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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 20, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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love it. i'll be back on "fox & friends," unless i get suspended, and the brian kilmeade show 9:00 to noon. get "andrew jackson the miracle of new orleans right. new." i had two seconds left and you never thought i was going to get all this next. hannity is next. ♪ >> sean: welcome to a special edition of "hannity," deep state under siege. tonight, the private comey memos are out on the director and his friends are being exposed rated moments, we will shows you some of james comey's blatant lies and contradictions brought to life by these numbers. we also break down how comey made tonight be in serious legal jeopardy. we'll explain how these revelations are just one more layer of proof that president trump never colluded with russia in any way, shape, manner, or form, or did he ever attempt to obstruct justice in any way.
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also, after president trump significant diplomatic progress and huge economic successes, the democratic partyty is desperateo keeptr this false drum-russian narrative, collusion alive by turning to their favorite weapon, let's start a frivolous lawsuit, what a sham. time for the democrats to face the music. these insane conspiracy theories are not falling apart right before their eyes. sit tight, we are covering all of this plus, there is yet another pathetic moment from hillary clinton all in tonight's breaking news opening monologue. ♪ being threatened with a subpoena, finally deputy attorney general rod rosenstein released james comey's memos to congress and the former fbi director is now in serious trouble tonight. according toro a report from "the wall street journal," the justice department is now currently probing the documents over classifiedie information ad they are "at least two of the memos that a former fbi director
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james comey gave to a friend outside the government contained information that officials now consider classified." just remember a few days ago on sunday night, james comey, he assured all of us that those memos were all unclassified. take a look. >> you made a controversial decision to leak f the memos toa friend, who read them >> nmade a controversial to "the new york times." spoke ofus the president has tweeted innumerable times calling you a leaguer. whatat is your response to president trump? >> it's true. i gave that unclassified memo for my friends and asked him to give it to a reporter. that is entirely appropriate. >> sean: james comey line? all signs now tonight points ts. listen to how comey's story is changing during his recent interview with jake tapper. take a look. >> senator grassley, chairman of the judiciary committee, said there are seven memos. four of them are classified. is that right? >> i don't know because i don't have the memos. i don't knowe exactly how many
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there are, so may be memos, so maybe email sprayed somewhere between five and ten, maybe seven, maybe each. when i created some of them, they were classified, i don't know how many. >> the classified what is obviously for them when you told president trump in trump tower about what was in the two page and ask about the summary in the steele dossier. what were the other classified about? >>re i can't answer that if they are classified. >> sean: another damning sign that he leaked the information comes from the memos. out of the dutch department released only the redacted version. why redact information if it's not classified? perhaps the most obvious sign that comey leaked secret, classified information comes from his own words, quoting directly here, "i am not sure of the proper classification here,
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so i have chosen secret." according to a reporting from catherine herridge, we are learning the probe is a broader view of comey's communications outside of the bureau including his conduct with media organizations.e remember, this all comes after what might be the most unbelievable lie in the memos when comey actually writes that president trump said "i don't do sneaky things, i don't leak, i don't do weasel moves." a few months after writing those words, comey would leak those very memos to a friend who then leaks them to "the new york times," setting in motion forob robert mueller to e appointed as a special counsel. hisoa goal. in a moment, alan dershowitz and joe digenova will join us to weigh in on the legal jeopardy thatfi james comey is facing. first, another glaring comey contradiction. in an interview with "the
