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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 19, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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we are up 47% with ages 18 through 49, 42% ages 24 to 54 and up 32% with ages 35 to 64. that is a lot, thank you. your continued loyalty. we love all of you and god bless all of you tonight, see you back tomorrow night, another show up next, take it away. >> welcome to fox news at night, moments away we will ask cory gardner what he thinks the odds are cia director mike pom barrow - mike pompeo will be many secondary state, many democrats voted for him months ago and later tonight the euro pilot and former naval aviator who got the plane to the ground after it appears an engine exploded. we will talk to someone who knows how tough that landing was
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put new tonight more progress toward what would be a historic summit with north korean leader kim jong un. assurances from donald trump that japan is on the same page when it comes to the kim meeting. donald trump's promised to raise the issue of japanese citizens abducted by north korea. team coverage tonight. it in recovering the political response files to pompeo talks with kim but john roberts kicks things off with the latest from florida. >> forgive the noise in the background, a train going through west palm beach, the president saying he will raise the issue of abductees infant when he gets together with 20. he considers shinzo abe a very good friend of his. the chances of a meeting seem to
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be much greater than they were after mike pompeo went to north korea on easter weekend. shinzo abe says there has to be no reward for north korea. concrete action must be demanded from him, the president saying he is going into this with his eyes wide open. >> i hope to have a very successful meeting. if we don't think it is going to be successful we won't have it. if i think it is a meeting that is not going to be fruitful we are not going to go. if the meeting when i'm there is not fruitful, i will respectfully leave the meeting. >> the president was asked about possible concessions on the part
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of kim jong un, particularly 3 americans being detained in north korea. talks are ongoing about their release and the associated press reported when he was in pyongyang, cia director mike neil gorsuch raised the issue. the president was asked about the fates of robert mueller and rod rosenstein, the special counsel and assistant attorney general overseeing the special counsel, the president was very critical of both of them in the wake of the raid on his personal attorney, michael:'s office but tonight the president did and seemed to indicate any pressing desire to fire them. he said what he wants is for the investigation to be completed. listen to the president. >> we are hopefully coming to the end. it is bad for our country but there has been no collusion as far as the two gentle plume you told me about. they have been saying i'm going to get read of them for the last 3 months, 4 months, 5 months and
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they are still here. we went to get the investigation over with, done with, put it behind us. >> typically these bilateral press availabilities are two questions aside but for the first time the president did on a shopping question that was asked him, what about those russian sanctions we heard about on sunday. why haven't they come to pass. >> we will do sanctions as soon as they deserve it. >> with the media, no matter what i did is never tough enough because that is their narrative that russia will tell you there has been nobody tougher than donald trump. >> there was a bit of a disconnect when nikki haley in the wake of the attack against syria in the chemical attack said russian sanctions were coming and steve mnuchin was going to announce the monday
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already had but it the same time the president was not planning on any sanctions please the white house, the russian agency and said we are not planning sanctions, the press secretary came out monday and said there are sanctions under consideration but nothing immediate and larry kudlow said the following day, nikki haley got a little confused, which caused nikki haley to say with all due respect i don't get confused with a couple questions were shouted at the president but he did not bite on those. shannon: thank you, live from florida. about those three americans held in north korea the president is trying to free them, tony jim detained last april while trying to leave the country, he was working as an accountant for a science school funded by evangelical christians, north korea holding him for unspecified acts.
