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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 18, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> melissa: that was fun. >> jon: it was. >> melissa: thanks for joining us. >> jon: "outnumbered" starts now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the nation is mourning the passing of former first lady barbara bush. she died yesterday at her houston, texas home surrounded by family. she was 92. president trump ordered flags lowered to half staff in her memory. mrs. bush, the wife of one president, the mother of another, being remembered for her unwavering devotion for her family. her death came days after an announcement that she would no longer seek medical care. later this hour, we'll have more on her life and legacy. plus, fond memories from her elder son, former president george w. bush and his wife,
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laura. stay tuned for that. this is also developing. we're awaiting more details from the white house as president trump confirms his cia director and secretary of state nominee mike pompeo has traveled to north korea where he met with kim jong-un ahead of their potential summit. the president tweeted about it while he's hosting prime minister abe from japan in mar-a-largo. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today host of kennedy on fox business kennedy. town hall editor katie pavlich is here and republican strategist, lisa booth. they get happier as we go along. also with us today in the center seat, radio talk show host, a smile, richard fowler is here. great to have you. >> great to be here. >> a lot going on. >> indeed. >> and i follow your twitter.
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you have interesting things say. >> oh! >> be careful. >> incoming! >> president trump is hosting the japanese prime minister at mar-a-largo in florida today. we're expecting to hear more from him about the meeting his secretary of state nominee mike pompeo met with kim jong-un. the president tweeted this earlier. mike pompeo met with kim jong-un in north korea last week. meeting went very smoothly and a good relationship was formed. details of the summit are being worked out. denuclearization will be a great thing for north korea and the world. the president disclosed that five locations are under consideration for the meeting, but none on american soil between him and the north korean leader. the top democrat on the senate foreign relations committee not too pleased with the pompeo revelation. >> he was asked both in private
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meetings with me as he was pursuing his nomination and with other members as well as in open sessions direct questions about north korea. you know, it would have been incredibly inciteful but if truth and being forth coming as the secretary of state nominee is one of the standards we would like to see for the next secretary of state, i think he failed. >> former house speaker newt gingrich sounds hopeful, however. >> a very real chance that the trump policy of firmness is leading kim jong-un to decide that he actually wants a deal. i think that would be remarkably historic, and i think that having a willingness to meet with him going through this process really opens up possibilities that are very important, and i think frankly puts pressure on the senate to
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confirm pompeo as secretary of state. >> all of this is happening as kim jong-un is set to meet with south korea's president next week for peace talks. so i'm curious, richard, how is this any different than madeline albright having that more clandestined meeting that she had for six hours on the peninsula, i might add? we didn't get a heads up on that. >> i don't think there's a difference here. i disagree with senator menendez. some things have to be covert. so i think the pompeo meeting with kim jong-un is a step in the right direction. on this very couch, august 7, i got in trouble from the ladies for president trump to sit down with kim jong-un and now it's happening. >> troubled or surprised? >> my mom said a broke clock is wrecked twice a day. >> i give you more credit than that. we can put batteries in it. real quickly, when albright did
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this, it did not turn out right. no promises were kept. she comes back. and the conversation didn't come forward. sanctions for 25 years haven't worked for them. so this is trying something new. you have to lay out a plan. now you have the incoming mike pompeo trying to do that. >> right. that's what will be critical in the next coming weeks. what are the plan and what is hammered out before kim jong-un and president trump sits down. a lot of times, most of the deal is hammered out before the two leaders get into the room. so it's on president trump's state department, kim jong-un's department getting to the table, figuring out what they can do -- >> they call it the un department. niece how they differentiate. >> melissa: and figuring out what the south koreans, the japanese, what we can do with the chinese and getting everybody to the table and in the room and create peace on the peninsula and how that
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transpires for the entire accessory jump. >> so you heard graham and others saying, katie, it's strength that is leading this. so it's peace through strength, a familiar term. >> yeah. go back to mike pompeo's confirmation hearing that happened after this meeting, which is interesting to me, that he was being questioned about he's things after going to north korea -- >> but could he have said it then? >> right. but he was playing more of a state department role as the secretary of state when he make to make this diplomatic visit than as the cia director although they fit hand and hand. what is interesting the questions that he was asking during the hearing. he said nobody knows the consequences of war more than someone has put on the uniform and gone over and done it, which puts him in a unique position to do these negotiations. for him to sit down in front of congress, knowing he had that in his back pocket shows that he has a good poker face first of
