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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 16, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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active duty marine who present at the american flag to the coffin. shorts joined the marines right out of high school. we are grateful you spent the evening with us, good night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." sean hannity was named a client of michael cohen is, trump's lawyer. it will give you details to what exactly happened and then we'll hear from sean himself ahead. first night, the full transcript of former fbi director jim comey's interview with george stephanopoulos has been released. it's a massive interview, clocking in at more than five hours and isur deeply revealing pride by now you probably heard a lot about what comey has had to say about donald trump and not much of that was newsworthy it turned out. the real value of v this intervw was what it said about james comey. by the end, you realized that
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comey should have never been fbi director. he's too partisan. trumps main mistake was not firing him on inauguration day. in his interview with abc, comey defenses prosecution of martha stewart, who remember went to jail for lying to federal prosecutors. hehe then attacks general david petraeus. according to comey, petraeus should have faced more than a charge, he should have gone to prison for lying. comey's words come out lying "strikes at the heart of our rule of law in this country." fair enough, the probable should be held accountable for their misdeeds, but then comey goes on to talk about the marc rich case. your member that? on his way out of office, bill clinton sold a presidential pardon to a wanted felon who had fled the country. "i have never heard of another caseworker a fugitive was pardoned. thenen stephanopoulos answers te question, did you draw any conclusions about the clintons?
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comey's response, not at all. selling apart into a fugitive tells him nothing whatsoever about the clintons and their character. by the way,s hillary clinton is awfully smarter than hardworking. loretta lynch gets the same soft treatment. comey conceded that lynch did in fact pressure him to describe the clinton investigation as a "matter" rather than what it actually was, criminal investigation. >> she told him to refer to the clinton email controversy as a matter rather than an investigation. did you think she was doing it to protect hillary clinton question rick >> i didn't know. ed gave me an uncomfortable feeling because the clinton campaign, i had been trying to come up with other words to describeit it. don't know says jim comey. he doesn't know if lynch was trying to protect hillary clinton. he didn't want to draw any conclusions, he didn't know if the attorney general was behaving politically when she told him to parrot the clinton
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campaign's talking points. comey went on to say that loretta lynch is a very smart person whom he respects very much. you remember in the middle of all of this, president obama publicly and repeatedly dismissed the entire hillary clinton email investigation as a nothing burger. of course hillary did nothing wrong. comey concedes that obama is a smart lawyer and he should have known better than to wait and on an active investigation as president. presidents shouldn't do that. "do you think obama was trying to color the case?" once again, comey replies "i don't know. i don't think so." there's a theme here. again and again, partisan democratss get every benefit of every doubt from jim comey. he can't rush to conclusions until he sees the white circles any -- comey says repeatedly that lying is what bothers him most peer and he's devoted his life to fighting against dishonesty. that's why he wrote the book, he says. comey also h says that former
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director of national intelligence james clapper is the public servant he admires most. the very same james clapper who lied to congress, falsely claiming that intelligence agencies don't spy on americans when he knew perfectly well that they do. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir, . >> it does not? >> not wittingly. >> tucker: not wittingly. what you just saw it as perjury, it's a federal crime, but unlike martha stewart, james clapper got away with that. jim comey is happy that he did. the most revealing moments of the interview come when comey describes the alleged russian plot against our democracy. comey claims repeatedly that russiaus wanted trump to beat hillary clinton in the election. if it was that simple, why did russian propagandists apparently attack trumpga as well?
