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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 11, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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groupthink. we will cover it as honestly as we possibly can. >> sean: hannity is next. great show. welcome to "hannity." in a couple minutes, we will be joined by professor alan dershowitz and joe did jen about. we will get incredible legal analysis. former fbi director james comey is days away from kicking off the much-anticipated media blitz where he is likely going to hawk his new book. and warm up in the spotlight next to some of his favorite liberal friends. tonight, comey is in hot water after comparing the president to a mob boss. we will break down the appalling analogy, and remind comey what a real mob boss looks like. you would think a former fbi director would understand this. an american-led response to a serious gas attack looms ever so
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present. the president is sending a clear warning to assad's ally, vladimir putin, pulling ships out of the region. also breaking tonight, after eight months of doj stonewalling, the house intel chairman devin nunes and trey gowdy will finally be able to see the original documents that kicked off the entire corrupt russia investigation. good start. where is the other 1.2 million documents they subpoenaed? this only happened because devin nunes threatened rod rosenstein and fbi director christopher wray with contempt and impeachment. we have important breaking news. it is the moment liberals, they trump-hating press have been so anxiously waiting for. former disgraced fbi director james comey is ready to cash in on his very public hatred for president donald trump. his book tour kicks off sunday. we couldn't have scripted this any better. he is sitting down for his first
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interview with clinton sycophant turned abc so-called news journalist george stephanopoulos. watch this promo. >> how strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss? >> sunday night on abc. >> are the things you know but haven't said that could damage president trump? >> to those who say you should have brought hillary clinton before a grand jury. >> the exclusive interview. >> was president trump obstructing justice? >> stephanopoulos, comey, sunday night at a special time. >> sean: really? mob boss. of all the people, the former head of the federal bureau of investigation, the person responsible for taking down actual deadly criminal gangs, shouldn't james comey know better than to make an outrageous comparison like that?
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since comey clearly doesn't know what he's talking about, we are going to remind him what an actual mob boss looks like. al capone. notorious gangster. organized illicit gambling, prostitution, tax evasion, responsible for an untold number of murders including seven people in one day which is now famously known as the st. valentine's day massacre. lucky luciano, responsible for wide spread extortion, bootlegging, prostitution, murder. and we can go on all night. john gotti, convicted of 13 murders, also involved in racketeering, tax evasion, illicit gambling and obstruction of justice. mr. comey, are you really going to compare the sitting president of the united states to a mob boss you can make money? people tied to murder, drugs, money laundering, extortion, prostitution, loan-sharking and all sorts of other racketeering crimes. why are you doing this?
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to make yourself look good? do you need the extra money? just to become rich and famous, make your point they don't like donald trump. if he is going to use the sweeping analogy, i have decided we are going to use the comey standard, i call it, and make some comparisons. if comey thinks trump is a mob boss, let's talk about a family responsible for actual crime. we will call it the head of the notorious political cabal. bill and hillary clinton. the clinton crime family. bill clinton has been accused of severe sexual misconduct, harassment, even rape. we know he lied under oath. we know he was impeached. meanwhile, hillary clinton, we know she committed crimes. she should've been charged. she mishandled national secrets on that illicit private server, obstructed justice, destroyed evidence, clinton wasn't alone in covering up her misdeeds. cheryl mills. she was a witness in this email
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investigation. declared attorney-client privilege in order to abstain from answering questions. attorney-client privilege. imagine that. longtime clinton aide huma abedin possessed classified information on her private computer, uncovered in the anthony weiner investigation. terry mcauliffe. donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the state senate campaign of jill mccabe, the wife of oh, deputy fbi director andrew mccabe. and of course he is now obviously out of that post. he got fired. loretta lynch. we would have believed the former attorney general had a secret meeting on the airport tarmac with bill clinton days before comey cleared clinton. and we're going to look at the clinton crime family, we have the dossier. used to get and renew a fisa
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warrant against the trump campaign associates. this was authored by ex-foreign spy, foreign national christopher steele, working for fusion gps, hired by the law form at the request of the clinton campaign. according to reports, sid blumenthal shot the dossier around the state department and to the media. debbie wasserman schultz, part of the same family. she helped bring the primary for hillary clinton. according to donna brazile, and donna had some questions before a debate. last but not least you have the uranium one scandal. secretary of state clinton along with the attorney general eric holder, others in the obama administration, why would we sign off on giving away control of 20% of america's uranium to a hostile act like russia and a russian state owned company after the president of uranium one pumped the clinton foundation with millions of dollars. we import 90% of our uranium.
