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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 17, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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attended the funeral including active duty marines. schwartz joined the marines right out of high school after japan attacked pearl harbor in 1941. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night. >> it is tuesday, april 17th, this is a "fox and friends first". "happening now" at 4:00 am some brand-new explosions rocking syria overnight but no one claiming responsibility for the mystery missile attack. the blast as international investigators prepared to visit the scene of horrific chemical attack. we are alive. while you were sleeping california absent where the status crumbling as yet another city just voted to put its citizens first. the big vote that is happening today. how would you like to go from lounging at 30,000 feet to this?
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the brand-new stand airplane seat that will make you think twice about booking your next flight. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ put your arms around me baby ♪ put your arms around me baby ♪ i just want to fly ♪ put your arms around me baby ♪ >> that would be a cool way to fly, live shot of new york city, people getting up and grooving. thank you for joining us tuesday morning. breaking overnight reports of new missile strikes aimed at
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syria as chemical weapons investigators plan to examine mechanical attack site this week amid concerns of possible russian tampering so let's get to jerusalem with breaking details. >> reports out of syria of another airstrike, state run syrian media is claiming some of the missiles were intercepted. has the labs media reported some missiles were aimed near homes, the base that was the target of us strikes a year ago. some of the missiles according to hezbollah's media were aimed at a military airport near damascus. the t4 base was hit and uranian drone operators were killed and suspected with overnight strikes, is really military is not claiming or denying the latest activity. inspectors from the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons have not made it to the town of duma, the site of the suspected syria attacks.
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preventing inspectors from getting what russian authorities claim, the delays are due to security concerns following coalition airstrikes. duma was not hitting coalition air strikes, syrian and russian forces have been in control since the day before the strike are russia interior deny a chemical attack took pl. russians claim it was an elaborate hoax staged by the white helmets. 40 people died in duma and more than 500 became sick with symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals. the us ambassador to the un the key haley said on sunday sanctions would be rolled against russia for their support of the bashar al-assad regime, though sanctions are being held back. >> we will talk about that coming back. the white house in the meantime another so we are following, slamming james comey after his
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first tv appearance since being fired. >> you wait an entire year to play paul revere? paul revere jumped right on his horse, this man is trying to sell books, not save the country. >> even before hillary clinton aid knocking comey saying, quote, he has displayed incredible in poor judgment in the timing of this book, comey will appear on the late show tonight. as the pressman continues so does the criticism. karl rove, former deputy chief of staff says comey's main focuses himself. >> comey's entire story falls apart if you read the transcript. he's confronted with why did you take it upon yourself to make the decision not to prosecute? that is not the fbi director's prerogative. you have no right to do that so why didn't you leave it to the department of justice and why
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didn't you allow atty. gen. whinge to recuse herself and pass it on to her deputy? a reasonable person might have done that. is mystifying how he sanctimoniously suggests he has done this all with concern for ethics and the truth but is really being driven by personal considerations, how will the election come out and how am i going to look? >> the interview did not just lack new information, comey pulling a 9.8 million viewers, 9 million less than those who tuned in for the roseann reboot. a federal judge considering a third-party to review documents found in the michael cohen grade. donald trump and cohen's personal lawyer argued the items contain protected materials and out of nowhere, and's lawyer mentioned sean hannity is another client surprising even hannity. >> michael cohen never
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represented me in any legal matter. i did have occasional brief conversations with michael cohen, a great attorney about legal questions i had. to all you liberals in the media and everyone out there that may not usually watch tuning about recent news about yours truly let not your heart be troubled. >> he said his conversations were limited to real estate questions. california's governors headed to washington after refusing to have troops enforce immigration policies at the border as more and more communities in his status standing up against illegal centuries, robert gray joins us live from los angeles with breaking development on this story. >> the battle lines are blurring in this battle over immigration between california and the trump administration which federal officials say governor jerry brown has rejected terms for deploying national guard to the border.
