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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 15, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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[cheering and applause] greg: i better be invited. jedediah, jamie, kat and tyrus.
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>> that is totally up to a thought. but i can tell you is that the president has made it very clear that when it comes to weapons of mass distraction. no tolerance and we are watching out for the interest of the american people. he made a point and hopefully assad gets it. if assad doesn't get it it will hurt. >> we have fox news coverage on this. we live pentagon and we began with kevin work with latest from the white house. >> once again white house continuing to take a look at the battle damage assessment. all eyes on syria tonight as we also continue to watch for any possible reaction from the russians. as you pointed out earlier, the president was active on peter today. he said this about the
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operation: i knew they would seize on this but it felt it is such a great military term, it should be brought back. the damage from the strike was limited due to the targeted nature of the plan that they were thought to have severely degraded the assad regime chemical weapons capability. meanwhile, today the syrians and the russians met. it's believed to chlorinate some form of response to the strikes. the kremlin reported that russian president also spoke with the iranian counterpart saying these of the airstrikes. , goes on to add this
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been well, over at the united nations the council has met several times about this issue without any consensus on a possible peaceful pathway forward. but, us ambassador to the un, nikki haley, says russia will continue to feel the sting of sanctions as long as it backs the murderous syrian dictator. >> russian sanctions will be coming down and secretary mnuchin will be announcing those on monday if he hasn't already. they will go directly to any companies that we are dealing with equipment related to assad and chemical weapons used. everyone knows that we sent a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it. >> if you are listening carefully there at home to the un ambassador haley she talks about possible sanctions and what we don't have a timetable to announce further sanctions against the kremlin though it is believed it could happen by
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sometime tomorrow, if that happens and you hereby the first year on fox news. don't forget tomorrow the president is on the road and making his way to south florida to talk about tax reform. that and we keep an eye on any development as relates to syria but for now back to you. rick: thank you, kevin. the pentagon is calling the airstrikes a complete success while admitting they did not wipe out all of assad's chemical weapon facilities. here's a retired four-star general jack keane. >> the first flight did not deter assad them using chemical weapons again so i believe that the purpose of the strike was wrong. the purpose of the strike should not be to deter again and that has already failed. the purpose of the strike was to stop assad from ever using chemical weapons again. rick: doug has more on this from the pentagon. doug. >> an interesting perspective on the attacks from jack keane who as you recall was donald trump's first choice is for secretary of
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defense. his observation raises an important question. assad moved his air force is to russian bases in recent days and wouldn't take out assad's air forces take out russia's and provoke a flood of your response. this is what keane said to that. >> russia is a second-rate powertrain depend they are a superpower. the united states has significant combat and military over amount of russians. >> he added that he believes that as long as russia and iran pop up the assad regime there will never be a political solution. as they were carried out the strikes were classic case of a proportional response. over 100 missiles were fired from ships, submarines, as well as from french and british airplanes from the mediterranean seas in the persian gulf. all 100 plus hit their targets. satellite photos show the targets were obliterated. there were no coalition casualties and not an insignificant factor considering the antiaircraft batteries in
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and around damascus. >> we also know that we've successfully destroyed three buildings in damascus one of the most heavily defended airspace areas of the world. this will set their programs back for years. >> the pentagon does note that assad retains the ability to carry out more chemical attacks from existing stockpiles that remain. he says taking out those stockpiles was never a good option because it would have required using fuel air mixture bombs that could cause collateral damage especially since some chemicals stockpiles are positioned near civilian areas. nevertheless, russia has vowed there will be consequences. what form that takes is anyone's guess but whether he resorts to a regular military tachy could come in the form of more cyber warfare or perhaps in the beginning of another ex- spy as he carried out in saulsberry in the uk recently. rick, that you. rick: doug, thank you very much. for more on this let's talk to