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the next, let's look at the mueller crime family. of course we are on day 329 of the mueller witch hunt and there is still zero evidence of collusion. imagine that. now we are talking about stormy and karen mcdougal and the nbc access hollywood tape. let's start with mueller. the whole witch hunt started with mueller's best friend james comey linked his personal potentially classified notes to his friend who was a professor at columbia who leaked those notes to the press. also set forward the wheels in motion for a special counsel which he got. robert mueller, more on that in a minute. stay focused on mueller. during his time as a federal prosecutor in boston, four men wrongfully imprisoned for decades, framed by an fbi informant and notorious gangster "whitey" bulger. all while mueller's office look the other way.
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mueller was also responsible for the prosecution of the wrong person following the anthrax attacks after 9/11. by the way, in the case with "whitey" bulger, $100 million payout and two of the four people died in jail who were put there, and they were innocent. euler's merry band of democratic donors. couldn't find one trump supporters to work on the special counsel case? take a look at the screen. tens of thousands of dollars to democrats, hillary clinton, barack obama. not a penny to donald trump. why would anybody take this guy? "the new york times" describes him as mueller's pitbull, andrew weissmann. his aggressive prosecution tactics have caused tens of thousands of people to lose their jobs, their livelihood in the case against andersen accounting. eventually overturned. he's also responsible for the imprisonment are four merrill lynch executives. that was overturned by the fifth circuit court of appeals, and he
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has been accused twice that i know of of withholding exculpatory evidence by judges in cases. weissmann wrote a note to sally yates. "the wall street journal" reported weissmann attended hillary clinton's election night party. do you want him to be the pitbull to go after you and this never ending, zero mandate witch hunt? that's what's happening. would you want that guy going after you with that track record, and why would mueller ever a point that man? then on his team, jeannie rey. she previously done legal work for the clinton foundation. huge democratic donor. can we say conflict of interest? next, we have the disgraced lovebirds peter strzok and lisa page. based on all the text messages that so have been exposed, it's apparent they were out to get trump from the very beginning. they are the ones who texted
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about having the insurance policy in case donald trump actually won and called them pretty much every nasty name in the book. they got removed once their bias was exposed. last but not least, we have one other crime family. this is near and dear to comey's heart. we call it the speech crime family. during his tenure at the fbi, we all know about the special treatment hillary clinton received from the bureau. comey agreed to call clinton's email investigation a matter when it was an investigation at the request of loretta lynch. comey with peter strzok and others wrote an exoneration in may before they interviewed her or 17 other witnesses in july. exoneration before investigation. we also know comey signed off on multiple fisa warrants. rod rosenstein, sally yates and others. we know christopher steele's phony dossier, according to the
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grassley-graham memo, that was the bulk of the application. they never verified it. according to fbi protocol, and it's the same dossier john mccain. john brennan briefed harry reid on the dossier. harry reid leaked it. knowing what we now know about what it is deep state crime families trying to take down the president against, again staying with connie's analogy. aren't you glad that trump fired comey? this is a guy who has his own self-aggrandizing arrogant agenda who should be under investigation. who lied to trump, mishandled the fisa court system, may be lysed to the fisa court judges. leaked privileged government documents, failed to apply the law equally which should be
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everybody's concern. comey is now set to make millions of dollars off this impending book tour, all while trashing the president the whole way. again, i say to mr. comey, i am making you an offer you can't refuse. come on the show. you get the whole hour. i am on 570 radio stations with 14 million , 15 million listeners. promote your book and i will ask you tough, fair questions. also, we cannot forget the u.s. preparing to respond to syria's gas attack. the president sending a clear warning to russian president vladimir putin. taking to twitter earlier today. "russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at syria. get ready russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and "smart!" you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it!" then the president continued. "our relationship with russia is worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the cold war.
