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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 12, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: if you look at the bright side of things. todd: we need chip and joanna to go in there a fixefixer-upper. jillian: thanks for joining us. tomorrow is friday. todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> indications suggest a military strike against syria could be imminent. >> we have a number of options and all of those options are still on the table. >> this year will be my last one as a member of the house. leaving this majority in good hands with what i believe is a very bright future. >> devin nunes along with trey gowdy along with rod rosenstein viewed the two page memo that kick started the russia probe. >> it's a step in the right direction but there are still redactions in it. >> james comey is a dirty cop who was compromised from the very beginning of the investigation into hillary clinton. >> why is facebook censoring diamond and silk? >> our team made an enforcement error. >> now it's time for him to
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rectify this mistake. >> president trump, we have a new sheriff in town. zero tolerance and zero releases and 100 percent prosecution. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm on top of the world steve: hi, everybody, live from new york city. it is the 12th day of april, 2018. this is "fox & friends" from the mezzanine level. hi, we're up here. ainsley: good morning to you. it's thursday. you can smell the weekend. > steve: you know what you can smell. today is national grilled cheese day. janice dean on our plaza is going to attempt to create a 35-pound grilled cheese sandwich. ainsley: she likes hers with mayonnaise and bacon. steve: that sounds terrific.
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brian: got on the internet to find any knew thrill plan with grilled cheese and bacon on it. ainsley: it doesn't exist. steve: bacon is okay for you. i'm reading new book. number one book in the world now called food what to heat by dr. highman out of the cleveland clinic. he says bacon every day is not going to hurt you. ainsley: like wine and coffee, it's good for you one week. the next week we do a news story that says it's not good for you. steve: turns out they will make a 50 or 60-pound grilled cheese sand witch. stay tuned. what a show. brian: by all accounts more massive and substantial than the one a year ago when 59 tomahawks ransd down on syria after saturday's gas attack killed 40 and sent hundreds to the hospital. president tweeted russia vows to shoot down all missiles. they will be nice new and smart. i was shocked to find out
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defense secretary mattis at least tells us he was sure syria did it which was astounding because other people said they were sure. and we had eyes on them the entire time. ainsley: reporter said do we have enough evidence to know this was syria? listen to his response. [inaudible] >> we are still assessing the intelligence ourselves and our allies. we are still working on this. >> is the u.s. military now strike if ordered? >> we stand ready to provide military options if they're appropriate as the president determined. but thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. >> you're welcome. >> ainsley: he wanted to end it there. steve: he says they are ready, trying to figure out who did it. there are these stories out there. you know, have you got to figure some of it could be russian propaganda: "newsweek," no print
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addition anymore. apparently this group called the white helmets which used to be the syrian defense organization. there are stories that they staged bodies to make it look like there was a gas attack. meanwhile, have you got russian media saying we sent investigators in. our military did, and they could not find any traces of any toxins or gas on any of the bodies. brian: russians are so reputable and they have always told the truth in the past and those child actors with those gas masks probably ought to be up for oscars. ainsley: 2 years old and 3 years old, actors in diapers. our president was tweeting missiles are on the way, get ready, russia. russia is apparently tracking our ships. because we deployed at least one ship. and there was one already there in the region. russia is tracking our ships. they were seen removing 11 of their ships off of the coast of syria. i don't know if that was to get their ships out of the way or to get in place so they can shoot down our missiles if we shoot them.
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steve: they know something is coming because the president yesterday eliminated the element of surprise. nonetheless, there are these stories from russia, hey, syria didn't do it. just know that because if you shoot something at us, united states, we're going to shoot your stuff down. sarah sanders says all the options are still on that table. >> the president has a number of options at his disposal and all of those options real estate main on the table and we are continuing to look at each one of them. the president holds syria and russia responsible for this chemical weapons attack. russia has proven themselves to be responsible in part for this. they guaranteed that the use of chemical weapons by syria would not happen again. they failed at that they have also helped enable syria by vetoing 6 different u.n. resolutions that have helped protect assad. so, they are certainly hold some responsibility in this. and certainly have proven themselves to be bad actors in this process.
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brian: when president obama said -- got off his prepared remarks and said if you cross the red line using chemical or biological weapons, that's a red line for us. didn't act. had a plan, took a walk around the white house. changed his mind. went golfing. the devastation on our foreign policy and still recovering from. this president at this moment has credibility. if he takes a backwards step now and doesn't follow through, i don't care how long it takes, we will almost never recover as long as he is in office. if you talk to the chairman of foreig foreign relations bob corker, general jack keane and lindsey graham. they have the evidence. they know it's there. there is a sense that the russians want this fight and that we are backing off because we wonder if this is a somewhat of a plot to hook us in. i say we're a super power. we have a responsibility to act like that and when we say we're going to do something, everything is on
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the line if we don't do it. the president will never recover from this internationally. steve: but, can you imagine if they didn't actually do it? so it does. brian: why would he tweet that out. steve: i'm getting information from the state department we have intel that shows that syria was somehow involved. nonetheless, they are making sure that it's going to happen. right now the general consensus that the pentagon is going to be one strike. there are going to be a number of targets. they had thought about a three or four day deal. that's out. looks like the united kingdom, france, and the united states will be all together on the attack when it happens. brian: the u.k. has not commit. theresa may is wavering. ainsley: calling a cabinet meeting today. brian: she does not have the support if you listened to nigel farage last night. one in four, concerned about popularity. support something like this. single strike means no strike. 59 tomahawks last year got eight more attacks this year. what is another single
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strike going to do? steve: that's what the pentagon is thinking right now just reporting the facts. the attorney general for the united states jeff sessions at the texas border coalition am spring meeting. they had 31 pedestrians of 31 different departments around the table where he was talking and essentially he made it very clear there are changes in the immigration system and they're going to start talking no tolerance, zero releases, and 100 percent prosecution. why? new leadership. listen. >> with president trump, we have a new era of support for law enforcement, like we haven't seen in many years. you might even say we've got a new sheriff in town. we are working to take criminals off the streets by restoring the rule of law and really protecting and fixing our immigration system. so we're going to step up our efforts to achieve zero tolerance and zero releases
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and 100 percent prosecution. steve: that's what people want to hear. ainsley: he says to all of them, i know you have challenges and i'm here to try to fix these. i know you have limited resources. you have manpower needs. you need more beds and equipment needed and you are facing a lot of violence. he says i'm here to support you. california is -- they have responded. we saw new mexico, arizona and texas put more of the guardsmen on the border when the president said he was sending them in. guess what? governor jerry brown of california has said i am now going to comply and i'm sending 400 additional guardsmen down to the border. steve: but, there is a buy but. brian: that's a great move for governor brown to do. this i actually think he had very little choice, especially momentum build against the sanctuary state. he goes on to clarify why he's doing it he said let's be clear on the scope of the mission. this will not be a mission to build a new wall or round up women or children or
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detain people seeking escaping violence and seeking a better life. enforce immigration laws. that's a huge but. what he does not understanding there is illegal immigration. there is legal and illegal. there is a way for refugees to get in our country. the way can't be sneaking in, just walking across our border. why would anyone do it the right way if he is encouraging the wrong way? steve: here's the thing. the president made it clear i'm seconding up to 4,000 national guard to help down at the border. jerry brown says i will take 400 and i will put them throughout the state. you know what? that doesn't count. california should not get the money to fund the national guard for those 400 personnel if it's not going to be in some measure regarding border security. ainsley: i wonder if jerry brown is starting to say so many cities now in my state don't want to be a sanctuary state. you had two more yesterday that voted because they are -- they're going to attach themselves to the doj
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lawsuit. because they are saying we don't want to be a sanctuary state. maybe he is listening to his constituents saying maybe i got it whole idea is to assist with border security. that's not going to work. brian: president probably had the right to put them there himself and tell the national guard you go report but it didn't come to that 11 minutes after the hour. unless jillian wants to strike she has to read the news right now. jillian: i don't want to strike. will it's going to be 80 degrees tomorrow -- i'm just kidding. the resistance to sanctuary cities growing in california. the city of westminster voting overnight to support a federal lawsuit against the state. the sanctuary city's law cooperating with authorities. joins 8 other orange county cities that started the
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bill. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein handing the two page memo over to house intelligence committee chair devin nunes and house oversight committee chair trey gowdy. those documents not yet made public. the justice department giving in after nunes threatened to have rosenstein and fbi director christopher wray impreached. years of soft policy on russia are over. that's what secretary of state nominee mike pompeo is expected to tell the senate during his confirmation hearing today. according to remarks obtained by fox news, pompeo will also emphasize that while challenging diplomatic efforts with moscow must continue. the cia director was picked to be the head of the state department after the president fired rex tillerson last month. two baseball games turn into base brawls with benches clearing and punches thrown. watch. >> and there it is. does not like it. now he is going to head towards the mound. now, this is a ball.
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>> yankees and red sox coming to blows when yankee tyler austin is hit with a pitch and charges the mound. punches also thrown at the rockies padres game after a wild pitch. five players were ejected there. ainsley: do they have a history those two? >> they do now. jillian: they don't love each other. ainsley: i know the teams don't but i didn't know if those two individuals had sparred before. brian: no. but just when you slide high into second and you bat and get hit in the mountain you approach the mound like children. ainsley: the loyalty of both teams they all storm the field. thanks, jillian. brian: meanwhile, 13 minutes after the hour. more lawmakers confronting mark zuckerberg about why facebook labeled diamond and silk unsafe. >> diamond and silk have a question for you. and that question is what is unsafe about two black women
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supporting president donald j. trump? brian: his response and what diamond and silk are saying now just ahead. steve: new way to see you lens conservatives on campus, call them hate groups. ♪
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♪ steve: we've got a fox news alert because the president just tweeted about our next subject. never said when an attack on syria would take place, could be very soon or not so soon at all. in any event, the united states, under my
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administration, has done a great job of riding the region of isis. where is our thank you, america? joining us now is the policy advisor for the syrian campaign keenan ramani. good morning. >> good morning. thank you. receive steve you like that the president of the united states is talking tough and it looks fast there will be a strike on syria. >> i absolutely support president trump in his promise for a military action. in response to this heinous war crime. women and children were gassed to death while they were being starved by the assad regime. president obama completely blew it in 2001 which assad killed 4,000 people, 400 children. president obama did nothing. signing a deal with russia. allowing a iran deal allowing it to go through. collusion is working with russia to allow syrians to
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be gassed to death. we need to stand up for syrians not only facing chemical weapons, barrel bombs. being burned to death and their bodies being burned in cream torians. this is holocaust remembrance day and 14r50u8 imperative when we say never again we really mean it. president trump, we urge you to please follow through on your commitment to hold assad and russia accountable for these heinous war crimes. steve: um-huh. of course, he is making it clear with this morning's tweet, keenan, that that is his intention. we were also talking about how there are all these internet conspiracies and russians are saying we didn't do it, and there is probably an activist group that staged it, what do you think about that stuff? >> this is all classic russian propaganda, we should not listen to any of this. we have the photos. we have the videos. cylinders dropped on top of civilians. i know that the president is
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reviewing all of this evidence. the evidence is very clear. what the president needs to do is to make sure that russia doesn't get away with this. that assad doesn't get away with this. there needs to be a response. there needs to be the complete grounding of the regime's air force immediately as quickly as possible. and the regime is trying to move all of its assets out of the way so that the president can hit those. and russia is trying to make threats against the united states of america. we should not be thwarted by this bluster from the regime and from russia. we need to make sure that these warplanes that are dropping chemical weapons and barrel bombs on civilians are stopped from being able to do so. i trust president trump can do that. steve: all right. and i think he thinks, given the nature of that tweet, that he can do it as well. thank you very much for joining us live from our nation's capital. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, on this thursday, the heads of the consumer financial protection bureau under fire, mick mulvaney's crime,
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frosted glass. what happened to transparency. huh? more on the invented outrage coming up. and speaker of the house paul ryan retiring, what does that mean for the mid terms? we will try to break it down next up on "fox & friends." at hr frequent heartburn, claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? in the 2018 lexusxus saes and es hybrid.standard lease the 2018 es 350 for $399/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. sarge, i just got a tip. that'll crack this case wide open! turns out the prints at the crime scene- awwwww...did mcgruffy wuffy get a tippy wippy? i'm serious! we gotta move fast before- who's a good boy?