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the acting deputy commissioner for customs and border protection told reporters, quote, the governor has determined that what we have asked for so far is unsupportable. it is gone to the process and we have gotten a single from the governor that he is not participating. the governor's deputy president terry told foxnews federal officials must have court just gotten around to reading or commenting on the governor's response he sent to the trump administration. she had a, quote, there have been no new rejection signals or changes in direction by the state of california since the agreement was sent to the feds for consideration last week. all of this of course coming just a week after brown pledged 400 guard troops to help patrol the border drawing rare praise from the president but brown conditioned his troop commitment on their having nothing to do with immigration enforcement unlike the other three border states, arizona, new mexico and texas with governor brown limiting police collaboration with immigration agents but
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local governments in the state are breaking with the governor and joining the department of justice lawsuit against the state of california. leaders from the orange county city of lazo bonitos voting overnight to exempt the community from state sanctuary laws joining a dozen other cities in the orange county board of supervisors in taking various measures to show displeasure over that. tomorrow the san diego county board of supervisors will meet to consider doing so and later this morning we may get some clarity on governor brown at stance on immigration and other topics when he appears at the national press club in washington so maybe we will get some visibility here on his stance. >> robert gray live talking more about california later on the show as well. donald trump sitting down with business owners in miami promoting the $1.5 trillion tax cut package. >> we had massive tax cuts and i mean massive, tremendous success from the company standpoint and
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the people standpoint, they have a lot more money to spend, businesses pouring back into the united states and that means jobs, that means jobs. >> business owners are able to save more, invest in new technology and hire more employees. sen. john mccain is in stable condition recovering from surgery. there is a republican treated for an intestinal infection over the weekend. the 80 when-year-old battling an aggressive form of brain cancer. is our thinking doctors and tweeting her father, quote, continues to inspire me with his intense grit and determination. our prayers with the mccain family. barbara bush is staying strong as she continues her comfort care. her granddaughter getting an emotional update on her family health. listen. >> in great spirits and is a fighter. she's an enforcer with my grandpa, a man she has loved for
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over 73 years and they are surrounded by family but i think the fact they are together and says i love you every night is pretty remarkable. >> certainly is. the 92-year-old is suffering congestive heart failure, her son says the family is reading to her and that is one of her favorite pastimes. americans dominate the boston marathon. linden, the first american woman to win the race since 1985. americans taking 7 of the top 10 women's spots, japan took the pt title, 6 american pluto in the top 10 and inspiring crowds, carrying the american flag finishing in third straight marathon.
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staff sgt. josé sanchez stepped on an ied in afghanistan. that is three marathons for him. congratulations to all those folks. fox news alert. the trump administration not wavering from the strategy in syria so what is next for american troops on the ground. and army veteran spent two years in the war-torn country. he says donald trump will not abandon the people we have been asked to protect, and choosing your jail cell, based on what gender you identify with. business parking new outrage for making moves to do that and the patriotic display under attack, a city employee's warning to an army veteran facing nationwide back lash, how the town is responding.