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all and as newt gingrich says, puts pressure on the senate as they voted for him before as the cia director and he pulled this meeting off. >> and mike pompeo warning us not long ago that north korea was a few months away of launching a nuclear missile to the united states. as cia director, he has knowledge of their capabilities. so we have someone clear-eyed about north and what he's dealing with. that's a positive there. i think the rhetoric that we heard from president trump about this, maybe we'll meet, maybe we won't. it's ambiguous. that's better than what we saw under president obama that wanted to cut a deal with iran at all costs. so it's very important to lay the ground work. maybe we'll negotiate something, maybe we won't and to be more ambiguous than just wanting to cut a deal to the detriment of the united states and our allies. >> i want kennedy in here. >> i know the democrats will
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attack the president no matter what. we have to put politics aside here and see if we can bring peace to the korean peninsula. that is critical. we've talked about the necessity of a peaceful process here, but you have to let it play out. one of the big criticisms is the president can't go and meet with kim jong-un without preconditions. so now you have preconditions, but there's people in your party grousing about that. so it's difficult to trust people within your own party let alone someone else's. you know, of course i think there should be more transparency. if you want the preconditions and if you want a level of trust, these are the meetings you have to have. it's interesting that mike pompeo is in transition from cia director to secretary of state, which puts him on very unique ground. >> i tend to agree with that. the only push back i have is that mike pompeo has a larger challenge, and that is making sure of keeping the caucus
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together to vote for mike pompeo. >> how many democrats will vote for him? >> true. we're the party in the opposition. keeping you caucus together is the first challenge and seeing how many democrats you can peel off is the second challenge. the trump white house and his political team -- >> you have some of the red seat democrats -- >> absolutely and hard republicans -- >> people want peace. especial especially. many were briefed on how the trump administration is responding to the suspected chemical attack in syria. lawmakers emerging yesterday with concerns. don't see how it.
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california republican ed royce, a member of the house foreign relations committee reacting and sounding supportive of the administration's handling of the situation in syria. watch. >> now some of that capacity at least, the capacity we know about, has been taken out. that sends a very strong message. we expect assad to make it difficult for us to sort of do the follow-up work on the ground in terms of the chemical weaponry. we've seen plenty of evidence in terms do the right thing when it comes to punishing vladimir putin and
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russia. his refusal to stand up to the kremlin is troubling and leaves many americans wondering why, what does the president have to hide. >> all right. he's damned if he does, damned if it doesn't when it comes to russia. the president has been more forceful with russian and not backing down from their threats to counter strike if there was an incursion. >> clearly if it was the russians firing on inspectors trying to get into that site, that changes the negotiation factor again. it's a complicated situation. the president has been forceful when it comes to russia the last couple weeks calling bashar al-assad a monster.
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the communication error between nikki haley and the white house and she say we're going to implement more sanctions and having that walk that back doesn't shope strength in a force but their actions up to that point have. i think they're probably just looking at the situation, recalculating because it's different than it was before they sent the missiles in there. deciding how to move forward with their new national security adviser, john bolton at the helm. >> the one thing i would say about just in terms of how long we wait, the sanctions just to be clear were passed last august. they had nothing to do with the chemical weapons, the first round of sanctions. then you had the missiles. and then the delay in sanctions, i don't know if that has anything to do if the inspectors were fired upon. >> the punishment. >> yeah. the pull-back happened before the weapons were fired on. i bring that up because there seems to be a white house
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calculation irrespective of what is going on on the ground, which would be a good thing. my question all week has been what is our foreign policy with regard to syria. it cannot be ad hoc and emotional. needs to be spelled out. it's not only for our own people but the people in harms way that fight the battle. >> and also offense. it's not appropriate for the president to and offensive war. it's a sticking point for the republicans and the democrats, too. >> you bring up a good point. i'd be remiss if i didn't talk about the authorization of use of military force. a lot of presidents have used it. they're using a law passed in 2001 to strike -- >> and 2002. >> two separate -- either way, 11 and 12 years old respectively. and the world looks differently. the voice that is missing from the syria conversation is the
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american people's voice. i think that's the voice that is missing. the people, congress and the senate deserve a right to vote. >> this president has a history of listening to the american people. >> i agree. that's why it's time for a new -- >> i agree. >> and time for a new aumf. >> there was a report yesterday that putin kremlin officials to back off and deescalate actions with the evidence. maybe that's why the administration changed their tune to what haley say and what kudlow say. >> get on the same page, people! >> due to the administrations that the trump administration laid down on russia as well as the most recent -- >> i don't trust russia as far as why can throw them. tributes are pouring in as americans remember barbara bush. she passed at the age of 92. a live report from near the bush
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home in houston. plus, breaking news. a group of house republicans call for a criminal investigation into james comey and others as the former fbi director continues his all-out media blitz to sell his book. whether the doj will investigate and if it should. we'll debate next. >> he tweeted at me probably 50 times. i've been gone a year. i'm like a breakup he can't get over. he wakes up in the morning. i'm out there living my best life. he wakes up and tweets at me.