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3:25 am
thankfully, no one was hurt. brian? brian: house speak paul ryan revealing he won't be re-election. political bombshell is raising questions about what this means for republicans in the midterm elections. help or hurt? here to debate it democratic strategist calloway and matt schlapp who has a very famous wife. matt, real quick, you are say the speaker of the house never liked politics, was uncomfortable with the president. even though they had dinner last night. so this makes sense to you? >> yeah, it does. look, i think there has been a lot of political change in politics. and the speaker has been uncomfortable with aspects of it. the biggest part that he has been uncomfortable with in being the speaker of the house look, he is just not a guy who loves politics. he doesn't like bathe in politics. he loves public policy. he loves passing that tax bill. that's the valid victory of his time as speaker. is he being honest with the american people look, i have done the job i wanted to do and i want to move on.
3:26 am
good for him for coming to that conclusion. brian: when john mccain went thumbs down, that killed his ideal which would have been entitlement reform. he wanted to start there. your thoughts? >> well, paul ryan is a budget guy and he is a tax guy so ultimately agree with matt that the victory of his career even more so than entitlement reform has always been reforming our tax code for the first time since 1986. i don't agree with everything that happened in the tax bill but it is amajor accomplishment for his leadership. matt is right when he said paul didn't want to be speaker. what else he didn't want to be was minority leader. they see that blue wave is come and he wants no part of that i commend him however for doing the right thing and stepping aside now as opposed to running for another term and stepping aside once the minority was confirmed. >> let me counter that the person who might be the most disappointed person in washington is nancy pelosi. you know, people talk about donald trump's numbers, which are improving and much better than get reported. the politician with the
3:27 am
worse numbers in the last 20 years of politics is nancy pelosi. do you know what the focus is on? 100 percent around this country as we get closer and closer to november is the nancy pelosi agenda which is not going to help anybody in this country. brian: two things we hear, don. if you bring up nancy pelosi, republicans like that. if you bring up impeachment believe it or not republicans like that. the american people don't want to hear that. do you agree? >> this is a midterm election. midterm elections are not about the house minority leader. the midterm elections are about a referendum particularly on the president. that is what history tells us. we can always say that nancy pelosi is unpopular. whether or not that's true, i'm sure republicans will run on it this will be a referendum on donald trump. nancy pelosi doesn't really care whether or not paul ryan is speaker because this is a referendum on trump and, again, not only 39 republicans, which is a record in republican defections but who else matt schlapp his job to rally conservative troops. the blue wave is coming with
3:28 am
or without nancy pelosi. brian: you seem to be right when it comes to momentum. the generic poll had the democrat's lead shrink to 3 yesterday. i was surprised by that comaft, the big picture, what is the additional fallout? some say after this they pull the plug, a lot of other republicans retire. do you foresee that? >> first of all, it's okay for politicians who don't feel the energy to run again to quit. i would rather them quit than run a half hearted race there are a lot of republicans who are resigning. i'm okay with bringing in fresh legs into the political scene and the third point is that if this is a referendum on donald trump, it will be a referendum on the trump economy. why do you see those generic ballot numbers, brian, getting better for the republicans? it's because people feel secure. they feel more economic security and feel like president trump is projecting strength overseas, whether it's syria or whether it's china or whether it's russia. that's what this race will come down to. brian: i have news for you. kevin mccarthy coming up.
3:29 am
we will ask him. most likely good friends with the president and most likely be the next speaker. i believe the president cannot say i projected strength if he now backs out of showing strength in syria after what he said yesterday. >> i would agree with that i don't necessarily see his tweet as a backing out. his tweet is a very real response to the criticism that he was telegraphing military activity and he is still saying i'm going to do something, i'm just not telling you when it is. i support the president's action on syria. i think we should have taken bashar al assad out long ago. i don't like tweeting about it. it's unpresidential but i'm sure assad needs to go. brian: final thoughts, matt? >> in so many ways barack obama did not keep us safe. and i think this election is gonna come down to just one word. do you feel secure as an american? do you feel like have you greater economic security and do you feel like you are safer because of the trump policies? that's why i think the republicans will be in good shape and pick up senate seats for sure. brian: if we could all get along this way this country
3:30 am
would be a better place. thanks so much. crumbs didn't work. democrats in many cases are shaming people who got bonuses from the president's tax cuts. >> remember that is not free money. it's coming with a cost of driving up our debt. brian: there is more whereby that came from. and it's boy versus soccer ball. the adorable video that comes with a life lesson. that story coming up. ♪ and now, you can too. see for yourself why chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last four years overall. get a total value of over eleven thousand five hundred dollars on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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right now a little picture here. you recognize these folks? >> i do. >> who are they? >> i believe is that diamond and silk? >> and their corn tent was
3:34 am
deemed by your folks to be unsafe. diamond and silk have a question for you and that question is what is unsafe about two black women supporting president donald j. trump? >> well, congressman, nothing sun safe about that. >> do you subjectively manipulate your algorithms to prioritize or censor speech? >> congresswoman, we don't think about what we are doing as censoring speech. there are types of content like terrorism that i think we all agree that we don't want to have on our service. so we build systems that can identify those and can remove that content and we're very proud of that. >> let me tell you something right now, diamond and silk is not terrorism. >> why is facebook censuring diamond and silk. >> in that case our team made an enforcement error. and we have already gotten
3:35 am
in touch with them to reverse it. steve: oh, mr. zuckerberg, that is not accurate. so, there have you got some of the festivities up on capitol hill yesterday. mark zuckerberg back in the hot seat once again where he apologized. we blew it, we blew it, we blew it we will do things better. they are no closer to any sort of government regulation. although he said he would be open to it, congress not ready to act. ainsley: it's amazing that many people might have laughed at diamond and silk and didn't realize the power that they have. look what's happening. their names are being blasted throughout all of these congressional hearings and mark zuckerberg is being held to a new standard because these ladies are speaking out. they said what he said yesterday to those congress men and women was false. listen to this. >> i appreciate everyone that really stood up for us and our platform. i was happy to hear him admit that they made a mistake. so now it's time for him to
3:36 am
rectify that mistake. sit down and talk directly to mark zuckerberg. >> that's right. >> so he can rectify this here and make this right. >> we have not been in communication with facebook. we have not been contacted. we have not spoken to anyone over the phone so that was a lie. >> people are still having issues with liking and following our page. the same algorithms are still there nothing has been resolved. and no one has been in communication with diamond and silk. brian: that was misinformation by mark zuckerberg yesterday i can't believe they didn't get that down. he didn't know that legislation has been moving that marsha blackburn sponsored that could talk about regulation especially facebook. he did not know that found that hard to believe. steve: there has been a lot going on. steve scalise was citing the new algorithm that facebook has been using for a while, for some reason there is a tremendous bias against conservative news and content and actually enhances progressive points of view. what are the odds of that?
3:37 am
brian: neil ferguson predicted that he wrote a book about it. i'm in silicon valley they are looking to correct things in the mid terms and they are doing it. ainsley: congressman long said go back and look what conservative sites have you taken down and compare them to the number of liberal sites have you taken down i think you will see a discrepancy there. let us know what you think. brian: if they tried to shut down jillian mele's website there would have been outrage. jillian: i would have. not absolutely not. the trump administration now considering mandatory drug tests for food stamp recipients. it will only impact 5% of people on the snap program. including workers who are considered able-bodied and have no dependents. at least 15 states already require drug testing for food stamp assistance. remember when nancy pelosi said this about bonuses under president trump's tax plan? >> the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of
3:38 am
put the schmooze on is so pathetic. jillian: well now fellow democrat corey booker is joining the chorus. >> we're getting crumbs and unfortunately, by the way, those people who might have gotten $1,000 in your -- as a bonus, remember that is not free money. it's coming with a cost of driving up our debt. jillian: the new jersey senator said it's rude that tax reform would benefit average americans. defund conservative hate groups. students including from penn state don't want any money going to turning point u.s.a. ben shapiro says silencing campus conservative speech is a growing issue. >> can i only imagine that anti-immigrant rhetoric would be things like let's enforce our border and deport illegal immigrants. left is growing saying it is incumbent to protect the ideas. everyone who defends must be
3:39 am
thrown off. jillian: if you don't first succeed try again and again and again. living lie by those words while struggling to kick the soccer bawl with some persistence and perseverance the little boy from pennsylvania finally succeeds. oh, come on. it isn't the first time coming up against a challenge. do you remember this video of him running away from a girl during a wrestling match last year. it's the same kid. trying to find a sport that fits him. i grew up playing all sports. i was not great at one. i feel his pain. brian: i love he is playing. steve: not everybody is good at everything. janice dean is good at weather casting and grilled cheesing. janice: it's national grilled cheese day, everybody. we are here celebrating with an epic 60-pound grilled
3:40 am
cheese cheese sandwich. here is harley and amir and daniel. thank you so much for being here. >> tell us about this epic 60-pound grilled cheese. >> 60-pound grilled cheese sandwich. we made custom bread and cheese in honor of grilled cheese day. we stayed up through the night working and it was worth it if you want to put the time in it a splash. 60-pound grilled cheese sandwich. japan january what is the key to making the best grilled cheese. >> key to making the best anything, no matter what it is, butter. butter at the end of the day. good grilled cheese sandwich. butter every single part of the bread, the outside, the inside, the corners everything. janice: can someone cut this for me? >> amir. >> tell me about the peperoni you have over here. >> pizza in a bag. available at every single
3:41 am
walmart in the u.s.a. i have got to be honest this 60-pound grilled cheese sandwich tell me about this jerky that we brought. it tastes like pizza. low carb. video going up today on social media where we are going to be taking the pizza out of jerky and putting it inside a grilled cheese sandwich. janice: come to momma. >> are you ready? janice: i'm ready. >> come on. they are going for it squeeze it together. get that crunch. >> dip it in a little ketchup. >> do you have ketchup? >> no. it's so good. steve: it is good. we just saw pizza in a bag. why has that taken so long to invent. fantastic. brian: 19 minutes before the top of the hour.
