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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 16, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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that's far from where i am now standing the israelis have a high-tech listening post. israel closely monitoring events in syria. take a look over my shoulder. you can see syrian territory a few hundred yards away. while the israeli government has voiced approval for the air strikes there is a sense on the ground not much has changed. the syrian villages you're looking at are rebel held and there is concern the forces of bashar al-assad will soon try to retake them. on the streets of damascus today, hundreds took to the streets to demonstrate to show support for the regime. the rally was broadcast live on syrian state television. the event was called a salute to the arab syrian army. both russia and syria are trying to minimize the impact of the u.s. air strikes.
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both using rhetoric and with events like this. meanwhile u.s./u.n. ambassador nikki haley the u.s. is preparing a third round of sanctions targeting russia to go after russian companies that deal with equipment related to syria's use of chemical weapons. meanwhile russia's deputy foreign minister said the fact finding team from the u.n.-backed organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons cannot -- repeat cannot enter the town of douma. that's where the reported chemical attack took place. russia says that team lacks the required approval from the u.n. department of safety and security. the team arrived in syria over the weekend only a short time ago and this is worth noting russia said it was going to guarantee not to interfere with that team's work. russia said it was committed to their fact-finding mission. now it appears there is a serious reversal and roadblock for that team being able to do
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its job. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: david lee miller on the border with syria and israel. >> bill: want to bring in heather nauert from the state department. welcome back to "america's newsroom." what more can you add on the syria raid. >> as i talk david lee miller talking about how the chemical weapons inspectors can't get in because they supposedly need a u.n. pass to do so is absolutely ridiculous. it's another attempt on the part of the russians to bolster assad's raoej assembly. russia has probably already decided to degrade what was at the site. we know chemical weapons were used. >> bill: chlorine, not sarin gas, right?
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>> we're looking at a couple of things. we have information that leads us to know there were two types of substances used. chlorine information about that and information about sarin. we continue to look at it and assess the situation. >> bill: why was there a building even standing in syria that could help produce chemical weapons today? >> let's go back to why the united states and its coalition partners are in syria to begin with. it's not to fiddle with the civil war that's been taking place there since 2011. the sole purpose -- let me answer your question. the sole reason we're there is to take out isis. but as we start to see in the world community watches as syria kills innocent men, women and children, backed by bashar al-assad, backed by russia, backed by iran the united states and allies had to act. so that's exactly what we did. as for the military planners and why they choose certain targets that's in their lane.
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i can't comment on that from the state department. i can tell you we believe we degraded their ability to use chemical weapons to kill people. >> bill: i understand the point you're making. stunning to me over the weekend to learn these facilities in at least three different locations are still in tact today. >> that could be newly learned intelligence. i don't have that information but i know our people are the best at figuring that out. >> bill: what can you tell us about the newest russian sanctions coming today supposedly. >> first of all let me tell you the united states sanctioned two russian entities two days ago. russian companies that facilitated arms sales to syria and why we talk about how russia continues to back syria and russia is partly responsible for what syria has done to its own people. in terms of other sanctions activity that's something we're taking a look at. we're always taking a look at. that i won't get ahead of what departments may announce but we're looking at it. it is a dynamic situation.
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>> bill: what do you make of the russian sponsor lack there of? did you expect it to be more aggressive? >> the russian rhetorical response? that's to try to lie and pretend as though they are not involved in this. and they are. we've seen a series of russian lies at the united nations and through their disinformation campaigns for many years now. that comes as no surprise. >> bill: what i was referring to is the lack of a russian response on the ground in syria. there was concern before the raid there could be retaliation and there was not >> i think russia is taking notice of the united states' actions. the u.s., u.k. and france all standing together. you've heard a chorus of countries coming out in support of the u.s. and its allies took. russia is taking notice. >> bill: did james mattis win the argument. go in and lead the strikes for an hour and do not risk the possibility of a wider war?
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>> again, this goes back to why we are in syria to begin with. that is to defeat isis. this incident took place, the strike that the united states undertook on friday night into saturday morning was because syria is using chemical weapons on its own people. that's why we are there. we aren't there to force regime change. we are not there for any other reason. and that's why you saw this strike. >> bill: one last question here. in turkey there is a back and forth between our government and the government of turkey about an american age 50 andrew craig brunson on trial for alleged terror ties. what is his condition and whether or not you can get him released before trial? >> you are referring to pastor brunson. he has been held in syria for a couple of years now -- excuse me, in turkey for a couple of years now. turkey claiming that he was part of the coup that was attempted a few years back. we do strongly support our
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pastor brunson, an american citizen and like to see him sent home. this trial is ridiculous and the united states and state department has people there watching at his trial. among them are ambassador for religious issues sam brownback is there at the trial today. >> bill: thank you for coming back here today and we'll speak again very soon. heather nauert there from the state department today. >> sandra: another big story today. former f.b.i. director james comey speaking out about his new book sitting down for his first of many interviews on his new book slamming president trump repeatedly. here is part of that. >> is donald trump unfit to be president? >> yes. not in the way i often hear people talk about it. i don't buy the stuff about him being mentally incompetent. i don't think he is medically unfit to be president. i think he is morally unfit to be president.
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our president must embody respect and adhere to the values at the core of this country. the most important being truth. this president is not able to do that. he is morally unfit to be president. >> sandra: kevin corke, reaction continues to pour in after the book and interview. >> you aren't kidding. how about that? what a watch that was last night. i'm sure most journalists around the country did punch and counter punch as they continue to snap the verbal jabs at each other. you can throw in a check left hook on occasion as well as we take the president's favorite online social media platform, twitter, here we go. comey drafted the crooked hillary exoneration long before he talked to her. lied in congress to senator g, grassley, then based his decisions on poll numbers. disgruntled he, mccabe and the others committed many crimes. he adds this and i think you'll find this one instructive. the big questions in comey's badly reviewed book aren't answered? how come he gave up classified
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information, jail. why did he lie to congress? jail. why with the dnc refuse to give the -- and more. the book a higher loyalty, truth, lies and leadership detail the former director's reactions and impressions of president trump. he said my book is about ethical leadership and draws on stories from my life and lessons from others. three presidents are in my book. two help illustrate the values of the heart of ethical leadership. one serves as a counter point. i hope folks read the whole thing and find it useful. officials are incandescent at the white house about the tell-all saying he is an embittered former employee looking to make a buck. >> this is somebody not under oath in interviews and writing a book and this is somebody who is giving a revisionist version of history. the president hardly knew the man.