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a christian missionary from virginia admitted to what he calls and hardenable espionage acts against pyongyang but that is likely a coerced confession. and another who was detained for unspecified acts. he is devoted to helping the north korean people become self-sufficient. cory gardner on the senate foreign relations committee will weigh in on mounting opposition to cia director mike pompeo's nomination as secretary of state. and henry breaks down what is slowing the confirmation process. >> reporter: some of the top advisers tell me there is no reason to block mike pompeo's nomination other than democratic obstructionism. the white house might be playing hardball with democrats by leaking the details of the cia director admission to north korea. sending pompeo to pyongyang, highest level official to visit
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since bill clinton's secretary of state in 2000 suggests these talks are farther along than the president's critics want to give him credit for. there is a school of thought that administration officials leaked this out to pressure democrats to say how can you vote against the secretary of state nominee when he is so directly involved in such sensitive diplomacy at 9 of 10 democrats on the senate foreign relations committee have said they are voting no on pompeo, the 10th is undecided. complicating the white house efforts to blame democrats is that rand paul, one of the republicans on the panel has said he will vote no, he is too hawkish and upset about the support of the past use of harsh interrogation techniques. paul revealed he spoke by phone with the president who urged him to meet with pompeo, he is willing to do that but not likely he will change his mind over concerns about us
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entanglements overseas. they can't find an example of the secretary of state being voted down by the foreign relations committee. the nomination could be sent to the senate floor for and up or down vote. with a republican slim majority, john mccain unlikely to vote because of his health, the white house has to get some democrats on board. that is why pompeo met with claire mccaskill, and sounded positive after meeting with another moderate democrat. >> how did your meeting go? >> enjoying my time here. >> i will say this about rand paul. he has never let me down. rand paul is a special guy, he never let me down. and i don't think he will let me down again. >> the president has to count on some democrats from red states, joe mansion, heidi heitkamp, so
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much in terms of america's standing in the world, it is simply dangerous to be blocking his secretary of state nominee when there is so much including diplomacy. >> one of the arguments they are making. the presence's critics say the white house is hyping to bolster his image before the senate foreign relations committee as to those. let's talk about it with a member of that committee. great to see you tonight. you heard about this tip between the president and rand paul, play both sides for folks. >> i will say this about rand paul. he has never let me down. >> that stay forever in the middle east, afghanistan. it would have to be somehow some defining of his position that looks more like donald trump's position and very public, not just private because the thing is it would be a big deal for me to change my position on him.
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>> is not going to vote yes. even if the cia directed not get voted out of committee could go to the floor but without the recommendation of the committee but does he go there bloodied and bruised? >> going back to 1925 this is never happened for secretary of state nominee. it has happened in other nominations but you don't want this to happen. there is no reason to vote against mike pompeo. the panel voted previously on the floor, the very first confirmation hearings, one senator on the panel said he doesn't regret his vote for cia director and wouldn't take it back, the fact that he voted for, and yet they are going to oppose him for secretary of state. i hope they can work with rand paul in those conversations continue to gain his support but there is no reason, the democrats who voted for him to be cia director, to oppose his
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nomination other than blind and absurd partisanship. shannon: some praise that he had this meeting with 20 and glad the trumpet ministration is doing these preparatory meetings but some of the same people say they are not going to vote for him. sen. menendez is one who said he is okay with the meeting but because he did not tell them about the meeting here is how he feels. >> it would have been incredibly spiteful but if true and being forthcoming as the secretary of state nominee, the next secretary of state. >> this was a top-secret top-level mission you would expect people in the administration want to keep it quiet until they are ready to talk about it but sen. mendez says by not telling him about it you qualify yourself as secretary of state. >> an excellent meltdown that there was going to be a nuclear
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catastrophe and now the demand was for diplomacy diplomacy diplomacy so here we have the man nominated to be secretary of state meeting with kim jong un in preparation for what has been characterized as a denuclearization summit and saying i didn't know about it. your feelings may have been hurt that you were not told but it is not about you. it is about this country, it is about denuclearization and is president being able to negotiate the most significant nuclear conversation this country has had since the cuban missile crisis. >> the attacks last friday night. we covered that live. you are worried the white house does not have a plan. this was about chemical weapons but more broadly. >> we have successful strike carried out in response to a heinous chemical attack, global condemnation, but several things we need to have for the administration.
