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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 19, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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10:54 a.m. rob: right when the alarm clock goes off. bear in search of a snack gets trapped inside the car. it was honking the horn before they let it out. inside of the car completely tore out just like the same story yesterday. jillian: from a good day. rob: see you later. >> i will be meeting with kim jong un in the coming weeks. it will be a tremendous thing for north korea and tremendous thing for the world. >> he is bringing north korea closer to behaving like a real country than anyone in our lifetime. >> the department of homeland security is raises the alarm yet again on california and other state's sanctuary policies. >> 142 gang members, ice, trying to deport or instead released back in to communities. >> there has been nobody tougher on russia than president donald trump. >> if we got along with other faces, that's good. not bad. the city of houston, texas is celebrating the life of former first lady barbara
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bush lighting up city hall in her favorite color ahead of tomorrow's public memorial. >> big surprise for a mom on long island eric binsing surprising his mother regina. >> i'm really proud of him. >> thanks, mom. ♪ ♪ all i want to do is make my hometown proud ♪ turn it up loud ♪ with the windows down. steve: hi, everybody, live from new york city on this thursday morning. come on up, camera guy. get the picture over here. we are at the curvey couch. as we saw from the last segment during "fox & friends first," let's see if we can make it until 10:59 without cussing. brian: it's going to be hard. without cussing. steve: three hours on tv. will we make it today. brian: stormy warren of the highway opening show for this show thursday edition of "fox & friends." ainsley: i thought you were
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going to go. brian: that's what i think of when i think of stormy. steve: storm field the weather man in new york city. ainsley: he is the meteorologist and his name is storm. i was working other local news. i think it was in charleston, there was a guy who was our sports guy, radio guy, his name was adam but he spelled it atom. brian: if you are out there tell us why. ainsley: send us crazy names. steve:, twitter or facebook. meanwhile the president of the united states is down at his mar-a-lago resort along with the prime minister of japan shinzo abe and during a joint availability yesterday in mar-a-lago's fancy ballroom, the president was talking a little bit about it sounds like there's going to be a summit with kim jong un at the end of may or early june and while mr. kim has been
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described during his meeting with mike pompeo as personal and well-prepared. the president said yesterday if the meeting goes south and not fruitful. he is going to go to the exit. >> i will be meeting with kim jong un in the coming weeks to discuss the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. hopelhopefully that meeting will be a great success and we are looking forward to it. it would be a tremendous thing for north korea and a tremendous thing for the world. we have never been in a position like this with that regime. if i think that it's a meetings that is not going to be fruitful, we're not going to go. if the meeting, when i'm there, is not fruitful, i will respectfully leave the meeting. brian: i think it's pretty az r. amazing the cia director is going to be the secretary of state if congress doesn't embarrass
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itself goes over there and has a one-on-one and walked out. if he felt as though he wasn't serious, he wasn't prepared, he wasn't ready or wasn't sincere, he would have come back and said mr. president don't embarrass yourself and the country. we're not doing it he saw enough there he can keep a secret. pretty clear can he keep a secret. he went through confirmation hearings even though he spent his easter in north korea, nobody knew it. steve: nobody asked. ainsley: you asked many times if the president is going to kim jong un free these americans that are there. he is going to be putting pressure on to denuke rise. steve: denuke. ainsley: yeah. take out the nuclear weapons. ask these three americans held in north korea. shinzo abe said japanese citizens have also been abducted he is going to put pressure to also release those individuals. north korea says they abducted 13 japanese stipulates. japan saying more than that. 17. they abducted them to train
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their agents to speak japanese. brian: who does that? steve: back in the 180s. he is actually negotiating to release them. but there is a question about hey, so mike pompeo goes over there and he doesn't get anything, he doesn't get them in return as a good faith effort. and the president answered, look, i'm working on it mike huckabee says, look, the fact that this president is bringing north korea closer, this is historic. >> he's a guy when he plays cards never really gives his cards away. what he is saying okay, pompeo came. we had a great visit. things went well. the set-up is there. he wants to make it clear he has some expectations. will his expectations be met? probably not. not completely. but, it's historic in that he is bringing north korea closer to behaving like a real country than anyone in our lifetime has been able to do. and that really is progress.
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brian: it is. it's just amazing, too. most people who aren't just blind with partisanship are saluting the president's tactics to this point that brought us to this point while the president is smart enough to say i'm not going to raise expectations. we can't even pick a spot right now to have a june summit. also in the back drop, they are also talking about north korea, south korea armistice. ending the korean war. steve: that would be great. brian: the conflict ended in '53 but we never signed anything. south and north korea could be making historic announcement in may. ainsley: president is going to head down to the key west antismuggling center california's governor jerry brown will deploy those 400 national guard troops, but there are conditions. there are strict terms. steve: that's right. keep in mind the president ordered up to 4,000 national guards troop on our southern border to help with immigration. jerry brown made it very clear, i will put them all over the state but they are not going to help with immigration.
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partly of the order reads. this california ng service members shall not engage in any direct law enforcement role nor enforce immigration laws, arrest people for immigration law violations, guard people taken into custody for alleged immigration violations or support immigration law enforcement activities u it is so specific, it gets down to these people will not be able to gas up the trucks if the trucks are going to be used for immigration. it is that. ainsley: or build the wall. brian: the liberal governor does not have the voice of the people in his head when he is making these rules. they did a recent survey this institute said what do you think about illegals bolstering the border 50% is for what the president is doing. this governor is not. he is beginning to lose counties and towns and cities. he has lost the majority of the california people. ainsley: it's baffling that guy right there is defending illegal criminals and not allowing ice to work with them and arrest them if they are criminals and they are here illegally. why should all of this
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matter to you? well, the numbers are really staggering. the department of homeland security has released the gang members that were shielded from deportation. steve: gang members. ainsley: sanctuary policies. keep in mind gang members, ms-13, brian went out to long island to do that story with those families there with the president when he gave the state of the union address. this gang is known for gruesome crimes. the parents of those girls could not even recognize their daughters' bodies. brian: look state by state. california, congratulations you lead on this one, too. 8. steve: two thirds of the total number were released from california. i know the numbers were a little small to see. maryland 13, texas, which is one of the, you know, crack down els statescrackdowniest st. she does not cooperate with ice. 11 in texas, 11 in washington and 11 maryland. brian: a lot of them came
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during that so-called unaccompanied minor surge at the border where everyone open hearts and arms you got to come. a lot of them were pretending and a lot of them came in here and started with gang activity. steve: so, when they were released rather than going directly to the federal government. they opened the door and vanished in the town. ainsley: what's happening in syria to these families and what's happening in north korea. we want to keep our country safe. it's not that we don't have a heart. steve: sounds like it's easy to do but those are the numbers. brian: ainsley opened up your front door and now you have to adam housley. ainsley: the city of houston is celebrating the life of former first lady barbara bush lighting it up in her favorite color ahead of tomorrow's memorial. brian: other first ladies attend her funeral saturday.
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steve: adam housley is outside the home in houston. >> we expect to get that official guest list this morning. there are some names coming out. you mentioned melania trump will be here. a lot of others. heard some rumors about people that know the bushes very well, of course, planning to attend. the plan is in place for that matter here in houston. right now the former first lady is at the funeral home behind me. tomorrow she will lie in repose at the church here. and there are all sorts of mommies taking place around the area tonight. there will actually be a candlelight vigil as well. you showed city hall and pictures there of the flowers at city hall gathering and dropped off by some people that loved the first lady in this part of the country and that are the path the country as well. a park named after her is going to be redone. flowers arriving there as well. great comments from not only those that knew her but those very close to her like her husband bush 41. put out a statement yesterday that gives you
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great insight into the incredible woman she was and how close the family is. his statement i always knew barbara was the most beloved woman in the world. i used to tease her that i had a complex about that fact. the truth is the outpouring of love and friendship being directed at the enforcer, as she was known in the family is lifting us all up. she have faith she is heaven, and we know life would go on as she would have it so cross the bushes off your worry list. we are also hearing more about bush 43 about his mother. take a listen to. this the day before she died i said, mom, i just want you to know you have been a fabulous mother and i love you dearly. she said i want you to know that you're my favorite son on the phone. [laughter] >> mrs. bush will lie in repose saint martins episcopal church down the street. we drove by there this morning, a stunning location beautifully lit up and
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tomorrow that's where she will lie in repose for those who want to pay their respect. steve: adam, thank you very much. live report from houston. ainsley: she lived a long and rich life. steve: she did a beautiful family. brian: do you know jillian? jillian: want to know if the president golfed yesterday. brian: i don't know we'll find out later. jillian: just one day after that nightmare explosion on a southwest plane, the engine of a delta jet catches fire. check it out. thick black smoke coming out of the plane forcing the plane from atlanta to london to turn back. >> issue with the engine on the residents. apparently there is some smoke coming from it. jillian: firefighters spraying the plane down with foam on the tarmac. thankfully nobody was hurt and passengers were put on the another flight. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. police are looking into the suspicious death of h.r. mcmaster senior. the father of former national security advisor h.r. mcmaster.
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the 84-year-old died last week after falling in retirement community in pennsylvania. investigators belief mcmaster may not have received proper care after that fall. now, there are also reports, records surrounding mcmaster's death were falsified. that's a look at your headlines. steve: got to look into that jillian, thank you. meanwhile, ignore all the bad news about illegals. just ask california governor jerry brown. >> i think fox news exploits this issue. we have criminals that do horrible things all the time. steve: so fox news is exploiting the issue? apparently the governor has not spoken to jamiel shaw. his son murdered by illegal immigrant in california. he will join us live with a message for the governor shortly. ainsley: eric holder just dropped another hint about his intentions for 2020. ♪ ♪ [man] woah. ugh, i don't have my wallet, so -
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>> mike pompeo go down as one of the great secretary of state. he just left north korea and had a great meeting with curng. brian: stunning news by the president. he was pleased with mike pompeo's meeting with kim jong un over easter. lay out the groundwork for a summit and see if indeed they are sincere. north korean human rights, as if they do give human's rights in the bush administration and joins us to weigh in. christian, what changed to bring to us this point. >> what changed something i saw firsthand at the trump state department was a year of u.s. led pressure, economic pressure, diplomatic pressure, military pressure that convinced kim that not only the u.s. but our allies were very serious about putting pressure on him. about taking away his sources of foreign money and that really is what brought him to the table, i think. brian: what would be the fundamentals to make this summit go forward?
