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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 20, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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south carolina and saturday columbia, my hometown. the light within me is about my relationship with god. >> we love you, ainsley. >> bill: 9:00 on a friday morning. breaking news on major stories that could be shifting the foundation in washington this morning. president trump is fired up and here is why. the infamous comey memos given to congress late yesterday quickly made public only hours after finding out that the deputy a.g. rod rosenstein had told the president he is not a target in the michael cohen investigation. >> sandra: got all that? >> bill: hang on. we'll take it a step at a time. it's fascinating as we say hello on a friday. i got it, you got it? >> sandra: good morning. we have more. sandra smith, good morning. the president sounding off on former f.b.i. director james comey after 15 pages of memos on his meetings with president
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trump are made public and have officially been sent to committees in congress. chief white house correspondent john roberts is following all this from west palm beach, florida this morning. >> good morning. president trump with nothing on the public schedule until a reception later on today but he is active on twitter this morning taking aim at the newly released comey memos in a couple of tweets saying james comey memos just out and show clearly that there was no collusion and no obstruction. also he leaked classified information. wow, will the witch hunt continue? the president also tweeting this morning so general michael flynn's life can be totally destroyed while shadow james comey can lie and make money from a book that should never have been written. is that the way life in america is supposed to work? i don't think so. we can expect we'll hear more from the president today because clearly this is an issue that will be prominent in the news. the other big thing surrounding
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the president today, news that fox broke yesterday afternoon that the president was told in an oval office meeting by rod rosenstein that he is not a target of the cohen investigation. the president's attorney john dowd who was since departed was told by mueller he wasn't a target in the mueller investigation, just a subject. now we learn from rod rosenstein that president wasn't the target of the cohen investigation and focused solely on michael cohen. a point to bring up, we don't know why rod rosenstein and legal sources i've spoken to close to the president don't know how rod rosenstein can make that assertion because all of the evidence that was seized in the michael cohen raids more than a week ago has been locked up in court proceedings as to what is privileged information and client-attorney privileged conversation and what might be able to be given to the
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prosecutors. the fact it came up from the mueller investigation through the u.s. attorney's office in the southern district of new york has a former special prosecutor ken starr saying the mueller investigation has gone way out of bounds. >> the cohen thing is very troubling to me. any time a lawyer's office is raided i believe all americans should be concerned about that. what is the justification? there was a safeguard in place and judicial review but i'm very concerned about the process that will be followed to protect the attorney/client privilege, which is sank row sank in america law and it should be. one of the most important elements to protect the liberties of the people. i'm very concerned. >> legal sources close to the white house also tell fox news that rosenstein's statement about the president not being a target of the cohen investigation could be problematic if the u.s. attorney's office does develop information that could lead the president to be a target. as one source told me there
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were a lot of prominent people in that room, including the president. for there to be an abrupt change in the investigation could be problematic and some people who believe that rod rosenstein might have put his job in jeopardy by making that disclosure. if i was the attorney general, someone said i would fire rosenstein on the spot. >> sandra: there is a familiar face that has just been added to the president's legal team. what can you tell us about rudy giuliani's new role. >> a big announcement yesterday by jay sekulow, giuliani is joining the team. he will be the liaison between president trump and the white house and the mueller special counsel team. the president in a statement saying yesterday rudy is great and has been my friend for a long time and wants to get this matter quickly resolved for the good of the country. in an interview with the "washington post" yesterday giuliani said he is a big fan of mueller, has a tremendous
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amount of respect for him but hopes he can get that matter resolved quickly. the president has been talking for months now, more than a year about this cloud that has been hanging over him because of the mueller investigation which is impeding him from getting done the work of the country. >> sandra: the last 24 hours, john roberts. >> bill: let's get to the memos and what's in them. here is one about the russia collusion investigation. comey writes this. trump said that if there was some satellite in parentheses, i took it to me some associate of his or his campaign that did something, it would be good to find that out but that he had not done anything and hoped i would find a way to get out that we were not investigating him, end quote. katie pavlich. editor of town a few more coming your way. react to that. good morning and react to what you read in the 15 pages that we have now in these memos. >> the most interesting thing that stood out to me when you go through all of these pages
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and the separate memos written on different dates the theme is the f.b.i. was working on behalf of the president to protect him against russia and russian narratives coming out of moscow about the president in terms of salacious accusations and james comey repeatedly states in these memos that he told the president that he was not under investigation. so for the f.b.i.'s role comey kept saying to him that we were protecting the president against all of these allegations. and clearly in these memos the president was going and saying things even about mike flynn about getting to the bottom of some of these things that had happened and saying if wrongdoing happened, the f.b.i. certainly should be investigating it. >> bill: that's in the memos also. just to continue that thought on the investigation put this on screen i responded that we were not investigating him and the stuff may be totally made up but it was being sent out of russia. our job is to protect the president from efforts to coerce him. the president was trying to get
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him to go public and let people know he wasn't under investigation. he believed it was hurting him with members of congress and with foreign leaders from overseas. that is in the memo, too, katie. >> now we're making the distinction between the russian collusion investigation that came later and this cloud the president refers to meaning the salacious allegations and it goes to the crux of why president trump originally said and when it was reported that he fired james comey because he refused to go out in public and say that president trump wasn't the center of these investigations and that these allegations were coming from russian sources and therefore might not be true. in fact, they didn't believe at the time that they were true. comey kept saying he referred it to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who also didn't come out publicly to disband any of these rumors. that goes back to the firing of james comey and the president saying that is why maybe he did it. >> bill: you picked this one, too, a dinner also on screen.
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the conversation was pleasant at all times. i felt comfortable throughout although never relaxed given the focus conversation required. what's significant about that? >> if you fast forward to where we are now and after james comey was fired he repeatedly said, including under oath in testimony to congress, that he felt very uncomfortable with the way the president was behaving. he felt uncomfortable with the conversations that they had. according to these memos the conversation was please anlt. he didn't get to speak very much. the president was deciding what things they were going to talk about. so james comey has some explaining to do when it comes to what he wrote in these memos and what he has been saying publicly now in the aftermath of his firing. but again i want to go back to the idea these memos show the f.b.i. was working on behalf of the president to protect him against a russian narrative not working to investigate him for colluding with the russians. >> bill: a lot more to be said as you well know.