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we need a clear picture of what happens after bashar al-assad. he has proven he cannot be the leader of syria and many countries agree with that and half 1 million people dead in syria wish this had been a different outcome, a different leader in syria to transition to. we have to make sure we continue to fight terrorism which isis and whatever new team jersey shows up to replace isis after they are destroyed we have to make sure they can't become a new face of terrorism. the syrian people deserve protection from the likes of bashar al-assad and the complicit partner, russia and the kinds of attacks are carried out. shannon: especially that close to israel, their stated goal of wiping them off the map. he said he would take a bullet for the president but would
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shannon: republican lawmakers demanding a criminal probe of the officials most closely tied to the clinton email investigation intellectually mishandling unverified claims about the candidate donald trump. those in question james comey, hillary clinton, former atty. gen. loretto lynch, fbi deputy director andrew mccabe and fbi agents peter and the 23 and lisa page and sally yates. members appellate is signing a letter asking atty. gen. sessions and fbi director christopher ray to investigate. also today finger-pointing ensues between james comey and his former number 2 at the fbi. is kristin fisher with more on the story. >> remember when donald trump was the only one accusing comey
12:19 am
with line but not comey and mccabe are accusing each other. listen to how the former fbi director describes him on the view. >> i believe he is a good person but the inspected general found that he lied and there are severe consequences in the justice department for lying as there should be throughout the government. >> he also claimed he was the one who ordered the inspector general investigation which led to mccabe's firing for linking unauthorized information to the press and lying about it multiple times under oath. >> the mccabe case illustrates what an organization committed to the truth looks like. i ordered that investigation. >> mccabe's attorney is firing back by saying either comey or the office of the inspector general is infallible and neither has a right adding the report fails to adequately address the evidence including sworn testimony and documents that prove mccabe advise director comey that he was working with the wall street journal. >> it is good to have you with
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us. >> reporter: he fielded incoming issues confronted him about attacking the president's physical appearance. >> that was for lack of a better word a little chatty. that you enjoy taking those shots of the president. >> now. i didn't think of them as shots. maybe i'm missing it but i think i was describing what his hair looks like. the editor's for esquibel around saying take the reader with you, what did you see. what we are versions? >> reporter: resurrection to the rest investigation comey says there's so much the public doesn't know that he couldn't include in his book because it is classified. >> either things you know about the russia investigation that happened before you were fired that we haven't learned yet? >> yes. >> can you tell me what those are? >> know. >> what else he was in the coming days, his book tour continues until the middle of may. there is a long book tour.
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shannon: not as long as hillary clinton's which is still going. one of donald trump's longtime legal advisors does not think you should trust his personal attorney. tonight, and shielding those documents and all kinds of things seized in the fbi raid. let's talk about it with former atty. gen. of the justice department, great to have you tonight. let's talk about what they are arguing about in court. these have been taken digital and otherwise. :'s team says they actually want this, it will protect the integrity of the government investigation from the toxin partisan politics of the day and attacks on the impartiality of the justice department. there recommending four people who are prosecutors in this office, the 7 district of new york. the government says no way, we have a team that can handle this and they don't crossover with the investigators. what happens next?
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>> the judge has to figure out whether to bring in a third party, a special master who will oversee the review process, this is extremely complicated. not like you can say everything that was seized from cohen is off-limits. instead it is a painstaking document by document review and judges sometimes appoint a third person, special master to come in and help make these, located decisions about whether particular documents are shielded by attorney-client privilege or not. jillian: looking at these documents the judge did not get a temporary restraining order and have to trust the government is being forthcoming about what they are or are not doing. someone representing the president says what he wants is objects to anyone but himself making the assessment of privilege whether these are covered by attorney-client privilege. it is unusual for someone to want to get involved?
12:23 am
>> that would be an unusual order to grant. you typically would have the government, doj would set up a taint team which would review it, the justice department would separate the attorneys conducting the review of the documents from attorneys might prosecute the case. in the course of the review they inadvertently look at documents that they shouldn't have looked at, they will be tainted that is the idea, separate those in that is the process we will see, that or the judge bringing a special master to help with the review. shannon: subject number 2, the sketch from stormy daniels of someone who threatened her years ago. her attorney had this to say, it is a con job, it never happened. hears her attorney. >> told the american people she's a liar, a con, that she has made up this threat and this sketch and i'm outraged by it
12:24 am
and there will be serious consequences. we are likely going to amend our complaints, to add a defamation claim against the president. neil: the president could face a defamation claim. it gives us more material all the time. could he be in trouble? >> i don't think so. it makes for good soundbite but the standard for establishing defamation is a high when. we have the first amendment that protects the right to a vigorous, robust political debate. these are public figures come issues of public interest and to prevail in a defamation case you have to be -- and externally high legal standard. i would say it is exceedingly likely they can prevail on that. >> he can keep tweeting to his hearts content. >> i don't feel a lot of definition liability so far. >> thank you for lending us your legal expertise. cousins of gang members shielded from deportation and released
12:25 am
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>> shannon: california governor jerry brown authorizing 400 national guard troops to the border to fight transnational crime but not to enforce immigration law. brown issuing the order neil: jerry brown ordering national guard troops to fight transnational crime but not to enforce immigration laws, brownish with the order after receiving a funding commitment during his trip to washington dc this week. the development of homeland security is raising the alarm on california and other states sanctuary policies. chris gallagher joins us now. >> when the senate judiciary committee held a hearing on the rise of the ms 13 gaining many questions were focused on how many gang members were being released and shielded from deportation because of centauri policies around the country.
