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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 16, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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watch the entire episode if you happen to be doing cost something different on sunday morning. we'll see you back here with >> made it very clear that the united states is locked and loaded. if assad doesn't get, it's going to hurt. >> is donald trump unfit to be president? >> i don't think he's medically unfit to be president but ethically. >> 92-year-old bush decided no to seek treatment and would instead focus on comfort care. >> with respect to victims, america, this is your your awards.
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♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, love to see the american flag flying high outside the fox news studio in new york city. although we woke up to rain and coldy day at the beginning of the week. thank you so much for watching "fox & friends" fist on the monday morning. i'm heather childers. start with fox news alert. locked and loaded, new sanctions on russia warning if chemical attacks continue in syria. griff jenkins in washington, d.c. with the very latest, good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather, ambassador was very clearly when she sent a message to assad
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saying it's up to him whether he will see more military action. >> what i can tell you the president has made it very clear that when it comes to weapons of mass destruction for it. we are going to watch out for the best interest of the american people and so he made a point and hopefully assad gets it. if assad doesn't get it, it's going hurt. >> hailey indicated that new economic sanctions for russia are coming. the kremlin responds to saturday's air strikes saying in statement, vladimir putin stressed that if such actions committed in violation of un-charter continue will lead to chaos in international relations. president trump took to twitter over the weekend, mission accomplished, the strikes were carried out perfectly and followed it up with letter to congressional leaders informing them of the actions saying i
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acted pursuant to my constitutional authority to conduct foreign relations and as commander in chief and chief executive in vital national security informed policy interest of the united states adding he would take additional strikes as necessary and appropriate, but the strikes got a mixed reaction on capitol hill with some questions that authority like senator kim kane. >> president trump is suppose today seek permission and the president flouting this saying i can do without congress, what's to stop him from starting a bombing campaign against iran and other nation and saying, well, i think it's national interest. >> britain parliament an emergency debate, theresa may will face lawmakers to inform them of the decision she made in supporting scenario strike, she's not obligated to get authority from parliament but it is customary to do so, we will
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see what happens. heather: we will talk much more about this coming up, thank you so much, griff, appreciate it, great to have you with us. another story that's developing, president trump asking a judge to block federal investigators from reviewing documents refrain lawyer's property, the president's legal team writing federal judge asking her to enforce the government to, quote, provide a copy of the seized materials of mr. cohen so our firm can review for privileged those seized documents related to him. michael cohen expected in court today hearing, adult film stormy daniels also expected to be there. the feds reportedly found documents related from a pay frauf cohen to daniels over alleged affair involving president donald trump. partisan single pointing after congress delays a vote on a bill that would protect robert mueller.
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senator chuck grassley tried to get a vote on it last week in the senate judiciary committee but it was punted until next week, democrats worry that republicans were trying to weaken the bill, it would limit president trump's ability to fire the special counsel and let a court reinstate him if he were sacked. the white house says that there's no plan to fire mueller which he has said repeatedly. a teenager charged with attempted murder for shooting deputy in the face and chest, mario garza opened fire on north carolina deputy james eric cook when he confronted the teenager who was reported missing, cook, an 8-year veteran of the force was saved by bullet proof best and recovering in stable condition, garza will face a judge today. and heavy security to tell you about in place this morning on fifth anniversary of boston bombings, 8,000 officers will take watch from rooftops high above the city, undercover
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officers, drones, bomb-sniffing dogs, will keep 30,000 runners and expecters safe. two bombs killed three people and injured more than 260 others. two wreaths near the finish line this weekend for remembrance. the commander in chief sitting down with small business owners to promote $1.5 trillion tax cut package that he signed into law, he and the first lady will then head to mar mar-a-lago in west m beach to host chinese -- japanese prime minister abe. the 92-year-old deciding not to seek further medical health after series of hospitalizations over congestive heart failure and copd, she's, quote,
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surrounded by family she adores and supports the kind messages and especially the prayers she's receiving. they have been married for 73 years, so everyone looking to them with prayers and good wishes. iconic full metal jacket actor and retired marine drill instructor has died, he was best known for role as gun sergeant in the movie. >> you will not cry, you will learn by the numbers, i will teach you. get up, on your feet. heather: earned golden globe nomination and served 11 years as a marine, he died of complications from pneumonia, he was 74 year's old. let's switch gear for a moment, country singers taking stage,
