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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 19, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> jon: surely you recognized the hair. there is the back of president trump. he's landed in key west. anti-drug trafficking meetings ahead for him today. thanks for joining us. >> melissa: "outnumbered" starts now. >> fox news alert for you. donald trump just touched down, air force one arrived in key west, florida. the president has a two-hour stop at the naval air station key west. you can see the president is on the ground waving at onlookers. while he's there, secretary of he land security kirsten nielson will tour the base and they will be briefed on the drug trafficking fight. the president took off from palm beach international and made his way to key west.
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they'll be there a couple hours. we'll track his movement and bring you the news as we get it. meanwhile, fox news alert. new reaction to president trump down playing concerns that he's considering removing special counsel robert mueller. the president insisting that he's fully cooperating with the investigation. that's not tamping down the fears of some in congress. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, fox news contributor, tommie larren and marie hearth. joining us on the couch, david bossey is here. he's out numbered. tomi, so great to welcome you to the couch. >> yeah. great to be here. >> are we ready? shall we begin? president trump making new remarks about the russia investigation and the future of
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robert mueller. as lawmakers are talking about potential legislation to protect the special counsel. yesterday president trump said he's cooperating but it's time for this probe to end. >> this is a hoax. as far as the investigation, nobody has ever been more transparent than i have. i believe we have given them 1.4 million pages of documents. we are hopefully coming to the end. it's a bad thing for our country, very bad thing for our country. but there has been no collusion, they won't find any collusion. it doesn't exist. >> the president was also asked whether he's going to fire robert mueller or deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. he played down those concerns. >> as far as the two gentlemen you told me about, they've been saying i'm going to get rid of them for the last three months, four months, five months.
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they're still here. >> the senate judiciary committee met this morning to discuss a middle to protect the special counsel despite the fact that mitch mcconnell said that he would never bring a bill for a vote. here's chuck grassley. >> obviously the views of the majority leader are important to consider, but they do not govern what happens here in the judiciary committee. if consideration on the floor was a standard for approving a bill in committee or not, we probably wouldn't be moving any bills out of this community. >> maria i hear you jumping in before the camera is on you. meanwhile, we begin this lovely discussion, there's the president on the ground in key west. we'll keep an eye on the live pictures as he makes his way to his meeting there. marie, jump in. >> i was going to say, chuck grassley is right. they can move bills regardless of whether or not they go to the floor. this is not a hoax.
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the mule investigation is real and ongoing. it's stunning that a leading republican and some of his fellow senators are so concerned about what i'm sure david will say isn't going to happen that they're willing to move legislation despite the fact that the president won't sign it and mitch mcconnell won't put it up for a vote. that says something about the republican party. >> that says something to you because the left in this country hates this president so much that every couple of weeks this president has to say he's not firing guys he hasn't fired and has no intention of firing. the mainstream media, doing the bidding of the anti-trump movement and clearly so, forces him to say i'm not going to fire these guys all the time. it's destructive to the country and not helpful to the investigation either. >> the president continues to reiterate as we watch him live in florida, that he -- tomi says he put everything out there. i've been full will cooperating.
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it's time for the probe to end. he's hoping that is the case. when is robert mueller going to show us what he has, if he has anything? >> that's what we're waiting for. it's a distraction. investigations are important but american are people are getting to the point if there's something there, what is it? if not, why are you wasting our time and money? there's things impacting real americans on a daily basis. i'm sure you know this as well. i'm sure we can all agree that average americans don't go home at night and wonder about the mueller investigation. they wonder about taxes, the sanctuary city policies in my home state and keeping themselves and their families safe. that's what they care about. >> this has been going on too long. we're sick of it. >> we need to get back to business. that's what this is about. the president is frustrated. he has an agenda to make america great again, the slogan he ran on and that's what he's be doing the last 15 months. whether it's our economy, national security, we're safer
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and more prosperous today than we were when he became president. those are the facts. this president is doing a great job every day. look, scandal fatigue is a real thing. ask bill clinton. they ran a campaign in the 90s where it was we are -- the american people are tired of these ongoing investigations. that's what hurt the republicans in the 90s. i think the democrats are overplaying their hand here. >> i'd say this. i think tomi is right. most people don't care about what happens until we get to the end and we're told what was found or not found in terms of evidence. i think there's a political push going on that people think they can be part of. look what is happening in pittsburgh. people are now calling out for their swat and other police department enforcement teams to be ready because more than 2,000 people have signed on to petition, to cooperate in any sort of a protest that would go on if he fires robert mueller. think about that for a second.
