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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 20, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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sorry, the persian gulf. jillian: pretty cool. rob: long way from home. great to see they are watching. jillian: absolutely. happy friday. rob: jinx, see you later. >> fox news has obtained redacted version of the comey memos. >> james comey memos just out and show clearly there was no collusion and no obstruction. >>the american people are getting a real taste plaintiff comey and they don't like him. >> two florida deputies killed in cold blood while eating lunch. >> i'm going to let my men and women grieve. and we are going to put that badge back on where it is supposed to be. >> inspector general at the justice department has sent a criminal referral over allegations that mccabe lied to internal investigators at the fbi. >> if you are going to indict people for lying to fbi agents, why are you not going to indict the number two person in the fbi for lying to other fbi agents? >> deputy attorney general rod rosenstein told the president on a visit to the
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white house that mr. trump is not a target of the michael cohen investigation. >> i'm undocumented. you want to deport an undocumented person. start with me. ♪ i say ♪ have a nice day ♪ brian: congratulations to hall of famers bon jovi we know they watch once in a while. ainsley: how do you know that. brian: they used to watch. steve: he said like "the today show" but they had been up all night drinking. brian: that's before ainsley joined us. ainsley: happy friday, everyone. we made it. steve: do you know what today is 4/20 day. today is weed day. this is the day that marks, there are many stories about how it became -- how pot became known as 4/20.
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presumed out in california on the 20th day at april 4:20 in the afternoon a bunch of guys came up and that's when it became 4:20. brian: are you worried about how much he knows about pot day? are we concerned about what's going on here? ainsley: i remember people in high school saying some of the kids were going to skip school because it's 4/20. brian: we do not support that. ainsley: no. we do not support that. steve: if you light up, you might go to jail because it is a federal -- it's against federal law. brian: if you are, turn yourself in. steve: you are a regular mitt romney. deport yourself. anyway, thank you very much for joining us. we start with a fox news alert 6:00 here in new york city. no collusion, no obstruction of justice. the president sounding off in a newly released classified memos from his 2017 meetings with fired fbi director documents tell all of us. >> griff jenkins is live in
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washington. hey, griff. >> james comey was quite the note taker, 1 15 pages of seven memos. the president wasted no time taking to twitter saying the memos just out clearly show there was no collusion and no obstruction. he leaves classified information. wow, the witch-hunt continue. among the new details, comey writes about a conversation he had with the president where he said the president wanted to get tout and supported investigate you had any wrongdoing. comey said if there was some satellite note, i took this to mean some associate his or campaign that did something it would be good to find out but that he hadn't done anything and hopes i would find a way to get out that we weren't investigating him. now, the chairman of the house's oversight judiciary and intelligence committees, who requested these memos, issued a joint statement, saying, quote: these memos show the president made clearing clear he wanted allegations of collusion, coordination and conspiracy between his campaign and russia fully investigated.
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but, house minority leader nancy pelosi, she disagreed. tweeting the release of the memos are further proof of the president's contempt for the rule of law. other details, guys, comey addresses the issue of loyalty to the president and of course leaking. guys? steve: thanks, griff. a lot of this stuff we have heard details about. nonetheless, now that we have finally seen them, it's interesting because mr. comey said that he leaked these memos to a friend to leak to the newspapers to start the special counsel. when you look at the memos that have been released, do they show collusion? do they show obstruction of justice? no. and no. brian: fascinating to see down there in black in white in comey's words the president saying listen, if someone did something, one of my satellites, go pursue that. and why he just wanted to let everybody know that he is not under investigation. and he also believes the fact that he was played into the fact that originally the house didn't pass the repeal
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of obamacare. because looked like weakened executives. also something to point out, he was worried about andy mccabe's loyalty. he said i was pretty tough on him during the campaign. i talked about his wife and the donation she got. he said don't worry about it. when it comes to the fbi we check our biases at the door. not true. maybe he thought it was true, but it turned out not to be true. ainsley: when you read these, pretty easy to read. you can find them on line. four of them are classified and partly redacted. it's just 15 pages. there were three meetings that he took notes. one was at trump tower. two were at the white house. he took notes with his meeting with reince priebus and three phone calls with the president. now, what i got from it, the president never spent the night there in russia because you know about that dirty dossier. brian: find that out. by the way i have been thinking about what you told me in the trump tower, he said i didn't even spend the night there i showered and put my tux on. ainsley: first memo you read about comey going to trump tower and telling the president about the dirty dossier. president said oh my word.
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my wife is going to hear about this. that doesn't look good. that never happened there were no prostitutes. and then you later, on another meeting. he tells comey he said by the way, about that dossier you told me about. my people reminded me, we never even spent the night. we got on the plane immediately after the pageant and came home. steve: donald trump was told by comey you are not under investigation and not looking knew. can you tell people that? can you tell the public? he said no. one of the other things, this is so ironic that we have seen that he did release these various memos to his pal that leaked him. he said this, in the memo, mr. comey did. i explained that i could counts -- he could count on me to always tell him the truth. i said i don't do sneaky things. i don't leak. i don't do weevil. ainsley: did you tell the president i don't leak? what did he tell george stephanopoulos? that he leaked. steve: what did he say to jake tapper last night about
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these classified memos? listen. >> i know when i created some of them they were classified but i don't know how many of that group. >> you say you did this. you testified that you did this to try to force the creation of a special counsel. why? why would a special counsel be needed? why would the department of justice and fbi not be able to continue to do the job? >> because i thought that the department, as currently supervised, would not be aggressive enough to go serve process to get the tapes. >> because jeff sessions is too weak? >> he had recused himself. >> rod rosenstein was too weak. >> new attorney general i didn't have confidence in given what i had seen around my firing. so i thought something has to be done. because there were lots of discussions in public then about appointing a special counsel. brian: jake tapper pressed him, you just said in an interview interview i think with george stephanopoulos about the president -- the russians having something on him. why would you say that's possible? >> he said it's possible. is it likely? no. i thought it would be good if i said it's possible. would you do you think it's
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possible. steve: that's one of those weasel words. we're going to be talking about this all morning long. also, the ig at the department of justice has sent a criminal referral to the -- rather, the u.s. attorney in washington, d.c. to see whether or not they want to prosecute andrew mccabe for breaking all the rules and maybe a bunch of laws. brian: that is pretty serious. how embarrassing is that for james comey to come out holier than now and talk about how the fbi doesn't do any of this. doesn't have any biases. they don't leak. they check it at the door. you have peter strzok he was finally asked about peter strzok yesterday and andy mccabe proving they have biases, maybe colluding together to try to uppend donald trump. ainsley: how about the prior head of the fbi is writing a book about this and going on every network and what is happening on the fbi certain. brian: andy mccabe has a book deal now. steve: by the way andy mccabe is invited to come on
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the show and james comey any time. it's a fox news alert and take to you florida. ainsley: deadly ambush two. florida sheriff's deputies sitting in a chinese restaurant. they were ambushed. they were gunned down in broad daylight through that restaurant window. steve: it's in trenton, florida, about two hours north of tampa. they had gone into the ace china restaurant and for some reason a shooter walked up to the building, fired through the window and killed those two men. sergeant rasmramirez. and lindsey. when they got to the restaurant they found the shooter dead outside. they have not released why he died. there is no apparent motive. brian: you don't become a cop to become rich. you do it because you want to give back and protect. and suddenly that message is not getting through. they are becoming more targets than being saluted throughout society that point did not allude gilchrist county sheriff bobby schultz.
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>> i knew both of them personally. i can sit here in front of all of you and tell you that i loved them. what do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement? the only thing these men were guilty of was wanting to protect you and me. ainsley: the attorney general down in florida pam bondy she tweeted about it last night and so did the president saying thoughts and prayers with those families. they put on uniforms and say goodbye and g. one was 30 and one was 25. brian: one was a father of two. steve: in the year 2018 and we're just up to the 20th day of april, 22 men and women of law enforcement have been killed by non-accidental gunfire in the united states of america. brian: we're coming to the 2017 totals already and we are just in april. all right, 10 minutes after the top of the hour. jillian, so much news going on today. jillian: a lot of news. good morning to you guys and
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to you at home as well a fox news alert. grandmother now behind bars. miles from the u.s. mexico border ending a nationwide manhattan hunt she has been on the run since march accused of killing her husband in anyone society and woman in florida to steal her spotted her car and called police. also breaking right now, north and south korea hotline killing. south korean president moon they are expected to discuss the denuclearization of pyongyang. a separate meeting between kim and president trump is anticipated for may or early june. secretary of state nominee mike pompeo now hats backing of at least one democrat. north dakota senator heidi heitcamp committing to voting in favor of the
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former cia director. she is facing a tough re-election campaign in a state president trump won by double digits. the foreign relations committee will vote on supporting pompeo on monday. a final confirmation vote is expected soon. graduates at the u.s. naval academy are getting a farewell address from the commander-in-chief. >> hip hip. >> hooray. jillian: president trump saying it's his great honor and pleasure to give this year's commencement speech. the graduation is on may 25th in annapolis, maryland. steve: fantastic. i love it when they throw the hats. brian: do they get them back? steve: they do get a hat back. ainsley: no guarantee it will be theirs. steve: i was there once and it was crazy. brian: governor cuomo was born and raised in new york but he must have forgotten that. >> i'm undocumented. you want to deport an undocumented person, start with me. because i'm an undocumented
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person. brian: no, you're not. i'm sorry. we're giving him a breathalyzer. diamond and silk here to react. steve: don't know exactly what he was talking about. more on the big story out of washington, president trump says no collusion after james comey's memos have been released. former prosecutor andy mccarthy analyzes, he's up next. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at and got them back on track. ♪
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president trump has sounded off on those nul newly released comey memos. president tweeted comey memos just out and shows clearly there was no collusion or obstruction. also he leaked classified information. wow! will the witch-hunt continue? here to weigh in is former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york andrew mccarthy joins us via skype. andy, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: okay. i'm puzzled. i thought comey leaked those memos to his friends so that would start the special counsel but there is nothing in there that proves collusion or any sort of obstructions of justice. >> steve, i can understand the president having this visceral need to react. i actually think he is making a stroo teenage jik mistake for hitting comey
3:18 am
for being dishonest and lying. these members are actually his best defense the charges that have been made up until now. they really do show. he had no problem with the russia investigation proceeding. he wanted to be clear that he was not a suspect and hadn't done anything to be a suspect. if he let's these things stand for himself, he will be fine. steve: can you tell subject of the investigation he said can't do that. he was frustrated. >> he was frustrated. and the country should be frustrated as well. i say this as a law enforcement person because i always think of myself that way. who has had to learn over time that, you know, sometimes there is more important things that your little case or your little prosecution.