12:30 am
the answers the department of homeland security has provided is eye-opening to say the least. in fiscal 2017, 142 gang members in immigrations and customs enforcement trying to deport were instead released back to communities by local law enforcement and if you look at the list a few things stand out. in texas all 11 gang members released were in travis county which includes the sanctuary city of austin. in maryland, 13 gang members were let go and 10 of them were from ms 13 whose motto is to kill, rape and control, not surprisingly 2 thirds of gang members shielded or released were in the sanctuary state of california which is why the state is locked in a battle with local cities and counties that are opting out of the sanctuary law. when san diego county voted against the law yesterday supervisor dianne jacob said this. >> we are talking about people
12:31 am
who are crossing the border illegally, coming into this county and committing a crime, then being let loose probably to commit another crime. >> in case you think the rest of california is nothing but far left from haters a new paul by uc berkeley's hoss institute for a fair and inclusive society which opposes donald trump shows half of californians support the president's temporary travel ban on majority muslim countries and 60% of residents 8 is either very was somewhat important to increase deportations of illegal immigrants was that response shocked a spokesman for the california immigrant policy center who said i think some of these outlier results may be looking more at the attitudes of certain areas where there needs to be more education. in other words only the uneducated support the travel plan and deportation and an
12:32 am
illegal immigrant charged with raping a passenger is now back in his home country of ghana because instead of being turned over to federal immigration authorities, local law enforcement released him and hours later he fled the us. is alleged victim says she is at a loss for words. >> another california surprise, billionaire democrat joining his political weight and his money behind sen. dianne feinstein's primary challenger kevin deleon, considered more progressive than feinstein the state senate president recently appointed an illegal immigrant to an official government post. donald from facing back lash over and we criticizing the governor and sanctuary policy. so many sanctuary areas that went out of this ridiculous crime infested concept which led one political analyst to call
12:33 am
him a racist saying taken literally the most likely explanation is he's talking about sanctuary cities as places where in document immigrants breed. of that is right there is a racial undertone in that comment that should slap you in the face. tonight spell will not be slapping each other in the face. leslie marshall. larry o'connor associated opinion editor at the washington times and a senior columnist at town in separate studios. i want to start with something the aclu had to say about this breeding concept. no matter how loud the dog whistles remember border crossings are near and all-time low, border communities are militarized and deploying troops for manufactured crisis is beyond wasteful and these are human beings, not a breeding
12:34 am
concept. >> this is just nonsense but i'm getting sick of people trying to dodge the real issues with baloney about racism. that is all they do because here is the problem. a bunch of people who should not be in our country are in our country. i'm in california. our infrastructure is teetering, it is on the edge of collapse which our schools are a disaster and american citizens are being killed by drunk drivers and illegal alien criminals but they don't want to talk about that. they want to live, they want to make up more of this racist baloney they always try to pool but it doesn't work anymore. the truth is out there. it is in front of us, californians, people, city after city rejecting sanctuary cities. neil: to talk about what is going on in california. chuck who used to be a state legislator who lives in texas and couldn't take it anymore talks about cutting taxes,
12:35 am
homelessness, growing poverty rates, and did thousand people leaving every year. massive unfunded pension liabilities and adds this, california is in the future. it is what america's 2016 election save the nation from becoming, it is not a harbinger of things to come but it will be an example of the fate we narrowly avoided. leslie marshall to weigh in. >> i don't know where to go with this. when you present a glass is half empty you forget to look at the other half which is half full. in the state california you look at how many people are coming after other people leave and another reason we need more and more housing throughout the entire state, more and more people, look at silicon valley and the people not just here but from other countries who have specialized computer skills. you don't want to look at the facts, the facts are, san diego doesn't want to be a sanctuary city, they have the lowest crime rate they have had in 49 years.