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international security expert jim from the mit security study program. always a pleasure. >> good to see you. rick: interesting questions raised in the report and wondering off the top do you agree with the general that we should have done more and taking out all of russia and assad airpower. >> well, we had gone after or attacked or killed russians or russian forces or equipment that would've escalated and the russians would've turned around and gone after our ships that were hovering off the coast there. i don't know. if you listen to secretary mattis comments for the attack he was very careful to emphasize he did not want to escalate and the escalation was his main concern he was selecting targets. i think both sides are wary and have been wary that we both been in syria a while and no one wants us to go to a dark place quickly. rick: any sense of how effective
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the strikes were? >> well, here is where i disagree with general. we cannot remove or eliminate assad's chemical weapons capabilities. one of the chemical weapons he's using his chlorine gas. it's a very common industrial product and uses for all sorts of things and there's no way to remove their ability to make that chemical. mustard gas and chlorine gas are fairly easy to make and any state can make them if they want to. they will rebuild those facilities for use they already have in stock that did not get destroyed. it's a very tough objective that we are not likely to accomplish to eliminate their ability. rick: critics have seized on the choice of words, mission a compass. i'm wondering if he thought it was a choice of phrase. >> yes and no. i think it was a bad choice for obvious reasons but i think we need to distinguish two things. we should be able to say that the pentagon did a good job here
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and no one got killed and they had their targets. as you try to execute a policy the first step is hitting your target and they did that without casualties so i think we should say yes, that's a good thing. hitting targets and meeting the objective of the policy those are two very different things. i can't destroy three buildings but will that get assad to change his behavior? that is a question and that's what opened up with use that particular phrase. rick: nikki haley says she's very focused on that and says we are locked and loaded in case assad should use chemical weapons again. she said that we have to fight to prevent chemical weapons from being used here at home. let's listen to what she had to say. >> we have to be conscious of the fact that we can't allow even the smallest use of chemical weapons. that is why he saw the president strike this past weekend in fy we saw him expel 60 russian spies after the attack in saulsberry. this very easily could happen in
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the united states if you're not smart and if we are not conscious of what is happening. rick: do you agree? >> i certainly agree that it's in our interest in the international interest to see that the norms against chemical and biological weapons are enforced in the people the price of the use them and that will be accepted. i absolutely wholeheartedly endorse that. in this particular case in syria, mind you, if you're going to guess the future it's good to think about the past. in the past un inspectors have collected over 100 allegations of chemical weapons use and investigated 33 of them and found strong evidence that assad was responsible in 27 of 33. my point is if there are somewhere between 3380 chemical attacks already in syria we
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should not be surprised if there's another one later. rick: a lot of people say russia is a big threat in that region but others say iran is the bigger offender and we wanted to hear from the chairman of house foreign affairs committee on that and get your reaction to that. >> there's only one after and that is iran that wants to keep this kind of disorder because they want a land bridge to bring weapons and fighters up to the border of israel. they need energy in syria for that purpose. it's more beneficial for the rest of the globe to work together right now. rick: should we be more worried about? >> well, you know, i personally think it is russia. russia is a far more capable state in iran. iran is in the region and metals in the affairs of other countries and definitely has syria has an ally and it will protect its ally. no doubt about it. but they are not nearly the size and capabilities the russia does in russia now has they are in syria and have a small base in egypt so they are making a bit
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of a comeback in the middle east. i refer not to see that in the more they are active in the least the last us has leverage. the two i'm a little more worried about russia. rick: plenty to worry about tonight. we appreciate your time with us. we will see you again soon. >> thank you, rick. rick: right now america is sending heartfelt messages in pairs to former first lady barbara bush. as a family spokesman says she is in failing health adding that mrs. bush has decided not to seek additional medical treatment after a series of hospitalizations. we are told the former first lady will now focus on comfort care. the spokesman says she's surrounded by family and proceed the kind words in support she has been receiving. much of it portion and onto. john basic training that barbara bush's woman of grace, his ability and great compassion. she and her family are in our
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prayers. house minority leader nancy pelosi writing -- rick: right now hundreds of former justice department officials showing their support for special counsel robert mueller and deputy attorney general rod stein. what they are doing ahead. plus, james comey goes on a media blitz ahead of his release of his tell-all book and of course he is waging a war of words with president. the reason he wrote this book is because he got fired not because he thanks president trump is untethered from the truth or because his ties are too long or because he thanks he wears tanning bed goggles. (vo) dogs have evolved, but their nutritional needs remain instinctual.