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new yorker, he actually agreed christopher steele, the author of the discredited, phony, unverified clinton bought and paid for russian propaganda dossierr is "credible and reliable." they also fired him. take a look. >> a very comprehensive peace in "the new yorker" about christopher steele's dossier and christopher steele. is he considered reliable according to your sources as an intelligence agent? >> yes. as it was described when it came in, it was raw intelligence, so a series of reports from a credible person with a reliable track record and a known, experience, and sourced network in russia. it was something to be taken seriously. it didn't mean that it was all true butut b it was to be taken seriously. and at its core assertion was corroborated by other c intelligence. a score assertion being the russians have a campaign going on to interfere in the american
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election. >> sean: so whyst did they fire christopher steele? i want a question answered. did comey pay christopher steele? he places the former british spy but still to this day, he can't verify any of the information found in the dossier, including the totally untrue russian lie about trump, ritz carlton, moscow, hookers urinating on a bed, which the media is obsessed with. the president incurred to the fbi's investigation into russian meddling and possible collusiont based on a conversation that comey had with trump on march the 30th of last year, comey writes in his own memos that president trump told him, if there is some satellite -- i took this tois mean some associate -- of his or his campaign, that did something, it would be good to find that out, but that he personally hadn't had anything. so not only did the president wantve to fully investigate everything related to russia, it
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also clearly contradicts any claims that president trump wanted to obstruct this investigation. the president is reacting to the release of comey's memos. he wrote on twitter... we are now in day 338 of the runaway mueller probe and there is still zero evidence of collusion. this proves the investigation has gone way off the rails, turn into a total witch hunt. we are learning another interestingom revelation about james comey from his ongoing self-aggrandizing book tour. despite claims from a mainstream media, many democrats, we now know that james comey is not a republican, hasn't been for a long time. gee, thanks for telling us. >> you said before that you were a republican until very, very recently. is that correct? >> i really wasn't -- the last
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time i thought of myself as a republican was in 2012. i've made a clear decision this year that i'm not going to register as a republican, not to be a republican. >> sean: naturally in that same interview, comey also saidd that the country would be better off with hillary clinton as president. he is not political at all. take a listen. >> do you think we'd be better off with hillary clinton as president than donald trump? >> certainly given her commitment to our traditions and our norms and our values and the rule of law, yes. >> sean: wow. really? they shouldn't come as a surprise after the special treatment clinton received from comey during the criminalte investigation into her private email server. we know she committed crimes and we also know that comey but the fix in. we all know about the exoneration starting in may before the investigation in july with comey agreeing to call the investigation a matter when it was an investigation and of
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course the fbi looking the other way while hillary clinton destroyed 33,000 emails that were subpoenaed, acid washed the hard drive with bleach bit and then had an aid to beat up her devices a all of this treatment didn't stop hillary clinton for victimizing herself following the 2016 election results. according to experts from a brand-new book entitled "chasing hillary" clinton is bemoaning that "they were never going to let meg be president." really, hillary? you have her, the media, theit deep state, all of the political elites were actively working to help make you president. despite your criminal history and the complete and utter failure as secretary of state, that's a pretty good line of support. of course hillary clinton is not the only person having a hard time coping with the 2016 election results. after months, over a year of
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investigation, zero evidence of collusion, now the democratic party isis so upset that it's al coming to an end and grasping at straws. the dnc, crybabies that they are, have today officially filed what is a laughable, completely frivolous lawsuit alleging that russia, the trump campaign, wikileaks, all conspired to interfere with6 the 2016 election. you have a sore loser democrats actively trying to use the court system to malign the president further, to distract americans from progress that we arey seeig every day in this country, and abroad, including a booming economy, record low unemploymena rates for african-americans, hispanic americans, tax cuts that are putting more money in people'sts pockets, and along wh some very significant diplomatic progress in north korea and elsewhere around the world, which is of course a clear, forceful, successful response that we saw in the case ofhe syria. the use of chemical weapons. biological weapons.
