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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 17, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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after locking itself inside. a deputy had to open the door and let it out. they say this is why you should lock your car doors. rob: that's a powerful bear. we will see you later. jillian: have a good day. >> president trump is blasting the fbi chief he fired as a disgruntled employee. >> he is a very big guy physically. but psychiatrically he has shrinking. >> exempt the community from state sanctuary laws. >> this is not about racism. it's not about immigration. it's not even about illegal immigration. sanctuary cities and sanctuary states are about whether we want to shield criminals. >> japanese presidencriminals. >> welcome the japanese prime minister to the white house talk about trade tariffs. >> michael cohen never represented me in any legal matter. sorry to disappoint everybody. that's all there is.
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nothing more. >> president trump sitting down with business owners in miami. >> i'm grateful many of us had the good sense to elect a man to believe in the greatness of this country so it may be preserved at all costs for future generations. thank you and god bless you. ♪ ♪ steve: hi, everybody. welcome. it is "fox & friends" for tuesday, april 17th. 2018. come on in. we are just about to get things started here on the couch. ainsley: today is tax day. your taxes have to be filed today. brian, get on it. brian: the irs is not really cracking down there. is going to be a lot more elastic about this. if you don't have the worry, don't worry about it. or take somebody else's advice who does this for a living. ainsley: don't listen to him. brian: what's going on with james comey's book tour not off to a great start and
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latest with what's happening with michael cohen's fate. let's go straight to a fox news alert. chemical inspectors right now will soon be let into the site of the attack on the syrian people. i'm talking about the gas attack. ainsley: this as new reports are come in overnight of more missile strikes in that area. the assad regime now firing back at those claims. steve: mike tobin is live until jerusalem with the latest on the inspectors who finally, mike you, are able to take a look at where it all happened. >> good morning steve. good morning good morning, gang. as you just the inspectors have just not made it to the sight of douma the site of the chemical weapons attack. they are due to arrive there tomorrow. russian and syrian forces have been in control of douma since last thursday. russian officials have said the inspectors are being held in damascus out of security concerns following the coalition airstrikes last saturday morning. it should be noted that douma was not hit. russians continue to deny that a chemical attack happened.
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russian officials have said that the attack was an elaborate hoax staged and filmed by the first responders group white helmets with the support of great britain. more than 40 people died in do you meanna. according to the world health organization. 500 people became sick showing symptoms consistent with the exposure to toxic chemical weapons. strike syria. president trump claimed success and in the face of russia, backing up the claim that syrian claim that missiles were intercepted. the president said all of the missiles found their mark. >> with way over 100 missiles shot in. they didn't shoot one down. the equipment didn't work too well. every single one hit its target. think of that. how genius. not one was shot down. >> and we're following reports out of syria about another round of airstrikes overnight. some of what we're getting are conflicting reports. some claim it was a false alarm. some claim that the missiles were interseptemberred mid-air. hezbollah's media claims the
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air base near homs and claims the missiles were aimed at a base near damascus. the more we are watching this one, the more information we are getting this was a false alarm. i can't say it definitively yet but we are leaning in that direction. brian: thank you so much. mike tobin in israel. israelis are in the habit, of not acknowledging when they strike. maybe they will do it in the aftermath if they need to. also important, too. when the president looks at syrian policy, word is the white house is looking for arab groups to replace our 2,000 that are there. got 4,000 in jordan doing some military exercises. so, he is saying i can't replace -- i know we can't leave a vacuum. but i would like to get my guys out. steve: sure. in the meantime got russia as mike said in his report, russia said, look, those dead bodies were staged by the white helmets. and rather than actually allow inspectors to come in to swab the place to find out whether or not there were traces of toxins, they
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said, you know what? you don't need to do it. we have 22 witnesses. come on in here. remember the story we told you. come on. that's it. ainsley: grateful for our military in this amazing country we live in we don't have to worry about that. you see images of babies being washed off with hoses. steve: it's terrible. that's why the president struck. brian: the president has backed off for now sanctions that nikki haley promised were coming this week on all their equipment used by russia to help out syria to use this chemical attack. things like people and companies that make helicopters, for example. but we're holding off for now while sarah huckabee sanders came out yesterday and said we are still looking forward to some type of putin-trump summit. ainsley: in other news, james comey's book comes out today. we will be making a round of interviews we are getting the ratings numbers. in that interview with comey on abc sunday night drew .8 million viewers. but the cma awards on cbs.
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that drew more. 12.1 million viewers. steve: actually 9 million less than the rose zan reboot and 12 million less than the stormy daniels show. and one of the early indications there was so much hype of this thing aside from the breathless promo it's going to be breathless you will be knocked shocked. cramer books in washington, d.c. last night which is very famous bookstore in the dupont circle neighborhood, they unveiled the book. and as it turns out they actually had more cameras there than customers. that's a shot from inside cramer books. they expected long lines. that wasn't the case. the big question is who is going to buy this book? keep in mind republicans don't like comey because of what he did to trump and company. and then democrats don't like him because of what he did to hillary.
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ainsley: agreeing with president trump that james comey is no hero. brian: here is an example of someone from the clinton orbit who is not buying this book. patty solace doyle said this to the hill. i think he has to explain incredibly poor judgment on the timing of the book. that's one of them. john podesta also comes out seems quite upset. others on the right who say he doesn't want to come on any of our outlets or address any of the complicationing regarding the hillary clinton. >> patty soltis doyle the one you are talking about ran hillary clinton's campaign in 2008. she said i have made peace with it but still a punch in the gut when she read his book. steve: newt gingrich had this observation about the very tall james comey and all the hype he's gotten. >> i have to say i don't think when this book came out and the tour began, i didn't really expect the level of shrinkage. he is going from 6'8" and by
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the end of the tour i think he will be about 5'2". liberals are attacking him. the members of the obama administration are attacking him. conservatives are attacking him. he has managed to have a range of people describe him as dishonest, that is really pretty remarkable. you know, he is a very big guy physically. but i do think psychically he has been shrinking with every interview. brian: some of the things he said defies explanation. if you are a law and order guy legal background years with the fbi do you come out and say yeah, i think the russians might have something on president trump. not sure. oh, yeah. do i think the dossier is true? i don't know. it might be. really you just throw that out slip shot just like john brethren none has no problem doing that among the other people in the clinton orbit very upset. jennifer palmeriy very clearly outside the bounds of how the fbi should be
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operating. john podesta said one of the eras of justice under the post hoover. the way it was trending regardless. no press conference october 27th i think trump still wins on policies and his message and the fact that he outhustled her so much in the last month. ainsley: maybe you are it right. we heard hillary side they are blaming comey because she didn't win. maybe you are right maybe he would have won anyway. steve: maybe mr. comey is being so cagey because he is under restrictions about what he can and cannot say about open investigations. meanwhile, speaking of open investigations, you know the storm daniel michael cohen thing. yesterday, cohen went before judge kemba wood here in new york city. what they want is he would like to see a special master, somebody else, another set of eyes, other than the government look all the documents seized from michael cohen. it was revealed yesterday essentially since 2017 michael cohen, according to the "new york times," has
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had 10 clients. seven of them strategic advice and business consulting clients. three others, he said the president, i had this g.o.p. fundraiser by the name of elliott broidy and a third person who he declined to mention. but the judge said, you know, there was some wrangling for a while and finally said, okay, the third person is sean hannity. and apparently there was a gasp in the room. it's like well, we know that name. ainsley: sean defended himself last night and on twitter. he said there was no payoff and i really only went to him for advise for real estate questions because he doesn't invest in the stock market. he invests in real estate and he had some legal questions. here is sean last night. >> here's the truth. michael cohen never represented me in any legal matter. i never retained his services. i never received an invoice. i never paid michael cohen for legal fees. i did have occasional brief conversations with michael cohen. he is a great attorney about legal questions i had.
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they never involved any matter between me or third party, a third group at all. i never asked michael cohen to bring this proceeding on my behalf. i have no personal interest in this legal matter. that's all there is. nothing more. so maybe the media can try and start focusing in on the biggest abuse of power scandal in this country or maybe the forgotten men and women in this country. brian: basically sean's name was brought up. people said what type of linkage is there? there is absolutely no link canal ago tom fitton has. sean hannity's name was leaked out. the reason for that -- for michael cohen to go in there yesterday and the president have attorneys represent him, they wanted the first look at hits documents. they didn't get it. so the other side will get their first look. and then about a month later, michael cohen will get a look at his stuff. i don't know if he is going to get it all back. steve: it will be interesting to see. ultimately the big news out of the sean hannity reveal
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was he said he talked to a guy who has been a friend. in fact, the "new york times" tracked down and discovered that tom-sean hannity said once on his radio show when introducing michael cohen, a long-time -- night of the inauguration, long-time friend of mine who has known me long before the campaign ever got started. brian: i know, too, it makes total sense. if you have a lawyer and you are trying to buy something and get to be friendly with that. how many times do we have the judge on the couch and say something to the judge, hey, judge, what's going on with this or ainsley owns a lot of real estate in new york city. moist of the buildings she owns. you might throw a question out legally do i have a standing here? steve: sure. every time we will do a tax segment we will ask the tax person can i deduct ammo? and apparently it sounds like sean regarded their relationship as something like that. somebody he had known for years and occasionally ask
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advice about real estate. anyway, we thought we would update you on that. ainsley: small business owners thanking president trump for his tax cuts during a round table in florida. our next guest sat right next to the president. she is going to share her story with us next. steve: looking forward to that plus, the video, crazy. a plane, look at that right there. skids across a road coming within feet of real trouble. dramatic moments caught on camera. what happened next? you have got to stick arranged.
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>> comes from a country that promised everything and only delivered misery. i knew 8 years of delivering appeasement entitlement was taking us down a path of no return. government helps businesses by helping us do our jobs and getting out of the way. unleashing the american spirit. steve: i think the politicians are being beaten today. [laughter] steve: that grateful business owner our next guest, one of the many thanking president trump for tax cut befers during a visit outside of miami yesterday. irena joins us now with her story. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you came to this country when you were 4 years old. your family came here from cuba. and your family was looking for, what? >> like i said yesterday, we were looking first and foremost for political stability and freedom.
