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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 16, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> eric: thank you for joining us. >> julie: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert. we're waiting for president trump to arrive in florida where he will host a roundtable on tax reform this hour. he could say more about former fbi director james comey's very public assault on his character. he's already hit back against the fbi director he fired after comey called the commander-in-chief morally unfit to be president. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, host of "after the bell." the host of kennedy, also on fbn, kennedy. the other fox news contributor, stephen hayes is here. he's outnumbered good to have you back. >> haven't seen you in a minute.
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>> welcome. >> the weather could be better. >> could it? >> it's brutal. >> a lot of water out there. glad you made it. >> it's raining men somewhere. >> moving on from that. president trump firing back after former fbi director james comey ripped in to him during an interview ahead of his book release. the president tweeting this morning, comey drafted the hillary clint hillary clinton exoneration long before he talked to her and based his decision on poll numbers. disgruntled mccabe and others based their decision. he said he's most possibly obstructing justice and sugge suggested that he shouldn't be in the white house on moral grounds. >> i think he's morally unfit to
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be president. he talks about and treats women like they're pieces of meat and lies about matters big and small an insists the american people believe it. that person is not fit to be president of the united states on moral grounds. >> are you thinking president trump is a >> yes. yeah. >> comey was asked about the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private server while she was secretary of state. and about his boss, former attorney general loretta lynch. you'll remember, she asked comey to refer to the case as a "matter" instead of an investigation. james comey said many saw that move as a political one. he said it made him feel incomfortable. he said what concern him was the meeting on the tarmac. >> as much as i like her, i have to step away from her and show her the people the fbi work's
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separately. the attorney general could not credibly announce this result. if she did, it would do corrosive damages to the institutions of justice. i decided i speak separately from the attorney general. >> why not put out a one-line statement that we decline to prosecute. >> if you issue a one liner and say we're done here, corrosive doubt creeks in that the system is rigged somehow. >> comey said he does not believe anybody brought politics into the hillary clinton e-mail investigation except for attorney general lynch and then president obama. he complains about obama's comments about the case writing "president obama is a very smart man that understands the law well. to this day i don't know why he spoke about the case publicly and seemed to absolve her before a final determination was made. if the president already decided the matter an outside observer
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could wonder how could they do anything other than follow his lead?" loretta lynch is pushing back saying i did what i always do. rise above politics and uphold the law. if he had any concerns regarding the e-mail investigation, classified or not, he had ample opportunities to raise them with me privately and in meetings. he never did. what times we live in where you have the former director of the fbi blasting the sitting president and what will be many interviews. >> yeah. what really strikes me about this interview that he gave george stephanopoulos and about the book in general and i have not read the book, he claims to remove this process from politics and he's politicizing. everything he says. >> very true. >> the arguments that he made with george stephanopoulos he's polite sizing it. everybody want to be the hero of their own story but many of us
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we don't write the story often. he wrote the story and he's the hero even though he said i made mistakes here and there. i find some of his language pretty amazing. the exchange about loretta lynch that we just played her defense. he wrote that when she wanted him to call it a matter instead of an investigation, he was uncomfortable but he didn't push back. he didn't make the argument. she makes a valid point when she said he could have come to me any time. but he didn't do that he described her use of the word "matter" instead of investigation as "a little bit off axis from the actual facts." that's a very polite way saying she's politicizing the hell out of the investigation -- >> yeah, she's lying. >> yeah. he didn't do anything about it. >> it was beyond politicization. she's lying. >> you can see air force one is touching down in miami. this is ahead of the roundtable that the president will be engaging in there ahead of tax