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most of us could lose our jobs and there wouldn't be a protest. robert mueller could lose his job and they have to bring out riot gear in pittsburgh. so people have at least latched on to this idea that it's one side versus the other. >> you're right. look at what the left did from the moment donald trump won the election in november. there's been protests, the left has been showing this anger and hatred every day since they have not given him one chance to succeed. they only want to destroy him, impeach him if they take over the house. >> people are looking for a reason to protest. they do it with every protest, every march they. have it's all anti-trump. the people of pittsburgh really protesting against a possible firing of robert mueller? people on the street -- >> maybe. >> no. >> the average person really think about that or -- >> they're protesting the fact that they feel like the president has scooped up too much power as he could make this move. but my question is the people on
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the ground would be -- well, what happens if he doesn't fire mueller? are you going to be watching it? >> it's a never-ending story. >> i want to see bob mueller's report. >> how about a deadline? >> i lived through an administration for eight years that investigations took eight years. >> the only ones that colluded was hillary clinton. she's -- >> that's not true. >> it is true. >> we don't know what bob mueller has -- >> does he know what he has? >> his working theory is that he wants to get this wrapped up as soon as possible. these are -- >> it's almost two years. a working theory is no longer operable. >> i was making a point. >> the president has shown -- the president has refused to sit down and answer questions only the president can answer.
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so until we have a resolution of that issue -- >> he's refused to be trapped. >> he's not trapped if he tells the truth. >> look what they did to scooter libby. this is what prosecutors do. >> it's the idea that this particular special counsel's hallmark now is raids. so when you look at the aggression according to the attorneys for both paul manafort and michael cohen, when you look at the aggression that this particular special counsel has moved forth with is understandable that somebody might have a little cautionary behavior to sitting down with him, a short time against, they were talking about the parameters of a sit down. the president said he wanted to do it. now you're looking at a situation where manafort and cohen were really cooperating with the investigation. >> not according to the republicans that signed off on the raids. not according to republican law
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enforcement officials -- >> no, no. that's a different argument. whether they were legal -- >> necessary. there was evidence they were destroying evidence. >> they have to prove -- >> and they did. they did. >> how can they prove -- >> and they did to republicans. the deputy attorney general, a trump appointee, they did to the southern district of new york. they proved that those raids were necessary in this ongoing investigation. >> they have to prove the men were destroying evidence. >> they did. >> do you agree with this bill to protect muler from being fired? >> absolutely. as americans we should want the special counsel to finish their job. >> if there was any evidence, this investigation has been going on two years. robert mueller has been there a year. this investigation with all of the leaks, everything going on, we would know if there was collusion. i can tell you, there was none during the campaign. there is no evidence of it because it didn't exist. it's a hoax. >> you know what i can tell you? >> this is just getting started.
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welcome, tomi. trey gowdy requesting an special general's investigation into james comey's fbi coordinated with loretta lynch's doj in the hillary clinton investigation. mr. comey denied that to congress and now a prominent republican lawmaker says mr. comey may have lied. also, comey now saying he regrets his tell-all memorial includes inflattering words about the president. has the damage already been done? >> if i had it to do all over again, i wouldn't put that paragraph in even though just because it gave people a hand hold who hadn't red the book to attack the book. ♪
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jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? >> look me in the eye and listen to what i'm about to say.