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>> we'll hear more from the white house i'm sure on this throughout the day. the president leaving for florida tax round table within the hour. we'll have all the live team coverage. for now back to you. >> sandra: we will indeed. thank you. >> bill: gauging reaction on this. a lot of it. rnc chair ronna mcdaniels live in moments and former campaign manager corey lewandowski. a lot of reaction on this as you would expect. >> sandra: stay tuned for that. it is a big day in court for president trump's long-time personal attorney. >> i don't understand what he is doing, what michael cohen is doing with each passing day. this is getting worse and worse for him and it will get worse and worse for the president. >> sandra: michael cohen and stormy daniels will both be in a federal courtroom just hours from now. judge andrew napolitano will be here. >> bill: there was a lot of reaction coming in on the condition of the former first lady barbara bush this morning.
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announce the decision not to prosecute clinton herself just one of comey's explosive comments promoting a new book out this week. ronna mcdaniel with me back in her home state of michigan. what did you think of last night? why don't we start there generally? >> i thought it was a self-serving interview, james comey didn't reveal any information except that we have learned since this book is starting to be leaked that he did make the decision to open the clinton investigation, back up and reveal it to the public based on public polls. i think that's incredibly alarming. james comey thinks of lot of himself and shared that last night. >> bill: here is one quote on screen, okay? i'll read it for you. i think impeaching and removing
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donald trump from ofls would let the american people off the hook. people in this country need to go to the voting booth and vote their values. >> i think james comey feels guilty and worries he hurt hillary clinton and boy, does he want to make right with her caweekend to see the decisive action he took in syria. something that president obama did not do. when bashar al-assad used chemical weapons. he reestablished us in the world reversing economic fortunes and creating a comeback for the american people. i think a lot of americans will revote for donald trump at the polls. >> is it relevant now that we know his wife was a hillary
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clinton supporter and admitted four of his five kids voted for hillary clinton, is that relevant? >> i would have liked to have seen george stephanopolous ask how did your wife react when you reopened the investigation? i think it's really interesting he is saying he didn't want hillary clinton to enter the presidency with a taint on her office. does he think me and attention to this, is it worth it for you? is it worth it for this white
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house? or do you find yourself just giving more promotion toward the book? >> you know, it's worth it because the media, aside from fox news, has by and large been totally negative about president trump. i think the interview last night comey did not get asked tough questions about the hillary clinton investigation, why he felt like she shouldn't be charged. there was a lot more he should have been asked and had to report on. and we have to push back because we know that right now in the current state of affairs, the national media is not going to vet james comey and give a counter narrative. that's our job. i think when the american people see his record, when they look at his book, they will look at the million dollar contract he signed to sell this book, and then you look at some of the things that he has done as f.b.i. director, they'll look at this person as somebody out with a vendetta now trying to make right and affect the next election. >> bill: give me the one question you would like to ask.
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there will be more interviews with james comey. perhaps even here on our program. >> i would like to ask how he came to the conclusion that with hillary clinton being extremely reckless with classified emails on a private server that she did not warrant some type of charges. >> bill: thank you for your time. chairwoman for the rnc. nice to have you back. we'll speak again soon. a lot of questions for different people in different circles. >> sandra: we'll ask corey lewandowski a few of those questions and see what he has to say. politicians taking aim at andrew mccabe after a report from the inspector general. >> four times the number two person at the premier law enforcement agency in the world, the f.b.i., lied and was less than truthful sometimes under oath. >> sandra: that was congressman john ratcliffe and congressman pete king coming up in our next
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and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> sandra: people around the nation praying for barbara bush after a spokesman for the family announced the former first lady is in failing health and will no longer seek medical treatment. casey stegal is live in houston. casey, what do we know this morning? >> good morning. i can confirm that fox has learned the 92-year-old former first lady is resting comfortably at her home in this exclusive gated community back here in west houston. according to a bush family spokesperson after repeated hospital visits and a recent series of hospitalizations, mrs. bush, after consulting doctors and her family members,
6:26 am
has decided not to pursue further medical treatment. now the focus keeping her comfortable. barbara bush and her husband, former president bush, they just celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary making them the longest married couple in presidential history. she has been suffering from congestive heart failure and copd and dealing with grave's disease, a thyroid condition. remember just last year, last january, she and her husband both hospitalized in houston at the same time. that the she had bronchitis and respiratory infection. her health has been ailing in recent years, 92 years old. she is reportedly surrounded by her family at this hour, sandra. >> sandra: casey, lots of well wishes are pouring in this morning. >> they really are from all
6:27 am
over. just average citizens and then reaction from the political world as well. on social media let's show you a tweet from nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. prayers going up for a woman of great faith and unwavering love of country. our country is better because of former first lady barbara bush and the senate gop tweeting our thoughts and prayers are with the former first lady, barbara bush, and the entire bush family. spokesperson adding that mrs. bush appreciates many of the kind messages that everyone is sending and especially the prayers. >> sandra: casey stegal in houston. >> bill: a great woman, a great woman and great american with a fantastic family. i love how she is so direct, blunt and to the point and great sense of humor. >> sandra: her granddaughters said they spoke to her last night and she is in good
6:28 am
spirits and she is a fighter. >> bill: our best to you. right now the white house meanwhile president trump getting ready heading to florida and talk with reporters possibly on his way out. there are numerous stories on the burner so we'll find out momentarily whether or not the president will take the questions. >> sandra: the u.s. expected to hit russia with a round of new sanctions for its support of the assad regime. we're live at the pentagon with the latest. plus there is this. >> so you are listening. are you thinking president trump is a liar? >> yes, yeah. >> bill: james comey taking the gloves off in a fiery interview last night ahead of the release of his new book tomorrow. he will go after the president in that book and did so in that interview. we action from corey lewandowski coming up live next. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics.