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rick: house republican leaders are demanding unredacted copies of former fbi director always demos about his meetings with president trump. they set on monday deadline for
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those must be produced. one day before comey's tell-all book is released. excerpts were leaked to the press last week from the book. here is house judiciary committee bob is leading the charge for those documents. >> there is a lot of pressure on that federal bureau of investigation and department of justice to produce these documents. we need a special counsel into what my committee and chairman gaddis committee are looking into with regard to how the fbi handled investigations into hillary clinton and into both campaigns in 2016 and in the 2017. six he weighed in on the inspector general report criticizing former fbi director andrew mccabe asking whether misconduct was higher up during the obama administration. >> it may very well go higher up and it may even go all the way into the obama white house. that is why it is so important that the investigation that we launched last fall into how the
3:18 pm
fbi and the department of justice handled the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. rick: in case you hadn't heard former fbi director's book will that the shelves on tuesday. james comey, of course, is beginning a media blitz for his soon-to-be released book in the present is tweeting criticism of the former fbi director setting off this back-and-forth. the president tweeting today
3:19 pm
rick: allison's life with more on this in washington. reporter: in a tweet president trump criticized former fbi director comey for what he said in an exclusive interview with abc's news george stephanopoulos about reopening the investigation into hillary clinton private e-mail server a few days before the election. >> at some level wasn't the decision to reveal insolence by your assumption that hillary clinton was going to win -- >> i operated in a world where hillary clinton would beat donald trump and so i am sure that it was a factor. i don't remember spelling it out but it had to have been. that she would be elected president and if i hide this from the american people she will be legitimate the moment she selected.
3:20 pm
>> he tweeted in part that he was making decisions based on the fact that he thought she was going to win and he wanted a job. slimeball. others are weighing in as well. >> when i worked for jim, if i said to him, a lebanese before an election that i was going to release information that could affect the election and one of the things that influenced me was pulling he would have fired me. >> the fbi has two clear rules. don't talk about a pending investigation and don't interject controversy before an election. they follow those rules with respect to the ongoing investigation into downtown at the time. they didn't follow the rules with hillary clinton. there was a clear double standard. jim comey, in my way of thinking, is a good man who made a very consequential blunder. reporter: the interview is set to air on abc tonight and it won't be comey's only interview in the coming weeks. he said to sit down with boxes
3:21 pm
but bear a little later this month. comey is promoting his new book, i higher loyalty. he describes in the book as the president untethered to treat. he says the behavior he saw from president trump was quote, disturbing in violating of basic norms of ethical leadership but may fall short of being illegal. rick. rick: allison barber, thank you for more coverage on this make sure to watch the next revolution, the trial of james comey. that is with steve hilton tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the pentagon calling the syria airstrike success but what are leaders in the middle east saying and we had their reaction. president trump's personal attorney is heading to court why a judge is ordering michael cohen to have an appearance a week after the feds rated his home in office. >> they had evidence of some type of possible activity. whether that was destroying evidence or something else but there needs to be a basis of promise before the fbi can do something like this.
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rick: the president's personal attorney, michael cohen, will be in a manhattan courtroom tomorrow as he tries to stop the examination of materials seized during a federal raid at his home and office. on friday a judge ruled that he needed to come to court and answer questions about his law practice. his lawyers are trying to stop the authorities from doing that is the material saying it is protected by attorney-client privilege. former cia director john brennan weighed in this morning. >> tells me that the fbi in the permanent justice would have compelling evidence of potential criminal activity for them to conduct this type of surveillance against an individual who has worked closely with mr. trump over the course of many years and the fact that he was going to be
3:26 pm
targeted by the fbi as far as surveillance is concerned again they would have had to make a very high threshold. rick: he is under criminal investigation because of his business dealings and not yet been charged with anything. as for the russian investigation hundreds of former justice permit officials want congress to ask if the president fires special cancer robert mueller for deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. laura ingle has more. >> rick, the former department of justice officials are working on getting ahead of what they think could be coming while fine-tuning a campaign to defend recent attacks against the agency they once worked for. and department of justice a statement released this week.
