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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  April 20, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: i'm harris. thank you for watching. i want to go now to dana live in houston texas where the public is paying their respects to former first lady barbara bush. >> dana: a fox news alert. the city of houston and the nation paying tribute to barbara bush, a first lady who touched so many and leaves an ever lasting impacted with her late husband by her side. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino live in houston and this is "the daily briefing." we're outside st. martin's episcopal church where inside the public is mourning barbara bush. you can see george h.w. bush, the former president and now widow, is there greeting people as they come through the line in order to pay their respects to
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his beloved barbara bush. we will have much more on that. i will be joined by texas governor greg abbott, marlon fitswater and david valdez, chief white house photographer during the push presidency. but first the justice department turning over 15 pages of memos written by james comey detailing his conversations with president trump. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is updating this. i'd love to have an update. i can't keep track of what's going on there. >> reporter: here's what we know. when you look at the memos, president's supporters say they don't contain evidence of collusion while his critics while critics point to a memo. this is where he writes, he asked what he could do to lift the cloud. i explained we were running it
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down as quickly as possible. i reminded him that we weren't investigating him and i told the congressional leadership the same. he said that would be great if that could get out and asked me to find a way to get that out. mike flynn, who plead guilty to lying to federal tphrfters about his russia contacts point to another memo where the president they say crossed the line and showed a double standard. >> the president interfered in a very big way. i hope you can see your way to letting michael flynn go. that is a profound violation of tradition. think back. analogy for me is the accusations that were levelled at the attorney general when she met with the ex-president on a plane. we don't know what was said. supposedly they talked about the grandchildren. this is a sitting president asking the head of the fbi to skp an investigation. >> reporter: comey testified in june 2017 that he went out of his way to avoid sensitive
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information but the memos could be widely shared. in this january 2017 memo, comey acknowledges the information is sensitive. he writes, i am not sure of the proper classification so have chosen secret. please let me know if it should be higher or lower than that. also within the last few minutes a source confirmed to fox news that the inspector general at the justice department is investigating comey's handling of the memos, including what are classified information given to unauthorized outside sources. that would include in this case the columbia law school professor. i'm also told it's part of a broader review of mr. comey outside the bureau to include his media contacts. this comes after the wall street journal first reported the i.g. was looking at whether mr. comey mishandled classified information because two of the memos contained classified information that went to the law school professor, dana. >> dana: and, also earlier today, the dnc, democratic
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national committee, filed a lawsuit against the trump campaign. what is that all about? >> reporter: okay. so they're in a very formal way saying in the courts what they said publicly. that there was some form of coordination and collusion that involved the campaign, as well as what they say was an attack on the democratic process. now, part of that statement from the dnc chair tom perez reads in part, we must prevent future attacks on our democracy. that's exactly what we're doing today. this is not partisan. it's patriotic. occupants of the oval office won't protect our democracy, democrats will. it's our obligation to tell the american people. dana? >> dana: all right, thank you so much for that. let's bring in fox news politics editor and the editor of halftime report chris stirewalt. let me start with the comey memos. as these came out, people that had entrenched positions were just reinforcing those positions. but take a listen to two people
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from the media. "washington post" defending comey saying, when you cut through all the noise, what they really reveal is that senior law enforce phpbtd official struggling to figure out in real-time how to handle efforts by the president to turn him into his political will. on the other hand, byron york in the washington examiner saying, why would trump wonder about the fbi director's loyalty? perhaps because in their first meeting the fbi director dropped the sex allegation of trump, followed immediate by by his publication in the media. it seems entirely reasonable for a president to wonder what was going on and whether the fbi director was loyal. your thoughts today, chris? >> i am really struggling to understand why the republicans were so eager to get these things out. they want to provide as much air cover for their president as they can. they want to. he's man of their own party. they think he's being unfairly treated. they want to provide cover for
