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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 16, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and groupthink. we are trying. good night from washington. no one else is talking about sean hannity today -- [laughs] he's here anyway. we are really glad to see him. >> sean: anything happening? all right, thanks, tucker. great show as always. welcome to "hannity." tonight, i got to give a special shout out to all of you liberals in the media and all across america, everyone out there that may not usually watch, tuning in, about some recent news about yours truly that came up today. let not your heart be troubled. in a few minutes, we will address all of the rumors and speculation and you don't want to miss that at all. also, tonight, yes, the book tour has begun, after months of buildup, fired fbi director james comey has finally kicked off his quest to become rich and famous and just as we predicted, comey is now trashing all things trump, engaging in wild speculation, throwing everybody under the bus, and is the most
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petty human being on earth. as it turns out, james comey's "higher loyalty" is to james comey. tonight we will break down some of the most egregious moments from last night's interview. we will show you the questions that clinton sycophant george stephanopoulos should have asked last night in his softball sitdown interview. this was by far the worst interview i have ever seen. also tonight, we'll analyze friday's u.s.-led military strikes in syria. it is time for assad to wake up. the weak, ineffective days of doing nothing of obama are long gone. we will have that and so much more in tonight's important breaking news opening monologue. ♪ we have to start tonight with this. today, for hours and hours, the media has been absolutely apoplectic and hyperventilating over some breaking news that i have been listed in court today as a client for long time trump attorney michael cohen. take a look what i mean. >> he stood up and he said the name "sean hannity." >> how did he say it?
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>> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean: i'm not that vain. in a few minutes, we'll address the rampant speculation that couldn't be more wrong in so many ways. we have a lot more important news to cover, including the ongoing situation in syria tonight. you wouldn't know if you are watching fake news cnn, conspiracy tv msnbc today, but on friday, the u.s. and our allies launched a large-scale aerial attack on multiple targets in syria. the strike was a success. imagine this. why isn't that front-page news everywhere? all 105 missiles hit their intended targets. no reports of civilian fatalities. i said many times, this administration's goal is not nation-building. we don't want that. but with this strike, the president is sending a clear message to the assad regime. don't use these evil, insidious weapons. there will be severe consequences. can't have men, women, and
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children, literally dying on television cameras like this. so disgraceful. also tonight, disgraced former fbi director james comey kicked off his much-anticipated book tour last night with none other than clinton sycophant, clinton spokesperson turned abc journalist george stephanopoulos. predictably, instead of taking the high road, discussing important topics, well, comey liked getting a little personal, and extremely, well, petty. take a look. >> he had impressively coiffed hair. it looks to be all his. i confess i stared at it pretty closely, and my reaction was, it must take a lot of time in the morning. his tie was too long as it always was. he looked slightly orange up close with small white half moons under his eyes which i assume are from tanning goggles. >> sean: comey is obsessed with the size of the president's hands, his tie length, the color of his skin, the color of his
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eyes, how tall he is. this is a desperate attempt to sell books and suck up to all his liberal friends in the media and trash someone he clearly hates. these attacks are not surprising. what is shocking is the attack comey made next, comparing the sitting president of the united states to a mafia crime family, people involved in murder, extortion, racketeering, money laundering, drug dealing. take a look at this. >> i felt this effort to make us all -- maybe this wasn't their intention but it's the way it felt to me -- to make us all a part of the messaging, all part of the effort, the boss is at the head of the table, we will figure out together how to do this. >> how strange is it to you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss? >> very strange. and i don't do it lightly. and i'm not trying to suggest that president trump is breaking legs and shaking down shopkeepers. but instead what i'm talking about is that leadership culture constantly comes back to me when i think about my experience with
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the trump administration. >> sean: think about this for a minute. for a former fbi director, one of the highest-ranking law enforcement officials in the country to compare a sitting president to a member of the mafia is disgusting and it's also irresponsible. sadly, this salacious, reckless rhetoric didn't end there. comey also speculated about the untrue, unverified, uncorroborated claims that were made in the clinton bought and paid for dossier. you know, the rumors, trump, hookers urinating on a bed, without a thread of evidence, nothing, james comey tells stephanopoulos this could not possibly be true. maybe martians were in the room as well. i mean, it's possible, right? take a look. >> honestly never thought these words would come out of my mouth but i don't know whether the current president of the united states was with prostitutes peeing on each other in 2013.