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day, by the way. the president touching down in miami. we'll see if we hear anything out of air force one shortly. kennedy? >> it's a pattern that the former fbi director obviously has and he's admitted this himself. when he's in an uncomfortable situation and instead of -- he's the head of the fbi. he knows the law inside and out. he's certainly supposed to know how to enforce the law. he can't tell someone when they're overstepping the bounds and perhaps veering into lawlessness. which he apparently did with the attorney general and he did with the president on a couple of occasions. essentially what his defense boils down to was i don't like the president. i feel that i'm a very moral person. the president is a very immoral person. he shouldn't be president. that was the case that he laid out and that's what made that hour of television so boring. i would like that hour of my life back. for a five-hour sit down that
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supposedly had everyone in ordinary room with their jaws on the ground because the contents were so shocking. that was boring. >> he addressed how he doesn't believe he's medically unfit to be president. >> morally. >> above average intelligence he went on to say. but he is concerned about his moral ability to be president. >> and i'm just amazed that james comey, you know, does he eat moral fiber for breakfast? he seems like he's -- he's so on his high horse that it struck me as he was talking, it's like he has no self-awareness whatsoever as to how the things he's saying come across at all. you know, he struck me as a tremendous narcissist. almost nobody writes a novel as they're the hero. >> is anybody listening? >> people are listening. they're looking for the avenues of conflict. loretta lynch just last week, we talked about the fact that she was defending a book that hadn't
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come out yet on the tarmac meeting that is now infamous. she wanted to make it clear what her purpose was. you know, when they had the talk about the matter, she said he didn't seem to have a problem at all. i remember him saying it made him queesy. >> mildly nauseous. >> if you get queesy, i'll send you a saltine. >> or a bar:bag. >> it make you feel like nobody in washington with rise above politics. you hope that possible in the doj or the fbi -- >> or want to. >> -- could rise above politics to do their job. >> i feel like wow, i always wanted to believe the leader of
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the doj -- >> maybe we don't have an expectation that they're apolitical. i wish when james comey makes statements, these hyperbolic statements that nobody involved in this investigation wassouting a political lens at all and i wish that george stephanopoulos would have pushed back and talked about the text between peter strzok and lisa page. >> five hours maybe he did. maybe what we need is a live tweet of the five hours. >> was he really -- you think he will get challenged as he goes on this media tour, this media blitz? >> fox will. >> bret baier will challenge him. look at me, what is amazing about this, i don't think there's a lot of facts. we're not learning a ton to seiko -- he's more concerned
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about the appearance of politicization than politization. i didn't see the interview. i read the transcript. he talked at length about why he was fine with the drafting of the statement, exonerating hillary clinton before the investigation was over. he goes so far as to say look, this is not even a problem that we did this in advance. we knew where it was going. >> you talked about the president being on the ground in miami, florida today. he has a couple events. the first is talking tack cuts and the economy. i think it's fascinating that maybe a question or two might come up. >> certainly could. we're getting a live look there on the ground. the president just touched down. melania trump is joining him. they will be heading to
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mar-a-largo. a very important meeting will be taking place with shinzo abe at the resort from japan. first, the discussion on taxes and tax reform and this one day ahead of the tax deadline in this country. live look in miami. >> if you haven't done your taxes now, you need to turn away from the tv to your computer. >> you'd be shocked how many people wait. how many people feel taxation is theft. >> i wonder who. >> there's that. the president landing there amid all of this has been an unbelievable weekend. started off with the release of the i.g. report and the president making the announcement about the bombing of syria. and now the president arriving live in florida. >> yeah, you can hear capitol hill republicans from here urging the president of the united states to stay focused, talking about taxes.