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there is no reason for this. russia needs us to help with their economy, something that would be very easy to do, and we need all nations to work together. stop the arms race?" "much of the bad blood with russia is caused by the fake and corrupt russia investigation. headed up by the all democrat loyalists, or people that worked for obama. mueller is most conflicted of all except rosenstein who signed fisa and comey letter. no collusion, so they go crazy!" it's time for putin to wake up and president trump is nothing like president obama. you will see. we will keep you posted. action could be imminent. ed henry will join us with a full report. another breaking news story. this is a major development. after eight months of unprecedented doj obstruction under the threat of contempt and impeachment, rod rosenstein finally today the last hour cooperated with the house until committee chairman devin nunes and his request to see the document that started the rush
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investigation. nunes and congressman trey gowdy and staffers met with rosenstein at the doj today. able to view a still redacted version of the document that was used to start this rush investigation. okay, good step. why do we have to push it at this point? isn't it amazing how rosenstein all of a sudden starts cooperating after others are threatening him with impeachment. and then threatening christopher wray in contempt of congress. it shouldn't have to come to this. it's a big step, and chairman nunes is saying it allows him to continue the investigation into the doj and fbi abuses. we can't forget this is the one tiny piece of the evidence. congress, and we know rosenstein is the one that's obstructed. he didn't want us to know anything about fisa abuses. congress has subpoenaed and demanding 1.2 million documents be turned over so there's a long way to go. nunes, trey gowdy, other members
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have constitutional oversight authority. joining us now former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, joe did you know bob alan dershowitz, good to see yo you. you've had a busy 36 hours. let's go back a little bit till yesterday. i really want your take one and fbi director compares a sitting president to a mob boss. >> it proves the point of my book "trumped up." you can find evidence to create or manufacture crimes that gives anybody, if you're determined to do it. that's what's wrong with the special counsel. they come in with targets painted on people's back. people like comey and mueller are going to find crimes. whether they have to go and try to find a technical violation, banking laws upon which they can hook pornography stars or things
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of that kind. even your account which was metaphorical in part, proves again if you are determined to find crimes against everybody, you can do it. that's why we have to restrict and limit the application of the criminal law to clear, unequivocal crimes and don't use it against political enemies unless the evidence is overwhelming. >> sean: joe digenova. >> it's clear that no matter what james comey says about the president of the united states which are disgraceful comments by a former fbi director, and he has besmirched forever his term as fbi director, what we know is james comey is a dirty cop. he's a completely dirty cop. compromise from the very beginning of the investigation into hillary clinton. it is also very clear that rod rosenstein is so incompetent, compromise, and conflicted that
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he can no longer serve as the deputy attorney general. jeff sessions now has an obligation to the president of the united states to fire rod rosenstein after rosenstein authorized the unconstitutional and unprofessional search of the office of michael cohen in new york. jeff sessions tomorrow morning should fire rod rosenstein. it's not up to the president to fire mr. rosenstein. it's mr. sessions' job and he has a duty to fire rod rosenstein. >> sean: professor dershowitz, you had said that the raid on michael cohen's hotel room, his home and office was a violation of his constitutional rights. do you agree with joe that it's the attorney general job to step in and fire rod rosenstein? >> i would do it differently. i think rod rosenstein is recused. he can't serve on an investigation in which she will end up being the key witness. if i were a lawyer for
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donald trump, and i am not, i am just saying what i would say about anybody, i would be making a motion in front of a judge. first and the justice department. recused rosenstein. then in front of a judge. you cannot be a prosecutor and you cannot be a witness in the same case. the thing to me that's most disturbing tonight, i am a lifelong member of the american civil liberties union. i was on the national board of the american civil liberties union. today the american civil liberties union went out of its way to justify and defend the raid on the lawyer's office. never saying anything about the risks that it does to confidential communications. most of your viewers don't know how tague teams work. >> sean: they take this information. >> including the material ultimately found to be confidential. and then somebody in the
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government reads the material, including the material that's confidential, and then the person says this material is confidential. although i have read it. i'm not going to give it to the prosecutor. i'm never going to tell anybody about it. then suddenly it leaks. let me give you an example. we know they raided the office to look at the stuff about the access hollywood tape. i can imagine the conversation between president trump, then candidate trump come and his lawyer michael cohen. president trump says that was an illegal tape. didn't know the microphone was on. is there anything we can do from stop coming out lawfully because it was illegally obtained? then the government gets that conversation. >> sean: does this have anything to do with russia? seriously. you are laughing because it's so absurd. joe, we have so much to get to. we will carry you over for the next segment. i want you to weigh in on the aspects of this.
