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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 16, 2018 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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good meeting you. you did a good job, spike. >> spike is a little pumpkin. check him out, his facebook page or our page. now here's shepard smith. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in new york city where. trump's personal lawyer, michael cohen has gone before a judge trying to keep secret some of the material that fbi agents seized from him and stormy daniels there in court. after strikes from syria, some defiant in damascus. and we're monitoring the condition of barbara bush. 92 years old, in failing health and no longer seeking hospital treatment. today her granddaughter describes the former first lady. let's get to it. >> and a busy afternoon. it's first from the fox news
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deck. a live look outside the courthouse in manhattan. the president's personal lawyer, or fixer, we're not sure, michael cohen is arguing about what to do with evidence fbi agents seized last week. in the audience, stormy daniels. she claims she had sex with mr. trump before she was president. michael cohen and the white house deny that. but cohen admits that he paid daniels $130,000 to keep her quiet. the former porn star is in court, though not as a party to this hearing. lawyers for president trump say he himself should review all of those files before handing them over to the prosecutors citing a vital interest in attorney client privilege. the president's attorney represented a formal request that said fairness and justice
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as well as the appearance requires that before they're turned over to the investigative team, the seized materials related to the president must be only viewed by the person that the privilege is implied, the privilege holder, himself, the president. prosecutors want an impartial team of justice department lawyers not involved with the cohen investigation to look over that material before they get it. a taint team, they call it. standard for this sort of situation. the feds raided president trump's personal lawyer and fixers hotel room, home and office in new york city all with just about the same time last monday morning. prosecutors say they're investigating michael cohen's personal business dealings. the associated press and others report that fbi agents are looking for information on the hush money that cohen gave stormy daniels. cohen claims the $130,000 came out of his own pocket.
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he denies he did anything wrong. laura ingle is on fox's top story outside the courthouse in new york city. have they broken up for today? have they learned anything new? >> we have learned a lot new and they are still going inside federal court right now. the federal judge in this case ordered michael cohen to be here in person, to answer questions directly related to who his clients are. he wanted to know how many he had and who they were. cohen's legal team complied and named names this morning in a court filing as requested by the judge submitting a short list of three names. president trump, gop fund raiser elliot brody and a third person they did not identify at the filing. now, in today's proceedings that are underway right now, stephen ryan, one of cohen's attorneys was asked by the judge to specifically name the other name because they said it wouldn't
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fall under attorney client privilege to withhold that name. he stood up and named him as sean hannity. so moving on to the rest of what is happening today. there's been a good deal of back and forth filings over this issue since last night. cohen and lawyers for president trump asked the judge if their teams could review the seized evidence before prosecutors. but earlier this morning, cohen seemed to change his tune and adjusted his request to ask for a third party or what is known as a special master to be appointed by the court to review the records. mr. trump's team wants to review the documents themselves. the u.s. attorney's office responded submitting another letter to the court which says the proposal offered by mr. trump's legal team that they would be the first to screen the documents for attorney client privilege, would set a dangerous precedent. adding that such a rule is unworkable and rights for abuse, shep. >> shepard: stormy daniels is in court but not a party. did she get to participate or
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did her lawyer? >> well, she's participating in the sense that she's here and she wants to be seen. there was a huge scrum of photographers when she showed up today as she arrived. people were jockeying for position and some people tripping over each other to get the shot. her attorney is here as well. he said that daniels is here today to make sure that all of the information regarding her dealings with cohen are made public. listen. >> i think her message has been consistent. she wants everybody to tell the truth and stop lying to the american people. >> you can see behind me, we have a huge pool of reporters and photographers waiting to see who will come out and speak. the court proceedings are still underway. >> shepard: let's turn to bob bianci.
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first, there's a procedure for things like this. like if there's one kind of legal activity that is underway and been underway and then someone involved with that comes up as a separate matter, they want to separate the two things so that the wrong people don't get the right stuff, if you know what i mean. >> absolutely. >> how would you describe that legally speaking? >> it's called putting up a chinese wall or the taint team. we want to make sure that this information that may not be relevant to the investigation does not bleed into or is released to the public inappropriately. >> so let's say they came to your house and in your personal notes you have stuff about 50 different people but only one of those is pertinent to an investigation underway, sort of ancillary to you, right? they wouldn't get all of that, these investigators on the big case. they would just get the part that is pertinent to them. so if your daughter told you
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something about a boyfriend or something serious in your life, they would never see it. that's what the president said he is trying to ensure, that he separates. >> if any investigation -- i've executed search warrants in very similar context to this. you don't get as a target or of a person that holds the communication the ability to be involved in the secrecy of the grand jury proceedings. this is a grand jury subpoena. something inappropriate has been done. that's something for the court to determine. you don't want to do it to tip off where the grand jury is going with respect to the investigation. what makes me laugh about this and i don't mean that disrespectfully, it's an attorney client privilege. i hold that dear. they presented facts where a court reviewed what it was they were going to be taken and said.
