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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 12, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the 32-year-old but graying rookie and in his nba debut scored 19 points, fans screaming mvp, the oldest player to score 15 points in 15 years through perseverance that paid off. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend the evening with us, good afternoon from washington. >> the syrian army is on the move evacuating bases and moving planes to airfield with the russian presence. >> the fbi and doj caved. >> impeachment and contempt and resignation should all be on the table. >> rioting in washington dc. >> this year will be my last one is a member of the house. leaving the majority in good hands with what i believe is a very bright future. ♪
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heather: carrie underwood has released a new single following a horrific fall the damaged her face. people have not seen it but she's about to appear public for the first time. thank you for watching "fox and friends first," appreciate when you join us and we start with a fox news alert. the us could strike syria any moment. bishara lessard waiting for donald trump's response to a deadly chemical attack. david lee miller live in jerusalem as the un calls a closed-door meeting on this tense conversation. >> reporter: the region is holding its breath awaiting us
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military action and action by other countries as well in response, the ap is reporting at this hour citing russian military and in full control of the rebel held town with a chemical attack took place. in anticipation of the attack the syrian military relocating potential targets such as aircraft launching missile strikes against syria this time it appears a coalition is going to take action. it seems likely the uk and france will take part despite donald trump twoing besar al-assad is a gas killing animal, there's enough evidence to blame the asad regime taking a more measured approach.
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>> still assessing the intelligence working on this. >> is a striking order? >> we stand ready to provide military options as the president determined. >> reporter: the un security council is deadlocked, with an investigation into alleged use of chemical weapons, bolivia calling for the council to meet again expressing concern any airstrikes would be a violation of the un charter and veto power on the council, says the united states should await the outcome of any investigation before taking military action. if there are airstrikes in syria it is certain the council will
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go into emergency session. >> much more coming later. the world on edge watching how donald trump will retaliate for chemical attacks. as us allies valve military action former head of the uk independence party says provoking syria and russia is dangerous. >> >> they have just been nice this militarily in the field. and many of those in america. be very careful and cautious, a poll in britain shows one in 4 britons and i bet in america it is not a majority.
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>> it syrian airbase, is similar attack. >> benjamin and yahoo has a strong plan, don't tests us. israel taking action as they destroy them. terror on, deadlier strike in syria widely believed to be carried out as jews from all over the world. sanctuary cities growing in california with a federal lawsuit and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. they have opposed that bill. some people surprised the governor of california will send national guard troops to the
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southern border but he just one disclaimer, democrat jerry brown writing that the state will beef up security but, quote, this will not be a mission to build a new wall and the california national guard will not be enforcing federal immigration law. arizona, texas and new mexico sent troops to the border at the request of the president. overnight china denying backing down under pressure from donald trump's government official claiming xi jinping was trying to improve china's economy when he cut inputs on cars and opened markets wider. donald trump will meet with lawmakers to help american farmers impacted by trade conflicts with china. policy on russia over. that is what mike pompeo is
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expected to tell the senate during his confirmation hearing today. according to remarks obtained by fox news pompeo will emphasize the trump administration considers russia a danger to our country while continuing to poetic efforts, the cia director after the president fired rex tillotson last month. paul ryan is out but who will take his place? the retiring speaker now in full force on capitol hill. mikey manual has a look at his career and what is coming next. >> much more remains but i would like to think i have done my part. a source familiar says ryan made the final decision with his wife over easter recess and as recently as february considered running for another term. the speaker told staff received a standing ovation from his team, told his republican colleagues family with a key consideration. >> i realize if i'm here for one
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more term my kids will only have ever known me as a weekend dad. i can't let that happen. >> reporter: the president saluted ryan's service under calling him a truly good man who will even question the legacy of achievements. among the challenges a vocal block of house conservatives challenge his leadership. a negotiating partner in the present who at times could be unpredictable. the president from devito $1.3 trillion spending package, and campaigning on repealing and replacing obamacare and the senate coming up short. the senate majority leader noted ryan didn't aspire to be speaker. >> paul stepped up to the plate, answered his colleagues call with the selfless and focused approach that has defined his entire career in congress. >> a major highlight was the
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first tax reform in 30 years and his colleagues say there is still time. >> a few more here. >> in terms of what is next for ryan sources close to him say he's not having those conversations with anyone until january. shannon: the parkland school shooter wants to donate his inheritance to families of his victims. connell: 4 will receive $100,000 in a trust fund when he turns 22, lawyer selling a judge he wants to, quote, help heal the community by giving it to charity. he is charged with murdering 17 people in the massacre, he faces the death penalty if convicted. a brand-new memorial on the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, donald trump partnering with the national safety council to open the memorial outside the white house.
