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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 20, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> what do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement, the only thing these people were guilty of was wanting to protect you and me. they just wanted to get something to eat. >> reporter: of fox news alert, two sheriff deputies guns down on their lunch break in a deliberate attack on the badge. law enforcement's powerful message as the war on cops wages on. >> andrew mccabe facing charges for what he let slip to the washington post. he legal action being taken. >> the rock is cooking! rob: we will tell you what the rock is cooking, served with lime and salt. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ mary max thanks for joining
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us on friday morning. this is "fox and friends first". rob: let's get to a fox news alert. two sheriff deputies in florida gunned down through a restaurant window while eating lunch. mary mcnamara is come as line of duty death store just we 4 months into the year. jackie about his joins us live. >> reporter: a normal lunch break turned into a bloodbath. sgt. noel ramirez and 25 year deputy taylor lindsay & worded in a chinese restaurant. the gunman fired through a glass window outside gainesville. both deputies pronounced dead at the scene. the suspect found shot dead
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inside a car in the parking lot. 's motive is unclear. gilchrist county sheriff's deputies left shocked and devastated, honoring their fallen brothers in blue. the sheriff says they were the best of the best. >> i knew both of them personally. i could sit in front of all of you and tell you that i loved them. and they were loved and i have met with the family today, i told them they could be proud of those men. they could be proud. i am proud to have been there sheriff. jillian: donald from saying my thoughts and prayers and condolences with families, friends and colleagues of the heroes who lost their lives in the line of duty. 20 officers across the us have been shot and killed. more than half the total number of cops killed by gunfire last
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year. sgt. ramirez served in law enforcement for 7 years, leaves behind a wife and two children. deputy lindsay was a 3 year veteran of the force. rob: we hate to hear stories like that. jillian: no collusion and no obstruction, donald trump sounding off a newly released classified memos from 2017 meetings with james comey. >> criminal charges recommended for fired fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. griff jenkins live with new developments. >> 15 rejected -- out for the scene. wasting no time to take to twitter saying the memos just out, showing no collusion and no obstruction, leaked classified information. days after the inauguration, to
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tell the truth. i don't do sneaky things. i don't do weasel moves. this is the inspector general, and doing just that. the chairman of the house committee requesting memos offering a statement that it shows the president made clear he wanted allegations of collusion, coordination and conspiracy between his campaign and russia investigated. nancy pelosi disagrees, the release of the memos are further proof of the president's contempt for all of law as white house advisor kellyanne conway put it in perspective. >> we would know none of this unless hillary clinton admitted influenced by the national media, let these memos out there, people are calling for transparency and accountability and continued investigations for over a year.
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>> reporter: as for mccabe's legal troubles, they were advised of the referral but believe it is unjustified and confident he will not be prosecuted. rob: thank you so much. jillian: the memo seems to be backfiring on the former fbi director, that is what mark levin thinks. the only person james comey cremated is himself. >> these memos help the president. nothing incriminating in them, seeing these rejected areas, they incriminate comey because he said he didn't released classified information. classified, comey said he didn't classify information so he has some explaining to do. i have gone through this. the president is furious about allegations of prostitutes and so forth and that didn't happen. the deputy attorney general of the united states told the president he's not a target in the michael cohen case or both
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cases. heather: james comey says he has no knowledge of the referral but confirmed he could be a witness against mccabe if prosecuted. rob: the devastating chemical weapons attack, the state department saying there is credible evidence that countries are still keeping un inspectors away from the site of the attack, the syrian regime accused of threatening doctors and taking bodies of those who were killed in that attack as the us outlines red lines for a better relationship with russia including addressing election interference and uk nerve agent attack. isys explosives factory estimated in syria. iraqi warplanes unleashing the rare assault, teaming up with syrian government working to take out she hotties. the us-led coalition provided
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intelligence support, a rack declared victory against isys in december but terrorists pose a threat as we learn accused 9/11 al qaeda recruiter mohammed zauderer is captured. they are crediting the president with that. >> donald trump continues to press forward special operations in syria. and much more aggressive. >> a step toward closing the door on 9/11. >> the engine that exploded and killed a woman on a southwest plane is not the only engine model with problems. the faa no longer allowing certain rolls-royce engines to power long-haul overwater flights after they were shown to
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develop cracks. and to keep everyone calm as the southwest plane made an emergency landing. a friend of the captain, tammy jo shultz speaking out about her heroic plan. >> faith plays a big part, how she lived her life. >> passengers on the flight give a $5000 check from southwest. >> a man claiming to be the nephew of former slugger alex rodriguez says he was kidnapped. he was selling a $600,000 lamborghini when the buyers backed out and held him in a new
