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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 13, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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reportedly a coach starts punching him. police start investigating. jillian: watch out for the scary tigers running around new york. all right have. a good day everyone. todd: the one on the right is a tiger. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> president trump says a military strike against syria may come soon. >> we're looking very, very seriously very closely at what whole situation. >> american credibility is on the line right now. >> fired fbi director james comey slamming our commander-in-chief attacking president trump's integrity and appearance saying, quote: this president is unethical. >> president trump's choice to lead the state department, mike pompeo, in the hot seat. >> my staff as a chief dayton are to rally causes that benefit america. >> ms-13 posing as minors traveling with the migrant caravan. >> insanity from the left wing on television. >> we have to rely on the sanity of kim jong un and putin over the president of
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the united states. that's where we are at. >> every day you turn on the news every time you see i hit, you know i'm draining the swamp ♪ hometown ♪ small town throwdown. >> that was a great idea. i love it. ainsley: thank you, god. steve: welcome aboard, folks. it is "fox & friends" for this friday the 13th. the 1st day of april. you are not afraid of that are you? ainsley: i ain't afraid of no ghosts. brian: buzz about ainsley's book coming out. ainsley: thank goodness they are not coming out on the same day. brian: steve and i don't get an advanced copy.
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we did get some excerpts from james comey's book and of course big interview on sunday. steve: we vpght seen it but it has been excerpted in a number of major publications. it's called a "higher loyalty" that guy right there was fired back in may. the democrats wanted him fired first and then republicans did. it's interesting, in the book he talks about how after donald trump won, he went into the oval office and said to then president barack obama, i dread the next four years. and then he did meet the president-elect at trump tower and briefed him on, among other things, the dossier, and trump had some questions about some skeevy things and details. comey told him something that president trump has said repeatedly and comey confirms the former fbi director at that point did say to the president, we are not investigating you. ainsley: it's a tell-all book. it's clear he has disdain for the current administration or the
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president. he compares him to a mob boss. he says this president is unethical and untethered to truth and institutional values. his leadership is transactional. ego-driven and about personal loyalty. i had flashbacks to my earlier career as a prosecutor against the mob. the silent circle of assent. the boss in complete control. the loyalty oath, the u.s. vs. them world view. the lying about all things large and small in service to some code of loyalty that put the organization above morality and above the truth. brian: right. so those are some of things that he said. mob boss. also, president trump is also different than any other politician. i think everyone agrees with that than he has probably ever been around of the fascinating trip he takes us through through this election one of which was put upon him hillary clinton's ill conceived idea private server. how she reacted. how loretta lynch continuing
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to fall short in his eyes. how he was able to try to overcome that what struck me most is the fact that he was counting on president hillary clinton, not president donald trump. and everything he was doing was to set up her presidency without my words that cloud of is she going to be illegitimate and clouded with investigation. that was the whole reason he came out. he essentially apologized to hillary clinton for all the bad things that hillary clinton did that made him do what he did. ainsley: i heard you are angry with me. so sorry i didn't do a better job explaining to you and your supporters why i made my decision. steve: what's crazy about it though is he essentially he is revealing that he was deciding whether or not to reopen this and make it public based on polls. how crazy is that? he looked at the polls and she was going to be president and he wanted to make sure that people found out there was a search warrant folks didn't think that the fbi was hiding stuff. ainsley: he wouldn't have done if he had known that president trump would have
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won? steve: he was looking at the polls. that's i guess how washington works. the central question about the -- that we are at today is regarding the russia collusion thing. and did it at that meeting and before, did the president ask james comey to do something illegal and he answers it himself. he says i have one perspective on the behavior i saw, which while disturbing and violating basic norms of ethical leadership may fall short of being illegal. so, answering the question, we presume that means was there or destruction of justifiable? did it rise to that level? it doesn't look like mr. comey thinks so. ainsley: might not have liked it or unethical in his opinion. brian: even the small things make you wonder about the big things. little things when i got fired the first person that called me was general kelly. he was so upset, too. i said general the president needs good people around him. general kelly's account was different. i called up and said sorry
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best of luck in the future. loretta lynch came out last week or this week we see it and had to go out and get "on the record i never said to the whole thing about don't call it an investigation. call it a matter. i never said to james comey, he never octobered when i brought up the whole investigation and had a public tone for it when comey said i did stand up. i was befuddled when she said don't call it an investigation. call it a matter. when he saw the tarmac meeting he quickly called a press conference he does regret using some verbiage. for the most part anybody he was around could see any reason to go through with an investigation or indictment on hillary clinton. steve: in the book regarding the tarmac meeting, he says that the idea that the meeting between william jefferson clinton and loretta lynch, the idea that that conversation would influence the probe, he says is ridiculous. that's curious. ainsley: republicans have hated him at one point when he didn't indict hillary clinton two summers ago. and then a few days before
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the election, democrats hated him because he reopened the investigation into the hillary and then closed it and many democrats felt like he is the reason, instead of the fact that hillary did something illegal or wasn't supposed to hide those emails, they blamed him for her losing the election. he has been loved and hated by both sides. right now the media is loving him because this book is about how much he hates the president. they will be falling all over this book on tuesday. it will start sunday with gorge's interview. don't forget the media hated him at one point, too. listen. >> comey is getting horrible advice. is he interferes with this election. i don't understand what the guy is doing. >> it is inconceivable this was just a coincidence. coming on top of the director comey's, you any, very unusual and controversial release last week, he just makes the fbi look like a wing of the republican party. >> they are not comey's intervention has affected the president. it's clear his disclosure in
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the spate of now competing some might say warring fbi leaks that have followed have raised serious questions about the fbi's integrity and impartiality. >> i will just tell you the integrity of comey' as well as the fbi is in question. it makes you wonder. brian: it's amazing. people are going to be doing back flips all week because you can't interview james comey and just go all right or all left because he basically puts himself above both parties and doing the right thing. and in the end barack obama praises him for doing the right thing. he talks about being bull idea as a kid and talks about the physical appearance of the president being so much taller than his and his hands so much smaller. and president goes to a tanning bed. talks about his hair how long -- really the fbi director going into the physical attributes of the president of the united states. besides that he doesn't get trivial. steve: the white house reaction they put up a website it's called lyin'
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comecomey are you going to believe this book? we know him to be a leaker and a liar. ainsley: he doesn't get why the people elected this president. yes he is unpresidential. he doesn't have experience. they liked him because of the wall and liked him businessman. liked him for tough stance on immigration and draining d.c. brian: real quick on syria. not a strike yet but looks like it is coming. get ready, russia, is the original tweet the president put out. they will be coming. missiles nice new and smart. came back and tweeted out never said that when an attack on syria would take place okay happen very soon. sending weapons in to make sure about the level of the chemical attack. by the way, france confirms it. add to that so did the ug and france are going to be joining us in some type of attack. not to take out assad but to actually eliminate his ability to take out -- to use chemical weapons.
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ainsley: u.s. has blood and urine samples from the victims in syria. they have positive chemical weapons. it indicates the assad regime is responsible. steve: that is from a third party aid group. the united states does not have definitive proof, but they feel they have enough to go ahead and start a strike between sounds like our allies will be the united states, the united kingdom, and also france. brian: only one group outside the russians has choppers, it is assad. he used choppers to drop the gas. it was him. steve: all right. meanwhile, it is 6:10 on a friday the 13th morning. jillian joins us with a fox news alert. jillian: we are following breaking news. get to this fox news alert. a massachusetts police officer shot and killed while servin serving a warrant. officer sean gannon hit in the head. >> gunshot wound to one officer. officer down. >> sean was a wonderful, wonderful young man. the sky was the limit for
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him. jillian: thomas will be charged with murder. he has more than 100 prior offenses. a caravan of police cars escorting the officer's body overnight. the 8-year veteran of the force leaves behind a wife. gannon's canine partner sat on recovering. toll my mom i love her. words made by a teen trapped in a minivan. cincinnati ohio police say the couldn't hear exact location. his father finding his body nearly 6 hours later. last year honda recalled about 800,000 odyssey vans because of the seats accidentally tipping forward. this particular van was not impacted. days after that fbi raid on president trump's personal lawyer a hearing on the search warrant is scheduled in court today. agents looking for documents at michael cohen's home and
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office including those related to payment to adult film star stormy daniels. according to the "the washington post," agents may have seized private taped conversations. it's unclear if any of those feature the president. vice president mike pence heading to the summit of americas in peru today. there he will promote u.s. trade and press our latin american partners, to further isolate venezuela. white house senior advisor ivanka trump is already there pushing for women's economic empowerment. president trump cancelled his trip to peru to focus on the escalating tensions in syria. those are your headlines. back to you. steve: a lot going on. meanwhile, coming up, joy behar goes atomic. >> we have to rely on the sanity of kim jong un and putin over the put of the united states. steve: comparing the president to kim and putin, has she finally gone too far? wait until you hear the blow back. brian: meghan mccain great she is on that show to push
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♪ ♪ steve: did you see this yesterday? secretary of state nominee mike pompeo facing tough questions on day one of his confirmation hearing? so what can we expect on day two? reaction with someone asking those questions republican senator and member of the senate foreign relations committee john barrasso joins us in studio. >> thanks for having me. great to be back. steve: what did you think of his first day. >> i thought he was terrific. clear answers, concise answers terrific answers. anyone who didn't hav would say he would make a great secretary of state. forward looking as well. steve: he made it clear he is not going to be donald trump's yes man. >> he hasn't been. the chemistry is good between them. there is respect both ways. honestly donald trump is the commander-in-chief of our military. mike pompeo with his background and understanding of the issues is the right person. i have traveled with him internationally to security conferences. he knows the people. he knows the policies and the issues.
3:18 am
he is the win to do the job. steve: during the first day of questioning. one question that stuck out was corey booker asking the secretary of state about his feelings about gay marriage. and he said essentially these are the same feelings i have had all along regarding traditional marriage he feels it is wrong. but, you know, he has gotten a lot of coverage. i can't believe he would say that. >> well, and the secretary of state nominee did talk about human rights and the importance of that internationally. but you have got it realize some these democrats are trying to liberal each other as they're actually trying to position themselves to run for president. steve: which corey booker is. >> mike pompeo is the person to do this job. he knows the issues. we have got to get rid of the distractions and focus what is really at hand here. threats that we faces a a nation today. threats ongoing and threats long term. in terms of making sure an america first approach. we are the strongest, most powerful and respected country in the world, economically, militarily, politically. receive steve sure.