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my grandfather had immigrated from spain to cuba in the early turn of the century. and he established himself as a respectable businessman. we were from the countryside. and come revolution time everybody he had worked for was taken away from us. my father and uncle served jail time for opposing the castro regime. when we did have opportunities to leave the island, my father was looking first and foremost for political stability for our family. steve: absolutely. you round up moving to south florida. at first your father ran grocery stores and restaurants as well. your business is very successful in the hollywood, florida area. you were there at the round table with the president yesterday talking about tax cuts. what is it about these particular cuts that have helped your business? >> well, it's a promise of what the tax cuts is going to bring in the near future. what we are see something
3:19 am
with the increments of jobs, in order to retain and hire new employees, we have seen that we have had to increase sal larceninsalaries substantian a very short period of time. helping lower level employees even before it helps us. it's the promise of what the tax cuts is going to bring us that we can reinvest this money into our businesses and we can see the fruits of our labor. steve: sure, absolutely. what it means is that you are able to keep more of your money, which is always a good thing. i understand. >> absolutely. steve: i understand irina, you were a trump supporter from the get-go. what was it like sitting at that table in florida yesterday right next to the guy you supported and voted for? >> well, it was sore real. i never seen myself as a minority. this country took us in and i have always felt part of the majority. i believe in the american way. and so, but to even think that i came on a boat to
3:20 am
this country and that i'm sitting next to the leader of the free world, it was a surreal moment for me, really. your family's story. that's the great american story that's why people come to this country to be able to do what your family did. >> that's what we want to keep. that's what we want to preserve. we want to preserve the possibility of people continuing to do what we have done. so when we have huge government oversight, not only oversight, but regulations, it really makes it difficult for people to start businesses, it's very costly to start a business. and it's very cumbersome. if you put all this red tape, it really dissuades people from starting their own businesses. steve: get rid of the regulations which the president says is one of his priorities and cut taxes which he did. and that's why you are a happy person to join us on this tuesday morning. irina thank you very much. i know had you a big day
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yesterday. >> you bet, my pleasure. steve: sanctuary backlash spreading across california overnight as the state's governor defies the president again? what's the governor up to this time? stick around for "fox & friends." [whispers] the search was intense. we spent weeks canvassing the quadrant to pinpoint our perfect location. once locked in on our target, we knew we had to move fast. fortunately, we were already pre-approved for a no money down loan with navy federal credit union, and were able to put an offer on this place immediately after it went on the market.
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jillian: good morning, we are back with a fox news alert. a deputy constable shot in the line of duty. the deputy in texas responding to a domestic disturbance call in harris county, when a man came out of the house and started shooting. the deputy shot in the lower body and is undergoing surgery right now. the suspect was shot several times. no word on his condition. former first lady barbara bush is staying strong as she turns to comfort care. her son kneel says the family is reading to her. one of her favorite past times as she takes calls from loved ones. her grand daughter says
3:25 am
george h.w. bush still tells her i love you every night. the 92-year-old suffering from congestive heart failure and copd. ainsley? ainsley: thanks, jillian. the city of lam los alamitos, sanctuary city laws they are not alone as another county gets ready to vote today. brian: it's spreading. board of supervisors member will be voting against california sanctuary law and joins us to weigh in. kristin, can you give us the idea what the effect is since governor jerry brown says i know more than the country, i know what's best for california, i want to make this a sanctuary state? >> i'm going to provide you a visual this morning. because this is my third term in elected office. and never have i seen correspondence quite like on this issue. so, for example, i want to show you the number of people who have weighed in, this thin stack that support governor brown's actions on sanctuary state. now i want to share with you
3:26 am
something quite interesting, the number of people that have communicated with me in san diego county, the people who do not support moving forward with governor brown's sanctuary state. this is really quite remarkable. the pouring in of hundreds and hundreds of emails. this only includes items that have come through the regular email inbox. that doesn't include the phone calls that i have received and anything on social media. it's really remarkable. ainsley: wow. so the governor didn't like the federal laws so he passed these state laws. have you cities and counties saying it's unconstitutional. why do you think you have finally said enough is enough in california and several counties and cities are speaking out? >> i think san diegoens are finally seeing enough is enough, governor brown. in san diego county we managed a 5.7 billion-dollar budget on the county board of supervisors. only $1.7 billion is in our direct control. the rest are decisions being made by the state and the federal government. these are oftentimes harmful
3:27 am
decisions that are impacting san diegoens. governor brown needs to follow the laws of our constitution. brian: what happens, what i have noticed too i was in the los angeles and orange county area. i could not believe the level of homeless. people are coming in here, setting up tents. not even trying to get involved in society. and now i understand they are looking at public lands to set up these homes for the homeless, since they are all coming here in many cases illegally. what have you seen in san diego? what has been the affect of the people there? >> well, when you think back to 9/11, all of the rhetoric was about how important it was for coordination to take place between local, state, and federal government. well, we have done that in san diego. we had a system in place. we had task forces in place. for example, to stop maritime issues that we were having of humans, drugs, and weapons being smuggled in to the united states right here in to san diego.
3:28 am
unfortunately, under sb 54, our local law enforcement can no longer take part in those maritime task forces to cut down on human trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, across the border. it's really quiet unfortunate the impacts of sb 54. ainsley: so today your meeting, who is meeting today? is it your county board? who makes the decision today? >> the county board of supervisors is meeting at 9:00 a.m. this morning. there is an open session item where people can make comments on the agenda. the county board will then adjourn into closed session, because i haven't asked our board to write a meaningless resolution. rather, i have asked our board to explore any and all legal options we have at this point. so the council will be meeting with the county board and we will be discussing how the county can move forward and push back against governor brown's unconstitutional action.
3:29 am
brian: kris are you doing this on your own or join in the government lawsuit. >> we have our confident legal team there to address us and address any solutions that might be on the table. brian: lastly, the wall worked in san diego, didn't it. >> the wall did work in san diego county. we have seen that cut down on the drug trafficking, on the weapons trafficking, and human trafficking is something that we're really focused on now. the human sex trade trafficking that's coming across the border is really unfortunate. we need the coordination between local, state, and federal agencies in order to make san diego a safe place. steve: all right, kristin gaspard, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. brian: i look toward to getting the results of that vote. cop killers one the fbi's most wanted terrorists. why did he just get a $15,000 payday? ainsley: plus president trump welcomes japan's prime minister to florida in a few hours. what's on the agenda? we are live in washington
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everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? steve: well, the president of the united states is going to welcome the japanese prime minister to the winter white house down at mar-a-lago in palm beach later today. these are pictures from last year. ainsley: that's right. the leader are expected to discuss north korea and the trade tariffs. brian: griff jenkins is live in our nation's capital. griff, this is you this year, right? >> yeah. this is me this year. i bet they do play golf. look, sarah sanders says this is going to be a positive visit and focus on
3:34 am
trade in north korea. the president he is standing his ground on trade. >> our country has been taken advantage of for many, many years. japan and south korea, so many countries. but with china, we are at $375 billion trade deficit. so we started a process. and we will see how it ends up. but we are going to win. >> remember, abe was the first leader to visit president trump. there tension now. caught off guards when his country was not exempted from the tariff plan. what seems to be abe's saying i hope to hold a dialogue with president trump so as to urge north korea to abolish nuclear missiles in a full and irreversible manner. abe is insisting that the negotiations over the denuclearization of the peninsula must include medium and short range missiles because they pose a direct threat to japan. this official visit began this afternoon guys with a
3:35 am
bilateral meeting. the visit may hold some significance for abe back home where his approval ration are at an all-time low. now, finally, brian, golf is not officially on the agenda, but the weather for the next two days is sunny, high 70's, and zero chance of precipitation. brian: how much do you want to bet there is no golf? steve: i will take that bet. brian: how much do you bet 5 bucks? >> i will bet you 5 bucks that they hit the links for sure in the next two days. it's a two day visit. steve: i'm on griff's side on that. absolutely. brian: no golf. steve: abe loves to gulf. trump owns two courses down there. >> 100 bucks to the charity of your choice. brian: maybe the president didn't bring his clubs. maybe he left them. steve: he owns the clubs. ainsley: jillian is here today. jillian: i'm the tie
3:36 am
breaker, golf. steve: 100 percent. brian bib we will see how wrong you are. jillian: sounds like a plan. i'm always wrong. a manhunt is intensifying for an armed and dangerous grandmother wanted for murder. new surveillance video shows louis reese chatting with pamela hutchisons in florida. she killed her and stole her identity to cover her tracks. hutchinson coughed because they lookalike as you can see there. reese also killed her husband david in minnesota last month. police say she could get desperate enough to kill again. a cop killer fugitive cut a check for 15 grand. joanne chesimard. turns out she is one of the last descendants of that family. a judge says there was no legal reason to withhold the payment. chesimard escaped from new jersey in 1979 after serving a life sentence killing new
3:37 am
jersey state trooper. here is something you don't expect to see while waiting in the drive-thru line. >> what the [bleep] jillian: pretty typical reaction. sonic drive-in capturing a plane crashing down skidding across a busy road. the plane narrowly missing cars and homes in colorado springs, crashing into a guardrail before skidding to a stop. no one was hurt though, including the pilot and his passengers. how about this? an american making history at the rainy boston marathon. check it out. desiree linden becoming the first american woman to win the race since 1985. huge congrats to her. americans taking seven of the top 10 women spots. injured marine inspiring crowds carrying the american flag finishing his third straight marathon.
3:38 am
staff sergeant louise sanchez lost his leg after stepping on ied in afghanistan. just to be able to complete a marathon i feel like is just amazing. steve: even though it was a dreadful day. so many smiles after you cross that line. after heart break hill: speaking of heart break, today is tax day. tonight at midnight have you got to have it postmarked. janice dean is outside with some freebies that are available to folks coast to coast, right? janice: tax day is here. companies are giving you a break with food freebies and discounts. today we have some of those delicious deals on our plaza, starting off of the owner of kona ice of ford lee. we have jess, we have sam. tell us about your deal today for tax day. >> we are unique shaved ice experience. you can own shaved ice. for tax day we call it chill out day. because tax day can be a little stressful. it just reminds us to take a step back. relax with a nice kona ice.
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what better way to do that than with kona ice. we are giving it away free across the country. we have over 350 routes where you can find a truck that is giving away kona for free on chill out day. janice: i love it you will be here through the "fox & friends." >> we are. janice: now coming over follow me for tax day. all right, tell me your name and you are zac with bagels, tell us what your deal is. >> brewingers is offering a 10.40. get a baker's dozen. 13 bagels plus choice of two tubs of cream cheese. launched last week on april 11th. janice: i love it. which bagel can i have? >> try just a plain bagel right there. got it warmed up. >> what about the coffee? >> no deal on the coffee but right now have a seasonal french totion coffee and coconut coffee will launch within the next month.