3:19 am
we say they have to denuke rise or we get up and leave. do we put that up on the table early? is this incremental thing? >> the clinton administration and bush administration tried to buy off north korea for nuclear arsenal and nuclear aspirations, both times desperate to get to the deal. diplomats in search of nobel prizes. the complete difference this time around is donald trump who knows how to negotiate is willing to walk away from a bad deal. that's something every american who buys a used car knows and something our diplomatics don't know. that's what's different this time. brian: we know japan has their objective, south korea has their worries and north koreas that their objective. not wanting to see that regime collapse. do you think walk out in june beginning of a beginning of a series of talks? >> very hard to tell at this point. i think you could have a
3:20 am
framework. really it depends on what north korea is really up to again. if they really are sincere about coming in from the cold and i think they are desperate for funds. we really have done a good job of cutting that off. but, in the past, it's basically a cycle where they say they are going to disarm, they get a bunch of goodies from the u.s. and 58 lies and then never deliver the goods. brian: 20 seconds, they have three of our guys there we have got to get them out. we don't need them. that would be an easy thing to do. will they? >> yes. that's likely it would help if we have a confirmed chief diplomat if the senate would do its job and confirm mike pompeo so he could start negotiating for these people. brian: unbelievable that might not happen. have to go to the floor and that wouldn't be a layup by a guy who just got confirmed cia director who just got back from north korea. christian whiten thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: ignore all illegals just ask california governor jerry brown. >> i think fox news exploits this issue. we have criminals who do
3:21 am
horrible things all the time. brian: guess what, mr. governor, jamil shaw disagrees. his son murdered by illegal immigrant in your california. he joins us live next with a message for you. nx 300 all wheel drive for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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3:25 am
hampshire? well, because there is the politics and eggs breakfast in june. candidates eyeing the oval office attend the event, including president trump in 2015, the breakfast is free. they make it for you. steve and ainsley? steve: that's great. thank you, brian. meanwhile as california's governor deploys 400 national guard troops throughout the state, democrat jerry brown says the idea that sanctuary laws in his state protect illegal aliens over the rights of citizens is #fake news. >> i think fox news exploits this issue. we have criminals that do horrible things all the time. which ones may be documented, which ones are, the guys will look at that the scapegoat the immigrants by these very biased stories, i don't think -- look, with all due respect have you more than a dozen communities -- >> with all due respect i want to protect people. for you to say that we don't care about victims is reall really -- ainsley: 17-year-old jamiel
3:26 am
shaw how see there a football player at high school -- his name is jamiel shaw jr. ii. he was shot and killed by illegal immigrant in los angeles in 2008. his father jamiel shaw sr. joins us now with reaction to governor brown's comments. you were on our mind yesterday when we saw those comments and griff approaching him. what were your thoughts when you heard your governor say that after you lost your son to an illegal immigrant? >> you know, you could just see the anger in his heart that because griff just came at him just normal. he wasn't even upset. and just the way he jumped on him like that, you know, like he just doesn't even care about the victims, like we're just dead bodies or a piece of trash in the cemetery. and then is he defending these illegal alien gang bangers and criminals and holding them up like they are good people knowing from day one they broke into the country and then they just pillaged the communities, no one does anything. he has turned lapd into l.a.
3:27 am
county sheriffs. into nothing. you know. the way you got the national guard, that's how the lapd and sheriff's department is they just show up, no one does nothing. they drive by these gang bangers. don't even care. steve: and now your state is a sanctuary state. i know there are localities in southern california that are saying we have got to opt out of that and there is a whole bunch of cities and counties as well. the number is growing. but, jamiel, when the governor said i want to protect people you know what? where was the protection for your son? >> yeah. and, you know, i remember in 2009, we had an event in the rose hill cemetery. it was a memorial for people murdered, you know. homicide victims and jerry brown was there. and i was there. and i spoke and i stood right in front of him and made sure we got eye contact the whole time. and you could just see, he didn't give a damn.
3:28 am
you know, when he got through and i got through speaking he spoke. he didn't even talk to me. he acted like he didn't even care. he just looked at me in my face like nobody cares. you know, we are in a cemetery, standing on graves, you know. and he just was there trying to get votes and is he just there trying to get votes for kamala harris and becerra and kevin daily on. they are just full of it all of them. ainsley: one death is too many. i can't imagine your grief and what you are going through. i think it's every parent's worst fear and nightmare. the guy who killed your son, he was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to the death penalty. but before he had several arrests on his rap sheet, including gun charges and an assault on a police officer. if ice had been called and he had been sent back to his country would your son be alive today? >> of course. i mean, it's 100 percent. even before the last gun
3:29 am
charge he already had three. and you hear california talking their craziness about banning guns and they have illegal aliens roaming the communities with guns shooting everybody up memorials all over the city. herb wilson in my city district does nothing. maxine waters, nothing. no one does nothing because they think it won't happen to. they i guarantee if you it's one of their child or their grand kid, they would be raising hell like everybody else. we love our kids, too. ainsley: have you ever thought about leaving california? >> yeah. but i feel like i'm stuck here now. i have my other son, he is 19. he is gone. he went to texas with his mother in fort hood, texas. he has graduated high school. he is in college. now he has a chance to play in the canadian football league. ainsley: good. >> he is alive. 19 years old. i feel like i won the lottery because my son made it to 18. that's just crazy.
3:30 am
steve: jamiel, you are still living there talk directly, look at the camera and what do you want to say to jerry brown about his sanctuary state? >> every person who has died is your fault. you, kevin daily on, all you left wing nuts, illegal alien lovers who don't care about our family. we go to the cemetery to see our family. we have pictures. we kiss pictures. what do you do? if your grandchild or your daughter's child or anybody like that you know, what would you do, jerry brown? what would you expect the governor to do for you, see, that's how we live every day. we have to have memories. that's all we have is memories or what could have been. and then he is here to protect us. you are not here for illegal aliens. we put you in office. and you are here to protect us. steve: let's see what he does. jamiel shaw who lost his son to an illegal in this country. jamiel, thank you very much
3:31 am
for joining us from los angeles. ainsley: god bless you. so early. steve: god bless you, too. it's 3:30 in los angeles. he probably didn't sleep last night because he knew his message is so powerful because he has lost a child to exactly what we're talking about answered wanted to be on television. ainsley: doesn't want this to happen to another family. steve: who does. let us know what you think, that same type of airplane engine ethics employed mid-air on that southwest jet takes off every two seconds. that's not the only disturbing fact. we have learned about that kind of motor. ainsley: okay. plus, president trump, he did tee off with japan's prime minister. you lost the bet, brian. steve: he gulfed. ainsley: that means it's time for brian to pay up 100 bucks. we'll explain next. what makes this simple salad
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here in the united states of america. steve: meanwhile, steve harrigan is live in cuba breaking it all down. steve, tell us about cuba's new leader. >> steve, not a lot of surprises in your typical cuba election. this is like no other. basically they have nominated one man to become president. so we pretty much know who it's going to be, 605 people in the national assembly also all ran there to get unopposed. so, basically, you are having a situation we know what the results are going to be in advance about two hours from now we're likely to heart announcement that the new president of cuba is miguel diaz cannell. 57 years old. bureaucrat for the last 30 years, it's important, symbolic, first time really in 60 years that we haven't
3:36 am
had a castro in charge here. 50 years of caddell and 50 years of raúl. new generation going from 86-year-old to 57-year-old. this is a guy who has spoken out for critical condition concf the internet. what if anything is going to change? this new president is going to have some real challenges a cratering economy. most people still work for the state. they make about $30 a month in a near worthless concern sismt and he has bad relations with the u.s. remember back in september about 2 dozen diplomats were injured by some unexplained sounsonicattack. thbad economy with bad relations with the u.s. and with raúl castro still looking over his shoulder, what is this new president going to do in the bigger question, how patient are the cuban people going to be
3:37 am
with this unknown leader. back to you guys. steve: steve harrigan on a roof top in downtown havana. brian: questions who did the sonic attack. at love nations like maybe russia who doesn't want us there. there is a lot of investigation still needs to be done. steve: ultimately it sounds like new person in charge but still the same old same old. ainsley: unbelievable anyone would do that to someone else. brian: there is a lot going on in cuba that i can not believe. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has more headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. get you caught up on some of the other stories we are following. deadly explosion on a southwest plane takes off every two seconds. more than 420 planes with that specific engine are in the air at any given time. we are hearing for the first time from the plane's heroic pilot tammie jo shults releasing a statement saying quote we all feel we were simply doing our job. shults mourning the passenger of jennifer
3:38 am
reardon. the retired registered school nurse who tried to save her life will join us at 7:21 this morning. stay tuned for that a police officer says divine intervention saved his life. look at brand new dash cam video showing the officer nearly blown away when a home explodes in texas. if he got there any earlier, he may have died. officer travis heiser investigating after an unlicensed driver who slammed into a home and hit a gas line. the officer and everyone inside the home survived. one woman is still in the hospital. incredible images. a liberal professor who thought she couldn't be fired after unleashing disrespectful tweets about barbara bush is nowen in the hot seat. rhonda jarar of fresno state university calling the former first lady amazing racist just hours after her death. she followed bye bye saying she is glad quote the witch is dead. bragging she couldn't be
3:39 am
fire dollars because she is tenured. the school says tenure isn't blanket protection the incident is now under review. very important story. do you remember when brian and steve bet griff jenkins that the president wouldn't hit the links with japanese prime minister shinzo abe? >> how much do you want to bet there is no golf. steve: i will take that bet. brian: 5 bucks. griff: i will bet you 5 bucks easily they will hit the links. ainsley: i will make it. jillian: that was more like 100 to do so your charity of choice, right? well, it looks like it's time for brian to pay up. brian: why? jillian: president trump tweeting out this picture with abe international golf club. when i saw this picture yesterday i thought yes, brian lost. brian brian i did not think they would have time to play golf. my sources said they weren't going to play golf. steve: abe loves golf. the president owns golf coursecourses in southern flori. coffee up the catch. ainsley: we have that on
3:40 am
tape. brian: i'm going to pay up because i only saw a picture of him having said they were going to golf. i didn't see any footage. but i'm going to pay. there you go. 5 bucks. ainsley: i wish paid back the money i had give you earlier: brian found out he was going to have to pay up and borrowed money from everyone else. brian: janice, thank you for not taking my side. brian: i gave her a 10. steve: won a bet. brian: gave her 10 for not turning on me like you all did. legally i owe the judge $5. [laughter] jillian: full disclosure brian asked us in the break for money. steve: who change for a 20. i gave him change with a 20. you walked over with just a one. now he gave you your money back. actually, jillian, i believe he gave you less money than you gave him. ainsley: how much did you give him? brian: can people at home at least think i paid you?
