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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 18, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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goat town? i am having my goat and getting my hat, and sean hannity is standing by with an entirely -- we guarantee it, a goat free show. he is next. take it away. >> sean: i am not sure about that last mystery, but we can get back to that later appeared later. >> mark: i am coming into your studio with a goat. you will love the little fella. >> sean: can't wait to meet him. hey, welcome to "hannity." we have massive breaking news stories. wait until you hear my opening monologue in just a minute. but first, president trump is saying tonight that he will in fact meet with north korean dictator in the coming weeks, kim jong-un, to actually discuss the denuclearization of that rogue nation. we are in washington tonight with what could be historic details. >> getting back to all of the critics who charged him with the rhetoric bringing to the brink
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of nuclear war, yet now, even some top democrats are suggesting that these talks are starting to bear fruit. the president declared separate talks today with the japanese prime minister, that if the meeting, with the kim jong-un, which goes nowhere, if it goes nowhere, he is willing to walk out. he is also pushing the dictator to release three american hostages there. also confirming that he secretly disparaged the cia director and mike pompeo to pyongyang. he said that this may set the stage for a breakthrough. >> i will be meeting with kim jong-un in the coming weeks to discuss the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. hopefully, that's meeting will be a great success, and we are looking for forward to it. it will be a tremendous thing for the world. >> even democrat adam schiff who
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has been negative about almost anything the president has done side of this is on a positive track. he is encouraged by the possibilities for peace, even though it is very high-stakes. they are so bullish that if the president and the north korean dictator can come to an agreement, they could end up sharing the nobel peace prize. that would be something. >> sean: that would be amazing. great job appeared mike pompeo, and edit, thank you. we will have more coming up on this throughout the evening tonight. also, president trump is shooting down rumors that he is going to fire robert mueller. and there is a critical site here. today, 11 house g.o.p. lawmakers, they have now sent a criminal referral to the doj and the fbi, demanding investigations into possible crimes committed by comey, hillary clinton, loretta lynch, peter served, and others.
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we will have all of that tonigh tonight. also, he wants answers over new evidence of possible doj fbi collision in the corrupter clinton email case. that is huge news. also, the very pompous, arrogant, fame seeking james comey, he can't get enough of himself. his media blitz is in full swing, and it is not going well for him. we will explain in tonight's opening monologue. all right, we start tonight with president trump shooting down a while the liberal media speculation as always. but he is going to fire robert mueller and rod rosenstein. during the press conference, this is what he had to say. >> we are hopefully coming to the end. it is a bad thing for our country. very, bad thing for our country. but there has been no collusion, they won't find any collision, it doesn't exist. as far as the two gentlemen who told me about it, they have been
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saying i'm going to get rid of them for the last three months. four months. five months. and they are still here. so we want to get the investigation over with, done with, put it behind us. >> sean: maybe that will finally put liberal rumors to rest. it now, also tonight, we have a direct message to the trumpet media. we know you are watching. while you have been pushing your crack fraud conspiracy theories around the clock 24/7, for over a year, without any facts, we have been uncovering actual evidence and what is now the biggest abuse of power scandal in american history. now, the media has been lying to you and miss leading you, the american people, but their time is up. now, if you remember back in january, when i came back from vacation, i said 20 teens would be the year of the boomerang. and that all of these scandals were going to swing back and blow up right and the democrats and the media spaces, and that is exactly what is happening
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because there are stunning new developments just a tonight. ten other members of congress, they have sent a criminal referral letter to the attorney general, jeff sessions, the fbi director, christopher wray, in the u.s. attorney, john hoover. and these members are now -- of congress, they are calling for criminal investigations into the potentially illegal actions of james comey, of hillary clinton, of a loretta lynch, andrew mccabe, peter strzok, lisa page, and other officials who have ties to the unverified dossier. we've been talking about this. let's start with james comey. a quick sidebar before we lay out the case against him. we have been a warning that the self-serving holier-than-thou fbi director that he has the right to remain silent, but he just can't seem to keep his mouth shut. and it has been amazing to me that comey doesn't have an army of lawyers that have been telling him to keep quiet and not to release this because he is now tonight facing serious