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we're making sure that you highly scrutinize this with your taint team to ensure client confidentialities are not breached. what would we do if every defendant or every target or every person had the opportunity to review the information prior to the investigation? >> this isn't every target, this is the president of the united states. that said, there was a higher bar for getting into that lawyer's office in the first place because this of the the president of the united states so as this goes. those seeking all of this information from his home, apartment, office, those seeking that had to convince a judge if you don't let us go in there in a no-knock raid and just take it all, there's reason to believe they're going to hide it from us and we will never know the truth or the judge wouldn't have allowed this. >> absolutely. everybody wants to look at this in a partisan way. i try to do it straight down the line in material of legality. if they believed there was the potential of destruction of evidence and they convinced the judge of that, the judge said,
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okay, i'm going to issue this, there's your judicial review. but you use a heightened level of scrutiny that other parts of the investigation are not reached here. this isn't done all the time. >> shepard: so based on what you know about what is happening and what is happening inside this courthouse today, one of two things -- i guess one of three. either they'll say don't look at any of it until we have -- let mr. trump and his team look over it or let the taint team do its work or some in combination of the two. what would be your prediction? >> i think -- the court would know its setting bad present doing things differently than with the taint team. the taint team is there for this reason. if you make an exception for president trump or mr. cohen, you have to say this is the way it's going for all cases. the justice system doesn't recognize, shep, a difference between the president of the
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united states or somebody in a menial job. each one has the same constitutional rights. they would be setting bad precedent. i less last point, this was a no-brainer. you have to be blind for many, many months when the stormy daniels things happened and michael cohen made the comments that he made that trump did not as a lawyer know about the agreement and trump then confirmed that on the airline, i mean, i sat there as a former prosecutor making a decision and saying just like i did when the obstruction filed opened after the lester holt interview. this is going to lead to a search warrant of cohen's office. not only was that true for stormy daniels, it may no sense to me tactically legally why they did that. they put michael cohen in great risk. but over financial dealings for many months they have been looking into this. why? people will say it's a vendetta.
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banks started triggering warnings that money is moving here in an odd way. that's what initiated it. this is all the result of them speaking, which they shouldn't do and actions that were -- anybody would know is going to tip off the federal authorities that something odd is happening, hence the bank fraud, wire fraud and potential tax evasion issues. >> shepard: this is interesting. some people would have never thought about it. bob, nice to talk to you. >> thank you. >> shepard: for us, the elephant in the room is that sean hannity is said to have been a third client of michael cohen. there's a statement at the hollywood reporter from hannity that says we've been friends a long time. he did some legal work for me. hannity's producers are working to contact him. we'll report on it when we know the rest of it. a lot of people know his number. we'll get on that. the kremlin is now said to be targeting computers around the world. have you heard this? the kremlin targeting computers
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around the world in an enormous hack attack aimed at governments, private infrastructure. the feds released details today. is this retaliation for what just happened regarding syria? no. because it happened long before that. we'll explain what you need to know from the fox news deck on this monday afternoon.
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>> well, a little housework
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here. you may have heard a little while ago from court proceedings there were three people that michaelacked hackers have targeted and infected computer routers from government agencies to businesses and critical infrastructure. the officials say they have high confidence that vladimir putin's government is behind the cyber campaign, high confidence is as certain as they can be given the complexity of the information and the issue. officials said when a hostile foreign actor controls the router, they control the information. they believe it's part of a espionage campaign to steal information such as credentials and pass words. as you mentioned, millions of machines were targeted and they also say -- this is the worrying part of the briefing we had -- that there is an offensive cyber capability and they're concerned the russians are prepositioning this capability for tense times with the united states or the
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west, shep. >> shepard: and the united states and british officials said this is part of a broader campaign. can you explain that to the degree they have? >> yeah. one of the big questions at the briefing is whether it was connected to or in retaliation for the recent strikes in syria. they said no, because this has been going on for months. as you mentioned, they first documented it in november of 2016. they have been tracking the hackers over a year. they really believe it's part of a broader campaign. in the last year or so, they identified three incidents of russian hackers doing reconnaissance on the networks. that's a way to understand the best way to capitalize on the information and to steal it. we asked whether this compromise is targeting the mid-term elections later this year. officials say they don't know that at this point but i think significantly they didn't rule it out. >> shepard: thanks, catherine herridge. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: more ahead on russia and syria.