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it's possible but i don't know. >> sean: this is key. he didn't know. the answer that question about who paid for the salacious dossier with russian lies and propaganda. take a look. >> did you tell him that the steele dossier had been financed by his political opponents? >> no. i don't think i used that term. i talked about additional material. >> did he have the right to know that? >> that it had been financed by his political opponents? i don't know the answer to that. it wasn't necessary for my goal, which was to alert him that we had this information. >> sean: where is the follow-up? why didn't you ask comey to confirm if that dossier was used as the primary piece of information to obtain a fisa warrant on a trump campaign associate weeks before the election? why didn't you ask him, did he lie to the fisa court? did he withhold the sensitive nature that this document was in fact unverified, not corroborated? why was it ever presented to a fisa court?
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did you ever mention it, that trump's political opponent in an election year paid for this thing, full of russian lies? of course, we have an outside foreign entity putting it together, christopher steele. george, why didn't you ask comey to respond to his former deputy, andrew mccabe, who told the house intel committee, no surveillance warrant would have been sought were it not for the information in that dossier compiled by former british spy christopher steele and the dossier information was a central in acquiring warrants. remember, the grassley-graham memo which found out that the bulk of the fisa application consisted of this unverified, uncorroborated clinton bought and paid for russian lies. now, once again, without any evidence to back up his claims, comey also entertained the idea that donald trump, the sitting u.s. president, had been compromised by russia. really? i guess he wouldn't have bombed syria on friday night. take a look. >> do you think the russians have something on donald trump?
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>> i think it's possible. i don't know. these are more words i never thought i would utter about the president but it's possible. >> that's stunning. you can't say for certain that the president of united states is not compromised by the russians? >> yeah, it is stunning. i wish it wasn't seeing it but it's the truth. it always struck me as unlikely and they would have been able to say about any other president that i dealt with, but i can't. it's possible. >> sean: where's the evidence? by the way, if you don't know if it's true, how does it get presented in a fisa court to get a warrant to spy an american citizen? you think as a former fbi director, how can comey make such a serious claim about a sitting u.s. president without anything to back it up? and then the cherry on the cake of comey's irresponsible tirade against donald trump was when he parroted the liberal talking point that trump is unfit to serve. there you have it, sanctimonious jim comey casting judgment from
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his moral high ground and yet, he doesn't even know if the dossier is true but it was used to obtain a warrant. if you watch this show, you know that comey may have committed a number of crimes and misdeeds, things that i believe need to be investigated, including leaking classified, privileged information to the press. watch how comey tried to explain this away during this lovefest last night. >> he made a controversial decision to leak his memos to a friend, who read them to "the new york times." >> the president has tweeted innumerable times calling you a leaker. what is your response to president trump? >> it's true. i'm the one who testified about it. i gave that unclassified memo to my friend and asked him to give it to a reporter. that is entirely appropriate. >> sean: once again, george, where is the follow-up? why not ask comey to explain how private communications between a sitting president and an fbi director are not confidential, privileged, and classified? of course, this was not the
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first extremely shaky excuse that he had to go completely unchallenged. remember, when comey helped draft the letter exonerating hillary clinton from crimes? that was in may, before she was even interviewed in july, 17 other key witnesses were interviewed, and by the way, peter strzok ran that interviewed? listen to this pathetic and lame explanation. >> critics say the fix was in from the start. president trump says you were writing the conclusion even before you interviewed hillary clinton. that is just wrong. >> anybody who's actually done investigations knows that if you been investigating something for a year and you don't have a general sense of where it's likely to end up, you should be fired. >> sean: wait a minute. how could you possibly know the likely outcome of a criminal investigation without even interviewing the main suspect or the 17 key witnesses? how many investigations start with an exoneration being written before an investigation?