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him. and keeping the pressure on comey. keeping the pressure on mueller. keeping the pressure on the department of justice. anything these republicans can do to denegrate and diminish the credibility of these institutions they think will help the president. in this one, i'm not sure they're succeeding. certainly you could take what brother york laid out there that this makes trump look good. i think it doesn't tell us much else. also reconfirms one thing we knew before which is this was a very weird situation. comey may have acted weirdly. the president acted weirdly. but the weirdness is evident. i don't know why the republicans think that helps them per the justice department. >> dana: what do you think of this lawsuit that the dnc has put forward? tom perez says during the 2016 campaign russia -- campaign. this constituted an act of
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unprecedented treachery. campaign of nominee for president of the united states in lead for a hostile power. what i'm curious about, chris, is why do the lawsuit now, if they're the ones so worried that mueller is going to get fired and they want the investigation to be finished? >> i don't know what it costs to file a lawsuit in district court, but i assume it's still only a couple hundred bucks to get that down. so the democrats have very little risk and potentially a lot of upside because what they would like to do is drag this out into discovery. they would like to create additional legal pressures on the president and his team going forward. now, i am no legal expert, but the idea that you are somehow going to sue a sovereign nation, russia, you're going to sue a sovereign nation, hits about 25 different trip wires. i don't think the purpose here is about legal issues. the purpose is about talking points to the president. >> dana: and to keep it going.
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we're here in houston live. we are actually have video of president trump george h.w. bush and his daughter are greeting people that have arrived to give, pay their respects to barbara bush. she is lying in repose for the next 11 hours. the site has only been open for about an hour and already hundreds of people have come through. i want to read to you a quote by james mcbride. he wrote about mrs. bush. mrs. bush was beyond politics. she represented a far greater power. she represented the power and grace of a mother's love. her smile was genuine. her delight infectious. mrs. bush liked to laugh and she could convert easily with a mexican mother of seven as she could with a head of state. it made no difference. she was a true christian. i wanted to get your take, chris, on how some people feel like her passing is representing the end of an era of civility and bipartisanship. you take a longer view of these
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things. >> well, i think to anyway. as the father of young sons, it's important for me to take a longer view of this stuff. because if we give in to the belief that it's over, that things were good and now they are bad and never will be good again, then we're doomed. what we can do is take the example, in your writing on this, you did a beautiful job of instilling this. we have role models. we are given role models. in the generation that's passing on, in these folks passing on. people of my parents generation, the bushes. we have great role models. we see people who were able to think of their fellow humans as people first before they started putting the labels on them. know them as their fellow phab and love them as they were called to. >> dana: indeed. chris stirewalt, thank you for being with us. >> have a safe trip and a good one. >> dana: thank you. as we mentioned, a bitter sweet
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moment. as we mentioned a bitter sweet moment as former president george h.w. bush greeting members of the public as they pay their respects to barbara bush as she lies in repose. this as the nation and world prepare to say a final good-bye to the former first lady at her funeral tomorrow. casey stiegel is with me. they weren't born here, but they love it here. houston loves them back. >> reporter: that's testament of what we are seeing in terms of the crowd outside st. martin's episcopal church. the doors have only been open for about an hour or so. i think it's safe to say hundreds of people have already filed through. no doubt it will be thousands by the end of the day when the doors close at midnight. mrs. bush will be lying in repose there. the public can come by and send their well wishes and pay their respects. what a special treat there, dana. just as before the show started,
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we saw the feed pop back up and we saw president george herbert walker bush arrive and sit there. now he is shaking hands of people that are coming through. the first group of people that came through when the doors opened at noon, they didn't get that. they weren't that lucky. what a treat for those people. the crowds are anticipated to be so large, dana, that you can't even walk up to the church here. there's a giant perimeter set up. there's actually a staging area that's going on about three miles up the road from where we are, the second baptist church. people are getting wanded and going through very tight security. then they board buses. they're driven here. they're dropped off. they get to go through that gorgeous sanctuary inside. then they come out. one of the items they get is this card here which is just a really special piece of memorabilia. i was just reading this as you
