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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  April 16, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> sandra: great to have you here, we are back tomorrow live at noon eastern time. here's harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert, president trump is hitting back at byard fbi chief james comey. as we go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the president firing back after james, he took aim him. he called the president "morally unfit to be president" and said he should be voted out of office. the president tweeted this... among the other revelations in the exclusive interview, comey leaves the door open to the possibility that the president committed a crime, watch. >> was president trump
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obstructing justice? >> possibly, there is certainly some evidence of obstruction of justice. i continue to believe there was forced to the fbi general councils argument that we were going to have to look at the president. you will inevitably have to look at his conduct because he was the head of the campaign. >> harris: he also said he did not inform the president the dossier was from his political opponents. >> i talked about additional material. that have been financed by his political opponents? i don't know the answer to that. >> harris: meanwhile, when asked if the president watched the james comey interview, sarah sanders told a gaggle of reporters on air force one a short time ago, because they were on their way to miami, florida, where he is now that her boss "bits and pieces of the interview, didn't watch the whole thing."
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adding "we didn't learn anything new." kevin corke joins us live now with the latest, the president making bigger news as he talks about the economy and tax cuts in florida. >> trying once again to keep the drum beat going that the economy is what really matters, not just now, not just during the midterms but looking forward to 2020. as you pointed out, retribution and rebuke as the president and former fbi director both online and on air as you pointed out during that interview last night, it was certainly worth watching and certainly has been talked about at length today. the president as you point out taking part in a tax roundtable in miami dade county. just before then he slammed his former fbi director. let me take you to twitter. he said among many things, part of the narrative being sent out by the president, this i think was an eye-opener.
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he said "unbelievably, james comey states that polls where crooked hilary was leading were a factor in the handling of the clinton email probe. in other words, he was making decisions based on the fact that he thought she was going to win and he wanted a job. slimeball." the book is called "a higher loyalty" and the book details that if the former director's interactions and impressions of the president. he said this on twitter. "my book is about ethical leadership and draws on stories from my life and lessons i've learned from others." three presidents are in my book, two help illustrate the values of the heart of ethical leadership. one serves as a counterpoint. i hope folks read the whole thing and find it useful." white house officials frothing with contempt, suggesting that comey is an embittered ex-employee and is dishonest. >> i think what really strikes
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people last night is when you have a private audience with the president you should use that time to discuss major law-enforcement counterterrorism issues of the day. instead it sounds like he's taking notes for a future book. >> that's the narrative here, that this is not a guy who was under oath, a guy simply trying to make it sound or make himself sound better than he is. i should also point this out, harris. you mentioned the president is in south florida talking tax reform. he will also be in florida talking to the japanese prime minister later this week. i am sure they will talk at length about syria and security issues. i will be there for you, back to you. >> harris: we look forward to that. thank you, kevin corke. slamming his credibility and sing the president was right to fire him. for more, let's bring in my first guest today, rnc spokesperson kaylee mack and
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annie. the rnc goes back to james comey, why? >> it's important to counter his assault on this president. he is going around defaming this presidents character, marginalizing g.o.p. voters everywhere. we need to point out his real credibility issues that even democrats have noticed. >> harris: how does this marginalize g.o.p. voters? >> he talks about not impeaching the president, go to the polls and give their verdict on this president. they did that 15 months ago and they voted for president trump and for james comey to go in, taking notes about this president during the meeting, really not giving him a chance. i think it undermines g.o.p. voters, no doubt about it. >> harris: you and i have talked about this over the recent months and it's a fair question now especially because this president is on the road doing what he needs to do in
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terms of telling the american people about the economy and right now the dow is shooting up as that's happening in that roundtable in florida. the rnc -- is the rnc giving the president some room to do this by going after james comey? how important is it to clap back on his behalf? >> i think that's exactly right, the president has so much on his plate, his positive agenda, the tax cuts that have given the economic lifeblood back to this country. this is what the president's focus should be on. it's up to the rnc to emphasize that positive message but also provide a counter to james comey and point out all the times he misled congress on the hilary exoneration letter, the fact that he had never been anonymous source, the fact that he did not reopen the clinton investigation for political reasons. that's for us to point out.
