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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 20, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> i might see you monday. i'm not sure. i'm doing this jury duty call in thing. it's been a good luck with that. thanks for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, new reaction from president trump to the release of former fbi director james comey's memo. the president tweeted "they showed there was no collusion and no obstruction." you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. a former deputy spokesperson for the state department, marie harf. fox news contributor tomi lahren and joining us on the couch today, former white house press secretary under president george w. bush and a fox news contributor as well, ari fleischer. he's "outnumbered." we got a busy day. welcome back. >> tomi: thank you, good to be here. round two. >> harris: president trump reacting to the release of
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former fbi director james comey's memos. the president tweeted this. "james comey memos just out and show clearly that there was no collusion and no obstruction. also, he leaked classified information. will the witch hunt continue? "the three house republicans i push for the memo said in the statement "rather than making a criminal case for it obstruction or interference with an ongoing investigation, these memos would be defense exhibit a suggestions charge be made." german goodlatte, and nunez so he never told james comey to shut down the russian investigation. the public and congressmen who sits on the house judiciary and oversight committee reacted this way. because as many pages read as a draft of the book. and they are not really a memo as much as they are a very well-written draft for his upcoming book. and i think the fact that he didn't like or trust the president from day one gave him very little credit even when
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some good things happen in that meeting was because he went in with a prejudice and he went out with a draft of a book. >> harris: democrats say the memo show the need for legislation to protect special counsel robert mueller's job. house minority leader nancy pelosi says they only show president trump's contempt for the rule of law. these memos are like a rorschach. everybody sees what they want to see. >> ari: i'll tell you what i saw. the most important thing is you have the president of the united states has been told by james, you are not under investigation and the president of the united states says if any of my satellites are come i want you to investigate this. so i fail to see where there is any obstruction of justice or collusion involved here. i don't think that memos themselves make that plane, but i fail to see it. i think if we knew there was collusion, there was evidence, it would've leaked months if not a year or two years ago. that's my take away, where's the
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obstruction, where's the collusion? i don't see it. >> harris: the president saying this basically clears him. what you think of that? >> tomi: that's why i'm wondering what nancy pelosi is reading. i question her sanity on a daily basis but even more so today i'm wondering. the democrats are saying this is reason to shield robert mueller even further. from what? this president has made clear he is not firing robert mueller for the time being. what are they reading? they want to be mad about something. at the end of the day, i think this was great for the president. >> harris: 's of the attorney counsel for the president says he hasn't said that he will fire mueller or rosenstein and the drumbeat goes on that they won't. your thoughts? >> marie: i don't think the memos impact that conversation one way or another. there were a few interesting things that came out in those memos. one is that james comey confirmed for the president that parts of the dossier had been corroborated by other intelligence reporting.
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not the most salacious details which the president repeatedly asked comey about the parts of the dossier were in fact confirmed by other intelligence sources. i think that's an interesting part of the conversation we had. i agree that in one conversation, the president set of my satellites had done anything wrong, i want to know and another conversation would be just can't you just find your way to let this go? i'm not saying that's evidence of criminal obstruction of justice, but it does seem like donald trump wants a criminal investigation to go away at least from that conversation. >> sandra: it does seem like he feel some sort of indication. as far as james comey is concerned because we have not heard and seen the last of him. to put it politely. of course, tune in, will be speaking with him as well. i just wonder what this means for him going forward. >> ari: i don't think it changes anything. i think it just helps james comey because it's written
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corroboration of the things he's been saying. there's really nothing new. there are three things that were in it that we haven't heard before. when was a president speaking is a level of michael flynn think he questions his strategic wisdom. to go as we learn that james comey thought loretta lynch was not as smart as the previous attorney general eric holder. and then three, we learn that president actually loves the white house, it's a luxurious and not a down for so many in the press thought. only three new things in the whole thing. these are becoming what i will say, this is backfired. i've never seen it go so wrong. the reason is because no longer to her about the book, it's a tour about current events. comey can't answer to those of you looks bad. >> harris: is a tour about the words that he spoke on the hill versus the words that were in these memos. if we had a point because i was watching him last night, he was on another network with rachel maddow and he was asked about these memos and the substance in them and he said that he