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the weeklong exhibit features 22,000 pills engraved with the faces of people who died from opioid overdoses. more than 100 americans died from opioid abuse. you won the masters, what do you do? forget disney world, patrick reed rolling up to a chick-fil-a, the restaurant tweeting this photo as they waited patiently. and professional basketball game the other night. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. a fox news alert, terrorism going global. foreign fighters extending their reach worldwide at an alarming rate. the new warning. >> are you willing to change your business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy?
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>> i'm not sure what that means. heather: facebook face-off around them to, turning up the heat on capitol hill. our next guest says it is not over for mark zuckerberg. a bumpy flight for a country star, a singer who has diabetes harassed for her service dog. ♪ ♪ a little boy who was always afraid ♪
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>> mark zuckerberg facing a fierce round of questioning by a congressman who grilled the facebook founder over user privacy and whether the government needs to step in. >> the internet is growing in importance around the world in people's lives and it is inevitable there will need to be some regulation. my position is not that there should be no regulation but you have to be careful what regulation you put in place.
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heather: even he had his information, buys. of zuckerberg can't protect himself how can we protect ourselves? david bruneau, we appreciate it. i will say it was two tough days. i don't know if i could sit there that amount of time and be grilled with those questions and be as cool and collected as he appeared to be. >> he has to be careful what he testifies about. i think he did a great job and as a facebook user i felt comfortable about acceptance of responsibility. heather: i never downloaded the messenger apps to begin with and very glad i didn't at this point. one of the specific things that was talked about was diamond and
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silk, their facebook page was taken down. they have been contacted and they were on one of our shows last night and said that is not true. >> one of the big issues from the right is censorship of facebook. they make decisions what ads to run and what not. that has been highlighted over these two days and hopefully they get the message. heather: you were satisfied with their answer and employed a certain amount of people and responsible for going through this information but who will those people be? >> on that particular point i have some concerns. i am more satisfied in what they did, the fact there was a third-party developer that provided information. facebook is not selling that
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information. shannon: they don't sell the data. >> absolutely. this is something that wasn't very clear until the testimony. they are not providing information, did not provide information to cambridge analytical. shannon: and audited to prevent abuse. >> that is how it got to cambridge analytical. there will be an independent audit on these apps to determine if information is used improperly. if it is found to be used improperly they will bend them and require the information to be deleted and notify everybody who's -- >> facebook didn't provided directed data to cambridge analytical. would this be happening if cambridge analytical were connected to a democratic campaign? there has been discussion that pres. obama benefited from use
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of facebook. he said the person who worked in his campaign that made those claims didn't tell the truth. >> i don't think these congressional proceedings are over. i think there will be additional companies and ceos coming in and not beyond the realm of possibility to ask cambridge analytical questions about this and what happens. shannon: pres. obama's administration were praised for the use of social media and facebook and incorporated into the campaigns and getting people to the polls and the exact opposite going on with donald trump. >> it will be a component of campaigns going forward. it is important how to get to the public. look how the president is using twitter. heather: have a great day. do you want free food on the
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taxpayers dime to take a drug test. that lists from the trumpet ministration as they crackdown on government handouts. do you think it is a good idea? jackie is sharing your comments up next. cacti a hot commodity, national parks going high-tech to stop thieves. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. heather: resistance warriors flooding washington pushing to get more democrats in power. 450 liberal candidates arriving for a 4-day conference ahead of midterm elections, sen. elizabeth, bernie sanders with a crash course on winning under
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the trump presidency. the how to agenda looking good on tv, finding donors and designing websites. mitt romney securing his spot on the primary ballot, the former presidential nobody turning in more than enough signatures, so far the only republican candidate to submit signatures in the race. free food on american taxpayers dime may come with a drug test. the white house considering cracking down on the food stamp program with a new requirement for people on welfare. >> reporter: it will be up to states the clean eating could take on a brand-new meaning. emails by the associated press show the usda preparing an announcement requiring drug testing for food stamp recipients for months. officials they will only impact 5% of people in the supplement alliteration assistance or snap program including workers considered able-bodied and have no dependents.