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janice: we love it and we love you brueggers bagels. and now for cookies. >> anna. cookies and cream right here. delicious. you already tried it i see. janice: yes. >> fantastic only available for a limited time. get one free all day today at any great american cookie locations. janice: have you done your taxes? >> i have. >> what about you, sir? >> did i early this year. janice: you guys do their taxes. >> yes. janice: everybody who has done their tax stuff. back inside. wonderful. ainsley: wonderful. so nice of the companies. brian: janice are you going to release your taxes today? janice: i did them weeks ago. brian: are you going to release them publicly. steve: as soon as do you, brian. brian: why do you take her side? steve: might not have gotten a refund but at least can you get a free bailing. brian: it's a good swap.
3:41 am
steve: you heard him. james comey media putting russia probe. can owjudge napolitano on the case next. we just heard a squeak from. brian: that was a laugh. calls are growing for jim jordan to run for speaker of the house. soon, he will be live with us moving his mouth. ♪ ♪ life is a highway. ainsley: it is not just tax day it is national mustang day. we are celebrating iconic muscle cars out on the plaza. japan january look at this. woo ♪ i want to drive it all night long. ♪ ♪ what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever?
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great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at brian: quick sports
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headlines. hit home run so hard it broke his back. >> absolutely. >> and he breaks his bat. deep right center. and it's out of here. a broken bat home run for bryce harper. brian: wow. i think he is just showing off. he left with just the handle after crushing a 95 minor fast ball. the beat the mets. ainsley: worried about flying balls. brian: this time bats. adidas wants to sign collin kaepernick. he doesn't have a team. in if the anthem kneeling quarterback signs with a team, they will endorse him. adidas says it loves athletes that have a platform to make the world a better place. a platform kaepernick used to mock police as pigs on his socks. among other things. steve: meanwhile, james comey's tell-all assault on the president putting a focus on the russia investigation that he helped launch.
3:46 am
>> possibly. i mean, it's certainly some evidence of obstruction of justice. >> do you think the russians have something on donald trump? >> i think it's possible. i don't know. these are more words i never thought i would utter about a president of the united states but it's possible. ainsley: the big question will comey's own words end up complicating mueller's russia probe. here to weigh in on this is judge andrew napolitano. how could it complicate things for mueller. >> i was using the word possible. we may have talked about this early yesterday morning. ainsley: we did. >> lawyers and judges don't deal in possibilities. you deal in probabilities. this is how it could complicate things. i'm actually surprised that jim comey is doing this now while he is still a witness before the grand jury that bob mueller sum monda smond stil under the control of bob muller. he could still say something one of the dozens of interviews and book signings is about to have contradict something he told mueller or
3:47 am
contradict something he told to the grand jury. steve: do you think he is answering questions in a way that doesn't touch the grand jury testimony? >> i don't know that. steve: that would be smart. >> he is a smart guy. you may not agree with him but he is certainly a smart guy, university of chicago law school and federal prosecutor for most of his life. as a grand jury witness, he is permitted to discuss what went on before the grand jury. grand jurors in public, grand jurors are not. and the lawyers are not. so we don't know if he has testified already. we do know he has had many, many debriefings by bob mueller and bob mueller's team which consists of federal prosecutors and former fbi agents who used to work for him. if anyone of us had been a witness for bob mueller, we would have an agreement with mueller not to discuss the testimony in public for fear of some contradiction coming back to bite. ainsley: why is he doing it? money? >>
3:48 am
with that as i said yesterday. brian: trump. >> that's a political issue. one of the greatest book sales is right here underneath my hand. brian: not in any federal investigation. >> correct. you are not subject to a federal prosecutor saying brian i know you want to sell a book, the more you talk the more you are going to hurt our case. that's the conversation i expected bob mueller and jim comey had. i don't know if they had it. it's a unusual situation is he in. brian: didn't have the book checked out by bob mueller's probe before he published it don't believe the press reports about what we're looking at. they are not, in many cases, true. >> that's unheard of. also unique for mueller who has been fes fess -- you might remember when ken starr was independent council investigating bill clinton he gave interviews almost every day. never heard a word come out of bob mueller's mouth. proper way to do it.
3:49 am
yesterday was a surprise. steve: yesterday michael cohen had a day in court in front of judge kemba wood he wants a special master to lay eyes on all the documents and tapes if there are any that were seized. >> i agree with him. i also agree with the president that it should be a special master or judge wood herself. it should not be a team of federal prosecutors. even though the rules say it can be a team of federal prosecutors separate and distinct from the team that is prosecuting him. as a result of what judge wood did yesterday, when she ordered the fbi to make copies of everything, the electronic democrat tapped a the paper data, which is going to take a couple weeks, give one set of copies to the president's lawyers and one set of copies to mr. cohen's lawyers. they will argue about what's privileged and what's not. she inadvertently. maybe not inadvertently exposed the privilege. in order for the government to argue about whether a document is privileged, it has to have at document and see it. if the document is privileged, the government should never have had it and
3:50 am
the government should never see it. steve: oh, boy. >> i do believe the president is right when he argues that the attorney-client privilege is under assault. on the other hand, we have learned that they have been surveying, watching and investigating michael cohen since before donald trump was elected president. steve: going on for a while. judge, thank you very much. always exciting. always different. ainsley: did you hear this? a syrian refugee who survived a chemical attack is thanking president trump. >> i would love to -- like buy you a beer. ainsley: he wants to have a beer with the president. and he joins us live in the next hour. steve: switching gears. we are celebrating one of the most iconic cars in history, ford mustang, special coming up next. ♪ if you want to be a star ♪ baby, you can drive my car ♪ but, babe, i love you ♪
3:51 am
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3:54 am
janice: it was as unforgettable as the car steve mcqueen. here to tell us about this awesome car and the ford mustang marketing manager. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me on jab january thank you for bringing these beautiful cars. >> they are beautiful. janice: i think brian kilmeade is going to be first model. >> first spokes model. janice: tell us about this beautiful car. >> this is 2018 mustang race red convertible. introduced in new york 54 years ago, april 17th. birthday today national mustang day. brian: comes with two speeding tickets. guaranteed to get one. january general have you ever driven one of these cars. >> my first car was a '69
3:55 am
mustang. beautiful. brian: it was a rocket ship. use that engine in the space shuttle. janice: are you do you still have it. brian: no. i was forced to get rid of it the chassis cracked. i don't want to bring everybody down. >> this is our gt fast back in black. best selling cars. we are for the third straight year in the row. mustang is the best selling sports coupe in the world. we started exporting this car a couple years ago globally. now we are in 146 countries around the world. third year straight mustang is number one in the world. japan january i think you are going to sell at love these cars because ainsley is in one. >> absolutely. start for $25,000 and go up from there. the one you are in is probably about a mid $40,000 car. ainsley: bust feature about this one? >> for me is the exhaust sound. when you start that car up. ainsley: can we turn on the car? >> sure.
3:56 am
ainsley: do we have keys in this car? >> no. janice: oh, yeah, look at her. what a pro. i don't want to slam into that window. just push the axle ler rargt. we are in park, right? >> you are in park. let her rip. [revving engine] janice: tell us about this one. >> this is a '65 mustang. this is the car that started it all. steve: that's right. >> this was the car that took the world by storm 54 years ago. classic shape. if you look at people today. they just absolutely love mustangs. part of the reason why nationwide everybody comes out today and celebrates this car. steve: it's so cool. this has something my children have never seen. a window ha hand cranks down. janice: you loves the mustangs. steve: i love this car. my neighbor laura has this same exact car. happy birthday. janice: i will take this one. >> all right. go ahead. steve: coming up on this
3:57 am
tuesday "fox & friends" congressman jim jordan is going to be with us. jessica tarlov and kay kayleigh mcenany. and larry kudlow. big snow.
3:58 am
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with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. ainsley: james comey's book comes out today. judge: i'm actually surprised james comey is doing this now while he is still a witness. >> america's dirty cop has destroyed the integrity of the federal bureau of investigations. >> leaders in the oc city of lois alamitos voting to exempt the city from state sanctuary laws. >> i want to show you the number of people that support governor brown's action. now i want to share with you something quite interesting. the people who do not support. >> president trump will welcome the japanese prime minister to the winter white house. they are expected to discuss north korea and trade tariffs. >> former first lady barbara bush is staying strong as she turns to comfort care.
4:01 am
her son neil is reading to her. one of her favorite past times. ainsley: tax cuts round table in florida. >> to think i came on a boat to this country and sitting next to the leader of the free world was a surreal moment for me. ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here. ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here. steve: lyrics but i get it. brian: i get it they want to get it started. steve: that's the point of the top of the hour. we are getting the 7:00 hour started right here at "fox & friends." thank you very much. we got a lot to talk about. ainsley: that's right. it is a tuesday morning at 7:01 on the east coast. get straight to this fox news alert. chemical inspectors will soon be let into that site of the heinous chemical attack in syria. steve: this as mixed reports surfaced overnight over brand new missile strikes in syria. did it happen?