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couldn't really actually remember all that much of the memos. what we do know from his own root words and reporting is that some of that material in his book or at least the basis for it are we approaching a point where we can even believe what james comey said in those memos? it's not like they were taken extemporaneously. they were after the fact, after talking with him. >> ari: they were very quickly after the fact that he did document them and put them down and i think that has certain value. to look at it from the other side, the nondonald trump side, the one vulnerability i see for the president as the president has denied that he asked comey for his loyalty and comey did write it down and he has said i it. it is not a crime to have done that, but the president said i didn't do it, comey says he did, and he wrote it down. i do think it's taken out of context, i think there is a softer reason why he may have said that, more about leaks than loyalty. >> harris: that's what i want to ask you about because where we are right now is a man who
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under his watch andrew mccabe doug deputy at the fbi is worried about having this week in my. then you have james comey giving step to a friend and it lead to the media. at so much a part of the story. >> tomi: can you imagine being this president who was elected to do things for the american people, american first, advances agenda that he was elected to do and he's been living under this cloud for this long with no evidence of collusion, so asking for loyalty to me, how i interpret that and yes i'm a trump supporter but can we stop the leaks, let me get back to my job instead of leaking and everyone trying to have a press circus can we do those things that i was elected to do is it a living under this cloud which he still is. he is frustrated like i told you yesterday, the american people are frustrated. we're not going to have a conviction, not going to have hard evidence. how much longer is is going to go on, how much longer does is present and have to live under this cloud and not be able to put his will energy into his
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agenda was elected to perform. >> marie: congress week to the comey memos 10 minutes after they got them. >> harris: congress has a problem with the leaks two. >> sandra: there's been so much discussion about the memos. >> marie: they were still leaks. to >> sandra: meantime, we now know deputy attorney general rod rosenstein told president trump that he is not a target in the michael cohen investigation. trump had already told he wasn't a target in the mueller probe, though he could become a target at any time. meantime, the president's personal legal team has a new member. a former new york city mayor rudy giuliani was also a former prosecutor. former independent counsel and former general ken starr weighing in on the significance of that. speak with the president has hired a brilliant lawyer. everybody knows that america's mayor is a lawyer, but i'll tell you this based on my personal
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experience with rudy giuliani. it is probably no better lawyer in the united states to handle this kind of very high profile situation. >> sandra: speaking of lawyers, more of them may be finding new work after the dnc just a short time ago filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit alleging a far-reaching conspiracy to disrupt the 2016 presidential campaign and help donald trump win. the defendants list is long and some might say includes everyone and everything but the kitchen sink. including the russian government and the trump campaign, wikileaks, paul manafort, jared kushner, george papadopoulos, and richard goetz among others. so now the same organization that helped fund the salacious unsubstantiated trump dossier has some new targets. i confused new work with new york because it's the new york city mayor. the first of all, the change to this president's legal team, rudy giuliani, how does that change things? >> ari: what he said is he's
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coming here hopefully to negotiate the end of this thing. i don't think he's here to be a lawyer. and i hope this gets done and over with. of the criminality of our differences is tearing america apart. we got to elevate above this. i think bob mueller is conscious of that. >> sandra: you have been a strong advocate of his throughout all this. you have been very defensive of the attacks on him. >> ari: i have because i served with him. september 10th, september 11th took place in my work shoulder to shoulder. i know his integrity and i believe in him. i do believe necessarily he is staffed up properly. but let mueller do you want to conclude there was no collusion. >> harris: you think the president is going to? because i don't think there's any evidence of collusion involving the president. they had nothing to do with the trump campaign. doing taxes prior to every
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meeting donald trump or the case of michael cohen, certainly looks like business transactions again, nothing to do with the campaign. >> marie: the flynn ones are much closer to the campaign and much closer to russia. he lied about things involving russia and the campaign left a little problematic for the president i think. or for michael flynn. >> harris: one thing the president obviously has its uses the midterm elections are creeping closer so he doesn't want to become a major distraction and if you were to fire him at this point, it becomes a distraction right about the point where people are gearing up for the midterm. just looking at the calendar. >> ari: if he knows he didn't do anything wrong, why fire him? is a need to there's no purpose. >> sandra: because he is trying to do a job and that is what his staff said when the white house speaks on his behalf and you know that the job very well. this president has a huge job to do. he was elected to do and is is a huge distraction. >> ari: at 100% agree with that and understand the
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frustration with it but the best ways to get it over and let mueller declare no collusion. >> tomi: here's my question and the assets yesterday, as an average american, i have not worked in a demonstration and i understand that but i speak for a lot of americans that are fed up and frustrated with this and we feel, many of us feel that this is being extended through the midterms for a political purpose to have a cloud hanging over this president to cast out to the american people are still wondering as our president a quick, did he do something wrong to map the more we see comey going on every single network, the more we hear about this day in and day out, the average american hears it. >> harris: do you advocate firing mueller? >> tomi: i don't. but i believe there is space for him to do so. as part of the plan. i think if this is going to keep extending through the midterm to hurt this president. >> sandra: going back to this development that rosenstein told trump that you are not a target in the investigation.