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comey does not just that. instead, he acts as though he knows for certain that they were acting on trump's behalf.f. we don't know that for certain. comey is passing on speculation as fact. if comey and the fbi wanted to get to the bottom of a russian plot against our democracy, whym didn't the bureau investigate the dnc service to make certain that russia really hack to them? regale us what you hear, we've never seen any evidence h that the government f russia directed the theft of data for most servers or from john podesta's email icon for that matter. we take on face. everyone repeats it likes it's true. why should we believe that without actual proof? because people likeca jim comey say so, because our intel agencies never lie to us? right. comey's main piece of evidence that the president is a russian stooge is that he never heard trump criticized by married put and, even in private conversations. i don't know what's behind that, comey says. byblos location is that trump is
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unpatriotic, a traitor to america. that's the new standard. unnoticed you denounce putin vigorously and behind closed doors, our top 1% officials expect disloyalty and criminal intent o and then all but accuse you of that onn television. there's a name for this, it's called mccarthy-ism. comey seems highly political. he said repeatedly in interviews with abc that he is greatly influenced by his wife. he said a number of indications were -- comey says again and again that he listens carefully to his wife. given that, it's significant that comey's wife turns out to be of debtor hillary partisan. watch. >> on saturday generate 21st, among them, the family of james comey. speak out my wife and girls
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marched in the women's march the day aftert trump's inauguration parent might four daughters, probably all five of my kids one and hillary clinton to be the first woman president. i know my amazing spouse did. >> i wanted a woman president really badly and i supported hillary clinton, a lot of my friends worked for her and i was devastated when she lost. >> tucker: waitd a second, we have news here. jim comey was the director of the fbi working for president donald trump. a bunch of his wife's friends worked on hillary clinton's campaign. virtually his entire family marched against his boss on trump's very first day of work. comey gave abc photographs of all of them carrying anti-trump signs on the national mall. we're supposed to think that any of this had any effect on how jim comey approached his job in the trump administration. of course, it did. mark steyn joins us tonight. jim comey tells us he hates dishonesty, though jim klapper is his hero.
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many say that when loretta lynch commanded you not to describe it as a criminal investigation, he said i don't know. no idea, didn't seem political to me. that's false. speak of the circumstantial that's staring you in the face when it comes too democratic behavior, he seems to be blank about, but he'll happily deliriously speculate on what trump may have been doing with a bunch of in moscow. fans of james comey want it both ways. with his wife and daughter is marching on the women's march, the day after tom'ss inaugurati inauguration. he is a nonpartisan civil servant, he's a straight shooting g-man. on the other hand, his entire
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family is marching in this women's march, i believe something like 4 million people marched across america. out of the female population of the united states, that's about 2.5%. it's not just that mrs. comey is a hillary voter, it's that she's and the hardest hard-core of the late partisan's. andrew mccabe's wife is a democrat candidate in virginia. again, these aren't just people who pick candidate a or a candidate be come out there in the hardest hard-core of partisans and comey and mccabe's tenure at the fbi was marked by a bizarre, grotesque partisanship that is far closer to obstruction of justice if you look at the way lynch behaved, mccabe behaved, comey behaved,
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strzok paved, page behaved. that's the realed obstruction of justice then trump is supposedly being investigative for. >> tucker: if you are assuming a new job and your wifee said i don't like your boss and you might say i don't like him either, i don't like him, i want to t go march with a sign denouncing him on the national mall and his first day of work. would you say may be for the sake of appearances, it is my boss after all and my job required me to have no political affiliation, kind of pull back for public display. or is not too much to ask in a marriage do you think? >> i think there's a difference to this. if you are the editor of mother jones and your missus wants to march in the women's march, i think that's fair enough. if they want to march in an anti-tucker carlson march or an anti-amp mark steyn march, i'm fine with that. i think when you are a civil
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servant, particularly in law enforcement, then the caesar's wife standard of plies. with this can do my stomach these lawsuits continue because nobody understands, i come back with a word i use a lot on this show, nobody understands what is seemly anymore. if you've to explain to the fbi director why his wife shouldn'tb be out shrieking h in the strees at the women's march with a bunch of big hats denouncing the president, if you have to explain to the fbi director why that's wrong, that guy shouldn't be fbi director. >> tucker: i want to declare, i'm not attacking, i don't think you were either, comey's wife or her right to express her political views, that's great. you can't with a straight face and say i'm a totally nonpartisan fbi director when your whole family is marching against him on his first day of work. we'll have more with mark steyn because we can't get enough.
