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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  April 18, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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thanks for being our candyman today, richard. >> richard: thank you. the three harris. >> harris: new calls on capitol hill, former fbi director james comey and several other high-ranking officials, let's go, "outnumbered: overtime," i am harris faulkner. 11 republican lawmakers have written a letter to attorney general jeff sessions urging yet another criminal investigation in washington. and outlining a long list of allegations including bias against president trump. on top of the claims made against hillary clinton and james comey, they point fingers at andrew mccabe, loretta lynch, and acting attorney general, sally eights.
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for more on the developing story, let's bring in catherine harris live from washington -- catherine herridge. there's a lot of material here. it's because there's a lot of action this morning, harris. according to this new letter from 11 house republicans to the attorney general, fbi director and u.s. attorney, they are asking for a criminal investigation of at least five key players in the email and russia investigations. james comey, the lawmakers focus on his statements recommending against criminal charges in the clinton email case and his testimony about the decision. they alleged there may be violations of federal statutes online and perjury. the allegations against hillary clinton relate to the funding of political opposition research and form the basis of the trump dossier. the lawmakers alleged payments to the fusion gps may constitute violations of election law and campaign contributions by foreign nationals.
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former fbi director andrew mccabe was fired for lying about his role in the media leak the clinton foundation. lawmakers alleged possible violations on statutes about lying, perjury, as well as obstruction of justice. peter strzok and lisa page, both removed by robert mueller, classified information, leaking and misleading statements by federal officers. this week, comey was asked about the letter and said he was not concerned about any exposure. >> i'm doing a lot of shrugging today but it seems safe in saying that stuff clinton email investigation. the department of justice, it's a very good thing. i don't have any other reaction.
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>> harris: >> we are reaching of individuals identified, i asked for some context. say that action was inappropriate and malicious and had no factual basis. >> harris: catherine herridge. let's bring in corey lewandowsk lewandowski, former trump campaign manager and author of the book "let trump beat trump." what you make of all of this let trump be trump. >> it is only if you are a member of the deep state and a leader at the fbi you get away with an inspector general report that accuses you of lying three times under oath and having no charges brought against you. i don't understand it. i'm very happy congress has decided to step up and asked the justice department to investigate this. whether it has been the deletion of 32,000 emails from the clinton campaign, fusion gps
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funding a dossier with $5 million of campaign donor money, or individuals who worked for the fbi that lied under oath, give out information to the media, which they have admitted to, a violation of protocol, there's been no accountability. this is a very important first step. >> harris: what's interesting is the timing of all of this. when you've got a book out, you've got one out. i don't think this is what james comey had in mind. >> it's amazing, jim comey's book is full of fallacies. we will now have the opportunit opportunity. hopefully they will find him lying under oath in front of congress. he has to go back and change his statements on multiple occasions. he was very clear to congress that he gave information he obtained when he was director of the fbi to a law professor to make sure that information got out to the media. that's a penalty. i don't understand why you have a person who's been gone for almost a year that is not followed up with or prosecuted
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for that potential crime. >> harris: had a guest on the "outnumbered" couch today say maybe he should stop by the inspector general's office for his book tour. how things were run under james comey the fbi, was there something in the bloodstream that allowed bias and an anti-president trump core to be going on? did it change the way the fbi and potentially anything it touched, like the doj, to operate differently? >> the leadership of the fbi was a disaster. we see page and peter strzok, individuals who wanted "an insurance policy" if donald trump were to get elected. these individuals are still working at the fbi. senator rand paul asked director ray, they do, to individuals having affair, numerous text
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messages between them on how to stop donald trump. one has been to the human resources department. where's the accountability? only in the government to these people get to keep their jobs. in the private sector, they would have been fired a long time ago. andrew mccabe and jim call me, i they make a lot of money. they are going to be done for legal fees. >> harris: of course. i want to ask about this whole idea of james comey having to refute in a very public manner what is being said and potentially want to be an investigation. that gets a little dicey. >> it does. when you have a messiah complex and you decide in your own mind what is right and what is wrong, jim comey is making the rounds. >> harris: that's what people with the book do. >> of course that he had some significant legal liabilities from his actions as the director of the fbi. he is writing about things. he's talking about things and now he doesn't want to answer the questions.