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>> you need somebody said of state. mike pompeo is the person. steve: those are the questions you should ask. then you get a whole bunch of stuff like this. watch this. >> do you think special counsel mueller's investigation is a witch-hunt? >> do you believe special counsel mueller's investigation is an attack on our country and all we stand for. >> would be troubling if you couldn't say here today that you don't believe that the mueller investigation san attack on america. >> do you think that muslim americans in this country who serve in our military, who serve in the state department, their failure to speak up, is that -- are they complicit in terrorist attacks? do you believe that gay sex is a perversion? yes or no. steve: what do you think about that? you didn't run the one where somebody says what do you do if someone gets impeached. that's their playbook go against president trump. the world is a very dangerous place. we have a commander-in-chief, we need to make sure he has the full team in place. he has a national security advisor. he has a new nominee for the
3:20 am
head of the cia. he has an incredible secretary of defense with generalmattis. we need mike pompeo on the job. steve: how do you get 51 senators john mccain is not going to show up and rand paul says no, i can't vote for him. >> anybody who listened to the hearings yesterday mike pompeo is the right person for the job. he will get democrat votes and he will get confirmed. that's my prediction and i'm standing by it. steve: we haven't seen the democrats help you guys out so far. >> well, he is the right person. steve: you are an optimist. >> i'm an op optimist but real list. that's what we have in mike pompeo understands how the real world works. steve: i'm from kansas, he was my congressman for a long time. know him to be creabled guy. we will see what happens. thank you, sir. >> thank you. steve: you know that caravan from migrants from central america finally arriving at the u.s. mexico border.
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3:25 am
the $65 billion in investor losses. madoff is currently serving 150 year sentence. steve: kind of a drop in the bucket but still it's a drop. meanwhile new details on that caravan of immigrants we have been telling you about, determined to enter the united states from central america. we're now learning that 61 illegals were grabbed at the arizona border and apparently at least one linked to the -- >> member of the ms-13 gang from el salvador. ainsley: member of the police department gang unit and analyst for a&e live p.d. sean larkin. >> my pleasure. ainsley: good morning. what do you think of this? ms-13 gang members we know at least one sneaking into this caravan. with your experience, do you think there are more? >> sure. any time you have a group this large working its way through the country from central america where we have a large number of ms-13
3:26 am
gang members, i'm sure there is going to be some who sneak here to get into the u.s. brian: last surge we had when all those unaccompanied minors coming. in that's how most of them ended up populating long island. came in desperate situation. had ms-13 and family of gangsters waiting. >> they are fleeing countries that are plagued by this gang problem ms-13 there. so they are leaving from one area, coming here. even if they are trying to come here legitimately to try to find worker whatever it is, when that doesn't work out for them that's what they back towards that gang life. steve: how does that work they are members of ms-13 in central america, what's the recruiting thing go like when they say hey, come on up to long island or come to new york pause, what? >> you know, it's -- the potential for a better life. but it's also, you know, there is more opportunities here victimwise. the gangs are established here. as we know n ts is a growing
3:27 am
gang here in the united states. they are able to join forces with some of those here. brian: think about the pressure of the border of the cops like you who have to worry about who is coming across as well as keep their local community safe knowing get caught up in the catch and release system which has not been stopped yet and they will be father idea throughout long island or else somewhere. they will get jobs and work during the day. earn some money, send it back and then continue their gang behavior. >> that's something that from my experience in dealing with gangs, i have been a police officer for 21 years now. something that is very different with our hispanic gangs potentially, gangs like ms-13, a lot of these guys that's exactly it. they have regular games during the daytime to accepted money back to family and other organizations back where they originated from. and then also, you know, have this gang member -- almost like a double life at times. ainsley: in your experience, as far as recruitment, to kind of piggy back on steve's question, why would you ever want to be a part of this group?
3:28 am
i mean, brian did a story, two moms at the state of the union address with the president, they lost their daughters. and those girls were unrecognizable. what these guys did to them is just something unfathomable. how could a human being do something like that to someone else. >> that's why ms-13 stands out. they are not any larger that ien in established gangs we have here in the united states. it's the brutality they do this type of thing. it's personal when you are using knives, machetes, hammers, these are all incidents that have happened here. it's very personal and so different from other street gangs. steve: good news is we stopped at least one at the border. >> correct. steve: bad news is we don't know how many got true. >> that is true, yes. steve: sergeant sean larkin from the tulsa police department and you know him from his wildly successful show pd. brian: identify some of this activity gang related because have you gang background.
3:29 am
>> yes, sir. brian: not in a gang. >> no, that is not the case definitely. ainsley: you be careful out there. >> thank you. brian: two brothers from ohio admit they were sending thousands overseas to fund terror. that's not even the worst part about this story. we'll explain. ainsley: and joy behar goes nuclear. listen. >> we have to rely on the sanity of kim jong un and putin over the president of the united states. ainsley: liberal turned conservative candace owens is here to react coming up next. ♪ i secretary of defense it's too late to apologize ♪ it's too late ♪ the thing. i'm actually closer to my retirement days than i am my college days. i just want to know, am i gonna be okay? i know people who specialize in "am i going to be okay." i like that. you may need glasses though. schedule a complimentary goal planning session with td ameritrade.
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your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. ♪ na na na na that ♪ this is my town. brian: if you open up your local newspaper today you might be getting an a.p.
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story on "fox & friends" like david bow der he was able to spend a couple days with us. we had lunch with him. excellent reporter. steve: brian paid by the way. ainsley: did yo ainsley: you did pay. steve: "fox & friends" is the most influential news show on the air. if we can back the teleprompter up just a bit. let me read the first sentence. it is the epicenter of television journalism and goes on to say what i just said. david, thank you very much. good article. ainsley: good article. thank you at home for making us the most influential cable news show. we are so grateful that you choose us every morning. steve: we are getting his attention but doing the same show we have been doing for over 20 years. brian: according to the stats, we are up 40% since 2016. steve: i like that. brian: if we delayed on the west coast how much more we can be. we are not going to do that hemmer is full time now along with sandra smith.
3:34 am
steve: higher ratings and lots to talk about. urban director for turning point u.s.a. >> good morning. good to be back on the couch. steve: did you see joy behar yesterday talking about the president and some dictators? >> gotten to the point in this world now where we have to rely on the sanity of kim jong un and putin over the president of the united states. >> moral relativism between someone like kim jong un and putin and donald trump. it's easy to say that. >> you think kim jong un is less moral than donald trump? >> oh my god, putin is aiding and abetting assad right now. you think kim jong un and putin and ba shall al assad and donald trump have the same thing? >> i see the two of them are backing off of war and i see trump provoking war. brian: provoking war by taking two weeks and not responding immediately?
3:35 am
ainsley: candidate, these two dictators kill their own people, how can she compare them to our own president. she might not like our president but she does not do that. >> total and utter departure from reality that we see often on the left. joy behar she has untime become overhinged with unhealthy obsession to correlate trump with dictators and people who have murdered people within their own countries. i don't understand it i don't know. i feel like it's almost time to stage an intervention over there. brian: why does it take meghan mccain to bring some sanity to that panel? i get the sense that everybody basically agrees with her. >> right. because what we're looking at over there, is the extreme left. that's what we are seeing that's starting to take shape. they actually believe the things they are saying. what it really is an unhealthy obsession with donald trump. there is nobody more unhealthy and obsessed with donald trump than joy behar. steve: what is it 4 to 1 over there. >> yeah. steve: versus liberals. you are with turning point
3:36 am
u.s.a. >> i am. steve: it's interesting. there has been a consortium of students out at penn state who have demanded that penn state stop funding groups like turning point u.s.a. on campus and also the bull moose party because they say that your group attracts white nationalists to campus. >> that is correct. it's not just penn state. we are baflghting this on other campuses as well. i just went two days ago to colorado state university to approach these students they call themselves students against white supremacy and trying to get turning point removed. you wouldn't believe it. there are these white liberals shouting in my face extremely confrontational if i don't see myself as less than or the victim then i am perpetuating white primacy. it's quite ironic. brian: not a debate they want to engage in. they want to scream. ainsley: you think you are white supremacist? >supreme tell folks at
3:37 am
home what is and the story. >> i grew up in a liberal family. a lot of them are still liberals. really what it comes down to i asked what-to-identify what white supremacy meant to her and it's capitalism and free markets. got it all on camera. pretty i couldn't know believable. ainsley: tell us about your organization. >> that's what we do we go on campus and teach conservative values. as you see it's really missing in these liberal campuses have become islands of totalitarianism. they are teaching socialism and communism. brian: that's where it comes from. >> that's where it comes from. absolutely. the teachers and professors are backing it up. we try to insert a different conversation. we talk about free markets and capitalism, we are pro-american. go figure. that's not acceptable anymore on college campuses. steve: penn state says they don't know what they are talking about they don't give any money to your group other the other one as well.
3:38 am
brian: other thing to keep in mind, too. everyone is picking colleges for their kids. no one can say the size of the campus, the travel the dorm size. you have to ask are they open to all views? protests and safe spaces? >> exactly unfortunately the answer overwhelmingly they are not open to conservative views it really is a scary thing and parents need to be extremely involved when picking the colleges for their children. ainsley: you said have you it on camera where we k. we see it? >> on youtube and my facebook page. it's scary stuff to see what these students believe. ainsley: thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. steve: have a good weekend. ainsley: jillian is over there and she has headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you. and to you at home as well. today the widow of anster killed at the officers of her man belle will speak to a new york court hoping to keep him behind bars for good. she says a parole board failed to follow procedural and executive law when ordering's bell's release in february. she spokes here on "fox & friends" last month with this message. >> kill a police officer you
3:39 am
don't get let out of jail. you are in there for life. jillian: her husband and waverly jones were murdered by bell and two others in 1971. two brothers admit to providing thousands of dollars to terrorists. pleading guilty in an ohio courtroom to concealing $17,000 to finance al awlaki who they knew was planning the attacks. they face up to 8 years in prison. al a key al qaeda leader was killed in a u.s. drone strike in 2011. at least one nfl team is standing up to national anthem kneelers. the seattle seahawks postponing a workout with disgraced collin kaepernick after refusing to end his protest. tweeting that kaepernick did not have a plan on dealing with, quote, everything moving forward. the former 49er has been unemployed since the 2016
3:40 am
season. brian: i was watching stephen a. smith. kaepernick wants to be more of an activist than a quarterback. all he has to do is say i will stand for the national anthem and he would have gotten a position with the seahawks. steve: that's how he has gotten famous, really famous. japan miss has crazy crazy news about the weather. janice: look at the weather in new york city today and tomorrow 80 degrees. we still have winter across the northern plains and west coast. see where the temperatures are very cold and see where the temperatures are warm. that's where we will have the potential for not only a snow storm. large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. you see that snow storm developing and the threat for blizzard conditions across portions of the northern plains and the midwest. we have blizzard warnings up in effect for these areas where we could potentially see 6 to 12, even 18 inches of snow, my friends. an april snow storm. yes. and then the threat for tornadoes today and tomorrow from the gulf coast all the way up to the midwest, large
3:41 am
hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes as well. a lot going on this weekend. we have the snow. we have got the severe weather. and then we have 79 degrees here in new york city. steve: like that part. janice: thank you. steve: your friday the 13th "foxcast." ainsley: no. steve: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg over his company's data gathering practices. what about google? which is bigger than facebook? we're going to talk to kurt the cyberguy if they are the next target of personal data concerns. brian: president trump is getting a new ride. an exclusive look at the new fleet of high tech limos that will protect the president much to joy behar's upsetment. ainsley: looks like the car in dumb and dumber 2. brian: i didn't know they had a sequel.
