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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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president on sunday. check your local listings. he's on his way back i think. i meant sunday, we've got this interview, i d here's m evening, bret. thanks a lot. tonight, we begin with the fox news alert, breaking moments ago, and north korea news agency announcing that kim jong un has agreed to halt missile and nuclear tests ahead of his in-person meeting with president trump. if true, that concession would satisfy a demand that was made by president trump ordering the broken nation to "denuke" as a precondition to any one-on-one conversations between metrical countries. trace gallagher working on most nights. he is in the l.a. newsroom with more. >> kim jong un was well aware the world is watching, the world has seen him many times make promises only to break them. so in this case, he is not only saying that he plans to stop nuclear testing, but also that he will offer proof to back up his claim. north korea state run news media
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released the following statement from kim, according now "from april 21st, north korea will stop nuclear tests and mantras of intercontinental ballistic missiles. the north will shut down nuclear test sites in the country's northern side to approve the voucher suspension nuclear tests." going on to say that "a nuclear toast center will be discarded in order to ensure the transparency of the suspension of the nuclear test." the statement does not make any mention of north korea abandoning its existing missiles and nuclear weapons. so there is clearly simmering for skepticism. remember, back in 2008, north korea talked about curbing its nuclear program, even had the television report about destroying the nuclear water cooling tower to show that it wasn't sincere, and then a short time later, announced it would restart the program. it is also worth noting that kim jong un has not tested a missile since back in november and prayed at that time, he was embroiled in name-calling game n
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with president trump. for now this appears to be a major concession by the north and a major victory for president trump. it precedes what stands to be a historic summit next month or in early june between trump and kim. it also comes one day after north korea dropped its demand that u.s. troops leave the korean peninsula and that came in the wake of that stunning revelation that secretary of state's nominee mike pompeo actually visited north korea and matt easter weekend with kim jong un. today at the pentagon, japan's minister of defense indicated that the u.s. led to strikes last week in syria had a wider impact. "i think this gave a certain message toward north korea." experts say this is also clear evidence that sanctions had a crippling impact on the north, in fact, kim jong un now says he plans to focus on his country's economy, and taking care of its people. this could all change very quickly, as we know. but for now, this is extraordinarily significant and
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a big feather in the cap off the trump administration. we just got a tweet. from the president. "north korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear tests and close up the major test sites. this is very good news for north korea and the world. big progress. look forward to our so much." good news for the president. right now, experts are weary, skepticism is warranted, but it's a big step in the right direction right direction. >> martha: quite interesting and none in the last thank you very much. we will have more on the north korea question in a moment but also we are taking a closer look at the role that james clapper may have played in pushing the dossier. james comey's notes reveal something that has kind of gone under the radar. obama administration director of national intelligence james clapper urged comey to share the dirty details of the dossier with president trump. then president-elect trump. which, by the way, reports say
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that the president immediately saw that moment at trump tower as a "set up" as with the president called it. even though no one bothered to tell him that the intel was actually paid for by hillary's campaign. on comey side, he says that he felt he had to tell the president-elect because cnn was about to go with the story. you know what, four days later, somehow cnn was able to verify that, yes, the president-elect had sat down with these gentlemen and have been briefed by clapper and comey and brennan. here's the cnn headline on january the tenth. "and felt he was presented trump with claims of russian efforts to compromise him." remember this finding about james clapper from the house until report that at the time was slammed by critics. "james clapper now a cnn national security analyst provided inconsistent testimony about his contacts with the media including cnn." so in his book, james comey
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calls clapper, "the leader i admired most in government." mollie hemingway, writing today, "comey's memos indicate dossier briefing of trump was a set up." she will be here in a moment to take us through the anatomy of that leak as will congressman peter king of the intel committee and jessica tarlov joining us as well. first, catherine herridge with the latest tonight on comey, clapper, and why the democratic national committee is suddenly launching a slew of lawsuits at russia and the trump campaign over the 2016 election. good evening. >> thank you, martha. tonight that she was on the other foot with fox news confirming that comey is under investigation for leaking the memos, whether he might handle classified information, as well as in communication to outside the fbi including contacts with reporters. as you mentioned, another former senior intelligence officer who oversaw the 17 intelligence agencies, director of national intelligence james clapper, also under the microscope. in the memos, comey writes, that