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legal exposure. here is what we mean. in his brand-new letter, these 11 members of congress, they highlight how he spent 14 minutes back on july 5th 2016 laying out the case for criminal prosecution against hillary clinton, but then at the very end, it basically said never mind and did not recommend the criminal charges. we talked about equal justice under the law. we cannot have a dual justice system. now, we have since found out that call me and strzok, and their cohorts, they saved hillary clinton by reaching a decision not to prosecute before interviewing hillary clinton and a 17 other key witnesses. they wrote that months before they interviewed her. now, this inexcusable absurdity. the letter today elsewhere this. charges against clinton smith conducts the just and proper investigative conduct. potentially motivated by a political agenda. and because of the outcome of these congressmen are now
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referring obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees. and 18 u.s. code, definitions for certain provisions, which appears to be referring to making misleading statements. and there is the issue of his memos. an outcome of this letter explains that in order for members of congress to view them, they had to go to a secure facility because four of the seven memos were more classified ads of secret and confidential levels. well, we also have the issue of comey and what he did. here is what he said back in june under oath. take a look. >> i asked -- the president tweeted on friday, after i got fired, that i better hope there are not to tapes. i woke up in the middle of the night on monday night because it did not save on me, that there might be corroboration for our conversation. there might be a table.
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and my judgment was that i need to get that end into the public square. so i did not do it myself for a variety of reasons, but i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of the special counsel. >> sean: he just admitted to leaking classified government information. laws and crimes that apply. look at this. public money, property, or records, this deals with removing those government memos from the fbi. then there is 18 u.s. code 793. we talk about this a lot. gathering, transmitting, or losing defense information. 1924, unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents, or material. all of this spells a massive legal trouble tonight for james comey, but it is just the beginning of comey's potential criminal misconduct. now, he wrote the clinton
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exoneration statement before the investigation. that means before interviewing hillary and 17 other key witnesses. that is not what he testified to under oath. we have the videotape you take a look. >> director, did you make the decision not to recommend that charges before or after hillary clinton was interviewed by the fbi on july the second? >> after. colleagues of ours believe that i am lying about when i made this decision, please urge them to contact me privately so that we can have a conversation about this. all i can do is tell you that i did not know what was going to happen in that interview. maybe she lied in a way that we can prove. >> sean: okay, they interviewed her in july, he wrote it in may. now, these members of congress also point out that there appears to be material inconsistencies between his congressional briefing on the fbi's relationship with the author, christopher steele, and the doj documents that were
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provided to congress afterwards. it now, here are the criminal charges that would apply to me in that case. code 1621. perjury, generally, 1,001. now, instead of sitting down with the liberal media, you know, the dream team of liberal liberals, george stephanopoulos, the ladies of the "the view," he probably should be lawyering up. also recommending criminal charges against hillary clinton. and an investigation. it now, we know she broke the law by using that unsecured private email server and a mom and pop shop a bathroom closet, then deleting 33,000 subpoenaed emails and beating up her devices with the hard drive. these lawmakers today are now demanding an investigation into clinton for hiding payments for fusion gps from the federal committee. it now they fumbled over ten to
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$12 million. and then they paid fusion gps. remember, foreign nationals are not supposed to influence our elections. ask at christopher steele. he then puts together a dossier, full of russian lies that were never verified. now, the reader, the former attorney general, loretta lynch. she has issues tonight. these members of congress, they want the department of justice now to investigate allegations that loretta lynch threatened the fbi informant with reprisal. remember, he was on the show. this is the informant went undercover for years and exposed the extortion, racketeering scheme that was used to get a foothold on america's uranium market. andrew mccabe, he is also mentioned in this criminal referral letter. the reason doj report found that mccabe lied under oath three
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times about leaking to the news media. it now, those are serious violations that involve at least three criminal statutes, and of course, these lawmakers want mccabe investigated. on top of that, we have peter strzok and lisa page. they are also being referred for possible criminal charges tonight. an outcome of the letter lays out how text messages show that strzok removed a reference -- remember the exoneration statement, she was emailing with president barack obama. they withdrew it. they took it out. they wiped it out, which means that obama knew about the server all along. they changed it through a government official. sure, that is what we will call president obama. these lawmakers are also calling for members to be investigated for lying to federal judges. we have been talking about this, as one of the biggest revelations. in other words, the unverified, uncorroborated, clinton bought