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15 states require drug testing for food stamp assistance in 20 have introduced legislation on the matter. the white house is concerned welfare programs are being taken advantage of. >> a lot more fun to spend money than to reduce. it is harder to reduce spending long term than it is to spend. it is incumbent upon all of us to make difficult decisions. heather: donald trump signed an executive order to increase work requirements for welfare program saying the federal government should do everything within its authority to empower individuals by providing opportunities for work including investing in federal programs that are effective at getting people into the workforce and out of poverty. agencies have 90 days to submit requisite policies and regulatory changes. it is unclear when we can expect an announcement on a foodstamp policy change. a lot of people are fired up about this this morning. a number of social media
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platforms, go for it. heather: people will use welfare funds for things they shouldn't use them for to begin with as well. >> reporter: we asked what you think of this proposal and most of you think it is a pretty good idea, cindy says many people working so people can get foodstamp must take drug tests to get and keep their jobs so no problem for those receiving foodstamp to get tested. if they have a problem drop them off the list. absolutely a great idea, why should our hard-earned tax dollars go to people who refuse to take care of themselves and tommy on facebook says i agree with drug testing. on the other hand would it be fair to the children who can't work for a living? heather: people using it for drugs are missing it up for people who need the foodstamp and doing it the right way.
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fox news alert, russia get ready, that message from donald trump as he puts vladimir to non-notice for the deadly chemical attack in syria. our next guest served 6 years in the syrian army and knows what it takes to stop aside - aside -- bashar al-assad. the memo that kick started the russia probe. the answer top republicans are demanding like why do anti-trump fbi agents have top fbi clearance?
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heather: the doj handing over the 2-page memo that kick started the investigation into devon nunez and trey gowdy. new outrage over anti-trump fbi agents peter stzrok and lisa
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page, developing details. >> reporter: this was a victory for house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez who has been trying to get his hands on this 2-page memo, he wants extraordinary lengths to do so even threatening top justice department officials, threatening to hold them in contempt if that memo wasn't turned over. the justice department gave in and allowed nunez and trey gowdy to see that memo with some rejections. >> if there are reductions i go to the fundamentals. why is it, active things and members of congress elected by this country. it comes down to a threat. >> outside the boundaries of
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what most of us view, not in any sense bipartisan. >> reporter: two fbi officials removed from robert mueller's russia probe. >> the washington times reports the -- 1.2 million documents pertain not only to the russia probe but the decision not to charge hillary clinton in the email investigation. heather: they made the deadline. we will see what happens today. fox news alert, isis is wiped out in a rack and syria, the threat of foreign terrorists more global than ever. there is a new wave of terrorists diverse in age, jihadist groups like isis and al
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qaeda attracting people from 120 countries around the world, research suggesting fighters who return to their home country have carried out the most lethal attacks in the past 3 decades. one of the mothers in that cliff plunge since an alarming text to a friend days before the crash, the new twist revealed in a brand-new 911 call. >> on saturday morning said she was sick, but nobody said they were going to hold her. >> the suv was found at the bottom of the cliff hours after that call. mothers and 3 children confirmed dead, three children still missing. thousands of national guard troops deployed to the southern border stressing the importance of cracking down on illegal immigration. >> we have a crisis, we know it, the president knows it and we are determined to do something
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about it. congress has got to listen to the american people and help donald trump, not block what he got elected to do. heather: sessions speaking before the sheriffs coalition in new mexico. the target control area 25 miles of the southern border, immigration rights activists protested right outside of that meeting. happening today the un holding a closed-door meeting about the syrian chemical attack after donald trump issued a stern warning to russia telling them to get ready for an attack. is he right to stand up to vladimir putin who is seen as complicit in these deadly chemical attacks. here to weigh in is chris wayne. thank you for joining us. was the president right?