4:02 am
brian: mike tobin live in jerusalem. you are in a tough spot. israel almost never admits when they go on these strikes and other people are accusing them of doing just that what's the truth? >> well, i will get to that in one second. we are trying to 3eu7b down that information. i want to talk first about the chemical inspectors for the organization of chemical weapons. they are now due after delays to arrive in do you mea -- doyou mean in a tomorrow. the town where the attack is expected to have taken place. russian-syrian forces have been in control of douma since last thursday. russia said the inspectors have being held in demascus can you say following security concerns following the airstrikes last saturday morning. it should be noted douma wasn't hit. russia has continued to deny that a chemical attack happened in the first place. russian officials said the attack was annual elaborate hoax staged and filmed by the first responder group with the support of great britain. more than 40 people died in douma. world health organization,
4:03 am
when 500 people became sick showing symptoms consistent with toxic chemicals. a senior israeli military source tells fox news, the strikes were, quote, very superficial. this military force says if the aim was eliminate the syrian chemicals operation, quote, i'm not sure they have succeeded. the white house and the president himself have called the strikes a success. most recently president trump said he was pleased that all the missiles found their mark. >> with way over 100 missiles shot in, they didn't shoot one down. the equipment didn't work too well. every single one hit its target. think of that how genius. not one was shot. >> about these reports of a fresh round of strikes in syria overnight, the best information we're getting now is coming out of state run syrian tv. and that information that the reports of the missile strikes were really a false alarm. the images you see are the
4:04 am
syrian surface to air defenses reacting to that false alarm. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: so the syrians were just shooting at nothing? >> it sounds like it. lobbing that stuff in the air. it's dangerous, gravity works. missiles go up and missiles come down. steve: mike tobin, thank you. brian: now of course the president is saying word is he is trying to lobby some arab allies to take over for 2,000 troops that are there. that could be problematic. there is nobody that can do what we can do or represent what we can represent. we also have 4,000 over in jordan. so we will see where that goes. especially if they go for another chemical attack what our response is going to be. ainsley: other news, james comey, we had michael cohen down in court yesterday. that was a big story yesterday we will get to. but also james comey his book comes out today. is he going to be making the rounds. he has bret baier's show that's going to air next thursday. jake at that point per, jude woodward. the late show, rachel
4:05 am
maddow. you will be seeing a lot of him. on the interview on sunday didn't get as many viewers as we all thought. there were 9.8 million. which is a lot. if you compare it to the cmas they drew in 12 million. more people watching music than that interview. steve: george stephanopoulos. bill clinton's former press secretary they sat down with him. they had five hours of tape. what they produced was there have been a number of critics who said that it was the abc producers who edited every sound bite. it was super edited. and i have heard some people say it was super boring because we didn't really hear anything new. we have had in the last couple of days. nonetheless, the big question going forward, given the fact he sat down with george and sat down with others to promote the book, how many are going to buy the book? republicans don't like him because of what he did to trump and going after people in his administration. and then have you got all the democrats who feel that he is the reason hillary clinton does not have the keys to air force one today.
4:06 am
brian: what's amazing, too, getting a lot of criticism for personally attacking the president. comes out of nowhere and doesn't do miss his case any good. why did you do that? >> well, i'm not making funge the president. i'm trying to be an author which i have been all my life. i'm typing and can i hear my editor's voice. bring the reared with you, show them inside your head. by the way, not that it matters but i found his hands to be above average in size. steve: he is a little petty. ainsley: clinton advisors talked to the hill. nobody is satisfied with what he has been saying. we thought comey was factor in her loss. now, nobody can deny that perceptions were changed because of it patty soltis doyle and jennifer palmeriy have both come out and said he is no hero. they are not in favor of what he has done to hillary clinton. steve: right. and what has he done. joe digenova was on the channel last night. he said look, what this guy has done is way over the line. he is in jodi geoff have a's
4:07 am
words a troubled cop. >> tortured and troubled man. america's dirty cop has destroyed the integrity, the reputation and the legitimacy of the federal bureau of investigation single-handedly by his outrageous performance on abc. it is inconceivable to me that anyone can now think that he performed a legitimate law enforcement function during the investigation of hillary clinton. it's quite obvious that the dossier was a fake document. that it was absolutely purposefully used illegally by senior officials of the fbi and the department of justice. steve: yeah. brian: i think it's over the top to say is he a dirty cop. acts like he is a criminal colluding with the mob. he is not a dirty cop. i mean, his decisions are out there. steve: but did he break the rules? brian: i don't know. but just to say he is a
4:08 am
dirty cop means is he taking money behind the scenes or doing something underhanded. i think one thing abundantly clear, he is transparent to the point where nobody can -- no one can really agree with his thinking. steve: joe digenova worked at the department of justice under president reagan. for him to say such an extraordinary thing. i know he has sources in there he must feel that comey either broke a lot of rules or bent a lot of rules. ultimately though, did he incriminate himself on this book tour with george? here's the judge. >> i'm actually surprised that james comey is doing this now while he is still a witness before the grand jury that bob mueller summoned and still under the control of bob mueller. he could very sell say something in one of the dozens of interviews and book signings he is about to have which will contradict something he told bob mueller or contradict something he told to the grand jury. brian: couple of things,
4:09 am
too. another thing is abc is getting blow back about how they edited five hours to one hour, which is always tough and a challenge. for example, if you wanted to balance this out, in his book he talks about president trump, he looktalks ap to him. sitting down with fox news and saying that the investigation exxonner rates hillary clinton, she made bad decisions but we are done with that he says that jeopardizes the investigation and president obama is a very smart guy, he is a lawyer. i'm very surprised he did that. to me, that would be something that makes the final edit. ainsley: what do you think about him coming out with this book and speaking to the interview. brian: it's about me first. jim comey selling books. steve: open investigation. it looks a little diesy. let's talk about what's going on in southern california. it looks as if jerry brown has identified 400 national guardsmen to go and patrol but not do what the president wants. they rejected the national
4:10 am
guard's plan. and the state has said national guard who will be patrolling, they have nothing to do with immigration. they will not be allowed to fix vehicles. operate surveillance cameras, report suspicious activity. operate radios or provide mission support. including they won't allow them to buy gas or handle payroll. because that, in some way, could be related to law enforcement regarding immigration. ainsley: can you fight crime and drugs but nothing to do with immigration. steve: can't even gas up a truck that might be used on immigration patrol. ainsley: is this a way to compromise? steve: there is no compromise. ainsley: he originally said no guardsmen, we're not going to send any. but by doing this, all right, i'm going to please my republican constituents and allow them to go but, i'm going to limit what they can do. kristin gaspard saying enough is enough. she is the supervisor for the san diego county
4:11 am
supervisor board. and she said they're meeting today. they're going to vote on whether or not they are going to join the trump administration lawsuit because they are suing because california is saying we're following our own laws. we're not going to follow the federal laws. we are not going to cooperate with ice. listen. >> i want to show you the number of people who have weighed in this thin stack that support governor brown's actions on sanctuary state. now i want to share with you something quite interesting. the number of people who have communicated with me in san diego county, the people who do not support moving forward with governor brown's sanctuary state u this is really quite remarkable. san diegoens are finally waking up. finally saying enough is enough, governor brown. governor brown needs to follow the laws of our constitution. steve: the city of los alamos did vote to opt out of.
4:12 am
brian: about 6 million of californians have vote you had to not be part of a sanctuary state. jillian mele has voted to be a part of our show. jillian: thank you for having me here. i appreciate it let's start with a fox news alert, guys. we do have an update on the story we are following. texas constable deputy shot in the line of duty. deputy responding to a domestic disturbance call in houston when a man came out of the house and started shooting. the deputy shot in the lower body and undergoing surgery right now. take a look. this is emotional photo of the constable in the hospital that was just released. suspectful shot several times. no word on his condition. a new york college student pleading not guilty to murdering a classmate. michael was charged with stabbing bington university student freshman joe al -- excuse me inside a campus building. police say it wasn't random. second student in five weeks to be murdered. 22-year-old haley anderson was killed off campus last
4:13 am
month. student orlando trejo is charged in her death. steve: thank you so much. brian: did you hear this? syrian refugee survived a chemical attack in syria thanking president trump. >> like buy you a beer. brian: he joins us next. the president doesn't drink but he appreciates the sentiment i'm sure. ainsley: one business owner gets warned by his city for flying military flags. growing outrage and the city's response coming up ♪ born in the america ♪ red, white and blue ♪ only in america ♪ presenting the all-new lexus ls 500 and ls 500h. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer.
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vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at brine brian welcome back. after the airstrikes on syria, refugees who survived another chemical attack has a message for president trump. >> i would love to like buy you a beer and just sit in front of you and tell you
4:18 am
how bad it is in syria. you proved once again yesterday that you have a big heart. at least a lot more bigger than obama. brian: kasim eid has been waiting for president to intervene in syria. wrote book. kasim, welcome, and thanks so much for joining us. i understand in 2012 that was you being bombed and
4:19 am
your town being destroyed. 10,000 or so civilians sheltering, eating trash and leaves in order to survive. nothing has gotten better. in fact, it's gotten worse. >> thank you so much for having me. i was exposed to assad's massacre and chemical massacre back in 2013. i lived for two years under siege and bombardment. i lived my entire life 80's lated from the war and 2011 when we marched in theou are blh freedom. here in the united states. but in syria. in many countries, we paid a big price of blood and sacrifices. so far we failed. now estimated 500,000 dead. in syria. not many people thought beshear assad eye doctor would be as evil as his dad. is he actually worse. when president obama gives cairo speech sheared. said fantastic. red line ignored. watched people die did nothing. what does it mean struck twice and put troops in that area? >> it means the world to me. because i have been looking out for the united states as a role model in freedom and democracy. just like millions, maybe billions of people around the world who live under dictatorship. look up to you guys. and see you as the example for life that we all want to have. that's why people are doing all those sacrifices back in my country. that's why a lot of people their lives.
4:20 am
more than 500,000 people. still we are asking for the same simple rights. we want freedom. we want democracy. u.s. strikes against assad meant the world to us because it showed us that the united states actually care. and the bad days of obama's inaction are over hopefully forever. brian: now you have the russians in there are they going to make things better or worse? >> well, the russians have been there for more than 40 years. they have been a close allies to bashar's father. they have always been anti-the united states and syria. but when the revolution started, we wanted to shift. we wanted to be more freedom and democracy country. >> the ruggless right now should have a clear message that the united states will not tolerate war crimes. and we wish that president trump will double down on his action and go and bomb animal assad back to the zoo. brian: that would be interesting. i would hate to see going to pull out having done just this.
4:21 am
kassem, glad you are okay and enjoying the country. coming up straight ahead. we change gears. tax day, that's something about america we have got to discuss today. [cougar growling] (passenger) what are you doing? (driver) i can't believe that worked. i dropped the keys. (burke) and we covered it. talk to farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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♪ ainsley: it is time for news by the numbers. first $15 million. that is how much in taxpayer money this baltimore city councilman wants to set aside for a racial equality fund. he tells "the baltimore sun" is he introducing the bill to address the city's history of racial inequality. next 5 k for every face. that's how much facebook could have to pay for knowing what you look like. the company is accused of violating a illinois privacy law by using a facial recognition system on photos without the user's consent.
