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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 14, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the strike sparked angry responses from syria's allies. i'm kelly wright. thanks for watching. "watters world" starts now. jesse: welcome to "watters world," i'm jesse watters. president trump making good on his promise to attack syria after last week's chemical attack. the attack was against syria's chemical weapons storage facility. >> this was a one-time shot and i believe it sent a strong message to dissuade him and deter him from doing this again. jesse: nikki haley describing this as a last-ditch evident after diplomatic efforts failed. >> we usedder tool we could to
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urge syria to get rid of chemical weapons. we give diplomacy chance after chance. six times. that's how many times russia vetoed security council resolutions. jesse: the president calling the strike vital to our national security. president trump: this massacre was a significant escalation in a pattern of chemical weapons use by that very terrible regime. the evil and the despicable attack left mothers and fathers, instant and children flashin thg in pain and gasping for air. the purpose of our actions tonight is to establish a strong
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deterrent against the production and use of chemical weapons. establishing this deterrent is a vital national security interest of the united states. jesse: russia calling the strikes an act of aggression and warning consciouses after the strikes. joining me, dr. sebastian gorka, national security expert. we had a lot of navy assets in the region and it looks like we used tomahawk missiles, double from what we used last year. what was your assessment of the efficiency of the strike. >> i think it was perfect, if you listen to the briefing given by secretary mattis and joint chief general dunford. we allocated targets and those targets were destroyed.
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there was nary a response from the russians who have been rattling their rusty saber for so long. they did nothing. this was a double whammy. not only kid we deal a significant -- not only did we deal a significant blow to -- assad's assets. we did more than 16 months of negotiations. jesse: if you are a subsidiary of russia, if you are iran, if you are syria, that can't make you feel too good when big brother after talking all that game doesn't help you out when this get messy. hezbollah, i was hearing missiles might have struck some
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hezbollah site in southern syria. how do you think it iranians and hezbollah take this strike? >> we have got nations that support assad according to different categories. russia has issues in terms of it's no longer the soviet union. vladimir putin said the digest catastrophe of the 20th century was the fall of the soviet union. they have emotional issues. iran not so much. you have a country run by mullahs and think believe the apocalypse could be right around the corn. the cooler heads in tehran said this did not go well for us. maybe we need to reassess our internal red lines how far we
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sponsor assad. but you never know with the mullahs. they are more dangerous and al qaeda. jesse jesse: president obama hand them boat loads of cash. and president trump hive kaight on whether he'll renew the iran deal. they are having to give out subsidies to people because there will be unrest. let's get back to the strikes. we don't want to see this happen again. dunford, who i thought was fantastic, said this about a set back for syria. >> last year we conducted unilateral trike on a sing the site. this evening we conducted strikessen two allies on multiple strikes that will result in a degradation of
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syria's ability to research and employ chemical weapons. it will result in a setback for the syrian regime. jesse: this is more than a deterrent strike. you send a message, morally we are not going to accept this. but this was a degradation strike. they were hitting research and development facility, chemical and buy lodg -- and biological . >> we hitter part of the puzzle. we hit the research capacity and the chemical storage facility. we hit the weapons storage facility and the manufacturing one. that's the whole circle of chemical weapons, research, production and storage. it's a death blow to this
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capacity. it will take a long time and significant expenditure by assad to build that capacity. i'm not too sure after what donald trump decided to do yesterday that he'll be keen to do that, jesse. jesse: dr. gorka, as always, a pleasure, thanks for being in "watters world." democrats condemning the president's strong response to assad's chemical attacks. nancy pelosi tweeting this. the latest attack was a brutal wash crime. yet one night of airstrikes is no substitute for a coherent strategy. jesse: here is obama in 2012. >> we dmun quaitd every significant player in the region that that's a red line for us and there would be enormous
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consequences if we saw anything on the chemical weapons front or the use of chemical weapons. that would change my calculation significantly. jesse: joining me now, felipe rand. what is the critique of president trump's syrian military response. >> when there are american lives at danger you want to keep it out of politics. syria is a wicked problem. the problem is and it includes what president trump said is the constant comparison to barack obama or constant running against hillary clinton. it's not 2016. donald trump has been president for 15 months and it's time to