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>> marie: at this time is the key phrase there. we have heard people like trey gowdy and others say that should not give the president total comfort because you can go from a subject to a target overnight. if but i think rod rosenstein is doing good job at managing, he is trying by telling him that and is probably true as of today. this investigation is serious, it is ongoing. i think sba does want to wrap it up as soon as possible. i think you love to wrap it up before the midterms if he could, it just so complicated and are so many different pieces. >> ari: would let me add one thing about the dnc lawsuit. >> marie: i thought that's where you are going. >> ari: don't take this wrong, i hope they're successful in one regard. if russia hacked them, i hope they go after russia. if russia did any attack on any party in america, its attack on that all parties in american i hope they're successful in bringing to light what russia did. and if you can hold russia accountable, do it. >> tomi: if you were hacked
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and he went to get to the bottom of it, what have they not turned over the servers? >> harris: that's what makes it smell like it's potentially difficult because otherwise you would just give everything you have in the name of transparency to see if actually care. >> marie: not necessarily. the intelligence community has concluded that they did hacked both the dnc and private emails of people like john podesta. these are nonpartisan career officials who have determined that. it will be interesting in the civil suit, they're leaving it up to the court to determine damp damages but ari is right, e should be concerned about the russians interfering with political parties but in marco rubio has at this very strongly. next time, it won't be them, it'll be us. i have no idea why they did or didn't turn over servers. i think is a very small point in the larger point.
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>> ari: why did the fbi take them? >> marie: maybe that'll be part of discovery, i have no idea. but i think the larger point is whether it was good reason for proprietary information, i have no idea. the bigger point is russia hacked into them and that's the problem. >> sandra: announcement of the lawsuit, they detail the dnc russia found a willing partner in the trump campaign which shared their goal of hurting the democratic party and electing donald trump. >> ari: there's no evidence of that. that's the fundamental political point let me elevate all of this. this country has got to stop accusing its opponents of being criminals. i defended barack obama when donald trump said he was a legitimate and born in kenya. i don't like saying the people you oppose an ideology or illegitimate. in the democrats are doing it to donald trump. the country has got to stop this criminalization of differences it's killing us all. >> sandra: cannot stop though?
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where does it end? >> ari: be people because you're better politics and the democrats and got to accept that donald trump was elected. trump should try to win but is not about criminality and that's the fundamental point. >> harris: is like when someone that you're arguing with just starts to talk all kinds of curse words. it lowers the grade of the argument. it really is intellectually. >> tomi: he still calling for his opponents. donald trump out to the top, set the tone for this country. >> sandra: somehow, marie got last word in there. happy friday. meanwhile, federal prosecutor now determining whether fired fbi director andrew mccabe should be charged for misleading internal investigators on multiple occasions including under oath.