4:25 am
and finally, three. that is how many cups of coffee australian researchers say is good for your heart. the caffeine can prevent abnormal heart beat which could lead to heart attack and stroke. steve? steve: thanks, ainsley. president trump touting the early success of the tax reform bill monday at a florida round table. did you see this? >> we have had massive tax cuts. and i mean massive. we've had tremendous success from the company's standpoint and from the people's standpoint. they are going out. they have a lot more money to spent. this country is starting to rock with our businesses to come back. in it's starting to really rock. steve: our next guests are already feeling the benefits of those big cuts. pastor at new life harvest church screen left, bishop leon benjamin joins us. the owner and president of portable services christina port. that's a clever name joins us in the center square and owner of fire king baking company greg asarah.
4:26 am
all in the studio. good morning to you. >> good morning. god bless you. steve: greg, we will start with you since you are in the baking business. these are big tax cuts not just crumbs. >> no. fantastic tax cuts, steve. thank you for having me. a lot of conversation revolving around the tax cut has been the reduction of the percentage of taxes that people pay. my particular situation it's gone from 39.5 to 37.5. more beneficial to my company is the accelerated depreciation schedules
4:27 am
formerly under chapter 179. steve: you buy a lot of big equipment and stuff. that's very helpful. >> we are a growing business and growing pretty quickly. can i now accelerate the depreciation. used to be a cap of $500,000 in depreciation. now we can depreciate the entire asset in the whole year. i don't have to borrow money. i can reintroduce the cash back into the business and before with 179, congress would always wait until the last week of session to determine if you are going to get the 179 for that particular year. steve: sure, they're always going to wait for an emergency. christina, you can kind of tell that there is a businessman as the chief operating officer of the country now, can't you? >> exactly. i appreciate it immensely. as a small business owner i look at it as i have had the opportunity to work with the chamber of commerce in cleveland. focused on small business. making sure that regulatory and legislative bills and initiatives are not going to tie our hands. and i think the federal government with the tax reform plan is also in keeping with what ohio is trying to do to promote small businesses. steve: bishop, ultimately, this means not only you have your money in your pocket but some of the people who work for you. >> right. the whole community gets an opportunity to expand. blacks right now in america are experiencing the highest levels of unemployment since the white house being president trump we knew this tax bill had to be in place right now.
4:28 am
so that we could move forward and just expand. more opportunities. that's what it's all about. that's what america is all about. living the dream. steve: that lowest level of black unemployment is important to you. you told one of our producers that your daughter is at an historical black college. >> my daughter del car carmin. poured money into black colleges. not being told by the mainstream media. steve: why is that. >> i believe to down play the importance of him keeping his campaign promises to pour back into the community. make america great again. and the left and the mainstream media just want to deny, deny and nancy pelosi wants to deny, deny. these are definitely not crumbs for the african-americans. steve: sure. christina, do you feel there is a seed change in the business climate right now. >> yes, i believe. so number one, i just did my
4:29 am
son's taxes. i'm looking. steve: turbo tax. >> he is in the military ohio national guard. he is on assignment for training. so, he wasn't able to, you know, it's tax day today so i took care of it essentially streamlining the individual is very -- i'm looking forward to. but then from a small business perspective, i looked at what are some of the benefits. mine is a service based company so it's not so much looking at 179 section for capital improvement. steve: that's the great thing about this panel is we have all points of view regarding what has happened. greg, i will give you the final word. >> really excited about tax cut. tremendous advantage for small businesses. quick story a couple weeks ago i ordered new slicing line for my bakery. i called my gentleman up. placed an order. it's usually a 12 week lead time. he says we have a november delivery date. what happened with that? he had told me in the first two months of this year he has gotten more orders in
4:30 am
the last 65 years, in the first two months of this quarter. first two months of this year. steve: because everybody is expanding. >> everybody expanding. more orders than any one year in two months. steve: sounds like things are working out for small business. we thank you all for joining us live. >> thank you very much. steve: traveling all over the country. >> thanks for having us. >> say happy neurodo i no, sir stick technology week. recognition of our profession. steve: that's your business. and good luck to your son? >> thank you. steve: you bet. and one california lawmaker says he fled california because the state's liberal politics were driving him creatz and drove him right out. he will join us next to explain. president trump welcomes japan's prime minister abe in a couple of hours. what's on the agenda? we are live in the sunshine state next. are you stressed out about tax day? well, we're here with help. going to show you some
4:31 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: president trump will welcome the japanese prime minister to the winter white house down in mar-a-lago today. brian: this is from last year. he was the first world leader to visit. the leaders are expected to discuss north korea big time and trade tariffs. turns out japan wants an exemption. steve: kevin corke is live in west palm beach, not far from mar-a-lago right now with a preview of what to expect. kevin? >> hey, guys. good morning. you are right. the president and shinzo abe looking for common ground again on how best to deal with north korea's nuclear ambitions as well as and brian mentioned this very important.
4:35 am
some economic issues and how best to enhance bilateral trade, more openly, against the u.s. companies into that japanese market with fewer barriers. now, the two men have a very strong working relationship as you know, having spent time together, both the mar-a-lago and tokyo. this two-day summit comes amid fears back in tokyo that the president just might link security and economic concerns in order to score concessions that favor the u.s. >> our country has been taken advantage of for many, many years. japan and south korea, so many countries. but with china, we're at $375 billion trade deficit. so, we started a process. and we'll see how it ends up. but we're going to win. we lost years ago by presidents and others allowing this to happen. they should have never allowed it to happen. >> so you see where the president is going with this. he wants to make sure that economics is part of the discussion during the two-day summit. but from the security
4:36 am
perspective is japan saying listen, stopping north korea intercontinental ballistic missiles is great we have to look at the short range missiles which could easily strike tokyo. that, too will be a part of the conversation as well as dinner tonight with the first wives from both country. we will have all the details. for now back to you. steve: kevin corc standing live in downtown palm beach. he is the only man with a necktie. i'm just telling you. brian: is that true? even people who spent their whole lives in neckties they get to west palm beach they take it off. steve: not big on neckties. jillian: good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. dramatic video capturing the moment a police officer is forced to fire at a suspect. [gunfire] >> shots fired, shots fired. he has a gun. >> police say the man pulled out two pellet guns after
4:37 am
hopping a fence during a chase in texas. he had been reported by a nearby homeowner for suspicious behavior. police eventually caught up and arrested him. no one was hurt. a motorcycle dealership wins a fight with its city after being cited for flying military flags. the jaguar power sports manager posting a rant on social media. >> they are citing us, the bits owner, for flying military flags in a military town. they told us to take them down or go to court over it. are you serious right now? and then has the nerve and audacity to tell our military vet in our store, that's our customer, have you done nothing for our country. ainsley: the city of jacksonville, florida says the business was issued a warning and was not fined. the business says they are allowed to keep flying their flags and an investigation is underway into the treatment of that veteran. what's better than pizza? how about pizza at the beach. launching a brand new outdoor delivery service. the pizza chain ordering
4:38 am
online ordering for 150,000 new delivery hot spots. landmarks, dog parks and beaches. tell them what you are wearing. drivers will pull up to the cush and meet you. have add idea what they're looking for. i think it's fascinating. steve: i think it's great. out at the beach. drinking something cold. want something to eat. here comes dominoes. dingdong. brian: i feel bad for dominoes guy. got to go to the beach. excuse me, red towel, stripes on the side a little bit of fringe, have you seen them in floppy hat? steve: whoever has ordered of the pizza is looking for the dominoes. over here. ainsley: thank goodness for coverups. you are eating pizza in our bathing suits. brian: janice dean is all covered up outside. janice: no bathing suit and no pizza. tax day. look at the tax day forecast. going to be cold and snowy across the northern tier of the country. go to the maps and i will
4:39 am
show you across the great lakes and the northern plains and the northern rockies. that's where we are dealing with the snow. it's going to be warm like summertime across the south. here is your pollen report, brought to you by claritin. here in new york city, unfortunately, the pollen is high. and that's when you are going to need those claritin. moving over to phoenix, arizona, not too bad today in the moderate range, but then in the next couple of days it goes upwards with the pollen. thank you so much, claritin. all right, it is tax day. ways you can destress on this wonderful tax day. we have got some workouts from planet fitness with trainer renee. tell me what you have got here for tax day. >> well, planet fitness has brought the judgment free zone to the party today. janice: judgment free zone. >> to help you destress for tax time. 30 minute circuit which is a total body workout in 30 minutes. extremely time efficient. it's user friendly. and this is great. so here we have our steps, which represents the cardio
4:40 am
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4:41 am
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4:42 am
brian: mainly just janice. we do it for free. we have school credit. meanwhile a school's new history textbook teaching an anti-trump message. one section questioning the president's mental stability. the student to found the book and calls it appalling joins us live. ainsley: california's hard left is pushing people out. liberal politics forced him to move. he joins us live next. ♪ ♪ goodbye to you ♪ goodbye to you ♪ goodbye to you ♪ allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray relieves 6 symptoms... claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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ainsley: people who li in california are now leaving the golden state. the next guest says the liberal politics drove him out. op-ed on he writes california isn't the future. it's one of 2016 election of donald trump saved the nation from becoming. here with more is former california state assemblyman and vice president of texas public policy foundation chuck devore. thanks for being with us. >> hey, great to be with you. ainsley: tell me why you wrote this op-ed. >> well, i wrote the op-ed in response to the ceo of twitter, jack dorsey who sent out this piece by ryuy, basically said that california has become a paradise because the democrats crushed the republicans and now we need another civil war in america so that we can implement the california utopia for the whole country. i thought this is insane. california is not a utopia. it's got the nation's highest poverty rate because of the crushing regulations
4:47 am
and taxes. ainsley: how long did you live there in california? >> i lived there my entire adult life. i moved to texas in late 2011. i served in the state legislature for six years. and eventually i just had enough. i worked in the aerospace industry. and it got to the point where we had to take care of my in-law's. they were in failing health. and we needed a bigger house. and housing costs are so expensive in california because of the environmental regulations, the taxes, the development fees. we were able to move to texas and we have a far better quality of life in the state of texas. ainsley: yeah. i lived in that state. it's a wonderful state. the people are so nice. the taxes, you don't pay state income taxes. home prices are 1236 higher in the state of california. it's going to be $120,000 in the state of california. that's astronomical. big difference. a lot of people are moving out of california and doing the same thing you did? >> yeah. about a net of 100,000
4:48 am
people every year move out of california into other states. the plurettle of whic blurralit. driven out by the crushing regulatory burden of that state. that's one of the reasons why the supplemental poverty rate in calvar california is 3% higher proportionally than in texas. ainsley: why do you think the president has saved america from becoming a california? >> well, if you look at the direction the nation was heading under president obama and where it would have gone under hillary clinton, they, intended to implement basically california regulations and taxes on the whole country. and i think that would have been a disaster from the standpoint of opportunity and job creation for all americans. ainsley: well, chuck, we wish you all the best. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. calls are growing for jim jordan to run for speaker of the house. does he want that job?