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leaving behind politics, paying special transcribe constitute las vegas massacre victims, it was an emotional night in terms of that. carley shimkus with the big highlights and the big winners, good morning, carry. carley: it certainly was a fun night, country music stars packing mgm gram, the show getting off to a somber star honoring 58 lives lost in massacre six months ago. jason paid tribute. >> what it's like for country music to be back in las vegas since the first time since october 1st, we thought about starting with a song that's bigger, it's everything here tonight, the songs that bring us to our feet, make you want to pull someone close or live in the moment, nothing that i can away from us. >> surprising the crowd wearing the infamous red dress that made
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headlines in cma awards in 1993, she honored moments in country music from 25 years ago and carrie underwood returning to the stage after injuring her stage. chris grabbing two awards but welcoming two sons into the world. the singer was unable to make it to this year's show because his wife just had twins. as for the other big winners, miranda lambert for honor of the year and single record of the year and through it all the night did not throw political punches and people on twitter took notice. thank you cma award for classic
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entertaining night and celebrating great country music instead of shoving politico down my throat. poll wood pay attention to acm awards, all about the music and entertainment, nothing political. it was a fun night and carrie underwood, she looked great. heather: a lot of people watching just to see a difference in her face following the accident, i didn't see anything at all. carley: i'm sure she's happy and relieve today see that people said that she looked as beautiful as -- heather: she was crying, thank you so much, carley, appreciate it. now to fox news alert for you, ready to strike again, the u.s. vowing to unleash more air strikes if the assad regime uses chemical weapons again, will syria and allies get the message, national security panel to weigh in up next and pure panic at 30,000 feet. powerful windows violently shaking a plane trying to land in a storm, why the pilot is now
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being held a hero and more than half a million people off food stamps in one month, what's being credited in one month, first, how about vacation music? performing get along at aacma awards. love it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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heather: welcome back, back to fox news alert. locked and loaded un ambassador nikki haley sending message to bashar al-assad that the united states is ready to strike again if rogue regime launches another chemical weapon's attack. >> if assad doesn't get it, it's going to hurt. it's now up to bashar al-assad on whether he's going to use chemical weapons again and should he use it again, the president has made it very clear that the united states is locked
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and loaded and ready to go. if we leave, when we leave, it will be because we know that everything is moving forward. heather: so will assad and his allies in russia, iran and russia get the message? our panel is here to weigh in, former deputy commanding general of u.s. forces in afghanistan anthony and national security and foreign affairs expert walid phares. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. heather: i will begin with you general, what do you think in terms of what we heard nikki haley say there and we had the uk come into this and had france assist us, how important was that? >> well, i think it's hugely important, heather, the diplomatic arm, that's nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador of the united nations and she's working the diplomacy for us. she brought in the uk, she brought in france and so as we jointly attack syria to hold onto the red line as she said, the red line means something to
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this president, we need to do this because our national security strategy calls for us to have a rule's base international law based on rule of law and not allow for the proliferation for make of weapons and we are going to continue to stay in syria and interestingly, we've got now, you know, two missions there, we have troops on the ground and she said we are not leaving until the chemical weapons are gone and until iran is checked and that's a big deal. heather: yeah, i actually we wanted to jump off of that and whalid, we will ask you, the u.s. position developed really quickly because a couple of weeks ago we heard that we were pulling troops out. >> that's right, the president was mentioning the possibility that he will remove troops out very quickly, then there was a
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change that the troops will stay for a while and achieve the goals against isis and other goals as well. the assad regime using chemical weapons promptingtous react. this is a red line, any time this regime would use it we react at some point. my question is regarding forces of the northeast of syria, i have an expectation or projection that the iranians and hezbollah and other malicious are now targeting the area, they will not respond to us but cannot do it directly. the russians are not going clash directly with the united states in that part of the world or other part because of the nuclear issue. in syria we need to be proactive, making sure that the iranians won't have upper hand. heather: general, was it correct for president trump to tweet out basically mission accomplished here like he did, we know that the pentagon says that 105 missiles all hit respective