12:36 am
the majority of crimes in the state in the country are committed not by immigrants who have come here illegally. there by people born, bred and raised here. speaking of breeding, animals breed, people don't read. this is a very racist term used in eastern europe toward the jews, used in china before the one child policy, it has been used towards italians and irish, i am all three. >> what do you make of the remark, is it being taken out of context or is the proper assessment? >> if i had a dollar for every tweet where he uses language i wouldn't use i would be as rich as the president. we have experienced quite a bit and one thing we learned is when the left is losing an argument they call you a racist and they are losing this argument. 59% of california with the president on these deportations.
12:37 am
there is one fact she is avoiding and that is these people come to the country illegally, stay in the country illegally, if they are working here they continue to break the law because they are not supposed to be working here and if they are in police custody asking for sanctuary from federal officials it means they have broken the law a third time. they are breaking the law and continue to break the law, they don't deserve the honor of being in this country and democrats want to nationalize this issue and not make it about california but make it about the 2018 and midterm election i'm absolutely thrilled with that. they tried to do it last time and isn't president hillary clinton doing a great job. neil: you mentioned the issue of employment. are you for or against e-verify in which employers bear the punishment if they employ
12:38 am
people? >> 100%. neil: how are you feeling about this? >> absolutely. don't punish the bunny for going to the character is dangling, punish those holding out that carrot which are these corporations. neil: we end with a moment during the commercial. >> none of us want to punish bunnies. neil: he is going to sing during the commercial. stick around for our midnight hero, the pilot of the southwest flight the blue engine, land of the damaged aircraft, cool, calm and collected. a military pilot, her skill in landing that plane. how the southwest pilot handled it all and brought 100 frightened passengers down.
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>> a woman dead after a terrifying flight complete with a blown engine and shattered window but there is an emerging story of heroism in the cockpit. listen to pilot tammy jo shultz who made harrowing emergency landing after a plain blue engine midair. >> if you have the medical on the runway meet us there. we have injured passengers. >> is your airplane physically
12:43 am
on fire? >> know, that part of it is missing. >> there is a hole and somebody went out? >> the airport is insight. good day. >> arizona republican congresswoman martha mc sally, retired air force col. who wants to honor shoes, yourself and aviator, what did you think when you heard this? >> she is my hero. she paved the way for me. i was a fighter pilot but she was a fighter pilot before. they b an aggressor but would not let her be in a combat unit. i'm grateful for her. when i saw what she did and i listened to the whole tape start the finish, she was amazing. >> he had a dream of being and aviator and was told she couldn't do it. in a book about women were military pilot and moms i didn't understand how i could have such
12:44 am
an interest in flying, not a passing infatuation but a real desire, no way of trying out my wings but taking and aviation exam i found a recruiter who would process my application and she was a pioneer in this. >> she looked up and saw and was inspired by it but they. her off and turned her away but she got to go show the airplane doesn't matter if you have ovaries or not. flying f-18s, training other pilots, she could do it and she has been flying 25 years i think for southwest and everything we learn in pilot training from day one, your pedestrian when you show up and they have to teach you to be cool under pressure, to the with emergencies, to know everything about the airplane like wrote in your sleep otherwise you will be grounded for the day. she went through all this training for this moment in time. she is a hero and yesterday was
12:45 am
her day. our thoughts and prayers are with the riordan family but she saved 148 lives. >> a statement from southwest, the good and the bad has captured so many headline saying as captain and first officer of the group 5 who worked to serve our customers aboard flight 1380 yesterday we feel we were simply doing our jobs with our hearts are heavy on behalf of the entire crew. we appreciate the outpouring of support as we reflect on one family's profound loss. she's a person of deep faith, talked about how that helped her in flying is all she has gone through. >> i have done a lot of praying and cockpits. when you're dealing with these emergencies, no doubt she was literally praying as she was doing her job to save those lives and i know it is humble for her to say that but they have to go through the interviews and investigations but we want to honor her so i'm
12:46 am
introducing a resolution in congress to honor her and the crew for what they did yesterday because we need to give honor where honor is due. >> very humble and just doing her job but give us a sense what it is like in that moment to figure out how to get a plane like this to the ground? >> you go through a lot of training so the moment something happens, a catastrophic failure, the airplane shifted 40 ° to the left and started to descend, pretty catastrophic, the shrapnel came through into the window, decompression happening, you heard the radio, she had to quickly descend as we go through this process, analyze the situation, take appropriate action and it is a va, navigate, communicate. you saw the end, communicate coolly and calmly what you need, what you're doing, where you're going to get everybody safely on the ground. >> my brother is a retired naval
12:47 am
aviator and he always, the calmest people on the planet because of all you have been through. thank you for your service. >> we are proud of capt. shultz. >> we will keep an eye on your resolution. members of congress to pick up efforts, and american christian accused of being a spy in turkey. what about those uranian christians being held in limbo and austria facing what one human rights advocate calls a death sentence which we will get a progress report from congressman mark walker, a former pastor himself. he joins us live when we return. thou hast the patchy beard of a pre-pubescent squire! thy armor was forged by a feeble-fingered peasant woman... your mom! as long as hecklers love to heckle, you can count on geico saving folks money. boring! fifteen minutes could save you
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think having a great smile is so important.