3:42 am
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broib brian quick headlines, dangerous e.coli outbreak landing six people in the hospital. six peoplseven people across six states. they have not yet determined the source of the outbreak. turns out the water in chicago could kill you. "the chicago tribune" finding that nearly 70% of homes tested in the city have drinking water loaded with lead. the study blaming the use of lead water lines until they were banned by congress in 1986 all right. time for fall and spring to get there. ainsley: facebook chief mark zuckerberg in the hot seat about facebook practices. what about google? could they be the next company under scrutiny? steve: kurt the cyberguy joins us now. bigger than facebook. >> it's huge. the largest tech company, especially when it comes to our personal data. if you think mark zuckerberg just went for a bad ride in
3:46 am
the senate which he didn't by the way, that was a giant commercial for facebook what google may be doing next. if you think about it, if you don't have an apple, you have android phone. that's google. many people don't correlate the fact that they have about 33 products that are constantly taking in our data. >> what do they know about us. >> incredible amounts. so much i can only fit some words on the screen. they know your name and employer and home address. they know your work address, your birth date. your mobile numbers, home number, recent google searches. steve: that's a problem. >> every single place that you have done with that it went with you. location history. use gaggle maps, they keep track of exactly where you went, when you went. steve: where your phone went. >> that's you. we all go everywhere with our phone. and if you use google assistant, you know, like
3:47 am
the serrie or aelection i aasex. >> what we may want to do next. if i ask for weather certain time of the day. hey, kurt is probably going to ask for weather around this time. on the other hand, they use the information just like facebook did except they didn't abuse it as of this moment. so they use that information to offer it to advertisers to shah they say you know what? kurt is going to ask him weather right now. may want to sell him an umbrella. pop-up. brian: if there is no reason, the thing that prompted this was cambridge analytica. that whole controversy got mark zuckerberg in front of congress. so, where's the controversy to bring google forward or are we just going to have me a tell me what you do type of congressional hearing? >> google is equally responsible in 2016 they were also -- they are also responsible for having their own data manipulated. and they also promoted a lot
3:48 am
of misinformation across their service. we have got to keep our. brian: not consciously. >> not consciou. connell: shutly. the they are telling us months and months and years after the fact. there is no regulation. anyway, here is what you want to do today. this is wild, can you go on and see and google to their credit made this very easy. you can find out exactly how you're being tracked online. you simply go to their settings. they have a thing called a privacy checkup. go to cyberguy i will take you there. steve: >> if you also go, you can down load every single thing google knows about you. it takes a while. so they work on it and email you when the link is ready it is like a phone book. it is crazy. steve: i got to look that up. brian brian if you really want to get to know kurt. let's look him up.
3:49 am
>> i will hand you my phone book of google's information. steve: thank you very much. it's an eye opener. meanwhile, 11 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, president trump deliberating over whether to strike syria in response to its chemical attacks. when can we expect a decision? and everything else? we're going to talk to kellyanne conway. she is going to be with us in a half an hour. ainsley: former nfl star hacial walkeherschel walker anne was giving away. >> active military veterans and first responders. they don't really get enough reward. ainsley: now he is here live with the winner next. ♪
3:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ this is what getting your car serviced at lincoln looks like. complementary pickup and delivery servicing now comes with every new lincoln. i won. giving you, the luxury of time. that's the lincoln way.
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3:53 am
>> what we're trying to do is give away this wonderful truck. it was hand painted by mcdermott. give away to military and first responders. they don't get enough rewards. they have been criticized for all the good things they are doing. i wanted to give away a truck. brian: that's where we were standing in november and here we are in april with the former nfl star herschel walker. georgia, dallas cowboy minnesota viking. welcome back, herschel. do you remember that moment? you were a lot younger then. trying to give away this truck to a worthy veteran and so many great applicants that saw that a lot of people saw it and they wrote in and said i want to nominate my veteran to win this truck. >> yes. and you know what was so great about it we had seven
3:54 am
judges read over 5,000 entries. and i will tell you what, when we saw brian's story, he is an absolutely amazing guy. talk about a great american hero and that's who it is right there. brian: brian, had yo you had and boss watch us. he wrote a letter for you recommending you. who was that guy? what did he say? >> well, yeah, an old boss of mine. he was very general. he didn't know the details. and when i got the phone call that said i was a finalist. i go he doesn't even know much of my story so he couldn't put a lot of details on there. but. brian: you served in the military? >> yeah. >> you had three three tours? >> served in the field teams for about 8 years. did three tours. i didn't count but i did somewhere around 300 missions standing here today any one of my teammates could be standing here today. >> why is brian standing here. >> we talk about a great
3:55 am
american hero. i said it many times. i ran a football but a guy that give up their lives and family and everything else for someone else, they're the one that deserves stuff like this. that's why i want to thank rocky ridge and you guys because saw you guy's stories. for first responders and people like this that's who is worthy. brian: i can see you in this truck extremely nice. are you a pickup kind of guy. >> i never had a pickup before but i will be now. i fell in love with this thing last four weeks since you knew i won. it's been an honor. i represent it well. there is 5,000 applicants and every last one of those are heroes. every last one of those are deserving. so i just hope to represent them in the best that i can. brian: herschel, i know how much you care about veterans. spend a lot of time for veterans. perfect mix for you. brian, as we have 2,000 troops in the syria area. we have a few thousand in iraq. a couple thousand in afghanistan. what are your thoughts rights now to the men and
3:56 am
women who are deployed knowing that their lives are on the line every day? >> you know, i pray for them. they are serving our country at a very high level. they are putting themselves on the line. i respect everything that they do. being a prior veteran i still go and thank verches every day. i thank them all for their service. brian: herschel, real quick, yesterday, seattle seahawks were prepared to make collin kaepernick an offer to be a backup quarterback for their team he said i'm not going to stand for the national anthem reportedly. they say reportedly they are not interested. what's your reaction. if he doesn't stand for the national anthem should he still get a job. >> it has nothing to deal doo with stealing or kneel. is he worthy of doing the job and if you get the job do what he want this to you do. if you are not going to stand, you are not getting a job. that's one thing that brian said. we have got people that are fighting for this country today and we have people in
3:57 am
this country now that think they have the privilege to say what they always want to say that's not right. brian: rocky ridge great job. brian,n, congratulations. >> thank you.g. well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? full-bodied. are made with smarttrack®igners material to precisely move your teeth to your best smile. see how invisalign® treatment can shape your smile up to 50% faster today at in acres and a half day ofjust becauswork is twelve hours.ured nor, will unyielding temperatures and a long list of grueling tasks stop you. your relentless spirit drives you forward and makes work feel less like work. some call it your heritage.
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4:00 am
>> president trump meeting with advisors weighing military action against syria's use of chemical weapons. >> we're looking very, very seriously, very closely at that whole situation. >> right now, the media is lofings him because this book is all about how much he hates the president. >> the media thought james comey was the worst person imaginable. now, you would think he was the next mother teresa. steve: mike pompeo facing tough questions on day one of his confirmation hearings. >> i thought he was terrific. clear answers, concise answers and con vinszing answers this man ought to be secretary of state. >> new reports that ms-13 members are traveling with the migrant caravan. >> even if they are trying to come here legitimately to try to find workers. when that doesn't work out
4:01 am
for them that's what they will lean towards is back in that way of life. >> we have to rely on the sanity of kim jong un and and putin over the president of the united states. that's where we are at. >> what we're looking at is the extreme left. joy behar has overtime become unhinged. you i feel like it's time to stage an intervention over there. ♪ ♪ it's going to be a good life ♪ it's gonna be a good life, a good life steve: fridays are always a good life. welcome aboard, folks. come on in. ainsley: our dream for all of our children a good life. steve: a better life. ainsley: a happy life. a better life. steve: james comey's new book comes out on tuesday. man, he really does not like the president of the united states. brian: shocker. steve: he tried to be above politics because the day that he announced there would be no charges against hillary clinton, he apparently struggled over his necktie. he decided he would wear a
4:02 am
gold necktie and not what he called normal political gang colors. he didn't want to have a red tie or a blue tie. brian: the president's tie was too long. he made a lot of physical comments about the president. ainsley: the president's appearance. brian: you would think it would be on page 6. steve: he is a law man. he notices details. ainsley: now get to a fox news alert. striking syria is on. brian: president trump meeting with advisors and uniting with allies on how exactly how to respond to the deadly chemical attack on saturday. steve: not far from the situation room at the white house is kevin corke who is on the north lawn with the very latest. kevin? >> good morning, guys. this is exactly what they mean about the calm before the storm. white house officials still being tight lipped. as one told me it's more challenging politically than it is militarily to coordinate a response to the devastating attacks we saw over in syria. clearly, we have talked about what this means, not just to this president but also what this means to this
4:03 am
white house. the president clearly considering a way to punish the regime without creating a broader conflict in the region with russia. >> we're having a meeting today on syria. we're having a number of meetings today. we will see what happens. we are obviously looking at that very closely. >> credibility is on the world stage -- is on the line right now. and it's not just syria. it's north korea. north korea is watching what donald trump does here. in response to this crisis. because he is going into a big summit with kim jong un soon and the only way that summit works is if kim jong un believes that he is willing to take military action to take out his ballistic missiles and nuclear program. >> the attack on the syrian people not the first. it is feared by allies, especially, it won't be the last unless the world unites to respond. a briefing later today, guys. of course, we will expect to get more gran more detail aboute
4:04 am
response. back to you. steve: thank you very much. brian: back to not showing our hand. one thing the president is going out of his way to do without making too transparent and that is he wants allies aboard. it looks like france is. in france has said we have seen the proof. we have seen the evidence. they absolutely used chemical weapons. chlorine gas on those unsuspecting people in that town and they said it was besheababashar assad. only people people with choppers are the syrian army. ainsley: they also found chemical agents inside the blood and urine from victims as well. steve: looks as in the united kingdom will join the strike force. right now, you know, who knows exactly what they will do. but what they are leaking to the press, according to pentagon reporters it would be a one-day strike. they would try to take out two syrian airfields and
4:05 am
wherever this guy keeps his nerve agent. stay tuned, it could happen tonight. ainsley: james comey's book comes out on tuesday it's called "a higher loyalty" he clearly has a lot of disdain for our president. steve: yesterday we showed you that promo where george stephanopoulos asked a series of questions and we don't get any of the answers. now according to leaked copies of the book, we do have answers to why was james comey referring to the president as like a mob boss? and now here's the passage from the book. ainsley: he says this president is unethical and untethered to truth and institutional values. his lin is transactional, ego-driven and about personal loyalty. i had flashbacks to my earlier career with the prosecutor against the mob the silent circle of assent. the boss in complete control. the loyalty oath, the u.s. vs. them world view. the lying about all things large and small in service to some code of loyalty that put the organization above
4:06 am
morality and above the truth. brian: a couple of things he overlooks republican force overlooking president trump's actions and standing idolly by. he says the president was really worried about the dossier. not because shows russia complicity or blackmail but because of his marriage. he says rhetorically he said do i seem like a guy who needed the service of prostitutes he? wanted the allegations proved because it was feared there might be a slim chance melania might believe them. can i just say that there is nothing wrong with when things come out in the press that might be damaging to the relationship going up to that person who has control of it, perhaps, to show that it's disproven, prove that it's not the case? and explaining why it's not the case. to me, that is a more human reaction that than it's not collusion. steve: a human reaction. but county president of the united states go up and ask the guy who is running the investigation about stuff like that?