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the president takes part in a round table discussion with small businesses on tax reform and tomorrow and wednesday big moment he will host the japanese prime minister at his resort mar-a-lago, florida. before he gets on air force one and before he leaves he takes questions from reporters. they are camped out there. given the weather today. maybe it should be inside today. we'll see whether or not that's the case. >> sandra: i see they're getting similar weather there. the tax round table happening just as we approach tax day tomorrow in case anybody needed a head's up. tomorrow. are you prepared? >> bill: i was very prepared, yes. i was done a month ago. i was scared to death. i imagine i'm like millions of americans trying to figure it out on their own. >> sandra: plan on the president touting that tax reform and taking ownership of the big changes. the president will be departing
6:33 am
to florida soon. meanwhile new reaction to fired f.b.i. director james comey's abc interview last night where he unleashes on president trump explaining why he compared the president to a mob boss during his first interview. corey lewandowski is a former trump campaign manager and co-author of let trump be trump. he joins us now, corey, good morning. >> great to be with you. >> sandra: what do you think so far? comparing the president to a mob boss. it wasn't exactly in the way that we all pictured initially when the headlines started coming out, when we heard him describe the comparison it was more about leadership culture and he writes in the book the boss in complete control. loyalty oath, us versus them worldview. was it like working for a mob boss for you when you worked for him? >> you know, sandra, jim comey didn't spend much time with president trump or president
6:34 am
elect trump. i spent tens of thousands of hours with him over the course of a multi-year period. i can tell you the president is the most gracious man i've ever met. a person who is very concerned about other people's well-being and never in all of my tenure standing, sitting next to then candidate trump or president trump did he ever ask for loyalty. what he wants are people willing to work hard and share his vision to get things done for america and it's a reasonable request. what we've seen from jim comey is that he and his best friend mccabe, andrew mccabe are passing barbs at each other saying the other one is a liar. we see it's a tale of two lies. we don't know who is telling the truth because they both have their own version what took place. what is true is both jim comey and andrew mccabe have done serious damage to a very important institution. >> sandra: here is the
6:35 am
description he gave of that mob boss comparison. listen. >> i felt this effort to make us all -- maybe this wasn't their intention but the way it felt to may, to make us all part of the messaging. all part of the effort, the boss is at the head of the table and we'll figure out together how to do this. i'm not trying to suggest that president trump is out breaking legs and shaking down shop keepers. but instead what i'm talking about is that leadership culture constantly comes back to me when i think about my experience with the trump administration. >> this is the same jim comey who i think was in charge of the boston f.b.i. under the regime of whitey bulger, the most notorious gangster our country has seen in the last 50 years. his f.b.i. and boston bureau didn't do anything about it. this is the same jim comey in charge of the boston bombing at the time where we had a terrorist attack in boston. this is a man who failed time and time again as head of the
6:36 am
f.b.i. to protect american citizens and now he wants to say the president of the united states, duly elected president street a mob boss. jim comey lost all his credibility when he lied under oath in front of congress. >> sandra: he said how he would ensure the special counsel investigation would happen. listen. >> when he tweeted there might be tapes, the thought hit me like wait a minute, if there are tapes, he will be heard on that tape in the oval office asking me to let it go. there is corroboration or could be corroboration for the thing we thought we would never could ob rate of a possible obstruction of justice. somebody has to get the tapes. >> you wanted a special counsel. >> i wanted someone without political conflict, someone to find the facts. >> sandra: that was him describing the moment the need for the special counsel was crystallizeed in his mind,
6:37 am
corey. >> you know, you have to remember on the day that jim comey was fired it is amazing, a footnote in the inig's report that came out of doj. on the day jim comey was fired is the same day that andrew mccabe was accused of lying under oath on three separate occasions and became the acting director of the f.b.i. it is amazing the confluence of events here. so look, the special counsel was put in place because jeff sessions recused himself but what we now know there was no collusion, no cooperation or coordination between the trump campaign and russians but there seemed to be a directive by jim comey to take polling data into account. not the facts but polling data into account when he decided to reopen an investigation to hillary clinton and now being criticized for that as well. >> sandra: he tweeted this out. my book is about ethical leadership and draws on stories from my life. three presidents are in my book, two helped demonstrate the values of ethical
6:38 am
leadership. one serves as a counter point. i hope folks read the whole things. based on this discussion i doubt this book is at the top of your summer reading list. >> this is a man who is trying to enrich himself at the expense of others. he has had very limited interaction with president trump and now he has put out a book and getting a lot of publicity on something because it's salacious. the bottom line is jim comey needs to be held accountable for lying under oath to congress. leaking information, some potentially classified to a former professor to make sure the information got out in the public and no accountability for jim comey or for that matter andrew mccabe and there needs to be. >> sandra: corey lewandowski, thank you for being here this morning. >> bill: back for another big story as we heard 30 minutes ago heather nauert live on our program says there will be new sanctions on russia for its support of the assad regime in
6:39 am
syria. jennifer griffin working all weekend live and jennifer, good morning at the pentagon today. what is the assessment from the pentagon regarding the strikes late on friday night? >> good morning. sometimes it's what you don't see in military warfare that sends the message. i'm told by well-placed u.s. defense sources the russian and syrian air defenses did not even see the u.s., french and british near simultaneous attack on their radar systems when the 105 allied missiles landed within minutes of each other launched from warships and jets stretching from the mediterranean to the persian gulf. >> we've successfully destroyed three buildings in metropolitan damascus, one of the most heavily defended aerospace areas in the world. >> three chemical weapons facilities obliterated including a research center. general mckenzie says russia's
6:40 am
fourth generation air defenses were silent. the deterrent message of this strike was not the number of sites hit or the amount of real estate taken from assad but the clear message to russia, syria, iran and north korea that this is how precise and overwhelming u.s. military targeting can be. >> bill: how did the pentagon choose which military assets to use in this strike? >> a lot of the targeting was designed to keep the u.s. alliance with france and britain together. about 20% of the missiles fired into syria came from british and french forces. we have learned the french took out one of those sites near holmes by itself destroying the third target, a chemical weapons bunkers. nikki haley said the president's goal is not just to defeat isis and halt the use of chemical weapons. >> he wanted to make sure that we had good grounds to watch what iran was doing and they weren't making a lot of aggressive headway in terms of that. iran is a national threat to
6:41 am
american interests. >> indicating the u.s. will keep troops in syria for as long as it takes. >> bill: a lot more to come on this. good work over the weekend. jennifer griffin from the pentagon live. >> sandra: president trump's attorneys trying to find out what documents were seized from michael cohen as he is ordered to appear in a federal courtroom today. stormy daniels will be there as well. what can we expect from this showdown in federal court? judge andrew napolitano is on deck. >> when the judge was asking questions of his counsel and the counsel unfortunately did not have answers to these simple questions, the judge wasn't happy about it. hi i'm joan lunden.
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your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. >> sandra: president trump has left the white house en route to florida with the first lady melania trump. they just departed marine one. will arrive joint base andrews shortly. air force one is there and then heading to florida where the
6:45 am
president will be taking part in a round table discussion with small business on tax reform. this ahead of tax day tomorrow april 17th. tomorrow he will be hosting japanese prime minister abe at the mar-a-lago resort. he is awaited and we'll keep the pictures up and watch them. thank you. >> this is a very serious matter for her and she wants to make sure that the american people know that she is behind efforts to bring to light as much information and documents as possible. she also wants to ensure that she is heard and that she is represented at the hearing. it has nothing to do with getting in his head at all. >> bill: this can be something else. the lawyer for stormy daniels explaining why she wants to be in federal court this afternoon. michael cohen faces questions later today about the documents seized from his office by the f.b.i. about a week ago.