3:19 am
the job of being president of the united states is the most important job that we have in this government. and i don't think anyone should have a problem with the idea that the president can be investigated, the president is not above the law as long as have you strong evidence that the president has done something corrupt. if you don't, then you shouldn't have a special counsel investigation and you shouldn't make the president govern under a cloud. that's what's going on for a year and a half. >> rod rosenstein toll the president when he was in the oval office last week that he was not the subject of the investigation. any investigation. meanwhile, the department of justice inspector general has handed over to the u.s. attorney in washington, d.c. his report and suggests criminal referral for andy mccabe because andy mccabe broke a bunch of rules and maybe some laws when he was the deputy at the fbi. what do you think about that? >> well, it looks to me like
3:20 am
a very stron false statement ca. it looks like inspector general michael horowitz has done a comprehensive job interviewing the witnesses and going through all of mccabe's assertions and, you know, showing basically how he first denied it and then basically changed his version of events. it looks like a very strong case to me. >> since it's a strong case, does that mean they will prosecute him? >> i think it's likely. it's not my place. i guess, to give president trump advice, but i really wish he would stop tweeting about the case because it looks very strong and what he is doing is giving mccabe probably the only defense mccabe will have, which is to claim that his prosecution is political and it's being driven by the president. when you read the inspector general report, it shows very clearly that he was dishonest. in fact, at one point, he leaks this information
3:21 am
himself to the "wall street journal" and then calls up the heads of the fbi in washington and new york to give them a hard time about the leak that he caused. steve: andy, you can't make it up. thank you very much for joining us. right back. >> thanks. i'm very proud of the fact that i served. i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today. more and more people have discovered something strong... ...dependable... ...long lasting. they found themselves in a chevy truck.
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3:25 am
that public viewing begins here in about six and a half hours. people will be gathering at a church nearby and then bused over here. they have already got everything ready to go. the sense of the channel, the people who will walk through to go up and pay their respect to the former first lady. really has been a couple of days of celebration in houston. last night in city hall. quite the celebration for those who wanted to pay their respects and really celebrate the life. they had the children's choir from here in houston. a number of speakers and people giving their remembrances of former first lady. beautiful site as the sun was setting here in downtown houston. in fact, we had a chance to hear from the mayor of houston who said some really cool remarks about the former first lady. take a listen. barbara bush was a strong texas woman. barbara bush knew if you gave a child the gift of learning how to read, it is a gift that keeps on giving. >> a gift that keeps on giving and here's a look this morning as i was driving in to the location
3:26 am
here. city hall. you lit up in blue her favorite color massive american flag draped out the front. just a really beautiful site this morning. very calm, very serene as you drive through downtown houston to come out to the location of saint martins episcopal church. now, once again, she will lie in repose here beginning at noon local time. the services will be tomorrow. she will be laid to rest at the bush library in college station tomorrow afternoon. the next couple of days will be lots of celebrations here on the life of the former first lady and really begins today as people have a chance to give their respects, brian. brian: thanks a lot, adam. appreciate it get to the latest update to you throughout the show. meanwhile goes downstairs to ainsley. ainsley: thanks so much, brian. we will state in the state of texas where harrowing scene was caught on police dash cam footage. heiser was approaching the scene of that house right there. a vehicle had crashed into it when the house suddenlinely exploded. hurling shrapnel at the officer. the massive fireball was the
3:27 am
result of a suv clipping that home's gas meter and sparking the gas. this comes as we find out the driver, there's his picture, he is 35 years old. castro, he was in the country illegally with a former conviction. joining us now is the brave officer from that video, officer travis heiser. officer, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. how are you. ainsley: i'm glad to talk to you this morning. that looked very scary, jaw-dropping when you watch it. what happened that day? >> got a call saturday afternoon about a major accident a car had crashed into a house. another officer and i headed that way i stayed on the north side of the house. got out. think i was going to go up to the video that you could see by the video and try to knock it out and get the resident out through that window. ended up seeing the driver standing out there in the front yard on his phone. thought that he might be trying to flee the scene, so
3:28 am
i started making my way towards him. as i got up there in the yard, i heard a real loud hissing sound. thought it was maybe one of the tires going down and the house just exploded. >> couple who lives in that house and adult son were inside. how are they doing? >> as far as i have heard, everyone is supposed to make complete recoveries. she had some pretty extensive burns as did the husband. the son happened to be on the other side of the house he had minor injuries. ainsley: how about you? i think you told our producers you were hit with some shrapnel? >> yeah, i was able to cover up my head and turn to the side as the explosion happened. can you see the corner of the house come out and skipped across my back as it was on fire. just had a headache and my ears were ringing. ainsley: how about this guy? i understand he entered the country illegally in 2001. he was convicted of driving while intoxicated in 2003 in fort worth. he does remain in ice
3:29 am
custody? what else do you know about him? >> honestly, i don't know anymore than that. my whole job on that scene was preservation of life. i didn't have anything to do with the investigation. the only contact that i had with him was after the house exploded he was laying in the front yard. i ran over to him to make sure that he was okay. and pull him away from that house because it was on fire. ainsley: do you have any information of why he wasn't deported earlier? >> no, ma'am, i don't. ainsley: so you deal with a lot of this, a lot of illegal immigrants, criminals in the state of texas? i assume you would because of being on the border. >> i would say that we probably deal with it just the same as any other state that has that close proximity to mexico. ainsley: was this guy intoxicated when he was driving that suv? >> from what i have read, from the investigation, he passed all his sffds on the
3:30 am
scene. a breathalyzer. >> and field sobriety tests, yeah. ainsley: officer hiser, thank you so much in serving our officer and what you do. >> thank you very much. >> we say prayers for you. be safe. >> thank you. ainsley: governor andrew cuomo was born and raised in new york. but don't tell him that. listen to. >> i'm undocumented. you want to deport an undocumented person, start with me. because i'm an undocumented person. ainsley: diamond and silk are here to react to that hey, ladies. they're coming up next. and on 4/20. senator chuck schumer is celebrating pot day with a plan to make pot smokers even happier ♪
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>> performed admirablely but will not be pursuing us any further. >> our invasion into the north has been a failure. my failure. >> no, general. if we have failed in maryland, it's only because god intends our victory to come at another time. brian: this week they focus on stonewall jackson as "legends & lies" continues. a fascinating look inside the major players in the civil war what they were really like and what they were up against and of course what turned the war around. stonewall jackson extremely religious man and you will see that side of him. and a lot of people think the war could have come out differently if he had lived but he was taken out in the battle. ainsley: this is the fifth episode. how many are there total? brian: there is nine.
3:35 am
steve: brian is the host of it. it airs sunday at 8:00 p.m. and then it repeats at 11:00 p.m. brian: i play myself in the series. you will recognize me easily. ainsley: you don't have a southern accent on the battlefield. brian: they asked me to i said i'm not ainsley. steve: have you met all of those kilmeade players. brian: i went through. steve: casting. brian: did i and it was enjoyable. ainsley: congratulations, brian you are doing job. let's bring in diamond and silk. happy friday. >> good morning. ainsley: we played the sound bites for our audience and in case people are just waking up. this is governor of new york, andrew cuomo. he is running again against cynthia nixon a lady from sex in the city. this is what he said here in new york. >> i'm undocumented. you want to deport an undocumented person, start with me. because i'm an undocumented person.
3:36 am
ainsley: brian said no, you're not. what's your reaction, ladies? >> well, if he is undocumented, maybe ice should go pay him a visit. >> that's right. >> go ahead and deport him. >> gladly. >> the fact that he lied and he take and try to use this here to insight som incite somef rage or outrage sun real to us. when you come in this country you must be legal. >> that's right. >> if he really cared about illegal aliens he would tell them that instead of continuing with this rhetoric that they're supposed to be here if they are not legal. if you come in here, you must be legal is what needs to happen. brian: it's a farcical analogy. it doesn't make any sense. it's a man getting actually challenged by cynthia nixon who is on that hbo series. steve: sex in the city. >> brian: it's very interesting. she has picked up 16 points over the last two weeks. i'm wondering if he feels a threat? >> he probably -- yes. >> yes.
3:37 am
>> he feels threatened. so he is putting out all the cards. and they always use that race card. illegal aliens, that's not about race. people come into our country legally, that's not about race. that's about following the law. >> that's right. >> is what that is about. >> keep in mind that sanctuaries are for birds. catch and release are for fish. when you come to this country, come here the right way. steve: i never heard that before. hey, the irony is it sounds like he wants to be president of the united states but one of the requirements of running for president, you have got to be 35 and you have to have been born in the united states. so if he were to actually run for president, his opponent would just have to run that which andrew cuomo are we winding up with? >> brian: he calls himself a whop an acronym without parps as if hpapers hearken bac. he struggled through his dad being governor. good luck with that turbulence. >> interesting. i just wish people would wake up and understand that when you come into this
3:38 am
country, do it the right way, and these officials need to tell people that. steve: all right. meanwhile, you guys, i know in the last couple of weeks your ears have been burning because a bunch of congressman mentioned you and your troubles with facebook. i know you're being called up to capitol hill. you are actually going to testify i think on april the 26th. now, will you explain for everybody facebook said we contacted diamond and silk to try to resolve the problem because you were deemed unsafe for the community and then you said we haven't heard from them. what happened exactly? >> what happened was facebook put out this here -- a lie that said that they was in direct communication with us as if they had spoken to us, i guess by telephone. that was not true. >> that's right. >> what happened was facebook reached to us via twitter, not even their platform. steve: twitter. >> to let us know they had been trying to get in contact with us.
3:39 am
we reached back out to facebook to the email they sent on april 5th deeming us unsafe to the community. but here's the deal. i don't appreciate -- we don't appreciate the smoke and mirrors that they did to us last week making it look like this was a hoax. demon us. having people question our integrity. censorship is not a hoax. it is real. >> that's right. >> we are looking forward to presenting our evidence to the judiciary committee on next week. brian: will they separate you or let you testify together? >> i hope they let us do it together. steve: yeah. >> both of us together. steve: you are going to be talking about allegations of conservative bias online and facebook is going to be there. facebook, your pals at twitter are going to be there. and google, which, you know, you say tilts way to the left. and you know. when i do google searches, i see the same thing from time to time. >> well, we look forward to presenting it all. we are being censored on these platforms. >> yes. >> people need no know about it this is not a hoax. this is real.
3:40 am
not just our voices but other conservative voices. we have gotten hundreds of emails and complaints about how people are being censored we have got to bring it to life. >> go to the site of our facebook page you will see the complaints going on. ainsley: how many followers do you guys have on all of your social media all together. >> we got 1.6 million on facebook. 600,000 on twitter. over 2348. 22 million. steve: go to washington april 26th. ladies. good luck to you. brian: jillian mele is standing by. jillian: we are following a number of stories today. let's get you caught up on this. police issuing an alert and pleading in help for finding a missing navy sailor. 24-year-old jacob tyler was last seen leaving his connecticut home on a motorcycle early tuesday morning. he was stationed on board the uss north dakota. a navy submarine in london exconnecticut. the navy is working with the criminal investigation unit and local police in the search. the engine that exploded and killed a woman on a
3:41 am
southwest plane is not the only engine model with problems. the faa no longer allowing certain rolls royce engines to power long hall over water flights after they were shown to develop cracks. this as new video shows flight attends trying to calm passengers during the southwest emergency landing. >> everybody breathe, relax. >> everybody breathe. relax. >> it's okay. >> >> everybody breathe. we are almost landing. >> passengers on that flight will get a $5,000 check from southwest. senate minority leader chuck schumer now pushing to decriminalize marijuana nationwide. >> i have seen too many people's lives ruined because they had small amounts of marijuana and served time in jail much too long. jillian: the new york democrat planning to introduce a bill today 4/20, a day long separated by pot smokers. just last week president trump vowed to let states decide their own marijuana laws. that's a look at your headlines.