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>> the president very strong, sending strong messages, he knows pres. obama's redline meant nothing. heather: a satellite image shows 11 russian warships, they left a port in syria. what does that tell you about what they may or may not be planning? >> here trying to position themselves, they backed the syrian government which continued to massacre their own people for years. peace talks and iterations of peace talks that have taken place in the last several years of gone nowhere. and attacks on resistance and citizens during those talks, the us role has to be more clear here. heather: we talked about the security council briefing. the trump administration trying to do this joint military attack between france and the uk.
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what about that? is that a good idea? something to do differently this time around. >> they will be looking at targets that can launch that attacks. russia and syria moving in preparation for the attack because they know it is coming. another hit after that, not to make the government stop doing what it is doing. heather: they are monitoring the us responses. the strikeforce that was deployed. does it concern you these harsh words, threats going back and forth. >> getting something done over there, a very difficult situation in perpetuity. we don't want the situational
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conditions to be worse. the security council meeting today, a strike over the weekend on this timeline. heather: are we past diplomacy at this point? >> these things happening, meeting going on, human meetings, inspectors can't do anything and bashar al-assad needs to get knocked down hard. of the 20 mattis, the intelligence on the attack. >> they will continue to do that. and expedited military authority, can't wait for everything, these flexibilities, they will work and diplomacy will go on. and compliance over there to do
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something about it. heather: the chemical attack, and news headlines simulating mattis making that statement still investigating to see who did the attack. did we know syria did this before? donald trump launched 51 tomahawk missiles looking at these images. >> a total disaster. we want to make sure we cannot carting conflict of perpetuity. and the government told a bunch of people. and that is what is happening. and the redline won't mean anything. heather: the time - lights, camera, comey, the former top boss, the explosive shot he just
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took to help sell his book. >> our voices. heather: turning up the sass, taking on facebook's ceo and not buying mark zuckerberg's statements. carly shimkus with online reaction.
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heather: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg under fire after censoring the page of conservative bloggers took the social media giant head on. >> what about freedom of speech and censorship. heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with how mark zuckerberg - again. >> mark zuckerberg won't be creating the name diamond and
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silk anytime soon during congressional testimony. several conservative lawmakers demanded to know why facebook told the trump putting sisters their videos were unsafe for the community. one of those is tennessee congresswoman marsha blackburn who had this exchange with mark zuckerberg. >> there are types of content like terrorism that we all agree we do not want on our service. >> let me tell you something right now. diamond and silk is not terrorism. >> that conversation happening outside capitol hill. rosanne barr, diamond and silk are comedians, and thank you for blasting mark zuckerberg about good friends diamond and silk, these wonderful ladies shouldn't have been trash like this because they are trumpeters. zuckerberg says his team made a mistake when he called diamond and silk and safe for the community. >> dealing with internet
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privacy, the browser act. doesn't take long. >> country music star ray lynn not singing the praises of american airlines. look at this tweet. work experience with my service dog, for my type i diabetes on american airlines flight harassed by the flight attendant for the entire flight. real and was traveling to speak at a conference when she said that flight attendant harassed her about the size of her service dog. american airlines released a statement we are sorry she had a bad travel experience, our team is looking to gather more information and facts that someone reached out to her directly. social media coming to her defense, guess they aren't friendly skies anymore. shame on american airlines. american airlines having a lot of problems and some with service animals.
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have a great day. dismantle whiteness, a quote, a mural intended to spark conversation. instead it is sparking outrage. >> trying to put the schmooze on, so pathetic. heather: nancy pelosi called the crumbs but americans call it cash back and you could be entitled to even more. our next guest breaks down the most overlooked tax deduction. ♪ thou hast the patchy beard of a pre-pubescent squire! thy armor was forged by a feeble-fingered peasant woman... your mom! as long as hecklers love to heckle, you can count on geico saving folks money. boring! fifteen minutes could save you
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance. (a voby daft punk is heard bettethroughout.) (sound of typing) (sound of exhaling) (sound of drilling) jimmy (shouting): james! brand vo: the world's largest workforce works for themselves. we work for them. quickbooks. backing you.