3:42 am
democrats attacking the president's head of the consumer protection bureau for his, quote, lack of transparency because he frosted the glass in his office. are you kidding me? steve: it's not transparent. just saying. the document that kick started the trump-russia probe now in the hands of congress. actually congress got a look at it two members did yesterday. what does he think? he's next. ♪ hey, what are you guys doing here?
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3:46 am
them up now or it will get really complicated starting tomorrow night and we have to take all the steps necessary in order to get the document. we have a plan -- and impeach. steve: that was tuesday night. that ultimatum finally got some results the fbi and the tempt of justice finally let the house intel chairman kick off the russia probe. at least two pages of it. brian: here to react is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. what do you think they saw? >> if they saw two pages they saw a summary or they saw the first page and last page. i haven't seen it i assure you the application to the fisa court was not two pages. it's more like between 75 and 100 pages. i'm guessing from similar applications that i have seen in my work. but as we were saying during the break it's getting very serious, brian, this conflict between a republican congress and a republican managed department of justice and the president of the united states should pick up that
3:47 am
telephone and resolve this. steve: right. >> the last time we had a dispute like this it was over fast and furious and a republican house of representatives held a democratic attorney general acre eric holder in contempt. what happened as a result of contempt? nothing. they didn't even get the documents. because they don't pursue these things. congress, not just devin nunes' committee, the house of representatives should subpoena a person, chris wray, jeff sessions, whoever has control over the whole thing. and if that person doesn't produce the documents, that person should be held in contempt. steve: it seems, judge, as if the attorney general of the united states is not acting in the president's best interest or in the best interest of congress' opportunity and right to see what's in all these documents. >> there must be some conflict by which i mean he must see something in there that he believes would be harmful for the public to see. now, there are statutes that regulate. you had john lausch on yesterday.
3:48 am
that's the u.s. attorney who has been cam man deered to leave chicago to come and run this. putting a u.s. attorney in charge of a document production is like putting an orthopedic surgeon in charge of clipping fingernails. steve: it's window dressing. >> yes. ainsley: meaning anyone can do it. >> no. i'm a fan of john lausch's meaning anyone can do it. category of documents they can't release. they can't release the name of confidential informants. steve: grand jury. >> what they gave to a grand jury that's against the statute. these things are not judgments the doj makes. these are laws that the doj has to comply with. i don't think congress is serious about wanting these documents. it wouldn't be taking 14 months. ainsley: nunes wanted documents -- he wanted to see why the fisa court agreed to allow trump's campaign to be pur surveilled. is he going to be happy.
3:49 am
brian: he read them, right? >> he read them last night and issued a statement which is kind of neutral where we are deeply grateful to deputy attorney general rosenstein for releasing the documents. i don't think he read everything. if steve's sources are correct, and they probably are, and it's just two pages it's a summary. brian: here is what fox found out there were some redactions. narrowly tailored to protect the name of the foreign country and foreign agents. these words must be redacted in order to determine who could harm the national security of the american people. >> the law requires that. brian: we were taking some names out. we don't really know what they saw, but they were grateful for the opportunity. trey gowdy is not really a naive guy when it comes to the law. >> agreed. brian: didn't come out and say i seen enough. how many pages? judge: thousands. where is janice with that 500-pound sandwich. ainsley: are you hungry? steve: we have pizza in a
3:50 am
bag for you. awesome, technology. ainsley: remember when joy read said this about ms-13. >> speech tonight he makes it sounds like the biggest issue in the united states or the biggest threat is ms-13, a gang that nobody that doesn't watch fox news has heard of. ainsley: why did new york's liberal governor just spend million in combating the gangs. brian: they are by our house. steve: he must be watching fox news. brian: his brother has a show. the white sox must see attraction this year. they can't attract anybody. they are terrible and nobody comes to the game when they play the devil rays. carley shimkus. ♪ i've been working all week ♪ time for a good time ♪ 115
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
sirius 24/7 news.
3:54 am
>> we are talking interior design today. budget director mick mulvaney, also head of the cfpd like he said. he testified before congress yesterday, he was question of the day about the newly frosted windows installed into his. 13 other people. keith ellison hammered him on this point. now, he essentially accused him. steve: was he joking? >> no, he was not he accused him of being a hypocrite. is he a champion of transparency. steve: it's opaque. >> he has these frosted glass windows. a lot of people are talking about this on social media. party of science can't figure out the difference between actual transparency and figurative transparency. adam sets meet rep keith ellison whose every office wall is paid of clear glass. no kidding, of course, his office has walls. those who live in non-glass houses shouldn't throw stones. dude, do you work for the
3:55 am
onion now? referring to els in that to ell. how transparent is your office store. brian: if you don't need to see in an office. see cavs and ankling. steve: unless you are standing on the desk. >> that's true. brian: white sox had a big game at home and they are terrible. >> poor white sox, you think summer and spring warm weather, crowded baseball stadiums. not for the white sox because their home opener only had about 900 fans in attendance. steve: are you kidding? >> put that in perspective. their stadium holds over 40,000 people. ainsley: are they really bad or tickets expensive? >> not only that freezing weather. it's a mixture of both. that picture says it all for the team. steve: all right, carley, thank you very much for the latest. >> poor white sox. ainsley: sanctuary city backlash is growing in the
3:56 am
state of california. nor cities are joining that lawsuit against the state. one of the lawmakers leading the way is going to join us live in the next hour. plus. steve: so much more. ♪ this is what getting your car serviced at lincoln looks like. complementary pickup and delivery servicing now comes with every new lincoln. i won. giving you, the luxury of time. that's the lincoln way.
3:57 am
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3:59 am
steve: the president just tweeted never said when an attack on syria would take place. could be very soon or not so soon at all. >> president trump hold assad and russia accountable for heinous war crimes. >> this year will be my last one as member of the house. >> paul ryan and 39 other republicans see that blue wave coming and he wants no part of it. >> people who say there is a democratic landslide on the way just hold your horses. >> how strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss? >> james comey is a dirty cop. >> do you censure speech. >> there are tops of content like terrorism we don't want on our service. >> diamond and silk is not terrorism. >> it's national grilled cheese day and we are here celebrating with epic
4:00 am
grilled cheese sandwich. are you ready, america? >> come on. yeah. going for it squeeze it together. get that crunch. compress. ♪ ♪ a beautiful day ♪ and i can't stop myself from smiling ♪ if i'm drinking then i'm buying steve: michael bu buble. if your bank is closed today it's because it's national grilled cheese day. janice dean celebrating in the plaza. brian: a lot of kids get off today. by daughters both said no one goes to school on grilled cheese day. steve: your wife believed that. brian: yeah. they are still in bed. ainsley: every day is a national day of something. steve: i think it's a scam on the part of our staff to get free food. brian: i think so. feels like that. the president has a big
4:01 am
agenda yesterday. i cannot believe the volume of fake news coming out from paul ryan's speakership going out. now we have this news continues to be big news. and that is of a possible syria reprisal after this saturday attack. the president tweeted this out a short time ago. ainsley: he said never said when an attack on syria would take place. could be very soon or not so soon at all. in any event, the united states under my administration has done a great job of writing the -- of riding the region of isis. where is your thank you america? -- where is our thank you america. steve: the criticism he has gotten after his tweet yesterday that essentially said hey, harsh russia, get ready, the missiles are going to be coming, because the president famously has said i'm not going to telephone gradual what i'm doing. the element of surprise is gone. what is taking pentagon so long? general mattis made it very clear, look, they are trying to make sure 100 percent that mr. assad and his evil
4:02 am
doers actually did it. here's mr. mattis yesterday, i believe at the pentagon. >> >> we're still assessing the intelligence ourselves and our allies. we're still working on this. >> the u.s. military ready right now to commence a retaliatory strike if ordered? >> we stand ready to provide military options if they are appropriate as the president determined. but thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. >> telegraphing our military moves? >> thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. brian: if there's no reprisals. it is very much this president's red line that gets ignored. just like president obama's. there is no question the world is waiting. they have had conversation with france. conversations with the u.k. conversations with the middle east. they moved the uss harry truman into the area. we have seen the images. we have the satellite images. we know exactly what happened. and if we do not do
4:03 am
anything, it's going to be almost impossible to recover our credibility. steve: i like the fact that the president isn't just saying it happened yesterday i'm going to start bombing things. they are making sure things are as they do appear. you know, there are the stories out there, russia saying, look, syria didn't do it. there is that activist grope called white helmet. they staged it to make syria look bad so the united states would do it. that's why russia has partnered up with syria, as they have for years and said look, if the united states attacks them, we will blow every one of their missiles out of the sky. brian: it's about time russia understands hot super power is. they act like 22,000-ton gorilla, they are not. 30 planes there. they enabled this thug to kill over 200,000 people and keep him in people along with iran. they did this. they also did eight prior ones. there is enough evidence, the president is already on the record, he has got to do something. ainsley: we have sent ships that way.