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and paid for, phony russian propaganda dossier, they use that in order to get a warrant to spy on at the trump associate. that is lying to a judge. and they never told the judge that they paid for it, either. these are all major developments tonight. and all these bad actors that we have now been exposing for over a year, i'm feeling that onion, day by day, well, now today, criminal referrals have been made to the department of justice. finally. an outcome of the big question is what will the attorney general, jeff sessions, what will he do tonight? will he defend the constitution? equal justice under the law, and that big story, by the way, is only one of our breaking news or is tonight. house oversight committee chairman, he is asking the doj and the fbi, and the inspector general to look into issues that were raised by mark meadows in north carolina about possible
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doj fbi collision over james comey's june 2016 statement, and the larger clinton email investigation. and now, congressman meadows is rightly saying that he has uncovered new emails and text messages that prove this coordination. unbelievable. we need to get to the bottom of all of this. all right, no finally tonight, the self-righteous james comey, who never should have written this book. he should have listen to me. his lawyers should have never allowed him to go out on this media blitz to work, which apparently knows no bounds. he sat down with late-night trump haters, stephen colbert. he had so many hard questions, it was unbelievable. i almost felt bad for him. take a look. >> i know that you say in the book when it was over, you flew back on a plane to the east coast. drinking pinot noir out of a paper cup. so i thought maybe we could recreate that have a moment for you right now.
6:15 pm
>> were you surprised that you got whacked? because that's what they do. >> are there things that you knew before you were fired that we haven't learned yet? >> yes. viggo can you tell me what those are? >> no. viggo no. >> he twitted at me probably 50 times. i am like at the breakup that he can't get over. >> sean: all right, those are the types of questions that he has received so far from so-called journalists in the news media. while not stephen colbert, obviously. somebody in the media, meghan mccain, decided to actually challenge the former fbi director. it's good for. watch this. >> it feels like you may have some scores to settle. you might have a little bit of anger left over and a little bit of bitterness. do you plead guilty to all of that? >> no, i wouldn't, actually. i think it is wrought in the
6:16 pm
sense that i find it really painful to relive, doing the audiobook it, it left me physically drained. but i really don't feel a sense of anger. >> the most widely cited parts have to do with your description and words about president trump. including calling his skin orange and saying that it looked like he had a tanning goggles. you know, some people have said that was kind of look for lack of a better word, catty. it did you enjoy taking the shots at the present? >> you don't think that you have diminished yourself? a lot of things that you are saying and doing our highly political. i just don't understand what you gain by bringing things like this up. >> that is a good question. i don't think of it as my politics. i think of it as my values. >> you talked about how she was out the women's much, very sad and election night. why bring up politics?
6:17 pm
your take on the current republican party, i am more interested about what you know about national security. >> ego driven, it does not reflect the values at all. you sound like a political commentator to me. >> i don't mean to be. >> sean: all right, great job savanna and meghan mccain. it is about time that they took the kid gloves off and asked some real tough questions. mr. comey, do you want to sit down for a real interview? i will give you three hours on my radio station. a full hour here on the fox news channel. finally tonight, james comey, and his bff andrew mccabe, they appear to be headed for a really ugly breakup. he kicked off the investigation that led to mccabe being fired. he is now firing back at comey, saying that he disclosed to his former boss that he was leaking to the media. now, the question is that since mccabe could face criminal charges, is he going to flip? will he cooperate against the comey? joining us now with a reaction,
6:18 pm
two of the lawmakers, matt gates thank you both for being with u us. to me, this has been a long time building. this has been a long time coming. so often, we hear the attorney general say that it is a process, if i get a referral, i will look into it. they have now not only the referral about the specific laws that you believe and i believe were violated in each case. >> that's right, sean. we have this guy, and i want to make sure people like him know that these -- this is information that congress has developed. it has been in the public square, and sent to focus on this stuff. comey, he is out on this book to her -- he did not exonerate hily until after the interview, when we know that he exonerated her two months before with the memo. then you look at somebody like
6:19 pm
andrew mccabe. he rushed into prosecute michael flynn. they went in, interviewed him, prosecuted him for false statements. mccabe lied to the fbi. it is documented now. multiple times. is there a different set of rules for mccabe? this is all about equal application of the law. >> sean: well, think about this, when meghan mccain actually asked comey today about his life. you can still lie and be a good person. wait a minute. does that apply to general michael flynn, who was charged with lying to the fbi? congressman gates. >> sean if lies were music it, james comey would be beethoven. but when you lie to congress, it is a crime. when you leak information, it is a crime appeared and when you allow your personal politics to dictate the outcome of an investigation before even conducting the investigation in earnest, that could be obstruction of justice.