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>> the trump administration seeking to a simple and arab force to replace the us military. donald trump avenue national security visor calling on egypt to see if they will help. what is the future of the us involvement in the war-torn country? joining me is someone who spent two years in syria, the tenant col. jim reese. we appreciate you joining us. you heard this back and forth go on. the leader of france saying he believes america was going to change their stance and stay in syria longer and donald trump said that is not true, sarah sanders said we are sticking with our mission and we are going to take our troops out as soon as possible. what do you believe the case to be? >> everyone needs to remember the us has a mission in the eastern part of syria to destroy
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isis. that mission is not going to end anytime soon. that mission is our number one focus. everyone trustable is off with other parts of western syria. >> the chemical attacks that occurred did that change our mission or expanded? >> it didn't change it. it continues to keep the focus on what syria is in this quagmire we have been in for several years now and it is a rise and fall what happens which isis is our primary focus and mission in syria, chemical attacks, it touches our moral side. isis will always be that mission in syria and we have to watch what happens with these chemical attacks. >> we have to thousand troops still there right now. >> yes, we have about 2000
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mostly focused on a joint special operations force working closely with the syrian diplomatic forces. >> mainly based in the eastern portion of syria. >> correct. if you look at the euphrates river valley that runs north out of turkey, comes down, takes a hard break in the isis capital. the us forces are aligned along those, along with some coalition forces. >> when you talk about assisting the sdf you are talking humanitarian stabilization goals and infrastructure projects as well. >> for the us forces, these were our partners, kurdish and arab forces of the syrian diplomatic forces, they were our partners, our coalition forces on the ground, the ones that helped
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attack and destroy isis. we were there. our special operations forces redoing the advise and assist mission bringing in the sx, helping what they have done to the middle east and we want to continue that mission until isis has been eradicated. >> and bring more arab nations on board to assist. >> yes. that has always been a plan of the us as we build these coalitions. this area would be great, to bring in other arab especially ground forces and i discussed this for years was great to get the saudis, the egyptians, the kuwaitis and jordanians that have great military forces and great ground forces, could come in and do a battle handover with us and small teams in advise and assist missions bringing in these arab forces would help. shannon: donald are passed for
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$4 billion to restore this area. thank you for joining us, we will see what happens with our troops over there. hopefully they will all get home safely. thank you for your service as well. time is 18 minutes after the top of the our. two days of talks kicking off with japan's prime minister, the high-stakes summit just weeks before donald trump sits down with kim jong un. we're live with what is on the agenda. >> is donald trump and fit to be president? >> yes but not in the way i hear people talk about. i think he is morally unfit to be president. >> abc slammed for poor producing of the james comey interview. carly shimkus sharing your comments on the explosive edit. hello. ♪ thou hast the patchy beard of a pre-pubescent squire!
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>> a manhunt intensifying for an armed and dangerous grandmother wanted for murder. the surveillance video shows lewis louise reese chatting with pamela johnson in florida. police say she killed her and then stole her identity to cover her tracks. police say reese also killed her husband david in minnesota last month, she could get desperate enough to kill again. notorious drug lord back in a new york court, guzman wants to talk about his jail conditions and mental health, he tried to speak at his last court appearance but the judge refused, he has pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking and considers the george's. mexican authority traded his own two years ago. 's trial is set september.
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abc slammed online accused of poorly producing the interview with james comey. carly shimkus is here with reaction to what some are calling aggressive editing. >> abc news producers were tasked with cutting a 5 hour interview down to just one hour so a majority of what comey said was never going to make primetime but transcript of the entire interview showed several key moments were left opposite one point comey criticized pres. obama for his comments on the hillary clinton email scandal saying, quote, we had the problem that pres. obama had twice publicly said there is no there there. in an interview with fox and 60 minutes both times he said that, that is his justice department. some folks on social media think the editing was distracting including jay rosen who two the
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do this interview is very aggressively edited. almost every sentence ended by the abc producer, not comey and liz garber's respondents is that saying this is very distracting and makes it hard to feel we are getting the fool context of his answers and ideas. still, speaking of ratings, a lot of people did tune in, 9.8 million, 22 million tuned into the store, daniel x interview, that is less than half. heather: less than roseann too. new york city prisons offering accommodations for transgender people. >> reporter: new york city inmates will be able to choose their housing based on their gender identity. the commissioner on human rights saying respecting someone after gender identity or gender
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expression is key in making sure everyone in new york city is living with dignity and respect. the fact that somebody is incarcerated or not doesn't change that. this takes a lot of people by surprise, one twitter users is no wonder there are so many criminals in prison, they are running things, not the guards. tabatha says accommodates at all. there is the problem with our society. new york city prisons have until october to make this change into effect. heather: i can see that causing a lot of problems, big cost too, 26 minutes after the top of the are, a former trump campaign advisor ripping james comey. >> how come the fbi never reached out to me after i sent a letter offering to talk to them? it is so late in with so many political motives. >> what the fbi needs to do to restore its dignity when it comes to surveillance.