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>> there is a lot in here. >> bill: the first bite of the apple. "politico" writes about it as being an instant political rorschach test. you can pick out whatever you want and make a case for that. >> sandra: some are. >> bill: read it for yourself. make up your own mind. this is quite revealing now as we try to dissect more of this relationship between trump and comey. >> sandra: the president not mincing words this morning. meanwhile another big story we're watching, investigators search for a motive in the murders of two florida deputies after an apparent ambush at a restaurant in a florida city. >> sergeant ramirez and deputy lindsey were the best of the best. they were men of integrity. they were men of loyalty. they were god-fearing and they loved what they did. >> sandra: jonathan serrie is
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live in atlanta with an update. >> bill: investigators identified the shooter as 59-year-old who lived in the same county the deputies were working in. they found his body outside the restaurant dead from a gunshot wound. authorities haven't said whether it was self-inflicted. there was no disturbance or crime in progress. the shooter walked up to the front of the restaurant where the deputies were picking up food and fired through the window at them. although the motive is still under investigation the sheriff raised concerns about the often hostile social climate law enforcement officers face. >> what do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement to the extent it has, every type of hate, every type of putdown that you can think of, the only thing these men were guilty of is wanting to protect you and me. >> the sheriff is calling both
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deputies heroes. the 29-year-old sergeant ramirez was in law enforcement for seven years leaving behind the wife and two young children and taylor lindsey had served with the sheriff's office for five years. president trump tweeted yesterday. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: another big story we're watching. ms-13 gang now putting on a hit on police officers. details on that threat and where it is coming plus there is this today. >> president trump: looking at what is happening in california with sanctuary cities where the people are really going the opposite way. they don't want sanctuary cities and there was a little bit of a revolution going on in california. >> sandra: president trump applauding the effort of cities to fight california's sanctuary status. congressman darrell issa will
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join us to talk about the ongoing battle in the golden state. >> >> bill: criticism coming from james comey and some say it will have a devastating effect on the f.b.i. >> the very notion of a former f.b.i. director writing a tell-all book is a contradiction in terms. he will damage his reputation, his legacy. there are very important and good things about his legacy and he will damage the f.b.i.
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>> he was the head of this investigation and is now one of the cooperating witnesses. nobody would suggest that this book is benefiting the investigation. to the contrary, he is undermining his role as a witness. so the question is why is he doing it? the answer is rather obvious. he will make a lot of money but in the process he is going to do untold harm to the institution he once headed. >> bill: jonathan turley, a law professor slamming the former f.b.i. director as an opportunist saying the book tour and book will do serious damage to the bureau long term. juan williams with us. steve hayes also with us. great panel. i have to tell you, i was watching deep into the night last night trying to figure out what's right and what's not. what's accurate and what's
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inaccurate. i'm looking for obstruction in the memos. i did not see it. i'm looking for collusion, i did not see it. i'm wondering if there are aspects of our government in washington, d.c., an f.b.i. director to put out a book and trash a dullly elected president whether you voted for him or not, whether you like his policies or not but to trash our democratic system and only surrender these memos three or four days later after the subpoena came from house republicans. just think about that, steve, think about where we are when we allow something like this to happen and what it does to our own institutions we so dearly love, want to protect and keep in tact long term. go ahead and start. >> james comey hasn't done himself or the f.b.i. any favors. if you look at the way he opens the first memo he classifies it is secret. i'm not sure what the classification should be so i'll say it is secret. he then proceeds to leak portions of the memos to the
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"new york times." in the conversations that comey recounts with priebus, priebus asks him if they're private conversations. comey distributes the memo to his colleagues. finally, he says repeatedly that it is a problem if conversations with the president of the united states are leaked. he talks specifically about the leak of the president's conversation with the leader of mexico. says it's a problem and prosecutable and comey goes on and leaks his own private conversations with the president. look, i think there are real questions about what the president did. i think the investigation by robert mueller is necessary. but james comey doing what he is doing both on the book tour and in writing these memos, doesn't do any favors for him, doesn't do any favors or the f.b.i. or the process. >> bill: juan, where are you this morning on this? >> let me just say i think much of this has to do with the
6:19 am
three committee chairs in congress really going after rod rosenstein who is the deputy attorney general and as you know, someone that is in the sights of president trump. the question being whether or not he should fire rosenstein. i think the three committee chairs requested these documents and threatened subpoenas, bill, because they wanted to put the pressure on rosenstein. and it turns out he gave them the memos somewhat redacted but they don't -- the memos do not indicate to me any evidence of bias against the president on comey's part and they're consistent with what comey has said. >> bill: but in the context of the book and the interview tour you have to include that in your evaluation now, juan. >> and i see it's consistent. from your perspective i was listening to what you and steve were talking about, i don't think comey has helped in terms of the reputation of the f.b.i., if that's your point. but my concern here is that
6:20 am
comey makes the case that he feels the president is a threat, he is a liar, he is not trustworthy and he wants the american people to know. you could see he is self-righteous and he thinks he is better than anybody else. >> bill: he is the one who leaked the reports. he was under oath did you ever leak this material to the members of the media? never happened. don't get lost in this, folks. yesterday with jake tapper april 19th when he was asked whether or not the dossier is legitimate and comey says unlikely but possible. all right. i guess anything is possible. i mean, maybe i'll fly later this afternoon off a building in new york city. it's possible but unlikely. >> what's interesting, bill. in that he says that he has corroboration of aspects of the dossier from other intelligence officials. i didn't know that before i saw that. >> bill: now we know, steve, that clapper left the room at
6:21 am
trump tower in the first meeting in january when he was told about this dossier and he warned trump that cnn had the report and four days later it shows up on cnn and buzz feed. it makes you wonder the conversations these men had between each other and what their ultimate objective was. we're trying to figure that out. last word, steve. >> these memos, the release of these memos answers some questions but raises several important questions. one is the role of the obama intelligence community leaders. i don't think we know enough based on my reading of these memos to say that they leaked this and they are responsible for this going public but it raises some interesting questions and we need to have those questions answered. >> bill: we'll try to answer some today. they won't all today. steve and juan, thank you. >> have a great weekend. >> sandra: the state department accusing moscow of a cover-up as inspectors try to reach the
6:22 am
site of the deadly chemical attack in syria. mike pompeo facing opposition from both sides of the aisle as he looks to be confirmed as the next secretary of state. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is here to react. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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6:26 am
syria. the administration accusing moscow of tampering with the scene. >> russian officials have worked with the syrian believe we believe to sanitize the locations of those suspected attacks and remove incriminating evidence of chemical weapons use. we have also watched as some people have seemingly been pressured by the government to change their stories about what actually occurred that night. >> sandra: benjamin hall is following all of this from turkey for us. >> hi, sandra. still no sign of inspectors at the chemical attack site five days after arriving in damascus. the syrian government are making the most of this time following the attack and carrying out raids around damascus. it showed government forces launching air strikes in an isis-held zone for the militants to give up those pockets appears to have fallen
6:27 am
apart. they've claimed that government forces have retaken control of another town in northeast damascus after rebels departed for the noefrmgt it claims to show residents welcoming security forces. what's clear now is that the syrian government is making the moles of this time trying to consolidate their control around damascus. it appears that they may well take back control of that city in the coming days or weeks. >> sandra: benjamin, do we have any update on the chemical weapons inspectors? >> very little at the moment. they don't appear to have left their hotel in damascus. they haven't made it down to douma. two days ago the delay was security concerns. but we do not know why they haven't been able to get in today. we can see opposition here who say that they have been in regular contact with the opcw. >> we told the opcw where the bodies are buried and where the attacks took place and if they can get there, they will have
6:28 am
plenty of evidence, which is why the regime is preventing them. >> speaking to fox news he negotiated for the syrian opposition at the geneva peace talks and issued a warning saying he hopes the u.s. would support them. >> i'm warning the u.s. that if they don't stop russia and iran all the world will be dealing with this danger which has no limits. >> in other news today the syrian government has in the last hour said they have found two cruise missiles belonging to the us us from the strike last week and handed them over to the russians. we have no evidence to verify this and wait and see. the white house has said all the cruise missiles hit their targets. waiting to see if there is any truth behind it. >> sandra: thank you for your reporting in turkey for us. >> bill: back in the u.s. a notorious gang issues a deadly threat for our police officers. >> ms-13 wants to threaten a cop in this county, ms-13 will get an answer.
