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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  April 12, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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stand up, jay. thank you, jay. for 20 years, their organization has surveyed american manufacturers all over the country, they surveyed. it's a great organization. they've never before seen the levels of optimism that our tax cuts have delivered. is that a correct statement, jay? it's dangerous to ask me that -- to ask you that. because if you say "no," we have a problem. thank you, jay. it's so true. there's even more good news, i wanted all of you to be the first to hear it. according to the latest survey by the national association of manufacturers, projected job growth for american manufacturing has just reached a new all-time high.
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so you think about that, oil 10 billion barrels and the manufacturing, all you used to hear is that we're losing our manufacturing jobs, jobs are being taken out of the country, they are coming back and coming back fast. projections for capital investment and wage growth have also set new all-time records and we're just getting started. there is enthusiasm like we've never seen before. companies from all over the world are coming back to the united states. apple is investing $350 billion, with a "b," $350 billion in an incredible campus and plants. so many other companies, far too many to name, and what they're really doing is giving their workers thousands and thousands of dollars of bonuses, something that we never really expected, nobody thought of it.
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we did the tax cuts, we thought you'd have to wait until february, but you started seeing them very early because hundreds and even actually thousands of companies were giving massive numbers of whatever you want to call it, what would you call it, mike? thousands of dollars, what would you call that? we can't say it's a gift because they're workers. we can't say it's a tax, because it's not a tax. they are getting a lot of money and every -- i mean, so many and a lot of companies didn't want to do it and the people working for the companies said, what about us, and they did it. they had no choice. in fact, another great announcement to share with you, as well, today, i will sign a presidential memorandum directing the e.p.a. to cut even more red tape on our manufactur manufacturers. [applause]
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>> president trump: so that they can expand and continue to hire and to grow and i will say this is about tax cuts today, but the cutting of regulations could have had the same or even a bigger impact on our economy. nobody's ever seen anything like it. people were stuck, they'd have a factory, it would be under review for 10 years, 12 years and then get rejected. yooufr seen what we've done with the pipelines and so many businesses all over the country being approved rapidly. we're getting highway approvals down from 20, 17, 10, 12 years, we're getting them down to one year and two years, we'll get highways approved quickly. we'll get our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our schools -- [applause] >> president trump: no more waiting 18 to 20 years to get an approval and by the way, they
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don't get the approval. you may not get the approval, but it will be quick, it will be a quick rejection, but you'll get them, for the most part. we will take care of our environment, remember that. we'll take just as good or better care of our environment and have better roads and better bridges and better schools. we're bringing back our factories, we're bringing back our jobs and we're bringing back those four really beautiful words that you don't hear very much. we used to hear that 30 years ago, i won't say anymore than that, i don't want to date myself, 40 years ago, 50 years ago, it was called "made in the usa," do you remember? made in the usa, we're bringing it back. [applause] >> president trump: we used to hear that all the time, now you're starting to hear it
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again. we know that. today we have workers here from almost 50 american companies. i'd like to invite a few of you up here and you're already up for the most part, to share the american people and with all of the folks that are here, how the tax cuts have improved your lives. and we've had some incredible -- we've had some incredible stories, actually. joining us today are derek leathers and quinton werd with warner trucking in omaha, nebraska. great place. great state. where are you? derek, derek? big guy. come here, derek, how about saying a few words? >> thank you, mr. president. tax reform has already produced real benefit at warner. trucking is the engine that keeps america moving. with tax cuts we've been able to increase capital investment this year by $127 million, 90% of
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which is dedicated to trucks and trailers that are cleaner, safer and better for the american roadways. we've also increased and announced increases of $24 million for our 9500 driver associates, that works out to $2400 per professional driver. >> that was president trump pitching his tax plan and talking about the good economic news that keepos coming. president trump's choice to lead the state department, mike pompeo in the hot seat today at the senate, while the white house is positive they used chemical weapons on syria. awaiting national security meeting set to begin at the white house at the bottom of the hour, where the president will hear options for responding to syria. live fox teams coverage. rich is at the state department, he's been following the pompeo hearing. we begin at the pentagon with the latest on syria, jennifer.