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the $15,000 payday for one of the fbi's most wanted terrorists who killed a police officer. why the fugitive is being handed taxpayer money. ♪
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>> welcome back, back with this fox news alert, breaking overnight, hammered by new attacks. theory media reporting the mystery missiles aimed at airbases in military airports. the pentagon assisting it is not behind the missiles and no one has claimed responsibly, chemical weapons inspectors set to visit mass attack site tomorrow. and as russia continues, dr.
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rebecca grant says p and can no longer look at us oddities of chemical weapons if he wishes to be credible on the international stage. >> side has half of the country he had several years ago. this tells you it is not a good deal to be allied with the russians. latimer pentucket campbell moving in after obama turned his back and vladimir putin tried to stake out a new russian presence in syria. how is that working out for bashar al-assad, keeping him in power, what the international community has set as russia cannot shield and condone this behavior, the use of chemical weapons. heather: the red line for release of the comey memos has passed, but justice and has until april 16th to turnover are classified and unclassified memos, nunez says it appears comey use information from the memos in his new memoir so they
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should be released to the public. the man at the center of the controversial surveillance memo speaking out in an interview with laura ingram. carter page reacting to james comey's interview. the highly publicized memo released in february alleges the unverified anti-from dossier funded by the clinton campaign and the dnc was the driving force behind the want to conduct surveillance on page. another story we are following donald trump will take the japanese fry minister to the winter white out in mara lago. they will discuss north korea and trade tariffs. what can we expect on that story? >> the stage is set as the prime minister arise for a 2-day visit
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in mara lago, expected to be very positive focusing on trade in north korea and the president continues to stand his ground on trade. >> our country has been taken advantage of for many many years. japan, south korea, so many countries, but with china we are at $375 billion trade deficit so we started a process and we will see how it ends up but we're going to win. we lost years ago by presidents and others allowing us, what should never have been allowed to happen. >> the first world leader to visit donald trump after his taking office and despite what relationship with, off guard when his country was not exempted from the president's tariff plan. what appears to be foremost on the primary the straps might is the upcoming summit with north korea telling chinese officials i hope to hold a dialogue with donald trump to urge north korea to abolish its nuclear missiles in any reversible manner. able stress any part of the negotiations the legalization
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must have been short and medium range missiles which pose a direct threat to japan. with the bilateral meeting, no word whether they will play golf this time. approval ratings at an all-time low. heather: great to have you with us. california's 1-party liberal politics driving people to live the golden state. chuck is one of them, he says, quote, california, what america's 2016 election of donald trump saved the nation from becoming, check is vice president of the texas policy foundation enjoins me live with more. thank you for joining us. got a lot of response. what you had to say, people were
1:35 am
overwhelmingly agree with you and that is not a surprise to you. >> the reason this is an issue. you have seen the ceo of twitter, jack dorsey tweet, california is the future and california is this wonderful utopia and the reason that happened is absolutely crushed the republicans and conservatives in california and they run the place. this is insane. heather: he not only tweeted that but from the media, called for that to be done, remember the great lesson, the political future, and bipartisan cooperation cannot get done. the poverty rate is 20.4%.