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don't be fooled by democrats politically motivated lawsuit here. it's a joke. it's meant to create a distraction. they can't let go and they can't admit they were wrong, that they pushed the phony conspiracy theory. this country is on the right track right now and the left wild theories, their conspiracy black helicopter theories are falling apart before their eyes, just as we have predicted on this show over and over again. we've been saying, 2018 is the year of the boomerang. joining us now, the author of the new american revolution, rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcenany is with us. fox news national security strategist, dr. sebastian gorka, and fox news contributor doug shown. kayleigh, let's start with you. james comey's own memo. if there is some satellite, he took it to mean and associate of his campaign, it would be good to find that out. okay. that sounds like he wants the investigation to be thorough, complete, and even if it's
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people around him, he wants to know who did what and after a year plus, we have nothing. >> wright, sean. that sounds like the opposite of obstruction of justice, thatsi sounds like a president fully cooperating with the investigation. to echo that, jim comey says in his book that none of his conversations with the president rose to the level of illegality. there is no they are there to quote peter strzok, no they are there with collusion, no they are there with obstruction. he's been cleared by the intel committee, robert mueller said there's not a target, rod rosenstein has had it, and in comey's mama, he says to the president three times, you are not under investigation. this president has cooperated. he should be absolved on robert mueller needs to pack up, go home, move on. >> sean: think of the week we had,d, dr. gorka, first you have the congressional criminal referrals, hillary clinton, loretta lynch, peter strzok, lisa page, mccabe, comey, anyone involved in the dossier.
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the criminal referral by the ig as it relates to. andrew mccabe. now today we have james comey himself. he is under investigation. everything -- you were part of predicting, as i was, that this is all going to backfire a on tm because the very thing they are accusing the president of, they themselves were guilty of. what a week it's been. >> you read the parts of the declassified memos today. james comey says that he said, i don't do weasel moves. i don't make slimy tricks. well, guess what? he is one 6'7" slimy weasel. if you read this, what do we now know, sean? we know he told the president you are not the target. we know that the president told him, i want a clean bill of health for my whole campaign, get to the bottom of it. james comey refused to make a public statement to the effect that the president is not the target and that he wants a clean bill of health.
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what did he do? he leaked the salacious russian propaganda accusations that he told congress later were unverified and salacious. that is what he gave to the press. i was that not biased, sean? >> sean: i'm washing the democrats today, the whole russia collusion narrative is fallen apart. the whole thing. now they will file a criminal lawsuit, probably go judge shopping and hope they get a liberal judge that will come after the special counsel, rod rosenstein was key this week, he told the president that he is not the target, and either investigation, the one who new york or the robert mueller special counsel investigation. that's another way of saying they never found any evidence of any type of collusion. for the democratic party, they can't let it go, now this is going to be their issue going into 2018? sounds like a bad idea to me. >> sean, it's not only you and republicans i think it's a bad idea.
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people like jackie spier from california said what i believe, this is trying to overtly politicize an investigation that has not been completed. you are right, as of now, we have no evidence of collusion. for the democrats to try to turn it into a political football in the midst of an election campaign runs the risk of a backfire and is overreaching. we saw that once before in 1998 in the t midterm elections, when arguably the republicans overreached. i would urge my fellow democrats not to make this a mistake. >> sean: if you look at all the deep state actors, sebastian, you and i have talked at length about this. if you look at all of them, the idea that hillary clinton, we know we she committed felonies and we know there was an exoneration before an investigation. we also know that she used the phony clinton bought and paid for dossier created by a foreign agent using russian government sources and used that as a basis