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i don't think you can either. we will respond to a chick-fil-a controversy which is kind of interesting. first, felipe raines joins us. when you see comey basically exposing himself as a hillary clinton fan boy, do you feel better? do you think i missed call this, he did love us, he, didn't mean to hurt us? >> jim comey was part of the white order investigation that led to monica lewinsky. he investigated bill clinton into thousand two. i think fan boys is probably a little bit -- >> tucker: he said the marc rich case wherehe president clinton, he has many good points. he didn't sell a presidential pardon to a felon hiding in switzerland. comey says that doesn't tell us anything about the clintons. really? >> i don't think looking at his past, you can say anything other than he is a diehard republican. he was picked by george bush to
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be the fbi director. he was unanimously picked and confirmed by a majority in the senate, that's all true. that is all true. when you watch this interview, his daughters who are women who walked in the march. >> tucker: john kasich is a diehard publican and so is nikki haley, but this is a guy who has a strong political beliefs and they sort of emerged during the course of this five hour interview and an very unmistakable way for it trump. >>th if that was true, she would betr president right now. >> tucker: really? if it weren't true, she would be indicted. >> part of indicting going forward, there have been other investigations and there have been multiple lookingki at what she did, but what he did come out when he came forward on juln
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october 28th was so outside 2 te norm of the protocols in place forhe the fbi director so that e don't have another j. edgar hoover who for 50 years bullied and blackmailed our president. it's impossible to think that he in any way was helping hillary clinton t. it's not clear what jim comey wantedth. >> tucker: he said to george stephanopoulos, i never heard donald trump criticized vladimir putin in private. he held that up as evidence that somehow the president did something wrong. are we not required and our private conversationsns to criticize what an important or else will fall under suspicion of law enforcement? >> i think he likes being in the spotlight, he likes being the hero. he's clearly venting about his time at the fbi and under president trump and being fired. you can debate about whether
9:15 pm
private conversations, about putin or not were okay to be disclosed, but this is a little convoluted, but there's jim comey, the man who had his actions and it did that really coldse his judgment into questi, then you have the gym comey who rationalizes why he does things. >> tucker: i agree with a lot of what you're saying, but -- >> it doesn't undermine everything he's done and more and partly, he's been gone for ' year. he's no longer driving the trai train. >> tucker: i was struck when he didn't respond when comey never criticized and put in. watching everything that's happening, i'm wondering is that still okay question or can you be a good american and not criticized by the report and in your private life? >> they were in the oval office. they were talking about russia's meddling and i know we have different opinions of that, but it would be the time for someone
9:16 pm
to say i want to get to this russian part. i think he was short handing putin and maybe he shouldn't talk about private conversations, but his point was that donald trump wasn't taking much of an interest or concern with the russian attacks on our system. >> tucker: i'm not concerned by that, i think it's number 1,100 on our list of things to worry about. i still think i'm a good american and worry about the country. i don't want to live in a mccarthy world where your judgment think she don't say and your loyalty is impugned. >> some would say that asking for that is loyalty. >> tucker: he didn't get it. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: i like the glasses. stormy daniels took advantage of a media horde today in newark. plus, sean hannity's response to the new revelations about attorney michael cohen. stay tuned. ♪
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is permissible >> no. >> why not? >> i was director of the fbi and i shouldn't be choosingr between a candidate. >> tucker: sure, jim comey ignored obvious misconduct by former attorney general loretta lynch and his dishonest friend james clapper while deciding donald trump is a russian agent because he didn't hate putin loud enough, but he's not a political person. just a disinterested law man. i guess i'm fixated on this
9:21 pm
because i feelse like american society is changing so fast, i'm trying to keep up with it, but isn't allowed not to denounce vladimir putin anymore? >> no, apparently not. you should tweet about it all day how much you can't stand vladimir putin. to vaccinate yourself from disingenuous attacks by kooky liberals in the media. open up a social media account just s to denounce vladimir putn it for a conservative to do yourself a favor. tucker, this is the most absurd thing that he is a nonpartisan actor. let's be crystal clear, he admitted that some of his actions were possibly influenced by the poll numbers and that hillary clinton will be the nexl president, so let's do a visual for the lips. you have blind lady justice with a blindfold who's peeking out of the poll numbers and saying it hillary clinton may be the president, that is the very definition of politically motivated actions, but comey doesn't seem to get that and what's scary is that he was the
9:22 pm