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9:20 am
zealousness of hillary clinton and the campaign of donald trump respectively. because we believe those positions of high should be treated the same as every american, we want to make sure the law outlined below are vetted appropriately." comey being asked about it on abc's "the view." >> i don't know what to make of it. a lot of it is already being looked at by the department of justice and the inspector general, which is a good thing. i don't have any other reaction. the accusations are not true. i should have said that first. but that's okay. >> so kennedy, this is the former fbi director james comey that said that the deputy director andrew mccabe was an honorable honest man. where are we here? >> and james comey has laid out his criteria for what is punishable if you work for the fbi. so in his estimate, andrew
9:21 am
mccabe should have been fired. he knew what mccabe was doing and leaking. he probably ordered a lot of that information to be leaked. that makes him a hypocrite. the problems for him is he's testified. you know, what has he told congress, what statements has he made in public that contradict each other and now you have not only republicans who feel that his hypocrisy and narcissism has launched this investigation. you have democrats that feel betrayed by this person who put himself at the moral thought of the presidential race and had a great deal of influence on the outcome. >> i what -- want to play this clip from john podesta. >> i never attacked mr. comey for trying to do something that was for a partisan reason. i think it was his -- to some
9:22 am
extent his arrogance that led him to make a bad error of judgment. i thought he was an idiot in the context of this election and influential in the outcome. >> are you going to read this book? >> i don't think so. >> i don't think hillary clinton will read this book? >> i doubt it. >> she has lots of spare time on her hands. but james comey is finding a hard time finding any problems on either side of the aisle. are democrats interested in accountability at the fbi or are they going to continue to play this politically? >> oh, no. we worked with the president to approve a new fbi director. but there's some dramatic irony here. even though president trump and hillary clinton absolutely can't stand each other, the one thing they both agree on they both hate james comey. >> and he would have been fired either way. >> exactly. on the unemployment line either way. if they were to sit down for a cup of coffee, would be like how much we both hate james comey. >> the only thing they can get their hands on together. lisa, how do you feel about that? >> i think james comey is doing
9:23 am
himself a great disservice as well as the fbi. i think he's creating a liability for himself. i think people are giving more attention to things that he previously said under sworn testimony before congress. kennedy, you briefly mentioned the contradictions. they're playing out, not only between mccabe and james comey according to the inspector general report, also contradictions to what james comey is saying loretta lynch as well. so now there's questions about who is telling the truth in all of this. people want to get to the bottom of it. >> i want to go back to something richard said. i have lanny davis on next hour. democrats are expressing this thought that comey didn't tell the truth in some instances and now they have a document that they can compare the previous things he said. yeah, i would imagine that james comey would be something that hillary clinton and donald trump could agree on. i agree with kennedy. they both would have fired him,
9:24 am
which is why i think it's so disingenuous for democrats the say it's obstruction of justice and it's to plant those flags and those seeds about this president as political enemies. james comey was only his own friend. he looks in the mirror and he sees two james comeys. he likes both of them. >> and the democrats are obviously going to play this card about obstruction of justice now because it's politically expedient. you go back to the election and you have harry reid, the minority leader saying on record, that james comey violated the hatch act. so now democrats will embrace this theme of being pro comey -- >> and mark meadows asked trey gowdy to take a look at the texts. >> and what trey gowdy said, i think it should be handled why the i.g. you have to look at what james comey is doing with the mueller
9:25 am
investigation. >> it's all irrelevant -- >> i think you're right. they are irrelevant. what the mueller investigation found is they're completely different. to put them together is a mistake. >> accountability is important. moving along. today the country is remembering the life of former first lady barbara bush. a live report from near the family home in houston and the former president, george w. bush and laura bush sharing their thoughts on the outpouring of support. >> i and our entire family are very great full for people's prayers and sympathies. it's the end of a beautiful life. >> and a push in congress to tie the president's hands over the special counsel investigation. why that effort has hit a wall. the latest and more debate. my day starts well before i'm in the kitchen. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. i need to shave my a1c i'm always on call. an insulin that fits my schedule is key.