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they said they're confident it won't come for that. plus one democratic senator jumping on board to support president trump secretary mike pompeo whether others will follow suit and could they pay the price of the midterm if they do not? 's big thumbs down to mike pompeo is a middle finger to the american people who voted for donald trump and they expected people in his team that he can work with. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> harris: happy friday. the department of justice inspector general michael horowitz is now asking washington's top federal prosecutor to determine whether to charge fired fbi director deputy director andrew mccabe with a crime. mccabe allegedly misled internal investigators on four occasions including when he was under oath about his role in leaking information to the media regarding an investigation to hillary clinton. mccabe's team responded this way. if we were advised of the referral within the past few weeks. although we believe the referral
9:22 am
is unjustified, it is very low. we've already met with staff members from the u.s. attorney's office. we are confident that unless there is an appropriate pressure from high levels of the administration, the u.s. attorney's office will conclude that it should decline to prosecute." that's an interesting pushback. >> ari: i hate this. i hate this because i take no joy out of someone possibly going to jail or losing a law license. but the government must be consistent. he did it to scooter libby, dated at the times of small people we've never heard of. they did with james comey and martha stewart. so if andrew mccabe lies under oath for fbi agents, why would he be treated different than anybody else? the question is consistency throughout. >> harris: what i thought was interesting on the book tour with james comey is that good people do bad things sometimes and he didn't use anybody's name in that sentence, but it is interesting. he says he didn't know that andrew mccabe was going to talk to the media. his attorneys said oh, yes, james comey did. >> tomi: i hate this to
9:23 am
because there's so much lying back and forth. if we can trust members of the fbi and members in the top layers of government to do the right thing, who can we trust? i think they've lost a lot of respect from the american people and it's very sad because there are so many people that do those jobs day in and day out to do a fantastic job. but every day, we hear somebody lie about something else. but he leaves something else to the media, is an endless circuit and is just disheartening. >> harris: we look at some of the great agencies and all the power they have in our lives. a couple years ago, looking at the irs targeting conservatives. it's pretty easy to understand why people don't trust the government. >> marie: i think that's fair. i think that's partly how we got donald trump as president. in this case, it is classic he said he said. andrew mccabe said he told james comey and he has authority has deputy director. so andrew mccabe said he told jim comey. james comey said he didn't. it is sort of a he said he said
9:24 am
from a prosecutorial perspectiv perspective. >> ari: he also said inspector general the investigator concluded three times he lied under oath separate from anything. >> marie: , so there's some disagreement about who is telling the truth. is it mccabe or comey? and the information that was given to the press is not classified, the fact that there was a foundation was under investigation, i know there were referrals that happen a lot, it happens all the time. i'm not sure this will get prosecuted because i'm not sure it's a solid case. >> sandra: that's a lot there. >> marie: is it evidence that andrew mccabe lied other than jim comey? >> ari: the inspector general. >> marie: but he basted on comey. >> ari: heaved based on interviews he gave to his angels and concluded. >> marie: he did because comey told him the opposite. >> sandra: would you least concede there's enough there to warrant looking at it further.
9:25 am
>> marie: absolutely. i'm just not sure it's going to get prosecuted. >> harris: i also think if you're sitting in your talk about this all the time, if you're sitting around your kitchen table right now and you're watching this, what are you thinking about? 's are the highest levels of the fbi attacking one another after they've been in office. what was it like when they were in office? but in the office. >> tomi: i have it hard to believe it was better than the obama administration but again, is an average american listening to all of this, comey said this, mccabe said this, the average american is sitting there wondering who can i trust, who lied, who's telling the truth and again and, they're trying to focus on issues they have to deal with on a daily basis and all were talking about in the media is the fbi and members of other administrations and higher levels can do their job effectively truthfully, honestly, generally, truly sad. we are held to a higher standard
9:26 am
it seems in the highest levels of government. >> harris: we don't get to lie on our irs documents, that's for sure. president trump is sounding the alarm on the need for a border wall to stop drug smuggling as he stepped up his battle with california's governor. getting interesting. and a federal court ruling against the trump administration and a legal showdown over grants a century cities. chicago mayor rahm emanuel is touting the decision of the justice department is vowing to continue the fight. we will debate it. stay close. >> it is 50. trump justice department is at zero. chicago is one, los angeles is one, san francisco has one in philadelphia has one. want in on the secret to ageless skin.
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>> sandra: president from doubling down on his push for a portable after getting a briefing of antidrug trafficking efforts yesterday.
9:31 am
also taking aim at democrats for blocking funding for the wall. watch. >> drugs are flowing into our country. we need border protection, we need the wall. we have to have the wall. if the democrats want to approve a while because i think it's good politically. it's not. >> sandra: the white house is also pushing back against california governor jerry brown for insisting his state's troops will go to the border only to help fight transnational crime, not to enforce federal immigration law. now the president threatening to cut off funding for the state's national guard deployment. mr. trump tweeting governor jerry brown announced he will deploy up to 400 national guard troops. to do nothing. the crime rate in california is high enough and the federal government will not be paying for his charade. we need border security and action, not words. meantime, a new quinnipiac poll finds that 53% of texas voters oppose building a wall. but a larger majority, 60%
9:32 am
support the use of national guard troops patrolling the border. this fight is heating up. >> ari: the immigration fight never will cool down. and at the point now where i almost wish she would go back to san diego and say government brown, tear down this wall. if they are so opposed to walls, why do we have that wall up in san diego? >> harris: because it works. >> ari: the only reason the democrats don't want what works is because donald trump is for it. if this is the ultimate compromise. the president should give daca, we can finally make progress. >> harris: when we got married, when you don't have some sort of a wall, wall system, it makes it very hard for people on that border to protect us. it can be along the entire border. we know that. geographically, and that's not possible but if you start taking out walls, you make the point, why do they exist? because they work.