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for a fisa want to spy on americans, it seems these things now, this is what america is going to focus on. americans believe in the right of privacy and they don't believe in frivolous warrants based on political opponents paying foreign sources that use russian sources to lie to courts to get warrants to spy on people. >> that's the average american, the american that i know that is driven by common sense. you just played the audio where james comey, with a straight face says, yeah, it would have been better if clinton had won because of her upstanding attitude to justice and law and order. i mean, is that a bad joke? this is a woman who has committed felonies. what felonies has donald trump committed in the last 71 years? zero,, sean. this is how deep the corruption is in the swamp. the fact that these people go on book tours when theyhe should be in the dump tells me what job
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the president has before him. >> sean: kayleigh can we keep hearing about the big blue with that might happen. i don't for the democratic party to listen to doug schoen. keep doing what they are doing. if the republicans can fix a couple of things, i would find ways to cut back on that omnibus bill, which they have an ability to do. i would secondly get the money and fully fund that wall and get the building started i do it expeditiously, and the third thing i would do for the republicans is fix health care. if they do those three things, i don't think they would lose anything. >>re there is no doubt about it. the president has worked very hard at getting those things done. we need partners in congress to fund the wall, as you noted. the president does want to rein in spending, he said that. the democrats, sean, give us a big indication of what they their playbook is for 2018 when they filed this frivolous
10:18 pm
publicity stunt of the lawsuit and thatt is russia, russia, russia. ofhe will scream it from the rooftops. there is no basis in truth. these are conspiracy theories they are peddling. by the way, the dnc is bankrupt. $6 million in debt. i don't know how they are funding this lawsuit, they ought to be careful because brad parscale from the the trump can said i'm going to expose this dnc corruption through discovery. we will look at why you partnered with fusion gps, use this lawsuit to find out why you didn't turn over your server. the dnc, were coming afterg you. >> sean: the last word, doug schoen. just keep giving them bad advice. >> i think i give good advice. i would say to the democrats, run on issues, try to do a deal to make the dreamers and the wall get done. it's good for both sides. >> sean: they are not going to do it. >> we need progress. if there's progress that will benefit the country and the democrats and indeed the republicans, because, sean, what is so bad about this is the real
10:19 pm
winneral in all of this is vladimir putin, president e.g., all the autocrats who see us ripping ourselves apart, hurr positions globally when, as you said quite correctly, the president is dealing with very serious foreign policy problems. >> sean: they wanted to sow discord in the country and they have succeeded. 100%. the s president is still successful, which i will point out in a few minutes. thank you all. as wee continue on the special edition of "hannity," don't miss joe digenova, alan dershowitzgh weighing in on what has been a massive, busy legal weeks, straight ahead. ♪ when trying to save
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>> lie from america's news headquarters, i am jackie ibanez in new york. north korea announcing it is
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suspending all nuclear testing. it will also close its nuclear testing site. the six nuclear tests carried out by the country. a state-run news agency says the government will shift focus from the economy and improving ties with its neighbors. the faa ordering industry-wide engine inspections in the wake of 2000s deadly explosion on a southwest airlines flight. one person was killed after being nearly sucked out of the plane when an engine explosion blew out a window. the new directive orders will have inspections of certain 737 engines with more than 30,000 flights. they are some 1800 1800 7:30 ss that fly in the united states. i am jackie ibanez. back to "hannity." for all your headlines, log on to welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." here with more reaction,
10:25 pm
daughter jennifer. the person of the president said would never be back on the show, the author of "trumped up, alan dershowitz. i will start with you, joe. this is from a comey memo. if there was some satellite, meaning he took this to mean associate of his campaign, if they did something, this was trump to call comey, it would be fun.mike good to find that out. he himself hadn't done anything. that sounds like him he is encouraging the fbi director to look into all of this and even if benefit somebody close to him, to find out the truth. so it's not obstructing justice and he's encouraging the investigation to go forward. >> i don't't think there is any doubt that these 15 15 pages of james comey'ste notes constituta suicide note, a lengthy suicide note.
