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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 22, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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next. and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. ♪ >> hello and welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. and thank you once again for making justice number one again last weekend all weekend long. i very much appreciate your tuning in. we have a packed show tonight. my exclusive interview with house intelligence chairman devin nunes is moments away. plus white house spokesperson hogan gibbley, senator chuck grassley and congressman jim jordan are all ahead. but first my opening statement. don't you love it when arrogant e eco maniacs are hoisted? fbi director james comey and
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deputy director andrew mccabe now know the pain. the department of justice is investigating andrew mccabe now after an obama appointed ig made a criminal referral. and pompous cardinal comey is now being investigated for leaking classified information. and comey's memos were released this week and they were supposed to lay out the real reason for his firing. that donald trump was colluding with the russians and donald trump was looking to obstruct justice. well, unfortunately, for the democrats and the mainstream media, they proved just the opposite. and they go against virtually everything that comey has said about trump. now because he didn't trust the president, comey made notes of his presidential meetings. the memos were written contemporaneous with the meetings, one within five minutes of the meeting. contemporaneous notes carry great weight because they're made almost immediately after
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the event when the memory is fresh. but unfortunately for jim comey, they do not support his narrative. in fact, they prove the opposite. they prove one, that the president encouraged the fbi director to investigate the issue of collusion between anyone on the trump campaign and russia. number two, the president encouraged the fbi director to investigate the steele dossier. number three, the president wanted to make sure that his administration was free of leaks. and here's the rub, the meeting with the president by comey was a set-up to allow cnn to go forward with a negative story about the president and to create the illusion of russia collusion. comey himself admits the president cnn wants to go forward with a story because some leaker gave them the dossier. but there needs to be a news
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hook. so the meeting for the discussion about the dossier would be the hook, and four days later, cnn had the story that comey told the president about that salacious dossier and comey himself was the one who created the hook. but folks, it gets even better. james clapper, the man i told you last week that jim comey said he admires most in government, who we already know is a liar, based on his we don't spy on americans, well, not wittingly at least. clapper told comey to meet with the president to speak about the dossier. comey is dumb enough to admit it in the memo. he then says -- this is comey speaking, i then executed the session exactly as i had planned. i said the russians allegedly had the tapes involving him and prostitutes in moscow so they
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could lend credence to the hyped up russia collusion investigation. trump however interjects saying there were never prostitutes. comey lied and said the fbi is keeping a close hold on that dossier so there would be no excuse for it to expose his story. so let me make it real simple. clapper tells comey to meet with the president, to alert him about the prostitutes, which is a pretext to create a news hook so that cnn can leak the story about the prostitutes. but once comey is fired, he decides he's going to leak information to get to the new york times now that the department of justice is looking at that leak of classified information. >> my judgment was i needed to get that out into the public square, and so i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter, didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons, but i asked him to because i thought that might
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prompt the appointment of a special counsel, and so i asked a close friend of mine to do it. >> jim, you're the head of the fbi. you told the president in that memo repeatedly, your memos, that the president wasn't under investigation. you get fired. now you need to put things in the public square to get a special counsel? why? your memo, the first one, was actually sent to the fbi, to mccabe and company, and since there clearly wasn't anything criminal in that memo, then what's with your hogwash about you need to get information into the public square to get a special counsel appointed. jim, it's so obvious. you're fired, and you're mad. you're a liar and you're a leaker. you're pompous. you're egotistical and condescending and violate the very laws you are sworn to
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uphold because you want to make news because you want to write a book because you want to be a hero and because you don't think the rules apply to you and because you like your friend mccabe according to the inspector general do it for personal gain. news flash, you didn't have a right to leak that information. once you took those memos out of the building to leak to the new york times, you, james comey, committed a crime. you had no right to do that. they were not personal notes. they were not memos to yourself. they were memos to other fbi agents. and if donald trump needed investigating, jim, answer me this, why didn't you investigate him when you were the highest ranking law enforcement official in the nation? why? because there was no investigation that was needed, and it was secondary in any event. it was phony. you needed to make yourself the protagonist, and now we know for those memos and your illegal
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leak to the new york times, robert mueller wouldn't be doing what he's doing and that is tearing at the fabric of this country, and ain't it bittersweet irony, jim, that both you and mccabe are being looked at for the same thing that hillary was looked at. you are in the same boat as she, but you let her loose because you said she didn't intend to have classified information on her server. but jim, you hoisted yourself when you made it clear that you intended to release those classified memos so that you could get even with the president. you established the intent that you say was missing in hillary's case. jim, the fbi's not proud of you. you're a former fbi director out there discussing matters presently under investigation as a special counsel is doing that very thing. where do you come off publishing a book about issues under investigation?