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york city hotel room until he returned their deposits. he escaped and called police, both alleged kidnappers were arrested and a spokesman for alex rodriguez the baseball players is this man was 100% not his relative. jillian: lance armstrong cutting a deal in the post office lawsuit against him after years of wrangling. the former cyclist agreeing to pay the federal government $5 million. the post office was originally seeking $100 million, accused armstrong of defrauding american taxpayers about accepting millions in endorsements for using performance-enhancing drugs. >> making history on the senate floor illinois democrat and new mom tammy duckworth casting her vote and holding newborn baby girl. >> the senate changed able to allow babies on the floor. >> unanimous consent vote. >> her daughter, miley pearl, the only sitting senator to give
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birth in us history. >> 1000 pounds of dynamite is missing and it is up to investigators to find it before catastrophic damage. >> you don't know what you are doing to hurt somebody else. >> is it something to be concerned about. >> just told "fox and friends first" about that investigation. rob: democrats trying to lock in elections by allowing paroled felons to vote. the key to midterm success or is it an attempt to take back power on the hill, we will debate that coming up. >> incredibly insensitive. and being slammed, on the late barbara bush's appearance. when "fox and friends first" continues.
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most pills only block one. and 6 is greater than 1. flonase sensimist. jillian: welcome back to "fox and friends first," and urgent search for 1000 pounds of dangerous explosives that vanished from the construction site, the dynamite along with blasting caps stolen in pennsylvania. of special agent in charge of the field division leading that search explains why this is so dangerous. >> commercial products are very safe to handle, they can be shipped around and if you don't know what you are doing, more important on somebody else. of the 20 heather: there's a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.
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the doj blasting a decision preventing donald from from cracking down on sanctuary cities. the appeals court says the government cannot withhold funds for cities refusing to enforce immigration policy. the doj spokesman calling it a dangerous precedent adding the department will continue, quote, protecting public safety and keeping criminal aliens off the street to further perpetrate crimes. rob: andrew cuomo intending to grant 35,000 paroled felons the right to vote. other big-name democrats rallying behind this new tactic. >> 6 million of our fellow citizens are prohibited from voting because of current previous felony convictions. parolees should have the right to vote. i will make it a law by executive order and announced out here today. rob: is this left strategy the key to locking in the midterms
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or will democrats alienate their base with controversial moves like this when? joe borelli and democratic strategist chuck rocha. thinks for joining me. i went to start with you. just to give some information here, in this governor's race, a primary race, the lady from sex and the city, cynthia nixon running against him in the primary people like the koch brothers who support most things republican are for criminal justice reform. they have done their task, paid their debt to society.
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they have every right, are they supposed where scarlet letter for the rest of their lives? they paid their price to society and should be able to vote. this has to do with democratic primary in new york. rob: he has been quite moderate, a solid governor is not a famil him to make. it surprised a lot of people. >> he has delusions of 20/20 granger but faces the reality of 2018. he has to remind democrats he is a liberal progressive democrat. he is becoming increasingly unhinged at the process of the primary with cynthia next and so going out of his way to impress democrats, by being part of this movement to give democrats an edge in the house, 5 vulnerable house seats and new voters for those races. >> how do you think this would
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pole among most americans? most voting americans? >> if you put it to the people we will do it in florida, there have been enough petitions in florida to give all felons who have done their time to have their voting rights restored. interesting to watch florida which is a bellwether on both sides, to be put on the ballot and people have an opportunity to make the decision. heather: how do you think it would fare in the polls, a move like this, i want to ask if cuomo runs for president will a decision like this come back to haunt him? >> it might. the bigger question is how they released a 3 time cop killer but there is different polling on the issue, you had a poll recently where 40% of people like parolee voting but 80% of hillary clinton voters like it. you will see a breakdown on party lines. the big picture, this is more about his particular standing in the national party and having to
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remind people because he spent so much time being a chameleon on issues in new york state. rob: thank you for coming on. over to you. jillian: up in smoke, the democratic lawmaker celebrating by going easy on pot smokers which are teachers union inserting politics in the classroom, cutting ties with wells fargo over support of the nra. ♪
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rob: donald trump is not a target in the michael cohen investigation. rod rosenstein telling the commander-in-chief the investigation is based on cohen. the fbi raided cohen's house, office and hotel room. donald trump has previously been told he's not a target of the special counsel, robert mueller's investigation. >> chuck schumer pushing to decriminalize marijuana nationwide. >> i have seen too many lives ruined. jillian: planning to introduce a bill, donald trump about to let states decide their own marijuana laws. rob: cutting ties with wells fargo for its ties to the nra.