4:49 am
we're going to ask the congressman when he joins us live in the next hour and the school's new history textbook teaching anti-trump message. one section even questioning the president's mental stability. the student who found the book and called it appalling is going to join us live next. ♪ does that make me crazy ♪ does that make me crazy ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
one section that questions the president wants mental stability reads, quote: hillary clinton supporter's
4:53 am
feeders that the election had been determined by people who were afraid of the rapidly developing ethnic diversity of the country. they also worried about the mental stability of the president-elect and the anger that he and his supporters brought to the nation. ainsley: here with more is the high school junior who first called attention to this book terror snyder. good morning to you tara. >> good morning. thanks for having me. ainsley: you assessed one of the teacher at your high school. you were flipping through this new history book and you saw something you didn't like. what was it. >> i 2016 election. again this was a sample book. my history teacher is an amazing great teacher. but as i was just flipping through this sample book that could be in schools the next year, i thought it was really surprising they had the 2016 elections. steve: sure, and i know pearson is the publishing company. they are sending this out. have schools look at it hey, buy it for next year and textbooks are very expensive. that quote i just read,
4:54 am
tara, essentially said that trump supporters are racist and trump himself is crazy. >> um-huh, yeah. it was really really surprising to me. i really believe that learning should be objective and that students can make their own decisions based on what they are able to learn in a classroom. and if the facts are skewed, then students aren't able to make well-rounded decisions on what they believe. steve: um-huh. brian: here's an example of something you found abhorrent and i think most of our viewers will, too. trump supporters saw the vote for a victory for the people who, like themselves, have been forgotten in a fast changing america, mostly older, often rural and suburban and overwhelmingly white group. really? >> yeah. i really am surprised by that i know multitudes of people who are diverse and who do want to be represented. and when the democratic party or even the left for that example constantly pushes them out of the
4:55 am
frame, that's what's doing thdemocratic party harm. because they do feel like they are being forgotten not just white suburban people in the country. ainsley: this is a.p. book. i know you are a bright young lady helping your teacher do good at your school. you posted this on social media. someone with turning point u.s.a. reposted it and that's how we found out about it. did you expect this much publicity because of your post? >> no, it was never my intention. i just kind of posted it innocently in that chat to see what other people thought or maybe perhaps i was reading into it. i thought it was pretty blatant. so i just wanted that second opinion. steve: right. i believe the textbook was written by -- it was a professor here in the new york city area. pearson, the textbook company regarding what you found said this: by the people, that's the name of the book. was developed by expert author and underwent rigorous pier review to
4:56 am
ensure academic integrity. aim debate and critical thinking by presenting multiple sides of historical issues. they are saying it was peer reviewed and obviously all the people. ainsley: they were okay with it. brian: critical was the key word. ainsley: tara, what do you want to see done? >> i'm just bringing and raising a red flag. i'm 17 years old in high school. and i just thought that it was a little bit to the left or a little bit skewed. at the end of the day it's not my decision on what people should be doing with the book. however, i think it's really important that people across the country are aware of the possibility of this book going into schools and they should be really interested in what their students are reading when they do go to school. brian: they think textbooks are facts. that is not a fact. steve: now that pearson has heard your point of view maybe they will review it again and maybe they will change it before it comes out. tarra, thank you for joining us today from minneapolis. >> thank you. brian: you are welcome. meanwhile straight ahead over the next hour,
4:57 am
president trump celebrating his tax cut discuss on tax day. larry kudlow says the win something just beginning and the new national economic council director joins us live next hour. steve: plus the bellamy brothers are going to join us live. [ dramatic music bed ] your cat can't face the misery of biting fleas alone. advantage ii monthly topical kills fleas through contact so they don't have to bite your cat to die. . . . . ohhhh... enough already! we need to see a doctor. ask your doctor about myrbetriq® (mirabegron).
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♪ ainsley: james comey's book comes out today. >> actually surprised that jim comey is doing this now while he is still a witness. >> america's dirty cop has destroyed the integrity of the federal bureau of investigation. >> leaders in the oc city of los alamitos voting to exempt the community from state sanctuary laws. >> show you number of people in support of governor brown's actions. i will share with you something quite interesting. the people who do not support. >> president trump will welcome the japanese prime minister to the winter white house. they're expecting to discuss north korea and also trade tariffs. ainsley: former first lady barbara bush stays strong as she turns to comfort care.
5:01 am
her son kneel says the family is reading to her. >> to even think that i came on a boat to this country and i'm sitting next to the leader of the free world. it was a surreal moment for me. no the ♪ -- ♪ let your love flow and let your love go -- steve: how many times in your lifetime that you heard this song from the beam my brothers. howard and david, they will perform this song this hour on "fox & friends." ainsley: never heard them live. when was the last time they were at fox. steve: maybe three, four years ago. great guys. meanwhile, thank you very much for joining us on this very busy tuesday. we start this hour with a
5:02 am
fox news alert. chemical inspectors will soon arrive at the site of the terrible killer gas attack in syria. ainsley: as mixed reports are surfacing have overnight on brand new missile strike in syria. brian: mike tobin live in jerusalem with the latest. hey, mike. reporter: good morning, gang. at last a fact-finding team is expected to arrive in duma. that is where a chemical attack took place. inspector have been delayed in damascus by russian and syrian officials. their forces have been in control of duma since last thursday. russia said the inspectors are being held in damascus out of security concerns following the coalition strikes last saturday morning. they continue to deny a chemical attack happened. russia says it was elaborate hoax filmed with the group white helmet with the support of london. more than 40 people died.
5:03 am
more than 500 people became sick, showing symptoms consistent with exposure to chemicals. that is what prompted the strike. senior israeli military source tells fox news the strikes were quote, very superficial. the military sour says if the aim was to eliminate the chemical weapons operations quote, i'm not sure they succeeded. end of quote. president trump is pleased with the strike claiming all the missiles found their mark. >> with way over 100 missiles shot n they didn't shoot one down. the equipment didn't work too well. every single one hit its target. think of that. [applause] not one was shot down. reporter: we're following reports out of syria about another round of airstrikes overnight of the israeli military makes it a practice to not comment about strikes. they don't claim or deny them. the best information we're getting syrian state-run tv. that information this was a false alarm.
5:04 am
the images you see are surface-to-air defenses responding to that false alarm. guys, back to you in new york. steve: mike tobin live in jerusalem with the very latest, thank you very much. brian: it is estimated, believe it or not 500,000 people have lost their lives, countless of millions decided in the syrian conflict, i'm leaving, i'm getting it of here. the people living behind are living a hellacious life whether the government will kill them or isis will kill them or renegade groups will kill them and things have not gotten any better. ainsley: we had a syrian refugee on our show. he an amazing guy and wanted to buy the president a beer and jumping for joy that the president is doing something about this dictator, this killer in syria. he was jumping for joy when president obama announced he would do something about it and years later didn't. and never fulfilled his promises. he let assad walk away to make
5:05 am
deals with dictators like iran. he is so thrilled with what this president has done. so many people in that country are just asking for freedom. listen to what he said. >> i was exposed to acid massacre and chemical massacre back in 2013. i lived for two years under bombardment. i lived my entire life lived under dictatorship that taught us america is the enemy. i'm looking for the united states as role model for freedom and democracy, like millions, billions of people around the world who live under a dictatorship, live up to you guys see you as example for a life we all want to have. u.s. strikes against assad meant the world to us, it shows the united states actually cares. brian: sadly looks like we are looking to get out. we'll have an arab force substitute our presence there. steve: a lot of people who would, the president made it clear we like to pull out our
5:06 am
troops as soon as possible but ultimately the goal is is to destroy isis, boom, dead. brian: but they're to the gone. they're in the mountains in many respects. last time we put 50,000 troops back in to go reclaim that area. so if we pull out in the short term, one president did that it was dessasster. ainsley: james comey's book comes out today. many of you watched interview with george stephanopoulos on sunday. many were 9.8 million viewers. more watched cma awards. excuse me, the acm awards. i thought it was cma. steve: country music. ainsley: 12 million people watched that versus this interview here. steve: that was on abc "20/20" sunday night. this morning, james comey popped up on disney owned abc. george stephanopoulos asked about the president's tweet, you remember the one couple days ago, comey was breaking rules,
5:07 am
he is breaking laws, he should go to jail. as it turns out the james comey does not read the president's tweets and doesn't follow him. he said this about that. >> that is not normal and that is not okay. he is is making stuff up. most importantly the president of the united states is calling for imprisonment after private citizen has he has done for a whole lot of people that criticized him. that is note acceptable in this country. i hope people read the book why the rule of law is such an important value in this country. key to that that the president doesn't get to decide who goes to jail. we're numb to it. we wake up in the morning see the president of the united states is accusing people of crimes without evidence and pronounces them guilty saying they should be in jail. that should wake all of us with a start. but there is so much it we're a little bit numb and that's dangerous. brian: well it is. one thing pretty clear reading his book he is not happy with the justice department under the obama years. there is a lot we don't know. evidently there are reports out basically at war with justice.
5:08 am
the justice department was telling andy mccabe who has huge problems, lied at least four times, shut down the clinton probe into the clinton foundation. there is huge problems with the fbi and justice department. there was problems with james comey doing his own thing. in some ways he had no choice because loretta lynch wouldn't do her job and wouldn't recuse herself. steve: good news, mr. comey feels he saved the federal bureau of investigation for america as you listen to his comments. there was a day in court yesterday for the president's attorney who has worked with him for many years, michael cohen. mr. cohen had gone to court because remember a couple days, over a week ago there was a raid on his hotel, his home and office, he would like to see a special master keep an eye on any documents and any earth evidence that was seized. kimba wood did not decide, by the way, mr. cohen, who are your clients? according to "the new york times" he said at
5:09 am
that since 2017 he has had 10 clients. seven were strategic advice and business consulting clients, and three others. she said who are the three others. well the president of the united states, this guy by the name of elliot brady, a republican fund-raiser and another person. she said who is it? that person doesn't want their name out. there was back and forth with the lawyers and eventually they revealed that name is sean hannity. ainsley: some of you wondering what was their business dealings? sean said i never gave him any money. invest in real estate. i asked him real estate questions and there was never a third party. >> here is the truth. michael cohen never represented me in in legal matter. i never retained his services. i never received an invoice. i never paid michael cohen for legal fees. i did have occasional, brief conversations with michael cohen. he is a great attorney, about legal questions i had.