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what he said on the view, what you played, the ig has looked into this and decided andrew mccabe, comey, his deputy lied three times under oath and one time not under oath to the fbi. there's been no prosecution and we know jim comey also gave out information that he was not allowed to do. potentially classified. there's been no accountability. >> harris: i don't know if you caught it from the old clinton world, john podesta saying he thought james comey was "an idiot" for how he handled the hillary clinton situation. it's interesting, democrats are not happy with him, either. >> i did see that and it's very interesting because james comey, because he's been on both sides of every issue, he was going to look at hillary clinton and that he wasn't and the poll numbers and said he was. he was supposed to be above reproach, running the premier law enforcement agency in our country. he allowed public opinion data
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to determine if you should open or close an investigation on a candidate for a presidency the united states? he is going to be held accountable. >> harris: corey lewandowski, great to see you. thank you very much. i want to bring in fox news political editor chris stirewal chris stirewalt. what was james comey hoping to accomplish? this was not nonpartisanship, it seems to be multipartisanship. this is a mess for him for now. >> you mean with the book? >> harris: with the book, talking about the book. you have several conversations. it's every interview he does. potentially now is people who might want to investigate. and then you've got the written word as well. and every past thing he said in front of congress. >> i assume he's trying to restructure narrative in which he can defend himself and in a light that is most favorable. he knows that this is not done. he himself references the
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inspector general processes working through and he knows he's going to be held accountable on that stuff. i know not the heart of any man but i assume he's trying to do is to create a construct where he looks like eliot ness instead of somebody who played politics to the detriment of hillary clinton, a very crucial moment. of all the things that we might donald trump should be upset with james comey about, it should be the way he politicized 2016 because it worked for trump enormously. >> harris: they are trying to figure out on one side of the aisle what happened but clearly when you hear people like john podesta, we will have lanny davis on talking about areas in which he wasn't so truthful. that complicate matters. republican lawmakers would like to lean in and take another look with the things james comey has done and said. >> i mean, we love congress and
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the house. they are wonderful in their own special ways. however, the republicans in the house, it's in my estimation, running some cover for the president. the president's legal troubles are mounting and troubles around his administration are mounting. i see these guys as trying to provide a little air cover. to create the appearance of her on the other side, to put a little democratic feel to the fire. >> harris: it does not subtract from the legitimacy of the issue of trying to look into the man who was running the fbi at a time when there has been evidence with potential bias in that agency. i want to ask you this, you have these lawmakers calling on jeff sessions, the attorney general, to look at this. do you think you will open that investigation and what do you think the fallout will be?
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>> the justice department has taken several steps in regard to how to adjust what went on in 2016, and what went on with all of that stuff. it's not a special prosecutor, it's a u.s. attorney who has been tasked to come in and take a look. we have the inspector general's process working through. the house of representatives has failed at the issue of addressing these concerns. house intelligence committee failed. they were not able to accomplish the greater good. partisanship got in the way. this was not where this issue got resolved. >> harris: what about the attorney general sessions? >> right, that's where it has to happen. if you want to think -- >> harris: do you think that will happen? the president has been calling on this for a while. how can you only look at one side if you are not also going to look at whether or not there were problems with how the
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hillary clinton investigation was handled? >> that's what the inspector general's report is, that's why mccabe is in trouble. he came out and said he lied, he didn't tell the truth to the fbi. he was not forthcoming. congress, what congress does better than anything else, they are better at making noise than anything else. they are not going to get to the bottom of this. we now have some indications that inside the justice department, we are getting results about what is going on. everyone would like everything to happen faster but we do see the work happening inside the justice department and i, for one, would rather have an honest and accurate answer than a quick one. >> harris: inside the fbi, there's talk of some kind of coordination and james comey says no way, he wrote that letter ahead of having his team