6:20 pm
and so in congress, we did not just want to sit around and hope that jeff sessions and others would seriously look into these matters. we wanted to specifically detail the violations of law and then demand action from our attorney general because we cannot allow this to stand. the director of the fbi, james comey, fired, the deputy director, andrew mccabe, fired. it is all over the place. >> sean: and this is a big problem. i know that it has been over a year. we are waiting for the inspector general to finish his report on the clinton email investigation, but here's what we do now. he doesn't have prosecutorial powers. now, i understand that the attorney general put this other person in place and supposedly, they can work in conjunction with each other. is that going to get the job done? here are the facts as we know them. clinton violated 18 usc 57. special access programming information. she deleted 33,000 emails.
6:21 pm
she acid washed her hard drive with a bleach, but she beat the crap out of her devices so that there was no record. is that not a violation of law? i mean, it is a simple. >> that's why it is so frustrating. comey said that's because it trumps supposedly said man, i hope you can find it in you to let flynn go, that that is a potential obstruction of justice, but yet, he did not pursue any obstruction of justice for the emails that were under congressional subpoena. those were the critical emails in the hillary clinton investigation. and yet he did not pursue that. so how could you be so zealous with everyone associated with trumps campaign, but then bend over backwards, time and time again, to not go after obstruction, or to not go after hillary? >> sean: all right, great job today. this is a big day. finally, now, it is moving. we are going to have more on the
6:22 pm
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the >> i think i am a good pers, but i have lied. the inspector general found that he lied, and they are severe consequences for lying, as there should be, throughout the government. >> sean: people lie all the time. well, why is general flynn now facing a penalty and had to admit you lying? this is unbelievable. here with reaction, former district attorney. wait a minute, full disclosure
6:27 pm
for all of you in the liberal media. joe has done legal work for me in the past. he is one of the best lawyers out there. also with us, fox news contributor, sarah carter, she has done no legal work for me ever. and gregg jarrett. i have not had any legal work done with him either. but i have had dinner with greg and sarah. i have had dinner. and i think i paid. all rights. >> you did. >> sean: know that all of the caveats are out of the way. no, this is serious. michael flynn's life has been on hold for a year now, and yet comey now daring to admit that he lied. good people lie all the time. really? can we say that general flynn is a good person because i think that i guy who served his country for 35 years is a good person. >> well, the bottom line is so simple. there is a double standard of justice in the united states. there was one standard of justice were hillary clinton,
6:28 pm
and that was with the obama justice department and fbi. headed by james comey. and then there was another standard of justice for the trump campaign and flynn and everybody else. and the bottom line was this, the president is being framed, general flynn was framed, and that no matter what mr. comey says, the lying that he started has not ended, and it continues to this day. he is destroying himself and the institution of the fbi, and believe me, everybody and that fbi building right now is embarrassed from head to toe. we want everyone i know in the fbi. america knows it is not you. they know it's not the rank and file, which is very important. i want to go back to this criminal referral. this is serious business now. especially when congress goes to the attorney general. this has to step up. here's my question to you. we went over every one of those laws that they cited here.