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a lot of people do think that taxation is theft or have problems -- >> pretty close. >> tax day. takes until april 19th this year. you work for the government for april 19th. the president can tout his tax refo reform. i don't think it's a good idea for him to further engage in the comey matter. i think james comey is doing enough damage to himself and his own credibility by the things he's saying and the way he's -- >> what did you think of the tweet storm by the president? >> he's never one to leave a charge unanswered, right? he will attack anybody that is critical of him. >> when you look at the percentage of media outlets that have been negative since the start of his presidency, is there some right to what he's thinking in terms of his method about getting that message out? >> sure. i understand what he's thinking. i don't think it's the most effective way to do it. >> we're about to see the president of the united states. he's headed to bucky dent park
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where he will host the tax cuts for small businesses roundtable. we fully expect him to be asked about other things, if there's that opportunity by the media. a beautiful day in florida. something that we don't have here, sandra. it's sun shining. >> most parts of the country don't have that. >> 3/4s of the country were hit by the storm. god bless them. it's tough a loss of places. the president now headed to bucky dent park to hold the roundtable. >> you bring up the taxes. we talk about james comey. strikes me that most of america today cares so much more about what is going on with their tax bill and tax policy than what james comey has to say about what went on before. >> drop the mic. >> yeah. when i look around in my neighborhood in new york, we have a ton of vacancies. you talk to business owners about why they're leaving. it's huge in new york city. wherever you're watching us from -- >> here's the president and he exits air force one now. he will talk tax cuts and the economy. as melissa said, you have a lot
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going on with james comey and others. but james comey is not doing my taxes to make the deadline. >> he's not paying them either. when you talk about the vacancies that we've seen in new york and everybody watching, you've seen the tax policy. we have a higher minnesoutimum here. as a result, people are being driven out. strikes me that the tax conversation is so much more relevant to regular people than james comey. >> and cardi b. said show me what i'm making. it's a fine question. it's a very fair question to be asking on a day like today. >> it's true. >> we're told there was a gathering of reporters on the airplane in which sarah sanders answered some questions. she took questions on comey, russia, sanctions, syria. we will await for that. when we get that, we'll bring it to you. there's the president waving on. >> there he goes. >> touched down in florida and
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heading to the roundtable discussions on taxes. as we continue our james comey discussion here, bret baier will be interviewing james comey. that's coming up thursday april 26. be sure to catch it on "special report" at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. new action on the ground in syria less than 72 hours after u.s.-led air strikes. the russians are blocking u.n. weapons inspectors from getting to the site of the alleged chemical attack. now we're waiting for a white house report on new sanctions for the assad regime. and the house judiciary committee pressing for james comey's private memos. the same memos that comey is using to attack the president. today is the deadline. so will the doj turn them over or not? >> mr. comey is out grandizing himself. he's out for revenge.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> deadline day for top house republicans led by bob
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goodlatte. the justice department is supposed to turn over unredacted copies of james comey's memos. the documents are said to detail the conversations the former fbi director had with president trump before he was fired. mr. comey gave those memos to a friend. we like to say he leaked them to the media because he did. this comes with comey's tell-all back set to hit shelves today. goodlatte says congress and the american people have a right to see the memos before that. >> mr. comey is out grandizing himself, out for revenge, i would say, when he talks about a higher justice. he's really talking about a higher view of himself than i think the american people have. but they need to have all the facts and the comey memos play a part of that. these are in the possession of the department of justice. special counsel mueller and there's no reason why they should not be made available. >> so it's my understanding that
9:21 am