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>> harris: i know he talked about hillary clinton. he is basically saying that both sides have problems, which is interesting because that doesn't mean he is bipartisan. he does have a book to sell. my next question has to do with crossing the line with credibility. if there is ever wider look of things, when he is playing this game of both sides, how do you see it? >> no one can trust james comey. if you look at the rnc, we are pointing out republicans have a problem with him but look at chuck schumer saying he lacks all confidence in james comey. pelosi saying he's not in the right job. bernie sanders calling him outrageous. both sides are questioning this man's credibility. that should tell you all you need to know. he cannot be trusted, that interview last night was a bunch of lies against this president.
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>> harris: are you at risk of the rnc giving us more oxygen then you never hope to do with james comey? >> he is clearly intent on getting as much press as he can, doing a host of other interviews, he is clearly trying to make a name for himself. he's on this rehabilitation tour for his image. it would just be his narrative out there, we want the truth out there which is why we made the web site. >> harris: have you talked with the president, has anyone talked with the rnc about how he feels with you advocating on his behalf? >> the white house did instruct us to do this. it has been our effort, they are certainly aware of our efforts.
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we are here to reinforce what sarah sanders is saying from the podium every day, reinforce a positive message about this president. >> harris: as you know we are having a wider, broader conversation about bias inside our federal government. the fbi is one of those agencies we are looking at. when you see the former chief of the fbi go out and you have this fact-check against him going on, what are some of the things you want the american people to know? >> we love the rank and file of the fbi but there's real issues, comey at the top, andrew mckay below him. instead of talking about whether he should be facing criminal charges, people are complaining about him potentially losing a piece of his retirement. there were some bad actors at the top and they deserve justic justice. we want equal justice in this country, we should all be held to the same standard. >> harris: james comey called
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our current president presideny unfit to hold the office. as i bring in my next guest, i hope you will sit by because i'm going to get some answers from brett bear. good to see you today. chief political anchor and anchor of "special report." april 26th is the sit down with james comey. i just mentioned, good to have you, by the way. i just mentioned that the follow-up to the morally unfit -- let's watch that together and i want to get your thoughts on it. >> you write that president trump is unethical, untethered to the truth. as donald trump unfit to be president? >> yes. but not in the way i often hear people talk about it. i don't buy the stuff of him being mentally incompetent. he strikes me as a person of
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above average intelligence, i don't think he is medically unfit to be president. i think he is morally unfit to be president. >> harris: anything catch you by surprise there? >> overall the interview didn't substantively advance the facts of what we knew already. it did provide a lot of perception to what james comey thought at the time and what he characterizes in his meetings and his thought process. i think the political side of it is really interesting. for all the testimony we heard from the fbi director at the time, that the fbi was about the politics, outside of the scope, he essentially said that he is operating in an environment where he thought hillary clinton was going to be elected. that factored into how he looked at things when it came to that investigation. i thought it was pretty subjective. >> harris: how much did james comey think that perspective you just laid out, it looks like
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hillary clinton will win, how much did that play into the chilling effect, the opposite of that perhaps with the people he was leading? he's at the top of the food chain, they are listening to hi him. >> think of all the things we learned since that time. fast-forward here and you have learned a lot about the text messages with peter strzok in the text messages. why were they given immunity before the investigation was even finished? why were they given a pass? if you contrast that with how associates of president trump are handled, there is some significant question about how the fbi handles it. >> harris: i love the way you put it, i wrote it down. "didn't substantively advance
10:13 am
the facts." what about the part, james comey is talking about whether there is a possible crime with this president. >> he says essentially, he doesn't know. we should point out in the book he does not get to the fact that he is somehow charging or believes that the president committed a crime, he just doesn't know. he kind of guesses in some of those questions. what's so striking is the things that were most -- that attracted the most attention, the most eyeballs in the most eyebrow raising were the things where he was speculating. "i think." "maybe." "maybe the dossier is accurate." the stunned "you can't say whether it was or wasn't." i thought it was interesting.