6:46 am
fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano here to take us through the proceedings. 2:00 this afternoon michael cohen goes under oath. he will be on the stand. what's expected at this hearing. >> when the f.b.i. seized the thousands of documents as well as laptops and cell phones and hard drives michael cohen's lawyers made an application to the judge saying it doesn't belong to michael cohen but -- send it back to us. the judge is holding a hearing. the government said you only have one client, donald trump. what you do for him isn't practicing law. you are a dirty trickster and fixster, the government's word and no attorney/client privilege. the judge will hold a hearing with michael cohen on the stand trying to per said -- persuade a lawyer and he does practice law and the things seized are protected by attorney/client
6:47 am
privilege. the government wants to show he doesn't practice law and does non-legal things and some of which are criminal and there is no privilege. if it is -- >> bill: government team or trump lawyer's team. >> the government team of prosecutors. cohen's lawyers said they don't trust that but a federal judge should do it. >> bill: trump's lawyers will say let us go through the material and whatever is relevant we'll let you go through and whatever is not relevant. i can understand that argument. >> if you are or my lawyer's office was raided you would think what is the federal government doing with my documents? the president's fears are genuine and understandable. >> bill: how dangerous is this
6:48 am
today? >> extremely dangerous for michael cohen. the federal government plans to indict him. i think it's a crime related to fraud. you never, ever get to question the person you are going to indict under oath before the indictment. that's what they'll get today. this may be a trap for him. >> bill: i'm reading over the weekend they've been looking at michael cohen for months. how? >> yes. we don't know how because they haven't told us. i can suggest that they have surveilled him, that they have surveilled his conversations, his emails and text messages and that they have seized records of his from banking institutions and other entities with which he is doing business in such a manner that he didn't know about it until all this came about last monday. >> bill: the judge in the courtroom today is judge wood who has been around for a while. >> she was bill clinton's nominee to be attorney general. he withdrew the nominations
6:49 am
because of a nanny gate scandal. she was paying for a nanny off the books. she is a strong willed, intelligent harvard law school graduate highly respected federal judge who in my opinion will do the right thing. >> bill: do you think today's appearance takes this to a new level? >> yes, it does. i have think it's dangerous for the president for several reasons. this team of federal prosecutors and f.b.i. agents who work in what we call the southern district of new york is the most aggressive in the country. second, they can't be fired. they are not political appointees. they're civil service protected. they can't be fired and their investigation can't be shut down. in some respects they're more dangerous to the trump presidency than bob mueller and his team. >> bill: thank you, judge. see what happens. any headlines from comey last night? >> he has strong opinions. i didn't see any more evidence of anything that hadn't come out already. >> bill: nice to see you. what's next?
6:50 am
>> sandra: tax day almost here. how will president trump's new tax law impact your returns? peter doocy is here to break it all down for us next. middle of. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> bill: fans mourning the actor ermey today. he died yesterday from pneumonia related complications. remember this? >> i have a war face. it will not cry, you will learn by the numbers. i will teach you. now get up, on your feet. >> bill: the former marine made a career of playing hard nosed
6:54 am
military men. he earned a golden globe nomination. tough on screen friends and family remember him as a kind man who offered support to men and women who served. once a marine, always a marine. he leaves us with a strong memory. good scene. >> sandra: a look back at his life and fun to look back at those clips this morning. he will be missed for sure. if you haven't done so already a quick reminder tomorrow is the deadline to file your taxes and though some elements of president trump's tax reform plan have yet to go into effect the real test is still yet to come. peter doocy is live in washington peter, how much longer do taxpayers have to wait to notice changes from that tax reform bill? >> the big changes are next april when the tax brackets are consolidated, rates are lowered and deductions change so the things republicans in congress and president trump have been promising finally happen. >> president trump: a typical family of four earning $75,000
6:55 am
a year will see their tax bill slashed in half. nobody thought they would ever see that. they have a lot more money to spend. we didn't get one democratic vote. >> year 2019 is when the penalty for not having health insurance goes away as the repeal of obama's care's individual mandate takes effect. >> sandra: are democrats doing anything to try and derail the changes that take place next year? >> as long as democrats are in the minority in the house and senate all they can do is talk about it. >> the gop tax scam was the future of our seniors and families and children in order to give even more money to wall street, pharmaceutical companies, big corporations, and the wealthiest 1%. >> some of the corporate tax changes with the greatest impact on wealthy americans are permanent. the individual tax changes to start next year only run through 2025. they would need to be extended
6:56 am
or else the rates will eventually snap back to where they were before the tax law passed, sandra. >> sandra: if you haven't done them yet, tomorrow is the day. peter doocy. >> bill: get an extension, right? report from the i.g. late on friday on the fired deputy director andrew mccabe. now fallout over james comey, reaction from peter king live top of the hour right here on a monday.
6:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert the floodgates are open with new reaction pouring in on that scathing inspector general's report on former f.b.i. director andrew mccabe as james comey's books dominates the headlines of its release tomorrow. a lovely monday morning i'm sandra smith. ready for a new week.
7:00 am
>> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. this story largely overlooked given the news over the weekend with syria and on and on. justice department's internal watchdog finding mccabe lied to investigators on multiple occasions on the unauthorized disclosure on information. republican congressman john ratcliffe argues that mccabe's firing was more than deserved. >> i think the most important takeaway is that the firing of andrew mccabe was justified. not once or twice or three times but four times the number two person at the premier law enforcement agency in the world, the f.b.i., lied and was less than truthful, sometimes under oath. the other important takeaway for the american people it shows our congressional investigations into this matter are justified. >> sandra: that's not all. brand-new reaction coming in after james comey unleashes on president trump during that bombshell interview last night. >> bill: we have a big hour ahead starting with howard kurtz on the media blitz.