3:41 am
unbelievable. janice: can i do the weather. ainsley: oh, yeah. do that. janice: thank you for this. brian: sure. janice: i'm buying coffee everybody, this morning. tip the waitress. take a look at the temperatures here. still cold in some case across the northern plains, the coldest april on record. okay? that's how cold it is, 37 in --7 in minneapolis. 34 in chicago. this might be the last shot of snow of the season, okay? my fingers are crossed. here it is across the ohio valley, the great lakes, in towards the northeast i love doing a forecast with money in my hand. fantastic. makes it even better. again, not a big storm system but it is going to bring a little bit of snow across the mountains the interior northeast and mainly rain along the coastal areas. then we look across the west and the southwest where we have been dealing with a high fire danger. that's going to be ongoing today. we will get a little bit of relief in terms of mountain snow and rain in the forecast for the areas that are under, you know, red
3:42 am
flag warnings. so that is the good news. and the good news is, you guys never come up to me and say as a greeting, i hate this weather. brian: right, like somebody else did today. janice: yesterday on the 17th floor. somebody came up i hadn't seen this person in a long time. instead of good morning it's like i hate this weather. your fault. steve: yesterday's weather is hateable. brian: you cannot hate janice. janice: she can pay me. steve: for $10 she will love you. janice: next week i might be making some money. steve: thank you very much for the "foxcast." brian: 18 minutes now before the top of the hour. the white house making a full-court press to get mike pompeo confirmed as secretary of state after a veto meeting with kim jong un. why one lawmaker says there is no good reason to vote against it by the way most people say that. steve: plus, several obama mexico could be investigated by the department of justice. judge napolitano says the focus should be on hillary
3:43 am
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who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at ♪ ♪ ainsley: florida republican congressman ron desantis on "fox & friends" yesterday demanding the doj investigate several obama era officials including hillary clinton for her campaign's handling of payments to fusion gps. >> they effectively disguised the fact that they were funding the dossier. that's not the way the federal election laws are supposed to work. you're supposed to disclose your expenditures. so, if you are going after cohen, why isn't anybody also looking at how the clintons handled this?
3:47 am
brian: judge andrew napolitano says the duong should be focusing on hillary's emails. he joins us right now. >> good morning, guys. i don't disagree with what congressman desantis said and i have a lot of respect for him. he is talking about money laundering. instead of telling the federal election commission we paid chris steele to write the dossier. we paid our law firm a few hundred thousand dollars. doesn't say what the law firm did with it. they paid chris steele. is he upset he wants it investigated. when office holders who are politicians, refer to the fbi what they say is evidence of crimes, the fbi will take it seriously but with a little bit of skepticism because they believe there is a political motivation behind it i haven't seen these referrals that are reduced to writing. it's not the same as if bob mueller refers something to the federal prosecutors in new york it's taken a lot more seriously.
3:48 am
steve: sure, one thing to go after comey and mccabe and lynch. this attorney general still has the opportunity, if he so chose, to go after hillary clinton. >> yes, he does. and i wish he would. for several reasons, the evidence of mrs. clinton's guilt of espionage, failure to safeguard state secrets, that's the 22 or 23 top secret pieces of information that were on her private server. ainsley: this is a big deal. >> the failure to do that the evidence of guilt is overwhelming. >> the statute of limitations is 10 years. it hasn't run. the reason she wasn't prosecuted have been shot through by jim comey's own words in the past two weeks as a political reason rather than a law enforcement. steve: why doesn't jeff sessions do it? >> you are asking the wrong person because i have been asking the attorney general to do this for months and i wish he would of the cowrnghtd veiling argument is we are not a banana republic the victor donald trump doesn't put the loser in jail. the flip side of that
3:49 am
argument is there is evidence of serious felonies on her part. she shouldn't be immune from prosecution because she ran for president and lost or because her last name is clinton. brian: a fascinating scenario here, too. not only are these people upset with james comey and calling him out for what he wrote. you have andy mccabe's lawyer blowing back at james comey for accusing him or agreeing with the ig report about him lying two. >> days ago i sat here and talking about whether comey's tour would impair his effectiveness with bob mueller. comey's tour is apparently impairing his effectiveness with former friends of his as well. and the tour has only been going on for four days. they are dispatching their lawyers like mccabe did to challenge comey, his former number two person and con sill area. i mean that with a lower case c. brian: called him a liar. >> will this sell book
3:50 am
mrs. books salesman. brian: i don't know if it will sell books but bringing a lot of scrutiny. steve: it's the james comey bus tour because is he throwing people under the bus. >> justice department will not seek her indictment contrary to all reasons. ainsley: we already know that. we have seen that before. >> judge: you didn't need a predictor. ainsley: what's the biggest problem facing our kids these days? it's a lack of home training. what exactly does that mean? his message for you, a parent. coming up next. steve: learning more about the passengers who tried to save that woman's life on that southwest jet where the window blew, in including retired nurse who performed cpr on her for more than 20 minutes. she will tell her personal story about that day coming up. ♪ we can be heroes ♪ for just one day ♪ of protection...
3:51 am
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3:54 am
>> these kids now, i don't think they have role models. nobody is having dinner together anymore. >> yeah. >> nobody is having prayer together anymore. nobody is having some bible study. nobody is going outside and playing kick ball or baseball and got no home training. steve: crtv rant nation saying the problem with kids today is a lack of what he referred to as home training and blames parents. ainsley: i love that what a great clip i could watch that all day. graham allen hosts that show you saw him there had you a t-shirt on with all your tattoos showing. i have got to watch this. this is amazing. thank you for coming on. >> is he a well-spoken redneck man. ainsley: it's so true, isn't it. >> it is very true. that's one of the biggest things while we are glad to bring rant nation to crtv because unfortunately it seems like to talk about the
3:55 am
fact that your kids being off the chain might be the parent's fault seems to be this huge issue on mainstream media. and one of my biggest things that people say to me all the time is graham, there is no such thing as a bad kid. all right, fine. well, if there is no such thing as a bad kid, that means there are bad parents. there is this huge breakdown. and that's what we really want to talk about in this show. steve: for whatever reason, there are a lot of parents who don't want to discipline their kids they want to be their kids' best friend. >> the quickest way to go to the dss line is discipline your child. steve: child services. >> like matt says in the video. there is a huge breakdown in the way that family structure is actually supposed to be. we have got parents -- we have kids having kids now. what i mean by that is, you know, we have people, parents that are more concerned about their own social medias, about posting their own things, becoming famous on their own, they are not paying attention to
3:56 am
their children. they are not being parents. and what being a parent actually means is that your kids aren't always going to like you all the time. because that's not your job. your job as a parent is to be a parent, to train your child. brian: did we have it right in the 1970s, did we have it right in the 1960's? did we have it right in the 150s. >> to be a parent is a very slippery slope, because you are never going to get it right. i'm a parent. i have three kids. i mess up daily. i fail my children daily. steve: you learn from the mistakes. >> you learn from the mistakes. most importantly you don't worry about what your public perception is going to be and worry about what other people are -- steve: you say it all comes down to the smart phone? >> well, that little black box, i was hanging out with phil robertson down in louisiana the other day. one of his favorites things to say that little black box cuts more people in trouble because we are so concerned about what's going on with the phone that we're not paying attention to what our
3:57 am
kids are doing. he. steve: check out rant nation on crtv. >> it's a streaming service we drop a new episode on thursday. brian: latest on the kim jong un talk that we didn't know about.
3:58 am
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♪ i will be meeting with kim jong un in the coming weeks. it will be a tremendous thing for north korea and a tremendous thing for the world. >> he is bringing north korea closer to behaving like a real country than anyone in our lifetimes. >> the department of homeland security has released gang members that were shielded from deportation. steve: gang members. ainsley: because of sanctuary policy. >> they have gang members roaming the communities shooting everyone up. no one does anything because they don't think it's going to happen to them. if it's one of their child or grand kids they would be raising hell. >city of houston texas celebrating the life of former first lady barbara bush lighting up the city in
4:01 am
her favorite color ahead of tomorrow's public mommy. >> tomorrow's -- public memorial. >> i'm just really proud of him. ♪ we gonna rock ♪ this town ♪ ♪ we gonna rock. steve: shah my a welcome aboard, folks, this is the 19th day of april. ainsley: this is the end of april. where did this month go? steve: we have another 10 days. ainsley: more than halfway through. steve: just barely. ainsley: almost august. ainsley: start christmas shopping. steve: tomorrow is 20. brian: series of events taking place at the southern white house mar-a-lago in florida where shinzo abe who heads up japan who has struck up a great relationship with this president, more proof of that as they had a series of talks, not primarily on
4:02 am
trade, but they are also talking about north korean talks. why? because it effects so much what japan. it's their security. and their main focus medium range missiles and the abduction of japanese citizens. they do not know what happened. they want to get some answers. and meanwhile, i think they made their point yesterday. the most fascinating thing to emerge over the last two days has been the visit by cia director mike pompeo to meet face to face with kim jong un to see if, in fact, this was worth the president's time. the word is it's worth the president's time. ainsley: pompeo went and he sat down with them and laid the groundwork which was amazing, phenomenal. i don't think this has ever happened. it's incredible if our president does get this meeting with kim jong un and then kim jong un denuclearizes his country. that would be phenomenal. the president said this about that meeting. >> i will be meeting with kim jong un in the coming weeks to discuss the denuclearization of the korean peninsula.
4:03 am
hopefully that meeting will be a great success and we're looking forward to it. it would be a tremendous thing for north korea and a tremendous thing for the world. we have never been in a position like this with that regime. if i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we're not going to go. if the meeting when i'm there is not fruitful, i will respectfully leave the meeting. steve: ascoreding to mr. pompeo, he told the president, apparently, that he has set the table that mr. kim jong un is ready to go ahead and wheel and deal. to the extent, don't know, the president has made it very clear that if it's not as planned he is going to hit exit. here's the thing. mike pompeo currently is the cia director. he is waiting to be confirmed confirmed as the secretary of state. we have reminded folks rand paul has made it very clear is he litigating the iraq
4:04 am
war, he does not like the idea of mike pompeo as secretary of state. so he is a no. however. brian: for now. steve: the president yesterday made it very clear he said, you know, rand paul, he never -- he has never let me down. he said he has talked to mr. paul and it sounds like when it's time to vote, rand paul probably, if you read between the lines, will be a yes. which means then it would probably still move to the main senate floor, but the question is can they get any democrats to vote with all the republicans? brian: well, when it comes to senator rand paul, he said i'm going to have the meeting at the president's request one-on-one. what i want mike pompeo to do is basically devow all his beliefs that there needs to be a presence in the middle east. that afghanistan is not done, that the iraq -- he wants him to say iraq war was a mistake and that we shouldn't have a presence there. by the way mike pompeo doesn't believe that. that's the problem. rand paul, he is true to his
4:05 am
school, perhaps, but he is an outlier. he could single-handedly destroy mike pompeo in conference, make it go to the main floor where, amongst the republicans who are on the fence, senator john mccain just out of surgery won't be there, and senator jeff flake says beats me, i'm not sure how i will vote. ainsley: senator cory gardner a republican from colorado, he said there is really no good reason to vote against mike pompeo. listen to this. >> i think the senate historian said going back to at least 1925 this has never happened for a secretary of state nominee. it's happened in other nominations but you don't want this to happen. that's clear. there really is no good reason to vote against mike pompeo. i think we can work with rand paul. i hope that those conversations continue to gain his support. but there really is no reason by the democrats who voted for mike pompeo to be cia director to oppose his nomination for secretary of state other than blind and absurd partisanship. steve: absolutely. the growing opposition from the democrats suggest that the democrats do not want the president to have
4:06 am
anybody on his national security team who is in lock step with the president. but, you look historically, we have never seen this kind of thing regarding a secretary of state. for instance, on george w. bush's first secretary, colin powell was confirmed by unanimous voice consent. hillary clinton, when she ran for secretary of state, her conversation, only two no votes. john kerry got three. are you telling me every single democrat is going to say nope, not going to give the president the guy he wants? that would be historic. brian: the pressure on these democrats in republican states will be strong. joe manchin is going to vote against a guy so qualified west point. are you going to tell me john tester is going to say to the people of montana i vote with the president a lot. you can trust me and not vote for this secretary of state? by the way the hardest vote was tillerson, the guy who came out of business and got an award from vladimir putin. that was a tougher vote.