3:42 am
i will send it back to you. steve: all right. thank you very much. meanwhile, let's go over to janice dean, the weather machine. janice: happy fri-yea. i can dance without music. freeze advisories we need to dance to keep warm across the ohio valley and mid-atlantic. it's cold. record-cold in a lot of these places. a little bit of snow flurry activity across the northern new england region. our next system moves across the southwest and western texas. bringing some relief to the drought and the wildfire situation. we could see some higher elevation snow and the potential for large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes this weekend. there's your forecast. not too bad aside from the storm across the southwest. we will get rid of the storm across new england. 54 in no. 68 in atlanta. 87 in miami, everybody. let's go there. steve: not a bad idea. janice, it was snowing at my
3:43 am
house this morning when i went out. janice: no way. steve: it was snowing. no kidding. brian: are you going to reveal the name of the person who yelled at you because the weather is bad? janice: nope. i have revealed the name to you guys during commercial breaks but i will not do that to america. ainsley: did you see that person yesterday and did they know? janice: any didn't know. but they still looked grumpy. steve: we will not reveal the name because just like james comey we are not leakers. brian: we are going to call a professor at nyu and he is going to leak it. janice: if yoit. ainsley: if you didn't know someone came across her in the hallway and said i hate this weather. and she said. janice: how about good morning? brian: people write in and get it, can we confirm it? janice: no. my lips are sealed. ainsley: it was brian. [laughter] steve: meanwhile, one democrat in the senate backing secretary of state. are the democrats playing politics with our national security and jeopardizing talks with north korea. we will talk about that.
3:44 am
brian: geraldo rivera is here. he went to law school. tomi lahren didn't but could have. newt gingrich will be here. he has got opinions. ♪ your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. but as it grew bigger and bigger,ness. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps!
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brian: for the first time in over 100 years a secretary of state nominee could get an unfavorable vote in the foreign relations any. and it's a guy that's imminently qualified. few deny. mike pompeo. first in his class at west point. top in his class in ivy league education. here to discuss what he is up against as his vote comes up monday, national security analyst and senior fellow with the hudson institute rebeccah heinrichs. i find this embarrassing, do you? >> it's embarrassing and shameful. two on that committee shaheen and kaine voted favorably for pompeo to be the director of the cia. that was good enough for him and now they are going to vote against him to be secretary of state in the middle of this high stakes diplomatic initiative that the president is leading? with north korea to try to
3:48 am
denuclearize north korea. it is shameful. it's amazing. this is the height of playing politics with national security. brian: a lot of the people say if you want to get it passed when it goes to the body. senate body. get a democrat to come over and one has. heidi heitcamp in trouble as she tries to get six more years out of the people of north dakota dakota as a democrat. pompeo during nomination process and during meeting in march that he is committed to empowering the diplomats in state so they can do their job of answering america's interest. that's really the truth. i'm sure john kerry wasn't top on lindsey graham's list. he says he is worthy as was hillary clinton controversial but worthy. so they were qualified. that's not the case here. and some, including -- some are pointing fingers at rand paul. why? >> well, rand paul is going to vote against him. is he a civil libertarian. at least is he consistent. he has always opposed porp. the problem i have are the democrats who voted for him as director of the cia and turn around and vote against him as secretary of state. it's not just secretary of
3:49 am
state right now in the middle of this north korea diplomatic issue n.i.v. pompeo was just in north korea speaking with kim jong un. he has the president of the united states' trust. this is what we need. his record is unassailable. not only should pompeo become service is, he should do so overwhelmingly with bipartisan support. brian: i don't give rand paul a pass. he is voted to represent the republican party. the people would probably go for mike pompeo. it's not about him. it's about the country. and that to me is selfish. the president is optimistic mike pompeo can win him over one-on-one. thanks so much. rebeccah heinrichs, i appreciate it? >> thanks. brian: mark levin is going to be here. is he fired up about the james comey book tour that never ends. plus, pay our final respects to barbara bush over the next few days. raach chevrolet campos duffy says we can learn a lot from the bushes, their extraordinary marriage and what they did as parents.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> thousands gathering in houston tomorrow for the funeral of former first lady barbara bush. ainsley: they join former president george h.w. bush as he celebrates the love of his life for 73 years. steve: joining success rachel campos-duffy. >> thanks for having me here this morning. good morning. steve: just like your family, they were a family dedicated to public service their whole lives. >> right. you know, it's been interesting. all my friends, my sister. so many people have been texting me with, you know, sending me articles about their love story. and there really is a hunger, i think, in the country to hear about happy,
3:54 am
joyful, long marriages. i think we need to hear it. it gives us hope that true love really exists and happy marriages are possible there are secrets. brian: here is what strikes me about what you have balance. you have a career and balance. or have you this public life. you have family. so you can do both. that's what struck me about this. >> can you do both. ainsley, when you talk about the secrets, i looked at the secrets of what i thought the bush marriage was about. one is they had a great sense of humor. the other was prayer. they talked about how every night they prayed together. steve: out loud. >> the other thing they did was very vocal about sharing their love with each other. they shared their love stories with their children. they shared their love letters with america. they talked about their love. and, they said even that they argued at night like who loved each other more. and that was beautiful. but, also, she is famous for saying what happens in your house is more important than
3:55 am
what happens in the white house. it's really a very profound. sounds like a catchphrase for a politician. very profound. really talks about the prime is i of marriage, which is the foundation of really strong family. and boy do we need strong families. steve: no kidding. >> how many problems in our country could be strong marriages lead no strong family. steve: you mentioned love letters. we shared couple days ago one that was shared by the george herbert walker bush library. he is writing to her in 1943. he write i love you, precious, with all my heart. and to know that you love me means my life. how often i have thought about the immeasurable joy that will be ours some day. that was way back in 1943. >> and we need to hear these letters. we need to hear about this love story because today we have 40% divorce rates. a lot of people aren't seeing that example even in pop culture. we live in a hookup culture. a meaningless hookup culture. steve: who writes letter.
3:56 am
here is a love text from 2018. >> you can take a picture of a text. the point is they are expressing their love. they are not hiding it. sharing it with our country. give people hope that really true love exists that marriage can be happy and joyful. to the very end they said they held hands to the very end. brian: i feel bad for president bush because it's going to be so tough these next knew days especially from here on out. >> he said don't feel bad for us. worry about something else. we had a great life together. is he so grateful and thankful for the life he had with her. boy our country needs to see. ainsley: she says she wasn't scared to die she knew she was going to heaven. steve: thank you so much. >> thank you. steve: coming up on friday telecast. geraldo rivera is going to join us because it's friday. tomi lahren and steve hilton all coming up live. ainsley: one high school signing day. they are signerring up for work, not college. they are going to join us
3:57 am
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for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. steve: a fox news alert. no collusion, no obstruction of justice. the president sounding off on a newly released classified memos from his meetings with fired fbi director james comey. i said i don't do sneaky things. i don't leak. >> the american people are getting a real taste of mr. comey and they don't like him. ainsley: two florida sheriff's deputies sitting at chinese restaurants, they were ambushed and gunned down in broad daylight. >> i'm going to let my men and women grieve and put that badge back on where it's supposed to be. >> the department of justice inspector general has handed over to the u.s. attorney in washington, d.c. his report and suggests criminal referral for andy mccabe. >> he was dishonest. >> looks like a very strong case to me. >> i'm undocumented. you want to deport an
4:01 am
undocumented person, start with me. >> well, if he is undocumented, maybe ice should go pay him a visit. go ahead and deport him. ♪ ♪ ♪ keep on rocking in the free world. ♪ keep on rocking in the free world. ainsley: does that say friday? brian, i think it says friday. steve: it's fox. welcome aboard folks this april 20th. brian: as usual thursday afternoon to evening series of breaking news stories. of course, the memos dropped. comey's ongoing interviews producing more and more news. andy mccabe's criminal referral. not people were expecting that yesterday as well as the ongoing investigation. and we might have an historic agreement with north korea. thanks for joining us now. over to bill hemmer -- only kidding. moments ago president trump sounding off about james comey and those memos tweeting. this. so general michael flynn's
4:02 am
life can be suddenly destroyed while shady james comey can leak and lie and make lots of money from a third rate book that should have never been written is that really the way life in america is supposed to work? i don't think so. steve: this comes as the department of justice has released the former fbi director's memos to congress. which promptly leaked them to the press. ainsley: that's right. we all have a copy. all 15 pages right here in our hands this morning. griff jenkins is live in washington breaking it down for us, griff? >> we learned three things here. james comey was quite the note taker, number two, comey talked about not leaking while he and others were leaking. number three, he said the president would have known the president was not under investigation and supported any wrongdoing by his team. one quote from march, comey writes the president, quote said that if there was some satellite note i took this to mean some associate of his or his campaign that did something, it would be good to find out.
4:03 am
but that he hadn't done anything and hoped i would find a way to get out that we weren't investigating him. now, president trump took to twitter after reading the memos saying, quote: this clearly shows there was no collusion and no obstruction. also, he leaked classified information, wow. will the witch huntington continue? now, the chairman of the house committee's oversight intelligence and judiciary who requested these memos issued a joint statement saying this shows the president made clear he wanted allegations of collusion, coordination and conspiracy between his campaign and russia fully investigated. but, house minority leader nancy pelosi disagreed tweeting the release of the memos are further proof of the president's contempt for the rule of law. there is some other nuggets in here too, ainsley. comey addresses the president's need for loyalty, the dossier and pursuing those leakers. guys? steve: griff, thank you very much. brian led with that tweet this morning about michael flynn, these released memos,
4:04 am
the 15 pages last night, it made it very clear in the conversation with james comey, james comey heard the president, especially express doubt in michael flynn. and it goes back to the fact that the president was having lunch, apparently with theresa may, the prime minister of great britain, and he thanked her, the president did, for being the first person to call after he won the presidency. and then michael flynn pipes up and goes in the back of the room and goes by the way, putin called us six days ago. and he goes what do you mean he called us six days ago? you never told me about that. six days is too long to wait to return a phone call. and so that's why the president said i got doubts about the judgment of michael flynn. brian: to me, that's a small thing. overall the reason why the president even brought it up to james comey to begin with is because the they an instant bond. he was one of the few guys that could tell the president flat out, you're wrong, don't tweet. this not saying the president wouldn't listen to it they would have really been a successful pairing.