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the white house and outside the fbi family had any idea what i was about to say. there was no coordination. >> that was james comey telling congress he didn't participate in the e-mail server case with hillary clinton. fast forward till now. mark meadows says he's seen evidence proving that comey did what he's denying. >> over and over again, we have e-mails that would suggest that that testimony was false. there's another e-mail from the department of justice that would indicate that on a how to articulate the exoneration of hillary clinton. >> he went on to say there's additional evidence that would suggest the dodge narrowed the
9:16 am
scope. meadows asked trey gowdy to look into the latest accusations against comey. gowdy has written a letter to the fbi, the doj and the inspector general requesting that they in fact pick up this investigation. david? >> there clearly needs to be a quick investigation. this doesn't need to be pro directed or done. it's internal, within the doj and the fbi. they've done an amazing job and now trey gowdy is on the case. we can't have a double standard. can't have mike flynn held to one set of standards for lying and potentially comey or mccabe lying under oath. >> jon: one of the reasons we can't have that is because of what they were lying about. i think because comey is
9:17 am
thrusting himself in the spotlight, i say it's a matter of time before he's on "dancing with the stars." he's raising more questions. his story is changing and putting on the nice smile for the ladies of "the view." meanwhile, people have questions. if we're going to do an investigation, make it fast. >> something you said stuck in my head and you said we can make it a quick investigation. can we do that? where do i order that up? >> you have the department of justice employees, the fbi employees. those are very contained. i think you're dealing with -- >> we're contagious. >> the inspector general is the right place to look at this as we have seen congress, challenging for them to investigate things right now given the partisanship on both sides. trey gowdy asking the inspector general is the place to go. we haven't seen everything mark meadows is talking about and making accusations.
9:18 am
at some point we have to stop hearing accusations and hear the evidence. maybe the inspector general -- >> who would they pair him with "dancing of the stars?" >> we'll see. >> very gracious. >> that being said, if this was the case, if, you know, somehow the investigation has been finding -- people just want to know, is there ultimately going to be accountable ility. >> i think this inspector general's report, which is going to come out in i believe three weeks or so, is going to -- i think it's going to educate the american people in a very big way about what mccabe was doing, what comey was doing and what page and strzok.
9:19 am
>> whatever was going on, if there was something that gave a chilling effect from the fbi, whether it was the way james comey did business or if he had a bit one way or the other, politically leaning or bad with everybody -- >> which he may have been. >> but i think the american people just want to find that out. i wish it could be brief because that way. there's a chance the inspector general says that hillary clinton shouldn't have been criminally charged. >> and could say the opposite. >> right. until we see that, until we know what this investigation has been comprised of, we wait and speculate. bob goodlatte is ready to subpoena the justice department over james comey's memos. he grabbed for some of those
9:20 am
from hit book. last friday, chairman goodlatte and two committee chairman demanded unredacted versions of the memos. they're said to contain comey's conversations with president trump before he was fired. comey wrote about some of that in his book. so so far nothing has been produced. lawmakers say congress and the american people have a right to see the memos for themselves. meanwhile, comey says he now regrets that a portion of his tell-all memoir details the president's physical appearance. watch. >> if i had it to do over again, i wouldn't put that program in even though -- it gave people a hand hold to attack the book. people have seized on that as a distraction. if i'd do it over again, i'd tear that paragraph out. >> wow. he only read it once, didn't have a chance to edit? >> it's more than one paragraph. >> there's new criticism for the former director, too. here's former fbi assistant
9:21 am