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know. he was just writing that like all attorneys do. you kind of get together with your narrative until you find out what exactly it is. your last thought. >> people in washington questioning ethics and opinions of other people, this is the two recommends fighting over the last rheem in the bottom of the dumpster >> harris: finding out how it was handled, is not worth the fight? >> we hear a lot of character assassination going on. a lot of people who impugn, wait until the facts are revealed. if you assume motives in the beginning about other people, you will never be able to get to the real fruit because we need less conclusion jumping, more facts. >> harris: we could be about
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to find out what really happens. do you agree, yes or no? >> we will find out a lot of stuff in the next six weeks. something's going to be bad. >> harris: all right. chris stirewalt. a high wire diplomacy. reaction to mike pompeo's secret sitdown with north korean leader kim jong un. sitting on the house foreign relations committee, talking with me about whether this was a game changer. remembering a beloved american president to, first lady barbara bush passed away last night. the official weight house photographer captured so many iconic images of barbara bush. a life well lived. >> i made the most important decision of my life, to marry george bush. it's because he made laugh. it's true, sometimes we laugh through our tears. but that shared laughter has
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>> harris: an outpouring of love from all over the nation, for former first lady barbara bush who died in her home in houston, texas, yesterday, surrounded by family. she was 92. today, mrs. bush's eldest son, george w. bush and his wife laura paid tribute to the beloved family matriarch. >> she had great faith. she truly believes there is an afterlife, she should be wonderfully received in the arms of the loving god. and therefore, did not fear death. as a result of her soul being comforted on her deathbed, my soul is comforted. >> harris: family is so important to the former first lady, captured by the photograph of the former first couple, with their grandchildre grandchildren. it was taken by our next guest, bush 41's official weight house to photographer, david valdes. some of the pictures you sent
10:20 am
are iconic. i want to get some of the touchstones and stories from you, david, about what was going on at the time you took these photos and some of these memories. we are going to them on the screen. i want to get your thought today on having the privilege to witness history so close up. >> for me, what a huge honor it was to be a part of that. i am just a guy from dallas, texas, wound up working for the president of the united states. the bushes embraced me. president bush and mrs. bush actually said in an interview one time that they consider me a part of their family had i appreciated that but i was always aware that i was a staff person and my work gave me the access, i was with them when they were happy, when they were sad.
10:21 am
when president bush's mother passed away. when their daughter had her son. so many things. election night winning and losing. it was a huge range of motions. for me to be a part of that, it was a huge honor. see how you treat other people. >> harris: some of these images are going by, i see princess diana. tell me about taking this particular photograph. can you see it? >> no, i can't. >> harris: barbara bush and a beautiful long red dress on the right-hand side, princess diana, prince charles. >> that was the british embassy in washington, d.c.
10:22 am
we met with them several times in washington and london. and ambassador's residence. it was a fun thing. barbara bush had her first dog, millie. millie had this number one selling book called "millie's book." it was a gift to princess diana here we are, she was giving her this dog book. i love them. >> harris: i know you can't see everything that we are doing but we are looking in on a photograph you took at a hospital room. tell me about it. it's a bedroom, excuse me. the family and the access that
10:23 am
you had to the grandchildren, to this whole family. it's amazing. >> the summer before he was running for president, "life" magazine wanted to send a photographer to kennebunkport and he said no, i am on vacation. there was some back and forth, the photo editor for "life" magazine agreed to let me do it. i talked to barbara bush, actually. she was mama said "you ought to just come over in the morning." the next morning, i go over and knock on the door. i sat on the edge of the bed and the grandchildren started coming in and took a couple of snaps. for me as a photographer, that photo has become my iconic phot photo. it ran multiple times in "life" magazine.