6:29 pm
you are the master at this. you have a bucket coming out specifically about this, but as it relates to this criminal referral, how bad is it for all of these people? >> i would say that they are in serious legal jeopardy, and most of the identifying all statues in the referral today go against her james comey. and they continue to mount. now, you have two different letters today, identifying different potential crimes that he committed. and it's amazing to me that he continues to do this in his glorious look at me, book tour. he is a potentially incriminating himself. just look at the first interview. he admitted that politics intruded into his decision-making. that could potentially be obstruction of justice. he can't be much of a lawyer if he keeps doing this. >> sean: you know, i want to ask all three of you, the thing that stunned me the most, i got
6:30 pm
into this a lot last night. absolutely took my breath away. comey is now admitting, sarah, that it could be true, the dossier. slow down. the memo, it was the bulk of information to get a warrant to spy on an american who happen to be associated with the trump campaign in the lead up to an election. they presented that to a judge to get a warrant, and they don't know if it's true, they never verified it, and they never said that she bought and paid for russian lies. that is an outrageous admission. speak out it is an outrageous admission because comey himself told congress >> it is an outrageous admission that this was in on verified it dossier. this is basically with information gathered from russian intelligence by a foreign british axis v -- the fr
6:31 pm
cia director, john brennan does the same. it's like they are creating their own information campaign. look at, they are so concerned about the russians and their information, they are the ones that are doing this. if they have evidence, they should let it out now. but the thing is, they don't have any evidence. >> sean: they don't. they never did. let me ask show the same question. joe, this is what you do. would you ever present unverified uncorroborated foreign national russian lies, paid for by a political opponent information to a pfizer judge or to spy on an american? >> no, no. i actually have reviewed pfizer warrant when i was a u.s. attorney. here is the problem for all of them.
6:32 pm
they provided false information to the court as part of a conspiracy to fram the incoming president of the united states. and there is simply no way around that any longer. because what happened -- this is over because he is going to have to drag a bunch of people before the grand jury and when all is said and done, it will be shown that from president obama on down, there was knowledge of the unmasking of american citizens for the purpose of leaking into the media to embarrass those people, get a political advantage, and are to take down the incoming president of the united states. there is now no doubt that brennan and klapper and comey and mccabe and others worked to undermine the incoming
6:33 pm
president in a criminal conspiracy. and mr. huber, if he does his job, will be able to prove that quite easily. >> sean: gregor, do you agree with that? >> i absolutely agree with that, but i worry when you have the department of justice investigating the department of justice, that is a recipe for corruption. >> sean: i want to give shadow to all of you and sarah carter, last year, you and john sullivan broke the story about the fisa. it has taken years to get to where we are today. step of the how to you for your investigative reporting. you have been read the entire time. same with you, joe. and a lot of us. thank you. unbelievable. and all the media has been telling you about is a conspiracy theory with no evidence. answer me daniel. now, speaking of the corruption media, cnn, they have a serious credibility crisis. and we've got the tape to show you. we will get reaction. joining us next, straight ahead.
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>> sean: all right, so fake news cnn has really hit rock bottom. we showed you last night how the network has now been obsessing over the ridiculous to in a bad story. they never seem to mention that part. in case you missed it, take a look at that part. >> this is it cnn, the most trusted name in news. >> good evening, where to begin? >> i am wolf blitzer, you are in the situation room. speak out we begin with breaking news. >> they had it been out to urinate on each other. >> golden showers. >> golden showers. speak out it was him and
6:39 pm
prostitutes. >> there is no way that i would let people pee on a. >> there he is talking about -- >> they actually set at 195 times in a day. they built this country 110 years ago. >> a few more. do you have an example of any country that he referred to that is predominantly caucasian? >> i am proud to be of [bleep]. the ones they are obsessed with me now, which is hilarious.
6:40 pm
that's not even the worst. you might recall their infamous pornstar scandal. >> we are talking quite a bit about stormy daniels. in her own words, she isn't going anywhere. stormy daniels has a good lawyer. >> stormy daniels -- >> a quick preview of the stormy daniels interview. >> stormy daniels. >> stormy daniels. >> stormy daniels. >> the reason that he cannot engage with stormy daniels is that she has got his number. >> stormy daniels had a breakfast this morning. maybe the dramatic collapse of cnn makes more sense when you look at anderson cooper. more like jerry springer than a newscaster. take a look. >> told donald trump to turn around and to take off his pants. >> yes. >> you're young, you like to have fun, you are a party girl.