you cannot flip through the table of comments and find the memos chapter in this book, steven. why is this critical? >> four of the seven memos were said to have some classified information. that's what has kept him from leasing them to the public. that's why he's been able to pick and choose what he wants. >> put them to a friend, leak them to the media. >> the argument that you're hearing from gowdy and goodlatte, we would like to see the full picture. what was james comey saying about all of this. not what he has chosen to share with the american people. >> and kennedy, i hope you can maybe re-enact what we did during the commercial, which was where you were with the first line of his interview last night. >> yeah, basically george stephanopoulos asked him if he thought that the fbi had any effect on the outcome of the presidential race. james comey like physically went -- like oh, god. i hope not. he's so disgusted at the thought
9:22 am
of president trump. you know, if that's not someone who is obviously so politicized and here is someone that obviously has a dog in the fight and he had clearly chosen hillary clinton because he was so dead set against donald trump, and he talked about being mildly nauseous in that congressional testimony. here i thought that he was overcome with the vapors and going to be physically sick on national tv. that's how sickened he was and is by this president. >> the reason i bring that up, we want an unredacted view of the memos. maybe we'll see some of them, too. would that be filled with this acrimony the way that kennedy describes it against the current president. >> i feel like his opinion is so tainted at this point and he was so unable to rise above politics, i'm not sure i care what he wrote in the memos to the extend they might contradict
9:23 am
of what he wrote in the book is. this true, is that true. it's interesting in and of itself. but when he sits there and he says in that sanctimonious way like so many on the left that the president is not moral enough to be president, too bad. he was elected. i don't think other candidate was terribly moral either. i would hold either of them as icons of good. >> the point is that if he is using redacted portions of these memos to write a book and make money and travel around and talking about it, why can't the american people get the same sort of access. >> we have an editorial at the weekly standard saying that. why can james comey see these things and select view senators and members -- >> and reporters. >> and the american people -- i do think it has value. i'd like to see if what he wrote to himself is consistent a, with what we know of his actions during the hillary clinton
9:24 am
scandal and b, with what we've seen him say and do since then, including and especially in his book. >> you have more patience than i do. you're a good man. >> he's contradicted himself in a number of ways, on the hillary clinton investigation -- >> i'd like to see the other memos. i'm sure if he was so good summing up his feelings and incapable of pushing back against leadership, but so grade at his dear diary entries, i would like to see how he categorized his meeting with loretta lynch after the tarmac meeting -- >> i'd like to see how he categorizes it after she says that not happened, homey. she doesn't use that word. >> she might. >> it's interesting. their take on their conversations about the clintons is very different. >> wouldn't you love to see a side by side enter with james comey and loretta lynch? >> yes. that's the idea of leaks. any sort of exposure legally. we know he gave it to a friend,
9:25 am
james comey and that friend leaked to it the media. is there a straight enough line there that there's a problem for him? >> probably not given what we've seen in leak investigations but it's notable that some of it was retroactively classified. >> well-wishes pouring in across the nation for barbara bush. she's 92 years old and decided not to seek further medical help after a series of hospitalizations. we'll have the latest live from houston, texas. show down over syria. america's stern warning for the rogue nation's suspected use of chemical weapons. the united states's response enters a new phase what can we expect next? >> of course, if assad continues to go forward, there will be more and it will hurt and i think that he has a lot to think about.
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when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance and still get great coverage for you and your family. call for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> fox news alert. the bush family surrounding former first lady barbara bush
9:30 am
as a family spokesperson says the 92-year-old is failing in health and opting for "comfort care" at home instead of going back to the hospital. casey stegall is live in houston outside the bush family home with the latest. casey? >> yeah, sandra. that spokes american goes on to say that mrs. bush made this decision after consulting her personal doctors, her family members and after frequent visits in and out of the hospital. that's why that decision has been made for her to remain out of the hospital at home at this exclusive west houston gated community back here behind me and keep her comfortable. the 92-year-old bush family matriarch has suffered from graves disease, which is a thyroid condition and congestive heart failure and pulmonary disease known as copd.