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compare himself to him. jesse: this is what president obama did, he bashed bush for the whole entire time he was in the white house. you can't say donald trump made up cite sizes your predecessor. >> you are asking about syria. the president he ought to be comparing himself to is himself. we were sitting here last year talking about the strike that i thought was warranted, and this strike is warranted. but if you are going to hold a president to their words which i think you should do. it's not a coincidence he himself said we are leaving. this is a plan who said repeatedly -- jesse: let me get in there. he doesn't want to nation build and fall into the trap george w. bush did in iraq and afghanistan and obama and hillary criticized
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bush for. and he was successful in the campaign running on not going on to these big ventures abroad. that doesn't mean he wants to get out. that just means he doesn't want to stay there for eternity. >> he literally said, i want to leave. jesse: he does want to leave. >> but then don't go back in. jesse: it was a balanced strike. it was not a decapitation strike. he wasn't tipping the scales in the civil war and the rebels were going to take over and it would be a hornet's nest. they don't have the capability of launching chemical attacks. >> militarily this is incredibly effective. military does the mission it's given. but your previous guest was
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wrong. a perfect strike means one year from now we won't be talking about this strike. jesse: how dare you insult dr. sebastian gorka. i cannot believe you phillipe, dr. gorka is infallible. >> right up until the time he was fired. jesse: president obama drew a red line and didn't enforce it, then let putin come in, try to save the day, and cut this deal so obama can save face, and everybody was bragging about how they got the chemical weapons out of syria. i think we have tape on that. >> we were able to find a exclusion that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known in syria in a way use of
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force wouldn't have accomplished. >> russia has been constructive in helping 100% of the known chemical weapons from syria. that was an agreement we made months ago and it never faulted. >> people criticized us for not having launched missiles against assad but keep in mind why we didn't. we didn't because they got rid of the chemical weapons and that was very important. jesse: looking back on that, what do you think about that. >> i think the same thing i said a few minutes ago. presidents should follow through and what they say. if not they will deal with the consequences. president trump said something a few weeks ago and he's now dealing with the consequences. it's a campaign promise that he's not following through on. jesse: there are a lot of people
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on the right that are angry that he's launching missiles into syria after saying he's not going to get involved in the middle east. when you see people thr ashing in pain and gasping for air, those were war crimes. you can't sit by and look at that video as the leader of the free world and not launch an attack to prevent that from happening again. i think both parties agree on that. >> assad is a monster, and i'm glad what happened last night happened. but i don't want to be back here a year from now. jesse: neither do we. up next a syrian refugee shares what life is like under the assad regime. the pictures coming out of syria
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following last week's attack.
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uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. jess report pictures coming out of syria following last week's attack are terrible to look at. our next gaiflts syrian refugee who fled his cub triin 2014 -- fled his country in 2014, eventually make his way to the united states. i read this article you wrote "a serious message for donald trump." >> my message is hit him hard.
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assad has control of syria and he's the main criminal in syria. the majority of syrians have been killed by sea assa -- by ad the international community have been watching for years. jesse: so you lived under the assad regime and you escaped. how did that happen? that's pretty lucky? >> i got arrested by the regime three times. i was for tiewr -- i was tore td it's a brutal way to torture anyone. jesse: electricity. >> why are you in the process, you are not allowed to be part
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of the process. we have been living under assad and his father's regime for century. jesse: you are not allowed to have freedom of speech. if you end up on the streets protesting anything they are going to torture you. so you escaped through europe and then to the united states. president obama was president when this entire civil war unraveled. how did you feel about his leadership? >> for me as a syrian. we lost the trust under the obama administration because all we got from the obama administration is speeches and
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promises. and the red lines were a joke and we were hopeless. not only the united states, europe and the terrorists of the world were watching the syrian people, and they were crooked and no one did anything. jess where it was awful. it looks like isis has been rolled back in syria. is that your understanding? >> yes. that's true. but with the back and destruction by assad. jesse: isis bombs the civilian population. i want to congratulate you for your bravery and escaping the brutal regime and having the honesty to speak out for what you see through your own eyes as
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a syrian refugee and how you see america. thank you for coming on "watters world." i appreciate. the comey agenda exposed when we come back. [♪]
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robert: live from "america's news headquarters." the white house says president trump has spoken with british prime minister theresa may and french president man well macron about the airstrikes and they all agree the strikes are necessary after an apparent gas attack that killed 40 civilians last week. tens of thousands of people gathering in a south african stadium to celebrate the life of winnie mandela in an emotional five-hour funeral, mama winnie as she was known, was married to nelson mandela for 40 years. she died at the age of 81.