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targets destroying three of assad's chemical weapon's facilities an you have moscow saying that 71 of 103 missiles were shot down by russian weapons. you know, heather what we are seeing the information at play, president trump said we accomplished what we said out to do to attack three chemical weapons or manufacturing storage facilities and you have president putin, not so fast, we shot 71 of those, we are powerful. this is russian response that we can expect to see, they will cozy uptighter with syria, they will pull in north korea, they will pull in iran and begin to jell in an information way and technical sharing way, if they did shoot down missiles, you know north korea are interesting. heather: in terms of putin and his response? >> the mission accomplished is really about the tactical very
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large tactical mission, it was accomplished not by having 100% precision for our missiles but having 100% results on the ground. that's what counts. look all previous comparable. president putin, basically i agree with the general, next move is to get closer, they will be embedded further and probably bring more antiaircraft missiles and letting us know, where they would be successful on the ground so they think is where we are in smaller numbers, isolated and that i will reiterate, eastern syria is next goal. heather: final words on it, specifically talk about our troops and how long we will leave them there? >> well, you know, we have about 2,000 troops on the ground. interesting we have 3,000 troops in jordan on an exercise that just started an that's a flexible deterrent option, in
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the major region upwards of 6 or 7,000 troops, we are exercising our muscle there, demonstrating strength and, nikki haley said the conditions based once we defeated isis, completely destroyed them and once syria complied with the chemical weapons and once iran gets the message, that least room for negotiation there as far as how long the troop stays. heather: general, walid phares, thank you for joining us, our insight at this hour is greatly appreciated at this hour and for me. >> thank you. >> these are more words i never thought i would utter on a president of the united states but it's possible. heather: explosive claims to sell his tell all, an interview that everyone would be talking about but here is lady antabella
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1:25 am
as well as the solicitous but unverified russian dossier. >> do you think the russians have something on donald trump? >> i think it's possible. i don't know. these are words i never thought i would utter for a president of the united states, but it's possible. >> is president trump striking justice? >> possibly, certainly some evidence of obstruction of justice in a sense. i continued to believe that there was force to the attorney general's counsel, you are going to look at the conduct because he's head to have campaign. >> quote, slippery james comey, a man who always ends up badly and out of whack, he's not smart, exclamation point, he will go down as the worst director by far. >> he's out for revenge i would
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say when he talks about a higher justice, he's really talking about higher view of himself, than i think the american people have. >> jim comey in my way of thinking is a good man who made a consequential blunder. good people makes mistakes all of the time it just happens that the blunder he made had huge consequence. >> this is all for comey's new book a higher loyalty which hits shelves tomorrow. heather: what was your overall reaction to it? >> you know, this isn't what the fbi director should be doing. i said repeatedly, president trump is unconventional president but he sort of can be that, the fbi director necessarily shouldn't be unconventional and this guy was. heather: seemed petty to me. seemed like he was upset about being fired and that's where we are today. >> you hear the lines in the book, i looked at his hands,
1:27 am
they were small. heather: and the spray tan. former fbi director talking about the spray tan. sarah sanders had something to say as well, here is what she thought. >> look, he said that he opened the hillary clinton investigation on its merits, now we are finding certainly that it had something to the with the political landscape. i find it out outrageously unbelievable, the man that takes copious notes and recollects conversation, he thought hillary clinton would win and he thought that this would give him some cover, he thought, he made decisions based on political landscape and not on the facts of the case and when the person that is supposed to lead the highest law enforcement agency in our country starts making decisions based on political environments instead of what is right and wrong, it's a really dangerous position.
1:28 am
heather: which he admitted, he thought this would legitimize president -- what he thought would be president clinton at the time. >> correct, as for you and the people out there and america are saying, january on facebook, wrote, turn it off, could not watch disrespectful sour grapes because he was fired, worst fbi director in history. jenine, integrity is in question for sure, the credibility diminished due to failure anything relating to clintons and brad, comey is a fraud and needs to go away. take hillary's hand and disappear into the woods. heather: i like the last one. absolutely. thank you. >> no problem. heather: time now half past of the hour, violated fbipolis scathing new report blasting andrew mccabe for misleading
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investigators, more on the fbi. tom who has been on the case since the very beginning joins us live up next, but first, here is keith urban performing coming home at last night's acm awards. ♪ ♪ ♪ vo: gopi has built her business with her own two hands.