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the nation remembering the life of former first lady barbara bush. she was 92. she passed away at her home last night surrounded by family. the communications director for the first lady, melania trump, said that mrs. trump will pay her respects in person to barbara bush and the family saturday. mrs. bush's eldest son, george w. bush and laura mixed tears and laughter when they talked about the former first lady. >> we had a great visit. she was funny. >> needling us. >> she said you want to know why the george w. is? because i drank and smoked when i was pregnant with him. i had a beautiful visit with her. when it looked like yesterday morning on the phone. she didn't say much, but i told her i loved her. >> casey stegall leave from houston. casey? >> still the classic sense of
9:31 am
humor all the way up till the end. a very heavy police presence, harris, outside of the funeral home here in west houston where mrs. bush was brought last night and where she's being prepared for public viewing on friday. she is going to be laying in repose at the family church that they attend here in houston. the st. martin's episcopal church from noon until midnight. saturday, her private funeral will be held, invite only and more than 1,500 dignitaries expected. from there, mrs. bush will be taken by motorcade to college station, texas where she will be buried at her president's presidential library and museum. the family plot there where their daughter robin is, who died of leukemia and it's
9:32 am
ultimately george h.w. bush's final resting place as well. here's more of the exclusive fox interview this morning with george w. bush and his wife, laura, reminiscing. >> she had great faith. she's truly believes that there's an after life, that she will be wonderfully received in the arms of a loving god and did not fear death. as a result of her soul being comforted on the death bed, my soul is comforted. >> look at this. a live picture from college station. in addition to flowers and balloons, folks starting to leave books outside of the museum and library there to pay homage to the entireless work that mrs. bush did for literacy. the family is asking for the public to donate to the barbara bush foundation instead so that the legacy can live on.
9:33 am
tomorrow evening here in houston, there will be a celebration of life ceremony at houston city hall. the public welcome to attend that beginning at 6:00 central time. lots of stuff to remember. a very special woman over the coming days here in houston and around the world, harris. >> she spanned more than just decades of presidency, if you will. she also was a huge part of american culture for a very time. >> she was. >> an opportunity for so many people in different generations to remember the things that they loved most about the former first lady. casey, thank you. >> switching gears. mitch mcconnell is rejecting calls from lawmakers to bring a bill to the floor that would limit president trump's ability to fire special counsel robert mueller. here's what he had to say about that decision yesterday. >> it's not necessary. there's no indication that mueller is going to be fired. i don't think the president will do that. just as a practical matter, even
9:34 am
if we passed it, why would he sign it? >> lindsey graham that co sponsored a bipartisan bill to protect the special counsel suggested the committee plans to move forward with a vote regardless. >> i don't believe mr. mueller is in jeopardy of being fired. i wanted to do some protections for special counsels now and in the future. i respect mitch and i'm going to vote for the institutional protections. i don't think he will be fired. i'll lead it up to the majority leader how to run the floor. >> chuck schumer is slamming mcconnell's decision saying it's a mistake not to pass legislation to protect the investigation. we ought to head off a constitutional crisis at the pass rather than waiting until it's too late. richard, mitch mcconnell said as a practical matter, president trump won't sign this bill. so why would he bring it to the
9:35 am
floor for a vote? >> it's important that the senate brings it for a vote. couple of things. number 1, we've seen this president tweet over and over again attacking the mueller investigation and attacking what the investigation stands for. whether or not you agree with the investigation, i'm not a lawyer but if i was the president's lawyer, if you don't think you did anything wrong, ignore it. but this president continues to engage with this investigation, which is causing a lot of pause for members of congress. so i tend to agree with lindsey graham and this idea that let's pass it, even if the president doesn't seen it, at least it's a speech point to say that we stand for every special prosecutor that comes after robert mueller. >> but kennedy, robert mueller already has broad authority. wouldn't this embolden him even more? >> no, i agree there needs to be constraints of who is in power and which aspect of it you are
9:36 am