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heather: dismantle whiteness and
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misogyny on this campus, that was written on a mural at the university of southern california. group of feminist artists working with students on the project that is meant to spark conversation about racism, sexism and the nvidia, students saying they were upset the mural was not in a more visible place. on the east coast, conservative hate groups, including penn state, don't want any money going to turning point usa as ben schapiro becoming -- silencing conservative speech is a growing issue. >> things like what enforcing our border, there is a big part and is growing and incumbents protect the campus from ideas, anyone who dissents must be thrown off. heather: penn state tells campus reform they don't give direct support to either group in
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question. the taxman come, 5 days before the filing deadline and if you haven't done your taxes yet you need to know about commonly overlooked deductions that may not be available next year. and they want to know when to get money back. >> take the money back. heather: let's talk about the first one, overlooked deductions. employee expenses. >> a second what a lot of people overlook. these are expenses that if you wear uniform to work every day, you can deduct that through deductible income. and they have a job like you or i, some suits or specific dresses. >> outside of work.
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>> there is a limitation on it. exact numbers you can put into it. >> let's say you land the dream job because it will be gone in 2018. the expense associated with it, travel for hotel expenses and those can be deducted. you pay someone to help with your resume in tip top shape you can deduct that expense as well as if you have to move for a new job you can also have moving costs and new jobs 50 miles further. heather: state and local taxes. >> a big one in a state like new york where taxes are high, this
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is covered widely, you can deduct them in 2017. in 2018 they will be capped at $10,000. heather: casualty and theft losses. >> if your car is broken into your house is broken into and you have been hit by hurricane and plenty of damage and the insurance company doesn't cover you can deduct those expenses. next year you have to be in a federally designated disaster area to deduct those. heather: people need to take advantage of that this year. dependent exemption and the deduction that expanded medical expenses. >> defendant exemption, each person gets a $4000 exemption for yourself and your dependents, that could be your parents, primary caregiver and medical cost expenses, this is if you have significant costs. what is happening in 2017-18, anything over 7.5% of adjustable growth income in 2019 increases
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to 10%. a lot more to get the deduction. heather: you can't get 10% more back. >> this year if you spend 7.5%. heather: thank you, we appreciate it. if you haven't done your taxes, get it done, running out of time. thank you. eight minutes until the top of the are, taking cheap shots at the present, james comey pushing his new book but haven't we heard it all before? >> james comey is a dirty cop who was compromised from the beginning. heather: a former us attorney says the chads are the reason comey was fired in the first place. >> it would be what you haven't seen. heather: whoopi goldberg encouraging violence. her new view that will get you fired up.
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taking some cheap shots at the president. his first it down interview since leaving the fbi last year. >> how strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss? >> a source says comey's comments left everyone stunned. it is sunday night, part of a media blitz proposing his new
1:58 am
book a higher loyalty. comey is eager to share his side of the story and get paid with his tell all book former us attorney says we have heard enough from comey to know donald trump was justified in firing him over the hillary clinton email probe. >> the matter what james comey says which are disgraceful comments by a former fbi director and he has besmirched forever his term as fbi director. we now know james comey is a dirty cop. he is a completely dirty cop who was compromised from the very beginning of the investigation into hillary clinton. >> comey's book hit store shelves next week. abc's the view continuing to show their disdain for the trump administration. listen to cohosts whoopi
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goldberg encouraging violence when discussing potential firing of robert mueller. >> i think there would be riding in washington dc. >> the group went on to say they believe the president does not have the right to fire mueller. you heard about microchiping your pets? what about microchip your plants? park rangers at a national park in arizona micro-chipping thousands of cacti to keep them from being stolen. it sounds ridiculous but the cacti are valued at $100 a foot and theft has been on the rise. how do you steal a cactus? you would have to be very careful. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". i will see you tomorrow, goodbye. >> thursday, april 12th, tensions rising, syria firing back at donald trump calling his
2:00 am
threats reckless as russia tries to discourage an american attack. the closed-door meeting happening today. >> the chairman of the house intelligence committee just saw the memo the kick started the russia probe. and to stop republicans are demanding like why do the fbi agent lovers have top fbi clearances? >> there it is. austin does not like it and he will flock to the mound. here we go. todd: i was wondering if the yankees red sox rivalry still continued, the bench clearing brawl continues. ♪


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