4:04 am
russia says they are tracking our ships and they pulled out 11 russian ships that were seen in the syria area. meanwhile the president said that the speaker is truly a good man. when the speaker said yesterday, speaker paul ryan, i'm not going to seek re-election. steve: that's right. paul ryan, the 54th speaker of the house of representatives, said he is not running for re-election. why? well, he made it very clear. you know, he has never been at his house with his children growing up except on the weekends he said look, i want to do that. to some observers though it does look like maybe he sees that blue wave coming. he is trying to get out when he can. maybe he wants to run for president in 2024. whatever the reason. he is out as of january and a bunch of republicans are talking about who might replace him in the leadership. ainsley: larry kudlow says hold on a minute. everyone take a breath. listen. >> i would say to people who think there is a democratic
4:05 am
landslide on the way just hold your horses. let's see how this turns out. economic growth and jobs and wages are very popular issues. and the people who are saying it's going to be a republican catastrophe in november are people who have opposed our tax cuts, do not believe we can have better economic growth or help jobs and productivity. let's see how that works out. brian: i think it's important to know at the very least, you know that the reason why the speaker was put in that place, he never wanted it he is not necessarily somebody to rangle people like other strong speakers in the past. what he is, he has got a lot of credibility. he has looked up to. people understanding how bright he is. he also was savvy enough to know he is not going to get rolled by nancy pelosi. loot of people feel that's the greatest quality of the next pirik is to be somebody who is politically savvy, likes the infighting more than the speaker did. ainsley: a timing issue. if i don't get out now, then i am going to have to wait until after the mid terms.
4:06 am
far enough away from the mid terms he can lead. steve: he is going to lead through the midterm election, stay in his office. brian: would he be a minority leader? no. even if i did keep this job, it's hard enough wrapping gling with the 23 or 24-person majority. the freedom caucus is 25 members. a lot of times they go against him because the frawx disagrees with anybody with the moderates. he goes how could i possibly get anything done if i have even a smaller margin. steve: right. you know what? he is going out on high note. they just got the tax cut bill which he loves. then again, there is the omnibus which was way too much spending. kevin mccarthy, house majority leader right now, he has been suggested along with steve scalise as perhaps a replacement for the speaker. is he going to be joining brian in a half an hour. brian to your point about the house freedom caucus, mr. mccarthy who rumors have been floating around for months that speaker ryan was going to be leaving. mccarty has been courting
4:07 am
the house freedom caucus and what he has talked about essentially is pushing back on the billions from the omnibus. he has also been talking to the house freedom caucus about maybe an investigation into hillary clinton and also the balanced budget amendment even though it can't get through the entire congress, at least the house freedom caucus would like to seat house on the record. mr. mccarthy is courting the house freedom caucus, which, if you are going to be speaker, you have got to do that. brian: big story on sunday is going to be the 2020 special as james comey sits down for the first time. bret baier third with george stephanopoulos. at which time the reports are suspects to riveting they have trouble jamming into one hour. good thing to say. steve: good tease. brian: it's a good tease. evidently, james comey makes the unfortunate phrase and actually equates this president to a mob boss. >> how strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss? things you know but haven't
4:08 am
said that could damage president trump? and those who say you should have brought hillary clinton before a grand jury. should donald trump be impeached? steve: i heard more from george than i heard from him. ainsley: that's what i thought. when i saw the whole promo run it was george's questions. i would have at least heard one sentence. steve: if he is equating him to a mob boss. name of his book "higher loyalty" famously president trump asked if i was going to be loyal to him. maybe that's et connection rights there. axios has a summary of some of the things that were said. according to one source who was at the taping at comey's house a couple of days ago, mr. comey is going to, quote: shock the president and his team. we don't know what that means but that's in thirties. ainsley: equating the president to a mob boss. did you watch sean
4:09 am
hannity's. all the mob bosses and killed. steve: all the bodies are purr idea. brian: loretta lynch had to get her story out first over the last week. looks like comey is going to contradict her. including somebody is lying. mccabe's story doesn't line up with comey's. hopefully bret baier will be able to bring in something like that. steve: unlike a lot of books, nobody has seen this book. there is a hard embargo on it. nobody has seen the book. it goes on sale on tuesday. i'm sure the people at abc got to look at it just before the interview. ainsley: are you going to read it and watch that interview? steve: i will watch the interview. brian: i remember when madonna wrote her book, she wrapped it, i think cellophane, if you broke the wrapper she knew you head had ahead of time. jillian: i will take your word for it. brian: at one time a very successful singer. jillian: get you caught up on the news here. resistance to sanctuary cities growing in
4:10 am
california. the city of wes westminster voting to support a federal lawsuit against the state. limits local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. westminster joins 8 other orange county cities that have opposed the bill. a twice deported illegal already behind bars will be charged in the death of a florida sheriff's deputy. fuentes accused of manslaughter after deputy eric oliver was hit by a car crashed into him two years ago. he ran away from the officer for the sake of his kids. but deputy oliver's dad isn't buying it. >> just an excuse for him to get back to his country. he had every opportunity and chance to stop. he ruined the lives of eric's brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles and his daughter. jillian: right now fu fens at fs finishing out his sentence.
4:11 am
according to remarks obtained by fox news, pompeo will also emphasize that while challenging diplomatic efforts with moscow must continue. the cia director was picked to head the state department after the president fired rex tillerson last month. so you have won the masters what do you do now? forget disney world and elaborate trips. patrick reed rolling up to a chick-fil-a drive-thru still sporting that jacket. waiting for food. i have to wonder what did they order? i need to know. steve: number one. jillian: waffle fries i approve. steve: the fries, the coke. brian: i heard that chick-fil-a is overtaking mcdonald's for the next generation of fast food eaters. jillian: really? what do you eat there i have been there once in my life
4:12 am
the waffle fries. steve: that's fantastic. if that's true they are going to overtake mcdonald's that's extraordinary because they are closed every sunday. ainsley: pickles or no pickles? steve: pickles, hello: more lawmakers are confronting facebook ceo jeff zuckerberg. why facebook, mark that is to say, labeled diamond and silk unsafe for the community. >> and that question for you, what is unsafe about two black women supporting president donald j. trump. steve: i believe the congressman heard that question on our program from diamond and silk here yesterday. his response and what diamond and silk are saying today coming up. brian: if you're going to skip school to go to a baseball game better not hold a sign telling everyone about it. what happened to this kid coming up. steve: what kid? ♪ ♪ i saw the sign ♪ it opened up my eyes ♪ i saw the sign
4:13 am
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♪ brian: back with a fox news alert. president trump threatening a strike on syria in response to chemical weapons attacks tweeting this never said when an attack on syria would take place. could be very soon or not soon at all. in any event, the united states under my administration has done a great job of riding the
4:17 am
region of isis. where is our thank you america. all options are on the table. what is the right approach to handle this crisis? here to weigh in retired delta force operator in syria last month helping with reconstruction colonel jim reese. colonel, what should be our next step here after what you saw saturday after what you witnessed firsthand? >> brian, good morning. well, we definitely know need to show a response. i know president trump, all of our elements of national power are working this very diligently. with the coalition that's been over there. and with our nato allies. but i also line from kobanni and run it down the euphrates river and all the way back to iraq that's ours. we can't give that up. i also believe something on the table that i know the pentagon is working on, it will be a course of action
4:18 am
to look at is getting our coalition forces, ground forces, armored artillery that eventually we might need to go in there and put forces on the euphrates river and point them towards damascus. brian: get the saudis, get qatar, get uae and put them on the ground. the iranians aren't going to like that, russians aren't going to like that. what are your thoughts? >> absolutely. i think the crowned prince was just here. he asked president trump do not leave syria. i would turn right back around and tell the crowned prince okay i won't leave syria but i need some of your ground forces. the saudis have a large military and a very prominent armored aspect. brian: colonel, you think we can't leave and you think we have to strike. take a look at this' that. you have a monitor there. this has been estimated possible strike spot. they have about six military bases there. the russians have, i believe, one and about between 30 and 40 planes.
4:19 am
as you look there, what what could you tell our viewers about what we might be up against? >> i can't see the monitor in front of us. here is what i do know. strike any russian aspects. you know, we are going to look at those syrian pieces. you know, we are in talks continuously with the russians. you know, we are not going to do that. i don't believe the russians are going to shoot an american airplane out of the sky. but i also believe if we put an air strike in, this air strike should be a coalition air strike. again, saudi aircraft. iraqi aircraft. they have the f-16s. i believe a coalition air strike would be a great response to this assad atrocity. brian: i love the president's tweet yesterday russia vowed to shoot down any of our missiles fired at us. get ready, russia, they will be coming nice, new and smart. thanks so much. i know it's not easy. i know there is risks. the world has got to know using these gases and
4:20 am
biological weapons cannot be tolerated. thanks, colonel, for your service. thanks for giving us your firsthand account. >> yes, sir, have a great day. brian: college graduation season is right around the corner. that means you will soon be surrounded by snowflakes in some cases at work. larry winget has some tips on how to survive the blizzard, maybe help them out ♪ big time ♪ after day. because life should have more wishes and less worries. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. dray, when he was younger, he loved to smile; and we knew he would need braces because his teeth were coming in funny. this is the picture that was on the front page of the newspaper. all you can notice is the braces!
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. biggest threat is ms-13 a gang no one who doesn't watch fox news has heard of. they make it sound like they are the biggest threat. ainsley: $19 million is how much the state of new york is allocating to fighting the brutal gang trivialized by that msnbc host. the state combating
4:24 am
recruitment after more than two dozen murders in two years. next, $2 million. that's the value of the meth found stuck inside those knockoff disney figurines. steve: watch? ainsley: shipment from new mexico to atlanta. >> tapping the first ever black woman to serve as brigadier general. colonel mahlock serves at the marine headquarters in d.c. steve: congratulations. brian: congratulations out to college graduates after their graduations, right around the corner, after all. some graduates might want to hear something like this. >> as you go out into the world, my advice to you is don't go. [laughter] it's rough out there. move back with your parents. let them worry about it. [laughter] steve: what a visionary. our next guest has some real
4:25 am
advice for some of those so-called snowflakes about to enter the workforce and may be actually working next to you. the author of "what's wrong with damn near everything" larry winget the pit bull of personal development joins us with tips. larry, a lot of these college students graduating, coming up very shortly, they are used to the safe spaces on campus. what happens when they are in an office pod with a lot of people who are familiar with how safe spaces work? >> well, hopefully they get a rude awakening. we are not really seeing that know. what we are seeing is a lot of businesses are starting to cater to the demands and the wants and desires and dreams of all these snowflakes that are graduating from college. and that needs to stop. they need to be told that businesses should cater to customers. and not to the employees. you see, they spent the first 20 years or so of their lives being told that they're special. their parents told them that then the school told them
4:26 am
that and now they are going in to business and guess what? you are not special anymore. you are an employee. ainsley: they need. >> get to work. >> ainsley: customer is always right. remember your dad telling you that not the snowflakes. what are your tips for these snowflakes that are graduating? >> first of all, sort of the main number one basic, be on time. you are paid to be on time but mostly when you are not on time, you need to understand that's a real show of disrespect. you're disrespecting your job, your paycheck, your employer your co-workers. your commerce. brian: you say when you are at work, make sure you work and try to get something done. >> you know, 25% of employees these days we are told by most studies are doing personal things when they are at work. every not paid to do your personal things. when you are at work, work. if you are doing 25 percent of your time on your personal stuff, you are stealing your wages. steve: speaking of personal stuff, you say business email takes priority over
4:27 am
social media. >> businesses communicate with their customers and with each other on email. most studies also tell us that these people are not good at email. they tweet, they snapchat. and they use instagram. but that's not how businesses communicate. you have got to answer your email. that's your number one priority. ainsley: larry, you say you are owed a paycheck in exchange for your effort and nothing more. >> nothing more. what a surprise. no business can make sure that no one is ever going to hurt your feelings. there aren't any safe spaces at manufacturing plant or wherever it is that you work. you are going to have to toughen up. you are owed your paycheck. that's your right. you do not have a right to get your feelings hurt. brian: larry, the other thing is you are not going to walk in and become the ceo. understand, work their way up the ladder. a lot of them don't have the patience for that. >> exactly right. what we need to fix all of this. it doesn't have to be this
4:28 am
way. we need strong leadership in the home. we need strong leadership in businesses right now who maybe for the first time to these graduates will say no. you don't get your way. brian: and if someone is like larry winget in this direction, they are going to rocket up the ladder. sadly they will stand out maybe more than previous generations would. >> absolutely. remember, in a world of snowflakes, be the heat. ainsley: i love that. steve: larry, thank you very much. >> you bet. ainsley: as fire rips through a an apartment building, everyone races to save everyone inside. >> get out, get out. wake up, wake up. hey, get out. get out. steve: oh my goodness. ainsley: incredible video coming up next. steve: that's the exit. plus, more lawmakers confronting mark zuckerberg about why facebook labeled diamond and silk as unsafe to the community. gerri willis joins us next with his answers to their cuff questions live from
4:29 am
"fox & friends" world headquarters. hey, jerry. gerri. ♪ everybody wants to be closer. this is the ocean. just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her. we needed a car that would last long enough to see it all.