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james comey, have you ever heard about 18 usc 793? how many people can store top-secret classified special access programming information on an unauthorized server and not be charged with a crime? and destroy such information. and by the way, how many people do you know that can delete 33,000 subpoenaed emails, acid wash, bleach bit the hard drives, beat the crap out of her blackberries with hammers, and not be indicted. could that be tied to pressure from his own family? we know that his entire family apparently attended the women's march on washington after his inauguration. his wife was an avid supporter of hillary clinton. wasn't this the same march where madonna talked about dreaming of blowing up the white
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house? take a look. >> january 21st, 2017. one day after president trump was sworn in, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators take to the streets. among them, the wife and daughters of fbi director james comey. >> i wanted a woman president really badly. i supported hillary clinton and a lot of my friends worked for her. i was devastated when she lost. >> sean: did jim comey want to be the person who locked up hillary clinton while his daughters and wife are actively rooting for her to become the next president? the fired fbi director was quick to cover his back in response to criticisms of how he handled the clinton inquiry, including one instance where he threw former attorney general loretta lynch absolutely under the bus. take a look. >> did you see she was doing that to protect hillary clinton? >> i didn't know. it gave me an uncomfortable feeling because the clinton campaign had been trying to come up with other words to describe it. >> the final straw, lynch's meeting on an airport tarmac with president bill clinton. >> i decided i have to step -- as much as i like her -- i have
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to step away from her and show the american people the fbi's work separately. i actually thought, as bad as this will be for me personally, this is my obligation to protect the fbi and justice department. given all that had gone on, the attorney general of the united states could not credibly announce this result and if she did, it would do corrosive damage to the institutions. >> sean: loretta lynch released a statement claiming that her actions were pursuant to long time justice department policy. meanwhile, on a clip from last night's interview that was unaired, comey also took a shot at president obama for publicly dismissing claims in the ongoing investigation. comey told stephanopoulos, "he's a very smart man and a lawyer so it surprised me, he shouldn't have done it, it was inappropriate." despite the immense buildup surrounding the interview and all of the alleged explosive new developments this book was supposed to reveal, the mainstream media's reaction was mixed, because without a doubt, over the next few weeks, many in the media will treat comey as the honorable public servant who stood up to the left's most hated figure.
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that being president donald trump. you are not likely to see any pressing questions about how he let clinton off the hook. you are also not likely to see questions about his rampant misconduct or how at least a dozen high-ranking fbi justice department officials have been demoted, forced to resign in disgrace, and one fired in the case of andrew mccabe during the last year of his reign as director. make no mistake. james comey's book tour is off to a very predictable start. the media, while they continue to play up his multiple appearances, this nationwide tour for fame and fortune, it is much ado about nothing. but there are serious legal issues at stake here. joining us now, former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, joe digenova. the author of the best seller "trumped up," there's a lot of things i want to start with. we got to go to the dossier issue, in large part, when you
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look at the dossier, what do we see? he is saying to george stephanopoulos, it is still unverified, and yet, andrew mccabe is on record saying, oh, without the dossier, no warrant, and he's also knowing that the dossier made up the bulk of the application according to the grassley-graham memo. he is saying they never corroborated it and they brought that before a fisa court judge in an application? what does that say to you? >> this tortured and troubled man, who you saw last night on television, america's dirty cop, has destroyed the integrity, the reputation, and the legitimacy of the federal bureau of investigation single-handedly by his outrageous performance last night on abc. it is inconceivable to me that anyone can now think that he performed a legitimate law enforcement function during the investigation of
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hillary clinton. it is quite obvious that the dossier was a fake document, that it was absolutely purposefully used illegally by senior officials of the fbi and the department of justice. mr. comey lied repeatedly last night and regrettably, he lied to the fisa court, he encouraged others to lie to the fisa court, and regrettably, i think mr. comey has to be charged with crimes for falsely presenting information to a fisa court and for apparently lying regularly to congress. >> sean: alan dershowitz, professor, i know you don't like criminalization of political differences. by the way, i share that. i share that. it's gotten as worse as it's ever been. but if you are going to go to a fisa court to spy on an
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opposition party campaign in an election year, and you are going to use unverified, uncorroborated documents that were bought and paid for by one campaign against the other, and a foreign national using russian sources of all things to get it, is that a crime in alan dershowitz's book? >> first of all, sean, i want to say that i really think that you should have disclosed your relationship with cohen when you talked about him on this show. you could have said that you had asked him for advice or whatever. but i think it would have been much, much better had you disclosed that relationship. >> sean: if you understand the nature of it, professor, i will deal with it a leader in the show. it was minimal. >> you should have said that. it would have been fair to say that it was minimal. you are in a tough position. you had to talk about cohen and you didn't want the fact that you had spoken to him to be revealed. you had the right, by the way, not to -- >> sean: i have the right to privacy. >> it's a complex situation when you are speaking to millions of people -- >> sean: professor, it was such a minor relationship in
