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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 13, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> thank you for spending time with us on the fox news channel. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: president from slamming a james comey over allegations and the former fbi director's new book. the president calling comey a leaker and an untruthful slimeball among other things saying it was "my great honor to fire him." this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith in here today, a host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. also from a host of after the bell, melissa francis. fox news and contributor rachel campos duffy joining us today and on the couch, we will come back the cohost of the young bernie said show on wabc radio bernard brickwork and he is "outnumbered" ." >> bernard: there always have become of these fridays. it's always something.
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>> sandra: we will get your insights and just a moment. it details emerging about allegations about former fbi director james coming to a higher loyalty bookshelves to say. it's filled with personal insults against the president even including attacks on the commander in chief appearance and one excerpt obtained by "the washington post" ." his face appeared slightly orange with bright white half-moon's under his eyes were i assume he's placed small tanning goggles. an impressively quiet bright blonde hair which upon closer inspection looked to be all his rated he also criticizes his
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relationship with his wife melania. kellyanne conway fired back on that one this morning. >> he's a psychoanalyst, giving advice on how people look, a marriage counselor, i find that particular ask her to to be rey egregious and over-the-top and unacceptable and i hope people of all political stripes including those who didn't like james comey in late october 2015 pushback on it. >> sandra: president from also slamming the fbi director on twitter this morning saying james comey is a proven leaker and liar. virtually everyone in washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did until he was in fact fire. he leaked classified information for which he should be prosecuted. he lied to congress under oath. he is a beacon untruthful
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slimeball who is as time has proven a terrible director of the fbi. his handling of the crooked hillary case and the events surrounding it will go down as one of the most botched jobs of history. it was my great honor to fire him scummy. >> bernard: that's a lot of information. all on the money. to be on former director of the fbi going after our president and a book like that, what do you think? >> kennedy: it's interesting because he is positioning himself as a sanctimonious patriots, someone who loved his country so much, he knows better than everybody else and now he is a braver and better person and all we get are these leftist act descriptions of the presidents that are supposed to do what? somehow because he is using the same descriptions of the president that people like don't have a talent barbra streisand have used that he should be removed from office and
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hillary clinton should be put on a queenly perch, but someone who positions themselves to be such a higher-quality human being, you would expect more from him as far as bottom-line facts and data. if you want a it very clear he is not pleased. >> bernard: it nor should he be. body shaming? really, body shaming. in the color of a man's skin, you know what that's called? guy is dishonorable, double talking, he's a rat, he is a crybaby. he doesn't know if you want to be a victim, a martyr, a hero. he's got delusions of grandeur. i think he's off in the head a little bit, he's got a brian williams syndrome to be quite honest with you. >> sandra: he goes as far as to compare him to a mob boss. >> rachel: i want to be fair, i am a trump supporter but a lot of the name-calling and appearance sort of descriptions
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of people, the president has started that kind of talk and politics is let's just be honest and fair about that. that said, and higher loyalty the name of his book is a signal a lot of the people who headed the president within the republican party wanted to get in the administration because i have a higher loyalty to the country, wanted to undo the trump agenda so i think that's a signal that's where he and the democrats come together. one of the things he said in the book was he said it was wrong to stay silent while the president bravely seeks to undermine public confidence in law enforcement institutions. you talk about psychology, that is a massive projection. no one has done more to undermine law enforcement then comey himself. i think one of the worst things that he did was not tell the president when he had the chance at the beginning of the year last year in january. that he knew.