direct director chris schwecter that was in his agency. >> the fbi doesn't do work like that. when they go to work, they check their personal opinions and political views at the door when they go out to do the public's business. comey makes it looks like it's all about the politics and polls drive what the fbi does. >> you pointed out that he degraded the president's appearance. if there was a woman, there would be protests in the streets about this. and by the way, he talked about his skin color. >> he was petty. >> he did. >> he talks about putting a shiny apple on the president's desk and the president comes in and he eat as different brand of apple and how -- it's just salacious stuff that he's trying to put in a book to make a dollar. >> or not. >> the point is if he was using
9:22 am
classified information that is in those memos to write a book and sell it, why can't the american people -- we're talking about seven memos. five with classified information. he's using information to write and sell books. >> if the american people don't see it, members of congress should. >> it's the idea of who owns the memo? did he own them? >> it's his -- we need to see them and find -- >> isn't that government property. >> you'd think it would be. it's like his diary in a way. if he's profiting off of a book and he has -- this is a topic of conversation and we're talking about it at least today, this is a conversation the american people are. doesn't matter what side of the political aisle you're on. he loves himself. he's a leaker. he's petty. the american people have a right to see it. >> with chris swecker, his keep concern, love of the fbi, his
9:23 am
deep concern over the damage he believes james comey is doing with this media blitz. >> and his actions while at the fbi as well. >> here's what i'd say. i don't think that james comey was a perfect fbi director or a perfect messenger now for some anti-trump message. i don't think that. despite that fact, we cannot and should not overlook some of the concerns he's raising about why he was fired, which we know bob mueller is looking into and about some concerns about how president trump is governing. put aside the petty stuff. >> it's hard to do. >> it is hard to do. >> we can't use it to avoid looking at some of the other criticisms because james comey is by far an imperfect messenger. >> if he fired james comey on day one -- >> totally different. >> based on chuck schumer and nancy pelosi -- >> totally different. i agree. >> and lanny davis when he worked for president clinton, he said i think barack obama should
9:24 am
have fired him. this shouldn't be on the president's plate currently. >> i agree. >> the white house is putting the full court press on vulnerable democrats to support mike pompeo's nomination for the next secretary of state. can they get some to flip? and he did write a book on the art of a deal. president trump saying that he's willing to walk away from talks with north korea's dictator if that's needed. is that a smart approach? stay close. >> if i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we're not going to go. if the meeting when i'm there is not fruitful, i will respectfully leave the meeting.
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>> president trump saying he could back out of a sit down with kim jong-un if he's not confident it will amount to anything.
9:29 am
watch. >> we've never been in a position like this with that regime, whether it's father, grandfather or son, and i hope to have a very successful meeting. if i think that it's a meeting that is not going be fruitful, we're not going to go. if the meeting when i'm there is not fruitful, i will respectfully love the meeting and we'll continue what we're doing or whatever that we'll continue. something will happen. >> congress put on the full-court pressure mike pompeo's nomination for secretary of state or confirmation of him after his secret meeting with kim. the senate foreign relations committee is set to vote on pompeo monday. republican senator tom cotton had this warning for democrats considering voting against pompeo. >> mike pompeo will with confirmed. it's a matter of whether the senate democrats want to confirm
9:30 am
him with a large bipartisan majority, with whom we've had disagreements with in the past important if they want to play partisan games. if they do so and up for re-election, they may suffer the consequences. >> so far, rand paul is the only republican no at this point. he said he would meet with pompeo before the vote and several democrats are undecided. some of them up for re-election in states drop won. going back to what tom cotton said, be careful. urging caution to those senators whom are considering voting no in states trump won. be careful, he says. >> there's ten of those democrats up for re-election where president trump won their states. it's going to be troubling because the american people are tired of this incredible partisanship and this gridlock. they want to see some people get some things done.