1:36 am
significantly lower at 14.7%. >> the poverty rate in california is 39% higher proportionally than in texas. and the us census bureau, the old official rate, takes into account the cost-of-living distances, rents are 55% higher in california than texas. what happens is if you are a member of the working poor or anyone other than the elite from silicon valley in hollywood, it is tough to make legals meet, put food on the table and put a roof over your head and that is why 100,000 americans every year are moving out of california is going to other states mostly
1:37 am
texas. heather: you call that outmigration, the housing crisis, you mentioned housing across california keeping people to make a living. >> something most people can't fathom. the labor unions, the environmental quality act to sue developers, you can't build this housing development because you are violating environmental law. what they really want is the labor unions, prevailing wage. as soon as developers cave in they dropped the suit. nothing has changed from an environmental standpoint. all that happens is houses are delayed and there are more expensive because labor unions demanded to build them. heather: what do you hope to accomplish by this op-ed? >> a warning for the rest of
1:38 am
america that if you want to look at the fate of our nation, the high taxes, the crushing regulatory burden, the increasing division between the haves and have nots, look at california, i would submit to you the election of donald trump in 2016, that is what he saved us from becoming. >> on the twitter feed, thank you for joining us this morning. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, one step further dick's sporting goods plans to rid the world of the assault rifles it is refusing to sell and the million-dollar racial equity fund courtesy of you the taxpayer, liberal lawmakers marking nationwide outrage with the new plan. a new design stretching out all
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you want. will this stand up airplane seat in this one. ♪
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heather: cop killer fugitive cut a check for 15 grand. getting a payday thanks to a land deal, the company buying land in north carolina owned by the freeman family. just one of the last descendents of the family, a judge says there is no legal reason to withhold the payment. he escaped prison in new jersey in 1979 when serving a life sentence for killing a new jersey state trooper. and annual immigration raid
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game, facing backlash for its name, some parents say, offense is, the spanish term for immigration and customs enforcement. the game similar to tag is a response. in a letter to parents the california school going into the game, not the school sponsor and takes place off campus. the business news the default style rifles pulled from shelves at dick's sporting goods being destroyed. the company's announcement. >> reporter: these were the assault style weapons pulled off of dick's sporting goods stores following the shooting in florida. a spokesperson tells the post-gazette we are in the process of destroying all accessories, with the result of the february 28th policy change. these are pulled off of store
1:44 am
shelves, destroyed in distribution centers and parts will be taken to salvage yards and recycle. dick's did not say how many of these assault style rifles are being destroyed. heather: even a price hike can't stop netflix. >> reporter: in yesterday's earnings report we found out that flex, 7.4 million new subscribers, increasing prices and globally, 125 million. some other numbers, netflix says it will spend $10 billion on content, a 40% revenue and netflix stock has been a tear up 60%. heather: my new netflix find his tiki blinders. thank you so much.
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15 minutes, a history textbook teaching donald trump is mentally ill, the controversial curriculum that could be headed to your child's school. our conservative millennial is disgusted, teachers telling kids what to think instead of how to think which one company would sponsor colin kaepernick but he has delayed to deal with the team first.
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heather: would you want taxpayer money going to a racial equity fund? will lawmaker avenue plan. brandon scott tells the
1:49 am
baltimore sun he is introducing the bill to address the city's history of racial any quality. it would be worth 3% of the police department's budget giving at $15 million but city council president doesn't think the city can afford it. colin kaepernick is a wanted man by adidas. he says if the and some kneeling quarterback signs with the team they will endorse him. it loves athletes that have a platform to make the world a better place. your president is mentally unstable. this controversial curriculum could show up at your child's school in their book. learning material for the majority of public schools across the country now selling sample textbooks with that statement inside. this effort to indoctrinate children with an
1:50 am
anti-conservative agenda okay? thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. i will begin with this. is this okay? >> know, it is not okay. this is the bigotry of low expectations for young people. this is an epidemic in our education system of teachers teaching our kids what to think instead of how to think and the scary part about this particular textbook not only published by pearson but also peer-reviewed, lots of people before it got to the desks of these students is the subtlety by which this author manipulates people into thinking a certain way, doesn't come out and say trump is a racist or his supporters are racist but instead uses this language that ties trump supporters to whiteness and anti-diversity and clinton supporters are not depicted the