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the person who has attorney-client privilege, it would be the president's right to invoke, not michael cohen. >> i must tell you i find this raid of mr. comey's -- mr. cohs office. what rod rosenstein and bob mueller have done is weaponize in an unconstitutional way the criminal investigation process which should be sacrosanct. but they have done is they have conducted and are conducting something that's called an interim grand jury. they are using a grand jury to terrorize people. that's an abuse of power. mr. rosenstein is responsible for it. while i agree with alan dershowitz wholeheartedly that mr. rosenstein can't possibly ethically participate in this, it will make no difference to him because he now has an animus towards the president of the united states which disqualifies him from the performance of his
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duties and jeff sessions should fire him tomorrow morning. >> sean: when we come back, these are very, very important legal questions. we will continue with joe digenova and professor dershowitz. also newt gingrich slamming the fbi raid on michael cohen. weight until you hear who newt is comparing them to. and a lot of information, a lot of the news.
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>> sean: today former speaker of the house newt gingrich had harsh words for the mueller investigation. >> the fact is rod rosenstein has not done his job.
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he has not supervised mueller. this whole thing is an absurdity. we now have paul manafort and his wife in their pajamas at 3:00 in the morning having the fbi break down the door. we've had last week, cohen the lawyer had the door and taken off the hinges. we are supposed to have the rule of law. it ain't the rule of law when they kick in your door at 3:00 in the morning and you are faced with armed men. you have no reason to be told you're going to have a kind of treatment. that is stalling. that is the gestapo. shouldn't be the american fbi. >> sean: we continue with joe digenova and professor alan dershowitz. these tactics are not american. that's the point. this is what we expect in venezuela. this is not the united states or anything. so my question to you, what it s
6:27 pm
the president now do? i don't think he can in good faith ever talk to robert mueller anymore. >> nobody should ever talk to a prosecutor unless they have absolutely no alternative. no prosecutor is trying to help a person who is a subject of an investigation. just ask martha stewart what happens when you talk to prosecutors. >> sean: that was horrible. it wasn't that lying to the fbi? not the underlying crime. >> that's of course why they want him to come and testify. you can be charged with perjury for telling the truth. if somebody else gives a contrary story and prosecutors do believe the other person. you can end up in a perjury trap for telling the truth. >> sean: unbelievable times. i remember during the clinton impeachment, people like professor dershowitz, joe, were saying where's the sense of proportionality? where is the prosecutorial discretion in a lot of these things? i worry for the country because the president no longer can trust mueller.
6:28 pm
what is his legal team to do here because i would argue they've got to go on offense and they've got to make their case. they've got to understand it seems like there is no topic that's off the table here. >> as a result of the tactics authorized by mueller and instigated by mueller in new york with the raid of the cohen office, and as a result in the manner in which they raided paul manafort, it's clear that mueller is acting in bad faith, and he has surrounded himself with literally a bunch of legal terrorists and they are conducting a grand jury. not interested in getting back from the president of the united states through an interview. they are trying trying to trapo a perjury trap or trying to get information to center rosenstein to transfer to the house of representatives. improper methods for seeking, to question the president.