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terms of it had to do with real estate -- >> i understand that. as far comey is concerned, look, i don't want to charge comey with crimes. i agree with comey when he said that he doesn't think that trump should be impeached. we should leave it to the public. we should leave it to the public to decide whether to read his book, whether to be critical of him, and the public can judge. i don't like trying to turn everything into crimes. you can make crimes out of almost anything if you take any complicated issue -- >> sean: i don't want to interrupt you. professor, if you went into court and you brought information and you presented it to a judge, and you never verified that information as being true, and it's to get a warrant to spy on an american citizen? you better know whether that information is accurate and disclose to the judge that it is a political document and tell exactly who you know paid for it. >> i agree with that. i do agree, too, he said on television yesterday, even
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today, he doesn't have confidence in it. yet, to seek a warrant based on something that even after years, months, you don't have confidence, raises a serious questions. as an experienced criminal lawyer, i think joe would back me up on this, applications for warrants are often pretty sloppy. they don't always have -- >> sean: sloppy is not an excuse. >> everything is not always tied down. they use gossip and rumors sometimes. >> sean: gossip and rumors? >> as a civil libertarian, i'm opposed to that. >> i agree that the warrant process can sometimes be imperfect. let me just say this about james comey, and this particular warrant. let us remember that james comey's job was to charge people with crimes after he investigated them and recommended they be prosecuted. what he did in this particular case was knowingly and willfully abuse the criminal process against an american citizen. and he did so purposely to
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influence a presidential campaign. now you know what? i would never have charged hillary clinton with anything beyond a misdemeanor in her case. if they had been smart, what they would have done was negotiated a deal with her. we'll give you a misdemeanor. you don't lose your civil rights, you continue to run for president, everybody wins. >> sean: joe, wait a minute, though. if i deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails, and i acid washed my hard drive, for subpoenaed material, will i get a misdemeanor? >> my point is very simple. james comey drove the criminal process against some people like general flynn and manafort and took it away from other people, like hillary clinton. you know what? james comey is a criminal. he should be charged. >> every civil libertarian should be concerned about selective justice. we have laws that are so broad
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and they apply -- on a show just before, we were talking about the former governor of illinois, gets 14 years in prison for what people do every single day in state legislatures all over the country. and yet we prosecute him and throw the book at him. we just have to have a single standard of justice for republicans, for democrats alike. >> mr. comey needs to have it applied to him. >> sean: we have a lot more to get into tonight. newt gingrich will join us. also, i will react to the media's hysteria today about yours truly. i will give you the truth on that straight ahead. ♪ as a control enthusiast,
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what do i want to be when i grow up? i want to be someone who ... makes the world beautiful ... and builds up my neighborhood. i want to be someone who helps others ... and teaches them new things. every year, comcast employees and their families come together on comcast cares day to give back. it's a celebration of their year-long commitment to their communities. what do i want to be? i want to be someone who cares. ♪ >> sean: in a ♪ >> sean: in a self-serving interview, disgraced former fbi director james comey told george stephanopoulos about his bizarre
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reaction to the news of his firing. let's watch. >> stunned by the news, comey heads to the airport. it would be his last flight on the fbi jet. >> so you are in that private jet, basically alone. what did you do? >> i drank red wine from a paper coffee cup. i looked out at the lights of the country i love so much as we flew home. >> sean: joining us now, fox news contributor, former speaker of the house, and the creator of defending america course, on his website, newt gingrich is with us. sir, how are you?ri >> i'm doing well. i have to say, i don't think when this book came out and the book tour began, i didn't really expect the level of shrinkage. he's going from 6'8", by the end of the tour, he will be about 5'2". liberals are attacking him, the members of the obamare administration are attacking him, conservatives are attacking him. he's managed to have a range of
10:27 pm
people describe him as dishonest that is really pretty remarkable. >> sean: you know what my favorite was? >> what? >> sean: my favorite was, i think he is 6'8", trying to hide with the blue curtains to avoid the president. i am like, really? you got to be kidding me. >> [laughs] you know, he's a very big guy physically. i do think psychically, he's been shrinking with every interview. and i got intrigued this morning, so i went back and reread rod rosenstein's report which he gave to president trump just before the president fired comey and then i read the recently releasedy inspector general's report on mccabe. what is really sobering, what alan dershowitz was saying is so important, you had the number
10:28 pm
one and number two people in the federal bureau of investigation both engaged in behavior that i clearly violated the law. i mean, i think the whole idea that the top two people in what is our preeminent law enforcement agency in the entire country, literally you had an internal report by the inspector general saying mccabe clearly lied, this analysis by rod rosenstein, which if you have never read all of it, is really staggering in the degree to which it repudiates comey. that is what president trump got. these two taken together, it is very sobering to think you had that depth of corruption on the very top of the fbi. >> sean: then look at all the people who have either been demoted or fired or people who will be fired. i'm sure as a result of this. then ultimately i do believe
10:29 pm
criminal action will be taken place. i do want to go back to this important question. we have a fisa court. i can't imagine james comey saying, well, it could be true. at this late date, meaning the clinton bought and paid for russian dossier. at this point, he knew she paid for it, that was the basis, the grassley-graham memo, the bulkwa of the application that they used to spy on a trump campaign associate. that to me is criminal. you don't lie before a judge, nor do you write an exoneration before you even interview the person. he did that, too. >> clearly, if you were to go through all of the falsehoods whether you are talking to congress or other circumstances, all of the things that comey has done, clearly they are a substantial number of indictable grounds.