6:29 am
>> bill: gang members issuing that threat and the police department is fighting back. details coming up in a moment. >> sandra: a new homeland security report shows sanctuary city policies have allowed ms-13 gang members to remain in the u.s. california congressman darrell issa joining us next on that. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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6:33 am
conspiracy and drug trafficking charges. they've been lynched to more than 30 murders on long island since 2013. >> sandra: president trump is praising the pushback in the state of california. >> president trump: we need the wall. you are looking at what is happening in california with sanctuary cities where the people are really going the opposite way. they don't want sanctuary cities and there is a little revolution going on in california. >> sandra: at the same time a new homeland security department report shows suspected ms-13 gang members were released back onto our streets instead of being deported. california congressman darrell issa joins us now. as far as the gang members over a dozen or so of them, congressman. it is quite a report. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> sandra: you are seeing a lot in your state. can you give us sort of the
6:34 am
trend that you are seeing? >> well, i think what you are seeing is the political opportunism of the governor versus people supporting, regardless of their party, supporting their sheriffs and police. this is not a federal message, this is a message in san diego county and orange county where law enforcement is saying we've got to have some pushback. people are dying. literally, there is blood on the hands of the people who are causing criminal aliens to be released knowing they will rob and murder again. the amazing thing is that sanctuary cities started off as don't ask a witness what their status is. it turned into let a criminal go out even as an undocumented alien and you look and say why? what is the basis for it? and so my sheriffs in my counties and most sensible counties are begging their elected officials to push back on the state law.
6:35 am
>> sandra: would you agree with the president's assessment there is a little bit of a revolution going on with these cities and jurisdictions fighting back against the state's sanctuary laws? >> absolutely. the idea there is no revolt in san francisco don't mean there isn't a revolt in san diego. the closer you get to the border the more quiet democrats are. the san diego county board of supervisors, three million plus people just voted to basically join the suit and push back on the governor because we are the border county right up against the mexican border. by the way, san diego county was the first county to have that border wall decades ago. it has proven that it works. the president's initiative is really about expanding it to communities that are not protected. san diego knows that's one of the many tools the border
6:36 am
patrol needs. >> sandra: congressman, a federal court just ruled against the trump administration's crackdown on these sanctuary city laws. how big of a setback do you think that is going to be? >> they ruled narrowly in the 7th circuit. what they did is said you can't do it retroactively. to the extent that a grant has not been granted they didn't prohibit it from being a consideration. and to the extent there is new authorization from congress, those grants absolutely can and should have a hook in them about cooperation with law enforcement. the amazing thing is my governor wants money to help with ms-13 while my governor is causing these criminals to be released back on the street. you can't have it both ways. you can't say you need help from the feds to deal with criminals and then release them came -- i'm sorry we're looking at 2/3 came from california, 89
6:37 am
of them. some of which belong to that ms-13 gang. does this put the citizens of your cities and of your state in danger? >> absolutely. and we see this in l.a. but on both sides of l.a. where there are major trials and a big chunk of the criminals that are being tried right now for murder are, in fact, people who have repeatedly come back to the u.s. illegally and, you know, one of the challenges as a californian is the president is trying to protect nevada, oregon, north and south dakota, trying to protect the rest of the country from the wrongful activity of california. of course, we in california are trying to protect ourselves from sacramento, from a legislature that puts the political opportunism ahead of
6:38 am
safety. my areas are areas with a high hispanic population that aren't rich and they live in fear of these gangs. so the idea that this is, quote, good for immigrants, it is just the opposite. it is the immigrant communities and the hispanic communities like oceanside that are being terrorized and criminally hurt by these bad practices. >> sandra: i wanted to ask you also this morning. everybody has had a chance to look at these comey memos that have finally been turned over and released. the president saying they show no obstruction, no collusion. what have you been able to conclude from those, congressman? >> there were two things that i got particularly having worked with comey, who lied to congress in the apple hearings but the two things i got was first of all he did give the president a lot of credit for his insight into judgment of people around him that had been with the campaign. general flynn was one of them that is actually mentioned in there. but the other thing is those many pages read as a draft of a
6:39 am
book. and they are not really a memo as much as they are a very well-written draft for his upcoming book. i think the fact he didn't like or trust the president from day one gave him very little credit even when some good things happened in that meeting was because he went in with a prejudice and out with the draft of a book. >> sandra: i have a few seconds left. the eric holder run? >> the only constitutional officer to be held in contempt from an administration ever and he did so for lying to congress and telling us that there were very few documents left to be discovered and then withholding them. the fact is what will come out if he runs is that thousands of documents were deliberately withheld by his obstruction of justice and i think he is going to have a very hard time having people vote for him when they realize how he obstructed
6:40 am
justice while he ran the department of justice. >> sandra: thank you for your time this morning. the weather looks beautiful behind you. could you send some this way? we could use it in new york. >> one boat at a time. >> sandra: thank you so much. >> bill: the outpouring of tributes continuing for the former first lady barbara bush. she died on tuesday at the age of 92. the general public paying final respects today. she lies in repose in houston, texas. in the next hour we'll talk to dana perino talking about time spent with the bush family. >> sandra: bold new action taken by the justice department against fired f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe. why he could now be facing criminal charges. republican congressman david bratt was one of the lawmakers calling for this action and he joins us with his reaction.