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it was clapper who told him to privately briefly incoming president about the unverified salacious claims in a trump dossier just before the inauguration. comey wrote, "i said media like cnn had the men were looking for a new smoke. i said it was important that we not give them the excuse whether the fbi has the material. i said it was inflammatory stuff, they would give helpful reporting straight up from the source reported rate" house intelligence committee republicans found that clapper provided inconsistent testimony about his contacts with the media. comey disagreed, saying you talk to media but only after he left government and we'll know a lot more soon because that report will soon be public. of the 15 page memos, documented by comey, eight contain classified information, highly sensitive or confidential level. that seems to be at odds with comey's congressional testimony after he was fired by the president. >> my thinking was, if i write it in such a way that i don't include anything that would trigger a classification, that
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will make it easier for us to discuss within the fbi and the government and to hold onto it in a way that makes it accessible to us. >> but in this very first memo in january 2017, comey knew his conversations with the president were sensitive and not public information. he writes, "i'm not sure of the proper classification here so i have chosen secret." please let me know if he should be higher or lower than that." in a separate development, the dnc file that lawsuit alleging coordination between the trump campaign, russia, and wikileaks. it may be to get the president and members of his team to answer questions under oath. >> martha: thank you very much. my next guest sits on the house until committee, a body that has been at the center of many of the recent arrival revelations e russian probe, republican congressman peter king. good to see you tonight. thank you for coming on "the story" with us. first of all, what do you make of this? it's almost surreal when you
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look back at this. hillary clinton was investigated for dealing with classified information in a way that potentially put it in danger. james comey exonerated her of that. now you've got an internal investigator at the department of justice looking at james comey for perhaps allowing classified information into a zone that should have never been an. >> i think drumm comey has outsmarted himself. he thought he was clever by leaking the information throughout columbia professor brady that he was going to go on this book to tour and demolish president trump. this is blowing up in his face. president trump may be the last man standing brady andrew mccabe facing potential criminal charges, james comey has a lot of questions to answer here, including the fact he may have leaked secret information that is testimony could be in conflict. just his whole behavior throughout this raises the most serious questions. again, you have all the other
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people in the top echelons of the fbi who have been in some sort of trouble or other over the last six months. i think right now jim comey has hurt himself, raises very serious questions about his ethics and behavior and perhaps his criminal liability. >> martha: what about this lawsuit that the dnc has put forth against the trump campaign and russia and everybody else? >> that is just the latest disgraceful move. that shows it's a political show from beginning to end. i would hope the judge would decide to them for abuse of process. this is the last thing -- listen. i was against the special counsel in most cases anyway. if the investigation is going forward, laid out stay in the criminal realm or the special council room to turn this into a show, they are talking about dos meeting, we've been through all of that. there is nothing there. so i would hope that the judge, quite frankly, with throw this out-of-court. abusing the process of civil litigation. >> martha: rudy giuliani now on the team.
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you know him, as of the new yorker, he says this is going to wrap up, he is in the mix to negotiate an end to all of this. what do you say? >> i would certainly hope so. rudy is the right guy to have there. this thing should be wrapped up. rudy does have good respect and good rapport with robert mueller. again, if there something there, there's something there. i will tell you, after all these months, over a year, 18 months of an fbi special counsel investigation, there is no evidence of any collusion. i think they should wrap it up. they owe it not just to president trump, but to the american people, so the president can be free to negotiate with foreign leaders and be with the congress. >> martha: we'll talk to you next time i'm not. peter king, good to see you tonight. here now, mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist" ," and jessica tarl, both are fox news contributor's. good to have both of you with us this evening. mollie, interesting piece today.