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even admitting what you leaked was secret and therefore classified. but you protest, i don't do sneaky things. i don't leak. i don't make weasel moves. jim, are you schizo? on the one hand you lie to the president that you don't leak and the whole point of the memo was to leak it and now on your book tour you say it is true, i'm a leaker. and jim, you're a political operative too. you wanted hilary clinton to be president. you even changed the definition of the law to let her get away with it, and you played along with loretta lynch so she could get away with it. >> do you think we would be a lot better with hilary clinton as president than donald trump? >> certainly given her commitment to our traditions and our norms and our values and the rule of law, yes. >> her commitment to the rule of law? jim, you also have to keep your facts straight.
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the same day you said hillary would be a better president, you say it is too hard to go back in time and answer whether she'd be a better president when asked a few hours earlier. jim, do your answers depend on the time of day or on medication? jim, it isn't working. you're trying to look like an objective individual, until you again admit that you're not. >> i see the republican party as near as i can tell reflects now entirely donald trump's values, which is it doesn't reflect values at all. it's transactional. it is ego driven. it is in service to his ego. >> so she'd be a better president, but jim, you need to be careful. you need to be very very careful. you knew from the get go that you were going to cut hillary loose, and you knew from your time in the obama administration that you would go after donald trump. you deceived the american
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people. and as a result, you, the director of the fbi, are under investigation for leaking classified information. you could be looked at for theft of government property, obstruction of justice yourself, and a clear abuse of power. and if i were a betting woman, i'd bet that your friend clapper is another one soon to be under investigation. and the bittersweet irony for all americans is that we will be able to watch you fight each other, andrew mccabe who says you told him repeatedly that it was okay to leak to the "wall street journal," and loretta lynch who you accused of pressuring you not to call hillary's case an investigation. so now folks the whole idea of russian collusion with the donald trump campaign fades into obscurity. we now know and we now see the deep state doing what it does best, state actors protecting each other and like minded members of the system. but if there's any justice, and
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the department of justice is independently run, you'll all be made accountable. and finally, jim, you've done more damage to the fbi as an institution than jay edgar hoover because your mission was to change the course of american presidential history. the only difference between you hoover is that he wore dresses and even if you wanted to, you probably couldn't get one to fit you at 6'8". and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook, twitter and instagram hashtag judge jeanine. according to to his own words comey says on several occasions that they were not investigating the president. here with reaction to my opening state -- opening statement and all other developing stories, white house press secretary is joining me now. good evening. how are you? >>i'm great. >> long awaited memos come out. the democrats say that it proves that donald trump was colluding with the russians.