fbi director and was an investigator. >> tucker: i i'm trying to take from his statements of what it must be like at the highest level of the fbi. is it that he lives in a world where everybody agrees with him over at the fbi and doj and doesn't know that his views are political when they are or is he uniquely on self-aware or what's here?on >> i have a really solid source onon this for a long time, it's very upset with the way things went down at the fbi and the way he phrased it to me was there was kind of a cult of comey there that at times, he could be a part-time director, sometimes he would leave on monday, not be there monday, not be there, he would spend time at his other house somewhere else, but there is a cult of comey and it was all around this self image that he was a virtuous white knight who is also the fray, but i like one political people make attacks. i'm not excusing going after people on the time. when you're the fbi director and
9:23 pm
you are on a nationally televised interview and you mention in your book some things like the president's tan lines in the size of his hands in your bookok, this is disgraceful. if you do that to the secret service and got caught when i was there, commenting on the presidents looks or his marriage, you get the boot out of there so fast at the door will hit you right in the way out. >> tucker: you have a gun and you have permission to use it, so the standard is higher. he put martha stewart in prison and i'm glad he did. dan, thank you. great to see. you. president trump's personal attorney michael cohen made a appearance in court today briefly, but the press focused on stormy daniels made an appearance in the gallery.el watch. [reporters talking over each other]
9:24 pm
daniels at the most attention today, but she's a sideshow, just another act of the never ending circus parade the real news came at the hearing itself. michael cohen was forced to hand over a list oflf his clients toa judge. among those on the list was our friend sean hannity in the hour after hours. judge kimba wood ordered hannity's identity revealed even though hannity specifically requested that his name remain private, which is his right. a couple of hours ago, sean issued this statement "michael cohen has ever represented me or any matter.r. i never retained him, received an invoice or pay legal fees. i have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which i wanted his input and perspective." sean plans to address this more broadly in just a bit on fox. keep in mind that sean hannity is a talk show host, he's not under investigation by anyone for anything. ho he hires is a lawyer and why it is nobody's business.
9:25 pm
no judge has a right to violate his privacy or anybody else's. those used to be the rules, but the rules haveve changed. part of the russian investigation is not to find collusion, there was no collusion.ll everyday does that come everyone's always known that. the point is and was to hurt trump and anyone close to trumpeter by the way, it's working. maybe you hate trump and you're happy t about that, but what do the rest of us lose in this process? attorney-client privilege no longer means anything, we learned that the other day. neither does privacy or public reputation or fairness. if cohen's other clients could be exposed by the left, solely to embarrass them, what is the next step exactly? could you punish a trump ally by revealing his internet search history? what about someone's medical records? how about a private conversation with a priest or rabbi? why not? all of that will happen, no question. when it does, the left will cheer because extremism and the pursuit of trump is no vice according to them. the question is do you really
9:26 pm
want too live in a country like that? who would? american bombs away falling on syria come up with us on the country that actually matters. are we lurching towards a major confrontation with the baran and russia? it seems that way. will tell you more when we come back. ♪ ♪ you're simply the best.
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so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. >> tucker: america waded >> tucker: america waited even deeper into a serious civil war on friday, we launched missiless at three targets falling under
9:30 pm
the alleged chemical attack by the government of syria. the regime for bashar al-assad. some of the sponsors of the country, russia and iran both support the assad regime and their more dangerous. is america risking a major military confrontation were not prepared for? jamie, thanks forgs coming on. this is such an overview questioned that i've been thinking aboutan all day which s i just want to question the basicc assumption, we think the real story andti the focus of american power ought to be in the middle east, but there's a lot of stuff going on in our hemisphere, the drug war in mexico, the collapse of venezuela, the total disarray of el salvador. spreading chinese influence, why are we spending any time at all focused in the middle east when we can focus on those things question marks pickle being a superpower means you have to balance multiple responsibilities. the most important reason why we did what we learned last weekend is that chemical weapons were used and if there is consensus
9:31 pm
international law among civilized people and nations that chemical weapons should not be used in warfare. they were used and there were used last year and president trump drew that line in the sand that will remember barack obama drew, budgeted and forced, president trump actually enforced it. it was a surgical strike come out we struck three facilities that were used in the production and dissemination of chemical weapons and we had those. if assad tries to use them again, hopefully we do it again. >> tucker: my job as a journalist is to be loosely speaking, but i want to be skeptical. i ask skeptical questions like how do we know this? i haven't seen anybody provide proof and i've seen a lot of lying about it. i've been denounced repeatedly as a tool by "the washington post." as as tool of the putin regime. it makes us nervous that we can get a straight answer. how do we know?