3:27 pm
the president has long been vocal about the doj investigation into russian meddling calling it a quote, witchhunt. in recent tweet criticized the agency calling it an embarrassment to our country. he also blasted muller for hiring 13 hearted democrats to join his team. mr. trump talking about the possible firing tuesday while members of his own party are hesitant to back him. >> why don't i fire muller? well, i think it's a disgrace what is going on and we'll see what happens but i think it's a sad situation. you look at what happened and many people have said you should fire him. >> the president is the head of the executive branch. he doesn't have to run this hiring and firing decisions by us. the see of the power? yes, he does. i think it's wise? i don't. >> the statement by the former justice officials were released after -- some have inspired
3:28 pm
asking him to fire rosenstein. mr. trump's longtime personal attorney who is expected to appear in new york federal court tomorrow. rick. rick: laura, reporting. the bells are ringing in boston city mark five years since the marathon terror attack. how the community is remembering those lives that were lost. plus, the regional reaction to the us led strikes in syria decidedly different than the pentagon's assessment. details on that coming up but first here is texas congressman john ratcliff some risks are breathtaking and trying to prevent the use of chemical weapons anywhere in the world is one of those risks. when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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even when nothing else is. keep her receipts tidy, brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. quickbooks. backing you. rick: i'm rick and this is the "fox report". the bottom of the hour and if you're just joining us the us is issuing new warnings to syria and russia in the aftermath of us led airstrikes in syrian chemical weapons facility. the administration saying the missiles built a crippling blow to the regime's ability to make the band weapons to the regional reaction paints a different picture. more on that we go to mike tobin in jerusalem. reporter: now that the hebrew and arab press have had time to review the strikes the reviews are largely that it was symbolic did not impede the ability of
3:33 pm
the assad regime to deliver chemical weapons. the leader of hezbollah entirely loyal to iran with fighting forces both in syria and on israel's border called strikes a failure and there's a degree to which he called chicken saying the us feared getting caught in a wider computation to the military knows that going toward a confrontation and a big operation against the regime in the army and allied forces in syria could not end or past. reporter: the israeli colonists say it did not appease assad's ability to produce and deliver chemical weapons and did not we can regime. if anything airstrikes open the possibility that russia would sell syria the x300 service to air missiles which would complicate israel's ability to conduct airstrikes inside syria.
3:34 pm
prime minister benjamin netanyahu speaking to his cabinet voiced his primary concern that a rant presence in syria and three the element of the modern is iran. careporter: israel is also very concerned that iran is planning some sort of retaliatory strike, not for the coalition airstrikes but for last monday strike on the t4 air force base inside of syria. radiant drone operators were killed and that's right. israel has never claimed that strike but it is widely believed the jewish state is responsible. rick, back to you. rick: thank you for staying up for us tonight. military action in syria prompting a heated debate across europe on how to bring an end to this conflict. the british ambassadors to the un saying moscow could be the key to negotiating with assad.
3:35 pm
>> we all need to work together in the security council to try to find a way to persuade the russians to bring him to the table but i think your video shows us why russia is critical to this. president assad himself has shown repeatedly that left to his own devices he is not going to come to the peace table but he has allies and has russia and iran and they need to help bring him to that table. rick: for more european reaction we go to amy kellogg who is in rome tonight. reporter: even though the french and british were part of the operation in syria on saturday morning some opposition politics are pushing back and questioning whether or not it was the right thing to do and whether it was
3:36 pm
all done legally. some are saying that parliament should of had a chance to take votes on whether to carry out the strikes or should of had a un mandate. some believe it was carried out too hastily without allowing chemical weapons to do their work. >> produced irrefutable evidence the chemical weapons have been used number one. then we need to move on and be able to start looking at who is to blame. we need to take it in stages and we need to bank what we can and we have not done that. why haven't we done that? because donald trump has been treating that he wants to do something within 48 hours. reporter: francis expresses concern about political power is not coming up with a solution saying the international community has quote, the insurance available to do so but they struggle to find common action. serious president assad met with russian politicians in damascus today and he is been said to believe the airstrikes will only help unify the country and said strikes were based on lies and misinformation. rick, though the allied action in syria appears to be over for now that debate about legality and legitimacy will no doubt continue for some time now but britain's foreign secretary
3:37 pm
defended his country's actions saying -. rick: amy reporting from our roman bureau. meanwhile new concerns here at home amid the turmoil in the middle east and as isis is forced out of its stronghold. terrorist fighters are returning to their home countries raising complex challenges around the world. eric shawn has the story. >> the terrorist threat from returning foreign fighters is growing. governments are hard-pressed to stop it. that is the conclusion of the united nations report that says the in books of combat zones is larger, more global and more varied than ever before. >> the whole purpose of the states is to identify them in time to locate them in time and then to take care of them. all to protect them or to take care of them in protecting society. >> the report for the united nations security council counterterrorism committee
3:38 pm
paints an alarming portrait of radicalized enemies integrated back into their home countries often undetected and potentially free to carry out terrorist attacks. it is the largest number hill from russia and the former soviet union republics. more than 8000, 7000 for the middle east and nearly 6000 from europe with only 439 from north america. >> the threat is long-term. it may be for some even dormant in the sense that a person comes back even willing to consider reintegration in society and then be triggered by a conflict that might happen two years from now to get back into action. >> the un is calling for tracking of attorneys including strengthening passenger information and using biometric dating systems to keep tabs on the fighters when they return home. >> us suspected on both sides by oceans. europe is far more vulnerable
3:39 pm
but that does mean that the united states is completely immune. rick: that was eric's on reporting. a shakeup coming on capitol hill with paul ryan headed for the exit. ryan has endorsed the next house speaker and the other republican who might process hat in the ring. lus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. let's team up to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of (great tasting) ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you. he's playno, with us. he's trying to tell us something. let's see what forensics thinks.