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>> harris: two quick things to get into, when you take into account the things he wasn't sure about, how did you arrive at morally unfit? what is your list of evidence and facts if you don't know anything? the other thing with all of this, where does he go from here? where is his credibility? there is a whole campaign against james comey pointing to what they see as the effects of where his credibility has taken a punch. >> i heard a guest earlier today saying because of the contrarian nature of it, because everybody has a problem with james comey, that the intent was that there was a feeling like you wanted to be on his side but that he had a self-righteous tone about him that prevented that. that was one perspective. where does he go? he's trying to sell a lot of books and whether he has -- that
10:15 am
is going to go down one road and try to go after 50% of the market, we will see. there are a number of interviews before i get to interview him, we will see how that all develops. and what questions are left but if i had to venture a guess, there will be plenty left to ask. >> harris: i can venture a guess because i know you. my mom used to say, just because everybody doesn't like you doesn't mean it's not you. james comey may try to walk that line, maybe there's a reason for that. we will be watching april 26, bret baier, thank you very much. the interview is upcoming, james comey sits down with "special report" anchor bret baier, april 2:66 p.m. eastern. new reaction to an internal watchdog report, andrew mccabe repeatedly made misleading statements about his efforts to influence a story about
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hillary clinton. whether this proves firing him was the right move and could misconduct have gone even higher up in the administration? plus, the white house now considering slapping new sanctions on russia over its support for the assad regime and syria. what can we expect? next. >> the u.s., the u.k., and france all standing together. you heard a chorus of countries coming out in support of the action the u.s. and our allies took. i think russia is taking notice of that. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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>> harris: a fox news alert, the trump administration considering slapping additional sanctions on russia for supporting the syrian regime as it allegedly conducted a deadly chemical attack against its own people. sarah sanders says the decision will be made in the very near future. meanwhile russia is denying any involvement. it is predicting global chaos if the west hits syria again. here is a state department spokesperson. >> the united states sanction two russian entities ten days ago, russian companies that facilitated arms sales to syria
10:21 am
and that's why we talk about how russia continues to back syria. in terms of other sanctions activity, that is something we are taking a look at. >> harris: live in london with the latest on this. >> the clash between the united states and russia over the crisis in syria is continuing on the ground in the region. specters from the chemical weapons watchdog agency still not getting to the alleged gas attack, saying they are being blocked by syrian and russian officials. they claim more security clearances are needed, the u.n. is now denying that. meanwhile, the u.k.'s involvement in that missile attack, which included u.k. jet fighters is triggering a battle
10:22 am
right here in london. jeremy corbin saying that it is legally questionable and needed approval from parliament, here's a very strong response that theresa may gave to that, listen. >> this is not about intervening in a civil war and it was not about regime change. it was about a limited, targeted strike that sought to alleviate the humanitarian suffering of the syrian people. >> the president of france also involved in the strike, causing a bit of a stir claiming that he convinced president trump to limit those strikes to chemical targets. also to extend the presence of u.s. troops on the ground and syria. trying to walk that back of it, the white house definitively saying it was president trump making u.s. policy. back to you. >> harris: we have a bit of
10:23 am
breaking news, let's bring in the director of defense studies at the center for national interest. sit by for ten seconds if you can. fox news has learned that defense secretary james mattis and the joint chief of staff will lead a senate wide briefing on syria tomorrow afternoon. 4:30 p.m. eastern, this is going to happen on the senate side tomorrow afternoon. i'm thinking this may be because of the discussions around whether the president needs authorization to do more inside syria. >> i don't think the president does, this is a very limited strike, just like it's been through all the press reports. it had one goal, to limit assad's ability to use chemical weapons against his own people which i don't like anybody would argue is a crime against humanity. i think what the president did was very focused. it would be very different if president trump declared we were going to go into syria, that
10:24 am
would take hundreds of thousands of troops landing on the beaches of syria, he would absolutely need some sort of off in authorization for that. that is not the strategy and i think the strategy. >> harris: what is our foreign policy with regard to syria at this point? >> there is to call broad goals here. the first goal is we want to make sure that assad is in no position to use any sort of weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons being the main one. we don't want to live in a world where countries think it's only okay to use things like chlorine because we see countries like north korea and russia using them to target assassinations. that's not something we can live but do look by. i think you will see the trump administration move towards diplomacy to try to find a way to wind down the civil war. it weaved a partner with moscow, all the different actors on the
10:25 am
ground. this civil war is a cancer on humanity, we don't even know how many people have died. it's something the united states can do and i think it's diplomacy that will get us there. >> harris: we do know at least some numbers, that it approaches half a million people but we don't know the mix of all those people. you mixed in chlorine, which would mean they would have used some sort of near weapon of mass destruction back in february of just this year alone. there's been a ramping up if you will back to the traditional chemical weapons attacks potentially that we've seen of late. i just wanted to get that out there. what do you think of this idea that there could be once we get over there. we don't want to own syria. when you talk about regime change that makes some people nervous. >> it makes me nervous, to be honest with you. we have to learn from history but we can't be handicapped by history.