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heather: you're watching "fox & friends first", we are back with fox news alert. locked and loaded, the white house planning some new sanctions on russia after warnings of more air strikes if chemical attacks continue in syria, david lee miller live in israel-syrian border with the very latest, good morning, david. >> good morning, heather, we are on the israeli side of the border, a few hundred yards away from syrian territory, folks on both sides of the border asking this morning what next, the u.s. is threatening more sanctions, what would be a third round of
1:33 am
sanctions against russia. the u.s. ambassador nikki haley says the u.s. going is target companies that dealt with equipment related to the assad regime's use of chemical weapons, she spoke on fox news sunday saying that chemical weapons are a threat to the entire world. listen. >> we have to be very conscious of the fact that we can't allow even the smallest use of chemical weapons, this very easily could happen in the united states if we are not smart and if we are not conscious of what's happening. >> meanwhile president trump has defended the use of the message mission accomplished. now, president bush is associated with the phrase speaking before a banner in 2003 that said mission accomplished, he said what were premature comments, now in response to being mocked and ridiculed
1:34 am
president trump has tweeted out, quote, the syrian raid was so perfectly carried out with such precision that the way the fake news media could demean by my use of mission accomplished. i knew that they could seize on this and it was a great military term that should be brought up often. lastly, uk prime minister theresa may will be in parliament later today, she will defend the uk's participation air strikes in editorial of british newspaper she said that the british participated not for regime change, not to interfere with the syrian civil war but to stop the use of chemical weapons. what she will face is the opposition labour party that restrict any future air strikes unless there's parliamentary
1:35 am
decisions. heather: reporting from the associated press hundreds of syrians gathered in demascus in support of syrian forces, we will continue to follow that. thank you. barbara bush is ill and will not continue medical treatment, messages of support are flood in from both sides of the aisle. kelly wright with those messages for us, good morning, kelly. kelly: as barbara bush spends time with her family at her home in houston, she's receiving a massive outpouring of support. the former fist lady is 92 year's old, due to illness she has experienced a series of hospitalizations, a family spokesperson said that has refused medical treatment and focused on comfort care at home. the office of george h.w. bush put out a heart felt statement sunday noting how even in times of sickness she she's thinking of others, the statement roads, quote, it would not surprise
1:36 am
those who know her that barbara bush has been a rock in the face of her failing health working not for herself thanks to abiding faith but for others. vice president mike pence writing on twitter this weekend, caren and i are praying for the entire bush family tonight. prayers going up for a woman of great faith, great strength and unwavering love of country. our country is better because of former first lady barbara bush. bush's health has been on the mind of visitors to the museum at the first lady's exhibit. >> she's been an example and continuing to be during this period of decline, everybody faces that and some people do it gracefully, she's one of them. kelly: support to note that barbara bush is the only living wife of one former president and the mother of another former
1:37 am
president, heather. heather: prayers with all of the family today, appreciate it. kelly: sure. heather: james comey over insistence that he called the hillary clinton investigation a, quote, matter. >> did you think she was doing that to protect hillary clinton? >> i didn't know. it worried me, gave me uncomfortable feeling because the clinton campaign had been trying to come up with other words to describe it. i decided i have to step as much as i like her, i have to step away from her and show the american people the fbi's work separately. heather: well, here now to retook into account that explosive interview the president of judicial watch tom, thank you so much for joining us this morning, we really appreciate it. >> you're welcome. heather: let's get your overall response to the interview last night. >> well, mr. comey hates president trump and he was willing to break the rules and maybe the law to get him. there's nothing that trump did that mr. comey was willing to credit in terms of truthfulness
1:38 am