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turns liquid to gel... ...for incredible protection. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. always discreet boutique. ♪ >> i would like to show you right now a little picture here. do you recognize these folks? >> i do. >> who are they?
4:33 am
>> i believe is that diamond and silk? >> and their content was deemed by your folks to be unsafe. diamond and silk have a question for you. and that question is what is unsafe about two black women supporting president donald j. trump? >> well, congressman, nothing is unsafe about that. >> do you subjectively manipulate your algorithms to prioritize or censure speech? >> congresswoman, we don't think about what we are doing as censuring speech. there are types of content like terrorism that i think we all agree we do not want to have on our service. so we build systems that can identify those and can remove that content and we are very proud of that. >> let me tell you something right now. diamond and silk is not terrorism. >> why is facebook censuring conservative bloggers such as diamond and silk? >> congressman, in that specific case, our team made
4:34 am
an enforcement error. and we have already gotten in touch with them to reverse it. steve: the number one topic, it seems yesterday at the zuckerberg hearing diamond and silk. gerri willis from the fox business network joins us. they've got quite a story. facebook with its algorithm has pretty much shut them down. >> they have 1.5 million followers on facebook. of course they are on other social media as well. they have a store on facebook. they need those pages to work and to work really well and they say they are not. now, i put a request in to facebook to get some kind of comment more directly on this today. i have not heard from them. >> he even said that he had contacted diamond and silk the company has. they are not restricting them. diamond and silk was interviewed on laura's show. they said that's not true. they haven't been contacted and they are still being restricted. is he lying intentionally or doesn't know what's happening. >> it's possible he doesn't
4:35 am
know. real take away here is do you want facebook telling you what you can see in your facebook feed? is it their job to sort through content and say this political stuff is good? this political stuff is bad? >> gerri, it's different. what's dangerous. they are going to decide basically they are trying to get rid of the al qaeda. the isis and the fake news. they are trying to. steve: they got rid of diamond and silk because they said they were offensive to the community. brian: they also went on to say they don't sell your data. and they are outraged that cambridge analytica did what they did and they even stole. >> they stole mark zuckerberg's information. i have to tell you here is the information they are not talking about i believe that they're worried to death about okay so cambridge analytica from their point of view. what if en masse people started pulling away from facebook. there is nothing to keep threw. you don't have to stay on facebook, right? ainsley: there needs to be another social media company that comes out and says we
4:36 am
will not censure you unless it is dangerous and terrorist. steve: in the eyes of who. >> big question who makes those decisions? let's face it. many americans are uncomfortable with media making that decision. brian: what happens -- what facebook do in terms of their stock? >> 5.5% gain over two days. $3.3 billion he got as a result of this. you think about this. it was a big win for him. absolutely. steve: also, the worry was that there would be more regulation. there would be regulation on facebook. there is internationally, particularly in europe. but, you know, after that, they are no closer to american regulation than they were when they started. >> these are people who can't agree on going to lunch together. that's just my view. the idea that they are going to get together on some kind of comprehensive reform. europe has already done it those rules are coming here and they are intense. ainsley: you said there was a gain in the stock market yesterday. was there a big drop when all of this was first breaking. >> facebook under pressure
4:37 am
when they first announced cambridge analytica. their stock has tanked like a stone. steve: every single member of congress has a facebook page. >> that's right. they talked about it until you thought your head was going to come off during these hearings. steve: gerri, thank you. >> you are welcome. steve: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. you know what it means time for news with jillian. jillian: good morning. get you caught up on some of the news we are following including. this the associated press reporting the national enquirer paid 30,000 to do so an exdoor man in one of president trump's buildings all over a rumor. the payment to keep quiet about a rumor that then candidate trump fathered a child with an employee there the woman involved said it's all take. michael cohen calls it a baseless rumor. the ladies of abc "the view" can't hide their disdain for the trump administration. co-host whoopi goldberg appearing tone courage violence while discussing
4:38 am
the possible firing of special counsel robert mueller. >> i think it would be rioting in washington, d.c. >> that would be fun to watch i have to say. jillian: group went on to say they believe the president does not have the right to fire mueller. insane video showing people running from their homes in the middle of the night as the fire rips through an apartment building. >> get out. wake up, wake up. hey. get out. get out. >> neighbors banging on the doors. begging people to leave. as flames consume. the cause of the fire sunday investigation. a fourth grader who played hooky to go to the cubs home opener gets busted. tucker setman seen by millions in this mlb tweet at the game holding a sign saying don't tell the principle. turns out the principal was at the game, too. he also skipped school to
4:39 am
take his son to wrigley field. the president admitted trying to hide from his students. >> who got in trouble? >> jillian: no one. that cancels each other out. steve: thanks, jillian. ainsley: outside to janice dean with some of our fans. janice: where are you from. >> troy from pennsylvania. >> tori from pennsylvania. >> paul from boston mass. >> what are you doing here in new york. >> just here to visit you? >> janice: i love it go to the weather maps. it is warming up here in new york. it's not warm right now but going to get warm. look at that temperatures in the 70's friday and saturday. maybe you will want to hang tight. stay until saturday and enjoy some summertime weather here in new york city. 47 in new york. 62 in dallas. 42 in rapid city. unfortunately we have all four seasons on the map. we have got some spring and summertime and some winter time and fall. unfortunately, we have got this big system moving in from the west. we have a blizzard warnings
4:40 am
for parts of south dakota and that system is going to move eastward and unfortunately live all of that cold air is going to bring those temperatures in the 70s down to the 50's and 40's. also want to point out we have some severe weather. okay. do you want to say hi to anybody at home. >> hi trish. >> and recommendation my sister, how are you doing? janice: say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. >> hey. come on out. steve: i'm beginning to feel if you want to be on television, you just simply show up behind janice dean and she will ask you what are you doing in town? ainsley: she is so good about that. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, sanctuary city backlash growing in southern california. more cities now joining the federal lawsuit against california. one the lawmakers leading the way is going to join ainsley next. brian: there is a special story behind this incredible performance of our national anthem. we plan on sharing it. ♪ ♪
4:41 am
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brian: head lines in my three piece suit. sipping on the straws could be a thing in the pass. stop the use of plastic straws. this week city council will decide whether or not it will be enforced. seattle miami beach among the several cities also looking into banning straws or making limited use. i will start walking now. and dismantle whiteness and misogyny on this campus. that's the message written on this new mural at the university of super california. a group of feminist artists working with students on the project as you see them right behind me. meant to spark conversations about racism, sexism and zone know phobia. how nice.