10:26 am
a lot of people are saying this could be our new vietnam or afghanistan. i don't buy into that at all. the strike was very focused to damas assad damage assad's ability to use chemical weapons against his own people. >> harris: i want to step in quickly and bring up russia. they have threatened to shoot down our missiles and how they say there's going to be chaos around the globe if we step in again on behalf of these citizens who are being slaughtered by their dictator. >> i don't think there's going to be chaos, i don't think the united states will strike syria unless assad uses more chemical weapons. if the russians are going to act like a rogue nation and supporting other rogue nations we are going to go back to the old cold war, acting the way we did, with the same way that
10:27 am
brought down the soviet union in 1991. russia needs to be careful. >> harris: it's always a pleasure to have you on the program to break down what the administration is doing, thank you. growing reaction to a doj inspector general report that found former fbi director mccabe leaked information to the media about investigations involving hillary clinton and repeatedly misled officials on that issue. whether this justifies jeff sessions decision to fire him and the former first lady barbara bush is said to be in failing health, she has decided not to seek any further furthel treatment. alive update outside the bush compound next. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent,
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>> harris: fox news alert on former first lady barbara bush is failing health. a spokesperson says at 92 years
10:32 am
old she will not seek additional medical treatment. instead she will be at home focusing on "comfort care. the latest live in houston outside the gated community where the bush family home is located. >> that is what we understand is happening, she did not want to be in and out of the hospital, she's had a number of recent hospitalizations according to the family spokesperson. who wouldn't want to be at the home they love and i've got to say, the love of her life is right by her side, that being her husband, though former president george herbert walker bush and other family members. the family spokesperson said she made this decision after meeting with family members and her own personal doctors. her health has declined in recent years, suffering from
10:33 am
thyroid and pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure. she had heart surgery in 2009 and a perforated ulcer operation in 2008. publicly the last several years, she is been known and seen out wearing oxygen. she took the reins as first lady in 1989 and became known as everyone's grandma, a spunky woman with a passion for public service and volunteering and of course reading. you talked about reaction coming in. it's coming in from all over. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley putting this on twitter. "prayer is going out to a woman of great faith, great strength, and an unwavering love of country. our country is better because of former first lady barbara bush." the senate g.o.p. saying "our thoughts and prayers are with the former first lady barbara bush and the entire bush family."