6:41 pm
what is the story? >> and you had sex with him? >> did you want to have sex with him? >> no. but i didn't say no. are you interested in being with him? >> he ended up taking me home. >> you work in an industry where condom use is in issue. it did he use one? >> no. >> sean: yes, no, joining us, she investigates your nationally syndicated radio talk show host. what is your favorite taft, michelle? >> i can't stop laughing. my entire team is dying. >> i am too. i am too. is it cnn or pnm? i mean it is disgusting. and you know what, it is kind of sad. i think it is always good to
6:42 pm
have more and diverse competition in the media marketplace. i have always said that the answer to speech with which we disagree, and a news coverage with which we disagree is more and better, but this is really literally sunk into the toilet. and it is a rather unhealthy obsession that this one's impressive news network has now succumbed it to. i mean, anderson cooper, think about it. this is a guy who was a war correspondent. and i will say something nice about him. i remember and admire when he was exposing has been a lot of manipulation of the news. and now, he is every bit as a propaganda person. >> sean: juxtaposing his questions with jerry springer, what is the difference? >> well, there was not a whole lot of difference. let me start by having full disclosure.
6:43 pm
you have never sought legal advice from me, although you and i shared a car once in new york. >> sean: oh, no, i forgot to tell them. viggo let me tell you why the media are so hysterical, sean. of course, they despise a trumpet. they despise republicans and in general, they know that they are a part of why trump won. they had no idea he was going to win it, they treated him as a joker, helped him pick out his rivals. they feel guilty and responsible, so now they are going after him with a vengeance. that's why the coverage has been so nasty. >> sean: it yet. michelle, where does this and for them? this is serious stuff now. they have been wrong on russia, and now, it has become stormy daniels. it is so ridiculous, you can't even make it up. but they have egg on their face.
6:44 pm
they have hyperventilated for over a year with nothing. >> yeah, where does it go. it is a witch. and there is a reason why they are in last place when it comes to the tv ratings. because they are no longer a credible journalism organization. why do you think they have ratcheted up with the attacks on you? i love the montage that you show the other night. hannity, hannity, hannity. i mean, it was like an opera, almost. and what is happening to them, look, the existence of bias has never been a problem with me. and you and i have always been very upfront with their ideological principles and views, where we stand during election cycle, it is the pretense of objectivity. and that is the problem with cnn. there they are on their high horse, pretending to tell everybody else what qualifies as news and what qualifies as journalism. journalism is an act.
6:45 pm
my friend always said that. journalism is an act. it is not an identity. and what threatens the mainstream media the most is that anybody can do it. citizens can do it, talk show host can do it, ordinary bloggers can do it, and they can do it better than them. >> sean: and larry, you get to do it, i get to do it, michelle gets to do it, and it has changed the whole landscape. >> it has. talking about full disclosure, used to be a secretary for a democrat during her campaign? work for her as a press secretary. it worked for the presidential campaign of tom harkin, probably one of the most left-wing guys to ever run for president. >> sean: investigative reporting. >> he was a top aide to bill clinton. was that just goes before the comey interview? of course not. they have conflict of interest of the union. but we never hear about it.
6:46 pm
>> sean: we never hear about that. i think he just made a headline. great job, both of you. we appreciated. huge news tonight. upcoming developments on the meeting between the president and a north korean dictator kim jong un about it denuclearization in the korean peninsula. wait until you hear this. ♪ this is what getting your car serviced at lincoln looks like. complementary pickup and delivery servicing now comes with every new lincoln. i won. giving you, the luxury of time. that's the lincoln way. gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health
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>> we have never been in a position like this without regime. whether it's father, grandfather, or son. and i hope to have a very successful meeting. if we don't think it is going to be successful, we won't have it. we won't have it. if i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be
6:51 pm
fruitful, we are not going to go. if the meeting when i am there is not fruitful, i will respectfully leave the meeting. and will continue what we are doing or whatever it is that we will continue. but something will happen. >> sean: that was the president earlier tonight, talking about the talks with kim jong un talking about the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. senior intelligence officer, vice president, daniel hoffman. you know, it is pretty amazing that china backed down on intellectual property, entree tariffs. everybody said oh, there's going to be a trade work. the same thing happened in this particular case. at rocket is now afraid. if the president hit syria, nothing happens. peace through strength works. you don't have to bring in cargo planes with $150 billion in cash and beg people to like you.