or concern about reputation and when it came to hillary clinton, though, he bent over backwards, everything was innocent, there was no reason to prosecute her, when you read the interview which includes material not aired by abc, he said he knew the clinton investigation, the clinton e-mail issue was never going to be prosecuted. this is before he did any investigation. forget about writing the memo in may before he interviewed her, this was before the investigation even got started, so you had someone who bent over backwards to protect hillary clinton and really had it in for donald trump assuming he lied, even without meeting him, he couldn't be trusted, taking notes on him and bringing in this shady dossier not telling the truth about origin, frankly he should have been told about it earlier, as soon as they found out that dirt was being
1:39 am
shoved around by the russians in order to protect him or blackmailed or pressure but they used excuse to investigate him. really decrypted behavior by the fbi and mr. comey is responsible for it. i didn't hear much about his corrupt number two andrew mccabe. heather: we will talk about that. >> who was the counter intel guy. heather: that's a whole other issue. before we get to mccabe, let's get to what loretta lynch had to say before the interview last night basically throwing her under the bus and here is her response, continue to talk a little bit more about this because he basically said that he decided to, you know, release this information about the e-mail investigation with hillary clinton specifically to protect the legitimacy of the clinton presidency. he flat out said it. >> well, yeah, because he -- well, he talked about interestingly how his wife and
1:40 am
daughters god bless them, they have a right to have first amendment views were add -- adamantly prohillary clinton, one indication where he was coming down on this and then secondly, it was not only loretta lynch that he knew didn't want this done but president obama, again, in the written interview or the interview that was published online, he said president obama said something about the clinton investigation, got the signal from him he didn't want anything done. i don't understand how anyone could credit anyone that james comey's fbi did in the period, whether it'd be the sham investigation of hillary clinton or elicit improper investigation of donald trump. heather: now seems like a decade ago on andrew mccabe and there could be more coming, correct, this is just part of it? >> well, there could be more coming, supposedly they'll be an investigation or ig reports coming in may -- well, actually
1:41 am
may of this year now. it's been years since some of the issues have been raised but andrew mccabe has real issues, again, undermines the investigations that were going on at the time, he was involved at illegally leaking emails about the clinton foundation investigations or at least lying about the leaks and then on top of that, you had his issue about whether he's compromised generally because of the money his spouse was getting for the -- for her campaign $700,000. heather: which we talked about extensively, yes. >> why on earth was this man anywhere near the clinton e-mail investigations and secondly why on earth was he allow today continue in a position of influence with respect to donald trump's investigations? heather: lying not once, not twice but four times. tom, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it and much more to cover on this as we move forward. thank you.
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>> you're welcome. heather: and we will be right back, stay withoo us. ust received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase large, small, or very large. technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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heather: fox business alert for you, urgent recall hitting refrigerators across the country, tracee carrasco why millions of eggs are being pulled off shelves. >> good morning, 2 million eggs being pulled off shelves after reportedly people got sick from salmonella, new york, pennsylvania, south carolina, virginia and west virginia. now they were sold in grocery stores, at restaurants under several different names, great value, sunshine farms just to name a few. if you're concern that you have eggs, throw them out, take them back to store where you got them but don't eat them because there
1:46 am
are concerns about salmonella. heather: stick to bagel or cereal. half a million people dropping out of the food stamps program, nearly 600,000 people discontinued their snap benefits between december 2017 and january 2018. now, overall the numbers have been declining since the beginning of the fiscal year in october, temporary enrollment going down following a surge of participating following hurricanes harvey and irma. the time now is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour, fox -- fox news alert for you, president trump draws a sticker red line and takes action in syria but still not enough for critics, where do we go from here, political panel on deck to debate it up next ♪ more and more people have discovered something strong... ...dependable... ...long lasting. they found themselves in a chevy truck.