4:05 am
steve: michael flynn? brian: i'm convinced they would have been great. ainsley: read these memos, four of them are classified, partly redacted. there is a lot of black you can see of things marked out. steve: that's right. ainsley: 15 pages. three meetings, one at trump tower between comey and the president. two at the white house. then there is a memo about him meeting with reince priebus at the white house. three phone calls he took photos from, too, when he talked to the president. steve: when he was talking to reince and comey was there he asked if being surveilled under fisa. the answer is redacted in this mommy so we don't know. comey told the president i don't do sneaky things. i don't leak. i don't do weevi do weasel move. ainsley: comey wrote that he told he didn't leak but told
4:06 am
george stephanopoulos on sunday did he leak. brian: he had no choice. steve: it's possible. he uses that a lot these days as he sells his book. listen to this. >> what you are asking about now is why did i say what i said when people asked me whether i thought it was possible that the russians had derogatory information on president trump? i think it's unlikely but i think it's possible. brian: jake tapper did a good job asking questions. the peter strzok lisa page problem. guess who talked to michael flynn? peter strzok. guess to talked to hillary clinton? peter strzok. guess who was kicked off the robert mueller probe a few days after it happened. peter strzok when the ig report revealed that both he and lisa page not only having affair w vehemently anti-trump which led to implication frls their texts that they possibly had a plot in place. and the instinct of president trump are strong. is he worried about mccabe. he says at one point, you know, he said what can you tell us about mccabe?
4:07 am
does he have a entice against me? i was pretty tough on him during the election process, he said, no, when he goes in that room. we all check our biases, however, he said had he had a chance to do it all over again, i'm sure he would have told his wife, got all that money from terry mcauliff's group, not to run. that's for state office. ainsley: news that broke last night doj inspector general is send ago criminal referral for andy mccabe. which means he went over all the information, the ig did. he says that andy mccabe broke the law. but it's up to this d.c. attorney to charge him. brian brian fascinating about the mccabe situation because mccabe said he was given permission to talk to the "wall street journal" but then he blamed somebody else for leaking. and comey says i never gave anyone permission ever. he said look me in the eye, listen to me closely, i never gave anyone permission to leak to anybody. so, they are at each other's throat. they both can't be right. they both can be wrong. steve: somebody is telling a lie, you would think.
4:08 am
nonetheless, you know, over the last seven minutes, we have been talking nonstop about what's going on. ultimately, the american people want answers and they are frustrated over what's going on, according to andy mccarthy, former u.s. attorney just about an hour ago right here on the show. >> i think the country should be frustrated as well. and i say this as a law enforcement person. i don't think anyone should have a problem with the idea that the president can be investigated, the president is not above the law. as long as you have strong evidence that the president has done something corrupt. but if you don't, then you shouldn't have a special counsel investigation. and you shouldn't make the president govern under a cloud. that's what's going on for a year and a half. steve: reaction from republicans on capitol hill, in looking at these memos that were promptly leaked to the associated press last night, it completely vindicates the president, shows there was no collusion, and there was no obstruction of justice according to mr. comey's own
4:09 am
memo. brian: alright. but there are democrats who feel differently. one of the things that emerged out of, this the president was complicating the white house has he fairs favorably to mar-a-lago. the rumor leaked out he called it a dump. obviously it's an estate. ainsley: mar-a-lago was prettier than the white house. if you read those memos he talked about how luxurious the white house was. brian: right. absolutely. ainsley: he never spent the night in russia, too. remember the dossier claimed he did. brian: he showered in the suite. ainsley: showered and changed into a tux after the pageant. jillian: massive all of new york city. brian: it is a block, right? ainsley: like madonna's house. she has a beautiful house on the you were east side. jillian: i'm not madonna. ainsley: i heard she might have sold it though. jillian: lucky her.
4:10 am
starting with a fox news alert. serious news. ms-13 gang urging members to, quote, take out a cop in, no. officers on high alert after being tipped off by a credible informant. the gang apparently wants retaliation for uptick in arrests on long island. >> ms-13 wants to threaten the cop in this county? m tsd is going to get an answer. when you are a gang member in this county you don't belong here. we are going to go out and do enforcement. jillian: police making a huge ms-13 bust jailing a gang known as the reaper. murders and trafficking drugs. to another fox news alert. the grandmother accused of murder now behind bars. police arresting lois reese in texas miles from the u.s.-mexico border which ended a nationwide man hunt. she has been on the run since march accused of killing her husband in minnesota and a woman in florida to steal her identity. she was captured of at a restaurant in texas after spotted her car and called police. thousands of people expected
4:11 am
in houston today to mourn first lady barbara bush. the public can pay respects at saint martin's episcopal church today just a few blocks from the home she shared with former president gorgeous h.w. bush. it follows a celebration of life at houston city hall last night with performances, speeches and prayers. a private midterm service is tomorrow. first lady melania trump will attend along with the obamas and clintons. take a look at this. a young hockey fan catches a puck and around the country. 6-year-old going viral for her adorable attempting grabbing a puck at a washington capitals game this week. player brett connolly throwing it over the glass to her. another kid catches it and keeps it he gets another puck. again another boy gets it and keeps it she is like what the heck, finally on the third try she gets the puck, there you go she keeps it this story is worth it because that smile. look at that iment on her face. >> she didn't actually catch it. >> an adult handed it to
4:12 am
her, realizing what the guy was trying to do. god bless him. that's awesome. thank you very much. ainsley: thanks jillian. jerry brown is defending his state's sanctuary law. >> i think fox news exploits this issue. we have criminals that do horrible things all the time. ainsley: but cities across california are revolting against them. one of the mayors is here with a message for his governor. brian: governors are not used to be challenging like that. andrew mccabe lied to federal investigators now the doj is officially recommending criminal charges. mark levin fired up. you will hear from him just ahead ♪ don't bring me down ♪
4:13 am
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>> i think fox news exploits this issue. we have criminals that do horrible things all the time. which ones may be documented which ones aren't. i think the scapegoat, the immigrants by these very biased stories,. >> with all due respect you have more than a dozen communities -- >> with all due respect i want to protect people. for tour say we don't care about victims is really appalling to me. brian: california governor jerry brown trying ineivelgt eastively trying to defend his sanctuary state.
4:17 am
ainsley: the next guest california mayor disagrees with his governor and he is not alone. joining us is the mayor in california, thank you for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: what's your response to what you just heard your governor just say? >> well, the governor can deflect all he wants, but the fact is this isn't about racism. this isn't about immigration. this is about safety. mayors of city, we don't have the luxury of playing politics,s we have to keep our citizens safe. these policies of the governor and some of these wild eyed people in sacramento trying to push down our throats has nothing to do with safety. it has to do with politics. >> loss los alamitos. >> went out strongly against sb 54. i started mayor's for safe cities, pushing back gips this whole sanctuary state
4:18 am
policy it's not los alamitos alone. it's ridiculous and frightening. ainsley: what are you hearing from your constituents? >> i'm hearing people really care about this problem. they don't want ms-13 gang members being released into their communities since the last 8 months. release to the california communities. that didn't have to happen. that's very dangerous. >> here is what the president tweeted. rule of law and supporting our lawsuit against california's illegal and con unconstitutional sanctuary policies. california's dangerous policies release violent policies back in our communities and putting all americans at risk. everyone in california is liberal and wants this to happen number one. and number two is there is a fearful -- there is a fear among politicians if you come down strong against illegal immigrants you are anti-hispanic. >> i think that's the tactic
4:19 am
of the left all the time. any time they seem to be losing the argument they scream racism. frankly, this is just common sense. this is not about racism. this is not targeting people that are here in the country with questionable status. in the prison system being released back into the community. rather than doing that we would prefer that the local governments work with ice and the federal government and try to do anything they can to keep ms-13 gang members and other dangerous people from going back into the communities if they don't have to. ainsley: have you this one person in the media, that said something like no one has ever heard of ms-13 unless you watch fox news. you have your governor saying that fox news is exploiting this issue. but i lived in texas. you live in southern california. you know ms-13. that was in our newscast almost every day. a story of what one of the gang men's had don member had de and how violent they were. people in san francisco and
4:20 am
new york forget there is a whole country in between those cities. >> frankly, i think that most people that are pushing these kind of policies are really doing this because they don't like president trump. they don't like his policies and don't care how dangerous or ridiculous it is. they want to push back against that and make a stand. and i don't think we have the luxury of playing politics with when people's lives are at stake. brian: i agree. i think you are doing the right thing. what people don't understand is democrats and republicans really for the most part agree on this. except for certain section of people who believe that the liberal policies are better for america. and it's not undocumented. it's illegal. that's a difference. bill wells, thanks so much. ainsley: thank you so much. brian: one high school giving new meaning for signing day. they are signing students up for work instead of college. ainsley: those guys who landed a job are going to join us next.
4:21 am
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these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ♪ ♪ ainsley: it is time for news by the numbers. first $1 billion. that is how much wells fargo is expected to be fined. federal regulators penalizing that company for unfair mortgage fees and forcing customers to buy auto insurance policies they didn't need. $700 million. that's how much the v.a. plans to spend on homes for veterans. it is the biggest investment into the program since it began more than 50 years ago. the acting v.a. secretary says it common straights how strongly the president cares for our veterans. and finally, $2.8 million. that is how much this mint condition micky mantel card
4:25 am
sold at auction. highest price ever paid for a baseball card. steve, would you pay that? would you buy that? steve: i think i used to have that in a drawer out in kansas. i need to call my sister. a virginia school district honoring high school seniors will be taking their talents straight from high school to the workforce. and raco county schools career and technical education program holding a signing day for students starting their jobs rather than college right after graduation here with that story timothy grinds ii and dominic patterson, two guys that u.s. is signed with their employers and matt career and technical education in county public schools. thanks for joining us today from richmond. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. steve: mac, let's start with you, where did you come up with this idea? >> well, after watching the athletes sign and in raco county we try to celebrate
4:26 am
all of our students, the students that are going to college and the students going into the military. one place we are missing the students going into the world of work. and in riding on the tails of the athletes signing day do the signing day for the students going into the world of work. steve: that's fantastic, time, let's start with you, where have you signed to go? >> i'm actually signing to go with branson. >> what are you going to do? >> i start off as electrica electrical -- start off in the electrical field. they basically just move you around like spot to spot to see what kind of best fits for you. steve: great. it sounds good. i know that time, when you were, i think it was a sophomore, you were playing sports in high school and you thought, maybe i cannot make a career out of this great way goings forward with your life without running up a big debt going
4:27 am
to college, right? >> yes, sir. >> okay. now, dom, tell us your story. who did you sign with. >> i signed with richmond ford west. it's ford dealership in richmond. steve: all right. and as i understand, they will -- even though you are graduating with some skills, when you get there, recidivism monday ford is going to help you out with tuition for more education, right? >> yes, they are. they are sending me to a community college to do their ford asset program which i will come out with associate's degree. steve: that's fantastic. we have got a quote from mike rowe. he is the dirty jobs guy who has been pushing for people to go straight towards jobs like this out of high school. he wrote on facebook: this is the way forward. no attempt to close the skills gap will ever succeed until or unless we celebrate those who are willing to learn a skill that's in demand. this is ♪ just a terrific idea. it's a model for every other technical school in the country. a big thanks and a hardy
4:28 am
congratulations to whomever pushed this idea forward. here is hoping others will lead henrico's lead. mac, he is talking to you. he is saying it was a great idea and it was your idea so hats off to you. >> thank you. steve: let's face it though. a lot of kids aren't cut out for college and why go and spend a lot of time and money when they could go directly to a skilled labor job? >> well, you know, with skilled labor, getting the head start in high school is key because understanding what that career does and what you will be doing in that career, and getting that jump start, as students earn certifications before they even graduate high school, so they are halfway there, and this is just a great start. and as mike rowe says, you know, understanding and valuing that is a great opportunity in itsself. steve: absolutely. all right. mac and timmy and dominic, congratulations and good luck to you.