5:10 am
they never involved any matter between me, or third party, a third group at all. i never asked michael cohen to bring this proceeding on my behalf. i have no personal interest in this legal matter. that's all there is. nothing more. so maybe the media can try to start focusing in on the biggest abuse of power scandal in this country or maybe forgotten men and women in this country. brian: they became obsessed with sean hannity as they are this morning on all other channels when there is no there there. perfectly logical if you're friendly with somebody you might ask him for legal help. as i say all the time, i can't tell you how many times i asked the judge legal things to help me with stories not in legal trouble but asked for legal advice. it is very logical to think there was a relationship. steve: i was talking last night to a lawyer friend down in florida and she said, she was concerned, are the days of privacy gone? she said what about his clients who had nothing to do with
5:11 am
president trump? their privileged information is out there. she said do they completely lose their privacy and privilege that has expanded outside of the attorney/client circle? just given the fact there was an investigation and he was there. ainsley: michael cohen wasn't saying sean hannity was his client. he was asked by the judge who did you give legal advice to. they could be trends, giving sean legal advice. brian: i don't think it is unusual for successful celebrity or billionaire to have one lawyer in particular and that lawyer to be dedicated to him. people are acting like that is crazy. that is not crazy in the world of entertainment. that is what the president was in, entertainment as well as business. ainsley: let us know what you think about it. curious. steve: meanwhile calls growing for jim jordan, the congressman from ohio to run as speaker of the house. does he want to the job? we her yes but brian will ask the congressman for sure next. brian: what happened when these
5:12 am
thieves tried to get away with stolen cash. the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, just blowing in the wind. steve: i hope those are just singles. ♪ n be exciting. empowering. downright exhilarating. see for yourself why chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand, the last four years overall. switch into a new chevy now. current competitive owners can get five thousand dollars below msrp on this 2018 equinox when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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♪ brian: james comey new tell-all putting focus on the russian investigation he helped launch as the ig report is expected to come out in weeks. two separate things. our next guest accuses comey of messing up the clinton probe. house judiciary member jim jordan joins us right now. welcome. you blame comey for messing up the probe in one way? >> i think he was wrong from the get-go. i criticized him in july did the big press conference they weren't going to charge president clinton and criticized him in object when he reopened the investigation and got criticism from republicans. mr. comey misled the american people in both investigations the clinton investigation and trump investigation. with clinton at the urging of the attorney general calls the clinton investigation a matter
5:17 am
not an investigation when everyone knew it was an investigation. with president trump he allowed the country to believe the president is under investigation when in fact he wasn't and had been told by james comey that he wasn't. this guy just messed everything up from the get-go. frankly i don't think he has a whole lot of credibility. brian: now that is clear there was a war with the justice department. loretta lynch wouldn't recuse herself. fbi is at war with justice, they didn't trust each other during the obama years. not sure what the situation is now. as andy mccabe said over the summer in july that there was pressure from justice to shut undo the probing of the clinton foundation. isn't that interesting. >> that isn't surprising. we know where loretta lynch was with this. meeting with president clinton three days before hillary clinton was interviewed. andy mccabe doesn't have a whole lot of credibility about. when you look at this the thing that bothers americans so much, bothers the president, bothers
5:18 am
me is the double standard. mike flynn while not under oath makes a false statement to the fbi and gets indicted. andy mccabe lies four times to the fbi, twice under oath to michael horowitz, nothing happens to him. that kind of stuff drives americans crazy. the double standard how cheryl mills, secretary clinton's lawyer was treated compared to michael cohen compared to the raid that took place on personal and business locations, that is stuff that makes americans so frustrated. brian: the fact intent matters. set up a private server you break the law. we don't know if she meant it but i will draw up a exoneration letter. i don't know anyone buying at that. michael horowitz may 8th comes to, is going to be asked to testify in front of the oversight committee. how important is that, the michael horowitz the ig? >> michael horowitz we got his report on andy mccake, which was very good.
5:19 am
michael horowitz is very well respected. we're looking forward to his big report. supposed to be this month. reports and indications seem it will happen sometime in may. i look forward to question mr. horowitz. i look forward to getting to look at the report to find out what he discovered last year. brian: congressman, you're not shy giving a opinion. are you comfortable with kevin mccarthy as speaker? >> there is no race for speaker. paul ryan is the speaker. he will continue to remain in congress. if and when there is speakers race, i'm encouraged and by colleagues to be open to that. we better focus on the american people what we will do, if we don't, we won't be in the majority. there won't be a speaker race for republicans. if we do what the american people we told them we would do we'll be fine and deal with the speakers race after that. >> we foe he won't be speaker unless the freedom caucus is on the same page. as heavy kin mccarthy come to
5:20 am
you to say, hey, what will it happen to get you support. >> this is not about shuffling around leaders this is about doing what the american people sent us here to do and keep the majority and do the things i think are good policy and things president trump campaigned on deal with obamacare and all the things we told them we were going to do. if he stay focused on that politics and will work itself out but let's focus on those critical things right now. brian: you're to the talking to me, you're talking to your colleagues who might be watching because they have cable usually in their offices. congressman, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thanks, brian. brian: a lot going on. he is is at forefront of most of it. president trump celebrating tax cuts before tax day. larry kudlow said there is more winning where that came from. the national economics council director joins us now. new wave may already be crashing. new poll says the democrats lead
5:21 am
is shrinking. is identity politics to blame? we'll play music and go to a commercial. ♪ they appear out of nowhere. my secret visitors. hallucinations and delusions. the unknown parts of living with parkinson's. what plots they unfold, but only in my mind. over 50% of people with parkinson's will experience hallucinations or delusions during the course of their disease.
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. we have a fox news alert. the texas deputy shot in the line of duty was just identified. christopher gains was responding to domestic disturbance in houston when a man came out and started shooting. deputy gaines is undergoing surgery. this is emotional photo showing him in the hospital with his constable. he is in stable condition. the suspect was shot several times. no word on his condition. a new york college student pleading not guilty to murdering a classmate. 20-year-old, michael rokas
5:25 am
charged with stabbing binghamton freshman inside after studentcam pus building. a motive has not been released. he was the second binghamton student in five weeks to be murdered 2 it-year-old haley anderson was killed last month. harry andersen star of the classic series, "night court." passed away. >> my clients plead innocent, your honor. >> what ground? >> they claim to be victims of, a mind meld. >> a mind meld? oh, come on, get real. guys. jillian: anderson was best known for the playing the eccentric judge, harry stone for nine seasons. he was found dead in his home monday morning. no word on the caution of his death. anderson was 65 years old. that is a look at the headlines. ainsley: thank you very much.
5:26 am
new poll reveals that the democrat advantage in midterm elections is shrinking since the beginning of the year. one lawmaker has an idea why. >> there has been in the last couple years everything on the left especially has shifted toward identity politics. democrats used to care. they gave same talking points, bill clinton, schumer, pelosi, middle class, blue-collar workers, used to care about the wage rate. they have given up on that. they are losing election. i don't think this new identity politics passes but the hard left is messaging hard on those issues. we'll see. i don't think it's a winning message for them. ainsley: is he right. here so debate, rnc spokesperson, hayley mcdonald, and democratic section spokesperson jessica tarlov. >> there is some truth to it. we've been discussing this a lot since the 2016 election and the adverse effect that, adversary effect identity politics has had
5:27 am
on elections. if you look what is going on in the democrats we are winning elections. conor lamb ran exactly opposite to the methodology. i feel like congressman bratt's argument that the right uses identity politics. they are catering only one constituency white americans and specifically christians. ainsley: kayleigh, what is your response to that. >> that is not true at all. here is where the republicans get it right. our message is always about a common destiny to what ronald reagan's message is, what president trump's messages all americans should have access to the american dream. we don't group individuals in group, don't balkanize society. liberals smart enough to realize this is going wrong are saying things republicans critiqued democratic party for. "new york times" wrote american liberalism sunk identity and race. every time hillary was on the
5:28 am
campaign trail she would make specific calls to certain groups but completely missed one group, the one david brat referred to white working class working in generational poverty anding ford by the new modern left. >> you just admitted it. the republican party is catering to the white working class. >> i said catered to all americans. i did not say, i said hillary clinton named certain groups and in doing so she missed an important group, whites who have lived in generational poverty. republicans by contrast, we don't put people in groups. we say every american should have access to the american dream. at core of our party. >> we agree with that on that fundamentally with one another but that is not at all how this has worked out. if you listen to president trump, look at nfl protest, when he called people, black athletes, sobs who was he catering to there? talking about judge curial what is going on there. language after muslim ban. what is going on there. the reason his support among
5:29 am
people white identity to extremely important to them reached 81% support for president trump. look how he is polling with minority groups. i'm to the saying that we need to run out there and only cater to specific groups. i want an economic message but to deny the fact that republicans cater specifically to white groups and then christians, look at, war on christmas. totally ridiculous. president obama was a big fan of the holiday and president trump makes it if you haven't had a holiday in decades. ainsley: kayleigh. last comment. >> jessica you're playing identity politics right now. making president trump's policies about race. he won more african-americans, more his pan fick he voters than mitt romney did. because. >> mitt romney has a problem. >> hispanics will never vote for him because of immigration he one a third of hispanic voter. cuban business voter you had on he cares on economy. left marginalize president's policy. >> look at approval rating with the groups tell as very
5:30 am
different story. did do better than mitt romney. i can't really defend that. i don't think mitt romney was particularly catering or out there in search of minority vote way he should have. i agree with economic message that lifts everyone up, look at rhetoric of the coming out of the white. who are the makers, white men, corporate board, who got the big tax cut. takers always implies minorities are feeding off. >> trump never talks in those terms. >> you should talk to your party. ainsley: see y'all next week. president trump welcome's japan's prime minister to florida in a few hours. what can we expect from the meeting? fashion economics director larry kudlow is here next. the video is incredible. a plain skidding off a busy road, coming within feet of disaster. dramatic moments caught on camera. that is a, not a runway. that is a road.