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expand on what you think about the vulnerability potentially for james clapper and all of this. >> i think is good to discuss that and run over there are two competing narratives. one is that donald trump committed treason by colluding with russia to steal an election. that is been a story limit has been pushed for well over a year by many people in the media. the ultimate theory is that in fact the obama intelligence chiefs were messing around with a dossier that was secretly bought and paid for by hillary clinton and the democratic national committee, it was used to prevent the election of donald trump read when that failed, it was used to undermine his presidency and his first couple of years of that administration. these memos that came out from comey to do not provide evidence that would support that first theory that donald trump is a traitor who colluded with russia to steal an election. they definitely provide evidence to support the other idea. in particular, this first briefing of donald trump when he was president-elect to tell him about the dossier, it was really
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done as a pretext to leak that to. one of the things i james comey says in his first memo is that, yes, james comey asked him to do it. he was doing it because he believed cnn wanted to run the story and they were waiting for an excuse to do it. it's very interesting that the excuse they chose was not james comey briefed donald trump, a very interesting coincidence, combined with what you mention, which is that the house permanent select committee on intelligence had findings that james clapper gave inconsistent testimony about his leaks, conversations with cnn about the dossier. also interesting in light of this new information. >> martha: answering some questions on that. jessica, james comey would say, i was trying to give him a heads up that this was out there. >> that was his duty to do that. i would say, though, i agree with mollie, what congress and peter king was saying. i think there is a tremendous amount of damage being done to our institutions from this comey book tour, what is coming out on a public forum about andrew
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mccabe and what he lied about or not lied about. these are things that i think we don't need to be privy to all the dirty details of. it is certainly in the book at this point. my real concern is that james comey is going to have to testify as a witness in an ongoing investigation. while he's out here in a press junket. i don't see how someone who was leader of the fbi and who does take these institutions so seriously can think that this is a good idea. >> it raises questions about that. >> also, these memos were written, they were done kind of been an interesting fashion, that first memo, prospect on my properly classified, it is shared with andrew mccabe and o. the leader memos are written almost as if they were designed for the purpose of a leak. they don't have dates, they are done and an interesting fashion. in part because of what came out today, which is that james comey is now under investigation for leaking classified information. he'd already admitted in
4:14 pm
testimony before the senate that he had leaked these memos as revenge, he wanted to set up a special counsel. the included classified information is new news that has been confirmed. it was already surmised, because four of the seven memos that had classified information. the fbi director is doing it, and credible. >> he never said it was for revenge. that was not his wording. there is information also in there about the fact that jim, he thought we would need an investigation to rudy giuliani,. how did rudy knew about the fact that hillary clinton's email investigation was about to be reopened before that was announced? there is no information that is not all james comey being unethical. >> martha: thank you very much. good to see both of you. still to come on "the story," paul ryan wants more tax cuts before he retires. his biggest hurdle might be mitch mcconnell. he does not necessarily want to put a tax cut out there that could be voted for by democrats.
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figure that out. our panel joins me from the swamp, shall we say, coming up next. also tonight, and awful, tragic story. these two police officers shot and killed in cold blood while having their lunch. tonight, a family member is speaking out about who these men were. and then, law enforcement veteran dan bongino on the war on cops and america. next. ♪ >> we are going to get upset. we are probably going to cost a little bit. but at the end of the day, we are going to remember those two men for what they are, and they are heroes. ♪ you could have money for repairs within a day. wow! that was really fast. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance, click or call. when other snacks just can't satisfy. ahh! ♪ your wing nut has you covered.
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♪ >> martha: all of these police officers, more than 20 of them so far, have all been killed in the line of duty in this year. tragically, yesterday, two moore have been added to that list. 29-year-old sergeant ramirez and 25-year-old taylor lindsay. what were they doing? they were eating lunch. >> we had two deputies, deputy taylor lindsay and sergeant ramirez, he had just gotten promoted to sergeant, sitting in a restaurant, glass front,
4:20 pm
having lunch. about 3:00. what everyone is saying now they were ambushed. >> martha: investigators say a motive may never be known. police say they found the shooter dead nearby with what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 58-year-old local man described as a recluse, no criminal record, the local sheriff's sharing this reaction. >> what do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement to the extent that it's been demonized, every type of hate, every type of put down that you can think of. the only thing these men were guilty of what's wanting to protect you and me. they just wanted to go get something to eat. they just wanted to do their job. >> martha: awful. as for the victims, sergeant ramirez leaves behind a wife and two young children. deputy lindsay has a family who is mourning him as well. joining me now is deputy lindsay's cousin, they were very
4:21 pm
close. first of all, i am so sorry for your loss. i know that he was like a brother to you. i think the most important thing here is that we want to remember him and what he wanted to do with his life. tell us about him. >> you know, we come from such good stock. we come from a family that believes in service and given to others. protecting anyone around you. that is -- he was always that kid. he was always that guy. if it was a snarky comment ten family dinner, he would still give you advice and tell you how to fix something in your life because he cared. >> martha: i can't imagine the shock of this. it's one thing if someone is killed in a shoot-out or he's on the scene of a crime and he entered venice knowing that that was a possibility, he obviously was incredible dumb i
4:22 pm
courageous and brave. but it is addressed and less horrible crime and remain another motive. what are your thoughts on how this played out and how he would want people to remember him for and the work that he wanted to do? >> honestly, i really don't want to speak on what happened because that is senseless and frankly, it's just messed up. i know taylor's heart and he would be stubborn and he would say, don't cry for me. i was doing what i loved. i'm sorry, i am at a loss for words. now is not the appropriate time for that. >> martha: you're doing fine. you went through a lot and i give you a lot of credit for being able to speak through ab. i think you for doing that. i will give you a final thought if you have one, katina.