4:45 am
ainsley: dismantle the whiteness, brian. doj's lawsuit against the state sanctuary laws so westminster city council voting 3 to 1 to opt out of a law limiting cooperation with local law enforcement and ice. it's the third is i in just two days to challenge. newport beach city councilman scott pieter. he voted in support of this move and he joins us now. good morning to you councilman. >> glad to be here. ainsley: we're so glad to have you. your council voted 7-0. everyone is in favor of opting out and not complying with sb-54. why is that? >> well, we felt that the -- it's a tool in the toolbox for our police to help keep criminals off the street. and it has nothing to do with immigration. it has a lot of our opponents are trying to say. instead, trying to deal with illegal alien criminals. and so we join the growing
4:46 am
list of cities in sacramento that we are not very happy about the law. >> when jerry brown says he supports this law. when a lot of californians voted for this law. what were your thoughts? were you going to be vocal or did you decide and your counsel decide to be vocal once other cities started doing this. >> no. actually we started to attack this last year when it was in the legislature before it became law. we actually sent a letter to the legislature encouraging them not to pass it or to at least incorporate changes that wouldn't handcuff our police forces to be able to work with ice to apprehend illegal alien criminals. ainsley: do you think the governor is starting to listen to you guys and listen to -- i know the southern part of the state is a little bit more conservative or a lot more conservative. is he starting to hear what your opinions are? >> you know, sacramento is controlled by two thirds democrats. so they really don't have to listen to us. and that's been their history. i hope that they would
4:47 am
listen. but obviously they didn't last year and that's why we decided to join the lawsuit against the state by jeff sessions. ainsley: why do you think he is sending 400 national guard troops down to the border. is he responding to the president. >> well, you know, you listen to jerry brown and sending them there for other reasons, not for immigration purposes in neither event the troops end up being at the border. so it's a matter of whose spin do you want to listen to. ainsley: what's your message to the folks in the northern part of your state that are complying with sb-54? >> we want to be a law and order city. we want to be a law and order state. we want to comply both with federal law and state law. and they put us into a situation that we have to choose. we don't like it. ainsley: thank you so much, councilman for being with us. great to see you. have a great weekend. thank you. years on soft policy on russia are over. what we expect to hear from mike pompeo during his confirmation hearing and what president trump just
4:48 am
tweeted about it at the top of the hour. plus, the speaker of the house, paul ryan is retiring. what does that mean for the mid terms? we will break it down for you next. ♪ rain on your skin ♪ no one else can feel it for you ♪ only you can let it in ♪ no one else ♪ no one else ♪ can see the words ♪ this is what getting your car serviced at lincoln looks like. complementary pickup and delivery servicing now comes with every new lincoln. i won. giving you, the luxury of time. that's the lincoln way. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, lucy could only imagine enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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steve: house speaker paul ryan shaking up the house yesterday announcing he is going to retire at the end of his term. what effect will this have on the november midterm elections as we march on toward that month? joining us right now to break it all down is former ted cruz campaign polster and ceo of wpa intelligence chris wilson. chris, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: okay. so paul ryan made a really good case. look, my kids have never seen me before because i
4:52 am
only come home on the weekends so i would like to spend a little time before they grow up. that's a good reason. >> yeah, it is. a quick scan of paul ryan instagram account shows how much he enjoys spending time with his kids, the travel and fundraising. the schedule he has got. 20 states so far this year. the schedule has got to be just daunting particularly for someone in a decade isn't going to have his kids around anymore. they will be off in college. for some reason for someone want to leave one reason no one can argue with. steve: speaker of the house, you are in charge the house on the republican side. and you are the leader. but, they don't realize that if you are a republican, you do look for the speaker of the house, if you are in congress, to come out to your district and raise money and that's why a lot of the weekends when he would like to be at home in janesville with his kidd kids he is somewhere else trying to make money for somebody else. >> it's, like i said, the
4:53 am
schedule last week i do a lot of work in texas. he had been down there all over the state. having said that he is a prolific fundraiser. money from his campaign over to the rncc. he is going to run, keep doing that schedule, keep raising money. both the nrcc and rnc are on track. they have already through the end of february raised 50%. more than 50% for what they did for all of 2016. it's going to be well funded. i don't see that stopping. is he still committed to republican and conservative ideals and making sure he does everything that republicans keep the house. steve: we have a big screen over here that shows team ryan fundraising in the first quarter of 2018. look at that they have raised 11.1 million already. over the last election cycle over 54 million. here's the thing, chris. it does look to some donors as if paul ryan is getting out because he knows the democrats are going to be
4:54 am
taking over. is he going to lose the gavel so he is going to get out while the getting is good. >> i think democrats will certainly do everything they can to make that argument. as he gets out, he became the 25th member-to-announce retirement. have you 13 more moving on and trying to run for higher offices. 38 seats right now amongst republicans are open. steve, the interesting thing about that only 22 are ranked as toss-up, which is less than the democrats need to take over the house. ryan probably moves into that category. the democrat there has already raised $2.5 million. and now that ryan is out he has to find a strong republican to hold that seat. what it does is free's him up to go out and make sure the republicans have strong candidacies and helping them campaign. he knows in january he will have the time to spend his family and can he work with donors and republican party to make sure the republican does hold the house and pick um seats in the senate. steve: one of the problems for mr. ryan it was hard to get all the republicans on the same page and that's why
4:55 am
they didn't get a lot of stuff done. so, if the republicans still have the majority, come january, who would the next speaker be in a lot of people talking about steve scalise on the program for kevin mccarthy. right now, who is the front runner? >> you know, it's tough to say because this only started yesterday. steve scalise has said he won't run against kevin mccarthy. he started to run last time when paul ryan did and pulled back and decided not to. so no one has really announced yet there are a lot of calls being made. i had a couple calls with clients of ours. talking about what's going to happen. between the two. i think it's likely that scalise emerges because he is seen as the more conservative pick and he would be a face of the party. i think there is probably a couple other candidates in this that we haven't even heard of yet. steve: sure. >> you could see republicans coming together same thing with paul ryan. hey, this is the person who we can all get behind. steve: sounds like right now
4:56 am
they are doing the deal or they're talking to kevin mccarthy because he is saying all the things they want to hear. so stay tuned. we will find out what's going to happen. chris wilson, former ted cruz campaign polster, thank you very much for joining us live. meanwhile, if somebody wants welfare, should they have to get a drug? what about a drug test in the president pushing stricter guidelines. we'll have a debate on that next hour. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. let's see. if this pack, and this pack, have the same number of bladder leak pads, i bet you think the bigger one is better, right? actually, it's bulkier.
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♪ brian: president trump threatening a strike on syria in response to chemical weapons attacks. >> i believe a coalition airstrike would be a great response to this assad atrocity. steve: jeff sessions made it very clear there are changes in the immigration system. >> zero tolerance and zero releases and 100% prosecution. >> this year will be my last one as a member of the house. leading this majority with good hands what i believe to be very bright future. >> cities telling sacramento
5:00 am
we're not happy with the law. >> how strange is it to sit here to compare the president to a mob boss. >> james comey is a dirty cop. >> college students entering the workforce used to safe spaces on campus. >> there are not safe spaces in manufacturing plant or wherever it is you work. you will have to toughen up. in a world of snowflakes be the heat. ♪ brian: thursday already. it is beginning to feel like spring in the northeast. a lot of people say this is perfect time to buy concert tickets. i will buy tickets depending on music and shows on "fox & friends" in the morning. ainsley: brian made must famous. brian: i didn't make them
5:01 am
famous. steve: i heard you say that. irk really? steve: many times. ainsley: you remind everyone they're -- you're the reason they're famous. steve: we start this hour with a fox news alert. the united states military could strike syria at any moment. ainsley: bashar al-assad moving military planes waiting for president trump's promised response to a deadly chemical attack. brian: kevin corke live at the white house with more. kevin, i guess the clock is ticking? reporter: the clock is ticking. when the coalition might strike the regime is anybody's guess. the president famously criticized for president obama for telegraphing military strategy. he is not doing this himself. this is pretty instructive. the president writing this. never said, when, okay. that word in mine, never said when attack on syria could take place. could be very soon or not at all. in the event nights, under my
5:02 am
administration has done a great job of ridding the region of isis. with is our, thank you america? they devastating once again to watch how the assad regime treated people of that country this time it was use of chemicals on the syrian people again, allegedly by the regime with the protection of the kremlin. white house officials say it created environment where frankly blame, placing it isn't too tough to do. >> russia has proven themselves to be responsible in part for this. they guaranteed that the use of chemical weapons by syria would not happen again. they failed at that. so they are certainly hold some responsibility in this. certainly have proven themselves to be bad actors in this process. >> we're not going to strike any russian aspects. we're going to look at those syrian pieces. we are in talks continuously with the russians.
5:03 am
you know, we're not going to do that i do not believe the russians will shoot an american airplane out of the sky. reporter: keep in mind the u.n. security council hold as closed-door meeting on the escalating tensions in syria. that happens today. the president will be in rose garden talking about tax reform. if he says anything in person or twitter we'll get back to you. brian: he will do both. talk about everything else. he tweeted this morning, good luck to mike pompeo during his confirmmation hearing today. it would be great to have a secretary of state, wouldn't it. reporter: it is about time, wouldn't you say? steve: thank you, kevin corke. the problem is mike pompeo. brian: is there one democrat make up for the lack of vote? steve: doesn't look like it. regarding the strikes on syria, sounds like the pentagon is still working on targets. the white house wants expansive strike, but the pentagon is
5:04 am
concerned as kevin detailed by the threats made by russia. consensus, rather than a couple day campaign, it looks like it would be one day, one big strike, several targets. what those are don't know. brian: got to be all six military bases. it has got to hit where they manufacture all these gases. has to be more substantial than a year ago. 59 tomahawks got a second gas attack. north korea is watching. iran is watching. how serious should we be taken in the region? ainsley: we'll keep you posted. jeff sessions is the attorney general. he was close to the border, speaking to the border sheriff coalition in texas and southwest border sheriff's coalition. he had a message, there is a new sheriff in town talking about our president. he wants to achieve zero tolerance, zero release, 100% prosecution. listen.
5:05 am
>> with president trump we have a new era of support for law enforcement like we haven't seen in many years. you might even say we've got a new sheriff in town. we are working to take criminals off the streets by restoring the rule of law and really, protecting our, and fixing our immigration system. so we're going to step up our efforts to see, achieve zero tolerance and zero releases and 100% prosecution. steve: mr. session, the attorney general, also slammed the u.s. congress. he said look, you guys blew it when it came to passing some sort of comprehensive immigration reform. and because there is no new law that got to do what they can do via the administration and different rules and you know, with the president himself ordering up to 4,000 members of the national guard on our southern border. we already heard texas wanted to
5:06 am
send troops. arizona wanted to send troops. new mexico wanted to send troops. now california governor jerry brown will send 400 but they won't do what the president wants them to do. ainsley: they won't be used to enforce federal immigration law? steve: what is the point. ainsley: president tweeted about it. california governor jerry brown is doing the right thing. brian: be clear on the scope of the mission. this will not be a mission to build a new wall. it will not be a mission to round up women and children or detain people leaving violence. jerry brown will come up here and let them stay his house. where does he come off anyone can come into the country simply because you run is a state. that laws don't matter. not everyone don't have a great
5:07 am
story from switzerland to greenland. ainsley: follow the law. brian: just because you come to the southern border you're allowed in? that means we don't need an immigration system? steve: what is interesting in southern california all these municipalities in orange county will no longer be sanctuary cities. they're challenging the state, which is interesting, if you come up from mexico into toward los angeles, you got to go through those counties. so the i.c.e. guys are working with local officials in orange county. ainsley: three more this week have said we'll not comply with, we will sue. we'll join the lawsuit of with the doj. brian: the wall, no doubt about it, it has been effective in san diego. the governor knows that. everyone knows it. democrats and republicans know that in the area. so for him to say walls don't work, can't be reinforced and built up all the way across is being flat-out disingenuous. eight minutes after the hour. on sunday james comey's
5:08 am
long-awaited book will be out. giving his officers interview with george stephanopoulos. goes over an hour. they found the whole thing is fascinating. they say it is devastating to the trump team. >> how strange is it for you to sit here to compare the president to a mob boss? things you know but haven't said that could damage president trump. >> james comey. >> to those who say you should have brought hillary clinton before a grand jury? should donald trump be impeached? steve: that is great promo. you want to hear answers to all those questions. what is interesting, keep in mind because james comey knows a lot of secret stuff, how much he will actually reveal because he could be in legal jeopardy if he reveals too much. brian: on pond we should have a whole bunch much legal mind to have what is in the book. we'll get it at same time. a lot of people think the inspector general's report is waiting for the book to drop before they complete it. ainsley: the book drops on
5:09 am
tuesday. they will watch the interview whether or not they like him or trust him. people are fascinated. they want to hear what he is going to say. steve: we asked what you thought. mary emailed us, comey will bash and demean the president. that's sad. this is not something that needs to be in the limelight she writes. brian: bob says this, i will not watch the interview or buy comey's book. already know what he is. love to see more from the fbi and doj. ainsley: definitely, if you don't want to watch it sunday night, we'll playing clips an analyzing it on monday morning. brian: bret baier's will be the best overall. he will have a chance to ask comey things are not right with the people he used to work with, that he contributes. steve: big thing right now you want to hear james comey explain why the president is like a mob boss. all we have heard is the tease. it is a very effective tease. if you want to find out, you have to watch "20/20" or watch our program which will be the "20/20" postgame show. ainsley: if you want some more news, jillian has headlines for you.