9:31 am
jenna bush hager getting emotional on the today show talking about her grandmother. >> we're grateful. barbara and i talked to her last night. she's in great spirits and she's a fighter. she's an enforcer. she reminded me not to believe everything you read. so we're grateful for her, for everybody's prayers and thoughts. >> barbara bush and her husband, george, married in january 1945. they had just celebrated their 73rd anniversary. she and that famous white hair and pearls became a champion for literacy and once said working for a more literate america was the most important issue we have. post white house she remained white house with the barbara
9:32 am
bush foundation for family literacy. she's done a lot for aids research, homelessness and elderly care. she's remained active even in her 80s and 90s, even popping up at games from time to time hear in houston and people get a kick out of seeing them around the community. back to you. >> i know jenna bush hager said when she and her sisters spoke to her grandmother, her spirits were very high. casey stegall reporting from houston. thank you. >> the treasury department is expected to slap new sanctions on russia for their support of syria's assad regime. the white house is warning bashar al-assad's biggest backers that more air strikes could be coming if new chemical weapons attacks are unleashed. here's heather nauert. >> we've seen a series of russian lies at the united
9:33 am
nations and through their disinformation campaign for many years now. the u.s., the u.k. and france standing together. you've heard a chorus of countries coming out in support of the actions that the u.s. and her allies took. russia is taking notice. >> those remarks coming on the heels of the stern and unequivocal warning from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley. >> it's now up to bashar al-assad on whether he's going to use chemical weapons again and should he use it again, the president has made it very clear that the united states is locked and loaded and ready to go. >> fox news senior strategic analyst general jack keane says deterrence is not enough if that was the reason for friday's limited strike. >> i credit the trump team for taking action that obama didn't. i believe the purpose of the strike was wrong. the purpose was strike should not be to deter again.
9:34 am
the purpose should be to stop assad from ever using chemical weapons again. >> and potential signs the russians have not gotten the message. they appear to be blocking chemical weapons inspectors from getting to the site despite the kremlin's claims to be cooperating. let's start with this, stephen. we see a fair amount of mission creep with us as miles per hours as we go around the globe and try to do the humanitarian thing. what is the foreign policy of syria for the united states? >> we have no idea. there is no serious strategy. there's not been one. two weeks ago, the president said he wanted to end u.s. involvement in syria. he wanted to withdraw the troops on the ground there within 48 hours. he was talked out of that by his advisers. but a week later, we're talking about vastly deepening our engagement in syria. the first -- seems the first
9:35 am
obligation that the president's team has to have, the president should have a strategy. tell us what we're doing, what is the objective in six months. what is the objective in a year. >> kennedy, i see you nodding. >> yeah, i think i you're right. there's no syrian strategy. right now there's no syria. i think it's plausible that syria is not really launching the attacks. bashar al-assad is a puppet for putin. if it's syria launching them, then it's putin. we're either all in or all out. >> you see the president sitting down there? >> yes. just sitting down in florida. he's hosting a roundtable on taxes and the economy. let's listen. >> we're working on new trade deals that will be great deals. as you know, we're very tough on cuba. [cheers & applause]
9:36 am
it's not fair. not fair what happened. this is our -- we're going to celebrate -- i love behind us. "u.s.a. open for business." whose idea was that? marco. marco. it is. it's open for business. we're doing tremendously. companies are moving back into our country now. we have billions of dollars and trillions going to be coming back in already started. apple $350 billion investment in really a new campus. a beautiful campus. plants. i've always wanted that. so many of the companies are bringing back their money, putting it to work. chrysler is opening up a big beautiful plant in michigan and so many other car companies. it's a whole different story. they all want to be a part of it. i want to thank senator rubio. he's been a great friend. [applause]
9:37 am
and mario, i want to thank you. you have right from day one. [applause] thank you. our secretary of the treasury is right there. our secretary of labor. thank you alex and steve. [applause] not all of my choices but they were great ones. tomorrow is tax day. we're going to hear from everybody and everybody. we have heard from so many people. they're so thrilled. remember this, this is the last time you'll fill up that long complicated, horrible return. i would say that some of these tax -- [applause] some of these companies that do all of that work are getting a lot of money for doing your tax returns.