9:31 am
this is a very simple things to be able to come together on and i think that this is going to be a backlash against the democrats. >> how could you vote no for mike pompeo if you said he's acceptable to be good enough to be the cia director? >> it's not partisanship. it's anti-trump. we're seeing it in every area of government, all over the mainstream media. it's this wave of resistance and it's by any means necessary. he's already doing the job, so why would we put a halt on diplomatic efforts that he's trying to put forth, put our country at stake because some democrats still don't like trump so they want to slam their fist on the table and act like cry babies. the american people are sick of it. >> to your point, tommy, why do you need the democrats at this point? >> because the republicans don't have their caucus together -- >> one vote is not -- >> why can't we count on one party to be able to move the needle somewhat? i don't that rand paul will be a
9:32 am
defector. he's met with pompeo. >> senator mccain may not vote. >> that's not a no. >> no, but then it's a numbers game. they do need democrats. >> i was trying to do the math. >> you need rand paul. if you have rand paul, you can have vice president pence break the tie. that's it will end up being. >> tomi is right. he's doing the job. this is where the democrats are disingenuous. shouldn't we be happy that there's a front game -- >> no. as a democrat, i can answer that. it's not just about being anti-trump. there's serious concerns about whether mike pompeo believes in the diplomacy as a tool to solve problems. >> do you share that concern? >> absolutely. when he was a member of congress, he was very outspoken about military and more hawkish solutions. that's okay. that's certainly one tact to take. does that mean you should be secretary of state? i don't know. there's questions to be asked. it's not unfair to ask questions when the senate is tasked constitutionally with this. you may get some democrats.
9:33 am
i'm not sure. i think it's still up in the air. he's doing more meetings and i also think absolutely one of the reasons that this meeting leaked out that he had with kim jong-un was to push along the confirmation. >> maybe. no say he's doing something. >> it's not like it's not true and something that we wouldn't want. madeline albright was secretary of state. she went to meet with kim jong-il's regime under clinton, part of the criticism is the nation didn't understand the front game. did they lay down enough bricks for for her. >> for 25 years the geniuses in washington have gotten north korea wrong. this president is exuding leadership in what he's doing to try to get north korea back to the table to actually denuclearize. >> quite frankly leaving the door open if it doesn't go the way they're planning. >> it's exactly what reagan and gorbachev did. reagan said we're going to do
9:34 am
it. he walked out of the meeting. we remember the second meeting with reagan and gorbachev. not the first. the second. if the first meeting goes well, it's the first of many. this isn't going to be we're going to have a meeting and have an end result. >> that's right. >> all right. we'll leave it there. democrats are reportedly facing a growing split over the party's message when it comes to the mid-term's election. could an anti trump agenda backfire? and more trouble for the democrats and hillary clinton's blame game tour over the 2016 election. what a new poll is revealing. details ahead.
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. >> democrats are reportedly facing growing divisions heading into the mid-term elections. bloomberg is reporting that dems are split on finding an electoral message. many seething with anger at president trump while not alienating republican-leaning states. party leaders pushing to run on economic issues. no! like opposing the gop tax plan, but liberal groups want a bolder agenda with ideas like gun control measures and expanding medicare. this is presenting a challenge to find a broad agenda for candidates in solidly democratic states like elizabeth warren and candidates running in trump country like joe manchin. we knew this already. hillary clinton was fainting at the thought of going to the rust belt states. they've had time to figure this out. >> but they don't have an
9:40 am
agenda. they've not had one in years for the american people to further make america great again, which is what donald trump ran on. that's the issue. they only want to impeach this president and they want to raise your taxes. that's all they have. if that's what they're selling this november -- >> shielding illegal immigrants. >> that's. that's all they have. >> in the special elections that have happened and several dozen now at the state and statewide level. democrats have outpolled hillary by double digits. in a mid-term, the message that matters much more than a national message is the individual district by district message. the democratic party has done a good job of recruiting candidates that match their district and matched those messages. it's different district by district. look at what conor lamb did. there's messages that will resonate. it's a problem though going into 2020.
9:41 am
the problem will play out in the primary where we try to figure out who my nominee will be. is it elizabeth warren, i hope not or the conor lamb model that people i think -- >> what do you think it is? >> i think it's both. i want it to be more of the moderate appealing to the base because a lot of those issues are very important and matter. we also have to -- >> i think you're right. i think it's both. here's the complication. you can only vote for one. tomi? >> it's a fine line to walk. the party leading to us 2020 will be fighting this battle out. >> the further they move to the left the better it's going to be for us. >> i agree. >> but the headlines are what win. the anti-trump marches, the pink hats, the shielder daca and shielding immigrants. that's what the democrat party is. you lose the moderates because their voices are not as loud and not carrying pitchforks through the streets. >> i forgot my pitchfork. i left it at the hotel.