7:01 am
congressman peter king on reaction to the interview. we start with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington good morning there. >> thank you, bill. the inspector general concluded that former f.b.i. deputy director lied four times about his role confirming the existence of the clinton foundation investigation two weeks before the presidential election. this morning president trump tied mccabe to his old boss f.b.i. director james comey writing comey drafted the exoneration statement about hillary clinton before her interview. he based his decisions on poll numbers and described him and mccabe and comey as disgruntled and committing many crimes, he said. mccabe authorized lisa page and michael core tin to discuss issues we lateed to the clinton foundation investigation including a phone call between mccabe and senior justice department official. some of the key evidence in this case comes from text messages between page and
7:02 am
mccabe. mccabe released some information to the media in certain conditions were met but found he acted for personal rather than professional reasons. >> i haven't seen the full report. sounds like two -- >> was unworthy of the great traditions of the department of justice. mccabe argued his account was more credible than comey's. mccabe believed that the inspector general was looking into comey. >> bill: these memos are what he recalls of his conversation with the president, correct? >> the justice department and f.b.i. have until midnight tonight to provide copies of the comey memos documenting the conversations with the
7:03 am
president to house chairman devin nunes and trey gowdy and bob good lat. lawmakers complain the memos are laid out in comey's book and not provided to congress. comey insisted he broke no rules. >> the president has called you a leaker. what is your response to him? >> it's true. i'm the one who testified about it and how people know about it. i gave that unclassified memo to my friend and asked him to give it to a reporter. that is entirely appropriate. >> that's very issue is in dispute. the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee grassley -- if that number is true, that means at least one of the disclosed memos contained classified information, bill. >> bill: thank you. a lot over there. catherine herridge in washington >> sandra: pete king of new
7:04 am
york, a member of the homeland and security committee. howard kurtz. let's start with congressman king first. thanks to you both for being here. the i.g. report, what does it tell us? >> it's devastating as far as andrew mccabe. the number two person in the f.b.i. accused of misleading testimony or not telling the truth. this is serious from the number two person in the f.b.i. especially on such an important matter as the clinton investigation. but it also raises real issues about jim comey. the director of the f.b.i., here his number two person, the person he relied on, has now been accused of lying and has been forced to -- he has been fired. been an obama pointy. inspector general is independent appointed by the obama administration. it is devastating to mccabe and comey and raises issues about the top echelons of the f.b.i. not the rank and file agents
7:05 am
who do a great job but the top level at the f.b.i. under comey seems to have either been mismanaged, corrupt and not doing the job the way the f.b.i. is supposed to do it. >> sandra: as americans we hear that and will anything be done about this? lied four times to the f.b.i. multiple times under oath? any accountability? >> there would have to be. the f.b.i. concluded general flynn had not lied in his statements to them and yet later on he was forced to plead guilty to lying. in this case where there has been actual finding by the f.b.i. that mccabe did lie, i don't see how he avoids prosecution. i don't want to get involved in that. there may be other information. on the face of it certainly seems to be something the justice department should follow up. if it was wrong for general flynn when people didn't think he did lie and forced to plead guilty i think in this case mccabe should receive the same treatment as general flynn if
7:06 am
not more. >> sandra: wow. howie, his former boss james comey out on the media blitz. he is out there and this is the first of many interviews. we're going to hear a lot from james comey. what do you think of the reaction pouring in this morning? >> let's say the mainstream media are very receptive to miss message. you saw george stephanopolous. he asked a few hard questions but for the most part he sounded like hillary clinton's advocate. why did you crash her than issue a one line press release? why did you open the investigation and he pushed comey to be more critical of president trump. is he a liar, unfit for office? i think, you know, we'll see that tenor in a number of these interviews. >> sandra: there was this moment and i want to ask congressman king about this where he was very open, james comey was, about his family political leanings.
7:07 am
>> any wife and girls marched in the women's march after the inauguration, probably all five of my kids wanted hillary clinton to be the first woman president. my amazing spouse did. >> i wanted a woman president really badly and supported hillary clinton and a lot of my friends worked for her and i was devastated when she lost. >> sandra: what are we supposed to think about that, congressman? >> his wife and daughters are allowed to vote and support whoever they want. seems as if jim comey is almost bragging about that and sometimes he wanted to -- the clinton camp is mad at him because of the letter he sent before the election and he seems to be emotionally upset over the fact he may have caused hillary clinton to lose. it is almost like he is trying to win favor back from the clintons i'm not that bad a guy. look at my wife and four daughters voted for hillary. give me a break. that's what i got from this. he wants to identify with the clinton side, the democratic side as opposed to the trump side which is fine if you're a
7:08 am
national chairman of a party. if you're the f.b.i. director somehow slanting in a clever way where your family leaned and voted it is inappropriate for the former f.b.i. director to act that way. >> sandra: tough to get an idea where the media stands when it comes to james comey. they've done flip-flopping. initially he was a guy who ruined the election for hillary clinton. >> i have vertigo. he was the upright figure who declined to prosecute hillary clinton and then the ego maniac and now the moralizing g man standing up to trump and hold the president -- even journalists are acknowledging the book is out and first interview is out that comey has tarnished the halo they've given him a little bit. the petty stuff about the president's orange face and size of his hands and shape of his tie and all that.
7:09 am
the over the top language about a mob boss. the president is giving it back calling a slimeball pretty hard. the default position right now is that jim comey is the truth teller as the media thinks. >> sandra: "the new york times" wrote the i.g. report provided a convenient counter point to comey's book. the president reacting saying he lied, he lied, he lied. controlled by comey referencing andrew mccabe, total disaster the president writes. do you agree with that, a counter point to comey's book? >> counter point in that it shows that it was poor direction in leadership by jim comey. again, emphasize this report was done by an independent inspector general and i would say there is nothing in this book that is new, nothing in this book that touches on any type of criminality. for instance, one example. when he talks about how somehow could be obstruction of justice when president trump spoke to him about general flynn. the fact is the f.b.i. and
7:10 am
nobody -- everybody else found nothing on general flynn involving russia. the only thing out there was when he spoke to two f.b.i. agents about his phone conversation. under that situation where there is nothing on collusion, you don't believe you lied to the f.b.i. how about calling off the investigation and giving the guy a break? that's a legitimate request to make considering the fact there was no evidence against flynn. the f.b.i. did not believe he lied. so to say that's obstruction or imply it might be to me is really over reaching by jim comey and he knows it. >> sandra: congressman pete king and howard kurtz thanks to both of you on this monday. congressman john ratcliffe has been very outspoken on this. you will hear much more from him coming up live when he joins us a little bit later in the hour to discuss the i.g. report on andrew mccabe and, of course, james comey's book. >> bill: 10 minutes past the hour. more fallout today after the
7:11 am
hit on syria late friday night. the u.s. slapping new sanctions on russia for enabling syria's government to continue to use chemical weapons. nikki haley saying russia has been covering up for syria. state department spokeswoman heather nauert talked about that last hour. >> it's another attempt on the part of the russians to bolster bashar al-assad's regime and prevents weapons inspectors from being able to get in. they need to allow unfettered access to the site. by the way, russia has probably already messed with that site and tried to degrade what is at the site right now. >> bill: she could be right about that as general keane has told us for a week now. president trump sending a letter to congressional letters over the weekend informing him in writing of his decision to strike on syria. he tweeted a perfectly executed strike last night.