6:52 pm
>> yeah, you know, one of the great stories about this, if anyone in congress was sitting on the fence, wondering whether they should confirm mike pompeo as our next secretary of state, they should look at the evidence of diplomatic initiative. if you said peace through strength, i fondly remember president reagan, and not inconsistent with this it. and i think that is what we're doing hear, hear with north korea. mike pompeo on intelligence, he is deeply respected within the region up and among our allies. it was an excellent decision to send him to meet with the north koreans, with kim jong un, and to determine the seriousness of in terms of their interest. i will tell you. if you want mike pompeo is one of the smartest people i have ever known. and the really, he has a great american and a great servant. and i wish him luck. i mean, i imagine this. we have that opportunity, the
6:53 pm
president is putting out an olive branch to vladimir putin. why are you hanging out with this guy? and also, look at the alliance with the saudis, the egyptians, the jordanians, the emirates now, there is a huge shift going on, where perhaps, a historic world peace can take place. >> yeah, and i will tell you, i am going to reflect my own background here, but every one of those relationships has a significant intelligence angle to them. in order to manage those relationships and the challenges we face, i think it really helps to have someone like mike pompeo with his experience leading our diplomatic efforts. i think that shows a great deal of judgment on the part of the president. >> sean: amazing that they set this up. nobody knew that britain and france were going to join us in syria. they did it behind the scenes. any advice you would leave the president in the last 16 seconds? >> no, i think he is on the right approach.
6:54 pm
we are going to figure out if it is serious, if not, continue to get them with the sanctions and more. >> sean: all right, thank you for being with us. a lot of hope tonight. when we come back, we will tell you what hollywood actor is increasing is a unhinged attack on the president. that is straight ahead.
6:55 pm
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♪ >> sean: robert de niro, give credit where due, he's considered a pretty good actor in hollywood. his roles then "godfather part two," "raging bull," some of the more memorable roles. unfortunately in the last few years, he started in great movies such as "dirty grandpa," or santa, whatever it was. it just seems these days he's very angry and continues to be unhinged, trashing the president every chance he gets. here's the latest. >> you made some headlines. "snl," robert mueller. i think we have a clip to remind
6:59 pm
folks what that looked like. how did this cameo come to be? >> i was talking to lorne michaels and he said if there is anything you want to think about that you could play, i spoke to my wife, and she said, why don't you play mueller? and i said, how about mueller? that is how it came down. >> is this going to become a recurring thing? is this one and on? >> i don't know. i hope there's a couple where i interrogate him and then i arrest him and then i escort him to jail. >> you mean trump. >> who did you think i mean? >> sean: his auntie trump grant didn't stop there. according to reports, at the opening of the tribeca film festival, he slammed president trump as a lowlife in chief. i'm sure that hurts him. dinero needs to focus on acting. maybe not. we have a big show show tomorrow
7:00 pm
night. the great one, mark levin, kellyanne conway, alan dershowitz will all be joining us. we will always be fair and balanced. we are not the destroy-trump-media. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham in washington tonight. how are you? >> laura: i'm good. i think if you put your screenshot right now next to robert de niro, what was that, "meet the parents," you might have the same hair. >> sean: "dirty grandpa"? >> laura: i never watched that. you guys kind of look alike. >> sean: you want to hear my marlon brando? >> laura: classic, classic robert de niro. >> sean: i never wanted this for don jr. or for michael. this was for sonny and franco. it is always the corleone family. what about the clinton crime family? >> laura: the irish man can't do the italian.


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