10:30 pm
the case made today by a very senior attorney in washington writing in a legal journal, that if you read theas inspector general on andrew mccabe, mccabe did exactly what general flynn did look at how general flynn has been treated and look where mccabe is at this minute. clearly, if you were to apply the law, and not just apply the social norms among good friends, both mccabe and comey i think would be in very serious legal risk at this stage. >> sean: basically, the new comey standard, if we will use the comey standard, number one, i guess everybody is part of a crime family, which is outrageous in and of itself, the standard is, it might be unless presented to a judge, so the judge won't know who paid for it, the judge won't know it's unverified, and the judge will then issue a warrant to spy on an american citizen because it may be possible. it's possible. i >> well, look, the numberit one
10:31 pm
thing to recognize out of everything we've learned from james comey is that this is the world according to comey, in which comey is always right. so at every stage, if somebody else disagreed, he is disappointed in them. this is a point made by rosenstein in his memo to the president. comey seems incapable of learning from his mistakes. or incapable of even thinking that there are mistakes. the level of danger that we had in having an fbi director who had this level of megalomania, a and who decided that he would supplant the attorney general, whether you like or dislike loretta lynch, she was the attorney general. no fbi director has the authority to decide that he wilc now replace her and yet, that is what he did, and in explaining why he had to announce what he did about hillary clinton. he was protecting an institution. it wasn't his job to protect the
10:32 pm
institution. it is an act of stunning arrogance to believe that he wat the only perfect person in an otherwise flawed world. >> sean: all right, mr. speaker, always good to hear your insight. we have a lot more news to cover. we are not done exposing james comey and his self-righteousness and outright lies and misbehavior.. later, i will respond to the michael cohen ordeal. the media is obsessed with it. straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: exclusive interview ♪ >> sean: in his exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos, there was one man who loomed large, james comey himself. take a look. >> what did it feel like to be james comey in the last ten days of that campaign after you sent the letter? >> it sucked. i walked around vaguely sick to my stomach. feeling beaten down.
10:37 pm
i felt like i was totally alone. that everybody hated me. >> sean: joining us now with reaction, the author of "the making of the president 2016, how fbi director james comey lost hillary clinton the presidency," lanny davis and author david limbaugh. full disclosure, david has been my career attorney and has negotiated every contract for radio and tv. lanny, i think i once gave you in a restaurant $5, we have attorney-client privilege. isn't that true? >> i've never been your attorney because you don't trust me enough to give you advice. >> sean: [laughs] >> hello, david. >> hey, lanny. >> sean: might have been a haze of having a drink. all right, you dislike, lanny -- you dislike comey for a bunch of other reasons and it's funny because every liberal hated comey. hated him with a passion. and people like harry reid, "he needs to go." you really believe the cost hillary the election. putting that aside, do you thine comey has ethical issues andll
10:38 pm
perhaps even legal ones? >> look, until yesterday, i have never used the l word about james comey, which is the "lie" word. i trusted many people like eric holder who respected him and said he exercised extremely poor judgment, that is the book ies wrote, that the whole world circulates around jim comey and he's evidence of a narcissist. but yesterday, i decided it was time to call him out before the stephanopoulos interview. he lied when he said he had to send his letter to congresss because he was obligated, because he promised them. the transcript disputes that and he knows that. that makes it a knowing falsehood, which is a lie. >> sean: david, i brought up the other issues earlier, which is this dossier that he doesn't know to this day is true, and a lot of which has been proven false. that was used by him and others to get a fisa warrant to spy on an american and of course he