4:23 pm
>> oh, honestly, what i just want everyone to kind of know is he was my person. he was the person that every year since to my right of the dining room table at my grandparents house for christmas, thanks giving, easter, and i now forever, even though i am so blessed and getting married, i forever have to look to my right and i will never see him again, and i just want everyone to hold their loved ones close because tomorrow is not promised. that's what i have to say. i'm sorry. >> martha: you know what, you did an excellent job, and i know this must be so hard for you, and i thank you for speaking with us and i do think it's important to remember these police officers who die in the line of duty and to know who they are. i thank you very much for doing that for us tonight, katina. god bless you. >> i thank you for giving me the time on the platform.
4:24 pm
>> martha: absolutely. we wish you well on your wedding. all the best to you. >> thank you. >> martha: all right. more on this, dan bongino. who knows what it's like to be in the line of fire, and to be courageous. he's a former secret service agent. he spent several years as a new york city police officer. i don't know -- no one can say it better than katina. this is the kind of loss that results from this kind of senseless violence against our police officers, dan. >> yeah, martha. she sat at that kitchen table, thanks giving table analogy, think about that. they are gone forever. of these two police officers. they will never take another breath of oxygen again. every night at that kitchen table with their families, there is a father not there, there is a son not there in the holidays. you know, martha, this is a job so dangerous, my time in the nypd, one of the first images i saw, when guys would put their body armor in the locker room,
4:25 pm
they would have a piece of duct tape on the front with their blood type on it in case they were shot. i remember thinking to myself when i first saw it, my gosh, how many jobs do that? i have a ton of respect for people who do all kinds of jobs. don't get me wrong. what kind of job do you go to work every day with the possibility that that's it? this is the last breath he will take, on your eight hour shift today, and that is what police officers will do every day and it's getting more and more dangerous. >> martha: dan, there was today, yesterday, i guess, this man who is in ms-13 king ms-1. he was arrested. the charges going out among -- i don't know what to call them, members of the gang, the best way to put it, that they want to take our police officers in long island. obviously, they are on high alert. your thoughts on this group and about their call. >> ms-13, these were guerillas
4:26 pm
from el salvador. they are straight up, hardened killers. there is no humanity. these are not human beings. these are pure, hot blooded animals. now the danger to cops from one gang, you have terror groups who target cops, as we have seen around the world, because they are represented in government. do you have also seen radical political groups that have openly called for violence agait cops. you put that into this dangerous soup, and you combine social media, i'm not blaming social media, not trying to give them a cheap out, just saying it as a platform for people to put radical ideas out there, and you have a really growing the dangerous environment for cops, which is really sad. i have a lot of friends that do this. >> martha: obviously, we have to give them our support. we have to back them up a couple make sure they have what they need out there. right? >> martha, they deserve it. these guys and women out there are working for peanuts. no one gets rich being a police
4:27 pm
officer. they put a uniform on every night, they take home -- they go home, their family members say thank god every night they get back in the door. they do it for nothing. >> martha: dan, thank you very much. we remember them tonight. good to see you, dan. quick break here and we will be right back. e one clocking in... when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. i can also help with this. does your bed do that? oh... i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. it takes a lot of work to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i don't eat the way i should. so, i drink boost to get the nutrition i'm missing.