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>> shepard: 21 minutes passed the hour. james comey says president trump is not fit to lead. he says there's some evidence that president trump possibly obstructed justice. comey said it's possible that the russians have dirt on the. and that president trump has no business being in the white house. in the first of many scheduled
12:21 pm
interviews, comey said down with abc's george stephanopoulos. >> is donald trump unfit to be president? >> yes. but not in the way i often hear people talk about it. i don't buy him being mentally incompetent. he strikes me as a person of above intelligence who is tracking conversations and knows what's going on. i think he's morally unfit to be president. >> shepard: comey accusing president trump of constantly lying and does not embody american values. on the obstruction question, james comey said that he believes president trump was asking him to drop the criminal investigation into michael flynn. we've heard that before. president trump has denied that. flynn has since pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi. of course, president trump has repeatedly said there was no collusion and there was no obstruction. calling the investigation a
12:22 pm
witch hunt. president trump, of course, fired james comey last may and then said the russia investigation was on his mind at the time. john roberts in palm beach live this afternoon. hello, john. >> shep, good afternoon to you here from palm beach where it's warm and breezy. very much like the weather we left in washington. the president that traveled down to miami this morning and is now in palm beach thinking a lot about james comey tweeting about him six times between saturday and today including one tweet where he said slippery james comey, a man that always end up badly and out of whack. he's not smart. will go down as the worst fbi director in history by far. the new comey book is littered with a series of intensely personal observations and attacks by comey on president trump. he said he thinks there's a possibility he might have
12:23 pm
committed a crime but adds i don't know. he think it's possible that he could have cavorted in hookers in moscow. he didn't know though. he suggested at the top that the president may have tried to commit obstruction of justice when he tried to ask him to let the flynn case go in 2017. james comey said he does not think that president trump should be impeached for that. he thinks the voters should push him it. >> should donald trump be impeached? >> impeachment is a fact of law and politics. >> you're a voter what do you think? >> i hope not. impeaching and removing donald trump from office would let the american people off the hook and let something happen incorrectly. people in this country need to stand up and go to the voting booth and vote their values. >> the white house was already
12:24 pm
on the war path against james comey. but after that interview aired last night, they stepped it up putting out two officials today including hogan gidley to absolutely trash comey. listen here. >> james comey is a disgrace, disgruntled, discredited individual fired from the fbi for lying and leaking, to completely go against everything that he was put in power to do. only in washington d.c. could a proven admitted liar and leaker be paraded around town as though he was the paragon of virtue. it's disgusting. >> this feud has been going on for months if not years between the president and james comey. well, since the president took office last year. now we see this is reaching up to and even greater pitch after the interview last night, shep and it's just the beginning as you pointed out. this book tour is just beginning
12:25 pm
and he has more interviewed lined up and everybody will be trying in the interviews to get something that the person before them didn't have. so we'll see where it goes. >> shepard: yeah. government watch dog agency today found the environmental protection agency broke the law when it spent tens of thousands on a phone booth for its director. john, i guess that was outside the limits because there's a set money limit that you can spend on things without asking mom and dad for permission. >> right. a lot of people have described this as a phone booth. it's something called a skiff. it's a segment -- it's a compartmented information facility, security compartmented information facility. it's an electronic shield around either your cell phone communications or computer or whatever. the military uses them all over the world. there's a lot of them at the white house as well. epa administrator pruitt decided
12:26 pm
he want one. you get a $5,000 redecorating budget before you have to go to according to say i'm going to spend more money. the gao found that pruitt department do that and violated the law in doing that. i checked with some folks at the white house about all of this. basically what i'm reading, shep, it's just another black mark against pruitt among many others. there are some that seem to arise every day. the problem is that there are a lot of white house officials -- the good thing for pruitt, but the problem for white house officials, a lot of folks think that pruitt is a liability and needs to go. for the moment, scott pruitt continues his job as the epa administrator regardless how much money he's spending on telephone calls. >> all right. john roberts in palm beach. the white house talking about slapping new economic penalties on russia. they're sanctions.