4:29 am
>> thank you. steve: that is terrific. all right. 7:28 here in new york city now. james comey's media blitz show nothing signs of slowing down. mark levin is all fired up about that. wait until you hear what he has to say next. and carrie underwood opening um for the first time about that awful fall at her house. the brand new interview coming up. ♪ of his whole world ♪ and beautiful, wonderful ♪ perfect american girl ♪
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4:32 am
♪ no changing who i am steve: well, we have got a big announcement, we are in a southern state of mind because next friday a week from today, we will be live in ainsley's alma mater the university of southern california, usc.
4:33 am
ainsley: i'm so excited. we will be meeting with them talking with them in front of the library. we have a ton of guests lined up. we have trey gowdy and tim scott. they wrote that book together. we have the football coach we are going to be interviewing. cocky who is our mascot and hopefully his family will be there. steve: university of southern california live from there. i did it again. ainsley: the other usc. the real usc. steve: southern carolina. south carolina. i'm going to stop talking. brian has a great interview with mark levin. brian: mark levin is with us from his lovely crtv studios. great to see you this morning. >> you too, brian, thank you. brian: i know you are 3u6r7d up for sunday. this has been a wild week. roll out of the james comey series of interviews and books, mark, i don't remember anything blowing um
4:34 am
on a person like this book is blowing up on him. we have the news relatively new we are just finding out about. that's that andy mccabe has a criminal referral from the inspector general for lying under oath three times on four separate occasions. so, this is all happening. meanwhile, he is denying a lot of things that comey said about him. what's this book tour doing for comey and this investigation? >> well, comey is like a bad rash. you know, he just won't go away. and, he is appearing on all these programs and i expect he will be appearing on airport radar and sonograms very shortly. i think he has done enormous damage to himself. he is exposing himself to the american people as a very petty, superficial man. this is a former head of the fbi. he is the former deputy attorney general of the united states. he is a former united states attorney. he is conducting himself like a complete bozo the clown. and he does enormous damage to the federal bureau of investigation by conducting himself this way.
4:35 am
people need to keep something in mind. he was head of the bureau, head of the bureau, and his deputy was andrew mccabe who now has a criminal referral from the inspector general of the department of justice to the united states attorney in washington, d.c. his boss was comey. comey needs to answer for this. on top of that. you have strzok. have you talked about him in the past. page, his girlfriend. you have talked about her in the past. all these people in senior positions under comey at the time. you have a dossier that was fraudulent, where have you actual collusion with the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc. and payments being made through law firms to fusion gps. that was used to get a fisa warrant against an american citizen with loose ties to the trump campaign in order to get to the trump campaign and the trump transition through the back door. all this, again, occurred under james comey's watch and then, he meets with the president-elect of the united states, a week or so before he becomes president
4:36 am
of the united states, clears the room out, doesn't show him the dossier. doesn't tell him who funded it, but tells him some of the most squirre injury columbus lies to tell the president of the united states don't look what i have on you. thoughts he was in a position to blackmail the president. brian: it's not critical of comey it's loretta lynch and andrew mccabe. you told me to talk to the "wall street journal." is he on record saying i never told anybody to leak. somebody is lying and i haven't said the name donald trump. >> let me ask you a question, brian kilmeade or the whole nation. whether you have james comey roaming around the country like this and now there is disputes about his congressional testimony, there is disputes about his supposed memos, what he said in those and so forth, and you're a potential witness for the government in some case that robert mueller is
4:37 am
investigating, why hasn't robert mueller pulled this guy back? i keep hearing it's going to hurt mueller's case. okay, great. why doesn't the special counsel who is best friends with james comey, who is appointed as a result of james comey leaking illegally, to the "new york times" through his front man, the college law professor, why doesn't mueller take control and say, jim, you're screwing up my case, potentially, be quiet. i will tell you the reason why. because this is all an attack on the president of the united states. this is not really about a legal case. and, let me tell you why it's not really about a legal case. if we had a real special counsel who said, you know, my job is to investigate russian interference in the election and possible collusion with the trump campaign, it would have been over six months ago. there was no collusion with the trump campaign. interference with the election was well-known. that's really a counter terrorism investigation. not really a criminal investigation. he should fold tent and be done. he doesn't want to fold tent and be done.
4:38 am
he want to sees a the prosecutor he wants to see the president impeached. moreover, the deputy attorney general of the united states rosenstein, if mueller won't control himself, rosenstein should be mueller. set this as former chief of staff attorney general. rosenstein is in the tank, too. this is not any longer a criminal investigation. it is an impeachment investigation. it is a political investigation. and jim comey is the face of it. brian: there is a story line throughout without a plot. that is that the president of the united states is going to fire robert mueller. there was steer out the other day that pittsburgh is preparing riot gear just in case -- the city of pittsburgh, in case president trump fires robert mueller. he hasn't, he wasn't. there is none confirmed reports about it. why are these nonexistent stories taking the headlines? >> because that is what much of the media have become. whatever happened to that clown michael wolff who wrote that nasty book? they pushed him for 10 days, he fell off the edge of the earth. whatever happened to that
4:39 am
professor at yale running around talking about the president's mental state. they pushed heller off the edge of the earth. now they have a porno star when she is done they will push her off the edge of the earth. it doesn't matter, congo line of story lines that are as the president calls it fake news. it's problem began da if you will. brian: real quick. this has been the week out of nowhere sean hannity's name came up in mike coal >> mike: calicoen two networks pushed to have his name exposed. there shut be a hannity test now to see if anyone is going to have a double standard to anything they do from chuck todd to george stephanopoulos to others. >> yeah. we got to know every lawyer who has ever represented any of these so-called journalists or they have ever talked to. we might as well ask about the urology gists and patrol car toll gist patrol car toll go make sure there is no conflict of interests. scores of reporters worked for democrats and scores of democrats have moved into these positions as
4:40 am
journalists. what we have learned now is that the lawyer who went in front of the love judge, kemba wood and demanded the release of this client number three, was the lawyer for cnn and the "new york times" and while they were trashing sean, they never mentioned that they were involved. it was their lawyer and this judge as andy mccarthy wrote in national review blew it big time. this judge and the u.s. attorney's office had a responsibility to protect sean's name. not so much because of attorney/client privilege because you are not supposed to smear a person in the criminal courts. the judge blew it she knew of what she was doing actually. the u.s. attorney's office did it because it's not about following the rules anymore. it's about getting trump, getting anybody around trump. and getting one in the media who isn't lock step against trump. brian: is he mark levin and hosts life, liberty and levin. >> the temperature is going to be pretty good on saturday. i won't be telling golf. brian: i was talking about the show. i'm sorry, mark.
4:41 am
i should have been more specific at 10:00. >> we very a great show. we have peter priode. we're going to talk about the electromagnetic problem this country might face. our entire electrical grid. have you heard about the russians poking around. the north koreans thinking about blowing it out. i wanted to get to the bottom of this. it's no joke. it's a big deal and the government is not doing enough to protect us. brian: mark levin, thanks so much. >> god bless. brian: that is the great one. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead on our show, breaking this hour, we are getting more information this morning, police under attack again, two florida deputies murdered in an ambush. former detective ted williams here with details. plus, president trump blasting democrats for blocking mike pompeo's nomination for secretary of state. are they playing politics with our national security? can i cut to the chase in the answer is yes. newt gingrich will have more. ♪ feel the clarity of non-drowsy
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jillian: good friday morning to you welcome back. we have quick headlines, firefighters race through a smoke-filled home to pull out unconscious man. the dramatic rescue caught on helmet camera in virginia. man regained consciousness he is being treated for burns. carrie underwood telling she tripped on a step while walking her dogs in november. i missed a step. i was at a point i didn't know how things were going to end up. i didn't know how i was going to go on. i didn't know what it was going to heal like.
4:46 am
jillian: underwood broke her wrist and needed more than 50 stitches to her face. she stayed out of the spotlight for months. she insisted she wasn't hiding. regardless guys she is a beautiful person and looks great. ainsley: you can't even see it. who was her plastic surgeon. great job. steve: thanks, jil jillian. brian: a fox news alert. in case you don't know i have sad news. two florida deputies shot dead in broad daylight in what authorities are calling ambush. ainsley: sergeant ramirez and deputy sheriff taylor lindsey were gunned down through a restaurant window while they were sitting down for lunch suspected gunman is dead. steve: joining us former homicide cop down in our nation's capital also fox news contributor ted williams. ted, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. steve: terrible story
4:47 am
reminiscent what happened in new york stock exchange. ramos and lou were in their squad car sitting having lunch, some guy came up behind them and shot them both. >> yeah, you know this is a very sad day and rim miss sent of lu and ramos in new york. i covered that just sitting there minding their own business and all of a sudden someone comes up and shoot them. this is what happened yesterday to two other heroes, ramirez and lindsey. ramirez is leaving behind two children and a wife. the sad part about it is these guys and the country need to understand this. these guys are out there trying to serve and protect under thus, the citizens of this country and now they are gone. ainsley: ted, do we know anything about the suspect? do know these guys or just see them in their uniforms and didn't like cops?
4:48 am
>> we don't know anything at this time. i understand the investigation is ongoing towards the motive. as the sheriff there said, police officers are being demonized and that is the most troubling aspect of this, guys. guys, may 13th through the 19th. and i want all our viewers to understand. this between 4th and 5th street in washington, d.c. on e street is the national police memorial. >> and you're going to find that come during that time period the names of sergeant ramirez and deputy taylor lindsey are going to be inscribed on that memorial. >> you know, one of the puzzling things about this is so this guy shoots the police officers through the open window. and then when the cops arrive a couple of minutes later, the guy is on the sidewalk dead. they haven't said what happened but it almost sounds like, well, i hate to speculate but it does sound
4:49 am
like a murder suicide. >> well, i don't want to speculate either or get ahead of the investigation. but it is my understanding that this is, in fact, a murder/suicide. but the question is what was the motive, if it was a murder/suicide. these were two human beings. two, warm, gentle giants of that community. and now they are dead and we don't know the motive and we may never know the motive, unfortunately. brian: ted williams, thanks so much. ainsley: thank you, ted. >> my pleasure. steve: 10 minutes before the top of the hour on this friday. this american pastor is being held prisoner overseas and president trump is calling for him to be released. will he ever come home? we have got an update next. brian: plus, geraldo rivera is ready to let loose on former fbi director james comey. we got him the book. he says the media blitz is all about one word, revenge. there is geraldo.