6:41 am
>> bill: the deputy ag rod rosenstein telling the president he isn't a target of the michael cohen matter. what does that mean? allen dershowitz and that, rudy giuliani, and on and on it goes. that's coming up. we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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>> bill: andrew mccabe could face criminal charges. the a.g. for the justice departments. mckaibs attorney responding saying we're confident unless there is pressure the u.s. attorney's office should decline to prosecute. dave bratt signed the letter calling for action against mccabe and he is with me now. sir, good morning. where is this going about mccabe? >> the i.g. filed the case with the federal folks. so the evidence is in and that's the way things should proceed. it's the opposite of what has
6:45 am
been proceeding. cnn has been doing russian collusion story charging people and then you have the prove you are innocent in the mainstream media. the last thing we want is to politicize this but mccabe and comey -- mccabe has given at least misleading testimony four times if not false testimony and maybe violated criminal law. and so we'll see. the i.g. is pursuing that through the courts. and hopefully justice is done. the american people are fed up with all of this. they say two tiers of justice. one for the elites in the swamp and then their neighbors who are in jail in a week. >> bill: comey and mccabe are turning on each other. documents that prove that mr. mccabe advised director comey repeatedly he was working with the wall street journals prior to publication. neither mr. comey nor the
6:46 am
inspector general is infallible. in this case neither of them has it right. i take that as mccabe firing a shot at james comey. >> yeah, then comey fired a shot back and threw mccabe under the bus maybe. but they haven't been explicit but they contradict each other. someone is not telling the truth. it is not just these two. it is the top ten political appointees. not the men and women who serve the country in the f.b.i. these are the political appointees. the major problem is all the lies and misinformation are systematically in favor of the democrats. there is nothing ever that comes in favor of the trump administration or republicans. and so when you have that much bias built in the cake everybody has a sense of what's going on and it's keeping republicans from pursuing our policy agenda because cnn and mainstream media won't let us get our message out. no one knows the tax cut package and the good things we're trying to do.
6:47 am
>> bill: we've talked about that a lot. the leaks are a big deal. in the comey members you can read how the president and james comey talked about leaking 11 months ago in a senate committee james comey was asked this question by senator grassley. >> director comey, have you ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> never. >> have you ever authorized someone else at the f.b.i. to be an anonymous source about the trump or clinton investigation. >> no. >> bill: what do you think? >> at the same time he leaked. that leaking led to the formation of a special prosecutor against trump on russian collusion. to this day no evidence on russian collusion.
6:48 am
they're on a fishing expedition now trying to -- making accusations and every day in the halls in d.c. the press comes up to all of us there is a new damaging report, what do you think of it? it turns out there is no content to it. that's the way the mainstream press is operating these days. it is totally partisan. >> bill: james comey gave a story to a professor to be released. have you read all 15 pages? >> not all but making my way through. >> bill: what is your impression initially as you make your way through? >> well, i don't see any new information. that's the underlying theme here, right? for one year we're talking about justice and everybody putting a full throated aggressive push on the administration, the trump administration. they won't let any appointees or bills through and shut down d.c. the american people want to see some evidence.
6:49 am
any time i get a tough question from the press i say do you have any evidence? what statute has been broken as dershowitz pointed out a year ago. that's all you have to do. what statute has been violated? on the other side from comey on down and rosenstein was also in on the creation of the dossier and allowing that to go forward so that they could spy on american citizens and the trump administration. now there is some collusion with russians for real and not a word on the mainstream media ever. >> bill: dave bratt, what a debate we have here. >> sandra: authorities are bracing for more blood shed along the israel/gaza border. hamas terrorists threatening to cross that border. we're live on the ground plus this. >> everybody breathe, relax. >> everybody breathe, relax.
6:50 am
>> sandra: dramatic new video showing what happened on board a southwest airlines flight after it lost cabin pressure at 32,000 feet.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> bill: new video inside the southwest airline showing flight attendants working to calm passengers after a fan blade from one of the engines breaks off and shatters a window. >> everybody breathe, relax. >> everybody breathe, relax. >> bill: a passenger on board who was killed after she was partially sucked outside of that shattered window. authorities now investigating what went wrong say there was evidence of metal fatigue in the engine where the blade came apart.
6:54 am
>> sandra: israel warning palestinians not to participate in hamas-organized demonstrations. defense forces have shot and killed 28 palestinians since the protests started. the jewish state accuses hamas of using the marches as a cover for terror attacks. mike tobin is reporting live from the israel/gaza border. what is going on there right now? >> this is a deadly game that plays out every week after friday prayers let out. the idf says there are 3,000 palestinians massed at five different locations along the gaza/israel border along the fence trying to push closer to the border fence. i want to draw you are attention to an earthen berm and mound on top of the berm. the israeli snipers will fire with the demonstrators get too
6:55 am
close to the border fence and why the palestinians burn the tires. i want you to roll video that we shot earlier in the day while they were kicking out a lot of black smoke. it provides a lot of cover and demonstrators try to get closer to the fence. israel put out an armored vehicle and fired tear gas to try to disburse them from the area of the fence. they fire lethal rounds. they say today two demonstrators were killed and 80 of them wounded by live fire. >> sandra: what are the palestinians doing to get noticed? >> it is really remarkable what they've put up a very crude tool or weapon, if you will. they are flying kites from the gaza side of the border. we watched them launch one kite and at the tail end of the kite is a torch. what they do is fly it high enough it can reach over the border fence and high enough they snip the cord and let the
6:56 am
kite crash on the israeli side of the board with the intention of starting a fire. several kites made it across the border fence today. >> sandra: mike tobin, thank you for your reporting there. >> bill: now this back at home. department of justice finally turning over those james comey memos all 15 pages and this morning the president is responding what he is saying about what's in them. plus students across the country staging a walk-out 19 years after the deadly columbine school shooting. the message the protest hopes to send. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™.
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♪ >> sandra: a fox news alert for you this morning. student walk-outs happening across the nation right now. they are protesting gun violence in schools. the walk-outs happening exactly 19 years after the deadly columbine rampage. we're minutes away from a live report on that. we are talking now about 2500
7:00 am
students from across the country expected to walk out of classrooms. these are students who believe that not enough has been done. they are calling on lawmakers to do more to prevent gun violence in our schools. the walk-out starts right about now, 10:00 a.m. eastern time. students will be leaving their classrooms to observe a moment of silence for shooting victims so this is something that we'll be following for you this morning. that's a live shot at parkland, florida, the scene of the latest school shooting and we'll have more on this coming up in just a moment. the first breaking news on closely held documents seeing the light of day. the justice department releasing redacted version of james comey's memos on his conversations with president trump as released emails show more evidence that the d.o.j. and f.b.i. worked hand in hand in the clinton investigation. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith on friday morning. >> bill: more breaking news.