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were going on. on the back here while we're showing it george bush and i have have been the two luckiest people in the world. when all the dust is settled and all the crowds are gone, the things that matter are faith, family and friends. so a pretty neat quote from a special lady back there. >> dana: we'll be here all throughout today and tomorrow. so thank you, casey. appreciate it. the crackdown against sanctuary cities taking a hit after federal court rules against the trump administration. so what happens next? i'll talk to texas governor greg abbott. plus, president trump preparing to roll out the red carpet for his french counter part. i'll talk to chris wallace, who just sat down with the president of france for an exclusive interview. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> dana: a legal set back for the trump administration's effort to crack down on sanctuary cities after a federal appeals court ruled in chicago that the white house could not with hold public safety grants based on whether a city cooperated with immigration agents. here's chicago's mayor rahm emanuel. >> they refused to give cities the resources to fight crime and gun violence because they think fighting us, fighting us on the principle of being a sanctuary welcoming city is more important than helping the police department's get the technology to do a better job in public safety. >> dana: here with me now is texas governor greg abbott. i'm so glad you could be here today. want to ask you about this. president trump tweeted sanctuaries cities release at least 142 gang members across the united states, making it easy for them to perform all sorts of crime.
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we are doing law enforcement but things such as this make safety in america difficult. i know you can understand what it's like for local governments like in chicago dealing with this issue but you have a good perspective in texas. >> i did what the president did. i withheld funding to localities that refused to comply with federal law that refused to comply with the battle on sanctuary cities. we were able to withstand that without any type of legal challenge. after that texas had a ban on sanctuary cities here in the state of texas. it is illegal for any state or county or any official -- >> dana: that has been held up so far? >> that went to the federal trial court and the 5th circuit court of appeals. it was upheld as a 5th circuit court of appeals as fully legal. >> dana: let me turn to something else. i want to get to mrs. bush. i do have to ask you. nobody really thinks the democrats could win a state wide race in texas. but this poll yesterday did open
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some eyes. the senate race in texas shows ted cruz at 47% and the congressman beta o'rourke at 44% within the margin of error. do you think that's real? >> i think it's an echo of it's an echo of what i heard. you remember wendy davis was going to win texas. wendy davis had close polls with me. turned out she was wiped out by more than 20 percentage points. these early polls are always close. republicans turn out and vote. this is a cautionary note. texans need to wake up and realize there is a fight on our hands. o'rourke outraised ted cruz so there's real money there. ted cruz, the republican party, all across texas need to keep texas red. >> dana: and not take anything for granted. >> dana: let me turn to the reason i'm in houston. it's the passing of barbara bush. i know we have a couple of
11:19 am
pictures of you and your family with the bushes. just out and about. also at the games. they love their local sports here in houston. >> one way i got to know them was through their son george w. bush. the way i saw them the most was at football games. one of those photos is at a texas a&m football game. the other was at the super bowl. it was the last photo i had of me and barbara bush. you've seen that one in the super bowl. she's holding the president's hand. but they love sports. they love t attending events. they loved engaging. >> dana: how about texas embracing them even though they haven't come here originally. they came here decades ago. they really became part of this state. >> george h.w. bush was kind of the beginning of the republican party in texas. he was elected to be a member of congress in the area that we are in right now. that was about a decade before the first republican won state
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wide. so he laid the path way for what eventually became an entire red state. so republicans cherish him. but also the role that barbara played. she was a giant. the way that she gave back to the community so much. what she stood for. her values. the treasure she is to the united states but also the legacy she leaves here in the state of texas. literacy, so many programs. she's a reveered woman. we duly and rightfully pay our respects to her. >> dana: do you think the people of texas will turn out in force today? we've already seen hundreds go through as she lies in repose here at houston at st. martin's episcopal church. >> there will be lines all day long. as long as they keep the doors open. i can't tell you how many people i hear, talking about what barbara meant to them and to their lives. and so whether it be today or tomorrow during the service, the streets will be lined with texans, remembering her and the
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legacy she leaves behind. >> dana: texas governor greg abbott, i'm so glad you are here. we will have live coverage of that funeral, of barbara bush, tomorrow. that will be anchored by shepard smith at 12 p.m. eastern. i will all be covering it along with bret baier. we hope you will join us. nationwide protest against gun violence as students coast to coast walk out of school. >> people end up getting put on lockdown. everybodyend up being in the gym. i got stuck in the lunch room for an hour and a half. it's just ridiculous. >> dana: and we'll be right back with more remember answers of former first lady, barbara bush.