2:24 am
>> reporter: the american federation, 1.7 million nationwide ending the relationship with wells fargo after the bank decided not to cut ties with the nra, the union called on the bank to do this. this could hurt wells fargo, and we can only assume in light of silence, the nra business is more valuable than educators are. and wells fargo said they leave this up to lawmakers for the gun debate. julie: we make that ready? >> the rocket launching a new tequila line.
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and the polynesian name to spirit anomic - when will be released, can you smell what the rock is drinking? >> the mcdonald's apps or applecare, minimum purchase, a minimum order of french fries for free. not a small little order, substantial amount of french fries. >> i didn't know that. thank you so much. >> 25 minutes after the hour. a direct threat to take out a cop. >> ms 13 wants to threaten a cop in this county, ms 13 will get an answer. >> police officers bowing to
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all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. jillian: we are back with a fox news alert, two deputies killed in cold blood eating lunch in a restaurant. the gunman ambushing 30y sgt. ramirez and 25 you make deputy lindsay. the suspect found shot dead in the parking lot in trenton, florida. 's motive is unclear. >> what do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement to the extent that it has been demonized, every type of hate, every putdown you
2:30 am
can think of. the only thing these blue were guilty of was wanting to protect you and me. >> reporter: sgt. ramirez spent 7 years in law enforcement and leaves behind a wife and two kids. deputy lindsay was a 3-year deputy of the force. >> the telegram is behind bars captured overnight. lois reetz arrest in texas, a nationwide manhunt, has been on the run since march, and a woman in florida, to steal her identity. and driving the victims -- tracked to a restaurant near the mexico border where the killer grandma was finally captured. 83y walter leroy mooney was put to death by lethal injection in alabama, the oldest inmate to be executed in modern history,
2:31 am
convicted in 1996, 7 years after sending an explosive package to the home of judge robert vance. and convicted in the bombing death of a civil rights attorney 22 years later. jillian: the gaza strip bracing for a fourth mass protests and israeli defense forces expected to defend the issue end and more bloodshed. more as protests move closer. >> good morning. this has become the friday ritual, when prayers let out people mass along the gaza israel border. a live look at what is happening. palestinians gathering, you can see one small tire fire that has started up, creating a bunch of smoke making the job of the is really snipers more difficult, you see the palestinians, and
2:32 am
draw your attention to the burn in the foreground. if you look at the mound you can see a sniper position with a couple snipers at the ready. you see where the violence manifests. a demonstration against israeli and egyptian blockade. and rushing border fence and return to the border homes when israel was formed. that is where you get the conflict. you have israeli forces with rubber bullets and lethal rounds. israeli defense force has an unusual directive for security force, the directive is to shoot the legs of anyone approaching the border fence unless -- any kind of security force directive is to shoot center mass and use ultimate stopping power. this has become violent and bloodied, 30 people have been killed in these demonstrations
2:33 am
including one journalist and 1200 have been injured in this back-and-forth including stonethrowing and lethal rounds with people who have been shot. there is a propaganda element, israeli forces dropping leaflets on demonstrators, they are tools of hamas putting themselves and other people in the gaza strip at risk in the event they rush the border fence which palestinians have their own propaganda, released a video showing the commander of government activities in palestinian territories and the palestinian snipers are directed at your senior commanders. they put these kites in the air and set details on fire, and cut the cords on these with the intention of crashing them on
2:34 am
the is really side of the border and they seemed to dwindle each week, to pique their numbers on may 15th, it is what they call the catastrophe. rob: thank you for that report. appreciate it. jillian: is it springlike weather anywhere in the country? >> absolutely come in the south. if you want to go to texas, louisiana, mississippi, alabama. miami sounds good this time of year but we are dealing with record cold across the midwest, northern plains and minorities with freezing temperatures, we will see those temperatures come up as we get into the weekend, the northeast will feel more springlike. the remainder of what was left
2:35 am
with yesterday have storm, to portions of new england. and the next storm system pushing eastward, not a big storm system but we can see isolated severe storms towards texas this weekend and even higher elevation. that will move through. the good news is a little relief, we have been through an extreme drought in texas and the wild fire danger will come down. not a bad forecast, not bad. then - and it gets rain. jillian: it is 35 minutes after the hour. most people in california once