12:27 pm
but economic penalties here over its action in syria. this comes as chemical weapons inspectors say russians are blocking them from reaching the site of the attack. we'll have more on that. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news and the middle of commercial break headlines that happened at the bottom of the hour, chloe and tristan have named their daughter. her name is true. true thompson. heartburn!
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to do with romance. cosby has pleaded not guilty. in new york, police searching for a suspend who they say stabbed and killed a college student. this happened last night in binghamton university. the school released a statement saying the police do not think the stabbing was a random act. and buckingham palace transformed into a rain forest. this colorful design lit up the building last night. it's part of the queen's global conservation initiative. this week in london leaders meeting to discuss environmental issues. shep will be right back. etireme? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> shepard: a u.s. official says russia may have tampered with evidence at a site of suspected chemical weapons attack in syria. british officials accuse russia and syria of blocking a team of international inspectors from reaching the site in douma outside damascus. the inspectors say russian and syrian officials told them that they could not go near it because of safety concerns.
12:33 pm
russia's foreign ministers told the bbc that he can guarantee russia has not tampered with the site. the kremlin has denied there was a chemical attack there or anywhere else and claimed that images of children foaming at the mouth and other videos were staged. despite moscow's denials, the united states, the united kingdom and france launched missiles targeting sites the allies said were chemical weapons facilities. most of the u.s. missiles president trump reportedly said were shot down. the president says no they weren't. >> they didn't shoot one down. their equipment didn't work too well. no, sir, every single one hit its target. >> shepard: this is a satellite image showed one of the targets before the strike and here's what it looks like after the strike.
12:34 pm
again, this is from the government. some images with grounds pictures of the same area. this is an area that researchers -- well, let's try this one. this is an area of a research center, a syrian soldier regarding the damage. you can see the camera. here's the photos of missiles striking over damascus. these have been everywhere. here's what's left of douma or here is -- you can see all of these buildings blown out. look at the debris in the streets there. some people walking around. that's what's left of the town where the chemical attack happened. here's a photo of syrian forces entering the town. the peace sign is a v for victory waving syrian flags and national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the news. she's live for us at the pentagon. jennifer, what are we hearing about all of that today? >> shep, sometimes it's what you don't see in military warfare that sends the strongest message. i'm told by well-placed u.s.
12:35 pm
defense sources that the russian and syrian air defenses didn't even see the u.s. and french and british attack when the 105 allied misses landed within minutes of each other launched from war ships and jets stretched from the mediterranean to the persian gulf. >> we also note that we destroyed three buildings in metropolitan damascus, one of the most heavily defended aero space areas in the world. >> the missiles targeted three of his chemical weapons facilities including a research center. two chemical storage facilities destroyed outside da mamascudam. the point of view is not the number of sites hit or the amount of real estate taken from asass but the clear message to russian, syria and iran and
12:36 pm
north korea that this is how precise military targeting can be for the u.s. >> shepard: what do we know about which military assets to use in this strike on syria? >> a lot of the targeting was designed to keep the u.s. alliance together. france only wanted to target the chemical weapons sites. we've learned that the french took out one of those sites near homes by itself destroying the third target. ambassador nikki haley on "fox news sunday" said the president's goal in syria is not just to defeat isis and halt the use of chemical weapons. >> he wanted to make sure that we had good grounds to watch what iran was doing and they weren't making a lot of aggressive head way in terms of that. iran is a national threat to american interests. >> indicating the u.s. will keep troops in syria for as long as that takes, shep.
12:37 pm
>> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thanks. president trump stopping a plan to impose new economic penalties on russia over the situation in syria. so there was an announcement and now it's been stopped. that's what white house officials have said. here's the background. over the weekend our ambassador to the united nations nikki haley say the united states may roll out new sanctions against the russians as soon as today. but then a white house official told the post that haley got ahead of herself and made an error that needs to be mopped up. that was a quote. other administration officials told the post that they're not so sure that ambassador haley spoke at all. they say she personally checks in with the president before giving television interviews. earlier today the white house stopped short of shutting down the idea of sanctions. either new sanctions are coming, new sanctioned or stopped or nobody is sure.