4:07 am
this should be a layup. he has already proven himself in a very respected cia director who has the president's residence because he briefs him every day. what is extraordinary to say i don't want him agreeing with the president too much. how dare they? what are they the supervisor of the president? steve: they are together on the same page. keep in mind, the senate has already confirmed mike pompeo once, and the vote was 66-32. why would it be any different this time? ainsley: if is he good enough to runt cia, wouldn't he be good enough for this position as well? steve: hello. ainsley: president is in mar-a-lago going to head to key west to go to antismuggling center. meantime yesterday, california's governor jerry brown said he will deploy those 400 national guardsmen all over the state. but there are conditions. he says he will -- they will not enforce immigration laws and they will not help construct a wall. steve: that's right. brian: what a joke this is. here's the quote. california's national guard service members shall not engage in any direct law enforcement role, nor
4:08 am
enforce immigration laws. that's the key. arrest people for immigration law violations like getting here illegally, guard people taken into custody for alleged immigration violations? or support immigration law enforcement activities. what are they going to do the laundry? what are they bothering for? that's what the federal government is paying for to show up in camouflage and not doing anything? steve: well, but that's not the intent. that's not why the president ordered them up. if i would -- i'm sure people are going well, mr. president, you are going to fund 400 national guardsmen in the great state of california if they are not going to do what you want them to do? it seems like a no-brainer. it seems like, you know, jerry brown is just finding busy work for them. meanwhile jamiel shaw sr. has been on this program a number of times. he lost his son to somebody who was in this country illegally. he was on about a half an hour ago talking to us about a message for jerry brown. we asked him if he had one, and he did. and, boy, was it powerful. >> every person who has died
4:09 am
is your fault i kevin deleon left wing nuts illegal alien lovers who don't care about our family. we go to the cemetery to see our family. we have pictures, we kiss pictures. what do you do if your grandchild or your daughter's child or anybody like that you know, what would you do, jerry brown? all we have is memories or what could have been. and then he is here to protect us. not here for illegal aliens. we put you in office. and you are here to protect us. ainsley: that is so powerful. that poor man he spends every holiday without his child. he had a long rap sheet. steve: this guy should not have been in the country. the department of homeland security has just released startling numbers. forget about the criminals who have been released, but the number of criminal aliens who were members of gangs has just come out and i know the numbers are kind
4:10 am
of hard to see, but, look at california. they released 89 gang members in to society without calling ice. and you got maryland 13, the state of texas, i think is 11. and along with washington. ainsley: austin is sanctuary city? steve: probably. and new york 4. it goes on and on. it's extraordinary the number of states not coopghting with the federal government. brian: most of the american people want the border reinforced and most people want their immigration laws reinforced. the numbers are strong. if any of you want to play politics, you are playing it wrong. number two he says, governor brown came out and said listen, you guys are playing with numbers and act like all criminals are illegal immigrants. that's not the point. we know there are people here in this country horrible people who commit crimes and waiting to go to jail and should. it's likes saying because there are traffic accidents, it's okay to drink and drive and have a traffic accident. traffic accidents are unavoidable. people will die. i get that if you drink and drive or use any type of
4:11 am
drugs and drive. that, of course, is breaking the law and chances are higher. why would you allow that? you don't. why would you allow illegal criminals to stay here. you shouldn't. that's the point to governor brown. ainsley: two thirds release of these gang members released occurred in california, governor brown. 15 of these are in ms-13 gangs. known for those gruesome crimes. brian, your neck of the woods where ms-13 lives. you did those stories with two families those are the same families invited to the state of the union address. those moms when you hear those stories what their daughters went through, young girls, high school members. the police couldn't identify these young girls that's how gruesome their murders were. steve: all they have to do is cooperate with the feds which happens all across the country except in certain spots. ainsley: we just want our country to be safe. brian: jill january, if she cooperates me may be reading the news. jillian: i may not want to. brian: the show would grind to a halt.
4:12 am
jillian: we don't want that to happen. good morning to you. get you caught up on some of the other stories we are following. one day after that nightmare explosion on a southwest plane, the engine of a delta jet catches fire. check it out. can you seat thick black smoke coming out from under the whipping, forcing the plane heading from atlanta to london to turn back. issue on the right-hand side, apparently there is some smoke coming from it. jillian: firefighters spraying the plane down with foam on the tarmac. no one was hurt and passengers were put on another flight. the cause of the fire is under investigation. let's take you to houston right now and a live look where the city is it celebrating the life of former first lady barbara bush. city hall lighting up in her favorite color. houston mayor sylvester turner inviting the public to a celebration of life on the steps of city hall tonight. there will be prayers for the former first lady. remarks by special guests and performance by the houston children's chorus. adam housley will have more on the final goodbyes to the first lady in just a few
4:13 am
minutes. a look at your headlines. make sure you stay tuned for that. ainsley: a picture of all the first ladies. steve: brand new concerns about bias in the clinton email investigation at the federal level. and congressman mark meadows of north carolina has had enough. what he is doing about it when he joins brian live next. brian: and dave bossie will be here. i like him so much better than corey lewandowski but they wrote the book together ♪ i was born country ♪ and that's what i'll always be ♪ like the rivers and the woodland ♪ wild and free ♪ i got 100 ♪
4:14 am
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so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. ♪ ♪ brian: this morning, new concerns about the extent of fbi coordination and doj coordination and potential bias tied to the clinton probe in 2016. our next guest demanding a deeper look at texts sent by anti-trump fbi agents believe it or not still on the job peter strzok and lisa page. joining us now the guy from the freedom caucus, we all know as mark meadows. he is with the oversight committee. your staff yesterday got more information on this that leads you to the conclusion so far that there was coordination between loretta lynch's doj and the
4:18 am
fbi. how do you know? >> well, i mean, we know because we have a number of documents. a growing body of evidence, brian, that now would suggest that director comey, who under corn testimony, a number of times, has said there was no coordination between loretta lynch's doj and our fbi investigation. not only was that false, but we know that over and over again now, we have emails that would suggest that that testimony was false and at best mislead the american public. at worse was lying to congress. and here we are today with emails, text messages, that says that even the no coordination message that director comey put out on that infamous day in july, was actually suggested by the department of justice. brian: here's the text, timing looks like hell peter strzok says to lisa page.
4:19 am
it will appear choreographed. all major news networks literally leading with the a.g. to accept the fbi director's recommendation. yeah, this is awful. nothing we can do about it. i mean, this is like a third rate movie playing out on text messages. these people are supposed to be guarding our secrets and seeking truth and justice. they don't know how to secure their own texts. >> it's interesting that they would go back and forth saying that the timing looks awful. but there is even another email from the department of justice that would indicate that on how to articulate the exoneration of hillary clinton. aand so as you go further from another source, other than peter strzok and lisa page, within the department of justice, we now know that the edits that they had given edits to director comey or at least the emails would suggest that as we are looking at this, we have director comey out there saying well, you know, i was a boy scout, i was above reproach. now we have evidence that would suggest that that's
4:20 am
not accurate. so we have to look at it further. brian: also, keep in mind, you might have some help. looks like mccabe and comey are turning on each other. the deputy and the former director, one fired. they are actually both fired. i think you might get the truth out of their testimony. >> well, as it goes back and forth, you see that there is each one saying that the other one was not telling the truth. now we -- what we have is beyond just the two of them though. it's other people within the fbi and doj who know that the testimony that director comey gave before congress was not entirely the whole truth and nothing but the truth. and so as we look at that there is also additional evidence that would suggest that doj narrowed the scope of the hillary investigation to make sure. brian: gotcha. >> she was exonerated. brian: mark meadows keep that staff working because we have to keep the facts.