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and yet the president in james comey's words and his own memo is saying i want you to look into this collusion thing, i want you to look into leaking. i want you to look into this dossier. he says it repeatedly. what's going on with this guy? >> james comey is a disgrace, disgruntled and now discredited individual who got fired from the fbi. you outlined it beautifully. he lied it. he leaked and then lied about leaking. the best part about it was he didn't do it just once. he set up a systematic way in which he could get to one of his friends to take classified information, he classified the document. >> yes he did. >> and then set up this elaborate scheme to somehow leak that classified information to the new york times so the public could see it? the head of the fbi using politics, poll numbers and personal bias to do his job, the
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american people should be outraged and it is dangerous for us as american citizens when someone behaves this way. >> you know what's interesting is the president kept saying can you please, you know, can you please leak i'm not under investigation because you just told me i'm not? that's the only thing that's not leaked. if you can't figure this out, you know -- go ahead. >> no, it's incredible. you are right. you mentioned he's 6'8" tall. look, it takes a lot of talent for someone that tall to make himself this small. right? he's been on every single newscast, every single interview, and he can't get his own story straight. he's lying again about lying before. it's incredible what this person has done. it is incredible that he, you know, he was the most hated person in washington, d.c. until president trump fired him. now he's the toast of the town. he's all over every network because they want him to say bad things about donald trump. the problem is, it's falling flat. there are no revelations in here
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except for one, and that is the higher loyalty james comey talks about is to no one but himself. he's completely ignored the american people, their will in electing donald trump. he's done a horrible job at the fbi, not doing his job and turning his back on fairness. it's incredible what's going on. >> i want to get one last question in here. the president tweeted that james comey's memos are classified. i did not declassify them. they belong to our government. therefore, he broke the law. he totally made up things that he said i said and he's already a proven liar and a leaker. where are the memos on clinton, lynch and others? the part i want to ask you is, where do you think this ends up? do you have a department of justice that you are confident can go forward with this? >> look, i believe the president is absolutely right there. >> i do too. >> i don't know what the future holds in this particular instance, but i can say this, i don't think this is the end of what we know about james comey. i think this is the beginning. and more stuff is going to come
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out. there's serious problems with what he did, as you know, classified information touched his hands and then he leaked it out to the public. that's a serious problem we should all be concerned. >> let's just hope that the department of justice considers it a serious problem. hogan, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you, judge. joining me now with reaction to the president's latest tweets, criminal charges recommended for andrew mccabe and comey's memos, chairman of the house intelligence committee devin nunes. good evening, mr. chairman. one of the things in reading the president's tweet, at the end, the president says where are the memos on clinton, lynch and the others? i think that's a good place to start with you because as i understand it, you guys have received something like, i don't know, 3,000 out of 1.2 million
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memos and documents. when do you think you will get them? >> well, we're still fighting to get them. the good thing is that both the judiciary committee and the oversite committee are now also fully engaged in this and we're running out of time. the thing that i don't like about all of this is it seems like we have to get to the point where we threaten subpoena or threaten contempt or threaten impeachment before we're delivered any documents and that has to stop immediately. if doj can't deliver them, then the executive branch is going to have to step in, or congress is going to have to go to these great lengths to get this. what i'm worried about here and i don't think it's a big secret that they are just trying to stall. the democrats, the mainstream media, i think people within doj and fbi, they think they can take back the house of representatives in november. so they're trying to stall until -- so that they can shut down these investigations come november. >> you know, mr. chairman, i think it's interesting i believe the president said the other day that he had given something like
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1.4 million documents to the special counsel. isn't it interesting that the president can do that but, you know, the department of justice and the fbi, they procrastinate, they redact, and they also what is very upsetting to me is the fbi says mueller has the things that you want, so we can't -- we don't have it anymore. but they lied about that. they lied about not having e-mails between the department of justice and the fbi on the lynch tarmac meeting. i mean, if they are able to just be -- just delay, then justice delayed forces justice denied. we can't just start being nice. >> no, we can't be nice. i told my colleagues this is not a time for being nice. that time was over long ago. there has been several times where we've been told documents didn't exist and then we find out days, even months, several