9:42 am
>> and tomi is hitting the nail on the head for the visual that we see. part of the complication though for democrats is their party is bifurcated like that. so you -- it's walking such a thin line. republicans with step in there and do what? >> i'm having a hard time with what i heard from marie going back to the messaging. if you have -- if you've got republicans, you know, in control and you all of a sudden come up in the mid-terms and you have this message of a strong economy, millions of new jobs, unemployment rate that has been sinking to multi-decade lows, what is the -- i haven't heard the economy -- >> in a lot of districts, people are not feeling the economy. we have seen wage growth still -- >> i want to get david back. >> and a lot of districts anecdotally in polls where we see this. republicans would be stupid to overlook, this it's going to be a tough year. >> as the tax cuts from december continue to seep into our economy and as those economic
9:43 am
numbers and as our gdp continues to grow, we're not going to look back to barack obama's 1.6, 1.8 percent gdp every quarter for eight years. that new normal that he said would never be able to be changed again. now we're having several quarters in a row -- >> is that enough to get republican voters back out? >> it's only april. if the economy continues to roar on, they're going to have a hard time with their economic message, no matter what lies they try to tell in november. >> speaking of politics, a new poll shows hillary clinton's popularity has fallen since the 2016 election as she has remained on the political stage, continuing to cost blame for her lost to president trump. the "wall street journal" survey finds 27% of those polled had a very or somewhat positive view of clinton putting her popularity lower than president trump. we've talked a lot about former secretary hillary clinton on this couch.
9:44 am
i know my republican friends don't ever want her to go away. >> we don't. no. >> i predicted that. but this makes me -- i don't want to use the term sad but -- >> use the term "sad". >> she's a competent senator or secretary of state what he's been doing in this publicity tour since the election has not helped her and has not helped the party. >> you know why? it's a reach for relevance. you can't do that. >> she hasn't accepted the results of the election. that's first and foremost. she can't get her mind around the fact that she lost. >> to president trump. >> to president trump. >> i agree. >> come on. she wasn't happy losing to barack obama either. let's break it real. >> no. >> she doesn't want to lose. >> no one likes to lose. >> exactly. >> it's time to put their people and party before the morals to
9:45 am
make a buck. >> did you call her crooked? >> i did. >> i can't help it. >> we discussed this before. marie, the what happened, her writing this book, look back at the 2016 election, it's so backward looking. wouldn't it have helped her party to have looked forward and what should have happened? >> or what could happen. >> yes. absolutely. and to be fair, i think that the party and its new leadership, particularly younger leaders are looking forward. >> nancy pelosi is not -- >> the younger leaders. i know you like to talk about nancy pelosi on this couch. we don't need to go there. we're talking about someone else. with hillary, i've said she's not helping the party. she has -- >> how do you get her to go away? >> i don't know the answer, harris. if i did, i would make it happen, man. >> now we're back to sad. >> i am sad. i'm a little sad.
9:46 am
>> tomi, you look happy. >> you minuentioned she's looki backward. she's saying that trump voters are backwards. it's offensive but helps us in 2020. hillary, keep talking. the democrats are afraid to criticize her in large part. >> i don't -- they're not anymore. i think this will be interesting to watch. >> we need her to write another book. >> what had happened -- what could happen -- >> what could have happened. crooked h. >> in developments on the dreamer's front. growing pressure on paul ryan to hold votes on democrat from within his own party ranks. the likelihood his hand could be forced. we'll debate next.
9:47 am
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>> we want to come in with a fox news alert. there's no criminal charges in the death of prince. it's been nearly two years since he was found dead in his home in paisley park. that's a suburb of minneapolis. in carver county now, we understand that the doctor that had prescribed and opioid will face a fine of $30,000. but the fentanyl that doctors say killed prince, they're still trying to figure out how he got a counterfeit dose of that.