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>> national security meeting was supposed to begin at the white house in 30 minutes. the prescheduled defense hearing on the hill just ended after four hours. mattis said repeatedly when pressed, no decision had been taken yet regarding military strikes against syria. he did go further than he did yesterday about whether a chemical weapon attack had occurred. >> i believe there was a chemical attack, we are looking for evidence. opcw, organization for chemical weapons convention, we're trying to get those inspectors in probably within the week, you know the challenges we face for russia, six times in the u.n. rejected and made certain that we could not get investigators in. >> dana: the opcw just announced they hope to have th inspectors on the ground working in syria saturday, this saturday, april
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14th, that could interfere with timing of a missile strike. in the meantime, the u.s. donald cook is off the coast of syria with about 75 tomahawk missiles on board and dozen surface-to-air missiles, joined by one british submarines, the british cabinet signed off on the british joining the u.s. and french efforts earlier today. french deployed to the eastern mediterranean, armed with 16 cruise missiles and 16 surface-to-air missiles. theresa may ordered to move into help. harry s. truman departed west virginia yesterday, accompanied by seven warships and should be in the eastern med within a week. >> i'm so pleased and proud of the harry s. truman striker team, 6500 of the finest americans you could ever sail with or serve with, we are trained, we're ready, any mission, any time, anywhere,
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we're ready to go. >> fox news has learned there are u.s. war ships in the red sea in striking range of syria, as well, the question is what good, if any, would a tomahawk missile strike do? exactly a year ago, it had no impact on assad's thinking. dana? >> dana: i want to press you on the question, secretary mattis is saying it was chemical weapons. is the issue trying to figure out who deployed them or do they know who did it? >> well, it is interesting, we have heard contradiction, on the one hand he said he's confident chemical weapons were used. he said they are still looking for evidence, that is why the opcw u.n. inspectors are going in. he also said, the more time that goes by, those chemicals dissipate. it is not clear what those inspectors will find once they have been there. remember, the russians have been on the ground in douma and probably cleaned up any evidence, there were eyewitness reports of canisters and
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helicopters that launched canisters that they say had either the chlorine or some sort of nerve agent in them. we are hearing reports, but cannot confirm at this time, some of the groups, the human rights groups on the ground have collected samples from hospitals that may indicate some sort of nerve agent was used. again, we can't confirm that at this time nor is defense secretary mattis publicly confirming that. >> dana: jennifer, thank you. and secretary of state nominee mike pompeo is getting grilled for hours at his senate confirmation hearing. during testimony, pompeo talked about what his priority would be if confirmed. >> job number one is to represent the perform. for me this means building substantial relationships with our allies, relationships president trump and i can utilize for tough conversations and productive cooperation. it also means working with adversarys to make clear objectives and let them know the means by which we intend to
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achieve tem. >> dana: following the pompeo hearing, rich, there is plenty of focus on iran. >> absolutely, dana. iran and the iran nuclear agreement. director pompeo, assumption he will push the united states to get out of the iran nuclear deal. what pompeo says, he plans to work with european allies to try to change iran policy in an attempt to keep the united states in the deal. the argument from democrats and a number of republicans is that iran has already received the benefits of this deal and by the united states withdraw from the agreement, then iran could get the benefits and then continue its nuclear program. but he pushed back on that notion. >> they're still receiving enormous economic benefits, even as we sit here this morning, so there is continued -- there is continued interest on the part of iran to stay in this deal. >> he also talked about syria,
11:12 am
he said the united states he believes in the president has the existing authority to launch an attack in syria, if requested. also he confirmed publicly that the u.s. military killed hundreds of russians in a fight in syria. a number of international questions, also domestic questions, this mostly coming from democrats about the mueller investigation. pompeo confirms he was interviewed by the special counsel's office and he also says he really can't comment that much about it. democrats are trying to get him on some of the comments president trump had made disparaging the investigation, he refused to comment on a lot of it because he says the c.i.a. is currently involved in that investigation. >> i have worked diligently, myself, and i have put demands on the team that works for me to go out of our way to make sure we were delivering for each of those three investigations and if i'm confirmed at the state department, we'll do it there, as well. >> in response to the question,
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he said he probably would not resign if the president fired robert mueller. back to you. >> dana: rich, thank you. coming up next, general gen. keane will join me on breaking news from the white house on syria and the mike pompeo hearing on capitol hill.
