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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 12, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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threats reckless as russia tries to discourage an american attack. the closed-door meeting happening today. >> the chairman of the house intelligence committee just saw the memo the kick started the russia probe. and to stop republicans are demanding like why do the fbi agent lovers have top fbi clearances? >> there it is. austin does not like it and he will flock to the mound. here we go. todd: i was wondering if the yankees red sox rivalry still continued, the bench clearing brawl continues. ♪
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♪ jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump ♪ jump jump jump jump ♪ shannon: please. todd: they were not in great shape and this guy, don't mess with him. real serious news, the song. >> you are watching "fox and friends first," apologize for the last minute of your life. todd: thank you for starting the day with us. there has been so much news that it starts with the situation in syria. the us could strike syria at any
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moment. jillian: bashar al-assad waiting for donald trump's promise to respond to a deadly chemical attack. todd: a closed door meeting on the intense situation. >> reporter: the region continues to hold its breath waiting for military action by the us and other countries in response to the reported chemical weapons attack. the ap is reporting the russian military as a source the syrian regime is in full control of the previously rebel held town where the alleged chemical attack took place. in anticipation of such an attack the syrian military is relocating potential targets like aircraft. the us actually launching missile strikes against syria following a sarah and gas attack. the coalition will be taking action, it seems likely the uk
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and france, if there is military action. the syrian leader shar al-assad is called a gas killing animal. the us military asked if enough evidence to blame the bashar al-assad regime, a more measured approach. >> we are still assessing the intelligence ourselves and our allies, working with this. >> military ready right now, retaliatory strike in order? >> we are ready to provide military options appropriate as the president determined. >> a resolution concerning investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in syria. bolivia calling for the council
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to meet again. any airstrikes would be a violation of the un charter and china which has veto power. and some type of investigation. and military action, there will be an emergency session at the security council. >> it is growing in california. the city of westminster vowing to support a federal lawsuit against the state limiting local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. in orange county cities, the governor of california will send national guard troops to the southern border with one disclaimer. jerry brown writing the state will accept federal money to
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beef up security but, quote, this will not be a mission to build a new wall and the california national guard will not be enforcing federal immigration laws. arizona, texas and new mexico sent troops to the border of the request of the president. jillian: the race to replace paul reiners on after announcing his retirement. the wisconsin republican will not seek reelection after 20 years in washington. family played a big role in his decision. >> what i realize is if i'm here for one more term my kids will only have known me as a weekend dad. i can't let that happen. much work remains but i like to think i have done my part in history to set us in a better course. jillian: is time for him to do more in office was among those women to replace them, kevin mccarthy, majority whip steve
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scalise and house minority leader nancy pelosi. as capitol hill takes and ryan's announcements associate editor at clear politics says this was a selfless move for his family and his community. >> the district comes first. actually wanting to be with his children who have never known him living at home full-time is real. that said, i cannot -- his fealty to what was the republican party really cannot be overstated. he really wants to put everything into an effort to mitigate the losses to the house republican majority this fall. he will not be untethered, he will not be liberated, he will not be criticizing the president. he will do everything he can to the last hour to make sure -- keep losses to a minimum. >> the house set to vote on any
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balanced-budget constitutional amendment. the republican plan will prohibit congress spending more than it brings in, 3/5 of both chambers to do so. nancy pelosi attacking this bill. >> we are here to raise our voices against the republican cynical balanced-budget constitutional amendment and as they do that attacks on medicare, medicaid and social security. heather: others have called the bill hypocritical. the house grilling mark zuckerberg for 5 hours during a second day of testimony, zuckerberg among millions of users affected by the cambridge analytical scandal, moving forward apps developers will be audited to protect user data. committal defense attorney david bruno explains the move. >> it is found to be used improperly they will ban them, require the information to be
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deleted and notify everybody compromised. jillian: regulation is inevitable. ivanka going to peru to promote women's empowerment. a new initiative at the summit of the americas trade conference, tweeting i look forward to highlighting women's economic empowerment efforts in the region. donald trump pulled out of the event to monitor the ongoing situation in syria. todd: base ball, vengeance clearing. >> there is. austin does not like it and he will head toward the mound. now this is the brawl. jillian: yankees and red sox bringing their rivalry to a boiling point, tyler austin charged the mound, the second time been cleared after the
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shortstop. todd: yankees win. jillian: the yankees padres game after a wild pitch. todd: a padres pitcher was hit, 5 players were ejected in 6-4 rockies win. on the ague game joe kelly built like me, tyler austin big blue. >> pretty rare compared to other sports. kind of entertaining. >> we are not going to fight with janice because we love her and what is coming this weekend? it is 80s. >> we have four seasons in one week, spring, summer, winter. here is the current temperature, 47 in new york city, 47 in chicago. let's show you where we are dealing with the potential for a little bit of wintery weather.