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months later that in fact documents do exist. so the fact -- and i want to go back to what you were talking about in your opening statement. here's something else i would like your viewers to think about and to see who they believe. in january of 2017, we were briefed on the dossier, the now famous dossier. we were told by mr. comey -- we were told by mr. comey when we asked in early 2017 where did this come from? and he said well, he says i think it -- it was started from republicans. well, he never told us that it wasn't started by republicans. that in fact was a lie. and then he came back and said that maybe some democrats had something to do with it, but now, you know, now he claims he didn't know the democrats had anything to do with it. so you are the top person at the fbi, the world's premier law enforcement agency, you are getting ready to brief the president of the united states on something that you know is
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unverified and salacious, that's his own words, and you don't ask the fbi and all your agents hey, where did this dossier come from? that was a simple question. you're going to brief the congress and the president of the united states and you don't know where it came from? that's not believable. >> it's not believable. and yet he vouched for it as part of the application for the fisa warrant. i mean, the guy is going back and forth on everything. the whole idea that it is reliable for the court but it is not reliable -- when stephanopoulos said to him should the president have been told that, you know, this thing was paid for by hillary and the dnc? do you know what he said? he said well i don't know. not he didn't know where it came from. >> right, right -- >> because at that point he did. let me ask you this, chairman -- >> that's what i'm referring to. go ahead. >> what about the dnc lawsuit --
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lawsuit? how do you interpret that? >> well, they thought to be suing themselves. they are the ones that colluded with the russians. so they're the ones that have a violation, they didn't report that they were paying fusion gps; right? that they were digging up dirt on the trump campaign. none of that was reported so they ought to be suing themselves. this is nothing more than a scam to keep their base fired up. this is about the extreme left, the socialist left, wanting to never accept that the president of the united states was rightfully and duly elected, carried a number of states that nobody expected him to carry. so this is a fund-raising scheme. it's nothing more, nothing less. it's a fund-raising scheme because the democrats are out of money, and that's what this is about. >> all right. chairman devin nunes, thank you very much for your time tonight. and the most outrageous comments of the week still ahead. plus my exclusive interview with senator charles grassley, but
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next congressman jim jordan joins me live in studio to talk mccabe, comey, mueller and where these investigations should all end up, next. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> welcome back to the special
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edition of justice on this busy night of news. my next guest has been relentless in his fight for the truth in both clinton and russia investigation. we're delighted to have congressman jim jordan in studio tonight. good evening, congressman. >> good evening. >> you heard devin nunes and you also heard hogan gidley, one of the things that concerns me is that -- and i try to ask all my guests especially guests like you, my viewers want to know if ever there's going to be justice. my viewers want to know what they can expect. or are we all just spinning our wheels here? >> andy mccabe is about to find out; right? i mean what he did four different times lied three of those times under oath and now a criminal referral for mccabe. if you read what horowitz released, hogan used the word scheme, talk about a scheme. andy mccabe sends out a person to leak to the "wall street journal" trying to, you know, for his personal interest, not the public interest as the report says, the next day when
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the story is out there, he calls up two people not associated with the leak and yells at them and says don't let these leaks happen trying to cover his tracks. that is as bad as it gets. this is the number two guy. >> it's scary. let's talk about that first memo that jim comey did. >> uh-huh. >> the one he said he had to leak so he could get justice and get a special counsel. >> after the january 6th meeting. >> yes. i said in my open look you didn't have to leak it. it didn't have to be investigated. you already sent it to the memo. >> top of the memo it is to andy mccabe, jim baker -- what's interesting about those, andy mccabe has been fired, jim baker has been demoted and reassigned, former chief of staff to jim comey has left the fbi. >> they are all gone? >> either fired, under prosecution potentially demoted or reae signed or they have -- reassigned or they have left. >> what does that tell you?