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♪ >> tax certainty is very important to keeping this good economic news going. it's important for economic growth. we fully want to make these things permanent. >> martha: met with the speaker of the house paul brian earlier this week promising to pass another tax cut before he retires. mitch mcconnell could complicate things for the senate majority leader is reportedly a little bit concerned that red state democrats could actually support that idea of tax cuts and that that would somehow undermine republican's argument that democrats don't like tax cuts. did you get that? the g.o.p. majority in jeopardy, here, now my power panel, chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor. guy benson, political editor for and richard fowler. both are fox news contributors. good to see you all. riddle me this, chris stirewalt.
4:32 pm
conservatives are supposed to be in favor of higher taxes and cutting spending. but if they got bipartisan agreement on that, that would somehow be a negative that would hurt them in the election? >> only in washington. only in washington would you shelve a bell picketers was going to get too much bipartisan support. only here. look at my my eye understand te concerns of the people running against -- we are talking about joe manchin, heidi heitkamp, claire mccaskill, the most vulnerable democratic senators, and the republicans running against them, say, don't let them have a good vote because what ryan is talking about, making the middle-class tax cut permanent instead of with an expiring date. they might vote for that, that would take away a talking point. they don't want it and washington is stupid. >> martha: i don't think people are that stupid. richard, i think that republicans, if i was telling them what to do, i would say, just go out there and tell them what the democrats did, that they are only doing this because
4:33 pm
it's election-year politics and i didn't vote for the bag when the first time around. do you think that would work? >> it depends on what is happening in these respective states. i think what you will see from joe manchin and heidi heitkamp and claire mccaskill as they will say, listen, we voted for this tax cut cut because we believe is good for the middle-class. we voted against the last run because it was for corporations and big businesses. republicans who want to pass it, there's a big distinction, that is why mitch mcconnell is nervous because republicans know they will likely lose the house but they need to maintain the senate and in order for them to do that, they need to pick up some of these red state democratic seats. >> martha: another part of the problem, guy, this has only god, that's all the republicans have. if got the majority, house, white house, and that is something that raises a lot of eyebrows given the extraordinary opportunity that they have for their party.
4:34 pm
>> yeah, they tried to do other thing. they've tinkered around the edges. it is not the only bill they passed. it is a signature accomplishment with obamacare repeal gobbling down the tubes earlier. it is a squandered opportunity in a number of respects. on this particular one, you got to look long-term to the goal of the policy. the goal of the policy's permanence and stability and predictability in the tax system, which is very good for businesses, which is why they were made permanent, and they should be made permanent for the middle-class as well. if you can get that win, get the win. you can still come into your point, martha, explain to votern the red states, when the rubberg tax cut for president trump, these democrats, like they so often do, all voted no and now they are trying to do a makeup call. you can do both of those things, make that argument to voters, and get the policy victory notch. >> martha: . the devil republicans to be against tax cuts. i want to get this economist
4:35 pm
screen up that shows what they have, the republican party morphing into donald trump. now, chris, i'm not really sure why this -- it says the republican party is organized around one man. isn't that the way it always is? isn't there always a standard bearer for the party? >> well, that is historically true. we have seen in the last two presidencies, the personification, we've always had the imperial presidency. but things are getting worse and the cult of personality category. certainly we saw it with obama and lord knows we are seeing it with trump in terms of, it is about this person, not about the parties coming out about the ideas. there is dangers in that. both parties are guilty of it and there are dangers for republicans because we count on certain barriers and boundaries around people who we give the power of the king but we hope that they will be restrained and using it, and when you get too much of that going on, that is not a good thing. >> martha: here is what i see,
4:36 pm
though. the president tried to get roy more elected, tried to get rick saccone elected, trying to get a rescission on the omnibus. he fired james comey, still got a russia investigation going. i don't see, guy, where he has become this king of the party who is getting everything wants. >> he's not getting everything he wants. if you were to fire robert mueller, which i don't think he's going to do, there ws pushback from republicans, a lot of them will have spoken out against his trade policies and trade were antics for example. generally, the leader of the party is exactly that, the leader of the party. i think what we often see from the left, and i say this is a trump skeptic or conservative, they are constantly trying to ask republicans what they think of jump on every single tweet, every single comment, everything the policy to try to drive a wedge among the republican voters, most of whom, a vast majority of whom, support the president and try to see if they can annoy their own ways and cause dissension in their ranks. to be when i got to go. richard, you will get the first