7:12 am
thank you to france and the u.k. for their wisdom and the power of their fine military. could not have had a better result. mission accomplished. that's the end of that tweet there and we see what the sanctions are against moscow and russia going forward. >> sandra: what a weekend it was, wow. we have much more on the syria air strikes as we kick off a busy week including this. >> our goal was not to start war and our goal was not to kill people. our goal was to send a very strong message to assad and his friends. that message was heard loud and clear around the world. >> sandra: debate on just how effective were those missile strikes. general jack keane will join us with his insights plus this. >> terrible, terrible, just terrible. just have to pray it's in god's hands now. but the way -- you could see the waves from here coming over the water this morning. >> bill: a doozy of a spring for millions. the flooding and heavy winds and snow slamming parts of the
7:13 am
country putting many homes in danger. we'll take you there to find out what is happening today. >> sandra: homes and people. dramatic video showing a hot air balloon making a crash landing giving one neighbor quite a shock. neighborhood, my goodness. excuse me a minute...
7:14 am
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7:17 am
the most heavily defended aerospace areas in the world. it will set the syria chemical weapons program back for years. >> sandra: the pentagon says the missile strikes on syria were precise and effective crippling the regime's stockpile of chemical weapons for the moment. let's bring in jack keane. fox news senior strategic analyst. thank you for being here this morning. as far as you know and the information you have, were these -- was this strike effective? >> well, it depends on what your purpose was. in my view first of all let's give the trump administration tremendous credit for responding. we have a commander-in-chief who won't let assad use chemical weapons like his predecessor did. we showed an extraordinary amount of professionalism in what they were able to accomplish. in my view, the scale of these attacks and the number of targets that we were dealing with is frankly disappointing.
7:18 am
and also inadequate. here is why. sandra, the first attack that we made was to deter assad from ever using chemical weapons again. obviously that didn't work because we saw him use chemical weapons again. the second attack, the one we did on friday night should not have been a repeat of the purpose to deter, we should have changed the purpose of the attack to stop assad from ever using chemical weapons. only two ways to do that. destroy all of his chemical weapons, we couldn't do that because you have to incinerate them and some are near civilian populations. we can only do a portion of that. another way is to destroy his air force and artillery, the means to which he would deliver that. we have the capability to do that and do it very rapidly and that would have brought the program to a halt. so the purpose would have been stop use of chemical weapons. we have not accomplished that. we tried to deter again. he still has chemical weapons and he has all his delivery
7:19 am
means for him to use it again. >> sandra: why did the president choose this one? it wasn't the most conservative option but it was one of them. >> i can only speculate. what i've been told. i'm not in the room having a discussion. but there was a concern in the pentagon that at the air bases where we would destroy the delivery means, russia had staged some russians at those bases to discourage us from attacking those bases. i think we shouldn't have been impacted by that. the russians are responsible for their own people's safety and told them to get them out of there or -- we won't be held accountable for their safety. listen, russia doesn't want to go to war with the united states. there is a fear that russia will escalate. that's another abiding concern here. think about it. russia has almost scored a w here, a win with the iranians
7:20 am
in propping up assad and now they're consolidating the victory. to think russia would begin a shooting war in syria with the united states who has overmatch of the russians by comparison they are a second rate military power compared to what we could bring to the table. they won't have a shooting war when they're on the cusp of achieving a major strategic victory. makes no sense. >> sandra: senator graham agrees with you about the limited response and the influence at the top when it comes to the pentagon laying out the decisions this president had to make. here is lindsey graham this morning. >> if you're assad you heard our president saying i'll make you pay a big price. you are an animal. what did he see? a military strike that didn't change his life at all. assad wakes up the next day and goes back to work. >> sandra: what's next, general?
7:21 am
>> assad's calculation is interesting. he was trying to get rid of the last rebel stronghold in dam ascus. this has been going on for seven years. he couldn't do it with bombing. he knew he could do it with chemicals. he used chemicals after he did it. six hours later the rebels fled that last stronghold. his calculation was that the united states will come back likely with a small modest strike and therefore the price i'm going to pay for securing my capital city finally after seven years is well worth it. that's where we are with assad and that's why he looks like he has taken a victory lap. >> sandra: we'll see what it goes next. >> bill: good analysis there. in a moment the trump administration working to release an american pastor held on terrorism charges from turkish custody. live with details and reaction from the state department coming up in a moment.
7:22 am
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now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> sandra: severe weather hitting a big stretch of our country. the state of emergency in effect in greensboro, north carolina after an apparent tro*nd called damage to multiple homes. police are reporting one death. evacuation orders underway in michigan because of massive flooding. the grand beach the water is high. in wisconsin snow. the roof of a hotel collapsing. it is not clear if it's weather-related. no one was hurt. in the state of wisconsin the scene in green bay. lambeau field covered in snow. too bad it's off season for the packers. >> bill: this is nuts, right?
7:26 am
april 16th. this is nuts. you have the blizzard in green bay? the nickname is the frozen tundra. it is living up to it. how about some mercy for us? is it time? >> sandra: our window here is not looking pretty. >> bill: look at that. we had six hours of springtime over the weekend. that's all we got. six hours. we await. >> sandra: lovely spring weather. >> bill: eventually it will be here and then we'll complain. 26 minutes past the hour now. trump team putting pressure on turkey to release a u.s. pastor being held for more than a year. an drew brunson facing terrorism and charges of espionage. what happened today in turkey? >> good morning. the turkish government has charged american pastor matthew brunson with being a terrorist. but his attorneys say the christian pastor who shepherded a church in turkey for 23 years is a political pawn.
7:27 am
at his trial that began today he denied the charges of being a member of an armed terrorist group and military espionage. the 50-year-old originally from north carolina faces up to 35 years in prison. he is being held because he is a christian and the charges are weak. >> turkey's attempt to make a case against pastor brunson, when you look through it, it becomes clear they have absolutely nothing. >> we also spoke to brunson's daughter this morning in the u.s. waiting to hear the latest. she hopes it comes quickly to an end. >> bill: if the charges are so weak why put him on trial? >> this is the political intrigue of this whole thing. brunson is accused of being a co-conspirator of a turkish imam. the president erd wan says he
7:28 am
helped orchestrate a coup attempt. armed services committee member senator tillis of north carolina is in turkey for the trial and spoke us to on friday about pastor brunson's connection to the kao*up. >> this pastor was in the united states after the coup. does anybody believe he would travel to a country he felt like he could have been swept up into that? >> the state department has asked for the release of pastor brunson saying the charges against him are ridiculous. the u.s. team is on the ground in turkey observing the trial and the team also includes kansas senator sam brownback, the u.s. ambassador at large for religious freedom. >> bill: lauren green in our newsroom in new york. >> sandra: president trump's personal attorney ordered to appear before a federal court just hours from now and stormy daniels will be in the same room. we're live at the courthouse.