6:29 pm
the president should refuse to cooperate. no documents, no testimony. if necessary, -- >> i don't think he should take the fifth. if he takes the fifth, they can give him immunity and they can compel him to testify. and the evidence can be used against him in the impeachment proceeding. i think it's a mistake. he can take the sixth. let me explain. what he says is i would love to testify. i have nothing to hide, but my lawyers have told me that under no circumstances will they allow me to testify. i don't want to lose my lawyers. i have a right to be represented by counsel, and i have to listen to my lawyers. >> sean: what about, joe, i laid out, look at the team mueller has put together. why would anybody who is supposed to be fair, balanced, and objective the ever higher andrew weissmann. one of the most atrocious
6:30 pm
records of any lawyer i've ever read about. frankly, even mueller going back to boston and the anthrax case. these are not small cases. >> let me say i agree with everything alan said. i take a different view of why the president should take all legal steps necessary to avoid testifying. by the way, if mueller attempted to immunize him, i happen to believe there are legal arguments that would make the president not have to comply with in order to make him testify before a grand jury. let's put that aside. mueller is now, has no legitimacy. the tactics they have chosen to use against a president of the united states, against whom there is no evidence of a crime and never has been from the beginning, the use of those techniques has delegitimized this investigation. here's the other thing that's going on. robert mueller and rod rosenstein and christopher wray are doing mortal damage to the
6:31 pm
institutions they represent. the american people know what's going on. they are watching this, and they are not happy. and i must tell you robert mueller, i used to think was a decent guy and a guy who had a great career. he is destroying his reputation through the thuggish tactics which he has authorized and through the people he has surrounded himself with. >> let me remind you where this began. let's go back in time. the clintons were being investigated for whitewater. what he did end up with? ended up with a perjury charge for not disclosing an alleged relationship with a woman that had nothing to do with the alleged underlying crime. we allowed that to happen. some of the same people complaining today were pushing that kind of thing. including some of the senators and congressmen. >> sean: joe is dying to get in. >> i am just saying that i agree
6:32 pm
with alan. i think you shouldn't repeat a mistake. i have to tell you what bob mueller is doing and has done is destroying the department of justice. for jeff sessions to sit there like a bump on a log and do nothing about it is disgraceful. >> sean: i think we all agree on that. >> i take it one step further. i think jeff sessions engaged in wrongful conduct by not telling the president before he was appointed. >> never would have appointed him. the president doesn't want a part-time attorney general. >> should have appointed joe digenova to be the attorney general. >> sean: thank you, smart analysis. when we come back, the media's anti-trump agenda hitting new lows.
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>> sean: living up to its anti-trump reputation, the liberal mainstream media have gone off the rails over the highly questionable raid on michael cohen. watch this. >> do you feel like we are on the verge of a saturday night massacre? what is the point of firing rosenstein if it's not in order to have an impact on mueller? >> we are in a constitutional crisis. the president of the united states has made clear to those around him and those closest to him in the white house that he is determined to shut down this investigation. >> we are pontificating about some that hasn't happened. going on a lot of unnamed sources. i don't wishing to get too far of ourselves. everything you're saying about what will happen if he fires mueller, it's political suicide. i think there would be rioting
6:38 pm
in washington, d.c. >> sean: joining us to react to all of this, michelle malkin. former deputy assistant to the president, dr. sebastian gorka. michelle, there is so much here. i will let you take it. i know you've got a lot to offe offer. >> the fact is the resistance media is shooting blanks. when they are using cross hairs imagery, they have no self awareness. these are the people who went nuts with sarah palin over cross hairs. now you've got whoopi goldberg essentially rooting for riots. i recall a time before the elections when the left and the leftists in the media lectured america when they were so confident it was going to be hillary clinton that we had to accept the election results. remember this? we couldn't have any kind of
6:39 pm
civil unrest. we needed civil order. now they are cheering for riots. as a result of their empty, empty conspiracy theories. they are refusing to accept reality. if you are familiar with "the caine mutiny," the novel, the character on a fishing expedition for strawberries. that is robert mueller. >> sean: the complicity here is key because the media not looking at the fisa abuses, not looking at hillary's, we know she committed felonies. we know she was exonerated without investigation. we know she paid for the dossier. we know that the fisa judges were lied to, dr. gorka. their focus on russia, stormy, karen, whatever else, they are complicit in all of this. they don't report the news