7:01 am
the sun is out in new york city. haven't seen it in months. good morning, sandra and at home. a lot to cover in 15 pages. material we're only seeing now. but comey memos no longer under wraps with the former f.b.i. director continue his book tour reacting this way to that. >> i don't know, i don't know what considerations the department has taken into account. it's fine by me. i don't have any views on it. i'm totally fine with transparency. i have tried to be transparent throughout this. if folks get to see the memos i've been consistent since the very beginning after my encounters with president trump. >> bill: president trump claiming vindication and here is what he said on twitter. james comey memos just out and show clearly there is no collusion and no obstruction and he leaked classified information, wow. will the witch hunt continue? end tweet. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington >> this is the first time the public has seen the comey memos
7:02 am
that were leaked by the former director to kick start the russia special counsel investigation. the president's critics are pointing to a january 2017 memo that documented a private meeting between the president and james comey about a week after the inauguration and it was over this loyalty pledge. it reads in part he replied that he needed loyalty and expected loyalty. i did not reply or even nod or change my facial expression, comey writes. we came back to it later. i replied he would always get honesty from me. trump paused and said that's what he wants, honest loyalty. i replied you'll get that from me. based on the memos and book tour the relationship between comey and the president was stressed from the very beginning and he briefed them on the unverified salacious allegations in the so-called trump dossier about alleged coordination between russia officials and trump campaign associates. president sporters are pointing to a march 17 memo where there trump tells comey to find out if there is any truth to the
7:03 am
claims. if there was some satellite note i took it to me some associate of his or his campaign that did something, it would be good to find out but that he -- hadn't done anything and hoped i would find a way to get out that we weren't investigating him. the bottom line is there is something for everyone depending what side of the political divide you are on. >> bill: what about classification? what do you find in the memos regarding that? >> the 15 pages that were posted last night eight have redactions and in some cases the intelligence is that one of the highest levels called secret and if you look at the fine print which is always important in these cases you can see the base of the page is something that says no foreign which means the intelligence is so sensitive it cannot be shared with other countries. senate investigators also have concluded it is highly likely one of the memos comey leaked to the media through his lawyer friend contained classified information. some of the memos are actually drafted on internal f.b.i.
7:04 am
emails and then shared with others or drafted using f.b.i. resources such as a laptop computer and this appears to conflict with the former director's senate testimony after he was fired where he said there were personal recollections or personal notes when they look much different when you see them in person, bill. >> bill: interesting. thank you, catherine herridge reporting on that today leading this hour in washington >> sandra: more on all this fox news contributor guy benson, political editor of town so far from what you've been able to see and turned over what are you able to conclude? >> i think one of the interesting strands of this, sandra, is that last piece we just heard about from catherine right there. we've heard all along from comey that he did not leak classified information and basic math suggests that he did because there were seven memos total that we know about that comey produced on this front. remember that columbia
7:05 am
professor that comey used as a conduit to leak to the media? that professor said four of the memos were in his possession. so if there were, in fact, at least four memos that contained classified information as the d.o.j. says there were, when you run the math and it is simple process of elimination, one at least must have included some classified information that comey gave to his friend from columbia if everyone involved in telling the truth. comey don't seem like a guy in his tv interviews who suspects he is in any legal jeopardy but i think it is a legal hiccup that his critics and the president could seize upon. >> sandra: the president responded claiming no collusion, no obstruction. he is claiming vindication, should he be? >> i think it's premature to claim that. however, there is this reignited debate, based on the
7:06 am
memos, about whether or not the whole flynn matter are trump apparently suggested to comey -- comey, you know, thought of it as a directive, there is a debate whether it was an order or suggestion, to drop the flynn investigation. and a lot of republicans are going to say it's not obstruction of justice. many democrats will say of course it was obstruction of justice. to me one relevant piece is reporting yesterday from bloomberg that apparently rod rosenstein assured the president personally he is not a criminal target of any element of the mueller investigation. there might be word games going on subject versus target. however, if trump is not a target of this investigation in any capacity, mueller has known about the flynn conversation with comey for a long time. that would indicate to me that even if we're raging in this debate in the media whether
7:07 am
that constituted obstruction or not it seems perhaps that mueller and team have concluded that it did not. >> sandra: it's interesting because that's the way the president ended his response to all this, right? in the tweet where he is basically claiming vindication, no obstruction, no conclusion he asks will the witch hunt continue? you wonder what it looks like. >> i think it is reasonable for the president and his team and the president's defenders in congress to say it's been roughly a year since mueller was put on the job. as you know, sandra, i've been a supporter of the mueller investigation since day one. i think it's appropriate respect mueller and his integrity. it's fair to say at some point after a year let's public the results, reach some conclusions, let's let the chips fall where they may and let's move on. having this drag on forever open-endedly seems to be unreasonable. we're getting a few clues that perhaps the end is coming soon.
7:08 am
>> sandra: last question to you on these newly released emails. they seem to bolster the republican claims the f.b.i. and d.o.j. had some sort of coordination on the clinton case. we looked back at comey's testimony in 2016 and it is quite something to look back at what he said then, guy. listen. >> look me in the eye and listen to what i'm about to say. i did not coordinate that with anyone. the white house, the department of justice nobody outside the f.b.i. family had any idea what i was about to say. i say that under oath and i stand by there. there was no coordination. >> sandra: interesting to see the differences what we're learning today or what republicans are able to conclude. >> we'll have an inspector general report on the f.b.i. and d.o.j.'s handling on the hillary clinton email matter coming out very soon. another d.o.j. attorney looking into it as well out from utah. i think more clarification is
7:09 am
on the way. so many moving parts to this entire story, sandra. >> sandra: guy benson, thank you, good to see you, happy friday. >> bill: early may is when it goes down with the i.g. thousands of students across america expected to walk out of school today the 19th anniversary of the columbine high school massacre in colorado. schools in all 50 states expected to take part of the some protests getting underway on the east coast this hour. julie banderas is watching one of them in new york city. what do you see? >> i'm laguardia high school in new york city. they plan on walking out 30 minutes or so from now. the nationwide national high school walk-out day will be participated by 2600 schools across the country. many of those already taking place. let's take a look at some of the live remotes. the idea was for this begin sometime after 10:00 a.m. this morning. just like they did in march basically students will be walking out of their schools
7:10 am
and marking the 17 people skilled at the marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland and the 13 lost in columbine. some will be walking out for 19 minutes. that would be signifying the 19 years since the columbine school massacre. those walk-outs already underway i'm told in maryland, also in washington, d.c. students can be seen quietly sitting. later they plan on marching to the capitol in order to rally for gun control. a lot of this is meant to put pressure on politicians to make changes and many of those coming out and asking for those who can vote to go ahead and do so come the mid-terms. meantime last night i want to take a look at an event, a vigil that was held at clement park in colorado to put pressure on politicians, specifically for change and encourage people to register to vote. survivors of school shootings all over the country were in attendance including 20 students from marjory stoneman douglas high school. many who hadn't been born when
7:11 am
columbine happen finding themselves united. listen. >> i can't reverse time. therefore, i'm here and i'm here speaking because my voice deserves to be heard and i hope my voice will influence and my voice will mend my broken heart. >> in the midst of all of this today another school shooting this morning. this one in florida. one student shot. another student in the ankle. that shooter is in custody and the victim is in the hospital suffered injuries but nothing life threatening. >> bill: thank you, julie banderas in new york city. live. it's a difficult thing to get out of your head from columbine 19 years ago. one kid falling out of a window and being scraped as he went along the way. you never lose sight of that. >> sandra: thousands of students will be walking out of their classrooms today asking for change.