9:32 pm
>> officials from the opc w, they won't let them. that leads to the question why are the russians and the syrians preventing observers from accessing these sites if they have nothing to hide? there is other evidence. >> tucker: by the way, i'm open-minded on this as all things, but i think before you launch a strike as punishment for an action, you better ascertain with near certainty that the person you're striking was responsible for it. we don't seem to feel it's necessary because as you noticed, it's not really about chemical weapons, is about making certain that russia and particularly around don't gain a foothold there. >> this attack was about chemical weapons paired president trump made it clear he does want to spend much time or effort in syria. >> tucker: nikki haley announced today that the purpose was to monitor iran leaving no timetable or authorization for that and you and i both know, maybe that's a good thing to do. i don't't know. we're b being lied to. it's not about chemical weapons.
9:33 pm
>> it's hard to tell what's going on because the president says one thing one day, he says go get out of syria, we don't want anything to do there anymore and then a week later, we are bombing >> tucker: why is this not a pretext question requires not fake a question mark it seems clearly fake. >> who do you think faked it? >> tucker: i have no idea, but twice in one year, the administer asian announced this moves away from their policy of taking out assad and within days each time, there's a chemical attack purportedly by the assad government against its own population. color me skeptical, i'm not a conspiracy theorist, those are realal questions. >> i don't think they are capable of doing that. >> tucker:r: we know we haven't ascertained to absolute certainty that assad did this last attack and we moved anywayk and my point echoing nikki haley was that it's really about iran, so why lie?
9:34 pm
>> it can be about both things. enforcing the law that chemical weapons cannot be used and when they are, the people who use them will be penalized. the a russians deployed a chemil nerve agent in the united kingdom about six weeks .go >> tucker: and my world, there is always debate, there is always debate. >> is there a debate about the holocaust questioning about the moon landing? >> tucker: i t think it's fair to ask skeptical questions and those who don't are either stupid or theyid are willfully ignorant of the fact that life isth complicated. >> there's a difference between being skeptical and entertaining conspiracy theories. it's clear that the russians used chemical agents. they have nuclear weapons and could use them, so i don't think -- there are many things we do short of punishing them. >> tucker: jay maker check, i'm a fan adverse, i want to
9:35 pm
end, we should not be bombing yet. i'm sure we'll get there. thanks. fired fbi deputy director andrew mccabe just got ripped apart and a scathing report by the investigative general of the fbi. that story next, plus sean hannity awaits to respond to news about michael cohen. to bring that to you coming'l u. ♪ i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than
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♪ >> tucker:uc former fbi deputy director andrewcc mccabe has been treated like a martyr ever since he wasas fired by the trup administration, grateful cnn viewers sent literally hundreds of thousands to his gofundme page. a new report by the doj's inspector general poses just hor much mccabe did to justify getting fired. it wasn't random, that's for sure. accordingfi to reports, mccabe lied to investigators at least four times, three of them under oath trying to cover up his role
9:40 pm
in leaking information to the wall street journal. the only purpose of those leaks apparently was to enhance mccabe's personal reputation at the expense of the agency for which he worked. aaa structure was on "the wall street journal" political board and she joins us.po thanks for coming on. put this in context forni us. there's always so much around something like this, which the truth about what andrew mccabe dead? >> the reason this report is important is because admitted all of the confusion and pointing of fingers and everything that has to doo with the fbi, this provides meticulous and arguable details make in the case that andy mccabe engaged in an unauthorized disclosure to the press and then lied about it and as you said, three times undergrowth and therefore cannot reallyhy explained why he was appropriately fired. think what also matters abouts this report is it establishes the ig of the nonpartisan guide who is interested in getting the
9:41 pm