7:29 am
>> bill: also top lawmakers on the hill chasing the memos after the james comey wrote about his conversations with the president. will they get them by today's deadline? we're about to find out. >> sandra: former f.b.i. director andrew mccabe was fired for being less than candid. should he face a stronger penalty? congressman john ratcliffe joining us straight ahead on "america's newsroom." just one free hearing test at
7:30 am
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7:32 am
>> sandra: this is a fox news alert on potential high drama in a manhattan courtroom. just hours from now stormy daniels will be at a hearing of michael cohen. he is trying to stop prosecutor from looking at materials seized from him last week. laura engel is outside the courtroom. what do we expect today in that
7:33 am
courtroom? >> there is a lot going on today. this is the first time michael cohen will appear before a federal judge in this case ordered to do so after last week when the judge became frustrated his lawyer could not answer those questions on his behalf? the judge wants to know how many clients michael cohen has and who they are. judge woods says they can decide if the material seized from cohen's office, home and safety deposit box should be protected by privilege. we just received the court filing by cohen naming names of his clients. he has three. president trump, elliott broidy and another party that wished not to be named. in a rare legal move lawyers for trump and cohen are asking the judge if they can review the seized items before prosecutors do so legal teams can protect any privileged information. mr. trump's lawyers filing the paperwork late last night asking the judge to help them
7:34 am
safeguard the president's sacred right to attorney/client privilege. the u.s. attorney's office has a plan in place to avoid conflict by using a filter team in which prosecutors not involved in the case would review the materials first. that's a practice often used in criminal cases against lawyers which the president's legal team has called plainly inadequate. cohen is under criminal investigation by the department of justice for what investigators call personal business dealings. largely surrounding his $130,000 payment to porn star stormy daniels claiming she had a sexual relationship with the president in 2006. today's hearing expected to get underway at 2:00 p.m. we're a few hours away and expecting a lot of action here in new york. >> sandra: we expect to see stormy daniels inside the court today as well? >> we are. we heard that from her lawyer over the weekend confirming that she will be here and getting to the reason why she is going to be here, he says
7:35 am
daniels will be in court to back efforts to bring light to as much information as may pertain to her as possible. listen. >> we don't know the full scope of everything that was seized. we aren't privy to that information. but as a general proposition, we believe as much information about this process should be made public as possible. >> if cohen cannot prove to the judge that he has these legal clients that require protection, then all bets are off because all of that information will be fair game to prosecutors, sandra. >> sandra: some horrible weather down there. >> bill: that's one good looking morning, isn't it? wow. >> andrew mccabe according to f.b.i.'s own investigators, was less than truthful under oath. the same thing like michael flynn, george papadopoulos and
7:36 am
rick gates are being charged for. you would expect that andrew mccabe would be treated the same under the law. >> bill: will that happen? that from texas republican john ratcliffe after a watchdog report finding mccabe repeatedly lied to cover up leaks to the media. he is with me now. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i know the treatment you want him to get. will he get it? >> i think he will. if i were going to make a prediction i would expect there to be a criminal referral in this matter and i would expect that andrew mccabe will be facing the same types of charges that michael flynn, rick gates and george papadopoulos are facing. i certainly am of the opinion that he should be based on the inspector general's report. again, this is the department of justice investigating itself and finding misconduct on not one, not two or three but four
7:37 am
different occasions. some of those under oath. that i believe even though i'm not in the business of prosecuting people anymore, i believe in this case will be a prosecutable crime. >> bill: that was a story that lived for two hours friday afternoon and got swallowed up by everything else. you have requested the memos, the conversations james comey says he held or kept after his conversation with president trump. now, will you get those memos unredacted today? >> we better. what jim comey said last night to the american people was that those memos were unclassified. they better be unclassified because he handed them to professor at columbia university who shared them with a "new york times" reporter. up to this point the department of justice has said that law professors and reporters can see those but members of congress, including the chairman of the intelligence
7:38 am
committee and judiciary committee with security clearances haven't been able to see them. i think that's an outrageously untenable position. we've demanded that we see them. i think that we will get to see them. i think it's really important, bill, the one member of congress that i know who has seen them without sharing the contents has told me that they would be exhibit a in donald trump's defense to any charges against collusion with the russians. >> bill: aren't they available in the book? weren't they apparent in the abc interview last night? >> well, again, now jim comey is talking about them and disclosing those to the american people. the fact that members of congress with oversight responsibility have not had the opportunity to see them i think is something that needs to be rectified and we aren't happy about it. i expect we'll get to see them hopefully by the close of business today.
7:39 am
but certainly very soon. >> bill: i want to get your reaction to james comey appearance last night. here is a clip of what he suggested about the future for donald trump as president. watch here. >> i think impeaching and removing donald trump from office would let the american people off the hook and have something happen indirectly that i believe they are duty bound to do directly. people in this country need to stand up and go to the voting booth and vote their values. >> bill: what did you think of that comment and the fact we know his wife voted for hillary clinton, i don't know if that's important to you or not. four of his five children voted for hk as well. i don't know if that's relevant or not. what do you think as you put that together? >> well, i think like a lot of americans watching last night from the very first meeting i think it was jim comey was so convinced that donald trump was a liar, untethered from the truth and morally unfit to be president. i can see why jim comey felt like he had no choice but to
7:40 am
resign as the f.b.i. director. oh, wait, he didn't resign. despite all of the terrible things that he related in that interview last night, he never resigned and in fact when he was fired he expressed shock and disappointment at that. so i found that to be the one humorous takeaway in what was otherwise a very sad, televised therapy session for the former director. i will say this, i'm sure, bill, this morning that the president is not happy about the interview but the president's legal team ought to be elated this morning. if you think about it, the f.b.i. director who was in charge of the russia investigation from august of 2016 to may of 2017, who doesn't have anything good to say about president trump, the best case that he can make with regard to any illegality or criminality it's possible. we don't convict anyone under
7:41 am
the criminal standard of it's possible. >> bill: thank you for your time. thank you, sir. we'll see you in person real soon. appreciate it. >> sandra: those u.s. led air strikes in syria sparking a heated debate on capitol hill with some lawmakers slamming president trump without seeking congressional approve all. did he need to before he gave the green light? we'll take that up next. my career is moving forward, but my student loans are going nowhere. it'll take me 20 years to pay them off, but i finally found a way to pay them off sooner, and save money by refinancing with sofi. sofi has helped over 200,000 people get ahead of their debt, and they can help you move forward too. see how much you can save in just two minutes at
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and make adjustments on the fly. ♪ ♪ the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business. the ibm cloud. i neverunderwear that's this, but actually pretty.leak always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. always discreet boutique. >> bill: some tourists in a hot air balloon getting more thrills than they were looking for. the balloon was forced to make an unplanned landing. caught on cell phone camera. they rushed to secure the basket and helped get out the passengers. no one injured. they put it down with careful presietion not clear what caused the balloon to deflate but the incident is under investigation. >> sandra: quite a sight there. scary stuff. you ever been in a hot air
7:45 am
balloon? >> bill: i have maybe once. that was it. we went up 30 feet and came back down. you? >> sandra: no. i was going to ask if you recommend it but i guess i won't. all right. we have to move on to this. breaking news out of the white house this morning. sarah sanders confirming the trump administration is considering additional sanctions on russia and a decision will be made in the near future. meanwhile president trump facing fire from critics on capitol hill for not going to congress ahead of those air strikes for approval. >> president trump is not a king, he is a president. he is supposed to come to congress to seek permission to initiate a war. the president flouting this and saying i can do it without congress. what's the stop him from starting a bombing campaign against iran or north carolina or some other nation? >> sandra: governor john sununu. thank you for being here. a big difference between should he have and did he have to.