5:10 am
jillian: postgame show is always fun especially if your team wins. let's get you caught up on some of your headlines. the years of soft policy on russia are over. that is what secretary of state nominee mike pompeo is expected to tell the senate during his confirmation hear. he is challenging saying that diplomatic efforts with moscow must continue. he takes over for rex tillerson. president trump tweeting his support. good luck to mike pompeii wrote during his con firmmation hearing today. he will be a great secretary of state. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein handing a two-page memo over to house intelligence committee chair devin nunez and house oversight committee chair trey gowdy. earlier judge andrew napolitano weighed in on what could happen next. >> the house of representatives should subpoena a person, chris wray, jeff sessions whoever has control over the whole thing f that person doesn't produce the documents that person should be held in contempt.
5:11 am
jillian: the justice department giving in after nunez threatened toe have rosenstein and fbi director christopher wray impeached. this guy is busted thanks to a question thinking dad allegedly trying to kidnap his daughter. he is accused of grabbing the 3-year-old's hand at a sack meant toe park. the father went after him when he tried it drag him away. >> he was like, wow, no big thing, huh, bud. you just tried to kidnap my daughter. reporter: he is behind bars and charged with kidnapping. brawls with benches clearing and punches thrown. >> there it is. and he does not like it. now he is going to head toward the mound. now, this is a brawl. jillian: yankees and red sox coming to blows when yankee tyler austin is hit with pitch and charges the mound.
5:12 am
that is not the only game this happened. punches thrown at rocky-padres game. five players were ejected that is how the post-game show can be fun. you have a lot to analyze. steve: doesn't look as if the pitcher threw his mitt is slowed him down. brian: speak of the house paul ryan retiring. does majority leader kevin mccarthy want the job? we'll ask him and that and so much more. ainsley: the story behind this incredible performance of our national anthem. ♪ the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
5:13 am
where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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5:16 am
brian: paul ryan is ready to leave congress and run for re-election but stay around until january. reports say a likely replacement our next guest, house majority leader kevin mccarthy. you have a great relationship with the speaker. he makes that announcement yesterday. what he surprised me? he said i'm going to stay speaker until after the election. is that in the best interests of
5:17 am
the party? >> well he wants to stay and continue to run through the tape. we have a lot more work to get done, from welfare to work, making sure people are getting into the workforce. we'll roll out with the farm bill showing that. we have to finish the president's again today when it comes to the wall, when it comes to opioid, when it comes to infrastructure. those are a lot of things we're talking about last night. i was at shocked as you. paul accomplished a great deal he served here a long time. i have great respect for him. remember his father died when he was 16. brian: right. >> his children are at the age, i have respect for the man that cares about his family all the way. we did tax reform. the number one reason why he ran for congress. took us more than 30 years. you look at the reg reform we repealed back. only one time in history the congressional review act become law. under president trump we did 16. i was in the oval office with the president. we worked for 10 years trying to fight the human trafficking. there is more than 100,000 children are trafficked.
5:18 am
70% is online. president trump was able to stop that yesterday. we closed back page and look at what happened on craigslist. this is amazing some of these accomplishments. brian: i saw the picture on twitter. i is also knew that you had dinner last night. speaker said you were doing that when you were with the president could you characterize the substance that took place there? you read the tweets. he is outraged they raided his lawyer's office. outraged by the mueller, rosenstein role. you talked to him, you know him well, what is he like? >> i see him in all these different nature this man focuses on the work. the group we had there last night was the senate leadership and house leadership. this is the same leadership that went with him to camp david. we talked through every challenge that we have from international to where we're going to do on cutting spending to looking through for the appointments going forward and the legislation moving forward. you wouldn't know this man has anything else going on in his life getting his agenda through
5:19 am
on the wall. brian: kevin, you're a man of goals. you won the lottery in life. successful businessman. in congress. in leadership. how much would being next speaker mean to you? >> what means most to me? in the next congress there is opportunity for a republican to be speaker and not nancy pelosi. we have highest number of retirements we ever had. we have the history against us when it comes to the party in power wins the white house, losing seats here. but we accomplished a lot. we have a let more to do on the trump agenda, doubling down focusing putting the conference together as one team, making sure we keep the majority moving america in right direction. brian: so the dinner last night, the president seemed care-free but he has a lot on his plate. and an agenda to finish. kevin mccarthy might be the next speaker to replace paul ryan. kevin mccarthy, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. brian: if someone wants welfare should they have to take a job
5:20 am
and get a drug test? we're debating it next. ♪ ♪ this is what getting your car serviced at lincoln looks like. complementary pickup and delivery servicing now comes with every new lincoln. i won. giving you, the luxury of time. that's the lincoln way. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program,
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5:24 am
pills engraved with people that died in 2015 from opioid related overdoses. is. steve: thank you, ainsley. it is you all an effort to reduce dependency on public assistance programs and get people back to work but not everybody is happy about it. here with a conversation we have republican strategist kimberly klasik and democratic strategist susan johnson cook. good morning to both of you. susan, we'll start with you, you don't think this is something we should be doing? >> no, reality what he signed not just to reduce or eliminate, attacking poverty and immigrants, what is not so fine he asked every agency to report those who are not documented. so you're literally taking food out of hands of children because out of mouths of children. their parents may not be documented but they are citizens. so if you totally eliminate that household, you know what happens to the children. so people who are poor and
5:25 am
people who are dependent on assistance are not there because they want to be there. everybody would want to have the american dream but that is not reality right now. steve: kimberly, i'm sure you would agree if people are down on their luck have nothing to eat they should certainly get assistance you like the idea there are finally standards who would qualify? >> yes. bill clinton once said welfare should be a second chance not a way of life. right now we're seeing record low unemployment numbers with record high welfare dependency numbers. president trump recognizes that we have to change policy to reflect with the times. we're out of the recession. president obama put waivers in place that has able-bodied americans able to sit home and not go to work. steve: sure. >> in the '90s, welfare program to work was successful. 60% of unwed mothers went to work. child poverty declined to the lowest levels ever. >> i am glad you mentioned clinton it was welfare reform in
5:26 am
'96, signed a reconciliation act welfare reform. what we're talking about here agencies have it report actually immigrants receiving aid. what it is a subversive way of eliminating immigrants. so the wall is keeping people out and this is a way to get people out. steve: what about the suggestion that would allow some states to require mandatory drug testing for some food stamp recipients, kimberly. >> i don't think that is a bad idea. i think also asking people to work, train or volunteer for 20 hours a week is also not a bad idea. i wouldn't be running for office or sitting in this chair today if i didn't volunteer on capitol hill find an occupation i love to do. this is not punishment. steve: give you final word. >> this is not reality show. they are not human beings there because they want to be. so many socioeconomic factors, we have to look at total picture. not eliminate people and and how
5:27 am
build them up. steve: if people can't pass a drug test, there would be another reason, other than they failed a drug test, you don't think they should get government money if they have a drug problem? >> that is not necessarily -- that is not necessarily what the executive order is signing. what was signed was that, agency executives must report those who are illegally receiving monies. so undocumented immigrants are part of that, part of that population. steve: okay. >> a household not equally yoked loses all benefits, that is not right. >> regardless the welfare system is flawed. right now we measure success not how much sign on as dean pent dent but how many people have independence. whatever way you need it, it has to change. >> i think the executive order is flawed. we need to look at that. steve: you have different points of view. that is why we brought you on together. thank you very much.
5:28 am
coming up on the this thursday, new way to silence conservatives on campus, call the conservatives hate groups. maybe that will work. another candidate calling worker bonuses crumbs. >> we're getting crumbs. those people that might have gotten $1000 from, as a bonus, remember that is not free money. it is coming with a cost of driving up our debt. steve: really, cory booker? the host of "making money" with charles payne has something to say about that. his reaction. >> he is worried about debt? [laughter] you'll ask... what bad shoulder? what headache? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels
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steve: live from washington and now new york city up on the mezzanine level it is "fox & friendses. we have another half an hour. we have the host of "making money," charles payne. what do you make of cory booker who is the senator from the state we both live in sounding a lot like nancy pelosi. listen to this. >> we're getting crumbs, those people who might have gotten $1000 from, as a bonus, remember that is not free money. it is coming with a cost of driving up our debt. brian: right, it is your money. you made it.
5:33 am
he feel guilty for having it. >> of course, cory booker to bring up debt, after the last administration only layered on about 10 trillion to the debt pile. the whole thing is disingenuous, that is disappointing coming from cory booker. when he came on the scene, he was championed as pragmatic thinker. ran for mayor for the first time jack kemp backed him up, republican in part because he said he supported free enterprise zones. what is in the tax bill? enterprise zones. brian: of course. >> what we've seen so far, four million workers getting bonus. companies talking about doing things. talk about jpmorgan. they will open up 400 new branches. each branch has to be constructed. each branch has to have jobs.
5:34 am
it is hard to quantify how much impact it will have because it will continue a very long time. in addition people keeping more of the money to your point they earned. ainsley: 80% of households were benefiting or benefiting because of tax reform. most are using bonuses to pay off the debt. cory booker saying it causing more debt. who is right? >> what hurt the debt pile recently is the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending is a disaster in my mind. people keeping more of what they earned is not a bad thing. ainsley: right. >> go back to the previous administration, president obama extended payroll tax cuts. then the white house put on their site $40 that they said would end up being 40 bucks a week and did stories from every single state. every single state, they went there, who bucks a week made a major difference to their life. now from being significant life-changing event to being crumbs is so disingenuous. steve: there has to be political calculation, charles. he is obviously rumored to run for president of the united states. if he is going to mention crumbs it is on purpose. ainsley: he is looking down at a paper, reading talking points. >> he has his talking points. democrats are going in different directions. you have the nancy pelosi wing. you have the bernie sanders wing. you know, to call it crumbs i think was a major mistake. that is not about economics. that is about politics of envy. what they ultimately say you might have gotten something but someone else has gotten more.