12:38 pm
sarah sanders said that the united states may hit russia with new economic punishments in the near future. eric shawn is live at the united nations. whatever sounds good, you can have that until further notice. >> right you are. it's an apparent reversal on imposing the new economic sanctions. nikki haley saying that they would be announced today on companies that provide the material for syria to manufacture those chemical weapons. the paper report is the president is mad is they're being rolled out without another incident. take a look at what ambassador haley said on "face the nation". >> sanctions will be coming down. secretary mnuchin will be announcing them monday and will go to any sort of companies that are dealing with equipment related to assad and chemical weapons used. so everyone will feel it at this
12:39 pm
point. everyone knows that we sent a strong message. >> well, those announcements have not come. it's monday obviously. that has been rolled back for now. we've contacted haley's office for contact. no response yet. the diplomats are working on a new resolution to deal with the chemical situation as well as humanitarian and a political situation dealing with syria. yesterday i interviewed british ambassador karen pierce. she called russia saying they were acting like a rogue country i. >> we find this astounding as do many people that a country that helped build the chemical weapons convention and the global nonproliferation regime that russia can now be one of those rogue countries that is looking to undo it. >> do you feel that russia is a rogue country? it. >> has those tendencies. >> ambassador pearce said the
12:40 pm
u.n. was founded on noble principles, principles that will being obstructed by moscow. shep, back to you. >> shepard: eric shawn, thanks very much. let's go to james jeffery now, former ambassador to iraq and turkey, now a fellow at the washington institute where he focuses on u.s., diplomatic and military strategy in the middle east. great to be here. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: do we have a way to know yet what we just did serves our objective? >> it probably did. first of all as reported from the pentagon just now, this was a very effective strike in terms of military capabilities in the face of potential russian defenses. secondly, the syrian government knows if it does use check call weapons again, it will be struck by the u.s. and probably britain and france. that's important. we're maintain ago very important principle --
12:41 pm
>> shepard: why is that important now when we did this a year ago and didn't follow up? >> because of the specific statement by the president right as the strike was happening and then by secretary mattis an hour later where mattis said if they use it again, we will strike again. there is no doubt in my mind that we are prepared to do this preferably with the french and british. >> shepard: the president said there's more than one thing going on there. there's the action against isis which is confined and then there's the broader series of conflicts that involve so many series of actors like hezbollah, russia and all the rest. it's the second part that the president wants to withdraw from. is that right and how do you feel about it? >> he does but we're not sure that battle has not been fought. i'm very much having been in the region more concerned about that. the chemical weapons and the fight against isis are symptoms of the underlying problem. nikki haley put her finger on it a minute an. it's iran's expansionist filling
12:42 pm
in the vacuums in the region, particularly syria and iraq and elsewhere. the president and his advisers still haven't decided how they'll deal with the problem that has israel, turkey and the arab states worried that will be a major walk. >> shepard: the deeper problem is when we went in to bolster those moderate syrian rebels with all the training and all the weapons that have flooded the middle east, at that point after he crossed the line, maybe there was something we could have done then but didn't. now there's 550,000 deaths later, you wonder of responsibility on the united states is to stop now that has president been stopped in the past. >> the responsibility for those deaths is clearly russia's, syria's and iran's. the u.s. -- it's not a question of responsibility in a moral sense. it's a question of these are our allies, this is our regional
12:43 pm
security system that we've been working on since the 1970s. it's coming apart before our eyes. i think the president will respond to it, but he's not there yet from all accounts i've heard. >> shepard: thanks, james. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> shepard: ahead, barbara bush. she's the matriarch of a political dynasty. wife and mother to men that served as our. and largely avoided political issues along the way but focusing on humanitarian causes. managing to be funny most of the time. she worked to improve the lives of those around her. now at 92, her health is failing. she's now finished with doctors. for barbara bush, family has always come first. to hear it from all that know her and now family. we'll take you to texas for an update on her condition next.