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allergy to the ingredients, or pregnant. may cause nausea, constipation, headache, and vomiting. reduce hunger, help control cravings with contrave. now you an talk to a doctor online and get free shipping at rick: white house press secretary sarah sanders treating the president and first lady's best wishes for former first lady, barbara bush. this after the bush family spokesman revealed today that she is in failing health. in a statement spokesman for the family says mrs. bush has decided not to seek additional medical treatment after a series of hospitalizations. the former first lady will now
3:43 pm
focus on comfort care. press secretary sarah sanders treating the president and first lady prayers are with all of the bush family during this time. house speaker paul ryan announcing this week he will not seek reelection. he will retire instead after his term and in january. the wisconsin republican now backing majority leader kevin mccarthy as his successor. ryan making that clear this morning. >> look, i think we all believe that kevin is right person to be the next speaker. we all think that kevin is right person. our leadership team. >> steve scalise? it's your understanding that kevin should be at the start. rick: (jamie weinstein and podcast of the national review online and then a partner at strategy company. is that the way it is? >> well, i think it's a little
3:44 pm
early to start talking about will be the next speaker because it's unclear yet whether the rebel principle even have a next speaker. if you believe the conventional wisdom and all the polls it seems that the democrats have more energy and they may very well take the house of representatives in the november midterm election and then we'll talk about minority leader not speaker of the house. that is a much easier bar for kevin to cross. he only needs a majority of the inside to win minority leader the republican of the house. the speaker he needs a majority of the full focus meaning almost all the republicans if they were able to keep the house. i think it's early to talk about who will be the next leader of the republican spirit of uber was back up then. are you surprised at his retirement and how big loss is this for the party? >> it's not necessarily surprising but i think it's a difficult job to be speaker of the house and in this moment in history. it's a very fractious and it's hard to get your party united
3:45 pm
around any one bill that you are pushing and you have the conservative wing and the more moderate wing and very rarely are they cohesive. i think he is ready to take a break from trying to do that. he thanks he will go out on top and he's trying to pitch himself with accomplishment and unlike some of the past speakers and feel like he was able to leave on his own time frame. not necessarily surprised and it's a difficult job to do. rick: it's interesting that you say he's ready for a break. i want to play a soundbite from paul ryan about the president's first language for james comey and he had a pretty interesting response. >> i don't speak like that. by the way, i wouldn't do that because it will help you sell books. so, i've met him two or three times in two or three briefings i don't really know the guy in of not trying to be evasive but i don't want to get in some bookselling to fight. rick: what you think? >> well, this is emblematic of
3:46 pm
this very difficult position the paul ryan has been in since donald trump became the republican nominee for president and then present drop. he is a very different person than paul ryan, the president is, both temperament and in many cases ideological. paul ryan is a budget cutter and an entitlement reformer and the president campaigned against entitlement reform so paul ryan he said to walk a fine line to get along with the president and do not necessarily always back to the tone he has taken and at the same time for the president which is alienated some of that never trump who revered paul ryan. he is in a difficult box and i think we saw several times in the interview him trying to walk that line. rick: certainly different styles and apparently different opinions on many of these key issues. >> absolutely. i think paul ryan deserves credit for being a republican
3:47 pm
who, at one point, was able to get the republican caucus to support entitlement form at a time when that's not a popular issue. it's a courageous thing to make that an issue and to stand on that legend say it needs to be done. he got the republicans on board with that for now were in a different era where that is not the republican party is and that's where paul ryan was and i think he was courageously and now yes to live within the new republic party which is not a party a paul ryan but a trump publican party. rick: as he said, ryan endorsed kevin mccarthy and so did steve scalise and so did texas congressman john ratcliff. he is what he said. >> i hate to punish kevin with the most difficult and perhaps worse job in washington but i know he'd be up to the task and i think it's important that republican be unified as we head into the midterm respect to that. again, our focus needs to be on the next speaker is a republican. rick: i would think being present is the most difficult
3:48 pm
job and maybe you will otherwis- >> it's more difficult to the speaker of the house at the time when you're trying to get everybody on board for one agenda and one bill and everyone has different opinions and if you go one way or the other you have failed in some respects. i'd add one more thing. why it's premature to say that he is the front-runner here. who knows what will happen over the next eight months beyond whether the republicans take the house. donald trump likes kevin mccarthy and maybe he will make him his next to the staff as some suggested he might want to do. it's early here a lot of things that happen over the next eight-nine months so i wouldn't be writing his name is the next speaker quite yet. rick: do you think losing ryan makes it tougher for the republicans to keep control. >> i don't thing it makes a difference either way. some people suggest that his leaving perhaps because he sees the writing on the wall and i don't know if that is the case but the republicans are certainly not in the best position if you look at the poles right now and the energy and see where the energy is. perhaps that will reverse itself but, you know, not looking so good right now.