4:50 am
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ainsley: american pastor andrew brunson facing 35 years for espionage and aiding terror groups. will he be brought home? c.c. heil is the executive senior council for the american center for law and justice which helps represent pastor andrew brunson, she joins us now with an update. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thank you for covering this case. ainsley: you are welcome. we are really concerned about him and he has been in our thoughts and prayers, including the president. he has been tweeting about him. i will bring that you in a minute. what is the update on. this most recent updates for pastor brun son after his trial on monday he was remand back to an original prison where he was in where he lost 50 pounds and terrible condition for him. just last night, he was moved back to the current
4:54 am
prison he was in before the trial, which is not the ultimate outcome that we want but it is much better for pastor brunson. ainsley: is he safe? >> as safer as he can be in a country that has deemed him a terrorist. and in a turkish prison. ainsley: why do they think that he was a spy? what's the reason for putting him behind bars? or their evidence, i should say? >> pastor brunson lived for 23 years as pastor in turkey, no problems. he raised his family there it was after the failed coup attempt in 2016 where presidentered done. that's why pastor brunson was originally arrested. in the 62 page indictment, the prosecutor literally says that his crime is christianization. he equates terrorism to christianization. ainsley: wow. how are christians treated in turkey? >> well, they are
4:55 am
definitely, you know, extreme minority. and turkey used to really pride itself in religious freedom. it seems like under president erdogan's rule in a state of emergency that's no longer the case. ainsley: is it safe for americans to travel there? >> my personal opinion would be no. obviously they are yoursing this american citizen as a political hostage and a bargaining chip. ainsley: um-huh. >> i wouldn't recommend that any united states citizen travel there. ainsley: i know the vice president called his wife on tuesday to express his deep concerns and ambassador brown back and tillis have been involved in this. the president tweeted out they call him a spy. but i'm more of a spy than he is. hopefully he will be allowed to come home to his beautiful family where he belongs. what's your reaction? >> well, i think when it's my personal opinion that when president trump sends out a tweet, he is sending a message. so i hope that that is indeed the case for pastor
4:56 am
brunson. i hope president erdogan has received the message. president trump is engaged and he wants him home now. ainsley: in your heart of hearts? do you think we will get him home? >> i do. i'm hopeful. i want turkey to do the right thing. they are a nato ally. they need to send him home immediately just like president trump said. ainsley: if he is convicted, what happens to him? >> it's a 35-year sentence and pastor brunson is 50 years old. basically he will spend the rest of his life in a turkish prison. ainsley: wow. and how do they treat prisoners? >> the original prisoner that he was in was not good conditions. this prison that he is in now, as far as i know for a turkish prison it's as good as it can be. ainsley: all right. thank you so much for being with us. we will all say prayers that we get him home soon. >> thank you so much. ainsley: how is his wife doing by the way? >> she is heart-broken. the family is heart-broken. they all appreciate your prayers. that's what's just getting him by. and hopefully that's will get him home as well.
4:57 am
ainsley: thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. a huge final hour. we have geraldo, tomi lahren, newt gingrich, steve hilton and sheriff bore chef anl all here live. you will not be deterred just because your office is measured in acres and a half day of work is twelve hours. nor, will unyielding temperatures and a long list of grueling tasks stop you. your relentless spirit drives you forward and makes work feel less like work. some call it your heritage. . .
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dray, when he was younger, he loved to smile; and we knew he would need braces because his teeth were coming in funny. this is the picture that was on the front page of the newspaper. all you can notice is the braces! then, once he got to michigan state, he broke the retainer! my bottom teeth, they were really crooked, and i just wasn't getting braces again. then i discovered smiledirectclub. it's easy to just grab it and go and
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i can change it on the road. i did photoshoots with my aligners in and you can't see them. a smile is a first impression, that's why i think having a great smile is so important. steve: the department of justice released the former fbi director's memos. brian: president trump sounding off. general michael flynn's life can be totally destroyed while shady james comey can leak and lie. >> comey is like a bad rash. he won't go away. ainsley: killed two florida deputies sitting in a chinese restaurant, gunned down in broad daylight. >> i knew both of them personally. i can sit here in front of all of you say that i loved them. steve: the department of justice inspector general has handed over to the u.s. attorney in washington, d.c., his report and suggest is a criminal referral for andy mccabe. >> he was dishonest. looks like a very strong case
5:01 am
for me. >> i'm undocumented. you want to deport an undocumented person, start with me. >> if he is undocumented maybe i.c.e. should pay him a visit. go ahead and deport him. ♪ ♪ brian: can you play the trumpet these days through the organ? you don't need a trumpet player these days? ainsley: you mean push the button? brian: exactly. ainsley: i'm sure they have that on fancy keyboards. steve: why would you want to. just have somebody play the trumpet. brian: hard to find a trumpet player. they're in school or bands. ainsley: are you searching for one? you can't get one? if you're a trumpet player please contact brian, he is looking for one. brian: it's a great instrument. louie armstrong was my idol growing up because he could sing
5:02 am
too but not many people can play the trumpet. steve: someone who likes to toot his own horn. he joins us from cleveland. >> good morning to you. nice to see the beatles all together. brian: absolutely. steve: isn't it curious. now that we've seen 15 pages of james comey's memos. these are things he leaked to his friend, that would spur a special counsel investigation of donald trump. we look at the stuff. there is nothing in there that would suggest russian collusion. there is nothing in there to suggest obstruction of justice so what gives? >> steve, as a current author myself i envoy comey's incredible press tour. he is everywhere speaking to everybody. he has a number one, number one book out there, but the more exposure he gets, even among people naturally friendly toward his point of view, the less his image of grandeur, it is just
5:03 am
shrinking. he is melting right before our very eyes. now he seems like, that awe, shucks thing is gone. now it seems like revenge of the nerd. the guy is trying to stick it to donald trump. it also seems, i don't want to be a school exist, an armchair school exist about, seems -- psychologist about this. he seems so embarrassed about sabotaging hillary clinton's presidential as per rages he is bending over backwards to insult president of the united states. talking about donald trump's little hands. his tie is too long. orange face and all of these press events he is doing. in terms of the book and the memos, it seems like such a big nothing burger. i don't see anything there that corroborates if any way the cosmic charge of collusion. steve: right. >> moreover, talking about some of the evidence backing the charges against the president, the infamous steele dossier and
5:04 am
comey suggesting in a very reckless way, yes it es possible some of these more lurid sex allegations, it is also possible aliens will populate the earth or discover gold under the fox news building on sixth avenue. he is is coming across as reckless, irresponsible, as someone who in every single way trying to exploit the opportunity to make his cachet. i think that it is, this is advantage president trump as of right now. brian: unlike your book, your memoir looking back at your years, he has an unfolding investigation and news happening while his book is coming out. so he wants to talk to about his book and reflections. he is forced to talk about the news. jake tapper did a great job. bret baier will be better next week. he asked him about peter strzok. peter strzok, the fbi agent, texting somebody, led the fbi
5:05 am
investigation, texting disparaging things about the president. can you understand how he feels there is bias here? sure i would be very concerned about that. that is the reason bob mueller removed peter strzok. that is the missing the point. the damage was already done. he talked to hillary clinton. he talked to michael flynn. he was part of an investigation looking at emails back in october that would eventually be released later that month. peter strzok was somebody on the wrong side of this. >> peter strzok, brian, is also evidence of what seems to be, and i hate to say it because i honor the fbi and the doj. they are the impartial arbiters of our fate when it comes to law and order, "crime and punishment" but there does seem to be, at least there was, a stink in these institutions, an anti-trump stink. strzok one of the most vivid examples of that but at some point you have to put your elf
5:06 am
in the president's shoes. how would you feel incredibly powerful collection of fbi agent s and assistant attorney generals and so forth were almost pre-determined to sink your political fate? it really seems very, very unsavory. if the flynn thing, the general michael flynn thing, is the strongest evidence they have of obstruction, the president saying to comey, i hope you can see your way clear to let this thing go, why can't we construe that as it most naturally would be construed? here is war hero. here is a man that served his country. here is a guy worried about his own son's fate, general flynn. cut i am some slack on something no harm, no foul. ainsley: geraldo, when i read through these memos, most of our viewers will not sit down to read the pages. it is our job e job to tell them
5:07 am
what is in it. three meetings, two at trump tower and one at the while house. a meeting with reince priebus and three phone calls with president of the united states. i read through the whole thing. there was things that stood out. most of the information out there is what we know. you mention the stink thing, comey said he didn't leak in the memo he told george stephanopoulos that he did leak to his friend the reporter. he also said that the president went back to him and said i didn't stay in that hotel room in russia. that dirty dossier thing stood out to me. you mentioned the stink part. this is what he said after the first meeting in the white house. the conversation which was pleasant at all time, was chaotic, topics touched, returning later made it difficult to recount in linear fashion. it was jigsaw puzzles with pieces picked up and returned to. he says he is not political. that sounds extremely political. sounds like he has disdain for the president. if he was going to get fired he
5:08 am
wanted that in there for his book. what struck you when you read the memos? >> you know answer sy i feel similarly. first of all the memos were a classic example of cover your behind. he wanted, ex post facto, after the fact, to recreate a situation that reflected most negatively on the president and most postively on james comey. he knew that his destiny was very fragile, his standing with the fbi, very much tenuous, very much in doubt because of the president's attitude toward him. but for him to write these things down, it seems so self-serving. it just seems to me almost as if he was penning the first draft of the book that has now been published. steve: you know what is interesting about that -- >> there is no nobility in james comey the way i see it right now. steve: he took notes of his
5:09 am
conversations with donald trump but never took notes with hillary clinton or barack obama or loretta lynch. isn't that ironic? i don't know if he, how many times he met rudy giuliani. probably didn't take -- brian: talked glowingly about rudy giuliani in his book. steve: here is the big news. rudy joined president trump's legal team. do you think that will help him with the mueller probe or is that more of the michael cohen probe with the southern district of new york u.s. attorney? >> i don't think personally the mueller probe is the president's real threat. i think the mueller probe is petering out. the president now has been informed he is not the target. i think it is only a matter of time before there is admission, grudging, way late, you know, delayed unsufficientablely, there will be, insufficient perrably, by robert mueller
5:10 am
there was no collusion. the basis of this entire odyssey will be announced bankrupt. the new york case is different. michael cohen is a wheeler dealer. i don't know if he dotted every i, crossed every t in his business dealings with president trump that would be seem to me, looking at outside, i have no special inside information but the new york case does seem to be more common allegations, common crime, not anything cosmic. not anything having to do with national security but, a criminal, whether it is tax or bank fraud, something in that nature. in that regard rudy giuliani will be a ferocious defender of the president in a way that will surpass any of the attorney's names so far in his defense team. rudy giuliani is exactly the guy. brian: they added some others to help out too. so the legal team is finally compete. rudy said i want to get this done in two weeks, he will call
5:11 am