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look at this, it is coming. heather: our wonderful audio person here. >> live tv. there we go. there is the radar across the upper midwest, you see the winter, a new winter storm moving in from the west bringing snow and rain across the coast and that is potentially what is going to move across country and give us this wintry weather across the northern plains and upper midwest. that is the storm that will break those 80 ° temperatures in new york city. can i get to it? we don't like the snow. we will advance the better map. severe threat including tornadoes on friday. temperatures in new york, 60. as we head into friday, here we go, here we go. 77 and we will ignore this part.
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todd: didn't want to see the snow. >> first time i felt bad. todd: 10 minutes after the hour. devon nunez ready to impeach someone and it is not the president. the house until chair got a look at the memo that kicked off the russia probe. what happens next? jillian: ms 13 only known to fox news viewers. >> they give a speech tonight, makes it sound like the biggest issue in the united states is ms 13 a gang nobody that doesn't watch fox news has ever third of. >> new york's government doesn't agree. steps just taken to take out the violent gang. >> a 6-year-old boy battling cancer his dream just came through. that story will make your morning. don't go anywhere.
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heather: just in time the doj makes the deadline to hand over unredacted russia probe documents after a warning from taos intelligence chairman devon nunez. >> we will not just hold contempt, we will have a plan to hold in contempt and impeach. we are not messing around. jillian: was it enough to meet republican demand? is a former doj lawyer. was it? >> we have to hear that from nunez as to whether there is sufficient. what is outrageous about this is doj got a subpoena in august last year, took eight months and did it under threat of contempt to impeachment to give over documents they had no business
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withholding from congress. the only thing doj can withhold documents when congress is engaged in an oversight investigation is if the president asserts executive privilege and that didn't happen and is not about to happen. jillian: it will be up to nunez whether that is enough. we heard from nunez about the viewing of the documents. he says, quote, although the subpoenas issued in august 2017 remain in effect i think deputy attorney general rosenstein for his cooperation and the doj said with this production in conjunction with the 1000 pages of classified material we believe we have to substantially satisfy chairman nunez inappropriate fashion. do you agree that is a substantial and appropriate fashion? >> i don't think it was appropriate to wait 7 months to
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fulfill a document subpoena from this committee. they had no legal justification particularly claiming it was classified material. nunez is chairman of the house intelligently. all the members are cleared to view classified material. there is no excuse for doing it unless they were somehow embarrassed by this information and didn't want it going to committee. >> we both worked as lawyers on multimillion page documents. was this two pages? >> yes. not like they had trouble finding it or producing it. this is just another example of doj and the fbi trying to stop an investigation. heather: do you think impeachment is on the table? >> not unless there are other documents the house committee discovers that haven't been turned over because they have
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now gotten what they wanted. i think the house committee has to be careful to ensure they have access to all relevant documents and all relevant information doj and fbi have. jillian: thank you, appreciate it. todd: dream vacations turn deadly. a shocking number of people murdered in mexico in hours. the warning every american needs to hear. jillian: what free food on taxpayer dime? take a drug test which that message from the trump administration as they crackdown on government handouts with your comments pouring in on this one. jackie is reading them alive. cas 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you have to do is pay with this... at 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr.
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jillian: a twice deported illegal behind bars charged in the death of a sheriff deputy. accused of manslaughter after deputy eric oliver was hit by a car chasing after him, he ran away from the officer for the sake of his kids but his dad isn't buying it. >> to get back to his country, every opportunity - brothers, sisters, aunt and uncles. jillian: is finishing a 2-year sentence for illegally entering the us. >> $19 million fighting the deadly ms 13 gang in new york. andrew cuomo announcing the investment following 2 dozen murders on long island for the past two years as a strong response for something.