4:37 pm
dibs next time. good to see you tonight. fox news is, as you know, america's election headquarters, as we count down to the 2018 midterms. we are getting ready to go on the road, folks. tuesday, may 1st, bret baier and i will moderate the west virginia senate g.o.p. primary debate, which is becoming extremely interesting. we will do that starting at 6:30 on may 1st right here on fox news. up next, on the 19th anniversary of the columbine shooting, students across the country walked out of their classrooms in protest of gun violence. andrew pollock's daughter, maddow, was killed two months ago in the park going to school shooting and he has been fighting to make schools more hardened and safer ever since. so what does he think about what he saying out there today? is up next. [chanting] ♪
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♪ >> martha: remember these images? a devastating massacre that shook a nation to its core. 12 students and one teacher murdered when two students open fire in littleton, colorado, back in 1999. hard to believe that it is now 19 years later. 174 of our precious american students in this country have been killed since then and school shootings. in fact, since today, fears that the number would grow, as reports of a shooting at another florida school came in. luckily, that suspect was taken into custody and only one person was injured. the persistence of such horrific acts prompting this today. tens of thousands of students across the country walked out of their classrooms protesting gun violence and demanding change. >> we will fight because if we are old enough to be affected by gun violence, then you are damn
4:43 pm
while sure we are old enough to have an opinion about it! >> every member of congress, every politician offering your thoughts and prayers. thank you, we will take them, as long as they come with an assault weapons ban! universal background checks! every other proposal that will make us safer ask mark >> >> dn together, use your voice, use your votes, consumer decisions, be the change! enough is enough! >> martha: andrew pollock is the father of meadow pollock who was killed in the parkland school shooting and he's a founder of americans for class, a nonprofit advocating for children's lives on school safety. andrew, good to see you. we've talked a lot in the past and i'm glad you're in new york tonight. thank you for making time for us. what goes through your mind when you watch the students? >> i feel for the students because, especially because that went to douglas, they were in that building with all the shots going off. they are minors. most of the kids -- these are not all the kids, all the kids don't feel the same way as these
4:44 pm
kids that are marching. there's a lot of kids that want to march for school safety, that want to march on the fbi, that want to march on the sheriff, all this incompetency led to the murder of those people. it wasn't really -- i shouldn't just be about guns. you know, today is the anniversary of columbine. after every school shooting, the focus on the media is usually gun control. but i'm not going to let that happen this time. i'm going to have a voice and there is a lot of americans out there that feel the same way i do because they message me all day long, so the message of most americans out there, as we want our kids safe, we want to drop them off at 8:30 in the morning or 7:30, and when you go to pick them up at 3:30, they come out of the school. no one wants to worry, you see what's going on, they tried to politicize everything, and i'm not here to politicize it. i am neutral. i don't care what party or end. i am on the party that wants our kids safe when they go to
4:45 pm
school. and that is why it is easy, everyone wants that. but when the media hijacks stuff, not you, martha, because i'm coming on here. but a lot of the media, they are about ratings, and what makes ratings? gun control. that is all they want to talk about. that is not going to fix the problem. we want to fix this week when our kids go to school. >> martha: tell me how. i want to put up this number. 57% of teenagers are very or somewhat worried that they could be the victim of a shooting. how can you fix it? tell me the three things you are doing that you want to be done. >> what's great, like this, americans for what we have something, i'm glad you bring it up. a lot of the parents have been writing me, what can we do right now? i came up with this great idea. do you remember the neighborhood watch? with the signs and everything? so every parent, we are going to develop and my non-for-profit, it's going to be called class
4:46 pm
watch, where a parent can go, say you are home, i will give him five hours, volunteer at the school. i could give three hours. it will be with vests and they will be a perimeter. just like that. >> martha: make an alert someone right away. >> the shooter will go past a parent with a vast -- >> martha: you think about the time crunch. if you can save 3 minutes -- >> they won't even go over there when they see the parents, especially parkland parents. but any parent that is out there is going to be a deterrent. they are never going to walk past them. if they do, they hit their button, and that is what i'm working on. one of the things. another thing i'm working on as i want to take that bill that i got passed in florida and i want to present new legislation to every governor in the country. make them be proactive and show them what we did in florida. >> martha: we will follow what you are doing and we want you to come back and let us know how it is going state-by-state. would you do that for us?