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>> what is your view, better to pull out of an agreement that iran is in compliance with if we can't fix it? or, better to stay in the agreement? yes or no? >> it is not a yes-or-no question, it is hypothetical, we're not at that point. >> the president has to certify on may 12th. >> yes, sir, that is yet almost a month away. if there is no chance we can fix it, i will recommend to the president we to our best to work
11:17 am
with allies to achieve a better outcome and a better deal. >> dana: senator gen. jack keane questioning on the stance of the iran deal. this is white house officials set to meet soon to discuss the situation in syria as the administration says it is confident that syria used chemical weapons. let's bring in retired four-star general gen. jack keane, strategic analyst, start with iran, sir. we are a month from today, when the president has to make a decision about re-certifying the iran deal. lots of questions about this for mike pompeo today, he is leaving himself a little wiggle room. what is he trying to signal there? >> gen. keane: first of all, we are going to work with our allies who are signatures to the deal and we've been some spade work already with them. we know a few things. here is what we're trying to do to be specific. one is we want to add ballistic missiles as prohibition to the deal. two, we want to add the military secret sites and have access by
11:18 am
inspectors to the deal. and our european allies will go along with that, but the third thing is we want to eliminate the so-called sunset clauses for the sake of our audience, in 10 years down the road from the initiation of the deal, they can -- the iranians can move to a threshold nuclear capability, 15 years down the road, there is a clear path way to a nuclear weapon. we want to change that. and fix that. the europeans will not agree to do that, dana. and if that holds over the next 30 days, then united states come may 12th will pull out of this deal. >> dana: pull out. secretary mattis said the united states does confirm chemical weapons were used in syria. there is a question, as jennifer griffin was just explaining, about how exactly they were released and who was responsible. if you could listen to the french president, emmanuel macron, on what he says he
11:19 am
knows. >> we have approach that last week, 10 days ago, that chemical weapons were used, at least chlorine. and they were used by bashar al assad's regime. we have to remove the means of using chemical weapons from the regime. we will have decisions to make, in due time, we will judge what is the most useful and most efficient. >> dana: based on your experience, sir, take us behind the scenes what is happening now as the president is getting recommendations from his military advisors? >> gen. keane: yeah, well, first of all, when it comes to who did this, we know exactly who did it because we have a wax airplanes, which is radar aircraft that tracks all flights. if you are going down a runway in syria, we see that. if you take off a helicopter from a runway, we see that, track the entire flight. deliver ordinance to the flight, we know that is taking place. we know syrian regime helicopter
11:20 am
flew over this area and delivered ordinance, we don't know what was inside that ordinance. we know from what happened to the victims and studying pictures of the victims and compare to other victims who had exposure to chlorine and nerve gas, likely the agents were indeed used. that is why there is a degree of confidence about what has taken place. what is going on right now with the president and his national security team is they're deciding on two things. number one, the scope, the scope of the response by the united states and our coalition partners, in other words, how big, how comprehensive, what is the scale of this thing going to be and number two, the timing of it and right now, we're positioning assets also, but i think the assets are likely to be pretty close to being in place, so now we're just waiting for presidential decision. >> dana: all right, that is helpful for us to understand what is going on. gen. jack keane, thank you. >> gen. keane: good talking to
11:21 am
you dana. >> dana: mike pompeo getting grilled on why the united states wasn't in the meeting with iran, russia to talk about the strategy. li lindsey graham is up next to react to that and the situation in syria. there's little rest for a single dad. and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time.