5:35 am
brian: found themself on the defense of administration, cbo will do the debt but looked at growth of 2% and we plan -- >> growth will be higher. growth from this will last for many years. there is some ways to measure this that go way beyond the bonuses. when you get a new bank built in your neighborhood. hire 10 or 20 people to work there, that is because of tax cuts. steve: that is a win. >> thanks a lot. brian: a woman with a lot of money build a bank with her own hands. jillian: so much i can't even count it. ainsley: you still come to work. jillian: i still come to work pause i love my job. associated press reporting that the national "enquirer" paid $30,000 to an ex-doorman in one of president trump's building all over a rumor. to keep quiet about an unproven story that then candidate trump father ad child with an employee there. the woman involved says it is all fake. trump lawyer michael cohen calls it a baseless rumor.
5:36 am
"sex and the city" actress cynthia nixon wants to legalize pot to promote social justice. >> a lot of reasons to legalize marijuana, for me to comes down to this we have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do do -- >> nixon claims that 80% of black people in new york are jailed even though white people use it at same rate. student demonstrators including those from penn state don't want any money going to turning point usa and the bull moose party. daily wire editor ben shapiro saying silencing campus conservative speech is a growing issue. >> i can only imagine anti-immigrant rhetoric, let's enforce the border or deport some illegal immigrants. there is a big part of the left growing says that it is incumbent to protect the campus
5:37 am
from ideas that are dissenting. everyone who dissents must be thrown off. penn state tells campus reform it doesn't fund either group in question. rocking the house at a student pep rally with a electrifying rendition of "the star-spangled banner." take a look. ♪ [cheering] jillian: the crowd going wild. rightfully so for ridge brown at his high school in arizona. the student has autism, had never performed before. how about that? isn't that incredible. steve: inspiring. jillian: i know. >> steve: thank you very much. coming up. ainsley: facebook faceoff round two. lawmakers turning up the heat on mark zuckerberg over privacy concerns. >> are you willing to change your business model in the interests of the protecting
5:38 am
individual privacy? >> congresswoman i'm not sure what that means. ainsley: really? that was an excellent question. brian: why am i here. ainsley: fox news legal analyst bob massi joins us now with how to protect your digital footprint. steve: plus he was ambushed in afghanistan and has returned to serve our nation. our friends at folds of honor, major dan rooney is honoring his family. that is his wife michelle. here his story coming up. ♪ when trying to save
5:39 am
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♪ brian: quick headlines now. i hope you're dressed. a suspect speeds through an intertex and crashes through a fence. look at that incredible scene caught on surveillance camera.
5:42 am
he got out of the car, dropped a stolen gun. he was accused of assault, eventually caught blocks away. didn't take long for authorities to catch up to this noticeable fugitive with the word dork tattooed on his neck. sean weatherhead is accused of calling the fbi 1000 times threatening to kill people. he was taken into custody after a traffic stop. nobody thinks he should remove that tattoo. ainsley. ainsley: brian, thank you. mark zuckerberg facing another fierce round of questioning on capitol hill. this time by a congressman who grills him, the facebook founder, over user privacy and whether or not the government need to step in. listen. >> the internet is growing in importance around the world in people's lives and i think it is inevitable that will need to be some regulation. my position is not that there should be no regulation but i think you have to be careful about what regulation you put in
5:43 am
place. ainsley: as we learn even he had his information compromised. if zuckerberg can't protect himself, how can we protect himself and what can facebook legally do with your personal information. let's ask fox news legal analyst, bob massi. the host of property man. bob, great to see you. >> good to see you, ainsley, thank you. ainsley: i think our right on facebook, we not only want to see other people's pictures and communicate with friend to see what they're doing, we want our personal information to make sure it is private. what can facebook legally do with our information. >> what is interesting, i saw gerri willis last hour and researching this there is no domestic law per se regulates this but the federal trade commissions has regulations about unfair trade practice, that there be consent before any information is given. the question is the enforcement of it and.
5:44 am
what is i would say hypocritical, so many stories "fox & friends" covered about identity theft, takes the cambridge issue for them to even do it, and they used facebook to promote themselves. so i'm not really sure how far this is going to go but you know it was sort of interesting to see the dynamics. ainsley: you have some tips how we can protect ourselves. first one, check facebook privacy settings. >> check your settings to make sure everything is set up the right way. also, we could go through a couple more. don't give out your phone number so easily. you give it out like, the problem, ainsley we come from the perspective of trust. we don't realize this is world where you give the information is all over the place. also, there is another issue that when we go on to other sites, a lot of us use our facebook password to get in there. now it is like cross information you want to be careful with that. you want to make sure, there is a lot of social media games out
5:45 am
there, they are scams and get our information. just be careful on the information you give particularly in the light that you have mark zuckerberg whose information was stolen, who is the brainchild behind all this facebook issue. >> went through all we had up on the screen, except download pictures from facebook. what do you mean about that. >> download facebook pictures, keep them private from yourself. get as much information from yourself to protect for future things. remarkable to me, as wonderful facebook could be, how vulnerable you become and how trusting we are as a consumer to get that information out there. download your private pictures to yourself. ainsley: final thoughts what is the massey memo? >> there is no such thing as privacy anymore, ainsley. i think we have to recognize it. as much as we want to think we're protected, we're
5:46 am
vulnerable. be very -- you have to sort of police yourself. i wouldn't necessarily wait for congress to come up with regulations because i'm not sure they will really do something that will protect what we have. that is for sure. ainsley: that is good advice. thanks so much, bob. watch bob, friday nights, 8:30 on the stocks business network, for "the property man." great to see you. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: he was ambushed in afghanistan and has returned to serve our country. now our friends at folds of honor are honoring his family while he serves overseas. major dan rooney with is had story and there's his wife. we'ller tell you their story. they have been in love since high school. ♪
5:47 am
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5:50 am
>> california governor jerry brown says he will send 400 troops to the border. a big caveat. what he is knot promising making headlines. mike pompeo picked to run the state department faces confirmation hearing a few minutes from now, set to begin a little over an hour from now. join bill and me, another busy morning this thursday morning on "america's newsroom." steve: some quick headlines this thursday morning sipping on straws could be a thing of the past in st. petersburg, florida. the city kicking off a campaign to stop the use of plastic straws. who knows. this week the city council will decide whether or not it will be enforced. malibu, seattle, miami beach are among several cities in the united states planning use of plastic straus. brian: you need a sippy cup if you go there. >> dismantling whiteness and misogyny on campus on a new mural at university of southern
5:51 am
california. feminists working with the students on the project. they say it is meant to spark conversations about racism, sexism, xenophobia. that is some of the news. ainsley: folds of honor, you know this organization. they made it their mission to make sure families of fallen and wounded heroes are never left behind. the tray hands are one of those families. brian: in 2003, captain scott trahan was ambushed by taliban. he suffered multiple injuries including gunshot wound to his legs. a apafter numerous injuries and months of rehab he returned to duty completing several tours in iraq and afghanistan. steve: joining us on the show, from foileds of honor, captain dan rooney and the trahans? so your husband is pack. >> he is currently deployed. is no longer a captain. he is a colonel. >> was injured. that tells you how strong what a
5:52 am
rear row this guy is. your husband went back to serve again. >> absolutely. about sick months after his injury he was redeployed to iraq and of course multiple times after that. but yeah, so it has been, it is really been a wonderful experience for our family. we have really grown. we are thankful to folds of honor what they have done for our two children who are recipients. steve: dan. what did you do for the trahans? >> when you look at colonel scott's story it is about resilience. the common denominator we all share, everybody struggles. it is about what happens to you, fortitude to get back up in the fight, that is where folds of honor comes in to support this year. we'll award over 5,000 scholarships to families like trahans who had somebody killed or disabled to help them get back in the fight. her two sons, sean and cj.
5:53 am
pin grad, graduated from west point. >> 2014. >> stationed in hawaii. and it is just a privilege and an honor to stand by these incredible families and give them the strength to get back in the fight. brian: would it have been possible without folds of honor for them to go? >> with so many families higher education is struggle. brian: a bridge too far. >> that is a great way to put it. it's a bridge too far. without the help of organizations like folds of honor, i'm not sure sean could have gone to upenn our youngest going to old dominion. this is great organization. i love the mission they're doing in helping some of our veterans. ainsley: i look at you, i love your outfit. >> thank you. ainsley: wearing red pants, red shoes, you have the american flag. steve: it is camo. >> its the back that is the best. ainsley: what does it say? you're so proud of your three sons and your husband, military family. what ditz mean, what does fighting for america, what does america mean to you and the
5:54 am
flag? >> i think it just means, might sound corny, freedom to do what you choose to do. however you want to give back and live your life and, you know, honoring their sacrifice by educating their legacy truly is one of the reasons that folds of honor i think is so successful because education is really the backbone how you will achieve anything in this world. brian: major dan, you have to, got to get donations to keep this thing going. all the money goes to causes like this. corporations step up. budweiser gave you 1.9? >> we have a big -- steve: that is one way to do it. brian, way to go. >> i did not know that. budweiser, beautiful story, i cold called budweiser in st. louis seven years ago, they joined the folds of honor mission, donated north of $15 million since we started. 3,000 scholarships. to your point the need is great.
5:55 am
have a record year. put out nearly $20 million in scholarships, 7 and 8 million in unfunded qualified requests. that is why "fox & friends," thismation is so powerful to pick up the phone to go to folds of to make a donation. steve: this particular check from budweiser a portion is from the america beer. >> it is. steve: you've been benefactor of that this particular benefit will benefit 393 scholarships, 393 scholarship thanks to the kindness of budweiser going to families like yours. >> enabling sean and cj to go to school and 391 families. steve: they can about to. >> folds of honor totorg. freedom ain't free. less than one-half of 1% participate. >> your shirt sales. ainsley: they have been in love since high school.
5:56 am
>> absolutely. >> now he is fighting for our country. brian: more "fox & friends" in just a moment. ♪ this is what getting your car serviced at lincoln looks like. complementary pickup and delivery servicing now comes with every new lincoln. i won. giving you, the luxury of time. that's the lincoln way.
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5:59 am
>> michelle just got a donation for fold of honor on her iphone watch. if you want to help go to folds of >> bill: good morning. 9:00. breaking overnight. america's closest allies, will they stand by the president in his position against syria? as his secretary of state confirmy pompeo. i'm bill hemmer. it's thursday, live here in "america's newsroom." >> sandra: a big morning. i'm sandra smith. the president tweeting on the
6:00 am
u.s.'s syria respond. he never gave a timeline. the white house says the president is


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