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heather: well, president trump enforcing his read line by taking action in syria but it's still not enough for critics who say that he needs to work with congress. where do we go from here, joining me to debate commentary writer for the washington examiner and democratic strategists sarah, thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it this morning. >> good morning. heather: sarah, i will start with you, moving forward, we already know the debate is now going to move to congress on presidential war powers, do you think that president trump had to right to do this? >> well, you know, when the president declares a red line that's all fine and well but there's constitutional requirements of how we expand our use of force in any region, so i think it's important if we are going to pursue an expanded military effort in syria that the president seek congressional approval to do so. we've used missile strikes for
1:51 am
years in this region and have done nothing to end the war or help syrian people, if we were serious about how we were going to end the civil war on the ground, we would be pursuing robust diplomatic strategy and consulting with congress about a planned military effort and we would lift the ban on refugees that have been the victims of bashar al-assad. heather: philip, what do you think, the president said on sunday that he was exercising his commander in chief powers when he ordered the strikes, he insisted on saturday that this was a matter in the vital interest of national security? >> well, i think what president trump is doing here is not only retroa -- retroactively red line that predecessor put in place, remember, these attacks are coming not just after bashar al-assad used chemical weapons in syria but they are also coming after russian agents used
1:52 am
a nerve agent in the united kingdom. so what trump is doing here is much larger just than syria, instead he's putting noter -- iran, north korea and china on notice at the same time that he's letting bashar al-assad and putin know that something we will not tolerate. heather: they were specific in the target that is they hit and reportedly destroying three different facilities, chemical weapon's facilities there in syria. >> what philip just said not only putting bashar al-assad on notice but chemical weapons anywhere and exactly why he needs to consult congress on the planned military effort if we are going to expand our presence there. i also think the time asking notable. we know that missile strikes have been the go-to way that the past president and the current president have decide today deal with syria and it's pretty convenient that this comes at a
1:53 am
time when there's plenty of domestic news happening all over the place. heather: yeah, philip as we continue to talk about this, let's bring up a couple of the quotes of different members of congress and what they have to say in reference to the president as we move forward talking within more about it, getting their approval, in terms of the chemical weapons' attacks themselves, 83 chemical weapons' attacks from syria, 85 actually. >> i think it's incredibly ironic that the president needs to come to her for an authorization of force, remember, barack obama was operating under an aum, if that was going back to 2001 but the second point here is that nit criticism that the president is launching cruise missiles because he wants to improve his image here in the united states at a difficult time, i mean, look, i'm pretty cynical and pretty critical of this
1:54 am
president but i don't think that trump was willing to lose 105 cruise missiles just because he wanted his poll numbers to look better. heather: no. >> this is something that he said he wasn't going to do during the campaign trail. i think this president was legitimately moved by the pictures of dead syrian children and that's what he made the decision. heather: joined by france and the uk as well, so that definitely needs to be said. thank you both for joining us, we appreciate it. philip, sarah, thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. heather: pure panic 30,000 feet in the air, look. >> that's done, i'm going see baby jesus and popa god. heather: a heroic pilot got plane down on the ground. vo: gopi's found a way to keep her receipts tidy,
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even when nothing else is. brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. quickbooks. backing you.
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heather: well, southwest airlines passengers scared for their lives trying to land in severe storm. here is the path the plane was supposed to take from fort lauderdale to new orleans, the track goes right through storm. you can see there. here is what actually happened passengers say was actually a
1:59 am
nightmare. >> felt like i was about to see god, it's done, i'm about to see momma, poppa god. >> you thought that you were going to die? >> yes. heather: plane making emergency landing in florida later landing safe in new orleans, their top focus is safety. stranded voters pulled to safety after crashing into a jetty, incredible video off the coast of miami where it happened, none of the three people amazingly on board of the bowrt were injured when the boat nearly overturned. the crash in nearly the same spot where miami marlins josé fernández and two others were killed back in 2016. and then another incredible rescue, this time on the west coast, a driver plunges 150 feet off of the cliff into some rocky waters and survives, the firefighters are pulling the man to safety. this happened south of san francisco.
2:00 am
he was not seriously injured and able to crawl out of that on his own, the crash was likely operator error and not due to drunk driving. wow. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", hopefully you'll have a great start to your week, "fox & friends first" continues right now, thanks for joining us, bye, bye. >> he made a point and hopefully assad gets it, if he doesn't, it's going to hurt. rob: locked and loaded, the u.s. vowing all options are on the table if another chemical attack is carried in syria, brand-new sanctions that russia could be facing in this. >> i don't think he's medically unfit to be president. i think he's morally unfit to be president. jillian: ousted fbi director james comey comes out


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