4:07 am
brian: yes turns out discussing key details in this unverified dossier. mr. comey made it very clear as the president has said in the past comey said we are not investigating you. so now where are we? fast forward over a year. was there obstruction of justice? also, mr. comey reveals his hand on that as well. ainsley: he says he falls just short of obstruction. he says i have one perspective on the behavior i saw which while disturbing violating basic norms of ethical leadership may fall short of being illegal. steve: that's right. meanwhile, why did he reopen the probe? he does say he knew there would be a firestorm that there were no charges and he said, quote, i knew this was going to suck for me. it went on. it is entirely possible that because i was making decisions in an environment where hillary clinton was sure to be the next
4:08 am
president, my concern about making her illegitimate president by concealing the restart of the investigation bore greater weight than if i would have -- than would have if the election appeared closer or if donald trump were ahead in the polls. see there, mr. comey is looking at the polls to figure out what to do. ainsley: he apologized to hillary. he said i understand she was angry at me. blamed me for losing the election. he said i'm really sorry. i didn't do a goo a good job of describing while i made the decision to hillary and her supporters. brian: james comey holding people accountable, everything hillary experienced was her fault. she is the one with the private server. she is the one with the assistant who gave it to her husband who is a pedophile who put it in his la laptop, being investigated the fbi found. everything with hillary clinton is because of her actions. she is judging james comey how he reacted to her stupid moves. ainsley: they wouldn't have found any of that if anthony weiner wasn't doing what he was doing.
4:09 am
they looked at his computer and led back to hillary's wrongdoing. brian: shifd by james comey. comey went on to say al franken confronted him and said what do you do to hillary clinton he? said i did the best can i with the facts around me. then a teary eyed senate minority leader chuck schumer grabbed him by the hand, to the music, i know you. you were in an impossible position. a lot of people were teary eyed and emotional around him. he also says that general kelly called him up when he was homeland security secretary. the first person to call and he said i'm going to quit too. he said don't, just stay where you are at. kelly has a different idea about what took place. he said i called him and said heard you were fired, sorry about that. best of luck. a little different. steve: yeah, no kidding. look a lot of democrats who say comey is the one who cost hillary clinton the election. a lot of republicans hate him because he is the one
4:10 am
who has gone after the president. although there doesn't look like there is any obstruction. mike huckabee had this reaction. on all the other channels everybody is talking about the book and how great it is we are getting this dirt on the president. the media have been inconsistent, mike huckabee says. and here's the sound b bite. >> james comey has been incredibly inconsistent. of the media has been inconsistent as have politicians about comey. there is one consistency. they all universally cannot stand president donald trump. that's the one thing that holds true. they thought james comey was the worst person imaginable. now that he has written this incredible fiction, where he is basically breaking his arm, patting himself on the back, you would think he was the next mother teresa. what changed? changed was that james comey now has turned on donald trump and that has the media all in a -- just a complete
4:11 am
froth because they are excited about that. steve: they are excited. we are going to talk to kellyanne conway at the white house about 20 minutes from now. get the official white house reaction. we have looked at the website they have lyin' they say he is a liar and a leaker. brian: president should give them the eminem treatment. when he wrote that song about the president it drove the president nuts. steve: what song? brian: good point. wrote a song to get under the president's skin. if the president doesn't say a word about james comey. do the opposite you did with michael wolff. steve: i thought when you were talking about m&m you were talking about melts in your mouth and not in your hand. ainsley: doing the potty training you get two m and m's. brian: i live in the rap world. that's where i'm most comfortable. jillian: i knew what you were talking about. brian: thank you, jillian. you were too far away to help me.
4:12 am
jillian: important information you do need to know starting with a fox news alert. a massachusetts police officer shot and killed while serving a warrant. officer sean gannon hit in the head. >> gunshot wound to an officer. officer down. >> sean was a wonderful, wonderful young man. the sky was the limit for him. jillian: thomas will be charged with murder. he has more than 100 prior offenses. a caravan of police cars escorting officer gannon's body overnight. the 8-year veteran of the force leaves behind a wife. gannon's canine partner also shot and recovering. take a look at live images in oklahoma right now where firefighters are battling monster flames. a wildfire warning issued near oklahoma city more than 300 homes evacuated overnight. as four separate fires burn in the area. high winds could fuel the fires throughout the day. we'll keep you posted there. new president new -- fox news exclusively learning of
4:13 am
a new fleet of presidential limos that will be unveiled this summer. big upgrade from the current decade old models. a limo was spotted out on a test run check it out. black and white camouflage. cars made by cadillac protect the president from reporters to chemical weapons. i know it's supposed to be like camouflage? if you see that thing on the road you are like what is that? brian: doesn't balanced in. steve: that will be the new beast. thanks, jillian. brian: meanwhile actress charlize theron terrorize by trump's america. certain places she will now not go. even considered leaving the country. steve: mounting pressure on president trump to fire deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. will he do it? we're going to talk to kellyanne conway when she comes up live from the white house. you're watching "fox & friends" for a friday ♪ r-o-c-k in the u.s.a.
4:14 am
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dinner date...meeting his parents dinner date. why did i want a crest 3d no one'white smile? for it. so i used crest. crest 3d white removes... ...95% of surface stains in just 3 days... ...for a whiter smile... that will win them over. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. brian brian a fox news alert. president trump wanted to pull our military out of
4:18 am
syria a couple weeks ago. after the horrific attacks on saturday. the president said he couldn't let bashar assad attack on them go unanswered. what is the most effective option right now? here so break it down is kirk leopold. commander, always great to see you. >> good morning, brian. brian: in your estimation, are we moving towards a military operation in syria? >> i think we are, brian. i think we have taken a look and we have determined that, in fact, syria was the -- and the government was the force that initiated and carried out these devastating chemical attacks. and that obviously a response is going to be necessary. we clearly have the u.s., the united kingdom and france now willing and committed to doing combat operations if and when we decide to actually pull the trigger. brian: we know we're not going to take him out not going to kill him and overthrow him and we can't deter him. but we have to eliminate his ability, we hope to ever do this again and to make these
4:19 am
chemical weapons. how do we do that? >> well, first and foremost, let's go ask the russians. why does he still have chemical weapons when you're the executive force that said you were going to eliminate these in the first place? you guaranteed that to the international community. you said it was complete and clearly it's not. syria is either hiding them from the russians or the russians are complicit with it along with iran who is supporting it. so, given that now we have to look at syria and say okay, you now clearly still have these weapons. you are willing to use them against your people. there is a price to be paid against the international community for doing that. brian: what kind of an operation do you think we will see? how long will it go? where are we going to target? how cerpsd are you about the presence of the russians? >> excellent questions, brian. i think at this point we want to get enough forces into the region, not necessarily to do a strike. and that may include the harry truman aircraft carrier battle group. the theodore roosevelt coming from the pacific into the middle east. you want to have these forces in place and present not necessarily for a strike
4:20 am
but also to contain it that should, for example, russia decide to expand this conflict and target u.s. navy ships or forces, that the price that may be paid, it is going to be a deterrence against an escalation. brian bine we have under a minute. the f-400 missile defense system, that's what's deployed now. what do you think we should keep in mind as we go into this operation? >> i think as we go forward, we have to really look at what capabilities do we want to expose in going after syrian forces that we may want to hedge our bets with? because, clearly, iran also has that same weapons system. they are going to be a much greater threat to the united states. consequently, we may want to hold back certain capabilities to exercise against iran in the future should that come to it. brian: kind of like an offense, doesn't want to expose whole offense in the preseason because we might need to play that team again in the regular season. >> exactly. brian: commander, thank you so much. always great to see you you.
4:21 am
>> thank you, brian. brian: failure to launch. rachel campos duffy will talk about how to get the kids out of the basement. she is explaining it all to ainsley. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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you know what's not awesome? agig-speed internet.. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that.
4:24 am
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4:25 am
mexican drug lord rafael con contero. the agency adding him to the top 10 most wanted list for kidnapping torturing and murdering a u.s. agent in 1958. finally on this screen, 10 times the legal limit. that's how drunk a british airlines flight attendant was on a flight from singapore to incorporate gland after passengers called her out for smelling like booze. she silly and apparently she had taken 8 shots of vodka. she was later fired that's some of the news, ainsley. ainsley: eight shots? and then went to work. >> try that, ainsley. ainsley: i couldn't do. i wouldn't be able to read. this millennials not wanting to leave the nest is proving to be true. the new study revealing the amount of adults in late 20s living with parents or
4:26 am
grandparents is the highest it has been in over 75 years. here to discuss how we can inspire the next generation to be contradicting members to our society is fox news contributor and the mother of 8. she knows a thing or two about raising kids. rachel campos duffy. great to see you. you will be on outnumbered today? >> i will. ainsley: 6.3 million job openings in the u.s. how can we push these kids to leave the nest and go out on their own. >> 40% of these kids still living at home. made sense during the obama economy. obama was enamored with the european model. he was turning america into that european model. our economy was looking like that. there were lots of regulations. not a lot of job opportunities. you had kids on their parent's insurance until they were 26 years old. so that was sort of the model he was following and a lot of these kids are still in mom and dad's basement. as you mentioned, this is a new day. this is a trump economy. there are 3.6 million job
4:27 am
openings. employers are dying to get good, hard working dependable workers so they are offering wage increases, bonuses to retain them. so, the message is, there's no excuse. get the kids out of the basement. there are -- they don't have to work at starbucks now there are career opportunities. they are willing to train people. you don't even have to have an expensive college degree to do it. if you don't want to go to college and take on that debt, there are so many training and the administration is investing heavily in workforce development and even apprenticeship jobs when you are done you can make $60,000 a year. why are they home? now is the time to get them moving out. ainsley: how will you and sean, how will you approach this if your kids go to college and they come home and say i want to live with you for a little while. >> first of all when i was young twice i received a luggage set from my parents. there was a little bit of a hint. they were sending me a message. and i just think that, you know, parents need to wake up to the new economy.