facts out there. you cannot argue with this report and that matters because this is just a piece of what's coming, a small piece of his broader investigation into the handling of the clinton investigation which is going to be coming out in may. >> tucker: i'm a little confused, having just finished reading a five hour transcript of jim comey's interview with george stephanopoulos, i know that the fbi takes lying under oath very seriously and that's where they had to put martha stewart behind bars and a federal prison because she lied to the fbi. when do we see the charges against andrew mccabe foror lying under oath three times? >> the department of justice cannot misstep this one, it will have to come out and explained to the public either why it's choosing, it's going to process and to for lying to the fbi or explain why it has a double standard. one standard for average americans, one standard for everybody t else and then perhas after explaining that double standard, it can decide that it's going to start holding
9:42 pm
average americans to the same standard and holds its own agents and senior leadership. >> tucker: you get to harry a gun with a high capacity megan lie with impunity? that would be a totally different country if he lived by the fbi standards, would it end? >> this is not the first time this is happened, there have long been questions at the fbi with other people have been found to be cavalier with the truth, they never seem to have the same view. there is half a dozen former members or people associated with the trump campaign that are going to jail or have been indicted or are facing charges from bob mueller for the same exact things, supposedly lying to the feds. >> tucker: i've noticed. that's the main charge actually. what anzi amazing story. thank you for that, and i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: according to the new yorker, chick-fil-a is not welcome because it's owners are
9:43 pm
racist. mark steyn we joins us for that. plus sean hannity response to news that his relationship with attorney michael cohen. we'll be right back. to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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♪ >> tucker:ll will forgive you if you've been distracted these past few weeks by the opioid crisis, the rise of china, your own sustainable credit card debt, you may be fretting about the real issues plaguing the world, but cnn has that covered. a story on cnn's website covers the world's most important topic, transgender migrants seeking asylum in america. in a i growing profile, seen on profiles nicole contreras who is late honduran biological male who wants to come this country to lame asylum so he can warrant
9:48 pm
easily identify as woman. when he arrives, he will receive thousands of benefits, probably medical care. will that make this a better country question mike i don't know, cnn thinks so, so celebrated. meanwhile in new york, we love chick-fil-a, one manhattan locations says it sells a chicken sandwich every six seconds of the day. the new yorker magazine by contrast does not love chick-fil-a. a new piece in the new yorker because the restaurant creepy. why? "the brand's arrival feel sick and in in no small part because of its pervasive christian traditionalism." think about this. and th largest city in the country, a country that has been majority christian for its entire t history as a country, there is now a restaurant that is owned by christians and that is offensive says the new yorkev magazine. it's creepy. in fact, it's infiltration. meanwhile every other corner in
9:49 pm
midtown has a cart from a man who barely speaks english, but it's diversity. has any country ever had a less impressive intellectual class than ours currently does? mark steyn has a studied history of the intellectual class and he joins uses tonight. what's the verdict on that? >> i haven't read the new yorker in a long while, but i can safely say this piece would never have run under harold ross or tina brown and the good old daysys. he is upset because the restaurant's corporate purpose begins with the words to glorify god. it still begins with the words to glorify god because god is so 2013. anthony kennedy ruled that gauze
9:50 pm
is -- it's offensive to serve a chicken sandwich made by a guy who believes in the same definition of marriage as barack obama and hillary clinton did ten years ago. this guy is saying we can't tolerate christian traditionalists serving us their homophobic chicken sandwiches. a so-called christian pervasive traditionalists can be a holy which a producer, he can't be a columnist, he can't be a broadway choreographer, and now he can even make you a lousy homophobic chicken sandwich. although christian traditionalists should be out of work slipping under a bridge. >> tucker: it's so weird. i'm not attacking the guy, but if you press on their attitudes on these same issues, they are way more medieval than the chick-fil-a guys and yet the new yorker loves them. why is that?