10:39 pm
exonerated hillary before he ever interviewed her or 17 other key witnesses months before. then i look at james comey and the pettiness and the bitterness that he had toward donald trump. and i am thinking, this is a very troubled man at this point. >> you know, he started off, i gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking he might be anth honorable guy. but he presents himself as a moral paragon and someone who is discreet and wants to uphold the integrity of the fbi and the doj when in fact, he is like a gossipy little girl, someone who is not discrete, he has written an inside baseball book discussing things about which there is an active investigation when he was the lead investigator. anybody will objectively tell you that that is improper. i cannot believe that this guy -- and i think it's an overused term, narcissist, let's just call this guy a t publicity hound. he's a man without a country. nobody likes him anymore. and there is good reason for
10:40 pm
that. i mean, he has done everything to promote himself, not to promote the fbi. >> sean: do you see any lawbreaking, though? >> i don't know. i don't want to say more than it's certainly possible to use his term. it is certainly possible -- >> sean: everything is possible. >> the idea that he would say it's possible that trump obstructed justice, that is clearly inflammatory and he knows better and he ought to be ashamed. j it is possible that there'ss problems with the golden shower thing, it is possible that some of these other -- >> sean: what about lying to a fisa judge to get a fisa warrant? >> if he in fact did that, i would imagine -- >> sean: lanny, i got to believe on your side of the aisle, you have a civilea libertarian streak in you and i think you feel as i do. s the fbi can't put it in a fisa application, unverified
10:41 pm
they can't omit that one candidate paid for the russian lies that came from a foreign national. you can't omit that to a judge.t god help you. >> first of all, i want to address the double standard i'm hearing. donald trump praised james comey for sending that letter. >> sean: stick to the issue. you can't lie to a -- >> the fisa warrant was constructed by several layers oo people at the justice department and approved -- >> sean: is it wrong to use unverified information for a judge? yes or no? >> it is certainly wrong if it was intentionally false and unverified. >> sean: if they didn't now, then they didn't know. >> let me go back to the topic at hand, guys. i agree with david once in a b while, that when james comey held a press conference, and characterized evidence in a criminal investigation which he was conducting as "extremely careless conduct," he violates every rule of due process and that is what he did with hillary clinton and what justice
10:42 pm
department will say, you don't publicly shame and not charge. that is what james comey did. >> sean: lanny, 33,000 subpoenaed emails, what if i acid washed my hard drive and beat up my devices, is that obstruction of justice? >> not only did not that happen, you changed the subject. >> sean: she didn't delete 33,000 emails or she did? did she delete 33,000 emails? >> she deleted her personal emails the same way you delete your personal emails. talk about it all you want, sean. >> sean: did she acid wash her hard drive and beat up her devices? yes or no? >> i don't know what you mean by acid wash. i know she deleted her emails, the way everyone else did, and you just changed the topic. >> sean: i never heard about bleach bit before hillary! >> you praised what comey did with the letter -- >> sean: if i deleted it, what i be in jail tonight? >> you just want to go off onn
10:43 pm
your own tangent and i won't go there with you except to say that i agree that james comey isn't allowed to express a personal opinion as an investigator. he also should have been fired. >> sean: i understand your criticism.m. i get it. i got to roll. thank you both. good to see you. when we come back, sean spicer, he was in the meeting when comee briefed president trump when he was president-elect about the dossier, and he is saying comey's account is completely misleading. he was there. we'll check in with him and dr. gorka and my response aboutt being named in court today as it relates to michael cohen.sp straight ahead. ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe.