7:12 am
we'll watch it. fox news alert. we're waiting for an update on a deadly police ambush in florida. two young officers taking a break for dinner and then shot dead as they sat inside a chinese restaurant. we'll take you there live. >> bill: president trump adding a high profile name to his legal team. what rudy giuliani could bring to the table now. >> sandra: the battle over secretary of state nominee mike pompeo is heating up. will democrats vote to confirm him or play politics? mike huckabee has something to say about that and will join us after the break. >> what the democrats are doing to the united states are destructive to the united states. brilliant guy. hillary clinton gets through, the republicans aren't partisan. she wins with an overwhelming vote. great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good.
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>> bill: 16 past the hour. fox news alert awaiting an update. two florida deputies shot and killed during an ambush in the city of trenton, florida. investigators saying the gunman walked up to the building and opened fire at the deputies through a window. the suspect was found dead outside. motive not known. a press conference about to begin. we'll get more information and pass it along to you as we get it here in "america's newsroom." >> i just cannot believe that
7:17 am
mike pompeo is not qualified for the job of secretary of state. he is exactly who you would expect a republican to pick. >> it would be disappointing at a time when he is negotiating one of the most sensitive geopolitical risks we've had in a long time, a nuclear north korea, to take him off the field. >> sandra: leading senate republicans defending mike pompeo and now a possible breakthrough as democratic senator heidi heitkamp says she will vote to confirm his nomination for secretary of state. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is a fox news contributor. interesting to see her do that as she faces a difficult reelection race this fall. a state that trump won by double digits. so maybe that will be the trend we see. don't we want a secretary of state? >> of course we do. especially right now with all the issues.
7:18 am
north korea, syria. issues with japan and china. there is no reason that this is a nomination that should be held up. when john kerry was selected by president obama he was voted in 94-0. same exact vote for hillary clinton. a lot of republicans did what they should have done, they gave that president duly elected by the american people the team wanted. that's how it should work if you have a serious reason that the person is not qualified. mike pompeo has already demonstrated his qualifications and been voted on by this very group of senators. some of these guys have been governors. guys like mark warner, tom car per, john man muchin. they no better. they picked their own people while they were governors and they pretend this president doesn't get to do the same? it is partisanship that is shameful and they need to grow
7:19 am
up and say we're not going to let chuck schumer dictate to us what is the right thing to do. >> sandra: a thumbs down on pompeo would be a big mistake. they write democrats ought to ask themselves how their actions will be seen in pyongyang to deliver such and undeserved rebuke to pompeo at a critical diplomatic moment would be a shameful abdication of the committee's responsibilities. >> a thumbs down to mike pompeo is a middle finger to the american people who voted for donald trump and expected he would put people in his team that he could work with. now, he has already proven that mike pompeo is a person with whom he can work and person who he trusts. it is also a person that the american people and especially the senate should be able to trust. there is just no excuse for this. and let me say i hope rand paul comes around. if rand paul who comes around, he would have wanted to put his own people in place and he
7:20 am
would be livid if his own party as senators were giving any type of hesitation. so to jeff flake or susan collins or any of the ones who have pretended like they may not go but i think they will, rand paul and the other republicans certainly need to be there. but the other democrats who sat back and cheered when republicans voted in john kerry and hillary clinton, they ought to do the right thing. forget the politics, just do the right thing. >> sandra: the final word from the piece one thing for senators to use a nomination as leverage to -- but to vote him down over the disdain for the president is unwarranted and a breach of senate norms. does rand paul come around? what ultimately happens here? can we see him not get confirmed? >> well, if we do then my question is who does the president nominate to be a more qualified person? name him. you can't do it.
7:21 am
some democrats are saying his views on issues like same-sex marriage. that has nothing to do with him being secretary of state. there should be no constitutional test for religion so we just can't go there. >> sandra: it is quite something. have a great weekend. >> bill: we mentioned this a moment ago. thousands of students on the move this hour. a national school walk-out getting underway. students calling for changes in gun laws and marking 19 years since the killing at columbine plus the caravan of central american migrants is moving north again and when they are expected to reach the u.s. border. an update on that coming up. if you've been diagnosed with cancer, searching for answers may feel overwhelming. so start your search with our teams of specialists at cancer treatment centers of america.
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>> sandra: we're getting an update on the two deputies shot and killed in a chinese restaurant in trenton, florida. the police are holding a press
7:25 am
conference right now and being asked questions. let's listen in. >> they were on duty and in uniform. those who heroes walked in there to have a meal together and they were ambushed. [inaudible question] >> right now no clear motive has been established. that's part of the investigation we're conducting. i really can't speak on that. >> what about the demonization of law enforcement in the country. >> right now that's nationwide. >> the assailant walked in and shot inside. were both the officers or any officer firing back or -- >> we have no information right now that our officers were able to return fire. >> the assailant that was found.
7:26 am
was that a self-inflicted gunshot wound or did any law enforcement officers engaged? >> no officers engaged with the assailant. the wound he suffered was self-inflicted. >> any word on the weapon he had? >> that's part of the investigation being conducted by the florida department of law enforcement. >> is there a reason the crime scene is so fresh and it hasn't been blocked off more with tape? >> last night our heroes were escorted from this location at 1:00 a.m. it's still very fresh. >> this is a really small town. where do we go from here? >> sandra: a tragic day for law enforcement as authorities give an update on the two florida deputies shot and killed inside a chinese restaurant where they're standing in front of at this moment. an ambush. the suspect was later found dead outside. the update we're getting here
7:27 am
was that originally the reports were the killer shot through the window at the deputies but they just gave an update that the killer actually walked into the restaurant and shot both deputies. they were both in uniform according to this update. there was no motive identified so far. that is still outstanding and still fresh as you just heard authorities say. anymore updates we get on this we'll bring those to you. trenton, florida, two deputies shot and killed. >> bill: the public gets a chance to pay their final respects to the former first lady barbara bush today. she'll lie in repose from 9:00 to midnight today. dana perino, a former white house press secretary serving under george w. bush is there live. good morning there. >> good morning, bill.