10:26 pm
it shows clearly -- >> sean: you y do have a way with words. you know that. >> he has to see -- well, this stuff is pretty obvious. he has deceived congress as a result of the substance in these memoranda. he has deceived the american people, and i must say, he has deluded it is quite obvious that the president is an innocent man and that the collision theory has been ridiculous from the start. >> sean: and obstruction. >> these memorandum shall conclusively that james comey knew that from the very beginning. he hit it from the american people. he hid it from congress. i must say, as he goes on this ridiculous tour, he is destroying the federal bureau of investigation and i can tell you, sean, from conversations with people inside that building at headquarters, they are very, very disappointed and very angry. >> sean: i want to say something about this. >>it he's destroying a great institution. >> sean: i want to remind people -- i don't ever want to
10:27 pm
sweep with a broad brush. there are men and women that risked their lives in that organization, and our cia, intelligence community, that put their lives on the line. we cannot -- we cannot judge them by the conduct of a couple of people here. >> absolutely correct. >> i agree completely. none of us has. we have all said, it's the hierarchy, it's mccabe, comey, nothing to do with the rank and file. they are angry at what comey is doing. >> sean: i appreciate that. >> several years ago, my life was threatened by an inmate in a federal prison, a neo-nazi. the fbi assigned two agents to me full time, they came to my class, came with me to boston celtics basketball games, and i really got to just love these two guys. they gave me their home numbers, no matter what, 24/7, i could call them. they protected me, they protected my family. you know, i was brought up to
10:28 pm
love law enforcement. i was a member of the police athletic league as a kid. i represent policemen, any law enforcement people free of charge, because we are them so much. but i have to agree with you, it started in boston a long, long timen ago. the "whitey" bulger matter came up and we saw how people at every level covered for him and allowed innocent people to remain in prison. so it is so important to ferret out the bad guys, one who is now in prison, john connolly. i have to tell you, i helped put him in person. i consulted pro bono with the prosecutors to help keep that guy in prison because he was such a bad actor. he was telling "whitey" bulger who to kill. he was telling "whitey" bulger to escape and he managed tor escape for 16 years. for 16 years, the fbi couldn't find "whitey" bulger. he was in plainview and santa monica, california, reportedly going to a red sox bar to watch baseball games and the fbi couldn't find him. finally, a person from the
10:29 pm
federal marshal program found him. so look, i think we have to commend fbi agents, cia agents, and focus on the problems and where they occur. >> sean: let me ask this. maybe you agree or disagree. but look at the criminal referrals that have come down this week. the congressional criminal referrals, they are citing specific w laws that they beliee are violated. then andrew mccabe and vig criminal referral. now we have an investigation intoe james comey. i said h this before he went on his book tour, jojo jennifer, this is a bad idea. i don't think any competent lawyer would have advised him, writing the book and doing the tour in any way, but now he is under an inspector general investigation here about releasing classified materials, 18of usc 793, both of you are vy familiar with it. >> sean, here is what is going to happen. this is now -- it's all the foot. it can't be stopped.
10:30 pm
there isri going to be a seriesf federal grand juries investigating these things, the leaking of the memos to "the new york times," the unmasking of individuals, which was illegal, the leaking of the unmasked information to newspapers, which was felonies, and the other thing that involves the misuse of the intelligence and fisa warrants, there is going to be a series of grand juries andoi they are goig to be charges. i don't know who is going to be charged. but it's very important that the speech on the right way and that can only be done with the federal grand juries and that is the way the hillary clinton case should have been handled. it wasn't. now we are going to see it done right. >> it is so interesting. of course, this is what i predicted from the very important in myy book "trumped up." once you unleash this business of trying to lock him up, it will come back and bite you in the rear end. today, you go after trump, tomorrow they will go after
10:31 pm