7:46 am
>> the president did not have to. he actually used the same authorization to use military force that obama did when he used drones and sent u.s. troops to the region. kane is being very partisan in what he is doing and not a smart thing to do when the issue as is serious >> sandra: sarah sanders putting out a statement saying we're considering additional sanctions on russia. a decision will be made in the near future. is that the next step? >> i think so. i think the fact that the french seem to have indications of much more detailed involvement by the russians in enabling assad on things like this makes it very serious. so i think the white house is taking an appropriate step in the right direction. >> sandra: you know, as far as what happens next, there is a
7:47 am
lot of criticism that the president did not go far enough. not sure if you caught general jack keane was on the program earlier saying he went with a more limited approach, a more conservative approach of the various degrees that were laid out for him by the pentagon. do you agree with that? should we have gone further than this? >> i think the president has to make a tough choice there and almost anything he chooses to do will be criticized. i think he made a right choice. >> sandra: as far as the president's next decisions going forward do you see another air strike in our future for syria? >> the president by limiting what he did this time has preserved that option and we'll see what happens. assad should not be stupid enough to tempt the president again. >> sandra: graham weighed in saying this was not a game-changing strategy. >> well, look, everybody has their own version of what ought to be done but it is up to the president when he is in office
7:48 am
whether it's obama last term, or the president this time. they have to make the tough decisions and i think there ought to be support for the president when he makes those decisions. >> sandra: the "wall street journal" editorial board had an interesting take this morning. trump's next syria challenge they talked about a single missile strike won't stop the designs of iran and russia. they concluded barack obama dealt mr. trump a bad hand by letting russia, iran and china thinking they could advance their goals without u.s. resistance. mr. trump has to decide if he wants to ratify that american retreat or develop a strategy to stop it. what does that look like? >> well, i don't know. the president does, though, have to sit down with his advisors and put a framework for a long-term strategy on this thing so what he is taking is actions within that strategy rather than ad hoc responses. i think that's probably what the white house is going through right now.
7:49 am
>> sandra: the white house continues to respond in the face of some criticism with the president saying mission accomplished and he tweeted out after that and sort of doubled down on that response. >> look, the mission was to send a message to assad. they accomplished that. the overall goal, the overall mission has not been accomplished and he acknowledged that. that's what these strategic discussions will have to put into place. >> sandra: as far as getting consent from congress, if we were to enact and engage in another air strike should the president seek congressal approval? >> no, i don't think so. these are the kinds of things the president is entitled to do under the constitution and any meddling by congress only strengthens the hand of the enemy. >> sandra: as far as more boots on the ground, do you believe that should be the case? >> that's a hard choice but i think the president has indicated his preference to bring boots back home. i don't think you'll see anybody going in that direction.
7:50 am
>> bill: a lot of members of congress don't want to be put on the spot to have that vote, too, to go yes or no as well. we're at the finish line in the boston marathon five years since the deadly bombing. we'll take you back in a moment. i'm really into this car,
7:51 am
but how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar.
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>> sandra: a massive prison riot has left seven inmates dead and 17 injured at the lee correctional institution in south carolina. the fighting started at 7:00 p.m. last night and officers weren't able to tame the rioting until 3:00 in the morning this morning. no officers were hurt during the chaos. >> bill: what a story that was earlier today. there is an emotional day at
7:54 am
the 122nd boston marathon. that city pausing to remember the victims of the bombing five years ago. rick leventhal standing by a block from the finish line with more on today's race. rick, good morning. >> good morning. it is not just wicked stormy here in boston, this is the coldest april 15th here since 1881. the temperatures are in the high 30s with squalls of rain coming through and wind gusts of 25 miles an hour and up. that isn't stopping the 30,000 runners from hitting this course protected by some 8,000 public safety personnel including ems and firefighters, police and national guard and some 9500 volunteers helping out along the 26.2 mile route. yesterday as you mentioned a ceremony was held right at the site of the 2013 bombings that killed three and injured more than 200. the mayor and governor laid wreaths. a moment of silence was observed by survivor and victims' family members at the exact time the two bombs
7:55 am
exploded changing this event and this city forever. >> we've tripled the number of officers here. undercovers in the crowd, visibility is a big deal. they have dogs here, enormous amount of security and cameras. cameras every square inch of this racecourse. >> it was just three days after the bombing the feds released pictures of the two brothers believed responsible. there was a shoot-out that thursday night. one of the brothers was killed. the other caught and wounded the next evening. he has been convicted and sentenced to die. he is currently waiting to be executed but bill, this day is not about those guys. this day is about the survivors and about patriots day about giving and accomplishing and that's exactly what these folks are going to do. we're waiting for the first wheelchair competitors and then watch the rest of the 30,000
7:56 am
right here on -- >> you're a runner. when it rains. >> sandra: it gives you an excuse to not break personal records. >> bill: i'm always looking for an ex kaouls not to run. >> you like it a little bit. good luck to all the runners out there. president donald trump on his way to florida this morning for a couple busy days ahead. a working summit on taxes and the economy as well as a critical meeting with japanese prime minister abe. we'll have more on that for you next hour.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> that's that. >> that went by fast. busy monday morning. >> i don't know what was better, the show or the weekend? >> both. both. good question >> right? >> yeah. >> never long enough. >> if you're out there in this wicked weather rick leventhal said, be prepared. there's millions -- they're
8:00 am
talking about green bay having 18 inches of snow. i know you get snowfall in the midwest every april. but 18 inches of snow is something else. it's not fair. >> we need a break. start dressing like it's summer. thank you. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: we have a fox alert. we're waiting for potential new action on syria. after the missile strike hit the weapons program. i'm eric shawn in for jon scott. >> and i'm julie banderas. president trump not backing down from his mission accomplished statement. he said the weekend strikes with perfectly carried out but hundreds of syrians gathered in damascus saying that their armed forces succeeded in confronting the strikes. they took to the streets waving flags and rallying in support of the assad regime. all this as the u.s. gets ready to hit russia with new


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