2:23 am
msnbc host trivialized it after the state of the union. >> he makes it sound like the biggest issue in the united states is ms 13, a gang no one who has never watched fox news has ever heard of. make it sound like they are the biggest threat. todd: the new program aims at stopping ms 13 recruitment. jillian: free food on the american taxpayers dime comes with a drug test. todd: they consider cracking down on the food stamp program with new requirements for people on welfare. jillian: more on this proposal. >> reporter: it will be up to the statement clean eating could take on a new meaning. emails obtained by the associated press show the usda preparing for an announcement requiring testing for drugs testing for food stamp recipients. it will only impact 5% of people in the supplemental nutrition's assistance program including workers considered able-bodied and have no defendants.
2:24 am
15 states are requiring drug testing for food assistance and 20 have introduced legislation on the matter. the white house is concerned welfare programs are being taken advantage of. >> is more fun to spend money than to reduce, harder to reduce spending long-term than it is to spend and incumbent on all of us to start making difficult decisions. >> reporter: donald trump signed an executive order strengthening work requirements for welfare program saying, quote, the federal government should do everything in its authority to empower individuals by providing opportunities for work including investing in federal programs that are effective at moving people into the workforce and out of poverty. agencies have 90 days to submit a list of records policies and regularly changes and it is unclear when to expect a foodstamp policy change. jillian: a lot of people have
2:25 am
things to say. >> you should work for this. social media pages, we asked what you think this proposal and a lot of you are saying it is a good idea. this way it will keep them honest, might be a burden for honest people but to many people taking advantage of the old system. nick essentially, no one is supposed to be on government assistance for life and if you are on drugs you have 0 chance of getting off it. jen says it is about time if people have to be drug tested to work, it is only -- >> in local markets we work with food charities that help young people, people that desperately need this help. you don't want people abusing the system and this works to prevent the abuse. >> california governor jerry brown just blinked. the liberal lawmakers sending the national guard to the border but is this a sign the sanctuary
2:26 am
state may fall in line, kelly ward running for senate seats where hundreds of guardsmen were just deployed. governor brown starts playing politics with his civilians lives. >> how strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss? jillian: james comey taking cheap shots at the president, what he said on a world tour that got everyone talking. iceho. (sneeze) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at oh good, you're awake! finally. you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen.
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jillian: the doj handing over the 2-page memo the kick started the russian investigation to devon nunez and trey gowdy. todd: is new outrage over the agents peter stzrok lisa page, the developing details, good morning. >> the justice department tried hard to keep these documents under wraps but hardball from
2:30 am
congress may have carried the day. devon nunez really wanted access to a 2-page document showing early justifications for the trump russia probe. we still don't know what that memo contains. >> a step in the right direction. there are still reductions in it, folks in the department of justice, unredacted things, members of congress elected by this country can't see it. >> we have contempt including the director of the fbi. >> the house majority, outside the boundaries most of us would view as appropriate, not in any
2:31 am
sense. >> those two romantically linked fbi officials booted on special counsel probe, exchanged anti-trump emails, rand paul, security clearances and the document battle, and the house is gaining access for 2 million documents. and the investigation into hillary clinton's emails. >> hotspot turning into a killing field, 14 people murdered in mexico. a record, the violence is connected to drug cartels. the treasury department find back in criticism over steve mnuchin's travel expenses. treasury documents just-released
2:32 am
show he spent $1.7 million last year. compared to obama as treasury secretary who spent $3 million in 2016. particularly on military aircraft which the department says is normal for treasury secretary's. >> the mother of, ignoring her injured son. >> >> the first lady, the governor, atty. gen. chief of staff, has time to hug my son but not my school district and not my son's principle. >> her son william was shot, watched 3 of his classmates died. >> finally following suit, outspoken and federal governor jerry brown altering the
2:33 am
national guard. >> and dr. kelly ward. >> >> implementing some rather extreme policies, sanctuary state. their own cities and towns revolting against the unconstitutionality and i am glad jerry brown is waking up and joining the governor sending people to the border. we know border security, national security, border security, local security for us at the border. i may be a skeptic about my thoughts, i apologize, this is a negative thought but california
2:34 am