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>> you can throw in comey's been fired, mccabe has been fired now faces prosecution potentially, jim baker has been demoted and reae signed -- reassigned, peter strzok, demoted reassigned, those are the top people and we wonder why, why in the world jeff sessions won't name a second special counsel when you have that happening? >> let's talk about jeff sessions. we hear this week that if you fire rosenstein, i'm leaving. what's that about? >> yeah, i don't know. we'd have to ask the attorney general. but one of the questions that's come up in talking with congressmen, we're wondering was jeff sessions consulted on the cohen kick in the door raid? because understand, this happened outside the special counsel. so this wasn't under the umbrella of robert mueller. this goes to main justice. what we've heard in the press is rod rosenstein said okay
12:28 am
southern district of new york go kick in the door of cohen's office and business and get these documents, i want to know, was the attorney general consulted? because if it's not under the umbrella of the special counsel, jeff sessions conceivably shouldn't be recused, and we're talking about not just any old lawyer, we're talking about a lawyer to the president of the united states of america, that seems to be something the attorney general should be consulted. the congressmen and i plan to send a let tore the attorney general and just -- letter to the attorney general and just ask did you approve, were you in any way apart of that decision? it seems to me he should have been. >> talking about kicking down the door. they didn't kick down hilary clinton's door. >> they called up cheryl mills and said what time can we come over and get these documents? >> yeah, do you have time to get rid of everything. really great to have you on the show. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> one-on-one with senator grassley next.
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next, i will talk about the most outrageous comments we have heard this week. don't go away.
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jeanine. >> so believe it or not, some people out there still think james comey is a truthful person. take a listen to none other than eric holder on this. >> i think he's a truthful person. i think he's a man of honor, a person of integrity. i think he's also a person who made some really serious mistakes. >> and that's just one of the most outrageous things i heard this week. here with reaction to that and more former secret service agent, what say you to eric holder? >> obama made a big mistake appointing eric holder who is the only attorney general in modern u.s. history to be held in contempt of congress. what a mistake that was. but getting back to comey, judge, listen, your opening
12:35 am
statement was great. jim comey needs to be held to account. there are two jim comeys. there's the jim comey in front of congress that hid the fact that he was engaged in an illicit investigation against the president for eight months, eight months. i will put it up there -- and then by the way, so he hides that info, judge, but then when he could hurt the president by leaking memos, he unhides the information and leaks it to his buddies. jim comey is not a good guy. i'm sorry, folks. eric holder is just doing that, he wants to donald trump. he knows what's up here. he's just doing it to hurt trump. >> i said in open i said i think clapper is next. this guy clapper lied to congress when he said years ago we don't spy on anybody, not wittingly. i will keep going. the democrats seemed to have move from impeachment. they seem to just want donald trump arrested. take a listen. >> i hope where i interrogate
12:36 am
him, and then i arrest him and then i escort him to jail. >> what if donald trump simply decides i don't have to follow the law, i refuse to be held under the law, no marshal can get into this white house and any secret agent that defies me is fired. >> can you believe these people are talking about arresting the president for what? >> judge, seriously? i mean, they are psychotic. you can't debate with these people. they have lost their minds. do you remember that journalist scandal where the journalists had that e-mail group and they would e-mail each other with stories? i wonder if there's a hollywood list where they e-mail each other about unique and dumber ways to attack the president, like are we going to arrest him, and what is the secret, judge, i was in the secret service. i promise you there is not one secret service agent losing one second of sleep at night worrying about these delusional
12:37 am
liberals fairytales of arresting donald trump at the white house. this is really psychotic stuff. >> what's with de niro. i mean de niro we don't care what you think. actors have to read other people's words to make a living. that's what they do. come up with something yourself. >> bobby d hasn't had an original lines since good fellas. i used to respect this guy but the truth is this stuff he's doing now is just really crazy. he must be mistaking his tough guy persona in the movies for the real life thing. bob, nobody cares. no one is buying tickets for your movie anymore. this is not a pr program to get a higher salary for your next film because we are avoiding people like this now. >> dan, always good to have you on the show. thanks for being with us. my exclusive interview with senator charles grassley is