10:24 am
>> harris: it's interesting to get the texture about how bush said, how barbara bush said "come over at 6:00 in the morning." i'm looking at the bicycle ride. we have a couple of those pictures now. talk to me about that. >> president bush was our liaison, one of the ways they got into the community in china was to ride bicycles everywhere. that's what they did. those gifts were gifts many years later from the people's republic of china. they showed up and boy, they just jumped right on them. they were on the south lawn on the white house. it was quite fun but the bicycle diplomacy they used when they were in china, it was really fun. >> harris: for so many years,
10:25 am
his family was a part of our lives here in america. barbara bush, the wife and the mother of sitting presidents at one point. i want to get what your favorite moments were. what you could see through that lens would determine what we would see. did we just lose him? oh, we just lost him. david valdez. will bring him back another time. such a wonderful stream of memories through his photography. glad to have him. president trump is confirming my mike pompeo spoke with kim jong un. the layout between the president and dictator. can the president convince the regime to drop its nuclear program? the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee says he's nervous about the proposed summit. >> there's a pathway towards the
10:26 am
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>> harris: fox news alert, a stunning secret meeting we've learned about with north korea ever feels the white house as cia director mike pompeo recently sat down with north korean dictator kim jong un to lay the groundwork for a proposed summit with president trump. the president tweeted this "mike pompeo met with kim jong un and north korea last week, meeting went very smoothly and a good relationship was formed. details for the summit is being worked out. denuclearization will be a great thing for the world and also for north korea." it took place over easter weekend. meanwhile, vice chair of the senate intel committee, mark warner, told neil cavuto he is "uneasy" about the proposed summit. >> i'm a bit nervous because a
10:31 am
meeting, meetings are always good. a summit without a strategy? my fear was prior to prime minister abe's visit, the whole congress was caught off guard saying the president would go ahead and sit down with kim jong un without a set of conditions. >> harris: rich? >> closest close sources to mio said we know how deeply involved he was, the cia director meeting with kim jong un but we half before his confirmation hearing for the u.s. senate. we sat at his confirmation hearing having already met with kim jong un and north korea. he said the u.s. government was setting meetings between the
10:32 am
president and north korean leader that would be good for both side. there's a lot left to explore with kim jong un and the u.s. does not want regime change there. he also downplayed possible results. >> one we will reach a conferef agreement through the meeting but we will reach out with a set of conditions for the two leaders who will ultimately make a condition about whether a resolution can be achieved. >> was unknown about the summit between the president and dictator is one it will happen and what exactly north korea is willing to surrender and what united states is going to give in return. pompeo is the highest government officials have visited north korea that we at least know about then secretary of state madeleine albright did so in 2000. pompeo's nomination as secretary of state is still pending before the senate, several democrats have come out against him.
10:33 am
the case republicans are making is that pompeo is already executing foreign policy especially with this meeting and that the president should have a trusted advisor with the backing of the united states senate. >> harris: i've been reading about the story all day. he said something that really put it in context. the u.s. is setting conditions for a meeting. that's what pompeo said. i don't know why me differently, but that's the point. he told the truth about that. he was. i want to get it clear before we go to the congressman darrell isa. my next guest, republican of the house foreign affairs committee. the reason i pointed that out is because democrats say they are upset because they did not get a heads up. i don't know that you would get a heads up without a secret meeting. >> absolutely. democrats may want to dust off a little bit of resident john f. kennedy's words when he
10:34 am
said "never negotiate out of fear but never fear to negotiate." the fact is, during previous administrations, they've gave concession and oils and other things to try to get good behavior out of north korea and it failed. they are looking at the strongest sanctions ever against a nation and those are having an effect to where we have driven north korea to the table. we did not send some sort of an underling, we sent a man who knows just how bad north korea is, knows the details of the development of nuclear weapons and missiles. the number one graduate of west point. they sent a warrior to sit down with that individual and layout america's doing this out of strength, not weakness. >> harris: pompeo is a person to give us a heads up on how close north korea might be to a
10:35 am
nuclear weapon and a nuclear weapons program. we do know from what you are saying, do you think mike pompeo should have said at his confirmation hearing, well after he had this meeting with kim jong un, thank you should have said he met with him? do you think that something that he should know? >> he should also never disclose secrets if they are not pertaining to that day. they were not germane to that day. the reality is the director said the truth but in fact, i rely on pompeo to never disclose something that doesn't have to be. when patrick testified, he lied