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>> melissa: with him to see the president impeach breathlessly saying there were many bombshells in this book. you better hope there aren't because this is a law enforcement official and if you rated to cause a president to be impeached into a book, then how could you possibly do that? is a law enforcement official, it would be your duty to report it, do something about it. when a mercenary way to put it out there in about where you're going to profit as opposed to a law enforcement official bringing it to the right authority? >> kennedy: is a big difference between this president and so awful and so evil that he's going to undermine the very foundations of democracy just as a result of his ineptitude and corrupt nature. if he has all these bombshells
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and a five hour conversation with george stephanopoulos and those things were so bad, he sat there before congress, had a public airing of his grievances. if that would have been the opportunity for him to say this president is so bad and he has done things that are so awful and maybe some of them are classified and i can't list them by name. but instead, he waits and sits on it like an egg. >> sandra: is there a reason he's doing this other than to sell books? >> bernard: it's arrogance, bitterness, something like hillary clinton is experiencing and the title of the book, a higher loyalty, it should be called 50 shades of grandstanding garbage. whatever it is. for him to actually sit down on "good morning america" with george stephanopoulos and say that it's possible that trump did the things they're saying he did in a moscow hotel, it's possible that when hillary was in india, she's skinny dipped
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with some hindu gigolo. that's possible. you don't listed as some credible evidence to back it up. this is absolutely outrageous. >> rachel: again, this whole investigation was started by a dirty dossier full of lies and he knew that this dossier was paid for by the political opponents of the president. and he failed to tell, he knew at the time he had a meeting with the president, he didn't tell the president of that. he was asked about that in the george stephanopoulos interview. he didn't serve my purpose is to tell him. the guy is so arrogant. if the president is going to be vindicated. there's nothing in this book that points to what the president is doing anything wrong in any collusion with the russians, no obstruction. >> melissa: i want to bring up one more quote on the heels of that. in making decisions in an environment where hillary clinton was sure to be the next president. my concern about making her an
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illegitimate president by concealing the recent investigation and it would have if the election appeared closer or if you are ahead in the poll polls. he was making decisions based on the predetermined notion that hillary clinton was going to wi win. >> kennedy: is also the opposite of objective law enforcement. if that's not he's doing. it's not informing him. he is being led by his own admission by holes in perceptio perception. and that by definition is a politicized figure who is to compromise to do the job he was doing. i know he was honestly very upset when the president fired him. he was going to get fired either way.
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>> bernard: it is at a not for 30 days and then find out the nypd rank-and-file were going to leak it and then he came out eight to ten days before the election. >> sandra: you think you should have responded like he did to this morning, multiple tweets firing back at james comey? does that bring more attention and help himself? >> bernard: i absolutely think you should. it's got to be himself. this is outright unmitigated slander and he's going to punch right back as he always does my kick his attacker in the teeth and that's exactly what he should do. i spoke to him about a week ago on my radio show, on wabc radio with my cohost. this is what trump was why he appeals to people as he fights back. when you think is going to keep fighting back? >> bernard: absolutely.
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>> kennedy: to rachel's point, he made the point of the president started the stuff and i agree with you completely. in a lot of ways, he has lowered the discourse in this country and we have to be very mindful of that. i think when he is out of office either in 2020 or 2024, the pendulum is going to swing the other way and we are going to have hyper decorum. i will say this about the people -- that's because of how politics is, all the reaction. for the people who try to beat the president at his own game, they always lose. ask marco rubio and hillary clinton, they would try to get in the gutter and they end up looking worse for wear. that in the counter strategy doesn't work and democrats are going to have to find something else when they take him on. >> sandra: just another friday afternoon. source is now telling fox news president trump is planning to pardon a former dictating aid, scooter libby who was convicted of perjury in the claim case. a live report ahead. what's the new court hearing over the fbi raid targeting
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>> sandra: learning that president trump plans to pardon scooter libby. chief of staff convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice and the leak of a former cia operative's identity more than ten years ago. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live from the north line for us. because i'm totally should get notification now of the pardon of scooter libby sometime later this afternoon. there's a couple of things at play here. first, a lot of conservatives have been lobbying for years for a pardon for scooter libby. among those people, his wife who just happened to be part of the presidents legal team in the rush investigation. libby got caught up in the special counsel investigation during the bush administration and was looking into who leaked the name of cia operative valerie plane. it was found out quickly after the investigation was launched that the person who leaked the name was a deputy secretary of state richard armitage but that fitzgerald kept on probing going into different directions that