9:38 am
they're not going to be too happy with us but that's about the only business that won't be. so tomorrow, last day, very importantly, next year it's going to be a simple for the most part one page, may be bigger, but simple and easy to do and importantly, you'll have a lot of money left over from what you have. we didn't get one democrat to vote for us. senator nelson was hostile to it. let me tell you, if for any reason they get in, meaning the democrats, they're going to raise your taxes way up high, they're going to terminate this out, but i'll veto it. it's all right. but eventually they want to terminate and raise your taxes. we cannot let that happen. because this country is starting to rock with our businesses coming back in. it's starting to really rock. [applause]
9:39 am
so we've had massive tax cuts and i mean massive. we've had a tremendous success from the company standpoint and from the people standpoint. they're going out. they have more money to spend. you know, something happened that we didn't expect. nobody talked about it. when we first had it passed, it started with at&t. we might as well give them credit. they gave $1,000 bonuses to employees. a lot of people. then other companies came along and now you have all of the big -- so many of the big companies have given bonuses to the people that work for the companies. that was unexpected. nobody thought that would happen. most importantly we waited until february 1 and you can see what happened to your wallet. you're getting a lot more money in your weekly or monthly checks than you ever thought possible. so people are really liking it. very importantly, it's great for the country. our taxes were the highest among the highest in the world from a
9:40 am
business standpoint. that's why businesses were leaving. now they're not the lowest but they're on the low side. businesses are pouring back in to the united states. that means job. that means jobs. [applause] so we have created -- since election day, that beautiful day -- was that a great day? [applause] that was a beautiful day. mario was saying we got a big percentage vote over here, didn't we? we got a big percentage vote. but since election day, we created three million new jobs. three million. [applause] and people -- if i would have said that prior to the election, it will create three million jobs, they would have said that is ridiculous, that's an
9:41 am
exaggeration, it wouldn't have been possible. now the numbers are higher than that. since election day, unemployment rates, for hispanics. are there any hispanics in the room? i doubt that. [cheers & applause] think of it, the lowest level of employment rates. for african americans, the lowest level ever recorded. and i'm really proud of it. [applause] unemployment for women, lowest level in 18 years. women out there. [applause] that means if you're a woman and hispanic or a woman and african american, you're really doing
9:42 am
well, right? that means you're really doing well. remember what i used to say. i used to take heat for it. what do you have the lose? i'd say what do you have to lose? if it was a rambunctious stadium, i'd say what the hell do you have to lose. i'd get criticized by those people. the fake media back there. [applause] i'd get criticized for using the word "hell." i said i've heard a heck of a lot worse than that. but the economy -- larry kudlow is here. where is he? come on, stand up. he just gave me -- [applause] he said the economy is entering the greatest boom in many decades. in other words, it's now at the phase, early phase. wouldn't you say that, larry? the earliest and greatest. this could be one of the greater booms ever. i think it will be.
9:43 am
the companies are so strong and they're ready to rock what do you think, larry? i thought you would say that. can you imagine if he didn't? can you imagine if he said no, i disagree with that. [laughter] [inaudible] >> ever body is going to benefit. [applause] that's right. very importantly -- by the way, john bolton is here. we just had a big successful hit. john. [applause] so i think -- [applause] john, that's pretty good. i didn't expect that. i'm a little jealous.
9:44 am
are you giving him all the credit? you know, that means the end of hits job. [laughter] he did. did he -- did our generals do a great job? did our military do a great job? [applause] you know, with way over 100 missiles shot in, they didn't shoot one down. the equipment didn't work too well, their equipment. they didn't shoot one. you heard oh, they shot 40 down and then 15 down. then i called. no, sir. every one hit its target. how genius. not one was shot down. so we have the biggest tax cut in history, bigger than the reagan tax cut, bigger than any tax cut. but what else? the individual mandate is gone. that's on obamacare, which is about the end of obamacare.
9:45 am
so we had obamacare beat and one senator decided to go thumbs down. you remember that? no, nobody remembers that. it's all right. because alex acosta has come up and, you know, this is a plan that a lot of people have wanted a long time, associations. we're going to have tremendous signups. alex, when is that -- tell me, if you could. when is that going to be ready where people can start signing and doing it in groups? >> that's right, mr. president. we hope to have that by this summer. >> it's going to be incredible. you're going to get tremendous insurance at a low cost. so the individual mandate is dead and anwar is up. that's the big energy that nobody thought -- it's funny. i didn't want to do it. i said let's not do that. a person called up who i have a lot of respect for. he said is it true that you're going to get anwar as part of your tax cut plan? you know, they put a lot of things in.