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♪ >> sean: during his inter ♪
10:48 pm
>> sean: during his interview with abc, former fbi director james comey talked about the meeting where he briefed president-elect trump about the salacious and unverified steele dossier. take a look. >> did you tell him the steele dossier had been financed by his political opponents? >> no. i don't think i used that term, i just talked about additional material. >> did he have a right to know that? >> that it had been financed by his political opponents?i i don't know the answer to that. it wasn't necessary for my goal> which was to alert him that we had this information. >> sean: here with reaction is former white house press secretary, sean spicer. he was in the meeting when comey briefed on president-elect trump about the dossier. former deputy assistant to the president, fox news nationaln security strategist, dr. sebastian gorka. you don't see at the same way, you don't recall at the same way? >> i think the account that director comey has in his book is at best misleading. let me lay it out for you. on january 11th, they were about to issue a report on their findings of russian involvement
10:49 pm
in the election and they wanted us to be aware of what that report was going to be. we sat down, had that report given to us, at which time there was a series of questions asked by reince priebus, general flynn, tom bossert, and vice president mike pence. after the discussion ended, and again, a key point and that is that there was a lot of questions back and forth, which director comey suggests did not occur. i just named four of those people that definitely asked questions.s. at that point, director comey said to the president-elect, may i see you privately in the back of the room? the rest of us got up and went outside. at that time, as you may recall, there was a little bit of distrust amongst the political appointees, so we ran by the statement that we will issue to make sure there it was in accord with the classified nature of the briefing, and they wouldn't differ with the meeting we just had. comey goes on to talk about how
10:50 pm
it became a p.r. session. that's not true. that's not how it went down. further, as comey himself says in his reporting here, he verbally briefed the president on some of the salacious and unproven allegations. cnn went on to report falsely that he had been given a two page report. that report wasn't actually even done at the time that we were briefed. so both director comey's account is misleading and cnn is reporting is false. >> sean: let me go to dr. gorka. so the big issue for the media, for over a year, has been, oh, russia influence in the election. and james comey knew before the election, hillary paid a foreign national, christopher steele, through fusion gps, and they paid for russian lies to manipulate the american people.
10:51 pm
and then they used it to get a fisa warrant. and then he exonerated hillary after peter strzok interviewed her but they wrote the exoneration months earlier. and i am trying to think, you can't make this irony up whenin you think about it. >> it's not just you look at the last 15 months, what do we now? we have no evidence of russian collusion between the president and his campaign. but we know for certain that james comey is a liar.hi we know that james comey leaks to the media. we know the fact that he tries to get his buddy, robert mueller, to become the special prosecutor investigating the president, who he didn't want to win the election, his wife didn't want trump to win, nor did comey, thesect are the facts of the case. he has done more single-handedly to damage the fbi than j. edgar hoover has done. if you look at the fact that in his interview yesterday, he has propagating the narrative of the
10:52 pm
president potentially being a pawn of the russians, what ise e doing? with zero evidence, he is assisting in a russian misinformation operation. that is what james comey is doing. >> sean: he presented that phony information to a court to spy on an american, sean. >> look, it is not just misleading. what he is saying now is frankly irresponsible. to go out and profess loyalty and concern for these institutions and then openly speculate with no evidence is highly irresponsible. he's free to do it, it's a free country. you can't go around and talk about the loyalty that you have to the institutions, to this country and openly speculate about things of that nature and not wonder, and not have the opposite effect. there is a reason i think that his book, account, and appearance are getting panned. he has -- it's become about him, his image, his attempts to sell books and not the truth. >> sean: last word, dr. gorka.
10:53 pm
>> i will just tell you what i received recently, a text from an fbi agent, a senior one. this person told me for the first time in her life, she is ashamed to work for the fbi. and that, she said, is thanks to james comey. that is what he has done, and the name of his ego and his book. >> sean: we got to remember it is not the rank and file. as a matter of fact, 99.9% do a great job protecting us every day. the moment you have been waitinc for when we come back. my reaction to all the michael cohen hysteria in court today as it relates to me. that is next. ♪ control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say?
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10:58 pm
media went insane. wall to wall. hour by hour coverage of you'res truly. >> he stood up and said. sean hannity. >> how did he say it. sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> hannity, >> hannity. >> hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. sean hoannity. sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. >> sean hannity. sean hannity. sean hannity. sean hannity. >> all right. is it my surprise? no this is what the media in it country does.
10:59 pm
here is the truth. michael cohen never represented me i never retrained his services i never received an invoice i never paid him for legal fees. i had brief conversations about legal questions i had or locking for input and perspect of. my discussions never rose to a level needed to tell anybody i was asking him questions. they never involved any matter, sorry to disappoint's matter with me and third par at all. >> my dwes focused on real estate. many times i hate the stock market, michael knows real estate. i want to set the record straight. i never asked michael kehen to
11:00 pm
bring this on my behalf. may be the media can focus on the biggest abuse of power in the country or of the men and women who the 2016 election was about. jobs, out of food stamps. that's all the time we have. we will be fair and balanced. will you evera ingraham is live. i paid her $10 she is my attorney, too. love laugh. >> laura: hannity, hannity. hannity. hannity. i life all the different intonations. i got vertigo. i can't condition after that. hannity all i can say is this, you are like my brother i'm glad for


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