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initially forgot exactly when he learned of his name. president bush commuted his sentence but didn't partner him. the key witness in his case judith miller has recanted her testimony and libby got his law license back. while this has never been a front burner issue for president trump, he did agree to the pardon and that could be because the other aspect of this is the timing. the pardon of libby also sends a message about the current special counsel investigation. the parallel is michael flynn a pleading guilty to making false statements in the mueller investigation. the president has railed against the investigation for being unfair. kellyanne conway talk about that aspect of the pardon a little while ago. >> many people think that scooter libby was the product of a special counsel run amok. >> during that time was on fox earlier this morning saying wait a second, there was a big difference in how patrick fitzgerald treated scooter libby compared to how robert mueller
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is treating michael flynn. >> he took money from the turkish government filtered through a shell corporation rather than making him lose his pension and go to jail, bob mueller said i'm going to get you on one count of lying to federal officials and then we will cut a deal so there's no jail time and no criminal fine. so if he has been a hot dog like fitzgerald, he would've gone out and done what he did which is go to the max. it is because there was also potentially a third aspect of this. could a president trump be telegraphing his intentions of what he might do with people like michael flynn were caught up in the current investigation? the president has no plans to pardon anybody involved in that investigation, but it does send a pretty strong message. >> sandra: john roberts of the white house for us, thank you. a fox news alert for you now from here in new york where lawyers were present trump and
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his longtime attorney michael cohen were in federal court for a hearing on the fbi documents and electronic devices from his home and offices. they are in recess at the moment. earlier, the lawyers argued that materials seized in the rates are protected by attorney-client privilege. in the meantime, the white house is pushing back on reports that they broke down for the president to have a sitdown interview with robert mueller in the wake of monday's raid when the report untrue. i'll start with you. the tone has changed significantly since i read. >> bernard: yes, it has. which the raid was absolutely over the line. democrat guys says it was unconstitutional, mueller being sneaky trying to have it both ways, going to do something like this but handing it off to an attorney appeared new york, he said he take a bullet for
9:20 am
president trump that he is out there talking to don lemon. that's the question i'm asking. he's having lunch with this guy, he take a bullet for trump but having lunch and talking to these guys, he's getting wobbly a bit i think. so maybe trump has something to worry about. i hope not, but the whole thing is just disgraceful. as an offshoot of a criminal investigation that should never have started in the first place. because you could say they should have gotten a subpoena. they don't have to do the rights of the same time, gives you time to destroy documents. >> kennedy: is not what we do in this country and that what we do is attorney-client privilege and it shouldn't just be outrageous if you support the president. some of the sacred relationships we have in this country is like a doctor client privilege, attorney-client privilege, it's essentially the same thing. we talk about this on the couch
9:21 am
a lot. if something is that bad, go through the proper channel, but we don't have to at gunpoint force people out of their offices not to say that's exactly what they did, but the point is that's how it feels because it is absolute coercion and is unacceptable. >> melissa: it does give the president cover for the right depending on how you look at it to now say that he is not going to sit down prostitute even though the white house is pushing back on these supports. >> rachel: i think it's a clear signal. he wondered who would want to represent the president as his attorney after something like that? you bring up such a great point because ever since the obama administration when using the weaponization of government against conservatives, we've seen the weaponization of the fbi, so-called russian collusion case, we see really trying to
9:22 am
use government to undo a duly elected president, to undo into me, this is not an attack on the president, this is an attack on the people who voted to put him in office. and that's how we should look at all of this and we should all be concerned about the growth of government and the way government is being weaponize to politically attack people. to be have to wonder is he's putting his willingness to sit down out there, as i did see tho does, it's all out there, look at this thing over with. if he does say no and rejects it, every looking at the probe going into an indefinite period of time? be three he may be forced into not sitting down with them but his initial sentiment, those of the sentiments of an innocent man. that's essentially what it is. when hillary clinton was destroying emails left and right and hiding evidence and servers and bathroom closets, there were no raids. there were subpoenas all the
9:23 am
time. anthony weiner laptop, they didn't raid anthony weiner's house, they just access the laptop and i got it from him. >> rachel: the reason they went in there was to go after -- what happened to the original reason for the probe which was supposed russian collusion? that is obstruction. now it's gourmet daniels stuff. we need to wrap up this investigation like we need to wrap up the segment. by two former fbi director james comey defending the hillary clinton email investigation and his new book. how does new information could impact the fbi. plus, president trump weighing a decision on military action against syria. what are his options to we will look next. it's ok that everyone ignores me while i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom!