9:51 am
there was something else mixed in it and doctors say prince died and he made have thought it was vicodin, a painkiller. there's questions about what was in his system for that drug that they're now calling a counterfeit pill. but no one will face criminal charges in the death of prince. you know, looking at notes today, it was almost exactly two years, april 21, 2016 that he was found alone and unresponsive in an elevator at his paisley park estate. prince, no criminal charges in his death. sandra? >> new developments on the push to protect dreamers. more than 50 house republicans have signed a resolution that would put four different immigration bills on the house floor. republican jeff dunham leading the push to get republican leadership to consider the bills. he says 237 members support the resolution, which reflect the
9:52 am
expectation that every democrat would support it as well. speaker paul ryan said he will not consider a proposal that doesn't have the president's support. despite growing pressure from his own ranks, the speaker's stance has not changed. when dunham was pressed if he would file a discharge petition, a tool lawmakers use to force a vote, he said it's too early to take that step. what do you think, david? >> look, this president has made it very clear that he wants to solve this daca problem in his mind. the democrat party will not go along because what the president is saying is let's fix this broken chain migration issue, fix the broken lottery system and let's build a wall. if we can do those things in a bill, i think it was 1.8 million daca kids, some of them are not kids -- >> and extended family, too.
9:53 am
>> 1.8 million people would be able to stay here legally. that's a deal that this president has put forward and the democrats stopped it. >> tomi i know this is an issue that you're on every day. how do you feel about this? do democrats want to get anything done? >> if they care about the dreamers, then they would want to get something done. further more, if they cared about the american people, they would want to fix our broken immigration system. they want to make sure we have a call and security for the american people. they're not moving on it. they want to make trump out to be a bad guy or republicans because we're not for dreamers. this president has said i'm willing to protect your dreamers but we're going to protect the american people as well. waiting for them. ball is in their court. >> the ball is in paul ryan's court here. >> no, no. >> republicans in the house have petitioned the speaker, paul ryan, to put forward bills. paul ryan has said he's not sure he will do that. in terms of just this story, it
9:54 am
will be interesting to see how paul ryan finishes out his speakership, whether he responds to his members, many not running for re-election and how he treats the remaining months. >> i'm glad we're keeping the word ball in here now. this goes back to democrats being willing to shut down the government on this issue and when a march deadline came up and it passed, we haven't heard substantive conversation. we did see chuck schumer say, i'm going to take that 1.6 billion for the wall back off the table. in the end, the omnibus had it. this has been all around something that democrats could have done something more on behalf of daca and they didn't. >> donald trump has changed his position a number of times -- >> no. he said a well, a big beautiful wall. >> that's not a bill. that's a statement. >> this bill that you're talking about doesn't have the wall as a component. it only is a fix for daca. so there's no deal involved. >> this is a republican bill. so again, this is not the
9:55 am
democrats unable to solve it. there's differences within the republican party -- >> i said be part of a solution. >> there's differences in the republican party itself -- >> tomi, go ahead. >> i agree with you. you talked about paul ryan and his members. we should remember the true members and his states. that's these people that were elected to go to d.c. to get things we voted for. fixing the immigration system, it was a wall. that's why president trump is in the white house. republicans are letting us down, too. >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we'll be right back.
9:56 am
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>> many thanks to david bossi. both of you will return to the couch tomorrow. it's the first time on the couch, tomi, do you like it? >> tomi: normally i'm the one who is outnumbered. usually among the scouts. it's nice to be around like-minded folks but we both believe hillary clinton is great for your party. fake news, america. >> sandra: we will be back tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: fox news alert, the president's tough talk on any sitdown with north korean dictator. let's go "outnumbered: overtime," i am harris faulkner. a drug smuggling, when it comes to planned talks, the commander
10:00 am
in chief says he's willing to talk and walk if he sees no progress. >> i hope to have a very successful meeting. if we don't think it's going to be successful, we won't have it. we won't have it. if i think it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we are not going to


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