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11:25 am
>> senator, you'll have to help me. >> okay. i've seen this picture before. or a similar picture. >> i hope you can tell me what is wrong. i will give it to you. the united states of america isn't there. >> dana: let's bring in south carolina senator lindsey graham. mike pompeo is answering a lot of questions today. how was this concern that the united states is not at the table trying to figure out this problem, but the problem is super complex, lots of different moving parts, how do you see as it stands now at 2:25 p.m.? >> sen. lindsey graham: i think mike pompeo is outstanding choice to be secretary of state. we need to be involved in what happens to syria, not turn over to russians, iranians or turkey. let me say to bob menendez, my friend, i voted for john kerry, understanding how many times i disagreed with him, because i thought he was qualified. bob, mike pompeo was first in his class at west point, an army
11:26 am
officer, went to harvard law school, been c.i.a. director, been a member of congress, traveled all over the world with myself and senator mccain, he's an outstanding choice. he has the confidence of the president, the c.i.a. director, he understands the world for what it is. he is not a libertarian, i understand why rand paul does not like him. he is a solid, conservative republican, that i think is highly qualified and i hope he gets bipartisan support. >> dana: if confirmed, this issue about what is going to happen in syria, will not be going away any time soon, he'll have to deal with it. this morning the president tweeted -- >> sen. lindsey graham: can i add something, as c.i.a. director, he's been dealing with it. >> dana: of course. >> sen. lindsey graham: no doubt in my mind, believes diplomacy -- >> dana: he said that. he said it is important the state department be -- the moral be improved that the ranks be filled, they make sure they have
11:27 am
everything they need so military action is not as -- not needed. the president this morning tweeting an update to this situation, and he said, never said when an attack on syria would take place, could be very soon or not so soon at all, in any event, the united states under my administration has done a great job of ridding of isis, where is my thank you, america. another message, pompeo received, what is congressional responsibility here? does the congress need to weigh in or do you think, based on your experience and of course your legal experience, the president has authority to take action he says is coming? >> sen. lindsey graham: i've been a military lawyer for thirty-three years, the war powers act was passed by congress right after the vietnam war. i don't think it is worth the paper it is written o. the obama administration said the congressional war power effect
11:28 am
encroa encroaches on article two power of the commander-in-chief. we declared wor one aggressionally five times, we've been in numerous military conflicts without declaring war and without authorization to use military force. this president can take on a rogue regime, lack assad, who violated chemical weapons ban. he can come to the aid of our friends in israel facing threats from syria. he has all the authority he needs as commander-in-chief and if the congress doesn't like this military action, you can defund it, you can't have 535 commander-in-chiefs. >> dana: you can't take away that power? >> sen. lindsey graham: yes. >> dana: my last question, something i talked to gen. jack keane about, this question about, we know now that our state -- sorry, our defense department, secretary mattis says there was chemical weapons used against the people of douma last weekend in syria. the question for some people still remains, are we sure it was assad's forces that did it?
11:29 am
do you know for sure that it was assad? >> sen. lindsey graham: you don't need sherlock holmes to figure this out, be as bold as the french and never go wrong. the french president is sure, the helicopter flew over the town, syrian helicopter, something was dropped and the people reacted to the something like a chemical attack. let me tell you what president trump thinks, he believes it was syria, if he didn't believe that, why would he tweet out, you're going to pay a big price, you animal, assad, you kill children, you are going to pay. the president has to believe it is assad, if he doesn't, that is the most reckless statement any president has ever made. i'm convinced it is assad. i'm not convinced assad will pay a big price. if assad doesn't pay a big price, we will. >> dana: let you leave it there, senator lindsey graham, thank you. only been on the job a few days,
11:30 am
john bolton is making big changes, what they are and the impact they could have. plus, dramatic confirmation hearing for mike pompeo as president's pick for secretary of state outlines his plans for dealing with north korea, iran and the crisis in syria, how lawmakers are responding. >> mike pompeo, i don't know, he's a brilliant guy, with the experience he has, he's ready to go.