marvin mueller, which he likes. what will it take. i need to sit down with the president. we'll find out what he wants to do. real quick, when it comes to mccabe, comey was asked how do you feel about andy mccabe, andy mccabe caught lying four times. james comey goes, well good people lie. really? what was donald trump saying? i know we should have been more candid with the vice president, give him a break. he is a good guy. what is the difference? he not saying he is perfect. he is saying give him a break. by the way he served his country over 30 years. >> mccabe was thrown under the bus by james comey t was very clear and almost dramatic to see how james comey, he is so noble and he is, the g man and so forth and here it is, mccabe is in a jam. mccabe is revealed to be a person who lied under oath
5:12 am
allegedly. comey says, mccabe, he stinks, i will distance myself from him. the fact of the matter is, mccabe will go down, how ironic is it, mccabe will to down. he is headed down the martha stewart minimum security prison path right now in my opinion. he is going to go down. comey is trying now to shun him, to turn his back, to andrew mccabe, but i think andrew mccabe will be the most vivid of all the indictments to come out of the russia collusion, how ironic it is, that andrew mccabe will be one of the few people actually suffering criminal jeopardy for lies he told irk maybe, guess what? james comey, he said james comey gave him permission to talk to the "wall street journal." he said that he knew about it all along. so somebody's lying. >> well, i think that we will test both accounts and we have some corroborating evidence to back or, you know, undermine
5:13 am
either side. but i think that that's where it will be fought. and i also think that as time goes by, and now, you know, the whole issue of comey with hillary in july, hillary in october, hillary later in october, his role, the role that he played, and the role the attorney general loretta lynch played with bill clinton in the airport meeting, so forth, i think those are the items that will get more attention, more critical attention going forward. i think that mccabe will go. some of the others have already pled they will go. poor flynn is many dad unless the president can pardon him. the action will be in new york. it will be about taxes or bank fraud, whatever it is. we'll watch this unfold. brian: talk to you on radio. you don't have to wear a tie. thanks so much. >> okay. brian: still ahead, thousands of people are gathering right now to pay respects to barbara bush. we're live in houston next. steve: governor andrew como, born in new york, but what is
5:14 am
this about? >> i'm undocumented. you want to deport an undocumented person? start with me because i'm an undocumented person. [applause] patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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brian: wow, the houston children's choir among hundreds celebrating, thousands celebrating the life of former first lady barbara bush today. steve: her hometown filling the city square ahead of today's public viewing. ainsley: adam housley outside of st. martin's episcopal church in houston as american leaders preparing to say their find al good-byes. adam. reporter: a lot of people are beginning to or preparing lining up, at nearby baptist church where they take buses here, in little over four hours. from noon local time until midnight people will be able to pay their respects as the former first lady will lie in repose at st. martin's episcopal church. the road will be shut down. the feed for the fir lady lying in repose will be up for a time
5:19 am
and taken down when families come to pay their respects. it was apaysing memorial service. it has been going on since tuesday night. in texas. a lot of ceremonies taking place. one of the larger ones taking place at city hall. a number of speakers, singers, churn choir. the mayor of houston came out and had funny and great comments about the former first lady. take a listen. >> barbara bush was a strong texas woman. >> the yellow rose of texas. >> barbara bush knew if you give the child the gift of learning how to read, it's a gift that keeps on giving. reporter: a gift that keeps on giving. this morning as i was driving here we passed by city hall. i got out and took a photo of city hall. it was lit up into blue and massive american flag draped in front in memory of the first lady. this beginning at noon local time. tomorrow will be the actual service itself.
5:20 am
following the service there will be a, they will drive about an hour 1/2 to college station where she will be put to rest at the bush presidential library. back to you guys if new york. steve: we'll have coverage here on fox news channel. adam, thank you very much. the family is encouraging people to wear blue or pearls to remember barbara bush. brian: shepard smith will anchor the coverage. ainsley: one school has a new plan to protect its students. replace armed officers with therapists? brian: we'll tell you what that is supposed to do. steve: dozens of ms-13 gang members are roaming the streets thanks to sanctuary policies. the worst offender? california. tomi lahren lives in l.a. she is here live in the studio to react. ♪ fore discovering nexium 24hr
5:21 am
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now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. jillian: welcome pack to the fox news alert. the grandmother accused of murder is behind bars. police arrested lois reese in texas which end ad nationwide manhunt. she was accused killing her husband in minnesota and woman in florida stealing her identity. she was captured in texas in a restaurant after someone spotted her car and called police. teachers have first ever statewide walkout. organizers want higher pay and more school funding. saying a an offer from governor ducey is not enough. the governor said, if schools shut down, the kids are the ones that lose out. this follows recent strikes in colorado, west virginia, kentucky and oklahoma. that is look at headlines. send it back to you.
5:25 am
steve: thank you very much, jillian. brian: 24 minutes after the hour. fox news arather. apparent ambush what authorities are calling it after two florida deputies were shot dead in broad daylight. steve: sergeant noel ramirez and deputy taylor lindsey were shot down as someone shot through the window of a chinese restaurant as they were eating lunch. officer deaths have surged in the first four months of this year. ainsley: here with her reaction fox news contributor, tomi lahren. thanks for being with us. they are heroes. one is 30 years old. leaves behind two kids and a wife. one is only 25. >> this is reminder what our men and women in uniform do every single day. they were eating. that is the sad part. war on cops i've been talking about it. it was worst in 2016. it is not over. luck cully we have a president
5:26 am
that stands law enforcement the messaging is different. narrative is different. these men and women put their lives on the line. they could be ambushed. you never know what you walk into something. this is why we should respect the law enforcement officers. brian: the message not getting through to the people with president in support of law enforcement. look at numbers. in 201822 officer deaths already. that was more than half the total of cops all last year. that is a number you don't want to beat. look at the number in 2016. it is a trend. it will be harder to get people to do this job? >> it is. they're having difficulty finding officers to do the job. they're not afraid of the danger. they sign up for and understand. the morale is so low. when you feel like the community hates you, don't feel like you're appreciated, not making that much money to do it, by the way. this is clear reminder every day how much they do for us. steve: couple years ago every time somebody would come up to a police officer on the street they would have their phone.
5:27 am
taking a movie. okay, i'm going to do this, what are you doing to me? everybody, not everybody, a lot of people were out to make the cops look bad. i would like to hope that the tide has turned though? >> you think it would, but i always remind people of this, if you don't think there is war on cops or messaging in some parts of country is off, we know the names of every person that was killed in an officer-involved shooting. we know the victims, we know all of their names, but how many americans know the names of police officers we lost? few. ainsley: in other story this, awful, memo obtained by "the new york post." there was a memo ms-13 gang members are posting, please go take out a cop. police are on high alert. >> we should all be on high alert. especially where i live in california we should be on high alert. apparently california legislature things it is wonderful to turn ms-13 gang
5:28 am
members list. we're seeing brunt of it. californians are waking up. they're understanding that safety has no political party. and they don't want their families to be in danger in our state. brian: does it surprise you, you live there, a lot of people thought jerry brown was in lockstep with the people of california but there are so many diverse communities in california, they think los angeles and san francisco. there is so much more. >> no. because they watch the celebrities and watch people that are loudest, standing up for sanctuary cities, standing up for illegal immigrants. people of california that live and work there, pay a lot of money to live in california, they said enough of this. we want to be safe in our own backyards. this is not a political issue. this is not an issue of racism or bigotry or intolerance. this is safety, at the end of the day, we deserve to be safe in california. steve: i was reading a new poll out of southern california that says 60% of the people in california want to see more deportations. one thing for sacramento to come up with new laws, okay, we're a
5:29 am
sanctuary state now. if you ask all the people in california, how many people would actually be interested in what a mess they have gotten themselves into? >> i caution people, looking forward to the election. if we elect gavin newsom in california. it will not get better. think it will get worse. if you're unhappy the way the state is run, stand up and make your voices heard. if not you will get jerry brown 2.0. make your voices heard. we're already doing it we need to do more. brian: kimberly guilfoyle, hold your ears. she was married to him. ainsley: you're on "outnumbered"? >> yes. >> first on the radio show. >> yes, with you. brian: 30 minutes before the top. hour. did james comey just throw his former fbi colleague andrew mccabe under the bus. >> i like him very much as a person but sometime good people do things they shipment do. brian: really? like who?
5:30 am
newt gingrich here to react. he will appear. good. ♪ ♪ let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing.
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5:33 am
♪ >> i like him very much as a person but sometimes even good people do things they shouldn't do. i have read the report. i'm not the judge in the case. i'm to the the discipline, decision-maker in the case. i think it is accountability mechanisms working and they should work because it is not acceptable in the fbi or the justice department for people to lack candor. something we take really seriously? brian: really? fox news contributor, former speaker of the house newt gingrich was watching with
5:34 am
all of us as he talked to jake tapper. sometimes good people live. >> watch his face. turn off the sound, watch his face. steve: mark, can you rerack that clip, we'll go ahead and watch his face. newt, tell us what we're looking at. >> you're looking at a guy who around the 7th grade practiced sincerity. i didn't really mean to hit the car. i don't know how the baseball got out of my hands. ainsley: yeah. >> i think my cousin must have done it. because i couldn't have done it. this pained, i hate throwing mccabe under the bus. steve: you're saying he is acting? >> i'm saying he taught himself a early age a series of self-serving emotions, he uses over. watch him for a couple of hours of this stuff, he uses it over and over and over. this is almost a pathological liar. steve: but he said right there, it sounds as if he agrees with the inspector general of the department of justice, andy
5:35 am
mccabe broke all the rules and that is why there is criminal referral. >> that should be a great shock because almost every authority figure he is disappointed. brian: peter strzok he is a disappointed. lisa page he didn't know what happened. >> attorney general lynch, disappointed. go down to the list. he is disappointed in trump. brian: to finish this point, andy mccabe's lawyer came out and said he told james comey multiple times -- >> these two guys will be in criminal court as witnesses against each other. ainsley: who broke the law? who do you think? >> both of them. i just did a piece for "the hill" yesterday pointing out the top two people at the federal bureau of investigation are both people who broke the law. that's -- think about it. this is our most important law enforcement agency. that is unbelievably dangerous. by the way, they are breaking the law -- comey is lying to lynch. you know. i think for all practical
5:36 am
purposes he was lying to rosenstein. brian: what do you mean lying to lynch? what he said about the matter and investigation or lynch is lying about her revisionist? one of them is not telling the truth. >> if i had to choose given the current track record i would bet with lynch. but if you look at it, i urge everybody to just go google rest send steen's report on comey -- rosenstein's report on comey. this is one of trump's original mistakes. trump should have done nothing for three days. should have gotten the report and released it. let the sunday talk shows deal with the report. rosenstein's report ends we'll never be able to fix the fbi as long as comey is here. now at that point, what do you think the president of the united states ought to do? then the ig report which i also recommend people read, but it is longer, the end ig said this guy lied under oath. he lied when he wasn't under oath. lying under oath is a felony. brian: they would have found out if hillary clinton won?