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>> sandra: former fbi director james comey who was reopening the hillary clinton investigation just days before the 2016 election. in his new book, he says he took the lead because he feared the doj was screwing around or whether or not to prosecute. says she would appear legitimate if she was elected president and he didn't say anything. an excerpt of the book obtained by the guardian, comey says assuming everybody did the election, what would happen to the fbi, the justice department or her own presidency in the revealed after the fact that she still was a subject of an fbi investigation? comey also had some choice words for former attorney general loretta lynch. he says lynch possessed a "tortured half out half in
9:29 am
approach" to the hillary clinton investigation and considered the employment of a special prosecutor. trey gowdy waiting in this morning. because there were a lot of things i could've called into question the legitimacy of that investigation including what he has now made reference to the some of us have alluded to allow the past which is the real reason he had this utilized conference. it was information he had about loretta lynch that if it became public, evil would question their objectivity. i defended him in 2016. this is hillary clinton's fault that he found himself in that position and it was democrats that wanted to put him in jail this time last year. it was a republicans. so he had a tough 2016, but he is making it worse by writing this kind of a tabloid look. >> sandra: what the heck? >> bernard: he is absolutely 1000% correct on that especially with the loretta lynch thing. the bottom line to me is this, comey oversaw an fbi and in collaboration with the doj that
9:30 am
really conspired to exonerate hillary clinton so she could win the election. they meddled with a selection way more than the russians did. they really did. either he was complicit for he was dangerously oblivious. it's one of the two. that's all there is to it. the point that they wanted was a result they wanted which is a cloud over this presidency, good things are happening left and right. the cloud is still there, they got what they wanted. it's still there but people i think are seen through it. >> sandra: what do you think? >> kennedy: is interesting because he worries it was an illegitimate president sees what he was doing was trying to legitimize it. in his own way. but it wasn't about the process, it wasn't about the wrongdoing, wasn't about the extreme carelessness, it was about james comey and he once again puts himself at the center of the story assuming that she's going to be elected. because what he thinks he's going to do is write his white horse into being of the shining
9:31 am
night to explain to her how incredibly brave he was to reopen publicly the investigation, and that somehow saved her because now there would be no more questions because as you remember, as quickly as that case was reopened, it was also shot just as fast with this miraculous combing of 600,000 emails and they were amazingly able to come up with some sort of a system or program or algorithm that had things almost instantaneously. >> rachel: i love that he says that loretta lynch was half in and half out. she was all in. that's so obvious. we all knew what we expected, which was so true. no one ever went to wisconsin, no one ever cared about what was happening in the midwest, the forgotten americans. to see all the latest game washington and hubris in this book proves what people hate
9:32 am
about washington, d.c. i think if anything, his book just puts more vesting on this whole thing and further exonerate the president. if the president is smart, he will not fire mueller because he will be vindicated if he keeps them in there because of that. >> melissa: when he was fbi director, called him chatty kathy. chatty guest fbi director we've ever had. as an fbi director is being disciplined and stoic and just doing their job and he was out there. he still out there talking. there were some other people talking at the time, senate minority leader chuck schumer i don't have confidence in comey no longer, back same waters, bernie sanders, i would not be a bad thing for the american people if comey did step down. my point is that everyone has time to reason to hate him. is there a bridge he has not burned at this point? >> sandra: is a great question and you just wonder they're going to be forever concerns and
9:33 am
doubts thrown on that investigation? >> bernard: sure, absolutely. to what melissa just saying and rachel, i said it earlier. i think he's a little off in the head. i really do. he wants to be everything. victim, hero, martyr, he is a drama queen. >> kennedy: he talks about being bullied as a kid and it sort of manifested as a narcissistic personality disorder. >> bernard: he is going to sweep in as the white knight. he's got the brian williams disease, and i'll say it again. just something not right, very unseemly and for people to give him credibility like the hillary and george stephanopoulos, that's a further disgrace. >> kennedy: in george stephanopoulos' defense, having is that there five hours and let comey blah, blah, blah, god bless him. president trump reviewing his
9:34 am
military option as a team of inspectors have arrived in the country to begin an investigation into a gas attack that killed dozens of civilians while he believes there was a chemical attack, defense secretary jim mattis is calling for caution in the u.s. response citing the risk of a wider conflict and more civilian deaths. because there's a tactical concern that innocent people, we don't add to any civilian deaths, do everything humanly possible to avoid that. we are trying to stop the murder of innocent people but on a strategic level, is how do we keep this from escalating out of control? if you get my drift on that. >> kennedy: unfortunately, we do get that draft. meantime, u.n. ambassador nikki haley blasting russia at u.n. today. speak always had six resolutions that would really bring a side to justice, called syria out for
9:35 am