11:31 am
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>> dana: secretary of defense james mattis will discuss the president, confident chemical weapons were used in the attack. after a few days on the job, white house national security advisor john bolton is making major moves. jillian is live with that story. jillian. >> president trump's brand-new advisor john bolton has hit the ground running at the white house this week. he's making major moves to consolidate control over u.s. foreign policy. opening bid ensuring his is the primary voice in the president's ear when it comes to both national and homeland security. >> i have my views. i'm sure i'll have a chance to articulate them to the president. some people don't like people who have substantive views, they
11:35 am
are more process-oriented, but if the government can have a free interchange of ideas among the president's advisors, then i think the president is not well served. >> dana: national security experts tell fox news the oufter of homeland security may be first step toward merge of national security and homeland security council. the two most important offices inside the white house when it comes to making u.s. foreign policy. this move may sound like another wonky development for insiders to chew over, but it has serious implication for u.s. policy overseas. with bosert out, managing the portfolio, this includes counter terrorism, cyber security and border security issues. surprisingly, some obama senior national security officials think it is a good move. >> you want people to argue with the president to give him good,
11:36 am
strong advice and then ultimately they will have to salute when he makes the decision, it doesn't serve the president or country well to have a bunch of yes men around him. >> dana: given bolton's tough stances on china, russia, iran, combating terrorism and nuclear development, insiders predict we are in for aggressive policy on all the ranges of issues. dana. >> dana: thank you, jillian. >> thanks. >> dana: back to our top story, the confirmation hearing for secretary of state nominee mike pompeo. i'm joined by adam, former ambassador to bahrain. thanks for joining with me today, listen to what mike pompeo said he believes his role at the state department would be. >> throughout my time in congress, i have met hundreds of state department employees, i know them. i had a chance to meet dozens more in briefings, to a person, they expressed to me, their hope to be empowered in their roles and have a clear understanding of the president's mission.
11:37 am
that will be my first priority. >> dana: it is reported the state department moral is down in the dumps, is that what you're hearing and what do you think he can do to try to improve on that? >> well, yeah, i mean, clearly the moral of the state department was hurt by tillerson and tillerson's disregard for the career diplomats, officers and his failure interestingly to defend the state department budget on the hill. what mike pompeo says is encouraging and i would look at it this way, to reiterate what previous guests said, the state department is tool of national power like department of defense and the c.i.a., why would you want to unilaterally disarm by depriving state department of resources and personnel it needs to do the nation's business. i think mike pompeo understands that, i think he will fight for the state department because he wants as powerful a tool, as powerful a weapon as he can have
11:38 am
to do the business of the state department and the united states. >> and then looking forward, we've been talking in this hour about the possible action against syria for chemical weapon attack, amongst other things, complicated political situation there with different countries having their interests sought out on this small piece of land, you're an expert in the middle east. i'm curious what you think the state department and mike pompeo, in particular, if confirmed, need to do because after the attack, if there is one, there has to be some sort of political or diplomatic solution? >> you're absolutely right. again, one of the aspects of this attack that has not been talked about is what are the objectives? what are we trying to accomplish by this attack? i would also point to one other aspect of the issue that hasn't gotten a lot of coverage, which is the coalition that we're building. i mean, look, crawl said they will go into it, theresa may had
11:39 am
a meeting with her cabinet today. the president talked to turkish prime minister which shares large northern or southern turkish border, northern syrian border with syria. the fact of the matter is even before the attack and i do believe there will be an attack, the state department and u.s. diplomats are helping to coordinate the international diplomacy of our partners, who i believe will participate in the attack. this will not be the united states going it alone. >> dana: were you surprised when everyone sort of took a hands off approach when israel reacts last weekend? >> no. i mean, israel's been doing what it needs to do for sometime and clearly it was coordinated with us, but israel, i think everybody understands and senator graham pointed this out clearly, israel is under unprecedented threats from what is happening in syria, mostly because iran runs that country and now they run in lebanon and
11:40 am
syria and israel faces a new front in its fight to preserve existence of the jewish state. >> dana: indeed. all right, ambassador, i'm glad you were here today, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: what does speaker of the house paul ryan's announcement that he will not run again, mean for the g.o.p. as it moves forward? our panel will weigh in. >> we have a very strong leadership team, that is one of the reasons why i was comfortable in making this decision because i know there is capable leadership team i can hand the gavel on to. people would stare.