5:37 am
>> would we be know nothing. if hillary clinton had won, we would know nothing about the depth of corruption at the top. justice department. ainsley: what is your opinion what is happening with pompeo? he was good enough to be the cia director. not good enough to be the secretary of state? >> i think the president should start going into every state with a democratic senator and lead a patriotic pro-american rally. that says what the democrats are doing in the senate is destructive of the united states. to put, you look at the total number of people they have bottled up, ambassadors, various appointments, the degree the president is running the government with 1/3 of people he ought to have. look what they're doing with pompeo. first in his class at west point. first in his class at harvard. brilliant guy. hillary clinton gets through. republicans are not partisan. wins with overwhelming vote. steve: two voted no. >> john kerry gets through. >> three voted no. ainsley: with syria, north korea, china. >> somebody has to say to chuck schumer today puts the
5:38 am
democratic party positive the united states of america and his colleagues -- brian: where is mitch mcconnell on this? mitch mcconnell has to be outraged. he could get a camera wherever he wanted. why does the president always have to do this? he is the majority leader? >> mcconnell doesn't have nearly the capacity in the media that donald j. trump has. brian: could use some help. >> one thing mcconnell ought to do, we're not going home until every single nominee, literally seven days a weeks, as many days a week. if mcconnell said that, it would last two weeks. by end of the second week, democrats would be saying to schumer, i can't stay here. brian: they work three days a week. >> they should stay seven is days a week until every single nominee is approved. steve: takes 30 hours of debate. not like they're doing it. >> president is focused on this. this is absolute outrage democrats in the senate put partisan advantage above the united states of america. we ought to call them on it.
5:39 am
pompeo, pompeo will get approved. brian: heidi heitkamp, democrat says i will vote for him. >> you know how it works your wife is ambassador to the vatican. thanks for dropping by. ainsley: great to see you. hand it over to jillian who has more headlines. jillian: we're following a number of stories. disturbing photos of babies tied up at day-care. this is launch an investigation because of photos you're seeing. outraged mother calling the department of children and family services in kansas. the photo shows her 7-month-old son in a sleep sack, tied with a ponytail holder face down. babies should be sleeping on their backs. in since deleted facebook post, the teacher accused of tying up the babies has been fired. very disturbing. a move to replace armed officers with therapists. a bill in illinois would promise to reallocate money for law enforcement to pen tall health
5:40 am
services. lawmaker behind the proposal thinks it is best way to treat the violence epidemic this is very different from calls around the country to increase police officers or arm teachers following a deadly shooting at a florida high school. new york governor andrew cuomo claiming he is an illegal immigrant. the democrat taunting officials with this threat. >> i'm undocumented. you want to deport an undocumented person? start with me. because i am undocumented person. jillian: here is the problem. cuomo was born and raised in new york. both of his parents were born in the u.s. look at headlines. send it back downstairs to you guys. >> brian: if andrew como is undocumented, does that mean chris cuomo is undocumented. steve: who is chris cuomo? exi'm not sure. i think he is related to andrew cuomo. i think they both have to leave. ainsley: janice has the weather. >> what is your name, where are
5:41 am
you from. >> pennsylvania. >> and? >> kim from illinois. >> you're not together. >> no. >> you're friends. >> we met earlier. >> nicely done. it is friday, cold here? the northeast. we do have a little bit of snow still falling across portions of northern new england. that will be out of here by the end of today. we're watching a new system moving into the southwest that will bring relief for the drought stricken areas. of course we have wildfire danger. so a little bit of rain. potential for isolated severe storms today. otherwise a pretty decent forecast and next week i promise things are going to get a little bit warmer. want to say somebody hi to anybody at home. >> colin, brian. >> nancy, everybody in the office. >> say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. happy friday! steve: thank you very much. it is chilly here. meanwhile straight ahead james comey newly released memos leaked by capitol hill are raising legal questions specially leaking classified
5:42 am
information. steve hilton says the country can not heal until comey is prosecuted. mr. hilton will explain that next. brian: without a tie or jacket. ainsley: we all know that brian is not the best chef, not the best. >> right now -- >> no, no. >> tells you exactly how to do it. >> you cover it with a -- >> we don't do that. ainsley: martha stewart had to correct you. we found someone who can help brian. ann burrell host of worst cooks in america. steve: i love her, she is great. get it, grate. to close, twist until it clicks. tide pods child-guard packaging.
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we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at ♪ ainsley: well president trump is firing back at california's governor, governor brown, threatening to cut off federal funding for the deployment of california's national guard. trump tweeting that. steve: he wrote -- ainsley: he wrote this, governor
5:46 am
jerry brown announced he will deploy up to 400 national guard troops to do nothing. the crime rate in california is high enough and federal government will not be paying for governor brown's charade. we need border security, action, not words. steve: host of "the next revolution," steve hilton. served as strategy director to former prime minister david cameron. steve, it makes sense. the president called up to 4,000 national guard troops to help guard our southern border. if jerry brown will put them everywhere up north everywhere but immigration, why bother paying for it? >> the whole thing is ridiculous. anyway, first of all, this deployment of national guard is completely in line with what previous presidents have done, including democratic presidents. show how completely crazed the anti-trump brigade have become especially here in california, where the california democrats moved so far left, i said
5:47 am
before, they are halfway to hawaii. they don't want to cooperate every anything. listen to this, in his letter, when jerry brown said, okay, i will send a few guardsmen but i'm not going to help you with your wall and immigration, in in that same letter he talked about drug snuggling, people trafficking, all the reasons we need the wall as well as immigration. so he completely contradicted himself, even as he was saying he wasn't going to cooperate. steve: oops. ainsley: what is happening do you think? people around the country, people are getting sick of it. do you think in california, i thought majority of the state is liberal but watching what is happening in southern california, are they tired of being pushed in a corner and finally speaking out? what is happening? >> they are. that is exactly right. community after community saying we had enough of this. the crunch point is this issue of immigration. you're right to say that throughout the state not just there in southern california but in the central valley, in pockets of northern california
5:48 am
too, people are fed up with the results of one party rule which is what you have had for years in california. they're seeing increases in poverty, in homelessness, the way that people are leaving the state. there is nothing being done about housing. so many problems because the democrats have run this state so badly on their own for so long. brian: steve to back up your thought, looks like this john cox has a legitimate shot you know, at winning an election as a republican. he starting to make progress as governor? >> he is getting better known. look, i think it will be really, really tough for anyone right now to beat that democratic party machine. but you've got to start somewhere. he is making the arguments. i think what you will see over the years, perhaps not in time for this election, this governor's election in november, over the years people will reject the failures of the democratic party in this state. steve: sound like there will a
5:49 am
next revolution. oh, the name of your show. steve hilton, we'll watch this weekend. thanks for joining us from california. brian: what time can we see you, steve? >> 9:00 eastern on sunday. brian: meanwhile -- ainsley: we all know this one over here struggles big time to cook. watch this. >> no, no. >> no. >> showed you exactly how to do it. you cover it with a wrap. brian: we don't do that. steve: brian chewed out by martha stewart. ainsley: she was in the middle of conversation with us. looks over at brian -- to. >> we found someone to help brian out. ann burrell, host of worst cox in america the will help brian out. brian: here is sandra smith. we don't know what kind of cook but she is amazing athlete. >> i'm agood cook. we're watching, deputy ag rod
5:50 am
rosen stain he is not the target of the comey investigation. the memos finally released. the president is reacting. coming up students from more than 2500 schools pouring out of their classrooms to demand action on gun violence. we're watching all of this for you. "america's newsroom" begins in moments. allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray relieves 6 symptoms... claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. and a baseball diamond... ...a mythical castle... and a grand banquet hall.
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5:53 am
♪ >> no, no. brian: do i use that. >> use the flat side. steve: let her do it. >> not so much. like cooking with kindergartners. ainsley: look at brian. >> that is a hot mess, brian. brian: a hot mess. steve: showing us for decades not everybody is a great cook. brian: that's nice.
5:54 am
ainsley: in the new season of food network's "worst cooks in america," celebrities getting skills to improve their kitchen game. brian: right here to talk about this, who the worst cooks in america -- is the host of the worst cooks in america. celebrity chef is with us right now. steve: hot mess. ainsley: we're on this side of her. >> i'm not one of the worst corks in america. brian: you're great. what will we be doing? >> we're making one of my favorite dishes ever. spaghetti carbonara this is a very fast cook, pasta, bacon, eggs and cheese. brian: thing i'm good at is spaghetti. >> you're good at spaghetti? ainsley: no he is not. brian: yes i am. >> put the bacon, so we have panchetta i have browned and rendered. we have a bunch of beaten eggs.
5:55 am
you can add that here. brian: okay. >> no, i'm just kidding. [laughter] so, we have parmesan. we have pecarino, a little different for me, i'm adding pepper. >> you don't like pepper. >> i don't like pepper. use it as ingredient. it belongs in carbon nara. brian: why don't you like pepper? >> it's a whole thing. we put the guys together. pasta that is cooked and hot. we to right from our nice salty pasta water into your pan of. steve: that is beautiful. >> then we go right here. check this out. steve: one, two. >> a lot of times people think carbonara is a lot of cream in the sauce. there is absolutely, there should never be cream. it is eggs that are cooked ever so gently from the residual heat. brian: if it is creamy, what is
5:56 am
the problem? >> it should be creamy but not from cream. it is eggs that are cooked ever so gently with all the cheese and bacon. ainsley: brian, we'll explain after the show. brian: will you? >> it is done. steve: it's done. >> for garnish. you stand there, look pretty. this looks pretty. just like you. ainsley: a lot of people say don't eat raw eggs. is this cooked enough. >> this is cooked enough. brian: destroying the country. steve: recipe on "fox & friends".com. brian, you don't say that. brian: i'm just saying. >> she is one of the best cooks. >> there you go. ♪ to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. we're finally back out in our yard, but so are they. the triple threat of dandelions,
5:57 am
lurking crabgrass and weak, thin grass! introducing the all new scotts turf builder triple action. this single-step breakthrough changes everything. it kills weeds, prevents crabgrass for up to 4 months, and feeds so grass can thrive, all guaranteed. only from scotts. our backyard is back. this is a scotts yard.
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5:59 am
>> this next week will be big. >> i know. >> thank you, we have a lot of book signings. monday i'll be in new jersey, tuesday in brooklyn, friday i will be in boiling springs in
6:00 am
south carolina and saturday columbia, my hometown. the light within me is about my relationship with god. >> we love you, ainsley. >> bill: 9:00 on a friday morning. breaking news on major stories that could be shifting the foundation in washington this morning. president trump is fired up and here is why. the infamous comey memos given to congress late yesterday quickly made public only hours after finding out that the deputy a.g. rod rosenstein had told the president he is not a target in the michael cohen investigation. >> sandra: got all that? >> bill: hang on. we'll take it a step at a time. it's fascinating as we say hello on a friday. i got it, you got it? >> sandra: good morning. we have more. sandra smith, good morning. the president sounding off on former f.b.i. director james comey after 15 pages of


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