9:46 am
so we have the individual mandate. i said yeah, it's true. i said i'm not inclined to do it for a specific reason. he said, it's amazing. he didn't benefit by it. he said they've been trying to get this passed since ronald reagan. nobody could get it done. no president could get it done. it's impossible. it's perhaps the most -- the biggest, the best in the world in terms of energy. he said nobody has been able to get it done. as soon as i heard that, i called up and i said put that back in the bill quickly. we got it done. marco, we got it done. a big deal. that's a lot of jobs in alaska. a lot of jobs. [applause] so this is another thing, this tax cut is massive. not since reagan. this is big. you look at the whole bill. it's bigger than anything passed. more importantly, a tremendous asset to our country. we did another thing that people
9:47 am
don't talk about much. we cut regulations at a level that nobody has seen in the history of our country. more than any other president. i'm here 15, 16 months. we've cut more regulations than any president, whether it's four years, eight years or in one kay case 16 years. nobody is even close. we're not finished yet. [applause] roads and highways would take 17 years to get a permit or not even proved. you now will get it down to two years and maybe even one year. maybe get rejected. nobody is going to say it's not going to get made. if it does, it's going to get rejected quickly. you won't take a lifetime to get something approved and then you find out -- i've had projects that took years and years and then you go, fortunately, they got approved. but i've had projects that took four or five or six years to get approved. big building projects.
9:48 am
i said to myself going into the final approval, i said, you know, if these five people don't vote for it, i've wasted millions and millions of dollars and i've wasted five or six years of my life trying to get a project approved. it's not right. you know if something is good and if it's going to get approved. so we have the biggest regulation cut, and i'm not so sure that the regulation cut isn't even more important than this massive tax cut but it's up there. we're continuing to go. so we think that things that would take sometimes two decades to get approved can be done in two years and even one year. again, if they're not environmentally good, if they're not safe, if it's not great for our water and air and all of the things we watch, we're not going to approve it. but we'll have fast approvals. many jobs that started now that would have never started if the other administration came in. that's why the job numbers are the way they are.
9:49 am
the jobs are through the roof and the training numbers are through the roof. they don't talk about regulation much. it's as important as the big massive tax cut. so i just want to let you know that. business and consumer confidence is at an all-time high. larry just gave me the numbers. there's nothing close. we're at an all-time high. the tax cuts for family, let's talk about families now. number 1, the jobs, you have choice. year creating choice for our veterans. choice, this is a different kind of choice. [applause] so this is a different kind of choice. this is choice for a job. in the past, we weren't doing great and you'd have one job and hold on. you really have choice. we're -- people are hiring and wages for the first time in 18 years are going up. because -- i used to make the speeches. i came down here and made one.
9:50 am
wages were stagnant and going down. people made more money 18 years ago and today they're working two and three jobs. first time in 18 years where wages are going up. congratulations. enjoy your money. [applause] so today we're joined by florida business owners and workers that are experiencing the incredible results of the tax cuts and i'd like to invite each of you to share your stories. let's start at the end of the table. >> thank you, mr. president. >> you look like a prosperous guy. >> trying to be. i'm alberto daniels. i'm a cuban american born and raised in hialeah, florida. very proud. [applause] my family history in trucking has been -- goes back to 1972. my father opened palmetto transport in 1992. i was successful enough and happy enough to take the company over in 2004.