checking. i think this is more about future special counsels and i think that we have to be very careful exhorting congress and the attorney general to appoint one every time there's some malfeasance or wrongdoing. >> in part because we have a situation there now where there needs to be a closer look what is going on in some of these agencies. for instance, the department of justice. so we don't want to pull it so far out of the scope that we're not forcing them to do their jobs better as well and to weed out bias. i would say this about special counsels. we've seen one in the past that people didn't like, ken starr. this seems to be where they go. that do this like gymnastics move like can i get my arm and feed to go to two different countries. it's a worse think discussion to have. just so happens that we're having it now as we're watching another one do all sorts of things outside of boundaries that politically some won't like, some might. >> i think the whole thing is a
9:37 am
political situation on both sides of the aisle. democrats are not interested in preventing a constitutional crisis. they're interested in protecting their political talking point of russia base that's all they have. republicans don't want the political headache of president trump firing robert mueller if he were to do that. but then you have to walk the line of the people who support president trump at the base level, his ardent supporters want president trump to fire robert mueller. so there's political minefields here. i doubt that democrats are so interested in protecting a constitutional crisis. they're just interesting in keeping this talking point alive. >> i have a feeling we'll re-visit. >> it's safe to say. there's new concerns over whether former fbi director james comey gave false testimony to congress about his decision to exonerate hillary clinton. what top lawmakers are trying to do to get answers.
9:38 am
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>> well as we reported earlier, 11 gop lawmakers are demanding jeff sessions launch a criminal investigation into hillary clinton, james comey and other former and current doj officials over their actions leading up to the appointment of the special counsel and the russian investigation and the handling of the e-mail probe. house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows sending a letter to trey gowdy. meadows said --
9:43 am
>> now, if true, that would contradict comey's testimony and statements about his decision to exonerate hillary clinton. >> look me in the eye and listen to what i'm about to say. i did not coordinate that with anyone. the white house, the department of justice, nobody outside the fbi family had any idea what i about to say. i say that under oath and i stand by that. >> gowdy responding to meadow's request last night on "the story." >> i'm going to sends it to the inspector general. i'm going to sends it to the department and the fbi. to the extend there's an allegation that false testimony was given, congress is not the entity to investigate that. i think it fits most neatly within who horowitz is doing now, with just how unprecedented this investigation was in 2016.
9:44 am
>> all right. so how problematic are some of these statements for james comey when there are texts and even his own admission in his book that he's hawking that contradict those statements? >> the question is what is in this book. everybody can read in the book to figure out how deep this is and how much of this book is fact and how much is fiction. beyond that, if you listen to congressman gowdy, his statement sealed it for me. he says this investigation falls squarely in the realm or in the court of the inspector general at the department of justice, not here in the united states congress. from what we know and what we've seen, the united states congress is not the best in doing investigations. if he said -- trey gowdy said it's like an episode of "mean girls." it's problematic when you deal
9:45 am
with confidential information. the idea to put it back to the throws of congress and the jaws of congress to be leaked out to the american people, that is not the answer. >> so katie, should james comey's book tour include a stop with the inspector general? so he can set the record straight? because as he said, he assumed hillary clinton would win and he didn't want her to have an illegitimate presidency if there were 600,000 e-mails, potentially some classified on anthony wiener's laptop. >> some have said the investigating of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal is because things kept getting added. the inspector general -- >> and getting pressure from republicans and democrats. >> and the reason why -- trey gowdy is right. the reason why the department of justice handled these cases, the
9:46 am
inspector general has the ability to recommend disciplinary action, which means potential prosecution for lying under oath. james comey leaked information to a friend and the media which democratic attorneys have said might be getting him in hot water. >> this is happening right now. after congressman meadows alleged new e-mails over july 2016 comey's statement and broader coordination over e-mail investigation, chairman gowdy has now formally asked the fbi doj and the inspector general to look into the allegations, which is exactly what you said, richard. it might get to that level. i got the letters -- >> i spoke to congressman meadows earlier today. i used to work with him.