6:40 pm
anymore. they don't do investigative work anymore. >> sean, i'm not sure they actually did. what did we see during the obama administration? outrageous sycophancy. not one smidgen of corruption. they towed the line despite fast and furious, irs, benghazi, and now they are exciting, excited about lawyer client privilege being broken for the first time in american history with regards to a presidential lawyer. they live in a fever dream. they can't get over watergate and they are desperate, desperate to get back to the days of watergate. the fact is they see their mission as one thing, to take down a republican president. that's not the job of the media. but that's what they think they are doing. they are detached from reality because compare that to what the
6:41 pm
average person outside the bubble is living through, and they are loving it. the economy, isis, the crushing of illegal migration. >> sean: i think we are the only show that has reported all of the good news. i put my list up. i will bring it back this week. >> i just came back from l.a., and i am meeting with people in california who are finally actually optimistic that they can get some sanity back into the people's republic. why? they see a president to his broken all the rules and is bringing us back to where we should be as a nation. that is california. these people live in their cosseted, kevlar coated bubble and they will never understand it. it is hatred, pure hatred. >> sean: what advice do you
6:42 pm
give the president, michelle? he's his best advocate, spokesperson, defender? does he go to the american people? does he let his lawyers do it? >> he has always trusted his own instincts. clearly there has been a housecleaning i think that was in order. and he is just going to let trump be trump. as long as he has a direct conduit to the american people, that's why it's important. he keeps speaking his mind. whether it's impromptu where he throws out the talking points and talks about what people were concerned about in the moment, the invasion on the border. >> one thing for the president, we need more surrogates. he's the best communicator but one i was in the white house, it was shown, me, kellyanne and
6:43 pm
sarah. we need everybody out there. >> sean: great advice. we appreciate your time. when we come back, ed henry with a live report from the white house on president trump's potential military action. could be any minutes against syria. straight ahead. with the power of 335 turbo-charged horses lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350 and a quiet interior from which to admire them. the lincoln spring sales event is here. for a limited time get zero percent apr on the lincoln mkx. hurry in today to your lincoln dealer.
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♪ >> sean: new developments concerning president trump's potential military action against syria and the assad regime. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry, in a lot of news on that front. a lot of expectations. >> on monday president trump said a decision would be coming in 24 to 48 hours.
6:48 pm
that puts us right about now. the u.s., russia, syria, the militaries preparing for the possibility at least of military action. the u.s. has a guided missile destroyer in position off the coast of syria. you see it there. uss donald cook, roughly 75 tomahawk missiles on board. 20 surface-to-air missiles. other air and military power on the way as well. russia has about 11 warships in the vicinity of its naval base in syria that have been put out to sea in recent hours as russian officials declare they are ready to engage any u.s. or ally warships that fire on syria. tough talk from russia claim after the president tweeted: "russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at syria. get ready russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and "smart!" you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it!" sarah sanders insisted the president was not telegraphing military action.
6:49 pm
he was sharply critical of the obama administration for doing that. she pushed back on claims from russia that the chemical weapons attack was staged by a syrian rebel group even though defense secretary james mattis who came to the white house today to brief the president on the latest military options was noncommittal on whether he could say with certainty that the assad regime is to blame. >> evidence... [indistinct question] >> still assessing the intelligence ourselves. we are still working on this. >> secretary mattis added that the u.s. military stands ready to provide all military options of the commander in chief. >> sean: a lot of this has come down to, in a lot of different ways, what is america's role? i think the president has been very clear. he doesn't want to be an interventionist. it doesn't believe in nation-building. we saw that the president last time, very emotional reaction.