7:28 am
thank you. >> bill: tell us about the arrangements and what goes into the planning when you consider a couple had been together 70 plus years. what a life she had at the age of 92. >> well, it might come as no surprise to everyone as we've spent the week learning more about her life and reliving some great moments, some very funny and some very touching. all focused on family. one of the things that she did in the last several years is she had a lot of input as to how this should go. she knew that this day would come, of course. she wanted to make it easier on everybody by making sure that we all knew exactly what she wanted in her arrangements, the songs, the spirit of it. she did not want it to be called a funeral. she was very specific making sure it was called a celebration of life. and bill, i think for me especially since we knew last sunday that she had decided to
7:29 am
refuse medical treatment, that it's been kind of a whirlwind. getting the coverage done, making sure we tell the story. tomorrow morning at that celebration of life, funeral, i think that's when everybody can take a moment just to be quiet and maybe also just to be a little more sad and feel those emotions but then she is going to want everybody to move on and live their lives. >> bill: great message there. do we know how bush 41 is doing, her husband and have we gotten updates on him? >> by all accounts, he is adamant that he let us all know that we should not be worried about him and, of course, we all know his health has not been good of late but he is surrounded by family and i think the bushes are very faithful and spiritual people and as i've been told even by bush 43 when we were at the white house together, that they feel like they can sense the
7:30 am
prayers of the nation and in this case, of course, the world. so i think he is encouraged by that but his heart is broken as well. >> bill: thank you, dana. >> i have marlin fits water. >> bill: interesting stuff. >> sandra: also lifting the veil on james comey's memos on his conversations with the president. what do they tell us? law professor allen dershowitz is here to weigh in on this next. >> this is the greatest scandal in modern american history. the highest echelons on the f.b.i. and former f.b.i. officials who are friends of mine and they agree who are corrupt. i don't mean on the take, i mean politically corrupt. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish,
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7:34 am
face joins the president's legal team former federal prosecutor and new york city mayor rudy giuliani is now on board just as rod rosenstein told the president he is not a target in the michael cohen investigation. allen dershowitz with me now. good to have you back with us by way of skype. we'll take you any way we can get you. i have a long list of things so let's get after it. ken starr last night said that rudy giuliani more than any other attorney in america is perfect for this position. do you agree with him and why would that be, if so? >> i think he is a very, very good choice because a, he is a superb lawyer. i went against him in several high profile cases and he is a great lawyer in addition to being a politician and someone deeply loyal to the president. second, the focus is shifting from washington, d.c. to, i think, the southern district of new york.
7:35 am
he is the former attorney of southern district and knows how they play this game and what to look for and also is widely respected in the u.s. attorney's office in the southern strict of new york. so he brings to bear all the qualities that the president needs, great lawyer, good contacts, good judgment, and political experience. >> bill: what you are referring to is the case that involves michael cohen here in new york. >> that's the case. >> bill: you have this report saying that rosenstein told the president he wasn't the target of that. is that true? would he know? what do you make of that? >> of course he is not a target because they haven't even gone through the files. the risk is that he could be become a target on two possible bases, one if they flip cohen and they get him not only to sing but to compose to make up stories to elaborate when you are facing 20 years, you'll do anything to stop the process of landing you in federal prison.
7:36 am
or second they could find material in the files that are incriminating to the president. look, we have a presumption of innocence and i've seen no indication that president did anything wrong either before he became or after he became president. but if i were on his legal team, which i am most assuredly not, i would be focusing my attention on the southern district of new york and the state attorney general of new york rather than on mueller. i think the mueller case is on the way to being winding down. >> bill: i want to get to the comey memos. to put a fine point on the rosenstein matter. here is andrew napolitano last night with bret. he said rosenstein would not even know this information. quick reaction after this. >> rod rosenstein could not know what's in those documents. first of all, the documents and tapes are enough to fill a small pickup truck. secondly in an f.b.i. vault. >> bill: a quick answer. is he right, rosenstein doesn't know? >> of course he is right. that's why he says he is not a
7:37 am
target now. leaves open the possibility he will become a target once the files are looked into either because cohen flips or because there is incriminating evidence. we shouldn't assume that or rush to judgment. the president is assumed innocent and seems likely to me he is innocent. >> bill: part of this statement. former director comey's memo showed the president made clear he wanted his campaign fully investigated and show former director comey never wrote he felt obstructed or threatened. that is their take. what is yours? >> well, i think the memos are not incriminating. they are somewhat ambiguous and self-serving but in the end i think he will help, not hurt, the president if he were to face any kind of legal charges. if you would expect the head of the f.b.i. to be a lot firmer about alleged criminal conduct
7:38 am
if he was a direct witness to it. comey has provided the trump defense with the greatest possible weapon if he ever takes the stand against the president. the book and draft and memos. i think this is probably a benefit to the president rather than a detriment. >> bill: interesting. when you look at the special counsel. you are no fan of the special counsel. go ahead and strain your ability to argue against your own brain, okay? is there anything in those 15 pages that suggest there is a reason why a special counsel should be appointed? >> i don't think so. i don't think a special counsel ever should have been appointed. the more we learn the more we see was necessary was an objective nonpartisan commission of experts looking into the role of russia and trying to influence american elections in the past, present and future without pointing
7:39 am
fingers of recrimination at people other than the russians based on the appointment of a special counsel. it was a mistake to do that and a mistake not to appoint a bipartisan commission to do something that benefits all americans and that is get the russians out of our electoral system. >> bill: if you think about that. i don't know if it's so much a legal question. you want to deal in facts and we're trying to do that. does it bother you that portions of the u.s. government allowed the former f.b.i. director to go public and trash a duly elected president whether you voted for him or not, whether you like his policies or not, and only release the memos after their hand was forced by subpoena on behalf of house republicans coming three or four days later. does that bother you? for those who believe in a deep state, does it smell like that? >> well, what i care deeply about transparency and freedom of speech. the more that's out there, the
7:40 am
better. look, the only case i remember ever losing as a first amendment lawyer was a case of a c.i.a. agent trying to write a book and the government took all his money back. although there was no classified material he breached his contract in his understanding with the government by revealing secrets in a book for profit. i'm wondering if the government isn't looking into that with comey. he should never have revealed private conversations with the president and others for profit. under the snap doctrine he may have a problem. >> bill: thank you, sir. hope we get a chance to talk next week. who knows where we'll be then. thank you, sir, for your time today. >> sandra: the u.s. accusing russia and syria of a cover-up. >> credible information that indicates that russian officials are working with the syrian regime to deny and to delay these inspectors from
7:41 am