9:51 pm
>> i'm not on board with -- the main dispute i have, his main dispute is whether you should throw gays off buildings or bring them alive. you mentioned venezuela. citgo stations are all over new york and the president and the company is hugo chavez's cousin. and venezuela, they are actually using cannibals. they're not eating homophobic chicken. >> tucker: [laughs] i appreciate you bringing this, mark steyn, thank you. you remember governor rob blagojevich? he was a "celebrity apprentice"b contestant and now he's behind bars. his last attempt to get out oft jail early was developed in that
9:52 pm
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now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: the u.s. supreme court has rejected the>> final appeal from imprisoned former illinois governor rod blagojevich, guaranteeing he'll remain in prison. he's already been there for quite a while. fox's matt finn has more. >> tucker, the u.s. supreme court turned down the former governor's appeal and now he is basically guaranteed to be behind bars until 2024 unless the president pardons him and the two happen to know each other. he appeared on the president's former reality show "the apprentice." back in 2012, he was found guilty on several corruption charges mostly relating to charges of potentially selling of barack obama's senate seat when obama was elected president and it was up to him to fill his seat.
9:57 pm
he was taped by the fbi saying in part that obama's vacant seat was a golden thing he ahi wasn't going to give up for nothing. the disgraced governor insistsng he never received a bribe or a kickback. he has been in federal prison system since 2012 and has fired a series of appeals which of all been denied, turned down once again today in the highest court. before blagojevich was in prison, he was known for his flamboyance and fall from grace. tucker? >> tucker: matt finn, thanks a lot for that. joining us now is patricia blagojevich, she's the wife of the former governor. ms. blagojevich, thanks a lot for coming on. >> thank you so much for having me. >> tucker: i was never a supporter of your husband's, bub i have to say i thought he got an awful long time in prison. i don't know the details but i would be interesting in knowing if you can speak to the president, what would you say? what would be your pitch forng pardoning your husband? >> we were so disappointed that the supreme court did not decide to pick up our case.ap
9:58 pm
it's a very dangerous conflict we have in the law right now. provide clarity that we had hoped for. clarity that both anyone who runs for political office and anyone who donates to those political candidates really needs. this is so dangerous because it allows the fbi and power-hungry, overzealous prosecutors like patrick fitzgerald, who prosecuted both my husband and scooter libby, to go after anyone that they don't like jush because that person might be unpopular or controversial. my husband is probably the only person in the entire history of the united states who is serving any kind of sentence for simply asking for campaign contributions. >> tucker: how many years did he get? >> it's a 14 year sentence. he never took a bribe. never took a kickback, never made any promises to contribute for any official acts.
9:59 pm
we never took gifts, trips, cars, watches, anything other things that other governors have been convicted of, and yet he is serving a sentence that is twice as long as anyone else. >> tucker: do you see him a lot? >> we go out, he's been out there six years. he is in colorado and we live in chicago. the first couple of years, we were out there quite a bit. now we go out there about four times a year. we still talk on the phone everl single day. my daughters are growing up. my oldest -- my older daughter is a senior in college. she's graduating in two months. my younger one is in high school. the ability to pull them out of school to see their dad, it gets harder and harder. >> tucker: i always feel, no matter what they have done, for men in prison. he's lucky to have you. thank you very much for that. i appreciate it. >> i appreciate it. >> tucker: that's about it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness,
10:00 pm
and groupthink. we are trying. good night from washington. no one else is talking about sean hannity today -- [laughs] he's here anyway. we are really glad to see him. >> sean: anything happening? all right, thanks, tucker. great show as always. welcome to "hannity." tonight, i got to give a special shout out to all of you liberals in the media and all across america, everyone out there that may not usually watch, tuning in, about some recent news about yours truly that came up today. let not your heart be troubled. in a few minutes, we will address all of the rumors and speculation and you don't want to miss that at all. also, tonight, yes, the book tour has begun, after months of buildup, fired fbi director james comey has finally kicked off his quest to become rich and famous and just as we predicted, comey is now trashing all things trump, engaging in wild speculation, throwing everybody under the bus, and is the most


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