2:36 am
illegal immigrants out, the all-out revolt against democratic governor jerry brown. >> taking the dogs out and i tripped. rob: carrie underwood reveals all about that fall for the first time and how it changed her faith forever. ♪ beautiful ♪ wonderful ♪ american ♪ how do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at
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2:40 am
shortly, paying respect to the former first lady who will lie in repose. she passed away tuesday evening, last night at city hall in downtown houston, quite a performance by the children's choir. a number of people spoke, paying their respects to the former first lady. at one point someone got up and read a letter from george hw bush about his wife. >> we have been so proud to call this great city home. one huge gift before she left this earth, and astros world series victory. >> reporter: the senate yet to come up over houston. as i was driving into the church, not far from here is city hall. we stopped and got a photo, lit
2:41 am
up in blue, a massive american flag out front. those are the scenes around houston as they prepare to say goodbye to barbara bush. jillian: has the world more the loss of barbara bush, a stephen colbert writer's land with backlash were a joke about the former first lady. rob: the response from social media. >> a writer for the late show with stephen colbert under fire for mocking barbara bush's physical appearance. rest in peace, barbara bush, the only woman who was 92 for 30 years. that tweet is active despite the overwhelming negative reaction. kathy says that is incredibly insensitive and rude. for your information sometimes it is better not to try to be funny. saying nothing is better.
2:42 am
barbara bush went prematurely gray after her daughter died making that comment even more egregious by some accounts. she was actually very open about her physical appearance saying people who worry about their hair all the time are boring. i know what she means. rob: we did a segment about andrew cuomo in new york on mission to prove he is the most liberal person in the world. >> under fire for claiming to be an illegal immigrant despite the fact he was born right here in new york city. take a listen. >> i am undocumented. you want to deport an undocumented person start with me because i'm an undocumented person. >> that comment backfiring big time because an advocacy group for illegal immigrants are asking him to apologize saying he has no idea what it is like
2:43 am
to be undocumented. social media sounding off, one twitter users is undocumented or unintelligent, another tweet says you keep using that word, i don't think it means what you think it means. he might be making a symbolic point because his ancestors came from italy, were criticized when they got to america but still, kind of strange. jillian: the world can't stop talking about carrie underwood's car. >> she revealed new information about that scary fall that left her with 50 stitches on her face. >> i was at a deka where i didn't know how things would end up, if i would go on, whether it would heal. >> a lot of people on social media saying you are beautiful inside and out. her for-year-old son when she was wearing makeup says your boo-boo is all healed.
2:44 am
it is in the lower region but she looks good to me. rob: i can't see it. jillian: someone who is beautiful, brian kill need, coming up on "fox and friends". >> i don't know if jillian has been talking about it but i paid $5 to her. i needed change of a 20. andrew mccarthy is going to be here, and if any, michael cohen is in. geraldo will talk about the release of those 9 memos from james comey. and the criminal recommendation to andrew mccabe, could he be in a lot of trouble. tommy laren will be in studio and newt gingrich finally bulks up and get his legal team fully
2:45 am
enforced. not only does rudy giuliani get hired but so do others. i finally have my team in place and wrap this up in a couple weeks. let me add, mark live-in will be on the morning show, one of the finest names in conservative talk. rob: can wrap this up in a couple weeks, i will be shocked. in your noise cancelling trheadphones?ry maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪ with this level of intelligence... it's a supercomputer.
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>> a surprising survey out of california showing the state may not be as blue as thought. >> the institute for a fair and inclusive society releasing increasing numbers. 50% of californians the
2:49 am
increasing deportation is important. rob: half of the state backed the president's travel ban. jillian: former spokeswoman for the california republican party jen kern, thank you for joining us. you used to live in california. how has it changed? >> i don't think it has changed much. california voters are more sophisticated, more conservative than people think. we have some checks and balances, sometimes the white house held by republican, congress held by democrats come out there you have elected officials are democrat but their ideas are sometimes republican. if you look in the last 8 or 9 tax increase ballot initiatives out there they were voted down, they vote like republicans but don't want that label of being republican out there. jillian: they are speaking about their concerns? >> i do in democrats overplayed their hand on this. the pendulum to swing too far.