3:49 pm
rick: jamie, we appreciate your time on this sunday night. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. rick: it's all hands on deck as battle massive claims overseas. hundreds of firefighters trying to put out this. and uber is giving a green light to the policy and what changes the rideshare company says are in store. me feel my be. me feel my be. so i add activia yogurt to my day. with its billions of live and active probiotics, activia may help support my digestive health, so i can take on my day. activia. now in probiotic dailies.
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rick: survivors of the boston marathon bombing gathering today for a citywide moment of silence working five years since two bombs planted near the finish line killed three in injured hundreds more. the mayor and governor lay reads
3:53 pm
downtown in honor of the victims. people left flowers in a makeshift memorial. all day. security will be understandably tight for tomorrow's 122nd running of this iconic race. dozens of people protesting at a starbucks in philadelphia today demanding the firing of a store manager who called police when two african-american men were asked to leave. the altercation is caught on a viral video shows officers handcuffing and arresting the two men. starbucks said it started when the men asked to use the bathroom and an employee said no because they had not bought anything that was enforcing store policy. the coffee chain issued an apology yesterday morning. cooper says it's going the extra mile when it comes to safety. the company now doing criminal background checks on drivers
3:54 pm
every year. it's also crafting more new policies designed to protect you, the writer. anita vogel is live in los angeles with more on this. reporter: people say these challenge changes are long. first an emergency 911 features a panic button that connects passengers to emergency personnel sowing the location. there were also the annual reviews of the contracts for drivers in the ability to share right information with up to five contacts so those five can see where the passions are's are at all times. >> we will never say it's enough. this will be a constant journey but we do believe that both providing support as well as providing visibility to your loved ones so they always know where you are will be a huge step forward in making them feel safe as well as be safe. rick.reporter: it remains populo get from point a to point b but there has been bad pr. whites being reports of dangerous driving and sexual assault. in 2016 a man when anna shooting
3:55 pm
rampage in michigan killing six people and picking up riders in between the shootings. even though over uses a private company to conduct background checks on drivers critics of new drivers should be subject to government back on track. to show how serious the company is about safety they have also hired former homeland security chief, jay johnson, to chair their advisory board. according to the new ceo of the company's new mission is to double down on safety and the new safety measures will take effect this summer. rick: they weren't doing annual criminal background checks for this? reporter: that is right. this is something new. you know, people argue that's not enough it needs to be more but these are for steps. rick: i feel safer already. [laughter] reporter: me, too.
3:56 pm
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tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. join over 250,000 people who have chosen humira. ask your dermatologist about humira & go. . rick: a powerful rocket shooting into the skies above cape canaveral in florida this weekend with more than 2 1/2 million pounds of force. here it comes. leaving a massive cloud of smoke as it roars into the air. the atlas v dropped into orbit. it was carrying communications satellites that will be used as part of a program to keep commanders in contact, with senior government leaders. that's "fox report" this sunday april 15, 2018.
4:00 pm
if you haven't filed your taxes yet, you better do it tomorrow. because that's it. after that, it's going to cost you even more. "fox news sunday" starts right now. chris: i'm chris what -- wallace, the u.s. and allies strike assad regime that used chemical weapons to murder its own people. ♪ >> these are not the actions of a man, they are crimes of a monster instead o. chris: we will discus the decision to hit syria again, what it means for the civil war there and the president's message to other countries supporting assad. >> to iran and to russia, i ask, what kind of a nation wants to be associated with a mass murderer of innocent men, women and children? chris: nikki haley, u.s. ambassador to the united nations live only on fox news sunday.


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