9:33 am
>> harris: governor brown really threw us off. setting the national guard down. but now he wants us and them down there and have them do nothing. >> tomi: and the governor of california says i'm not going to have the national guard enforce federal immigration law, let that sink in. that is the democratic party. as the governor of california saying i don't really have a desire to enforce federal immigration law. if every californian, every american should be infuriated by that because he is effectively saying i don't really care about your safety and the legal immigrants that spent so much time and money to come over here the right way, i don't really care about your sacrifice either. it's a slap in the face. i think californians are waking up. as of the time and time again because i live there and i see it every day. they're tired of this. the partisanship is going out the window. b to this revolution as he put it with the sanctuary lodge in california. your thoughts in response to he her? >> marie: i would go back to something that already said. i have said the same thing.
9:34 am
i hate the idea of the wall and i hate the fact the taxpayers have to pay for something the president said mexico would pay for, but donald trump won and he said he would do it, so there's a way to do daca for some sort of wall combined with surveillance with drones and increased border officials, that's a compromise i think most americans could get behind it. as much as i hate the concept and how he talks about the wall in particular the fact that we would be paying for it, why is that a compromise congress can get to? i just truly am frustrated at congress on both sides. >> harris: i hear you talking like that, it reminds me of how unreasonable democrats have been versus what you're saying. because the nation and congress is and the president's attention on this with that shut down. and it feels like they backed away from the cheese tray. the kind of compromise that you are outlining actually benefits us. is not just about bringing the sides together and i mention safety and so did you at the border.
9:35 am
that is not an insensitivity to the people who are coming over, there's crime at the porter, drug smuggling at the border, human trafficking of little ones of the border. the whole of stuff going on that our national security issues and what you're talking about is great. call some people and help they listen to you. >> marie: i don't think my party has been perfect on this. there wasn't some perfect plan they put on the table. i think both sides and congress right now do not want to compromise on his ahead of the midterm. and i think that is policy and is frustrating. >> tomi: i wanted to interject because i think this is really important. i agree with you the congress to move on this but here you have the two sides that are not moving. you have the rebook is at her saying we want to wall and want to protect americans and democrats saying we want to protect illegal immigrants, those of the competing agendas. with the american people decide which was more important. >> marie: do you think we
9:36 am
should not protect daca kids. they threw the failure to get this done has led to a missed rate of american politics. people in this country would feel so much better about both parties if they do this. this is not about placating to the extremes, this is about showing our government can get this done. they've got something done, same thing will happen if they can get to compromise here. >> harris: just like marie said, it is a compromise but is also showing that we are putting ourselves first which is ironic because people want to put us down for wanting to put ourselves first but when we do compromise, that's what we do. >> marie: i know people sometimes don't like that word but there are many, many republicans including at times donald trump who have said i don't want to kick these daca kids out. he says that all the time. maybe there's an opening. >> tomi: i agree with you, this president has been more than accommodating. i believe he has. he is given every indication that he will move on daca but
9:37 am
you have to give us the wall, that's what he was elected to do. this president cares about americans first and americans have a right to put ourselves first in our own country. >> sandra: senator heidi heitkamp becoming the first democrat to announce a force of her secretary of state nominee mike pompeo just after g.o.p. senator rand paul said he would oppose him. whether other vulnerable red state democrats will jump on board and the potential fallout if they don't. >> i think the president should start going to every state that has a democratic senator and rita patriotic pro-american rally that says of the democrats destructive to the united state united states.