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12:46 pm
>> shepard: the former first lady, barbara bush, has decided she will not seek additional
12:47 pm
medical treatment despite her failing health. that's according to a spokesman that said mrs. bush will focus on comfort care and that she's now surrounded by her family. the 92-year-old has been in and out of the hospital recently. her family says that she's dealing with heart failure and lung disease. in a statement they wrote "it will not surprise those that know her that barbara bush has been a rock in her failing health, not worrying about herself but for others." our casey stegall is live in houston near the bush family home. hello, casey. >> south post oak lane behind me. a very busy road in west houston. we have seen thousands of cars passing by. those unsuspecting black iron gates back there that just so happen to be the entrance to former president bush's neighborhood. where mrs. bush is now resting. i spoke to a woman that was walking her dog out here earlier
12:48 pm
this morning. she told me that she said a little prayer as she walked by thinking of all of the contributions made by mrs. bush through the years. according to her family, the 92-year-old has the love of her life by her side. the man she's been married to for more than seven decades, longer than any other u.s. president in history, george herbert walker bush and barbara pierce met in a christmas dance in 1941, a true love story, shepard. at this hour, we understand mrs. bush resting comfortably with that love and the rest of her family in that neighborhood. >> shepard: one thing it's been great to see the well-wishes coming in from everywhere, all over the country, all over the world. >> everywhere. really we're seeing a lot of activity up at the george h.w. bush presidential library in college station, texas.
12:49 pm
a live look out of there now. it's open. people have been filing through like they normally do. now it's different. they're paying respects and the like. and then the world of politics reacting. ohio governor and republican presidential candidate john kasich tweeting this. "barbara bush is a woman of grace, humility and great compassion. she and her family are in our prayers." former democratic speaker of the house nancy pelosi saying "as always, barbara bush is a comfort to her friends and family teaching us all how to live. full of faith, love and humor. praying she's comfortable and send love to president bush and their family." shepard? >> shepard: casey stegall live with us in houston. thank you. occasionally the news gods are good to you. today they are. we have an update from planet blago. the former governor turned celebrity apprentice start
12:50 pm
finding out the supreme court will seat him free. blago is next.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
>> shepard: fox weather alert. deadly storm causing major damage in parts of the carolinas. flooding roads and knocking out power. runners facing brutal conditions at the boston marathon today. rain and winds pounding t ing i racers and fans. an american woman won it for the first time in decades. in new york city today, check this out from a subway station in midtown. the water poured in. this wasn't happening everywhere. look at this. imagine walking out of the train to work on those stairs. ran into a lot of trouble. this was farther uptown. josh guild took this video.
12:54 pm
the turnstiles of the gate there's to get into the subway. adam klotz is live in the extreme weather center. i would probably take an uber if it looked like that. >> doesn't take a lot for me but i would call in sick. it's all from one giant system. we're looking at snow running across kentucky, indiana, ohio. the very heavy rain continuing to run up the coast. everything here in green are flood watches. so from philadelphia up to new york, up to portions of massachusetts, all spots where we saw that very heavy rainfall. here's the leading line. it will push north the overnight hours. unfortunately the temperatures are dropping. light snow in a couple spots. good news is, this is only going to be a couple days. it's mid april. so warm air just around the corner. shepard? >> shepard: the heavy coat this morning. not fun. but there's news for planet
12:55 pm
blago. the supreme court refusing to hear a repeal of rod blagojevich. it's the second time the justices refused to heal an appeal from him. he tried to sell his congressional seat. the bathroom with recurring constipation and belly pain talk to your doctor and say yesss! to linzess. ♪ yesss! linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. linzess is not a laxative. it works differently to help you get ahead of your recurring constipation and belly pain. do not give linzess to children less than 6, and it should not be given to children 6 to less than 18. it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain,
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but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> shepard: the president's lawyer michael cohen had three clients, the president, another man and sean hannity. hannity has just said on the radio that michael never represented me in any matter. retained him in the traditional sense. i never received an invoice from michael, i never paid legal fees to michael but i have occasionally had brief discussions with him on different questions. not one issue did i ever deal michael on that involved a third
12:59 pm
party. i like having people that i can trust. cavuto starts now. >> neil: a lot to put together here. this is live at the manhattan federal court. attorneys for president trump are facing off the prosecutors as we speak. at issue, whether documents, electronic devices seized from michael cohen are protected by attorney client privilege. the president's lawyers say they are. they want to go through those documents document by document and decide which ones the federal government should see and which they cannot say and will a judge allow it. we're on it. and kemba wood also wants the names of michael cohen's clients in the public. they are president trump, elliot brody and of course you heard once or twice, sean hannity.


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