1:51 am
same way so the anti-trump undertones are obvious to us but less obvious to unassuming students. heather: we had one piece the talked about his mental stability. another quote talking about the racism, trump supporters saw the voters a victory for the people who like themselves had been forgotten in a fast-changing america of mostly older, rural, suburban, overwhelmingly white groups. associating with white people, older people in the suburbs versus being flat out saying racist. >> doesn't give credence to actual concerns, the reason we voted for donald trump like the economy, tax cuts, jobs, safety in our communities, illegal immigration, a voice for the unborn, doesn't give credit to any of these, he gives credit to
1:52 am
the mental instability of donald trump and we are anti-diversity and weight but doesn't talk about any of the real issues and that is where the bias comes in. the 20 here is what pearson had to say. the book was developed by an expert author and underwent rigorous peer-reviewed to assure academic integrity. who were those peers that reviewed it, that is what i would like to know. >> it is not comforting at all, there is a lot scarier than if this was one guy putting his voice out, it shows the problem of indoctrination is more pervasive than we thought, in the highest levels of the education system, not just the hand of this publisher but administrations and teachers, landing on the desks of students and no one is saying anything about it because of confirmation bias in the narrative they want to push. heather: some parents are starting to recognize what is happening, we bring it to their attention, another example, the
1:53 am
pearson book is not alone in this type of thing happening, woman post on facebook a questionnaire daughter had to fill out, one of the questions, difficult for me to blank my feeling when i learned donald trump had been voted in as our 45th president and goes on from there. >> that is very leading into what they want students to say. i'm not looking for conservative bent at public schools but funding schools with taxpayer money, we should be able to trust that our students are learning how to think critically and independently for themselves, learning both sides of the issue, able to come to a well-informed conclusion. >> don't push an agenda, teach them the facts and they can come up with their own view of the world from that. thank you for joining us, have a great day. 8 minutes until the top of the hour and an army veteran shot 3 times serving overseas in a brand-new battle at home. why a town is taking aim at his
1:54 am
military flag sparking some nationwide outrage. no such thing as a free pass, family that ended up with a $15,000 bill to cross a free bridge.
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>> hundreds of us travelers stranded in mexico by their airlines, some countries canceling flights to minnesota for a snowstorm. saturday was there last of service so none of their flights could be rescheduled, passengers will get some refunds for the return flight. a motorcycle dealer wins a fight with his city after being cited for flying military flags. the sports manager posting a rant on social media. fighting us the business owner for flying military flags in military town. they told us to take them down or go to court over them. are you serious? and the nerve and audacity to tell our military vet in our store, our customer you have done nothing for our country. >> jacksonville, florida, each of the business morning and was not find, they are allowed to keep flying their flags and an investigation underway and the
1:59 am
treatment of that veteran. a bridge that is supposed to be free is taking a toll on some new yorkers. people crossing the bridge in queens, hit with thousands of dollars in fines. one family getting a bill for 15 grand, transit officials say does an issue with the unmanned tolling system that handouts fines for underfunded ez pass accounts. standing airplane seats could be about to take off. an airline company showing outstanding seats, they say they will increase the number of passengers they can put in a plane by 20%. the seats offer 20 fringes legroom compared to 30 inches you find in economy class so we asked if you would stand in the seats for an entire flight, who wants to stand up for hours and be buckled in especially in turbulence?
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how about laying down fully reclining? next thing they will be putting us in pods and transporting us as they do cargo. even sardines get to lie down in their tin cans. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first" blooge-friends first continues, see you tomorrow, goodbye. >> 100 missiles, didn't shoot one down. every single one hit its target. >> tuesday, april 17th, fox news alert. tampering with evidence, russia accused of keeping investigators off the attack site in syria. the white house is responding. >> crimes committed on my property by an illegal immigrant and he was released. >> growing anti-sanctuary movement spreading across california. the vote overnight and the next big one happening toda


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