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>> the economy, larry kudlow is here someplace. where is larry? larry kudlow. come on, larry, stand up. [applause] he just gave me a number. he said the economy is entering the greatest boom in many decades. what do you think, larry? good, i thought you were going to say that. can you imagine if he didn't? steve: is there a larry kudlow in the house? larry is in boynton beach, florida. he is the president's big money guy. larry, thank you very much for joining us on "fox & friends irk doesn't do anything with the president's personal money. steve: that's right. larry kudlow joins the white house every 35 years. great you would be joining us today. on tax day, this is a big thing for this president, isn't it? >> it sure is. you know, economic growth is is
5:35 am
the mantra, spreading the tax benefits all across the income spectrum. you know, i'm old-fashioned. i'm a jfk tax-cutter. i'm a ronald reagan tax-cutter. a rising tide lifts all boats. we're starting to see an economic boom, an economic boom that will be probably be the best in a couple of decades. that is what the president was talking about yesterday. this is all good, all good. every single working american, really, 155 million working men's will benefit from stronger growth and lower taxes. >> the president said this is the last time we'll fill out long, complicated horrible returns. next year they will be simple and easy. will it really be a postcard? >> if i have is a large postcard. ainsley: this size. >> but we're working on that. you know, there may be another tax bill out there someplace and simplification. president is very keen on simplification. he is absolutely right.
5:36 am
it is frustrating to taxpayers. but look, certainly awful, awful forms you have to fill out, complications and forth, that is the worst of that will be over, the worst of that will be over now. brian: larry the analagy i have, like a great analyst on a football game gets a call to start coaching. they sat in the booth, this is what i would do. now you actually have the clipboard and headset, this is what you will do. you got hit with this. the tax plan was in. you liked a lot of it, all of sudden, cbo comes out it will lead to trillion dollar deficits. what is your answer to that? >> never believe the cbo very important. never believe them. they're always wrong especially with regard to tax cuts, which they never score properly because they don't understand the growth, the incentives and the encouragements to reward success. let me give you a quick factoid. if the economy grows one percentage point above, cbo at
5:37 am
2, omb, trump at three. the differential over10 years on deficits, get this, $3.5 trillion in lower deficits. we're already moving toward as 3% growth path. i believe we will stay on that path and maybe even better. so, i am just saying the cbo people are professionals. this is not a personal attack but their track record on tax cuts is not good. steve: larry, couple weeks ago the president announced he is thinking about tariffs on various countries to level the playing field, particularly in china. the president is meeting with prime minister abe of japan later today at mar-a-lago. that will be kind of an awkward conversation because japan is one of the few countries we have not done a work around or exempted from the steel and aluminum tariffs. so what is that conversation going to be like between our president and the prime minister? >> well, it is going to be on the agenda. it will be an important issue on the agenda.
5:38 am
president trump and prime minister abe get along quite well. it is going to be a lengthy discussion. it will be about the exclusions from the national security tariffs on steel. it will be about market opening initiatives by japan. it is going to be about tppp will be on the conversation. china, north korea. a very important meeting coming up. ainsley: larry, yesterday president was accusing russia and china devaluing their currency and everybody was afraid he would start a trade war. what does that mean if the russia and china devalue the nations currencies how does that affect fuss. >> i think the president because just concerned more about china. it looked like the yuan was coming down. i don't think that is the case. certainly in the longer term the chinese yuan has been pretty steady. that is what we want. we don't want currency wars or.
5:39 am
i think that is okay. brian: tpp was created to be a hedge against china because they were intimidating the people in the area. we were in for a while. the president didn't like the way it was constructed. hillary clinton said she didn't like the final product. so they pulled out. find out a way if we can get back in there under our terms. what have you done? is that indeed possible? >> well, look, it's possible if and only if there are major improvements to the existing tpp. that is the president's key point. he is not a big fan of these multilateral agreements. he would rather go country to country, bilateral talk with japan today and tomorrow. we'll see about this he wants to take another look at it. that's fine. he said this in davos quite a while ago. we'll see. we're going to go slow. i will report back to him had. brian: larry we got his story we want to bounce off you.
5:40 am
is it true you left to go to the white house in order to be eligible to be on "fox & friends" because you couldn't do that in your cnbc role. >> yes, i'm liberated. i'm liberated. glad to meet all of you. i have to put out there brian kilmeade is good personal friend. one of the stars of my old radio show. brian: yes. >> obviously you guys are our favorite morning show. >> thank you, larry. brian: one of the few people smarter than me. in case you didn't notice. not many so. steve: good luck with the prime minister of japan. brian: ainsley: thank you so much, larry, pleasure to meet you to have you on the show. brian: i still say they don't golf. steve: they will golf. 19 minutes before the top. hour. jillian says they will golf. brian: no golf. jillian: i will governor if they won't golf? see you. get you caught up on headlines we're following. look at this.
5:41 am
this is something that you really would to the expect to see while waiting in the drive-through. [inaudible]. [bleep] jillian: that is dash-cam footage from a car on a sonic drive in, with a plane crashing down skidding across a busy road. narrowly missing cars and homes in nearby colorado springs, crashing into a guardrail before skidding to a stop. no one was hurt. thieves walk away from a robbery with a ton of cash but lose it almost immediately. this surveillance video showing money flying out of their pockets, blowing down the road on windy day in england. the crooks are trying to chase it down as it flies away. the men rob ad travel agency. they eventually gave up on the money and ran off. not so smart. just when you thought you had seen it all out of russia, a real-life bear kicks off a soccer match.
5:42 am
[applause] that's wild. that is the bear handing the ball off to start the game. the stadium announcer says she will make an appearance at the world sup in june. what do you guys think. steve: that was crazy. they set up as a local reporter, set up an assignment the editor did to wrestle a bear. that side. the bear went like that, and i was down. jillian: you did it. steve: i was in my 20s. thank you, jillian. brian: they will vote to see if we get the world cup soon out of moscow. that will be interesting. 18 before the top of the hour. steve: tribute pouring in this tuesday morning for former first lady barbara bush surrounded by friends and family as she turns to comfort care in houston. carley shimkus how you can send barbara bush your well-wishes. that is next.
5:43 am
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and because of all those miles. obviously. what's in your wallet? i'm not sure. what's in your wallet? ♪ ainsley: tribute are pouring in for barbara bush this morning, the former first lady keeping her spirits up as she turns now to comfort care. steve: she is at the family home in houston suffering from congestive heart failure and apparently copd as well. brian: carley shimkus, fox news 24/7, here is look how the nation is showing support for the family and barbara bush. >> this is heart-warming to see. online tribute pouring in for former first lady barbara bush with lawmakers leading the charge honoring her life and legacy on twitter. vice president mike pence writing. we are praying for the barbara bush and entire bush family. condoleeza rice who served under
5:47 am
president george w. bush, tweeting my thoughts and prayers with mrs. barbara bush and bush family. may holed you in the payment of his hand. messages from both sides of the political spectrum. chelsea clinton telling a personal story on twitter, keeping barbara bush and her family in my heart and prayers. i will never forget how kind she was to me on every occasion we met and fondly the white house staff spoke of her. people in her local community are paying tribute, like the owner of fuzzy's pizza in houston honoring her with a special barbara bush pizza. you can send your thoughts and prayers too, barbara has a form that people can fill out with kind messages. the team will forward the form directly to her, so she can see i as well. she did so much for the nation. people are saying thank you. it is at simple as that. steve: barbara is the website for her foundation. she has been promoting literacy for decades.
5:48 am
number of people got her interested in books. now it is the opportunity for us to say thank you to her. >> i think a lot of people are taking up that cause and, i think we all should do. ainsley: many americans love that family. god bless her. >> thanks so much. >> you loved their hit songs like "let your love flow." the bellamy brothers perform live for us next. steve: first bill hemmer performing live from the newsroom in 12 minutes. >> give our regards to barbara bush. what a great woman she is too. good morning to you on a tuesday. why republicans are not allowed to seat comey memos. good question. what is comey doing to the fbi reputation. what agents are saying about the book tour. big summit, we'll let you know where and what we get out of it coming up. to treat her frequent heartburn, lucy could only imagine enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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♪ ♪ let your love flow like a mountain stream and let it flow with the smallest of dreams. steve: that is a flash back. they became a hit singing duo in the 1970s with that single. 40 years later the bellamy brothers are still singing that song. ainsley: they write about it in their book. let your love flow the life and times of the bellamy brothers which is out today. brian: howard and david, we appreciate you being here. you were ready to host the show. >> we were here early. brian: you're the old, you should go first. what you look back at 40 years what stands out. >> you had to expose that fact. which stands out the story in the book? oh, gee, there are so many. took us 42 years to write this thing. we wanted to make sure we had plenty of material. the one, when dave walked offstage in norway and fell in
5:53 am
the orchestra pit. >> didn't mean to do that. >> not on purpose. >> did you get hurt? >> broke a rib. ainsley: did you really. brian: what will you do for us today? >> let your love flow of course. steve: we heard that. here they are, the bellamy brothers. ♪ ♪ there's a reason for the sunshine sky and there's a reason why i'm feeling so high must be the season when that love light shines all around us. ♪ so let that feeling grab you deep inside and send you reeling where you love can't hide, and then go stealing through the sum moon lit nights with your lover
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full-bodied. bp is taking safety glasses to a whole new level. using augmented reality so engineers in the field can share data and get expert backup in the blink of an eye. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. >> so they've got a brand-new book, let your love flow and check out their new reality show honky tonk ranch airing sundays on the cowboy channel.
6:00 am
>> this is a juicy read beach book right here. >> the 70s? >> they'll be performing in the after the show show for us. if i said you have a beautiful body would you hold it against me? >> bill: good morning, breaking news from the chemical site in syria learning that russian and syrian officials have been keeping inspectors from doing their job. meanwhile at home the comey tour continues as president trump gets ready for a big meeting with the japanese prime minister just at 9:00 in the morning. good morning at home live inside of "america's newsroom," how are you doing? nice to see you, sandra. >> sandra: 9:00 in the morning. good morning, i'm sandra smith. the president making news down in mar-a-lago. the white house saying mr. trump could be considering a meeting with vladimir putin. while the president himself tout evidence the success of those weekend air strikes. >> president trump: you know, with way over 100 missiles shot


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