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>> dana: school walkouts taking place across america. students in all 50 states marking 19 years since the columbine shooting. julie banderas is live at a rally in new york city. what is the turnout like where you are, julie? >> reporter: hi, dana. in addition to the more than 2600 different schools all over the country taking part in today's national high school walkout day, a lot of those walkouts are turning into rallies like the one behind me. these are packed. there are thousands here at washington square park in new york city. these taking place nationwide. but across the country, many of these walkouts including in washington, d.c. where students
11:26 am
are marching to the capitol and the white house, are taking part in a national effort to call attention to inaction by lawmakers on gun violence and for them to begin talking about gun control. here's one student. >> gun violence. we want reform. we want bills. we want dialogue to be able to start the process and making positive change so we don't have to see any more tragedies at public institutions or anywhere. >> reporter: those walkouts under way in cities including atlanta, denver, san diego, parkland, florida, and chicago. again, students rallying for gun control at the capitol. thousands of students walking out 10 a.m. local time. some planned on leaving for either half the day or the entire day. the effort meant to basically protest state and local failure to take action to prevent gun violence. this day of action as you know does mark the 19th year anniversary of the columbine massacre. columbine does not have a
11:27 am
walkout because as they have been doing over the last 19 years they do not have school on this day. dana? >> dana: so then moving forward, what are the next steps for the movement? >> reporter: so the plan essentially is these students want to keep the conversation going. they plan on holding these rallies every few weeks to do just that. listen to this. >> the best thing that we can do is keep our momentum. when people forget about it, they don't pay attention to it when they're voting. >> reporter: and in the midst of all of this, there was another school shooting in florida. it happened this morning at forest hills high school in ocala, florida. a student shot another student in the ankle. an isolated incident. the shooter is in custody and the injured student was taken to the hospital and will be okay. dana? >> dana: all right, julie. thank you for that update.
11:28 am
now, our own chris wallace just sat down with france's president, revealing what he really thinks about president trump. chris joins us live from paris. plus, thousands of people waiting in line to pay their respects to barbara bush. i'll be joined by former white house press secretary marlon fitzwater and david valdez. they will be sharing their favorite memories like this one of the former first lady with her dog inside the white house. and sometimes, i don't eat the way i should. so, i drink boost. boost high protein nutritional drink has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle
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to help for recurring constipation. yesss! to help for belly pain. talk to your doctor and say yesss! linzess. >> dana: afternoon outpouring of love from all over this country for barbara bush. leaving behind so many treasured memories and stories. here to share some of them are my two next guests who knew the former first lady very well. david valdez, official white house photographer during the bush presidency, and marlon fitzwater, former press secretary under reagan and bush. it's an honor to have you both here today. you say barbara bush led her life with purpose. what do you mean by that? >> well, i remember when she first became first lady, she sat down with her chief of staff to talk about scheduling. and she said, you know, every
11:33 am
day we should try to schedule something that helps others. and that philosophy has guided her life for the last 30 years. but she always had a purpose to everything she did. media interviews, she wanted to do ones that were gonna help. that promoted literacy or promoted volunteerism or promoted one of the other issues that she was interested in. and she's lived here life that way. and it's difficult for us to be here today. on the other hand, i kind of feel like i'm carrying out my last assignment for her. because she had such a sense of purpose. >> dana: i know that earlier this week, and several people echoed this, she had very high expectations of other people. last night on the plane here, i felt it was important for me to also say, yes, she did, but she was not judgmental of people.