2:50 am
democrats have overplayed their hand on this. these are significant, they came from uc berkeley center for exclusion, the numbers are even higher. what is stunning is two thirds of respondents said they support more deportation and those were not just for criminal illegal immigrants but every undocumented person. this tells you the state of california which is an incubator because of the population, always feels the impact first of things like this. if california is a state that takes on the most illegal immigrants, the cost to taxpayers in california is $23 billion a year, the cost to real people and then you have the criminal element, ms 13 gang members moving into
2:51 am
neighborhoods, high profile cases like the murder of jamil shaw, public face on this. >> the most shocking number is 50% say we need to be deporting illegal immigrants coming into this country, 59% of california a very blue state had a soft spot for dreamers in california, 80% say dreamers - this shows numbers on the border, does it show why jerry brown went back and said i will give you your national guard troops, saw a study like this and says we need to back off. >> anytime a democrat changes their mind, has got to be a new poll that comes out, jerry brown as governor doing a little bit of an about face joining donald trump's call to send national guard troops to the border. jerry brown is a savvy political operator, his team probably saw these numbers and did polling
2:52 am
before the uc berkeley poll came out. >> the ms 13 gang urging members to, quote, take out a copy new york. >> this thread putting offices on highly taking extra precautions. more on that. >> reporter: a terrifying morning, officers being urged to carry weapons at all times even when off duty. police received a tip from an incredible ms 13 gang informant reportedly instructed to kill a cop to take back the streets, there have been several arrests of suspected ms 13 gang members in the past few months. in the last 24 hour there have been two threats to kill police officers, at least one tied to
2:53 am
the ms 13 gang, believed to be retaliation for recent arrest of gang members, this comes as the regional leader of ms 13 known as reaper was taken into custody. the police commissioner making it clear they are not taking any chances. >> ms 13 wants to threaten a cop in this county they will get an asset. if you are gang member in this county you don't belong here. >> reporter: powerful words, police are offering reward money for any information the police officers union is offering 25,000 $25,000 for anyone to provide threats, there needs to be a press conference. and showing solidarity with the
2:54 am
nassau county police department. sending things back to you in studio. >> they have released something like 142 ms 13 members into the community that were supposed to be deported. >> the data from department homeland security from october 21, 2016, to june 19, 2017. >> bill gates wants to watch you from space. the big brother like plan is backing to survey of the entire planet. jillian: the largest grant in history for our american heroes, how to make veterans feel more at home. ♪ that's why entire teams train together in simulators, to know exactly what to do before they have to do it. ♪
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and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. ♪ rob: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. the v.a. announcing plans to spend $700 million on homes for veterans. build several new state homes and repairing and modifying existing ones is the biggest investment into the program since it began 50 years ago. the acting v.a. secretary shows how strong the president cares for our veterans. jillian: very cool. next the bad. the 9/11 operator sentenced in houston to 10 days behind bars and 18 months probation. she told prosecutors she
2:59 am
often hung up because she didn't want to talk to anybody or didn't have time. rob: lovely. and finally the ugly. bill gates supporting the new plan to play big brother from space. he is one of the investors of earth now. tech start up. live surveillance of the entire planet. the company says slights will be ablsatellites will be ao zoom in certain locations 24 hours a day. watch yourself. make sure the blinds are closed. jillian: shoutout from one the viewers who watches from kuwait from camp. this is an american flag as yocan see with the documents here. he said it flew in my honor on march 21st in kuwait. which is pretty cool. my grandfather was born on march 21st and served in the army in the korean war. it made my mom cry sent her this. to everybody out there who is watching us from any of these camps who is serving, thank you so much for your service and means a lot. rob: absolutely. very cool. the tiny nation of kuwait in the gulf states -- i'm
3:00 am
sorry, the persian gulf. jillian: pretty cool. rob: long way from home. great to see they are watching. jillian: absolutely. happy friday. rob: jinx, see you later. >> fox news has obtained redacted version of the comey memos. >> james comey memos just out and show clearly there was no collusion and no obstruction. >>the american people are getting a real taste plaintiff comey and they don't like him. >> two florida deputies killed in cold blood while eating lunch. >> i'm going to let my men and women grieve. and we are going to put that badge back on where it is supposed to be. >> inspector general at the justice department has sent a criminal referral over allegations that mccabe lied to internal investigators at the fbi. >> if you are going to indict people for lying to fbi agents, why are you not going to indict the number two person in the fbi for lying to other fbi agents? >> deputy attorney general rod r


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