democrats. youu cannot unleash this weapon of expanding the criminal law and targeting peoplee without it coming back. youro know, there's that great line from "a man for all seasons" about one of the greatest lawyers and all of history, saying, would you give the devil the benefit of the law, and the answer is yes because if you don't give the devil the benefit of the law, when the law comes for you, you will not have it. of course, the german philosopher said the same thing when they came for the jewxs, when they came t for me, there s no one left. when you defend the civil liberties of donald trump, you are defending the civilil liberties of all americans, people have to come to understand that. >> sean: i think that's extraordinarily well said. joe, earlier this week on this program, you said there is noer doubt now that there was a grand conspiracy among, again, not rank ando file, so important to make that distinction. among people in the highest
10:32 pm
levels off power with the most powerful tools of intelligence, which they need and a very evil and dangerous world to protect all of us, and that they have abused those weapons for warrants and unmasking. look at the 350% increase in unmasking. samantha power, a u.n. official unmasking of an american at 80? i mean, is this the biggest conspiracy, you believe a conspiracy? >> here's the way i describe it, sean. it was a brazen plot which was carried out with this purpose in mind by the obama administration senior justice department officials and senior fbi officials, which was to illegally exonerate hillary clinton in order to help her get elected. if she lost, then the plan was to frame donald trump with crimes. and every single thing that we have seen over the last few months certifies those facts and
10:33 pm
reasonable inferences from facte but that is exactly what occurred. ifif i were james clapper, and john brennan and samantha power and a bunch of people who wanted to unleash the criminal law process on donald trump and his family, they are going to find out the hard way that they are now ensnared in the most significant political scandal in the history of this country where one administration leaving office used the intelligence community to spy on the presidential candidate of the other party. it's going to come home to roost. >> i think you're attributing much too much rationality and coherence and planning to what was probably a series of independent events, which in retrospect, look like they could be coordinated. you know, as a philosopher said, we live life forward without knowing what is going to happen. but then we look at life backward. so i'm not going to buy into your conspiracy theory buthi i o
10:34 pm
think we need to have equal -- >> you duke agree there has been abuse of power? >> no question. there has been in use on both sides. i called for an independent bipartisan commission right in the beginning to look at this wholele mess, the whole electio, the whole influence, the attempt to influence russia and the election, without pointing fingers, without criminal liability, so we can prevent it. >> sean: we will have a lot of grand juries. i think that ship has sailed, and my humble opinion. thank you both. i appreciate it. a powerful to preach. when we come back, newt gingrich on the great one, mark levin slamming james comey after the release of his memos, wait until you hear what he has to say. also, gregg jarrett, sara carter, as we continue give a special edition of "hannity" " lease the 2018 nx 300 and nx 300 all wheel drive for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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10:39 pm
superficial man. this is a former head of the fbi. he is a former deputy attorney general of the united states. he's a former united statess attorney. he is conducting himself like a complete bozo the clown. he does enormous damage to the federal bureau of investigation by conducting himself thisdums . > it's like the guys in seveh grade, practiced sincerity. i didn't mean to hit the car, i think my cousin must have done it, because i couldn't have done it. this pain, i hate throwing him under the bus. figure you're saying he's acting? >> i'm saying he taught himself at an early age a series of self-serving emotions, which he uses. if you watch them for a couple of hours, he uses it over and over and over. it is almost a pathological liar. >> sean: that was a great one mark levin on the former speaker of the house newt gingrich on "fox & friends" this
10:40 pm
morning shredding james comey's argument on the disastrous media tour. here with reaction, fox news contributor sara carter, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. you know, i guess we could call this criminal referral week, gregg, on wednesday, ron desantis, a powerful letter with every ball written down that iss applicable to people like hillary and comey and mccabe and peter strzok and lisa page and loretta lynch in all theseee other deep state actors. yesterday, the criminal referral as it relates to andrew mccabe and today, the justice department watchdog is not going to probe into comey and has release of classified information, which we all predicted right here on the show. >> you did. here's what they are looking at. one of the seven memos. he wrote it, his name is of the top. he said "classified by director." then i says "classification secret" them of the second level. the moment comey took us out of the fbi building and took it home with him, he is arguably