11:34 am
for you, david, how did you gain the trust of barbara bush? whrofs very protective of her family. photographer is kind of intrusive. did you have a moment where you remember, a-ha, i figured it out? >> actually, day one, vice president bush was down in miami and his son jeb just had a baby, jeb jr., little jebby. jeb brought little jebby by the hotel suite. gave jebby to his grandfather. there he was baby-sitting. i took some pictures. barbara bush wrote me a note a few weeks later saying i love the pictures that you took of gampy and jebby. as long as you take good pictures of my grandchildren, you can go wherever you want. i was in. however, she was always, you never wanted to cross that line. and my job brought me into the
11:35 am
inner circle. and they actually called me, they considered me a part of the family. i always remember that i was a staff person. and didn't cross the line. >> dana: there is a line, of course. those of us who loved her knew she had a special way of making sure that you felt like you were part of it, but you all understood what was going on. she also had an incredible sense of humor. any memories about that? >> well, several. i remember the first trip we took as a new staff in 1985 went to the middle east. mrs. bush approached me on the plane and said, marlin, do you remember the wedding date of this young member of my staff? i said, i think it's in june. she says, marlin, we just met. when i ask you a question, either you know it or you don't. and that's the answer i want. but the result was that kind of challenge, which she gave to everybody on the plane during this trip, all the new people.
11:36 am
one told us you're part of the team, and we are a team. we're a family as well as an organization. and she made it very personal. at the same time it told us, i have some standards i want met here. >> dana: a lot of people talking today, david, about the love story between george h.w. bush and his beloved barbara bush. anything that you can tell us about sometimes behind the scenes what it was like watching their love up close and personal. >> well, you know, when you think about the bush family, you think about their faith, their family and their friends. and they were a family of faith. it's sad to see that she's gone. but it's wonderful that she's now with her daughter robin. the interaction with the family
11:37 am
was really the most important thing. all the jobs they had, all the jobs he had. i don't think barbara bush ever had a job. >> dana: i remember when i invited her to do a mentoring vent. i made the invitation. she said, why would you want me? i have never worked a day in her life. while she never earned a pay check, she lived a life with purpose. the literacy foundation is just one of many examples. i'll give you the last word. >> i just loved her sepb of humor. it was so unexpected. someone asked her about her style and dresses. she said, well, remember, i was 162 pounds when i was born. okay. >> dana: i like one -- we have time for just one more. there's a story when you were taking pictures of her knitting. can you tell that story? >> when they would be up in the private residence and i would walk in, she might be knitting. i'd walk in. she'd take her glasses off.
11:38 am
i'd take some pictures. when i saw the glasses go back on, i was done. unspoken, but i knew it. >> dana: i'm sure she is happy everybody has gathered here. george h.w. bush was there at the beginning of this hour shaking hands to the well peurb r wishers who had come by. certainly he is beloved here as well. a broken hearted man, who loved her. they were married for 73 years. all right, marlin and david, thank you for being here. be sure to watch our live coverage of the funeral of barbara bush tomorrow. anchored by shepard smith at 12 p.m. eastern. i will also be covering it along with bret baier. hope you will join us. fox news alert. attorneys for president trump's personal lawyer, michael cohen, and adult film star stormy daniels wrapping up a hearing on cohen's attempt to delay the case. jonathan hunt is standing by with more on the hearing.