11:41 am
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>> waiting for president trump's decision on syria and whether the u.s. will strike. defense secretary james mattis at the white house right now. speak with analyst about the military options and possible consequences. also keeping an eye on capitol hill and confirmation hearing for mike pompeo, president trump's nominee to be the next secretary of state.
11:44 am
speaking of syria, how did that start again? it was a civil war, until we entered it and we're still in it and we're exciting the russians and we'll explain top of the hour. see you then. >> i feel like we're in good hands, the president has given us a chance to get a lot done, which we've gotten a lot done. i don't think anybody's election is going to hinge on whether or not paul ryan is the speaker of the house. we will communicate our story, i feel good about things. >> dana: house speaker paul ryan brushes aside claims his departure will hurt the elections. who will take his place if republicans hold the house in november? kevin mccarthy and steve scalise are seen as the front-runners. terry, i guess one of the questions would be, do scalise
11:45 am
and mccarthy think they are running to be -- or leader? >> who the prospects will be, prospects look good for republicans in the paul, there might be more competition for the job because it is much better to be speaker than it is to be minority leader and i think that what the republicans are trying to do today on capitol hill with paul ryan pushing back a little bit on people attempting to get him out of office early, with scalise saying he will not run against kevin mccarthy, it looks like the republicans have an asession plan in place and this announcement was only made yesterday. whenever an announcement of this significance comes about, the republican conference need to take a few days to digest it. i talked to democrats around town and frankly with our plan in place for a succession, the democrats kind of wish they had
11:46 am
a plan in place and that maybe nancy pelosi had made the announcement paul ryan made yesterday. >> dana: what do you think of that mary anne? some people think nancy pelosi could do democrats a favor in the goal to win back the house, if she were to step aside around the july 4 recess? >> make no mistake, the democrats will win the house back and nancy pelosi will be speaker. she is the most underestimated politician on capitol hill, period, end of sentence. kevin mccarthy knows if paul ryan stays through january of 2019, he will never be speaker, he knows that. politics aboard is a vacuum. when paul ryan announced he's retiring, that opened up vacuum the size of the grand canyon and now everyone is looking to fill it. and paul ryan has been a weakened speaker since donald trump got into the white house. very surprising if paul ryan makes it past the summer and you have other shoes to drop. at least 10 more republicans are going to announce their
11:47 am
retirement, more shoes to drop in the mueller investigation, a lot will happen, it make its tough to hang on if you are paul ryan. >> dana: speaking to the mueller investigation, here is what nadler said earlier today. >> the president is subject to law and should know he would be held accountable to the law. statements like these, reports that the president considered numerous times over the last year firing mr. mueller and threats from congressional republicans to "impeach" doj officials, department of justice officials who refuse to cooperate in conspiracy theories are clear threats to the rule of law. >> dana: terry, do you think democrats would like for the president to fire bob mueller, special counsel, because it would create all these problems for him? >> absolutely. the people who are looking at this with the greatest anticipation are democrats that wish that donald trump would just pull the trigger on robert mueller and go for it because
11:48 am
that would perhaps weaken the president in the eyes of some parts of the electorate. i actually think that the bill that's being considered in the senate today is kind of a way to let some of the air out of the balloon. there is quite a bit of strong sentiment that mueller be protected on capitol hill. mitch mcconnel has not guaranteed that bill would ever find a place on the floor of the senate. >> dana: the president, it might not reach to him. they're telling me to move on, mary anne, over to you for a final last word? >> look, the fact here is it is not coincidence that donald trump tweeted an hour ago saying he had confidence in mueller, the process and his own attorney. it is not coincidence he happened to meet with rob rosenstein this afternoon for regular business, that is because this legislation is on the table, he does not want to be handcuffed, he could fire mueller, he's made it clear he's considered it in the past. he doesn't want handcuff of that law, either, that is why he's done this, he wants the option
11:49 am