9:38 am
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>> harris: north korea is reportedly dropping us long-held demands of the united states withdraw forces from south korea in exchange for giving up is nuclear weapons. that coming from south korea's president ahead of president trump's plan to meeting with north korean dictator kim jong un. meanwhile, senator heidi heitkamp becoming the first democrat to announce she will support president trump's nominee for secretary of state mike pompeo. g.o.p. senator rand paul says he'll vote against pompeo. republican senator tom cotton says other vulnerable red state democrats would be smart to follow in heidi heitkamp's lead. what you think about this? >> tomi: being from south dakota, i can comment on north dakota. being a democrat in north dakota is basically like being a republican. so i'm not surprised on this and she would be vulnerable so i'm happy that she's coming forward. i think that puts a little bit more pressure on rand paul.
9:43 am
there's no reason. he's already doing the job. we are already seeing wonderful strides he made a north korea and south korea so let the man do his job, put politics aside and let's get moving. >> harris: any problem with mike pompeo moving forward? >> marie: i don't think you should be secretary of state because i think that he does not put diplomacy first as a tool he wants to use to solve problems. and i said this yesterday. that's a fine position to take. he's been very hawkish, he is often advocated against diplomacy weathers north korea for other things. but i can only judge him on his past statements and past behavior when he was a congressman. >> harris: that was easter weekend so that's past. >> marie: being cia director is probably a better job for him in some ways. i hate to say that. i think he will get confirmed. >> sandra: is not really up for you to make that decision? >> marie: is up for the senate. >> ari: there was a time in
9:44 am
american politics not very long ago, probably ended last week when presidents were entitled to their picks because the president's cabinet should support the president's ideology, after all is the president who won back. it is not about whether the send it like somebody else's ideology better than the presidents. they get their team the most important place to get your team is to hold his cabinet position in the government to the secretary of state so this is a total new invention in washington to oppose a secretary of state he supposed to have the president's ideology. and you differ unless there's an ethical matter or moral mental so fundamental that you can vote for him. i hope this puts pressure on joe manchin of west virginia and senator jones in alabama. >> harris: i'm so confused by republicans needs as much help. i am. and you spoke to him. you didn't use his word, but you could use it, shame to those republican party who wouldn't vote for the candidate the president said. >> ari: is only senator paul.
9:45 am
>> tomi: this is just one issue and many that i talked about yesterday. we have a swamp in her own party and the need to understand you need to get on board, maybe not with this president with his agenda because as with the american people want. >> ari: there's only one senator who is opposed to president trump's and that is an ideological reason senator paul has always been an outlier. >> tomi: is not about him. >> marie: uses under the sun that has a constitutional right to advise and consent on cabinet positions and you can debate about as already said, the just moral or ethical, has a policy, how do you make the decision? i worked with secretary defense in history to get filibustered during the nomination. >> sandra: are democrats going to oppose anyone as president as president chooses a secretary of state? somebody made the point that rex tillerson should've had a much get more difficult confirmation process. >> ari: that has nothing to do with his job duties. these are inventions for the democrat party increasingly has a litmus test so far to the left
9:46 am
several publicans are ruled out. but the president won the election. they can't rule him out. he gets his people. >> harris: 's of the ideological conversation within the rebooking party is something that sounds like you guys all agree on, it's a worthy conversation the going forth, we have to be pragmatic as a nation. it would need to pull together? our president is potentially going to sit down with crazy kim jong un. is there any other adjective that better fits him? he kills his own people. >> ari: the democrats have made a deal, they want to create a vacancy not the highest level of the state department, it is not going. it's contradictory in all political. >> marie: the one thing he said as he wanted to fill those vacancies. i believe the democrats would rather see this country fail and see president donald trump succeed at anything even if it means denuclearizing north korea. sorry, that's what i feel and i think that is indicative on every action they take. this being just another one in
9:47 am
the stack which is now up to here. >> harris: marie? >> marie: you may think the democrats wanted a country to fail but for someone who spends ten years in government try to make it succeed under different possible policies and you agree with, that concept is part of what already was talking about. accusing your adversary years in all objects as part of why. >> tomi: they want donald trump to fail. >> marie: that's not what you just said. the five donald trump fail, we feel as a nation because he is our president. a space if you can come to washington and try to do some of these jobs to help make it better. >> harris: i live by the moscow mules. >> ari: can be from moscow anymore. >> sandra: extra ginger beer when you're with harris. >> harris: how do you know? democratic divide over impeachment? party leaders. now i'm laughing. leaders quiet such talk. now it may not be succeeding in the possible heading for democrats if they keep their base pushing. we will talk about it.