11:39 am
jonathan? >> reporter: dana, in is the civil right, of course, in which stormy daniels is seeking to be released from the nondisclosure agreement she signed over her alleged affair with president trump. today's hearing was about a delay in the case. lawyers for michael cohen who is in turn the president's personal lawyer, want that delay. the judge showed some sympathy for that argument saying in court, quote, this is not your standard case. i think something big is going to follow. constitutional rights are extremely important. and cohen's lawyers are arguing in court that his fifth amendment rights could be jeopardized. that he and they need more time to find out exactly what the fbi took when they raided cohen's office, home and hotel room last week in new york. now, stormy daniels' lawyer argues that both cases can be heard simultaneously. he told me after the hearing
11:40 am
today that the american people have the right to know very quickly exactly what transpired between stormy daniels, president trump and the lawyer, michael cohen. listen here. >> it's about a cover-up. it is about what the president knew and when he knew it and what he did about it. that is at the forefront of what the american people should be concerned about. it's critically important to our entire belief in democracy and open and fair judicial process. >> reporter: now, a decision on a delay in this case could come as soon as the end of next week, dana. neither michael cohen nor stormy daniels were in court today. stormy daniels was performing last night and will perform again tonight apparently at a nightclub in baltimore. >> dana: jonathan hunt, thank you. french president emanuel macron
11:41 am
sitting down with chris wallace ahead of his trip to the united states. up next, chris will be here to talk about what macron had to say. ♪ when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. where life meets legal.
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>> much more ahead on the democratic national committee suing the trump campaign and wikileaks over the 2016 election. i'll talk to an american who said any information this lawsuit digs up will be public. that's, of course, not true with the special counsel investigation. so could we learn something new? that's coming up on shepard smith reporting. >> dana: a fox news exclusive. chris wallace just wrapping up an exclusive interview with french president emanuel macron. chris asked president macron about a wide range of topics including syria's chemical weapons attack. and president trump's relationship with vladamir putin. chris wallace joins us live from
11:45 am
paris. chris, great interview that you got there. what happened over there in paris while you were there? >> well, first of all, good afternoon to you. let me say we are here at the palace, the equivalent of the french white house. it is the official residence and office of the french president. i will tell you at the beginning, just before the interview, president macron talked to me about barbara bush and wanted to extend his sympathies to the bush family and to the american people about the loss of such a great woman. in terms of our interview, obviously, the big subject is the president, french president, is coming to washington on monday for the first official state visit of the trump presidency. he and president trump have developed an unlikely but clearly close friendship, but they have a number of issues to discuss. number of issues in which they have difference, including
11:46 am
whether to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. whether or not the u.s. is going to impose tariffs on tprefrpbl steel and aluminum. but in the course of the conversation, i also asked the french president about all the controversy surrounding president trump. the investigation by the special council and also the criticism from former fbi director james comey. i asked whether or not this in any way compromised president trump's position on the world stage. here was his answer. >> here i'm not the one to judge and in a certain way to explain to your people what should be president or should consider because of this investigation. your president is less credible. >> do you ever wonder whether he will serve his full term? >> i never wonder. i work with him because both of
11:47 am
us are very much at the service of our country. >> so, dana, that was his answer to that particular question. but we talked about a whole array of issues. what he hopes to transmit about french/u.s. relations going forward. he's also going to make a rare speech to congress. we also talked about what he believes the world wants from the u.s. one of his most interesting lines is he said that the u.s. is a country of last resort. whenever anything is terrible in the world, the world looks to the u.s. and to the american president to solve that. he spoke about that in particular reference to the chaos that's going on right now in syria. >> dana: chris, what did the prime minister say -- excuse me, the president say, about what success would look like to him after the official visit?