chemical weapons, six resolutions vetoed by russia. you have a member who has used chemical weapons, so what else are we supposed to do? and then another chemical weapons attack happens, and here they're going to attempt to say it's fake? at some point, you have to do something. >> kennedy: i don't know. it's not implausible that russia could be behind the chemical attacks somehow goading the u.s. into conflict. phase three i'm not sure. nobody knows. that's the problem. thank god for james mattis, he sounds like a voice of reason with everybody else clamoring to get in. it is a civil war. we should do a punitive strike in and out because it is a civil war. he didn't bomb or kill his own people. those people are not his people. they don't understand the complexities of this. they're all in this country that was artificially manufactured
9:36 am
but they're not the same people. and they're fighting it out, they have been fighting it out forever. have we learned nothing from a rack? we don't know. we just don't know. tread very lightly. that's exactly right. thank god for james mattis and i understand the moral imperative, seeing those kids suffering and dying or whatever, people see that it's almost like until you see the video, what's the difference between him killing them with chemical weapons or conventional weapons if you still killing them? >> kennedy: half a billion people have died. >> bernard: i'm with the 2013 from who says let them figure it out, let them fight amongst themselves and work it out. it really isn't our business but a punitive strike in and out, that's it. >> kennedy: the problem as it could escalate so quickly and talking about iran and turkey in addition to russia and is really taking those three countries on and the ways in which this could
9:37 am
spiral out of control and in the short term, not to mention the long term. if so what we do? >> rachel: is very complicated. if we have a lot of history that we can think about what happened in iraq and libya. a lot of us republicans included, we feel kind of duped by the wnd. a lot more cautious and skeptical about what the government is telling us now because of that. it needs to strike a balance. how do you strike syria to deter them from any more launching of these kinds of chemical attacks on the people but also not so much that you toppled us government and you have another vacuum because what takes its place? is very complicated. i'll just say one thing is that it looks like the president's team is well balanced has people like mattis were a lot more conscious. >> sandra: with the addition of ambassador john bolton on board now as well. >> rachel: hopefully the
9:38 am
president is getting a good balance. >> bernard: a little scary when he jumped on board on day one of the syria crisis. >> melissa: when you talk about the vacuum that's left behind as russia has established a strong hold in syria and they do now are partnering with the iranians and that is a problem going forward in the region and if the u.s. completely steps back, the net completely changes the balance of power in the middle east. >> kennedy: completely stepping back and stepping in a nation building no one wants that. when you have the inability to perform entitlements in this country where we are already spending way too much on domestic issues, not to mention another conflict in the middle east. i don't think and rightly so that people have -- teams like the president grade >> melissa: i totally agree with you on the president, i just don't want to leave out the point that one of the reasons besides the humanitarian crisis going on there and what's happening, another problem is russia getting this incredible stronghold and what it means for
9:39 am
the balance of power in the region. >> bernard: that's a fait accompli, that's already happened. nothing that we can do about it. and the question is who are the quote unquote rebels? people who hate our guts. >> rachel: and the kurds who like us so it's very complicate complicated. >> kennedy: it is the backyard of many other actors and nations who have much more skin in the game. >> rachel: trump was elected because he said he was going to focus more on domestic, not get entangled in those kinds of affairs so we have complicated political questions answer as well. >> kennedy: top has democrat nancy pelosi appears to be preparing to take back the speaker's gavel already. just go ahead and handed to her. they should be worried about losing the house in the midterm, but new polls show the g.o.p. making gains. how will this all play out? we will debate in a moment. >> we put one good week in front
9:40 am
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>> melissa: house minority leader nancy pelosi signaling democrats are in position to take back control of the house after speaker ryan's announcement that he will not run for reelection. his decision won't affect the democrat strategy but said this when asked about republican prospects now. >> we are worried about holding onto their majority in the house? because they should be but i their resting and not thinking about it that much. we are very proud of all of our candidates as they go forward. so we are not watching their
9:45 am
game, we are watching our game. the future is not about the internal workings of the republican caucus. >> melissa: i live when she does the clean thing. but democrats may not want to be popping corks just yet into a new quinnipiac university poll showing democrats losing three points in the latest generic ballot if you believe polls. now add 46% compared to 49% last month. republicans out 43% putting them in a statistical dead heat but i don't believe in polls. this reminds me of that you said we just all assumed that hillary clinton was going to win and i remember at the time in that election people think you can't possibly win and you say you're right, no problem, it'll never happen. they think they're going to win this one, what do you think? >> kennedy: is all about passion for both parties. how do you think your base and independent minded voters really active and engaged in this? the democrats are going to win,
9:46 am
i'm fine, everyone hates the president just as much as i do. i'm going to state the home. that's a worry. that's why nancy pelosi, every fiber of her being want to come out and declare victory because she wants the gavel back in her hand. in that icy grasp on a legislative step. but we are not quite there yet. so much could happen with hot spots in the world and the economy and the dow in china, we could have a trade deal completely hammered out by next week. to be one of a challenge i knew because you have said in the past, you have suggested that ad economy, growth in jobs, the tat enough to get voters out there, to get them jazzed? >> kennedy: its hungry, wants to nap a little, well fed, it's the same thing. that's why republicans and