5:27 pm
i'm robert gray. now back to "watters world." jesse: all the anticipation about the tell-all book from james comey fizzling. instead of giving the media the proof they were hoping for to show the president obstructed justice. it's full of scathing attacks. like this pun. this president is unethical and untethered to institutional truth and values. his leadership is transactional, ego driven and about personal loyalty. i was having flashbacks to my earlier career as a prosecutor against the mob. the silent circle of assent. the boss in control. the loyalty oaths.
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president trump not standing idly by tweeting james comey is a proven leak and liar. virtually everyone in washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did until he was in fact fired. he leaked classified information for which he should be:prosecuted. he lied to congress under oath. he's a weak and untruthful slime ball. his handling of the crooked hillary clinton case and the events surrounding it will go down as one of the worst botch jobs much history. jim jordan, a member of the house oversight committee. jim, i'm glad you don't wear a blazer. are your sleeves rolled up to your elbows?
5:29 pm
>> they are down right now. next time i will. jesse: what do you make of this book, then we'll talk about the raid. >> there noise better definition -- there is no better definition of the swamp and this deal. mr. comey is fired, he leaks the document to the "new york times," rod rosenstein names bob mueller special counsel and one of the issues they were supposed to look at was, was it obstruction of justice in the firing of comey. if that's not the swamp, this roundabout thing they have going, i don't know what is. jesse: he personally signed off on the surveillance of the campaign knowing it was based on a fake dossier, then he's the one who wrote the memo to fire
5:30 pm
comey. then he's overseeing the investigation into the firing of james comey. then he signs off on the raid on president trump's personal lawyer. just to the raid itself. >> you pointed this out. the contrast between what they did with secretary clinton. i had secretary children tomorrow in the benghazi hearing under oath. i said would you agree to allow a neutral third party like a federal judge to examine alled the emails you have? i said would you agree to that. of course, they wouldn't. and they got an even better deal. it was basically james comey's fbi who called up cheryl ann said when do you want us to come over and we'll pick up the ones want to do for us after they have done the sort on the front
5:31 pm
end. president trump would take the deal with a federal judge in a heart beat compared to what they did. jesse: hillary bleaches her server and they interview her not under oath and let her off with a slap on the wrist, basically scott-free. you understand why people think the swamp is rigged. and there is rules for different people if you are an insider or outsider. >> the biggest thing, that double standard, that dwriefs everyone crazy. if you are clinton, comey, lynch or lorett or lois lerner, you ga special deal. jesse: listen to comey write being his decision to reopen the hillary clinton investigation.
5:32 pm
he said it's entirely possible because i was making decisions in an environment where hillary clinton was sure to be the next president, my concern about making her an illegitimate president by concealing that we restarted the investigation bore greater weight that if the election appeared to be closer or donald trump was ahead in the polls. with you i don't know. what this tells me is he's a political animal here. he's already assuming hillary is going to win and he's conduct an investigation in a public way to -- i believe affect the close presidency or post-election of hillary clinton. but the polls were wrong. >> it's obvious the reason he released that was to the do harm to the clinton campaign.
5:33 pm
he thought she was going to win. except the americanhead people had other ideas for what would be best for this great nation. i was one of the few republicans who criticized james comey in october. i said he was wrong from the get-go. he was wrong in july, he was wrong in october when he reopened the case. and i took heat from republicans. only reason he did it was because he thought she was going to win, and his statement confirms that. the fact that he's write being this dossier and having it be talked about in a way that's unverified and very salacious. i don't know if that happened in that hotel room. that was the crux of the fisa warrant application to surveil the trump campaign.