10:36 am
to congress. there's a difference between volunteering something that's a secret. i look forward to him being secretary of state and to having somebody who is first in his class at west point, who knows what is behind those curtains at the cia. >> harris: considering how many democrats jumped on board to support him cia director, one might think he would get some help from across the aisle because there are people say there are two tractors in the process of their own party. i want to talk about managing expectations with north korea. the president said this. maybe there would be a meeting
10:37 am
at least having a nuclear program talk with north korea? >> we are closer than we've ever been. the president is absolutely right to not guarantee a meeting. the meeting is going to happen if conditions are set up or it can be fruitful. it's very important that everyone understands, there's not going to be a lifting of sanctions under this president without a change in behavior. the one thing you heard that is very important, this administration is not calling for a regime change. this administration is calling for a change in behavior without a threat to the regime. which is a huge policy change and one that can bear fruit. >> harris: this is just coming
10:38 am
in and i want to jump peers, from north korea to syria. apparently secretary mattis is firing back at a "new york times" report saying he wanted congressional authorization before launching the strike syria. she the report is saying he wand that against the assad regime, suggesting tension with president trump. what is your take? >> i know james mattis, with stars and even less stars. when he says something, it's the truth. if he's putting back, pushing back on the report, he doesn't d that he makes the decision. we know we have men and women in harm's way in the syrian region. we know we have an interest in making sure chemical weapons are not used against anyone or developed in the region.
10:39 am
the president struck with his authority. would it be nice if congress would be more forward leaning and affording of the president's new effort to solve a problem left by his predecessor? absolutely. jim mattis was relieved or allowed to exit early by president obama, who had a policy of basically shutting things down. this president turned on jim mattis' advice on a dime, to do what needs to be done and then we are going to leave. >> harris: he was meeting with a qatari defense minister. and now pushing back at that "new york times" report saying no, he was not wanting congressional authorization before launching the strike against bashar al-assad. and the regime in syria. thank you very much for being here for the breaking news and for your perspective.
10:40 am
u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley is also firing back after white house economic advisor larry kudlow suggested she was "confused" when she said sanctions against russia were imminent, following the horrific chemical weapons attack in syria. this all ties back in. all the details on the awkward exchange. we will talk about it coming next. replace one meal or snack a day. glucerna products have up to 15 grams of protein to help manage hunger and carbsteady, unique blends of slow release carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. every meal every craving. it's the choices you make when managing blood sugar that are the real victories. glucerna. everyday progress. ai had a lot on my mind. could this happen again? was my warfarin treatment right for me? my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again.
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>> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> harris: u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley is now firing back at white house economic advisor larry kudlow for suggesting she was "confused" when she announced plans to hit russia with these sanctions after the alleged chemical weapons attack in syria. investor haley told fox news "with all due respect, i don't get confused." john roberts is live for us in west palm beach, florida, where the president is spending the week. this took a different turn. what's happening?
10:45 am
>> it did, it took that turn yesterday afternoon and took another direction because larry kudlow called u.s. ambassador haley to apologize about what he said earlier in the day. he said it was a nice phone call because he called to apologize. rewind the clock and tell you how all of this started. sunday morning, nikki haley was on one of the morning shows talking about the aftermath of the air strikes on friday night in syria. a lot of blame the president was putting on russia for not raining in president al-assad's weapons program. here's how haley responded. >> the do you think russian spohn sanctions will be coming down? already? >> the president was not ready to announce that sanctions were coming down and secretary
10:46 am
mnuchin had not announced anything. sarah huckabee sanders was set to release a -- yesterday at a press briefing west palm beach, the chief economic advisor larry kudlow found himself in the an enviable position of being asked directly about nikki haley's comments and unfortunately, responded this way. listen here. just because she got ahead of the curve, she's done a great job. she's a very effective ambassador. there might have been some momentary confusion but if you talk to steven mnuchin in the treasury, he will tell you the same thing. we have had sanctions. additional sanctions are under consideration, but not implemented. that's all. >> as you can expect, nikki haley did not take kindly to that and released that statement where she said "with all due respect, i do not get confused."