10:41 pm
committing a crime, mishandling of classified information. if he gave this document to somebody else unauthorized, danielso richmond, and one other person that i am aware of, and that will be coming out, he committed yet another crime. by the way, he can't say, well, i redacted parts of it. the content, not the labeling, dictates classification under thew. law. >> sean: i kept saying, what lawyers letting him do this? it never made sense. sara, you predicted all of this as well, especially with andrew mccabe, the criminal probe, the referral about him. >> he couldn't walk away from it, sean. they had to go forward because mccabe had violated the law. f he leaked some of the ig found the evidence, found evidence that he had thrown other fbi executives under the bus. there was nothing else that the ig could do, had he not gone
10:42 pm
forward with this criminal referral, we would have had to have questioned michael horowitz. now with t comey, i think this s fascinating, and especially gregg brought up several good points. they will have to move forward with this. because if they walk this back, they are going to have a lot of trouble because they are going to have a lot of explaining to do, right? comey gantt used a similar defense. look atha what already happened with hillary clinton. remember the ig o report on the handling of h the hillary clintn private server and her use of classified -- using reduce unclassified emails, that is coming out in may. how the fbi handle that. so michael horowitz is going to be very diligent. i think he will issue a report on hillary and then i think what we are going to see followed by that is a report on former fbi director comey. >> sean: that is only into the clinton email investigation. gregg, we know she committed
10:43 pm
crimes. weav put the crimes and violations, you've identify them on the show, then the exoneration, you don't have an exoneration before investigation. then, who was involved in the presentation of unverified, uncorroborated, information from clinton's bought and paid for a dossier from a foreign national, russian sources, to the fisa court judges, four times. >> not just obstruction of the hillary clinton case, but also, as you point out, abuse of power and obstruction in the dossier. also leaving out that the government property. comey said, these are my private recollections, my personal recollections. it is not. he was on the job. he was having a conversation with the president. he memorialized it in a document under the privacy act of federal records act, and the document comey signed called a nondisclosure agreement, it specifically says, anything you do in the course and scope of your appointment at the fbi's
10:44 pm
government property, it is not yours, and upon separation from the fbi, you may not take it with you. doing it is theft of government property. >> sean: lastea right, sara. >> comey has made a decision, he's come out, he spoken, now he has to wait for the ig. i think they have a hard road ahead of him. >> sean: unbelievable. good work. i got to praise both of you because this is all -- everything that we have been reporting, you have been reported, the deep dive both of you have done here is now unfolding before the country. in many ways, i wish you were wrong. this has to be stopped. this is our constitution. this is equal justice under the law. thank you both. when we come back, we will show you the medias new, sick, ugly, twisted obsession about the president. sean spicer response next. ♪
10:45 pm
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♪ >> ♪ >> sean: the corporate media have now found a new sick obsession by going nuts over the mention of the words russian hookers as it relates to the coming memos. unbelievable. take a look. speak up putin had told him that we m have the best hookers. >> putin had told him that they have the best hookers in the world the world. putin told him that he had the most beautiful hookers in the world. >> come by the way, we have thet beautiful hookers. >> president putin said that russia has the most beautiful hookers in the world. >> the most beautiful woman of questionable moral repute. >> pardon the expression, repute and w seeing the most beautiful hookers and the world. >> putin telling trump we have some of the most beautiful fisa
10:50 pm
of the world. >> putin said to him that we have hookers. >> prostitutes and the looks of prostitutes. >> sean: take this, one step further. morning joe. >> he effectively says that large portions of the steele dossier have been corroborated.n he said he he explained the analysts, he agreed it was relevant and that portions of the material were corroborated by other intelligence, which possibly is why the president keep coming back to this. he wants to know if the salacious parts of it have in fact been proven. >> i was insulted when you didn't initially get me on hookers. not for personal experience, just from research. >> sean: joining us now, former white house press secretary sean spicer. how you didid that job, i will never for the life of me understand it.