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>> obviously the views of the majority leader are important to consider, but they do not govern what happens here in the judiciary committee. >> that's senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley this week pushing back at majority
12:43 am
leader mcconnell's efforts to block the mueller bill. earlier i sat down with senator grassley to discuss that bill and many other critical issues facing the senate. take a look. >> all right. senator grassley, thank you very much for being with us tonight. >> sure. >> i want to start by asking what you think of the fact that several conservative congressmen have asked for jeff sessions to investigate hillary, comey, mccabe, lynch, here we are, almost a year and a half into the trump administration and they are still asking sessions to do what they have been asking him to do for almost a year. >> i wouldn't be surprised that some of that might be happening and we don't know about it because of the tradition within the justice department and the fbi not to talk about ongoing investigations. you hear rumors about some things that are being done that aren't talked about very regularly. and i would just suggest that anybody that's involved in
12:44 am
enforcing the law and everybody in the justice department ought to be involved in that, you follow the facts where they take you. >> we hope that they do that, but with all due respect, the american public has lost confidence in the fbi. you and i both know that, you know, the fbi leaks, even at the top starting with jim comey leaking information that some say is classified so it would get to the new york times, so how can we be confident in this department of justice, in this fbi? >> first of all, i think you can have confidence in the people that aren't running the fbi that they are doing their job, and i think that it's -- we all have a responsibility including those in the fbi and those in the justice department to do what we can to re-establish the integrity of the fbi that's been warped a little bit by some of the things that mccabe and comey have been involved in, not just in this administration, but in previous administrations. >> the american people are
12:45 am
frustrated. my viewers are frustrated. let's talk about the fact that i believe you asked a direct question to jim comey in may of 2017. you said director comey, have you ever been an anonymous source to news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? comey replied never. then you say question two have you ever authorized someone else at the fbi to be an anonymous source in news reports about trump or clinton investigation? comey again said no. you had a reason for asking those questions. that would be a predicate for perjury, and you know it. the problem is that we now have an attorney general who has recused himself and you are continuing to push a bill to protect mueller. all right. first question, do you believe comey lied to you? >> i think that there's plenty of evidence there that that
12:46 am
ought to be carried further because whether he was under oath but even if he wasn't under oath, it is against the law to lie to congress. >> it is against the law to lie to congress. it is against the law to lie to the fbi. do you have confidence in jeff sessions? >> yes, i do. >> you have so much confidence that you are pushing this bill to prohibit the president from firing mueller, although the president for the past four months has not said he's firing mueller. why do you continue to push this bill? >> i push this bill because i made a commitment to my colleagues when they introduced three different bills, i said, i'm not going to deal with three different bills. there's some question about the constitutionality of it. i said if you get together, i will bring it up. i don't necessarily -- i don't think mueller is going to be fired. i'm not sure that there's a need for legislation, but when i make a commitment to my colleagues, that if you can get a bipartisan agreement, i'm chairman of the committee, i feel like i have a responsibility to keep my word to my colleagues. >> senator, you are an extremely
12:47 am
important individual. you are one of the lions of the senate. you have been in congress since 1974. you get this. all right? the senate has passed virtually no bills in the last year. the house passed over 400 bills. what are you guys doing dilly dallying about whether mueller should be fired? you yourself have said there doesn't appear to be any evidence of collusion. why are we wasting taxpayer money? >> instead of answering your question, you brought up a very important issue. the senate isn't getting much legislating done because we face a democrat filibuster on every non-controversial and even controversial nominees, but most of these nominees are non-controversial. >> almost 50 years, what would you change if you could? >> i would -- you ask a very difficult question. i think that what i would like to do is have the people that
12:48 am