9:47 am
it's believed that james comey in sworn testimony that he lied to congress. there's literally documents that indicate the fact that they were coordinating over the exoneration level. the doj sailed there was -- >> also they'll look at -- outside of the coordination -- comey's push-back also on that is it's routine for me to do that. well, it's routine for me to write a letter like that and have something like that. he said that previously. so i don't know that the two can actually exist together. i don't know that they can. so -- but to just make the point clear that just moments ago trey gowdy now is now formally asking the congress to look into this. you mentioned the inspector general. remember where the i.g.
9:48 am
couldn't find the strzok texts. whoopsy. they have them. oh, the i.g. can tell us what was going on. >> so we have to move on. let's not lose faith in the i.g. yet. the u.s. attorney who is also launching an investigation, president trump continues his battle with the so-called fake news media. he's going to be skipping the white house correspondent's dinner for the second year but making other big plans that night that will likely raise eyebrows in the press. details ahead.
9:49 am
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>> president trump is again planning to skip the white house correspondent's dinner for the second straight year. he will hold a campaign-style rally in michigan. a trump campaign official saying while the fake news media will be celebrating themselves with washington society and the swamp that evening, president trump will be in a different washington celebrating our national economic revival with patriotic americans. last year, he was in pennsylvania bashing the press.
9:53 am
so kennedy, is he the ultimate controller? >> absolutely. it will be bigger than last year's rally. do i wish that he would go. i think this is such an incredible opportunity for him to jab and counter punch with the press. i think everyone would love it and the country would get a lot out of it. there's plenty of members of the press that are truly patriotic americans. >> i love the juxtaposition of him being in washington michigan when the media types that he's rallying around are here in washington d.c. so i love the juxtaposition. on the show i said that president should do this just like he did last year. so i'm glad to see he's listening. no, i think this is smart and it's so much stronger for him to be in front of his supporters and say i stand with you, i don't stand with them. >> i agree with kennedy. i think he should take it. number 2, it's about giving
9:54 am
scholarships out to deserving to become journalists. we know the truth that it's not everybody that works in news is fake news. the president tried to say that everything is the fake news media. >> full disclosure, some of us he be going. however -- i think there's something to be said about the mixing of government officials and the press when the press is supposed to be, you know, holding the government accountable. i understand the president not wanting to be there. i also agree it would be nice for him to go to one of them. >> i think people want to laugh. people want to see the president in a different context. when he spokes fun at himself, it's so effective. >> supporters want him in a rally in front of the voters that support him. i guarantee everybody that -- >> he can have rallies every other night of the year, this is the one night -- >> it's a juxtaposition -- >> he can juxtapose all the
9:55 am
time. so effective when they do it well. >> you can dispel major news stories. take a page on barack obama's book. barack obama destroyed the birther movement. he said here's my birth certificate. he did the lion king bit. he really wants to destroy comey and the russia collusion, go to the white house con -- correspondent's dinner about it. >> and the take away won't be fair either. he's creating his own narrative -- >> by attacking the press, all you do is create this animosity exists. >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪
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>> kennedy: thanks so much for richard fowler. we talked so much about the life of barbara bush. to think if she ran for senate and president, she would have won? >> richard: i think she would've won back the senate. hopefully we will break the ultimate glass ceiling and put a woman in the white house soon. >> kennedy: maybe nikki haley. these are contentious times. >> lisa: may be kennedy. >> richard: yeah, maybe kennedy.
10:00 am
>> kennedy: 20/20 vision. thanks for being our candyman today, richard. >> richard: thank you. the three harris. >> harris: new calls on capitol hill, former fbi director james comey and several other high-ranking officials, let's go, "outnumbered: overtime," i am harris faulkner. 11 republican lawmakers have written a letter to attorney general jeff sessions urging yet another criminal investigation in washington. and outlining a long list of allegations including bias against president trump. on top of the claims made against hillary clinton and james comey, they point fingers at andrew mccabe, loretta lynch,


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