9:48 am
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>> sandra: got to find out about that when after the show. democratic leaders are trying to pump the brakes on impeachment talk among the parties base is a growing number of liberals call for the president's ouster. democratic senator and outspoken
9:52 am
trump critics labeling such talk politically parentless and saying mueller probe needs to play itself out. this is house minority leader nancy pelosi pushes back on any suggestion her caucus is divided on this despite a third of her members voting for an impeachment measure earlier this year. watch. stick to what we are talking about is how we strengthen the national stability of america's working families, how we have a better deal, better jobs, better future, better wages, lower costs to families and that is what we are focusing on. and that is where we have our unity in the party. but this is not a divisive issu issue. in our caucus. >> sandra: meantime, president from taking a shot up lindsay and her leadership tweeting "nancy pelosi is going absolutely crazy about the big tax cuts given to the american people by the republicans. not one democrat vote. here's a choice. they want to end them and raise
9:53 am
your taxes substantially. republicans are working on making them permanent and more cuts. sometimes her facial expressions going through these are priceless but let me just show you this latest polling on this topic of impeachment and how this is playing out. voters were asked were definitely vote against a candidate for congress who wants to move to impeach president trump? 70% said yes, so democrats are backing impeach trump candidates this poll shows. >> marie: i'm not sure the poll shows that across the board. they also vote for democratic candidate who doesn't want to impeach donald trump. i think cory booker is right and most mainstream democrats are in that position of we are not talking about impeachment. we are letting an investigation play out. we will get to the end of that and we do micro read mueller's report and come out with their own conclusions about what that should mean. i believe that is where the
9:54 am
mainstream of the democratic party and where our candidates are. most importantly, candidates across the country are not running on impeachment. >> is a winning issue for democrats? >> ari: is a terrible issue for them and the democratic caucus, very powerful issue, a sentiment issue which is do you hate trump enough? >> harris: it's a litmus test. >> ari: she lost her primary for being the endorsed candidate in california to a liberal who wants to impeach the president and she is getting increasing support. it reminds me of what happened to joe lieberman when the democrats don't and that of their party because he was a liberal enough and he was a nominee for vice president. i think the same thing is going to happen. you see celebrate 2019 and when you have to 25 democratic candidates running and they run against each other in the most important thing is how much distain you have for the president, impeachment shows it. >> harris: then you have people look at your paycheck and i can hear people saying if we
9:55 am
vote for impeaching the president, does that mean there to get back to tax cuts? >> tomi: i think there are many of the general public would like to see this president impeach simply because they don't like him and his tweets are mean which is not grounds for impeachment. i think there are some that represent us, maxine waters being one who think the same thing, that she doesn't like this president and things he's mean to sound i said yesterday, we should get the pitchforks up and put our pink hats on and try to get rid of this president because that's in vogue in hollywood, california, but not in middle america. i think it's a losing strategy. i'd love to see it. >> sandra: if they're not running on this issue, what are they running on? this is a conversation we have a lot on his couch. what are the issues for democrats? >> marie: i don't always want to go back to con a lamb but his district is very representative of where the midterm battle will be fought. he ran on an economic platform that was not repealed the tax cuts and raise your taxes, but he took a moderate middle-of-the-road view, he ran on things like trade, other
9:56 am
economic issues, wage stagnation, things that matter to average americans and that's what we're going to see in the midterms i think. >> sandra: we will leave it there. meantime, more "outnumbered" coming out. don't change that channel. back in just a f moment. right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you. ♪♪ better than all the rest ♪ better than anyone ♪ anyone i've ever met
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>> sandra: many thanks to ari fleischer. it must be friday because we are having a lot of fun around here. tomi lahren, thanks for visiting us. >> tomi: i will head back
10:00 am
tonight. >> sandra: try to keep california and line. >> tomi: working on it. >> sandra: marie, always good to have you. that's it for us. we are back on tv live every weekday. happy friday. here's harris. >> harris: fox news alert, our final farewell, the general public right now, beginning to pay their respects to the former first lady barbara bush out of viewing. outside saint saint martin's el church, her body will lie in houston, houston church. the funeral will take place tomorrow at the very same church. later this hour, anita mcbride who served as chief of staff to barbara bush, i've known her for many we years, stay tuned for


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