11:48 am
is there anything else in particular that france is looking for? >> no. i think one is he wants to talk again about there extraordinary relationship the two countries have had. he pointed out long before the british and all the talk about the special relationship, it was france that was the first great ally of the american revolutionaries. he talked about the fact that during world war i and world war ii, it was the u.s. that came to the rescue of france. one of the points he made, i thought it was quite interesting, a gift he is bringing with him to the state visit in washington is part of a tree, i think a seedling in effect from an oak tree in northern france that he hopes will be planted on the grounds of the white house to symbolize the enduring friendship. in terms of specific issues,
11:49 am
there are sizable differences. what happens after isis is defeated in syria? what happens about trade and the threat of imposing sanctions on the european union. the president, president trump's talk about pulling out of iran. so they have some hard issues to discuss. i think the bottom line is the unshakeable relationship between our two countries. >> dana: well, it will be a wonderful visit, i'm sure. state dinners are always wonderful afairs. to host the french president, i think that's a pretty big deal. so we'll be watching that on tuesday. of course, chris wallace, thank you very much. you can see chris interview with emmanuel macron on fox news channels. check your local listings for sunday morning air time. you can see it early. west virginia holding a senate primary election next week. candidates are highlighting their plans to tackle the state's drug crisis.
11:50 am
we'll have a live report. it's oe ignores me while i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> dana: wells fargo agreeing to pay a billion dollar fine after federal regulator ace kaouzed the bank of selling unnecessary products s ts to customers for. the bank saying it forced unwanted insurance on car loan customers and charged some borrowers for missing deadlines even though the delays were the bank's fault. wells fargo agreed without admitting or denying wrongdoing, but the fine is the harshest action taken so far by the trump administration against the wall street bank. the opioid crisis taking center stage in west virginia's senate race.
11:54 am
senator joe manchin listing the epidemic as one of the biggest priorities. those running against him hoping to win over voters in the may 8 primary. peter doocy is live from charleston, west virginia. peter, how different are the candidates approaches to this opioid epidemic? >> reporter: very differently, dana. congressman and the attorney general who are running are both trying to take credit for making the most progress in tackling the opioid epidemic to date. the a.g. patrick morrisy is saying he's responsible for a new proposed dea bill that could limit pill production. >> the dea, charged with protecting citizens, was asleep at the switch for so many years. west virginia stepped forward. west virginia filed the suit. west virginia helped initiate the change that's gonna stop an awful lot of pill dropping in west virginia and across the country. >> reporter: but because
11:55 am
congress cut funding for prevention programs, congressman jenkins thinks he's been the most productive. >> i have served on the appropriations committee. $6 billion working with the white house that we just approved is a significant positive step in the right direction. >> reporter: and something else that jenkins and morrisey are trying to do is distance them from attacks that could tie them to the drug industry. dana? >> dana: i wanted to ask you about the outside candidate don blankenship and how he factors in? >> reporter: blankenship told me he thinks both of the candidates general kins and morrisey are partly responsible for the opioid epidemic in this state because the problem has not gotten better since they were elected to their offices. >> the wall is important. ending sanctuary cities is important. drug testing public officials,
11:56 am
particularly teachers and judges and prosecutors is important. >> reporter: blankenship recently got out of prison tied to safety violations as his time as ceo of massey energy. he does not think that conviction or the jail time will have any impact. dana? >> dana: all right, peter doocy, thank you. remembering barbara bush. how the former first lady helped foster a whole generation of young readers. okay folks! let's team up to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of (great tasting) ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you.
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>> one of the things barbara bush will be most remembered for was her commitment to children's literacy, establishing a foundation had her name in 1989. the principal at barbara bush elementary in mesa, arizona, says her commitment was to the children. >> her attention was to the kids. she didn't have interest in the hoopla, everyone wanting to get
12:00 pm
pictures and photos, but wanted to read to the kids. >> the foundation has raised more than $110 million for literacy programs for all 50 states. thanks for being with us today. i'm dana perino. >> president trump's lawyer michael cohen asking a judge to delay a case with the adult porn star stormy daniels, but the actress' attorney insists her claim shouldn't be delayed or denied. president trump beefing up his legal team with a famous face. rudy giuliani says his mission is to wrap up the russian investigation, maybe in a couple of weeks. and james comey's memos about his meetings with the president. we'll explain what they reveal about the president and the fired fbi director. that's all ahead this hour.


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