gaining access to douma. >> sandra: growing concerns of an operation to sanitize the evidence of that chemical weapons attack and pressure witnesses to change their story. and a welcome development as senator tammy duckworth makes history on the floor of the u.s. senate. let's take a look at some numbers: 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom... is a stroke. 80 percent of all strokes and heart disease? preventable. and 149 dollars is all it takes to get screened
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are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure. >> bill: we made history on the senate floor. tammy duckworth and her newborn daughter were welcomed thanks to a new rule passed yesterday. >> how do you feel to be here with miley? >> i think it's great. i think it's amazing. i want to thank my colleagues for the unanimous consent vote that we can do that. >> she is young to be making history. >> she will vote someday. >> sandra: miley is 10 days old. a very little baby. that is something. meanwhile the u.s. now saying
7:45 am
it has credible information russia and syria are hiding evidence of a chemical weapons attack in syria. >> russian officials have worked with the syrian regime to sanitize the locations of those suspected attacks and remove incriminating weapons of chemical weapons use. we've watched as some people have seemingly been pressured by the government to change their stories about what actually occurred that night. >> sandra: michael waltz is a former counter terrorism advisor to vice president cheney and green beret. you have been watching these developments. is the u.s. accusing russia and syria of a cover-up? >> it seems like it. it is not surprising. in addition to these -- to this most recent attack, the syrian regime by human rights watch's count has used chemical weapons 86 times in the last several
7:46 am
years and 34 of those have been verified. so there is a lot of talk and russian spin of finding a rebel chemical weapons lab. that may or may not be true but i really doubt is the rebels having the capability to deliver these weapons. that requires artillery and rockets and an air force that we have not seen the rebels have nor will we. this was clearly the syrian regime. they've done it before. we have the ability to actually track these aircraft and look what was overhead at the time of the strike and then rewind the clock and see that they came from syrian air bases and the intelligence was clear before we made the strike. >> sandra: the state department said they're pressuring witnesses to change their story. how do we as a country deal with this? >> well, this is a broader issue of part of the russian
7:47 am
propaganda machine. what they used to call under the soviet union active measures. make no mistake, the majority of russians are being fed this was a conspiracy theory so the united states can remain engaged. the rebels essentially launched this attack on themselves so that the united states would remain engaged against the assad regime, which is frankly just ridiculous. a lot of folks are asking well, why would the assad regime continue to do this? i can tell you because it's brutal and it's horrific and these attacks work. this neighborhood in dam as -- damascus has been under siege for five years and assad's army with russian air force support hasn't been able to break it. after one day of the attacks the rebels quit and surrendered. they're effective and why they're using them. >> sandra: i have to ask you about north korea dropping its demand that american troops be
7:48 am
removed from south korea, the condition for giving up their nuclear weapons? >> that's a huge concession. proof is in the pudding to see if any of these concessions and this entire diplomatic outreach is legitimate. i'm glad the president is holding a tough line and letting them know he will walk away. that prevents a symbolic victory for the north korea regime and prevents them from dragging this out and using this to buy time while their missile engineers are perfecting an icbm. the u.n. put out a report two months ago that showed north korea chemical engineers in syria. remember that years ago about 10 years ago the israelis bombed a nuclear reactor built by the north koreans in syria. this is a much broader web here and a lot at stake for wmd proliferation around the world. >> sandra: we'll see where it goes as we await that very
7:49 am
important summit potentially coming up soon. thank you very much, michael walz. good to see you. >> bill: jon scott is coming up on "happening now." >> good morning. we have a great hour coming up including a discussion of the conspiracy theorists who think that the comey firing and the clinton foundation investigation are related. that's coming up at the top of the hour on "happening now." >> bill: we'll see you then, jon. have a great weekend. 10 minutes away. in a moment here are opioid crisis coming center stage in the west virginia senate race. what three candidates are asking their state to do to fight back. that's next. presenting the all-new lexus ls 500 and ls 500h. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer.
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>> bill: senate race in west
7:53 am
virginia will be a good one. the fight against the opioid epidemic is put front and center in three main primarily candidates plan to outline their program to combat the crisis. peter doocy is live in charleston, west virginia. good morning there. >> good morning. primary voters in this state live in a place with the highest rate of overdose deaths in america largely attributed to opioids. the senate primary hopefuls are trying to highlight their histories at drug fighters. one thinks he is at the top of the heap taking credit for a truly that requires drug companies to keep better tabs on where pills are going which was born from a lawsuit that he filed. >> the dea, the agency charged with protecting citizens from illicit drug abuse was asleep at the switch for so many years. west virginia step forward and filed the suit and west virginia helped initiate the
7:54 am
change to stop a lot of pill dumping in west virginia and across the country. >> another primary candidate congressman jenkins appeared with melania trump last year in a recovery center that he helped start. he argues he is the only one in d.c. casting votes to bring prevention funds here. >> how horrific to start your life going through withdrawal and today hundreds -- thousands of babies around the country are starting their life that way. it is unacceptable. we must give these babies every precious baby a healthy start in life. >> and the wild card in the race businessman don blankenship a coal barren. he doesn't have any official experience fighting opioids but he did recently pitch drug testing for public employees.
7:55 am
>> bill: interesting race. thank you, peter. we'll be in contact. peter doocy live in charleston. >> sandra: the fox news channel will bring you to west virginia as we host the primary debate. a lot of at stake. may 1, mark your calendars at 6:30 p.m. eastern time. our colleagues bret baier and martha maccallum will be monitoring. thousands of students marching on the capitol protesting gun violence in schools and calling for changes to our gun laws. a live report on this coming up. . gain botanicals laundry detergent. bring the smell of nature wherever you are.
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>> more than 2,500 schools nationwide participating in a nationwide school walkout to mark 19 years since the
7:59 am
columbine massacre. a 2,500 schools, tens of thousands of teachers and students participating and the latest mass shooting in this country, parkland survivors will be participating as well. >> columbine, what a moment that was. one of those points in our history where things change and change forever. also, want to let you know sunday, chris wallace went to paris, france. you'll see his visit with emanuel macron on "fox news sunday." check it out. local listings will have it for you. you'll see it on the fox news channel at 2:00 and 7:00. you have an awesome weekend. happy friday. >> and to you. >> thanks for joining us. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: president trump firing away at james comey as the release of the so-called comey memos escalates a feud between the. and the fbi director he fired. good friday morning to you. i'm jon scott.
8:00 am
>> melissa: we made it. i'm melissa francis. the memos were handed over to congress before being made public. in them, comey details her interactions with president trump. the president claiming vindication saying the memos prove there was no collusion. >> these memos are his best defense against the charges that have been made up till now. because they do show that he had no problem wit


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