4:47 pm
>> i'm going to be back. >> martha: good to see you tonight. we wish you well. >> thank you for having me. >> martha: coming up next, a revealing look at the future of marriage in america. the dating project documentary that will blow you away when we come back. ♪ >> there's moments when i'm like, oh, well, wow, another year went by -- am i going to be the cat lady? i don't want to be the cat lady. i don't like cats. i like dogs. ♪ build your next big thing to run in more places, without recoding. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business. the ibm cloud. so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards.
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♪ >> i would love to get married, yes. hands down, absolutely, babies and everything. i want to be the soccer mom that's like "that's my baby." >> martha: today, nearly half of american adults are single. while it may seem like the odds would be good for meeting someone special, the reality is it so different today. a new documentary called "the dating project" follows five singles. it looks into the so-called hookup culture and found that many people don't even know how they would go about going on an actual date anymore. watch this. ♪
4:52 pm
>> i am single. >> hi, i am chris. i meant activist. >> my name is matt. >> there is a single, married, and extra single. that's when i would check off. >> what is dating? dating -- >> i don't think anyone knows how to date, like, it is not a skill that our generation really has. >> and college, i would definitely say hooking up is 100% more, and then dating. >> the story of boy meets girl. girl really likes boy. girl thinks that boy really likes girl. maybe it could just be old school, he looked at me, i looked away. a gentle man and lady kind of feel to dating.
4:53 pm
there are no limits anymore, making up isn't hooking out, it is way further than that. it's because there is a ridiculous amount of pressure on people. mr. perfect is nowhere to be found. >> about eight or nine years ago -- >> martha: that says it all. megan harrington is the producer for "the dating project." thank you for being here tonight. i see a mess, as a parent, i think most americans know exacty what you are getting at here. what we do to change this? >> i think it's a matter of culturally, and individually within our own families, to take back the date. to revive that lost art of courtship, to really talk about those topics, too, surrounding dating that might be difficult in the family life but also individually, go on a date. the movie is saying, let's bring back traditional dating because there were many good things that offers people.
4:54 pm
>> martha: i talked about how i met my husband, my father talks about he met my mother, and they just looked -- he was into it like, oh, that sounds so romantic. these kids love rom comps, romantic movies, and yet, why are they so paralyzed? is it because they are staring into their phones and i don't how to relate to each other? >> i think technology definitely plays a role in the way that we use it. it's not bad in and of itself. i think there is a fear of rejection. a lack of courage to actually have to ask someone out in person and to put yourself out there, and a culture that makes things that seem easy possibly, and there so much choice. making a commitment is hard because there are so many other possible choices out there. that i make the right decision? there's a lot of factors. we need to simplify, here's how you go on a date, here's how you treat other people. >> martha: that last i hit the nail on the head. he said there is mr. perfect is not out there. none of us are perfect. i do feel like people are
4:55 pm
looking for this perfect image that they see on instagram, that does not even exist. >> that is true. this idea of perfection and that we are all flawed and the professor at boston college, who is, actually has her student go on a date with somebody who is off type. someone she might not initially be interested in are attracted to, to show that there are people you might be interested in that you may not be giving a chance. >> martha: that is fascinating. i encourage everyone to get their hands on it and maybe we'll talk to that professor. that sounds interesting. megan, thank you for doing this project and things were talking to us tonight. >> good to meet you. thank you, martha. >> martha: you back. we'll be right back. great question. see, for a full service brokerage like ours, that's tough to do. schwab does it. next question. do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? a what now?
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5:00 pm
anchored by shepard smith. it begins at 12:00 p.m. eastern. we will see you back on monday. tucker carlson in washington. ♪ >> brian: hope you are having a great night. this is "tucker carlson tonight." ein brian kilmeade, lucky enough to be filling in. tonight, we take you inside the fbi director, the former fbi director, james comey memos. he likes to write things down. plus reports of the justice department's watchdog, the inspector general, is probing this be it from us, forget thisd information. that was speculative for a while. we have live team coverage. first, breaking news. president trump's risk-taking with north korea, a lot of people raising her eyebrows. more good news tonight. north korea will now suspend its nuclear and missile


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