4:21 am
>> thank you: brian: passenger tried to save that woman's life southwest flight. a retired nurse performed cpr for 20 minutes to try to save her life joins us with her story. ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ your cat can't face the misery of biting fleas alone. advantage ii monthly topical kills fleas through contact so they don't have to bite your cat to die. advantage ii. fight the misery of biting fleas. want in on the secret take the olay 28 day challenge.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig-
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really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. brian: back with a fox news alert. ainsley: a firsthand look at the attacks in douma and the attempts to cover it all up. benjamin? >> hi, brian and ainsley. we have been speaking to people over the last couple of days caught up in this attack. people who have had to flee and people still in the affected areas. they tell us there is this concerted attempt to hide exactly what happened. today they were still trying to get to the scene of that chem attack. they had to leave their hotel about an hour ago. they were unable to get
4:25 am
there yesterday because of security concerns. they say they were fired upon. however, we have spoken to sources on the ground that say this simply isn't true. rebels are not in the area. they were bused out about 10 days ago. today general mattis pointed his finger at the syrian regime. they have done this in the past and tried to hide the evidence like this and done it again. evidence is getting out. >> bit by bit we are able to paint the picture of what exactly happened in that terrible chem attack in douma. we can't get to the site ourselves but every day evidence and and witnesses come across this border wall with more horrific details. >> we met up with the survivor the chemical weapon attack. >> one had broken the roof and was stuck. everybody in that house and at least two other houses had died. the barrel was about 5 feet long, yellow and made of thick metal. doctors said they only had room to treat those who had a chance of survival. they left the others to die. >> despite the syrian
4:26 am
regime's attempt evidence getting out. we know americans have syrian. they have taken urine and blood samples from those affected. we do know that the american government has evidence. whether or not the u.n. can get it today we will wait and see. back to you guys. brian: of course, that's when we first met benjamin on the ground with isis. not fighting with isis but reporting on them. thanks, benjamin hall. 26 minutes after the hour. steve: a nightmare at 30,000 feet, a southwest jet, the engine blew mid flight killing one person. we are learning more about the other passengers who jumped into action to try to save that woman's life. that is jennifer reardon she died in it one of those who tried to help her our next guest who tried to perform cpr for more than 20 minutes. peggy phillips joins us now from dallas. peggy, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: let's go back a couple of days when this all happened. as soon as it blew, what did
4:27 am
you feel? >> there was a very loud noise. and the plane started vibrating and shuttering and it was very, very loud. and the oxygen masks drop out of the compartment and we -- i think everyone knew that something really bad had happened. we weren't sure exactly what at that time. the plane started depressure rising and basically going down. definitely losing altitude. interestingly enough, the passengers were very calm for the most part. and my feeling was, initial feeling was, well, okay, i don't have any control over this situation. this is definitely not in my hands. steve: right. >> i had a real sense of calm about me. which looking back surprises me but that's just how it
4:28 am
was. i wasn't panicked. i wasn't hysterical. i truly believed that if it was -- if it was meant for us to land safely we would. if it wasn't, that was just how it was going to be. steve: you are just trusting the pilot who as it turns out was a great hero tammy jo schultz a navy avery aviator. you were in a dive she was trying to get down to the lower altitude because you needed the oxygen. >> right. >> that's a picture of the pilot we showed the picture of the window right there. sitting at that seat was jennifer riordan. i know at one point they asked is there anybody here who is an emt there was a firefighter and emt in her row apparently. you got up, why? >> actually the emt was not in her row. he was sitting on the other side of the plane slightly in front of me. several rows in front of me. and he went back immediately
4:29 am
when he discovered that, you know, there was something going on behind us. i staye stayed in my seat around and turned around to see what was happening. there was a lot of activity back there. recommendation. steve: sure. >> about two seconds after that they said does anyone know cpr? i took off my mask. i took off my seat belt and i went to help andrew who was the emt and we did cpr for, well until the plane landed. steve: yeah. i know there have been a lot of stories about what had happened to this woman and i know you don't want to get too graphic, so how would you describe the condition you found her in? >> i didn't know at the time that the window had blown. so did i not know what i was going to see when i walked back there. i will say that her injuries were substantial. there was a lot of trauma to her head and her neck and her upper torso and that's
4:30 am
already come out, i believe, from the coroner. but, you know, i didn't know. and so, you know, you just at that point you don't think about it anymore. you look at it, you assess the scene, and andrew was already giving compressions and i told him i was a registered nurse and i would assist him and we traded out. i attempted to establish an airway. i didn't feel like i ever got an airway established very well. there was no pulse. but we continued to exchange positions to give compressions. steve: i have heard accounts that apparently the only thing that kept the woman in the plane was the fact that her seat belt was still on and that's why you were able to then try to save her life but it doesn't sound like that was a possibility given her extensive injuries. but, what is it about -- okay, so, peggy, i know you felt when you were going
4:31 am
down that this was it. this could be it. the masks are going down and this could be it. yet, when you heard them say anybody know cpr, you took your mask off and you went back to help. where does that come from. >> that comes from being a registered nurse over 20 years. that's just what we do. that's just in our -- it's just part of who we are. you know that any time you step on a plane, any time you are out in public, anything can happen at any given time. and it's almost like you are always on call in your mind, you know. and you are always going to be ready to step in and lend assistance. and that's just what medical personnel do. rns do that on a daily basis. and you just -- it was almost -- i was almost relieved to have something to do that would -- that i knew i was in control of. i know how to do cpr. i can help. steve: sure. >> that was a good feeling for me to know that i could
4:32 am
at least attempt to help. steve: yeah. well, you know, they were lucky to have you on the plane. peggy phillips, thank you very much for joining us and telling us your story. >> you are very welcome. thank you. cut back on that. but if it feels like a lot of effort for a little gain, change that. start with something that makes a big difference... ...your student loans. refinancing with sofi could save you $30,000. it's an easier way to reach your life goal sooner. we've helped over 195,000 people. we want to help you too. find out how much you can save in just two minutes at
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ainsley: we have a live look from houston, the city that is celebrating the life of our former first lady barbara bush, lighting up city hall as you can see in her favorite color of blue ahead of tomorrow's public memorial. brian: we now know first lady melania trump will go. the obamas will go. the clintons will go. and they will attend the former first lady's funeral. that will be on saturday. steve: adam housley is live outside the funeral home in houston with the very latest. adam? >> yeah. we have heard from all those distinguished guests in the last couple of days about barbara bush and what she meant to them. and here in houston, as you showed, the pictures of the city hall lighting up in
4:36 am
blue, her favorite color. tonight, there is a candlelight vigil also right now there are flowers that have been laying there for the last 24 hours in memo mormemomemoriam. tomorrow she lies in repose at a church just down the street from here. that's when the public mourning process, celebration as well of her life will begin with the ability to see her lie in repose if you care to do so. we are also hearing more from her family including this sound bite from her children about their beloved mother of 92 years. take a listen. >> my mother was at peace for what took place. she believes in an after life. and was joyously looking forward to that after life. >> and we keep hearing those same comments from george w. and entire family and friends that knew her very well that talked to her in the last couple of weeks that she was prepared for
4:37 am
this. and she did her life on her terms from the very beginning to the very end, guys. going home, being with her family and deciding to live her last few moments at home with her beloved george h.w. bush. steve: thank you very much. a live report from houston. fox news channel will have live coverage on saturday from houston. brian: thanks, adam. meanwhile the man just checking his iphone was the co-author of let trump be trump, david bossie, former campaign manager with. ainsley: wrote it with corey lewandowski he said you were his favorite. >> you know, the truth hurts. sorry corey. brian: i have to expose. i have not yet made a decision but i'm leaning towards bossy. >> thank you. brian: first off on robert mueller investigation, the president made it clear yesterday those two gentleman are in charge for the last seven months people have been telling me that i'm going to fire him but listen. >> there was no collusion with russia, other than by
4:38 am
the democrats. this was a really a hoax created largely by the democrats as a way of softening the blow of a loss. you look at the fact that their server, the dnc server was never gotten by the fbi. why did the fbi take it? the fbi takes what they want. they go in, they wouldn't get the server. as far as the investigation, nobody has ever been more transparent than i have instructed our lawyers be totally transparent. as far as the two gentlemen you told me about, they have been saying i'm going it get rid of them for the last three months, four months, five months, and they are still here. steve: they are still here. >> he is not going to fire mueller. is he not going to fire rosenstein. is he not going to fire mueller, is he not going to fire rosenstein. we continuously have this conversation. i don't know how many times
4:39 am
we have had to have it the left continues this mantra because that's all they have. they have no agenda for america or for the american people. they don't have a solution to our economy, our national security problems. they only want to attack this president who has done an incredible job over the last 15 months. ainsley: they would love to fire mueller because they want that narrative. >> all they want to do is create this narrative across the country, which is false. a false narrative. that's all they have is lies. just to be able to spread. steve: david, the president brought up something good why didn't the fbi go in and get the server because debbie wasserman schultz said no, you can't have it i don't remember any hey, you know, mr. cohen can i have those records? well, he did. >> pretty please. steve: he said he was cooperating they wound up raiding that place and the other lawyer. >> from an outsider's point of view, the way the fbi and the way the doj treated hillary clinton in that investigation of the emails and all of that. brian: with the dnc it wasn't criminal behavior. it's hey, you have been
4:40 am
hacked, you should do something about it. steve: it was espionage. brian: wasn't something they did criminally. wasn't something the democrats. >> american people understand the way hillary clinton was treated, the way her people were interviewed, together not under oath. steve: with immunity. >> with an immunity deal amongst them. versus how president trump and his team are being treated, the american people see what's going on. they see what has happened here. brian: the "wall street journal" today has a column from jay goldberg saying he talked to the president on friday. told the president michael cohen is going to flip and be much more fearful of what cohen has got than what mueller has. he is the attorney that handled his two divorces. >> and i know who he is i don't know him but i know who he is. i think that was a very strong statement from him to say, you know, and i think he went on further to say don't meet with mueller. don't give them an interview. you know, i think every lawyer has a different opinion on what the president should or shouldn't be doing. the one thing that is true is what the president said.
4:41 am
he has been transparent. he has had all of his people and his legal team cooperate with this investigation to try to get the russian collusion hoax, which is what it is, behind us. because, as a nation, it's best if we do that look, the world is in a dangerous place. and i'm sick and tired of the democrat party using our foreign policy, with the russians as a political lever. and that's what they have done. that's all they have. ainsley: what about hillary clinton, comey, strzok, page, lynch, are they in criminal trouble? >> some of those folks -- we will see what the ig report says in a few weeks. if there is a continuation of an investigation or referrals in that ig report, i think that's going to be the next big shoe to drop. steve: all right. david bossie. the bossiest guy on the couch. ainsley: let trump be trump he says. >> thank you. ainsley: david starbucks going to close thousands of
4:42 am
stores and give racial sensitivity training all to that controversial arrest video that kevin jackson says it's not worth it he is here to explain why coming up next. brian: plus governor jerry brown agrees to send guard troops to the border. to not enforce immigration laws, ron voyeur till low responds next hour.