10:34 am
through that family spokesperson, barbara bush wants to thank everyone for all the well wishes and most importantly the prayers. >> harris: casey stegall reporting live outside the family's home in texas, thank you very much. new reaction to a doj inspector general report which included andrew mccabe repeatedly made misleading statements including two former fbi director james comey about his efforts to influence the new story involving hillary clinton. and that he did so for personal gain. now his attorney is fighting back, he said the reports failed to support the decision to terminate mr. mccabe. the inspector general report may just be the tip of the iceberg. >> it may very well go higher up, it may even go all the way into the obama white house. that's why it is so important that the investigation we
10:35 am
launched last fall into how the fbi and the department of justice handled the hillary clinton email investigation and the connection between that and how they launched an investigation into the trump campaign. >> harris: joining me, president of judicial watch. always great to see you. you set along with others that we would find some rather explosive details in this inspector general report. talk to me about what some of those may be now, what kind of jumped out at you? speak of the first thing that jumps out is obviously the most important thing that led to his firing, the number two fbi official was accused quite credibly of lying repeatedly under oath about his involvement in a leak confirming an investigation into the clinton foundation. also in that report is confirmation, more evidence that
10:36 am
there was an effort by the justice department, run by the obama administration loretta lynch to squelch an investigation into the clinton foundation in august 2016. that leads to a whole host of other questions, who made that call, what was behind that call, what was said. this was the real story, not the book he's putting out which is more of a gossip girl tail. this is the corruption. he is responsible for mccabe being into and the position he's in, protecting the other misconduct that was occurring in the agency. >> harris: this is exactly what i had talked with bret baier about, he's going to be sitting down with james comey later this month, i said one of the things i would want to know is what did james comey think about the fact, here he is coming to work every day with this idea that hillary clinton
10:37 am
is going to be president. that gets into the bloodstream of leadership and flows on down, that's what i would want to ask him about. the book is dripping with vitriol in some areas, about this president, does that cloud -- he walks to work with that in his heart every day, he seems to be expressing it to friends who can leak things to media outlets, how does that get into the bloodstream of the fbi, what was the effect of that? >> the person you expect to be president is handed on a silver platter, this dnc clinton campaign funded dossier that attacks the president using russian intelligence. mr. comey rather than protecting mr. trump uses it as a justification to target him. it explains a lot about what's going on in the fbi. mr. comey was the chief
10:38 am
anti-trump in the fbi, his hatred for trump bleeds through the book, bleeds through his interviews. mrs. clinton was known as a hard worker, i didn't draw any conclusions from her involvement in any of the other scandals, i knew there would be no prosecution, that's one of the big things here. he knew there would be no prosecution of the hillary clinton matter. as the investigation was beginning, we are not talking about a year later. he said he needed to no prosecution. >> harris: before all the facts were known and brought in, what is personal gain? he's willing to do these things and to lie about whether he was involved with regard to the hillary clinton investigation and gave information to the media. what's personal gain? are we talking dollars? >> people were concerned that he
10:39 am
had influenced the clinton investigation as a result of his wife's involvement. the allegations he was in hillary clinton's camp. he had an interest, i think the ig is trying to make the argument and making it seem like he was really going after hillary clinton. as comey said, there was nothing to be done against hillary clinton. a lot of noise about an investigation that was being actively suppressed by the justice department and within the fbi. this justice department is still protecting mccabe, still protecting comey, sitting on documents about -- >> harris: do you think there is a report that's going to come out in terms of how people look at the report? you talked about it as being -- >> i think there's going to be a lot of interest in how this
10:40 am
investigation of hillary clinton's foundation was handled and whether there was improper political intervention. i don't understand why the justice department hasn't refocused resources on this the way they have with the improper targeting of president trump. quickly, harris, this shows you that the obstruction investigation against president trump is dead. comey was the key witness, the idea that he obstructed justice, if comey is the key witness, what a joke of a prosecution that would be. it suggest mueller is not really seriously investigating or pursuing it and that comey doesn't even take it seriously. allowing it to be talked about publicly, prosecution would be pursued. what is the justice department doing and allowing him to still mess around given that comey was behind the creation of mueller's investigation to begin with? >> harris: you and i could
10:41 am
talk all day, we will bring you back. very interesting, thank you. just moments from now, a court hearing for president trump's personal attorney is set to begin. remember, stormy daniels is expected to be there, too. cohen's attorneys are demanding that they be able to see which items are protected by fbi privilege? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> harris: fox news alert, minutes from now of federal court hearing for president trump's personal attorney michael cohen is set to begin. stormy daniels is also expected to attend. laura ingle is live at the courthouse in new york city with more on this. we are seeing some arrivals right now.
10:46 am
>> we have been watching some of the main participants show up today. no sign of stormy daniels, there's a huge crowd of photographers behind me at the entrance of the federal courthouse. as you mentioned, a lawyer for president trump, his personal attorney and are all set to be inside federal court for a huge legal day pertaining to what you mentioned there at the intros. let's get to some of the new tape we have to show you. the federal judge in the case ordered cohen to appear in person and turn over a list of his legal clients after his lawyers couldn't answer questions about where they were last week. cohen's team named names, listing president trump, a g.o.p. fund-raiser and a third person not identified in today's court filings as three of his
10:47 am
legal clients for example. lawyers for president trump asked the judge if their team could review evidence before prosecutors do so there attorneys could protect any privileged information. mr. trump's lawyer filing paperwork late last night asking to "safeguard the president sacred light to attorney-client privilege." he asked for a third party to be appointed to the court. mr. trump's team has not changed their request as far as we know, however the u.s. attorney's office has responded to mr. trump's legal filings, submitting a letter to the court that the proposal offered by trump's legal team that they would be the first to screen the documents for attorney-client privilege was would set a dangs precedent. they closed out that letter saying such a rule is unworkable and ripe for abuse. we are about 15 minutes away from the court proceeding.