4:28 am
if they are home because they need to, make sure they have responsibility. maybe they need to pay a little bit of rent or participate in paying for food and the other expenses of the house. start getting them ready to get out. this isn't europe. in europe we are kind -- they are kind of used to, you know, a lot of men live with their mom as sort of the italian momma's boy thing. that's not good for men and not fun for women. so, if we want an economy that's growing with people working, where families are forming and marriages are happening. parents have got to do their job to sort of push kids out and there couldn't be a better time than in the trump economy. ainsley: do you think your daughter will end up coming back because she will miss the big family or will she say i want some peace and quiet and going off on her own. >> i'm sure she is looking forward to not having as many chores when she goes off to college in the fall. >> in my house i'm a great del gator. they see me and know i'm going to make them do something. it's good to have a good
4:29 am
family. good to have kids that want to come back. an american economy, an american culture is a hard work, self-reliance, that's who we are. we are not europe. and nothing better than the trump economy to make that point. ainsley: it takes a long time to get to the top. only way can you is if you work hard. >> that's right. you got it. ainsley: we will watch you on outnumbered. new clips from comey's sit down interview have just been released and we are going to play them tore you. kellyanne conway is going to be here to react live next. avalanche sends rescue workers running for they're ther lives. their incredible escape caught on camera. advantage ii monthly topical kills fleas through contact so they don't have to bite your cat to die. advantage ii. fight the misery of biting fleas.
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ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. the countdown to striking syria is on as they consider it punish the regime over deadly chemical attack. brian: president trump has
4:33 am
been meeting with advisors and canceling trips and meeting with allies on thousand respond to the saturday attack. steve: our commander-in-chief will hold a briefing later today. russia has warned a strike on syria could spark a war. a lot going on. let's bring in kellyanne conway, counselor to the president of the united states. kellyanne, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: couple days ago after the president tweeted look out they are coming. seemed like the strike might happen right then, the next day, how here we are a couple of days later. people are presuming that we're just verifying things. we are making plans. do you think that's accurate? >> well, it's accurate that the president was being very deliberative and very careful in making sure that what our intelligence community suspected happened indeed did happen. and the president has also said that he will hold responsible syria, iran, russia, anybody who is causing trouble in that area that leads to the death and destruction of innocent civilians. and people will note that almost to the day, one year
4:34 am
ago, when assad gassed his own people, this president took swift ax as well h action . when those are verified he act accordingly. the same here. syria must allow international cooperation. they must allow monitoring in the area. and assad has been terrible to his people and this is a president who, when he saw those babies gasping for last breath last year being poisoned by their own quote leader and conferring with his national security intelligence team as he did this year he will take swift action. he has made that very clear. ainsley: kellyanne, let's talk about james comey's book that comes out on tuesday. some of the excerpts were released overnight. the president is being called unethical. they are comparing him or james comey is comparing him to a mob boss. he is saying i'm sorry to hillary clinton. what's the president's reaction? >> well, i will give you my reaction. i have discussed this with the president. i will give you my reaction. this man, i spent more time
4:35 am
in the oval office in a given day than this man got to spend with the president over the course of his very brief tenure before he was fired. he is taking one or two or three meetings with the president and retroactively putting his own spin on them to sell books. it seems to me like he sounds like a disgruntled exempt employee who after the fact wants to clear his conscience of what bothered him at the time. if you are that bothered, quit. leave the job. whether it's an active investigation going on with mr. mueller, have you got the former fbi director out there talking not under oath. nobody as we know nobody writes books and goes on tv is under oath. he is doing that. i find it to be pretty self-aggrandizing. these clips i saw. i saw the abc released today. brian: let's watch together. we haven't seen it and just read it. >> comment on something. >> do you tell him that the dossier had been financed by his political opponents?
4:36 am
>> no. i didn't think i used the term steele dossier. i just talked about additional material. >> did he have a right to know that? >> that it had been financed by his political opponents? >> i don't know the answer to that. it wasn't necessary for my goal, which was to alert him that we had this information. brian: is that a sufficient explanation for why he didn't say who financed it? >> of course it's not. remember he was at an fbi who didn't seem too worried about telling people who had financed it at the time. look, comey and his boss, president obama attorney general lynch were backing the wrong horse. they never thought he would win. still finding out had that person who lost the election whose name i don't say on tv anymore. george asked the right question. don't you think that the president-elect had a right to know where this dossier came to be? how it was being financed?
4:37 am
i want to say because i said it at the time on many different networks and people pushed back and called me very bad things, the idea that they had an intelligence briefing that the president elect in trump tower mr. brennan, mr. comey. after that was done, comey hung back with the president-elect and talked a little bit about the dossier and we're looking into this. and makes it sound like some big briefing when it was a hang back as far as we know. steve: kellyanne. >> yes. steve: according to the book at that hang back, mr. comey confirmed what your boss has said all along. he says we are not investigating you. >> yes, correct. steve: donald trump. this also a brand new clip from abc. they've got the big 2020 special on comey on saturday. here they are talking about. brian: sunday. steve: talking about mrs. trump. >> he says something that distracted me because he said if there is even 1% chance my wife thinks that's true, that's terrible.
4:38 am
i'm a flawed human being, but literally zero chance that my wife would think that was true, so what kind of marriage, what kind of man thinks there is only a 99% chance you didn't do that? steve: so he is getting into that kind of stuff, too. >> psycho analyst. he is giving advice on people look. steve: dr. phil. >> marriage counselor. i find that particular excerpt to be really egregious and over the top and unacceptable. i hope people of all political stripes. including those who didn't like james comey in late october of 2016 to push back on it frankly put, that's none of his business. and the idea and and and him really, again, retroactively putting his own spin on private conversations with the president-elect. if he had respect for the office the presidency and for his job as the fbi director and for the president-elect indeed, he would have sat the man down and given a full briefing or made it a part of the other conversation under the guise of oh, it could have been
4:39 am
embarrassing. i didn't want to embarrass him. so then you go out a year and a half later and sell books? not under oath? ainsley: we have one more that we are just getting from gma, watch this and we will get your reaction. >> trump's first question was to confirm that it had no impact on the election and then conversation to my surprise moved into a p.r. conversation about how the trump team would position this and what they could say about this. they actually started talking about drafting a press release. intelligence, the white house does p.r. and spin. >> you also said you were struck by what they didn't ask. >> very much. no one, to my recollection, asked so what's coming next from the russians? how might we stop it? what's the future look like? it was all what can we say about what they did and how it effects the election that we just had?
4:40 am
brian: is hwhat was it like from your perspective what was it like when they dropped the news and why the white house's reaction wasn't what's next? what are they going to do? number one, the election is over. the impact is being analyzed by the professionals. do you have a problem with what he wanted you to say or the white house to say? >> absolutely. brian, it's the fbi's director's job to come in and tell the president-elect everything that they knew about alleged russian interference. he didn't do that why is it up to the president-elect and the members of the team who were in there and i had been with the president-elect right before that at a different meeting outside the building. and because i didn't have my security clearance yet, i was not in that particular meeting, i know people who were, including the president-elect. why didn't the fbi director and the outgoing cia director and the dni director, why aren't they telling them in full what happened? i take umbrage that people who were learning things for the very first time were trying to put pr spin on it oh i was shocked they didn't ask the following questions. you know who didn't ask
4:41 am
those questions him and his boss president obama. they knew about russian interference but they figured hillary clinton, oh i said her name, darn it they figured that woman who lost the election whose name i don't see on tv would have won the election so we wouldn't have to deal with. brian: what does the president plan on saying about this? i know he is going to be tempted to weigh in right away. but what do you think the president is going to say about this when he gets more information or reads it himself? >> well, the president has a right to weigh in because you have one person's account of meetings that happened between two people. and he is the other person. and i have discussed it directly with him. he has a different recollection of these matters. and he is not out there trying to sell books. is he too busy cutting our taxes and reducing our regulations and keeping us safe and renegotiating trade agreements. and i have to say again, when the president fired jim comey, he gave an interview to a different network where he did note that the man is a show boat and a grandstander. i will add sanctimonious, i
4:42 am
think people are seeing that. if you don't like the job you have, i say to the same people that work here and have in the past. if you don't like the job you have if you think you are working in a place that doesn't comport with the workplace where you want to be, leave. he didn't do that. steve: that's easy. >> he got fired. and he never objected to any of this. i will say one thing though, james comey is unlike these other people that are writing books, at least he made it into the oval office and had interaction with the president. ainsley: will the president respond? th book comes out on tuesday. >> he may. but he has asked for a number of us to respond and i'm happy to do it. steve: stand by okay for some tweets. speaking of he was fired. there have been some that have said that rod rosenstein should be fired he is handling the subpoenas at the department of justice and is he dragging his feet. it's weird. i know he met at the white house yesterday. it's weird we have a republican president and a republican running the
4:43 am
department of justice in the form of jeff sessions and, yet, rod rosenstein doesn't really seem to be helping congress do their due diligence over this investigation. >> well, congress has made clear that they want the production of these documents to accelerate and there is a new gentleman on your network recently who is in charge of that. steve: mr. lausch. >> that's right. he has said it will go more expeditiously. and this white house has been complying with every request that we have received over 20 witnesses, over 20,000 or so documents, i'm told. and the same goes and we respect on capitol hill as well. deputy attorney general was here yesterday. meeting with the president, the chief of staff for routine meeting. and he continues in his job. i do see people. steve: i didn'stevequickly. >> i do see people say do this do that. this is president donald trump. as james comey found out, the president makes his own decisions and he has a right to. steve: sure. >> nobody should get in the
4:44 am
way of that. remember, people who write books are not under oath. don't forget it when you read excerpts. he didn't quit. he was fired. ainsley: have a good weekend. steve: coming up. brian: talking about the tpp. charles payne and trade. how do i know? him. us coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. ythen you turn 40 ande everything goes. tell me about it. you know, it's made me think, i'm closer to my retirement days than i am my college days. hm. i'm thinking... will i have enough?