4:43 am
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steve: starbucks under fire after this arrest of two men, black men in philadelphia at one of their stores last week. ainsley: the coffee giant now announcing a bold move. it's going to close more than 8,000 stores on may 29th and risk losing millions of dollars to train their employees on racial
4:46 am
sensitivity. but will it pay off? steve: joining us right now to discuss we have the ceo of the black spear and fox news contributor kevin jackson joins us today from phoenix. kevin, let's start at the beginning. why did the manager call the police at that store in philadelphia? >> who knows, steve? do we really know all the details around that? i keep coming back to businesses can do what they want. there are many places that say no shirt, no shoes, no service. or we reserve the right to refuse service to whomever. so, were these guys right or were they wrong? i don't know. but what i do know is this: this was an isolated incident. starbucks has 8,000 stores, 175,000 employees and this is a single incident that probably should have been incapsulated in that single incident. i was saying to the producer earlier, if these are two white guys, i'm not sitting here and having this discussion. but now because starbucks and we live in this cult of, you know, social justice warrior, they have to face something that quite frankly is ridiculous and is a
4:47 am
cancer on capitalism in america. steve: why is it ridiculous? >> it's ridiculous because if any single employee can trigger a corporation to have to spend millions of dollars, we're talking about we did an estimate it's going to be at least $20 million to give this free day to employees so they can go through millions of dollars of social justice training sensitivity training that the overwhelming majority of these people don't need. if you live in america, you are desensitized to race issues gender issues and all these other issues that people like howard schultz and johnson want to make believe happen routinely. i'm no defender of starbucks. i can't stand the company. i wouldn't invest a nickel in them. but the idea that their ceos believe, former ceo and present ceo believe they have this pervasive attitude of antiblack, anti-whatever racism against blacks is
4:48 am
ridiculous. in philadelphia, that's a city that's overwhelmingly black. that anybody looking at starbucks and say how many other blacks are there in the store? how many people -- how many blacks go to starbucks daily? i go even though i don't necessarily like it. i have never been mistreated and many other blacks go to starbucks and aren't mistreated. we single isolated incident. think about what any corporation faces if one employee happens to do something wrong. ainsley: why do you think starbucks is doing this? they are losing a lot of money. >> i think starbucks has just -- they believe -- they have the muscle memory of barack obama era where everything is an overreaction to something racial. and so they believe this is going to help their stock. they think they are being good corporate citizens, starbucks job is to sell coffee. but if somewhere along the line showered shuttle believed his job was to protect black people. i would say to howard
4:49 am
schultz and kevin johnson black people have done a great job protecting ourselves. we are more than capable of doing this and america is ready to move beyond this. steve: well, it does sound as if eric holder, former attorney general is going to help with the training that day. kevin jackson, we thank you for joining us today from phoenix to weigh in. >> no justice, no coffee, steve. ainsley: thanks, kevin. steve: straight ahead. ainsley: it's the end of an era for the first time in 60 years. cuba will no longer be ruled by castro. our next guest a cuban american says it's no time for celebration. plus, dana loesch is going to join us live in the next hour ♪ on the job from 9 to 5. working 9 to 5, what a way to making a living ♪ barely getting
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
ainsley: well, it is the end of anner are a in nearly 60 years, cuba will no longer be led by a castro. raúl castro was planning to step down as president later today with his current vice president taking over. so, what does this mean for future relations with our country? maria elvira salazar is a republican congressional candidate for florida's 27th district and cuban american and joins us with insight. good morning, maria, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. what do you think about this news and what do you know about the vice president that will now become the president? >> well, it's just basically a transfer of title, not a transfer of power. we have to remember that was throw brothers are in the business of keeping political power. and they are not going to share any market share with anybody. so, basically, diaz cannell, 57-year-old, pretty much someone unknown for the cubans. not anymore really knows him he is just an emperor with
4:54 am
no clothes. just a figure head. because the power in cuba remains in the hands of the communist party. and the person that is heading or the leader of the communist party is still raúl. so, diaz cannell just a puppet of the castros. ainsley: tell me about your family what is your story. >> i was born first generation american. we really appreciate the system and the freedoms of this country. my parents are political refugees. so i was born and i grew up, i was raised feeling the pain of not having democracy and freedom. you know, there is no exception. cubans want liberty just like the other 27 countries in this hemisphere, just like everybody else. we want freedom, liberty. we want to have free elections. who elected this guy? no one. so, it's an embarrassment right now that the world media is touting or saying that today is a new day for the cuban government because no one named castro is at
4:55 am
the helm. bologna. the castros are still there and the political apparatus and repressive apparatus is still intact. you know, where are the elections? in reality, we have to keep on fighting for the cubans to be free and today is not that day. today there is nothing to celebrate. ainsley: maria, what has americamerica done for you. >> this is the best country in the world. that's why everybody wants to come here. america offers you the opportunity to be somebody you be able to grow and to raise your family in freedom and liberty. to have political elections. and to have freedom in the elections. which is what i always say. we have to love and preserve the system, the american system. because, it may not be perfect, but i assure you that it is still the best that we have in the world. and that's why we have the immigration problem we have because everybody wants to come here. because here you are really a person. when you have -- you know, i
4:56 am
live in miami. we're in miami. you know how many millions of cubans are here that have been able to defy the sharks in the middle of the ocean just wanting to come here. so, in reality, cuba remains the north korea of the hemisphere and we have to keep on fighting to find some freedom. do you know what's great about your story. >> i have thanks to my parents. ainsley: your parents came over here, and i don't know if they had ever been to america, but you were born in america and now you are running for congress. congratulations. proud of you. >> well, that's why -- that's what the system and this country gives you, the opportunity to be the daughter of very poor political refugees and now be able to represent my people in the u.s. congress. could you imagine what that means the glory, thank you for the opportunity. ainsley: you are welcome. thank you so much. maria elvira salazar, we appreciate it. god bless you, thanks. california governor jerry brown agrees to send national guard troops to the border. not enforce immigration
4:57 am
laws. ron vitiello is going to respond in the next hour. plus dana loesch and bob massi are going to join us live. ♪ i did it all ♪ .
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ >> i will be meeting with kim jong-un. it will be a tremendous thing for north korea and a tremendous thing for the world. >> the department of homeland security released gang members shielded from deportation because of sanctuary policies. >> i think fox news exploit this is issue. we have criminals that do horrible things all the time. >> what do you want to say to jerry brown about his sanctuary state? >> every person who dice is your fault. what do you do, if your grandchild or your daughter's child, what would you do, jerry brown. steve: nightmare at 30,000 feet. the engine blew mid-flight. we're learning about other passengersjumped into action to
5:01 am
save the woman's life. >> i know how to do cpr. i can help. ainsley: do you remember when brian and steve bet that the president wouldn't hit the links with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. time for brian to pay up. neil: five bucks, here you go. ♪ ♪ gam lynn man brian: that is bob seger singing amblin gam minute man man. -- rambling, gambling man. >> brian, inside sources said they would not play governor. pretty much everyone else in america said, are you kidding. ainsley: brian's source, inside voice, said, that i'm going to say, steve, i will disagree with steve. brian: i really felt as though
5:02 am
they were going there to summit, just to talk. steve: on a golf course. ainsley: don't negotiations happen on a golf course? >> some people. you're not good golf -- they have so much to do. how will they possibly, the president golfed in the rain on sunday. he is probably sick of the sun. steve: making a argument. the guy will golf in the rain. the summit wasn't at the state department. it was at a golf course. brian lost his bet. five dollars to pretty much everybody in the studio. janice dean at 10. ainsley: gave the money away. now you have it back. brian: a lot of people decided we shouldn't bet on television. they didn't want us to do the pool. steve: who is on the 10? brian: who is on the 10? i give this to janice. steve: didn't you buy a book about that guy? brian: thomas jefferson. tripoli pirates.
5:03 am
steve: something the president president -- talked a little bit about the upcoming summit with north korean dictator kim jong-un. it will happen at end of may, or early june. apparently the venue is one of the main sticking points out. it will not happen in washington, beijing, seoul or pongyang. sounds like a possibility it could be singapore, switzerland or sweden. ainsley: this is what the president said about that meeting. >> i will be meeting with kim jong-un in the coming weeks to discuss the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. hopefully that meeting will be a great success and we're looking forward to it. it would be a tremendous thing for north korea and a tremendous thing for the world. we have never been in a position like this with that regime. if i think that it is a meeting
5:04 am
that is not going to be fruitful, we're not going to go. if the meeting when i'm there is not fruitful. i will respectfully leave the meeting. brian: it is so smart to say, listen, i'm not promising the moon. i'm not saying we're at the goal line. i'm telling you that there was enough there when i sent my cia director, soon to be secretary state of saw enough promise to go ahead with it. the key to the summits is plowing the ground so you don't go in there blind. i think in this way i think this will be the situation. they go in there with certain marks to hit. but after leaves, there will be a lot of negotiation after he is done. rather than leaving with an agreement, i think they will leave with a framework to move forward on talks. meanwhile at the same time no more nuclear tests. maybe we subside on the war exercises. we have 38,000 troops. maybe we pull 3,000 back.
5:05 am
steve: i think they will wind up with a deal. you look at the news -- brian: he will leave with a deal. steve: absolutely. that is why you have somebody at another level to go set the table. you show up, wind up with a big deal. we don't know that will happen. with mike pompeo has been a great cia director, approved by the senate 66-32 looks like tough sledding for mr. pompeo in the senate this time now that he wants to be the chief diplomat. ainsley: rand paul said he wasn't going to support mike pompeo becoming secretary of state but the president says he thinks that he will come around. he thinks he will be a yes vote. he needs a yes vote. cory gardner says there is no good reason to vote against mike pompeo. >> the senate historian going back to 1925, never happened for a secretary of state nominee. happened in other nominations. you don't want this to happen,
5:06 am
that is clear. there is no good reason to vote against mike pompeo. we can work with rand paul. i hope conversations continue to gain the support. there is no reason by the democrats who voted for mike pompeo for the cia director, other than than blind, absurd partisanship. brian: how will trump treat the secretary of state and affect the state department. rex tillerson wrecked the place. morale was in the toilet. a lot of people resigned. maybe something had to be done. there was no sign that they would reconcile the state department in his image. this secretary of state has the president's ear. has to understand he needs to rebuild the state department. they will have great street cred. marco rubio kind of against tillerson tweeted out with iran threatening, china, russia, north korea, u.s. national security now is not the time to pay politics and block pompeo. do the mature thing, not the
5:07 am
partisan thing for the first time in years. steve: the senate liked the fact rex tillerson was not on the same page all the time with the president. so democrats felt he would be a counterbalance. brian: not during the nomination process. steve: good cop, bad cop, they weren't always on the same page. now because mike pompeo and the president are sipmatico democrats say i don't know if we want a yes men as secretary of state. brian: that is not up to them. steve: hillary clinton up for nomination, only two no votes. john kerry up for nomination, only three no votes. for every democrat to say no that would be crazy. ainsley: no matter what the president wants, the swamp or the democrats want to say absolutely not. even when it comes to something our country's safety. brian: if it has to go to the floor, it is embarassment, first time in decades that the case. if it goes to the floor no guarranty to passage if democrats don't flip. who benefits, think about
5:08 am
november, in this case, they know they can embarass this president, has a cia director get confirmed. could be tougher. has a va secretary to get confirmed. could be even tougher than that. meanwhile president of the united states was asked of course before he left about the mueller investigation with the japanese leader right there. here is what he said to make it clear he is not firing anybody and never was. >> there was no collusion with russia other than by the democrats. this was a, really a hoax created largely by the democrats as a way of softening the blow of a loss. you look at the fact that their server, the dnc server was never gotten by the fbi. why didn't the fbi take it? the fbi take what is they want. they go in, they wouldn't get the server. as far as the investigation nobody has ever been more transparent than i have instructed our lawyers, be
5:09 am
totally transparent. as far as the two gentlemen you told me about, they have been saying i'm going to get rid of them for the last three months, four months, five months. and they're still here. ainsley: we had david bossie on the curvy coach earlier. he wrote the book with corey lewandoski, called let trump be trump. he is the elected he is the man he is. let him be trump. david bossie says the democrats would love for the president to fire mueller to have something against him. they love the russia lead, russia investigation. listen to this. >> the american people see what's going on. the world is in a dangerous place and i'm sick and tired of the democrat party using our foreign policy with the russians as a political lever. that is what they have done. that is all they have. they have no agenda for america or for the american people. they don't have a solution to our copy, our national security problems. they only want to attack this
5:10 am
president who has done an incredible job. brian: one of the biggest fears what happened yesterday. a president acting like a president, getting respect of another world leader, going ahead making historic achievements in north korea to get is to this point. that is when you see the press move against him. have to come up with something to get people's attention off legitimate policy. instead of debating a policy or procedure, they want to pull it into not ready, not worthy. ainsley: what if he has the meeting meeting with kim jong-un and gets rid of nuclear weapons, how do you think the press will handle that? they will still be against him, right? brian: it will be very tough to get around that. steve: the press doesn't like the president. i'm getting a feeling like. brian: trust your instincts. steve: 8:10 in new york city. jillian you have a fox news alert. jillian: we'll get you caught up on this story we're following. a man accused of recruiting 9/11 terrorists for al qaeda is behind bars. kurd irforces interrogating him
5:11 am
after he was arrested in morocco after terror attacks with a operation involving cia agents and handed over to syrian authorities. he was released when war broke out in the country in 2014. pentagon has yet to confirm his capture. one day after that nightmare explosion on a southwest plane the engine of a delta jet catches fire. check it out. thick black smoking coming from under the wing, forcing the plan heading from atlanta to london to turn back. >> issue with the engine on the right-hand side. there is apparently smoke coming from it. jillian: firefighters spray the plane down with foam on the tarmac. thankfully no one was hurt. passengers were put on another flight. the cause of the fire is under investigation. end of era for first time in lives of many cubans. someone other than a castro brother is taking over leadership of the communist nation. raul stepping down as the country's president, the
5:12 am
position 86-year-old has held since his brother's resignation in 2008. he is preparing his vice president to take his place. castro intends to remain as head of the come knit party. nasa launching a satellite to find new planets. >> three, two, one, zero. liftoff. jillian: the spacecraft test hitching a ride to outer space on the spacex falcon 9 rocket from cape canaveral in florida it will scan the skies for at least two years searching for planets outside of our solar system. what do you guys think? do they exist? steve: that is really cool. did they launch another car this time. jillian: i don't think. that is probably next. ainsley: thanks, jillian. steve: california governor jerry brown slamming president trump over the illegal immigration debate. >> it is inflammatory football that very low-life politicians like to exploit.
