economically and globally and he has to continue to drive those things home. focus less on the negative and i would say strategically speaking focus more on the positive. that i think will be a winning message for the president and for republicans come november. >> jon: thank you michael and jim. thanks for being our political experts today. >> julie: a frightening scene at a shopping mall. what officers say the man was using as a weapon. plus, president trump warning he's ready for a challenge from russia after a kremlin official vowed to shoot down any missiles targeting syria. >> we have far more power in that area than they do. if necessary, we'll use it.
8:41 am
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>> jon: chaos breaks out in a mall in a los angeles suburb. l.a.p.d. fired at the suspect shortly after arriving at the mall. the suspect's name has not yet been released. >> a fox news alert. president trump threatens a military strike on syria. this is after russia warns against using force in the aftermath of the deadly chemical attack orchestrated by the assad regime. the president tweeting this morning, "russia vows to shout down any and all missiles fired at syria. get ready, russia, they will be
8:45 am
coming. nice and new and smart. you shouldn't be partners with a gas-killing animal that kills his people and enjoys it." sitting with me now is four star general jack keane, from the study of war and a fox news senior strategic analyst. very strong words coming from the president this morning. no surprise, of course. as we await the president's response to this suspected syrian chemical attack, what is the next move and never mind a syrian strike. when are we going to take out assad? >> i don't think we'll take him out. the facts are is that russia's intervention in september 2015 and the iranian intervention, which was all in tens of thousands of proxies, they have successfully propped up the assad regime or russia could change out the leader but the regime will stay in place. that is a fact. to think there's some kind of political solution in geneva
8:46 am
that will change that is fantasy. >> julie: what is russia doing right now? let's look at some satellite images that we just got that show russian warships at the port there. this is courtesy of imagesat international. what is their plan? >> well, i don't think russia is looking to have a fight with the united states for a couple reasons. >> julie: that would be stupid. >> one, we have overwhelming combat power in the region. russia has limited capability. the second thing is, they have scored a victory, they're consolidating syria under their control. why would they enter into a conflict with the united states and squander all of the gains they made by springing the united states back to syria when the united states has made a decision not to do anything to topple the assad regime?
8:47 am
>> julie: the kremlin is saying the missiles the president plans to send to syria would destroy evidence of suspected chemical weapons attack, which is a joke considering an official from the kremlin just on monday said there was no evidence that in fact of international chemical weapons attack even happened. >> yeah. i mean, the russians, even after the u.n. investigation took place and a report was furnished based on the attack a year ago and they still deny that that actually took place. >> julie: how do they deny that? >> they lie. that i lie about everything. just liked the soviet union lied. our intelligence services have verified that nerve agent was used in this chemical attack. it's a fact. any aircraft that takes off in syria, whether it's rotary, wing, moving down the runway, we track it. >> julie: we haven't when taken out their air fields? >> that was a calculated
8:48 am
decision last time. we made a decision to do a measured response to try to deter assad from using weapons again. i thought it would have been better if we took out all six air fields to stop the delivery means of the chemical weapons. but the white house made that decision to do this measured attack last year. it didn't work. because assad -- >> julie: it was a very strong atalk. 50 missiles -- >> it's one air field. >> julie: exactly. the door was left open. >> now we should take out all of assad's delivery capability. all the air fields, all the infrastructure around those air fields and even artillery weapons if our intel guys believe that he has artillery delivered chemical weapons, we should take them down. that's the only way to stop and guarantee that chemical weapons will not be used a again. >> julie: you think president trump changes his shift in
8:49 am
decision making when it comes to pulling troops out? >> i still think he wants to take the troops out but he's going to wait for the conditions to be right for that. >> julie: thanks, general jack keane. thank you. jon? >> jon: a deadly plane crash killing hundreds in algeria. what we know about the people on board that plane. and severe weather hits the sunshine state. where people noticed it the most and what they can expect today.
8:50 am
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>> an investigation is underway into exactly what caused a deadly military plane crash in algeria. algeria's defense ministry saying the plane was carrying soldiers and their families. witnesses report the aircraft going down shortly after take off. 257 people were killed. the first crash of an algeria military plane in four years. in 2014, a c-130 slammed into a mountain. >> jon: a raging fire in a north hollywood apartment building.
8:54 am
>> wake up! >> wake up! >> jon: imagine waking up to that. neighbors helped alert people, tenants went running for their lives. three people suffering injuries as four apartments were destroyed. no word on the conditions of those injured. the exact cause of the fire now under investigation. >> julie: severe weather hits southern florida. lots of people with their eyes on the sky yesterday as a waterspout formed off of the shore in ft. lauderdale. adam klotz joins me now with more on this. wow, what great video. >> yeah, this is typically the time of year you'd see that activity. taking you down across portions of south florida, ft. lauderdale. the two red spots are confirmed tornadoes by the national weather service. we saw that severe weather roll
8:55 am
across the coast yesterday. what about today? is this typical? again, you see maybe a heightened chance of this in portions of central florida this time of year. spring time, tornadoes, the biggest risk is oklahoma and the center of the country. that's the spot we'll watch later this week. even though we're talking spring weather, it's not the only thing. the past 24 hours, a system rolling into the pacific northwest. this will bring in snow across the northern plains. yeah, snow. we're still talking about snow. here's the totals. there will be impressive numbers as you get to six inches, maybe more widespread. there's some areas with the snow will pile up. spring is not over entirely yet. as we look further into the week, we'll talk about more tornadic activity. this is friday. we could be looking at more tornadoes for the center of the
8:56 am
country. it's that time of the country where we're getting everything. >> julie: thanks, adam. jon? >> jon: the house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes threatening to impeach top officials in the justice department and fbi if they don't hand over a document linked to the russia investigation. more on what he's looking for as the deadline approaches for him to receive it. baby boomers,
8:57 am
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your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. >> jon: good having you with us today. >> julie: can i come back tomorrow? >> jon: yes. absolutely. >> julie: "outnumbered" is right now. >> paul ryan not seeking re-election in november after nearly 20 years in congress. the wisconsin lawmaker says he will serve out his term and retire in january. his announcement adding a new layer of concern for republicans already facing a tough battle holding on to the house in november.
9:00 am
this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here with us, melissa francis, katie pavlich, marie hearth. and joining us -- >> the other co host. >> davis asmin.


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