9:47 am
democrats both have to figure out ways to keep their faithful happy. >> sandra: i was a great analogy. i love analogies. that's a really good one. i think people do vote on how things are going but i do think they're little more sensitive. but not as passionate when things are going well than when they're going poorly but also, republicans jazzing people up, may not like your candidate but if they get enough democrats and, they're going to take your president away. >> kennedy: that's what they're going to pay to things like impeachment and democrats will undo all the tax gains if they regain the majority. >> bernard: i understand some people say the republican base is disillusioned because of the huge spending bill with no wall. but it is as he infamously said, nancy crumbs pelosi, if the economy. that's the bottom line. >> kennedy: that would and richard. between my apologies to the late great aunt richard. but on the democrats are a
9:48 am
directionless party. with that they have? identity politics, sanctuary cities, protecting criminals. i would take jobs, tax cuts, economic growth over that. i would put my money on the former over the identity politics and a sanctuary city and all of that stuff any day. >> rachel: added russia to gaza, still haven't figured out when they lost the midwest. to me, i look at the poll numbers for the president and i think about the media against the president, i'm surprised they are not as high as they are given with the media has done to him. the democrats are looking at what happened in the mid terms for the republicans, there's a big difference. when the democrats have a house and senate and the presidency, they went into the midterm is something that everybody hates called obamacare. republicans are going with the tax reform that people like that in the end, you're right, it's the economy. >> melissa: up next, the sanctuary battle is more california cities, more momentum
9:49 am
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>> kennedy: division in the sanctuary states, no longer the sunshine state. voting unanimously to challenge california sanctuary law. the third city in the past week to take such action joining about a dozen others recently. president trump appeared to score a victory when democratic governor jerry brown said he would comply with the president's order to send national guard troops to the border. the president tweeting "tremendous pressure is building like never before for the border wall and enter crime cradling sanctuary cities. started the ball in san diego where the people were pushing really hard to get it. they will soon be protected." so obviously, this is coming to a head with a lot of states were cities rather and counties in california. >> bernard: i like to see it. i don't know what the end game is for the people, the oakland mayor in jerry brown and these people defining the government. secession, is that what they're
9:54 am
looking for? i don't know. to an earlier conversation, i think the whole democratic party, they support this. they've all got california crazy and i think people witnessing this around the country scares them. they think that can happen here and we don't want that which bodes well for the g.o.p. i believe in november. and i continue the fight. it's lunacy for sanctuary protecting criminals, absolute stupidity. >> sandra: you know the state well, your home state. originally? >> kennedy: originally from oregon by way of indiana. but then 25 years in california. >> sandra: you spent a big chunk of your life in that state. do you think that there's going to be more of a jump on board here back? >> kennedy: i think a lot of people, it was interesting because adam housley pointed out something really important is when you have friends in
9:55 am
southern california and you see your friends and neighbors get deported, it gives you a different perspective on it. and you see immigration in a different light. my daughter's best friend, her dad was deported for over a year and their family was really distraught over it and he finally came back and both parents work hard and they were lovely family, but we have to have an immigration policy in this country where people know how they can get in and they can go through proper channels and come into the country. so you don't have to have these warring factions within states. >> rachel: california says we are not going to comply with federal law and now cities are saying we're not going to comply with california law. this is what happens when you lose rule of law and us with the issue is really about, rule of law. states cannot have their own currency, they don't get to start their own military, they don't get to do their own immigration policy. that's the purview of the federal government. and that's the way our system is set up.
9:56 am
i think the president's right where the people are at. the office they want to do something to help the dreamers, he wants to reform immigration system so they can do something with the 11 million who were here and find a way to legalize them but he also wants to secure the border. that's where the people are at. >> kennedy: more "outnumbered" and just a moment. stay right here. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't
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>> melissa: thank you to bernard mcguirk, who has a profound thought for you.
10:00 am
>> bernard: it's sunny in new york. it's sunny and 65 degrees. tomorrow's going to be 75 degrees. we are going to join the enjoye hill out of it. stay strong, president trump. >> sandra: "outnumbered: overtime" with melissa starts right now. >> melissa: president trump blasting james comey's tell-all. this is "outnumbered: overtime," i am melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. depicting the president "unethical and untethered to the truth." the president trump tweeted... using classifying information for which you should be prosecuted. he lied to congress under oath. among the claims in the book,


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