has been so against a lot of what this administration has been trying to do. what are you going to want. >> donald trump is a master negotiator and even bringing people like jerry brown to the table to understand we have got to secure the border. i don't know if we have to build a wall but we know we do. we have to build the wall so there is a symbol of a right and wrong way to come into the country as well as a physical barrier so border patrol has time to get to the people coming here the wrong way bringing guns, illegal drugs, trafficking people and the humanitarian crisis we are facing with human trafficking. people who are for women's rights and children's rights need to work to secure the border. todd: a number of national guard
2:35 am
troops on the border. arizona, your state, 338, texas 400 plus, mexico 80 plus and 400 from california. i want to reread jerry brown avenue statement in response throwing out the phrase wall. this will not be a mission to build a new wall, it will not be a mission to round up women and children, escaping violence and better life and california national guard will not be enforcing federal immigration laws. i'm trying to envision national guard troops working at cross purposes. >> as a military wife myself my husband served in the military for 33 years. a lot of that time in the guard. we know men and women are patriotic people going to the border to do a job that needs to be done to protect the country and citizens. that will come together and do the right thing. >> in arizona the arizona
2:36 am
supreme court ruled arizona colleges can't give in state -- call me the skeptic but is this fair to those daca recipients who came here as kids? >> it is not fair to arizona citizens to pay more for their tuition who have come to the country illegally. this is the law. the people of arizona voted in proposition 300 to disallow people here illegally from benefiting from in-state tuition. there is nothing from benefitin
2:37 am
services. and i do agree with it. heather: thank you for your time, we appreciate it. >> 37 minutes after the hour, assault on the second amendment, republican governor took aim at a right to bear arms, district rules on the books. >> the internet has spoken, heinz released a new thought and social media is skeptical. carly shimkus here with reaction. ♪
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and i firmly believe each and every one is consistent with the united states in vermont constitution. >> you could hear the back lash. carly shimkus here with the outrage online. >> matron is for gun-control advocates, gun rights supporters do not like it, vermont's governor signing significant new gun laws including background checks raising the age to bargain to 21 unless you have completed the safety course and a ban on bump stocks which residents feel betrayed by republican governor including todd who says law-abiding gun owners were betrayed
2:42 am
thing, step forward in protecting children. a lot of people debating this and in a complete rollover democratic state sen. john rogers vehemently opposed this law saying it would only work against law-abiding gun owners. jillian: at graduation photo with a gun in her waistband, a lot of people doing this. >> brenna spencer, college student in tennessee appeared on "fox and friends" yesterday to talk about the backlash she received from that photo but she is in some support and some on social media copying her including a woman who says in solidarity with empowered women, you know what they say, flattery is usually the best form when
2:43 am
you copy somebody. todd: i talked to jackie about this because she is from utah and they have fry sauce and that is what this new sauce that is dividing the internet. >> it is exactly that. people in use are very smart. a mixture of male and catch up and heinz wants to create it. they say if they want to install 500,000 votes we will release it to you saucy americans which 55% of people polled so far do want it. loony boy on twitter says the stuff dreams are made of. one -- what an abomination. it should be called catchohna e catchohnaise. i don't care what it is called. put up with fries and put it on the plate.
2:44 am
jillian: something else going viral, 15 minutes of fame. todd: the pint-size puppy in japan with its ears perked up, tongue out, tail wagging, fearlessly chases it down. jillian: someone else is a star too. that was the start of our show. this song is played without video so you couldn't see it but now we want you to see it in all its glory. todd: you dance like that because you force me to live in a house of pain. jillian: i see what you did. todd: we like to let off a little steam. like i dragged her into that. jillian: the number 2 spot in line for the presidency will
2:45 am
have a new resident next year. paul ryan vowing his retirement won't impact the midterms. we will debate it next. todd: what is coming up on "fox and friends"? >> i remember i have never met a dance floor that did to me any good. let me tell you what is coming up over the next three hours. we have a written quiz to everyone in america the watches, congressman kevin mccarthy might be the next speaker. what happens to the party as they wrestle to keep control of the house. judge andrew napolitano is here with what it meant when they rated michael cohen's office and hopefully he will answer, sometimes he refuses. we were going to the constitution, jerry willis has been watching mark zuckerberg's
2:46 am
antics on capitol hill. it is all coming up on "fox and friends". jillian: multiple-choice or true or false? >> multiple-choice, bring a number 2 pencil. jillian: we are coming right back. bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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todd: remember when nancy pelosi said this under bonuses under donald trump's tax plan? >> the crumbs they are giving to workers to put the schmooze on is so pathetic. todd: now democratic sen. cory booker joining the chorus. >> we are getting crumbs. those people who might have gotten $1000 as a bonus, that is not free money.