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>> shannon: american pastor an >> american pastor andrew brunson facing 35 years in a turkish prison if convicted of spying. turkey planes he conspired with an exiled imam who orchestrated the 2016 to, things that brunson vehemently denies. congressman mark walker, the chairman of the republican study committee, fighting to get the pastor home. thank you for weighing in on this tonight, it is an important case. what is going on over there? >> very frightening. you are talking about a wonderful christian pastor who has lived in turkey for two
12:52 am
decades, raised a good portion of his family, this is an urgent situation. he has crammed into a cell designed for eight people, there are 20 other terrorists. he has lost 50 pounds and we are trying to raise awareness to create action steps, to get 75 to 80 signatures even just this afternoon on a letter to the president keeping pressure on her to one --erdogan. >> he has been sweet messaging publicly they call him a spy but i'm more spy than he is. time to get his home to the family. what leverage do we have with turkey in this situation? >> we have a lot of leverage. turkey is one of the 29 nato countries but they are acting like an authoritarian regime, a rogue nation. we need to turn up the pressure and make sure we are sending a clear message that we will not tolerate such behavior. >> i want to ask about another
12:53 am
case. some people say it is nothing but a show trial but we will watch it and keep up-to-date on what is going on. i want to ask about these other christians and religious minorities. we report on this before. months ago we were told this was going to be resolved, one source close to the administration, folks know we are talking about, these folks were any ran. they went to austria based on a program that is supposed to get them to the us eventually, they gave up their jobs, their homes, left everything behind, now they are trapped in austria in limbo because the state department will not approve them to come to the us. what do you make of this? >> ultimately, our faith should rise above political posture here. people are oppressed or persecuted for their faith, the united states of america has always opened up their arms too many people, many organizations have worked with such refugees,
12:54 am
spent time in this division syrian refugee camps just kilometers below the syrian border itself and most of these refugees love the opportunity to go back to their homeland but for some christian minorities, we need to put pressure even on our administration, we need to make some space, now is the time to behave in a way that opens up our arms. >> the letter to mike pence who has been outspoken on persecuted minorities, christians and others, the applicants have run out of money living hand to mouth, reaching a crisis point. and international human rights lawyer who directs the hudson institute center for religious freedom said these deportations could be a death sentence for these persecuted christians and other minorities. the state department is our safety in the us is the number one priority. they are not saying much more but do you see any movement
12:55 am
coming? >> we haven't -- mike pence is coming to my home and i'm looking forward to speaking, sandy hook has reached out to the vice president talking about these issues. is very concerned about the situation but we need to continue, pastor brunson is an american citizen railroaded in this trial. for these people who have been persecuted and as you eloquently point out if they return could face death and we have seen that in the past was there is a precedent for such. we need to act on behalf of these refugees as well. >> please keep us updated on these situations. more news right after this. as king midas, i expect things to last a looong time. and so should you.
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>> catherine byers finished the boston marathon in 7 hours and 15 minutes was a lot longer than the winter but give a break to this lady, 85 years old, the
1:00 am
oldest of 30,000 runners who entered the race, the oldest woman ever to finish and she celebrated with a plaintive beer. i say she deserves it. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend this evening with us. >> thursday, april 19th, this is "fox and friends first". happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast donald trump laying down the law with kim jong un. >> if i think it is a meeting that is not going to be fruitful i will respectfully leave the meeting. neil: tough talk them in an escalating battle to get mike pompeo confirmed. the stakes are higher than ever. midair emergency. smoke pours from the cockpit of a delta flight just today after the deadly


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