10:48 am
still no sign of stormy daniels, we will let you know. >> harris: more importantly, we know she and her attorney have been all over the place with what they want people to focus on. for the president, attorney-client privilege without rate on his personal attorney, that's what we are watching for today. laura ingle, thank you very much. as james comey slams president trump publicly, the chairman of three house committees are demanding the justice department turn over comey's unredacted memos of his meetings with the president. our power panel will weigh in, stay close. ♪
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>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perino. we are awaiting a major court hearing for president trump's attorney michael cohen. stormy daniels claims cohen is in "big trouble." we will break it down as we await for star stormy daniels herself to arrive at court. james comey calls for ethical leadership does he live up to it? one of our guests isn't so sure. the president talking taxes in florida. we will give you the highlights on "the daily briefing." >> harris: james comey has
10:53 am
this new book out. the republican chairman of three house committees has set a deadline of today for the justice department to turn over unredacted copies of comey's memos on his interactions with the president. comey has admitted he leaked some of those memos to a friend to get him into the media outlets. david webb, also a radio host on sirius xm. exciting to see you gentlemen sitting next to each other. where do you put where james comey is now? there was some classified information on some of those memos is what i'm reading. >> it remains to be seen. i think those memos will get turned over today, i don't think there's enough of an argument to say it's personal property. >> harris: he put some information in his book. >> i don't see that as an issue. where he is today, he's on a book to her. that's he is.
10:54 am
>> he feels he's on the righteous side and he's the smartest guy in the room. when it comes to the memos, you want to compare those memos. also -- compare them to what he's actually said in these interviews, what he's done. we don't know that, it hears the other thing. he claims he handed out, gave out the d classifying, the declassification authority but he sitting with the president who is a higher classification authority, and executive privilege and he signed the paper when he became fbi director, whatever you do in the context of your job is not your property. >> i will say this, not that i'm not interested in defending james comey. >> harris: what did you call him? speak of the world's tallest boy scout. >> it's not that simple when you make notes. basically you can have a dual claim to it where they are your
10:55 am
personal notes but the government does have an argument. >> they own them if you sign that paper. when you work for the federal government, whatever you do in the context of your job is the property of the government. that's the statute. >> it's not quite that. >> harris: i don't know if the memos will show this but -- i have to stop because we have to get to a courthouse. stormy daniels is arriving at u.s. district court in manhattan ahead of that hearing where they are going to take a look at a couple of things now. client-attorney privilege, that raid on michael cohen, the president's personal attorney. is that being breached through the process of looking at the documents that were taken in a siege on michael cohen's home, hotel room, offices. you just saw stormy daniels getting into the courtroom there. and they put you back on screen so it's my opportunity to shift
10:56 am
gears and ask you about where we are with all of this. the president's legal team wanted to see these before anybody else in court did, michael cohen asked for a third party to look at those things. >> if you look at the way they've applied this, they've gone to hillary clinton's attorneys with classified materials, the violation of law and gone into their knock knock warrant. the misapplication of this -- >> harris: i have to go to a break, gentlemen, thank you. we will be right back.
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>> harris: we understand stormy daniels just went through the metal detectors. we expect a court hearing on attorney/client privilege and the president of the united states. that's what's at stake for him. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. a major court hearing about to begin, where president trump's personal attorney, michael cohen, is asking a judge to block prosecutors from access to some materials seen in those fbi raids. cohen claiming the filed contains privileged attorney/client communication. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." former adult film actress stormy daniels arriving in court. her lawyer said the proceedings could cause problems for the president and his attorney. >> i think michael cohen is in a lot of trouble. i think he did things w


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