police our system, the media, if they would be more fair in their reporting and not be so liberal oriented -- oriented, it would go a long ways towards re-establishing people's confidence in our government. that's what i would change. now, you aren't going to do that by law. that's within the discipline of journalism. but they have a lot to do with whether or not people -- or whether or not government is doing its business, whether people have confidence in the government because they are always reporting on controversy, never reporting on things where people get along. >> what can the american people do when we see these injustices? >> we've got a president that has come to town to drain the swamp. it's pretty hard to drain the swamp when you have three branchs of government -- three branches of government but i'm convinced this president is doing everything he can to drain
12:49 am
the swamp because he's questioning the culture of this town. >> do you question the culture of this town? >> every day. that's what oversite is all about. that's what saying for instance if something is wrong and you expose it, and the people that did the wrong doing, if they don't get fired, if heads don't roll, nothing's going to change in washington. >> my thanks to senator grassley, the wait n
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>> street justice is back and better than ever. this week i hit the streets to talk the comey book mania. take a look. so president trump is calling former fbi director james comey a proven leaker and a liar. so do people plan to buy comey's book? we're here at midtown manhattan to find out. >> no. >> are you going to buy jim comey's book? >> no. >> why not? >> because i just don't care. >> you don't care? do you like jim comey? >> i really don't know who is. [laughter] >> are you buying jim comey's book? >> no. >> why not? are you buying it? >> no. >> are you buying jim comey's book? >> absolutely i'm going to buy jim comey's book. no doubt about it >> what do you think of the name
12:54 am
of it, "a higher loyalty". >> i think it makes a lot of sense. i think he is a great guy. >> have you worked with him? >> no. >> i did. >> that's great. >> i think it is garbage. >> how do you know? you haven't read it? >> i have seen some of the excerpts that have been coming out. i'm not impressed. >> are you going to buy jim comey's book? >> hell no. >> why not? >> >> because he waits till he gets out of office why he's got something to say. why didn't he stand up. >> i haven't been the biggest fan of the fbi lately. >> does it have to do with the fact that they are very political and that they wanted to have someone other than trump win? >> she knows what i'm talking about. >> are you going to buy jim comey's book? >> yes. absolutely. what do you think about a president who uses the word slime ball? >> what do you think of an fbi director who calls the president a mob boss. you tell me. >> i think he's right. >> are you going to buy jim
12:55 am
comey's book? >> hell no. >> i don't like to read fiction. i like real-life stories. >> are you going to buy jim comey's book "a higher loyalty"? >> james comey? >> yes. >> maybe, probably not. [laughter] >> he tells nothing but lies. >> don't you have to read it to know whether it's true? >> no. we raise children. we heard all the whining already. >> i would consider buying it. >> yeah. >> i saw it on twitter, apparently it is like really spicy. [laughter] >> we will be ri i have to tell you something incredible. capital one has partnered with to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you have to do is pay with this... at 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr. i have the chills. because you're so excited? because ice is cold. and because of all those miles. obviously. what's in your wallet? i'm not sure. what's in your wallet?
12:56 am
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12:59 am
>> so my new book is coming out in june. "liars leakers and liberals the case against the antitrump conspiracy". but you can preorder it now just by going on amazon and barnes & noble. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth justice and the american way. but before we go, a sad day in america. she was a powerful woman at a time when women were not powerful. she didn't care about coloring her hair or the genuineness of her pearls. she cared about things that mattered, love, loyalty, and family. barbara bush, america says good night and thank you. the greg gutfeld show is next.
1:00 am
>> very much looking forward to asking him about that and everything else under the sun. >> i don't know, i don't know. i don't know. i don't know enough. i don't know enough. i can't answer that. i mean, i could, but i can't. i don't know whether i can answer that, rachel. i don't think i can answer that as i sit here. >> let me ask you a related question that i also don't know if you can answer. [laughter] >> come on, he's got to know something. [laughter] >> i'm not permitted to answer that. i have no personal knowledge of that. i don't know anything about that and if i did, i wouldn't say. >> i'm going to ask you more questions that you could answer. >> i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. i had no idea. i didn't know. i don't know for sure. i can't recall. that's another one i can't answer. [laughter] >>


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