6:50 pm
i don't think anybody can look at those images of women, children and innocent people being gassed and not say that it's only the united states of america that's probably capable of putting into it. >> this president has said that he's trying to learn the lesson of the previous president who put out the red lion syria but did not enforce it. it's one thing to have rhetoric. you have to follow it up if you're going to leave that redline out there. this president did it last year after the chemical attack. this time the question is going to be what is the medium to long-term? is it short-term military action and moving on? the president has also said he wants to get out of syria long-term. he doesn't want to stay for nation-building. >> sean: let's go to the comey book and get some reaction. i tried to make a big point on this tonight and that's very clear. when you have a former fbi director comparing a sitting
6:51 pm
president in the release of his book to mob families, i used the comey model, if you will, that's what we are going to say. fine, we will talk about the clinton crime family. what is the reaction in d.c. tonight over comey's analogy? >> there is some shock about this because it certainly makes it seem like james comey is less of an honest broker than he has portrayed himself in the mainstream media when he says things like that. if, in fact, that's what he is telling abc news and their special. the other key points i am hearing from republicans on capitol hill who have been investigating the possibility of a second special counsel is that james comey is a fine one to talk because even before this book has come out, there are some big developments. you have andrew mccabe
6:52 pm
challenging james comey's account in some ways, and loretta lynch, former obama attorney general, has challenged his account as well. he has his own problems with the truth, james comey. let's not forget another big development. >> sean: wait until next week. >> the inspector general report is coming up from the justice department and it might not be good for james comey. it may coincide with the book tour. >> sean: ed henry. joining us now, former brigadier general tony kato. also retired intelligence officer daniel hoffman. i think we are a little closer. looks like it's happening. you know russia better than anybody. they pulled their ships out. obviously they are expecting something. >> they are. from the perspective of a cia officer, i served in moscow for five years and the middle east. the intelligence community is on
6:53 pm
a full court press collecting intelligence on russia's actions right now military and diplomatic. and what they might do in response to our military action. >> sean: at this point with all the bluster from moscow, not putin himself, when russia starts pulling their ships out, they obviously don't want to be collateral damage or involved. would you say the threats they are making, moscow is making, to take our missiles out of the sky, is it an empty threat? >> i don't think so. i think what they may be doing is trying to save face with syria as they remove all possible threat from u.s. airplanes, jets, missiles, that could be coming in. i would like to say, unlike with the democrats have been trying to do in this country for the last 16 months which is to remove a duly elected president,
6:54 pm
regime change is not our goal in syria. what we should be doing and what we are doing is applying the elements of national power, diplomatic information, military, economic to enable our national security strategy which is to essentially prevent weapons of mass destruction and to have international order based on the rule of law. >> sean: are you both convinced that this was assad and syria? no chance otherwise. >> 100%. >> sean: thank you both. we appreciate it. watching it closely. when we come back, speaker of the house paul ryan announcing he's not seeking reelection. his reasons next. so draw the line. roundup for lawns is formulated to kill lawn weeds to the root without harming a single blade of grass. roundup, trusted for over forty years.
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♪ >> sean: earlier today house speaker paul ryan announced he will not be seeking reelection. >> i am announcing this year will be my last one as a member
6:59 pm
of the house. to be clear, i am not resigning. i intend to fulfill my term as i was elected but i will be retiring in january, leaving this majority in good hands with what i believe is a very bright future. my kids weren't even born when i was first elected. our oldest was 13 years old when i became speaker. now all three of our kids are teenagers. one thing i've learned about teenagers is their idea of an ideal weekend is not necessarily to spend all of their time with their parents. what i realize is if i am here for one more term, my kids will only have ever known me as a weekend dad. i just can't let that happen. >> sean: i understand that. i've worked nights all my career. unfortunately i would say i totally get it, mr. speaker. we wish you the best in all that you do. unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening.
7:00 pm
this show will always be fair and balanced. i am loving it that the news media is having a meltdown because i use the comey standar standard. let not your heart be troubled. she is here. laura ingraham. the comey standard. we are going to call a president a mob. all right, the comey crime family, the mueller crime family in the clinton crime family. >> laura: there are certain words one can use anymore, don't you know that? >> sean: i told them i was using the comey standard. they really need to be able to follow the bouncing ball. >> laura: we follow it. you are a great dad, and you go all over the country to these tennis tournaments, you are always doing stuff with your


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