5:34 pm
if you don't know if it's true or not, you are not supposed to offer it to the judge. he's not a smart man. >> they led with that in front of the fisa court. they didn't tell him who paid for it, and second in the subsequent renewal to that fisa application based on the dossier, they didn't tell him the author of the dossier. his relationship with the dossier was terminated. >> the central source or witness to this thing had already leaked and lied to the fbi by the and they kept using him as a credible source to the judge. jesse: next time come on "watters world," i expect the sleeves to be rolled up.
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jesse: james comey's tell-all book revealing it's not a tell-all at all, but rather an airing of grievances. this guy lavishing praise on loretta lynch and lavishing praise on barack obama and lavishing praise on his chief of staff. he destroyed his credibility. he obviously has an ax to grind and he's completely biased against the president. i think he discredits himself more with this book. what do you have think. >> here is a guy who only found his conscience and point of view after he got unceremoniously sacked. if he really felt this way, then the proper thing for him to do would be to announce publicly he was resigning, not having to be
5:40 pm
fired because he couldn't stand working for this president. but that's not what he did. he had no problems up until the point got shown the door. then suddenly a few months later after he writes his book, he finds he has all these feeling he needs to get off his chest. it's so disingenuous. jesse: he doesn't have the temperament to confront the situation face to face. he scurries back and writes in his diary. he didn't have the temerity to address it monoto mono. this is supposed to bed the fbi director, a real straight short and honorable man. but he's not being straightforward and honest whether it's loretta lynch or president trump. he runs and writes something, now he's trying to cash in on
5:41 pm
his little notebook. he says can you imagine me, hookers? hookers? president trump saying that to james comey. and then comey says he has a beautiful wife and the whole thing has been very painful to her. you know, trump did not need to pay for that. i don't believe anybody believes that. but comey seems to be opening the door for the fact that it actually occurred. >> there is no evidence of that. there is a lot of evidence the whole thing was made up. that's the problem with the so called dossier it was manufactured. and then it was used as the basis to get a fisa warrant. that's what makes this whole circus so frustrating. and i think it puts the entire justice department in a very bad light. if they used information paid for by hillary and the dnc,
5:42 pm
manufactured in order to hurt donald trump, in order to use the power of the federal government to stosm' all over him. then the very heart of our great rub is at stake. that's why this is not a small thing. i think james comey has a lot more to answer for. i thought nate silver, the "new york times" analyst had the best line. he said this book should have been called a "higher royalty." it was about james comey getting the most of amount of mofny he could and cash in on his 15 minutes of fame. jesse: people try to make money often do *. nobody cares what comey has to say. it's all about what he said about the donald. he's admitting in the book the dossier is unverified and he's not sure if it's true. you are not allowed to submit
5:43 pm
something like that to a fisa court. i can't believe this guy actually was the fbi director because he doesn't seem to have a firm grip on things. i want to play some sound for you. it goes to the point of what the president is dealing with. not only is he dealing with these thank yodealing with --de, he's dealing with a press corps that's ridiculous. we put together some questions sarah huckabee and others had to field. >> when he was candidate trump he said things like we made this countrying meaning white america, not necessarily black people. >> i don't know why you would say that. >> is he trying to wage a culture war? >> have a happy and safe halloween, thank you. >> dose value the first amendment as much as he values
5:44 pm
the second amendment? >> can you tell me the biggest single thing the president has accomplished for the american people during his time on the golf course? >> the urgency sending the national guard to the board, does this have anything to do with the report the president saw on fox news. >> does the president believe in these instances of ufos. >> as a woman talking to us, i know your job is to relate what the president says, have you ever been sexually harassed. >> has the president at any time thought about stepping down before or now. >> no, i think that's a ridiculous question. jesse: stepping down. governor. what do you think of that? it's a circus out there. >> i often told sarah she needs to go into that room and carry a pistol, a chair and a whip
5:45 pm
because it' the lion's den. what happened with president trump in the white house isn't that they hurt the president. i think president trump has come out way better in the exchanges. but it hurt the reputation of journalists. their reputation has been destroyed by the anti-president approach they have taken. jesse: what little credibility they had has evaporated. coming up, your weekly dose of diamond and silk. [♪] where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at ...nausea, heartburn, when indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!