to get rid of him. >> dana: maybe for the next 24 hours put aside the fact he wants to fire mueller and talk about other things. thank you. a new outlook for republicans in november. why this could be the toughest mid-term election for the g.o.p. since 2006 and boy, do i remember that. ♪ ♪ applebee's to go. order online and get $10 off $30. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> dana: dire warning for republicans, super pack supporting mitch mcconnel explaining why republicans can expect toughest midterm since 2006, when the party lost both the house and the senate. president and c.e.o. of the senate leadership fund, i remember 2006 well, i'm sure you do, too. that means when you are in politics, you never relax,
11:53 am
quinnipiac shows doing better, narrowing democrat's lead by three points, democrats at 46, republicans at 43%. so what is keeping you up at night? >> well, i'm always happy to hear positive news, but larger trends we've been seeing, particularly in special elections and in the elections we saw in virginia last fall that give us concern. sky high democratic enthusiasm, reflected in high turnout and robust fundraising numbers for candidates. in addition, a lots of retirement in the house, including yesterday a particularly noteworthy one with speaker ryan and in addition to that, the party as a whole is losing ground, especially with suburban women voters, more educated, higher-income women and we'll have to do an awful lot, particularly to holds the house. better terrain than we are fighting on there, relatively few seats to defend compared to democrats. it's going to be a challenging
11:54 am
election for republicans. >> dana: earlier this week, as republicans considered good news governor rick scott was getting into the senate race, in west virginia, several republicans are trying to win the primary there to run against joe manchin, are you concerned they will not be able to do that if they don't nominate the person that can best beat him? >> you mentioned rick scott, his entry turns that from a nothing burger race to probably our top prospect for a pick-up. bill nelson had the good fortune of running against second-rate candidates for most of his career and his lucky streak ended this week with governor scott entering that race. we'll be very involved there. there are some states where we're concerned about primaries and the wrong candidate getting nom nominated. west virginia being one there. also, mississippi, we're going to be defending the cochran seat, we're concerned about
11:55 am
mcdaniel being the nominee. democrats will make a play like they did against roy moore in alabama. >> dana: take me to north carolina, kevin cramer raised 1.3 million in the first quarter of the race. hydekamp raised 1.6 million dollars, i tell you what, i should have gone to be a media buyer for political campaign. how do you spend that much money in north dakota to try to win a race? >> you spend it as carefully as you can. you know, one thing about north dakota, in particular, there are only so many t.v. stations to buy. if you spend $10 million, you would be buying the cartoon network. i mean, it's pretty darn amazing. the thing that is amazing about what kevin cramer was able to accomplish, he pretty much evenly matched his democratic opponent, dollar for dollar, in fundraising, despite the fact, many people don't know this, he had a family tragedy and he pressed through and still was able to post amazing numbers.
11:56 am
we think he will be a great candidate. hydekamp works the state, cramer will be tremendous candidate in the race. >> dana: all right, steven law, thank you so much. >> great to be. >> dana: we'll be right back. okay folks! let's team up to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of (great tasting) ensure
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with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you.
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>> the busy news day continues. we thought you would like good news. when her dogs went missing, a washington woman launched quite a search. after 22 days, jessica had almost given up. that's when she noticed a small hole in her back yard. she said she decided to look one more time near an old missile silo behind her home. >> i just heard a single bark. and i had to go check it out. i had to know. they were both down in there sloshing in the water. they saw me and freaked out. you know, i freaked out.
12:00 pm
>> remarkable. the good news is that the two dogs are doing fine after those 22 days. the german shepherds survived by drinking water in the hole where they were stuck. thanks for joining us. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington. 10:00 p.m. damascus where the fight between assad and his people is one of many wars underway. america, russia, israel, turkey, iran, we're all fighting for our own interests. and we are in the war against russia. we'll explain the complex battlefield and the potential consequences of any pentagon strike. plus, reports of another pay-out to protect president trump. $30,000 for a story that never went public. details now of a doorman's big payday ahead. so let's get to it.


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