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trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. jillian: welcome back. time for headlines. an laf lancaster barrels down a mountain and slams into the road below. take look at terrifying video showing workers running for their lives. the crew cleaning up snow from a previous avalanche in the swiss apps when this one plummeted to the ground. thankfully no one was hurt. actress shah lease they're chare
4:48 am
reason. i don't know how to talk about the last year under our administration. racism is alive and well. there a lot of times i look at my kids if this continues i might have to leave america. they're reason adding as the mother of two black children she refuses to take her family to parts of the u.s. because she doesn't feel safe. a look at your headlines. brian. brian: thanks, jillian for the direct toss. i will take it from you. i will accept it. thank you, jillian. talk to her on radio later. jillian is working out now. touting accomplishment on jobs. >> we have created 3 million new jobs since the election. unemployment claims are at their lowest level in nearly 50 years. think of that. 50 years. we're going to have tremendous growth in this country. you're going to be so proud of it because that american spirit is back. it really is back. [applause] ainsley: here to weigh in on
4:49 am
that is the host of making money charles payne on the fbn. brian: 6:00 p.m. steve: tiniest when the workforce was smaller. >> absolutely remarkable. all of that is putting pressure on higher wages. we are starting to see it it's coming. not coming as fast as people had hoped. we do have structural issues in our country like skills gaps and things like that. overall, i think the most important thing the president just said there is this sort of spirit, this sort of american can-doism i think really is coming back. ainsley: good sign for the economy. does this mean fewer layoffs. >> definitely means fewer lay justifies. you may get layoffs from older retailers like a serious, for instance. really more importantly it means higher wages are coming. more mobility is coming. one of the things that stalled our economy for a while, people wouldn't quit their job because they were afraid and wouldn't move out of these high places expensive polices like new york and new jersey. brian: larry kudlow find out
4:50 am
how we could change tpp, maybe i will get back into the trade agreement. >> right. tpp the trans-pacific partnership is different. now it's ctppp we got out of it they ratified it last month in chile. 11 countries. $10 trillion combined economy. 400 million people. if america got back in there, we would increase the economic mind of it by 180%. brian: hedge against china. >> partially a hedge against china. china has got its own agenda. people need to understand china is spending $150 billion a year re-routing the marco polo route back into europe. they are dropping money everywhere. it's a hedge but it is not a solution. anyone who says this is what trump should have done, it might work if the deal is right. steve: if the deal is right. >> if the deal is right. thank you,. ainsley: have a good weekend. coming up, a trio of g.o.p. candidates looking to unseat former vice president nominee tim kaine down in virginia. what does that mean for the
4:51 am
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4:54 am
steve: this week we are highlying big races across the country as we march to the mid terms in november. today it's all about the commonwealth of virginia where hillary clinton's former running mate wants to be reelected to the u.s. senate. however a trio of republican candidates are looking to unseat tim kaine from his post. representing the old dominion state. joining us to weigh in is kristen soltis anderson. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: over on the big screen three guys, corey stuart who came close to beating ed gillespie, nic, an army bet green beret and e.w. jackson. do one of these candidates have what it takes to beat tim kaine. >> it's going to be uphill
4:55 am
battle. tim kaine being affiliated with hillary clinton, that would be a bad sign in many other states that republicans are in offense in. hillary clinton won this state by 5. so it means that it's not necessarily as much as a hinderance but you can't really make any confident predictions about what may happen this november. i think nic freitas is an interesting candidate. because he has not run statewide before but has the backing of folks like rand paul, mike lee, an army guy, i think he is the one that has the most potential if he can get his name out there in the state of virginia to really put up a fight. steve: sure the way virginia works up in washington, d.c. it's very blue. all democrats working in washington. the balance of the state becomes much redder the further south you go. really it comes down to who in november will be able to energize their base. will it be the democrats you know, tim kaine, you voted for him time and time again. will you go ahead and turn out for him?
4:56 am
or do you want the republicans to continue to control the u.s. senate. >> yes. the northern virginia you are absolutely right is the sort of place where democrats do quiet well. and those are the voters that turned out in huge numbers back last november in that governor's race. while precincts that had voted for donald trump, when his name wasn't on the ballot. they didn't have as many voters as they needed to counter the dems. so you will need a candidate who can really energize those republican voters even though trump's name is not on the ballot and get them to turn out. >> also, you need to get the president of the united states himself to turn out and stump for the candidate, whoever it is. >> i imagine that republican candidates are going to want to have trump support in order to get their base energized. the real question is how many swing voters are they and do they matter? that's always going to be the thing that i think is really going to decide this race. steve: it always comes down to the independents. you right. kristen, have a great weekend. >> thank you. steve: still ahead on this friday, joy behar goes nuclear comparing the president to a dictator.
4:57 am
>> we have to rely on the sanity of kim jong un and putin over the president of the united states. steve: has she gone too far. coming up steve hilton, geraldo rivera and more experience a blend of refined craftsmanship... ...and raw power, engineered to take the crown. presenting the all-new lexus ls 500 and ls 500h. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer. . . . . yielded to no one. when i found you in my dna, i learned where my strength comes from.
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5:00 am
♪ >> the "countdown" to striking syrias on. >> we're looking very, very seriously, closely at that whole situation. >> the u.s., united kingdom and france willing to do combat operations. steve: details about james comey's new book coming out tuesday. man he does not like the president united states. >> he sounds like a disgruntled employee who con shun was bothering him. if you are that bothered, quit. >> it was clear answers, concise answers, this man ought to be secretary of state. >> we have to rely on the family of kim jong-un and putin over
5:01 am
president of the night. >> joy behar, has over time become unhinged. >> every day all you have to do is turn on the news, every time you see me hit, you know i'm draining the swamp. [applause] ♪ brian: one minute we're looking up at "fox & friends." one minute we're looking down. how does that work. steve: we have a dance party. fruit the 13th, you're not superstitious are you? it doesn't work like that. brian: couple of week ainsley's book comes out, until that time we're filling the gap with james comey. >> i purposely did not let mine come out the same as his. brian: comey's take on reality axe fiction. steve: the great thing about
5:02 am
this book. we'll hear from his presentation what went down between him and the president of the united states. we've got a sound bite. it ran one hour ago on abc. they are heavy e hosting him for an hour with "20/20" and george stephanopoulos on sunday night. here is the first question, regarding the dossier which we know started the whole russia collusion obsession, whether or not mr. comey laid all the cards out on the table to the president when he first briefed him at trump tower during the transition. here is the former fbi director. >> did you tell him the steele dossier was financed by his political opponents. >> no. i didn't think i used term steele dossier. i used additional material. >> did he have a right to know that? >> that it was financed by his political opponents? i don't know that, it was my goal to alert him we had this
5:03 am
information. even if there is a 1% chance that my wife think's at that's true. that's terrible. i'm a flawed human being, literally zero chance my wife would think that is true. what is type of marriage that your wife only thinks there is 99 chance ask. ainsley: don't forget this is not under oath this is his recollection. the president might respond next week. he has a different story, the fbi, he did not tell the president that his opponents funded the dossier? brian: we do remember it was described as unverified salacious material, so bad you couldn't say it in front of james clapper. he would have blushed. they had to pull him back. they had this briefing with brennan, clapper, the president, maybe the vice president, i'm not sure who else, and mr. president hang back here. and he hangs back. he says we got this material about this prostitute and really
5:04 am
disgusting thing took place. they explained to the president. i'm astounded that james comey is astounded the president is most concerned about his marriage. to me that is human reaction. he is not worried about the political fallout. he is worried about my marriage fallout. i think that would be admirable. he think it is important to say i'm not a perfect human being but my wife would know there is zero prance chance happening. there is 99% chance my wife understands that, that we need to make sure that doesn't come out. for him to think it is not important to know who came up with this, that it was commissioned dossier, put together by your opponents. that's a very important thing i think. steve: brian, you're absolutely right. you know, just the facts, ma'am. that is what you want from your lawman. lay all the facts out. why did he surgically not include that? look, the fbi knew that hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc had financed this. here we are so far along. ainsley: don't you think if
5:05 am
someone accused you of that you would be worried what cathy would think, a? >> steve: sure. ainsley: wouldn't you say this had to be funded by my opponent. who else would come up with this. if the ask the fbi director that and he doesn't say, oh, yeah, i do know she funded it. he knew the information and kept it from the president. steve: it was so curious after they talked about the dossier and sketchy details, mr. comey said, because trump was concerned, he said we are not investigating you. what is curious is, apparently didn't even reveal or investigating hillary clinton because her campaign paid for it. nonetheless, regarding the details in the dossier, that conversation, because it is breakfast time we're not going into, here is kellyanne talking about the fact that mr. comey is weighing in on their marriage. >> i find that particular excerpt to be really egregious over the top and unacceptable. i hope people of all political stripes including those who
5:06 am
didn't like jim comey in late october 2016 to really push back on it. frankly put, that is none of his business. if he had respect for the office of the presidency for his job as the fbi director and for the president elect indeed he would have sat the man down and given a full briefing, maybe part of the other conversation under the guise of oh, it could have been embarrassing, i didn't want to he will bear as him. you go out a year-and-a-half later sell books? ainsley: good point. brian: it is an on going investigation and i do have a report the inspector general is waiting to release his report until this book comes out. that will begin on tuesday, unless he got an advanced copy, which i don't think he did. james comey did sit down on gna. they released this clip the other morning showdown the road, the spin on russian interference in the election. he couldn't believe when he got briefed on this, that the trump team was not concerned what russia would do next, they were
5:07 am
concerned how to play the to the public. listen. >> president trump's first question to confirm it had no impact on the election. then the conversation to my surprise moved into a pr conversation about how the trump team would position this and what they could say about this they actually started talking about drafting a press release. the intelligence community does intelligence. the white house does pr and spin. >> you also said you were struck by what they didn't ask. >> very much. no one, to my recollection asked, so what, what's coming next from the russians? how might we stop it? what's the future look like? it was all, what can we say about what they did and how it affects the election that we just had? steve: all right. so that clip was released about an hour ago. five minutes ago the president of the united states, he is starting to weigh in. he has got at least two tweets. we have only got the first one.