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[♪] jesse: ex-fbi director james comey hurling insult after insult against the president, including this attack on the commander in cheesms appearance. comey writing his face appeared slightly orange with bright half moons under his eyes where i suspect he placed small tanning goggles. and impressively bright blond hair weapon close inspection
5:50 pm
looked to be his. jesse: i find that ought to have a man closely inspecting another man, appearance and pontificating about tanning. he's supposed to be solving crimes. why did he where a chapter in that book about himself? when he was work in the obama administration, all the stuff he knew about crooked hillary. why didn't he write about that? jesse: that's a good point. baits wouldn't have sold. it has to be all about the * because that will move copies off the shelves. he has another comment about the president's hands. let's see what he says there. put that one up. as he extended his hand i made a mental note to check his size.
5:51 pm
it was smaller than my but the did not seem unusually so. you are check out the president's hand you size? what's he doing there? i know you don't want to say it. >> maybe he should have brought him a love novel. maybe he has an infatuation with the president, we don't know. we don't know what's wrong with comey. why is he worried about the president's hand. what about the dirt that's on comey's hand. jesse: that's a good point. the president's lawyer michael cohen's office was raided, hotel was raided. home was raided. everyone was saying this seems like a big overreach by the special counsel robert mueller. how do you react to something like that. >> it wasn't overreach. abuse of power. he's a lawyer.
5:52 pm
all he need was to pick up the phone. but to go in and paint this embarrassment purchase michael cone. and the person that ordered that needs to be fired. then mueller, he needs to be fired, too. it wouldn't bother me if i woke up tomorrow and the president fires them both. >> that's right. jesse: we'll going talk to you about facebook. you are basically famous. they are name dropping you in the hearings with zuckerberg. i'm seeing some of the posts on your facebook page. you put up a video and you have so many followers and it's not getting any traction. do you believe you guys have been persecuted by facebook? >> i believe concerned voices like ourselves have been kren sword. we put up a post yesterday and it has been up for hours, and it ownlt reaches 6 people out of 1.5 million. we want to bring this attention
5:53 pm
to facebook. we want these pa -- these algorithms off our page. >> the deal is we are being suppressed and censored. if this platform is suppose to be for all idea, this algorithm shouldn't censor some ideas. jesse: the facebook people say they have tried to reach out to you via telephone and twitter and they are making comments on your facebook page. >> we woke up the other day and we saw something in twit everywhere they said to us, verify facebook page, because they have been trying to contact us. and that's what we did. but we noticed somebody named eric erickson. he's such a liar that said facebook talked to us and
5:54 pm
emailed us before we went on fox news and that is a lie. this facebook sent us an email on april 5 deeming us as unsafe to the community. we put that out on april which was that friday about what they had did. we was on "fox and friends" on that sunday. facebook have not contacted us. we were on "fox and friends" monday, and facebook said they are trying to determine who is the creator. they hadn't contacted us. we have 46,000 emails in our inbox. jesse: listen, if there is a battle between zuckerberg and diamond and silk, i'm taking diamond and silk every day of the week. ladies, good luck. up next, "last call." [♪]
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jesse: time for "last call." one candidate stealing the show in the connecticut gubernatorial debate but not for the right reasons. i filed my paperwork a year ago. i have worked very hard. how dare you. oh, come on. jesse: that's how they get me out of the studio sometimes. she was arrested on breach of peace and trespassing. she says sheeps definitely going to be at the next debate.
6:00 pm
"justice with judge jeanine" is up next. and remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight, the smoke settles in syria as president trump proclaims results of the coordinated military strike couldn't be better. hello and welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us and making us number one last week. kellyanne conway joins us in a moment. also we are going to talk about james comey's new book. but first my opening statement. now, why would you believe a guy with a history replete with lies, dishonesty and contradictions? we'll find out tuesday when


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