10:51 pm
so when they had the word belief pole, cnn used it 195 times in a day. now it is stormy, stormy, stormy. there is no russia, russia, russia. in the meantime, they've missed the biggest abuse of power scandal in their lifetime, and how do you describe the media today? >> sensational, misdirected. look, beyond the stories you talk about overtime, which i completely agree is underserved, you've got to the prime minister of japan meeting with the president this week and mar-a-lago talking about trade and national security. you've got a serious issues in syria. you've got an upcoming meeting
10:52 pm
with kim jong un about the nuclear radiation of the korean peninsula and the threat that it potentially poses to not just our allies, but our own citizens. and this is what they are talking about? you know, when it comes to the priorities with the media talking about, what are the concerns of the american people, i think it's a mismatch. as you point out correctly, it is a pack mentality. they want to be taken seriously, treated with respect, and yet their entire focus is on the salacious, unverified detail about a comment that supposedly theekiha former president and prime minister of russia -- depending when it was said -- >> sean: if you look at the order, though, you were in the room at the time, the fascinating thing. it was comey that said it is unverified, salacious. he s brought up the idea. if we are going to look at the order where it started, it was comey telling then president-elect donald trump. that is where the answers are coming from. more importantly, they have been peddling the biggestt lie and conspiracy theory about some type of collusion now for a year. there is no evidence and they still try to keep paddling the same lie. how do wet even call it journalism at this point? >> again, got to go back to a second to go, they would talk about this commitment to the first amendment, want to be
10:53 pm
treated with seriousness and respect. yet they focus on the salacious type unverified allegations. i think the funny thing about this is, what they didn't report in any of this, what did comey actually say? when he presented this to the president in that room after that briefing, he asked the president to see them alone privately, to share with him the unverified allegations. the president immediately said, do what you have to do to prove that it's untrue, call investigation on me. it was comey who said, i don't know if that's a good idea, mr. president. the president immediately said, do what you have to do to prove that these are true. do whatever -- and not just shows you that anyone who is accused of something, if they are guilty, they would say, can receive it under the rug, covered up, you won't see anything, but in fact the president had quite the opposite. he got out there and said, we need to clear this up, get it out there, i don't like any of this, it's concerning, what do you t have to do? that really shows you, they don't want to cover that part ol it by by the president forcefu, immediately pushed back in front
10:54 pm
of them to actually conduct an investigation into this. >> sean: this is with the president said. these were in the comey notes. rather than the superfluous stuff, they talk about, if there werere some satellite, which he took to mean an associate or someone on the campaign that did something, it would be good to find that out, but that he himself hadn't done anything. not only is he not obstructing, and that instance, he is encouraging james comey, anyone around here involved in any of the stuff, i want to know, do your job, find out who they know -- what they know. it would be good to know the truth. >> exactly. he wants to know if anyone is using my name are claiming that they are part of myct t associad with me, doing something nefarious, i want them called out. the other thing that is fascinating, go back to what happened that first day. the president-elect, never served in government, sits down with those four intelligence chiefs. comey, the fbi director says, mr. president, can we clear the
10:55 pm
room and i can speak to you privately. okay, we get that. fast forward a little bit later, the president says to james comey, hey, can we clear the room, i'd like to talk to t you, and suddenly the accusation has come how dare the president clear the room to talk to james comey. if we think about it, of course heth thinks that that is standad operating procedure. comey was the one who engaged first in thatal relationship by saying when we need to talk, we get to clear the room. he started that kind of relationship with the president. then they attacked the president for doing the exact same thing when call comey comes to the oval office. >> sean: great insight as always. i don't know how you did that job at all. we appreciate you being with us. when we come back, more on the special edition must be 27. ♪
10:56 pm
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media. you can follow us on instagram and twitter. have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on monday. laura ingraham is up next. >> laura: good evening from washington i am laura ingraham and this is the ingraham angle. fantastic friday. full of great stories for you, of course. news always breaks throughout the day when it is in trumpland. comey memo may have let a big cat out of the bag. did he use a meeting with trump as a set-up to tarnish him with that dirty dossier? and also, it's official. the democrats have hit rock bottom. by filing a lawsuit claiming that the trump campaign conspired with russia and


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