5:08 am
it starts, james comey is a proven leaker and liar. virtually everyone in washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did until he was in fact fired. he leaked classified information for which he should be prosecuted. he lied to congress underoath. he is a weak and, just to bring you up-to-date, remember it was during that congressional hearing when one of the senators asked, so have you ever leaked anything to anybody? he said nope, i haven't done it. then it was revealed later that mr. comey had indeed leaked those memos that he took after the meetings with the president of the united states, donald trump, and he leaked them to his lawyer friend, professor up at columbia. so he would put it in the "new york times" and "the washington post," so that would get the special counsel ball rolling. that is what he referring to, about the liar business. and the leaker. brian: he thought hillary clinton would win the election. he made that clear. he apologizes that she is mad at him. works up to president obama and
5:09 am
think this is president is a mob boss. becausebesides that is how he remembers it. he also brings out the fact that attorney general lynch hugged him and said he did a good job even though they have a disagreement what actually took place during the hillary clinton investigation. he also says lynch was very inconsistent on the hillary clinton investigation. steve: he accuses loretta lynch of siding with hillary's campaign and in fact, it is interesting because he says regarding her independence, there is classified information that came out early in 2016 which probably will not be released for decades he says, which would cast serious doubt on her independence if it is made public. so obviously there is a lot he can't say but essentially he is blowing up loretta lynch look, she had her thumb on the scale for hillary and we had some information that she was aligned with the clinton campaign. ainsley: when we played the clip to kellyanne him weighing in on
5:10 am
the marriage to melania, kellyanne couldn't believe james comey was going there. listen to this. >> when the president fired jim comey he gave an interview to a different network where he did note the man is a showboat and a grandstander, sanctimonious. people are seeing that. if you don't like the job you have, i say to the same people worked here and have in the past, if you don't like the job you have, if you think you're working in a place, doesn't comport with the work place where you want to be leave. he didn't do that. he got fired. he got fired and he never objected to any of this. brian: now he wants to get his spin out. steve: there is plenty of it. remember, it was the democrats who first called for him to be fired, mr. comey, then the republicans called for him to be fired. and now that he is fired, a lot of people are featuring his story with glee on some of the other channels they make the president look bad. so, a lot to chew on. ainsley: let us know what you
5:11 am
think. let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: let's begin with a fox news alert. a massachusetts police officer was killed while serving a warrant. officer sean garrett was hit in the head. >> gun shot wound to an officer. officer down. >> sean was a wonderful, wonderful young man. the sky was the limit for him. jillian: thomas lieutenant sis witch will be marged with murder. he has 100 prior offenses. a caravan of police cars escorting officer gannon's body overnight. the eight year veteran leaves behind a wife. his k-9 partner was shot and is recovering. fox news sources confirming that president trump is planning to pardon former vice president cheney's chief of staff, that announcement will come today. scooter libby was sentence was
5:12 am
commuted by president bush. his law license was reinstated by the d.c. court of appeals in 2016. moments ago john boehner speaking out about house speaker paul ryan. the ryan's says the announcement comes as no surprise. >> i've known him a long time. he is really decent guy. he never wanted to be speaker. i had to beat him to death to take my job. jillian: boehner said he knew ryan would leave once he got tax reform. steve: boehner is working for a big pot company. >> there is momentum for jim jordan to challenge mccarthy. i say paul ryan don't hold the job. ainsley: they love kevin mccarthy, right? he is the front-runner. brian: a lot of freedom caucus feel paul ryan and kevin mccarthy and steve scalise should have been more fiscally responsible. the freedom caucus is only 25
5:13 am
members. steve: mccarthy is negotiating with them. he is making case behind the scenes if you elect me as speaker or leader i will do things you really want done. brian: that is a good line. steve: it is politics, baby. meanwhile coming up, mike pompeo who used in be the congress and then the cia wants to become the new secretary of state. yesterday he had confirmation hearings. how did he do? we'll ask congressman trey gowdy about that and more. straight ahead. brian: media hyping up james comey's comments about president trump. >> how strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss? brian: will all of that mob boss talk backfire? steve hilton doesn't wear a tie. claritin-d relieves more.
5:14 am
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steve: fox news alert. the president of the united states tweeted out ten minutes ago regarding james comey. he is proven leaker and liar. virtually everyone in washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did until he in fact was fired. he leaked classified information for which he should be prosecuted. he lied to congress under oath. he is a weak and dot, dot, dot. another tweet shortly. ainsley: fox news host steve hilton putting comey on the trial in the next revolution in
5:18 am
a special airing on sunday night. brian: steve hilton is with us. steve, we have only got excerpts. we have not read the whole book yet, but from what you can ascertain does anybody surprise you? >> not really. a lot of people knew before these interviews, that in their view comey is a bit of pompous, sanctimonious narcissist obsessed with some of these salacious details. really what we'll be doing on sunday night is going behind all that. behind the pr and spin to use comey's own words and actually investigate serious issues as to whether he actually committed federal crimes in the way he handleed clinton investigation. the way he closed the clinton investigation. the way he handled leaks. the leaks came out once president trump was elected. of course the dossier itself, the infamous russian dossier. in all the areas there are strong grounds to suspect he committed federal crimes.
5:19 am
we assemble ad top team of lawyers who will look at that and debate. that is why we're putting james comey on trial this. steve, we got the second page of the tweet. the president said comey lied to congress under oath and he is weak untruthful slime ball who was at times proven a terrible director of the if in by. his handling of the "crooked hillary" case and events surrounding it will go down as one of the worst botched jobs in history. it was my great honor to fire james comey, who steve hilton, he refers to as untruthful slime ball, that from the president of the united states. >> i think there is a lot of people are going to agree with that. and actually, it is not whether he just botched it, but as i said, whether he actually committed crimes. you're not going to get comey on this book tour he is about to get going be pressed on some of these questions because of
5:20 am
course the media love james comey now and the establishment love him because the way he stuck it to president trump. brian: i don't know. i'm not sure. >> there are serious questions. brian: i think he is going to get pushback. keep in mind hillary clinton's best-selling book, "my story" says she was shived by james comey. that comey cost her the election. i don't believe that but how at the same time be lauded and be blamed. >> i don't know about that, brian. consistency is not one of the strongest aspects of people on that side of the fence. they can have both positions at the same time. there was a hillary's former policy chief exactly said same thing. at the same time you can believe comey cost us the election and doing the right thing by having a go at trump. ainsley: remind us what time your show is on sunday night? >> 9:00 p.m. eastern sunday night. the trial of james comey.
5:21 am
ainsley: we'll be watching. thank you. geraldo will react to all of this live just ahead. if you're about to send your daughter off to college, stick around. our next guest has mentored 1000 women through it. she wrote a book how to survive. s you'll ask... what pain? with advil ♪ what is it? the next big thing in food was once a little paper box. now we can easily take out food from a restaurant. let's stay in and binge-watch the snow. genius. now, the next big thing is the capital one savor card.
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5:25 am
president about amazon. the investigation will look at its business model, including the role in competitive markets. the post office that is. in a statement the president saying that the usps is on an unstable financial path and must be restructured to prevent a taxpayer-funded bailout. they will examine the post office. ainsley. ainsley: thanks, steve. millions of girls are heading off to college each year believing they are about to embark on the best four years of their life only to be confronted by homesickness, roommate conflicts and challenging course loads. well our next guest, hanna seymour has mentored thousands of women over the last 10 years. she joins us with advice about her flue book the college girl's survival guide. faithed based answers to your concerns. you have a four-month old at home. the book is released. i don't know how you're doing it. >> lots of babies. >> what is the number one question you get from college girls? >> how do i tell my roommate i
5:26 am
don't want to live with her again. that is the number one question. talk about one, we need to tell her as soon as possible but have a family member around friend make you accountable. you don't need a laundry list of all the reasons why. tell her one thing, be kind, courteous, emphasize. think how you feel in her shoes. tell her, be honest, move on. ainsley: what are other tips you would like to tell the college students watching? >> number one, expect challenge. most college students head off to college thinking it is going to be the best four years of their lives and it is a wonderful time but they don't anticipate the challenges and hardship. when they don't anticipate them, they're overwhelmed by them. instead if we can expect them, we can tackle -- ainsley: what are some of the challenges. didn't get the sorority that was their top choice or upset about that. course loads are harder, starting to see the gpa down. hard to pull it back up.
5:27 am
>> homesickness. hard to be in a environment where you don't love your roommate. hard to find friends. navigating party scene. sexual assault is really common on college campuses. there is a lot of things they're facing and struggling with during the four years. ainsley: you say everything you're feel something normal? >> yes. i think one of the lies that women often believe my experience is unique. no one else has gone through this but me. over and over in my book, i tell them it is normal. what you're feeling it's normal. ainsley: this one says, let's see, the way you live in college impacts your 20s more than you think. >> yeah. it is not just your career and the first job and your salary. the patterns and habits thaw create, the way you handle conflict. the way you respond to hardship, the way you build relationships all that propels you into your 20s or recovering from it. >> what about what i want to be when i grow up? >> students, there is so much lack of direction and confusion. most students when they graduate from the time of 22 to 32, they
5:28 am
will have four different jobs. part of it is knowing you don't have to have it all figured out. just know the first stop. >> i i love it. your book right here, called "the college girls survival guide." it is failed filled. your faith is important. biblical answers. if you're a mom or dad, pick it up for your children. thank you for your success at such a young age. >> thank you. ainsley: new clips of james comey's first sit-down interview have just been released. we'll play them and get live reaction from geraldo coming up next. looks like he is significant in the stands instead of taking a knee. how colin kaepernick might have blown his shot on getting back on the field. ♪
5:29 am
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♪ brian: 29 minutes before the top of the hour. in about ten minutes we'll be joined by trey gowdy. right now it is time to go. ainsley: friday. brian: which means. ainsley: introduce our friend geraldo. brian: author of the geraldo show, the book out and doing extremely well. steve: that's right. he is at the hard rock in cleveland, ohio. ainsley: put the glasses on. steve: i know it. hall of fame. hard rock, rock and roll hall of fame. the president sent out two tweets in last after hour. first one reads. >> james comey is proven leaker and liar. virtually everyone in washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did until he was in fact fired. he leaked classified information which he should be prosecuted. he lied to congress under oath. he a weak and untruthful slime ball, who was as time has proven a terrible director of the fbi. his handling of the "crooked hillary" clinton case and the events surrounding will
5:33 am
go down as one of the worst botched jobs in history. it was my great honor to fire james comey. brian: what is your reaction? >> first of all i apologize for the big delay, with the remotes or everything, it is kind of a lag. excuse me. i, i understand that the president feels very strongly, passionately, almost a hatred for james comey but you mentioned the president fired the fbi director. that's true, but the man who wrote the memo that really led to comey's demise was none other than rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who is leading the way in terms of russia gate and all the rest. i think it is ironic the man who was widely being pilloried by people on the right, people who support the president for unfairly targeting him and believe me, i am absolutely on board in terms of the fed's overstepping and crushing the
5:34 am
president's rights. that raid on michael cohen's office the other day was absolutely unnecessary. they didn't try to subpoena those materials prior to going in and bustings up and violating the lawyer-client privilege. in terms of comey and the book and the president's bitter feelings about it, it is obvious that comey by going to the columbia professor leaking, you know, vital information that was secret information, confidential information, doj information, to the professor at columbia and then to the "new york times," he is a leaker. the president is absolutely right about that whether or not he a liar remains to be seen. we'll test his version of the facts when we see them against the historic record. all i can say that the president, i've known him forever. i sympathize with him. i understand how, how frustrated he must be. he is trying so hard to be a great president and make america