10:47 am
this whole thing apparently buttoned up last night when larry kudlow called and had a nice conversation with nikki haley to say "i'm really sorry." >> harris: if you are russia, you know the president will on something soon. they saw the missile, hitting syria for a second time after suspected chemical weapons used there. the white house saying there is something coming. we will report the news moving forward, as he said, and tapping your chin. we are moving on. nearly a dozen republic and monikers are demanding attorney general jeff sessions launch an investigation into hillary clinton, james comey, and other former and current doj officials. there's reasons on this and how sessions should respond, lanny davis is here to weigh in on it all. he has a few things to say about
10:48 am
comey. of your pie. attorney on your side. work for you. of your pie. attorney on your side. work for you.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i am dana perino. about to make comments in our hour from mar-a-lago, mike pompeo recently met with kim jong un. one republican senator issuing a threat to democrats that say they won't vote to confirm him.
10:52 am
plus, we will remember barbara bush in the life of such great consequence, , on "the daily briefing." >> harris: a group of conservative lawmakers demanding attorney general jeff sessions investigated hillary clinton. james comey, and several other former and current officials trump has targeted. i'm joined by lanny davis, former special counsel to hillary clinton. and also the author of the the h an overarching point, we will get to it in a minute, you are not happy with james comey. i read what you've written in an op-ed, you called him a liar. let's talk about this request for another look at how things were handled with regard to hillary clinton, james comey, so
10:53 am
on and so forth. what is your response? >> considering this group of members or even seen on the fringes by their own house republican caucus, it's really ironic because if they wanted to call for an investigation, the inspector general should be investigating james comey for violating the rules of the justice department, barack obama should have fired him for hurting hillary clinton. not for helping henry clinton. it's almost funny in a painful way to say is writing the letter on october 28th, which i've proven my book, she dropped like a rock in a pond. immediately after that letter was sent, calling for a criminal investigation of her. six days later, they looked at the emails and found nothing there. it was too late. to say the justice department should investigate comey for favoring hillary clinton does not make any sense. >> harris: is it fair, lanny, to say the justice department will investigate what happened
10:54 am
and not who was doing it for whatever reason? just tell us what happened. in your estimation, i've read recently that you feel james comey was really not honest company regards. you have republicans and democrats were angry with james comey and he would have been fired potentially anyway. >> i think he acted inappropriately and is under investigation by the inspector general of the justice department. >> harris: is that enough? >> yes coming is is an independent counsel. his findings are more credible than a house member trying to attack hundred clinton. attacking hillary clinton. i never use the word "lie," i'm sure somebody intentionally misrepresent the truth. he promised congress, it's a lie and he knows it. he only said i will take a look. had he taken a look at the emails coming he would have
10:55 am
found there's nothing there. and i believe should be president of the united states. >> harris: it's interesting how the different perspectives come back to the same thing, people don't trust as james co. are you disappointed barack obama did not fire james comey? i'm sure people would have been screaming obstruction of justice plan. >> everybody from sally yates, not involved in the tarmac business, she had the power to say to comey "don't you dare" and she did not. barack obama and the russian meddling, during the early bottom of 2016, he decided not to. james comey now has said he decided to send his letter to protect his political rear end, which is what i'm hearing. because he thought hillary clinton was going to win anyway. they all made their own decisions based on a political judgment rather than on the
10:56 am
merits. doing amazing how people from the different side of the political aisle come to the same conclusion about james comey. i'd push back on this point. he said it showed meddling benefited one candidate over the other. the investigation just looked at meddling, that's what i understand. >> let me correct you, the intelligence community said the meddling was in favor of donald trump. 100% of the intelligence community said in favor of donald trump. >> harris: asked, i've got to let you go. i hope you'll come back. stay close.
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>> harris: thanks for watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: president trump and japan's prime minister talking trade as we wait for them to appear. hello, everyone. i'm dana perion and this is "the daily briefing." also today, we remember former first lady barbara bush and celebrate her incredible life. karl rove will join me. he's known her since college years. former laura bush chief of staff and best selling author harlan coben will also share some memories. we give with kevin corken from palm beach florida where the president is about to hold a working lunch with prime minister abe.


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