9:51 am
due to the surging economy,'s been able to invest in newer technology, buy new equipment and hire more employees. thank you for making america great again. >> thank you. [applause] thank you very much. >> marco, i'd like to -- i'd like you to say a few words before we go next. >> thank you, mr. president. being here, i'd be remiss if i didn't thank you for being a carolina for the cause of freedom and democracy. >> president trump holding a roundtable discussion on the economy and taxes and tax reform touting it as a major success. the president started out by thanking senator marco rubio, a florida senator. saying that he's been with him on this since day one. he referred to him as a friend. an interesting moment there. he talked about the economy
9:52 am
creating three million jobs and tax reform is working. stephens hayes is on the couch. he also said this is only beginning of an economic boom. >> we'll see. certainly this is the kind of thing that republicans running for office across the country to see the president talking about. they want to hear him touting this. they feel like they can go to voters and say look what we've done. we've cut taxes. 80 plus percent of americans got a tax cut. they'll see this, be feeling it and republicans think this can take them to the ebb check shle. there's so much chaos whether we're talking about the mueller investigation, foreign policies that seem to overwhelm that message. we know that that is the message republicans would like to run on. >> let me take the other side of that argument. i think people out there watching, your interested in what else is going on. when you go in there and pull the lever and voting, it's about the economy.
9:53 am
that impacts you and the family most. tax policy makes a huge difference. bringing larry kudlow on board, i know him well and understand his economic policy. he's all pro growth, low taxes, low taxes. >> except for the tariffs. >> no. larry is against the tariffs and he wouldn't have signed on if he didn't think that that was about bargaining. i think he thinks that is a -- >> he's been an aggressive defender of the tariffs. >> it's as a negotiating tool. i don't think that he would abide by these things going into it. if you're not -- if the other side doesn't think you'll follow-through, it doesn't work to threaten it. maybe he stands tough. he know as tariff is a tax. that's something that he has said to me a thousand times. >> i will to your point say yes to the commit is the most important issue especially as you talk about a group of people that have been suffering since 2008. if they're starting to see
9:54 am
relief and people see hourly wages go up and having more from the tax cuts, that is true. the problem is it's unsustainable if you don't cut spending. we saw 1.3 trillion spending bill. it's a two-sided coin. if that flips and lands on the wrong side, co could be disastrous for republicans. they have to learn to cut spending and they have to learn that mandate. >> it's amazing. here's the president speaking in florida after this crazy weekend that was. syria air strikes to the george stephanopoulos interview at the end of the weekend to this morning. you see the dow up 200 plus points. the markets seem to be talking about the economy seem to be shrugging off the geo political fears. this is the market moving while the president talked. the dow has reached the highest, up nearly 300 points as the president made the points on the economy. >> yeah, i will defer to you on
9:55 am
your expertise of the markets. >> they don't lie. >> the markets like tax cuts. they like the president to be talking about it. >> should he stick to that message? >> it's the best argument he can make right now. it's an actual accomplish meant that he's done and it's not temporary. it's temporary in the ten-year sense, but it's not like the deregulatory moves that he's made, which i also like that can go away with a new president. this is here for a while. he can rightly claim it. >> and he made that point. democrats didn't want the tax cuts and if they get power, they will take them away. >> absolutely. you know, he also -- i also love the deregulatory side. that's where he shifts, i think he's mind and heart are in the right place. we have to keep going with that. we have to limit the size of get government out of the way. they've been in survival mode for a long time. people can thrive and start
9:56 am
businesses. that's what economic prosperity is about. >> we'll have more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we'll be right back.
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>> sandra: many thanks to steve hayes, always good to have you on that couch. any final thoughts you want to leave us off with on this monday morning? >> stephen: you will get a lot of questions and a lot of pushes for the republicans to do what they are doing now. taxes, taxes, economy, economy.
10:00 am
>> sandra: great to have you here, we are back tomorrow live at noon eastern time. here's harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert, president trump is hitting back at byard fbi chief james comey. as we go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the president firing back after james, he took aim him. he called the president "morally unfit to be president" and said he should be voted out of office. the president tweeted this... among the other revelations in the exclusive interview, comey leaves the door open to the possibility that the president committed a crime, watch.


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