5:35 am
great again and all the rest of it, 45th president of the united states. only the 45th man to hold that darn office and here he is totally distracted by things that, you know, porn stars and payoffs to playboy playmates. things of that nature really have nothing to do with running of the country. brian: geraldo, a couple of things. number one, we could look at a serious strike with allies in syria. the president has got that. he is looking maybe re10ering the tpp he has major issues going on with the investigation. could this comey thing trump at all? do you think this will be the number one story? >> oh, i have no doubt that comey and now the 30,000-dollar payoff to a doorman about a purported love child, and in all likelihood, like the sordid events in moscow never happened but the president is dealing
5:36 am
with all this tabloid stuff. "access hollywood" has resurfaced. my goodness. the same old stuff, access hollywood again, billy bush, again. the playmate, again, the stormy daniels the porn star again, when indeed as you suggest here he is contemplating what is a measured strike against syria that will do more good than harm. north korea negotiations coming up, the tpp, trans-pacific partnership, i think it is brilliant for the president to reconsider the united states entering into this financial agreement with the countries that rim the pacific basin as counterbalance to china. i don't think anything scares china more than the concept of the united states and all pacific countries allied economically against the klein niece giant. just the president wants a better deal than the one struck by the obama administration. and i think that there is nothing wrong with that. i mean, it is just like nafta. ainsley: geraldo, if the president and the uk and
5:37 am
france -- >> i'm sorry. ainsley: if the president, france and the uk decide to strike syria, don't you think that story would be a bigger story than comey's book that is released on tuesday? >> again i apologize for the delay, stepping on you ainsley, but i think that the, the united states, the united kingdom and france certainly have the military wherewithal, indeed, the united states could do it on its own, strike syria, strike assad's resources, military assets, in retaliation for the gas attack, the horrifying gas attack that the president was so righteously revolted by, we all were. seeing children writhing in agony, suffocating in bodily fluids. it was horrifying. my fear, ainsley, now that it is in cold blood, now that days
5:38 am
have passed, russia said watch it or we'll hit missiles coming in one thing or another, i fear a military strike right now might not be worth the price we will pay complicating the situation in syria. i want, i want the president to think long and hard, as i'm sure he is, doing particularly now, he has mike pompeo, he has john bolton, people around him that can advise him. i really do think that sometimes less is more particularly when it is in cold blood. if we had done it right away right after the gas strike it would have been different. i fear now the consequences might be more complicated than the benefit we might glean. brian: pick hupp his book "the geraldo show." on location in cleveland, a big book signing today. geraldo, great to see you last night, great to see you this morning. steve: 22 minutes before the stop of the hour the jillian has
5:39 am
some news. jillian: keeping an eye on headlines including this. tell my mom i love her, a heart wrench words in a 911 call from a teen crushed to death in a minivan. 16-year-old kyle push flipped on top of him in school parking lot. he called 911 twice and cincinnati police say they could not hear his location. his father found his body six hours later. honda says there are no particular recalls for this vehicle. robert shot massachusetts officer talbot in the face. he thought the off-duty officer was member of rifle gang. he was sentenced to life but a appeals court tossed out the conviction. the prosecutors made a plea deal instead of retrying the case. he could get two years, could get out in two years. one nfl team standing up to
5:40 am
national anthem kneelers. say at tell seahawks postponed a workout with colin kaepernick. >> you have to do what they ask you to do. they want you to stand, if you are not going to stand you're not getting a job. jillian: former 49 hears been -- 49 hears been unemployed since the 2016 season. steve: thanks, jillian. brian: a big guest coming straight ahead. south carolina congressman trey gowdy spent a lot of quality time from james comey. what does he think about the quotes coming out from his book. steve: he won over the nation on america's got talent. ventriloquist, singer, terry fader is celebrating ninth year on the vegas strip coming up. ♪
5:41 am
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5:44 am
♪ >> did you tell him the steele dossier had been financed by his political opponents? >> no, i didn't think i used term steele dossier. i used term additional material. >> did he have a right to know that. >> that it was financed by his political opponents? i don't know the answer to that it wasn't necessary for my goal to alert him we had this information. steve: why not lay out all the information. you have former fbi director james comey laying out the evidence about the funding of the trump dossier. brian: author after brand new book, best-seller, unified, wrote it with senator tim scott. congressman, have to have you respond directly to that. do you think it was necessary for the him to tell the president that it was financed by your opponents, hillary
5:45 am
clinton. >> certainly a relevant fact. whether or not he should have told the president, the fbi should have told the fisa court that is my bigger concern, they didn't tell the folks who authorized warrant. that is relevant fact that helps you understand the motivation behind that salacious material or allegations but for sure they should have told the court. i think it would have been nice to tell the person who was the subject of the dossier also. ainsley: well he had conversations with the president, so if the president found out about this dossier, don't you think his question to comey was probably, where did you get this information? i'm, i'm almost certain he asked him that. so for comey to say i never told him it was financed by hillary clinton what does that say about him. >> of course you would want to know where you got the information because that determines how reliable it is. ainsley: of course. >> whether or not it could be used. so we already know the fbi did not vet or investigate the allegations in the dossier. so, if i were the president i with want to know where did you get it and how have you vetted
5:46 am
it before, before you used it? steve: sure. apparently when they were talking about the dossier that trump tower meeting during the transition, congressman, it does sound according to the book that at one point mr. trump was told by mr. comey, we are not investigating you. so that lines up with what the president has said in the past. he goes on to say apparently, whatever president trump told mr. comey it does not rise the to level of obstruction of justice. he did nothing wrong. ultimately doesn't that help the president case? >> the comey mem defense exhibit a of obstruction of justice. i read them. very few have. no one outside of congress wrote the comey memos. think ought to be released. they ought to be released publicly but released to congress. they would be defense exhibit a in obstruction of justice
5:47 am
prosecution. steve: is there any reason they should not be revealed? are there national secrets in there, grand jury testimony, any of that stuff doj always says? >> i hope not. comey gave them to a law professor. brian: yeah. >> i hope not. ainsley: what about the idea of a former fbi director writing a book? what was the process, what is the process? would the doj to read the book before to make sure he wasn't releases classified information? what do you make of a fbi director writing a book? >> i think it is sad. one of the things that director comey i agreed on, we need apolitical fbi. we had fairly heated exchanges about that. i can't think of anyone who has done a job of politicizing the fbi and talking about tanning in bet goggles and length of a tie. that is the beneath the office he helped. i'm really dispointed. whether or not the intelligence communities vetted this book, i hope he let them do it so he is not disseminating classified
5:48 am
information. my guess is he did but the writings of the book in general and some of the things he is talking about are frankly beneath the dignity of some really important offices he once held. brian: talked about how how much strong he was. president wasn't as tall. got to be a stronger guy to bring me in than the president is. real quick, the, when he came out with this press conference october 28th and said we found these additional emails on anthony weiner's laptop he did it because he was under the assumption she was going to win. he didn't want her to start her presidency under the guise of a scandal or -- illegitimate. what is your reaction to that? >> well, there were a lot of things they could have called into question the legitimacy of that investigation including what he now made reference to some of us alluded to a lot in the pass which is the real reason he had the july 5th press tarmac. it wasn't the tarmac. it was information he had about
5:49 am
loretta lynch if it became public people with question their objectivity. i defended him in 2016. this is hillary clinton's fault that he found himself in that position and it was democrats that wanted to put him in jail this time last year. it wasn't republicans. so, he had a tough 2016. but he is making it worse by writing this kind of a tabloid book. ainsley: congressman, what about pompeo. will he be confirmed? >> i hope so. you know, ainsley, got 13 democrat vote as year ago. look back how many republicans opposed john kerry and hillary clinton. almost none. so for a group that likes to talk about bipartisanship and reaching across the aisle, you have a uniquely well-qualified secretary of state candidate and can't find a single democrat on the committee to support him. brian: same-sex marriage would be a question. that is what senator cory booker wanted to know. >> i doubt they asked that of clinton or kerry. i guarranty they didn't ask can
5:50 am
you be independent of person giving you job. it's a double standard. thank goodness mike pompeo is uniquely qualified. i hope democrats not on the committee insist he be brought to the floor. steve: number of democrats who live in states donald trump won big if they don't vote that way they will be in hot water come november. >> i hope so. steve: trey gowdy, congressman from the great state of south carolina. we know it is noisy in the cap capitol. >> thank you. brian: joe montana like concentration. shut out all the noise. >> won over the nation on "america's got talent," singer, ventriloquist, comedian, terry fator is here to unveil a brand new character live next. >> joe montana ruined my childhood. a ton of reaction at comey matter. what the rnc is saying. a pardon for schooler libby.
5:51 am
-- scooter libby. we're on syria watch certainly, trying to read between the lines on a possible military response. what facebook is saying about privacy and profits today. we'll see you at the top of the hour, sandra and me. your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. try align, the #1 doctor recommended probiotic. with a unique strain that re-aligns your system. re-align yourself, with align.
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5:54 am
♪ brian: he won over the nation back in 2007 on "america's got talent." >> now ventriloquist, singer, comedian terry fator is celebrating the ninth year performing at mirage out in vegas. ainsley: hard to believe nine years. her to debut a new character. hello, terry. who did you bring with you. >> can you not tell who i am? steve: you look like paul mccartney. >> i'm one of the most famous singers in history.
5:55 am
brian: smallest ever. >> you didn't realize i was small. i told myself nine years ago when i started at mir ran, every single year on then versery i would introduce a new character a new puppet. this year we introduced paul mccartney as one of the puppets. i introduced two puppets. >> not only are you doing this about -- you do it in british accent. >> yes. ainsley: does he sing as well. >> of course i do. steve: we would like to hear a number. >> absolutely. ♪ i don't understand the way you think, saying that she is yours not mine, sending roses and your silly dreams really just waste of time ♪ that is a song we do. michael jackson's the other puppet. i have michael jackson on one side and paul on the other. they sing, no, they sing the girl is mine to a lady in the audience. steve: what is reaction, when you're out in las vegas, at the mirage, people, you know, they call out names and say, hey, do so-and-so.
5:56 am
what is the number one person people want to hear? >> michael jackson. ainsley: really? >> well the, how does michael jackson go? steve: yeah. >> ♪ she is out of my life, she is out of my life ♪ i can do it without moving my lips. so i have a puppet. the most popular character is is my donald trump puppet. he is, you know, i was a little worried because, so inflammatory, people are just so, they're just so bipolar about the whole thing and i thought, well i will do it. i don't get political though. i just really have a lot of fun. i have a lot of fun with the bigness of his character. steve: okay. >> that is really how i do it. people love it. brian: show time at the apollo april 19th, 9:00 eastern here on fox. terry fator, paul mccartney, thanks to both of you. back in a moment.
5:57 am
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and lies, the civil war focused on frederic douglas this meet. don't miss the fox news channel. >> don't miss the radio show. >> happy friday. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking this morning president trump -- scooter libby was convicted of lying to the f.b.i. and obstruction of justice regarding a cia leak matter in 2007. sources telling fox news the move could come as early as today. more on this coming up inside "america's newsroom." watch that story and this one, too. moments ago president trump punching back at the former f.b.i. director james comey calling him a quote untruthful slime ball. this after some harsh excerpts from dr. comey's scathing book and interview continue to dribble out this morning. a ton of reaction to


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