2:50 am
it comes with the cost of driving up our debt. todd: the text form would benefit average americans. james comey taking cheap shots of the president in his first interview since leaving office. the promotional clip raising eyebrows this morning. >> how strange is it for you to compare the president to a mob boss? todd: comey's comments left everyone stunned. it is to promote his latest book a higher loyalty that is due out april 17th. jillian: house speaker paul ryan is retiring. his announcement coming ahead of the midterms barking fears that a blue wave is imminent. will his departure help or hurt republicans? here to debate, contributor to the hill jim turns and democrat strategist michael starr hopkins. do you see a blue wave coming? >> there's a tidal wave coming. this is a sin army. there is no stability in the republican party.
2:51 am
you will see more republican stand up to the president and when it comes to fundraising they have a problem with paul ryan on the ticket. >> if you talk about instability let's talk about the democratic party. last month had to borrow money to pay their bills was look at the rnc transiting them in fundraising, we have control of the white house and both houses of congress. the retirement of paul ryan will help and not heard the republican party. look at this example, paul ryan is one of those where people who went to washington instead of trying to amass power he did what he went to do which was serve the people and achieve his life goal to pass the largest tax reform in american history. this is a great example that things can get done in congress and did so without democrat votes. it will be interesting, gop, we need a shot in the arm for the
2:52 am
midterms. typically does not go well for the hospital to the white house and we saw in the recent poll 80% of people protested for the first time in their lives in the last two years, there is an enthusiasm gap. we need a shot in the arm. the speaker's race could get interesting debating policy. jillian: we have a poll where we wanted to get your reaction at home. will paul ryan's retirement impact the midterm elections and according to the polls, 76% of people responded said no. what do you think of the timing? >> timing has a lot to do with the investigation and frustration with syria. paul ryan is done. and democrats and republicans is going to be a wash. >> it is going to be a lot more.
2:53 am
and not just the house. >> hated disagree with my friend michael here, the fact that you have kevin mccarthy who is a smooth political operator. republicans like winning and the winning spirit and the legislature. and they disagree with him, steve scalise has become a beloved american figure after his recovery, his road back from the congressional baseball game where he was shot and an interesting wildcard with someone from the freedom caucus jumping in, mark meadows, to make this a fiscal debate. this will be interesting. it will ensue the base. >> any names to throw?
2:54 am
>> the base against the more conservative, and a strong stable party. >> stale bread, yesterday's bread, we like to have a turnover in power. >> thank you for joining us. the time -- trouble in toyland. how drug smugglers managed to hide $2 million in the disney choice. a little boy's dream come true, how deputies given the surprise of a lifetime. don't want to miss it. ♪ mother...nature!
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♪ you got to fight ♪ for your right to party. todd: come on, meally, trying to get pay for tomorrow. you got to dance. jillian: people like to see you dance. taking a live look outside new york city. jenna barfield tweeted i was
2:59 am
dancing with todd piro early. todd: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. dozens of police officers help grant the wish of a little boy battling cancer. [applause] todd: look at the joy in that face. jillian: love it. todd: 6-year-old wants to be a police officer when he grows up. jillian: so nice. next, the bad. $2 million in meth stuffed inside these knockoff disney figurines. the feds intercepting the shipment from mexico to atlanta. todd: finally the ugly. burned out home selling for $800,000 in silicon valley. the price reflects the value of the property. calling it an opportunity to build a dream home. average price in the home in the area $1.4 million. so you are getting a deal.
3:00 am
jillian: if you look at the bright side of things. todd: we need chip and joanna to go in there a fixefixer-upper. jillian: thanks for joining us. tomorrow is friday. todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> indications suggest a military strike against syria could be imminent. >> we have a number of options and all of those options are still on the table. >> this year will be my last one as a member of the house. leaving this majority in good hands with what i believe is a very bright future. >> devin nunes along with trey gowdy along with rod rosenstein viewed the two page memo that kick started the russia probe. >> it's a step in the right direction but there are still redactions in it. >> james comey is a dirty cop who was compromised from the very beginning of the investigation into hillary clinton. >> why is facebook censoring diamond and silk? >> our team made an enforcement e


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