5:13 am
steve: acting deputy commission foreborder protection joins us. brian: not a low-life. james comey latest claim. he is not political, really? >> i don't care whether people support a republican or a democrat because i'm not either. i don't care who they support. brian: does dana loesch buy that? you know what? he contributes himself in his book. that is what dana looks like. looking over the right, just past over my shoulder. ♪ experience a blend of refined craftsmanship... ...and raw power, engineered to take the crown. presenting the all-new lexus ls 500 and ls 500h. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer.
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and live claritin clear. ♪ brian: california governor jerry brown continuing his crusade against president trump over illegal immigration, kind of. >> very important they be integrated in a humane, intelligent way instead a inflammatory football that very low-life politicians like to exploit. i think it is shocking. it's despicable. brian: he is trying to weave in illegal immigrants in a nice humane way. really? brown agreed to mobilize 400 national guard troops but not enforce immigration laws. here is act directory customs and border protection official ron vitello.
5:18 am
ron, are you okay on limitations on 400 national guard members? >> we're asked for limited missions from the border state. we're glad he deployed in the southwest border. the restrictions are not that different we're asking the guard to do. we're looking for aviation support and watch sensor feeds, cameras for us. road maintenance, brush clearing, that help us do the mission bedder and replace agents doing those border functions. they will be deployed to the border. brian: they will not guard people taken into custody or arrest people arrested for immigration violations or enforce immigration activities and you're okay with that? >> we'll not ask them to do law enforcement duties. that is the rules set we put together with the pentagon. brian: we're stunned to see sanctuary state and all these cities rising up saying that is not okay with me. they're beginning to sue the government of california to get rid of that status. what is the problem with
5:19 am
sanctuary state status when it comes to border enforcement? >> it encourages people to go to places where they think they might be safe. this is not -- no jurisdiction should be put in a place where they're protecting people that broke the law, that law crossing the border illegally. it is not safe for communities those people live in. it is not safe for our law enforcement officers. i'm very good friends with the director at i.c.e., tom homan. he says their officers are in more danger when they look for fugitives in communities or hopes. it is contrary to their officer's safety and not good for the communities either. brian: ron, it is logic. it is harderrer to find somebody than it is to pick somebody up waiting for you after they were apprehended by local officials. i was staggered to see this map. how many isis, excuse me, ms-13 members have been released back into society after they came back into this country. 2/3 are from california. 89 in all. 53 to the rest of the country. how do we change that?
5:20 am
>> this isn't good. no jurisdiction should be protecting people in the country illegally especially in the jail setting. when they're in the jail setting, all they have to do is get ahold of i.c.e. and i.c.e. will be happy to pick those people up and deport them. brian: that would be great. there is a lot of controversy in politics played on the border wall. where do you stand, ron? >> i stand on meeting the president's requirement and meeting the public's demand for border security. we put plans in place to deploy the border wall in places where we most need it. to fix dill lap i date -- dilapidated fencing to change it into the border wall. we'll is do that to extent we have funding. closing roop holes and ending catch-and-release. we do all those things, we meet the demand the public has and we have for ourselves. brian: it is springtime. here they come. ron, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. brian: ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. we're learning more about the passengers who tried to save a
5:21 am
woman's life after a southwest plane engine blew up mid-flight. coming up you will hear from a nurse who performed cpr for pour than 20 minutes. meeting of evangelical leaders turns into a anti-trump sermon. how did that happen? we'll tell you. ♪ ♪ this is what getting your car serviced at lincoln looks like. complementary pickup and delivery servicing now comes with every new lincoln. i won. giving you, the luxury of time. that's the lincoln way.
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still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ♪ steve: it is:24 on capitol hill. now some head had lines from that spot. push for dreamer immigration bill gaining steam in the u.s. house of representatives. a bipartisan majority asking speaker paul ryan to schedule a debate on proposals to replace daca. the bill considered most popular, would protect dreamers from deportation and include some border security. it does not include build that border wall. meanwhile, newborn babies
5:25 am
are now allowed on the floor of the u.s. senate. the new rule inspired by illinois democrat and new mom, tammy duckworth. her daughter, miley pearl born earlier this month. duckworth is the only sitting senator to give birth in american history. so, seems appropriate, she should be able to take the baby to work. ainsley. over to you. ainsley: thank you, steve. president trump's faith advise very council speaking out invite only meeting at wheaton college involving 50 faith leaders. reports say the meeting was very anti-trump. it discussed the future of the evangelical movement in light of the trump presidency. with insight, co-host of the internet work on christian broadcasting network. >> thank thank you. ainsley: tell us the story here, what happened? >> this was supposed to be a meeting, ainsley about evangelism and about faith but from what we understand it really turned quickly into a
5:26 am
trump-bashing. sources close to the meeting with knowledge of it saying that you know, they really didn't realize some of these people, what they were getting into. in fact a few people actually walked out of the meeting. >> ainsley, i will say it was one-sided venting here what happened. this is a two-day college. the first side became basically a free-for-all, this anti-donald trump free-for-all. got so many folks ticked off as jenna was saying people walked out. that is important to understand. that after day one they left. and day two continued on but they were gone. ainsley: if you look at the polls, evangelicals voted for him, voted for president trump at a record level. the latest pew poll research shows that his approval rating among evangelicals is 78%. he won with 81%. so he hasn't lost a lot of evangelicals. what do you think, david, his greatest legacy is? is it conservative judicial appointments he made? >> i think that is huge. remember, we go back to the campaign, 20 or so that he actually said he would actually
5:27 am
appoint from that list, supreme nominations or supreme court nominees from the list. that will be a huge part of his legacy. the other part has got to be israel. he talked about it, and it is true, president and president talked about jerusalem would be capital of israel would never move the embassy. here comes along donald trump actually does it. evangelicals love about him, he actually says -- does what he says. >> promises made, promised kept. ainsley: were these part of the establishment and never-trumpers? >> what we understand a lot were more moderate in their beliefs when it relates to public policy and they do lien a little bit more towards the left. ainsley: any that you know about that went to the meeting? >> there were, tim keller obviously in new york, big megapastor. he hasn't typically been involved in politics. hard to classify all of them a certain way. i will say this. you've got "the washington post" and some other outlets talking
5:28 am
about big evangelical meeting. truth of the matter this is meeting of a bunch of evangelicals have no say within the trump administration. the fact you had no trump advisory group members there, i think that speaks volumes. ainsley: real quickly, what will happen to the pastor held in turkey, accused of terrorism, aiding in the u.s. lame uk movement and spying? do they have any evidence? the trial is may 7th. what do you think will happen? >> it will be tough. erdogan in turkey for a long time is trying to go from secular viewpoint right into that islamic viewpoint. as a matter of fact he talks about this army of islam he wants to rise up against israel. there are reports about that. this has been a nasty, nasty turn in turkey and some real issues for the fights. i think president trump will be involved in this as well. >> he was tweeting about it. the president's attorney, jay sekulow, he is a leading attorney when it comes to religious freedom. he is also closely linked to this. with both of those forces behind
5:29 am
him that really help. ainsley: ask americans, they say he is on trial for his christian beliefs. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> city of houston preparing to celebrate the life of barbara bush as tribute pour in from across the country. we're live in houston next. planned parenthood gets nearly half a billion dollars from taxpayers every year. now they want to spend $30 million on the democrats during the midterms. dana loesch says the public is being robbed. taxpayer dollars. she is up next. ♪
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
ainsley: houston city hall where people soon will gather to celebrate the life of former
5:33 am
first lady barbara bush. brian: we learn the obamas, clintons, first lady donald trump will attend the funeral. that will be saturday. steve: our correspondent adam housley is outside of the funeral home in houston where the sun has come up. adam, good morning. reporter: quite the guest list, that's for sure. memorials have been ongoing since she passed away in houston. we can go back to the city hall of houston lit up blue. throughout the day flowers are being placed. portrait of the former first lady there as well. a couple locations around the city, flowers brought by those who pay their respects, a beautiful tribute tonight, there will be a candlelight vigil from the city hall. st. martin's episcopal church down the street, where she will lie in repose tomorrow. services will take place on saturday. before eventually she will be taken to college station texas hour 1/2 away for burial.
5:34 am
we're hearing more remembrances from their family. george w. bush with humorous, a lot of humorous stories, remember answer of his mother. take a listen. >> day before she died, mom, i want you to know you've been a fabulous mother and i love you dearly. she says i want you to know you're my favorite son on the phone. [laughter]. reporter: can't help but laugh, when you hear some of the remembrances from her. people around town do as well. she was well loved around the country and so much loved in texas where the family spent so much of their time. back to you guys in new york. steve: she lived not too far from where adam is standing. ainsley: thanks, adam. steve: go down to texas as well. dana loesch, a radio talk show host and nra spokesperson. good morning. >> good morning to you all. steve: there is a story out this morning apparently san diego county has joined the lawsuit against the sanctuary state of california. joining the department of
5:35 am
justice lawsuit as well. are we reaching a critical mass because slowly but surely so many localities and now counties in southern california are saying hey, sacramento, jerry brown, just stop it? >> you're absolutely right, steve. thanks for having me this morning. speaking for myself on this and looking at california, los alamitos was one of the first cities to push back against california sanctuary state. these are laws completely disregarding the constitution. there are a number of calfornians are tired of the lawlessness. they're tired of seeing the lawlessness paraded around by those members of the political class in whom they invested their authority to carry out the law and they're also tired of being worried in their own communities. the doj actually, or dhs, sorry, came out with a report saying was 1/3 of 150 ms-13 gang members had been in custody were released in california? california is protecting the
5:36 am
criminal element at the expense of citizens safety and california residents have had enough. steve: i think 2/3 were from california. ainsley: the governor saying fox news is exploiting issue. we interviewed so many parents that lost their kids by criminal illegal aliens that continue to get back in our country or they were never, they were never detained by i.c.e. or never sent back to their countries. >> would love for the governor to look at kate steinle's family to tell them anyone but california is exploiting this issue. or say the same thing to jamil shaw, sr. whose done would be alive today perhaps if california government had done their job. that is disgraceful remark for the governor of california to make because his own lawlessness perpetuated, pushed this problem. not fox news. blaming fox news for your refusal to uphold the constitution and you're refusal to work with i.c.e. and make sure your citizens are safe.
5:37 am
that is dereliction of duty. not media malpractice wages is more important, american citizens or world citizens? you are elected from american citizens that is the where the rubber hits the road. there is another story as we get closer to the midterm elections, believe it or not we have months. planned parenthood has ungodly amount of money going to the dems during the midterms. $30 million. they're being subsidized with taxpayer dollars. does that seem legitimate? >> no. it is appalling. and i have said this before, i talked about this on my program and i have, just infuriating to me to see so many taxpayers robbed. that is what it is. you have innocent american taxpayers who are being robbed to pay an organization that in turn spends hour money on democrat campaigns. we as americans are being forced to fund democrat campaigns because that is who planned parenthood funds. to the tune of half a billion dollars a year, this is
5:38 am
happening. and this is a for-profit business. if they can afford to spend millions and millions of dollars on all of these democrat politicians, and to pay, to buy influence in washington, d.c., they can very much afford to operate without the indulgence of society's forced tax funding. that is what this is. it is appalling. this is one of the things i was, in this omnibus i wish had not been continued because we had a chance not to continue to fleece taxpayers to support democrats. steve: i'm glad you mentioned that at the end, ultimately, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell didn't want it there, they got pens, they could have scratched it out. no, it went right through. so blame the republicans. >> it did go right through under republicans which is appalling. republicans, they pretended to hear what voters were saying wanting to keep more of their own money and limited government, this isn't the way to do it, to rob people that voted for them, to pay for their opponents. they're financing the opposition.
5:39 am
they're financing hillary clinton. $38 million was spent by planned parenthood on hillary clinton. they paid for it. brian: they say they did it for a fully funded defense department. shouldn't be a tradeoff. james comey doing endless media tour. it is blowing up. he is getting tougher questions, he seals to have no answers. talking about politics. >> you sound like a political commentator to me. >> i don't mean to be. i don't care whether people support a republican or democrat. i'm not either. i don't care who they support. i hope the conversation will start with values and come to policy second. we're always going to fight about guns and taxes an immigration. all we are in this country is collection of values. that is what unites the republicans and democrats. [applause] i hope that is not a political statement. ainsley: what's your reaction, dane in? >> yeah, ainsley you can't pretend to lecture americans from ivory pedestal about values
5:40 am
and virtue, simultaneously making snarky remarks about the size of president's hands and circles under his eyes. he stepped all over the message of his own book. he wrote it like regina george writing the burn book. that is what james comey sounds like. i have never seen a cattier man than james comey. he gets in his own way. he tries to portray himself as virtuous example everyone in washington should follow but gets in his own way because his book is so petty. no one is paying attention to anything else in the book. they're talking about how petty he is. he knows better than that. i think he is, he wanted to, has a spine of jelly. he was able to be influenced by public opinion and politics. he was able to be influenced by loretta lynch. he was a bad fbi director. he tried to, because of his bad leadership, he attempted to stain all of the really good fbi agents that are under him. steve: yep. now attempting to sell is as many books as possible during the book tour. if he would like to stop by our show we would love to have him.
5:41 am
>> i would love to watch him on your show. steve: i know. mr. comey, if you're watching, call us. brian: dana, nice to see you. thank you. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: get you caught up on the scary story we've been following. the engine that caused a deadly explosion on a southwest plane takes off every two seconds. more than 2400 planes with the specific engine are in the air at any given time. we're hearing for the first time from the plane's heroic pilot, you see her right there, tammy jo schultz, releasing a statement. we all feel we were simply doing our jobs. schultz mourning the loss of passenger jennifer riordan. our hearts are heavy. we reflect on one family's profound loss. peggy phillips, a retired nurse who tried to save riordan's life joined us earlier. she didn't think twice before jumping in to help. >> that is part of who we are. i was almost relieved to have
5:42 am
something to do that would, that i knew i was in control of. i know how to do cpr. i can help. jillian: phillips says passengers stayed calm during the horrific event. a good magician never shares the secrets right? famous las vegas show man david copperfield is being forced to. his signature lucky 13 court after being sued by an audience member. gavin cox claims he was hurt participating in the trick, he fell on the stage with no guidance. steve: how much does he want? jillian: that, i don't know. ainsley: thanks jillian. steve: democrat steny hoyer says his party will raise taxes if they take back control of congress in the midterms? is that a winning message? bob massi says no. he will explain next. brian: melissa francis, has three young mouths to feed when she is done hosting "after the
5:43 am
bell." she is sharing family dinner secrets with us. we're cooking with those friends next. ♪
5:44 am
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♪ steve: some democrats are eyeing ways to roll back president trump's tax cuts in the democrats win the house. >> raising taxes on highest income earners? >> we'll certainly look to have revenues, as opposed to simply creating more debt. steve: we'll look for more revenue rather than debt. what would that mean for you? joining us for "the massi memo," host of "the property man," bob massi joins us. bonn, i think this could be a dumb strategy. if the democrats mantra going into the 2018 mid terms is going
5:47 am
to be, hey, vote for us, we're going to raise your taxes, that's a no-brainer! >> yeah, i mean i was very surprised to hear a lot of comments he made which we'll talk about. you hear those type of statements i'm to the sure why he would make the statements except it's a pretty silly and stupid strategy. the bottom line, when i hear these statements, and i hear them start talking about debt, i mean how much debt was created in eight years under the former administration? steve: right. >> when the democrats keep talking about this it is just so ridiculous. they put it out there, honestly steve, my biggest concern on midterms, people forget about things. and that is my biggest concern that their message, the republicans have to have a really good message to get the midterms in the right order. steve: the message right now democrats will raise your taxes. republicans can say look, we cut your taxes. there is another steny hoyer sound bite we want to play. bob, listen to this. >> yes. >> first of all we want to
5:48 am
invest if growing jobs. we talk about infrastructure. that's one way to do it. we talk about job skills for the 21st century. that is another way to do it. steve: that sounds good. everybody wants to grow jobs. >> well, if you take him off the picture and put it back in, that is exactly what president trump has been doing and saying. he wants infrastructure. congress has to approve that to get infrastructure. president wanted to create jobs, which in fact he has. the president talks about increasing job skills, i'm hear that, is he republican as opposed to democrat? this is exactly the message that president trump has been saying before the election and during his term. steve: right. obviously the democrats have to change their messaging for a while nancy pelosi and company were saying, those little tax cuts, they're just crumbs. >> well i have to tell you, i represent not a lot of big businesses in vegas but a couple and they have grown.
5:49 am
they're very excited about the tax cuts. so i mean, when you look at it nationally, the things that "fox & friends" covered and ceos you have had on, what they're saying is just not true. the country is growing. the country is active. there is a lot of energy and lot of optimism as a result of that what has been done is very good and people forget, nancy pelosi, you give somebody one thousand dollars, that's a lot of money for paycheck to paycheck people. the problem they forgot what $1000 means. steve: bob massi, great words from vegas. thank you, sir. >> thank you, sir. steve: 11 minutes during the top of the hour. did you notice noise in the segment. melissa francis and their kids arrived in the studio. they started dropping stuff. good job. meanwhile bill hemmer has never made noise in the background. >> steve, five second rule. let them know they can eat it.
5:50 am
good morning everybody. high-stakes, what the president is saying about north korea today. also from the hill republicans level a threat against the justice department. what they want to see and soon. an american pastor on trial overseas. what the white house is doing to try to bring him home. come join sandra and me. we'll see you in ten minutes. top of the hour in "america's newsroom."
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪ ainsley: when she is not coanchoring "after the bell" on fox business she is a busy mom of three trying to get dinner on the table. steve: today she put it on the table. here to cook with friends, we have a francis family special, spiced chicken. >> yeah. irk melissa francis author of this paper back book, lessons from the prairie. now available so you can bend
5:54 am
it. her kids are here. >> this is jim ma right here. -- jemma right here. my philosophy, don't lean in. take a load off with a nice glass sangria. my idea of making dinner is generally going to mcdonald's. that makes me a horrible person. trying to eat a little bit more healthy. ainsley: she is very good at this. this works. this is one of the reasons why this recipe is foolproof. steve: mom is watching "cavuto," she is in the kitchen. >> i'm on at the same time. 4:00 p.m., fox business. i love "cavuto." don't get me wrong. >> she is little lady right there. >> i instant pop pressure cookers r hot on amazon. buy them and use it once. put them away. you don't seal it properly and food comes out like mush. what i did, sent them all to
5:55 am
mcdonald's. i bought a lot of chicken to practice no pressure on me. any spice works. this is taco spicing. this spice gemma is. this is from the colombia restaurant in tampa. i don't recommend all the spices. both sides, with one spice, not all three. steve: brian, don't encourage her. >> vegetables what you like or don't like. steve: you do taters too? >> anything you want. >> can i put them in? can i put these in? what about these? >> why not. [laughter] steve: how long in the pressure cooker. >> 15 minutes? >> that's it. >> it is so fool prove as you can tell.
5:56 am
we're not really following the recipe. >> i know why she drinks the sangria. [laughter] >> is that alcohol? steve: is that alcohol? >> no, no. steve: like you always do, melissa. say no. brian: by the way, all in the new book. how to put everything on everything and drink when you want. >> "little house on the prairie." we're working with her. ainsley: my favorite show growing up. >> my favorite segment. brian: i like the "partridge family." >> who made this bread? it is great. steve: the recipe on "fox & friends".com. melissa, thank you very much. >> hi, everybody. see ya. ♪
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> hamilton is on the $10. >> did you like the chicken? >> get more exciting recipes. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning, everybody. will they meet? breaking news ahead of a summit between the u.s. and north korea, president trump says he has no problem walking away from the table if he feels he is not making progress with kim jong-un. those comments coming as mike pompeo's meeting with the dictator makes a lot of waves across washington as we say good morning from a dreary northeast. it's around the corner somewhere, right? >> sandra: rain falling. pretty gray out there. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. president trump touting unity with japan and vowing a unified approach to talks with north korea. >> president trump: you know i will


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